Top 49 Games Similar to Snowman Puffy

Rabbit Hunting Challenge 1.9.1
Here is first ever Rabbit Hunting or Shooting game forandroidsupported devices on Google Play with real 3D graphics.Acceptchallenge to hunt rabbits in jungle.Rabbit hunting FPS gameishere. This game has very beautiful envirnment which consistofpleasent medows hill and green valley. If you're looking forasniper hunting game on google play store wheremany rabbitgameshere if you need to hunt rabbit then download this rabbitgame.Every level gives you a set of rabbit on different positionforshot or hunt to test your shooting skill. This game has youhavealatest sniper gun for hunt the rabbit. As you know Rabbitsarefound in Japan, Africa, North America, South Asia andSouthAmerica. In North America, more than half the world’sRabbitpopulation lives. Mostly, they like to live in groups,EuropeanRabbit is the best know species live in underground calledrabbitholes.If you love to go for hunting in jungle (Forest), thenweprovide you a best rabbit Hunting challenge 3d game.You haveasniper gun with specific ammunition depending upon the levelbrief.The hunter are always fearless people, here the challenge isbig toshot or kill the deer in limited time. Let's see who comestoachieve the objective and come across all the stages to huntthedeer. You have an inventory of weapons to select as yourchoice.You have to complete your target in specific time to unlocknextlevel. Remember you are acting behave like a army snipershooterfor Deer Wild Animal Hunter this is an a crazy mobile gameonstore. Remember when you are going to hunt the rabbit as ahunteror a army sniper in forest be aware from different animalslikelion, tiger, wolf and many other dangerous and deadly animalduringhunting. rabbit is a very sharp animal so set you sniper gunaim ontarget rabbit shot to kill sharply if you miss your shot thensurlyrabbit run away or climb from one place to another and hidebehindthe bushes because rabbit is very small animal the runningspeed ofrabbit is amazing so shot before running.There isbeautifulrealistic graphics environment in this rabbit huntinggame. Youhave latest model sniper gun with multiple number ofbullets. WhiteRabbit are rounding across the jungle, and some timethey go totheir Rabbit holes to hide themselves. Rabbits are insmall sizethey can be hide in bushes. You have to be quick, smartand verysharp to hunt these rabbits.Now a days hunting season hasarrivedand you will enjoy some FPS deer hunting game in desert isanamazing and addictive action game to take you to anultimateadventure in the most realistic environment with treesandgrass.There are lot of games like deer hunting in jungle onGoogleplay presenting the deer, stag, bear, lion, dinosaurs andmanyother wild animals to hunt and shot them.Animal huntingchallengegame includes multiple missions, you have to pass level tounlocknext mission. Difficulty is gradually increasing, clearyourmissions in limited time. we release update every month but nowwerelease our new top update in 2018. Hope you'll enjoy thiscrazyand amazing forest game for kids and adults as well.FeaturesofRabbit Hunting Challenge:-- Radar is given to find Whiterabbits-Latest and accurate sniper rifle - Realistic 3d model ofRabbit-Real best 3d environment- Multiple mission with awesomefeatured-User friendly and smooth gameHope you'll enjoy this crazyandamazing game for kids and adults as well.If you like thisrealRabbit Hunting Challenge game, please try our other gamesbyclicking “More from Developer” or by visiting our publisheraccountand don’t forget to rate and review.Give us feedbackat:FACEBOOK}}}} foryoursupport and keep playing our games!
Rabbit Wallpapers 4.0
Amazing collection of 🐰 Bunnies Wallpapers, Home ScreenandBackgrounds 🐰 to set the picture as wallpaper on your phone ingoodquality. *Quick interface with high resolution images(HD).*Application works offline. No internet connectivity isrequired.*Ability to share the image and the app with your friends.*Set aswallpaper option. *Easy to use... and always FREE! NOTE: Ifyoulike the app, do not forget to press +1 button, leave a commentandqualify ★★★★★ us positively, thanks.
Cute Rabbit Face
★ Cute Rabbit Face is the best Rabbit Face photo editor with600+FREE cute rabbit face and cute cat face stickers! ♡ Rabbit Faceisonly for girls who loves cute face app photo effect and kawaii!♡Rabbit Face is awesome photo editor with tons of sweet muzzlefacestickers, rabbit ears stickers, bows stikers, sweetheartsstickers! ♡ Rabbit Face helps you to create sweet rabbit facephotowith cute face filters! ♡ Rabbit Face has amazing collectionofcute stickers for the best selfie and rabbit face photo montage!♡Rabbit Face is very easy to use and absolutely free! ♡ Createfunphoto with pink bunny ears or bows on photo, applay cooleffects,add Rabbit muzzle on photo just in 10 sec! ♡ Create cuteRabbitwallpaper with Rabbit Face effect! ♡ Add Rabbit or catearsstickers, rabbit muzzles stickers, cat mouth stickers, cuteglassesstickers or sweet heart stickers on photos with RabbitFace!.. ♡Add text to photos and create your funny pictures withRabbit Face!★ Cute Rabbit Face has tons of cute face stickers: ♡40+ cute earsstickers on photo - add cute rabbit ears, cat ears,puppy ears oradd deer horns stickers on face photo! ♡ 40+ cutemuzzles on photo- add cat muzzle on photo, rabbit face stickers,mouse muzzlez orcute teddy bear muzzle ♡ 40+ cute mouth stickers -add mouth, addlips, add tongue on face photo ♡ 40+ bows stickers ♡40+ glassesstickers - add cute girl glasses on photo, pink glasseson photo,heart glasses stickers on photo ♡ 40+ heart stickers - addcuteheart stickers on photo ★ Rabbit Face is very easy to use: ♡Take anew photo or select one from your gallery ♡ Select one ofRabbitFace Camera stickers ♡ Select other super Rabbit FaceCamerastickers which you want to add to the Rabbit face photo ♡Zoom in,zoom out, rotate, adjust stickers, add text on photo ♡ Saveyourcute photo in the photo gallery ♡ Share your kawaii photoswithyour friends and family in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,WatsAppand other social networks. ★ In addition, you can change thephotosettings ♡ Awesome filters ♡ High-resolution photos ♡Excellentperformance - photos are created within 1-2 seconds ♡ Addtext tophoto ♡ Many magical art effects ♡ Brightness ♡ Contrast♡Saturation ♡ Blur ♡ temperature ♡ Shadows / Highlights ♡ Cropping♡Focus ♡ HDR Effect ★ Rabbit Face is absolutely free: ♡ Nopaidcontent ♡ No registration ♡ No coins ♡ All for FREE ★DownloadRabbit Face 2017 right now absolutely free and make yourfirstamazing Rabbit Face selfie photo!
Rabbit Fire - Adventure Begins 1.5
Rabbit Fire is an exciting and challenging game, we honor thestyleof ship games of the 1980s and 1990s, with force field,specialshots, combos, annoying bosses and incredible speed.Yourreflexeswill be put to the test in Rabbit Fire.A horde of evilspaceshipslaunches a massive attack. You, with your reflexes andspecialpowers, will have the task of preventing all be destroyed,fightingin three challenging levels, where the battle will be inheaven.Youare a very skilled rabbit, and very brave, with hisnervous ears,with an enviable flight autonomy.Catch all the carrotsand ensure aperfect speed for battle.Also be sure to collect theforce fieldand the special shot chasing enemies.The game has asystem thatrecognizes when you are about to fail in the mission andgives youa second chance, releasing an extra life. Collect thislife andmake it count.Remember that this is only from the secondlevel.Loadyour combos collecting many stars, use them only in timesof greatneed.We guarantee lots of fun and extreme challenges onRabbitFire.What is waiting to start playing? Download now and clickplay!!!
Cute bunny Theme happy easter 1.1.5
fancy themes
★ Do you love cute bunny theme with lovely pink rabbit ?Customizewith cute bunny theme free .Happy easter to you ! Cutebunny themehas cute bunny live wallpaper and easter bunny lock andjelly candyicon pack ! Get this cute bunny theme now ! Decorateyour androidto celebrate happy easter ! ☆ No matter you like pinkkitty or pinkteddy theme or pink cat lock screen , you will lovecute bunnytheme. DIY live wallpaper now with cute bunny kiss foryour mobilescreen to look pink cute .This easter cute bunny themeis beautyapp with cute bunny live wallpaper . It works with CMlauncher togive you a 3D dynamic touch screen and cute bunny screenlock , andalso lovely icons with jelly candy theme with pinkflowers ! Youwill love this pink flowers cute bunny theme !❤✯‿✯❤features ofcute bunny theme for happy easter ❤✯‿✯❤pink bunny lockscreen withlovely rabbit live wallpaper jelly candy icons with pinkflowers on3D dynamic launcher screencute bunny live wallpaper withpinkblossom make it uique lovelycute bunny screen lock with jellycandyicon design for 100 popular appsall icons simulate juicy candytomake it sweet pink like macaroon3D easter bunny lwp with cutebunnybackground to bring pink flower themejelly candy love lockscreento protect android privacy easy safe weather widget designwithpink flower clock widget special support DIY live wallpaper inpinkflower theme center Visit pink pet theme center to get cutecattheme as lovely bunny applock theme and cute bunny keyboardthemefree . This pink rose theme can only support CM Launcher .Rememberto install CM launcher to apply it easter eggs . We alsohas pinkflower theme with pink orchid theme in pink theme center.Get yourfavorite pink sakura snow free now .❤✯‿✯❤ cute bunny themewithlovely spring flowers live wallpaper ❤✯‿✯❤It contains cutebunnyfloral live wallpaper like flower garden theme. Cute bunnystandsfor happy easter and pure love for pet rabbit. Adore the cutebunnybeauty with this cute bunny theme with cute bunny keyboardandhappy easter bunny screen lock .❤✯‿✯❤ lovely cutebunnylaunchertheme ❤✯‿✯❤ Lovely easter eggs theme is designed forsafe cmlauncher with 3d touch effect . You can boost speed fast,and savebattery within safe launcher and swipe left to readrepublic news .And hot fashion trends of 2017 fashion season. Wesupport diy livewallpaper and DIY cute bunny keyboard theme center. Enable cutebunny lock screen to protect privacy with cute bunnyapplock andget 3D launcher for your new android phone.All cutebunny themesand cute bunny wallpapers are free . If you want us tomake specialDIY pink wallpaper for you just contact us by email .Love themewith flower gold wallpaper and diamond theme icon forlovely girls.So get this cute bunny themenowfree!❤✯‿✯❤❤✯‿✯❤❤✯‿✯❤❤✯‿✯❤❤✯‿✯❤❤✯‿✯❤❤✯‿✯❤
Bunnies live wallpaper 1.7
Love - it means to care. Indifference - can not withstand thetest.If you love someone, you'll always be close, even in themostdifficult moments. Love - means to stop comparing. Bunnieslivewallpaper - the best achievement of our developers.Mobileapplication Bunnies live wallpaper is perfect for yournewsmartphone! The Bunnies live wallpaper application iscompatiblewith most mobile devices, does not require an Internetconnection,has a simple and convenient settings menu, does not loadthebattery of the device. App Bunnies live wallpaper - is a simpleandstylish solution for an animated screen saver on your phone.Isfree. Personalization. We are introducing a pleasant andharmoniousanimated app Bunnies live wallpaper . At thedemonstration imagesto the application Bunnies live wallpaper showsyou how to work andcustomization features. When you double-fingertouch screen to thedefault page opens the settings menu. The usercan disable a quickcall to the relevant section of the settingsmenu. The applicationincludes a sound - the sound is switched atthe touch of the screencenter. If desired settings, you can turnoff the sound-effect.Application Bunnies live wallpaper have theability to connectanimated objects. Animated National Objectsinstalled settings. appBunnies live wallpaper support horizontaland vertical displayformats. The application Bunnies live wallpaperrealizes therealistic effect of water droplets on the glass. Dropsof water ordew flow down the phone's glass. When you touch yourfinger, thedrops realistically fly apart. An additional decorativescreensaveris realized as a realistic effect. In the applicationBunnies livewallpaper , it is possible to connect the effect offlickeringsparks - sparks and sparks randomly scatter over thebackgroundfield. Unobtrusive flicker gives the image an additionalcharm. Inthe application Bunnies live wallpaper the effect "flyingsparks"is realized. When the finger is on the surface of the screenfromthe point of contact, flashes and sparks. InteractivewallpaperBunnies live wallpaper works fine on most popular modelsof themajor manufacturers. New versions of this app outperiodically,depending on popularity among users. To raise theefficiency of ourwork, please send your comments by e-mail. In thepresentapplication content advertising. Application Bunnies livewallpaper. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Interactive Wallpaper Bunnies livewallpaper -download. 2. Sign in to the device settings menu andactivate theanimated wallpaper. 3. After downloading the app opensin a newwindow to preview. - Select the download button below thewindowand start the live wallpaper on your home screen.
Bang! Bang! Bunny 1.1
Bunnies have attacked old Billy Bob's farm, and he just won'tstandfor it, so that means it's time for you to shoot themall!Blast anunlimited horde of bunnies as they endlessly pop out ofthe ground,but don’t miss or you’re a goner!Challenge your friendsand seewho’s the ultimate sharp-shooter!Bang! Bang! Bunny is freetodownload, it’s free to play and it’s going to stay free,soenjoy!Become a Bang! Bang! Bunny fanonFacebook: outourwebsite for more information:http://www.madblowfish.comBecome aMadBlowfish fan onFacebook: onTwitter:
Escape Game Snowman 2.0.0
Welcome to "Escape Game Snowman"! You have been trapped inasnowman's house. Please escape by solving the mystery and tricksinthe house. You can play with easy operation only with taps. ■Howto play Tap to find out. If you want to use items, select theitemand tap the place you want to use. To enlarge an item, tap theitemtwice. If you want to combine items, enlarge the item, selecttheitem you want to combine, and tap. To close an enlarged item,tapthe potato button. If you need hints, tap the bulb button.■Function There is an auto save function. ■ Features Beginnerscanenjoy it to the last. Recommended for those who like cuteworldview.
RABBIT HUNTER 2017Rabbit hunting game in northern Antarctica andfareast jungles, free fun game!Take your sniper rifle and gotonorthern Antarctica and far east jungles for animal hunting.Thisis in your hands with this realistic and free rabbit huntergame.Our game consists of 32 levels in total. You have 2 semiautomaticsniper rifles with excellent scope abilities.A relaxingfirstperson perspective animal hunting game. Users can look aroundthemap by swiping the screen and moving anywhere there they want.Thegame has 32 hunting levels so far. You hunt in valleys andjunglessurrounded by mountains and sometimes near the rivers andlake. Youcan, rabbits and even ducks. As this game is a rabbithunting game,you are allowed to hunt rabbits only. If you huntother animals youwon’t get points and sometimes will be punishedfor hunting. Whileplaying our games, you can see ‘2X’ writings overseveral rabbits,that means it is double awarded hunting thoserabbits.Please notethat it is just a free fun game and never meanto go to huntingrabbits in real life!!!You will be able to play thefollowing inour free shooting game:- rabbit huntingIt is very easyto play ourgame. There are 5 buttons, left bottom rotates only. andother 4buttons located on right bottom as following: Move, shoot,zoom,switch guns.• Timer• Animal hunting ban• Level unlocking•RealisticHunting Environments• 16 levels to play so far!• 2 semiautomaticsniper rifle guns with scope options.• Crispy andenchanting musicand sound effects.• Stunning and beautifulgraphics. • No annoyingin app purchases. 100% free. • Fun andaddictive. Fit for allages.Experience the best animal huntingsimulator game on Androidplatforms. Play our other animal huntinggames like Bear hunter,boar hunter, animal hunter series and manymore…Please leave yourcomments and thoughts. Your feedback is muchmore valuable to us!!!
Moon Rabbit Keyboard 10001003
moon rabbit keyboard will make your phone cooler andsmarter!Themoon rabbit keyboard offers wonderful typing experienceand cartoonpersonalized enjoyment.It will make your device lookamazing!How toapply the moon rabbit keyboard theme?Notes ☢:The moonrabbit themeis a theme app. It needs you to download the smartkeyboard enginefirst. Tap the INSTALL button and download it forFREE! If youalready have the smart keyboard engine app installed,just tap theAPPLY button and the moon rabbit keyboard theme will beapplied onyour phone automatically.Features ☂:✪Popular Emojis andGifs☺:Mostpopular emojis and gifs are supported. The auto emojipredictionfeature offers precise prediction of emojis. Just type aword andour cool keyboard will suggest emojis for you.✪ThemeCenter✿:3,000+ keyboard themes here including variouscategories,like tech, animal, glitter, nature, cute ones, cartoon,flowers,love, luxury, cool style, business, simple, sports, specialforgirls and many more. You can find all the themes you love inthetheme center while enjoying the great typingexperience!✪DIYThemes♥✎♪In our keyboard, you can customizebackgrounds withvarious wallpapers or even your own photos. Alsothere are variousbutton skins, fonts and sound effects to choosefor you to createyour own keyboard!✪ Supported Languages☁:The moonrabbit keyboardtheme supports over 80 languages.✪ Cool 3D DynamicEffects✈:Makeyour phone cool and awesome!✪ Gesture Typing۞Make yourtypingfaster than ever. (Swype input method)✪ About the moonrabbitKeyboard:Want to enter the world of moon rabbit? Hurry upanddownload the moon rabbit IME theme!moon rabbit keyboard is a3Dbutton skin pack with cool 3D effects. moon rabbit is alsoakeyboard which has plenty of beautiful cartoon wallpapers foryouto set as your phone's background.★ Download and apply themoonrabbit theme for free and stylize your Android phone. Themoonrabbit keyboard is designed to offer you a faster andsmoothermobile operating experience whether your phone is Samsung,Huawei,HTC or Xiaomi.If you like our app, please do not forget towritecomments. Thank you for choosing this cool cartoon 3D theme!
Talking Rabbit 2.19
Talking Baby
Talking Rabbit is in the home! Talking Rabbit is thebestentertainer for both kids and adults with funny rabbitlistening toeverything you say and talk back in funny Rabbit Voice.DownloadTalking Rabbit’s FREE and FUN app and enjoy yourself!TalkingRabbit repeats, makes up her own sentences and more! TalkingRabbitrepeats everything you say with a funny voice. Adopt TalkingRabbitas your very own baby rabbit and help her grow into a supercoolfully-grown virtual Rabbit. Customize her by choose from loadsofaccessories to make her look like you like! Spend a littletimewith the cute rabbit and get to know her better. TalkingRabbitneeds your love. Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with thistalkingand free virtual rabbit app! Features of Talking Rabbit: ✔Talk toRabbit: She repeats and invents his own sentences! ✔ Playwithrabbit: Try hitting her with a finger, listen to her rock outonhis guitar and have her throw cutlery at you! ✔ InteractwithRabbit: Rub her belly, poke him or have her jump the way youwanther to! ✔ Feed Rabbit: collect her favorite foods, feed her! ✔Playwith Rabbit: Great numbers game - check now the IQ and yourbrainsmemory! ✔ Decorate Rabbit's home : Choose the best furnituretomake her house look cool! ✔ Customize your Rabbit: Choosingfromcombinations of eyes, skins, and accessories! Talking Rabbit isafree app, play it now for free and have big fun! Whether you'reakid or an adult, there's no end to the cool fun you can havewiththe Talking Rabbit as your virtual pet rabbit! Enjoy hours offunand laughter with this Talking Rabbit.
Rabbit Crazy Running 1.0.3
FFS Mobile
*** Storyline ***Crazy Rabbit Running super diluted broke intothefairy world, only to mischief, playing accidentallytouch themagicbook upsets the fairy tale. So Crazy Rabbit Running neededhelpusto overcome the challenges to help the world return tonormal.Trapsand enemies everywhere to prevent Running Rabbit andus. Time anddistance jumping isextremely important to avoid fallingdown thehole on the track.Your fate Crazy Rabbit Running lying inour handsthere.*** Game Features ***- Stunning, super-cutecartooncharacters.- Touch the screen to play, simple andconvenient, easyto control.- Jump, Stampede, escape, assault, fullof features forthe player's adventure trips.- Collect coins to buyavatar, upgradeitems, adding more fun.- Designed for adventurelevels or morerisky, bring excitement to players.*** Game Play***Crazy RunningRabbit has a simple gameplay is easy to play. Clickthe screen tojump, dodge guysenemies and traps. The game takesplacecontinuously, the player must focus on the situation inthegame.Gold coins collected in the game's currency to help youbuyitems and upgrade featuresfor his character.Use save me ifCrazyRabbit Running to revive the sector falls in thatpositioncontinues to tremblemove forward.Items on the road willalsosupport a great help to players you should not ignore it.
Bunny Run 2.9
STEM Studios
Bunny run!!! is a simple and addictive adventurous run gamewithsimple controls. Our bunny and its small kids are starving inthisEaster, help the little bunny to run and collect carrots fromthefarm without being caught by the cruel farmer. Just clickthescreen to make our bunny to jump all obstacles. This bunny runisthe best adventure game for this Easter. It has the best funrungame with good graphics and music. ***Features*** 1. Tap thescreento make bunny run. 2. Collect all the carrots without beingcaughtby farmer. 3. Run and finish all the levels. 4. Have goodrelaxingmusic and sound effects. 5. Have two worlds each of having12challenging levels ***How to play*** 1. Just tap the screen tojumpthe bunny. 2. Collect carrots as many as you can, withoutbeingcaught by farmer 3. Run to the end of the levels to reachourbunny's home to celebrate Easter.
Funny Bunnies live wallpaper 1.10
Fluffy rabbits - they are so cute and amazing . Lovely littlefunnyrabbits and bunnies on the background of flowers and grass -greatlive wallpaper for nature lovers. In live wallpaper withfunnyrabbits and rabbits a new effect is provided - interactivedrops onthe glass. Funny Bunnies live wallpaper - This is a coolanimatedlive wallpaper with realistic effects and impressivehigh-qualitygraphics. Personalization. Distributed free of charge.LiveWallpaper Funny Bunnies live wallpaper can be used inhorizontaland vertical position of the device. Screenshots of AnnexFunnyBunnies live wallpaper, display options, and image effects onthescreen. Quick input in the setup by double-tapping thescreen.Disabling direct access to the settings - the mainapplicationmenu. The application contains a switching module -switch offadditional effects. Tap the center of the screen -Connect theaudio unit tunes the respective topic. The first sectionof thesettings is turned off sound option. Application FunnyBunnies livewallpaper have the ability to connect animated objects.Therelevant section of the settings set number of animations.Notesand hints INSTALLATION Funny Bunnies live wallpaper: 1.Download toyour phone or tablet app Funny Bunnies live wallpaper.2. Run theapplication Funny Bunnies live wallpaper using the iconsin themain menu. 3. After downloading the app opens in a new windowtopreview. Application Funny Bunnies live wallpaper testedandpermitted its use On most models quadrupeds manufacturers.Therelease of new versions of the application depends ontheapplication's popularity. Please send by e-mail your commentsonthe application - it will improve our work. Animatedwallpaperscontain advertising.
Bubble Pop 1.5
Bubble pop game, Drag the small red ball and throw him tobubbles.Collect all bubbles and pass the levels. Play as long asyou likeif you want to enjoy in your free time. Baloon popping andpuzzlegame players will love Bubble Pop. This game can be playableforbaby and toddler kids. Just drag the ball and movefinger.GameFeatures:* Drag finger to aim bubble speed.* Left fingerto throwbubble* Collect all balls and bubbles to pass level.* Someballsare hard to destroy.* Click 3 times to pop hard balls.*Blackcolored balls never pops.* Updated controller makes easy tocatchthe ball.* Limited time, limited throw interval.
Jumping Rabbit 1.11
The adventures of a brave rabbit to save the animalfriendsbegins!Please help continue to control the rabbit jump fromside toside to reach safely to our animal friends and rescued thetargetpoint!▶ Try obtaining skins with various attractions▶ Tryclearingall 100 stages consisting of more than 20 kinds of variousobjects▶a variety of interesting and fun breaking achievements▶rankingsystem that can compete with your friends▶ Operation usingsimpletouch and tilt (skew)For more information, please seethescreenshots.
Tunnel Town 1.5.9
Show off your creativity and design a subterranean playgroundforsome very unusual rabbits! What's New: - The Founder Bunniesarehere just for this month; sipping their iced lattes, showingofftheir impeccable suntans, and pitching their reality shows. -It'stime to ride -- set your bunnies free on the Trike andMotorcycle!- Earn stars for watching ad videos - Login and stayconnected toTunnel Town through Facebook Help your bunnies build anundergroundempire! Feed baby rabbits by hand and watch them grow.Design newtunnels and chambers, then fill them with toys andfurniture yourbunnies will really use. Hit the dance floor withdifferent rabbitcombinations to discover amazing new species. Visityour friends'burrows through Facebook or Game Center, and show offyour own.Play online or offline: Tunnel Town is as deep as yourimagination!Tunnel Town features: - Curious bunnies you can pick upand playwith - Play online or offline - Amazing high resolution 3Dgraphicsand animation - Infinite possibilities: design your ownundergroundworld! - Zillions of items for your bunnies to interactwith -Facebook link to connect with friends - Gardens to growandtreasure to discover - Make baby bunnies the old-fashioned way:onthe dance floor! - Scads of bunny types you've probably neverseen.Can you breed the elusive Butterfly Bunny? NOTES: - TunnelTown iscompletely FREE to download and play, but you can alsopurchaseGems and Stars for real money through the in-game shop. Ifyoudon’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchasesonyour device. - You must have an Internet connection the firsttimeyou launch the game, but you can play online or offlinethereafter.Learn more: Follow us to talk aboutcomingupdates and request new features: @TunnelTownDaily onTwitterTunnelTownDaily on Facebook -------------------------------Pleaserate the game and send us your feedback so we can keepupdating it!We read all of your feedback and your suggestionsreally will makea difference in what comes next!
Run Rabbit Run 3.2
Mucahit İnci
Welcome to the most fun and exciting of Androidgames.Rabbitsimulation game run rabbit run!!! The rabbit you havefalls on adesolate island, and save him for the prey of wildanimals on theisland. Pick up the carrots that come in front of youso that therabbit doesn't starve and feed your rabbit's wife.Sothat therabbit can run faster and get rid of the tiger after him.Thehungry tiger rabbit's eyes and wants to make lunch,run therabbitand keep him alive without hitting obstacles. With themostbeautiful graphics of Android games, this game will take you toadeserted island, waiting for you for free!!! You can get thisgameon your phone and save your rabbit from falling into thedesertisland. Hurry up, your rabbit's waiting for you!!! This gameis themost beautiful graphics and fun for children. Features-AndroidGame -Totally free -The best graphics -Best sound -Replaycapability -Highest score recording Play -Slide your fingeron thescreen to avoid hitting obstacles -Run the rabbit fast. -Thedifficulty level will increase. Come on, download it now andjointhis fun adventure !!! Leave your comments and thoughts. Yourviewsare very valuable to us !!!! Please write to any problemsorcontact us: Kindest regards Mucahit Inci
The Fat Rabbit 1.2
A cute rabbit , a fun game for everyone. That is funny game withafat rabbit. Eat carrots to more points. :)A product fromstudyingin CoreVN
Rabbit Evolution - Tapps Games 1.0.2
Tapps Games
I’ve got ears for days and big teeth, and I can bring you eggsbutI’m not a bird. What am I? An ugly waiter? No, dummy, a rabbit!Itmight not be Easter, but it’s definitely bunny season fortheaddictive Tapps Games Evolution series, so get ready to drag,dropand dare, because your new favorite pet will be a hare!Mixandmatch to your heart’s content and fill the world with tons ofcute,fluffy and sometimes slightly scary rabbit mutations. It’ssoadorable you’ll want to hug your screen!Another Evolutionclassicfrom Tapps Games!FLUFFY FEATURES🐇Pantheon: a new place forsupremebeings to look down on us mortals and laugh atourmisery🐇Impostors: watch out for impostors trying to stealthespotlight from the rabbitsHOW TO PLAY🐇Drag and drop similarrabbitsto create new mysterious creatures🐇Use rabbit eggs to earncoins,buy new creatures and make even more money🐇Alternatively,fiercelytap a rabbit to make coins pop from theireggsHIGHLIGHTS🐇Differentstages and many rabbit species todiscover🐇A mind-blowing storywith hare-fying twists🐇The unexpectedmix of alpaca-like evolutionand incremental clickergames🐇Doodle-like illustrations🐇Variouspossible endings: find yourdestiny🐇No rabbits were harmed in themaking of this game, onlydevelopersIt’s bunny time from TappsGames, hunny!Please note! Thisgame is free to play, but itcontains items that can be purchasedfor real money. Some featuresand extras mentioned in thedescription may also have to bepurchased for real money.
Ice Crush 3.6.1
Ice Crush is a brand new game from the makers of Garden Mania 2andGarden Mania 3! Switch and swap, match 3 ice crystals, adoptandraise snowman, challenge snow monsters and elves, facepuzzlinglevels, save bunnies and polar bears, collect coconuts- allwithstrategic matching! Ice Crush is an all-new matching puzzlegivingyou a new way to play in the frozen adventure, you'll beaddictedfrom the very first hit! ☆☆☆☆☆ Highlighted Features ☆☆☆☆☆ ★Hugeand brand new game play! It's time to show your matchingskills! ★Great rewards and daily bonuses prepared for you! ★Eye-catchinggraphics, cute and adorable opponents and friends! ★Rechargeableboosters, well-designed power-ups help with thosechallenginglevels. ★ New way to win coins and snowballs for you toupgradeyour equipment. ★ 800+ levels plus well designed topiclevels! Freelevels and game modes added regularly! ★ Facebookconnected, easyto sync progress on different devices. ★ Free &easy to pickup, yet challenging to fully master. ☆☆☆☆☆ How to Play☆☆☆☆☆ ★Switch and match 3 or more ice crystals, create combos toreach thetarget. ★ Unlock power-ups, collect coins and snowball,adoptsnowman for the preparation of tough levels. ★ Less moves youpassa level, higher score you'll get. Can you score high enough toearn3 stars on every level? ★ Ice Crush is completely free to playbutsome in-game items may require payment. Like Ice Crush onfacebookfan page to get the latestnews!
Rabbits Wallpaper 2.1
Dextreme apps
Decorate you device with the cutest bunny rabbits, withsomebeautiful HD images of these Childrens pets there is somethingforall the family so download rabbits wallpaper today!Rabbitsaresmall mammals with whiskers and distinctive long ears. Its tailisfluffy, short and round and it is called a bob. Rabbit is oneofthe most popular pets, after dog and cat. There are about30species of rabbits around the world. Small rabbit species can beaslittle as 8 inches in length and weigh less than a pound.Largerrabbits grow to 20 inches and more than 4 pounds. Rabbitisherbivorous. During warm months, rabbit eats herbs, peas,grasses,clover, lettuce and greens. In the winter months it eatstwigs,bark and buds. Rabbit habitats include meadows, woods,forests,grasslands, deserts and wetlands. Rabbits live in groups,and thebest known species, the European rabbit, lives inundergroundburrows, or rabbit holes. A group of burrows is calledawarren.Rabbits and hares are two different species the harebeingthe bigger of the two.Rabbits are popular in mythology andculture.Many people believe carrying a rabbit’s foot will bringgoodluck.Their eyes are made for safety, too, since each eye canrotate360 degrees. This allows them to look behind them withoutturningtheir heads.This application contains some of the bestwallpaper HDimages available for your enjoyment please justdownload and setwallpapers for your phone or tablet.Rabbitswallpaper app workswithout an internet connection, which means youcan install yourfavourite images even in offline mode!-- Features--- Easy toinstall and crop images to your liking with just a fewclicks ontoyour desktop, lockscreen or homescreen.- Ability toshare the imagevia Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr,Flickr, Stumble,Instagram or online with your Friends.- It'scompletely free- Highquality HD Wallpapers - Supports all screenresolutions and devices(including tablets).- Supports screenrotation.Rabbits wallpapersguaranteed to be the best app youdownload today!
SNOW WORLD:Easy defense action 1.1.3
[Game Introduction]A simple action defense game set in theSnowballfight.Defend your castle from approaching enemies!*Download "SNOWWORLD" for free *Some paid content is available, butyou can playthis game for free until the very end!* Basic Actions*Tap on anenemy to aim at them. Your snowmen will take care oftherest.Enemies will move towards your castle gate, so take aimandstop them from getting too close!* Tacticstriggered!!Revolutionized the tactical situation!! **Wide varietyof Tacticsto use*・Counter Enemy parties with "PenguinTroopes"・Repair yourcastle walls with "Penguin Builders"…and more!!Choose your tacticswisely to overcome difficult situations!* PlayerTraining *Level upyour soldiers and Tactics, and repelwave afterwave of enemyinvasions!Customize and grow your own powerfularmy!*UsefulItems*Use items to diversify your strategies and gainadvantage inbattle!![Story]Far in the South, in a cold, icyisland…There was amagical Snow Crystal that gave life toSnowmen.The Snowmen livedpeacefully with the penguins of theisland, and built a kingdomwith them.However…G- G- G- G- G- …Anevil Emperor penguin nowschemes to steal the Snow Crystal forhimself.The Emperor penguinuses evil powers to control monsters,and is attempting to invadethe kingdom!Snowmen Unite! Cooperatewith your penguin allies andprotect the Snow Crystal!!Far in theSouth, in a cold, icyisland…There was a magical Snow Crystal thatgave life toSnowmen.The Snowmen lived peacefully with the penguinsof theisland, and built a kingdom with them.An evil Emperor penguinnowschemes to steal the Snow Crystal for himself.The Emperorpenguinuses evil powers to control monsters, and is attempting toinvadethe kingdom!Overwhelming exhilaration! That's a must, clashof thepenguins army each other![Goal]You must lead your forces inthedefense of the castle.[Let's introduce your friends! ]Whenyouintroduce to five of your friends, you can win rarecharacter"Queen of Ice"!Since the award is also given to invitedfriends,both advances the game deals.[Endurance modereleased]Challenge toyour limits! And get the limited characteronly available this modeto break through the "endurance mode" thatenemy appears incontinuously until you clear the stage![Afteranother to update inthe future]New stage and boss will be addedthrilled!Do not missanupdate!------------------------------------------------------------[Price]App:free*This game is free to download. This game contains somenon-freeitems but you can enjoy this game to the end for free![Theworldview]Japan's first! Authentic snowy fantasy! To fully defendyourfrozen castle from more than 100 kinds of monsters to approachinsnow country![Genre]Easy action strategy (multi-line typetowerdefensegame)------------------------------------------------------------[OfficialSite][Facebooksite][Listof recommendeddevices/To customers who can't get the gametostart]* Support ondevicesnot listed in the link cannot be guaranteed. We thank youinadvance for your understanding.* Individual replies will notbemade regarding plans for recommended devices.* Initialstartupdownload may take several minutes depending on signalstrength.Please wait until loading is finished and don't turn offthe app.*To enjoy "Snow World" comfortably, it is recommended toplay in awi-fi environment.* not support x86 CPU android devices.
com.NeufOctobre.BuMyBunnyVirtualPet 1.4
Adopt the cute rabbits bunny and help her to grow up, taking careofher, dress her up, decorate her house and make her the cutestofrabbits ! Discover the city of bunnies with multiple activitiesandgames to keep your pet busy. In rabbit city, you never get bored!🐰 ADOPT BABY BU This pet needs a new family. You have beenchosento take care of this rabbit and take care of it ! 🐰 TAKE CAREOFHER Take care of Bu and become her best friend, help her toevolvefrom baby to adult to become the rabbit city star! 🐰 GIVE HERASTYLE A gigantic wardrobe awaits you to allow you to makeyourrabbit unique. From the princess outfit to the the rock star,yourbunny will be the cutest ! 🐰 A UNIQUE WORLD Make your rabbitspet'shouse a magical and unique place. Customize the roomsaccording toyour tastes ! 🐰 GAMES AND ACTIVITIES Bu is part of acute andimaginary world, she lives in the city of bunnies, a citypopulatedwith extraordinary rabbits. But many other animals arehidden thereand they have with them magic items, it's up to you tofind them tounlock unique clothes ! You will also find many otheractivitiesand games in the city of rabbits: The sticker store tostart aunique collection of beautiful pictures, the photo booth toshowthe world that you have the most cute rabbits, a beauty salontochange the appearance of your bunny so that it is unique. Butalsochallenges, missions, trips and mini games to take care ofyourbunny and have fun so she never gets bored ! Now that this gameandthe universe of bunnies has no secrets for you, come anddiscoverand take care of this cute rabbits baby bunny ! Your turn !Thisgame is free but some activities or items described in thisgamedescription can be purchased with real money withoutanyobligations. Privacypolicy:
Kawai Rabbit Keyboard Theme 10001002
Kawai Rabbit Keyboard Theme is a cute and adorable KeyboardThemewith all bucks, does, bunny, rabbit, coney,rock rabbit,lapin,conyemojis with keyboard. Cute White Bunny Keyboard Theme designedforgirls and boys who wants to give love cute pets look to theirplainMobile phone today. It has Cute White Bunny set as wallpaperfilledwith different nuances of love sheds.Features of amazing andKawaiRabbit Keyboard Theme🌟 You can make your phone look brand newwiththe help of Bucks and Does Bunny Keyboard Theme you will getfullycustomized phone interface as this Keyboard Theme willchangemobile wallpaper, mobile icons and amazing graphicswillincorporate the fun and craziness in your everyday life incutestand adorable try now..!Accessibility- Kawai Rabbit3DKeyboard Theme can be accessed on all social media apps.NewLook-Try Baby Coney Keyboard Theme to give trendy look to yourandroidphone and replace default Keyboard Theme with excitingKeyboardTheme. More Space - Kawai Rabbit Keyboard Theme onlycovers 2MBspace of your phone and keep your android mobile safefromvirus.Compatibility - Bucks and Does Bunny Keyboard Themeiscompatible with all android mobile phones and do not hangyourphone. Battery Friendly - Cute White Bunny Keyboard Themeisbattery friendly Keyboard Theme.Replace Icons - Bucks andDoesBunny Keyboard Theme replaces your default icons withexcitingbright trendy and stylish icons and keyboard withemojikeyboard.Good News - and the amazing news is you can alsoshareKawai Rabbit Keyboard Theme launcher animated Keyboard Themeon.Background and High Definition Keyboard Theme- This animatedCuteWhite Bunny Keyboard Theme has classy dark wallpaper inbackgroundso change background picture if you wish to have Classicandstylish Keyboard Theme. 2D vibrant and classy Keyboard Theme isaHigh definition Keyboard Theme and when it is used, it makesyourandroid phone very easy and feasible for typing withemojikeyboard.3D Effects 🌍-If you are fed up of all old andboringKeyboard Themes and if you are looking for something amazingwithbucks, does, bunny, rabbit, coney,rock rabbit,lapin, conythendownload Bucks and Does Bunny Keyboard Theme with 3D animationsandgraphic effects.Availability- you can simply download KawaiRabbitKeyboard Theme from anywhere as it is available on googleplay andall other Mobile apps store.Smooth Typing Experience- playsoundsof alphabets and autocorrect spellings while typing withKawaiRabbit Keyboard Theme launcher tema with trendy Cute WhiteBunnyKeyboard Theme.Make Your typing experience more comfortablewithKawai Rabbit Keyboard Theme & in differentandsuitable languages with your friends with the help of BucksandDoes Bunny Keyboard Theme (FREE).Customized Keyboard Theme-CuteWhite Bunny Keyboard Theme with Bucks and Does Bunny tema isacustomize Keyboard Theme and you can apply and remove trendyandBaby Coney Keyboard Theme whenever you want to. TodownloadCustomized Kawai Rabbit Keyboard Theme (FREE).downloadCute WhiteBunny Keyboard Theme.apply Kawai Rabbit 3D KeyboardTheme.KeepClassy , stylish and Baby Coney Keyboard Theme for 24hours tounlock 3D effects.Share review and ratings, as reviewsmatter themost.😊
Merry Snowballs (Mobile, 360 & Cardboard) 2.1
New Content: Put your gloves on and play our new singleplayeradventure - Woodlands. Progress along the trails of abeautifulforest and discover a new way of playing but watch out,new enemiesare lurking behind the trees!Engage in action packedbattles inthis beautiful snowball game - this time with coolgadgets andpowers you once wish you had!Play through challenginglevels with avariety of Gadgets & Power-ups like Ice gun,Triple Snowgun,Blizzards and more. Battle against fierce kids, blowAngryGingerbread men to pieces and get the chance to shoot BadSanta inthe face! Put your gloves on and get ready to fight!Beingnice isnot an option if you want to become THE MASTER OF SNOW!
Talking Bunny Easter 2.0
The cutest talking bunny is finally here, and he will makeyourEaster holiday even more amazing! The rabbit can dance, talk toyouand you can tickle or slap him to see his reactions! DownloadfreeTalking Bunny Easter game app and have fun with your newvirtualpet. This animal is the symbol of Easter, and he is thecoolestrabbit you have ever met! He lives in a big house and hewill showyou all of his beautiful rooms – the gorgeous living room,thebedroom, but the gym and the playground as well! The talkingbunnyeaster will manage to bring gifts to kids on Easter, and inthemeantime he wants to hang out with you! You will see him playtheviolin as well as the drums, so do not miss out on thiswonderfulopportunity! Talk to your bunny and he will repeat yourwords, andplay the latest mini games or watch videos in order tocollectcoins and unlock all the rooms. Install this popular gameand seefor yourself that the cute bunny will become your favouritenewpet! This talking game is perfect for boys and girls of allages!What you need to do is to navigate your little bunny throughhisdaily activities, and he will be happy to play with you anytimeyouwant. It is so easy to play so everyone can have a lot of funwiththe sweet rabbit. Awesome mini games are also here, so seizetheopportunity and play Jumpy Bunny Easter and jump onendlessplatforms. Play Pizza Defense to protect a delicious mealfromannoying insects, but be careful not to hit your friendsbecausethey are not there to harm you! In Bunny Easter Smash youwill tapthe rabbit as soon as you see him come out of the pit, sobe quick!A perfect way to exercise your reflexes, so choose themode youwant to play and enjoy! Play Bunny Easter Jump and you canjumptogether, just tap on the platform you want your hero to hopon.Have fun! We all know that rabbits are hyperactive animals, soourlittle one needs a gym where he can work out! He has a atreadmill,and that is where you can help the bunny easter run orwalk. Youdecide if the latest virtual pet needs to work on hismuscles alittle bit more! The two of you will have so much fun onthe farm,so do not hesitate and download the top talking gameapplicationright now! This beautiful animal is a good fella and hewill leavea basket full of gifts for children, but he is here nowand readyto become best friends with you. The rabbit can take abath andlater wipe with his towel, he is really smart! Check outtheplayground and you will see an incredible trampoline, whereheloves to jump and enjoy the fresh air. He will wish everyoneaHappy Easter with a delicious cake, so tap on it and seewhathappens, and you can color the eggs together and enjoythiswonderful holiday!How to play Talking Bunny Easter app: Playminigames and watch videos to collect coins Talk to the BunnyEasterand he will repeat your words Tickle and slap the BunnyEaster forfun Take the Bunny Easter to the gym Have fun with himon theplayground and make sure he gets some sleepWhich name willyou giveto your cool new pet? The popular bunny easter is all aboutfun, sorelax and play with your best talking animal. Share withyourfriends on social networks and let them know about the topbunnyeaster game! Take care of your rabbit and make sure he getssomesleep, because that is how he gets his energy, and you can getsomemore coins that way! And when you decide he had enough sleep,theadorable birds will wake him up! He is not embarrassed to fartandto show you everything he can do, so the fun is guaranteed!
Bunny Easter Keyboard for Android with Emojis 🐰 v1.0
🐰Bunny’s ears are moving when you use this Bunny Easter KeyboardforAndroid. Download and feel this cute fluffy bunny atyourfingertips!Hunting for some chocolate Easter eggs? This cute,BunnyEaster Keyboard for Android will be perfect to prep forthisholiday. Download the Bunny Easter Keyboard for Android NOW andusethis keyboard for your Messenger, Facebook, Snapchat, andWhatsAppchats!Enjoy your rabbit-shaped hunk of chocolate and gomiscrowavesome Peeps while having your keyboard decorated in theBunny EasterKeyboard for Android! This cute, Bunny Easter Keyboardfor Androidcan be used for iOS and Andriod phones ranging fromHuawei,Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi and much more!🐰Features of the BunnyEasterKeyboard for Android🐰✻ Miracles happen when you touch it:Thespacekey is a carrot and it will be bitten when you touch it. Somuchfun! Download and explore other effects!✻ The Easter Keyboardgivesyou a festive vibe before Easter!✻ Cutest bunny ever customjustfor your phone!✻ Choose languages: English, Spanish,Arabic,Portuguese, Russian and other 150+ languages!★ NoticeThisCuteBunny Easter Keyboard for Android is a plugin app, pleasedownloadthe main app Facemoji Keyboard + GIFS to use .★ How toApply BunnyEaster Keyboard for AndroidStep 1: Download this BunnyEasterKeyboard for Android and Facemoji Keyboard.Step 2: Click intothistheme app-> tap ACTIVATE button -> Enable FacemojiKeyboard-> Swich to Facemoji Keyboard -> Apply✌️** ANY MOREPROBLEMSAPPLYING THEME? E-MAIL US AND WE WOULD HELP!★ AboutFacemojiKeyboardOver 20 million people around the world chooseFacemojiKeyboard + GIFS. It supports over 103 languages, andprovides 3500+emojis, emotions, GIFs, stickers and themes. QWERTYKeyboardLayouts included.★ Key Features- Colorful Unique KeyboardThemes 💃🌴- Thousands of Trendy Stickers 😄 👀 - Send Awesome GIFs 👏 👏- FunEmoji Guessing Games & Quizzes- Smart Emoji Combos andEmojiPrediction 🎂 🎈- Tapping Effect While Texting 😝- DIY YourOwnKeyboard Themes - Smooth Gesture Typing 🐱- Smart Auto-correction😌- QWERTY Keyboard Layouts 😁- Privacy and security🔒★ More EmojisforFacemoji Keyboard******** Contact Us:Instagram: Feedback:facemojikeyboard@gmail.comSay goodbye to boringtexts and stockkeyboards! If you like our Bunny Easter Keyboard forAndroid,please STAR RATE and COMMENT! Thank you!
Merry Snowballs 2.2.3
New Content: Put your gloves on and play our new singleplayeradventure - Woodlands. Progress along the trails of abeautifulforest and discover a new way of playing but watch out,new enemiesare lurking behind the trees! Engage in action packedbattles inthis beautiful snowball game - this time with coolgadgets andpowers you once wish you had! Play through challenginglevels witha variety of Gadgets & Power-ups like Ice gun,Triple Snowgun,Blizzards and more. Battle against fierce kids, blowAngryGingerbread men to pieces and get the chance to shoot BadSanta inthe face! Put your gloves on and get ready to fight! Beingnice isnot an option if you want to become THE MASTER OF SNOW!
Call Easter Bunny 23.1
Kids will love this! Click call and Easter bunny will call andchatwith your kids. Kids ready for egg hunt? Easter bunny has afewhidden eggs waiting for you. Super easy to use with timers.OpenCall easter bunny app. select the time you want to get a callinfor your kids. close app and just wait for time to pass. thenyourphone will ring and easter bunny will come on a video chatwithyour kids. Easter is an amazing time to celebrate with familyandfriends and one of its major traditions is the egg hunt thatkidsdo to understand easter and have fun. Please keep in mind thisis asimulation of a bunny calling and its not a real video. Alsothisis 100% safe for kids of all ages so feel free to use itwithanyone.
Bunny Shooter Free Funny Archery Game 2.8.5
Bunnies have stolen your precious prize-award carrots! Thosepestshave come to your home and ruined your plantation!NOW IT ISTIME TOFIGHT BACK!Grab your bow and get ready to get rid ofthesesadistics little ones, make your way through puzzleandmind-blowing challenges!THEY NEVER STOP LAUGHING!!!!! You musthitthem with all your precision, but you will need to use logicandcreativity to find the best way to advance in thesenumerouslevels.Simply touch the bow, and shoot some arrows on thosepinkrabbits while they act in a funny way! As you reach new worlds,newfeatures are unlocked such as new cool arrows to shoot.Fromthedevelopers of:Ant Smasher, Go-Go-Goat, Bunny ShooterChristmas,Fireworks, Rocka Bowling 3D, PetDash Multiplayer, RoadTrip, andmany others.
Snow Strike VR (Free) 2.00
As you enter Snow Strike VR, you'll find yourself immersed inanaction packed winter wonderland. Your mission is to defendyoursnow fort and throw snowballs at any incoming enemies. Makesure towatch out for the evil snowmen! Snow Strike VR was createdby VRartist and developer, Damon Pidhajecky. Website: dpid.coTwitter:@dpid Instagram: @dpidco For best experience, use with aGoogleCardboard viewer Supported Devices: Samsung Galaxy Note 4,SamsungGalaxy S5, Nexus 5, Nexus 6 Gamepad compatible
Baby bunny grooming makeover 1.0.4
Take care of a sweet baby bunny and give them a brand newmakeover.Caring for an animal is so much fun and here you can wash,brush,and clean your bunny before giving them a feed. You can alsoaddsome personality to their sleeping area by mixing and matchinganew home and pillow. Accessorize your bunny and give them agrandmakeover to make them feel special all day long. Try ittoday!Feature * Wash, dry and brush your baby bunny before cleaningitsears and trimming its nails. * Give your baby bunny a feedandwater before cleaning out their bed. * Create a new sleepingandeating space by choosing a new bed and decorating it. *Accessorizeyour bunny’s new look by adding some bling, clothing andotherdecorations.
Rabbit's Universe:farm clicker 1.0.30
Mikos Games
Welcome to a world of rabbits! Create an entire rabbituniverse!Breed rabbits on your farm. Expand their habitat from alittle boxon your farm to villages, cities, and beyond! Discovernew kinds ofrabbits. Upgrade carrot production and take advantageof theopportunities you get from special structures. And don'tforgetabout those obnoxious flying saucers! If you want to catch aUFO,you've got to think like a UFO. You've got to BE a UFO! Learntocontrol a flying saucer and use it to pick up baby bunniesrunningall over your farm. Compete with your friends and earnrewards.Create the biggest rabbit universe ever!Features:- Uniquegameplay- feed rabbits with clicks, harvest them on your farm likecrops,and catch them with a flying saucer!- Gorgeous habitatsunlikeanything you've ever seen, from a farm to... [redacted].-Evolveyour rabbits- Dozens of carrot-production technologies- Atimemachine and bonuses- Delightful characters- Compete withfriendswith nearby rabbit universes!Rabbit's Universe is free toplay, butcertain in-game items can also be purchased for real moneyor bywatching ads.** NO internet connection required **EnjoyingRabbit'sUniverse? Learnmore:
Ice Queen Beauty Bathroom 1.0.1
Do you love ice princess Anna and ice queen Elsa , thefrozensnowman Olaf , and Kristoff in the frozen land? "Ice queenBeautyBathroom" is for you."Ice queen Beauty Bathroom" is an iceprincessbeauty salon game : Elsa the ice queen has been affected bythe lowtemperatures in the frozen land , so ice queen Elsa wants together beauty again, Elsa will need you to help her throughcleaningher face deeply in the bathroom of Ice queen Elsa, Elsaneeds alsothe makeover process, makeup,dressup and hairstyle.Features : -Cleaning Ice queen's face deeply in the bathroom of IcequeenElsa.- The makeover process for Ice Queen Elsa- Makeup forourprincess- Dressup Elsa with beautiful dresses- CutehairstylesIfyou love ice princess Anna and ice queen Elsa , thefrozen snowmanOlaf , and Kristoff you will love this ice queen gametoo .
Crazy Rabbit 1.1
Meet a fluffy crazy rabbit who dreams of finding the one andonlymagic golden carrot!Help our friendly bunny make his dreamcometrue in this adventure game. Run through rocky passages,dodgewooden fences, jump over deep waters and keep an eye on hishunger.Our fatty rabbit needs plenty of carrots to have enoughpower inorder to achieve his goal. Tricky mushrooms will make hisadventureeasier or shorter. Do you have what it takes to help ourCrazyrabbit achieve his purpose? All you have to do is:- slide forleftand right control;- untap for jumping over obstacles.Let's seehowfast he will find the Golden Carrot! So, what are you waitingfor?
Sledge - snow mountain slide
Jump ! Crash ! Dodge ! That's what awaits you on a snowmountainfull of obstacles in this epic snow slide game - Sledge !Allaround the snow mountain there are many obstacles so hard, thatnoone was able to beat it. Still, many pro sliders sledge throughit,trying hard to get highest score. Glacier, Christmas treeorsnowman, everything on the way is against you ! But don'tworry,there is an awesome snowman with sunglasses ready to help you!Snow slide features : Random Generated worlds Forests - fulloftrees, roots and stumps.Plains - scattered with huge rocks,glacierand snowman army fields.Huge cracks, holes and rolling snowballs!And much more hidden around snow mountain !ChallenginggameplayDodge obstacles by turning left or right, itonly soundseasy !Jump through small obstacles, didn't you know thatsleds canjump ?Crash into stuff to make your way (not recommendedthough!).Sledge as far as possible, get rank and challengethousands ofplayers worldwide ! Beautiful Worlds !Insanelybeautiful low polygraphics !Epic slow motion crashes !Fun Music andsound effects!Lots of skins and gifts to collect !Awesome snowmen!Glacier snowmountain awaits you, so grab your sleds and snow slidethrough themountain with Sledge!
2048 Bunny Maker - bunny city building 1.0
* This game is also available offline.! 2048 Craft blocks ofthesame shape on the floor to create rabbits. Various rabbitsarewaiting for you. Combined rabbits are playing in the rabbitvillagefor life! ▶ Rabbit Village * use 2048 puzzle and Combinedrabbitsmove to the rabbit village. * Let's see what combinationrabbitsare playing. ▶ Carrots and rabbits * You can get a carrotwith alow probability during the puzzle. * Please give carrots tohungryrabbits in rabbit village. * The hungry rabbits give you anitem! ▶2048 Puzzles and items * As the stage goes up, thedifficultyincreases. * Look at the ads or use the items rabbitsgive. * It iseasier to combine new rabbits. ▼ Privilege: Thefollowingprivileges are required to provide advertisements.-READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
Bunny Run 1.3.1
Run or get eaten! A speedy little bunny needs to escape theclutchesof a terrifying Grizzly Bear in Bunny Run!Bunny Run is aFREE gamewith addictive and exhilarating arcade gameplay. Help thecute bunnyas he runs, jumps, slides and whirls through theunderbrush tooutrun and outmaneuver the fearsome Grizzly Bear inthis high-octanechase!Lost in foreign landsYou are a cute littlebunny abandoned bya wandering carnival in a strange forest. Eyeingyou suspiciously isa grizzly bear, and he's looking super hungry.Suddenly the bearlunges at you - run, Bunny Run! It’s a jungle outthere but withenough speed you might be able to get away!Run foryour life!Enjoythis exciting, fast-paced running game featuring anincredibly cuteand cuddly bunny rabbit. Make the fluffy bunny run,jump, slide andglide to safety. Use your reflexes to control thebunny’s movementsand keep him out of the bear’s jaws. Are you upfor the challenge?Find out in this action-packed runner!How toplay:Tilt your deviceto steer Swipe up on your screen to jumpSwipedown on your screen toslide under obstaclesSwipe left or right toturn. Timing isimportant!Collect as many coins as you can – you’llneed them forpower-ups and new charactersFeatures:Visit 8different forests onall 7 continentsUnlock and play more wildanimals as charactersGearup with upgradeable equipment that willhelp you survive longerLotsof different power-ups to unlock andupgrade as you playGive Bunny ahead start! Purchase utility itemsfor him to use in his escapePlaydaily for a chance to win bonusitemsUnlock more missions to receivebonus rewards** Please notethat while the app is free, please beaware that it contains paidcontent for real money that can bepurchased upon users' wish toenhance their gaming experience.Youmay control in-app purchasesmade within this app using passwordprotection which can be enabledfrom the setting page of the GooglePlay Store app. **
Little bunnies 1.0
My intention is to show the most beautiful advertising picturesandfluffy bunnies, but I couldn't because all are verybeautiful,that's why, when you view the application, you will findmorebeautiful and gentle creatures.While this application I wasborn afew ideas:1. These beautiful and gentle creatures can bedownloadedfor free and help your small children or grandchildren.2.Help themwith his beloved.3. As you download them, you can selectyour ownpictures of bunnies. Then find the site on the Internet inorder toprint your selected bunnies on the baby or children'st-shirts andblouses. So will make an expensive gift to yourchildren orgrandchildren.4. If you are unemployed or just want togrow yourbusiness, don't think much, I gave you a good idea!,search the Webcolor copier and start to copy and sell baby andchildren'sclothing with images of bunnies, kittens and otherfurrycreatures.I have a lot of apps with beautiful kittens,downloadthem, you will need, if you indulge in this business!
fun Cute Pink Rabbit Theme 3d 1.1.3
3d cute kawai bass theme, is a free luxury pink girl favoritekawailong ears bunny theme designed for cool phone designpersonalizedyour Android phone. 3d weather components decorate yourcell phoneto become cute girl pink phone. Download and apply blackskull hat3d effects and stylize your Android phone. Want to feel 3dfunnyrabbit question? Free to download beautiful pink rabbit sisterskintheme it!★ To use this theme, you can follow these stepsasfollows:  1. Download and installthetheme;  2. Install the CMtransmitterdesktop;  3. Start the theme desktop, go to"Theme - My",open the theme, and apply it to your phone.★ Please donot forgetthe rate and comment. Thank you!Theme hand painted in thelovelygirl rabbit and funny cartoon rabbit wallpaper. We have60specially designed stylized application icons. 3D flashingdiamond,cute fashion rabbit gave me inspiration to finish the bluefunnyrabbit queen lock screen theme. If you like pink cutekittendynamic wallpaper or red theme and cute kitty theme or bluedottedcat theme and cute teddy bear theme, you will love this pinkcuterabbit queen theme. 2017 luxury purple funny rabbit funnythemedesign in the girl world cool game, graffiti wall depictingsomeunique fantastic cartoon cute rabbit girl picture, consistentwithpink long rabbit rabbit wallpaper icon style, you can gettheultimate luxury beautiful ears Rabbit decoration lock screenthemewith cool red rabbit application lock girl rabbit princessHDwallpaper and girl dedicated lock screen and pretty bunnyiconpack! All application icons are gorgeous and give you aspecialcool phone for free. Is very nice cool luxury pink long earrabbitscreen application lock theme with luxury pretty rabbit queenkawailock screen wallpaper! I love pink fun 3d cartoon rabbit in3dweather widget and pretty clock widget. I believe you willlovethis cool 2017 cute rabbit's super selection. We arecompatiblewith Samsung \ Sony \ Huawei \ Microsoft and so the vastmajorityof Andrews phone!The theme of the glowing luxury pink cardwah iicon package and 3d luminous effects, 3D dynamic pink worldkawailong ear rabbit wallpaper. 3D rabbit lady application lock,thislooks very cool theme elements, making it a classic bunnytheme.Youcan also DIY wallpaper or theme there, replace your badcolorwallpaper with whatever you want pink flower wallpaper orcuteteddy or pink butterfly or rock skull graffiti wallpaper.Ifyouwant us to make a special DIY wallpaper skin you just needtocontact us via email. 3d shiny diamond bunny lock screen, cutepinkbunny HD wallpaper and dark icon to get a colorful luxury bluecuterabbit girl theme pink theme. So get this kawai cats art themenowfree!This beautiful 3D wolf theme is a safe launcher themedesignedfor CM startup. You need to install the CM launchsuccessfully toapply it. We do not currently support GO desktop.Street artgraffiti start theme for you free Become pink girlleader! More DIYholiday theme to celebrate Halloween and Christmasfestivals. Hopeyou enjoy your stay in our gold rose to start thehome. At the sametime we can also provide more basketball themesand footballthemes, if you like it! This is not the theme of loveapplock themeor Valentine's Day keyboard.
Snowman Live Wallpaper 1.7.2
Snowman live wallpaper with a set of beautiful winterbackgroundsand beautiful snowfall animation. And Merry Christmas.-2 differentbackground pictures. I bet you've never seen suchbeautiful view.-The whole screen full with snowflakes, Awesome.-Parallax effect,You can choose scrolling or gravity sensor tocontrol backgroundmoving. -DIY your own snowflake,size,quantity,speed... How to use:1.Home → Menu → Wallpaper → Livewallpapers → Snowman LiveWallpaper 2.Long press screen → LiveWallpapers → Snowman LiveWallpaper Features: -Low battery use -Allscreen size support-Landscape / portrait screen mode support-Smooth animations Ads:Ads can support us to develop more free& great apps. Devices:We tested many android devices, such asSamsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4,HTC ONE, Sony Xperia S... If you have anyproblems please contactus.
Rising Rabbits 1.0.12
Help Mr. Rabbit & Mrs. Bunny to reach high height distancewhileavoiding different obstacles like falling platforms and logs,allwhile collecting carrots for their children. Control Mr.Rabbit& Mrs. Bunny by tilting your smartphone to the leftorright.Challenge your friends by sharing your score at yourFacebookand Twitter accounts.[Top Features] 1- Two playablecharacters (Mr.Rabbit & Mrs. Bunny)2- Using the Tilt Featurefor thecontrol.3- Share your score at Facebook & Twitter,Challengeyour friends.4- FREE[NOTE]* the game support Facebooklog-in, ifyou cancel this from the beginning, you will not be ableto shareyour score at the facebook.
Rabbit Season 1.0.3
Rabbit Season is an endless runner game driven by a story,whereplayers need to help a little rabbit collect carrots on hispath ashe runs. Players also need to help him avoid variousobstaclesalong the way. Obstacles can be avoid by touching anddragging themaway from the rabbit or by timely use of power-upswhich areunlocked as you progress through the story-linelevels."Once therewas a grumpy old farmer who wanted to admire hisfarm alone. But hewasn't alone for long, One day his carrots cropstarteddisappearing one by one. The old farmer was furious when hefoundout that the thief was a sneaky little rabbit. Angry, he wentandbought some puppies to chase away the rabbit.""Along cameamischievous boy, who saw what was happening, decided to savethelittle rabbit from the hand of the old farmer andhispuppies..."FEATURES• A story mode spread through 10levels.• Touchand drag to move the puppies.• 4 Power-ups withfunnyoutcomes.• Freerun mode where you can beat thehighscores.ACHIEVEMENTSAchievement can be unlocked as youprogressthrough the story. See if you can also uncover thehiddenachievements.LEADERBOARDYou can record your Freerunhigh-score onthe leaderboard to show off to your friends andcompete againstthemCLOUD SUPPORTYou can save and transfer yourcurrent progressfrom one android device to another
Carrot vs Rabbits 1.4.0
Rabbit population has increased dramatically. They arebecomingsmarter and more dangerous, declared war for resources toallmankind! To counter this "machine" scientists brought a newvarietyof carrots, so beloved by these rodents ... In your handsthecarrot and it is against the rabbits!
Bunny Run - Bunny Rabbit Game 1.1.17
Bunny Run - Bunny Rabbit Game, come and run through the citysubwaysand magical forest with the cutest girl and boy BunnyRabbits todayand collect as many coins as you can! Bunny Run -Bunny Rabbit Gameis an exciting, FREE endless running game forBoys and Girls of allages. Bunny Run 3D Rabbit Racing Girls Gameis specifically designedfor children and families who want toenjoy and play with thecoolest and cutest Looney Rabbit Bunnies inthe world! 🐇Bunny Run -Bunny Rabbit Game Features🐰 ⭐️ Jump, dashand slide past obstaclesand cute Bunny Rabbit Looney Animals ⭐️Collect coins and chase therainbow for a coin boost! ⭐️ Choosefrom the 8 cutest and coolestRabbit Bunny characters, each withnew accessories! ⭐️ Might crash?Smash through obstacles with therainbow shield! ⭐️ Collect and usea variety of awesome powerups toreach the highscore! ⭐️ Unlock coolnew Bunny Rabbits, boosts andeven upgrades with your coins! ⭐️ Comeback for daily challengesand earn exclusive rewards! ⭐️ Greatgraphics and amazingperformance on all devices! ⭐️ FREE updates,new Bunny charactersare added regularly Choose one of 8 cute,fluffy bunnies and try toreach the highscore by dodging obstacles,collecting powerups andpicking up coins in Bunny Rabbit Run 3D!Experience the fastest andmost addictive gameplay in Bunny Run -Bunny Rabbit Game Boy andGirls Game as you avoid obstacles andcollect coins. Run, jump,roll and slide past cute animals and largeobstacles that blockyour path, and use lightning fast reflexes totry and reach thehighscore! Make sure that you collect as manycoins as possiblewith your cute, cuddly Bunny Rabbit in Bunny Run -Bunny RabbitGame Girls Game because when you collect enough coins,the rainbowwill drop from the sky, giving you a coin boost withEVEN MOREcoins! Will you be able to collect them all? Be sure tocheck outthe Bunny Run - Bunny Rabbit Game store where you canspend thecoins that you collected whilst running! There are 8 cute,fluffyBoy & Girl bunnies to unlock, such as Flopsy, Buster,Looneyand more, each with totally different clothes andaccessories! Willyou be able to unlock them all, including themagical Princesstoday?! The Bunny Run - Bunny Rabbit Game store haseven more thanjust characters too! Check out the upgrades sectionwhere you canpower up your bunny with awesome powerup upgradeswhich will helpyou reach the highscore! As well as upgrades, thereare alsopowerful boosters such as rainbow shields and headstartswhich willgive your bunny the edge necessary to reach and evenbeathighscores! Even fast, cute fluffy bunnies can be indangersometimes when running through magical forests and cities, sobesure to take a rainbow shield for every run. Simply double tapthescreen and smash right through any obstacles that you hit,allowingyou to collect extra coins and score in Bunny Run 3D! Dailyrewardsawait, so don’t forget to come back to Bunny Run 3D everyday toplay with your bunnies and earn awesome and exclusiverewards!Bunny Run - Bunny Rabbit Game has been carefully designedfor Boys,Girls and families to have ultimate fun! Please rate usfor futureimprovements and updates! Invite your friends to play thecute,magical, addictive games designed for Girls & Boys of allagescreated by Green Tea Games and challenge them to beat yourhighestscore! Visit our official site at www.GreenTeaGames.comFollow uson Twitter at or like us onFacebook to get more info about allour upcomingtitles.
Bad Snow 2.3
This uphill climb snow will catch you, feel challenged toventureinto the game BAD SNOW.A mountain of ice is against you,sendingmany snowballs evil to destroy your home and what is inyourpath.The only way to stop it is to go against the enemies thatrollendlessly, trying to reach the top, to prevent moresnowballsdescend down the mountain.Use your skills with perfectjumpsbetween the bole of snow, to go as far as possible in thisascent,the Penguins are her friends, hit them in full and takemomentum toachieve an even greater distance, be careful, one wrongjump couldcause you the longest delay or even failure of themission.TheBitllab Technology, wishes all good fun, hit play andconquer themountain of snow.
Super Carrot Rush: Collect Baby Carrots & Coins 1.2.7
Bunny runner carrot adventure is an excellent runner mobilegame.The story of game is about the survival of a cute bunnycouplenamed Chinto and Minto. Chinto is our superhero, who isrunninghard to save his partner in trouble.Bunny runner can runvery fast,but the racing track is full of troubles especiallysnakes, fox,bat, snake, rat that are also hungry and ready to takethe bunnydown. The adventure game has excellent power packs,magnetic toolfor collecting carrots quickly, turbo booster andprotectionshields to make the survival adventure easy.Bunny runnercarrotadventure have 6 different levels to play. Help the rabbitstosafely complete all the levels. The Game is full of fun,enjoyment,and action with beautiful music in background.
Bunny Rabbit Evolution 🐰 35.0.0
Combine bunnies to mutate them, discover their bizarre andexoticforms, and become rich! You can also customize your rabbitsthemwith tons of accessories in the dressing room!HIGHLIGHTS✔ Nopop upads! We hate them as much as you do✔ The ultimateincrementalclicker game✔ Tons of upgrades to get more bunniesfaster✔ Dressingroom included so you can evolve in style✔ Earncoins from yourbunnies while offline✔ Four different areas todiscover✔ Tons ofcrazy evolutionsTHE STORYCreate tons of amazingrabbits in thiscute evolution game. As you create more rabbits, youwill discovernew worlds and eventually capture the entireplanet!OFFLINEPROFITSYour bunnies will generate coins while you areaway, thatyou can use to evolve even more bunnies! You can evenfeed themcarrots!HOW TO PLAYDrag similar bunnies together tocombine themand create new mysterious creaturesBunniesautomatically earn coinsbut you can tap them to earn coinsfasterUse bunny coins to buy newbunnies and make even more moneyAVICIOUS CYCLEAs you create moreand more evolutions and mutations,your bunnies will generate evenmore coins for you!NO POP UP ADSWhatare you waiting for? Unlikemany other evolution games, Bunny RabbitEvolution has no pop upads! Download this game now and witness thebest evolution ever!