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Futuristic Flying Robot Battle 1.1
After success of futuristic robot battle2017,once again here you’ll have a thrilling experience of robotgamesunder flying robot games portfolio. You, as a giganticflyingrobot, need to shoot down police vehicles in the latest offlyinggames. Secondly, you also get the chance of shooting downopponentrobots flying high in the sky. Of course! You haven’tsurely seenmultiple vehicles in such a setting in classic flyingjet and carsrobots games! We bring you the best of futuristic gamesto step upyour game and rule this futuristic robot battle arena.Balance yourrobot hero and master the art of shooting in FUTURISTICFLYINGROBOT BATTLE, one of the most iconic robot battle games oftheyear!★★★★ Gameplay Features ★★★★• 10 thrilling robots fighting missions• Enthralling game-play having a combined fun of robot flyinggamesand robot simulator games.• Switch from your futuristic flying cars and transform intoahumongous robot!• Variety of opponent police vehicles including cars, limousinesandhelicopters.• Operate multiple gigantic robots!• Attack your rival flying robots and take them down; unheardinother robot new games.• Smooth on-screen shooting controls, specially designedforshooting games’ thrill.• Realistic & vibrant 3d environment with active trafficnotseen in typical genre of robot war games.• Exciting sounds augmenting robot car games' fun.• Realistic sci-fi robot animations, just like in similarrobotfighting games.• Attractive lighting and effects for being in sync withfuturegames theme.Fight for survival! So, have an escape from orthodox robotbattlegames and enter the dreamy world of futuristic games.Absolutely!It’s the trend setter for flying robot games, where youget toperform multiple shooting scenarios with futuristic robotbattle2017 fun. Our aim is to offer you the most captivatingthriller ofrobot games, so that you can take on the challenge ofunleashingyour shooting skills in the finest of flying games. Hurryup andtry this cool FUTURISTIC FLYING ROBOT BATTLE game!
Grand Robot Car Battle 1.3
Daring Master
Now DARING MASTER brings you new era of GRAND ROBOT CAR BATTLE,thebrand new of robot fighting games .Handle your roboticcarsimulator 2016 and transform it to grand robot simulator inthisrobot car games new and free robot battle games! Thisfuturisticrobot battle 2017 will give you the 3d robot fightexperience. Inthis stunning robo game, you’ll test your controllingskills ofboth robot simulator and robo car. This is a new kind ofrobot wargames where you will feel like in future because of thisnew robotfighting games with new Combat Style. In this robot cargames newand free robot battle games you will face dramatic robotgamesfight 3d. This brilliant robot war games will definitely giveyouthe pro practice of best car robot games 3d. GamePlay:Playthetoughest of robot fighting games and robot war games ever. Areyouexpert enough to control a giant robot and cars in thisfuturisticrobot battle 2017 War? If yes, then you are at the righttrack toget your daily adventure doze with this fantastic robot cargamesnew and free robot battle games! Drive, fire, and fight withallthe cars and robots carefully and defeat them badly in thisrobotgames fight 3d battle. Download this car robot games 3d andchooseyour Robotic CAR simulator 2016 to get into theULTIMATEFIGHT!Features:New Big city 2017!Different Robotic VehiclestoChoose.Flying Robots Fight in the air Real 3d Graphicsandenvironment.Smooth on screen controlsAmazing , ThrillingandStunning gameplay levelsBeware from Police CarsBrilliantSoundEffects you will definitely likeTransform Car into Robot andRobotinto Car Fantastic and different fighting animation , PunchesandKicks.You will enjoy the features of all other robot fightinggamesand robot war games. You will definitely love this futuristicrobotbattle 2017 War because now we have added the savor of bothrobotgames fight 3d and car robot games 3d with having extremeroboticcar simulator 2016 and robot simulator . GRAND ROBOT CARBATTLE isgoing to beat all other robot car games new and free robotbattlegames with its best robotic car simulator 2016. Thisfuturisticrobot battle 2017 is here with taste of flying robotfight 3dcombat that will make you a pro Player of car robot games3d. Soget ready for the king of all ROBO CAR games , The One andOnly theGRAND ROBOT CAR BATTLE!GIVE YOUR REVIEW AND PLEASE SHAREYOURTHOUGHTS AND SUGGEST ANY IMPROVEMENT FOR OUR GAMES.
Futuristic Robot X Ray Battle
Due to overwhelming experience we havelaunchedthe new FeaturesCome and Play the i the Futuristic Robot X Ray Battle n Devotedtodestruction, these transforming bots can Turns into furiouscarsand involving physical force intended to damage the Opponentrobotssimultaneously. If you are lover car vs. robot, orrobottransformers ,robot fighting then this is the only game foryou.Futuristic X Ray Battle 3D comes with great HD graphics andcuttingedge innovative game play Pile of various Futuristic Robot XRayBattle 2017 have arrived on the ground to capture it.FuturisticRobot X Ray Battle 2017 ready to go! Are you ready?Yes?!★★★★ Gameplay Features ★★★★
•15 exhilarating Robot Fighting levels• Absorbing game-play involving fun much different from otherrobotfighting games and robot X Ray battle games.• Instant transformation from robot Car to robot and vice versa;anew benchmark in transforming games.• Nerve wrecking combat shooting adventures; a pleasing additiontorobot battle games.• Exciting assaults including fire blasts, punches, kicks&jumps; for the fans of truck shooting games.• Variety of humongous robot vs enemies robots includingaswell.• Smooth on-screen gunfire & bombardment controls,speciallydesigned for shooting games’ thrill.• Amazing visuals and electrifying HD sounds augmentingrobottransformer games’ thrill.• Realistic & vibrant 3d metropolis environment withactivetraffic; unheard in other X Ray Battle games .• Eye-catching lighting and surreal special effects for beinginsync with X Ray battleWars 3D games theme.You are a unique intelligence and Fan of Robot games ? Now it’syourfateful duty to defend the great city and earn the honour ofrealsteel robot.Take an edge of with Fast Fight with robot in 3dactionand defeat all the opponentsHit download and jump into the future of robot fighting gamesNewExciting Version !GIVE YOUR REVIEW AND PLEASE SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS AND SUGGESTIONSANYIMPROVEMENT FOR OUR GAMES.
Futuristic Robot Battle 3d 1.3
This killer app takes you right into the Futuristic robotbattlearena. Devoted to destruction, these transforming bots canshiftinto furious cars and back to violent robots simultaneously.If youlove car vs. robot, or robot transformers, or robot fightingthenthis is the only game for you. Futuristic Robot Battle 3Dcomeswith great HD graphics and cutting edge innovative game play.Whatmore is this game is genuinely attention-grabbing. Futuristicrobotbattle is a specially designed game for fun purposes.Thisaction-packed robot war game is insane and awesome andperfectsynonym of robot, robot games, super machines, combat gamesandbest fighting games. Now unleash hell on other many robots inthismega robot transformer game. Hit download and jump into thefutureof robot fighting games!The Game play of this robot fightinggameis fairly simple at the edge of awesomeness. From the swampofhigh-tech robots designs choose the incredible robot you likeandsee his breathtaking car transformation and pick it! Enter fromthesky into the city full with violent and corrupt robots. Theseeviltransformers robots are a threat to humanity and to veryrobot-kinditself. Bring hell upon the evil bots with metal punchesand steelkicks and tear apart their evil and corrupted body. Nowit’s yourfateful duty to defend the great city and earn the honorof realsteel robot. The features include incredible simulation ofgiganticsteel robots, and beautiful realistic furious cars. You candriveand dash to the disrupt point in city and thentransformmiraculously back into the metal bot. With these leggedrobots,start the mortal combat by throwing the first punch ofcourage andstand as one man army against multiple gladiator robots.It’s timeto unleash your Ninja, boxing and combat skills on thewickedrobots of forthcoming and turn their stylish metallic body towreckwith your powerful fists.
Futuristic Flying Car Battle 1.1
Once again, we proudly introduce ourverybrandnew sequel to futuristic flying robot battle; asublimeamalgamationof flying car games and car battle games. If youare aflying gamesenthusiast, then this top notch concept offlyingbattle games withfuturistic games will definitely enlivenyou.It’s your chance totransform these manic battle cars andconvertthem anytime intoflying super machines; in the most modernflyinggames. The idea isto give you variety of flying &shootingexperiences to make youenjoy a five-star addition intotransformercar games category. Ouraim is to highlight the intricacyof combatshooting in flying cargames while also making it one ofthe finestavailable car battlegames out there. Obviously! Youhaven’t surelyseen multiplevehicles in such a setting in classicflying games!Take down yourwicked enemies and ace this grand carfight justlike in futuristicflying robot battle game. We promisetointroduce a splendid packageof flying battle gamesinvolvingwarfare shooting along withcomplicated flying anddrivingoperations. Try out FUTURISTIC FLYINGCAR BATTLE - one of themostawesome transformer car games of2017!★★★★ Gameplay Features ★★★★• 5 electrifying flying car simulator comprehensive missions• Fascinating game-play having a collective fun oftransformergamesand future games.• Option to switch from your grand combat car intofuturisticflyingcars ANYTIME and ANYWHERE you want!• Variety of opponent police & army flying andon-groundvehiclesincluding cars, buses, trucks andhelicopters.• Avoid hitting into the traffic or your rivals and saveyourHEALTHBAR; for you to experience the real feel in flying jetandcarsrobots games.• Attack by shooting down your rivals to take them down;unseeninother futuristic war games.• Smooth on-screen gunfire & bombardmentcontrols,speciallydesigned for shooting games’ thrill.• Realistic & lively 3d city environment with activetraffic;apleasing addition in battle games.• Electrifying HD sounds augmenting robot battle games’ fun.• Eye-catching lighting and special effects for being insyncwithpolice games theme.So folks, envision the future and battle it out to surviveinthehottest futuristic games. It’s time to take the risk andshowoffyour super flying skills in the most premier of flyingcargames.You'll absolutely love this sequent to futuristicflyingrobotbattle game as it has gathered all the features offlyinggames andcar battle games in one collaborative package.Target andshoot!Get ready for one-on-one war action to destroyyourstrongadversaries in this addictive summation including thekick ofbothflying battle games and transformer car games.JustdownloadFUTURISTIC FLYING CAR BATTLE and experiencenonstopfun!
Futuristic Robot Dino Battle 2.0
Play as a futuristic robot dinosaur andtakepart in the battle!Are you a huge futuristic robot dinosaur and you have arrivedinthis city to win autorobot. At your disposal just a huge forceandhorns. Develop great speed to ram enemy. Autorobot capturedthecity and once you have a futuristic robot dinosaur will be abletodefeat them in the battle. Beysya to the latest gear and onlythencan you win autorobot.Features of this app Futuristic Robot Dino Battle:1) Play as a futuristic robot dinosaur2) Fight against aгtorobot3) Run around the city and destroy all in its path
Spider Hero vs Carnage Spider 2.0
This is your final battle with theCarnagespider!You superhero Spiderman and you defend a city from villains.Yoursuper abilities are varied, you know how to fly, to let the webandhas enormous power. In the city was attacked by a terriblevillainCarnage spider. And you as a superhero of this city have tosavepeople. Fight in an unequal battle, vid only you will be abletodefeat this villain! Are you a superhero!Features Spider Hero vs Carnage Spider:1) Play as the superhero Spider2) Use the cobwebs to climb on houses3) Fly if you want to move quickly4) Fight with Carnage spider for humanity
Tank Robot Battle 1.2
Omsk Games
- 2 modes of engagement with features.- Dynamic 3D action.- Horde of robots are ready to destroy you.Evil robots have invaded the city. Your task is to defend it,andyou are the last hope of salvation! Destroy enemies directlyorshot out of the tank!
Jet Fighter Robot Wars 1.0.4
Amazing Gamez
Are you tired of the simple flight simulators, gunshipbattles,jetpack games and the mainstream Robocop robot games?Want arealnavy F-18 fighter plane fighting and a shooting game that isacombination of all the amazing airplane, fighter jet v/s navyandrobot fighting games?Jet Fighter Robot Wars is a flightsimulatorand a modern combat robot fighting game that takes youinto thefuture in a city being flooded with real steel robots thathad beenmade for defense and world robot boxing purposes but havenow gonerogue due to a network virus.All the army forces have beenused andto their failure, the robots still rule the city and areswiftlyturning it to ashes with their state of the art laser canonsandmissile systems. A gunship battle has just been lost at the handofthese terminator transformers and the military has faced ahugenumber of casualties. It is now clear that this is no situationfora helicopter warfare and a modern combat with fighter jets iswhatthe city needs!Jet Fighter Robot Wars is a war simulationandmilitary game where the military has ordered an airattackthroughout the city as soon as the civilians are evacuatedand youwill be the squadron leader leading this mission impossibleagainstthe extremely high tech terminator robots androguetransformers.This is not a simple Robocop or Dino robotshootinggame but is an actual flight simulator and war simulationwith realfighter jets and real steel robots and a top notchmilitary gamethat asks you to accomplish a mission impossible andput an end tothis rogue nation of robots.Download Jet Fighter RobotWars now andbe a player of this jaw dropping addition to thefighter plane,helicopter warfare, Dino robot, world robot boxingand other robotgames!Key Features:- State of the art fighter pilotflightsimulator!- Amazing robot v/s jet fighter game- Splendidgraphiccontent- Realistic sound effects- User friendly andsmoothcontrols- Addictive gameplay- 6 breathtaking game levels
Futuristic Robot Fighting 1.3
Futuristic robot and robot fighting games with the blend of carandfighting games we present you an epic treat futuristic robotforthe admirers of robot games. This time killer game is designedforyou fun and enjoyment. With innovative graphics this gamesgivesyou the chill of robotic battle arena where metal clasheswithmetal to stand with the bravest of real steel robots.Investedto ahuge amount of day and night work and designing of verypowerfuland modern giant robots with breathtaking environment thisgamebrings you your combat skills. What more is this game has anaddedfeature of car transformation. You can transform intofurioussports car, drift through the city, perform stunt as welland turninto a striking killer machine and wreck robots. It’s timenow totest your skills to a whole new level. This conspicuous gamewithan added touch of ninja style fighting and kick fighting willmakeyou an instant fan. Everything in the game is balanced and thegameplay has been tested thoroughly on various devices multipletimesto insure the quality of your time. It is time now to fall inlovewith the most fun. Game play is simple. You pick a robot andseeits transformation as a sports car. Drive to various places inthecity and unleash hell on corrupted bots devoted to destroythecity. Protect your city and become the savior of humanity.
X Ray Flying Car Robot 3D 1.3
Omsk Games
It is really fun to play this game. Features: Bestgraphics,realistic physics, interesting levels. Have fun byenjoying a lotof modes included in this game.Fly with your carthrough the bigcity traffic, pick up passengers and drive themsafely to theirdestinations.Main features :* Amazing Robot*Multiple and beautifulEnvironments.* Great effects and physics.*Multiple tasks and greatrewards.* Many different routes across thecity* Simulator drivingsmooth controls
Real Steel 1.41.4
Based on the Dreamworks movie, starring Hugh Jackman, thegrittyaction of Real Steel takes place in a secret world whereboxing hasgone high-tech in the not-so-distant future. Players leadtheirrobot to greatness, fighting off steel opponents weighingover2,000 pounds and reaching up to 8 feet tall. Real Steelfeaturesrich gameplay and high replay value including newTournament andSurvival Modes.Choose your fighter from a selectionof 65 Robots!Including Movie Champions - Atom & Zeus!Choosefrom Tag Team,Challenges, Tournament, Survival & Free Sparringtofight!Unlock 10 Special Edition Robots for completing EachGameMode!New Tag Team Mode - 3 vs 3!Build Customized Robots withyourvery own Build Your Own Robot [BYOR] Feature!Multiple BattleArenaEnvironmentsBe the first to know! Get inside Reliance Gamesinfo ongreat deals, plus the latest game updates, tips & more…*Thegame is also optimized for tablet devices.**Permissions:-WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data& progress-RECORD_AUDIO: To announce your robot in styleVISITUS: optimal performance,werecommend closing other applications and re-booting yourdeviceafter downloading and starting your first boxing bout.
Robot Hero City War Survival 1.0.1
In this modern futuristic era, world your city is has beentakenover by the highly advanced technology robots. The survivalwar isgoing on between the good and evil robots in your the city.You asa Robot hero is on the move to fight and finish the evilroboticforces who are on the mission to create havoc, chaosanddestruction in your city. The city is vast and big, transformyourrobot hero into fast moving car and drive around the city insearchof the metallic X ray robots causing chaos and destruction.Youwill feel like driving and shooting enemy robots in thefuturisticera in this robot hero city war survival game.Thisfuturistic mechrobot fighting simulator is all about survival andvictory..! Areyou strong enough to hold control your superfantastic mech robotand fight furiously with the enemy roboticforces in thisfuturistic robot wars? The deadly enemy robots arefreely roamingin the big city. Make the best possible fightingstrategy, driveyour car fast and transform yourself into anamazingly big fightingX ray robot whenever you encounter therobotic rivalry machines.User your guns, other combat tools at yourdisposal brilliantly.Target, and aim and shoot your enemiesperfectly. Take the risk andrescue the city in this robot fightsimulator game and protectyourself from the dangerous attacks ofenemy bots in this robotwarfare. Drive fast and safely. Make bestuse of your superfantastic combat skills of punching and kickingand open rapid fireon these metallic robot enemies to bring backpeace in your city.Show your enemies who is the real car robot herohere..! Don’t moveback as this is your last chance to defeat therobot machines andrestore peace in the war city. Feel the thrill ofshooting,punching, kicking, attacking and destroying the ruthlessrobotmachine forces in this action packed simulation game.Transforminto the car and get on the driving feels and when neededget backon as the Robot to fight against the evil forces. Thisfuturisticbased car robot fighting simulation will give you a superamazingwarfare experience of intense shooting with your rifle andguns.You as an X ray robot hero of your city would use allfightingabilities, war weapons, and robotic guns at your disposalto fightand destroy the enemy robot machines. Fight forthevictory..!Experience an amazing robot transformation from cartorobot and back to car in this amazing battle with the forceofmachine robots. This brutal X ray robotic war is highlyactivatedand you need to drive, move and finish the evil machinesin thiswar city to be called as the real robot war hero of thesurvivalcity.★★★ GAMEPLAY FEATURES ★★★• Stunning and IntenseFightingGameplay!• Many Robot Enemies to Fight With!•Transformation fromCar to Robot and Vice Versa!• High Quality 3DGraphics andBrilliant Sound Effects!• Amazing Fighting Animation,Punches andKicks!• Superb CityEnvironment!★★★ FOLLOWUS ★★★ PLAYING OUR GAMES.
Robot Battle 1.1.8
LIP Studio
Robot battle is a special design versionforrobot game fan who love robot transformer and robot fighting.Wedesign the weapon system what is invested to graphic and powerverydetail. You know, you will love it in the first time you seeit. Ifyou are thinking about a robot mobile game then this isexactlywhat you need.Robot battle is being supporting 5 character robot and 10 bulletgunwith more than 30 bosses. Each boss support a private weaponsystem.Each boss will have a different power and weapon powerincrease baseon level. Higher level boss will stronger than thelower level boss,so it will be more difficult to destroy. But youcan upgrade yourweapon and power of character so that you candestroy all of bosseseasily.Game is designed as a versus game with each stage versus isapre-design battle for a power of weapon and power of boss.Theplayer have to fight and win to get over the next battle. Youyoulose can try again forever until you win, don't worry!If you win you will be rewarded a number of coins what you canuseto upgrade weapon power, gun and character power.Each robot was supported a super weapon system with differentstrongpower and different attack ways, you will learn how to usethemeffectly to show off all of your power.FEATURES- Easy to play- Nice graphic and eye catch effect- Support many characters and bosses- Multi-Weapon system and upgrade- Multi-gun bullet and upgrade system- The system for upgrade weapon and powerWeb:
Futuristic Robot Excavator 2.0
Feel like a real action-packedrobotexcavator!In this game you will play for a futuristic robot excavator,whichgoes through the city. The game is an open world, you canridethrough the city and outside the city. You futuristicrobotexcavator is able to fly. In difficult places you can bereachedquickly by using the pallet. In a futuristic robot excavatorisonly one purpose in this world, to find a job!Features of this fantastic game:1) Play for the robot excavator2) Fly around the city and explore the area3) Open the world, you can go anywhere
Battle Robot Fight HD
Battle Machines Robot Fighting 3D - Real steel revenge inyourmobile device. FREE to play brutal hand to hand combat.Robotwarshave begun - the only way to stop it is to kill the robotgangsterand save the world. Crazy box competition with fightingmachines!Welcome to robotic planet.Robot killer game with extremefights andmonster warriors. Start the mortal combat and stay onthebattlefield as long as you can. The great robot defense punchherogame where you play the role of gladiator warrior who is goingtohit his opponent like a punching bag. Survival tournamenthasbegun! Use defenses and attack techniques in this EPICACTIONADVENTURE!
X Ray Robot Battle 1.1
Omsk Games
Prepare yourself for a battle unlikeanyotherwhen you enter the 3D world of X Ray Robot Battle.Only you know the secret to triumph over these deadlydroids!Targetand destroy the strong robotic cars and air crafts inthisamazing3D shooting game.You are the driver of a cutting-edge transformerrobotcar.Transformyour car into a robot Defeat enemies and savethehumanity and bethe hero of the world.
Robots Tanks of War - Transformation Fighting 2.11.11
The mech battle robots tanks fighting wars breaks out! Inthesefuturistic battle robots fighting games robot allies competeinbrutal battles robots tanks against combat military tanksrobot.Our transform androids are trained to kill and conquer theworldbut the war tanks transformation weapon outnumber thembyfar.Participate in this steel battle robot fightingagainstmilitary attacks simulator and win by dodging the tanksrobot thatblock your way in this racing game full of ultimate warrobots andshooter tanks.Make use of the super developedartificialintelligence of your android to dodge tank attacks and toreachyour military camp and win this war robots battle againstdangerousrobots tank warriors with all type of weapons. Plan allyour mechrobot fighting maneuvers strategy but beware of everyenemy weapon!- War tanks robot racing from everywhere and try tokeep war robotstanks away from achieving their goal. Stop thecarnage extinctionand destruction made by the tank rivals!Controlyour realistic 3Dbattle robots tanks titans by sliding across thescreen in thisgame! Dodge the combat tank missiles attacks andspeed up yourfighting tanks robots using the arrows on the floor.Continue yourrace for survival and make sure not to run out ofweapon energy! Donot loose all your military armor or you will failthe missionleaving the city in enemy's hands causing chaos, rageanddestruction!You will accumulate points based on how far youareable to get with your transformation android usingdifferentstrategies and tactics in this futuristic panzer battlerobotstanks. Let's see how far you can go with your metal militaryrobotsfighting machines and how skillful you avoid thetankattacks!Challenge your friends in this battle war robots tanksgameto see who can reach the highest score in this exciting mechfightbetween transformation androids and panzers weapon. But becareful:These war missions are very addictive!Defeat and destroyyourenemies and become an indestructible battle war robotsmachineagainst the military attack of the tanks transformation! Runasfast as you can in this futuristic android war against theenemytanks robot carnage!Can you achieve victory in our battle warrobotgame, soldier?By installing this app you agree to thefollowingprivacypolicy:
X-Ray Dinosaur Robot Battle 2.0
Battle Robot Dinosaur X-Ray vsRobotsaliens!You'll take part in the battle against the alien robot. Are youonthe side of robot dinosaurs X-Ray. Your task is to catch upwiththe car and fell to the ground all the alien robots. You are averystrong and agile like a real dinosaur. Move through the openworldand take part in the battle. All this futuristic war robots!Beready to become extinct dinosaur robot X-Ray.Features X-Ray Dinosaur Robot Battle• Try on the role of a dinosaur robot X-Ray• Explore an open world• Take part in the battle of futuristic robots• Excellent graphics and physics
Flying Robot Ninja Battle 3D 3.0
Your Flying Robot Ninja NMS need to be!You flying robot ninja who must save the world. But evil came ontheplanet, and you as a flying robot ninja hero will have todefeat himin battle. The battle will be very difficult, thevillains are onthe alert and prepared for battle. Try to save allldey and become awell-deserved flying robot ninja hero.Features Flying Robot Ninja Battle 3D:1. Play as a flying robot ninja hero!2. Fully open world with no seams!3. A lot of the villains who need to win the battle!
X Ray Flying Robot 3D 3.0
X Ray Flying Robot observes the city!You have to be X Ray flying robots, and your task is to stealcarsin humans. Are you looking for machines that have been leftwithoutviews and steal them. But you watch the cops and you have torunaway from them. In pursuit will help the ability to fly, butitwill not immediately, you need to find their wings fuel. Becarefulas your wings out of fuel, you can catch the police. X RayFlyingrobot is equipped with a sensor that looks for the car, itwillhelp in the search.What awaits you in the game X Ray Flying Robot 3D1. Play as X Ray Flying Robot2. Participate in the pursuit of the police3. steal cars and earn4. Get the fuel for the wings and you will discover the abilitytofly!
Transform Alien Robot Battle 1.1
Viking Studio
Viking Studio would like to welcome you toourbest alien and robot battle game. Transform Alien Robot Battleis aspecial design for robot game and Alien game fan who loverobotTransform, alien Transform and robot fighting. Survive thealieninvasion with millions of other players. Sick of killingthezombie? It’s time to try something NEW! Enjoy last hit inslowmotion. Put on your space gear and buckle up. We are goingtowar!The alien and robot battle has begun and our galaxy isatrisk.▶ GAME MODES ◀- 5 Knockout Levels.- Futuristic Alien and Robot battle.- Enjoy last hit in Slow motion feature.- Defend the Earth with thrilling action battle alien.Transform Alien Robot Battle Features:• Detailed environments with different Views.• Enjoy last hit in Slow motion.• Destroy your robot enemies in cruel battle.• Absorbing gameplay• Realistic Sound Effects• Transform into battle car from Alien.• Futuristic HD 3D Graphics.• Futuristic alien game EnvironmentWhat should you do if your place had been attacked by robots?Useall your fantastic power, fighting skills and marvelous strategytoprotect the people and the WORLD. Start a mortal battleagainstfuturistic robots.It's a time of war, Superhero’s! Are you ready for surpriseattacks,intricate tactical maneuvers and the many sneaky tricksyour rivalsrobots have in store for you? Destroy enemy robotsStart the mortalcombat and stay on the battlefield as long as youcan. You know, youwill love it in the first time you see it. Ifyou are thinking abouta robot mobile game or alien mobile gamethen this is exactly whatyou need. Use all your Ninja, Taekwondo,Maui Thai, Boxing,futuristic robot and other fighter skills.Transform Alien Robot Battle is a high paced action adventure!Ifyou love or hate police cars, police car racing, cops, sheriffthenthis game is definitely for you to fight against fast policedriftracing cars by simply switching your Alien to furious deathracingcar.In this game you can transform into Futuristic death racingbattlecar from spaceship Alien. Now you can enjoy two marvelousfeaturesin one game: Alien battle and Car racing too. You candrivesuperfast cars on the road. Cars have a mounted gun fordestroyingyours opponents. Grab the car, load up your guns, hit theroad andleave your victories in the dust as you battle to becomethe bestin the exciting vehicular combat game! Are you sick of allthoseboring, repetitive farming games, Shooting games, spaceshipgames,police games, war games, ship games, combat games, Fightinggames,Truck racing games, Transform games, limo games and Robotgames?Then blow some mess up in this fully 3D Transform AlienRobotBattle game!Transform Alien Robot Battle is the best Alien vs Robo games onPlayStore. Download and choose your Alien to get into the fightgameaction.Transform Alien Robot Battle will be updated according toyoursuggestions. Don't forget to leave a review withyourfeedback.
Battle Robot VS Angry Bull 1.0
Lace up your boots and grab yourglovesandget ready to stun the arena with you real robotsteelfightinggames skills! But this time the robot transformer willcomeface toface against the mighty angry bull attack in thebullfighterring.Battle Robot VS Angry Bull is an epic combinationoffuturisticrobot boxing and angry bull fight. With thisfightinggames unleashyour grand robot fighting style with intensecombat,finishingmoves and powerful punches to take down angrybull.Face the mighty furious bull, in the bull fighting arena.Gonearethe days of street fighters or grand robot boxing, it’stimetoenjoy the most lethal x ray robot battle vs bull attacksportsofthe future!The angry bull is full with vengeance ready to attackanyonethatcomes its way, fighting for its freedom. You once foughtintheworld war as the war robot simulator, and even againstotherbotsin x ray robot boxing and robot fighting championship, sothistimerule the bull fighter arena with your sleek andtimelymoves,uppercuts and deadly jabs. Crush them angry bull likeatincan!Achieve greatness in the future of robot boxing,wherefuturisticrobot attack with powerful punches against bullattack.BattleRobot VS Angry Bull is designed to give the robotfightersamazingand unique robot battle against fighter bullexperience.Going easyagainst the bull attack is no option at all,as the angrybullsimulator will show you no mercy.Take your combat and fighting skills to the next levelandenjoyunlimited hours of bull vs robot fight. See and hear thecrowdgocrazy as you take down your crazy bull opponent. Proveyouhavewhat it takes to lead an epic robot wrestling againstthebullsimulator!Key Features of Battle Robot VS Angry Bull:• Unique arena layouts and features to keep theactionfresh• The most accurate fighter bull vs wrestling robotsimulatorevermade• Innovative game play with thrilling challenges• Advance robot fighter attack to knock the opponent out• Addictive bull fighter control system• Smooth, intense fighting moves• Amazing bull ring Simulation• Robot Boxing SimulatorGive us a shout and keep sending us feedbacks at:
Street Robot Fighting HD 3D 2.1.0
Street Robot Fighting HD 3D - Real steel revenge in yourmobiledevice. FREE to play brutal hand to hand combat.Robot warshavebegun - the only way to stop it is to kill the robot gangsterandsave the world. Crazy box competition with fightingmachines!Welcome to robotic planet.Arcade style fighting andaction. Use allyour Ninja, Taekwondo, Mauy Thai, Boxing and otherfighter skills.You need to be a terror fighting ultraman andprofessional killerto play this kill him game.Fight the robotopponent and win! Usevarious kicks and punches to gain theadvantage. Do not also forgetabout blocks. Good luck!Robot killergame with extreme fights andmonster warriors. Start the mortalcombat and stay on thebattlefield as long as you can. The greatrobot defense punch herogame where you play the role of gladiatorwarrior who is going tohit his opponent like a punching bag.Survival tournament hasbegun! Use defenses and attack techniques inthis EPIC ACTIONADVENTURE!
X Ray Flying Tank Robot 1.0
Omsk Games
In these tanks you have not played!Youwaitingfor a full immersion in a heartless and harsh world withabunch ofenemies and dynamic gameplay. Feel yourself in the shoesofa uniquepilot, flying Tank Robot !!The lively and beautiful world of enormous size will notleaveyouindifferent!This you have not seen it for sure, namely:- High-level 3D graphics.- Optimization.- Live and rich world.- Colorful battles in the future.- Flying a tank that turns into a robot!You will forget about time while in this exciting game!
Robot Battle Arena 2017 1.0
Smack the Newest era of ROBOT BATTLEARENA2017,the brand new of robot fighting games 3d 2017 .Knob your Mech Robot simulator 2017 and show your lunacy inthisMechrobot war games 3d new and free robot battle games!Thisfuturisticrobot battle will give you the 3d Mech robotsfightexperience. Inthis splendid Mech robo game, you’ll testyoursupervisory skills ofrobot simulator of 2017.This is a newkind ofMech robot war games 3dwhere you will feel like inimminentbecause of this new robotfighting games 3d 2017 with newWarfareStyle. In this robot battlegames you will face stagyandfuturistic robot battle. This brilliantand ROBOT BATTLEARENA2017will definitely give you the pro practiceof best MechRobotsimulator 2017.RULE THE CITY AND DESTROY ALL THE OPPONENT ROBOTS!ROBOT BATTLE ARENA 2017 GamePlay:Play the toughest of robot fighting games 3d 2017 and robotwargamesever. Are you expert enough to control a giant robotinthisfuturistic robot battle 2017 War? If yes, then you are attherighttrack to get your daily adventure doze with this fantasticnewandfree robot battle games! Target, fire the opponent RobotsBaseandfight with robots carefully and defeat them badly inthisrobotfighting games 3d. Download this ROBOT BATTLE ARENA 2017gameandchoose your best Robot simulator to get intotheABSOLUTECOMBAT!Features:Different Robots to Choose.Mech Robot War game 2017 in Big city!Flying Robots Fight in the airReal 3d Graphics and futuristic robot battlegamesenvironment.Smooth on screen controlsAmazing , Thrilling and Stunning gameplay levelsBrilliant Sound Effects you will definitely likeFantastic and stunning AMMUNITION.GIVE YOUR REVIEW AND PLEASE SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS ANDSUGGESTANYIMPROVEMENT FOR OUR GAMES.
Airplane Robot Transformation
Get ready to fly stealth fighter jet plane, which is a revolutioninairplane fighting games. This is a modern top of the notchfighterplane equipped with latest weapons and transformable intorobot todemolish the enemies. It is eccentric blend of airplanerobot gamesand airplane fighter games. In this airplane simulatoryou need totake control of f16 jet fighter to lock the targets anddemolishthem. This is not a simple fighter plane it has thecapability totransform into robot and then fight with landenemies’ unseen in anyother robot fighting games and robot battlegames. So enter into theworld of futuristic jet robot games andhave fun with AIRPLANE ROBOTTRANSFORMATION.Game play of this f16flight simulator is veryfascinating and interesting. Initially youas a robot will fightwith other robotic enemies and there is arunway you need to locateit where the robot can convert intofighter plane and can take offto have air battle to demolish otherfighter jets. This is not anordinary game like robot car simulatoror moto robot transformation;it is robot fighter jet the king ofairplane robot transforminggames. You need to be an excellentfighter pilot and show off yourbest flight skills to fly thisrobot jet simulator.Airplane RobotTransformation Features:•Thrilling plane flight and robotconversion experience• Amazing HD,3D Graphics • Fighter planetransform into robot and robot backinto flying jet• Realistic SoundEffects• 10 most challenging andexciting levelsThis is a thrillingrobot air plane simulator withrobot transform and air fightcapabilities, which makes itdifferent than other airplane robotgames and airplane fightinggames. You need to be a super pilot totake off this stealthfighter jet plane and knock out the enemies.Fasten your seat beltand download AIRPLANE ROBOT TRANSFORMATION,supreme in jet robotgames.
Clash of Mech Robots 1.3
Its year 2060 and your planet is under attack by the futuristicMechrobots. Designed with innovative technology these robotshaveamazing combat skills. They are more deadly and powerful andyourare going to battle against these dangerous foes.The hard timehasjust started and it’s you duty to save your planet from thethreatof unfriendly robotic enemies. Move through the big planet,Stop toaim your target, open up rapid fire or throw bombs todestroy yourenemies immediately. Use the amazing jump feature tododge theattacks of your rivals. Wipe out each and every Mech robotthatyour encounter.It’s time to show off your super fighting skillsinthe fierce clash with the mecbots. User your power rightly.Don’tlet the rivalry forces take control of the planet. Put yourbestefforts and get ready to for an amazingfightingexperience.Features:• Fabulous 3D Graphics!• RealisticSoundEffects!• Upgrading features!• Amazing Futuristic Environment!
Battle Machines Robot Fight 3D
Battle Machines Robot Fight 3D - Real steel revenge in yourmobiledevice. FREE to play brutal hand to hand combat.Robot warshavebegun - the only way to stop it is to kill the robot gangsterandsave the world. Crazy box competition with fightingmachines!Welcome to robotic planet.Arcade style fighting andaction. Use allyour Ninja, Taekwondo, Mauy Thai, Boxing and otherfighter skills.You need to be a terror fighting ultraman andprofessional killerto play this kill him game.Fight the robotopponent and win! Usevarious kicks and punches to gain theadvantage. Do not also forgetabout blocks. Good luck!Robot killergame with extreme fights andmonster warriors. Start the mortalcombat and stay on thebattlefield as long as you can. The greatrobot defense punch herogame where you play the role of gladiatorwarrior who is going tohit his opponent like a punching bag.Survival tournament hasbegun! Use defenses and attack techniques inthis EPIC ACTIONADVENTURE!Be fast like a fighting tiger. Prepareyour fists forfighting in great robo revenge 2 player fighting gamefree RobotFighting 3D. Participate in robot academy boxing maniaand try tobecome a boxing champion. Use your thai boxing skillswhen you arebattling in the street fight combat.
Robot Battle 2.0 2.3
The Robot Battle 2.0 was released.Go meet "The Robot Battle2.0"complenty newly changed.Realtime mobile fighting action, "TheRobotBattle 2.0".Fierce ranking competition among users.A fieryshowdownwith realtime fighting.Your challenge to become the bestfighter isabout to start now.[FEATURES]• Simple operation!Thrilling hittingsense! A feast of splendid skill and thrillingcombo with threebuttons You can easily make use of varioustechniques with theoptimized operation.• More than 100 differentkinds of a motion!More than 100 different kinds of splendid skilland effect for eachrobot.• Single play composed of two modes ofchallenge and timeattack! Challenge the higher score as single playif you're afraidof a single combat with other users.• 1:1 realtimefighting! Arealtime one-touch match wth other users. You can dorealtimefighting anytime at anytime and anywhere if you want tofight amatch with other users.
Dinosaur Robot Wars 5.6
Dinosaur Robot Wars is very popular among children nowadays.Themostcoolest skill of dino robot is firing weapons, like flamethrower,machine gun and missile laucher.If you also like it, todayin ourbrand new game, you will have the opportunity to assembleoneexcellent dino robot.Firstly, come to assemble the central bodypartof your mecha.We will show you every part of the dinosaur,youjustneed to follow our instructions to install each part onebyone.After this step, you need to use the same methods toassemblethe legs parts,head parts and tail parts step by step. Atlast, youcan come to fix the weapon parts of the dinosaurrobot.Afterinstallation of the robot transformer, you can show usevery skillof the dinosaur.The dinosaur has some basic skills .Your dino canalso take rapid fire and roaring laserattack!Moreover, it can alsolauching missile to take down enemiesfrom ranger distance.Everyskill of the dinosaur is very cool andgorgeous!# Dinosaur RobotWars Features:- Fighting with turnbasedsystem- Two dino to choose:T-rex robot and Triceratops robot-Assemble the central part ofyour dinosaur - Use the same methods tofix legs,heads and tail-Come to install the weapons parts carefully- Show us the basicskills of the dinosaur - Use the dinosaurísweapon to show us itsexcellent skill one by one# Dinosaur RobotsWars Update features:-New Dinosaur: Parasaurolophus robot andPterosaurus robot- Fightingwith turnbased system- Four dinos tochoose: Dino T-rex robot, DinoTriceratops robot, Dino Brachiosaurusrobot and Dino Spinosaurusrobot- Add two new dino robots: DinoBrachiosaurus robot and DinoSpinosaurus robot- New weapons: Plasmagun and laser gun on newdinosaurs robot.- Fighting round-robintournament- Various bugsfixed# Playlist dino robot:-Parasaurolophus robot fights-Pterosaurus robot fights- Spinosaurusrobot fights- Brachiosaurusrobot fights- T-Rex robot fights-Triceratopsrobot fights-Ankylorsaurus robot fights- Theropod robotfightsWhat do youwaiting for? Download Dinosaur Robot Wars now anddon't forget toRATE GAME and LIKE our fanpage!This app powered andtotally free to download and play, all items are alsofree to use!
Mech Robot War 2050 1.4
A deadly futuristic robot war has just begun. Select yourcountryand fight against the united robotic forces of your rivalcountry.The enemies are strong and powerful and you need toeliminate theunfriendly robotic forces.Aim your enemy's bots anddestroy them byhitting fire button. Throw bombs and keep shootingas fast as youcan. You can increase your strength and stability byupgrading yourMech robot. Wipe out the future unfriendly robots andturn theminto dust!Can you be that Super Mechbot that has the powerto WINthe Ultimate battle for domination?Game Features:• Amazing3DGraphics!• Variety of Enemy Forces!• FuturisticEnvironment!•Realistic Sound Effects!• Upgrade Your Robot!
Police Robot Car Simulator 2.0
It is the new era of police robot shooting games so here itcomesthe police robot car game the master of all police shootinggames.You would have never seen this eccentric summation of policecarrobot with police robot fighting games. This futuristicpolicerobot car would become a benchmark for the fans of police cargamesthose desire sheer exposure of police car transforming robotandpolice robot games. In this robot car simulator you will getanultimate pleasure of driving police robot car simulatorconvertibleinto car robot. Show off your police driving skills andchase theother robot cars. Your police car is equipped with specialmodernweapon to aim and shoot the opponent transformable robots,missedin any other police games. Become an expert police robotshooterand eliminate criminal war robots from the city. Downloadthissupreme POLICE ROBOT CAR SIMULATOR and enter into the worldofexcitement.Take your breath under control to drive this policecar.Dive into the future through this police robot car simulatorandfeel the thrilling adventure of police car robot game. You needtodrive car robot to chase the opponent’s car robots and shootthemat the same time. You have the choice to transform the policecarinto car robot any time unseen in any other car transforminggamesand police shooting games. If you are a top police agentwithoutstanding driving and shooting skills then reveal yourexpertisein this car robot simulator that would be a superlativeexcitementfor you, which you would have never experienced in otherrobottransforming games and police games.Police Robot CarSimulatorFeatures:• Experience the police car driving andtransformationinto police robot car along with shooting thecriminals withexcellent animations.• Amazing HD, 3D Graphics •Excellent in driveand robot shooting experience• Option to convertpolice car intorobot and robot back into police car in a realistic3d environment•Realistic Sound Effects• Sensational police robotcar conversionexperience• 10 most challenging and excitinglevelsWhat are youwaiting for? the prime of car robot games isfinally here. So getready to entertain with the best of robotfighting games havingthrilling experience of police robot carsimulator. You might haveplayed many police robot games but thisunique police car robottakes you to the next level of fun andexcitement. Show yourdriving and shooting skills on this policerobot car and chaseother robot warriors. Go ahead and grab thefinest of policeshooting games with an amazing experience of policecar robotconversion. For sure you will get the real excitement.Just playPOLICE ROBOT CAR SIMULATOR, the masterpiece in transformgames.
X Ray Futuristic Robot 2.0
Omsk Games
You as a X Ray Futuristic Robot chargedwiththe duty from intelligence to save the innocent people fromthiscruelty.It’s time to take the risk and show off your super snipingskills.Get ready to clear the city from all sorts of robots. Targetanddestroy the strong robotic cars and air crafts in this amazing3Dshooting game. Remember the robots are strong and its isn’t easytoget rid of them.Don’t let your rivals escape! Gear up your rifle and targetthemerciless enemies as a professional hunter!!Features:• Discover the secret of the robot and teach him to fly• Incredible 3D Graphics and Sound Effects!• A good simulator that will not let you get bored• Superb Animations!
Transformation Robot Battle 3D 2.0
Transforming robot went well, prepareforbattle!You Transformation a robot that used to be a simple machine.Yourwhole life preparing to do battle with other futuristicrobots.This battle will be very difficult and you need toTransformationthe robot to win it. If you stay a machine, then youwill not seethe victory. Do everything in your power and defeat inthis battle.Transformation your car into a robot!Features Transformation Robot Battle 3D:1. Transformation your car into a robot2. Beat all futuristic robots3. Evaluate the classroom physics and big city
Robot Fighting 2 - Minibots 3D 2.3.11
Real Fighting
Take part in one of the BattleMinibots armoured car shows–spectacular robots fighting games of armoured car androbotwarriors radio-guided vehicles. These indestructible battlecarsare extremely dangerous, each with its unique weapon fordeathracing. Create your own armoured car minibot in the garageandupgrade its properties to make it to the try-out and becomeamember of the mech robot wars League! Enjoy watching steelrobotfighting BattleBots and armoured car Robot Wars shows?Alwaysdreamed of creating your own indestructible battle cars robotandbuilding a team to take part in the death racing show? WithRobotFighting 2 - Minibots robots fighting games ANYONE can be partofrobot warriors and armoured car wars game – this car battleisthrilling, and it's free! Drive to the steel robot fightingarenaand be ready for the most breathtaking car wars game withdeathracing! These robots vs robots car battles are somethingreallyamazing! Complete super mechs tasks and earn great rewards.Getimproving weapons (flame-thrower, magnets, taser, saws etc),armourto protect minibot’s body. Find the best equipment for theminibotand create your own destruction machine. There are newminibots foryour collection! Fight with your super mechs onmultiple battlearena locations with additional obstacles – traps,spike strips,kill saws, hell raisers, ramrods, etc. Interact withobjects on thebattle arena (crates, fire extinguishers) and learnhow to use thetraps in your favour. Earn experience points inrobots fightinggames and get access to minibot customization – newarmour, weaponsand styles for more breathtaking car wars game. Andremember: themore achievements you unlock, the better, as only themostpersistent players will join the mech robot wars League. Letthecar wars game start! Activate your VIP-status, to unlock moregameabilities. Robot warriors war: be #1 in our worldwideleaderboard!Robot Fighting 2 - Minibots is: 15+ robot warrior andsuper mechswith unique fighting mechanics, for extreme machinesgamesPersonalization with the help of armour and weapons Mightyironwarriors and thrilling robots vs robots PvP battle arenafights.Breathtaking robots vs robots fights are waiting for you.Choosemachines for a steel robot fighting and go to the battlearena!Already playing Robot Fighting 2 - Minibots? Discuss the gameandshare your opinion in social networks: onFacebook: We look forwardto yourcomments and suggestions for improving the game.
After Apocalypse in City 2.0
Survive in the city after theapocalypse!You are one of the few survivors of the apocalypse. You have togothe way of the hermit and to understand that this world is notso.The city is full of jumping spiders, they are the mostdangerouscreatures. The city is filled with cars and people. Youronly goalis to survive after the apocalypse!What kind of game After Apocalypse in City:1. This game is about survival after the apocalypse2. This is a game about a guy who has no friends3. This game is about the study of peace and relief society
EPOCH 1.5.2
EPOCH - Post-apocalyptic Robot Combat* IGN.COM - "covershootingdone right".* GIZMODO.CO.UK - "EPOCH is the newcover-shooter kingby several circuit-boards."* POCKETGAMER.CO.UK -"re-imagining thegenre completely for the touchscreen"* GAMEPRO.COM- "...the gameis an Unreal Engine-powered visual tour-de-force thatis sure toimpress both you and your friends."UNRAVEL THEMYSTERYFollow theechoes of a lost civilization in avisually-stunningpost-apocalyptic world where only robots surviveto fight anever-ending war. Fight towards your goal and piecetogether thefragments to reveal exactly what happened when the oldworld ended.Is this the dawn of a new Epoch? And how can you findthe oneperson you were originally assigned to protect?CHOREOGRAPHTHEACTIONControl your character with intuitive finger swipes.Makesplit-second tactical decisions, take cover, select targets,dodgeincoming fire, utilize special abilities, andlaunchcountermeasures!DESTROY, SALVAGE AND UPGRADEBattle escalatingwavesof robots in arena-style combat, and upgrade yourself withpiecestorn from your fallen enemies! Configure your robot withdozens ofweapons, armors, boosters and counters.IMMERSIVESINGLE-PLAYERCAMPAIGNFight in multiple locations across a vast andravaged city,and gather fragments of the past with logs from a castofcharacters, each with their own perspective on theapocalypticevents that destroyed a once-proud civilization.STUNNINGAAAVISUALSUtilize the enhanced visual capabilities of next genAndroiddevices with high-resolution graphics powered bytheUnrealEngine!Followushttp://www.uppercut-games.com
Rocket Superhero Battle 3D 2.0
Play as the hero rocket and fly to the endofthe world!You gene modified hero missile that is capable of saving theworld.You do not want to become a superhero, but it so happens thatyoubecome them. This easy life you have to save people and provethatyou are a real hero. In your arsenal of super herohassuper-strength and the ability to fly. But do not forget thatyouhave a cat hook, like any superhero.Features Rocket Superhero Battle 3D:1) Play for the hero rocket2) Save the planet earth3) Use the superpowers
Robot War - ROBOKRIEG 1.0.1
A free of charge Sci-Fi multiplayer robot war game formobiledevices. Join the robot force of tens of thousands of realplayersand drive into ferocious team deathmatch and special CaptureTheBase mode battles! ★ARMY OF ROBOTS★ Choose from manydifferentrobots and drones. ★BATTLE UPGRADES★ Improve your robotparameterswith multiple upgrades. ★COSMIC WARFARE★ Join epic robotbattles onbeautiful cosmic landscapes (Mars, Saturnus and manyothers).★TEAMPLAY★ Cooperate with friends via platoon play orcreate/joinepic clans and dominate in Clan Wars. ★INCREDIBLE FUN★Experienceentertaining gameplay and thrilling wins! ★STATE OF THEART★ Enjoythe high-res graphics, detailed robot models, realisticrobotanimations, moody scene lighting and spectacular particleeffects.facebook:
Futuristic Robot Battle 2017 1.3
Fan of futuristic games? The time is nowtoprove your robot fighting mettle against the greatest fightersonearth. Fight for survival! Relive the uniqueness in robotshootinggames with realistic battle arena. Destroy your opponentswhilealso keeping an eye on the combat strength, speed, anddurabilityof your battle robot in FUTURISTIC ROBOT BATTLE 2017, theking ofrobot games.Gameplay Features:• 15 epic robots fighting missions• 3 challenging modes i.e. easy, medium and hard.• Action-packed game-play• Switch from your robotic truck and transform into ahumongousrobot!• Operate variety of gigantic robots!• Smooth on-screen shooting controls• Realistic & vibrant 3d environment with active traffic• Impressive sounds• Realistic sci-fi robot animations• Attractive lighting and effects
Future Crime Robot Fight 3D 1.2
Game Unified
Smash the enemy in the real battle ofthemodern future, unleash the extinction and apocalypse on thosewhodare assault you. Titan robot soldiers are solely designed forthepurpose of creating havoc and annihilation they work on energycoreand special malware in their iron-steel bodies forultimatecontrol. No illegal enemy will dare attacking the next timewhenthese ultimate modern Robo-warriors bring down Smash on theenemy,who are attacking the city. Made with pure iron alloys whichissteel these state of the art piece of steel cybernetics arepunchmaniacs, hostile, ruthless and equipped with ultimatemodernweaponry and laser guns. Human world’s and city reliance onthesereal steel ultimate bots is evident that they are essentialinfuture. They can smash and annihilate or make iron ruin of acityin matter of seconds with extreme battle tactics. In thisFutureCrime Robot Fight 3D game you will experience amazinglydesignedmultiplayer bots to destroy enemy bots with sheer weaponsat yourdisposal and protect the planet, countries and cities. Enemyrobotshaving malware as well which have allowed access in to theirsystemby multiplayer league an illegal alliance of multiplayerrobotschampion. World is controlled by real steel machines, ironrobotsand cybernetics having AI and energy core and have theability tobox, fight and brawl.Future Crime Robot Fight 3D is the fight of the champions thesteelchampions once allies now due to malware are o destroyingeachother mission. Future is here and criminal activities likekilling,fighting etc. and even war are fought with ROBOTS in thisadvancetechnological future. The era is called techno apocalypse asnohumans work in the economy only Droids, Androids and RobotscalledRobos. Future Cities are run by programed by titans but underhumansupervision, cost of living is decreased which has eliminatedthepoverty altogether. But people and nations are still ragingwarsupon each other fighting for total empowerment but thesecountriesare using modern technology in the form of robots to takecare ofconflict. Using future slugs to protect against any assault,anycity can become champion after striking down other city. SoStrikedown the invading enemy and don’t let them be theChampion.Future Crime Robot Fight 3D is the saga of such Robot titanwhichwill try to protect the city with duty against any assaultenemystrike at its city. These Robo warriors are armed withtomorrow’stechnology, guns, weapons and lasers your bot will battlein thisfuture apocalypse, and you as a player will control thismegatitan, pilot it through the amazing big city streets and smashtheopponents.Features:1. Game Name will give its players an immersive andimpressiveexperience2. Vivid robot movement with vast city environment.3. Multiple levels to play in and enjoy4. Future Crime Robot Fight 3D will take you to the future.5. Engaging and entertaining fun.
Grand Futuristic Robot Auto 1.0
Welcome to the gameFuturisticRobotMachine!You are transported back into the world of futuristicrobotsandmachines you engulf the battle for the universe. Pileofvariousfuturistic robots have arrived on the ground to captureit.Yourfuturistic robot car ready to go! Are you ready? Yes?!Then,infront of the battle robots. Sludge after the planet earthandsavethe people! At your disposal all the cars of the city!Bringdownfuturistic robots and see how they fly off famously.Morechildrenhave a huge open city!The town lives a full life, in it its owninfrastructure.Untilthe moment when the alien arrived futuristicrobots therewaspeace. Now you need to again restore order andreturn the cityinthe original appearance. Ready for battle, todefeatyourdestiny!
Hello from Hell my Neighbor 2.0
From Hell you betray Hi neighbor!You play as a little boy who found out that his neighborworshipsthe devil. He decided to start watching him and every timehe spokekindly hello neighbor. But neighbors suspected something inthe boyand wanted to catch it. You do not have to catch yourself.At yourdisposal the entire city. Fleeing from his neighbor Satan.Andyou'll have to convey greetings from hell. Run only muststillremember to learn the secret.Features Hello from Hell my Neighbor:1) Open City with its secrets2) The evil neighbor who is chasing you3) Excellent graphics and easy control
X-Ray Flying Offroad Robot 3D 1.0
Omsk Games
-Dinamic driver simulator !.-Cool 3D graphics and 2D graphics.-Advanced System NANOpetrol!-Old School Murderous weapons!-Realistic City with traffic schedule and raffik !.This you have not seen! Potentially explosive excitement!off-road and highways Offroad Megapolis kago Chi ...Save and protect millions of civilians from the invasionofenemyinvaders that may come at any moment!You'll have to be at the helm of Flying Transfer Gelentwagenandit'svery cool!And remember ... brother.... the power is the truth, notthemoneyNO!
Robot Strike War 2016
Like robots games? Robot Strike War Game 2016 is an actionpackedgame with unlimited thrill and excitement. Robot hasmultiplefunctionalities in it can be transformed into a car aswell.Killing all the enemies is your mission. Fight and fight hardtobecome an ultimate champion in this battlefield. You as arobothave to proof yourself as a warrior. It is a combo ofrobotfighting and transformation. If you love robots, supermachines,robot games, mech games and best fighting games you willsurelyfall in love with Robot Strike War 2016. This is free gameforsmart phone users. Robot Strike War 2016 Game PlayGameplay ofthisgame is quite painless, having ten levels in total. And thenumberof enemies is increasing by two after every two levels. Andinorder to jump in to next level you have to fight againsttheenemies and have to defeat them within some given time slots.Inthis game, your robot is also able to be transformed into aroboticcar. If you like Robots and real-time battles, the game willbeyour best choice.Come! Let’s have a battle with steelrobots.Let’sstart this game.Robot Strike War Game 2016 Features:•Easy to play•Futuristic game Environment • Amazing HD, 3D Graphics•Switchbetween Robot and furious racing car.• 10 most challenginglevels•Smooth controls and realistic physics
Superhero Transform Robot 1.0.1
Game Skull Studio would like to welcome youtoour Superhero Transform Robot game.Superhero Transform Robot is especially for robot lovers fanwhowant robot transformer and robot fighting.▶ GAME PLAY ◀✓ Game will bring your mission after mission. You will facenumberof robots and breathtaking cars with fully weapons ineachmission.✓ Clear the mission will help free this earth from robots.✓ Creates a different every time for hours of radioactivefun!✓ becomes the world best player.Superhero Transform Robot Features:• Detailed environments with different Views.• Highly Intelligent Robots.• Robots car with sci-fi guns• Realistic Sound Effects.• Fully equipped with realistic fighting animations andfantasticcombat physics unseen in typical robotic simulator.• Stunning gameplay with variety of transformer cars.• Futuristic HD 3D Graphics.• Futuristic game EnvironmentSuperhero Transform Robot is one of the best newgenerationtransformer robot games. Let’s take you on anotherjourney inTransformer Robot Superhero games that gives you theenjoyment ofriding a drift cars and futuristic robots. Full ofkiller tricks,awesome freestyle action and insane stunts. Getthrough theTransformer Robot Superhero in this addictive game. Ifyou loverobots, limo cars, fun games, funny games, futuristicgames,survival games, savior games, police cars, shootinggames,transformer robot games, and endless games you willlovethis!In this game use your Superhero Transform Robot and otherfighterskills, mobo skills & racing skills. You can transformintofurious sports car, drift through the city, perform stunt aswelland turn into a striking killer machine and wreck robots.Superhero Transform Robot will be updated according toyoursuggestions. Don't forget to leave a review withyourfeedback.
Pacific Rim 1.9.6
What the press is saying about Pacific Rim: **ARCADE SUSHI:"Robotsfighting monsters is a pretty big deal for any videogame,especially when it’s done right." - Arcade Sushi **INTOMOBILE:"ThePacific Rim game is an enjoyable new fighting game for Androidandit seems like a must-have if you see the movie in theaters."BECOMETHE MONSTER TO FIGHT MONSTERS! Pacific Rim is an all-newactionfighting game inspired by the WB Pictures and LegendaryPicturesfilm from acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro.Pilotingweaponized robots known as Jaegers, Earth’s defenders musttraintheir jockeys from rookie to ace in a Story Mode orchallengethemselves to last as long as they can against waves ofmonstrouscreatures, known as Kaiju, in Survival Mode. Do you havethe skillto survive these battles? Time is short—so start buildingyourlethal combat skills and weapons today or the world will paytheprice! Exclusive Features: •Story Mode: Play over 30 levelsandchallenge monstrous creatures in intense combat inspired bythemotion picture. •Custom fight Mode: Fight any Kaiju withyourfavorite Jaeger. •Survival Mode: Can you defend humanity fromanendless wave of Kaiju? See how skilled you are with yourcustomizedJaeger. •Command up to 9 different Jaegers with customequipmentand technology. •Upgrade your Jaegers and weapons todominate thebattlefield. •Discover and research new technology toincrease yourarmor, power and speed. •The game explores the PacificRim universewith new events, Jaegars, and Kaiju not fully revealedin the film.Be the first to know! Get the latest Reliance Gamesinfo on greatdeals, game updates, tips & more… VISIT US:reliancegames.comFOLLOW US: WATCH US:
Spider Hero: City Battle 1.0.4
Spider Hero: City Battle is new free style action game. Yourmissionis save the city was attacked by auto robots.Destroy allrobots andsave the city.Stop alien invasionFind powerweaponsDestroy yourenemies in cruel battleDetonate theexplosiveForm an alliance withyour enemy to winSpider Hero: CityBattle - fantastic contest iswaiting for you!