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Daddy Finger Song and Rhymes
Daddy Finger Song & Rhymes is a fun children's singalonginteractive app your child will not be able to put down!Featuringthe classic Daddy Finger song with 33 different fingerfamilies, 8educational mini games, and an interactive finger makerthatenables your child to create their own finger family! **FEATURES**>> NO ADS! - We promise you there are NO 3rdpartyadvertisements in this app! :) >> 33 DIFFERENTFINGERFAMILIES! (unlocked via IAP)- Huge variety of daddyfingercharacters such as Hero, Robot, Cowboy, Horse, Royal, IceCream,Astronaut, Koala Bear, Elephant, Dinosaur, Bear, Monkey,Tiger,Owl, Cat, Rabbit, Monster, and more! - We even added a lotofcountry specific finger families wearing clothes representingtheircountry such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indonesian,Thai,Filipino, Mexican, Spanish, Spanish, Jamaican, British,Indian,African, and more!>> 8 MINI GAMES (some unlocked, restareunlocked via IAP)- Interactive Daddy Finger Maker -> This isoneof the most popular mini games of this app. Your child will beableto create their own Daddy Finger Family song and rhymes bychoosingwho they want for each member of the family. This is how itworks.First they choose one character from all the daddy charactersfromall 33 finger families and slide the character to thethumbposition. Next they choose the mommy finger character andslide herto the next finger. Next they choose the brother, thenthey choosethe sister, and finally the baby character they want.Once they aredone building their finger family, they simply pressthe PLAYbutton and the Daddy Finger song starts playing with fulllyrics sothey can sing along!- Puzzle Game -> Interactivepuzzles tostimulate your kids solving problem skills. Your childsimply dragsthe puzzle pieces to the character on the screen. Theycan selectfrom a huge variety of different finger familycharacters.-Coloring Book -> Your child will love this! Now theycan colortheir favorite character!- Missing Numbers -> In thisfuneducational game, your child has to guess which number ismissing.This is a great game for a toddler or pre-school boy andgirl whois learning about numbers and counting. - Memory Game ->In thisgame, your child practices their memory skills by tryingtoremember where each daddy finger character is. They simply taponthe block to show the character, then they tap on the otherblockwith the same character.- Numbers Game -> This funeducationalnumber game will show a hand with a certain number offingers, andyour child has to count the number of fingers and pickthe correctanswer. Another fantastic game to teach counting andnumbers toyour toddler and pre-school boy or girl.- Moving Puzzle-> Thisgame works by having to quickly tap and then move thecorrectpuzzle piece to the Daddy Finger family character shown onthescreen.- Guessing Game -> In this mini game, your has toguesswho the characters are. For example, if an elephant is shownin themommy finger position, then they have to tap the 'mommy'block thatis shown. There you go! If your child loves the DaddyFinger songnursery rhymes, then they will absolutely love this app!Not onlywill they be able to sing along with all their favoritefingerfamily characters, but they will get play a variety ofeducationalgames that will teach them about numbers, counting, andunlocktheir creativity! Have fun! :)
Bloody Finger JUMP
Brace yourselves, Bloody Fingers are coming! Win, survive and bethebest!Your fingers will stand to a fight you can'tevenimagine!Bloody Finger JUMP will take you to a surreal world,whereyou will battle to death using your own finger. All thatwithbeautiful graphic, dynamic music and hardcore difficulty level-you'll need at least one skillful finger to play this one! ;)Isyour finger faster than the others?Will your finger crushotherenemies? Take up the challenge, compete and check how fastyourfingers are. HIGHLIGHTS: * A unique opportunity to try out yourownfinger* Simple gameplay - you only need one skillful fingertoplay* Share your score across social media* Unlock awesomenewskins for free* Beautiful graphic* Dynamic music*HardcoredifficultylevelFacebook:© SleeplessClinic™
Chwazi Finger Chooser
First, setup the number of fingers that you desire to choose orhowmany groups you want to group, then place all your fingers onthescreen and wait. Chwazi will make your choiceautomatically.Chwaziis a funny and interactive way to randomlyselect someone from agroup of people. It doesn't matter if thequestion is "Who will paythe bill", Who will buy bread", Chwazi isthe right choice.Notethat the maximum number of fingers supportedby Chwazi is 32,however, the maximum accepted depends on eachdevice. Usually, it'saround 5 to 10.
AppLock - Fingerprint Unlock
App Lock designed by Cheetah MobileWe can support fingerprintunlockonly if your Samsung device or the Android 6.0 device hasthefingerprint sensor. ★ Android 6.0 is supported★ Fingerprintlockpassword is supported on specific devices ★ Snap the snooperwhotried to unlock your apps★ Customized lock mode. You don't needtounlock apps every time.★ No Ads and for FREEWhat CM AppLock canlockfor you?★ Wi-Fi★ Bluetooth★ Incoming Calls★ Installing/Uninstalling apps★ Play Store★ Browser★ Settings★ Any apps youwantto protect from being snooped---- Lock Everything (AppsandSwitches) ----★ For young men and womenYou just need tolockprivate browsing histories, Video, Photos, Selfie, Album,Gallery,Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and any apps you wantNever worry aboutyourparents or friends snooping on your secrets.★ For parentsYoujustneed to lock Settings, Contacts, SMS, Incoming Calls,Wi-Fi,Bluetooth, Browser, messaging apps. Never worry about yourkidschange your important settings.★ For workerYou just need tolockyour Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Incoming Calls, texts, SMS, Shareit,Photos,Video, browser.Never worry about other people touching yourphone.You can just put your phone on the table with noworries.----Intruder Selfie ----Protect your apps all the time. Noone cansnoop on your apps without your permission.★ Take a photo ofwhotried to unlock your app immediately★ Email the snooper's phototoyou immediately★ The photo will record the date and thetime----Password Type ----CM App Lock provides you the differentpasswordtypes.★ Set your Fingerprint as the password★ Use Pattern(drawgesture)★ Use PIN code (numbers)---- Customized Lock Mode(Locktiming) ----CM App Lock provides the temporary unlock. Youdon'tneed to unlock apps every time.★ Lock your app at the devicescreenoff★ Lock your app after the device screen has been off for 3mins★Lock your app after you minimize it immediately----Fingerprintlock supported on Android 6.0 or SAMSUNG devices-------- Comingsoon ----★ Holi Festival / Easter Festival /Christmas /Valentine's Day / Halloween theme★ Amazing theme /wallpaper /background★ Customized theme / wallpaper / backgroundwith your ownphotos★ Hide apps / photos / videos in the privatevault★ Applocker and manager★ Device screen lockerTerms ofservice: usedACCESSIBILITY SERVICE.Please contact us ifyou have any questions or suggestions. Yoursupport is ourmotivation to move on. :-)
Finger Family Video Songs - World Finger Family
Finger Family Top Nursery Rhymes and Songs by KidzoolyareCOMPLETELY FREE and available OFFLINE .Audience can enjoysongs,videos and nursery rhymes any place any time without the needofdata/internet connection.★ Features:☀ High-Quality videos☀CuteAnimations☀ Lovable Characters☀ Parental mode☀ Easy accesstovideos☀ Offline Mode☀ Nice sounds and background music★AnimalFinger family nursery rhymes includes 1.Lion fingerfamilyrhymes2.Cow finger family rhymes3.Elephant fingerfamilyrhymes4.Dinosaur finger family rhymes5.Hippo fingerfamilyrhymes6.Dog finger family rhymes7.Panda fingerfamilyrhymes8.Chimpanzee finger family rhymes.★ World fingerfamilyrhymes videos introduces audience to1.India fingerfamilyrhymes2.Arab finger family rhymes3.German fingerfamilyrhymes4.Spanish finger family rhymes5.Japan fingerfamilyrhymes6.Chinese finger family rhymes7.Russia fingerfamilyrhymes8.French finger family rhymes♥ EnglishFatherFingerMotherFingerBrother FingerSister FingerBaby Finger♥ FrenchFingerFamilyPere FingerMaman FingerFrere FingerSouer FingerBebeFinger♥German Finger FamilyVater FingerMutter FingerBruderFingerSchwesterFingerKind Finger♥ Russia Finger FamilyOtetFingerMaht FingerBratFingerSestra FingerRebjonok Finger♥ SpanishFinger FamilyPadreFingerMadre FingerHermano FingerHermanaFingerBebe fingerDifferentculture, ethnicity, language and peoplearound the world with niceanimations and finger family songs wouldkeep everyone informed andentertained.We are all ears always andplease do let us know howmuch you liked our effortPlease leave acomment and rate ourapp.Happy Singing and Happy Finger Family !!!!
Fingerprint Quick Action
Perform quick actions via tap/swipe on fingerprintsensor.Pleasemake sure your device has a fingerprint sensorbeforeinstallation.Supported quick actions:SleepGo backGo homeShowrecentappsShow power menuToggle split screenExpandnotificationspanelToggle notifications panelExpand quicksettingsLaunch app orshortcutThis application needs to obtaindevice admin permission toperform lock screen operation.Providesxposed mode and non-xposedmode, xposed mode enhances stability.After you activate the xposedmodule and restart your device, itwill be run in Xposedmode.Sourcecode: have a fingerprint sensor, but do not provideAndroidstandard API, these devices may not be able to usethisapplication.2. Translation provided by volunteers, can notensurecomplete and accurate.3. This application is developedbyztc1997.The current version can meet the needs of most people,manyother needs have been beyond my ability, or have analternative.And now many manufacturers have provided their ownfingerprintgestures.So it will be little or no longer updated inthe furture,Thank you for your support.
Fingerprint Blood Pressure Simulator
The Best Fingerprint Blood Pressure Scanner PrankappFingerprintBlood Pressure is a funny app which simulates a BloodPressureChecker using finger scanner.Disclaimer:Fingerprint BloodPressureis a prank app for fun .
Blood Pressure Checker : Finger BP Scanner Prank
Download Now For FreeBlood Pressure Checker : Finger BPScannerPrank is a newly designed prank application for the users tohaveunlimited amount of fun. It is a prank application but itsmainfeatures is that it creates a great amount of awareness towardsthehealth that a person as this application has a specializedInfosection where user can gather all the authentic aboutBloodPressure BP. A hypertension or Hypotension patient must dodailyexercise if he/she wants to stay fit this should also beadopted bythe Diabetes as the exercises help the user to controlBlood SugarLevel and Blood Glucose Level. Healthy activitieseventuallybalances the Blood Cholesterol Level of an Individual. TOmeasureBlood Pressure (BP) user needs to look at both systolicanddiastolic blood as 120/80 mm Hg as it is ideal range forbloodpressure.Blood pressure (BP) is the pressure at which thebloodpasses in our vessels. Low blood pressure occurs when systolicanddiastolic blood pressure drop downs from the recommended rangethesame goes with high blood pressure but in the opposite manner asifthe systolic and diastolic blood pressure gets over acertainrange. This application has a separate section for BodytemperatureInfo and measurement as it takes the thumb impressionorfingerprint to generate results, rather than usingconventionalmeasures i.e. Fever Checker and Thermometer now thetechnology hasbeen so advance. The application also has the BloodSugar TestSection with Blood Sugar Info as well so it all comestogether injust one app.Here are some highlighting features oftheapplication: 🏥 Application offers realistic interface.🏥Applicationprovides amazing high definition display.🏥 Applicationisabsolutely free with no In-App purchases.🏥 Application alsoworksin offline mode so no internet or Wi-Fi required.🏥Specializedvisual and sound effects also create amazing userexperience.🏥Animations, speech bubbles and guidelines are alsosupposed to beconsidered as added feature of application.🏥Specially Designed andIntegrated Info section to educateusers.DisclaimerThis is prankapplication and it’s only designed toamuse users. The methodologybehind the calculation is completelyrandom so users are notsupposed to consider this application.
Finger Blood Pressure BP Prank
Finger Blood Pressure Prank is a funny app which simulates aBloodPressure Checker using finger scanner. Your blood pressureSYS,DIA, and your pulse heart rate even your body temperature willbemeasured and displayed after the fingerprint scanner scanyourfinger. It is a dream app for the ones who want to prankfriends orfor kids who want to play doctor games.You can use it toprank youfriends that you can scan your fingerprint to take thebloodpressure and heart rate using your phone.Our Blood PressureandHeart Rate Monitor has realistic UI Graphics and excellentsounds.When you press your finger on the fingerprint scanner, thescannerbar will scan, the display will show the dynamic heartbeatdiagram. After the scanning, your blood pressure result willshowas three professional data, they are SYS, DIA and Pulse.It isadream app for the ones who want to prank friends or for kidswhowant to play doctor games.App Features:★ HD and realisticbloodpressure sphygmomanometer model graphic.★ Stunningfingerprintscanning Panel and scan animation.★ Simulate bloodpressure monitorsounds.How to Use:★ Launch the app and select yourgender.★ Placeand hold your right thumb on the scanning panel.★Hold for a fewseconds until the scan is finished.Disclaimer:FingerBlood Pressureis a simulated app for entertainment purposes. Infact it cannotmeasure your blood pressure or heart rate. It is foryou to foolyour friends or for kids to play doctor games.
Finger Body Temperature Prank 2017
it's An notable prank! Fingerprint frame temperature willprovideyou the most simplest way of checking out your bodytemperature.Fingerprint body temperature will calculates or degreeyour frametemperature.frame temperature prank is clearly a prankapplicationwhich calculates your frame temperature and'san excitingprank ! Fingerprint body temperature will inform you theeasiestway frame temperatureFingerprint frame temperature is inreality aprank utility which calculates your body temperature andis madefor the those who just want to play pranks onothers.Fingerprintframe temperature provides nice and excessivedefinition imagequalities. Fingerprint frame temperature is wellsuited with nearlyeach android device. Reliability is assured ofFingerprint bodytemperature prank. Fingerprint frame temperatureprank is mainlydesigned in a way that it's going to actually workwith all newdevices and android versions the frametemperaturechecker utility and make fun with your buddies.definitely thisframe temperature reveal software is a prank. thisutility suggestsyou high body temperature, low body temperature andnormal frametemperature. This frame temperature checker systemcalculate yourbody temperature analyzing. frame temperature checkerprank app isloose to be used. simply vicinity your thumb on thumbscannerlocation. frame temperature machine calculate / degree yourframetemperature cuff on run time and shows your frametemperaturechart. this application could be very unique todifferent apps.Finger body temperature app is just prank scanner tocalculate bodytemperature.if you are a prankster you would trulylove thissoftware. it's far the first-rate application for foolingyourfriends. people might think as though it is a actualframetemperature and sugar calculating may bodytemperaturetest with thumb. for buying fee of your bp you can useuse thumbscanner. finger body temperature checker utility could bevery easyto use and person pleasant.Step 1: choose your gender andtap onnext,Step 2: Now location your finger lightly at thefingerprintscanning pad and anticipate the analysis.end result:Your fakeframe temperature will be shown robotically aftercalculation.Stepthree: you could share the result with pals viaproportion yoursnap shots through whatsApp, fb, Hike, Telegram,Line, Twitter, email and different social networks. capabilities Aprank utility tocollect cheers moment together with your buddies HDsnap shots andbeautiful use of scanner animation✔ too much personfriendly andsmooth to apply ✔ Measuring body temperature and heartfeemeasurements for free without internet connection✔ unfastenedfunfor all✔ Finger frame temperature prank does no longerrequireinternet connection.✔ Finger frame temperature prankunfastened funfor all.✔ Finger body temperature prank is completelyunfasteneddownload.✔ always unfastened a laugh for allnote : fingerprintbody temperature calculator is a prank and pretend utility anditisn't succesful to degree the frame temperature of a humanbody,all of the reading which can be used on this app are fauxandrandomly generated via app. Calculating frame temperature andsugarisn't possible together with your android device's displayscreenand digicam. it's miles the quality software for foolingyourfriends.” Fingerprint frame Temperature” is a prankdigitalthermometer for fever that calculate the body temperaturethe usageof fingerprint. If you could be a prankster you shoulddefinitelylike this software. Fingerprint thermometer app for feverishonestly a prank thermometer app for fever real will calculateyourfake body temperature for fever and is specially also designedforthose who simplest need to play pranks on others and want toshowoff the energy in their modern day android device.
Blood Pressure Checker Prank
Normal resting blood pressure in an adult is approximately 120/80mmHg. Blood pressure varies depending on situation, activity,anddisease states. Blood pressure is usually expressed in terms ofthesystolic (maximum) pressure over diastolic (minimum) pressureandis measured in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). Bloodpressurechecker prank is new and completely free that is designedtocalculate and check blood pressure with fingerprintimpression.This app is designed just for fun and entertainment.Pranksterswould love completely when they download and installfingerprintblood pressure as they have a real prank app to show ofpower ofandroid device. This app is its initial state and tested oneveryandroid device such as mobiles and tablets. Finger bloodpressureworks with almost every android version.Features:=======1.HDgraphical user interface.2. Smooth animation of scanner withbar.3.Show heart beat animation.4. Show blood pressure indigitalformat.5. Looks like a real fingerprint scanner withsmoothvibration.6. Show systolic blood pressure.7. Show diastolicbloodpressure.8. Show heart beat or pulse value to make this appmorereal.9. Completely free and do not require internet connection.10.App for fun and entertainment purpose only.How toUse:=========*_Fingerprint blood pressure checker works quiteeasily andefficiently. Just run application and select gender.Place fingeror thumb on scanner and wait for scanning. Do not liftyour fingeruntil scanning is complete. After some calculation bloodpressurechecker will show you blood pressure on a monitor in adigitalformat.Note: Blood pressure checker prank is design justforentertainment and fun purpose only. It is not possible tocalculateblood pressure with fingerprint impression or fingerscanning.Values used in this app are fake and randomly generated.Pleasegive your precious feedback to make finger blood pressuremore realfor every android user...!! Thanks..!!
Finger Body Temperature Prank
It's an interesting prank ! Fingerprint Body temperature prankwilltell you the easiest way body temperature, as well as yourheartrate. Application will calculate your bodytemperatureindex.Fingerprint Body temperature prank is really aprankapplication which calculates your body temperatureandsugar.Fingerprint Body temperature is actually a prankapplicationwhich calculates your body temperature and is made forthe peoplewho just want to play pranks on others.Fever checkerprank is forthose who are pranksters. Fever test prank is bestapplication tomake fool your friends.Fever Temperature check willgive accurateresults in prank way so don’t take it too muchserious. The fevertemperature could be check by finger or thumb.Best fever testprank app for android.It's An awesome prank!Fingerprint Bodytemperature prank will provide you the most easiestway of checkingout your body temperature. Fingerprint Bodytemperature prank willcalculates or measure your bodytemperature.Fingerprint Bodytemperature prank provides best andhigh definition imagequalities. Fingerprint Body temperature iscompatible with almostevery android device. Download the bodytemperature checkerapplication and make fun with your friends.Actually this bodytemperature monitor application is a prank. thisapplication showsyou high body temperature, low body temperatureand normal bodytemperature. Reliability is guaranteed ofFingerprint Bodytemperature prank. Fingerprint Body temperatureprank is speciallydesigned in a way that it will definitely workwith all new devicesand android versions too.Fingerprint bodytemperature checker is aawesome prank application for everyone.Thisbody temperaturechecker machine calculate your body temperaturereading. bodytemperature checker prank app is free for use. Justplace yourthumb on thumb scanner area. Body temperature machinecalculate /measure your body temperature cuff on run time and showsyour bodytemperature chart. this application is very different tootherapps. Finger Body temperature prank app is just prank scannertocalculate body temperature.It is the best application forfoolingyour friends. people would think as if it is a realbodytemperature and sugar calculating application.This app isjustprank scanner to calculate your body temperature.You canbodytemperature check with thumb. for getting value of your bp youcanuse use thumb scanner. fingerprint body temperaturecheckerapplication is very easy to use and user friendly.HOW TOUSE:Step1: Select your gender and tap on next,Step 2: Now placeyour fingergently on the fingerprint scanning pad and wait fortheanalysis.Result: Your Fake body temperature will beshownautomatically after calculation.Step 3: You can share theresultwith friends via Share your images via whatsApp, Facebook,Hike,Telegram, Line, Twitter, email and other social networks.FEATURES✔A prank application to collect cheers moment with yourfriends✔ HDgraphics and beautiful use of scanner animation✔ Toomuch userfriendly and easy to use ✔ Measuring body temperature andheartrate measurements for free without internet connection✔ FREEfunfor all✔ Finger Body temperature prank does not requireinternetconnection.✔ Finger Body temperature prank FREE fun forall.✔Finger Body temperature prank is completely free download.✔AlwaysFree fun for allNote : finger print body temperaturecalculator isa prank and fake application and it is not capable tomeasure thebody temperature of a human body, all the reading thatare used inthis app are fake and randomly generated by app.Calculating Bodytemperature bp and sugar is not possible with yourandroid device'sscreen and camera. It is the best application forfooling yourfriends.Enjoy Body temperature Checker prank.
Daily Horoscope Fingerprint
Input your birth date and scan your fingerprint to getdailyprediction. Features:- Daily horoscope - The horoscopeupdateddaily.- Beautiful graphical interface and sound effect.-Simpleapplication and easy reading.- Get your complete anddetailedastrology predictions every day directly on your phone.-Share yourprediction to your friends.- The Horoscope Scan is100%freeDisclaimer : This application use touch screen function onyourphone for scanning fingerprint (not real fingerprintscannermachine)
Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank
Fingerprint Lock Screen PrankThis Fingerprint Lock Screen is justasimulated fingerprint app, it's not real. It's impossible todetectyour touch id by screen. It just a funny Lockscreen simulatesthefingerprint lock screen to unlock your phone. We hope you likethewonderful High-tech design and use it to prank yourfriends.Besides, it's also a real lock screen which uses a cool waytounlock your phone.Get the best customizable fingerprint lockscreento lock your Android phone and now this free app works likeafingerprint screen locker. You can also fit this lock scannerwithyour own wallpaper! Your friends will never know the trickandleave them wondering. You can change the number of beeps tounlockthe settings screen.This Fingerprint Lock Screen cannotreallyidentify your fingerprint, it's just a simulated app usedforfun. Finger Print Lock Screen is highly customizable;itprovides several cool hi-tech wallpapers for you and allows youtoset the time & date format. You can also set the pressingtime(the default time is 2 seconds) of unlock.Thumbprint LockScreenPrank is an awesome screen lock app which simulates tounlockyour phone by scanning your fingerprint. The amazingfingerprintgraphics and wonderful scan animation make itprofessional andfunny.Digital Fingerprint Lock ScreenPrank neither scans yourfingerprint nor uses biometric and isnot for security purposes.You can have fun with your friends usingthis Fingerprint LockScreen . We have added some adds to supportour developer team insetting.STEPS TO USE:1. First you need to“Disable System Lock”from app settings, to turn off system lock ofyour phone if you areusing it.2. Now click on “Enable Screen lock”option to start thelockscreen services. 3. Turn ON“Fingerprint Lock” to usefingerprint simulator and for backup youcan set 4 or 6 digit PINor PATTERN lock style.Feature of ThumbprintLock Screen AppPrank ★ Realistic fingerprint scanner, greatgraphics.★Wonderful fingerprint scanning animation.★ Support slideto unlockscreen.★ Shows digital clock, date and time.★ Multiplesettingslike background wallpaper, vibrate, sound, date format,slidingtext etc.★ Professional design and works with all HDdevices, it’sa great fingerprint app lock free download★ Supportcustomizedtheme by changing the biometric security lock screen'swallpaper.★Realistic fingerprint scanner that simulates fingerprintreader toidentify your identity, it’s the perfect fingerprint lockscreensimulator.★ Thumbprint lock screen.★ Desbloqueo de pantallaconhuella dactilar ★ Passwort fingerabdruck. ★ Can be setasa screen locker with fingerprint scanner.★ Display the dateandtime as iPhone iOS lock screen style.★ Support home screenwidget!Long touch on your home screen to add the "FingerprintLock"ThisFingerprint lock screen is designed for entertainmentpurposesonly.DISCLAIMER: This Fingerprint Lock Screen Prankdoes notprovide bio-metric fingerprint scan, so this is not usedforsecurity purpose. It is a cool trick to unlock your phone andbeused to make fool of friends. This screen lock is usedforentertainment purpose only.Enjoy this wonderful and coolFingerPrint Lock Screen Prank which is secure,customizable and freewithvarious Themes HD Wallpaper and more. If you like itpleaseshare with your friends and remember to rate us ★★★★★ Stars.
Finger Touch Water Droplet
Finger touch water drop is an OpenGL Live Wallpaper withdynamicwave water effect. It's very interactive at finger touch.Youcreate water drop ripple effects and customised it by itsradius,displacement, water tail setting by your choice.Beautifulcalming"Water Droplet" effect on finger touch, Enable this effectin thesettings screen. Touch or tap the screen to add water dropson yourhome screen!Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> LiveWallpapers-> water drop Live WallpaperWe are very sophisticatedanddedicated towards the quality of our Live Wallpapers.Pleasefeelfree to writes us feedback at
App lock - Real Fingerprint, Pattern & Password
Applock, Fingerprint App Lock for your apps with Intruderselfies,Dual advanced security lock screens and fingerprint enabledapplock that makes your phone total safe and secure.It takes photoofsnooper that tries to unlock your apps with wrongpasswords,patterns or fingerprint and send email to you immediatelywithphoto and details.~ Fingerprint app lock is supported by allphoneswho has Fingerprint hardware and Marshmallow Android Versionand ifyou don't have one then our Fingerprint Simulator enablessimulatedApp lock support for any phone you have. Enable Simulatorfromsettings and you can simulate fingerprint app lock with PINorPatten.FEATURES: ★ Lock any App like System Apps, Social Apps,Lockyour private Gallery, Downloaded Apps and games.★ Supports wifiandbluetooth switches control.★ Unlock with PIN,PatternorFingerprint.★ Intruder Selfie supported. App lock takes selfieofpersons who entering wrong pin, pattern or finger print.★Sendimmediately Intruder alert and photo to your email address yousetin settings.★ Fake Cover. App lock shows Force Close dialogonopening of locked apps and let you open them with trick.★Supportsound and vibration effects.★ Supports Protection option toavoidForce Stop by any other user bymistake.★ No need to rememberPIN orPattern, you can Instant unlock with your fingerprintsforcompatible devices.★ Automatic set colors in app lock screenforpopular apps and system apps.Are you bored typing passwordsandusing pattern everytime you unlock apps? Now Lock Apps easilywithAdvance Feature of Fingerprint Applock. Take the advantage ofthisLatest Applock with beautiful design and Amazing Featuresdifferentfrom other applocker.You have to scan your finger tounlock apps soonly you can open your private and socialapplications. Theintruders trying to hack your security will caughtby takinginstant selfie and save inside app. Applock withfingerprint canlock your private apps. Prevent unauthorized access,guard privacyand ensure security. Also you can have controlforInstall/Uninstall of new apps. PIN/Pattern or Fingerprint needtouninstall any app. Enable it from settings.FAQ:Q: Can I lockANYapp or games?A: Yes, you can lock ANY installed apps and gamesinyour device.Q: How can I lock the app?A: It's simple, pleaselockfor apps you want to lock, and set your PIN or Pattern. you canuseFinger print automatically if already registered and existingwithyour don't need to set manually.Q: How to stopotherpeople uninstall AppLock?A: Please enable “Prevent Force Stop"inSettings of AppLock, so nobody can force stop or uninstallwithoutyour permission password. You can disable it whenever youdon'twant it.This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission.Disclosure:To prevent App Lock being ForceStopped byother apps or Being Uninstalled, App Lock need DeviceAdministratorPermission and App Lock never use any other DeviceAdministratorpermission except avoid force stopped & uninstallprevention byother users on your phone.This app usesAccessibilityservices.Disclosure:By using this service, It helps touse PowerSaving mode. The service is only used to remind userswithdisabilities to unlock apps, and save battery usage.Feel freetosend your feedback to us!
Finger blood pressure prank
Finger blood pressure will provide you the most simple wayofchecking out your blood pressure, first so easy in useandextremely efficient application for logging your bloodpressuremeasurement.How to use:1. Press Start2. Place your fingeron thecircle.3. Wait 10 seconds.4. See the result.NOTE: Fingerbloodpressure prank is only for fun and entertainment purposes andaprank application.The application is compatible with many typesofphones such as the Galaxy S7, S7 Galaxy Edge, Galaxy S6, S6GalaxyEdge, Sony Xperia Z4, Z5 compact, LG G4, Nexus 6, Galaxy Note5,Note 4, Note 3..and more
Finger Scanner Gestures
FINGERPRINT GESTURESYou don’t like using hard home key or itisbroken this application is a best solution for you. You onlytouchfingerprint if your device has fingerprint to replacehardkey.FEATURESBy lightly touch or swipe fingerprint you can,*Comeback home screen. * Open recent apps. * Open quick panel.*Volume control panel. * Open assist app * Open anapplication.....NOTICE 1. We request admin permission to supportlock screen,it will prevent you uninstall app from home screen.Please open appand click DELETE to uninstall. 2. We cannot preventvibrationemitted by system when authentication is failed. 3. Youmaybe notable to use fingerprint to unlock while using Apps Locker.4. Thisapp maybe not working on some devices because there is notAPIfingerprint from the manufacturer.\nWe are really sorry aboutthatbut we cannot support this case so please kindly uninstall appifit is not working.FEEDBACKIf you have any problem while usingtheapplication, please give us some comments we will check andupdateas soon as possible.Email: you somuch!
Blood Sugar Test Checker Prank
Finger Blood Sugar Scanner is a fun application that is usedtocalculate the sugar level in your blood. It calculates theglucoselevel in your body. This application is exclusively for funandentertainment purposes. Prank your friends and family. Fun forkidswho love to play doctor games.How To Use:1- Click the app icontolaunch the application.2- Select Gender.3- Click Next.4- Placeyourthumb or finger on the scanner bar.5- Hold your finger or thumbonthe scanner bar for few seconds.6- Blood Sugar level andglucoselevel will be displayed after the completionofscanning.Disclaimer:This application is for entertainmentpurposeonly. It is used to prank friends and spread smiles.
blod pressure checker prank
Now you can enjoy with friends scanning their blood pressurewith"blood pressure checker". Amaze them with a real fingerbloodpressure calculating experience.Just place your thumb onthumbscanner area. bp checking app Simulator calculate yourbloodpressure on run time and shows your blood pressure.Thisapplication is very different to other apps you know whatfingerblood pressure monitor app have high quality and reality basebloodpressure sphygmomanometer machine,The application bloodpressurechecker pro is compatible with many types of phones.Do youwantmore fun? Just download "blood pressure checker" applicationandmake your life more entertaining.How to Use1. Press Start. 2.Placeyour finger on the circle. 3. Wait 10 seconds. 4. SeetheresultFeatures:✔ A prank application to collect cheers momentwithyour friends✔ HD quality graphics for all the androiddevices✔Looks real and professional✔ is compatible with many typesofphones✔ Always Free fun for allNOTE :This Blood PressureSimulatorcalculates,is just for fun and not have any ability tomeasure theblood pressure of human body,This app is just prankscanner tocalculate blood pressure checker.
Blood Pressure Finger BP Prank
* Fingerprint blood pressure and Heartbeat detector is a freesmartphone android application. Features:-> Realisticlookingscanner-> Simple to scan and easy to use-> Totallyfree forAndroid users-> Works with Android mobiles andtablets->Clear UI and beautiful design* Finger Blood Pressure BPScanner isbuilt only for fun.* Fingerprint blood pressure systolic,diastolicand Heartbeat rate is the most accurate fingerprint bloodpressureand Heartbeat rate monitor app for any Smartphone and itdoes notneed any external hardware. Use fingerprint blood pressureandheartbeat rate detector for optimizing your exercise and totrackyour progress and high and low blood pressure.* When youopenFinger Blood Pressure Checking Scanner app, it will ask youtoplace a finger on phone screen, when you place a finger infingershaped area then it will scan your finger and show your BP onthescree.* Finger Blood Pressure BP Scanner app will not showanyaccurate values when you scan your finger for BP.Disclaimer>Blood Pressure BP Scanner Prank is only for fun andentertainmentpurposes and a prank application > And no real"Blood PressureBP" will Disply from your device.
open biometric
The open biometric app is a program for controlling and managingabluetooth finger scanner. All of the key functions of thebiometricfinger scanner access control system can be set in a flashvia yoursmartphone.In just a few clicks, you can create new usersor deleteauthorizations, enroll user fingers, or add photos to userrecords.Simple, convenient, and secure.The pairing and encryptionof thedata packages between the finger scanner and smartphoneensuremaximum security. Thanks to the mandatory and freelyselectable 4to 6-digit app security code, your smartphone cannot beused as akey by unauthorized persons if it is stolen.MAIN FUNCTIONSSecurityand system:- Entering or changing security codes- Enteringorchanging security user coupling codes- Authorizingadministrators-Resetting the system to default settings Useradministration:-Creating or deleting users- Enabling and disablingusers- Addinguser photos- Scanning in and assigning user fingersSystemsettings:- Setting access and relay switch times- SettingLEDbrightness- Enabling/disabling Bluetooth of the finger scanner
Heart Rate Beat Checker Prank
Heart Rate Beat Checker Prank is a fun application used tocalculatethe heart rate using Finger Scanner. Prank your family,friends andfellows. Amazing application for kids who love to playdoctor gamesand health games.How To Use:1- Click the applicationicon to launchthe application.2. Wait for application to launch.3-SelectGender.4- Click Next.5- Place your finger or thumb on thescanner.6-Hold your finger or thumb on the scanner for fewseconds.7- Resultswill be displayed after the completion ofscanning.Disclaimer:Thisapplication is for entertainment purposeonly. It is used to prankfriends and spread smiles everywhere.
ICE Unlock Fingerprint Scanner
ICE Unlock is a real fingerprint lock screen that locks andunlocksyour mobile device securely.Most other lock screens don'tactuallyuse biometrics to unlock your device. They are just forfun. ICEUnlock is a true biometric lock screen solution.ICE Unlockispowered by ONYX which allows users to take a picture oftheirfingerprint using the existing camera. No additional hardwareorscanner needed. * NOTE: ICE Unlock requires a rear-facingcamerawith flash, and the camera has to be able to focus on yourfinger.Many devices that do not focus on close objects do not workwithICE Unlock, and are marked not compatible.ICE Unlock placesthepower of identity control back where it belongs -- in the handsofthe consumer. Pictures of your finger are turned into atemplateusing our proprietary process and then the picture isimmediatelydestroyed. Moreover, fingerprint templates are nottransmitted toDFT or any other entity (government or otherwise).The template isstored only within the secure storage area of yourdevice, meaningit can only be accessed by ICE Unlock. The datastored on yourdevice cannot be used to reverse-engineer yourfingerprint.Quotefrom Tom's Guide: "Bitdefender's Clueful app,which rates theprivacy risks of apps installed to your phone, givesICE Unlock a"low risk" application, which means it has far lessaccess to yourphone's functions than apps such as Facebook orTwitter."USING THEAPP - The user places their finger into the rearfacing camerafield of view. Then the user takes a picture bytapping the screenand ICE (Identity Control Essentials) UNLOCKprocesses and matchesthe image and unlocks the device.TOUCHLESSFINGERPRINTAUTHENTICATION JUST WORKS BETTER!Touch-based sensors,like the oneon the iPhone 5s, aren’t as accurate, are subject towear and tear,and have a tendency to distort your fingerprint dueto the pressureapplied. The touchless ONYX technology used in ICEUnlock canprovide higher levels of accuracy than required by the U.S.Federal Bureau of Investigation.ICE Unlock – THE FIRST MOBILEAPPBUILT ON THE ONYX HD AUTHENTICATION ENGINE.The ONYX Engine iswhatdoes all of the behind the scenes processing, encoding,andmatching for ICE Unlock. ONYX is designed to run mobiletouchlessfingerprint authentication on Android, iPhone/iPad, andWindowsmobile devices to bring biometric security to enterprises.ONYXshows its flexibility by also powering applications likeICEUnlock.- If you are requesting support please include the modelofyour mobile device.* ICE Unlock currently has someknownworkarounds due to the way android devices handle lock screens.ICE Unlock is not intended to be used as a sole source ofsecurity.If you require an extremely high level of security werecommend youadditionally implement other security measures such asthe pin,pattern, voice, or facial recognition lock screens nativeto theandroid operating system.To learn more about ICE Unlock,please goto moreinformationabout ONYX, see likeus onFacebook.
Finger Body Temperature Prank
It's An awesome prank! Fingerprint Body temperature will provideyouthe most easiest way of checking out your bodytemperature.Fingerprint Body temperature will calculates or measureyour bodytemperature.Body temperature prank is really a prankapplicationwhich calculates your body temperature and sugar.It'saninteresting prank ! Fingerprint Body temperature will tell youtheeasiest way body temperature, as well as your heartrate.Application will calculate your body temperatureindex.FingerprintBody temperature is actually a prank applicationwhich calculatesyour body temperature and is made for the peoplewho just want toplay pranks on others.Fingerprint Body temperatureprovides bestand high definition image qualities. Fingerprint Bodytemperatureis compatible with almost every android device.Reliability isguaranteed of Fingerprint Body temperature prank.Fingerprint Bodytemperature prank is specially designed in a waythat it willdefinitely work with all new devices and androidversionstoo.Fingerprint body temperature checker is a awesomeprankapplication for everyone.Download the body temperaturecheckerapplication and make fun with your friends. Actually thisbodytemperature monitor application is a prank. this applicationshowsyou high body temperature, low body temperature and normalbodytemperature. This body temperature checker machine calculateyourbody temperature reading. body temperature checker prank appisfree for use. Just place your thumb on thumb scanner area.Bodytemperature machine calculate / measure your body temperaturecuffon run time and shows your body temperature chart. thisapplicationis very different to other apps. Finger Body temperatureapp isjust prank scanner to calculate body temperature.If you areaprankster you would definitely love this application. it isthebest application for fooling your friends. people would think asifit is a real body temperature and sugarcalculatingapplication.This app is just prank scanner to calculateyour bodytemperature.You can body temperature check with thumb. forgettingvalue of your bp you can use use thumb scanner. fingerbodytemperature checker application is very easy to use anduserfriendly.HOW TO USE:Step 1: Select your gender and tap onnext,Step2: Now place your finger gently on the fingerprintscanning pad andwait for the analysis.Result: Your Fake bodytemperature will beshown automatically after calculation.Step 3:You can share theresult with friends via Share your images viawhatsApp, Facebook,Hike, Telegram, Line, Twitter, email and othersocial networks.FEATURES✔ A prank application to collect cheersmoment with yourfriends✔ HD graphics and beautiful use of scanneranimation✔ Toomuch user friendly and easy to use ✔ Measuring bodytemperature andheart rate measurements for free without internetconnection✔ FREEfun for all✔ Finger Body temperature prank does notrequireinternet connection.✔ Finger Body temperature prank FREE funforall.✔ Finger Body temperature prank is completely freedownload.✔Always Free fun for allNote : finger print bodytemperaturecalculator is a prank and fake application and it is notcapable tomeasure the body temperature of a human body, all thereading thatare used in this app are fake and randomly generated byapp.Calculating Body temperature and sugar is not possible withyourandroid device's screen and camera. It is the best applicationforfooling your friends.Enjoy Body temperature Checker prank.
Fingerprint LockScreen Prank
Disclaimer:This Fingerprint Lock Screen cannot really identifyyourfingerprint, it's just a simulated app used forfun.FingerprintLock Screen Prank is an awesome screen lock appwhich unlock yourphone by simulating to scan your fingerprint. Theamazingfingerprint graphics and wonderful scan animation makeitprofessional and funny. There are more than 10 brilliantandbeautiful wallpapers provided to decorate your screen tothebest.Disclaimer:The fingerprint scan is a simulated feature, itisjust for fun.Feature:★Cool fingerprint scanner,greatgraphics.★Wonderful fingerprint scanning animation.★More than10brilliant and beautiful wallpapers are provided.★Support slidetounlock screen.★Shows digital clock, date andtime.★Multiplesettings like background wallpaper, vibrate, sound,date format,sliding text etc.
Finger Blood Pressure Prank
It's An awesome prank! Fingerprint Blood Pressure will provideyouthe most easiest way of checking out your bloodpressure.Fingerprint Blood Pressure will calculates or measure yourbloodpressure.BP and Sugar Test Banner Prank is really aprankapplication which calculates your blood pressure andsugar.It's aninteresting prank ! Fingerprint Blood Pressure willtell you theeasiest way blood pressure, as well as your heart rate.Applicationwill calculate your blood pressure index.FingerprintBlood Pressureis actually a prank application which calculates yourbloodpressure and is made for the people who just want to playpranks onothers.Fingerprint Blood Pressure provides best and highdefinitionimage qualities. Fingerprint Blood Pressure is compatiblewithalmost every android device. Reliability is guaranteedofFingerprint Blood Pressure Prank. Fingerprint Blood PressurePrankis specially designed in a way that it will definitely workwithall new devices and android versions too.Fingerprint bloodpressurechecker is a awesome prank application foreveryone.Download theblood pressure checker application and makefun with your friends.Actually this blood pressure monitorapplication is a prank. thisapplication shows you high bloodpressure, low blood pressure andnormal blood pressure. This bloodpressure checker machinecalculate your blood pressure reading.blood pressure checker prankapp is free for use. Just place yourthumb on thumb scanner area.Blood pressure machine calculate /measure your blood pressure cuffon run time and shows your bloodpressure chart. this applicationis very different to other apps.Finger Blood Pressure app is justprank scanner to calculate bloodpressure.If you are a pranksteryou would definitely love thisapplication. it is the bestapplication for fooling your friends.people would think as if itis a real blood pressure and sugarcalculating application.This appis just prank scanner to calculateyour blood pressure.You canblood pressure check with thumb. forgetting value of your bp youcan use use thumb scanner. finger bloodpressure checkerapplication is very easy to use and userfriendly.HOW TO USE:Step1: Select your gender and tap on next,Step2: Now place your fingergently on the fingerprint scanning pad andwait for theanalysis.Result: Your Fake blood pressure will beshownautomatically after calculation.Step 3: You can share theresultwith friends via Share your images via WhatsApp, Facebook,Hike,Telegram, Line, Twitter, email and other social networks.FEATURES✔A prank application to collect cheers moment with yourfriends✔ HDgraphics and beautiful use of scanner animation✔ Toomuch userfriendly and easy to use ✔ Measuring blood pressure andheart ratemeasurements for free without internet connection✔ FREEfun forall✔ Finger Blood Pressure Prank does not requireinternetconnection.✔ Finger Blood Pressure Prank FREE fun for all.✔FingerBlood Pressure Prank is completely free download.✔ AlwaysFree funfor allNote : finger print blood pressure calculator is aprank andfake application and it is not capable to measure thebloodpressure of a human body, all the reading that are used inthis appare fake and randomly generated by app. Calculating BloodPressureand sugar is not possible with your android device's screenandcamera. It is the best application for fooling yourfriends.EnjoyBlood Pressure Checker Prank.
Blood Pressure Checker
Measure blood pressure through your finger to receiveinstantresults for free, and you should also know that this BloodPressureChecker application scans your finger quickly from thefootprint ofyour thumb.App Features:★ Stunning fingerprint scanningPanel andscan animation.★ Simulate blood pressure monitorsounds.How toUse:★ Place and hold your right thumb on the scanningpanel.★ Holdfor a few seconds until the scan isfinished.Disclaimer:BloodPressure is a PRANK app for entertainmentpurposes. In fact itcannot measure your blood pressure or heartrate. It is for you tofool your friends or for kids to play doctorgames.
Finger Blood Pressure BP Prank
Features:- Realistic looking scanner- Simple to scan and easytouse- Totally free for Android users- Works with Android mobilesandtablets- Clear UI and beautiful designBlood Pressure Scanner isafree smart phone android application for calculating bloodpressureand heart beat rate.Step 1: Select your gender.Step 2: Nowplaceyour finger gently on the fingerprint scanning pad and waitfor theanalysis.Result: Your Fake blood pressure will beshownautomatically.Disclaimer:Finger Blood Pressure BP Prank isforentertainment purposes only. It does not calculates youbloodpressure. Calculating Blood Pressure is not possible withyourandroid device's screen and camera. The displayed resultsarerandom numbers. It is the best application for foolingyourfriends.
BP and Sugar Check Through Finger Prank
BP and Sugar Checker Prank is really a prankapplication-whichCalculates your blood pressure, sugar, bodytemperature, fever andblood group.It's an interesting prank!Fingerprint BP and Sugarwill tell you the easiest way bloodpressure, as well as your heartrate. Application will calculateyour blood pressure index.if youare a prankster you woulddefinitely love this isthe best application forfooling your is designed insuch a way that one who isnot aware of android can never getwhether it is a prank applicationor real.people would think as ifit is a real blood pressure andsugar calculating application.It'sAn awesome prank! FingerprintBlood Pressure will provide you themost easiest way of checking outyour blood pressure, sugar, bodytemperature, fever and blood group.Fingerprint Blood Pressure willcalculates or measure your bloodpressure.Fingerprint BloodPressure and Sugar Checker has best andhigh definition imagequalities. Fingerprint Blood Pressure andSugar Checker iscompatible with almost every androiddevice.Download the BloodPressure and Sugar Checker application andmake fun with yourfriends. Actually this blood pressure monitorapplication is aprank. this application shows you high bloodpressure, low BloodPressure and Sugar Checker and normal bloodpressure.Fingerprintblood pressure checker is a awesome prankapplication foreveryone.Download the blood pressure checkerapplication and makefun with your friends. Actually this bloodpressure monitorapplication is a prank. this application shows youhigh bloodpressure, low blood pressure and normal blood pressure.This bloodpressure checker machine calculate your blood pressurereading.blood pressure checker prank app is free for use. HOW TOUSEIT:Step 1: Select Sugar Detector or Pressure Detector,Step 2:Nowplace your finger gently on the fingerprint scanning pad andwaitfor the analysis.Result: Your Fake blood pressure /sugarresultwill be shown automatically after calculation.FEATURES✔ Aprankapplication to collect cheers moment with your friends✔ HDgraphicsand beautiful use of scanner animation✔ Too much userfriendly andeasy to use ✔ Measuring blood pressure and heart ratemeasurementsfor free without internet connection✔ FREE fun for all✔FingerBlood Pressure Prank does not require internet connection.✔FingerBlood Pressure Prank FREE fun for all.✔ Finger Blood PressurePrankis completely free download.✔ Always Free fun for all✔BodyTemperature Scanner✔ Blood Group ScannerFinger Blood Pressureappis just prank scanner to calculate blood pressure, sugar,bodytemperature, fever and blood group.If you are a prankster youwoulddefinitely love this application. it is the best applicationforfooling your friends. people would think as if it is a realbloodpressure and sugar calculating application.This app is justprankscanner to calculate your blood pressure.You can bloodpressurecheck with thumb. for getting value of your bp you can useusethumb scanner. finger blood pressure checker application isveryeasy to use and user friendly.You can check blood pressurewiththumb. getting value for your bp or you can use use thumbscanner.finger blood pressure checker application is very easy touse anduser friendly.Note : finger print blood pressure calculatoris aprank and fake application and it is not capable to measuretheblood pressure of a human body, all the reading that are usedinthis app are fake and randomly generated by app. CalculatingBloodpressure, sugar, body temperature, fever and blood group isnotpossible with your android device's screen and camera. It isthebest application for fooling your friends.Enjoy Bp andSugarChecker Prank.
Finger Lie Detector Test Prank
Use Finger Lie Detector to test if your friends lie or tellthetruth. Lie Detector Test scans your finger print anddeterminesTRUE(real), MAYBE or FALSE (lie).Tap and hold your fingeron thelie detector machine. After detection, Lie detector will testliesbased on your finger print. Finger lie detector test is afreeprank app, will not actually detect if a personislying.DISCLAMIER:Lie or real is not determined by yourfingerprint. This app is a prank app - does not really detect if apersonlies.
Blood Sugar Test Checker Prank
Everyone want more fun in life, if you want more entertainmentthendownload this free finger blood sugar checking machine.JustInstall Finger blood sugar checker and make fun with yourfamilyand friends. blood sugar tester with fingerprint is aprankapplication which calculate your blood pressure plus and scanyourfinger for making a result your blood glucose. Thisapplicationhave very realistic graphics no one knows that thisapplication isreal or fake. People think this a Real Finger bloodsugar testprank application. Controlling diabetes symptoms is notverydifficult just keeping blood sugar low, by eating low-crabsoups.Get tips on blood sugar, glucose, insulin & diabeticdiets andmake a healthy guide plan on diabetes management toprevent andcontrol your blood sugar levels, a solution to restoreyour healthnaturally. This application is diabetic assistantbecause its helpsyou to make log and monitor blood sugar levels andmeals. but keepin mind this is a prank glucose or blood sugarcontrollingapplication. Glucose Levels or blood sugar levels havesome typelike: normal blood sugar level, low blood sugar and highbloodsugar. but type 2 diabetes on blood sugar chart are dangerousHighblood pressure level and low blood pressure level. If you areCheckyour glucose levels when you have symptoms of hypoglycemia,youshould use your finger or thumb for scanning. Hold your fingerandplace on fingerprint scanner when scanning complete thisbloodsugar calculator show you a result on blood sugar checkingmachine.This is just a blood sugar tester with fingerprint, Don'tuse it asa blood pressure (bp) scanner or blood group scanner. Thisis bloodsugar checker application not your mood scanner. How to UseOpenthis blood sugar tracker App. Select your gender and clicknextbutton now you have a thumb pad. place your finger or thumbonfingerprint scanner and wait till animation complete.aftercompleting the scanning this sugar monitor app calculatingyourblood sugar level range for diabetes. now this diabetes sugarbloodtester show a value on blood sugar scanner machine. DisclaimerThis"Blood Sugar Test Checker Prank" application is for funandentertainment. This is a prank application and itsgeneratesimulate result of blood sugar. Please Don't take theseResultseriously.Enjoy With your Friends and Family.
Finger Blood Pressure Prank
It's An awesome prank! Fingerprint Blood Pressure Prank willprovideyou the best way of checking out your blood pressure.FingerprintBlood Pressure Prank will calculates your bloodpressure..This appis just prank checker to calculate your bloodpressure.How to use:1.Select your gender and then click "Next"2.Now place your fingergently on the fingerprint scanning hold andwait for theanalysisResult: Your Fake blood pressure prank will beshownautomatically after calculation3. You can save or shareimages withfriendsFEATURES✔ A prank application to collect cheersmoment withyour friends✔ HD graphics and beautiful use of scanneranimation✔Too much user friendly and easy to use✔ FREE fun forall✔ FingerBlood Pressure Prank does not require internetconnection.✔ FingerBlood Pressure Prank FREE fun for all.✔ FingerBlood Pressure Prankis completely free download.NOTE : Fingerprint blood pressure Prankis a prank and fake application and itis not capable to measure theblood pressure and heart rate of ahuman body, All the results arefake and random. It is developedfor the sake of entertainment andjoy.
Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank
This Fingerprint Lock Screen is just a simulated fingerprintapp,it's not real. It's impossible to detect your touch id byscreen.It just a funny Lockscreen simulates the fingerprint lockscreen tounlock your phone. We hope you like the wonderfulHigh-tech designand use it to prank your friends. Besides, it'salso a real lockscreen which uses a cool way to unlock yourphone.How to unlockscreen:Click and then long press the fingerscanner.Feature:★High-tech graphic and sounds which make you phonelook like ahigh-tech Hologram device.★ Shows digital clock, dateand time.★Provide clear guide and easy to used.★ Disable the homebutton, noone can unlock the phone with the home button.★ Provide 3wonderfulfinger lock themes for your option.
Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank
Fingerprint lock screen prank is a favorite application. It'snotonly expensive phones can unlock phones with fingerprints,ourfingerprint lock screen simulator application is usable onmostdevices. Is not it great? There are two ways to unlock thescreenin the fingerprint lock screen app: - Slide the slider totheright- Scan fingerprint lock in screen Highlights ofthefingerprint lock screen hd application: - Easy HD lockscreenfingerprint- Edit finger print scanner times to unlock- Morethan10 fingerprint lock screen wallpaper for dazzling extrascreen-Change the content of the slider: replace the boring phrase"Slideto unlock" to your favorite phrase- Amazing graphics infingerprintlock app- Easy to use fingerprint lock screen no ads-FREE fingerprint lock screen app NOTE: The feature of thefingerprint lockscreen for kids application simulates fingerprintlock screenmobile, does not protect the privacy of yourphone.Forget the usualways to unlock your phone like draw pattern,slide to unlock. Now,you can use the ultra-fast method offingerprint to unlock yourphone. Just lightly touch for scanfingerprint lock screen scanner,your phone will be unlockedquickly. Convenient and very easy touse, that's what users commenton this easy fingerprint lock screenfeature. So do not hesitateanymore and download our fingerprintlock screen trick applicationright now to experience fingerprintlock screen best.If you find ourfingerprint lock screen buttonapplication useful and interesting,do not forget to share it withyour friends!We always try to bringthe best products to our users.If you have any comments orsuggestions on the fingerprint lockscreen for tablet application,please comment below so that we cancontinue to improve the qualityof our fingerprint lock HD. Do notforget to rate 5 * finger printlock screen prank to support thedeveloper!
Blood Sugar Test Checker Prank
Everyone want more fun in life, if you want more entertainmentthendownload this free finger blood sugar checking machine.JustInstall Finger blood sugar test checker and make fun withyourfamily and friends. blood sugar tester machine with fingerprintisa prank application which scan your fingerprint for making aresultyour blood glucose. This application have very realisticgraphicsno one knows that this application is real or fake. HOW TOUSEIT:Step 1: Select Your gender, male or female.Step 2: Nowplaceyour finger gently on the fingerprint scanning pad and waitfor theanalysis.Result: Your Fake sugar result will be shownautomaticallyafter calculation.People think this a Real Fingerblood sugar testchecker prank application. Controlling diabetessymptoms is notvery difficult just keeping blood sugar low, byeating low-crabsoups. Get tips on blood sugar, glucose, insulin& diabeticdiets and make a healthy guide plan on diabetesmanagement toprevent and control your blood sugar levels, asolution to restoreyour health naturally. This application isdiabetic assistantbecause its helps you to make log and monitorblood sugar levelsand meals. but keep in mind this is a prankglucose or blood sugarcontrolling application. Glucose Levels orblood sugar levels havesome type like: normal blood sugar level,low blood sugar and highblood sugar. but type 2 diabetes on bloodsugar chart are dangerousHigh blood pressure level and low bloodpressure level. If you areCheck your glucose levels when you havesymptoms of hypoglycemia,you should use your finger or thumb forscanning. Hold your fingerand place on fingerprint scanner whenscanning complete this bloodsugar calculator show you a result onblood sugar checking machine.This is just a blood sugar tester withfingerprint, Don't use it asa blood pressure (bp) scanner or bloodgroup scanner. This is bloodsugar test checker application not yourmoodscanner.Disclaimer:Fingerprint blood sugar test checker Prankis aprank and fake application and it is not capable to measuretheblood sugar or glucose and heart rate of a human body, Alltheresults are fake and random. It is developed for the sakeofentertainment and joy.
Fingerprint Lock Screen (Prank)
Modern Fingerprint Lock Screen inspired by Galaxy S5 HDwallpapersand themes. This awesome Screen Lock is for those whowant new bornUnlocker and really want privacy for their phones.-:UniqueFeatures of this Fingerprint Lock Screen Which you won`t getinother Lock screen apps are :-1. Eye Catching HD WallpapersandRealistic Fingerprint Scanner.2. Weather Information is givenonyour Lockscreen when you `Connect to the Internet` by Phone 3.YourFitness tracker i.e `Pedometer` is provided for free with thisappto Count the steps when you walk same as given in Galaxys.4.Lock& Unlock Home Key for more Security.5. 10 HD LockScreenWallpaper are given with this App and You can also pick theImagesfrom Gallery.6. Customize Font Size, Date and Pick yourchoice ofColor.7. Enable & DisableWeatherInfo,Pedometer,Sound,Vibration,Lock& Unlock Button, HomeKeyand Date & Time.8. Scans your Finger similar to a Xraytounlock the Device.9. On pressing the Power Key it makes Screenoffand lock the phone.10. This is one of the cool lock screensandbest screen locker among all other Fingerprint Lock screen Appsonandroid market.Trick to Unlock this Fingerprint Lock Screen1.Click on the Button given on the "Top Left Corner of the App"andput your Finger on the scanner to scan and Wait for 3-5 SecondstoUnlock.2. You can Show and Hide the Lock & Unlock buttongivenon the `Top Left Corner` to Increase the phone Lock screensecurityfrom setting.3. Once you Hide the Button from the setting,you canTap on the "Hidden Button" or Blank area on `Top Left cornerof theLock Screen` and can Scan your Fingerprint to Unlock phone.3.InCase you Forget the trick then you can use Keypad LockScreenPassword as an Unlocker option.** Important Notes for Userswhileusing Fingerprint Lock or Fingerprint Scanner **This appisintended to simulate a Fingerprint Scanner and does notreallyscans your finger prints and also it is not a realFingerprint LockScreen , We do not provide biometric screeningusing this app &this Screen Lock does not scans yourfingerprints. There is a trickin this Fingerprint Lock to unlockyour phone by which you canprank with your friends and take themfor a ride or make them foolthat you have real biometricsFingerprint Lock. This is not asecure replacement for a FingerprintSensor Lock Screen and is notfor security purposes.This BiometricFingerprint Screen lock isdesigned for entertainment purposesonly.** DISCLAIMER **ThisFingerprint Lock is neither affiliated norendorsed by Samsung& Android™ is a registered trademark ofGoogle Inc.
Mmm Fingers 2
With over 22 million players on the original, the fingermunchingmonsters are back in Mmm Fingers 2! How long can youprotect yourfingers from the hungry monsters?! Touch and hold thescreen aslong as you can. Don’t lift your finger or hit anythingwith teethor else CHOMP, it is game over. Features:- Newmonsters!- Newchallenge mode!- A new and unique challenge everyday! -Leaderboards and Achievements- Easy to use one-touchportraitgameplay
Finger Body Temperature Prank
Fingerprint Body temperature prank will provide you the mosteasiestway of checking out your body temperature. FingerprintBodytemperature will calculates or measure your bodytemperature.Bodytemperature prank is really a prank applicationwhich calculatesyour body temperature and sugar.It's an interestingprank !Fingerprint Body temperature will tell you the easiest waybodytemperature, as well as your heart rate. Application willcalculateyour body temperature index.Fingerprint Body temperatureisactually a prank application which calculates your bodytemperatureand is made for the people who just want to play pranksonothers.Just place your thumb on thumb scanner area.Bodytemperature machine calculate / measure your body temperaturecuffon run time and shows your body temperature chart. thisapplicationis very different to other apps. Finger Body temperatureprank appis just prank scanner to calculate body temperature.It isthe bestapplication for fooling your friends. people would think asif itis a real body temperature and sugar calculatingapplication.Thisapp is just prank scanner to calculate your bodytemperature.Youcan body temperature check with thumb. for gettingvalue of your bpyou can use use thumb scanner. fingerprint bodytemperature checkerapplication is very easy to use and userfriendly.HOW TO USE:Step1: Select your gender and tap on next,Step2: Now place your fingergently on the fingerprint scanning pad andwait for theanalysis.Result: Your Fake body temperature will beshownautomatically after calculation.Step 3: You can share theresultwith friends via Share your images via whatsApp, Facebook,Hike,Telegram, Line, Twitter, email and other social networks.FEATURES✔A prank application to collect cheers moment with yourfriends✔ HDgraphics and beautiful use of scanner animation✔ Toomuch userfriendly and easy to use ✔ Measuring body temperature andheartrate measurements for free without internet connection✔ FREEfunfor all✔ Finger Body temperature prank does not requireinternetconnection.✔ Finger Body temperature prank FREE fun forall.✔Finger Body temperature prank is completely free download.✔AlwaysFree fun for all
Blood Pressure Finger
Measure your blood pressure free and easily through ourBloodPressure Pro application.The results are going to bereadyinstantly, so to receive your results just scan your fingerfromthe footprint of your thumb.The characteristics of ourapplicationBlood Pressure Pro:* Practical, pro and simple to use.*The abilityto measure weight, cholesterol, diabetes, blood sugarwill beavailable soon without internet thanks to your thumb.*Thepossibility Share your results on social networks.
Finger Blood Pressure: Prank!
Now you can check the Heart Rate and your Blood Pressure withusingonly your fingerprint and blood pressure scanner to prankyourfriends and family on phone screen to check your health. youwillget instant heart rate and blood pressure withing 10seconds.onceyou start the measure blood pressure app click on startbutton, andput your finger on the screen to measure the heart ratethe bloodpressure. we will lunch our app that measure sugar withfingerprintsoon,with your finger you can measure heart beat andblood pressureto check instant heart beat health and yourblood.DESCLAIMARThis isjust a prank app to have fun with friendsnot real heart ratechecker.
Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank
Are you tired :-( of using old & boring Fingerprint LockScreenPrank Simulator`s. Try out this one and we hope you will haveagreat experience and enjoy using this App. A very funnyFingerprintLock Screen app to have prank with buddies and tell themthat youhave a real biometric lock for authentic access to yourandroiddevice.==================;-) TRICK TO UNLOCK;-)==================★Tap on the Unlock Button given on the LockScreen.★ Now place yourfinger on the Fingerprint Scanner & waitfor 2 seconds toUnlock.======================================★FEATURES OFFINGERPRINT LOCK SCREEN★======================================★Beautiful Graphics with 3inbuilt Themes ! ★ Eye Loving ScanningAnimation !★ Incredible soundeffects at Locking & Unlockingtime !★ Best Simulator whichshows real like Fingerprints animation!★ Compatibility with 99%devices !=============================★IMPORTANT NOTES FOR USERS★=============================DigitalFingerprint Lock for androidneither scans your fingerprint noruses biometric and is not forsecurity purposes. you can have funwith your friends using thisFingerprint Lock Screen.We do notcollect any personal informationor anything else from our Usersbut some advertisement can be shownduring the use of the app tosupport our development team. Thanksfor your support &Cooperation !==============★ DISCLAIMER★==============ThisFingerprint lock screen is neither affiliatednor endorsed bySamsung & Android™ is a registered trademark ofGoogleInc.==============★ CONTACT US ★==============Let us know ifyouhave any ! Queries? Feedback's ?Get Tech Support 24 X 7 andContactus at !