Top 46 Games Similar to Galaxus (1v1 Space Shooter)

Galaxy Attack : Space Shooter 1.15
Galaxy Attack: Space Shooter is the space shooting games forarcadelovers. If you love to attack aliens army in the sky, thisgamewill suit for you best! Let's save our galaxy attacking fromalieninvaders. Prepare your aircraft then lead your squadron forceandyour fighter to go fighting in this big space shooter war. Howtoplay Galaxy Attack: Space Shooter game: 1. Touch yourspacecraftand move around. It will shoot by guns automatically. 2.Touchbooster items to shoot special missiles and nitro. 3. Attackallaliens intruders and their big bosses. 4. Upgrade yoursquadronspacecraft ability. 5. Save our galaxy by attack allaliensspaceships. FEATURES: * Enjoy non-stop space shooter gameinENDLESS mode. * Battle in galaxy attack with friends online inPvPmode. * There are 60+ levels with challenging combat. *Encounterwith many of versatility bosses. * Upgrade your spacecraftwithmany guns, missiles, and lasers. * Unique legend of spaceshipssuchas falcon X, plasma phoenix are waiting to unlock. *Variousspaceships with their own unique weapons, missiles &specialabilities to help you defeat all of those invaders. * Shareyourresult with friends via social media. * There are many FREEitemsfor you every day. Are you Ready? Can you beat all aliensfromanother galaxy? Start space shooter war. Reload your weaponsandShoot em ups! Download Galaxy Attack: Space Shooter and gotoattack NOW! If you love this game, please rate us for 5 stars.
West World - Crazy Gun 1.5.2
Crazy Gun is the most lively addictive shooting game! This gamewilllet you think ahead before you make any shoot while playing.In thewestern town where Jack is located, a shooting competitionis aboutto take place. Jack is training hard to get the bonus ofthe event.Let us help him to let him be the hero of thiscompetition! How toplay: The goal of this addictive shooting gameis to tap the screento shoot and break all the given bottles. But,keep in mind that youshould be very precise in this endless gamebecause the wheel keepsturning faster and you only have specificnumber ammunition and youshould break all bottles before with thegiven ammunition or youwill lose. Not only that! There are alsomany challenges that youcan take to improve your skills. Soundseasy? But, would you be ableto score the highest possible score inthis addictive shooter gamewithout mistakes? Why choose to playCrazy Gun on your Androidsmartphone or tablet instead of othershooter games? ✓ We made some2D Cool and smooth high-qualitygraphics to give you the bestexperience while playing the greatestshooting game ever! You willenjoy it! ✓ With our realisticgraphics, you will have the feelingof shooting from a real gun andnot playing Crazy Gun. ✓ We careabout you and that's why we madeour shooting game very easy toplay, so all that you have to do isto tap the screen to make ashoot. Super easy! ✓ Our shooting gameis FREE and it will stay Freefor life, so there are No hidden feesor annual subscription toenjoy playing it! ✓ Make sure tocontinuously shoot the randomlyappearing treasure chests to havethe opportunity of obtaining somenew powerful weapons. ✓ Endless!Yes! our game is endless and youcan enjoy playing as much as youwant because the only one who canstop you is you. ✓ Enjoy playingeven without having a 3G, 4G orWi-Fi internet connection. ✓ CrazyGun is a free game and it can beplayed by Adults and Teens. Yourwhole family can play it and theywill enjoy playing it for hoursnonstop! Don’t forget to competethem on the leaderboard. What areyou waiting for? Download CrazyGun and enjoy the most addictiveshooter game ever!
Bricks Breaker Galaxy Shooter 1.8.2
Bricks Breaker - Galaxy Shooter is a free space adventureshootinggame mixed with the genre of strategic brick breakingconcepts.[Features] - Free to play! - Enjoy both the Shooting Game+ BricksBreaker Game simultaneously. - Battle against various BossMonsters- 16 Different Moving Blocks with various speed and size.-Strategic play based on Moving Blocks in addition toStationaryBlocks. - 13 Different Spacecrafts with various attacktypes andranges. - 3 Different Play Modes (Classic, Stage, HyperShot)[Additional Features] - Simple Controls and Simple Rules -One-handPlay - Offline Game Play Supported (WiFi not required) -LowResolution Smartphones Supported - Tablet Supported -Achievementand Leaderboard Supported [How to Play] - Use thecontrol button ortouch the screen to shoot the balls. - Destroy allthe blocks toclear the Stage. - Game is lost if the blocks reachesthe bottom ofthe screen. - Evade or destroy the moving blocks, butyou mustdestroy all blocks. This game supports '한국어', 'Indonesian','Bahasamalay', 'English', '日本語', '中文简体', '中文繁體', 'Deutsch','français','Español', 'ไทย', 'Русский', 'Arabic','Portuguese(Brazil)','Turkish', 'Italian'. This game is acceptablefor purchasing theitems partially. When purchasing the items, theadditional costscould be occurred and limited Consumer Right ofDefense accordingto the item types. Official Site: Facebook: E-Mail :
Retro Shooting 2.2.9
Do you want a new style of arcade shooter game? With anexcitingshooting style and retro + modern pixelated graphics,RetroShooting is a mobile shooting game that has caught theattention ofshooters around the world! • Arcade Shoot 'em up •Avertical-scrolling STG with pixelated graphics • Danmakuattacksfrom multiple bosses and various enemies • Multipleaircrafts &upgrades • Compete with shooters around the world in"InfiniteMode"! • Played by just tapping and sliding on the screenBe sureto save the game data before deleting the game orswitchingdevices. ——————————————————— 【SHMUPHOLIC】 Galaxy Warrior Astro WingsFacebook E-mail :shmup.holic@gmail.comTerms of service
Infinity Shooting: Galaxy War 1.9.13
Are you fan of space shooting, bullet hell games and like toblastenemies for glory? If the answer is "HELL YES!" InfinityShooting:Galaxy War will suit you best! Our Solar System has beeninvaded byspace enemies, but we still have you as our last hope! Asa admiralof space defender, will be defeating them, so wait nolonger,aboard your spaceship and annihilate your enemies, save ourplanet,destroy the enemy conquer plan! Burn them, till the verylast ofthem falls. FEATURES: - Multiplayer mode - Simple controlswith tapand hold that doesn’t need a tutorial, so dive right inandshoot'em up! - Various spaceships with their own uniqueweapons,missiles & special abilities to help you defeat all ofthosebosses. Even the strongest enemy won't stand a chance! -Stunninggraphics & exquisite sounds quality, like you havenever seenbefore! Totally different from the old retro spaceshooter, play itand feel it! - Exciting Campaign with over 100levels full of spaceenemies to let you see space from earth! -Superb game playmechanics with excellent progression system to keepyou shootingnon-stop for hours Enjoy classic space combat - poweredup.Download now!
Attack the Block: Shoot'em Up 1.7.0
Attack the Blocks is an awesome game to kill time. Super fun forallages. - Free to play - Endless gameplay - Simple swipe control-Shoot up all balls and destroy the flying balls - Boss fight -Manybeautiful themes will random in each game - Challenge yourfriendswith the best score. Download it for free and have fun! Becarefulthough - it can be very addictive!
Last Hero - Cross the Fire 1.0.3
If you enjoy the excitement of pulling the triggerandbulletswhizzing by, Last Hero will definitely be your firstchoicetobecome a real shooter!🤠 In this shooting game, as yourgunswingingback and forth to aim the enemy, choose theperfectdirection andtap the screen to fire! The secret of victoryis toaim well. Onceyou killed a bad guy, you will ascendthe stairsand getcloser to success! 💡Remember to upgrade yourarsenal~ Unlocknewguns by defeating blacklist bosses or collectinggold coins!✨LastHero features - Simple one-touch operation - Easyto playbutchallenging to master - Incredible pixel shooters andweapons-Numerous outfits and guns to unlock! Are you ready for therainofbullets? Join us in Last Hero - Cross the Fire! Thefiercegunbattle will be triggered at any moment!🔫PrivacyPolicy:
Call of Thunder War- Air Shooting Game 1.1.3
Jet, speed forward, spin in the air to escape the enemy'sattack!Siege the enemy, launch a missile to give them a fatal blow!Winthe battle to be the king of air combat! Game features:***Realistic air combat scene&special sound effects!***Multiplefightersto select at your will *** Unique fighterlevel-upsystem.Each fighter has its own characteristics and thepowers ofauto missiles are different! Make your exclusive fighterNOW! ***Variouslevel choices. Come and play BOSS challenginglevels!Moregenerous rewards waiting for you to come! *** Smoothgame control*** Drive a fighterin the sky and experience the thrillof chasingand shooting! What are you waiting for! Download the CallofThunder War and become the real king of air combat!
Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack 1.363
If you are a fan of space shooting games and like to simulateskyfire shooting, so Space shooter: Galaxy attack game is gameforyou. This is a game developed from classic arcade games genre,oldgame but with a new context, more vivid graphics, moremoderncombat scene, fiercer, more glamorous. One day, ourbeautifulgalaxy is under attack of the space terminator and thealienattack. The alien invaders beat our squad, they destroyed allofgalactica. And you are the chosen hero. Your mission is to betheguardians of the galaxy. Now, find the companion, build spaceteam,command the spaceship to protect the origin galaxians andthesurrounding asteroids. Space Shooter : Galaxy Attack game putsyouat the galaxy on fire with infinity shooting war. You will befacedan increasingly large number of enemies and deal with manystrikerbosses in space war. Are you sure you will survival thebullet hell? As the game progresses, you will earn the right toupgrade yourspaceship to bring it to full lethal capacity. FEATURE- Amazinglighting and special effects - Includes Power-ups andBosses! -Leader board global. - Lucky circle. - PVP - onlineshooting gamesHOW TO PLAY - Move spaceship - Kill space intruders -Upgrade spaceship - Change your weapons. The Galaxy's future is nowin yourhands. Get your weapons ready for infinity battle in thisshootergames
Master Bubbles 1.1.4
Welcome to Master Bubbles, the most exciting andcolorfulbubbleshooter popping battle! Your goal is to match atleast 3balloonsof the same color to pop bubbling combos and cleartheboard. Enjoythis exciting puzzle game and train your brainwiththousands ofawesome riddles and challenging quests. Join thefunshooting gameride, smash and pop all the colorful bubbles.It’ssuper fun &addicting! This is the perfect action-packedpuzzleto play with nowifi and no internet, anytime, and anywhereyou’dlike! Join thejourney today, pop bubbles, and get readytoexperience amazingblasting fun. Master Bubbles is a balloonpoppingFREE game foreveryone to download and enjoy! Perfect forlong carrides, thisgame lets you join the adventure and pop andshootballs. Make sureto use your boosters in the correct timetocomplete levels andclear the board. Fun ball popping features:+Cool graphics andeffects. + Classic gameplay full of balloons,funfor everyone toplay and enjoy. + Explore thousands of levelspackedwith strategychallenges and puzzles. + Use powerful boostersthatwill assist onyour journey. + Completely free to play! BoostUpYour Game: Getcool power-ups that will help you pass levelsandbeat challenges.+ Pop 7 bubbles in a row to get a FIREBALLthatwill burn upbubbles on the way. + Drop 10 bubbles or more toget aBOMB thatwill take out surrounding bubbles. Solve the Puzzlesinthis newbubbles game! Plan ahead- see which color you aregettingnext anddesign a strategy to blast all balls using fewershots.Make sureyou overcome all the obstacles on your way and cleartheboard.Complete all the missions to level up and advance alongthegame.It’s the ultimate bubble shooting crazy fun! All rightsofBubbleShooter ™ are owned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
Jump Ball Blast Ⅱ 1.1.3
You want to have some fun?Download this addictive shooting gameforfree! This is a classic arcade shooting game, you can playofflineat any time! • Collect and upgrade cannons to experiencedifferentshooting pleasures. • 6 powerful drones that give youdifferentexperiences. • Stunning equipment and tools to discover. •Diversetasks bring you different surprises every day.
com.hapogames.BubbleParadise 1.25.54
Smoote Mobile
Bubble Worlds is a bubble games, but the way to play itisdifferent. The number of bubbles used to eliminate bubblesonscreen and get the banana is specific. The levels seems easy,comeand win 3 stars. Features: - easy to operate - it is suitableforeveryone, and play it at any time. - five different worlds,e.g.,forest, snow, mountain, and etc. - up to 180 levels - variouskindsof props
Bubble Shooter 1.0.11
Enjoy classic bubble shooter game: bubble shooter free Helpsquirrelmother to save lovely squirrel babies. Pass levels andearn P tobuild homes for lovely squirrels.
Chrome Shooter 1.1.5
Play the challenging Chrome Shooter game for free, crush and popallthe balls and enjoy thousands of awesome puzzles and brainteasers!This is an addicting brain-training game with amazingchallenges,cool power-ups, and effects that will fill your daywith excitementand fun. Download the best pop game for free andstart popping theseballoons! Shoot, pop and smash all bubbles toclear the board andlevel up. Aim carefully to hit the target andfire away! This newballoon blasting game is super fun andrelaxing. Play anytime onlineor offline and enjoy the greataction-packed gameplay. ChromeShooter Features: * Classic andaddictive gameplay. Play this fungame and show off your logicskills! * Thousands of awesome puzzlelevels packed with greatquests and challenges. * Easy to learn andplay. Just crash andexplode all the balloons! * Cool graphics andvisual effects. *Powerful boosters that you can use to clash andblast balloons. *Free to play shooter. Play anytime and anywhere-no internet orwifi connection needed. Shoot Balls & Win! Match3 or morebubbles of the same color to create a line blast and cleartheboard. Complete the missions and earn enough points to get 3starson every level. Challenge yourself with plenty of excitinglevels,swipe bubbles for free and play for hours! Boost YourBubbles Game!Use special boosters to help you pass those trickylevels. 🔥 Make 7bubble shots in a row to earn a FIREBALL that willburn up bubbleson the way. 💣 Drop 10 balls or more and get a BOMBwill take outsurrounding balloons. Employ these epic power-ups tocreate majorexplosions and big bubble drops - combine them for evengreatereffects. TIP: Try to clear a level with fewer moves to get ahigherscore. Each new level has a different target you need toreach, soplan your moves carefully and shoot balls! Start yourbubblingadventure now! Chill with friends and family while playingthisgreat bubble shooter game and see who can shoot all bubbles andgetthe highest score! Have a blast! All rights of Bubble Shooter ™areowned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
spinner.pop.bubble 3.1
Play Bubble Pop Spinner for free and get ready to have a funtimewith this cool new match game! This awesome bubble shooterissimple to learn and easy to pick up and play anytime andanywhere.Train your brain and test your logic skills as you match,smash andpop balls and solve all the challenging quests. Enjoy thisfreeaddictive shooting game and get ready to tackle the bubblecircle!Explode all bubbles in limited moves and reach the targetEach timeyou make a shot the bubble wheel spins, and you have anewchallenge. Work out a winning strategy and master all thedifferentchallenges and brain teasers. Clear the board with fewermoves toget a higher score and try to get three stars on everylevel. Thebubble board is SPINNING! Make sure to aim well so yourbubble willland exactly where you want it. Drop the big groups ofballoonsfirst so you can clear a path. Your goal is to pop bubblesandclear the board to level up. Play and enjoy the best bubblesgamewith hundreds of challenging levels to satisfy your itch forfunpuzzles! The spinner board is super addicting! Are you readytoface the bubble pop spinning board? Play today and see how fastcanyour fingers move! HOW TO PLAY * Tap on the screen to drag theaimand lift it to hit bubbles. * Match at least 3 bubbles of thesamecolor to burst. * The bubbles are spinning, so build a tacticandaim carefully! * Swap bubbles without limit, simply tap onyourbubble to change its color. Download now and experience arelaxinggameplay. Tap on the screen to shoot balls and blast yourwaythrough hundreds of awesome levels. AWESOME FEATURES *Classicballoon popping gameplay with a cool twist. * Hundreds ofamazingpuzzle levels to keep you engaged for hours. * Super funpower-upsthat will boost your game. * Free to play as much as youwant- nointernet or wifi connection needed. Play online or offline!* Astress relief game that will color your day with joy! Shootandexplode all the colorful bubbles in the new amazing spinnergame,exercise your brain with hundreds of tricky challenges and winbig!Liked the game? We would love to get your feedback! Let usknowwhat we can add to make your gameplay even more enjoyable andearnyour 5-star review. Have any questions for us? Contact oursupportteam at
1942 Arcade Shooter
Are you hear about The Battle of Midway in the Pacific TheaterofWorld War II? Are you played any classic arcade shooting gameinthe 1940 series like 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, 19XX... Withitssimple concept and endless fun, 1942 Arcade Shooter isamasterpiece remake of the classic arcade experience. Thecontrolsare easy to learn and use. Keeping the old feeling ofplaying in anarcade. Includes 10 types of famous WWII combat planesfor militaryfans and more . Supported for all kinds of devices,from phoneswith low specifications to tablets. Supported Globalservice.Supported for Achievements, Leaderboard. FEATURES -Controls arealso similar: auto fire,shooting the POW from redenemies, it willcycle between the various weapons available, whichcan then bepicked to equip it to the aircraft. - Perfect Shoot ‘emup: Lots offighter jets, battle companions, ammunition and guns,and devicesto choose from: your personal armory is packed with hitech! Andyou can play game offline. - Exciting campaign: more than60 levelsfull of enemies and breathtaking action! - Additionalmodes:Bombarding, Bosses and Protect, each of them radicallychanging thegameplay! - Huge bosses: battle and defeat enemies thatare so bigthey don't even fit the screen! And wipe out swarms oftheirminions! Find pieces of the Danmaku barrage of bullets. -Greatvisuals: Tired of space shooter and lasers? Try outflying!Vertical shooters have never been better. Epic sky wars arefull ofexcitement. Choose your airplanes and free the countryfrominvaders. The symphony of air war and heroes' charismaareunforgettable! - Retro modernized: Played Shmup (STG) gamesbefore?This top-down shooter will make you say «wow» and revive thebestimpressions of your scroll childhood. No matter you are a fanofStrikers, Tyrian, Ace Squad, Razor or Airborn or youparticipatedin battle actions in Sky Force. You will become the fanof ourseries 1942 Arcade Shooting - Future update: PvP, Co-op,Friends….Make your choice - take you’re airplanes to victory. Feelthebullet force.
Ultimate Bubble Shooter 2.2.1
Get the ULTIMATE free bubble shooter game and pop bubbles tobeatall the challenges in this incredibly brilliant and addictinggame!Join battle and experience hours of popping fun. Form a groupof 3or more blaster bubbles of the same color to pop them, andwinawesome boosts and challenges! Use powerful boosters toblastthrough the levels and collect amazing rewards. Want to relaxandclear your mind? Try out this great shooting game! UltimateBubbleShooter is a perfect game to play while waiting for anappointmentor even during a boring meeting! Use your logic andmatching skillsto overcome the obstacles and pop bubbles. Play andenjoy anaddicting arcade game mode, plenty of challenges andadventures -you won’t be able to put this popping bubbles gamedown! If you’relooking for a simple, yet fun puzzle game, try outthis greatbubble pop game! Shoot, explode, and pop bubble drops inthisrelaxing board game and work your way through alltheballoon-packed puzzles and brain teasers. Practice yourskills,complete war levels, and win coins! This fun bubble shootergame iseasy just to pick up and play, perfect for families andfriends toplay and enjoy. How to play Ultimate Bubble Shooter: -Match 3 ormore balls of the same color to smash the combination andclear theboard. - Win blasting fun puzzle levels and advance alongthe map.- You have a limited number of shots to clear a level sowork out astrategy and use them wisely. - Use fewer shots to reachthetarget, complete a level, and earn 3 stars on everylevel.Remember: more scores equals more stars! - Play hundreds offreepuzzle game levels. The struggle to shoot and pop all theballscontinues! Conquer challenging levels with powerful boosts inthisthrilling bubble pop adventure. Join the fun and excitement intheultimate action game - You won’t want to put this game down!Chargeup with awesome boosters that will help you blast throughthelevels: 🔥 Shoot, pop, and hit 7 bubbles in a row to get aFIREBALLthat will burn up blasting bubbles on the way. 💣 Explodeand drop10 bubbles or more to get a bubble BOMB that will takeoutsurrounding bubbles. FUN BUBBLE SHOOTER GAME FEATURES - Hundredsofabsolutely amazing puzzle levels with new challenges.-Action-packed gameplay. Simple to learn and super fun! - Plentyofamazing brain teasers, powerful boosts, and free gifts. -Funbubble game for families and friends to play and enjoy. - Freetoplay and totally addictive. - Play this cool offline game forhours- no internet and no wifi required. Join the fun adventureofUltimate Bubble Shooter today! Heads Up: the longer you play,themore addicted you’ll get! All rights of Bubble Shooter ™ areownedby Ilyon Dynamics Ltd. 46.0
The most cute bear of the history is coming! This is an epicgame,exciting levels continuously. What is more, this bubbleshootinggame for free! How to Play: - Aim and match bubbles whereyou wantto shoot the bubble. - To group 3 or more bubbles to makethemburst. - Clear all the bubbles on the screen to get to a newlevel.- More than seven kinds of cute bear is waiting for youtounlock,you can invite five friends to unlock the special role.-Less moves you pass a level, higher score you'll get. - At theendof game,you will be awarded coins according to the score.thehigher score you got, the more coin will be awarded. - At theendof game,you can click the falling bubbles to get higherscoreFeatures: + easy operation but lots of fun. + Gorgeousspecialeffects and beautiful images. + Different roles dress +Manyinteresting props to help you pass game quickly + A combinationofmultiple bubbles + No wifi can also play if you likebubbleshooting game,It is worth to try. Let's play it!
Centiplode 1.62
Angry centipedes are coming down the screen to attack your hero!Butyou will be well armed and able to defend yourself and yourGardenfrom the coming killer bugs! Free centipede arcade shootergame withincreasing difficulty and vibrant colors. Now with Easyand Hardsetting! Player scores by shooting colorful centipede&millipede sections, turning them into mushrooms! Specialbonuses forFleas and the deadly Poisonous Scorpions! Centipedehead = 100points, body = 10, Flea = 200, Spider = 300 to 900,Scorpion = 1000points A new classic arcade game for free on mobilebut with somemodern touches to add extra game-feel and 2 controloptions (1 or 2fingers mode). If the centipede reaches the bottomof the screen, itwill move back up the screen to try to get you.1-Finger Mode =Touch to move and Auto Shoot 2-Finger Mode = Touchto move at bottomof screen and Tap top of screen to shoot Drag /touch Controls allowa responsive alternative to the originaltrackball controls ★Heart-racing arcade fun and challenging gameplay ★ Screen ShakingEffects (optional) ★ Challenging Hard modeadded for even morearcade frenzy ★ Retro color pixel art and chipsounds ★ 1 or 2Finger control drag modes ★ Bonus lives based ofscoring ★ Easy toPlay But Harder to Master ★ Classic 80s stylegame AdditionalUpdates ================ - Mushroom Maze BonusLevels - More angrybaddies to run from - More action in retropixels!! - Moreexplosions too Feel free to make a video of yourgame play and shareit with us! :) Don't forget to Check out ourother classic gameslike Galaxy Storm and Plasma Invaders etc.Tweet High Scores to@Gazzapper Our facebook is[Please update to latestversion of our game]
Nano Bubble Shooter 2.0.0
The legendary Nano Bubble Shooter game is a brand new ballshootinggame adventure. Pop bubbles in mythical levels, clear theboard inevery level and solve the mystery. If you are looking for afun wayto spend time, we have a perfect popper game for you. NanoBubbleShooter is a free puzzle game with challenging quests andplenty offun. Use your tactics to solve the bubble puzzles, SHOOTand POPthe colored balls and master all the challenges in thisbubbleshooter game! Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles of thesamecolor to shoot and blast away the balls. Plan your shots andwin,see which color you are getting next and work out a strategytoshoot and smash all the popping bubbles using fewer shots. Youcanstart any level over and not have to wait for lives, as theyareunlimited! HOURS OF ENDLESS POPPER FUN Travel in space, anddon’tworry about a wifi connection, you can play this cool shootergameanytime and anywhere you want, whether you’re online oroffline!Share the bubble fun with family and friends and compete inthebattle for the top scores. New cool features: - Thousandsofexciting action puzzle levels full of nano bubbles! - Hit andpopbubbles and enjoy a free bubble swap. - Awesome galacticeffects. -Use powerful boosters that will help you on your spacejourney toexplode and pop balloons - No WiFi and no internetrequired toshoot bubbles. - Popping galaxy bubble battle fun forthe wholefamily! Explore thousands of amazing levels and enjoysomehigh-quality graphics and designs. Harness the power of thegalaxyto solve all the bubble packed shooter puzzles and challengesandreach high scores. All rights of Bubble Shooter ™ are ownedbyIlyon Dynamics Ltd.
Top Bubble Pop 1.2.1
Aim, hit the target and pop bubbles in this exciting balloonpoppingawesome game! Solve puzzles in this fun and action-packedballshooter and enjoy thousands of addictive levels filledwithintriguing challenges. Collect all the hats from their bubbletrapto clear the board and level up. Top Bubble Pop is a relaxingfreegame, perfect for families and friends to play and have agreattime. Don’t miss out this epic legend! Are you ready to begin?Warmup your fingers and prepare for the ultimate shooting game.Jointhe awesome adventure and blast your way to a super victory. Ifyoulove online puzzles and can’t get enough of exciting brainteasers,this amazing app is simply perfect for you. Discover thenew andaddicting bubble shooter game! Take part in thelegendaryadventure, popping bubbles was never so exciting! Try itout todayand get ready to practice your balloon matching skills inthe epicshooting battle! How to Play this Top Bubbling Game: * Dragyourfinger to aim, release your finger to take a shot. * Matchcolorsto pop and blast balloons. * Collect all the hats. * Clearall thecolorful balls from the board - it’s so easy to do! *Explorethousands of free puzzle levels. * Swap bubbles withoutlimit, justtap on your bubble to change its color. * Reach highscores and tryto get three stars on every top level. Poppingbubbles is superexciting, and a real adrenaline rush! Why You'llLike Our Game:Cool graphics and effects. A fun rescue game forfamilies andfriends to play and enjoy. Free and easy to play bubbleshootergame. Play this addicting game anytime and anywhere you’dlike- nowifi or internet connection is needed to shoot bubbles. Useyourlogic and color-matching skills to overcome the obstacles andpop,shoot, and blast all the balls. You can start any level overandnot have to wait for lives, as they are unlimited! Play thebestbubbles game now for free and WIN BIG! All rights of BubbleShooter™ are owned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
Spaceflight Simulator 1.4 1.4.06
This is a game about building your own rocket from partsandlaunching it to explore space! • Realistically scaled planets,withsome up to hundreds to kilometers in size, and millionofkilometers of space between them. • Realistic orbital mechanics•Open universe, if you see something in the distance, you cangothere, no limits, no invisible walls. Current planets and moons:•Mercury • Venus ( A planet with a extremely dense andhotatmosphere) • Earth ( Our home, our pale blue dot :) ) • Moon (Ourcelestial neighbour) • Mars ( The red planet with athinatmosphere) • Phobos ( Mars inner moon, with rough terrain andlowgravity) • Deimos ( Mars outer moon, with a extremely lowgravityand a smooth surface) We have a really active discordcommunity! Video tutorials: Orbittutorial: Moonlanding:
Bubble Heroes Galaxy 1.2.1
Join the bubble shooter superstar league and fight to defendthegalaxy! If you love space shooting games and can’t get enoughoffun brain teasers, PLAY for FREE the best bubbles game andgetready for hours of endless fun! Bubble Heroes Galaxy offersmorethan thousands of epic levels, with brand-new levelsconstantlyadded, so you won’t need to worry about getting boredanytime soon.This awesome bubble shooter game will fill your daywith excitementand color. The bubble universe is in danger! Jointhe excitingadventure in space and help the bubble heroes to shoot,pop andblast all the balls and win the battle. Get into action andhelpthe superhero warriors to fight against the aliens and theinvadersand clear the board. This fun hero game is a real braintrainerthat will test your tactics and strategy skills as you popandburst your way around challenging puzzle levels. Shootingbubblesis the best way to relax and pass the time! EPIC ADVENTUREIN SPACEGet ready for a new balloon popping adventure! Take aspaceshipride to different planets, pop bubbles and explore thecosmos.Become the bubble hero, download this super fun game, aimcarefullyto hit the target and make these bubbles clash and pop!Use coolboosts and power-ups to help you conquer the challenges,smash thebubbles and reach high scores. Play and enjoy fun bubblesquestsand action-packed gameplay. BURST AND SMASH BUBBLES Tap onthescreen to shoot and explode balls, make combinations of 3 ormoreidentically colored bubbles to pop the combo and clear theboard.Use your logic and strategic planning skills to plan yourmoves andmake big bubble drops! Share the bubbling fun with familyandfriends and see who can pop all the balloons faster. Ready tostartthe action? Think you got what it takes to become thebubblechampion? Play now and join the galactic battle! AWESOMEFEATURES:• More than thousands of cosmic levels packed with funandadventure. • Totally free and super addicting bubble pop game.•Great puzzles and challenges that will train your brain. •Coolgraphics and visual effects that make the entire gamingexperienceextremely fun. • You can play this galactic puzzleshooter offlineanytime and anywhere! No internet connection or wifirequired. Getready for your next bubbling addiction! Bubble HeroesGalaxy willblow your mind! EASY & FUN TO PLAY • Drag yourfinger to movethe laser aim in the direction of the balls. • Liftyour finger toshoot bubbles. • Match 3 or more bubbles of the samecolor to popthe group. • Blast all the bubbles to clear the boardand wincoins. • Change the color of your bubble with a tap. • Boostyourexperience with awesome power-ups. • Pop 7 bubbles in a rowtounlock the FIREBALL that will burn every bubble on the way. •Drop10+ bubbles at once to get a massive BOMB. Try out the bestpuzzlegame in the store and enjoy fun levels, amazing challenges,andexciting bubble quests. Plan your moves, win cool boosters,clearlevels and win points. There is no life or time limit - youcanstart any level over and not have to wait for lives, as theyareunlimited! Bubble Heroes Galaxy is the game that will leaveyouwanting more! Liked the game? We would love to get yourfeedback!Let us know what we can add to make your gameplay evenmoreenjoyable and earn your 5-star review. All rights of BubbleShooter™ are owned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
Bloons Supermonkey 2 1.8.1
ninja kiwi
Endless legions of colorful bloons in outlandish shapes andpatternsare invading Monkey Town and only Super Monkey can stopthem! Equipdozens of powerful weapons, unlock never-before-seenSuper Monkeys,and use dozens of screen-clearing powerups to popevery bloon andachieve a perfect diamond ranking. * Fast-action,pop everythingfun-fest * 90+ vibrant levels, each with uniquebloon waves *Colorful, easy to control family fun for new gamers *Intenseskill-based diamond challenges for hardcore players * 90+weaponsincluding epic powers like Doom Gauntlets, Sidewinder Ace,and Yeti* 40+ bloon shredding powerups like Explosive Shots,ParallelUniverse Monkey, and the Sun God * Compare level rankswith yourfriends Take to the skies and get popping! -----------Permissions:Bloons Supermonkey 2 may request permission to accessyour "Photos,Media, and Files" but the game has no interactionwith your Photosor Media at all; this permission is only to readand write to yourexternal storage (Files) to buffer rewarded videoads. If there areever any problems with the amount of data stored,please contact usat In-App Purchases:Bloons Super Monkey 2contains in-game items can be purchased withreal money. You candisable in-app purchases in your device'ssettings, or reach us for help. Yourpurchases fund our developmentupdates and new games, and wesincerely appreciate every vote ofconfidence you give us with yourpurchases. Ninja Kiwi Community: Welove hearing from our players,so please get in touch with anyfeedback, positive or negative, If it'sstuff you want the whole communityto talk about, then join us onFacebook, Twitter, orInstagram: and Streamers:Ninja Kiwi is actively developing,supporting, and promotingchannel creators on YouTube, Twitch,Kamcord, and Mobcrush. If youare not already working with us, keepmaking videos and tell usabout your channel
Zumble Deluxe 0.07
Rich Center
In Zumble Deluxe have many levels to play Complete all levels,andtry to make max score in every levels! must solve all themarblemaze! Your target is to eliminate all the zumba marbles, butdon'tlet the chain reach the end. Survive four secret scenes to getthebest marble shooting game and the mysterious treasure ineveryadventure! How to play Zumble Deluxe game: 1. Control andshootingto match three or more marble colored balls. 2. Tap onthetransmitter can swapping the current ball and the next ball.3.Boost your score with power-ups and combos. Features ofZumbleDeluxe: ★ More than 300 level, Enjoy with marble shoot ★IcingBlockers NEW! Fire a ball into the frozen ones to remove theice.They can be destroyed only after the ice is removed. ★ Manydeluxebooster to discover! Create combos to get amazing power-ups.★ Manysecret level to make the game more addictive. ★ This marblegamesis a free, action zumu puzzle game play ★ Boss levels: willyoumanage to destroy the chain if the path is invisible? ★ NoWi-Ficonnection required, but you can unlock the full game featureswhenconnected to the internet ★ Arrows, bombs and moreinterestingprops you should learn from game. Enjoy best shootingexperience inthis Zumble Deluxe shooting game! Thanks every gameplayers! Anysuggestion is welcome!
Sky Force Anniversary 1.20
The blaster legend is back to celebrate its 10-year anniversaryinsuper-destructive style. Harnessing the intensity of classicarcadeshoot-’em-ups with the latest technology, Sky ForceAnniversaryoffers a stunning scrolling shooter experience with anincrediblenew social gameplay element. Ten years ago, IGN said,“Put simply,Sky Force is amazing.” Scoring an incredible 9.5 out of10, SkyForce took the early mobile gaming scene by force. And nowit’sback. Bigger, bolder and more intense than ever. This10thanniversary edition adds incredible depth to the seriesthroughstunning 3D graphics, intuitive controls and a powerfulupgradesystem that’ll keep you blasting for hours on end.Weeklytournaments take place on unique new levels as you battle itoutagainst legions of other Sky Force Anniversary players,offeringgreat rewards not only for winning, but for rescuing otherpilotswho’ve already been taken down! The hottest shooter is nopushover, but the invigorating gameplay and vast libraryofachievements will keep both casual players and hardcoregamershooked as you upgrade your ship and take it a little deeperintothe incredible battlefield time after time. FEATURES: *Beautifullevels with immersive missions to complete. * Multipleextreme bossbattles. * Upgrade your shields, guns, missiles,lasers, mega-bombsand magnets. * Risk everything to rescuecivilians. * Brand newweekly tournaments against other players. *Boost your final scorewith a host of in-game achievements. * Rescuefallen opponents towin extra lives and stars. * Accessible tobeginners, as well ashardcore shooter addicts. * Full voiceover andincredibleelectronic soundtrack. * Co-operative mode for twoplayers!Getready for the fight of your life in Sky ForceAnniversary.
Universe Bubble 2.1.1
Universe Bubble is a free bubble shooter game with hundredsofcosmic levels and tons of cool boosts and puzzles. Play thebestaction-packed space game today and clear the universe from allthecolorful bubbles! Travel through the bubble galaxies andearnpowerful boosts that will help you blast through the challengesandwin coins. Enjoy the most relaxing galaxy shooter, relax andpassthe time shooting bubbles and solving fun puzzles. Can you beatallthe levels and master the challenges? Work out a strategy toclearall the balls and pop your way up to victory. Each new levelhas adifferent target you need to reach, so plan your movescarefullyand fire away. Try out Universe Bubble and test yourskills inhundreds of universal levels packed with colorful bubbles,coolpower-ups and high-quality graphics. Join the cosmicadventure,soar across the galaxy and visit various planets. Playeverywhere,anywhere and as much as you want. No internet or wificonnection isrequired. One thing you’ll definitely love about thisuniverse gameis that you can replay any level over and not have towait forlives, as they are unlimited! Aim, match and blast bubblesbeforeyou’ll run out of shots. Move fast and pop all the coloredbubbles- It’s super fun and addictive! Boost your gaming experiencewithgreat power-ups: the bomb and the fireball will takeoutsurrounding bubbles and cut through a safe pass. HOW TOPLAYUNIVERSE BUBBLE * Match 3 colors or more to pop bubbles andclearlevels. * Reach high scores and win the bubble battles! *Exploredifferent bubble worlds and solve the fun puzzles. * Pop 7bubblesin a row to unlock the fireball boost. * Drop 10+ bubbles atonceto get a bomb. * Discover hundreds of amazing levels packedwithawesome challenges. Don’t miss out this fun bubble poppinggame,compete against friends and family and see who can reachthehighest score and get 3 stars on every level. DownloadBubbleUniverse and enjoy hundreds of cosmic levels packed withfunchallenges and puzzles. Your goal is to clear the galaxy fromallthe bubbles, so you better warm up your fingers and startworkingon your matching skills! Enjoy the best bubble poppingexperienceon your Android device and start popping these bubblesNOW! Pop allthe bubbles and become the ruler of the galaxy! Allrights ofBubble Shooter ™ are owned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
Pharaoh Castle Magic Jewels 1.3
Switch and match diamonds complete the goal in the specifiedstepsortimes. Enjoy the full diamond adventure for free! There'retonsoflevels to play through and in each one, you only have somuchtime toclear and get the star that falls into the bottom ofthescreen. -free match puzzel-3 gameplay - hundreds ofinterestingEgyptian runestyle gem Levels - mysterious egyptscene,stunninggraphics with ahighly polished interface. - full offun andamazing challenges -continuous Elimination can get extrascoresquickly - easy to playbut a challenge to fully master,takeonthese challenges You willlove the fun, creativity andexcitementof this great casual game.Join millions of players in anadventurejourney through the pyramiddesert of ancient Egypt. Canyou solvethe puzzles and help Pharaohwith this quest of jeweltreasures?
Marble Blast - Monkey Shooter 1.1.0
Marble Blast - Monkey Shooter is a marble shoot game withthethemeof monkey. It is easy to play, but truly addictive.Inthismarblegames,your goal is to clear all the marbles before theyreachtheend of the path, and meanwhile, achieve Marbles and Combosasmanyas possible to get the highest score.Marble Blast -MonkeyShooterFeatures:★Great art, music, animationeffects.★Well-designedmapsto make the game more addictive.★Coolpowerfull items likearrows,bombs and more interesting props.★40different funlevels,more willcoming soon.How to play MarbleBlast:1.Tap screenwhere you want toshoot marbles.2.match 3 or moresame color marblesto makeblast.3.Swap the shooting marble bytouching themarbleemitter.4.Use props to make the gameeasy.Download itNow!!Enjoythis Marble Blast - Monkey Shooterjourney!!!
Fingerprint Camera shutter 4.0.3
*Fingerprint Camera shutter* - helps you to take picture easilywithfingerprint - Take picture by tapping on fingerprint sensorjustwith your camera app.
Road Riot 1.29.35
Road Riot is the global sensation that defined the CombatRacinggenre with over 20 Million Downloads ! Thisaddictive,action-packed shooter will put your driving skills to theultimatetest! Dodge missiles, destroy enemy cars, and leave a trailofdestruction as you race to the top of the worldwiderankings! says Road Riot Combat Racing “pays homage toarcadeclassic.” What’s not to love? Fast cars, big guns, sleekarmor, andglory are waiting for you! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Racingcars has never been this much fun! Road Riot CombatRacingchallenges you to:: BIG GUNS * Race, shoot, and destroy allkindsof rivals while speeding down the road! * Customize your ridewith15 levels of weapons, armor, side weapons and turrets as wellasfive types of specialty cars: Sports Car, Magnet Car, MissileCar,Laser Car and Blast Car. * Dodge away from randomrockets,missiles, and roadblocks while jumping over to grab powerups like,boosts, wrenchs, score multipliers, and magnets to gainadditionaladvantages over enemies and bosses. * Earn coins alongthe race towisely finance your upgrades on weapons and armor.CHALLENGEPLAYERS WORLDWIDE * Earn gems by completing missionsandachievements to extend your life, beat your old records andrulethe leaderboard! * Shoot your way past players all over theworld.* Race through player leagues that are challenging. Thesupersmooth and simple controls make your playing intuitiveandenjoyable whether you’re on a phone or a tablet. Mostimportantly,it is FREE TO DOWNLOAD and FREE TO PLAY! Join millionsof playersworldwide today as you race past enemy cars, tankers, andchopperswhile dodging incoming missiles and gunfire![EL4]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Game features in anutshell: ✔AMAZING RACING EXPERIENCE. - Speed your way throughenemy trafficwhile shooting down your enemies in 3 differentenvironments -Fight head-to-head with dangerous Tank Bosses as wellas shootingcars from rival groups - Dodge missiles, gun fire, andtrafficbarricades - Race through over 100 missions and achievements- Pickyour favorite colors with 6 different paint choices ✔COOLESTSHOOTING WITH VARIOUS WEAPON, ARMOR, AND CAR TYPES - Upgradeyourmain weapon and armor up to 15 times to blast through enemycars -Fire side-mounted weapons for wide range shooting - Addautomaticgun turrets to lock onto enemy cars during combat - 5combatvehicles to customize for maximum destruction: Sports Car,MagnetCar, Missile Car, Laser Car and Blast Car ✔ TONS OF BONUSESANDPOWERUPS TO EARN - Get daily coin and jewel rewards to upgradeyourcar even quicker - Grab an edge with 5 different power ups:nitrousboosters, double weapon mounts, repair kits, powerful lootmagnetsand score multipliers ✔ PLAY WITH FRIENDS AND RULE THELEADERBOARDS- Race with your friends all over the world to competefor higherscores on the weekly leaderboard - Brag, send lives andinvitationsto challenge your friends and get coin rewards. - Testyour luckand win surprising rewards by playing Mystery box RoadRiot CombatRacing is one of the best fast paced racing games aroundthat issure to get your adrenaline pumping! Step on the gas anddownloadRoad Riot Combat Racing today!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -Forany questions or feedback, reachus here:
Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter 15.3
Earth's last hope is in your hands, take control of thelonespaceship and protect Earth from alien swarms. Your goal willbequite challenging as you will have to save the Universe fromitsevil enemies. In this space shooting game, you will be facinganincreasingly large number of enemies in hazardous environments.Asthe game progresses, you will earn the right to upgradeyourspacecraft to unleash its full lethal capacity. HOW TO PLAY:*Touch screen to move and kill all enemies. * Collect itemstoupgrade or change your weapons. FEATURES: * Multiplayer mode: 1vs1, 1 vs 3 * High quality images optimized for tablets andlargescreens. * Ability to use active skills during the spacebattles. *The game is packed with 160+ levels on variousdifficulties. *Beautiful levels with immersive missions tocomplete. * Multipleextreme boss battles. * Upgrade your guns andlasers. Enjoy classicspace combat - powered up. Download GalaxyAttack: Alien Shooternow! Follow us on Facebook: Group withus
Bottle Knock Down - Red Ball Bottle Shooter 1.3
Are you love Bottle flip and bottle shooter ? Do you looking foracheap game ,bottle shooting game or free game which youcanknockdown any bottles ? This game made for you : Bottle KnockDown- Red Ball Bottle Shooter Don’t worry ,Bottle Knock Down - RedBallBottle Shooter is best choice for you Gameplay of Bottle KnockDown- Red Ball Bottle Shooter : With easy gameplay !!! Yourtargetisbottles , you just use a red ball, sling it on the catapult,hitthe ball straightby direction you want . Red ball willknockdownbottles and breaks them. Bottle Knock Down - Red BallBottleShooter is the ultimate bottle shooting game, you are lookingfor.Bottle Knock Down - Red Ball Bottle Shooter is a game of knockanddown all the boxes standing on some floating platformswithSlingshot and angry balls. This is a level game. Over 50 uniqueandinteresting levels. With slingshot and red ball ,you must useyourintelligence to throw ball knock out bottle . You get tochallengeyourself in 50 levels .In each level of this bottle game,you needto use your logic to knock down all the bottles and if youcomplete,we have so much hard challenges to increase experience hitthebottle target . When you completed level, the game playwillbecomes hardknocks , more and more hardly. You need goodlogicaland aiming skills to complete any level. As you move tohigherlevel you will find more difficultly in completing. You canalsosay this, a physics game because all things are controlledbyphysics. You can also zoom in, zoom out and move the game sceneineach level in all directions to see close look. Enoughdescription!Now download and enjoy this interesting World. PlayBottle KnockDown - Red Ball Bottle Shooter , a fun and addictivebottle shootslingshot game that will provide you with hours of fun!Knock downto Earth colorful bottles in order to break them,challenge yourskills and progress in multiple levels! Your newfavorite bottleshoot & bottle breaking game! KNOCK DOWN THEBOTTLES TO EARTH :With this easy to play and fun bottle breakercatapult game, youwill have endless fun testing your slingshotskills! Have funplaying and breaking all the bottles using angryball in front ofyou! CHALLENGE YOUR SKILLS : Our Catapult gameoffers differentchallenging levels for you to test your slingshotskills. You getto challenge yourself in 50 levels. In each level ofthis bottlegame, you need to use your logic in order to knock downall thebottles and you get to progress in another even morechallenginglevels if you succeed to break all the bottles in thatlevel. Asyou progress in this game, the game play becomes more andmorechallenging, giving you the chance to become the ultimateplayer.Game has 3 beautiful words Forest, Dessert & Snow.CATAPULTGAME FEATURES - Simple & fun to play - Suitable for allages -Colorful design & cool sound effects - Knock the bottlesdownto break them - 36 challenging levels - Test your slingshotskills- FREE to play - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - -- - - - - - Knock the bottles and break them, test yourslingshotskills in multiple levels, and win the highest scores!Become theultimate player of this bottle shoot game, download ittoday forFREE!
Air Attack (Ad)
The full arsenal of modern war equipment is unleashed upon youinthis breathtaking arcade game! Burn in napalm, suffocate in gasorbe nailed to the ground with depleted uranium shells! FEATURES ★3different game modes ★ Infinite islands to play on ★Destructibleterrain ★ 9 different enemy aircraft and soldiers ★Power ups ★Nuclear bombs
Shoot Bubble - Fruit Splash 35.0
This is a brand new and super addictive fruit bubble shootgame,once the start there is no way to stop。 How to Play: - Aimandmatch bubbles where you want to shoot the bubble. - Match 3 ormoreidentical bubbles - Click on the props in the game and usepropscan make it easy for you to pass the game - Use less shotstocomplete a level and try to earn full stars on everylevel.Remember: more scores means you can get more stars! Features:+Thousands of great levels to explore. You can be sure that thisisEXTREMELY fun and addictive!!! + Fruit bubble game ,simpleandendless fun game ,No Network Required. + Anytime,anywhere,shooting must go on.You can still playwithout internetaccess +Play our bubble shooter offline . Anytime anywhere youwantshooting bubbles ,just open your phone and play our Fruitbubbleshooter! + Well-designed level, not only interesting but alsoalot! + This is a very worth playing casual adventure game,nonetwork can also play Notes: This is a completely FREE game withNOvirtual items to purchase! What are you waiting for? Let’s havefunhere! Go and kill the boring time , have fun with yourfriends!Train your brain and your fingers !!! Get ready, aim !! goshootingbubbles! We also welcome the reviews and feedback fromplayers allaround the world to help us to improve the game quality.
catholic.missal.prayer.nigeria.gminds 1.0.31
365 Catholic Daily Mass Readings for Nigeria. The simplestDailyReading app for Catholics in Nigeria. It allows you to followtheDaily Mass either at church or on your own so that youcanunderstand it better. It gives you access to the 2019 OrdoforNigeria, Rosary, Novena and other common church prayers.
Power Pop Bubbles 5.0.4
Start your engines and get ready to shoot and pop bubbles inthebest shooter game! Unlock cool boosts & win coins! Power Pop™Bubbles is an addictive, exciting, brain-training puzzle gamewiththousands of fun levels packed with awesome challenges,power-ups,and effects. Play for free today and join the bubblepopping mania!Shoot and burst all the colorful balls and solve thefun puzzlesand challenges to level up. Make combinations of 3 ormoreidentically colored balls to pop the group and blast thebubblesaway. Aim carefully to hit the target, strike and drop biggroupsof bubbles and clear the board. With cool new items andeffects,powerful boosters and tons of puzzle levels, you just won’tput itdown- Try it out today! COOL FEATURES Addictive gameplay.Play andenjoy hours of endless fun. Thousands of incredible levelspackedwith fun puzzles and challenges. Bubble swap is free, justtap onyour bubble to change its color. Awesome features andeffects.Classic and most addicting gameplay. Easy to learn andsuper fun toplay. Test your matching skills in thousands ofexciting levels. Nowifi connection is needed so you can enjoy anunlimited bubblepopping fun! This amazing shooter game will testyour strategy andplanning skills in thousands of exciting puzzlesand brain-teasers.Download now and play for hours! MATCH COLORS& BURST BUBBLESPower Pop ™ Bubbles is the best game to playwhen you have somefree time, or when you’re looking for a funactivity to share withfriends and family. Get it now and enjoy thisfun puzzle gamedesigned to keep your brain sharp and active. TIP:Drop the biggroups of bubbles first so you can clear a path. Seewhich bubblecolor you are getting next so you can work out astrategy to popyour way to victory and remove all the bubbles fromthe board. Youcan restart any level without having to wait forlives, as they areunlimited! BOOST YOUR SKILLS Earn awesomepower-ups and blastthrough the challenges: * Make 7 shots in a rowto earn a FIREBALLthat will burn up bubbles on the way. * Drop 10balls or more andget a BOMB that will take out surrounding bubbles.Do you have aknack for logic and puzzle games? PLAY Power Pop ™bubbles now andhave fun bursting the balls in this online bubbleshooter game.Dive into the balloon popping fun and discover amazinglevels, cooleffects, and challenging puzzles. Download and playanywhere you’dlike, online or offline - no internet connection isneeded. Takeyour time and plan your every move, play today and winrewards! Howto Play * Drag your finger to move the laser aiming andlift it toshoot bubbles. * Match at least 3 bubbles of the samecolor or moreto pop the group and win points. * Boost yourexperience withawesome power-ups. * Swap and match balls and wincoins. * Aim andshoot matching bubbles and win big. * Use yourmoves efficiently toovercome all obstacles and complete levels. *Solve the funpuzzles. * Pop and burst balls and clear the board. *Reach highscores by using the powerful fireball & bomb boosters* Masterall the different challenges. Liked the game? We would loveto getyour feedback! Let us know what we can add to make yourgameplayeven more enjoyable and earn your 5-star review. Have anyquestionsfor us? Contact our support team at support@ilyon.netFollow us fornews, updates and fun surprises! Visit our Facebookpage: All rights of PowerPop ™are owned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
Goku Live Wallpaper 1.0.0
Hello everyone . Today I preset you a live wallpaper ofGokufromDbz. This application contain one Goku Live wallpaper.Itworksonmostly all android devices support opengl 2.0 or3Thelivewallpaper uses video rendering to show the animation tosupportasmuch devices possible. NOTE:All rights goes totheiroriginalowners. All credits goes to the original artists.
Galaxy Shooter - Falcon Squad
In a near future, human conquered all planets in the SolarSystem,thus became the mightiest race in the Galaxy. Sensing thepotentialthreat, all other races rallied their armed forces,bending ondestroying the human race. Humans had suffered from asuddenattack, lost many space colonies in the process. You, once aheroof classic time, was living in seclusion, now return to rideyourown fighter aircraft in the battle against evil Alien Forces.Thegame has classic pixel style and Danmaku barrage of bullethellshooter. Defend the galaxy from alien attacks, we needyou!FEATURES - Fantastic visual: Gorgeous Pixel graphics, whichremindsof old school retro games, is best fitting for verticalshooters.Epic exciting sky battles are waiting for the arrival of atruehero. - Exciting Campaign: More than 90 levels full ofdifferentchallenging enemies and breathtaking action! - Epic Boss:Wipe outswarm of minions before challenging tough and fierce bigBossbattles. Taste the Danmaku barrage of bullets! - Perfect Shoot‘emup: Lots of fighter jets, supporting drones and gorgeouswings,ammunitions and guns, with various upgrade options to choosefrom,a full armory of high technologies to customize your partner!-More additional mode: Experience more of true space battlesindifferent modes like PvP, Endless, Tournament,… or taking partinlive events for even more rewards and excitement. - UniquePvPbattles: Challenge your friends or random players throughPVPbattles! Fight and raise your rank to the top of thegloballeaderboard! - Retro modernized: Played or didn’t play Shmup(STG)game before? No matter, this is a Super-easy control game, soeasythat a tutorial is not even needed! This top-down shooter willmakeyou feel awesome and relive the old feeling of playingscrollinggame! Lead the humanity and bring us back to our glory dayagain.The force is with you!
Bullet Voyage - Rogue-lite Offensive Shooting 1.1.0
◆FEATURE◆Shoot and avoid, survive 30seconds!Innovativeself-machineconstruction system. Instantlyinstall locallyprocuredweapons!Tactical deployment withdrone!Modification ofweapons withcash earned!Let's compete withhigh score withboasting ship,technique andtactics!◆SURVIVE◆Interplanetary drivecharge inprogress ...30seconds to charge completion ...Installweapons foundon the planetto the hull system.Make full use ofDrones andSubspace Bomb and kickoff the enemies!Warp drive to thenextplanet!How far can you reachand how much can you defeattheenemy?Let's compete that record withpilots aroundtheworld!◆VOYAGE◆If you are confident, let's go toBulletVoyage!Withthe techniques cultivated in planetary survival,withwell-modifiedweapons,let's do various missions inendlessuniverse!+ No billingsystem+ Online ranking+ Achievements+Share toSNS
Just Riddles 1.0.26
Free Fun Game! Addicting thinking word game! Each level is afunriddle, can you guess the word? Tons of riddles to boost upyourbrain power! Some easy, some challenging, some tricky, andsomefunny! ★PURE AND INSTANT FUN★ No registration, nocomplicatedrules. Just start playing, guess the word, and have fun!★SIMPLEAND HIGHLY ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY★ Read the riddle and think;find outwhat word is the answer. Guess the word. Win! ★NO WIFI WORDGAME -OFFLINE★ You can play Just Riddles word game offlineanywhereanytime. No Internet is required! ★FAMILY FRIENDLY★ JustRiddles isone of the best word games for kids. Help your kids tothink fromriddles. Have a great time together with these amazingriddles fromJust Riddles! If you are a word game lover, you willfind this gameto be quick, easy, & a lot of fun! See if you canhandle theaddictive word challenge Just Riddles!
Infinite Stairs 1.3.13
Arcade game loved around the world with over 7 million downloadstodate! Infinite Stairs is addictive. Before you know it,you'rehooked! Bust out new records with your nimble skills! Who'sfaster?You or your friend?! Game features: - Simple controls.Simple gamefor simply everyone. - Set new records with your handagility anddexterity! - Fun characters and retro-graphics, justlike the goodold days. - Real-time PVP mode for playing against afriend or anyplayer from around the world. Are you going to set thenext newrecord?
Cele Club 1.0.4
Contents Hub
Watch movement of Myanmar's biggest celebrities. Cele Club isthefirst digital service for MPT Myanmar users to bring youexclusivespecial videos and photos of your celebrities. Its onlyplace whereyou can see your favorite celebrity in a live videosession. Youcan join fan club of the celebrity. Read blogs fromcelebrities youlike.
Hell's Circle - epic tap tap arcade game 1.2.7
Ice Storm
Unique casual arcade. Jump, dash and dodge. You and yourreactionversus hundreds of dangerous ✹circles. Don't blink, theyareeverywhere. We promise, it will be hardcore. Rules of the game:Andthe rule is one and it is very simple - set new records, tryingtohold on in the game for as long as possible. 🏆 In the game youcan:✔️ beat records in arcade; ✔️ complete missions; ✔️ unlocknewheroes: mad chicken, taxi, snail and even UFO; ✔️ competewithfriends and beat their highscore; ✔️ try HELL mode. Gamefeatures:✔️ simple control with one finger; 👆 ✔️ the game issuitable forthe whole family: our game is fun to play both forchildren andadults; ✔️ cheerful and relaxing music; 🎧 ✔️ the gameis in thecategory of free games 🆓. 🔥 Download and enjoy, hardcoreand driveis guaranteed! 🔥
Rocket Dodge 1.0.6
Kwalee Ltd
Avoid the rockets chasing your spaceship! Put your pilotingskillsto the test across the entire Milky Way! Tap to go left andright,make the rockets crash into each other to build your comboandincrease your score! Play your way through increasinglydifficultplanets, unlocking and upgrading new ships as you go!Rocket DodgeFeatures: • Simple and satisfying gameplay! • Theentire Milky Wayto explore! • Unlock awesome new ships and upgradethem for maximumeffect! • Super-sweet slow-mo effects!
Blocks 1.0.19
BLOCKS is a simple, fun and addicted game, you will findyourselfplaying for the rest of the day! Place the next blockexactly onthe previous block to make the tower go high as possible.Trybreaking your high score, compete against yourself! Use Blocktotrain your skills and RELAX! It's fun and addicting and it'sgreatfor you!