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Bluelight Filter - Night Mode 1.3.37
Do you feel the light of your mobile screen is too strong? Doyoufeel your eyes fatigued after watching the phone screen for alongtime? Does the glare of the screen make your eyesuncomfortablewhen you play phone in the bed at night? Do you feelyour vision isblurry after long-use phone? All of these problemsare caused bythe blue light that emitted from the phone screen.Which will bringyou eye strain and vision loss if you looked at thescreen for along time without rest. Now, with this application, youcan easilyget rid of the blue light. We have these advantages: -Heavilyreduce the blue light to relieve eye fatigue and protectyour eyes;- We have 5 different filter colors for you to choose:nature, red,brown, dark, yellow; - You can dynamically adjust thefilterstrength; - Easy to use, one one button to switch on/off; -Stable,no force close; - It's Free!
3D Blue Keyboard Theme 10001002
❤ Neon light flash keypad keyboard theme free for androidfreekeyboard! Magic neon light for 2018 blue laser science theme.Cool3D keyboard theme with blue mechanical design, to make yourandroidkeyboard look amazing cool. Try this blue neon keyboardtheme forwhatsapp , instagram and facebook chat app free. Light upyourandroid with cool 3D neon light keyboard .Get neon lightwallpaperfor android keyboard with flash neon light keypad andmagic blueflash theme free. Neon flash for keyboard theme is herewith blueneon wallpaper for cool blue laser. Neon light keypadkeyboardtheme has neon high tech wallpaper with 3D neon magickeyboard freefor your new android phone. ❤ free Emoji keyboard with3D neonlight keypad theme Are you ready to get some magic neonflash themefor your love? 2018 blue laser science theme is for youto talkcool and whatsapp and facebook social apps. No matter youlove 3Dred keyboard theme or 3D purple keyboard , or black goldkeyboardtheme, you will love this magic neon theme for androidkeyboard. 3Dblue simple keyboard is a smart magical keyboard, whichprovidesyou a unique, smooth and fun typing experience. With 3Dblue simplekeyboard you will become the most popular keyboard amongyourfriends. ❤ free keyboard for neon light and cool mechanicalfansNeon light for keyboard is a free customized keyboard forandroid.Neon light high tech keyboard has cool 3D fonts, 1800+ freeemojismiley , free emoticons, personalized themes for keyboard ,coolstickers and fancy fonts and music keyboard free. Try thisAIkeyboard from cheetah keyboard with laser light skin free. Itistotally free for you to apply on android keyboard, get a holynewlaser light love keyboard now!❤ more functions of blue flashlighttheme for android keyboardtext with laser blue keyboard andlaserscience wallpaper free colorful keyboard themes to diywallpaperwith blue laser as you wantfun chat with 1800+ free emojismiley& cute emoticons freewe support music keyboard andvoicekeyboard in the latest versionwe are one handed keyboardwithperfect keyboard design free smartword custom keyboardchangethemes everyday free smart Prediction to get smart keyboardtextand blue neon light sms text freeautomatic correction to getsmartinput and tap faster than ever50 different fonts and colorfulFontsfor keyboardAI technology to support free keyboardofandroidmultilingual typing to support your local languagebeautifulgesture flow input to tap faster and one tap to sendchatmechanical keyboard to make android keyboard sobeautifulSupportDIY emoji keyboard theme in neon blue keyboardtheme center to getblue neon keyboard theme and neon gold keyboardtheme and lasertech keyboard theme. We also support football themesfor boys andgirls who love sports and basketball and cute kittytheme etc.Require its main keyboard free to apply this blueholagram theme .❤ How to apply blue laser keyboard theme ? First ,smart prokeyboard instead of boring system keyboard. We supportkeyboard forSamsung s8 and Samsung s9 theme phone and huawei p10theme andxperia keyboard theme and more technology keyboard theme.The hightech keyboard will cheer your up everyday with blue laselight.Then, follow steps to enable 2018 blue neon light keyboardandchoose your input language. Now you will be able to use bluetechlight texting keypad and holiday keyboard and free emojikeyboardfree. You will be able to apply tons of designed keyboardthemes inthe themes center. You can find more 2018 3D keyboardthemes thereand also other types of themes like luxury goldkeyboard theme andcool black keyboard themes for you free. Once2018 blue neon lightkeyboard theme is applied, you will start smartkeyboard text rightaway. Smart life starts here with your favoriteblue neon lightdesign.
Blue Light Filter & Night Mode - Night Shift 3.04
Night Shift - Blue Light Filter for Migraine night shade isanoptimal night filter created to provide warmlight night screeninorder to ensure eye care against light blue wavelength fromscreenlight and give you pleasant night reading whilecuringsleeplessness after twilight with night mode. Use night lightantiglare to relieve eye strain and protect eyes from bluelightfluxthat can disrupt circadian rhythm, cause insomnia andrestlessness,chronic migraine, sleepless chronic headache, glaucomaandcataract. What is blue light? It's part of a naturallightspectrum, which disturbs the circadian rhythm andcausessleeplessness, headache and bad eye health. Unlike red lightnightshade, screen light bluelight blocks the secretion ofmelatonin,sleep hormone, and causes restlessness. Retinal neuronsare indanger if night filter anti glare is not used after twilightforeye care. The negative effects of blue light flux are: •Eyestrain, tired eyes and bad eye health • Higher risk ofglaucoma,and cataract • Phase shifting of the circadianrhythm,restlessness, and suppression of melatonin • Chronicmigraine painand activation of the trigeminal nerve • Chronicheadache •Insomnia, sleepless night time and sleeplessness NightShift - BlueLight Filter for Migraine as your anti glare nightscreen andwarmlight night mode helps you by relieving eye strainand chronicheadache during night reading. Its red light night shadeis bestfor eye care against light blue rays from screen light thatcauseglaucoma, melatonin deficiency, and sleepless night time-insomnia. Cataract often develops slowly, so start your tiredeyescare and improve eye health with bluelight filter by using itas atwilight night light as soon as possible! Night Shift - BlueLightFilter for Migraine includes: + Premade blue light filters -Useone of 5 anti glare bluelight flux filters to activate nightmodeand warmlight (red light) for eye care against natural lightbluerays. Relieve eye strain, macular degeneration, glaucomaandcataract with night filter during sleepless night reading. +Savingand editing night mode filters - Create and edit a nightshiftfilter to rest your tired eyes from screen light or make a setofnight filters to protect eyes, fix circadian rhythm,sleeplessness,insomnia and lack of melatonin after twilight. +Dimming belowsystem minimum - Use "Dim" night screen option toprotect eyes fromnatural light blue rays. It's best for good eyehealth and chronicheadache relief during night reading because itgives a night shadewarmlight in form of a night light. +Temperature customization -Use "Temperature" palette to set awarmlight (night mode) or coolertint to your blue light filter.Twilight looking red light colorsare recommended as a bluelightflux filter for tired eyes and usedas a night shift for eye strain,chronic migraine relief, andsleepless restlessness. + Colorcustomization - Use "Color" paletteto adjust the color tint,intensity and dim for your night screen.Night filter provides eyecare and relief from migraine pain causedby screen light. + RGBcustomization - Use "RGB" to fine-tune yournatural light nightreading filter. "R" - red light, "G" - green,"B" - light blue.Night light rests tired eyes with night shade andincrease melatoninand prevent glaucoma. + Automatic filterschedule - Choose the timesin which the anti glare night mode willshift on and off to improveeye health. Ensure that blue lightfilter is always turned on aftertwilight to prevent cataract andfight insomnia and restlessness. +Reduce power usage - Bluelightflux night shift reduces the nightscreen power usage. Use naturallight filters to reduce night lightpower usage while relievingchronic headache and repairing circadianrhythm curing yoursleeplessness.
Blue Light Filter - Night Mode, Eye Care
Eyes feel tired during night reading on the phone? Have troubleinsleeping after long time watching phone screen? That is due tobluelight. Blue light from your phone and tablet screen is thevisiblelight spectrum (380-550nm) for circadian regulation.According tothe scientific studies, exposure to blue light imposesseriousthreats to retinal neurons and inhibits the secretion ofmelatonin,a hormone that influences circadian rhythms. It is proventhatreducing blue light can greatly improve sleep. Blue lightfilter isused to reduce blue light by adjusting the screen tonatural color.Shifting your screen to night mode can relieve youreyes strain,and your eyes will feel at ease during night reading.Also bluelight filter will protect your eyes and help you sleepeasily.Features: ● Reduce blue light ● Adjustable filter intensity● Savepower ● Very easy to use ● Built-in screen dimmer ● Eyeprotectorfrom screen light Reduce Blue Light The screen filter canchangeyour screen into natural color, so it can reduce the bluelightwhich will affect your sleep. Screen Filter Intensity Byslidingthe button, you can easily adjust the filter intensity tosoftenthe screen light . Save Power Practice shows it can greatlysavepower because of reducing screen blue light. Easy to UseHandybuttons and auto timer will help you turn on and turn off theappin one second. Very useful app for eye care. Screen Dimmer Youcanadjust your screen brightness accordingly. Get betterreadingexperience. Eye Protector From Screen Light Screen shift tonightmode to protect your eyes and relieve your eyes in no time.Tips: ●Before installing other app, please turn off or pause thisapp toenable installation. ● When taking screenshots, please turnoff orpause this app in case screenshots use the app effect.RelevantScientific Studies Effects of blue lightstechnology of the Human Circadian Melatonin Rhythm toResetting byShort Wavelength Light Steven W. Lockley, GeorgeC.Brainard, Charles A. Czeisler,2003How exposure to blue light affects your brain and bodyNatureNeuroscience; Harvard Health Publications; ACS, Sleep MedRev,American Macular Degeneration Foundation; European SocietyofCataract and Refractive Surgeons; JAMA Neurology AMBER LENSESTOBLOCK BLUE LIGHT AND IMPROVE SLEEP: A RANDOMIZEDTRIALChronobiology International, 26(8): 1602–1612, (2009) AntiGlareScreen Filter Still looking for anti glare screen filter? Thisisan useful anti glare screen filter you need to try. Care youreyeswith our anti glare screen filter.
Mon Ball
Mon Ball along with Red Mon Ball Blue Ball and green ball isbouncyclassic platform free game similar to red bossy ball blueball andgreen ball. Mon ball in beautiful jungle full of adventurealongwith red plants ball and blue ball. The new world of Mon Ball,isvery amazing. Tap to run, jump, dash, ride, bounce and rollthroughobstacle. Smash the evil , zombie, and big monster and saveMonBall in many challenging levels. The yellow tree pink moongreystone and orange sun make everything very interesting. Solvethegreat physic base 2D levels by defeating the enemy. Avoidfromsmall snake collect the apple and star build tricky trapsindifferent cool and entertaining levels. Get ready Mon ball theEpicmoment are coming soon Mon Ball : Red Plants Ball Red BossyBallRed Adventure Ball Red Roll Ball. ❤️ ❤️ 4 ways to play the Monballalong Red Mon Ball and green ball are friends! ❤️ ❤️ ❄️ 60uniquelevels with great fun. ❄️ Four Dangerous Boss fightingBattlesLevels in 4 different worlds. ❄️ cloud storage integrationwillavailable on next update. ❄️ Wonderful and unique Physic BaseLevelwith new idea. ❄️ Smooth Game play Collect all Star inaddictivelevels. ❄️ Amazing mission in Cave jungle and on Space. ❄️NewVolume and levels are coming soon. ❄️ Story of Mon ball injungleAdventure. ❄️ 4 different types challenging zombie. Mon Ball: RedPlants Ball Red Bossy Ball Red Adventure Ball Red Roll Ballblueball and green ball one of best arcade game to catching ropeorchain and destroy zombie, take revenge earn money and becomerichand winner of the is very hard to save the tiny smallballsbut make best strategy to win incredibly in this addictiveandintuitive missions. Destroy boss in the factory not to die. Flyinto the space explore the super action special levels. Eat thefruitlike banana to get some energy to move bounce ballisthe old friend of Mon ball he is hungry. He is the realsuperjungle hero. He can swim in sea, fly, and slide, swing likeajet-force in deep and endless loopy jungle. Try to jump onwoodenbox to hit alien zombie to finish the level as soon aspossible.There are some bombs placed in forest void form thesebomb. Becomemaster to rescue the planet from the evil. Red alertboost yourbrain defense in temple adventure story of jungle. Thelittle happyand cute Mon ball wants to capture all attention of hisfriend andmake some plan. Keep your control on your player to passall thelogical physics base mini point in all levels. Buy unlimitedlifeall level unlock, upgrade player, activate shield and removeadsthrough shop. This game is easy to play for all ages in thefirstfew levels and then become hard slowly as you go forward. MonBallare ready to attack on heavy mass zombie and smash them andwinaward. This is really fun everyone loves it and it is almostuniqueand best game Mon Ball : Red Plants Ball Red Bossy BallRedAdventure Ball Red Roll Ball. you might also like game similartobossy ball , adventure ball, plants ball.
HALO – Bluelight Filter, Night Mode, Anti-Glare 1.3.6
Introducing HALO! With HALO you can block the blue light andadjustbrightness of the screen in dark places so that you can keepyoureyes healthy and have a good night’s sleep. You will findHALOuseful when - to block the harmful blue light emitted bydevicescreens - to dim the brightness that interferes with yoursleep -the built-in blue light filter in OS is not enough. HALO hasthesefeatures - Night mode(the blue light filer) ON/OFF -Adjustintensity and brightness - Quick setting in the notificationarea -Night mode ON/OFF in the top bar(Quick Settings Tile) (forAndroidNougat 7.0+) - Schedule Night Mode - Activate/Deactivate theapp(stop background service) HALO also has this awesome feature! -Seta custom schedule for night mode. "Apply this function whenusingyour personal device while lying down on bed" It enables nightmodeat scheduled time only if you use your device lying down on.*Execution Condition: it shifts to night mode only when thedeviceis turned upside down (180˚), right side (90˚) or left side(270˚).It will not run night mode if you are walking around outsideatthat time. Permissions details - Receive data from theinternet:used for in-app purchase and serving ads - Viewnetworkconnections: used for in-app purchase and serving ads -Fullnetwork access: used for in-app purchase and serving ads - Runatstartup: used to run HALO automatically when the device restarts-Draw over other apps: required to overlay blue light filter-Prevent the device from sleeping: required to run night mode atthescheduled time Please refer to the information below - HALO useaforeground service (the background service which must displayanotification), so it would not be terminated by the systemduringuse. - Please do not worry about things that affectuserexperience. HALO does not drain battery. It doesn’t dounnecessaryaction either. - The four filter colors that can be setcurrentlyare different from the actual filter colors. Actually,blue coloris removed and reddish color is used to effectively blockthe bluelight that is harmful to the eyes. Permissions details Thisapp isfree including ads! Please purchase the pro version to removeadsand for more features. If you enjoy using the app, please rateit 5stars. Thank you for your support!
Bluelight Filter 7.3.1
iBlue Bluelight Filter is a tiny ad-free utility (just 0.2mb!)toreduce blue light emitted by smartphones, tablets&Chromebooks. To understand the effects of blue light pleasereferto:✓ Multiple filters with different tints ✓ Edit/add filtercolors tosuite your mood ✓ Half screen preview of the filter ✓Full range ofopacity levels to dim the screen ✓ Timer to AutoON/OFF at presettimes ✓ Easily toggle on and off from status bar ✓Quick accessscreen widget button ✓ Night mode black filter ✓Ad-free (no ads)& no special permissions ✓ Tiny (0.2mb only)but full-featured
Bluelight Filter for Eye Care 0.12
EZ to Use
Filter excess blue light, reduce strained eyes, and extendbatterylife!● Effectively reduces all blue light from electronicdevicesthat cause strained eyes. Great for those who use theirdevices allday long and are feeling fatigued. ● Multiple modes tochoose from,that have all been meticulously designed for a naturalandcomfortable experience. ● Power saving mode lowersscreenbrightness and filters blue light, which reduces powerconsumptionand extends battery life.● "Bluelight Filter for EyeCare" is goodfor extensive phone use or when it’s really dark, soyou never haveto strain your eyes.● Reduce eye strain and savebattery life too,it’s like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone.●Customized eye protectionto use, as you control the filter, basedon what you need and usemost often. ※ Worry-free of screenconsuming battery life※Eliminates accidentally hitting your screen※Quintessential forlate-night phone users※ Various colour schemes tochoose from, tomatch your screen (Gold, Pink, Macaron Green, MysticPurple, BasicB&W)※ Select your filtering level from 0% - 100%※Night Mode -Darkens screen brightness to reduce glare andlate-nightsquintingMulti-tasking with apps is trouble-free!Simpleandeasy-to-use interface! On and off at swipe of afinger!Back-offblue light! With “Bluelight Filter for Eye Care,”you’ve got notworries with an invisible shield protecting youreyes!
sFilter - Blue Light Filter 1.5.9
Siso Mobile
Please blocking Blue Light and protect your precious eyes!Statusbar, Widget, Schedule and all convenient functions are free.BlueLight Filter function. 12-color blue light filter are free.Whenadjusting the screen dimmer automatically apply blue lightfilter.Blue light filter is faster speed because I only putessentialfunction. Low memory consumption and battery consumption.■ KeyFunction - Blocking the blue light that reduces eye fatigue -BlueLight Filter adjustment function - 12 kinds of colors tochoosefrom an optimized filter - quickly change the filter settingsinthe status bar - With the widget, while the game features asimplefilter function to On, Off available. - Widget icon resizingandOpacity adjustment - Move freely moveable widgets functionality-The filter can be executed at a specified time using theschedulingfunction - Screen filter adjustment limit function. -Blue lightfilter function automatically applied when adjustingscreenbrightness. - All Process Exit function - Filter Off andMemoryClear - All functions available to choose whether or not touse -Shortcut creation function - Filter opacity adjust unitsettingFunction ■ Features - it will not use the extra memoryandbatteries. - Low memory consumption is Blue Light Screen Filter-Low battery consumption because essential function only put -Byadjusting the screen dimmer reduces battery consumption. ■bluelight filter - blue light blocked causing sleep disordersandblurred vision - I used the natural color of the filterthatreduces eye fatigue. - You can select a filter of 12 colorsandadjust the dimmer of the screen.
Night Shift - Bluelight Filter for Good Sleep 1.0.5
Blue light from the phone is a cause of eye fatigue. Itdisturbsyour sleep and harms your eye health. The night shiftfunction hasbeen scientifically proven to reduce blue light. Byadjusting thescreen to soft light, it relieves eye fatigue, helpsyou sleep welland improves your vision health. 100% FREE andeffective for eyecare! Features √ Night filter shifts your screento natural warmlight √ Help you gain one more hour of sleep √Protect your eyesfor 24 hours with the auto-timer √ Helpmaintain healthy eyehabits √ Save your battery by 15% √ Getbetter sleep by reducingblue light √ Ease eye fatigue with just onetap √ Many colors tochoose from WHAT IS BLUE LIGHT? Blue light isthe visible lightspectrum (380-550nm) for circadian regulation. Itcontains moreenergy than other visible light types, so it maydamage yourretinal cells. WHY SHOULD I USE BLUE LIGHT FILTER?Research showsthat exposure to blue light imposes serious threatsto retinalneurons, causes eye strain, dry eyes, and inhibits thesecretion ofmelatonin, a hormone that influences circadian rhythms.With ournight shift function, your vision health will be greatlyimproved.CAN BLUE LIGHT FILTER IMPROVE MY SLEEP? Yes. Naturalexposure toblue light during the daylight hours boosts people'senergy,alertness and mood; however, it will disturb your sleepatnight.(from wiki) Blue light filter can effectively reducebluelight from the screen and help you get better sleep.RELEVANTSCIENTIFIC STUDIES  1. Steven W. Lockley, GeorgeC.Brainard, Charles A. Czeisler. “High Sensitivity of theHumanCircadian Melatonin Rhythm to Resetting by Short WavelengthLight”.J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2003 Sep;88(9):4502-5. 2. BurkhartK,Phelps JR. “AMBER LENSES TO BLOCK BLUE LIGHT AND IMPROVE SLEEP:ARANDOMIZED TRIAL”. Chronobiol Int. 2009 Dec;26(8):1602-12.3.----“Effects of blue lightstechnology”.“How exposure to blue light affects your brain and body”.NatureNeuroscience; Harvard Health Publications; ACS, Sleep MedRev,American Macular Degeneration Foundation; European SocietyofCataract and Refractive Surgeons; JAMA Neurology
Night Mode 1.0.4
According to research, blue light from your phone and tabletscreencan harm your retinal neurons. Blue light also reducesthesecretion of melatonin (a hormone that influencescircadianrhythms), making it harder for you to fall asleep afterlooking atyour phone for an extended period at night.Night Mode has6 filtercolors to choose from. It can reduce blue light byadjusting thescreen to display natural colors, thereby caring youreyes andhelping you sleep better. With this blue light filter, youreyeswill be protected and you will find it much easier tofallasleep.Features:●6 filter colors can be chosen●Adjustablefilterintensity●Save power●Very easy to useTips:●Before installingappsfrom other app stores, please pause the filter toenableinstallation.●Pause the filter when taking screenshots,orscreenshots will show the filter effect.We are sorry for any oftheabove inconveniences you may experience.
3D Laser tech keyboard 10001012
3D laser technology keyboard >> IntroductionThis amazing3Dlaser typewriter keyboard skin, a collection of 3D sciencebluelaser and 3D science purple laser button elements, neon science3Dlaser star constellation HD cool wallpaper. This is the themeofthe personalized keyboard for 3D laser technology designed foryoulike the science and technology of cool laser. So beautiful3Dlaser technology keyboard! Whether you like 3D laser, purplelaser,blue laser, neon sky, transparent, science, technology,lighttechnology. You will enjoy this beautiful 3D lasertechnologykeyboard keyboard, fast download neon 3D laser scienceglasstexture keyboard, feel the wonderful science typingexperience.3Dlaser technology keyboard >> Features★ Mostmobile phones aresuitable for use, such as Huawei Mate 9, P10,Samsung Galaxy S8,S7, MI, MIX, OPPO, VIVO and other Andrews phone!★This theme usesblue and purple glass texture, stars and otherelements, showing abeautiful keyboard effect★ keyboard backgroundis high-star skywallpaper, cool blue purple echo in dark wallpaper★keyboard keysare translucent sapphires, purple gem, glass texture3D effect3Dlaser technology keyboard >> attentionHow todownload thisfree 3D laser technology keyboard:To download thisfree 3D lasertechnology keyboard, you need to download the cheetahkeyboardapplication (formerly known as the Panda keyboard) and usethe 3Dlaser technology keyboard to install the keyboard.This freecool 3Dlaser technology keyboard unique place:★ 1 cloud prediction:smart3D laser technology keyboard can provide accurate predictionof thenext word, make your typing faster★ gesture / swype input:smart 3Dlaser technology keyboard, no need to press the button. Youcan usethe keys to get what you want to enter. This feature willsave youtime and effort!★ 3 GIF: Entertainment 3D laser technologykeyboardwith a variety of GIF animation. Share your friends in textchat,make your chat more lively and interesting.★ 4 EmojisAvailable:User-friendly 3D laser technology The keyboard provides avarietyof expressions that allow you to vividly output yourcomments andfeel in text chat. Sharing scenes with friends willincreasechances of chatting.★ 5 lines: personalized 3D lasertechnologykeyboard to provide a separate digital line, so you canenter thenumber faster and faster, without having to switch to thenumerickeypad.★ 6 adjustable keyboard: stylish 3D lasertechnologykeyboard can be adjusted according to height. It can helpyou avoidtypographical errors caused by narrow keyboards andimprove theaccuracy of typing.To download this free 3D lasertechnologykeyboard, it has a smarter and personalized typingexperience. Ifyou like, remember to give us 3D laser technologykeyboard themescore 5 stars. Thank you very much for yoursupport.Thank you foryour support of BesTheme (BEST + THEME), yoursupport is thedriving force of our efforts! BesTheme team onlymakes high qualitytypewriter input method skin keyboard. Our sloganis yourbest!Quickly download and apply the "3D Laser TechnologyKeyboard"theme for your Android phone to put new clothes.Thank youforchoosing this cool 3D laser technology keyboard theme designedbythe BESTHEME team.
Blue Light Filter – Screen Dimmer for Eye Care
Blue Light Filter – Screen Dimmer for Eye Care is highlyrecommendednot only for adults but also small kids to ensure a24-hour eyecare. There are variety night filters to protect youreyes byproviding warmlight & dim screen. Key Features of BlueLightFilter – Screen Dimmer for Eye Care ★ Easy to use with smartnightshift; ★ Relieve eye fatigue with warmlight and gentlenightlight; ★Filtering harmful blue light; ★ New eye care module:Fatigue test,vision test & eye exercises; ★ Keep good eyesprotecting habitswith the daily health report; ★ Choose your colorfor 24 hours’eyecare; ★ Fully compatible with smartphones,tablets, laptops andLED screens. The bright blue light from thescreen can disturb yourcircadian rhythm and affects your sleep.However, with the help ofour Blue Light Filter - Screen Dimmer forEye Care, you can now havea much more pleasant screen experienceat late night. It providesgentle nightlight(warm light like redlight & orange light) andbook reading light with its supernight mode which can largelyrelieve your eye fatigue. OurBlueLight Filter – Screen Dimmer forEye Care protects your eyes byadjusting the screen to natural colorand filtering harmful bluelight. It’s a must-have app when you aredoing night reading,typing or playing games. How to use Blue LightFilter – ScreenDimmer for Eye Care Firstly, open the app and turnon the Filter.Secondly, choose your Filter Color and set AutoEnable time. What’smore, ❶ You can click “Report” to check your EyeHealth Report. ❷You can click “Menu” to set Reminder option andshare with yourfriends. Once the Show Notification is activated,you can controlthe filter in the notification bar anytime you want.❸ You canclick “Eye Care” to do some eyes’ exercises or tests,always becareful on your eyes. ❹ You can also read something elsewith oursuper dark mode and then go to sleep to get a good rest.What isBlue Light Blue light is a range of the visible lightspectrumcoming from a variety of technologies includingcomputers,smartphones, televisions, and lights. Natural exposure tobluelight during the daylight hours boosts people's energy,alertnessand mood. However, elongated exposure to the wavestransmittedthrough screen devices during the evening in lowlightcircumstancecan disrupt circadian rhythm and cause various healtheffectsincluding a disruption in normal sleep schedules. Thus, bluelightshould be decreased at night.(Reference: like us, don’t hesitate to share Blue Light FiltertoInstagram, Facebook, Google hangouts, Whatsapp, Vine, Line,Kakaoand Twitter. There will be ad content shown in certain scenesinour app. For more details,visit
Night Filter – Blue Light Filter for Eye care
Night Filter dims the blue light and provides gentle warm lighttoease eye fatigue Simple to use and more than effective 

 ★Reduce visual fatigue by adjusting the screentonatural color;  ★Filter harmful blue light toeffectivelyprotect your eyes;
 ★Provide professional eyehealthassessment to help you form good habits; ★Inpossessionof a variety of color schemes giving a 24-houreye care;
★Simple, fast & very easy to use 

 Blue lightfilterprotects your eyes by adjusting the screen tonaturalcolor and reducing the harmful blue light. You canfeelthe change when applying it to your screens. It relieveseyefatigue when you are doing night reading, typing orplayinggames.

 How to use our Blue Light Filter app 
Step 1: Openthe appand turn on the Filter. Step 2: You can choose your FilterColorand set Auto Enable time. Step 3: You can click the upperrightcorner to check your Eye Health Report and set Reminderoption.Once the Show Notification is activated, you can control thefilterin the notification bar anytime you want.
Q: Whatisblue light? 
A: Blue light is a range of the visible lightspectrumcoming from a variety of technologiesincluding computers,smartphones, televisions, andlights.  

Q: Is blue lightalways a bad thing?
 A: Nope, itlargely depends on the timingpeople receive the light. Naturalexposure to blue light during thedaylight hours boosts people'senergy, alertness and mood.However, elongated exposure to thewaves transmitted throughscreen devices during the evening candisrupt circadianrhythm and cause various health effectsincluding a disruptionin normal sleep schedules. Q: Why do I neednight filter? A: Yoursmartphone and other electronic devices emitthe blue light whichimpair our vision all the time, it’s importantto know how to relaxyour eyes, night filter could help you throughcontinuous filteringThere will be ad content shown in certainscenes in our app. Formore details, visit
Blue Light Filter-Night Mode 1.1.6
Health Lab
Blue Light that is emitting form screen of your mobile phone canbevery harmful for your eyes, it reduces your eye sight andcausespain in eyes it also disturbs your sleep. This app isprimarilybuild to protect your eyes from Blue light effects.It has8different color temperatures you can adjust your own temperatureasyou like, you can also control intensity of temperature.Thisappalso has a screen dimmer you can adjust brightness of screen.Itisa very good eye protector all you need is to switchiton.Features:- 8 color temperature for adjustment.- Very easy tousewith very low ads in app.- Intensity controller for each app.-Dimyour brightness of mobile screen.- Great and friendlyuserexperience with one button app switch ON / OFF.
Laser light green tech Theme 1.1.9
This green laser theme has green neon light wallpaper andlaserlight lock screen and neon green icons to appreciate beautyofhigh-tech laser light. Hd green laser live wallpaper hasstronglaser light through the black wallpaper and green spots willrockyour android screen. High-tech laser light theme with neongreenwallpaper brings you high tech green light with green spots.Greenlaser theme has green laser light with the feeling of greentechbeauty. Green laser theme has neon green wallpaper and greenneonlock screen to protect eyes. Hope you will love green light tohavegreen diy keyboard. All neon green keyboard icons are designedforall hot apps. DIY android screen with fresh new neontechnologytheme now ! Eye protecting neon green theme will decorateyourphone screen with green neon laser wallpaper with laser greenlightwith green technology beauty . You can apply laser light asyourgreen lock screen . All app icons are designed within neongreenframe. It will give you special feeling of high-tech laserlight.The green neon presents you high-tech laser light withbeautifulgreen tech light. You will feel like high tech laserlightpenetrates into black space will rock your world with laserspots.It can protect your eye and relax when you look at green neonphonescreen. neon green theme – how to use it ? This green laserthemeis safe launcher designed for CM Launcher . You need toinstall CMlauncher first to apply it successfully. We does notsupport anyother one launcher . Support DIY live wallpaper in blueneon themeand basketball theme or 3D technology theme .You can diyandroidwallpaper or change green aurora theme as you wish any timeintoblue water theme. New technology theme for you includingfreeglitter flower theme and football love theme. This is notneonapplock theme or neon keyboard theme you need to install applockerto apply as laser applock theme . High-tech laser light neongreentheme green laser lock screen on green neonlightbackgroundstorming high tech theme with laser green livewallpaperwith green neon light iconslaser green light icons for 56popularapps in green neon frame iconshigh tech green laserwallpaper todiy laser wallpaper of green neon light flamebeautygreen laserscreen lock make it laser storm green themegreenlaser weatherwidget design with green leaf clock widgetlaser lockscreen toprotect privacy easy cool and lock apps3d privacy launcherto diyyour phone with environmental green laser lovefunctions ofgreenlaser launcher theme ❤ green laser live wallpaper change diylivewallpaper in green neon light theme ❤ support diy greenlaserscreen lock and applock with app center apps ❤ 3d privatelauncherwith 3d touch effect and wave unlock effect ❤ one tap tosort appswithin smart groups love heart app drawer ❤ boost androidspeedfast and save battery within safe launcher ❤ republic dailynews –swipe left to read local news and hot headline ❤ diywallpaper andlauncher theme as your own sweet home ❤ beauty app tocustomizeyour phone into green environmental phone ❤ free themes tochangepink theme neon green or any stylish theme ❤ We have morethemescoming free hope you enjoy your storming high tech theme!Greenlaser theme is made for CM launcher to customize your phonefree .
Eye Care - Blue Light Filter 1.1
- Reasons you feel eyestrain and need Blue Light Filter takeyoureyes: ● Night shift: your eyes in the night when you use thephonefrequently, you feel tired, have difficulty sleeping.Bluelighthelp you protect your eyes ● The visible light on thephone'sscreen is 380-550mm so your eyes will feel uncomfortable.-Solutionto protect your eyes is Reduce Blue Light: ● Blue lightFilter isused for reducing the green light by adjusting the screenlight tonatural colors. ● The screen switches to mellow mode toreduce thestrain on the eyes. ● Many colors to use EyecareBluelight Filter ●You can choose the right light mode and color, ●The applicationoffers 5 natural colors to filter out the light thatprotects youreyes like red, brown, black, yellow, white. ● You caneasy toadjust the intensity according to your eyes the purpose andusefunctions.- Some features of the Bluelight Filter Application:●Easy to customize and adjust lighting easily. ● Greenlightfilterwith natural color: you can Facebook surf, listening musicandwatching youtube with large time without any eyes care. ● Notethatfiltering green light does not reduce the brightness of yourphone,● Adjust the brightness according to the needs of users. ●Remindyou to rest regularly- Protection your eyes by auto adjustthelight of the phone screen: When you use the phone too much,Bluelight filter eyecare assured you will not forget to rest. Asmartwarning makes your eyes more comfortable and adjusts the colorofyour screen to reduce the light blue and help care your eyes.
Laser Power - (Laser Pointer "SIMULATED & PRANK") 2
Laser Pointer Simulated, is a game to have fun playing jokes toyourfriends with different screen effects and animations.***DISCLAIMER*** Laser Power Pointer is NOT a REAL LASER POINTER. Nolaser beamwill come out of your device. You will only be able tosee thesimulation of effects within the screen of your phone ortablet.This application incorporates three types of differenteffects:Laser effect, broken screen effect and electric screeneffect. Belowwe will explain how you can activate each of thesethree effectsincorporated in this game.Instructions for use andvisualization ofthe three effects included:To be able to visualizethe broken screenand electric screen effect, you must first accessthe laser shotsimulator screen, by clicking on the first button ofthe game (laserpointers), then choose the first type of laserpointer (laserwithout light), then access the laser pointerscreen. Press and holdthe pointer for 20 seconds and you can seethe animation of thepower recharge, once the 20 seconds haveelapsed you will see ananimation simulating that your device isoverloaded and suddenly thebroken screen effect will appear,simulating that the glass of thescreen of your device has beenbroken, at this time if you touch thescreen again the electricscreen effect will appear, simulatinganimated electricity beams onthe screen. But do not worry, this isjust visual animations toplay pranks on your friends, your devicewill not be in any danger.To return to the main menu you must usethe back button of yourdevice.Detailed operation of the game (Howto unlock the pointerwith light? How to get bonuses? How torecharge the energy of thepointer ?:When you start the game youwill have activated the(laser pointer without light) and blockedthe (laser pointer withlight). You must collect virtual coins byplaying the built-in minicoin game or by getting bonuses on thelaser shooting screen.Withthe coin game you can accumulate newcoins every time you reach anew level. There are 1200 progressivelevels, each time you reachlevel 100 you will automatically create100 new levels until youreach level 1200.You can also get bonusesand free coin chests onthe laser pointer screen. Simply access thepointer screen withoutlight and click on the center of the pointerto fire the beam. Foreach shot you will get a coin and if you shootvery fast in arepetitive way you will win bonus multiplier coins upto X50. Butbe careful because every time you make a shot the energydecreasesby one unit. When the energy of the laser pointer hasbeenexhausted you must keep the pointer pressed for 20 secondstorecharge the energy and to access the effects of broken screenandelectric screen.You can also activate and deactivate thevibrationeffect at any time.How to get the laser pointer withlight?Once youhave collected the necessary coins, the laser pointerwillautomatically unlock with light. With this laser pointersimulatorunlike the first you can turn on and off the LED light ofyourdevice every time you make a shot with the pointer.If you keepthenew pointer pressed then it will turn on and off the flash lightofyour phone continuously blinking. Keep in mind that abusive useofthis mode can consume a lot of battery power from your device.Thelighting of the Led light causes the battery level todecreaserapidly.We want you to have a good time with this game andhave funteasing your friends.If you wish you can send us commentsandsuggestions on what types of effects you would like us toincludein new updates
Red Ball vs Green King 1.0.8
Our Red ball is angry! they have kidnapped his girlfriend on herownface! " Jajaja " laughs the evil King green ball ( bubblegreen).The King green ball evil wants to steal his girlfriend..."wewill not allow it!!". Red Ball vs green King is a diferent gameofsurvive-room . It helps to achieve its goal to our redbubbleRedball hero will have to transform in super Red ball hero tosave hisfiancee from the evil hands of the redbal and skewers. Insomecases this will be extremely impossible mission until red ball2,red ball 3 or red ball 4 in the same room and ball bounceblackdoing jumpinball will to the limit your skill ball with circleballand ball runners.Redbal hero is constantly in a State of"ballrebound brick", and from there starts our ball adventure blueorblue ball adventures. You will need to control various conceptstowell handle the blue jumpingball.-ball speed: to get right awayina single jump or bounce you'll have to have previously fastballand get jumpingball longs.-ball bounce: jumpin ball blue nonstopjump, you will need to measure their jumps well to jump theRedballenemies. Remember redball not roller ball only jumping ballandtake the keys, is to right ball.There are different typesofenemies and skewers the most common is the "blue ball", thebluebubble does not jump, blueball sliding on the ground, you haveyourblue ball speed quick, ball red top with walls, and above all,isan angry blue ball.Climbing the building exceeding the 50 roomstoget save our girl from the King evil green ball king.Eachlevelwill be hard, very hard! at times nearly impossible.Along thewayare waiting for you hundreds of wicked enemies and thousandsofspikes that try to prevent that you get your target.Enemieslikethe red ball red, evil ball. that you walk the path withinfinitespeed, 4 red ball in a room and will be difficult toovercome.Blackball ( black bubbles ) bouncy are an enemy to takeinto account, ifthe complex will result mix it with some spikes onthe floor.Ballsroses or pinks bubbles flying will make your gameimpossiblewhenever they appear.Overcome the 50 levels of this gamecan itbecomes impossible, is a game that will test yourpatience.Solveeach room of death and get your final goalsuccessfully. It helpsto achieve its goal to our red bubbleDefeatthe King final boss inone one fight epic, defeat the evil King ballgreen and save thepink ball in his prison.Rememeber rock the balland enjoy thisballgame. The King is waiting in final level of thegame. win toGreen bubble.Best wishes! You'll need itfeatures:-Newconceptjmping ball games.-New Red Ball Adventure.-Easy gamecontrol.-50Levels-Final Epic Boss Battles vs green King -FunnyEnemies ( blueballs, spikes, blackballs, fly balls, etc... )-RetroStylegame-Groovy Soundtrack.
Blue Light Filter & Night Mode - Night Shift Pro 3.03
Night Shift - Blue Light Filter, Night Mode is an optimalnightfilter created to provide warmlight night screen in order toensureeye protection from light blue wavelength emitted by screensandgive you pleasant night reading while fixing sleeplessness.UseNight Shift anti glare to relieve eye strain and protect eyesfrombluelight flux that can disrupt circadian rhythm, causeinsomniaand restlessness, chronic migraine, chronic headache andcataract.What is blue light? It's part of a natural light spectrum,whichdisturbs the circadian rhythm and causes sleeplessness. Unlikeredlight, bluelight blocks the secretion of melatonin, sleephormone,after midnight and causes restlessness. Retinal neurons areindanger if night filter book light anti glare is not usedaftertwilight. The negative effects of blue light flux are: • Eyestrainand tired eyes • Higher risk of macular degeneration,glaucoma, andcataract • Phase shifting of the circadian rhythm,restlessness,and suppression of melatonin • Increased migraine painandactivation of the trigeminal nerve, associated withchronicmigraines • Frequent headaches and midnight chronic headache•Insomnia and sleeplessness Night Shift - Blue Light Filter,NightMode as your anti glare night screen and warmlight night modehelpsyou by relieving eye strain and chronic headache duringnightreading. Its red light is best for eye protection from lightbluerays that cause macular degeneration, glaucoma,melatonindeficiency, and insomnia. Macular degeneration andglaucoma areserious issues because macular degeneration is theleading cause ofvision loss and glaucoma can cause blindness.Cataract oftendevelops slowly, so start your tired eyes protectionwith bluelightfilter by using it as a twilight book light as soonas possible!Night Shift - Blue Light Filter, Night Mode includes: +Premadeblue light filters - Use one of 5 anti glare bluelight fluxfiltersto activate night mode and warmlight (red light) for eyeprotectionfrom natural light blue rays. Relieve eye strain,maculardegeneration, glaucoma and cataract with night filter duringnightreading + Saving and editing night mode filters - Create andedit anight shift filter to rest your tired eyes or make a set ofnightfilters to protect eyes, fix circadian rhythm,sleeplessness,insomnia and lack of melatonin. + Dimming belowsystem minimum -Use "Dim" night screen option to protect eyes fromnatural lightblue rays. It's best for chronic headache reliefduring nightreading because it gives a warmlight in form of a booklight. +Temperature customization - Use "Temperature" palette toset awarmlight (night mode) or cooler tint to your blue lightfilter.Red light colors are recommended as a bluelight flux filterfortired eyes and used as a midnight screen light or night shiftforeye strain, chronic migraine relief, and restlessness. +Colorcustomization - Use "Color" palette to adjust the colortint,intensity and dim for your night screen. Night filter provideseyeprotection and migraine pain relief. + RGB customization -Use"RGB" to fine-tune your natural light night reading filter. "R"-red light, "G" - green, "B" - light blue. Rest tired eyeswithmidnight book light and increase melatonin. + Automaticfilterschedule - Choose the times in which the anti glare nightmode willshift on and off. Ensure that blue light filter is alwaysturned onin the twilight or during the midnight hours to preventcataractand fight insomnia and restlessness. + Reduce power usage-Bluelight flux night shift reduces the night screen powerusage.Use natural light filters to reduce power usage whilerelievingchronic headache and repairing circadian rhythm fixingyoursleeplessness.
Smart Tools Laser Level 📷🔦🔧📏📊 1.2.10
Smart Tools Laser Level is augmented reality app forcomputinginclination, slopes, angle, compass and elevation androtationvalues using sensors and drawings on camera. Features •3differentmeasurement modes(Laser level, angle by dragging with yourfingeror drawing angle with your finger) •Touch screen to set pointofmeasurement or touch reset button to reset it to origin.•Displayazimuth, direction, inclination or rotationangles.(Magnetic FieldSensor is required) •Fast and accuratecalibration option. •Freezescreen to have more precise and robustreadings. •Leveling optiondisplays pitch and roll angles as line,square or circle whichmakes it easier to align your device andresults more accuratemeasurements. •Option to toggle between backand front(ifavailable) camera. •Flashlight for situations morelight needed•Option to visualize your progress using charts. •Imagegallerywith details, Exif info(Some Exif data requires Android 7.0andabove), and other features such as image sharing andediting•Highly customizable app settings and user interfaceInstructionsMeasurement Screen Rotate your device on laser levelmeasurementmode or align with object you want get readings from. Toget moreprecise reading make sure that leveling line is alignedwith laserlevel. You can freeze preview and measure any slope orangleeasily. Swipe your screen right to open Navigation MenuRecordsScreen You can review your recorded measurements and get xlsfileusing diskette button. Excel files are stored inselecteddirectory. Charts Screen Records can be reviewed via chartsusingCharts section. It's possible to get image of the charts inJPGformat using camera icon. Gallery Screen Gallery screendisplaysimages inside the image directory selected using Settingsscreen.Touch an image to display details. Important: To displaysome ofthe Exif data your device must be Android 7.0 and above.Touchingimage on gallery opens zoomable version of image anIMPORTANT: Ifyou find a bug using the application, PLEASE [email protected] with your phone model name andthedescription of the problem, before writing a negative comment. 🤝✅👍Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we will do our besttofix the issues as soon as possible!
Bluelight Filter Pro - Night Mode 1.4.3
Eyes feel tired during night reading on the phone? Have troubleinsleeping after long time watching phone screen?That is due tobluelight. Blue light from your phone and tablet screen is thevisiblelight spectrum (380-550nm) for circadian regulation.According tothe scientific studies, exposure to blue light imposesseriousthreats to retinal neurons and inhibits the secretion ofmelatonin,a hormone that influences circadian rhythms. It is proventhatreducing blue light can greatly improve sleep.Blue light filterisused to reduce blue light by adjusting the screen to naturalcolor.Shifting your screen to night mode can relieve your eyesstrain,and your eyes will feel at ease during night reading. Alsobluelight filter will protect your eyes and help yousleepeasily.Features:● Reduce blue light ● Adjustable filterintensity●Save power● Very easy to use● Built-in screen dimmer● Eyeprotectorfrom screen lightReduce Blue LightThe screen filter canchange yourscreen into natural color, so it can reduce the bluelight whichwill affect your sleep. Screen Filter IntensityBysliding thebutton, you can easily adjust the filter intensity tosoften thescreen light . Save PowerPractice shows it can greatlysave powerbecause of reducing screen blue light. Easy to UseHandybuttons andauto timer will help you turn on and turn off the app inonesecond. Very useful app for eye care.Screen DimmerYou canadjustyour screen brightness accordingly. Get betterreadingexperience.Eye Protector From Screen LightScreen shift tonightmode to protect your eyes and relieve your eyes in no time.Tips:●Before installing other app, please turn off or pause thisapp toenable installation.● When taking screenshots, please turnoff orpause this app in case screenshots use the appeffect.RelevantScientific Studies Effects of bluelightstechnology the Human Circadian Melatonin Rhythm to Resetting byShortWavelength LightSteven W. Lockley, GeorgeC.Brainard, Charles A.Czeisler,2003How exposure to blue light affects your brain and bodyNatureNeuroscience;Harvard Health Publications; ACS, Sleep Med Rev,American MacularDegeneration Foundation; European Society ofCataract and RefractiveSurgeons; JAMA NeurologyAMBER LENSES TOBLOCK BLUE LIGHT AND IMPROVESLEEP: A RANDOMIZED TRIALChronobiologyInternational, 26(8):1602–1612, (2009)
Raytrace Lite 1.15
Raytrace Lite is a free puzzle logic game that revolves aroundoneof the most beautiful phenomena - light refraction. With morethan120 levels to go, you’ll have plenty of opportunities toproveyourself as a pathfinder for your laser rays.You can enjoy:•Uniquesystem of laser beams intersections• HD 3d graphic andlighting•120+ levels with different complexity in 5 boxes• Friendlygameplay• AdvertisingHow to play:• Move and rotate mirrors toactivate thelaser receiver, open new boxes and levels!• Use hintsand tips.
100 Balls - Tap to Drop the Color Ball Game 10.0.5
EpiCoro Games
Welcome to the all new 100 BallsOver 20 million players - #1inU.K., Germany and 6 other countries!*Powered by Reach Mob -theleading app marketing engine*INTRODUCING - BattleModeChallengeyour friends in awesome multiplayer games!100 Balls isone of themost addictive mobile game on Google Play. Join 20million+ fanstoday and start competing with your friends. What areyou waitingfor? Play this incredibly addicting game and test yourreflexes.HOWTO PLAY 100 BALLS:● The goal of the game is to get theballsthrough the cup by tapping on the screen and releasing theballs.Each ball you get through the cup rewards you with adifferentamount of points, depending on the color of the cup. Ifthe ballmisses the cup, it disappears. When you lose all of yourballs, thegame is over.● If you manage to drop 20 balls through thecupwithout missing a single one, you will be rewarded with ascoremultiplier. Keep in mind that the multiplier is not limitedand canearn you a lot of extra points. Losing a ball will resetthemultiplier, so be careful and have fun!FEATURES:●OnlineLeaderboard● 15 Different Colored Balls● Realistic Physics●SingleTap Control● Endless Gameplay● Addicting game● CleangraphicsFollowus Twitter at uson Facebookat
Swipe Brick Breaker 1.3.4
Monthly 23
The champion of time killer! Most addictive! simple and minimalgameplay!. Don't worry about losing ball. Just focus on breaking.Justswipe to shoot the balls. Deal damage to bricks and breakbricks.You can make endless ball chain! Enjoy ingenious turn basedarkanoidstyle game. Download for free. There is no in-apppurchase. You canplay without internet connection. [Features] -Free to play -Endless gameplay - score competition with playersfrom all over theworld [How to play] - Swipe to shoot balls tobreak the bricks. -When ball hits the brick, durability isreduced. When durabilityreduce to 0, brick breaks. - Get the greencircle to increase thenumber of balls. - When the bricks reach thebottom line, game isover. - Challenge to make yout high score!Monthly23 is independentone man developer who release game everymonth. Make addictiveminimalist game for all ages. Visit ourfacebook page.
Bluelight Filter - Eye Care 1.5.60
Blue light emitted by phone screen is the major cause to eyestrainand vision loss. Now by this super application: BluelightFilter,you can easily get rid of these problems. Compared to otherapps,Bluelight Filter has the following advantages: 1. Reduce thebluelight to relieve eye fatigue and protect your eyes; 2. Provide5different filter colors for you to choose, the filter strengthcanalso be dynamically adjusted; 3. Very stable, greatly reducingthepossibility of Force Close; 4. Completely free and Easy touse.Also provide an entrance in the status bar, so that you canoperateit easily. 5. Compatible to Android 5.1.1+(Include AndroidM)
Blue light Filter - sleep better, best eye care 1.1.3
At night, reading on a phone will make you fall sleepverydifficult. The study show that, the blue light from thescreenmakes people excited. to avoid that, some phone OS has givethesolution. like nightshift on iOS, macOS, Now, This app, Bluelightfilter for android have the same feature that make you fallsleepeasily at night even if you reading on your phone atnight.What isblue light? It is part of the visible light spectrumand deeplydisturbs the sleep cycle and circadian rhythm.☆ Features●5 premadeblue light filters● Screen dim feature● Fast edit thefilter,intensity on the notification● Turn on or off automaticallywithalarm[5 premade blue light filters]Blue light filter provide5premade blue light filters, including Candle, Moon, Lamp,Sunsetand Sunlight. you can also change the intensity by drag onthe seekbar[Screen dim feature]Blue light filter can also dim thescreen,so that the light will not so strong to do harm to youreye[Fastedit the filter, intensity on the notification]Withnotificationfeature on, you can quickly edit the filter, intensityon thenotification, you don't need to open the app every time toenableor disable it.[turn on or off automatically with alarm]Withabuilt-in alarm, the blue light filter will turn on at nightandturn off at the morning automatically.
Helix Ball Drop 2
Helix Ball DropHelix Fall down with the ball falling downanddropping balls with bouncing balls and ball drop on thehelix.Rotate Left or right to drop the ball down but avoid landingon thered hot blocks. Ball drop to fall down the helix. Drop theball androtate the wheel to further drop the ball down. Droppingballs hadnever been this much fun before and bouncing balls on thehelixblock looks awesome. Falling down further gives you morepoints andfall down skipping a few blocks to survive landing on theredblock. If the ball drop on the red block it is game over. Jumpballand ball bounce and decide to rotate the helix left or right.Balljump has never been this much fun before and bouncy ball ,balljumping balls on the floor faultlessly is hypnotizing. Whenballsbouncing and rolling hills on the helix catches the flashpowerupit smashes through the helix tiles like cake andbecomesunstoppable. When the bouncy balls meets the spinning it'stheultimate fun. Download this amazing fun game for free andplayoffline without the need of wifi.Features:Amazing and eyecatchinggraphics.Simple but addictive game playDifficulty increasesasPlayer goes furtherUltimate fun and enjoyment awaits you inthisfree game
iBlue Pro Bluelight Filter 3.2.1
The pro version of Android's tiniest Bluelight Filter iBlue. Youcanfind the ad-free apphere. version comes with several extra features as listed belowbut isstill just about 0.2 MB install apk size! 1) More colorslots 2) Setmultiple auto ON/OFF time slots 3) Individual darknesssetting foreach color filter Moreover, our free version beingad-free, yousupport our development when you buy this! Thank you.
Laser Blue CM11/AOKP Theme 5.0
!!**!! IMPORTANT **!!**THIS THEME IS FOR ROOTED PHONES ONLY!Youmustbe running a ROM that supportsthe T-Mobile ThemeChooserEngine.CM11/CM10/AOKP/RootBox/CarbonXXHDPI & XHDPIDisplaysOnly at this time!!**!! PLEASE READ **!!**If you receive"Sorry,this theme is missing assetsfor your device's screen size"APPLYANYWAYIf you receive "Theme Error" please do notpanic.Simplyrevert to your original theme and restart yourphone.You will beable to apply after your restartPlease note sometheme aspects onlyapply after you restart your phone.If you wouldlike an invertedMMS or Calendar, pleasegohere: you have issues,pleaselet me know so I can fix them...OK, onto theThemeInformation!Newly updated for Android 4.4 Kit Kat!What'sThemed:*Dialer 4.4* MMS* SystemUI* Settings* Swype (Classic Theme)*Camera*Calendar* Contacts* Calculator* DeskClock* AquaMailStay upto datewith DeNitE! Themes onGooglePlus!!
Blue light Filter-night Mode Owl 1.2.15
Dev creative
Are your eyes tired when you read the night on your phone?Youhavetrouble sleeping after spending a long time watchingthescreen?It's because of the blue light. The blue light releasedbyyour phone and tablet is the part of the Visible lightspectrum(380-550 nm) responsible for the circadian rhythmderegulation.According to scientific studies, exposure to bluelight posesgrâves threats to the neurons of the retina and preventsthesecretion of melatonin, a hormone that influences thecircadianrhythm. It has been proven that reducing blue light cangreatlyimprove sleep.Blue light filter is used to reduce blue lightbyadjusting the screen to natural color. Moving your screen innightmode can relieve you eyes, and you will feel comfortableduringyour night reading. Also, the blue light filter will allowyou toprotect your eyes and help you sleep easily.Characteristics:●Bluelight reduction● Adjustable filter intensity● Energy saving●Veryeasy to use● Built-in brightness change● Eye protection againstthelight of the screenBlue Light ReductionThe blue light Filtercanchange the light of your screen in natural color by reducingtheblue light that affects your sleep.Adjustable filterIntensityBysliding the button, you can easily adjust the intensityof thefilter to attenuate the light on the screen. FreeScreenfilter.Energy savingCan practically reduce energyconsumptionthrough the use of the blue light filter.Very easy touseHandybuttons and auto-timer to help you turn the app on and offin onesecond. A very useful application for eye care. It's aneasy-to-usescreen filter.Integrated brightness ChangeYou can changethebrightness according to your preference for a better nightreadingwith this night filter.Eye protection against the light ofthescreenEasy and fast change in "Night Mode" for the protectionandrelief of your eyes in no time. Take care of your eyes withthisnight filter.Tricks:● Before installing new applications,pleasepause the filter to allow installation.● Pause thisapplicationwhen you make screenshots or they will use the effect oftheapplication.Please excuse us for the inconvenience.
Basket and Ball
Sun Temple
Tap the jump button to bounce the living ball as if youaredribbling it! Use gamepad or virtual joystick controls to leadthestray ball to the basket! Perform crazy acrobatic stunts, testyourthrowing aim, and solve physics puzzles to complete levels! Usethetime stopping bonus to get out of difficult situations.Convertyourself to stone to withstand nails, pump yourself up tojumphigher, and even change gravity to reach impossible spots.Avoidrobotic police and fire traps, jump over spikes, dive intowaterand propel yourself with explosions on 80 levels of crazyfun!Watch out for the aliens in UFOs trying to abduct you fortheirevil experiments! Win funny achievements like BasketballMVP,Delinquent, or the Yogi. Compete with your friends onleaderboardsin the star collecting challenge. Basket & Balloffers twotypes of gameplay. The first one is a classical arcademode withvirtual joystick controls. You will have to show someagility andtiming precision in order to successfully complete thelevels. Butto really stand out in the high score charts you willhave tocollect the stars scattered across the basketball court,often inplaces seemingly impossible to reach. Bonuses like airpump,gravity shift, or time stop will come in handy. Every 3 orsolevels a different gameplay is offered. You will have to launchtheball with carefully chosen speed and direction like in manyotherbasketball throwing games! These levels are called"shootoutchallenges", and the basketball court will contain 3 starstocollect. The stars will be counted only if you deliver themintothe basket. Collect all 3 stars and you win immediately.Otherwise,you must get at least one score out of 3 shots to passthechallenge. Game features: ★ crazy ball-crobatic jumps. ★classicalvirtual joystick controls ★ solve physics puzzles ★ useamazingrule-changing bonuses ★ complete 80challenging levels onabasketball court! ★ gamepad and keyboard support! Gamepadcontrols:Joystick or arrow keys - go left and right. A or C buttons- bouncedown, launch the ball in shootout challenge, use timestoppingbonus in shootout challenge. X, Y or Z buttons - use timestoppingbonus B button - skip level preview, pause the game,navigate backin menus or quit the game from Main Menu Keyboardcontrols: Arrowkeys - go left and right Space key - bounce down orlaunch theball, use time stopping in shootout challenge Enter key -use timestop bonus Escape - skip level previews, pause the game,navigateback in menus, or quit the game from Main Menu.
EyeFilter - Bluelight 2.2.4
The ingenious application for your exhaysted eyes is rolledout!!Assmartphone becomes inseparable daily necessity all day long,Pleasefind a betterway of using smartphone with Eyefilter,relieaving thestrain on your eyes ■ This application protectssmartphone usersfrom bluelight exposure, causing insomnia andamblyopia - Preventthe screen from radiating bluelight - It is goodfor protectingvisual acuity of smartphone user, especially forchildren andoffice workers - It doesn't cause quick battery drain,consumingless battery power supply ■ Easy access to Eyefilter usagesetting- It is easy to access and change the usage setting(On/OFF)withwidget function - It is possible to adjust the opacity bydoubleclicking the widget ■ A variety of themes and alteringfunction ofnotification - Express your own indiviuality through avariety ofthemes selection - Set themes of widget on the wallpaper- Alterthe notification comment and icon with your own preference■Bluelight filter for optimal eyesight - Optimal 8 sort offiltersare available - Prevent others from peeping your screenbyadjusting the opacity ■ What is bluelight? - Bluelight isbluecolored light with very short and visibel wavelength between380and 500 nm(nanometer). It used to serve as medical treatmentforpimples in dermatology. However, many experts say thatpersistentexposure of blue light is quite dangerous. Namely, longtimeexposure of bluelight might cause xerophthalmia and evenbringdamage to retina nad eye lens. Furthermore, bluelight exposurefromsmatphone and TV in the late night, sound sleep would beinteruptedby hampered sleep inducing hormons secretion.
Night Mode - blue light filter, eye protector 1.1.4
EyeCare Lab
Night Mode is an eye protector, which can protect your eyes andhelpyou sleep well. It has no ads and it's totally free.Troublesfallingasleep?Feel tired during night reading on the phonescreen?All theproblems are caused by blue light which is producedby phone screen.And Blue Light is very harmful to your health.Research suggestsexposure to blue light before sleep may distortyour naturalcircadian rhythm and cause inability to fallasleep.Night Mode isbuilt to reduce the blue light. All you needis to shift to NightMode in the app. You can also adjust colortemperature, blue lightfilter intensity and screen dimmer to adaptto your eyes. Night Modeis a nice eye protector.Night Mode can:👀Reduce blue light for eyecare.👀 Adjust screen dimmer for night tochange screen light.👀 Setblue light filter easily with widget.👀Schedule blue light filterstart in the night and close in theday.👀 Night Mode is the thinnestblue light filter app with only 1MB.Have a good sleep with NightMode. 💤In the following case, youneed to turn Night Mode OFFtemporarily, or use Pause 60s option:-When installing app outsidethe Google Play.- When snappingscreenshots, otherwise screenshotwill be along with theeffect.Sorry for the inconvenience.
Blue light Filter - Night Mode 1.2
424 APPS
· Prevents eye strain Blue light coming out of devices screensasthe ones from your smartphone or tablet, causes strain in youreyesands keeps you from falling asleep at night. This app gives youaNight Mode that filters the blue light from your device so youcanuse it comfortably in a dark room without hurting your eyesandreducing your eye strain. Blue light filter gives you: ·Gradualadjustment of the filter opacity. · 5 different colours totint thefilter · Turn the filter on and off quickly with a statusbar icon· You can choose to show the filter when the device bootsup ·Battery friendly. It only consumes battery while setting upthefilter.
Jump Shot - Bouncy BasketBall 1.5
A unique basketball slam jam game experience is waiting foryou!Keep basket shot, stay jumpy and have fun!Features:- Jump ballintothe rim and avoid laser beams. - Each basket shot through therimwill clear your way.- 20 funny nba ball characters tounlock.-Leaderboards and achievements to track your ball shotskills andcompete with other basketball shooters live.- Startjumping toshoot basket to the hoop. Jump Shot - Bouncy BasketBallis not oneof those bird hop games. You have a nba live basket ballto protecthere! They will blink with each basket shot and willelectrified ifyou touch the laser beams.So be careful! Thisbasketball slam jamfrenzy can quickly become a horror story withsome shocking laserbeams! Jump ball to shoot and dunk it to therim. You can dunk fromup side of the rim or dunk it under the jam,each basket shot is 1point. Become a jump shot star by avoidinglaser beams. Remember,you cant skip any hoop. You must shoot andscore each basket forevery rim to neutralize laser beams. Up anddown lasers always bethere even you jump ball shot to a score.Avoid hop around thebasketball court's edges to not get shocked.Dunk to collect gemsinside the hoop to unlock new funny all starball characters. Youshould balance your jump shots by the positionof the hoop to scorebaskets. After a while, ball jump feels easierthat you will feellikean nba slam dunk or an nba 3 point shooterbasketball player inallstars. If you can advance in the game, youcan face a movinghoop or a rotating rim to challange your ball shotskills to itslimits.
Rush Ball 2.3
Ready for an incredible roller coaster adventure?Rush Ball isanendless ball tapping game that anyone can enjoy! Roll fast,beattentive, avoid obstacles, tap your ball to beat yourfriend'srecords!Gameplay:- Tap to switch, and avoid obstacles-Collectdiamonds and unlock different balls- Upgrade and unlockdifferentroads- An unforgettable frenzied experience- Superb musicand soundeffects - Compete for the best score in the world Can yourush andbecome the farthest? Join the race and Have fun!If you likeRushBall, please recommend it to your friends! Suggestions andfeedbackare always welcome!
Balls Bounce 2 : Puzzle Challenge 1.46.3925
Noodle Games
🎉Using items to have more fun in Balls Bounce 2 NOW! 🎇  BallsBounce 2: Puzzle Challenge arrives in Android market andbrings thefree-to-play arcade game enjoyment for all Balls Bouncefans.Unique mix between brick breaker and bubble shooter games,perfecttime killer to spend your leisure time. Over hundredsofchallengeable levels, clear the stages by eliminating bricks ontheboard. This brick breaker block game is going to be a hit! HOWTOPLAY❓   Swipe your finger👆 and throw balls, break allbricksand finish all puzzle challenges. Boost your score by skillsandconcentration, time to challenge and shoot balls with yourfriendsnow! Balls Bounce 2 – Puzzle Challenge Game Features  🌟 Over1000 challenges, can play without internet connection 🌟10different items and numbers of special bricks 🌟 No time limit,bestcasual game to kill your free time 🌟 Stunning graphic: burstallbricks! 🌟More than 20 color ball patterns 🌟 Free to playbouncingballs game, easy to play and free for all ages 🌟GlobalLeaderBoards 🌟Tablet support Focus on shooting balls, bounce yourballchain and brick all bricks. Balls Bounce 2 is suitable forplayerswho love bricks breaker puzzle, searching for the bestcasualarcade game like bouncy balls, balls games and free blockbreakergames. 🆓 Download for FREE today, relax your brain in theaddictedball bouncy puzzle game world!
Physics Balls 1.11
Physics Balls : Bounce In Loop Machine! HOW TO PLAY? Aim atbreakingall bricks by one shoot: Swipe your finger and throwballs,Make themroll among the bricks. Hit items to make extraballs or double sizeball. Prevent the bricks to reach thecheck-line! Features: ◉Perfect physic ball bouncy engine ◉ Fullyautomatic progress save ◉Endless game mode ◉ Tablet support ◉Global Leaderboards PhysicsBalls is Suit for all age andcompletely FREE to play! Now becomethe master of the Physic Balls!contact us: Website: E-mail:[email protected]:
Laser Level 1.0.6
EXA Tools
Laser level (leveling instrument) is an excellent measurementappequipped with: laser pointer, regular 3-mode spirit level /bubblelevel (libella) and clinometer (inclinometer) formeasuringvertical angles and determining the exact horizontalplane. It'sperfect, handy and precise bubble level tool foreveryhandyman.Main modes of this laser level:- innovative laserleveling/ laser pointer - using built-in sensors (gyroscopeandaccelerometer), camera and extended / augmented reality, helpsyouto determine the vertical and horizontal levels aroundyou,-regular spirit level (bubble level, libella) - works likeatraditional bubble level tool, place your smartphone or tablet,onthe surface or on the object to be measured or set at anyangle,-clinometer, also called an inclinometer, is primarily usedtomeasure vertical angles and to determine the angle ofinclinationof any object from the vertical determined by thegravitationalforce.These modes are equipped in precision digitaland analogindicators. Data are presented in degrees and percentagesand anydifferent units which you choose.Additional features, youcan:-calibrate level of your device,- adjust the precisionofmeasurement,- read data in different units,- lock theorientation,-take pictures while measuring and you can sendmeasurement resultsto anyone,- this app does not require internetaccess.Sampleapplications:- you can measure the angle orinclination of anyobjects (including distant), such as roof,buildings, columns,mountains, trees, etc.- you can set any angle ofinclination of thesurface and the level of home installedappliances, devices, suchas: install a refrigerator, washingmachine or hang a shelf,painting etc.- suitable for repair andconstruction work, you canuse it as a digital measuring tape orlaser measuring tape,- usefulfor interior design, exterior works,in house and in garden,- manyothers.You can use this levelingapplication wherever you are. Thislevel app is accurate, intuitive,easy to use and veryfunctional.We wish you successful and accuratemeasurements.
BBTAN by 111%
BBTAN!!!Swipe your finger down to throw balls and break bricks!The angle is key point!This is a simple but addictive arkanoid game.How long can you survive on the BBTAN?BBTAN by 111%Game Features:- Unlock 35 balls, including some unique ball, simple ball,supermini ball, etc.- Challenge your friends with GooglePlay support.- Easy and fun to play, challenging to break 100stage.- Check facebook page, 111%, for getting hidden ball.- Using physical game engine.- Colorful UI, Fun sound effects,Attractive character.Share your screenshots online such as Facebook or Instagram.Enjoy BBTAN while you commute, on a date, in the bus orsubway,waiting at the bank and so on. Anytime, anywhere you canplayBBTNA!!"BBTAN is Simple, but Addictive."You can read a review of BBTAN here.
Smashies: Balls on tap, hop to the top! 1.0.8
WHAT (games)
Keep your eye on the ball as you tap to jump higher and higherwithan endless series of obstacles to dash through in the game.Justtap to begin your race to the top without a second to be idleasyou try not to smash into objects with color, and twist yourwaythrough objects that have no color, all to reach themagnificentburger waiting at the top of the road! Expert timing anda dash ofskill is key, because if you rush and smash into somethingwithcolor, you’ll crush your chances and have to start a new runfromthe bottom! Jump to collect each Diamond along the road andunlockevery fun new ball and feel the rush as you make your way tothesuper Burger at the top for a most delicious victory in thisarcadeaction game!GAME FEATURES- Mix-and-match game levels add adash ofexcitement to each time you make a run for the burger withnewarcade tap challenges to play! Sure to give each race a freshrushof color and fun.- Trade in your Diamond stash and rush tocollect30+ ball styles that add a fun new twist to each run. Soroll withbouncy Basketball, angry Viking, noble Knight, sneakyNinja,adorable Panda, cool Snowman, subway Punk, far-out Alien,hyperHedgehog, powerful Bull, cosmic Spaceship, Super Hero boy,sweet ascandy Watermelon, yummy Ice Cream, sour Lemon and manymore!- Jumpinto a fast but precise tap based ball game. Enjoysimple butchallenging game design that’s popular with everyone, andsee howlong your run can last in this color filled game world ofendlessfun!For fans of arcade game action, endless fun, simple “taptap”controls, making a mad dash through obstacles, being aPanda,taking on a super race through fun levels, reaching for a bigjuicyburger, and smash hit games with a twist you can play wheneveryouhave anidleminute!_____________________________________________Visit usatwww.what.gamesFollow us on:Facebook: This appallows youto purchase virtual items within the app and maycontainthird-party advertisements that may redirect you to athird-partysite.End-User License Agreement: of Use:
Sowindo: Blue Light Filter, Eye Protector Mode 1.0.6
Welcome to SOWINDO - In love with your eyes! We created a nightmodeblue light filter that helps protect your eyes for mobilescreen anduse your phone more efficiently at night. With the mottoof creatingthe best products to meet the needs of users andprotect the user,we strongly believe this application for bluelight filter for eyecare reading mode will please you. Using thephone at night is thecause of insomnia and vision reduction. Thecause is that our phonesemit blue light which damages the retinalneuronal cells.High-temperature blue night light makes you awakeand sleepless. Wewill help you better understand this blue lightapp right below. 1.Features of the blue filter app: - 4 filters:You can select theappropriate light filter for night reading andadjust the lightintensity and screen dimness. - Automatic Timer:Helps you set thetime to turn on/off the blue night filter -Notification: Theapplication displays a notification bar to turnon/off the nightmode eye care 2. Importance of the light filterapp - Protect eyeswith night mode and eye care mode -Anti-insomnia - Prevent visionreduction - Use phone at night moreefficiently 3. How to use theblue light filter app: - Permit nightlight app: This permissionallows an eye protection app to displaythe night screen filter onother apps you're using. - Night modeenabler: Turn on night screenmode or night reading mode - Afteractivating the eye protector fromscreen light app, you can selectblue light night mode and adjustthe color intensity, the screendimness. Note: - Pause the eyeprotect blue light filter beforeinstalling apps in the app store -Pause the blue light filternight mode when taking a screenshot Acompact, user-friendly,easy-to-use night screen eye saverapplication that will surelyplease you. With the bluelight filterfor eye care, you can nowsafely use the phone at night withoutworrying about eye strain orsleeplessness. Let the night light forsleeping protect your eyesand sleep. If you have any questionsabout the night mode camera,please leave a comment below. Do notforget to support us with the5*.
Blue Light Filter for Eye Care 1.1.1
Blue light filter for your eye care & protection! Bluelight,also known as "High-energy visible light" is given fromyoursmartphone screen, which is said to be the cause of eyefatigue,deterioration of eye sight and insomnia. Prolonged exposurewilldamage the eyes retina.This application, blue light filterwilladjust a color of screen to reduce & block the blue lightandhelps your eyes relax, works similar to screen dimmer orscreenfilter, resulting in reduce eye fatigue, deterioration ofeyesight.** Functions of Blue light Filter for EyeCare**1.Filter/Dimmer to protect your eyes.Turn ON filter tostartprotecting your eyes! Especially effective when you are tostare atthe smartphone screen for longer hours & duringnight.2.Various Adjutments- Filter/Dimmer strength from 0% to 100%-6different filter/dimmer colors to choose from- Adjust phoneopacityand brightness- Option to keep the status bar color as-isorinclude in the filter3. Super simple &effectiveinterface!Turning ON/OFF is just within one-tap from applaunch.4.Auto-StartupAn option to auto-startup the filter whenbooted.Either ON/OFF.5. WidgetEasily turn ON/OFF the filter frompulldownmenu.
Komachi Blue light protector 1.0.2
■ What is blue light?Blue light is closest to ultraviolet rays,itis light that reaches the retina (the retina is theinnermostmembrane that covers the eyeball).It comes out of manythingsincluding computers, games, televisions, smart phones andcellphone monitors. After having been in contact with blue lightfor along period of time, it gets harder to fall asleep and wake upandit is said that a change of quality occurs in the retina.Computerglasses are unnecessary! The free application for reducingbluelight, reduces blue light and relieves eyestrain.The cute"ShibakenKomachi" blue light reduction application.It is simple andcute.Itis great for using smart phones in places that are dark andso on.It is a definite must for those of you who like cutethings.Theextremely popular "Shibaken Komachi" in "Free Stamp Box"cuts bluelight.With one button, it is a blue light reducingapplication thatcan be used right away★ The world's best (cutest)(easy) blue lightcountermeasure applicationFor those of you wholike cute thingsItis an application that is soothing just by havingit★ The cuteyelp!When you press the settings button, a cute yelpcomesout!(When the volume of the smart phone is switched off itwill notyelp)
Neon light Blue theme 1.1.9
Beautiful neon light blue theme with blue neon live wallpaper and3Dneon light lock screen and neon blue icon pack with neonpolarlights. Blue neon technology blue theme has neon livewallpaperwith 3D neon letters . Get a laser sparkling blue themewith neonlock screen for your android . To decorate your androidphone likebright neon light phone with sparkling neon firework. Nomatter youlike neon galaxy live wallpaper or dark technology phoneyou willlike this 3D neon light blue theme with glittersparklesdecoration. It gives you bright neon icons make it techlight bluetheme and luxury neon lights android blue theme .Personalize yourphone with neon light blue theme to get free 3Dneon light livewallpaper and neon keyboard as well as diamond lockscreen.highlights of neon light blue theme*** Neon light blue themecanonly work on CM Launcher . It does not support other onelauncher .Please be noted !***Neon light lock screen blue themewith 3D neontechnology live wallpaper 3D neon live wallpaper with3D dynamicscreen effect give tech sparkleBlue neon flame livewallpaper withblue stars make it unique galaxy s7 blue themefreeneon blue skinwith blue tech shining icon design for popularappsall app iconssimulate neon light to make it blue glitterdiamond blue theme3Dglitter neon lwp with nice neon light fromgalaxy spacebackgroundBlue neon lock screen to protect androidprivacy lasergalaxy blue theme Weather widget design with galaxyblue neon clockwidget design cool 3d dynamic launcher home to makeyour androidphone fusion blue razerSupport DIY wallpaper in blueneon bluetheme center neon firework and basketball blue theme . Youcanchange as you wish any time pink neon live wallpaper . Newhightech blue theme for you everyday including free 3d technologybluetheme . This is not 3D neon applock blue theme or neonemojikeyboard blue theme . You need to install cm applocker toapply asneon go blue theme . We will present you high tech bluetheme andhappy easter blue theme with festival feeling like marsthemetogether for you in coming days . glamourous neon light bluethemefor launcher home 3D neon light live wallpaper to make itluxuryneon firework blue theme 100+ special diamond pink iconswithgirlish gemstone blue theme clean and boost to make yourandroidsafe clean and light weight sort apps with one tap intospecificapp drawer to be smart app DIY live wallpaper and DIY photoin pinkblue neon blue theme center easy cool 3D smart screen withdynamiceffect to be a featured safe launcher Unique weather widgetandneon light clock widget for android screen Swipe left to readdailynews with smart local news trend Support diamond screen lockandneon light applock with diamond keyboard . If you haveanysuggestions feedback or neon blue theme requests then let usknow .We have more high tech blue theme and neon themes to comefree .Please visit blue theme center to get them all to your need.
Red Ball 4 1.3.21
Red Alert! Evil minions want to squeeze the planet into asquareshape. Who's got the balls to save the world ? Oh yeah,that'sright!Red Ball to the rescue! Roll, jump and bounce through75exciting levels full of adventure.Make your way throughtrickytraps and defeat all monsters. Features: - All-New RedBallAdventure - 75 Levels - Epic Boss Battles - Cloud Support-Exciting Physics Elements - Groovy Soundtrack - HIDControllerSupport
Distance Laser Meter Simulator 2.7.7
Sprinkle Cool
*** Please note: This app will give you an estimation ofthedistance or the height! The results depend on the correctnessofyour sensors and can have a deviation up to 20 %. ***WithDistanceLaser Meter you have a strong device to measure thedistance andheight to objects around you. You can easily detect thedistance toan object or the height of the object. No special skillsorknowledge is required to use this app! Measure now the distanceofyour room and get the result in meters, centimeters, inchesorfeet. This app will turn your device into a strong distancelasermeter! Surprise your friends and family with this app! Usethedistance meter to measure the height of a building or tomeasurethe distance to it!
Balls 1.5.7
Balls Games
Get ready to be hooked. Shoot balls, bounce them, destroydiamonds,collect power-ups and see if you can get the perfectscore. Thisgame is easy to start with, but difficult to master.Balls bounceoff the diamonds and walls so be prepared for crazyaction andsuper fun. Balls is a mixture of brick breaker games andpinball.These falling balls will break diamonds, aliens and manyothergreat surprises. Bouncing balls everywhere is super fun. Youwon'tbelieve how satisfying Balls can be How to play: - Drag youfingerand aim the cannon in the direction you want the balls theshootto. - Lift your finger to shoot the balls - Falling ballswillremove power from the diamonds until the diamonds are broken-Collect power-ups and boosters that will make those bouncingballsbecome even crazier - Make sure the diamonds do not touch thelaserbeam You can play this game at your own pace, as there is notimelimit.