Top 3 Games Similar to Ssshneik

Jump Dash Hero 1.6
TAP & BOOST, easiest operation to get thefastest!DODGEobstacles and take the champion! FEATURES ★ Simple tapto jumpandboost ★ Varied clothes and avatars ★ Challenge yourfriends inreal★ Complex scenes and maps Excellent art, abundantobstacles,comeand challenge your reaction!
Kitty Can Fly 3.0
In Kitty Can Fly, players take control of Kitty the cat. Buthe'snoordinary cat... KITTY CAN FLY! Kitty one day discovered thatifhespins his body fast enough, he can create enoughtorquetocounteract the force of gravity, thus achievingliftoffandventuring where no cat has ever dreamed of goingbefore!Downloadtoday and help Kitty reach new heights and epicdistancesin KittyCan Fly! -----Gameplay----- Kitty Can Fly isaone-of-a-kind 2Ddistance game for android devices! Enjoy easytolearn, yetdifficult to master one-click controls in Kitty CanFly!Simply tapto make Kitty gain altitude. Let go to send him intoanosedive.Just make sure Kitty has enough energy before youtakeoff!-----Power-ups----- Kitty Can Fly makes use of amultitudeofpower-ups designed to keep Kitty flying! Use the bouncybubbletoricochet off the ground and back into the stratosphere.Orflythrough the rainbow for a massive boost in speedanddistance!-----Leaderboards----- Kitty Can Fly integratescompleteuse of theGoogle Play Services Leaderboards! Compete withthepublic or yourfriends to get the day's, week's, or all-timebestdistances andheights! -----Contact Info----- Questions,comments,concerns?Please consider sending me an e-mail about anyproblemsbefore yougive a bad rating. Give me a chance to help youout!Official GameSite:
Learning Japanese
Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese IMPORTANT : Thelatestupdate(0.4) includes support for Android 9 / Pie - please letmeknow ifyou encounter any issues - - The Japanese Writing System (Hiragana,Katakana,Kanji)- Basic Japanese Grammar (Particles, Adjective,Verbs, Nouns)-Essential Japanese Grammar (Polite Forms,Compound,Conditionals,etc.) - Special Expressions (Causative,Amounts,Honorific, etc.) -Advanced Topics (Formal Expressions,Volitional,etc.) This guidewas created as a resource for those whowant tolearn Japanesegrammar in a rational, intuitive way thatmakes sensein Japanese.The explanations are focused on how to makesense ofthe grammarnot from English but from a Japanese point ofview. Thisguide isan attempt to systematically build up thegrammaticalstructuresthat make up the Japanese language in a waythat makessense inJapanese. It may not be a practical tool forquicklylearningimmediately usable phrases such as for travel.However, itwilllogically create successive building blocks thatwill result inasolid grammatical foundation. For those of you whohavelearnedJapanese from textbooks, you may see some bigdifferences inhowthe material is ordered and presented. This isbecause thisguidedoes not seek to forcibly create artificial tiesbetweenEnglishand Japanese by presenting the material in a way thatmakessensein English. Instead, examples with translations will showhowideasare expressed in Japanese resulting in simplerexplanationsthatare easier to understand.