Top 5 Games Similar to Willys Magical Adventure

Willy Wiener 1.0
Save the Donut... Save the World!***** "It’s a great idea, combining your lust and gluttonyforfood into a game, but seriously, this game is just mindblowing...I can’t help but encourage you to buy this game just toget acouple laughs and show your friends." -***** "There’s plenty of humor (of course) in thishard-to-resistand absolutely ridiculous tale of the heroic hotdog... The drawingsare done surprisingly well for such a cheesytheme, with moreanimations than I would expect. Willy’s excitementas hesuccessfully rescues Dottie is priceless." -AppUnwrapper.comHelp Hot Dog Hero, Willy Wiener on his quest to rescue thelovelyDamsel in Distress, Dottie Donut from the Evil DonutMagician, Dr.Mephisto Maplebar!* Simple accelerometer based game play!* Funny Characters and cut-scenes!* Challenging Slingshot Bonus rounds!* Achievements and Star bonuses!* Special appearance by a monkey, a zombie and the devil!* You also get a Happy Ending!"I'm Willy Wiener and I approve this message" - Willy Wiener"Best Game Ever!" - Willy's mom"Please buy this game" - Willy's accountantFollow us on us on
Willy 1.4.6
Willy's love was kidnapped by evilhand.Helphim save her! In order to achieve this you need tocontrolWilly toavoid obstacles that may kill him. It won't be easybut youget anability to move faster in slowmotion so what can't bedonewith asuperpower?In game you can customize title hero to look the wayyoulike!Just remember that customizations don't make the gameharder,theyare only for you. In the near future you will be able toshareyourlook with friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!We are curently polishing in game features and addinglevelssoyou can enjoy game for longer.
Bazooka Rabbit Demo 1.2.24
Bazooka Rabbit is a fantastic adventure. The challenge is toreachthe final surprise. You have to shoot balls trying to linktogethermore than 2 balls with the same color.Full versionavailable on themarket.
Major Willy 1.0
It's 2040, Major Willy, a space hero, is sent on the firstmannedspace mission to Mars. Not everything goes as planned. Notonly heencounters aliens but also they are not veryhospitable...HelpMajor Willy escape aliens through 81 levels andreturn to Earth.
Rat On The Run 1.34
Donut Games
Help Ratty get FATTENED UP for the winter in this hilariousplatformgame, the very first and original game in the "Rat on"series!Rattyhas just found the house of his dreams - full ofcheese blocks andsnacks.There's just one problem. The floors arefull of slimy blobs,mean spiders and other baddies who try to stopRatty from gettingthe goodies.Includes the bonus game RAT ON ASCOOTER.* * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *GAMEFEATURES:- THREE game modes:- 1:"CHALLENGES" with 50 levels tobeat- 2: "ARCADE MODE" with 8 floorsto clear- 3: "RAT ON ASCOOTER" the original version -- jump, grindand grab cheese puffs-Classic platform fun- Simple, responsivecontrols- Lots ofACHIEVEMENTS to unlock- Donut Games Collector'sIcon #07- Theoriginal Ratty game, experience where it all began!-And muchmore...* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *EnjoyanotherDonut Games release!