Top 49 Games Similar to Freddy's Monster Nights

Five Nights at Freddy's 1.85
Scott Cawthon
This is the official mobile port of Five Nights at Freddy's;madewith Clickteam Fusion!-This game requires 512 megs of ram torunproperly. For most newer devices this shouldn't beaproblems.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Welcometoyour new summer job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, where kidsandparents alike come for entertainment and food as far as the eyecansee! The main attraction is Freddy Fazbear, of course; and histwofriends. They are animatronic robots, programmed to pleasethecrowds! The robots' behavior has become somewhat unpredictableatnight however, and it was much cheaper to hire you as asecurityguard than to find a repairman.From your small office youmustwatch the security cameras carefully. You have a verylimitedamount of electricity that you're allowed to use pernight(corporate budget cuts, you know). That means when you run outofpower for the night- no more security doors and no more lights!Ifsomething isn't right- namely if Freddybear or his friendsaren'tin their proper places, you must find them on the monitorsandprotect yourself if needed!"For all the simplicity of thegame’scontrols and premise, Five Nights at Freddy‘s is frightening.It’sa fantastic example of how cleverness in design and subtletycan beused to make an experience terrifying. Simple still imagesandproper character design steal the show in this game, and showthatScott Cawthon knows quite a lot about the secret fears peoplefeelwhen looking at creepy dolls and toys. It’s elegant in how itsowsfear, and is a must-own for anyone who likes scary games."-JoelCouture
Five Nights at Freddy's: SL 1.2
Scott Cawthon
Welcome to Circus Baby's Pizza World, where family funandinteractivity go beyond anything you've seen at those *other*pizzaplaces! Now hiring: Late night technician. Must enjoycrampedspaces and be comfortable around active machinery. Notresponsiblefor death or dismemberment.Five Nights at Freddy'sSister Locationis the fifth installment in the Five Nights atFreddy's series,featuring new characters, new places, and newterrors!- Featuresall five nights from the PC game.- IncludesCustom Night!- Baby"death" Mini-Game- Full Extras Menu- Bothendings availableNOTE:This game requires at least 512 megs of RAM.Phones with less thanthat may crash!
Five Nights at Neighbor House 1.1.0
VR Hero
Welcome to your worst nightmare! Future is really here, andyou’rein its epicenter! Cruel animatronics are close to possess alltheworld, so check if one of them is not your neighbor now andbeready to defend yourself! Survive during several nightsbeinglocked at your neighbor’s scary house with Five Nights atNeighborHouse game!These animatronics were simple robots serving atfastfood cafes and different pubs, but then something went wrongintheir programs and they started to destroy everything alive intheworld! Who knows – may be even your neighbor is theanimatronic!But it’s not the right time to scream: this hell DO hasits end!Only several horror nights and you’re free! Just be asattentive asyou can and don’t miss any animatronic creaturewatching the minimap!Lock the doors to prevent sudden meetings withthese madrobots, otherwise they’d defeat you at the right moment ofseeing!Enjoy this fantastic game trying to avoid these cruelroboticcreatures, don’t let them cheat on you! Be as attentive asyou evencan and you’ll be rewarded with the unforgettable feelingsplayingFive Nights at Neighbor House!Earn points for successfullydonemissions and improve your characteristics! Buy some boostersrightin the shop to become invisible, faster of more dexterous!Survivethrough five difficult nights in your mystic neighbor’shouse!FiveNights at Neighbor House features:• Ultimate housesurvivalsimulator• Fight with different types of animatronicenemies• Doeverything possible to survive during five long nights•Chance tobuy interesting boosters• Horrifying atmosphereOne night,twonight, three nights, four nights… Just five nights and you’refree!Survive in Five Nights at Neighbor House and enjoythisfantasticallyhorrifyinggame! worst nightmare! Future is really here, and you're initsepicenter! Cruel animatronics are close to possess all theworld,so check if one of them is not your neighbor now and be readytodefend yourself! Survive during several nights being locked atyourneighbor's scary house with Five Nights at NeighborHousegame!These animatronics were simple robots serving at fastfoodcafes and different pubs, but then something went wrong intheirprograms and they started to destroy everything alive in theworld!Who knows - may be even your neighbor is the animatronic! Butit'snot the right time to scream: this hell DO has its end!Onlyseveral horror nights and you're free! Just be as attentive asyoucan and do not miss any animatronic creature watching theminimap!Lock the doors to prevent sudden meetings with thesemadrobots, otherwise they'd defeat you at the right moment ofseeing!Enjoy this fantastic game trying to avoid these cruelroboticcreatures, do not let them cheat on you! Be as attentive asyoueven can and you'll be rewarded with the unforgettablefeelingsplaying Five Nights at Neighbor House!Earn points forsuccessfullydone missions and improve your characteristics! Buysome boostersright in the shop to become invisible, faster of moredexterous!Survive through five difficult nights in your mysticneighbor'shouse!Five Nights at Neighbor House features:• Ultimatehousesurvival simulator• Fight with different types ofanimatronicenemies• Do everything possible to survive during fivelong nights•Chance to buy interesting boosters• HorrifyingatmosphereOne night,two night, three nights, four nights ... Justfive nights andyou're free! Survive in Five Nights at NeighborHouse and enjoythis fantasticallyhorrifyinggame!
Five Nights With a Tank (FNAT) 1.6.2
New game for lovers of tanks - Five Nights With a Tank : thebravestsurvives. Play and rate. In the game "Five Nights With aTank" youneed : 1. Watch out security cameras. 2. if it'snecessary, click"action" 3. Close the doors to stop the tanks ofthe animatronics!This is the first version of free games "FiveNights With a Tank"which is very similar to the popular game. Ithink, you know thisone. try not to be afraid and survive amongthe pile ofAnimatronics! Play and rate! We need to inform you thatthe gameworks only on Android devices: phones and tablets. For acomfortablegame it requires 1024 MB of RAM. Game "Five Nights Witha Tank"doesn't work on Android emulators, only phones and tablets!We do alot to this game, and we really appreciate your feedback,guys.Don't forget to rate and write your comments on GooglePlay.Gradually we will update the game and add new levels for you.Thegame is difficult and it is only for brave players, this is agamesimulator and it may not be easy. Good luck and enjoy the game!
Smile Inc. 1.1
Welcome to SMILE Inc.™!Roman Atwood and crew have FINALLY decidedtoget real jobs – the only problem is where they’ve beenhired!Deadlybooby traps, devious machinery, and ruthlesscontraptions clutterthe floors of your new office. How far can youclimb up thecorporate ladder before the lethal reality of businessclaimsanother victim?**FEATURES**• TONS of playable characterstolevel-up!• Hilarious cameos from the Smile More™ family!•Insanetraps to dodge and conquer!• Over 50 missions withspecialobjectives!• HATS!• Mystery boxes with special surprises!•Powerupsand special abilities to help you survive!• …And MORE!Newmissionsevery day and special holiday events means there’s alwaysactionhappening at SMILE Inc.™!Ready to get to work?
Chuck E.'s Skate Universe 1.12
Grab a skateboard and help Chuck E. Cheese shred some sidewalkinChuck E.’s Skate Universe. Plus, win some real tickets youcanredeem on your next visit to Chuck E. Cheese’s! See how far youcanskate as Chuck E. attempts to go for the ultimate distancerecord.The only limit is what you can get away with! Help Chuck E.hop,dodge, and duck obstacles along the way. Earn points by pickingupGolden Pizza points and other objects. Plus, you can unlocksomesweet gear along the way – insane items like “The GiantPickleBoard” or “The Tongue” – you’ll have to skate them to believethem.See how you rank on the Leaderboards where you can try tobeatChuck E. Cheese super star Steve Waters!Game Tip - • Changelanes -Swipe left or right• Duck - Swipe down• Jump - Swipe up•Super Jump- Swipe down then up
Five Nights at Barsik's
This game requires 1100 megabytes of RAM at least. Please makesurethat you have so much (or more). Recommended RAM is1300megabytes.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Youhavelived in your house for a long time, separated from thecity'sskyscrapers. But one night, watching TV, you noticestrangeness.You have a feeling that someone is following you, thatsomeone iswaiting for you to turn back. Turning around, you take ahit andwake up only in the morning. This situation was before,everythingwas certainly in a different situation, but there wereagain catsfrom the street, night in the street and among them thereseemed tobe a kitten?.. Despite the fact that it seems to you thatthis istrue, you want to call a psychologist and make anappointment.After the reception, everything is fine, and thesituation in yourhome is very interested by the psychologisthimself and eventuallyhis company for hunting of ghosts...
Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Demo 1.07
Scott Cawthon
This is a demo version for Five Nights at Freddy's 3; I'llbeupdating this throughout the day until it appears to beworkingwell on most devices. Please let me know in the reviewsection ifthere are still problems and I'll fix them as soon as Ican.
Nights at Cube Pizzeria 3D – 2 2.5.0
Next chapter of Nights at Cube Pizzeria 3D scary game!Defendyourself against robot bears, chickens, bunnies and foxes andevenworse creatures hiding in the shadows! Welcome to theCubenightmare safeguarding yourself until the morning comes! Openorclose the doors and switch on the light not to let cubebears,foxes and bunnies attack you! Use the flashlight toprotectyourself from the attack! It will scare away cube creaturesthatmay be creeping at the far end of the hallways! Nevertheless,becareful! If any cube monster has crept too close, it will betheend of your security guard career… Moreover, the life! Faceyournightmare with Nights at Cube Pizzeria 3D – 2 game! Spendfivenights at Cube pizzeria hiding from cube bears, chickens,bunniesand foxes! Are you afraid of cube bears or other monsters?Theserobots were made to help in Cube Pizzeria, but during thenightthey might become unpredictable or even attack you! Who elsecouldbe in this nightmare mines? Spend five nights at pizzeria fullofscary cube monster! Try Nights at Cube Pizzeria 3D – 2 game –meetcube bear robots and escape from them to survive! Be asecurityguard for chicken, fox, bunny and bear robots for fivenights andprotect Cube Pizzeria from total destruction! Use verylimitedamount of electricity per night to protect yourself fromrobots’attack! Stay in your security office, watch cube creatureswithcameras and try to survive! When you run out of power for thenight- all cameras and light are off and cube robots are able tomove!Beware of cube bear robots walking in the pizzeria! Escapefromyour nightmare! Face cube robots with Nights at Cube Pizzeria3D –2! Nights at Cube Pizzeria 3D – 2 features: - Cube robotmonsters –chickens, foxes, bunnies and bears! - Different cameraviews - 3DCube World - New Cube Pizzeria locations to explore -Five nightsto survive Don’t allow cube bear monsters or bunnies andfoxes toget close to your security office! They all are robots!Spend fivenights at Cube Pizzeria and stay alive! Finish your worksafe afterfive scary and horrible nights with Nights at CubePizzeria 3D – 2game! Survive being a pizzeria night security guardand escape fromyour nightmare! These five nights are going to bethe worst nightsin your life! Become a fan onFacebook:
Five Nights with Froggy 3.3.4
In the Fairy Kingdom as a gift for children were brought a fewoldtoys of King Frogold I. The children were delighted and ran toplaywith them, but the story is not about that... You needed a goodjoband you decided to get a job at the king himself. You will havetowork as a night guard of the royal garden and watch out so thatnotone vandal gets into the garden... The instructions willbeexplained to you by the chief servant of King Froggold II.Warning,for stable game experience requires 1 GB of RAM and more!
Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Demo 1.1
Scott Cawthon
NOTE: This game requires at least 512 megs of RAM. Phones withlessthan that may crash!This is a 2-night demo of the game. Ifyouenjoyed it, get the full versionhere: chapter of the Five Nights at Freddy's original story,you mustonce again defend yourself against Freddy Fazbear, Chica,Bonnie,Foxy, and even worse things that lurk in the shadows.Playing as achild whose role is yet unknown, you must safeguardyourself until6am by watching the doors, as well as warding offunwanted creaturesthat may venture into your closet or onto thebed behind you.Youhave only a flashlight to protect yourself. Itwill scare awaythings that may be creeping at the far end of thehallways, but becareful, and listen. If something has crept tooclose, then shininglights in its eyes will be your end.
Stickman Five Nights Survival 2 1.1
Can you survive another five nights in the stickman madhouse?Keepaneye on your security cameras.Use your trackers to pinpointthewhereabouts of the madhouse inmates.Use the new stun buttontoelectrocute the stickmen and stop them from moving (for ashorttime).Close the doors to stop the inmates attackingyou!Welcome tothe 2nd most scary stickman game ever created!Can yousurvive fivenight shifts and reach the end of the week!
Week with animatronically 1.1
Valera Games
Long ago in the distant, maybe not a distant galaxy, the shorterofthe earth!There lived a boy named Valera. He loved to go toonepizzeria. Then it was closed. Valera certainly did not expecttosee it, but I had to. When he sat down at the laptop to lookforany fun, then he heard the dogs and turned to look out thewindow,but even he did not expect to see but there who fledabruptly. thenthe door creaked. In short, he was gone.Attention thegame wascreated on a strong unit!!!
Stickman Five Nights Survival 1.3
Can you survive five nights in the stickman madhouse?Watchyoursecurity cameras. Keep the door battery power charged up. Useyourtrackers to pinpoint the whereabouts of the madhouse inmates.Closethe doors to stop the inmates attacking you!Welcome to themostscary stickman game ever created!Can you survive five nightshiftsand reach the end of the week!
Пять ночей с Фредбером 0.5
Valera Games
Будь сторожем пиццерии, смотри в камеры ивыживай.Особенности:Можносмотреть в камеры.Улучшениекамеры.Вентиляция.Активатор сцены.Заводшкатулки.Удачнойигры.Whether watchman pizzeria, looking into thecamera andsurvive.Features:You can look into thecamera.Improvecamera.Ventilation.Activator factory.Goodgame.
Strung Along 1.2.7
Strung Along lets you control a wooden string puppet step bystep,literally. Avoid obstacles by walking, jumping and grabbingontothings. The game features a wide array of different actswithplatforming, balancing and timing puzzles. There is alsotheendless mode to perfect and practice your moves and stay uprightaslong as possible.GAME FEATURES* Unique walking gameplay!*Manychallenging acts featuring timing and platforming puzzles!*Endlessmode for practicing and honing your skills!* Beautifulvisuals andentertaining physics simulation!* Funny accessories todress upyour puppet!* Soothing classical music!* Free of Ads andIAPs
Asylum Night Shift - Five Nights Survival 1.6.6
FULL GAME NOW FREE! Can you survive five nights at theasylum?Welcome to your new job as nightwatchman at the RavenhurstMentalAsylum. From your security office you must keep watch on theasylumpatients throughout the night - and make sure that they don'tenteryour room! Can you survive five nights of terror at theasylum!'Asylum Night Shift - Five Nights Survival' brings a wholenewdepth of gameplay to the five nights survival game - including:*An interactive map console where you can open and closedoorsaround the asylum. Use the doors to prevent the patientsreachingyou! * Patient tracker devices which allow you to monitorthepatients movements on your map console. * Security cameraswhereyou can watch the patients walking around the asylum. * Awarningalarm in your office which will alert you when a patientisapproaching. * A faulty office security door... use it wisely,andonly when you really need to! Survive all fives nights attheasylum to unlock the bonus endless sixth night! Protectyourselffrom these four terrifying asylum patients: Mr Giggles:Thispsychotic clown was once a favourite children'spartyentertainer... until the kids started going missing that is!LittleAlice: She used to a be a normal fun-loving 10 year oldgirl... butnot anymore! Buzzsaw Barry: He's a regular here - andhe's back tohis old lunatic ways. Quite why the doctors thought itwas a goodidea to let him keep his chainsaw nobody knows! FacelessMan: Thenewest patient at the asylum. This guy has been frighteningpeoplefor years - and he doesn't intend to stopnow!---------------------------------- PHONE REQUIREMENTS: Itisrecommended that this game is played on a newer phone with atleast512mb of RAM. The game will crash on olderdevices.----------------------------------
Malachai: Horror Jumpscare 1.2.1
Experience one of the hottest new jumpscare games in thePlayStore...What our players are saying:- "I love it . It gave meaheart attack when I saw Malachai in front of me!"- "I willneversleep so afraid of this game!"- "I've only started playingthis andI've jumped twice and my heart is pounding"A perfect familyfrom aperfect community are missing.The Police are drawing blanksintheir investigation and in desperation they recruit you, alocalpsychiatrist who has worked with the family since thedisappearanceof their first child.When you enter the house yourealise thingsare not as they seem, as you try to hold back yourfear and realisesomething is leading you on a terrifyingsupernatural adventure,full of excitement and discovery.All youneed is your sense ofsound, a good sense of direction and yourtrusty journal to keeptrack of all the creepy goings on.Can yousurvive a night of fearand horrific jumpscares in the Aldersonhousehold? Can you collectthe mysterious drawings and crack thesafe code? Can you solve themystery of the perfect family and theirdark secret?Not suitablefor the faint hearted!**To enhance theexperience, we recommendplaying this game with headphones**
Project: SLENDER 1.09
Redict Studio
You always dreamed of extreme sports, but in real life itisaccompanied by a real danger? Then try to experience therealvirtual adrenaline. Project: SLENDER - a game in which have torelyon their own ingenuity and ability to find solutions to themostcomplicated situation. Interesting pastime for you and yourlovedones - guaranteed. The main goal - to collect 8 pages andrunfaster to the exit. But someone does not want to see you getout,and that someone - Slender.
Simulator animatronics Full 4.1
Valera Games
Here you have to scare the security guard by yourself!Drivinganimatronically. Here I added something interesting to youwill notbe bored playing the game. The author of the game onyoutube Nicegame:-)
Jurassic Nights 2 11.0
3 Difficulty levels:EASY: Speed: LowDinos: 4Seek Time:HighMadness:LowMEDIUM: Speed: MediumDinos: 6Seek Time:MediumMadness:MediumHARD: Speed: HighDinos: 10Seek Time:LowMadness: HighRewards:6 unlockable wallpapers. Rate andShare.GAME RULES:Rule 1:Surviving for 5 nights until 6am, checkingcameras and closing thedoors.Rule 2: The battery power is consumed(with the use ofcameras, lights and doors closed).Rule 3: You needto close thedoor in the room where the Tyrannosaurys Rex is (number13). If theTyrannosaurys Rex gets through the other side of thedoor, you willdie in seconds, maybe minutes (fear?).Rule 4: Youmust explore thecameras and quickly return to your room to notconsume much energy.To do this, click on the "x" that says"You".Rule 5: When jurassicdinosaurs are near your room, alwayscheck the doors, turn on andoff lights. When you see a dinosaurjust close the door a fewseconds.Rule 6: Dinosaurs, attack atdifferent times from the doorof your room.Rule 7: You have to becalm. Good Luck!!!
Pixel Z Hunter 3D -Survival Hunter 3.2
20xx Zombie virus is destroyed world. Very few people survivedAnumber of them were hunting zombies in order to survive. Theyarecalled Z(Zombie) Hunter.... # Features - Automatic Fire System-Various weapons and Craft system - Various maps (StageMode,Survival Mode) - Mine system - Various Skills (Grenade,Rolling) -Pixel Style graphics # This game that dont need wifi andplayoffline without internet. # This game is pixelstar game's 3dpixel3rd shooting(tps) game. This version of the game is not ademo. itis a full edition (Pocket Edition)
Five Nights at Freddy's 2 1.07
Scott Cawthon
This is the official port of Five Nights at Freddy's 2!Pleasenotethat this game REQUIRES 512 megs of ram. Please make sure thatyourdevice will be able to run it before purchasing it. If you haveanewer phone then this shouldn't be a problem!If you aren't sureifyour phone will work, DOWNLOAD THE DEMO FIRST which isalsoavailableonGoogleplay!------------------------------------------------------------------------------Welcomebackto the new and improved Freddy Fazbear's Pizza!In Five NightsatFreddy's 2, the old and aging animatronics are joined by a newcastof characters. They are kid-friendly, updated with the latestinfacial recognition technology, tied into local criminaldatabases,and promise to put on a safe and entertaining show forkids andgrown-ups alike!What could go wrong?As the new securityguardworking nights, your job is to monitor cameras and make surenothinggoes wrong after-hours. The previous guard has complainedabout thecharacters trying to get into the office (he has sincebeen moved today-shift). So to make your job easier, you've beenprovided withyour very own empty Freddy Fazbear head, which shouldfool theanimatronic characters into leaving you alone if theyshouldaccidentally enter your office.As always, FazbearEntertainment isnot responsible for death or dismemberment.
Slendy (Slender Man) 9.5
Created with Unity3D, this Slender Man game will give you one of,ifnot the best, Slender Man experience to you! Exclusively ontheAndroid Market!NOTE: This game may not perform very well witholderdevices due to the environment and graphical power. You canturndown the graphics in the pause menu settings by pressing thebackarrow on your Android device in-game.NOTE: If you are unabletoinstall the game, try again. Most cases it's just GooglePlay'serror with downloading the last extra part of the game. Ifthat'snot the case, then you might not have enough space for thegame(103 MB). Please do not take your anger out on the game andrate it1 star because of this minor issue.*Thank you very much forall thegreat feedback! All these reviews mean a lot to me, and letsmeknow that you all want more Slender! If you like the game,pleaserate. 5 star ratings help get future updates!*It would reallyhelpout if you guys can possibly install an app from anadvertisementat least once! I get about a $1 for every install. :)**My new appis now out! It is more graphically gorgeous and theforest is 3xbigger! Check it out: "Slendy: THEWOODS"*Features:-Original EightPages Soundtrack by Mark J.Hadley-Slender: The Arrival Soundtrackby Mark J.Hadley-Slenderman's Shadow Music by Marc Steene(Hospice, 7thStreet, etc.)-Slender: The Arrival JumpscareNoises-Six Levels toPlay!!!:-Dark, Forrest Setting and Atmosphere,with over 10 pagespawn locations!-New School Level! *Collect 8Backpacks!*-Quiet,Deserted Streets...-Airport Level!-Also, $20Mode, atlast!-SlenderCraft (MineCraft-inspired level)-Slender: TheArrivalSlender Man 3D Model!-Original Eight Pages toCollect-Upcoming NewLevels!-And more! *CONTROLS: -Left Joystickfor moving-RightJoystick for moving*TAP PAGE TO COLLECT IT or TAPRIGHTJOYSTICK*This Slender game is packed with many things fromtheoriginal (permission given to me by Mark J. Hadley himself).Thisgame has been tested on:-Nexus 7 tablet-Samsung Galaxys2-SamsungGalaxy s3-Samsung Galaxy s4(People with older phones andtabletsmight experience more lag or glitches due to graphics)--Iwill trymy best to release further updates, for college now takesup most ofmy time!--Many thanks to Kenneth Lemieux (DIGITAL CODEWORKS),creator of Slenderman! Chapter 1: Alone, for taking thetime to helpme fix my game and giving me some of his wisdom!--Ihad lots of helpfrom the Unity Community, especially Alucard Jay'sSlender Guide.This guide helped me immensely and without it, Iwouldn't be able tocreate this game at such a fast time period andwithgreatquality!("GuyFatingIcon" is created by my very own sister, Stephanie Tran.Here's thelink to her Deviant Art:
Fans FGTeeV
FUNNIER w/ BUTTS! Super Weird Game: HUMAN FALL FLAT! FGTEEVFLOPPYNERD Gameplay BATMAN & SUPERMAN SHARK ATTACK! FGTEEV&JUSTICE LEAGUE BUILD RAFT FORT Part 2 w/ Superheroes FlashBENDY& THE INK MACHINE + SCRIBBLENAUTS UNLIMITED + CUPHEAD!FGTEEVCheats & Beat Entire Game FAST!! CHICKEN SCREAM! TRY NOTTOLAUGH FGTEEV ers! Super Funny Amazing Game - Music &WhisperChallenge WHO'S YOUR DADDY Part 3! FGTEEV plays 4Challenges!Cooking, Washing, Breaking, Knocking #INSANE SONIC theHEDGEHOGStinks IN REAL LIFE! FGTEEV Sonic Forces Game Avatar isLIT!Flamethrower Bunny! HELLO BENDY + NEIGHBOR & the INKMACHINEHalloween Mod! FGTEEV-ers LETS CELEBRATE! SurpriseGameplayAMAZINGFROG ASTRONAUT Space Moon Mission! FGTEEV Caught OnCamera! DarthVader Captain America Pt 7 ESCAPE HELLO NEIGHBORPRISON: FGTEEV ACT2 - Roller Coaster, Shark & Doll House (FullGame Part 3)STRONGEST ROBLOXIAN EVER! FGTEEV ROBLOX BoxingSimulator #33 GIANTCHEATING 1 PUNCH DUDDY Wrestling FGTEEV FashionFrenzy ROBLOX #35!Silly Scary Famous Celebrity Dress Up Game! Chasevs Lexi vs DuddyLEARN COLORS w/ BENDY & the INK MACHINE! FGTEEVBEST BATIMGAMEPLAY Elevator Glitch Chapter 3 Ending FGTEEV CRAZYDAVE @ FNAF6 PIZZERIA SIMULATOR #2 - MAKING FUN GAMES FUNNER! HELLOFGTEEVNEIGHBOR, UR FAMOUS! Life is Complete! ACT 1 Easter Egg inHelloNeighbor FINAL GAME! ELF ON THE SHELF RETURNS! CAUGHT MOVING!WhoBuys Cancer Christmas Tree? FUNnel Vision Buddy's Back!HELLONEIGHBOR ACT 1 w/ FGTEEV HOBO JIM! NEW SECRETS in BASEMENT!FINALFULL GAME (#1) FGTEEV JUMP SCARED! FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S 5SISTERLOCATION #1 (FGTEEV Re-Upload Gameplay)HELLO NEIGHBOR ZOMBIEINBASEMENT! Deploy Decoy Distraction? I WISH! (FGTEEV Act 1 Part2))ROBLOX CHRISTMAS TYCOON! FGTEEV Toy Factory @ the North Polew/Christmas Songs & Holiday Swords WHO'S YOUR DADDY Part3!FGTEEV plays 4 Challenges! Cooking, Washing, Breaking,Knocking#INSANE ELF on the SHELF #4 is Floating Magic, Wall Present&Chef Buddy (FUNnel Vision Christmas) HELLO NEIGHBOR GIVES USHISTOYS!! FGTEEV Boys Video Game Surprise Box from MART(PlushiesFigures) Hello Neighbor THE END 4 REAL! Shadow Man gotTimmy! GIANTNEIGHBOR IN BASEMENT! I'm Superman! Act 3 FGTEEV LASTVIDEO of2017! Mike & Chase Hilarious Gameplay w/ DoofyCustomers FNAF 6Pizzeria Simulator! Ball Pit Balls, Pizza &Jump Scares = BESTDAY EVER w/ FGTEEV Chase ESCAPE HELLO NEIGHBORPRISON: FGTEEV ACT 2- Roller Coaster, Shark & Doll House (FullGame Part 3) FGTEEVCRAZY DAVE FNAF 6 PIZZERIA SIMULATOR - MAKINGFUN GAMES FUNNER!HELLO FGTEEV NEIGHBOR, UR FAMOUS! Life isComplete! ACT 1 EasterEgg in Hello Neighbor FINAL GAME! THEME PARKTYCOON ! RollerCoaster Roblox Fail Accident! FGTEEV Amusement ParkShowcase FunnyGlitch
Five Nights at Flappy's 1.5.14
Can you help Finbarr and the other's grab as much pizza aspossible?Fly through the killer pipes, grab pizza - win even morepizza withthe daily Pizzachinko game and unlock dozens ofcharacters, eachwith their own yell!This is a work of parody, sodon't take it toheart!* Oh-so-trendy 'Pixel' graphics (exceptwhere it isn't)*Suspiciously familiar gameplay* 20 fun charactersto unlock* DailyPizzachinko game* Loads of achievements to win*Pizza
Piano Tap - fnaf 9
Five Nights at Freddy's fnaf Piano Tap is developed tofulfileveryone's piano dreams. Don't touch on the white tiles, taptheblack tiles to keep the song going. If you love piano or music,youwill enjoy this piano tap app. All piano lover should downloadthispiano tap app! DISCLAIMER: Five Nights at Freddy's fnaf PianoTapis an unofficial fan application. It is not affiliated withorendorsed by Five Nights at Freddy's fnaf, or his record label.Thisapp does not include any copyrighted material. The pianomelodiesare arranged with individual piano notes.. Forentertainmentpurposes only.
Nights at Cube Pizzeria 3D – 3 1.5
Cube nightmare continues! Welcome to the new chapter of NightsatCube Pizzeria 3D scary game!Beware of angry robot bears,tigers,chickens, bunnies and foxes and even worse creatures hidingin theshadows! Welcome to the Cube nightmare safeguarding yourselfuntilthe morning comes! Open or close the doors and switch on thelightnot to let cube bears, foxes and bunnies attack you! Usetheflashlight to protect yourself from the attack! Enjoytheatmosphere of pixel horror with Nights at Cube Pizzeria 3D –3!Faceyour nightmare with Nights at Cube Pizzeria 3D – 3! Spendsevennights at Cube pizzeria hiding from angry cube bears,tigers,chickens, bunnies, and foxes! These robots were made to helpinCube Pizzeria, but during the night ancient evil awakeninginsidetheir bodies, and they become unpredictable and startschasing you!Who else could be in this nightmare mines? Try Nightsat CubePizzeria 3D – 3 game – meet cube bear robots and othercreatures,and escape from them to survive!Are you afraid of cubebears orother monsters? Turn on your flashlight - it will scareaway angrycube creatures that may be creeping at the far end of thehallways!Nevertheless, be careful! If any cube monster has crepttoo close,it will be the end of your security guard career… Andyour lifetoo! Mind your energy bar – if it ends, your life wouldend too.Watch the TV to restore energy and continue your activitiesas asecurity guard!Spend seven nights at pizzeria full of scarycubemonsters - chicken, fox, bunny, bear robots and ever more! Useavery limited amount of electricity per night to protectyourselffrom robots’ attack! Stay in your security office, watchcubecreatures with cameras and try to survive! When you run outofpower for the night - all cameras and light are off and cuberobotsare able to move! Beware of cube bear robots walking inthepizzeria! Escape from your nightmare! Face cube robots withNightsat Cube Pizzeria 3D – 3!Nights at Cube Pizzeria 3D – 3features:Allbest features from previous partsUnusual 3denvironmentNew CubePizzeria locations to exploreSeven nights tosurviveCube robotmonsters – chickens, foxes, tigers, bunnies, andbears!Don’t letcube robot monsters get close to your securityoffice! Spend sevennights at Cube Pizzeria and stay alive! Finishyour work safe afterfive scary and horrible nights with Nights atCube Pizzeria 3D – 3!Survive being a pizzeria night security guardand escape from yournightmare! These seven nights are going to bethe worst nights inyour life!
✩ Crossy Creepers: Marvel Island Block Survival ✩
Marvel Island was a magic place where block animals,superheroes,fantasy hoppers and pixel monsters lived together.However, oneday, the volcano, placed near to the road, exploded andsome of theanimals and characters become blocky Road Creepers.These MarvelIsland creatures, damned by the lava, acquired thepower of makingexplode whatever... or whoever. Their plan: Ahostile takeover ofMarvel Island to find the diamond treasure toraise a monster army!Humanity is at risk if this treasure fallsinto the wrong hands!Take all the diamonds before the blocky RoadCreepers reach themand become the greatest hero in this survivalarcade adventure! Anendless 8-bit arcade block survival racingsimulator with retrocharacters! Dodge all the crossy creepers in asurvival horror racesimulator full of creepy monsters... Try thenew online mode formultiplayer vs single match! BE PART OF MORETHAN 5 MILLION PEOPLEwho have already done an endless hopperexploration in blockyMarvel Island! Jump into this arcademultiplayer racing game andcompete against your friends! Unlock allcrossy characters: Selectyour favorite pets, superheroes and try todominate this road blockfantasy world. NEW: PLAY ONLINE - SINGLEMODE OR MULTIPLAYER! -Endless rematch possibilities when you playonline in this survivalpixel adventure! - Play online with yourhoppers... Your friendswill see your skins! Defend your road hopperpixel hero againsthorror monsters and animals! - Beat records withthe help of theSmashy Catapults! FEATURES OF THIS SURVIVAL PIXELADVENTURESIMULATOR - BLOCKY SUPERHEROES VS ROAD CREEPERS &MONSTERS -137 fantasy block superheroes to unlock! Use jumpingcharacters andSmashy Catapults! - Hop, jump and race your way to arecord-settingnumber of steps avoiding blocky road creepers andjumpingobstacles! - Editable craft skins: Become a crossy animal,asuperhero, a skeleton or a famous crossy character inthissimulator! - Multiplayer mode: Challenge your friends inthisaction-packed jumping adventure! - Use your jumps in 12terrains! -Almost all the skins have special abilities. Beat spookyRoadCreepers monsters with them! - Explore in this 8-bit retroblockstyle survival adventure with your block hopper skins againstpixelmonsters! - Retro style graphics for this hopper game! Aracinghopper survival multiplayer superheroes game with endlesscrossyexploration in a horror world full of creepers and monsters.Playsingle matches or online multiplayer games and beat yourfriendswith your pixel hero in this arcade adventure! The blockyroadcreeper conflict between monsters and superheroes of MarvelIslandhas just started! Are you ready?
Quiz Lover for Five Night 3.5.6z
Guess Lover Quiz for FNAF (Five Night at Freddy) Trivia.* Youhaveto answer with correct the question to pass each level bylocatingright letters at the available space in Guess Quiz forFNAFTrivia.* Get clue with hint button and ask to your friends togetmore correct answer to play to the next level.* You can sharethisFNAF quiz with social media like facebook, twitter, and fillsurveyto get more coins.* If you can not answer you can fill surveytoget more coins to help you play FNAF Quiz.Happy Playing andHavefun with Guess FNAF Trivia Quiz.
Fleeing the Complex 1.0.8
Somewhere in a far off land, where the snowy mountains meet thesea,lies a prison complex. Welcome to The Wall, the 'home' of someofthe baddest and smartest criminals from all over the world.Henryhas become the newest resident. -Featuring FIVE differentendings!-60 Unique fails! -A new map feature, allowing you toeasily revisitany scene you've already been to! -A whole plethoraof medals tohunt for! *REQUIRES ADOBE AIR* This game is the fourthin a seriesof games. The first is called Escaping the Prison andthe second iscalled Stealing the Diamond. The third is calledInfiltrating theAirship.
Five Tries At Love Dating Sim 5.1.0
JCSoft Inc.
Can you find love in five nights? Play and find out in thisdatingsim!***HAPPY VALENTINES DAY***3 NEW Characters and 3 NEWEndings!See if you can find a Valentine before Valentine's Day Endsin 5Nights! Updated Android SDK You have nothing to do for fivenights.Do you choose to interact with the residents in the rooms,or doyou just want to sweep the halls for money? It's up to you!Findyour favorite animatronics! Talk to them or give them giftstobuild up their love for you. You have five tries and fivenights,to find the love of your life. From the creators ofAnimatronicJumpscare Factory, Five Nights of Love is a new,addicting originaldating simulator where you can date your favoriteanimatroniccharacters!FEATURES:16 Different Characters19 DifferentEndings, 19different routes!World Leaderboard to see how your loveskillscompare against the rest of the world!Secrets and Surpriseswaitingto be unlocked!Infinite amount of possibilities EndlessFun!Note:Look forward to future updates with more characters, moreendings,and even more pickup lines!
Animatronic Jumpscare Factory 5.3.6
JCSoft Inc.
Are you ready to be jump-scared? Create your own customscaryjumpscares to share with friends! More than 2 MILLIONdownloadsalready!***********HUGE UPDATE!********** All NEW WorldSharingFeature - Showcase your characters to the world and see whatothershave created! View the hottest and most recently sharedcharactersof all time! NEW Item Gallery - Easily use parts fromyourinventory and see what you have left to unlock! UPDATEDFavoritesFeature - Favorites are unlocked for everyone, and you cansave upto 15 favorites! IMPORT characters that you like from theWorldSharing or your Favorites gallery. Animatronic JumpscareFactoryisn't your typical character creator. Aside from allowingyou tomake thousands of combinations of characters, you can evenview theanimated jumpscare of your creation and record your owncustomscreams. At the Minigame Lab, you can blast away enemies tosurvivethe five hours of the night in Shootout Showdown, or huntdownWanted animatronics in Quest Mode to unlock even more parts!Thepossibilities are endless! Get ready to create your ownnightmares.Whether you want to experience the thrill of barelysurviving untilmorning in Shootout or scare your friends inSurprise Mode,Animatronic Jumpscare Factory has itall!FEATURES:1000+combinationsLOGIN BONUSES! Get a new FREE partevery day you playthe game and get a special NEW character at theend! MINIGAMESavailable to play, including an addictive newSHOOTOUT survivalgame!RECORD custom screams and sounds. Put yourvocal skills to thetest! SURPRISE and scare your friends with asurprise modeUNLOCKmore parts using a fun quest mode!RANDOMIZE yourcharacters using afun random button!VIEW animated jumpscaresSHAREyour creation withthe world or save it to your imagegallery!CUSTOMIZE characters bygiving them a name, gender, andcustom scream! PRO FEATURES,including Favorites and Jumps! NEWLEVELS, and almost 50 new partsto unlock!Note:Look forward tofuture updates with even moreminigames, cool features, charactersand parts available!Note: Evenif you purchased the level pack in aprevious update, you willstill gain access to all the new features!
Valera Games
This simulator animatronics 2.-Here you need to pumpanimatronicthem to have decrease the time of recharge.-Added all4animatronics.-You have to make the guard scared of you, thesoonerthe fear anymore!-Added funny songs in game mode fortheanimatronics :3-Also visit my YouTube channel to see videoswiththe new games and animations. -Enjoy the game:3With respectValeraGames.Link to YouTube channel-
Surprise Eggs Freddy's Five Toys 1.8
Womzy Games
What's hidden inside the eggs? Tap an egg until find out whatthebig surprise is hidden in each egg! Use this game to keepyourgirls occupied. Surprise Eggs Freddy's Toys is entertaininggameand is surprise eggs virtual simulator combining a chocolateegg,surprise and toys. If you have kids who like to open surpriseeggs,this is the most beautiful app for them. You will find manygiftsto collect that belong to Freddy's characters and toys. Howtoplay: * Choose the egg whichever you want to open * Useyourfingers and tap to scrape the paper from the egg * Breakthechocolate egg * Tap the egg container to get to your surprisetoys.The goal is very simple: Open chocolate eggs to discover a lotofnew Freddy surprises and toys. There are different type ofsurpriseeggs: * Toy Surprise Disclaimer: Five Nights at Freddy's isatrademark of the Scott Cawthon which does not sponsor, authorizeorendorse this app. This application complies with theguidingprinciples of the US Copyright law "fair use".
Welcome at Freddy's. Map for MCPE 31a.0
In this creepy map for Minecraft you can go to the pizzeriaatFreddy’s, this evil place, where many years ago was a seriesofterrible murders. Still not scary? Download our new map forMCPEfor free and welcome!In this new map for Minecraft you willvisitquite popular pizzeria at Freddy’s. Although it looks cosy andevenfriendly, this place hides a lot of mysterious secrets. Manyyearsago terrible murders where there, and the slaughterer wasn’tfind.And now with the help of our map for MCPE you can explorethiscreepy place.In spite of this frightful story, pizzeria in thismapfor Minecraft looks quite friendly, at first sight, so it hardtobelieve, that in this place has happened these terriblethings.But, walking around, you will have a strange feeling, thatsomeoneis following you, singing animals on the scene look likealive, andyour anxiety will be growing. You can explore this mapforMinecraft solely, there are a lot of incredibly interestingandterrifying places. Pizzeria is really large and there are a lotofunusual placements and creepy places, you can also explorethecity, there are a lot of locations worth your seeing. Also thismapfor MCPE can become a perfect platform for different gameswithyour friends. So download this map for Minecraft for free,callyour friends and welcome, Freddy is waiting for you!You willneedto install Minecraft Pocket Edition on your mobile device forthismap.DISCLAIMER: This map for MCPE isn’t made or supportedbyMojang. Minecraft and Minecraft Pocket Edition areofficialtrademarks of Mojang AB. The developers of this MCPE mapdon’tcooperate with Mojang. This application fully adheres to thetermsset up by Mojang AB. More info at
Emoji Five Nights Survival 1.2
Can you survive five nights at the Emoji Hotel?Watch the emojisonyour security cameras.Use your trackers to pinpoint thewhereaboutsof the angry emojis. Close the doors to stop the emojisfromattacking you!Welcome to the most scary emoji game evercreated!Canyou survive five night shifts and reach the end oftheweek!Featuring these four angry emoji characters:SmileyEmojiPooEmojiCrying EmojiDevil Emoji
Zoolax Nights:Evil Clowns Free, Escape Challenge 1.8.5
Zoolax Inc.
Survive 6 nights at Zoolax antique shop :Welcome to the as the new night security guard. Zoolax Inc. just boughtacreepy antique shop as a side investment. You need to facethedarkness to escape the nightmare. The antique shop came withtheinfamous ancient dolls known as the Evil Clowns. You mustmonitorthe security cameras to survive not just for five nights,but sixdark nights while faced with nightly puzzles and challengesat theZoolax Antique Shop. The Evil Clowns are cursed by fearfulandmysterious magical forces of darkness. They love to lurk aroundatnights, and shift places. They will make your life anepicnightmare. So, you must monitor them and follow thecompany’sinstructions to protect yourself. There are two sets ofsecuritycameras to monitor: the ground level and the sewer level.Eachnight, you will face a new challenge as the Evil Clownsarecreeping around. Zoolax Scientists are working around the clocktouncover the mysteries behind these cursed clowns. This will beafrightening and horrifying experience. Every night, the ZoolaxCEOwill give you precise instructions to endure this survivalgame.The amazing graphics and visuals make this a great horrorsurvivalgame. The visual/sound effects create a new level of fearandhorror. You will get goosebumps from being scared. The 3Dcharacterdesign and animation bring the game to life. The originalmusicsoundtrack will make everything creepier. Recommend thisspecialHalloween game to your friends and family aswell.Languages:Русский, English, 简体中文, Español, Italiano,Português, Français,Deutsch, Indonesia , Suomi ,日本語 ,한국어Extras: Youwill be able tounlock a scary bonus chapter for free.You can take aselfie or yourfriend’s picture with the Evil Clowns and sharethem.Anyway, havefun and watch out for the crazy clowns not justfor five but sixnights.You will experience new level of fear .Withthis game youwill have a truly creepy Halloween experience.You willfeel thecreeping terror at each turn and moment of this horrorgame.I wishyou all success against these crazy clowns and have aScaryHalloween.By the way, the scary characters are called Pogi,Logi,and Sally. There is also a creepy pig-like monster.So watchout forthem as they shift from one placetoanother.------------------------------------------------------Spreadtheword and support us:(Zoolax inc)Subscribe to us so you willfind outabout the nextupdateFacebook: :
Freddy's Wallpapers - FNAF World Wallpaper 1.1
Free amazing FNAF 500+ Freddy's Wallpapers! like mangle,animatronicand foxy, freddy fazbear wallpaper etc.This appdeveloped forfreddy's lovers who loved this freddy all things somake freddyworld with this wallpaper and change yourwallpaper.This App provideone type of Freddy World Wallpaper andFNAF Sticker for Photoediting, so change world like FNAF Worldwith Fnaf wallpapers.BestCollections of freddy sl wallpaper,nightmare freddys, bonniewallpaper, purple guy Freddy wallpaperfor your devices.This apphave FNAF 1,2,3,4,5 wallpapers, so thisapp called Freddy world.
Shadow Quiz for FNAF 3.1.6z
Quiz Juegos
The best FNAF quiz for fans!In Shadow Quiz for FNAF youmustrecognize all the FNAF characters, handmade drawings withtheshadows of all the animatronics to guess and show who knowsmoreabout FNAF!Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, ThePuppetThePuppet, do you recognize those names? then you must playShadowQuiz for win you must recognize all the shadows offnaf andto make it more difficult, the images are covered by tiles,thebest players eliminate 2 or 3 tiles and already know the nameofthe character, you can do it?Download Shadow Quiz for FNAF forfreeand have fun with friends!
Freddy Photo Editor For FNAF 1,2,3,4,5 1.4
Welcome to FNAF World and make your boring Photos and FacewithFreddy Face Editor for FNAF 1,2,3,4,5.Photo Face Editor withFreddysticker and make it change world in FNAF World FNAFcharacters suchas Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, GoldenFreddy,Mangle.Nightmare Freddy's to change your face and makeithorror.Freddy's scary world make with FNAF face editor app.Takeaselfie and apply scary FNAF Freddy face to your pictures andenjoyit.Would you like to see your self a fnaf scary face andspookymask ? Do you want to be scary Freddy masks ?Freddy's FaceEditorFeatures:* Lot's of FNAF Character like Freddy Fazbear,Bonnie,Chica, Foxy, Golden Freddy, Mangle.* Add text on photoswhateveryou want to add on photos.* Take ordinary photos or selfiesand addawesome FNAF effects with props* Fight your enemies in yourphotos,craft your armory and share your epic moments with friends.*Edityour photos with scary fnaf stickers to customize yourphotos.*Save and share scary Freddy photo with your friends viasocialapps.Privacy Policy- We are using all graphics forentertainmentpurpose, if you find any copyright or legal pleasecontact us onour email: [email protected]
Skins Youtubers MineWorld 2.0.3
Skins Craft
World of Skins list: cute girls and boy skins, youtubers,baby,princess, PvP and FNAF skins, herobrine, GTA, Enderman, Angelandmany others. Write in the comments which skins you would liketosee and we will add them in the new update! Works forbothMinecraft Pocket Edition & PC Edition Especially for you,wehave compiled a collection of unique skins that are not ashamedtoshow your friends. Absolutely everyone in this app will findforthemselves the most beautiful, the most interesting of the skinandcan easily install it on your Minecraft. Two categories: forboysand girls, will not make you long to find your favoriteskin.Explore it in 3D, and then a finger touch in 2d increase tothesmallest pixel! With built in skins editor you can edityourfavorite skins, modify each pixel and save to yourcollection!Download Minecraft World of Skins customise your gamewith unusualskins, surprise your friends in multiplayer pe and showwho has thebest skin on the server! World of Skins for Minecraftallows you tochoose and apply a skin to your Minecraft characterfor free withjust the touch of a button! Skins can be appliedwithin the appwithout the need of BlockLauncher. Within seconds youcould beplaying with a new, really cool skin! Skins even workinmultiplayer! World of Skins for Minecraft on your mobile phoneforfree. Application features: - Minecraft skins for girls andboys; -Skins work in offnline and with the mod for MCPE; - New andbestvip skins - Skins preview; - Easy and safe to download skinswithjust one click; - All skins for free; - Work in android andPCversions; - Skin editor mods; List of skins: - Military -Herobrineskins - Ninja - Sister Location - GTA skins - XMAS - HDskins -Anime - Dino - Girls skins - Skin Editor - Boys skins -Skinseed -PvP skins - Princess - FNAF skins - Movies - Cartoonskins - Teenskins - Cute Girl - Game skins - Baby Girl skins - Boyskins -Assassins skins - Superhero - Enderman - Youtubers - Hotskins -Angel skins - Herobrine - Gravity Falls skins World ofSkinsMinecraft this is an unofficial application for MinecraftPocketEdition. This application is not affiliated in any way withMojangAB. Name the Minecraft Brand and Assets are all property ofMojangAB or their respectful owner. All rights reserved. Inaccordancewith
Nightmare Wallpapers 1.0
Nightmare Wallpaper HD Free. Download FNAF world gamewallpapers.Enjoy art backgrounds of famous 5NAF game. It’s a coolapp withbest images of five nights for all funs of five nights atfreddy’swallpapers.Five Nights at Freddy's pizzeria (FNAF) wascreated byScott Cawthon as horror game. The main aim is to survivefivenights (plus additional nights) and avoid aliveanimatronics.Themost famous fnaf characters are: Freddy Fazbear,Bonnie, Chica,Foxy, Golden Freddy, Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, ToyChica, Mangle, BB,The Puppet, Springtrap, Circus Baby, FuntimeFreddy, Funtime Foxy,Ballora, Bidybab, Ennard, Minireena, PhantomBB, Phantom Chica,Phantom Freddy, Phantom Foxy, Phantom Mangle,Phantom Puppet,Nightmare Freddy, Nightmare Bonnie, Nightmare Chica,NightmareFoxy, Nightmare Fredbear, Nightmare, Plushtrap, NightmareBalloonBoy, Nightmare Mangle, Nightmarionne, YenndoArt WallpapersFreeNewWallpapers HD/ Wallpapers QHD / Wallpapers 4KCool WallpapersartfnacTags: FNAF 2 Wallpapers, FNAF 3, FNAF 4 images, five nightsoffreddy, five nights at freddy, fnaf world game, fnaf freddy,fnafgames, FNAF 5, freddy five night, animatronics wallpapers,Chicawallpapers, freddy Fazbear, Foxy and Mangle wallpapers,BonniewallpaperHD wallpapers is in not affiliated with Five NightsatFreddy's game as well as FNAF Sister Location part.
Burger Fred Chef 2.5
Burger Fred ChefFred Burger Chef - This game is a jokeapplicationwhere you can play the role of chef Fred!Help Fred toserve allcustomers! Do it as quickly as possible! Beat anotherrecord forthe most points! The faster and more correct to fulfillorders morepoints! Collect burgers and cheeseburgers right! Youwillsucceed!The game will appeal to all! Open your restaurantoncooking burgers!Attention! This app is created just forfun!Thankyou for playing with us leave us your feedback and we willmake ourgame even better for you!
The Joy Of Creation - TJOC 4.0
The Joy of Creation: Story Mode or TJOC is not only thebestnon-official game in the series; it even does better than someofthe series’ official titles. It is so good that it could’vebeencalled Five Nights at Freddy’s 6 and nobody would have noticed.Itis terrifying, it is complex, it is hard and it isfree.(TJOC).Disclaimer : this not official game The Joy OfCreationstory mode - TJOC
FNAF Horror Pizzeria Simulator. Map for MCPE 10
In this new map for MCPE you will find yourself in thecreepiestpizzeria – “at Freddy’s”! frightful animatronics, darkrooms andmazy corridors, download our new map for Minecraftabsolutely forfree, call your friends and do everything to survivewith them!Inour new map for MCPE you will find yourself in thescariestpizzeria of the world of Minecraft – “at Freddy’s”. Thisplace iswell-known for terrible assassinations, and now with thehelp ofour map for MCPE you can find yourself in this creepyplace.Frightful animatronics, dark mazy corridors, tenseatmosphere, -could you find a murderer in this map for Minecraft orbecome hisnext victim? Everything depends on you, and if you areready totake a chance, download our new map for MCPE absolutely forfreeand do everything to stay alive!Creepy pizzeria “at Freddy’s”inthis map for MCPE will become a perfect platform fordifferentgames with friends: hide-and-seek, catch-up and evenbattles, justmake sure, that all dangers are behind. Download ournew map forMinecraft absolutely for free, call your friends andcover up allsecrets of the creepiest pizzeria with them!• You candownload thismap for Minecraft for free.• In order to play withthis mapMinecraft Pocket Edition should be installed on yourmobiledevice.DISCLAIMER: This map for MCPE isn’t made or supportedbyMojang. Minecraft and Minecraft Pocket Edition areofficialtrademarks of Mojang AB. The developers of this MCPE mapdon’tcooperate with Mojang. This application fully adheres to thetermsset up by Mojang AB. More info at
Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Demo 1.07
Scott Cawthon
This is the official port of Five Nights at Freddy's 2:Demoversion! The demo lets you play night 1.Please note that thisgameREQUIRES 512 megs of ram. Please make sure that your devicewill beable to run it before purchasing it. If you have a newerphone thenthis shouldn't beaproblem!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Welcomebackto the new and improved Freddy Fazbear's Pizza!In Five NightsatFreddy's 2, the old and aging animatronics are joined by a newcastof characters. They are kid-friendly, updated with the latestinfacial recognition technology, tied into local criminaldatabases,and promise to put on a safe and entertaining show forkids andgrown-ups alike!What could go wrong?As the new securityguardworking nights, your job is to monitor cameras and make surenothinggoes wrong after-hours. The previous guard has complainedabout thecharacters trying to get into the office (he has sincebeen moved today-shift). So to make your job easier, you've beenprovided withyour very own empty Freddy Fazbear head, which shouldfool theanimatronic characters into leaving you alone if theyshouldaccidentally enter your office.As always, FazbearEntertainment isnot responsible for death or dismemberment.
Freddy's 1 2 3 4 5 6 Wallpapers
Freddy's 1 2 3 4 5 6 Wallpapers let you set your favoriteFNAFinspired wallpaper as a background for your androiddevice.Alwaysnice to know that this app is free!Just choose yourfavorite imageand press "set" to directly set is it as yourbackground or save iton your SD. Easy as that and always nice toknow that it is free!Areal must have if you if you like FNAF 1 2 34 5 6 SL SL2 !Note:This app is in not affiliated with FNAF or thelatest releaseSister Location 2 in any way. All images are fanart.
Freddy Photo Editor For FNAF 1.1
Root Apps
*******************************************************************MakeYourBoring Photos With Freddy Photo Editor forFNAF*******************************************************************Wouldyoulike to see your self a fnaf scary face and spooky mask ? Doyouwant to be scary Freddy masks ? Photo Editor for Fnaf is aEffectseditor for make and Editing Face scary Mask and horroreffectseasily.Features:-> Freddy's World Photo Editor is a funway tospice up your photos FNAF style.->Take ordinary photos orselfiesand add awesome FNAF effects with props->Fight yourenemies inyour photos, craft your armory and share your epicmoments withfriends.->App enables you to edit your pictureswith scary fnafstickers to customize your photos as you everwant.-> Easy toface painting, move, zoom,crop,rotate with onetouch finger->Dragto the right position or resize it usingmultitouch. ->Save andshare with your friends via socialapps.Privacy Policy- We are usingall graphics for entertainmentpurpose, if you find any copyright orlegal please contact us onour email: [email protected]