Top 2 Games Similar to Jeu de voiture 2016

Racing In Car - Simulator 1.0.0
If you are sick of endless racinggameswiththird person perspective then Racing in car simulator is agameforyou. Racing in Car simulator is the best mobile racinggameyouhave been looking for. You drive your car escape incockpitviewthrough the endless traffic and realistic environment.Tiltyourdevice to drag your car escape wherever you want,overtaketraffic,earn coins and buy new cars.Enjoy the endless fun of street racing in your powerfulmustangandrace driver through the traffic like a traffic rider incargames2016. Don’t miss all those ramps on the way and enjoy thefunofmaking stunt in your powerful mustang. Overtake thetrafficandjump through the ramps and be the great stuntstreetracingchampion in this car games 2016.Racing in car simulator is a great games with a cockpit view.Youarenot only a stunt driver flying through the ramps but alsoastreetracing champion in this car games 2016. You are thetrafficrider onthe road doing all those stunt through the rampsalong theway. Justenjoy the cockpit view and overtake as many carsas youcan. Racedriver through the town in your powerful mustang inthiscar games2016. Racing in car simulator is a great stunt carescaperacinggames. Racing in car simulator is a great game withacockpit viewand a street racing.Enjoy this furious racing in a great city like San andreaslikeagreat race driver in your driving simulator. San andreasisthecity of street racer games which include stunt car games2016.Youwill have allot of fun in your driving simulator. Enjoythefuriousracing in this drift car games 2016. Drift yourdrivingsimulatorin this car games 2016. San andreas is a city ofdreamsand trafficrider have the most fun in this furiousracinggames.So download today Racing in car simulator and share itwithyourfriends on Facebook.Features- Easy to learn and drive- 3D realistic cockpit view-Jump along the ramps on the way- Endless game mode- Different locations and cars to choose- Simulator-like controlsTry Racing in Car simulator now to see how far themobileracingexperience come nowadays.
Crazy Stunt Car Mania 1.0.0
Get in your favorite extreme car racingandwinthe car escape stunt challenges of Crazy car stunt mania.Inthiscrazy car stunt racing game you can do the extremecardriving.Crazy stunt car mania has the best car drivingsimulatorexperience.Monitor your Ghz speed of your car racing. Thisis acity stunt carracing. Fly your crazy craft through the rampsandget to the nextlevel. This is one of the best stunt carracingstunt games onandroid devices.This is the best car driving simulator in the stunt carracinggames.Drive your flying car in this driver city and drift itinthis crazystunt car mania games for free. This is the bestcargames 2016. Soenjoy the drifting in your 4x4 in the crazystuntcar mania newgames. Drive your flying car as fast as you cansothat you can catchthe next ramp.Show your 4x4 jet car stunts in this car games 2016. You areinyourextreme car driving simulator and you will have to takeyourGhz tothe top most level. This city stunt should be performedin acrazyway in your crazy craft. These stunt games are alsothebestdrifting car games 2016. Crazy stunt car mania games forfreearefor the drifting lovers too. This is the driver city andyouarethe drift champion.This sportcity is full of surprises with flying cars,trafficandramps. These mania new games are the best fun foryourfavoritetime pass. Enjoy the car escape from the traffic onthehighway aswell as don’t miss the ramps in your cardrivingsimulator. Drivethe 4x4 while performing the stunt carracing. Ifyou are fan ofstunt games then this mania new games isfor you.Perform your citystunt and show your best Ghz.Don’t let your flying car smash in the traffic on thehighway.Thiscrazy craft is ready to fly through the ramps so enjoythecrazystunt car mania games for free. Drive your simulator carinthisdriver city and drift all way. This car stunt games isthebestflying car games 2016. Don’t let your car escape therampsandincrease your Ghz to reach the next ramp.This city stunt car racing game is worth playing withyourfriends.Use your 4x4 crazy craft to drive through the drivercity.Driftyour car as you like to do drifting. Crazy stunt carmaniagamesfor free is the best mania new games.In Crazy Stunt Car Mania, the car racing game, you willhavetochoose your dangerous path. Dodge the extreme, biganddangerousobstacles and make sure it will be not yourdeathpool.In this car racing game you will start in your jet carstuntsbycompleting the levels by flying car stunt through the rampsandyoucan become the sportcity speed racer in your jet car stunts.Play with your jet car escape in this sportcity inthemostunconventional ways and have fun with the thrilling rideofyourlife with some jet car stunts. This is a great stunt cargamewithinnovative car models and breath-taking 3D graphics thatwillalsoplease drift racing fans. Do a flying car stunt, andcatchfreecoins all the way in this sportcity. Accept the challengeto betheULTIMATE stunt car driving simulator.In this flying car stunt simulator you can test yourdrivingskillsto the max! Gain speed, brake on the right time andmake therightdecisions to complete this driving game.CRAZY STUNT CAR MANIA -Main Features* Realistic driving experience* Smooth and simple controls* Use nitro to make it on time in this driving simulator* Unlock different crazy speed cars* Time based missions* Find your way on the most dangerous roads and jumps* stunt and escape the maniaWe hope you will like crazy stunt car mania and please letusknowwhat you think of the game.