Top 49 Games Similar to Hockey Hysteria

Pin Hockey - Ice Arena 1.2
Pin Hockey Ice Arena is an addictive original ice hockey gameinfirst person style, so you will play with “inside the rinklook”,like hockey’s player real view, really different from whatyou everseen in other mobile hockey games. It’s easy and intuitiveto playand has awesome 3D graphics, lots of teams, and too muchfun. PinHockey Ice Arena combines a bit of strategy, action andluck to getyou a truly nice and unique hockey experience.----- Veryintuitiveand easy to play interface – you will learn how to play itinseconds.- Despite it’s very easy to play, it’s not so easy togetpro.- Play different teams and leagues.- Excellent visualsandgraphics in detailed 3D scenario.- Realistic PhysicalEngine,perfect puck physics.----PLEASE NOTE:Pin Hockey Ice Arenaiscompletely free to play but some in-game items can bepurchasedwith real money. You can turn-off the payment feature bydisablingin-app purchases in your device’s,like us on Facebook and send us your feedback andsuggestions!
Hockey Legends: Sports Game 1.0.7
Download and play Hockey Legends to test your hockey skills.Howmany points can you earn?Dive into the challenges of HockeyLegendsas you try to score as many goals as possible before timeruns out.Get the puck and shoot it past the goalie, or defend yourgoal tosteal it from the other team. Then, charge up yourpowerfulSupershot to deliver a powerful shot toward the goal whenthe timeis right.Warm up your skills in Training Mode and thenprepare toface off against your opponents. Pick your team and beginaFriendly Match for a single game, or enter a Tournament toseewhich team will rise to the top.FEATURES:• Three differentgameplaymodes.• Choose either 1-on-1 or 2-vs-2 in both FriendlyMatches andTournaments.• Multiple difficult options forTournaments—will youhone your skills on Normal, or are you preparedfor the challengeof playing on Hard?• Online Leaderboards—uploadyour high scoresand see how you stack up against other players.•More than 15challenging achievements to earn.Are you ready tobecome a HockeyLegend? Download the best new hockey game today!
Franchise Hockey 2018 3.2.0
Drop the gloves and play the world’s best mobile hockeymanagergame! Take over the front office and build a squad ofAll-Stars andHall-of-Famers into the next great puck dynasty. PlayEvery Day Getyour boys onto the ice every single day. Play fullseasons,exhibitions, pro games, and showdowns! Earn rewards anddraft packsthrough daily game play and use those resources tocontinue tobuild your franchise. Build a Champion Manage yourhockey club andbuild them into a championship contender. Puttogether an all-proroster, customize your lines, play seasons andbring home theFranchise Cup! Build the Ultimate Team Unwrap packsand fill yourlines with the biggest names in NHL history. CollectSpecialEdition, Limited Edition and Legend versions of yourfavoriteplayers to unlock their Ultimate Players – the highestrated hockeyplayers in mobile gaming! Step onto the ice and playthe mobilehockey game that always puts the biscuit in the basket!
Hockey Classic 16 1.5.0
SIXTY teams, SEVEN amazing game modes, ONE all-star player -getyour game on in Hockey Classic 16!From the developers thatbroughtyou Hockey Nations, Patrick Kane’s Hockey Classic andPatrickKane’s Arcade Hockey, experience the latest and greatesthockeygame on mobile. Take your national team to the ice and winGOLD inWinter Games or face your biggest city rival in Face-Off,all thewhile enjoying incredible game day atmosphere and fluidcontrols.GOBIG OR GO HOMETake a break from the Playoffs with ourbrand newgame mode HOCKEY GIANTS! Now you can go crazy with thisbig bobbleheaded smash. With no rules and no clock, the first toscore 5takes the game making it a fun filled, fast paced hockeyhit. OWNTHE OUTDOOR SERIESWith seven action-packed game modes tochoosefrom, pick your hockey team and smash the RIVALS SERIES,claim thePLAYOFFS cup or take intense competition to a new levelwith theOUTDOOR SERIES. Under cold blue skies, six teams willbattle it outon lakes and stadiums to be crowned the OutdoorSeriesChampions.LIVE IN THE MOMENT WITH LIVE GAMESRevel in fierceicehockey rivalries with our exclusive LIVE GAMES. Hit the rink foralive, time limited game where you decide whether your teamwins.Destroy your opposition and taunt their fans, or shareyourbragging rights on Facebook. GET IN THE ZONE WITHTOUCHCONTROLSPlay where the puck is going to be with innovativetouchcontrols that deliver a smooth and authentic feel to takingshots,body checks and puck clearance. Control your team with easeinoffence and defense using intuitive swipes on screen, feelingallthe big hits, goals and more!ENJOY A REAL GAME DAY EXPERIENCEWithstunning visual effects, your game will come to life as youimmerseyourself in the exhilarating game-day atmosphere. Watch thecrowdgo wild in stunning arenas and relish incredible game playwithloose puck pickup, goalie vision & positioning that deliverafast paced and authentic ice hockey experience.So, whether you'reafan of NHL, KHL or just a fan of Hockey in general, this isthegame for you.
Blocky Hockey 1.6.1_312
Full Fat
Grab your puck and skate like mad in a fresh, fun hockey runner!Themost fun you can have with a puck, combining realistic physicsandhumorous gameplay.Hit the ice and light the lamp with bodychecksand fighting. How high can you score?FEATURES• Easy to playhockeyfun• Retro style blocky graphics• Lots of characters•Different rinksurfaces•
Cubic Hockey 3D 1.4
This is fully physics based 3D funny hockey game. All you have toisclick one button and try to first 5 goals!You can kickyouropponents with your puck and legs at the same time, you needstayon ground for defend on your goal!- Customizable players.-Power UpSystem.- You can active 14 Power-ups. Like big goals, Smallball,or Freeze your opponent.- Play against with a friend or try toearncups in tournament mode vs Hard CPU.- Challenge in 3amazingtournament mode. Amateur, semi-pro and Stars league!- Up to4players support with 2 buttons mode.- 3 Different camera viewsingame.Click, kick and make some score!
Mini Ice Hockey 🏒 1.1.1
Bambo Studio
Play the best ice hockey game for your mobile or tablet!Playmultiplayer online hockey tournaments or play in offline modetoearn coins and improve your team. Everything happens in thehockeystadium, score the best goal in the history of the mostplayedsport on ice. Play online hockey against rivals from aroundtheworld and make your manager feel proud of your hockey team!Icehockey stars wait for you to score the goal of your hockeyplayercareer.The precision in hockey is very important, you willhave tofine-tune your aim to win the hockey championship andadvance tothe next phase of the tournament and try to lead theclassificationand win the hockey league of the champions.Brutalbattles betweenplayers, your mission is to play to win, and scoreepic hockeygoals.Grab your cane and show your accuracy to shoot togoal inthis hockey game on ice!〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️〰️ 〰️〰️ 〰️ 〰️Bambo Studio 2018 - The best free sport games forMobile🌐Web:👍🐦Twitter: @bambostu
Ice Rage: Hockey Multiplayer Free 1.0.44
#1 Sports Game on smartphone in the US and 70 other countries.Over10 million players! From the developers of Minigore, HardlandandBike Baron. This is arcade air hockey NHL and CHL game withleaguesand multiplayer. Ice Rage brings the classic 8-bithockeyexperience to the 21st century! Players face off across a icerink,in a hockey duel – one player and one keeper one each side.Play israpid and rough, with players spending as much time eatingthe iceas on their feet. Music and sound fx from the audio designerofAlan Wake & Max Payne. There are three different singleplayermodes (Tournament, Quick Match and Deathmatch) and asingle-devicemultiplayer. There are also tons of unique charactersto choosefrom such as lightning fast Antero or heavy-hittingEnviro-Bear.Team them up with crazy goalies like Santa and you’resure to getthe upper hand. Superb animation and charismaticcharacters makethis a game you won’t forget in a hurry. We dare youto take on thechampionship or challenge your friend in the mostintensesingle-device multiplayer you've ever experienced. Features:•Controller support • Awesome 3D graphics • Customize your matches•Three difficulties: easy, medium and hard • Rage-Offmultiplayermode: Destroy your friend! • Tournament mode: Can youdefeat thelegendary Skar? • Over 10 million players can’t be wrong!4/5 "IceRage is an excellent game." - 4/5 "Ifyou findthat you don't have a lot of time for games, Ice Rage mightbeideal for you. " - "If you're looking for asimple,frantic hockey game for one or two people, look no furtherthan IceRage." - androidspin.com_____________________________________ Ifyou wish to play Ice Ragewithout any ads, just check out thisspecial premium version of thegame here: Ice Rage on GooglePlay_____________________________________ FOLLOW US: @HerocraftWATCHUS: LIKE ©Original developer Mountain Sheep,porting and publishingHerocraft, 2015-2018.
Bouncy Basketball 3.0
Bouncy Basketball is a one-button, 2D physics-based, pixelartbasketball game.* Perform breathtaking, screen-shaking slamdunks*Score regular 3-pointers and 2-pointers, or buzzer beaters*Stealthe ball from your opponent* Choose between 1, 2, 3 or 4quarterswith a duration of 30, 60 or 90 seconds each* Unlock andplay withas many as 30 teams* Customize the teams and choose theirplayers*Watch and share replays with EveryplayChallengeyourbasketball-loving friends to fierce basketball battles on asharedscreen, or simply play against the CPU if you don't feellikejeopardizing your friendships.Bouncy Basketball combines therandomfun and addictiveness of 2D physics-based gameplay withthesatisfying feeling of outsmarting opponents with your finelyhonedskills and clever tactics.In Bouncy Basketball, no one game islikethe other!
NHL SuperCard 2K18: Online PVP Card Battle Game
2K, Inc.
Go head to head against the biggest hockey stars in NHLSuperCard2K18, the NHL card battle game!Collect over 450 NEW cardsincludingsome of your favorite hockey stars. Level up your cards bywinningmultiple hockey games! Duel against online opponents inthrillinggame modes and improve your card game skills in weeklyevents.Putyourself on the ice and win hockey games using yourfavorite hockeyplayers’ cards in NHL SuperCard 2K18!NHL SuperCard2K18Features:Collect Tons of Hockey Stars- Card collecting: Over450player cards!- Collect cards of rare players and increaseyourchances of winning hockey games.- Team builder: Swap out cardstobuild a deck of the strongest players.- Collect hockey starslike:-Patrick Kane- Sidney Crosby- Kyle Turris- Alexander Ovechkinandmore!Duel in Multiplayer Sports Games- Hockey games in QuickGamemode help improve your skills.- Duel opponents in real-time,onlinePVP games in Face Off mode!- Go head to head, prove yourskills andget to the playoffs in Season mode.Train Your HockeyStars- Levelup your best cards with Player Training!- Train cardsright fromthe draft board with Quick Train!Faceoff in WeeklyEvents- Collectrare hockey stars when you play in Weekly Events.-Weekly Eventsinclude: Road to the Cup, Endurance, Rivals Clash andReign theRinkLogin Rewards- Unlock free cards just by logging in.-Powerfulhockey stars can be collected along the way.Duel opponentsinonline PVP hockey games and go for the big win by collectingthebiggest hockey stars. Go head to head and steal the puck inNHLSuperCard 2K18!Download now to start playing challengingcardbattle games!
Stickman Ice Hockey 2.0
Experience pure hockey fun with fast paced gameplay, anastonishingatmosphere, stunning smooth animations, simple controls,insaneaction and tons of replay value. Choose your favorite hockeyteamand rank up while playing various seasons, cups or simpledominatein a quick game or a open air classic mode. Play with orwithoutIcing and Offside rules for real arcade fun. Decide whetheryouwant full control over your players with manual running andshoottiming or use the automatic running mode where you havecontrolover precise pass timing and watch your players body-checkyouropponents. Choose your favorite hockey team from more than46different skilled national and international teams and lead themtoglory! FEATURES • Bone-breaking body-checks • Quick GameandTraining Mode • Different season modes: Short Season, LongSeason,World Cup, Djinnworks Cup
, Westcoast Cup, Eastcoast Cup •BonusOpen Air Classic game • 46 National and International hockeyteamsto choose from • Various ice rinks and configurable game time
• 4difficulty levels for longterm motivation (easy, medium, hard,pro)• Choose to play with or without Icing and Offside rules. •Simpleyet powerful touch controls with timing control • AutomaticorManual Running • Match statistics • Smooth animations with60frames per second • Compete with your friends with theintegratedworld ranking leaderboard • Various achievements tounlock • MOGAand MFI Game Controller support VideoTrailer: 

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!Thank you very much for all your support and interest inour games!We would love to hear your suggestions!
Hockey Showdown 1.9.4
Naquatic LLC
iOS's biggest sports franchise hits the ice! Match up againstyourfriends, your enemies, or anyone worldwide in a head-to-headHockeyShowdown! • COMPETE FOR GLORY • Win prizes in onlinetournaments orcompete in single player seasons as your favoriteteam. Then putyour winnings to use by unlocking unique sticks,gloves, andupgrades. • BECOME A HOCKEY CELEBRITY • Beat downopponents withyour skills AND your popularity. Add friends to earnrewards andsteal experience points from your opponents! • ASPECTACULARNEXT-GEN EXPERIENCE • Hyper-realistic graphics and heartpoundingmultiplayer action turn you into a superstar. • AND THECROWD GOESWILD • "Keep your charger handy, 'cause you will NOT besettingthis down." - FreeAppsArcade • JOIN OVER 50 MILLIONGAMERSWORLDWIDE • And find out why Naquatic apps like GuncrafterandShooting Showdown have lit up the top charts and been featuredbyeveryone from Apple to Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IGN,AppAdvice,and TouchArcade. • Stunning graphics with support for thegorgeousiPhone 5, iPad Mini, and iPad Retina display • Globalmultiplayermatchmaking through Game Center • No loading screens •Season,Playoff, and Exhibition game modes • Unlockable equipmentandupgrades to boost your skillz • Unique trophies and bonusesforcompleting achievements • The exclusive PhysKick™ engineforunparalleled control • Full set of achievements and leaderboards
BIG WIN Hockey 4.1.2
Hothead Games
It's time to hit the ice with BIG WIN Hockey! Fresh for thenewseason is our biggest update yet. Get your elite sports teamreadyfor the opening faceoff including: * ENHANCED FRIENDS MODE-Challenge your Facebook friends and battle it out to be thebest.Track head to head stats to see who is truly the greatest. *QUICKGAME MODE - You wanted it so we listened! Now you can grababite-sized bit of hockey action to train your team with QuickGameMode. * BIG UNIFORM STORE - Looking for some new threads foryourteam, grab a Big Uniform pack and hit the ice with style.CREATEyour own unique dream team, COMPETE against opponents fromaroundthe world, WATCH your team battle it out on the ice, BOOSTyourplayer’s passing, shooting, skating and other skills and getreadyto hoist the Daily Trophy for the ultimate BIG WIN! HIGHLIGHTS*Full team and player customization allowing you to create yourownfantasy team! * Open Bronze, Silver and Gold card packs to findnewplayers, skill boosts to improve your team and collect othercardsto stay at the top of the standings * Play game-changing BigImpactcards and watch them affect the outcome when they come tolife asthe exciting on-ice action unfolds! BIG IMPACT CARDS -Howitzer! -Big Hits - Tape to Tape - Sharpshooter - Puck Luck -Puck Magnetand many more… Other FREE games in Hothead Games' BIGWIN SportsSeries include: BIG WIN Baseball BIG WIN Football BIG WINHockeyBIG WIN Soccer BIG WIN Basketball Play your favorite sportgamewith BIG WIN Sports for FREE! Go for the BIG WIN! Bydownloadingthis app you are agreeing to be bound by the terms andconditionsof Hothead's Terms of Use( and aresubject to Hothead'sPrivacy Policy( © 2018 HotheadGames Inc.,Hothead, Big Win and Big Win Sports are registeredtrademarks ofHothead Games Inc., all rights reserved.
World Hockey Manager 2.4.2
BUILD YOUR TEAM AND BECOME A CHAMPION WITH WORLD HOCKEYMANAGER!Pick your team, appoint your staff and choose the righttactics toachieve international hockey success. World HockeyManager puts youat the heart of your club. How far you go is up toyou. Play nowfor FREE! MANAGE THE TEAM Pick, train and coach yourteam to hockeystardom. Hire and fire players and find newprospects. Adjust theline up, tweak the tactics and select thestrategy forinternational success. BUILD A HOCKEY EMPIRE Findsponsors, expandyour stadium and appoint the best coaches. It’s upto you to builda club that is fit for the champions. JOIN A LEAGUETackle teamsand compete globally with friends, fans and otherplayers as youstrive to become the World Champion. Start at thebottom but aimfor the top! GAME DAY WHM’s strategy simulationengine puts you incontrol. Every decision matters as you chooseyour strategy forsuccess. YOUR CLUB, YOUR WAY! • Design, developand personaliseyour team • Train players, decide strategies and setrosters •Negotiate transfer deals to add strength • Build abusiness and abrand with value • Expand your stadium, buildfacilities and employthe best coaches • Take on friends and playersfrom across theworld Start your journey today and download and playWorld HockeyManager for FREE!
Ice Hockey 3D 2.0.2
Mouse Games
Simple. Fun. Classic. Whet your hockey appetite with this#1adrenaline filled fun game Ice Hockey 3D.Ice Hockey 3D offerspurehockey experience with fast paced game-play, smoothanimations,stunning visuals, incredibly fluid controls and insaneactions.Choose your favorite hockey team of skaters and dominatethe icewhile fighting your way to the final buzzer! Performfaultlesspoke-checks and deliver perfect slap-shots to bring downeven thetoughest of opponents. Whether you like quick bursts ofaction orwant to dive deep with hours of fun like NHL, Ice Hockey3D is herefor you!Game Features:- Customize your team with over 20+uniforms-Boost your players shooting, passing and skating skillsinDress-room- Smooth, responsive game play & realisticphysics-Quick Play & Championship Mode (Cup, Tour, Shootout)-Mini-gameAir Hockey included
Hockey Stars 1.5.5
The world’s best multiplayer hockey game on mobile, fromthecreators of multiple smash-hit online sports games! Take to theiceand become a legend in HOCKEY STARS! Face-off against the worldin1v1 multiplayer matches: power your shots into the goal, oruseclose-control and precision aim to hit the back of the net! Playindifferent arenas for bigger prizes! Win tournaments, andunlocktons of teams with unique powers and styles. Let’s hit theice andplay Hockey Stars! BE THE BEST, BEAT THE REST It’s YOU vsTHEWORLD! Play fast-paced matches and take your team up thegloballeaderboards to win big prizes! PLAY YOUR FRIENDS Only onecan rulethe rink! Challenge your friends and show them who’s theREALhockey star! TONS OF TEAMS TO UNLOCK Represent your countryorchoose from a huge selection of teams, each with unique designsandpowers. Pick your favourite! KEY FEATURES Fast and fun icehockeygameplay 4 arenas to play in (+ more coming soon!) 80+ teamstounlock (+ more coming soon!) Unlock new formations to boostyourgame! Play with your friends (and beat them)! Take on playersfromaround the world (and beat them too)! Tournaments coming VERYsoon!
Hockey MVP 3.4
Win the ice hockey shooting contest and become the MostValuablePlayer like Crosby, Rinne, Jagr, Sedin and Ovechkin. Playfor WorldChampionship as a shooter and a goalie.* FEATURES *- 4game and 16national team Ice Hockey World Championship- Teams: FINSWE RUS CANUSA GER CZE SUI SVK NOR LAT DEN BLR FRA KAZ UKR- Coins,points andPRO equipment- Control shooter and goalie at the sameperiod- WorldChampionship play mode- Versatile pass combinationsand matchstatistics- Google Play achievements- Daily leaderboards*EASYCONTROLS *- Tilt phone in left right to move player- Tilt phoneinvertical direction to get a wrist shot- Tap to shoot or makeasaveFor more news check-
2019 IIHF 6.5
The official IIHF App for the season 2019. This is theultimatecompanion to all IIHF Championships at your fingertips.Follow thegame with live scores, instant goal notifications andreal-timegame statistics. Challenge your friends by Guessing gameresultsand comparing your guesses among other users of the appinLeaderboards. Socialize by Cheering for your team and tweetingyoursupport or check out player cards with historical data andsocialmedia insights of your favourite players. To expand thehockeyexperience even more we are introducing: - Guessing: Can youguessthe right game result? Try it! Challenge your friends bygaining asmuch points as possible and dominate the leaderboard - MyTeam: Beon track with the progress of your team! Upcoming games,stats,news, highlights, all summed on one screen. - New Lineupview: Nowyou can see the overview of lineups, displayed on a newIce Rinkview - New Statistics: We've added new player and teamstatisticsfor the app and completely redesigned the stats section -EnhancedStatistics in Game Detail: See the comparison of teams orcomparetheir game performance in game detail - Redesigned PlayerDetail:New graph shows how players advance from year to year alongwiththeir achievements in selected tournament - HumanVoicenotifications: the phone actually tells you the score withnewnotifications options - Head-to-head games: historical gamesofcompeting teams now in game detail - Widgets: have a listoftoday's games or games of your favorite team without openingtheapp All this fully optimised for Tablet and localised inEnglish,Russian, Czech, Slovak, German and Swedish. Enjoy!
Hockey Nations 18 1.6.1
Experience the speed and intensity of Ice Hockey with the returnofthe HOCKEY NATIONS franchise! Deliver those big hits, wind upahowitzer of a slap-shot and aim a well-timed wrister whileplayingin 7 thrilling tournaments in HOCKEY NATIONS 18. HEATEDRIVALRYSome of the greatest hockey rivalries battle it out in theRIVALSSERIES. Take control of the game and earn those braggingrightswith 50 intense challenges! DREAM OF GOLD What better way toenterthe world of International Hockey than skating out for yourteam inthe Winter Games! Go stick to stick with some of thegreatest teamsand come away with the gold medal! 3 ON 3 SUPERSERIES Six clubteams from USA, CANADA and RUSSIA will battle it outto be crownedthe 3 ON 3 SUPER SERIES Champions. Which team will youguide to thefinals? LIVE GAMES Join others and compete in regularLIVE GAMES.Earn points for your team and lead them to victory.Prove you'rethe one of the best as you climb to the top of theinfluencersleaderboard. FACE-OFF Choose from 40 North AmericanTeams, 27Russian League Teams, 19 International Teams or 2 All-Starteamsand go head-to-head in a one-off battle on the ice. PLAYOFFSNorthAmerica or Russian Playoffs, the choice is yours. Choose yourteamand lead them all the way to the Playoff Final. Will you takehomethe trophy? OUTDOOR SERIES See the game in a whole new light!Underthe cold blue skies of ponds and stadiums, six teams willbattle itout to be crowned the OUTDOOR SERIES CHAMPIONS! ImportantThis gameis free-to-play but does include optional in-app purchasestoaccess some of the game modes, which can be purchased withrealmoney. Over 80 teams at club and international level. 7excitingtournaments. Motion captured animations. Live Games.Intuitivecontrols. Tweet with #HN18 FIND US WEB:www.distinctivegames.comFACEBOOK: YOU
Glow Air Hockey 2 Players Online 1.0
Glow Air Hockey 2 Players Onlinedownload real finger tablehockeygame!Finger hockey is a glow style hockey game 2017. Playthis newair hockey game with your fingers on your android device.Challengeyourself with the computer online opponents or friends.Highquality graphics are including in this android game. Uniqueairglow hockey game is the best free hockey game for the fingerhockeylovers. Amazing graphics, great effects, easy to learn, hardtomaster game play and a small install size makes it an iceglowhockey game. Choose the best one challenger opponent, showyoursharp hockey skills on them and win the match. In theadditionalchampionship mode you can play against only one opponentat a time.Take the hockey pad and score the goal. You can changethe colorsand design of your tools. You'll feel the spirit ofwinning thegame in this glow hockey match. You should try this newgenerationgame at least one time. This glory game is one of thebest tablegames. When you play this deluxe hockey game one timethen you willwant to play this glow hockey goal Hd game more andmore time. Youcan play this glow ice hockey game with your partner,lover andcouple. In this air soccer hockey game you will find allthefeatures of a perfect hockey multiplayer game. This herohockeygame gives you a chance to play something else other thantheboring type flick air hockey 3d games. Realistic physicscontrolsand sound effects make this air hockey glow player well.This tablehockey game is easy to play but hard to becoming a masterinhockey. Your smooth hockey pad moving so fast and bringing foryouexpected victory. If you want to win 3d glow hockey world cupthenget ready to show your perfect hockey skills with your hockeypad.Enjoy the freedom of motion and speed. Play online thisglowmultiplayer hockey hd game against your friends. This aerohockeyis a classic air hockey game with incredible realisticphysics.This new glory hockey 3d game is a simple beautifullydesignedhockey game 2017. Game play is absolutely amazing withfabuloussound effects. Graphics design is outclass of this hockeygame.This glow hockey war game is different from the otherhockeydynasty games. Everything is carefully designed and keeps assimpleas possible. Air star hockey is the new generationportableexciting arcade game. This arcade game is not just lookingverydifferent but this is also different. Feel the uniqueexcitement inthis real finger table hockey game. Install this appand play yourfavorite free air hockey multi game on your smartphone. Theconcept is simple but the game play is fast of thishockey championtrophy match. Hit the puck and arrive it; into youropponent’sgoal. Each level is more difficult than the next level.If you liketo challenge your hockey skills then play this glow gameand enjoyit. Download this air glow hockey challenge game freelyand enjoyit. Are you ready to face all challenging missions of thisdeluxehockey game? If answer is yes then be ready to surviveallchallenges of this android game. Good luck! glow air hockey2players online Features: ★ Easy to play★ Player vs. player★Playervs. computer★ Real time hockey play feelings★ Support singleandmultiplayer ★ High quality sound ★ Realistic 3d graphics★Twoplayer mode ★ Smooth and responsive game play★ Challengeyourselfwith difficulty levels ★ Support all android devices★Single playermodenow play glow multiplayer hockey hd game.It’stotally free toplay.So get it now from Google play store for yourandroiddevices.Quickly download this interesting game.
Ice Hockey WC 2018 2.0
With Ice Hockey WC 2018 Planner from hannibal sports you are uptodate for the gents World Cup 2018 in Denmark.- Game OverviewwithLIVE results and scorers- Preliminary- and final table- historyofIce Hockey World CupWe look forward to an exciting HockeyWorldCup!
Hockey Hero 1.0.25
Drop the puck for infinite goal scoring fun and win glory intheHockey Leagues with your favorite team. Be the famous playerofyour heroic team and have fun dribbling past defenders thisHockeyseason. Dribble skillfully to avoid endless tackles andreachwithin shooting range to strike. Show off your hockey skillsandScore the highest to celebrate victories. Unlock and Play foryourfavorite city team. Shoot most goals against and beat goalscoringrecords to top the Global Leaderboard. Features:•Simple-to-play,arcade-style visuals, retro music and super-coolsound effects toelectrify your game experience.• Unlock famousHockey teams andtheir top players by achieving high scores andbreaking records.•Choose your iconic team, play unlimited againsttough opponents ontheir home turf, in all weather conditions. •Unique slow motionfeature to help you find gaps in the defense andunleash your proHockey skills.*Also optimized for tabletdevicesVisit us:http://www.reliancegames.comLikeus: Followus:
Team Canada Table Hockey 1.0
Stinger Games
Team Canada Table Hockey Officially licensed by Hockey Canada.Basedoff Stinger Table Hockey, which was the No. 1 selling PaidApp inCanada, Team Canada Table Hockey makes improvements in everyarea ofthe game making it a new experience. Improved physics,control andAI takes table hockey to the next level. Bullet Physicsprovidesphysics simulation that recreates the speed and challengeof realtable hockey, featuring a puck that has a life of its own.Usedextensively on next generation consoles, Bullet Physicsprovides aunique gameplay experience for iOS and Android devices.Challenge afriend to a game of table hockey over Wi-Fi orBluetooth. Improveyour skills with a selection of fun and simplemini-games, competingagainst other players worldwide to see whohas the best skills usingOpenFeint and Game Center Leaderboards.Track your table hockeycareer stats and earn achievements for yourmilestones.
Air Hockey Ultimate 4.0.0
Discover this top free air hockey game with championship modeandamazing features!________________________________________GAMEMODES- VS CPU: Battle it out against 4 settings of computer, orselect acustom A.I. setting- VS HUMAN: Same device air hockeybattleagainst your friend- CHAMPIONSHIP: 4-10 players, A.I. orhuman,full championship with a reward intheend________________________________________HIGHLIGHTS-AWESOMEGRAPHICS, running on all Android 2.3 and newer devices-Smooth andresponsive gameplay based on REALISTIC PHYSICS- 12 TABLETHEMES(football, ice hockey, soccer, racing, classic,christmas,valentine, metal, denim, retro, tennis, doodle) differentnot onlyin graphics, but gameplay feel- GREAT EFFECTS, sparks,explosions,and lights glow when you make a goal- Completely FREE,FULLYFEATURED game- Integrated with Immersion Tactile Effects- Canbeinstalled on SD cardtoo________________________________________Thebeloved air hockeygame of Fat Bat Studio Ltd available now onAndroid! Amazinggraphics, great effects, easy to learn, hard tomaster gameplay, anda small install size makes it a great airhockey experience, one ofthe best of it's kind, and for free!Youcan play against differentlevel AI opponents, to choose the bestone matching your skills, setup a custom AI to beat, making itharder and harder as your skillsget better, or play against yourfriend on the same device, tryingto be the best. In the additionalChampionship Mode you can playagainst 4, 6, 8 or 10 opponents,human or computer controlled! Thepresent version contains 12skins, which not just look verydifferent, but also playsdifferent! An addictive air hockey sportsgame for everygeneration, with metal hockey, real hockey, classicair hockey,soccer (european football), american football, neonretro glow,doodle, tennis, christmas, valentine, racing and buttonhockeythemes now, which will be expanded upon with updates.
Hockey Dangles'16 Magnus 1.07
GAMYO Studio
Hockey Dangle '16 Saxoprint Magnus Edition arrives on ice andyourscreens! Hockey Dangle '16 Saxoprint Magnus Edition is a 3Dgamewhere you'll control 1 player in real time, and will be helpedby 2IA (1 other player + 1 goalie).Pick your favorite team from the12teams that make up the Saxoprint Ligue Magnus (the best thatFrenchice hockey has to offer) and win the championship!Meet anddefeatyour opponents on ice to earn ranking points and help yourteam getto the top 3 of the Saxoprint Ligue Magnus: for eachvictory, youand your team will earn ranking points!Through variousgame modes(Championship, Daily Cup, Quick Match), win matches andpucks(money in the game), unlock new and more powerful playersandmanage your rosters to become the best player in theworld!Performcrazy shots, check your opponents like mad, pass thepuck to yourteammate to score memorable goals! And way more!Hit thebarriers,break your opponents' sticks, perform amazing hat tricks,fire upthe crowd to get bonuses… It's all possible in Hockey Dangle'16Saxoprint Magnus Edition!Features :- 12 real teams fromtheSaxoprint Ligue Magnus (with home and away jerseys)- 12stadiumsunder each team's banner.- +100 real players to unlock.-Controlslike a gamepad: directional stick on the left sideandshooting/checking/passing buttons on the right side.- tonsofachievements to unlock! As well as many secrets (teamsandplayers).- Become the best Hockey Dangle '16 SaxoprintMagnusEdition player in the world via the team and playerworldwideranking.- Share and record a video of your highlights.-100% FUN100% FREE.Hockey Dangle '16 Saxoprint Magnus Edition, themobileice hockey game we've all been waiting for!
Dynasty Hockey 1.14
The ultimate pro hockey simulation is now available on yourphone!Incredibly Realistic Games Play hockey games using ouradvanced,real-time simulation. Compete against a massive onlineuniverse ofhockey fans or take on some of the greatest historicalhockey teamsfrom yesterday and today. Join daily leagues to earnvaluablerewards, feature unlocks, and team advancement. 2000+Real-LifePlayers Use daily drafts and free agency to acquirereal-lifehockey players for your team. Enhance your roster bymaking savvyline adjustments, training players, hiring coaches,adding skillbonuses, and achieving statistical milestones. Build aDynastyAdvance to the Legends levels to get access to hockey’sall-timegreats. Sign these Hall of Famers and build your team intoone ofthe greatest dynasties in the history of the game. Lace ‘emup!
Two Player Games: Air Hockey 16.0
Discover this top free air hockey game with two playermultiplayermode and amazing features! One of the best 2 playergames of sportsgames free on your smartphone or tablet! Use yourfinger to movethe hockey pad and hit the puck to score goals!Smoothand quickmallets moving so fast and bringing you inevitablevictory! If youwant to win an air hockey world cup tournament, getready for thatwith help of this air hockey free with accuratephysics and agilemovements of the puck. Enjoy the freedom of motionand speed!Thenewest of 2 player air hockey games in which you canswitch betweenmodes to take your game to the ultimate level. Soonyou'll be ablenot only to play one or two player air hockey withyour device butalso look for a real opponent to start a tournamentand win! Let'sstart multiplayer competition!Game features:🔘 Hockeygames, sportgames and air hockey games genre;🔘 No internetconnection requiredto play - you can play offline;🔘 Awesome spacegraphics — fantasticcolors and real life mechanics!🔘 Realisticphysic and beautifulmusic;🔘 Multiplayer — you can play in airhockey games with friendsor AI;🔘 Simple and addicting for all agegroups - for kids andadults;How to play:🔹 Get Two Player Games: AirHockey for free fromGoogle Play.🔹 Use your finger to move thehockey pad and hit thepuck to score goals.🔹 Enjoy the bestairhockey and share tofriends!Follow us:VK:
NCAA Sports 3.0.14
Watch NCAA live championships with the official Android app oftheNational Collegiate Athletic Association. Experience the roadtothe 2017-18 NCAA Championships like never before with livestatsfor your favorite college football teams, live SelectionShowcoverage and exclusive live championship streaming for eachseason.Fall Championship coverage includes soccer, fieldhockey,volleyball and water polo. App Features:- Watch exclusivelivevideo coverage of NCAA Selection Shows and Championships-Followreal-time scores and schedules for multiple NCAAchampionships- Getlive regular-season football scores- View regularseason rankingsfor all NCAA sports- Check Championship brackets forNCAA Sports-Watch the latest video from your favorite sport’scurated playlist-Read the latest articles produced by top NCAAwriters- Never missthe action with notifications for live NCAAevents- Each season,follow the latest trending sports includingWinter and SpringChampionships like Basketball, Ice Hockey andBeach Volleyball.
KHL 3.6.1
The app is convenient and user-friendly, with a new interface,swiftinfo updates, and live broadcasts of key moments from games.The newtradition of Mastercard and KHL gives hockey fans anopportunity toshare a trophy with the player of their favoriteteam. You can votefor the best players of the game in the KHL appand collect points.We make all these improvements to KHL apps justfor you, so staytuned for the latest news You can send anyrequests and comments [email protected]
Drunk Hockey 1.2.1
You've never seen a hockey game like that! Play as drunkhockeyplayer versus built-in AI or versus friends! This gamefeatures:-Crazy hockey matches- Smart and challenging AI-Two-player matchup(on same device)- Amazing pixel graphics-Unforgettable gamingexperience
Mini Hockey Championship 4.4
Emotional and simple gameplay, great physics. Mini Hockey iseasyand fun to play! Play with your friends online. Play blitzgamesagainst players from all over the world.You can playofflineagainst a friend in the same device or play with AI.Chooseyourhockey team, defend your nation’s colors or choose premiumskin.Collect allhockey teams, collect all formations and improveyourskills. Good luck!KEY FEATURES:- Online and offlinemultiplayergame- Online World Championship- Simple and fungameplay- Amazingice physics- Play against your friends- Lobby chatand shortmessages in game chat- Collect all teams and formations
The official NHL® App is the best place to unleash yourhockeyfandom with live hockey at your fingertips! ••• NEW FOR2018-2019SEASON ••• • Watch highlights and the latest videos fromyourfavorite team and around the league through our verticalportraitvideo player • Explore NHL® Arena information such as foodandbeverage locations through the Arena section on participatingteampages ••• WATCH LIVE GAMES WITH NHL.TV™ ••• • NHL.TV™subscriberscan watch every out-of-market 2018-2019 regular seasongame LIVEand on demand^ • Live stream games from all 31 teams •Personalizeyour watch party with home or away feeds • Bonus!:NHL.TV™subscribers receive NHL Premium™ for free • Not available inCanada••• PERSONALIZE YOUR EXPERIENCE ••• • Stay up-to-date witheveryteam’s scores, schedules, standings, news, videos, and rosters•Listen to Home, Away, and alternate language (whereavailable)radio broadcasts • Set up team push notifications forgame start,game end, goals (with your favorite team’s officialhorn), news,and more • Watch key plays and pivotal moments within-game andpost-game highlights ••• ADDITIONAL NHL® APP FEATURES••• • NHL.TV™Free Games of the Week are available to stream in theApp •Live-updating scores featuring power play clocks,on-icesimulations, and intermission countdown clocks • Stats forleadersspanning over 100 years of NHL® history • 60 frames persecond HDstreaming for live video • Pause and rewind NHL.TV™ withDVRcontrols to never miss a play ••• GET NHL PREMIUM™••• • Watchtwominutes of action in every regulation period in everyregularseason game live with no blackout restrictions • Watch thefinalminutes, including 3-on-3 OT and shootouts, of everyliveout-of-market game • Total Ad-free experience • Not availableinCanada ••• Rogers NHL LIVE™ ••• • Watch over 1,000 national&out-of-market NHL® games during the 2018-19 NHL® season^ •Watchevery game of the 2019 Stanley Cup® Playoffs • Watch selectFreeGames of the Week • Stream full game replays and in-gamehighlightson-demand^ • Re-watch archived games from past NHL®seasons •Choose from Home, Away, and alternate language (whereavailable)broadcasts • Listen to Home, Away, and alternate language(whereavailable) radio broadcasts • Only available in Canada ^Allliveand on-demand games are subject to blackouts andotherrestrictions. *The NHL® App is not the official team app fortheBuffalo Sabres, Montreal Canadiens, Pittsburgh Penguins, SanJoseSharks, and Toronto Maple Leafs. Access NHL Premium™ for$2.99monthly or for $19.99 yearly or get NHL.TV™ Monthly for $24.99permonth. You will be automatically billed $2.99 or $24.99throughGoogle Play every 30 days year round or $19.99 every 365days untilyou cancel your subscription. Your subscriptionautomaticallyrenews unless auto-renew is turned off at least24-hours before theend of the current period. Your subscription canbe managed and theauto-renewal may be turned off by going to theAccount Settingsafter purchase. No cancellation of the currentsubscription isallowed during active subscription period. Bydownloading and usingthe NHL® App, you acknowledge and agree that(i) you have read,understood and agreed to be bound by the NHL.comTerms of Service( and(ii) theinformation you provide will be handled in accordance Privacy Policy( and contentwithin Rogers NHL® LIVE™ and the NHL® App aresubject to change. Youagree to accept the Rogers NHL LIVE™ Termsof Service and AcceptableUse Policy by watching live and on-demandgames within the NHL® App.NHL, the NHL Shield and the word markand image of the Stanley Cupare registered trademarks and NHL.TV,NHL LIVE and NHL Premium aretrademarks of the National HockeyLeague. NHL and NHL team marks arethe property of the NHL and itsteams. © NHL 2018. All RightsReserved. ---
theScore: Live Sports Scores, News, Stats & Videos 19.5.0
Find out why millions of sports fans trust theScore as theirnumberone sports app!! theScore brings you news, scores, stats,andvideos from NFL Football, NBA Basketball, NCAA Basketball,MLBBaseball, NCAA Football, NHL Hockey, WNBA Basketball,EnglishPremier League Soccer, La Liga Soccer, Champions LeagueSoccer, PGAGolf, and every major league and competition! We’ve gotlivecoverage of all the teams you care about, including theOrlandoMagic, Golden State Warriors, Sacramento Kings, HoustonRockets,Utah Jazz, Miami Heat, Minnesota Timberwolves, MilwaukeeBucks,Boston Celtics, Oklahoma City / OKC Thunder & more!Coverage ofNBA, NCAAB, MLB, NFL, NHL, WNBA, PGA, MMA, PremierLeague soccerand more! Build a personalized ‘FAVORITES’ feed ofyour favoritefootball, baseball, hockey and basketball teams, aswell as everymajor competition and league. Set up notifications andnever miss akey play, major sports news story or injury update!Check outvideos of key moments in and around the game and stay ontop withpersonalized alerts for your favorite team, includingreal-timestats from your fantasy players. TOP HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE:*Favorites- YOUR personalized feed. All the content you care aboutfrom yourfavorite teams, players and leagues. Just tap ‘Manage’ toadd,delete or reorder your favorites. Set-up notifications soyou’llnever miss a key moment! *Scores - A live view of every game.Everyscore at a glance, updated in real-time. Just tap the matchupfordetailed box scores, including live player data, bettinglines,news and multimedia. *Chat & Messaging - Who doesn’tliketalking sports? Check out our cool chat and messagingfeatures,helping you connect with other fans around the games andcontentyou love. Public Chat is available in every matchup page,while youcan also set-up group messaging with friends and family orjustchat 1-1 too through the 'Messaging' icon found in the topright ofthe screen. *Discover - Uncover the biggest social storiesandmultimedia that’s got sports fans talking! This is whereyou’llfind Russ’ latest swag or the sick dunk that’s going viral.*News -Get updated on the top headlines in an instant from acrossallsports, or tap the league you want at the top of the page todivedeeper. *Leagues - Check out the latest news, scores,standings,and leaders for the sport you care about. Team stats,real-timescores, and news across these major sports: - Football(NFLFootball, NCAA Football and CFL Football, regular seasonandplayoffs, and news coverage of AAF) - Baseball (CollegeWorldSeries and MLB Baseball, season play and playoffs) -Basketball(NBA Basketball, NCAA Basketball, WNBA Basketball, Big 3-including all the madness and bracket tracking from theNCAADivision 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament in March & playoffs)-Hockey (NHL Hockey, IIHF WJHC - World Junior HockeyChampionship,NCAA Frozen Four) - Soccer (Premier League Soccer,ChampionsLeague, FIFA World Cup, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, MLS,FA Cup,League Cup, Europa League, Ligue 1, Coppa Italia, Copa DelRey andLiga MX, UEFA European Championships) - Golf (The Masters,PGA,LPGA, Ryder Cup, European Tour, Tour) - Tennis (ATP,WTA) -Mixed Martial Arts (MMA: UFC and Bellator) - Auto Racing(MonsterEnergy NASCAR Cup Series, Formula 1) - Lacrosse (NLL) - WWENFL,MLB, NBA, NHL, WNBA, PGA, MMA, NCAAB, Premier League soccerandmore – download theScore today and always be on top of thelatestsports scores and live news! Don't miss any of the actionfrom theOrlando Magic, Golden State Warriors, Sacramento Kings,HoustonRockets, Utah Jazz, Miami Heat, Minnesota Timberwolves,MilwaukeeBucks, Boston Celtics, Oklahoma City / OKC Thunder &more!Feedback? Email [email protected] or contact us via‘Reporta Bug’ in the Settings menu. -- We are affiliated withtheScore.comPrivacy Policy: of Use:
ScoreCenter Live : All sports 6.0.9
T-on Network
Get real-time sports livescores anytime, anywhere withScoreCenterLive! ScoreCenter LIVE lets you stay up-to-date withsports matchesanytime, anywhere. From the most popular sports suchas the soccer,baseball and basketball, to football, ice hockey, andeven formula1. Don’t miss out on ScoreCenter LIVE, the “all-in-onesports app”that supports over nine sports and more than 100tournaments andleagues. 1. Everything you want to know about amatch! ScoreCenterwill let you in on the ins and outs of sportsmatches. Detailedsports information provided by ScoreCenterincludes basicinformation such as scoring players, ball occupancyrate, shots, tomore advanced information like playerselection/replacement andformations. A "box score" function letsyou check team and playerrecords in real-time in sports matches.For the fans that couldn'tmake it to the stadium, ScoreCenter isthe next best thing, and forthose at the stadium, it will make theexperience all the moreexciting. 2. It's all about team spirit!Games are always so muchmore fun with some company! You’ll neverwatch a game alone whenyou’re connected with ScoreCenter. Use the"Support Your Team"function to view match predictions and shareinformation. Findother fans and support your team together! Try the"MatchPrediction" function. 3. Get notifications on game news! Noneed tocheck again and again for that final score.ScoreCenter'snotification function creates a summary of importantgameschedules, news, and outcome, and alerts you as soon asnewinformation becomes available. 4. Get social media feeds! Nowyoudon't have to log into social media to see sports newfeeds.ScoreCenter's social media channel lets you view social medianewsfeeds on your favorite teams all in one place. 5. Over 100sportsand leagues The major sports that ”ScoreCenter LIVE” supportare asshown below. : Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball,Football,Ice Hockey, Tennis, Golf, Formula-1 New additions will bemade inthe future. If there is a sport or league you'd like to seeaddedto ScoreCenter, send an e-mail to our customer service center.
Glow Hockey 1.3.8
Glow Hockey delivers a new style of hockey game. Easytoplay,hardtomaster. Challenge yourselfwiththecomputeropponents!FEATURES:+2-player mode (on thesamedevice).+3themes.+ Colorful glowgraphics.+ Smooth andresponsivegameplay.+Realistic physics.+ Quickplay mode(singleplayer),challengeyourself with 4 difficulty levels(easytoinsane).+ 4selectablepaddles and pucks.+ Vibratewhengoal.+Support almostall Androiddevices.
HockeyBattle 1.5.0
Saxonov Ivan
You are the owner of your own hockey club! Gain the hearts oftensof thousands of fans. Walk a long way from rookie to star withyourteam. Develop your hockey town, hire staff, improveequipment,conduct training and meetings, participate in singlematches, cupsand competitions competing with thousands of realplayers!
Ice Hockey Goalie 3D 1.9
AVY Apps
You think you really have everything that it takes to be agreathockey goalie superstar? To strap on the pads, man the net andstopsome pucks? Try our ice hockey sports simulator, Ice HockeyGoalie3d full of adrenaline. Ice Hokey Goalie 3D offers purehockeyexperience with you defending your goals with blocking andcatchinggloves and pads against dozens of slap shots.-Features3Denvironments, lifelike goalie motions and realisticsoundeffects.-Shuffle to cover the angle and make butterfly andkicksaves.-Hear the roar of the crowd as you make a save (or theboosof letting the puck slip through).
Virtual Goaltender Lite 1.2.3
Do you have what it takes to be a hockey goalie superstar? Tostrapon the pads, man the net and stop some pucks? Welcome toVirtualGoaltender Lite, a heart pumpin’, adrenaline rushin’ icehockeygoalie game.-Features fully 3D environments, lifelikegoaliemotions and realistic sound effects.-Shuffle to cover theangle andmake butterfly and kick saves.-Includes new challengeseach levellike passing between shooters, faster shots, playingagainst theclock and more.-Hear the roar of the crowd as you make asave (orthe boos of letting the puck slip through).-Amusingcommentarypraising your saves and mocking the shots you letthrough.-Displaysin game helpful reminders and puck halo to makeplaying eveneasier.
Hockey Physics 1.9
A free hockey game with easy and funny gameplay!!!The only thingyouneed to do, click jump button and make some score to beatyouropponent!!In this game, you have too many options for a scorewithfunny way.You must protect your keep and make some scores withyourphysics hockey stick!Fun based dumb hockey game.Features:One ortwobuttons modes.Replays with everyplay.Single player or withfriends.(up to 4 players)2 or 4 players mode.Funny physics.Eachround funnyand unexpected things waiting for you.
Bob and Bobek: Ice Hockey 1.3
Become a new ice-hockey player, play together with Bob andBobek,still popular Czech cartoon characters. They will lead youasmascots through The Ice Hockey World Championship of 2015.Thegameis an attractive arcade ice hockey with a multiplayer functionformore players on mobile and tablet devices. Shoot goals!Passthrough an intensive training, move zigzag, take a puck,combineyour play and shoot accurately!Hockey game with Bob andBobek,official mascot of IIHF World Championship 2015. Become anationalhero of your country after you will win The Ice HockeyWorldChampionship of 2015. Attributes: • The game has charactersBob andBobek from famous author Mr. Vladimir Jiranek. • The gamewith theofficial mascots of The Ice Hockey World Championship of2015. •Multiplayer with any person gaming on the internet. • Easyandintuitive game control. • Entertainment, action, fouls, shots toacage and goals ... • Optionally selected teams from 16 countriesofIce Hockey World Championship. • Every team has their ownspecificattributes to improve. • Training levels. • Tournamentmode,play-off for a gold medal with Bob and Bobek. • Ambient soundfroma real stadium.
Hockey Online Stars 1.4
This is most interesting multiplayer Hockey game for mobiledevices.Compete with other players, play against artificialintelligence,run to the top of leaders, talk in chat, assembleteams,win!FIGHTCompete with other random players at HockeyOnline.Championship will be available soon!MANY DIFFERENT TEAMSPlayforyour country or choose other badass team. Choose mostlikeableteam. List of teams will be raise.GAME PLANChoose the plan,whichwill lead you to victory.PLAY WITH FRIENDSYou can inviteyourfriends, or find new ones!CHATTalk with other players(Privatemessages and challenges will be available soon)MAINFEATURES★Nicegraphics★Many different teams (and will be much moresoon)★Excitinggame process★Players all around the world★Chat - talkand play withother players★Try different game plans to defeatyourcompetitors.SOON★Worldwide championship
Hockey NHL Live Scores, Stats, & Schedules 2018/19 8.0.2
Tired of cluttered sports apps? Want lightning fast hockeyscores,up to the minute NHL stats, and real-time play-by-play? Looknofurther! ** Updated with the 2018-2019 NHL hockey schedule! ***Live NHL scores & real-time plays keep you on top of thehockeyaction! * Immediate game notifications for scores, closegames,overtime, and more! * Up to the minute team & playerboxscorestats * Game preview matchup stats * View team standingsbydivision or conference, including the latest playoff picture.*Player stats for all teams, including league leaders * What'sthatchannel? NHL TV & radio listings for all games included.*Customize the schedule the way you want: filter by teams,division,or conference. * Never miss a game! Set an alarm and bereminded totune in. * Check out the latest hockey news while on thego. * Noconnection? No problem! The entire schedule is on yourphone &alarms are set locally. * Check scores of previoushockey gameseasily. * Includes the 2018/19 NHL schedule. Playoffgames addedautomatically. All NHL teams are included, including theeasternconference & western conference. Playoff games willbeautomatically added as they are scheduled, including theFirst& Second Rounds, Conference Finals, & Stanley CupFinals.** Please note: This app is not endorsed by or affiliatedwithNational Hockey League. Any trademarks used in the app are donesounder "fair use" with the sole purpose of identifyingtherespective entities, and remain the property of theirrespectiveowners.
Pro Hockey Radio 1.2.6
Pro Hockey Radio delivers up to date scores, schedules,andstandings, and allows you listen to local radio stations forgameslive. The scores constantly update so you will never missanysports action again! Plus setup your favorite teams, and viewthemall on the same page for easy browsing. Note: Some stationshaverestrictions or blackout rules on certain broadcasts and maynotcarry every game. Here are the teams we support: • Anaheim Ducks•Arizona Coyotes • Boston Bruins • Buffalo Sabres • Calgary Flames•Carolina Hurricanes • Chicago Blackhawks • Colorado Avalanche•Columbus Blue Jackets • Dallas Stars • Detroit Red Wings •EdmontonOilers • Florida Panthers • Los Angeles Kings • MinnesotaWild •Montreal Canadiens • Nashville Predators • New Jersey Devils• NewYork Islanders • New York Rangers • Ottawa Senators •PhiladelphiaFlyers • Pittsburgh Penguins • San Jose Sharks • St.Louis Blues •Tampa Bay Lightning • Toronto Maple Leafs • VancouverCanucks •Washington Capitals • Winnipeg Jets
Virtual Goaltender 1.2.3
Do you have what it takes to be a hockey goalie superstar? Tostrapon the pads, man the net and stop some pucks? Welcome toVirtualGoaltender, a heart pumpin’, adrenaline rushin’, reflextestin’,fast-paced ice hockey goalie game.-Challenge yourself in 70levelsof increasing difficulty from easy to insanely hard.-Makebutterflysaves, kick saves, glove saves, blocker saves, skate savesandstandup saves.-Includes many different challenges like onetimeshots, low and high shots, passing between shootersandintelligently aimed shots on goal.-Features fully 3Denvironments,lifelike goalie motions and realistic soundeffects.-Hear the roarof the crowd as you make a save (or the boosof letting the puckslip through).-Choose from 5 different goalies,each with their owngoaltending style.-Your choice of 5 differentrinks, including apro hockey arena or a frozen pond.-Over two dozencamera angles,including bird’s eye and goalie’s point of view.-Findout how fastyour reflexes really are with the reaction timemeter.-Amusingcommentary praising your saves and mocking the shotsyou letthrough.
LiveScore: Live Sport Updates 3.0.14
LiveScore keeps you up-to-date with all the latest scores andlivesports action. From goals to cards, match previews to transfernewsand fixtures to final results, LiveScore has everything youneed,all in one place. In-depth coverage for football, tennis,cricket,basketball and hockey means you can follow your team nomatter whatsport, competition or league they play in. You can alsoget thelatest breaking sports stories in the ‘news’ section.LiveScore’sreputation for being fast and reliable means it’s theperfect appfor every sports fan. Whether you’re into PremierLeague, La Liga,Serie A, Ligue 1 or Bundesliga football, Twenty20cricket,Australian Open tennis or Hockey tournaments, you’ll findout firstwith LiveScore. KEY FEATURES LiveScore’s NEW Ball Tracker– checkthe pitch view to follow the ball, scores and action, soeven ifyou can’t watch the match, you’ll still be in the know.Readbreaking sports news for major sports & leagues,includingfootball’s Premier League, Champions League and La Liga.Tap thestar next to any match for live notifications or favourite aleagueso you can quickly get to the scores and details of matchesyoucare about. LiveScore will deliver fast updates directly to you.Sowhen you’re having a bet, or keeping an eye on yourFantasyFootball team, LiveScore will keep you up to date with thelatestscores and info. VIEW LINE-UPS, MATCH STATISTICS ANDLIVECOMMENTARY -See upcoming fixtures and previous results, withall ofEurope’s premier cups and leagues covered - including thePremierLeague, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga. -Viewline-ups assoon as they’re announced before the match starts.-Detailed livematch commentary, including goals scored, assists,corners, cardsand descriptions of the action – ideal for FantasyFootball fans.-Star a match to get alerts to keep track of what’sgoing on,including goals and red cards for multiple matches at thesametime. -Check club form and the results of previous meetings inthehead-to-head section. -See champions made and teams relegatedasthe league table updates in real time. -Plus, possession, shotsandfouls stats at the match end. It’s not just football orsoccerLiveScore focuses on. From the wicket, ball and stump detailsincricket’s top competitions, to point-by-point and serve updatesinthe biggest tennis matches on the ATP or WTA World Tours,LiveScoregives you detailed updates as if you were there. WORLDWIDESCORESAND SPORTS Whether you say “football”, “soccer”, “calcio”or“fussball”, you’ll be able to find your team. More than 1,000livefootball and soccer matches are followed every week duringtheseason for the premier cups and leagues worldwide. If tennisisyour sport, follow your favourite players in their quest tobecomechampions at every Open, Challenger tournament, Masters eventandeach of the Slams. Check all the tournament’s results andviewupcoming matches, then follow in-play commentary when theplayersare on court. All formats are covered in our cricketservice, fromTest matches to ODIs to Twenty20. Follow internationaltournamentsand see cricket scorecards, ball-by-ball commentary anddetaileddescriptions of each wicket. If basketball is your thingthenLiveScore is the best sports app for keeping up with the game,withthe FIBA European Qualifiers, NBA conferences, play-offs andfinalsall covered. Hockey is covered too and thanks to LiveScore’sslickfunctionality and speed, the app gives you fast updatesfromnational and international hockey leagues in the USA, CanadaandEurope including the NHL. ABOUT LIVESCORE Since 1998, LiveScorehasbeen giving you the best real-time delivery of live sportscoresand data. As leaders and inventors of live score updates,LiveScoreis trusted and used daily by millions of users globally.Itspecialises in the sports: football and soccer, tennis,cricket,basketball and hockey.
Hockey Drawing Board 1.0
Hockey Drawing Board is a must-have tool for innovativeandsuccessful coaches or managers. This app offers a digitaldrawingboard, which can be used for tactical meetings or to createdrills.Created drawings can easily be saved as images and be postedin thelocker room. It comes with common symbols, like pylons, pucksorattacking/defending team. In addition to that, finger drawnlinescan be visualized differently, such as passing or skatingforwardwith the puck. By using this app long bus rides can be usedfor anefficient preparation and post-processing of practices andgames.
Hockey Tactic Board 5.0.1
Jan Soukup
Hockey Tactic Board, allows you to create your own tactics foreverymatch situation. , for FREE and NO REGISTRATIONS nor paymentsareneeded for more advanced tools ;). Intuitive UI, simple,quickusing. You can change the field size, to internationalornorth-american and then, you can select four options of fieldview.For more percise tactic orders you can switch toattacking-zone,mid-zone and view for shootout! Landscape orportrait mode forbetter comfort. HTB provides you seven tools!Rectangle with numberinside! Sipmle Line, Arrow, Dotted arrow, Pen,Text and Area!Everything you need to create your tactic! Save yourtactics intoone frame, or do frame by frame ANIMATION, for moreadvancedtactics! You can set animation speed to make it simply theBEST.You can analyse your own photos and your own videos! Createyourteams and players! ***manual on bottom of the page*** HTBallowsyou several ways to share tactic or animation with others! -fortactic - you can do photo of your tactic or you can export itintofile - for animation - you can export it into file This filecan beeasily imported into app on any other device ;) ***manual onbottomof the page*** Simply remove objects, if you want to reworkyourtactic, with remove function! Or you can reset everything withjustone click! Create hockey tactics /*More fieldoptions*/*international vs north-american field *Attacking zone*Mid zone*Shootout /*Tools*/ *Arrow *Dotted arrow *Line *Rectangle*Pen*Text *Area *Delete /*Useful features*/ *Create team andplayers*Create frame by frame animation *Change tools colors*Change teamcolor *Change players size ***HOW TO ADD YOUR TEAM***Go to editwindow (top right tools button), click on team1/team2edit buttonon the right of team, add new team and players. Thenselect thisteam by clicking on it. ***HOW TO EXPORT TACTIC /ANIMATION*** Goto tactic / animation loading window, on the bottomclick onEXPORT, and then click on the tactic / animation which youwant tobe exported. Tactics are then exported to your device tofolder/HockeyBoard/Tactics Animations to /HockeyBoard/AnimationsNow youcan send them to others and they can import them ;) ***HOWTOIMPORT TACTIC / ANIMATION*** Copy tactic / animation file toyourdevice folder - tactic to /HockeyBoard/Import/Tactics -animationto /HockeyBoard/Import/Animations (if this folder doesntexists -Go to tactic / animation loading window, on the bottomclick onIMPORT and folders will be created) Now you have tactic /animationin right folder, so now it is very simple: Go to tactic /animationloading window, on the bottom click on IMPORT In importwindow,there are shown tactics / animations which are copied inimportfolder and now you just click on the tactic / animation whichyouwant to be imported.
Blackhawks Hockey: Live Scores, Stats, & Games 7.9.3
Sports Scores
Tired of cluttered sports apps? Want to check the scores andseewhen the Chicago Blackhawks are playing? Look no further! Thebesthockey app for Chicago fans! The full Blackhawks schedule,livegame updates, NHL standings, news, TV listings & more! *LiveNHL scores & real-time plays keep you on top of alltheBlackhawks action! * Immediate game notifications for scores,closegames, overtime, and more! * Up to the minute team &playerboxscore stats * Game preview matchup stats * View teamstandingsby division or conference, including the latest playoffpicture. *Player stats for all teams, including league leaders *What's thatchannel? NHL TV & radio listings for all gamesincluded. *Customize the schedule the way you want: filter byteams, division,or conference. * Never miss a game! Set an alarmand be reminded totune in. * Check out the latest hockey news whileon the go. * Noconnection? No problem! The entire Blackhawksschedule is on yourphone & alarms are set locally. * Checkscores of previoushockey games easily. * Includes the 2018/19Chicago Blackhawksschedule. Playoff games added automatically. **Please note: Thisapp is not endorsed by or affiliated with theNational HockeyLeague or the Chicago Blackhawks. Any trademarksused in the appare done so under "fair use" with the sole purposeof identifyingthe respective entities, and remain the property oftheirrespective owners.
Air Hockey Deluxe 1.6
Words Mobile
Enjoy all of your favorite moments of the playoffs with theNo.1exciting and fast paced table sports game, Air HockeyDeluxe!Timeto hit the ice with this No.1 Android version of AirHockey game.Designed to deliver the amazing graphic quality of glowdisplay,see and feel the real air hockey experience. With threelevels ofdifficulty the computer can be a good match for anyone,from newcomer to hockey expert! You can also play against a friendon thesame device.Game Features:- Visually stunning glow graphics-1Player (Classic and Timed) & 2 Players Mode- 6 different setoftables, mallets and pucks- Amazing game sound effects