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Guns of Boom - Online Shooter
✔ “A brilliant multiplayer FPS that you should just go andplayright now. 9/10” — PocketGamer✔ “It’s so simple that your catcanlearn the controls, but the skill-cap is high enough to makeevenhardened FPS veterans break a sweat.” — Android and Me✔ “GunsofBoom has gone where no game has gone before – it’s alegitimatelygreat shooter on mobile.” — Droid Gamers✔ “You’ve neverseen an FPSfor mobile quite as good as this. You will come backbecause thegame experience is just topnotch.” — AndroidCommunity✔“Guns ofBoom is some solid, streamlined shooting that feels betterthanquite a few other mobile shooters.” — 148Apps• Easy andintuitivecontrols: pump your opponents full of lead from theget-go!•Awesome graphics for immersive gameplay: stylish levels andcoolanimation will keep you glued to the screen!• Autofire: allyouneed to do is get the enemy into your crosshairs.• Dynamicbattles:play on a team and rip your enemies to shreds! The moreactive youare in battle, the better your reward will be! • Variousguns: 48weapons to choose from, including machine guns, assault andsniperrifles, shotguns, and more. Each has its own uniqueability:increased headshot damage, slowing down enemies, and evenhealthleeching. Find a gun that fits your style of play!• Explosivefun:free mobile shoot-outs that will leave your heart pounding!Gearup, soldiers!Soldier! You are one step away fromaction-packedcombat! Can you keep steady aim under heavy fire andgun downenemies while grenades are exploding all around you? Canyou handlethat kind of fun?! Welcome to the game then! This ain’tno regulararmy, though. No one will tell you what to do or where toshoot.You have to make your own decisions and choose your ownbattles.Team up with other soldiers, get good at killing opponentsanddominate the battlefield. Make a blitz attack, spraying lead inalldirections, or try and shoot your opponent from a safedistance,taking your time to aim directly for the head. It's alwaysyourcall.
 Now, these wars won’t fight themselves! Get to thearmory,gear up, and start making a BOOM! On the double!Guns of Boomis ahardcore multiplayer shooter with eye-popping 3D graphicsandblood-boiling gameplay. It’s so simple that your cat can learnthecontrols, but the skill-cap is high enough to make evenhardenedFPS veterans break a sweat. Engage in online PvP battles onavariety of maps, utilizing different deadly guns, as well asfraggrenades and med kits. Experience the ultimate competitivetensionwithout leaving your couch!Notice: Please note that GoogleARCore,which is used in our game, may collect and process
Recoil Game
RECOIL is a first of its kind first-person shooter broughttolife!Use with the RECOIL Multi-Player Starter Set, whichincludesadvanced weaponry and a Wi-Fi game hub. Feel the kickbackof yourweapon as 3D positional audio lets you hear exactly whereenemyfire is coming from. Engage up to 16 players over a250-footradius, viewing live stats and tracking each other’smovements.•GPS-enabled technology dynamically maps your game intothe realworld• Place Virtual Weapons such as landmines ontothebattlefield, or call in Virtual Airstrikes!• RECOIL Wi-Fi GameHubsupports up to 250 feet of multiplayer perimeter•Bluetooth-enabledRECOIL weapons (sold separately) connect to youriPhone•Multiplayer games support up to 16 Players• Various gameplaymodes,such as Free-for-all Skirmish, Team Skirmish and Search&Destroy• AR-powered Indoor Play mode requires no GPS• Supportfor“Mobile-only” players in team games – no RECOILhardwarerequiredBeef up your team’s size and firepower withadditionalRECOIL weapons: the standard Starter Set (soldseparately) includestwo RK-45 Spitfire weapons, but SR-12 Rogueweapons are alsoavailable with more range, power, and largermagazine capacity.Both the RK-45 and SR-12 are fully automaticRECOIL weapons withdynamic force-feedback for a physical “kick” toadd to therealism.All weapons have push-to-talk buttons that enablereal-timevoice chat – call out instructions to teammates, or taunttheenemy. For a real game changer, the RECOIL frag grenade(soldseparately) provides a timed release blast with a hugeradius.It’stime to get in on the action because The World Is NowGame.
MilkChoco - Online FPS
Battle Royale Mode released!! : Survival mode to be the last onein100 players.4 to 4 multiplay shooting game.2017 GooglePeople'sChoice - Korea2017 Google Best Indie Game - South Korea2017GoogleBest Indie Game - JapanCute Graphics and Voices!Here comes toshowyou the essence of gun shooting!!!Using various heroeswithdifferent abilities, you can play various roles inbattlefieldssuch as 'Assault', 'Deathmatch', 'Escort' and ETC.Eachhero can beraised individually, they also have own 'ranking','weapons' and'skill'.There are no cash weapons and heroes. And youcan get evengold bonuses via medals and victories.Therefore, allplayers in thegame are equal.Join the clan and try to shine yourown clan.Untilthat day when all of your heroes are the best heroesof MilkChocoOnline-FPS.==== Features ====- Easy to Control- Smallsize (28 MB,No additional downloads)- Low latency online FPS====Notice ====1.In-game guide, please use the book button on the topleft corner.2.Login will be a Google account. Even if you changeyour mobilephone, you can log in with the same account and playwith yourexisting records.3. We have reviewed all the importantreviews youhave left, and have incorporated them into your updates.We will bea developer who really listens. thank you.4. If you useHack orPatcher, you can be blocked permanently.==== Updatescheduledcontent ====1. Messages with friends2. Star league (ladderleague)
Note for Android 8 users: before playing Flats, please enableallpermissions in settings to avoid crashing.we are findingthesolution, hope this help, sorry.Flats is a Multiplayer/Singleplayer cross-platform FPS.Multiplayer :IncludingDeathmatch,Team Deathmatch,Territories,Capture the Flag,Blow upthe Base (Bomb), Zombie, VIP and Co-op Survival.Singleplayer:Survival, Assortment and Headshot Challenge.Features :-Supportedmajor controllers.- Supported Cardboard and Android TV(needcontrollers).- You don't have to sign up to play multiplayer.Justdownload and play. It's free.- All weapons are free. - You cansendyour save data to other devices in LAN, even if it wasdifferentplatform.- Cross-platform, Android, iOS and Windows(PCandPhone).This software includes the work that is distributed intheApache License 2.0.
Blitz Brigade - Online FPS fun
You ready for the gun show? Because Blitz Brigade is packingmajorheat in this over-the-top (and over budget) online FPS warfest!Puton your game face as one of seven highly skilled andtotally badassclasses and team up with other players to blast yourenemies intothe ground… Then dig 'em up so you can blast 'em again!Enter anoutlandish alternate history where the world’s militaryleaders areactually sensible people, and the warring forces of theAxis andAllies realize that a world war would literally be theworst thingever. So, they decide that it would be a lot less messy(and a tonmore fun) if we just picked the greatest, mosttrigger-happyshooters and troopers from both sides to fight it outin amazingteam arenas full of guns, bombs, tanks, and other crazytools thatmakes things go BOOM!So why not gear up, join the fight,and feelthe rush of MMO FPS combat!*****LOCK 'N' LOAD FORMULTIPLAYER FPSMAYHEM!*****GIVE AN ONLINE BEATDOWN!√ Up to 12players can battleat the same time online for completely franticcombat games andmaximum fun.√ Catch limited-time events for newchallenges,seasonal contests and loads of fun new content,including speciallythemed weapons and costumes!√ Create or join aSquad to crushglobal opponents in MMO team games and work togethertowardsgaining glory and rewards.√ Voice Chat lets you plan yourFPSstrategy and call out to allies in the heat of battle.PICK ACLASSFOR KICKING... BUTT√ 7 Classes: Jump into combat as theversatileSoldier, the heavy-hitting Gunner, the supportive Medic,theprecise Sniper, the cunning Stealth, the fearsome Demolisher orthetactical Engineer.√ Customize and master each class'sspecializedskills to do your best in team games and counter youropponent'splan.√ Unlock each class's Ultra Abilities, which cancompletelyshift the tide of battle. Imagine being a Sniper that canseethrough walls, or a Stealth that can't be seen at all!√Uniquetaunts and kill quotes add character to your team. Because agoodtaunt can do more damage than almost any weapon…√ Top offyourunique look with a wide selection of hats.LOADS OFMODES√Deathmatch: Race to rack up the most kills for your team inastraightforward firefight.√ Domination: Strike key positionsandtake control of the battlefield while defending your positions.Theultimate test of teamwork!√ Capture the Flag: Infiltrate theenemystronghold, swipe the flag and (here’s the tricky part) get itBACKto your base before getting blown to pieces!√ Free-for-All:Takedown the first moving thing you see... and the second... andprettymuch everything after that! In this mad shooter mode, it'severyperson for themselves!PACK SOME POWER √ Roll out in a varietyofarmed and explosive land and air assault vehicles.√ PilottheCrusher—a mech made to step all over the competition!√ Gear upwithover 100 wild weapons to customise your chaos.√ Prime yourskillsin challenging single-player missions that will train you forthemultiplayer PvP games.*****War Is a Hell of a GoodTime!*****Forfans of free online action games, class-basedmultiplayer shooters,first-person shooters, army/war games, oranyone who enjoys a goodMMO fight.Enter the battlefield, get readyfor the war, and enjoyhours of FPS fun!______Visit our officialsite at out the new blogat't forget to follow us onsocialmedia:Facebook: appallows you to purchase virtualitems within the app and may containthird-party advertisements thatmay redirect you to a third-partysite.Terms ofUse:
Mad GunZ - FPS online shooter, map craft
Are you looking for great online pixel shooting games withamazinggraphics and the variety of game modes? Here is Mad Gunz -one ofthe best online shooter games!Imagine this: you wake up, feedyourbeloved kitty, and then — all hell breaks loose! Where didMr.Fluffy go and what is... is that an armored turkey? Does ithaveanything to do with these... unicorns? Uh, what's going here?Wellyou’re gonna find out in this adventurous new entry in thepixelshooting online battle games genre! Join this shooting gameonlineand plunge into the craziest atmosphere! Take up your weirdpixelgun and get ready to start the maddest of the pixel gamesonlinesurvival battle on some pixel shooter online arena! Mad Gunzcomesfrom the school of online shooter games that have strange,cute,pixel art and is just not like all online shootinggamesmultiplayer you’ve used to see! Mad GunZ is not like regularonlineFPS pixel shooting games, or other gun shooting games thathaven’tsurprised you very much. Tired of thinking of new tacticsindifferent killing games online multiplayer? This onlinebattlegames shooter won’t teach you any new tactics or makeendlesslyfiddle with your gun settings. Just get out there andshoot yourrivals with a banana gun, or a hamster thrower, or slapthem with ahandbag! Break into the mayhem of pixel shooter onlinearena andcrush everything in the wackiest new online shooter games!Nolimits for your actions! Team up with other players, chooseyourrivals and dominate the battlefield!What is Mad Gunz - one ofthebest free pixel shooting games online about?★ Far fromrealistic,but SUPER beautiful pixel art! Just take a look at thispixel gamesonline and you will fall in love with nice pixelgraphics!★ Themost incredibly weird shooting game online is readyto introducethe oddest armory!beat your rivals with a handbag witha dog in it,a huge lollipop or a magic wand. Use exploding hamstersor justshoot them with… cat fur! We bet you’ve never seen such oddguns inany of killing games online multiplayer! A gun of you dreamis herein our awesome online shooting games multiplayer!★ Enemiesfrom thebest of gun games, online shooter games and online FPSgames,including zombies, crazy chickens and even a mad octopus! ★Plus!What’s the most weird about pixel shooting games or anyotheronline battle games, you can see not only the gun but evenyourfeet in Mad Gunz!Still don’t wanna play this awesome shootinggameonline - the maddest of FPS shooters? Think it’s just anotheroneof those online FPS? Well we think you’ll love it much morethanany of other online shooter games, because Mad GunZ has:★Theeasiest and intuitive online shooter game controls★ 5 uniquemapswith easter eggs from your favorite movies and games ★Extremelydynamic battles with strange wild enemies are here incrazy onlineshooting games multiplayer.★ Moreover MadGunZ is one ofthe bestonline shooter games because you can enjoy crafting andbuilding init! Build your own map and craft items for it in thebest killinggames online multiplayer!Enjoying killing games onlinemultiplayerbut can’t find really amazing one?This shooting gameonline is madefor you! It is the one shooter online you’ve beenwaiting for!Survive in one of the most adventurous online shootinggamesmultiplayer among all online shooter games to save Mr.Fluffy!MadGunz is the unique in its madness FPS shooting game online!Whyareyou still reading this? Duh. I’m tired of talking about thebestonline shooter (according to me)! Get one the best onlineshootergames among other pixel shooting games, create your locationorpick any of our maps and start playing! Download thecraziestshooting game online now and start the battle now! Beatyourenemies in the weirdest of pixel shooter online! Feel the rushofgreat online shooter combat!License agreement:
CyberSphere: SciFi Shooter
Plot:  Mankind is at war and under attack from aliens,robotsand cyborgs!Manage combat unit “Cyber-sphere”  to defendthebase amongst the stars from the advancing enemy across theplanets.Use armoury such as missiles, energy weapons, supportdrones,camouflage and explosions to destruct the enemy.You canfight aloneor join forces with other pilots in new coop multiplayermode!Goodluck!  Civilisation as we know it depends uponyou.KeyFeatures★ Slick futuristic 3D graphics - making a game feellikereality.★ Singleplayer - you only have yourself to rely ontoprevent theapocalypse.★ Crossplatform multiplayer via Lan Wi Fi-up to 6 players with iOS and Android devices can playtogether.★Offline mode - you can play this game without internetconnection.★PVE with friends - join forces and increase yourfirepower in coopvirtual fightin!★ PVP deathmatch game mode - findout, who is thebest pilot!★ Plenty of weapons - more then 30 deadlyguns.★ Manysupport drone models - use your AI - controlledguardians. ★Lot of character type - manage futuristic tanks,walking robots,cyborgs and soldiers, each with unique specialability!★ Easinessof control - you can manage it intuitively usingonscreen controlsor gamepad★ Global ratings - become the Sci-fIbest robot destroyerin the world!★ A variety of enemies - robots,aliens and cyborgs★Small download size - slightly more than 50mb !★Non-stop Sci FiTop down action - one of the most interestingshooting games, itwill not let you relax even a single second!Now,aboard theSpaceship!
CyberSphere: Online Action Game
Online Cyber Robot Game! Twin stick deathmatch Multiplayer -playfriends or gamers all over the world.Plot: Mankind is at warandunder attack from aliens, robots and cyborgs!Choose your armorandweapons, manage combat unit “Cyber-sphere” to defend the basefromthe advancing enemy across the planets. Use armoury such asguns,missiles, energy weapons, support drones, camouflage andexplosionsto destruct the enemy.You can fight alone or join forces,killingon the battleground with other pilots in new onlinemultiplayermode!Good luck, solder! Civilisation as we know itdepends uponyou.Key Features:★ Slick futuristic 3D graphics -making it feellike reality.★ Single-player - you only have yourselfto rely on toprevent the apocalypse.★ Crossplatform multiplayer -up to 8players with iOS and Android devices can play together.★Offlinemode - you can play without internet connection.★ PVE withfriends- join forces and increase your firepower in virtualfightin!★ PVPmode - find out, who is the best pilot!★ Plenty ofweapons - morethan 32 deadly guns.★ Many support drone models - Thedrone squadyou want to be a part of, so use your AI-controlledguardians.★ Lotof character types - manage futuristic tanks,walking mechas,cyborgs and solders, each with unique specialability!★ Easiness ofcontrol - you can manage it intuitively usingon-screen controls orgamepad★ Global ratings - become the Sci-fIbest robot destroyer inthe world!★ A variety of enemies - fightingrobots, aliens,cyborgs★ Small size - under 50 mb!★ Non-stop Sci FiTop down cyborgshooter action - one of the most interesting gamesof 2018, it willnot let you relax even a single second!Your newfavourite in theshooting games industry, with twinstick controlsystem, fighting tothe deathmatch. The online Scifi game that willget youhooked!Player, are you ready? Now, aboard the Spaceship!
Blocky Cars - Online Shooting Game
Enjoying shooting car games, guns and wars? Or you’re intofightingand combats in online first person shooter face to face onthepixel arena? Feel extremely fast speed at the rally track andtryone of the best multiplayer online shooting games, where youcanbuild blitz tanks, war machines or cars, put minigun or hugeturreton your vehicle and begin epic battle against yourenemiesworldwide? It is time to play Blocky Cars Online - pocketfreeonline MULTIPLAYER Shooter with Cooperative, Deathmatch andHumanbattle modes! Try to survive in online shooter with fun pixel3dgraphics:💥 Collect blocks, craft racing cars or huge blitztanksmonsters! 💥 Racing wheels, turbines, mini guns, sniperguns,turrets, space cars, m16, battle armor for your hero – we haveitall in our weaponry to build shooting cars for onlineshooterbattles or fast cars for racing games!💥 30+ pixel guns,shootingcars and blitz tanks turrets and 90+ block for crafting and12 mapsof beautiful pixel arena 3d world!💥 Develop your owntactics, forma brigade and combat against your enemies at the pixelarena andthe hardest battlefields of online shooter!💥 Modern FPSmode: getout of your shooting cars, combat, make a blitz and asmuchoverkills as you can in shooting online game! Feel free tojoinbattle worldwide or local and defeat them at pixel battlefield!Howoften do you find online shooting games with nice anduser-friendlycar crafting? Try this multiplayer online shooter 3d!You can craftshooting cars and customize your hero, just use skineditor andchoose any modern armor! Make a blitz strike to killyouropponents!Choose your road in the Blocky Cars online gameuniverse!Try fast racing or epic battles in block city, craft minishootingcars or build giant blitz tanks and drive them in variousgamelocations to kill the enemies and win. Grab your friends, getintoyour blitz tanks and start epic online shooting gamesbattleever!One of the best FREE online blocky games, shooting cargamesin many countries! It’s time to blitz with yourteamonline!Download Blocky Cars Online now - one of themostimaginative multiplayer online shooting games and don't missnewupdates!More guns - More blocks - More blitz tanks - Morepixelarena races!Fast shooting cars, huge pixel blitz tanksandaggressive war robots – all in one of the best free onlineFPSshooters!Main Features of Blocky Cars - shooting car games:🔧 Upto8 players in the same map in the multiplayer online shootermode!🔧Choose your skin and make its best edition!🔧 12 differentmaps -block city and pixel arena adventures are crafted in 3d forYOU!🔧Race and Deathmatch mode - customize your blitz tanks, trycarracing games or take the challenge in Deathmatch! Enjoyingonlineshooting games, blitz tanks and shooting cars? Join ourofficial#BlockyFans communities and Blocky Cars Online channels onsocialmedia:- Follow us on Twitter at us on Facebook at to getmoreinfo about all shooting car games upcoming updates.- Check outourvideos and game trailerson us on thepixelbattlefield! We are driving blitz tanks on blockyroads!Licenseagreement:
An FPS game that holds nothing back. Vehicle combat,multiplayer,campaign, unlocks, cool weapons. It's all here! Andconstantlyevolving!Collect blocks and level up! Upgrade yourstandard issueautomatic weapon or unlock the New Alien Tech! Take agroup of foesout with one shot using the coveted Triple GrenadeLauncher! Earnnew skins and show your style on the Battlefield!Tonsof fun skinsto dress up your character! New costumes coming outregularly!
Pixel Zombie Gun 3D - Online FPS
Real time multiplayer online zombie gameZombie games that youcanplay with many players in real timePlease enjoy various modesofzombie concept.There is fun to watch friends doing inwatchingmode.■■■■■ Game Features ■■■■■▶ Infection Mode ◀One of theplayersturns into a host.A player who turns into a host zombieinfectsother players,An uninfected human player kills or hideszombies andsurvives.▶ Zombie Defense ◀Defeat the zombies in ourpeacefultown!Zombies rush towards the central children(NPC).Protectchildren from zombies by hunting and hunting zombies.▶Zombie IO◀Everyone becomes a zombie and become the strongestzombie.Killother zombies and absorb the experience of the zombiesto becomemore and more zombies.▶ Team Battle ◀It is a confrontationbetweenhuman vs human.Human teams face each other. The team thatkillsmore in the time limit wins.■■ MoonSter Studio OfficialFacebook■■'ll be able tosee thenewest news as quickly as possible and participate in awidevariety of events.■ The following permissions are requiredforconvenience of game use ■- Request SD card write / readpermissionfor resource download.※ There is no storage serverbecause it isoperated by 1 developer. If you delete theapplication, deletedata.※ You can play smoothly on tablet devices.
Gun Shot Fire War
"Gun Shot Fire War" 3D FPS game. In the game you play the role ofasuperb shot technology elite killer. You will be faced withfullyarmed murderous terrorists,they are heinous, with littleattentionyou will be killed by them. In order to complete the taskand notbe killed by them, you have to go all out. You can use avariety ofweapons and shoot them,including pistols, rifles, machineguns,andso on. Choosing different scenes and fight with them willmake thegame interesting. You will feel surprised by the Perfectgame play.What are you waiting for, quickly picked up arms to fightwiththem. Last tips,take care and show nomercy,goodluck!***GameFeatures:***There are several game modesavailable to players. Timelimited Mode which you have a limitedtime to destroy the enemy,whether those tasks fail. In the Hostagemode, you should rescuethe hostages whom controlled by theterrorist. Anyway you have topick up guns and launched a desperatestruggle with theenemy.***The game offers a variety of combat maps,such as theDesert II, Ice and Snow, the Persian Town, DilapidatedCity.Youwill experience the fantastic fighting experience on thismaps andwill be shocked by realistic brilliant battlescenes.***Arsenalwill provide attractive firearms for you. Whichinclude guns suchas AK47,M4A1,M249,Deagle,Grozo,Barrett,AWP,MP5 andso on. All gunsare very realistic, I believe it will give you asensestraightforward shooting experience.***The operation of thegame isvery cool, the game runs smooth, realistic sound effects,exquisiteeffects definitely gives you a straightforward shootingexperience.Head shot,Blood,Sound,Effects,GamePlay,all things areperfect. Whatyou have to do is bore the bullet pierced into bodyofterrorist.***Each shoot an enemy, you will get gold award. Youcanuse coins to buy more sophisticated guns or other useful items.Youalso can comparisons with other players to see who is morepowerfuland stronger. Your score will be uploaded to therank.***Importantis that the game is free, all things arefree.Quickly pick up yourguns and experience.
Combat Pixel Arena 3D - Fury Man
New block environment world & weapons pixel style in game .Ingame Smart AI Bot and funny pocket fps block style shooterOnline.Perfect game to play with your friends around the worldagainstenemy AI.Please connect the game server by WIFI or 4Gnetwork.Thereis No in app purchase , is free game .Have Fun !
Shooter Of War-FPS:Битва героя
【A 3D map with a complicated terrain creates manydifferentmodes.Say goodbye to a fake 3D map! On all the maps"Shooter OfWar-FPS: Battle of the Hero" there are difficultterrains ofdifferent heights, heroes can jump, climb the wall, fly,hide indifferent buildings inside and attack opponents. In thiscomplexthree-dimensional scene, each hero can be based onhischaracteristics to take various offensive anddefensivemethods.【5-minute battle, many different types of combatmodes】A5-minute battle gives you a tense and early military test!In thegame, many different types of combat modes are waiting foryou,such as unit mode, explosion mode and "fun" mode.【You can usemanyheroes for free for a week】For a week we offer many borderheroes,which you can use for free. Come see the characteristics andskillsof each hero, and this helps you master the skills andstrategiesof the game!All the heroes here gather together!Vkofficial group:https: // officialwebsite:
Overkill Strike: fury shooting beast
Overkill Strike is a multiplayer FPS game, using customizedweaponto play with global players on portable device.GameFeatures:-Players come from all over the world.- Easy to control,the weaponsupports automatic firing.- 20+ classic and unique rivalmaps, moremaps added continuously.- 50+ classic weapons, moreweapons are onthe way.- Up to several hundreds weapons will bereleased in futureversion.- Incredible optimization, smoothcontrolling and amazingHD next-gen graphic.- 40MB only! Keep it inyour portable deviceand experience the shooting games everywhere.-Support 20+languages.Any suggestion please mail Ifyou recommand your favorite map and weapon,we will consider andadd in game!
Fields of Battle
The #1 Extreme Sports FPS franchise is back! Take yourcarnageanywhere as Greg Hastings Paintball presents FieldsofBattle.Whether you're a paintball player or a first-personshooterfan, Fields of Battle will satisfy your desire to blastthecompetition! With ground-breaking motion and gesture basedcontrolsincluding sliding, diving, leaning out from cover,throwinggrenades, and more, Fields of Battle takes the mobileshooterexperience to the next level.Think you know shooters? Thisis realcombat - one hit, one elimination. Manage your gear, usecover,adjust for windage, and angle your shots. There's no auto-aimhere,it's PURE skill and PURE action! Instant Leaderboards let youplaylocally but compete GLOBALLY! Compete in real-time againstdozensof other players as you battle neck-and-neck for the highscore inever-changing events.* MOGA Gamepad Enhanced! Available atmajorretailers, carrier stores and onlineat* Plays great on a big screen withMHL!-* FREE to create your character andstartplaying online.* Participate in a persistent onlinecompetitiveworld that is constantly changing.* Compete in liveonline eventsagainst dozens of other players in real time.* Play atREALlocations (and a few fantasy ones!) all over the world, atmorethan 60 massive, authentic fields.* Customize your characterandupgrade with tons of REAL gear.* An amazing arsenal ofcustomizableweaponry, including automatic, burst mode, clip-fed,MilSim, andspeedball markers, and don't forget the PAINT GRENADES!*Intuitivemotion and gesture controls with full HUD andcontrolcustomization.* Full 3D graphics, including detailedenvironments,shadows, multi-level structures, outdoor and indoorenvironments,and more.* Challenging weather - play in the sun, therain, fog,and wind.* Optimized for phones and tablets.Visit ourofficial siteat
Cops N Robbers - FPS Mini Game
Cops N Robbers (FPS) is a pixel style multiplayer gun shootinggamedeveloped by JoyDo Entertainment. This is an awesome FPS gameofpocket edition. Equip your weapons, join the battle in thiscoolblock world.*** SINGLEPLAYER - STORY MODE ***You need tobattlealone in this PVE mode. Pick up your gun and take enoughammo,start adventure now!*** MULTIPLAYER – WORLDWIDE ***1. PVPMode.2.Various game modes: Stronghold Mode & Team Death MatchMode& Killing Competition Mode & Peace Mode & GhostMode& Hide And Seek Mode. You can select your preferred modetobattle with a team or fight alone.3. Maps: 20 + interestingsystemmaps and & endless custom maps created by players.4. Chatingame: You can chat with your team members or all players intheroom.*** Weapon System ***1. There are 50+ system weaponsprovidedwith great voxel models & pixel textures!2. You canalso designyour dream weapon by yourself.*** Armor System ***1.Awesome armorsets: Santa Claus Set, Tesla Set, Gingerbread Set,Candy Boy/GirlSet, Hawk Set, etc. Equip the whole Tesla Armor Setto activatespecial effects.2. You can also customize your coolarmors, makeyou more competitive in battle field!.*** Skin System***1. Thereare kinds of skins provided. You can select yourinterested skinwhich makes you different with others.2. Skin Editsystem: Designyour personalized skin, you’ll look special in thebattlefield.***Friends System ***Your friends, classmates,colleagues or anyoneelse around the world, if you want, add him/herto your friendslist. You can chat or battle together in game!***MORE ***Languagelocalizations: English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian,French, German,Korean.*** Support & Feedback***Mail:support@joydogames.comTwitter:
Combat Soldier - FPS
[Combat Soldier] is a strategic FPS game that pursues highqualitygraphics optimized for quick and light action.There are 30main andsub weapons, as well as a number of skin weapons.Go tocombat as amember of the shadow forces ‘PHANTOM’ that seeks toprotect peaceor ‘ELF’ that wants freedom.Enjoy the thrill of FPS onyour mobiledevice.[Game Features]*** Authentic FPS on your mobiledevice ***-Real-time 8 vs 8 combat- Various and unique weapons withdifferentpower, recoil and range- All of the free-moving FPScontrolmethods*** Various control methods ***Enjoy FPS controls onyourmobile device. Find your own way to maximize your skills!-Basicshot button- Double tap fire- Two Finger fire- Optimal settingbyturning firing methods off/on*** Optimized high quality FPS!!***-Join battles quickly with fast auto-matching- Fast loadingandpleasant game environment through optimization- Best graphicsatthis level*** Authentic FPS mode ***- Team Death Match:Excitementof quick battles. Eliminate all enemies!- DetonationMode: Be onoffense or defense and use various strategies to destroyor defendfacilities in the map. *** No worries even whendisconnected***Even when disconnected, [Combat Soldier] playcontinues.-Practice Mode: Choose a battlefield and practice withbots. Butdon’t let down your guard because they are bots.-Challenge Mode:Survive against the special forces storming in todefeat you!-Zombie Defense: Virus alert! Stop the incoming zombiesto protectthe safety of citizens. (To be updated)*** Various userpreferencecovers ***- Test your true sharpshooting skills in thePro Mode.All assistance modes are disabled.- Regular mode includesshootingassistance systems (to be updated)- Various rewards throughrankingin real-time PVP and Challenge Mode (to be updated)
Father.IO AR FPS
“One of the coolest gaming concepts of the decade”Moviepilot“Turnsthe Whole Planet Into A Giant Laser Tag BattleArena” FuturismThisgame requires the purchase of an Inceptor deviceto play theMultiplayer Game.Father.IO ™ is the world's firstreal-lifeAugmented Reality First Person Shooter.Experience theadrenaline,tactics and strategies of gaming in your everyday life.CombiningAugmented Reality and First Person Shooter battles,Father.IObrings a battleground into your backyard.  * Fastpaced reallife actions! Aim your enemies at a 50m/150feet distance*Gps basedradar to locate team mates, enemies and respawn points* Upto 16 vs16 in team matches or 32 free for all* 4 Classeswithunique GPS based abilities: Ammo crate, Medikit, EMP andClaymore!*CQC or Sniper style? Choose between 4 different weapons(Assaultrifle, Sniper rifle, SMG and handgun) each withdifferentshooting distance and accuracy, rate of fire and damagepotential:pick your favourite fps gaming style!* Indoor andoutdoorgameplayTerms of Use:
Alien Shooter Free - Isometric Alien Invasion
The ENHANCED version of the legendary top-down PC Alien Shootergameis now available on your Android device!Deserted militarycomplex.Hordes of merciless creatures. You. Your mission is simple– clearthe base and stop the alieninvasion.---------------------------------------------------ALIENSHOOTER–HIGHLIGHTS----------------------------------------------------Hoursof gameplay with and engaging story mode and tons of sidemissions-Character upgrade facility, try out superhuman fightingabilities inintense battles- Tons of weapons of mass destruction-Useful gadgets- flashlights, medkits, battle drones...- Userfriendly controlschemes with auto-aim option available! - Stand upto the hugecrowds of monsters- Corpses of the monsters eliminateddo notdisappear - check out what happens at the end of everylevel! THECLASSIC NOSTALGIC ALIEN SHOOTER, NOW ON YOUR PHONE!Playone of thebiggest shoot-em-up hits of all time wherever you are.Stop thealien invasion, mobiley!BRING ALIENS TO THEIR DOOM, ENDTHE ALIENWAR!The teleportation gate has been opened, aliens arefloodingthrough. You’re the only hope to save the world fromendless wavesof monsters!SHOOT-EM-UP AND SAVE THE WORLD!Feel thenostalgia as youblast through waves on creatures!MOW DOWN ENDLESSALIENS AND STAYALIVE! DOWNLOAD NOW!Follow usonFacebook:
Pixelmon shooting – online go
In this exciting first person shooter you will fight againstotherplayers and collect pixelmons’ eggs! By opening eggs, you willbeable to build up a collection of pixelmons and create auniqueweapon! An epic action game filled with unimaginable battlesinfull, 3D pixelated graphics awaits you in this wonderful butroughworld where it's either kill or be killed!Multiplayer!You willbeable to fight in the first person shooter against players fromallover the world!Fight in online shooting for each Pixelmon’seggfound on the pixelmon island!Collect all eggs yourself anddon’tlet your enemy do it!Defeat other players and collect trophiesleftafter their deaths! Be the hunter before you are the hunted!Useassault rifles, sniper rifles, grenade-launchers and grenadestowin in this online shooting!Explore every corner of the islandwithcute monsters! Develop your own strategy of how to collect eggsanddefeat your enemies. You are the last guardian, who can safetheworld! It is up to you to be the hero or not. Don't trust noone,you don’t have friends here, don't get fooled by anyone.Craftingof Weapons and Collecting!Open Pixelmons’ eggs in acraftdex. Inthese eggs you can find rare pixel creatures, build upa collectionof monsters from them and create unique guns, coins andotheritems!To craft a unique item, you need to build up acollection ofpixel monsters.Collect and open as many eggs aspossible to getvariety of different pets and build up allcollections!Wide rangeof weapons!You can purchase differentweaponry and armors in thestore!Large selection of firearms andarmors will let you to createyour own equipment for capturing PixelMonstres’ eggs! Equip yourcharacter better than enemies to collectmore eggs than otherplayers! Fight stronger, more cunning enemies,who make this gamean intense battle of wit, stealth and skill!Enjoy hand-to-handcombat and precision aiming to take downopponents. Collect yourblocky weapons and get ready to aim andshoot. Understanding thiswill be no easy task, but an exhaustingfeat of brute andintelligence, you begin the fight for yourlife...Hear the roar ofyour gun as you see another enemy defeated,always moving towardsyour goal!Rush through stunning levels whilechoosing from pile ofweapons collected and upgraded as youplay!Broad options:- Fightonline against other snipers in hilariousbattles!- CollectPixelmon monsters’ eggs! Catch them all! Masterthem!- Dozens ofvarious guns!- Explore mysterious island ofPixelmons!- Extrarewards for joining the action in special events!-ADDICTINGgameplay (FPS)- Suitable for young adults or even kids! -Looksawesome on smartphones and tablets!- EASY and INTUITIVEcontrols.The game comes fully loaded with amazing features! Ourgameinterface is extremely user friendly, and boasts easy to playtouchscreen controls that allow you to effortlessly run, jump,reload,aim, shoot and more!Get the app for FREE now and don't missamazingNEW CONTENT on periodic UPDATES. If you like fighting games,youwill love it! This battle is yours! Experience a 3D adventuresandnever-ending fun like never before! It’s time to get moving!Takethe fight online and compete in special missions for rankings,orclash with other players directly in head-to-head combat! Areyouready to take the challenge?
Pixel Fury: Multiplayer in 3D
Try Pixel Fury: Multiplayer in 3D shooter where you canfightagainst players worldwide! In this FPS pocket edition you canusemultiply block guns (from axes to sniper) and play with friendsonawesome maps! Join with thousands of players around the world!Pickyour weapon and start causing havoc and destruction in thisbattlethorn environment of Pixel Fury! IN THIS FREE WORLDWIDEMULTIPLAYER YOU CAN:+ Battle against friends with wide varietyofguns including bazookas, mini gun, axes, shotguns, combatrifles,sniper, UZI, AK, RPG and many other!+ Earn points to unlocknewpixel weapons & characters!+ Choose between differentawesomeFPS game modes of DEATHMATCH, TEAM DEATHMATCH and CAPTURETHEFLAG!+ Customize your character with VAST SELECTION OFDIFFERENTSKINS!+ Play on AWESOME MULTIPLAYER MAPS IN 3D which areallUNLOCKED!+ Cause HAVOC: Throw grenades, sniper the enemy,shootwith bazooka!Soldier! You have to free your full fury andcraft abulletproof plan to survive in these wars of massdestruction.Which weapon are your going to pick forsurvival?Different blockguns have different abilities, would it bebest to kill the enemywith a close up combat knife or craft apistol for that? Sniper himfrom a distance or extinguish hissurvival using a bazooka?Let metell you this, in this modernshooter game, sniper is great forcity maps and it is also awonderful firearm in team deathmatches.While your cops team runsinto the robbers hordes with blockknifes, kalashnikovs blazing andRPG roaming, you can eliminateenemies in stealth mode.Anotherwicked craft is to wait for therobbers to gather up in the citycenter and blast them away using amissile like weapon. Or you canuse a close combat weapon in thefast paced city fights to take therobbers out from a short range.However, if you wish to enjoy greatmultiplayer action in the goodold shooting games style, pick a coltcommando or AK 47 and havefun shooting!You have to constantlyimprove in this shooting game,the more wars you survive thestronger you get. After each matchyou will increase in experience,which allows you to craft newweapons n skins. Buy modern weapons& fps enhancers like armor,ammo and firepower to your guns. Youcan upgrade firearms toimprove ammo capacity, accuracy and firerate.There are a lot ofdifferent skins in this pixel shooter, playas general, zombie, boyor cop! Pick your war skin wisely, someskins work well for nighttime maps, blending in with thebattleground n increasing yourchances of survival, some just lookvery cool!You can blast theenemies on different worlds! There arefps maps which take place ina desert or city. You can shoot therobbers at night time in harborcontainer fields or during a snowyday in an open arena or even inspace!Be wise choosing the bestshooting game mode for you! Duringdeathmatch wars you can shoot allopponents. Get your best gun outn cause destruction. It is thesurvival of the fittest.However,when trying team deathmatch, doyour best to help your militarycommando! Give them support by usinga missile weapon or jump intoshooter action with a shotgun!When youhave chosen capture the flagmode you have to craft a clever plan.Find the right balancebetween defending your commando outpost whiletrying to capture therobbers base. One war tactic is to divide theblock army. One greatblock commando will go behind the enemy lines,shooting everyone inthe city, while the other commando will guardyour flag in fullhonor! The battle is yours! Experience a 3D warlike never before!Cause immense havoc!Wide variety of fire armsoffer you best &awesome shooting experience for hours in thisworld of action.JoinPixel Fury multiplayer 3D shooter on GooglePlay! And get your gunblazing in massive FPS battle!Goodluck,soldier!Visit
Contra City Online
Are you a fan of 3D shooter games? Grab the weapon and fightonlinewith millions of players all over the world in new onlineFPSContra City. Choose the equipment you like among the varietyofoutfits. You can look like commando, gangster, military,raper,biker and dozens of other characters. Show everyone who isthe bossof the city!WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT:• Variety of modernweapons:Katana, Desert Eagle, Kalashnikov AK47, Minigun, RocketLauncherand Flamethrower. Also hand gun, assault rifles, gatlingguns andeven Golden weapons and bullets for real pro players!•Differentoutfits: hats, masks, camouflage. Equipment setswithbonuses.UPGRADES AND CONTRACTS:• Improve your character’stalentsin Gym and make him undefeatable.• Upgrade your favouriteweapons.•Get new interesting tasks every day and receivetherewards!COMMUNICATION:• Invite your friends and find the newones.Compete with your friends and show your skills.• Join a clanorcreate your own one. Chat with your clanmates and improve yourclantogether.• All your friends and clanmates will see yourprogressand achievements! MAPS AND MODES:• Fight counter otherplayers indifferent modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture theFlag,Control Points, Zombie mode.• Balanced maps of appropriatesize fordifferent game styles: for snipers and for those who likeclosecombat shooting.• Exciting Zombie mode: kill all zombies orbecomea Zombie boss to infect other players!TOPs AND RATINGS:•Leagues:earn the world ranking among the top shooters and getcombatbonuses.• Create your own strike squad and show your force togainyour place in overall Top.• Lead clan wars to show everyonehowskilled your team is.• Each league will give you armor anddamagebonuses.Contra City Mobile is:First person shooter with fresh3DgraphicsFrequent updates and blitzsalesExcitingmultiplayerNeverending shootingPlay for free allcombat modesMorethan 100 types of weapons and equipmentCommunication andcompetitions among the players all over theworldOnline shooteroptimized for a comfortable game on the weakestdevices
Monster Killing City Shooting II
Monster Killing City Shooting 2 is new intense 3D firstpersonaction shooter game FPS where you shoot minions. It's asecond gamefrom our production where you do such things. Blast yourenemieswith an MP5, AK47, Desert Eagle, FN SCAR, HK 416, grenadesand manymore shotguns and rifles Realistic outdoor hd graphicsiscompareable to visuals of AAA assault army games from high-endPC.Game contains dangerous singleplayer. You can pick from arsenalofweapons - army knife, chainsaw, RPG, sniper gun, m4 rifle,grenade,uzi. You can configure graphics to fit your device, so youcan playmore smootly and your movement will be more fluent. Thisgame wasmade on unity engine. Each class contains main weapon, butyou canalso buy / upgrade other weapons, ammo, armor and bullets totheprimal gun. Singleplayer campaign mission consists of simpletask,which is to eliminate all dinosaurs from city. After eachfinishedgore game, you gain experience ( xp ) and bountymoney.Become thebest ruthless online hero assassin who will leadheadshotleaderboards ranks in this memorable stellar game withunique feel.Dive in to the new gaming experience with hours of notordinarygameplay. The monsters must be eliminated. Keep your fingeron thetrigger. Kill them before they kill you! Grab your shotguninarsenal and shoot your way through this monster war of gorymainlevels to rescue the world from the monster apocalypse.Eachmatchis not time limited. After you die, you will return to thewarfrontline battlefield, so you won't be pernamently dead. Youcanavenge yourself and gunshot surviving killer monster withcriticaldamage. Every game you gain skills, that will help you toachievedesirable victory.- 59 frontier apocalypse saga levels, moretocome- Awesome doom Sound & Music- Weapon UpgradeSystem,Arsenal of Weapons like from top class games- PossibilitytoDemolish buildings- Stunning 3D mountain park ( hill )graphics,Innovative Level Design- Hours of fun gameplay with thisgreatjurassic simulator- 59 Monsters minoins to pick ( deathskull,dragon, virus zombie, walking dead, undertaker warlord,kraken,hell rot, giant bat, gargoyle etc)
Tired of mobile shooters with neutered gameplay,reducedfunctionality, primitive maps, and a complete lack ofbalance fordonation? KUBOOM wants you!Features:- easy managementwith theability to autostile (can be disabled in settings) and thefullfunctionality of the PC version!- good optimization and decentFPSrates even on slower devices!- more than 15 carefully designedandbalanced maps!- more than 40 units of different typesofweapons!about 100 of the skins for weapons!- over 25 clothesforcharacter customization!- dynamic battles 5x5 team mode, with upto10 players in the "Deathmatch"!- beautiful graphics, notoccupyingmuch space on your device!- clans with the possibility ofdoingclan wars!Join the community KUBOOM! It will behot!OfficialFacebook: requiresconnection to the Internet.
Block City Survival
Multiplayer!- You will be able to fight in the first personshooteragainst players from all over the world!- Defeat otherplayers andcollect trophies left after their deaths! Be the hunterbefore youare the hunted! Use assault rifles, sniperrifles,grenade-launchers and grenades to win in this onlineshooting!-Dozens of various guns!- Explore mysterious island ofPixelmons!-Extra rewards for joining the action in special events!
Skyblock Island Survival Games
Skyblock Islands is the unique multiplayer hit you don’t wanttomiss! Combining strategy, RPG and FPS into an action packedarenashooter where you must choose your cards wisely and shootfirst!Annihilate your opponents in one-on-one brawls where goodstrategyand quick reflexes are key to survival! BRING YOUR CARDSTOBATTLEBring powerful heroes or explosive spells locked awayinunique trading cards for you to collect! Shape your deck beforethebattle and see your strategy blow your enemy away! Find thecardsthat fit your play-style and put them to the test inone-on-oneskirmishes in tight and deadly arenas!REAL-TIMEMULTIPLAYER FIRSTPERSON SHOOTERMake your strategy, then shoot yourway throughdozens of high-octane maps as you destroy theopposition! Chooseyour Hero, upgrade your troops, then bring themto the arenas whereyou will dodge, shoot, and destroy!Features:MultiplayerChoose yourheroPlace your troops and winagainst your opponents Chat with yourfriendsUpgrade your cardsInapp purchases for spell and unitupgrades
Pixelfield - Battle Royale FPS
It’s official: the amazing multiplayer FPS shooter you’vebeendreaming of is real! All of your favourite MOBA genres arecombinedin one perfect PvP game. Battle Royale, Bomb defusal,Deathmatches,Team Battles, Flag Capturing - just pick any anyadventure youlike! Try it once and you won’t ever stop immersinginto the worldof epic fights and thrilling 3D locations ofPixelfield game!Lookwhat’s in store for you!Legendary FPSMultiplayer ModesBattleRoyale: you’re on an island, with a pack ofguns. 8 to 12 playerstry to get in your way, the ultimate survivorgets everything! Willit be you?Spec OP: 1 bomb, 4 teams, 8character classes (fromfearsome tank Armadillo to healer CombatMedic - all sorts for youto choose). Block damage or control theenemy - just don’t forgetabout the bomb! Classic MOBA genresSinglePvP and Team Deathmatch:might is right. Sorry, everyone’s forthemselves now.Pigpocalypse:collect more pixel pigs then yourenemies. Please remember: pigsare not what they seem!TotalDomination: rule over the battlefield,make enemies weep.Storm:strike back, destroy enemy army base andtake over the radio!Raid:three waves of enemies (monsters, robots,zombies!), two differentbosses. Get a chest everytime youwin!Single Player for lone wolves.Three difficulty levels, twodifferent enemy classes and eightfantastic maps! USE BOOSTERS tochange game to your advantage. Jumphigher, run faster, fightharder!SHARPEN YOUR SKILLS by fightingone-on-one without aninternet connection.Pixelfield features:• mosthyped 2017 mode:Battle Royale• over 100 legendary and regular guns• over 60character skins (many can be exported to Minecraft)• over15incredible game maps• atmospheric sound effects and music•chestswith unique weapons and skins• ability to upgrade any gun•regionalserver for comfortable online play
LOSTGUNS: 2D pixel online Shooting game, PVP
** This game requires WIFI or 3G/LTE connection to play. **『Over3million downloads』 The best 2D online shootinggame,LOSTGUNS!Compete and cooperate with your friends and usersallaround the world!co-op, pvp now in real time!For new users, youcanget various free items to be the best shooter!*Features - PVPmode,Play with multiplayers online up to 8 players (1vs1 ~ 4vs4).-Various modes including Deathmatch, Bomb Installation, GoldenRobotetc - More shooting More points! Gain valuable prizesthroughladder points! - Collect different weapons like rifles,shotguns,snipers, and rare skins! - Clan system updated! Make yourown clanand receive precious rewards.**COOPERATIVE MODE - Cooperatewith upto 4 multiplayers online. - Defend your nexus against wolvesinmission mode.***COMMUNITY - Enjoy the game even better withfriendsaround the world. - Supports convenient functions such aslobby,shop, and mailbox.◆ Permissions that are used in the game-AccessContacts (GET_ACCOUNTS)(When connected) Login to yourGoogleaccount, Google will be able to identify your handsetregistered inthis app. The game will not be logged reject theauthorizationrequest.- Device photo, media, and fileaccess(WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE / READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE):Variousoptions(ex: sound, optimization, etc.) required for the game areneeded totemporarily store or load the status on the device.* Allstatementsused in the description may be slightly differentdepending on thedevice and OS version.
Now ASSRT is a Multiplayer game with Team Death Match,Playerprofiles and Multiplayer Leaderboards.ASSRT(Agents ofSecretService Recruitment Test) is a First-person shooter puzzlegameloaded with lot of Action and Excitement. Here in this game youaregoing to take the role of an Agent who is going through theprocessof ASSRT. In ASSRT his Skill, Mental and Physical abilitiesaretested. You must be the finest to get selected. - Smoothgameplay-Lot of weapons including special weapons like Compound Bowand DualGuns- Upgrade and customize your weapons- Use yourfavoriteattachments on your weapons to suit your play style-Uniqueness ineach level with different puzzles- Action filledgameplay- Twodifferent type of graphics modes, NormalGraphics/Cartoon StyleGraphics- Adjust graphics settings to makethis game run smootheven on low end devices This is one ActionFirst-person shootergame that you all want to tryMore interestingupdates comingsoon... This game is still in beta, please let usknow if you findany issues inside the game, we will try to resolvethem as soon aspossible
WarFriends: PvP Shooter Game
Battle it out against friends and real-world opponentsinWarFriends, the action packed real-time PvP multiplayershootergame that has fans and critics going wild! “It’s easy tounderstandwhy so many mobile gamers have been raving aboutWarFriends.” –Gamezebo “The time you spend with it will be spentwith a bang-bangshooty grin on your face.” – Pocket GamerWhat’s alittle warbetween friends? Go head-to-head with real opponents andduke itout online in thrilling, fast-paced PvP battles, or team uptoclimb the leaderboards. Build the world’s best army in thisuniquePvP shooter game from the makers of Mega Dead Pixel. Dodgebullets,dive for cover, and take out invading enemy forces by anymeansnecessary!RAISE AN ARMY Recruit shotgunners, drones, andjet-packtroopers to create an unstoppable army. Strategicallydeploy yoursoldiers in the heat of battle to take out rivals.Collect WarCardsas you play and stack your deck for game-changingperks. Use themin online PvP shooter battles to slow your opponent,boost weapons,inflate enemy heads for improved targeting, and muchmore.TAKE YOURWAR ONLINE Enlist friends to fight alongside you inranked PvPdeath-matches when you join or create a squad. Battle tothe top ofthe leaderboards for world-wide bragging rights and planyour nextattack in squad chat. Dive into the WarPath game mode forfreneticco-op play with friends or squad members and earnextraordinaryrewards.UNLEASH INCREDIBLE FIREPOWER Collect a fullarsenal ofweapons, ranging from pistols and sniper rifles, toshotguns andanti-tank bazookas. Easily hone in on opponents inbattle, switchbetween weapons as you reload, and dodge incominggrenades withintuitive touch controls. Customize your arsenal toenhance yourstrategy and prepare for all-out war with onlinechallengers.What’sa little war between friends? Stay up to date onthe latestWarFriends news: This app: Requires acceptance of EA's Privacy&Cookie Policy, TOS and EULA. Includes in-game advertising.Collectsdata through third party ad serving and analyticstechnology (seePrivacy & Cookie Policy for details). Requiresa persistentInternet connection (network fees may apply). Containsdirect linksto the Internet and social networking sites intendedfor an audienceover 13. Allows players to communicate via Facebooknotifications.To disable see the settings in-game. The app usesGoogle Play Games.Log out of Google Play Games before installationif you don’t wantto share your game play with friends. UserAgreement : & Cookie Policy: assistance orinquiries.EA may retire online features andservices after 30 daysnotice posted on
Are you fast enough for DEUL?DEUL is a fast paced actionpackedshooting game that will test your reflexes, accuracy andtiming.Try to out-draw opponents as you clash across the world andduelyour way through China, London, Russia and Brazil. Let thebloodfly with your overkill as each victory will earn you pointsandincrease your score, get a higher score to climb upourleaderboards. Play additional mini-games modes to farmtokens!Shoot junk to not get killed or drag your ragdoll around tokickyour opponent's butt!The game will get harder as you progressandsooner or later you will find an enemy who is quicker thanyou.Winevery clash to level up & unlock new ways in which towin yourduels. You can also battle it out in style as yourcharacter getnew outfits and accessories as you get further in thegame.CLOUDDATAAll your game progress data is saved to the cloud(statistics,purchases and items for your character). Switch betweendevicesfreely in real-time and keep playing.By installing this appyouagree to the following privacypolicy:
War Machines: Free Multiplayer Tank Shooting Games
Are you ready for war? Download now one of the best multiplayertankgames, it's FREE! Choose your tank and gun and clash withyouropponents in fast paced realtime combat.Challenge your friendsandfire up in the best action game!FAST PACED SHOOTING GAME3minutes!That's the time you have to take down as many tanks as youcan in aperfectly balanced tank game designed from the ground upformobile. DEFEND YOUR COUNTRYDefend the honor of your countryagainstyour enemies. Battle against players from China, USA,Russia, Japanand more. The world is full of tanks!TWO EXPLOSIVEMODESFight inteam-based battles or in the free-for-allconflicts.ICONIC TANKSFROM ALL AROUND THE WORLDChoose your tankfrom a wide range ofpowerful beasts depending on your strategy.Choose a light tank tofast scout the enemy's territory and provideyour team battlechanging intel. Or take the heaviest and strongestof all, thePanzer, and give your enemy what it deserves.DEEP TANKUPGRADESYSTEMUnlock new tanks and make strategic decisions overwhat partyou want to upgrade. Show your enemy who you are withtankcustomization with decals and patterns.VARIOUS BATTLEFIELDSTOEXPLORE AND MASTERFight and shoot your enemies in various WorldWarII battlefields: European cities, industrial zones with robots,noman's lands... Know the battlefield and get the edge onyourassault over the enemy.Download now while it's free!From FunGamesfor Free, the same developer behind games like Sniper 3D,WarHeroes and Castle Crush!
Zombie Waves 3D
Zombies? OH YEAH!3D graphics and full 3D environments? OHYEAH!100%free to play? OH YEAH! First Person Shooter FPS controls?OH YEAH!Guns? OH YEAH!Grenades? OH YEAH! Launcher? OH YEAH!Marketplace tobuy more guns and ammo with coins from killing zombies? OHYEAH!New levels with every update? OH YEAH! Install now and startyourcounter walking dead experience!
Dead in the Box
The war against the dead has begun. Dead in the Box is apivotalmilitary operation to secure a zombie-infested city. You areamember of an elite military team that will blast through thedeaduntil the zombies are annihilated, and the city is secure. Youwillcarry out missions to defend assets, gather supplies,providesniper support and above all, hunt and kill the zombies. Inthisthrilling zombie shooter, you are armed with guns andmeleeweapons, tech, and armor, to help you survive the hordes ofdeadswarming this city. To become the ultimate zombie destroyer,youwill need all of your tactical training and military skillstofight the dead in 7 unique environments. Customize yourequipmentand weapons to play any style you want. Hunt the dead as aheavymachine gunner, a stealth zombie sniper, a super fast ninja,amachete zombie hunter, an axe murderer, a samurai zombiefighter,and more.If you are tired of standing in one place shootingatwaves of zombies, then this is the game for you. Dead in the Boxisa free-movement first person shooter (FPS). KILLER FEATURES:●7large locations. Each map presents unique challenges, andrequiresdifferent tactical strategies. Choose between easy, hard,or killermissions.● 6 Modes of Gameplay: Sniper, Defend, Gather,Survival,Attack, and Boss Battles. ● Many Zombie Types: Shufflers,Fastmovers, Spitters, Smoking Zombies, Fire Zombies, RageZombies,Armored Zombies, Exploding Zombies, Bosses and more.● 25modernguns: Small guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, long guns, andheavymachine guns.● Melee weapons: Wrench, cleaver, machete, bloodyaxe,zombie bat, deadly katana, and the awesome King Sword. ● Armorandshoes to protect you and help you outrun the zombies onyourmissions.● Powerful equipment and Boosters: Grenades, landmines,slow motion device, medkits and power ups.● Controls:Autofire forthe casual gamer or manual shooting for the FPS gamer.180 degreeturn button for quick reaction. Virtual analog stick forfullmovement.
Meltdown is a tactical arcade shooter featuring bothsingleplayerand intense online multiplayer.Become the most skilledsoldier,choose your weapons, get the best upgrades, buckle up andstartyour mission.Be careful, each enemy has it’s own combatstyle,special AI and gear. Adapt to them to survive!FEATURES30RandomGenerated Levels10 Upgradable ranged weapons5 Melee weaponsto cutdown enemiesOnline Cross-Platform Co-Op Multiplayer up to4Players3 Specializations (Soldier/Engineer/Medic)
Sniper Shooter Free - Fun Game
Aim and Shoot! Kill the bad guys and accomplish missions to becomeaMaster Hitman. - EASY CONTROLS- 3D graphics- Multiple TARGETSandScenarios!- Improve your skills and accomplish EXTREMEMISSIONS-Mini sniper puzzles- 13 chapters for you to enjoy. Morechapterscoming soon!- Layout fully optimized for smartphonesandtablets!Don't miss a single Shot....or you will end up losingyourjob! Looks awesome on smartphones and tablets!DownloadSniperShooter Free - Fun Game now and don't miss amazing updates!
Respawnables - FPS Special Forces
The special ops shooting madness and third person shooterthat’llmake you forget any other AAA FPS combat! Feel theadrenalinethrills of combat action and counterattack fighting inthis MMORPGand become a real sniper of the special forces! Getready for thewar action with your gun and join now this multiplayerFPS shootingbattle. Have you chosen your MP5 shooter weapon?Shoot,counterattack and respawn!Join this third person shooter andMMORPGcounterattack adventure! Play this shooting game offline oronlinefor FREE: Complete challenges, join a special forcessquad,counterattack or just play with your gun! Become whoever youwant:thumper gun man, sniper, special ops soldier, shootingexpert,rifleman, marksman, war veteran or just a combat soldier tofeelthe adrenaline in this online third person shooter fullofmultiplayer shooter war action! Choose your weapon in theammoarsenal: gadgets, shotguns, rifles, firearms, thumper gun,MP5machine guns… Join different special ops teams and defineyourmilitary strategy and tactics for the action FPS fight todefeatthe rifleman rivals attack and counterattack of the opponentarmiesin the battlefield! OFFLINE THUMPER MISSIONS:- More than 185singlemilitary action quests. Choose your rifleman shooter!- Testall theweapons in your ammo inventory and plan the counterattackoffensivein these multiplayer shooter pvp games!- Short action FPSbattlecombat for entertainment on the go!- Practice your FPSstrategyoffline to counterattack and defeat your enemy on theonline pvpgames mode!ONLINE SHOOTER, MULTIPLAYER BATTLE SIMULATORAND THIRDPERSON SHOOTER:- Special forces and thumper warmatchmaking AAAMMORPG- Two shooting combat RPG modes: Free for All& Team VS -Play with allied teammates on a war action strugglewith a singlegoal: The survival of your special ops army!CUSTOMIZEYOUR RIFLEMANWAR HERO AND SPECIAL OPS MILITARY WEAPONS:- 60+customization fightitems with action FPS, special ops, rifleman andsniper attributes-Customizable Elysium, Men in Black - MIB 3 &Ghost Busterscontent!- 30+ special ops weapons to attack andcounterattack:Choose your guns, equip a grenade, use a huntingrifle, a MP5machine gun, a thumper gun or any other military gun! -MMORPG waraction skill tree- Fighting boosters and rifleman wargadgets-Sniper battle maps in single first person action gamesormultiplayer shooter modeMILITARY SPECIAL OPS COMBATMMORPGFEATURES!- Superb quality 3D action third person shootercombatstyle- Smooth FPS MMORPG controls - PVP games content -In-Gamemultiplayer shooter and rifleman counterattack achievements-Struggle with Facebook friends and alliesIf you lovemilitaryspecial ops RPG shooter and third person shootermultiplayer combatgames, this action FPS MMORPG will make youforget about any otheronline shooter, FPS defense, FPS pvp,rifleman shooter defense orsniper war action games you playedbefore! Assassin, terrorist,gunman, elite sniper, war veteran,thumper gun man or just aspecial forces killer… Which one will youchoose? Make your specialforces sniper or gunner aim at theshooting target and, with yourfavorite rifle or thumper gun,prepare the assault and attack andcounterattack with the fire ofthe bullets of your weapon to damagethe rival rifleman or sniper inthis MMORPG FPS game!Choose yourspecial forces rifleman withthumper gun and mark your target inthe battle of this shooting warstruggle. An FPS shooter never wasso funny! Start shooting in thisthird person shooter multiplayeronline!Please note:- These thirdperson shooter pvp games are freeto play, but extra content can bepurchased with real money. Torestrict in-app purchases, adjust thesettings on yourdevice.Celebrate Spring with our limited-timeoffersFacebook:
Cartoon Strike
Play with your friends or with strangers thisfirst-personmultiplayer game (FPS). There is no story available atthis moment,just the multiplayer. Join to running game or createyour ownserver and invite your friends. The game has simple pixelgraphicsso you should have no problem starting it on any device.*up to 16players can play on one map* there are many weapons; fromtinypistol to great RPG* 2 game modes: Team Deathmatch and FreeForAll* 6 different maps* 8 different soldiers* chat withotherplayers* go to settings to enhance or reduce the graphicdetails
Spider Hunter Amazing City 3D
Spider Hunter Amazing City is new intense 3D first personactionshooter game. Game contains singleplayer. You can pick fromarsenalof weapons - army knife, desert eagle, RPG, sniper gun, m4rifle,AK 47, grenade, uzi. Realistic outdoor hd graphics iscompareableto visuals of AAA assault army games from high-end PC.You canconfigure graphics to fit your device, so you can play moresmootlyand your movement will be more fluent. This game was made onunityengine. Each class contains main weapon, but you can also buy/upgrade other weapons, ammo, armor and bullets to the primalgun.Singleplayer campaign mission consists of simple task, which istoeliminate all spiders from city. After each finished game, yougainexperience ( xp ) and bounty money.Each match is not timelimited.After you die, you will return to the war frontlinebattlefield, soyou won't be pernamently dead. You can avengeyourself and gunshotsurviving killer spider with critical damage.Every game you gainskills, that will help you to achieve desirablevictory.Become thebest ruthless online hero assassin who will leadheadshotleaderboards ranks in this memorable stellar game withunique feel.Dive in to the new gaming experience with hours of notordinarygameplay.- Possibility to Demolish buildings- Stunning 3Dmountainpark ( hill ) graphics- Hours of fun gameplay with thisgreatshooter simulator- 9 spider types to kill ( tarantula, blackwidowetc)- 6 levels, more to come
Modern Bullet Fire Online FPS 2.0
Arpa Games
You ready for the bullet show? Enjoy Multiplayer battles withtonsof weapons and easy-to-use controls! All will be decided intheultimate online first-person shooter. Get your best gun as oneof13 highly skilled and totally badass classes and team up withotherplayers to pound test your skills in dynamic multiplayerwarfareagainst online rivals from around the world!*** AAA qualitymoderngraphics*** Excellent 3D Graphics & DynamicGamePlay***Thousands of active players*** 11 hd quality maps*** Twodifferentgame modes to choose from - Team game or Death match.***Range ofweapons from Desert eagle, AK-47,UMP40, M87-T, M79, Stw-25,Sniper,RPG, Shotgun, L11A3, Molotov, Thumper, HMG, Riot Shotgun,Pulser,Carbine, Minigun and Pro-Knife!*** World's firstreal-timemultiplayer gun battle(Shooting) on mobile. *** Easiercontrolswith UI customization. Works on any device!*** Battlefieldstochoose: 11 maps to try different tactics and find your enemy’sweakspots!*** Unique sound effect/character action for eachweapon.***Realistic graphics with more sophisticated lightings.***Claimfirst place and give a headshot to the one who will dare tocontestthe air!*** Smooth and responsive customizable touchcontrols ***Dozens of unique maps*** Free to Play as much as youwant, noenergy system *** Realtime Friends Voice Chat system ***OnlineMultiPlayer Combat*** cs go gun strike*** multiplayer fpsgame csgo and critical wars strikeEnjoy it..
N.O.V.A. Legacy
THE LEGEND REBORN & REMASTEREDN.O.V.A. Legacy brings youthebest 3D sci-fi FPS experience based on the epic first episodeofN.O.V.A., which received critical acclaim -- all in acompactversion of the shooter.Kal Wardin, our hero, is a veteranN.O.V.A.marine, summoned once again to don his Mobile Armored Suitandstrike against the enemies of the ColonialAdministrationforces.Helped by Yelena, his personal AI Agent, Kalmust protecthumanity's destiny by engaging in combat against alieninvaderswhile uncovering the mystery behind their suddenassault.TEST YOURSKILLS IN MULTIPLAYER ARENAS- Deathmatch: Be thelast shooterstanding on an online multiplayer battlefield for 8combatants. Trynot to get caught in the crossfire!- TeamDeathmatch: Make everybullet count in a 4v4 multiplayer strike.-Customize your marinewith a variety of special 3D models andskins.- Top the onlineLeaderboards and climb the leagues to achieveyour destiny.- Watch3rd-person ""Death Cam"" replays of anyonestruck down by a sniper,caught in the crossfire or blown up on thebattlefield.- Upgradeyour Suit Cores to add different bonuses thatcan boost anythingfrom the force of your bullets to your sniperrifle accuracy.-Matchmaking: Set passwords for private multiplayermatches or usethe advanced online matchmaking system.A CONSOLE-LIKEEXPERIENCE ONMOBILE- An immersive offline and online shooterexperience based ona renowned Gameloft FPS series in the same veinas Modern Combat.-Craft and upgrade sci-fi guns and modern weaponryby collectingcards, from sniper rifles with long-range bullets toplasma gunswith devastating force. Having the right gear iscritical!- Enjoythe original N.O.V.A. shooter experience withenhanced 3D graphicsand gameplay.- Play the single-player campaignoffline to protectEarth anytime, anywhere.DEFEAT ALIEN FORCES INVARIOUS GAME MODES-Story Mode: Delve into the story offline andfight to uncover thetruth about these alien invaders in 19action-packed FPS levels.-Shadow Missions: Assault the alienSpecial Ops Force on challenginglimited-time battlefields.- SpecialOps: Launch a critical strikeon uniquealienformations._____________________________________________Visitourofficial site at out the newblogat't forget to follow us onsocialmedia:Facebook: appallows you to purchase virtualitems within the app and may containthird party advertisements thatmay redirect you to a third partysite.Terms ofUse:
Call Of Modern Warfare : Secret Agent FPS
DGStudios is now offering "Call of Modern Warfare: SecretAgentFPS", a latest action adventure game. Get a chance torescuehostages by eliminating terrorist group. Kill terroristleader andall his gunners; destroy their communication andsatellite station,cut off power source and hack enemy serversystem. Abolish theirtanks and pick enemy important records. Takedown all terrorists inthis modern war with latest armory. You are afront line soldierwith heavy artillery of assault and sniperrifles, shot guns,pistols and revolvers and rocket launchers. Youare equipped withmodern military weapons in this first personshooter. Chase enemyleader and exemplary kill him for all enemygroups. World peace isnow in your hands, fight against evil in thismodern warfare. Inthis latest combat game you face off enemy who isequipped withmodern weapons and war tools. So fight like an elitecommando anddefeat your opponent in this special mission. GameFeatures :•Different types of pistols and revolvers includingGlock, DesertEagle, Sig Suaer and Taurus.• Multiple rifles,shotguns and rocketlaunchers. ( M16, FN SCAR, PDR, Striker shotgun,KRISS Super V,Milsig M17 SMG, Magpul PDR, RPG, Mini AK 47, HMGEcho1)• Moderncombat field and story based game play.• Advanceenemy AI in whichcharacter can go to cover, sense fear and callother companions inemergency.• 3 difficulty levels (Easy, Mediumand Hard).•Adjustable resolution normal, high and ultra-qualitywith shadows.•Pick enemy weapons and ammunition's to increasehealth.In thisaction packed shooting game, you are an army commandoand it’s yourduty to counter terrorism. Serve your nation andrescue your peoplewho are in danger. You are a sharp shooter; killthe entireterrorist groups and their commander to bring peace inthe society.Call of Modern Warfare: Secret Agent FPS is the latestinclusion inaction adventure. Be like an elite commando with modernweapons andtactics. You are a secret agent on a special mission onenemylines. Fight like a hero and show ultimate war skills todefeatantagonists. People have full confidence on you and you areone manarmy. Install "Call of Modern Warfare: Secret Agent FPS" nowandenjoy a wonderful experience of modern combat. Don’t forget torateand review it.
Shooting Game Gun Assassin 3D
Your loved one has been kidnapped, you must save her before itistoo late! In the latest action pack first person shooter gamefromGame pickle you must infiltrate the enemy hideout and stopthehordes of highly trained army soldiers armed with militaryweapons;lucky you are one amazing super agent. Use your agentskills tomake your through the enemy compound, taking out bad guyswho comeafter you!With tons replay-ability (more missions andunlocks tocome soon) change up your point of attack and weapon loadout toget to your girlfriend. Earn a highscore and go head to headwithpeople all over the world and see where you will rank intheleaderboards, can you become a elite marksmen?Find thequickestroute, practice your aim, and choose from a wide selectionoffirearms such a M9 Beretta, AK47, pump action shotgun, and evenaminigun! Every second counts, choose your path wisely to getthegirl back safely in this action fps game.Enjoy cool gamefeatureslike:- Intense first person shooting action-Destructibleenvironment objects- Fun cover base shooting- Globalonlineleaderboards, get the highest score!- One of the top latestfpsshooting games- Unlock tons of powerful guns and firearms- Funtoplay over and over again- Intelligent enemy AI- BeautifulHDgraphics Interact with the environment and shoot objects torevealhidden bonuses, you might find something to come in handy tohelpyou get an even better highscore! Watch out you don't lose toomuchhealth or you will lose a life. If you see a first aid healthkitbe sure to pick it up too! Use explosive barrels to scareawaymultiple bad guys at once to help get point multipliersandbonuses.Immersive story, adrenaline pumping first personshooting,fun gameplay, and worldwide interaction with other playerswillgive you the full gaming experience that you will be craving.Joinin on the action as you become the tough action hero inShootingGame Gun Assassin 3D, available to download right now forfree!
FreakLabs Underground FPS 3D
This is a new FPS game in the somewhat retro style and traditionofgames like Wolfenstein and Doom. It uses the same game engineasGloomy Dungeons, a great open source work deserving of muchcredit.This game was designed to run smoothly on older Androiddevicesalso. Yet it is modern, fun and challenging. The controlsaresimple and easy as you would find in the older traditionalgames.Although a game controller is usually preferred over touchscreencontrols. It has lots of settings available and will workwith yourgame controller.The whole game is under 5MB to download:)If thisgame gets enough high ratings, constructive reviewsandencouragement it will :Get support for Side By Side imaging soyoucan use it with your Google Cardboard, other similar HeadMountedDisplay or a 3D viewer. New levels will be created forupgrades anda FreakLabs II can be expected.Freaklabs II SpacePortis now in theplanning phases. Work on it will commence soon. Itwill beadvertised in FreakLabs UnderGround when completed.
Desert Storm Gunship Gunner Battlefield: fps games
Gunner Gunship Battlefield:With a warfare going on in thecountryyou will be needed to serve the country in fighting againsttheterrorist while doing what you are best in this shootingwarmission. Being a gunner you are fully trained in gun shooting&survival skills. Use them to make your country terror free,makeyour people fearless. The enemies are focused on invading yourareaand territories. Soldiers are required with gunner strikecrazykilling spree to win this gun shooting arena. You have to doyourbest effort to keep them on bay and defeat their troops beforetheyenter your country. A war battlefield is created where thesoldiersand the army officials use their skills and make heavygunfireshots. Guns bigger than the usual ones are used for thisdesert wargunship war going on. You have been provided with theultimateweapons and free machine gun to survive in this deadlywarrior’sbattlefield. Use all the gunner shooter 3d equipmentavailable foryour defence and for the protection of your brothers.GunnerGunship Battlefield is one of those gunship games you havebeenwaiting for.As the enemies and their bad influence isprevailingover your country and dominating the minds of people withtheirterror, an Army heroes shooter or a fierce battle shooterisrequired to lead a team of shooters to conduct shootoperations.The most heavy weapons and big weapons are available fortheir usesuch as the Heavy Machine gun, riffles and bombs. InGunner’sBattlefield there would be an enormous difference in thefirepowerbetween the gunners and the enemies. So there would be acrazykilling spree with back to back shooting & bombing. Airstrikeoperations can also be carried out in response to theenemystrikes. Gunner Gunship Battlefield is the mostincredible,adventure filled pack of gun war - shooting games.Set upan armyconvoy ambush behind the mountain to attack enemy forces. Awarshiphas been prepared with all the modern weapons & guns androcketlauncher frame has been supported in it as well. Enemies willloseeventually ground by simultaneously rocket and mortar attacks.Allthe modern ultimate machine guns and powerful weapons are atyourdisposal. You have to show your fighting skills and valor towinthis war against the dark forces. You have to win thisgunshipbattle at any cost. Gunner Gunship Battlefield is the mostamazing3D gun app free for you.There are varying missions andlevels whereyour main objective is to protect your military armybase frominvasion. You will have to carry out counter terroristopen waragainst the terrorist. Gunner Gunship Battlefield offersfree wargames, which invite people with crazy killing spree to winthe waragainst discrimination. The intense war situation willforcewarriors to take a deep and gruesome action of gunnergunshipshooting on the enemies. The modern gunner desert battlewill be agreat threat to your country, there is no option of losingit.Gunner Gunship Battlefield is a war gun shooting arena, notjustany small war games for free. You have all the elite forces atyourdisposal to fight this gunner shoot war. There are evenhundreds ofinfantries, shooting terrorists on sight. Use your warcombat, guncombat and fighting skills to fight off the enemies andsave yourcountry from their wrath. Machine-gun are used for deadlygunshotin this commando counter 2018. Anti crush tanks have alsobeencalled for handling the situations. There are lots of armygamesavailable but none is offering so much adventure and thrillsuch asthis weapon simulator and gun simulator game. For the safetyof thesoldiers the best ammunition of gun 3d weapon have beenmade.This is the most intriguing battle simulator.GameFeatures•Intriguing gameplay• Eye catching, real 3denvironments•Adventurous and thrill filled levels• Various deadlymissions• HDquality Audio and Video
Pixel Z Gunner- 3D FPS
'PIXEL Z GUNNER' is Pixel style FPS gameUsing various weaponssuchas shotguns, bazookas, machine guns, and grenades,survivebyprotecting yourself from zombies and enemies!Strike allenemy!Youwill be Block World Hunter![Pixel Z World Story]20xxZombievirus isdestroyed world.Very few people survivedA number of themwerehunting zombies in order to survive.They are calledZombieHunter....You are another survivor(Pixel Z World)And you willbe agreat hunter.★★★Features★★★- Automatic Fire System- Variousweaponsand Craft system- Mine system- Mission modes of 50 differentstages(Normal, Hard, Hell mode)- Survival modes- Skin systems-Mercenarysystems- Pixel Style graphics# This game that dont needwifi andplay offline without internet.# This game is pixelstargame's 3dpixel fps game.# Not yet online(Real time Multi-play)modeThisversion of the game is not a demo. it is afulledition——————————————————————————————————This is not anofficialMojang app. This game is not associated or connected withMojang ABand its game Minecraft - Pocket Edition . Minecraft is atrademarkof Mojang AB and it is not endorsed by or affiliated withthecreator of this game or its licensers.
Block Force - Cops N Robbers
"Block Force" is the new online pixel fps game developed byJoyDoStudio,released by Riovox Company.We are committed to developthebest online pixel shooting game on mobile.This time, we bringawhole new experience for you.Keep fighting to be thebestshooter.Features:1.Online Competitive & Optimizenetworkexperience: 1 server with 5 regions(GLOBAL, US, EU, ASIA,JP)2.Moreplayers fighting in one room: up to 20 players in thesameroom.3.Graphics: shock of visual effect with 3D pixelstyle.4.Soundeffect: professional sound effect design.3.Five mode:DeathMatch,Killing Competition, Stronghold, Explosion,Mutation.4.FriendSystem: add friends in game, fighting with buddiesall around theworld!5.Skin Editor: create your own skins.6.Hat& Cape: equiphat or cape to your character.7.Growth System:keep fighting topromote your rank.8.Slots: Win all the items ingame fromhere.9.Reward System: rich game rewards, give you asustainedcombat power10.Reasonable in game store: provide morechoice.
Monster Killing City Shooting
Monster Killing City Shooting is new intense 3D first personactionshooter game FPS where you shoot minions. Game containsdangeroussingleplayer. You can pick from arsenal of weapons - armyknife,chainsaw, RPG, sniper gun, m4 rifle, grenade, uzi. Blastyourenemies with an MP5, AK47, Desert Eagle, FN SCAR, HK 416,grenadesand many more shotguns and rifles Realistic outdoor hdgraphics iscompareable to visuals of AAA assault army games fromhigh-end PC.You can configure graphics to fit your device, so youcan play moresmootly and your movement will be more fluent. Thisgame was madeon unity engine. Each class contains main weapon, butyou can alsobuy / upgrade other weapons, ammo, armor and bullets tothe primalgun. Singleplayer campaign mission consists of simpletask, whichis to eliminate all dinosaurs from city. After eachfinished goregame, you gain experience ( xp ) and bounty money.Eachmatch is nottime limited. After you die, you will return to the warfrontlinebattlefield, so you won't be pernamently dead. You canavengeyourself and gunshot surviving killer monster with criticaldamage.Every game you gain skills, that will help you to achievedesirablevictory.Become the best ruthless online hero assassin whowill leadheadshot leaderboards ranks in this memorable stellar gamewithunique feel. Dive in to the new gaming experience with hours ofnotordinary gameplay. The monsters must be eliminated. Keepyourfinger on the trigger. Kill them before they kill you! Grabyourshotgun in arsenal and shoot your way through this monster warofgory main levels to rescue the world from the monsterapocalypse.-Possibility to Demolish buildings- Stunning 3D mountainpark ( hill) graphics, Innovative Level Design- Hours of fungameplay withthis great jurassic simulator- 14 Monsters minoins topick ( deathskull, dragon, virus zombie, walking dead, undertakerwarlord,kraken, hell rot, giant bat, gargoyle etc)- 12 frontierapocalypsesaga levels, more to come- Awesome doom Sound &Music- WeaponUpgrade System, Arsenal of Weapons like fromterminator