Top 3 Games Similar to jumping fish

Fish eating 1.1.1
It's not easy to survive in thedangerousocean.There are many types of fishes around you. You needto eatthosefishes to make your fish grown up, and finally beatallenemies tocomplete the level.Take control of a fish in this actionpackedaquaticadventure.Simple game rules:# You have your own fish# Tilt to move the fish# Big fish eats little fish.# Hunting fish to grow up.Play as much as you like! - no arbitrary time loopsorenergymechanics.For any other information don't
Jumping Fish 1.0.1
Tap on your device to make the littlebirdfishswim. Avoid obstacles to level up, find fantastictreasures...andmost importantly... beat your friends highscore.There is a fairy tale of a small fish live in the ocean. HisnameisTiki. It was a beautiful day, he playing games with hisfriendandhe moved cleanly through the water.Give Tiki some help. Let's move it overcome obstacles. Takeitcomehome, bring him back to the ocean.* Key Features:1. Easy to play: tap screen to make the fish swim.2. Nice graphics.3. Help the fish earn coins...
Flying Fish 1.1
Flying Fish is a simple adventure game.Just tap on your device to keep the fish flying and avoidtheobstacles.It's easy to begin but hard to master.Try to challenge the high score with your friends.Features:High resolution graphics for retina deviceswonderful sound effect