Top 24 Games Similar to Zombi 2(018) Preview

Galaxy VR Full 1.0.39
Silicon Droid
Requires a connected joypad or keyboard toplay( Bluetooth or USB wired ).An immersive VR game consisting of four core game types thatgetprogressively harder as missions progress. Do you have theskillsto unlock all 100 mission gates?25 x Dogfighting around battleships.25 x Racing through techno pipes.25 x On foot free roaming battles on planetoids.25 x On foot puzzle cave mazes with combat.
VR Hunting for Cardboard 2.5
Hunt in virtual reality while experiencingthethrill of being in the wild nature.Use your weapon to killanimalsas much as you can, but be sure to watch your ammunition asyou caneasily run out of bullets. To avoid doing so pick up an ammoboxwhile playing.Score as much as you can and share your results with yourfriendsand other players worldwide in our live leaderboard.Features:- Intense sound FX designed- Live Leaderboard- Easy to use controls (one tap to shoot, double tap to zoom)- Compatible with virtual reality viewers such as GoogleCardboard,Samsung Gear, etc.- HD visuals- Atmosphere of wild huntFor best experience use headphones.
VR Games : VR Shooter Zombie 1.3
VR Games : VR Shooter Zombie by MatrixVRstudio is a first person shooter VR games forgooglecardboard.Best cardboard VR shooter games out there for VRshootinggames.You don't need a VR Player, VR games controller or VR gamesforbluetooth controllerto play this VR games.Zombie run from hideout, VR shooting Zombies to protecttheplanet.VR Shooter Zombie support VR games for oculus too.Please download from the Oculus store or Samsung Oculusstore.VR Shooter is a must try other than VR Roller Coaster andVRCinemaThank you for downloading our best VR Games free and VRappsfree.Questions or Comments please send
Trooper 2 (VR) 2017.01.07.0c
(Please help guide the programming andotherusers by rating the app)14 levels of non-stop Shoot 'em Up action! You are Trooper,anaverage soldier in the middle of a place you'd rather notbe.They're green and they're pissed, and you have no idea why.Source code at 4 awe-inspiring bosses, and fast-paced actionhappeningall around you in 360 degrees. Put on your headphones andGoogleCardboard headset, and stand up to the fight (quiteliterally, seebelow).Trooper 2 uses the magnetic trigger available on mostGoogleCardboard headsets, or optionally the "Fire1" button onexternalcontrollers.Programmer's note: Use the first 5 levels as warm-up fortougherlevels. Tactical advice is to prioritize the closest greenthingsfirst, and disperse mobs. Enjoy!Stand up! I highly recommend standing up and physicallyturningaround to shoot. That'll also give you a significantskilladvantage due to instinctive peripheral reflexes. Please becarefulnot to hit real-world things around you. 3D soundthroughheadphones will add to the instinctive awareness.Reviews:1. VRFocus- UKRifter -
Killer Shark Attack VR
Tulip Apps
Killer shark attack VR is one of themostplaying vr hunting games on the play store which is designedforthe passionate gamers. If you are looking for VR shark attackgamesthan this hunting fish game VR is perfect for you to play andgetrealistic underwater survival adventure. This VR shark gamehasworld’s deadliest predators breathing inside a deep blue seatomake a tour of the ocean as shark simulator. If you are new toplaythese blue whales & hungry shark games than this amazingseagame will train you like as underwater simulator. And if you areanexperienced sea man than this VR fish hunting game hasmanychallenges for you to survive more accurately. Free shark gamesVRhas different fish mania for you to attack and kill all thehungryfishes and survive in the sea. Explore the hungry shark worldwithrealistic environment and breathtaking visuals through VRfishgames.Through this killer shark attack VR, set out on a new aquafunadventure and explore aquatic life in virtual reality to enjoythisfree underwater fish hunting game. In this free blue whalesurvivalgame, killer shark and blue whale simulators are alwaysstarvingand craving for to satisfy their hunger. Act as sharksimulator inthis VR shark attack deep sea adventure game to viewthe underwaterworld to dive and show off your scuba diving skills.Feed thehungry sharks through hunting as many times as possiblebefore thetime runs out in the underwater games VR. Theseunderwater bluewhale attacking simulation game have water physicsbased simulationsystem for you to get realistic fun and adventure.You task in thisfree shark attack simulation game is to control theshark andattack on the fishes to fulfill its hunger within thelimited timeslot. Enjoy this amazing shark attack game by killingthe otherfishes and underwater animals.Killer shark attack VR is the world’s best diving game inthecategory of adventure games to fulfill your sharksimulationhunger. Object moves automatically in these VR waterdiving gamesfor realistic experience. Just focus on the attackingobject tokill and fulfill its hunger through hunger games. There ismultipleadventuring and challenging levels provided for you in thesharksimulator games. Clear the previous level to unlock moremissionsby avoiding bombs putting in the sea for your destruction.Sneak upon your prey to keep your shark alive and fed. Help thehungryshaark to attack and eat maximum fishes within the short timetoearn a good score. If you land up your shaark then you willloseyour life in the deep blue sea games. Download this free VRgamenow and start your adventure. How to play:• You must have gyro sensor in your android device to playthisgame.• Tilt your Head to move your shaark within the environment.• Chase fishes and blue whales to hunt them down.• Beware of the sea bombs if you wish to survive.• Take your hungry shaark near the fishes for afeedingfrenzy.• Don’t let your shark’s health fall beyond a critical level.• Complete challenges to level up the fun.Key Features of Killer Shark Attack VR:• Advanced Virtual Reality features.• Superb controls for hungry-shark.• VR based 3D underwater environment.• Best of free action packed games.• Physics based controls.• Gyro-meter based 360 degree rotation.• Compatible with virtual reality glasses.If you like this killer shark attack VR game, please try otherfishhunting games by clicking “More from Developer” or by visitingourpublisher account. And don’t forget to rate and review.
VR Ride - Ocean City 1.0
Note: This app requires a VR headset suchasGoogle Cardboard or Durovis Dive. No controller is required.Take a virtual roller coaster ride through Ocean City,afuturistic skyscraper city lying in the middle of the ocean.Sound is important, use headphones for maximum immersion!This app was tested and optimized for Samsung Galaxy S3 andS5.If it doesn't run well enough on your device, please requestarefund within 2 hours of purchase by clicking the "Refund"buttonat the top of this page, or at "My Apps" in Google PlayStore.Credits:This app wouldn't be the same without the amazing soundeffectsprovided by these awesome people:* daveincamas, Splash2.wav, CC-BY:* HerbertBoland, MetalWindDrone.mp3, CC-BY:* CGEffex, Large Splashes.wav, CC-BY:* juskiddink, Flock of seagulls.wav, CC-BY:* scratchikken, underwaterloop1.wav, CC-BY:* MrLindstrom, Windloop6sec.wav, CC-0:* inchadney, waves closeup.WAV, CC-BY:* Adam_N, Tweeting.wav, CC-0:* u3190, Gasp Inhale, CC-0:* Yuval, stereo bubbles (straw), CC-BY: a big thank you to:* The Unity community and Asset Store publishers.* Durovis Dive for their free VR library.*
BombSquad VR for Cardboard 1.4.132
Eric Froemling
IMPORTANT: Requires a gamepad to play (orasecond device running the 'BombSquad Remote' app)Blow up your friends in explosive mini-games rangingfromCapture-the-Flag to Hockey - now in VR on GoogleCardboard!Includes the 'BombSquad Pro' upgrade (regularly $5)Features networked multiplayer, gratuitous explosions,advancedragdoll face-plant physics, pirates, ninjas, barbarians,insanechefs, and more.VR VERSION NOTES:- BombSquad VR requires an external controller to play. You canusethe BombSquad Remote app on another device, but a hardwaregamepadis recommended.- BombSquad VR is more demanding on hardware than regularBombSquad.You may want to ensure your device runs the regularversion ofBombSquad well before trying BombSquad VR.- BombSquad VR does not currently support ticket-pack purchasesorGoogle Play account sign-in, but you can now link yourCardboardaccount to your Google Play account (or any otherplatform'saccount) and share progress.
VR Space Stalker 1.42
VR Space Stalker is a fascinating 360 VRspacesimulator that allows you to use VR virtual reality glassestoimmerse deeply into the world of space battles andadventureswithout leaving home.Space Stalker – virtual reality game.Space Stalker VR game is a space simulator that will immerse youinan atmosphere of dangerous adventures hidden in the depthsofspace. This is an opportunity for you to try yourself asaspaceship pilot in the dim and distant future. Adrenalinchasesthrough asteroid fields, mysterious vaults, ancientartifacts,puzzles and arsenal of different weapons – this is just asmallpart of what you can see from the cockpit of your spacefighter.Prepare for more complex tasks, upgrading your ship, andsolve themysteries of deep space!360 VR emulator — 360 degree freedom.Enjoy the authentic 360 3D VR world, where anultra-realisticvirtual reality with carefully crafted sound anddetailed 3Dgraphics are merged together. Here you are waiting forclear,bright and colorful models and characters, as well ascompletefreedom and an absolute unobstructed view of 360 degrees(like 3D360 degrees cinema). We’ve managed to create truly deepandrealistic space filled with interesting details, excitingbattlesand dangerous enemies.Fibrum is a new word in the sphere of VR gamesCompatible with Virtual Reality (VR) glassesVR Cinema application requires a virtual reality headset(GoogleCardboard-like): FIBRUM VR, ANTVR, Carl Zeiss VR OneGX,ColorCross, Cynoculars, Durovis Dive, Fove 0, FreeFly,Homidocenter (V2), Merge VR, Nibiru, Puyo Box, Refugio 3D,Stooksy,Tepoinn 3D, VR KiX, VR Smartview, VR View-Master DLX,VRTRIA, VRTXOne, Xiaomi VR 3D Glasses. In addition to the abovemodels, it ispossible to use the virtual reality headset and 3D /VR glasses ofother samples and manufacturers.VR games free trialThe app implements a freemium system. During the whole trialperiod,you can play absolutely free! If you like the app, registerapromotion code or purchase the app to use the application tothefullest and get unlimited access to it. To do this, just gothrougha quick registration in Fibrum Platform.Fibrum VRDo you want to know more about Fibrum VR applications? Installandtry our most popular 3D virtual reality games (VRgames). Selectoneof the many virtual worlds: space shooters, westerns,crazythree-dimensional races, breathtaking rides, colorful andhilariousadventures as well as horrors of zombie apocalypse. Wehave a 360VR experience for every taste!
VR Air Defense 1.0
Are you ready for a harsh defense? Put onyourcardboard, play as a fearless anti-aircraft gunner of World WarIIand defend your base from furious airborne attacks! Play forfreenow!Using any virtual reality (VR) headset such as Google Cardboard,youcan scan the sky with your binocular and shoot down every warplaneas they intent on destroying your base. With auto-firefeature,you'll be able to shoot your enemies automatically, onceyou getthem in your sight.This game is best experienced with virtual reality (VR) headsetsforsmartphones. Using headphones is recommended forbestimmersion.Key Features:* 2 Game Modes:VR Mode: Put on your VR headset and immerse the ultimate VRshooterexperience!Classic Mode: Don't have a VR headset? Play in classic mode!* Easy controls and auto-shooting function* Head tracking exclusively for mobile VR* Amazing 3D experience and stunning graphics
Horror Escape VR FREE 1.3
There's crying in the dark, the generatorseemsto have blown a fuse... There has to be a fuse or two lyingaroundsomewhere, right? But the question is, can you find thembefore shefinds you?Experience the most terrifying Virtual Reality horror game.Fleethe haunted being while attempting to find all the fuses to getthelights to stay on and banish the evil spirits.************************************************************FOR THE BEST EXPERIENCE, WEAR HEADPHONES************************************************************This game requires the use of the trigger on theGoogleCardboard.Make sure your phone supports the trigger function of theGoogleCardboard before purchasing.Please leave comments or use the Email Developer button toprovidefeedback!**FREE Version Contains Ads!
Zombie Shoot Virtual Reality 1.8
*****NEW LEVEL ADDED****** Date 11thJanuary2017->New Level Added->Now Smash the deadly zombie while driving the car->Crunch the zombie with car->New Graphics Added->Size optimized->Memory optimized->More level will be added soon*******************************************Are you a game lover than we have come up with anexcellentshooting game for you all. “VR Zombie Abomination” is thething foryou. An interesting and fun 3D game based on VirtualReality forevery age of people for free. Basically it is a shootinggame whereyou have to shoot the zombies coming in your path toachieve theobjectives of a stage. The best part of this game isthat it isbased on Virtual Reality VR.There is a whole story built behind this game which is alsoverymuch interesting. Let's hear the story.Once upon a time in abandon city, there was a secretexperimentwas going on for DNA improvisation to create a SuperhumanbutUnfortunately the experiment couldn't give the results asexpectedand went completely wrong . Because of the side effect ofthemedicines, people were turning into Zombies. The whole citywasfull of Zombies but the last hope was their to convert Zombiesintohumans again by making AntiZombie DNA. You can save that citybymaking the AntiZombie DNA. Now how you can convert ZombiesintoHuman again? Download now to find the answer and to save thecityfrom Zombies.There are total 3 stages to convert Zombies into Humans.1st is to kill 100 Zombies without loosing any life.Automatically2nd stage will start. 2nd and 3rd stages are tosurvive till thetime you don't get the DNA samples from thecivilian and thosesamples don't start it's effect on the Zombiesand convert theminto humans.A fascinating game where all you can have is fun, fun andmoreFun. 3D effects, graphics, the sound and the experience of thegamewill give you some goosebumps. Excitement, thriller,suspense,entertainment, visual experience: what else would youexpect from agame.All you need to play this game is a “Google Cardboard”. Thisgameis available on Android platforms and support anyAndroiddevice.To have real experience of the game, you have to play itbyyourself. Haven't you downloaded it yet than what are youwaitingfor? Play it now.
Space X Hunter VR 3.4
◉ Space X Hunter VR is an independentspaceAction/Arcade game in 3D, free and without advertising,for google Cardboards and Virtual Reality Glasses ◉use fibrum SDK : also works with phones with no gyroscopenot use google Cardboards app : works with all glassesremove the magnet if you have problems while playing-A Cardboard VR ARCADE SPACE ADVENTURE IN 2016 -Space X Hunter on Google Play: Stunning 3D graphics, superbarcadegameplay! one of the best arcade Android games of sciencefictionon smartphones and tablets in 2016- GAME HISTORY -You are a member of the space X hunters, a special force createdtoprotect the galaxy.Your enemies are many, you must complete the missions assignedtoyou to save the known universe.Your starting point is your space mother ship, and you'll returntoit at the end of yourmissions. This one has a landing strip at the front throughwhichyou will get when your mission will be completed.If you try to return to the mother ship before your missionis completed, you will be shot down by the internal security ofthemother ship.Your enemies are planets eaters : their ships land on planetsandextract all the energy from them.If you do not destroy the enemies with your space rocketsbeforethey extract all the energy of the planet, it will explode.If youare on the path of a debris when a planet explodes, your shipwillbe destroyed.If all the planets of the solar system are destroyed, yourmissionis aborted.The small enemy ships go out of hyperspace and move towardstheplanets to draw their energy.Your mother ship is at the center of hyperspace output globe.The enemy cruisers, armed but slow, are moving in the solarsystemwithout using hyperspace. You will need to reach them severaltimesbefore they explode.Your first mission is to find the space power blocksscatteredthroughout the solar system, and take them back to themothership.To get an energy block, you just get into it with your ship.The solar system in which you operate hides many dangers :Do not get too close of the planets, your ship is not designedtosupport entry into the atmospheres,Also, watch for asteroidsBonuses are scattered around the solar system. To get themjusttouch the bonuses :Yellow bonuses increase your firepower,Red bonuses increase your speed,Blue bonuses destroy all small enemy ships currently in thesolarsystem.Good luck, your team and you are the last hope of theuniverse! - ORIGINAL GAME SYSTEM -FromAndroid 4.0 and later, all devices are supported(10039compatible devices), but it is better to have a fastsmartphone todisplay complex arcade 3D graphics of the game.The resolutions of Android smartphones and tablets are allsupportedby the game.You pilot your fighter with accelerometer in your phone,theshooting is automatic so you just have to focus on flyingyourship.Official page of Space XHunter: gameplay video Space XHunter: can visit the official website of the game to seereal-timescores andthe levels achieved by your team of Space X Hunters.If you want to report a bug or problem with the game, feel freetocontact to help us improve the game.Space X Hunter VR is compatible with all non-powered virtualrealitygoggles :Homido VR, Archos VR, Dive VR, FreeFly VR, FIBRUM VR,GoogleCardboard, CmoarVrase, Zeiss VR One, Lick VR, VR LG...This game also works with devices with no gyroscope, (MotoG,Ulefone Be one...), as it instead employs thedevice'scompass.v.1.8- Option to force compass when gyro doesn't react well (VR)- barrel distort tunning (fisheye) (VR)v.1.7Graphics optimizations and speed improvementsv.1.6- Level 1 simplified and help in the finalization ofthemission- Options of inversions of commands (X and Y axis)- Options for control buttons- Sensitivity adjustement controls- VR Lens Options
Mineforge VR Google Cardboard 1.21
Mineforge VR is the world's firstFULLYPLAYABLE virtual reality block based mining game forGoogleCardboard and other VR headsets! This is not a demo, this isafully working free game.Mineforge is a free block based world-building, creatingandexploration virtual reality game.Some of Mineforge's features:• Mine deep into the planet's surface• Make your own buildings and structures• Creative mode gameplay• Infinite seeded terrain generation• Varying biomes• Day-night cycle• Game pad support• Also works without game pad using look controls and CardboardVRtrigger• All in VR• Completely FREE game!
VR FPS Cardboard 1.0
This game is based on the unitityfreeassets.More information and policy in: is made directly on mobile Samsung Duos (that's whyisquiteslow): NOTES:------------------------------------BLUETOOTH CONTROLLER IS NEEDED-Debug mode is needed: is recommended to become developper to play this games. need to use the google cardboard magnetic button orabluetoothcontroller with the "jump button",POLICY OF UNITY--------------------------------[...]Yes, you are free to use the assets in yourgames.Rememberthat using assets that are so widely available,willdevalue thegames you make.[...]BenUnity Support
Underwater VR 2.61
Control a hungry shark in deep waters.Chaseand eat colourful fish. Explore a huge oceanic gameplayarea,caverns and find the unique hidden objects lying on the seabed-submarine, fishing boat, treasures and much more.Go at your own pace with free play mode, or go on a feedingspreewith predator game mode!It's so easy to control. No buttons used, just go where youlookat.FEATURES:• designed for Google Cardboard and Google Daydream• huge oceanic gameplay area;• two game modes (predator mode and the free play mode);• two maps• the deep sea world full of creatures and hidden objects suchassubmarines, fishing boats, treasure chests, airplanes andmuchmore!
VR Zombie Defense,Cardboard 1.1
VR GunDefenseThe VR GunDefense been released.'Gear VR' experience of VR or virtual reality using'Googlecardboard' a.After running the application Experience a virtualrealitythrough the cardboard.Please defeating the dreaded zombie raising your score※ Google cardboard, etc. VR gear you need tools that makethenormal content to enjoy the virtual reality experience.※ You can split the screen darkening, depending on the typeandbrightness of the display of the device.
WAA! VR 1.0
Peter Bickhofe
The little Astronaut is back!This time as an exciting virtual reality 3D Experience forGoogleCardboard.Jump into his spacesuit and defend him against theincomingAsteroids.Seek and destroy them by sending out your homing missiles.Controls- No magnetic switch or NFC needed!- 360° free look and focus-to-select onlyNEW! iOS version available now: a Google Cardboard?Click here: http://www.mrcardboard.euGet the free Playbook:"Astrolander" - the 1st Mission of the little Astronaut.Availablenow at GooglePlay.