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Police Highway Chase in City - Crime Racing Games 1.1.4
Get into the action of fast police car with thesimulationexperience of driving. Race around the city streets anddriftthrough dubai highway at top speed. Get into a robberycriminalcase game. Try this police highway chase in city and becomeaprofessional police cop. The theme of this game is to chasecityrobbers who want to loot the bank and escape from there. Yourdutyas a police officer is to stop this bank robbery. Showthecriminals that there is a brave officer to stop this grandrobberymission at any cost. Get yourself ready as a super cop andshow thecriminals what you have gained in police games. The wholecity isin fear, robbers are high professionals and they areexecuting arobbery without any fear of grand chase of police. Youare aundercover police officer who can bring peace back to thegrandcity.In this police wali game there is a mission in front ofyou,you have to stop this grand robbery in city. Chase thepopularrobbers in streets of crime city. Your duty as a policeofficer isto keep the city highways a safe place by driving themost wantedcriminals and street robbers. During chasing mission,drive apolice car at high speed and make sharp turns on city roads.Mostwanted mafia gangsters and city robbers will try to outrunfromyour police car. Speed up the hot pursuit police car inendlesshighway and shoot the criminals. Go fast, hit the criminalcars andbreak the speed limit in this chore police game.Enjoy theultimateracing of luxury police car. Highway traffic rush gives youtheeye-catching traffic escape experience. Take the advantageofendless busy road and shoot out the gangster’s car. Expresswayandlimit less highways are filled with high-speed car, bus andtrucktraffic. These public transport vehicles interfere with youwhenyou hit the robber jeep. Only the best racers can perfectlydodgethe luxury vehicles on the road.Make sure your shooting skillscanface all the challenges in asphalt tracks. Every racing placehasits own unique atmosphere and feeling. In this perfectracingenvironment, face the complex driving on the bumpy roads andbecomea real racer of a police force. Drive a powerful police copcar onimpossible tracks and do extreme stunts. Drift, roll and jumpyourpolice car, use the nitro booster and catch the bankrobbers.Drivefast police car through the endless highway trafficand experiencethe life of police driver. This police car drivinggame offers youa fun of racing with criminal theme that will helpyou to becomethe king of the racers in city streets. Are youexcited to getbehind the wheel of super police cars and raceagainst the bankrobbers? Then try this police simulator game.Yourhigh tech policecar is built with rapid fire machine gun. Shoot thecriminals carwith this machine gun. You target is to catch therobbers. Make aplane and take a short cut turn from the bumpy mudroad and blockthe gangster’s car.Drive carefully on hill climbingasphalt roads.Use your professional cop driving and racing skills.There are somedangerous time bombs on offroad tracks. Use yourpolice car drivingtraining and avoid these bombs like a legend cop.Remember! If youcollide these deadly bombs, your police prado willbedestroyed.Complete the chasing mission and unlock the newfasterpolice cop cars like 4x4 jeeps and pursuit vehicles. Downloadthispolice highway chase in city game and do the biggest jumpsandfastest drifts stunts. Accelerate the 4x4 police jeep and burnoutthe top speedy highways. Game Features:🚓 Huge selection ofpolicevehicles🚓 Real sound effects of police car siren.🚓 Optimizedsmoothtilt, steer & swipe controls🚓 Extreme highway pursuitstunt cardriving🚓 Drive on the streets of the city while chasingthieves🚓Police car race game suitable for kids, boys and girls🚓Real copsvs thieves challenge.🚓 Realistic car driving and chasingsimulator
Police Car Driving Sim 1.54
i6 Games
Police Car Driving Simulator is a new, stunt car driving game, gotoextreme speeds and jump off the biggest stunt in superchargedpolice cars, AVAILABLE NOW, FOR FREE!Do you want to go fastandhave no limits? Now you can, drive from a garage full ofpowerfulpolice cop cars on the most extreme stunts in the world!Drive,boost, drift, roll, jump, and crash your police car in ourall newextreme police driver's paradise!Be the best police officerstuntdriver in stunt and drift city. There's no need to usebrakes,nitro boost your police sports cars onto so many of uniquestuntsand tricks to perform the world's most amazing stunts. Choosefroma wide choice of police vehicles and drive wherever you wantinboth cities. With our latest game, you'll get toexperiencerealistic car damage by hitting into obstacles andcrashing cars tosee full body damage. In Police Car DrivingSimulator, do thebiggest jumps, fastest drifts, and accelerate toblistering topspeeds to do difficult stunts like the loop de loop!GAME FEATURES-Dynamic camera angles, witness your amazing stuntsfrom multipleviews!- The best car driving physics- TWO huge openworld cityenvironments, stunt city and drift city,more to comesoon!-Interact with real world objects and surfaces, crashthroughbillboards!- Realistic vehicle damage, every hit and scrapeshownwith each collision - Authentic police car lights and sounds -Hugeselection of high quality police vehicles, all modeled offrealsports cars!- Easy to use driving controls, both touch andtiltcontrols!
Police Chase: Thief Pursuit 1.1
Javo Melier
Police Chase: Thief Pursuit is the best cops car drivingsimulatorof the thief and police chase games in cars.Bring us totop byplaying chases and feels the adrenaline of the car racingwhilecops pursuing thieves. It relieves racing fever with an hotpursuitof the type of police vs. thief. When you're bored in thecarwithout internet and you not want to stop your pursuitofhappiness, then, is a good moment to enjoy of police chasinggames.It's a thief and police chase game where you are the criminalorpolice. Go from a tiny little pickpocket to an unstoppableandunbeatable thief. Also, you can be the most grand cop of thefutureand become in ultimate thief catcher by winning policepursuits.ASTHIEFHere, it's a car escape game where you'retroublemakercriminal racer after committed a theft generating amayhem in thecity: you 've the need for running away from the copsin a realescape race. The police will try smash your car to arrestyou.Thecop detector and radar are on, their checking on townstreets. Thepolice patrol have random routes. As long as there areno cops onthe horizon, you can be the car driver that can go atcrazy highspeeds for game credits. The police can pull you over ifyou exceedthe allowed speed or if you'll crashing into any cop car;then,you'll be the most wanted of the nation and they'll go huntingtoyou.While police chasing you, you must driving fast as lightningofheat. When you reach good distance of them, the hot pursuithasfinished and your job is done. But, if the cop forces arrestedyou,you failed to done the felons works and must pay a furioustrafficticket.A tip: don't stop at moment of crash the cop car,escapewill be more hard. So, do not worry if the trunk drops andget outfast before you're arrested: drift away making a drag or anystuntsshortcuts or try flying.AS POLICEHere, it's a police carchasinggame: you must beat and catch thief in a high speed pursuitas apolice car driver.The gangster of russian mafia just committedacrime stealing a car and drives among the traffic likeunstoppabletrain on the freeway. Then, he crashes into you and thehot policechase starts. How to stop the criminals after the theft?crushingit to damage it health until the robber surrender. Pursueflying athigh speeds to catch thief.A tip, the robber's stop lightshelp youknow how far the felon is. Turns on the police sirens andblinkinglights to thunderstruck to thief.GARAGE Choose and testdrive allsuper cars. More than 40 vehicles (+ 8 cop cars). We'vetheamericans muscle car and a lot of city GT supercars forfelonieswith a medium experience. And the best: xtreme luxurysports carsto beat the police force. As well, we've around 8representative4x4 offroads SUV and grand pickups.FREE MODEAre youstressed out?Forget the criminal mayhem, deadly racing andundercover escapes oftroublemaker gangsters. Make the trunk andtake an unlimited voyageon the heat freeway, driving in the townlike at real life with HDhigh quality graphics.Test drive as acommon racer on the highway,narrow streets, grass off roads withoutdanger of beingchased.CITYThis gangsters paradise is a sandbox, anopen world andsimulates a heat day. The town streets are ofsurfaces likeasphalt, sand, grass. The visual horizon are reduceddue to thedensity of buildings.Roads: highway, one way or two waysroads.Obstacles, traffic lights n signs.Zones: parking, footballandtennis field, classic, factory, houses,skyscrapers,parks.MULTIPLAYERPlay online with cars of multipleplayers and tryunlimited death race with others unbeatable racersof occasion.Easily going into an auto-match.MORE FEATURES- Driftaway, drag,smash, stunts to play well hot chaces- FX: burnout,sounds, smokeon fire, tire asphalt marks- Speedometer, map, radar,rear view,siren, race and racer stats- Cockpit view with steeringwheels tofeel the chace racing in car
Police Plane Transporter Game 1.0.9
You might have played many police airplane games but this propoliceplane game comes with different set of challenges andexcitingmissions. Combining the strategy involved in policetransport gameswith thrills of police aeroplane games & policecar games, thisairplane transporter game lets to take charge ofthe entire policesquad movement and lets you be the front forpolice moto transportdepartment. You will get to ride and enjoy avariety of vehiclesincluding police motorcycle, police bike, cars,aeroplanes andpolice transporter truck, all in one game. You canfly police cartransporter plane with to different airports. Allthis makes it oneof the best police games & top police planetransport games. Ifthis excites you and you want to be a part ofpolice force, PolicePlane Transporter game is the right choice foryou. Join policesquad and become the in-charge of policetransportation, which youcannot experience in other police planegames or plane transportgames. You will drive super fast policebike and cars, transportthem in heavy police transporter truck tothe airport and airliftthem to the police headquarters in thepolice airplane. You wouldhave enjoyed other police motorcyclegames, police car games or citypolice motorbike games but thecombination of all this with policetransport games and policeairplanes games makes it part of bestpolice games category and anall-in-one holistic policetransportation game. So get ready toconquer grounds and sky withyour police car transporter plane.Realistic controls and physicsfor police motorbikes, cars, trucksand planes in a high definitionenvironment keeps the user highlyengaged in aeroplane transportgames and that is exactly the casefor this game. Steer through thetraffic, follow sergeantinstructions and complete yourtransportation job & policemission within tight deadlines.Excited? Download Police PlaneTransporter Game now! Features ofPolice Plane Transporter Game: -Detailed 3d police motorcyclevariety which is much different fromother police motorcycle games -Challenging airplane pilot cartransporter missions for real policeairplane transporter - LatestLamborghini police car model unseen inother police car games -Best police aeroplane games sounds andanimations - Perfectly tunedpolice car simulator controls - Highlydetailed city and policeairport environment unmatched by most planetransport games
Mini Car&Pick Up Girls: Police Chase in City 1.6
Mini Car&Pick Up Girls: Police Chase in City is a fun gamewhereyou get to explore your inner super race in an exciting funfilledpolice chase game.İn this Mini Car&Pick Up Girls: PoliceChasein City game, you find yourself in this exotic police chasein anincredible city, where you get to pick up girls as well aschangecars along the way so as to avoid being spot by police.While on therun, you have to bring on your amazing agility to helpyou navigateand escape the heart wrenching hurdles and chaotichindrances. Onthe city streets. This Mini Car&Pick Up Girls:Police Chase inCity guarantees you an adventure in road racinglike you have neverseen before Because it will keep you on yoursmart phone and tabletall day long.The best part of downloadingMini Car&Pick UpGirls: Police Chase in City is that it is fun,exciting, thrilling,fun ,adventure filled and most of all , it isfree and suitable forboth kids and adults. And when you bring yourimagination with youon this incredible journey, the graphics ofthis game will take youon an amazing gaming experience like neverbefore.THRILLING FEATURESOF Mini Car&Pick Up Girls: PoliceChase in City :1. 7 amazingsuper Car mini cars and more!2.Intriguing police sports car escapelevels3. Incredible gamesoundtrack4. High quality 3D graphics formore addictive gameplay5. Action packed car games6. AwesomeControls for a challengingcar driving7. Grand escape plan and oldcar stunts real driverskills.
Police Super Car Driving 1.08
i6 Games
Police Super Car Driving is a open world police cardrivingsimulator game where you have total freedom to the openroad. Driveto top speeds, drift around corners, cause mayhem smashintodestructible objects, and jump off the crazy stunts in superfastpolice cars, !!AVAILABLE NOW, FOR FREE!!With the latest indrivingsimulation, put your driver skills to the test and showeveryonethe tricks to being the best police driver officer. Go fastandwith no limits to the fun, drive from a garage full ofpowerfulpolice cars, from interceptors to cruisers, patrol vehiclesto 4x4police jeeps, the most extreme stunts in the world arewaiting foryou! Drive, boost, drift, roll, jump, and crash yourpolice car inour all new extreme police driver's paradise!GAMEFEATURES- Dynamiccamera angles, witness your amazing stunts frommultiple views!-The best car driving physics- huge open worldenvironment- Interactwith real world objects and surfaces, crashthrough billboards!-Realistic vehicle damage, every hit and scrapeshown with eachcollision - Authentic police car lights and sounds -Huge selectionof high quality police vehicles, all modeled off realsports cars!-Easy to use driving controls, both touch and tiltcontrols!
Miami Police Highway Car Chase City Hot Crime War 1.1
Game Identity
Miami Police Highway Car Chase City Hot Crime WarWelcome totheworld police car driving game. Your duty driver as a policeofficeris to keep the city roads a safe place by chasing down themostwanted criminals and street robbers. They will try to outrunyourpolice car chase by driving at high speed and making sharpturns onthe Miami Police Highway Car Chase City Hot Crime War is afree 3Dpolice racing games. Action in which you have to chase andsmashsports cars. Be the police duty driver that will save the dayandarrest all lawbreakers.The theme of this game is to chasecityrobbers who want to loot the bank and escape from there. Yourdutyas a police officer is to stop this bank robbery. Showthecriminals that there is a brave officer to stop this grandrobberymission at any cost. Get yourself ready as a super hero copandshow the criminals what you have gained in police games. Thewholecity is in fear, robbers are high professionals and theyareexecuting a robbery without any fear of grand chase of police.Youare a undercover police officer who can bring peace back tothegrand city. Use your crazy Highway police car lights and policecarsounds and force the lawbreakers to stop by smashing roadsintotheir cars. Racing against Street racer will make you feel theheatof a real hero cop car driver that want to perform his duty asbestas he can. You are free to explore the city in search of badguysto track down and eliminate.Become a policeman, hop into thecarand chase criminals with great firepower!Get ready to playpolicecar chase game for future police agent cops shooting insurvivalcommando police game having qualities of hot policepursuits.Haywood police have survival superhero mission of drivingchasepolice for police pursuits cars. Be the real police hero bypolicechasing games in police racing car pursuit with back supportofhelicopter chase on above target criminal. Drive fast as muchasyou want police car chaser with full protocol entry. Flyingwheelpolice will also help you in airline police mode by copsandrobbers fight and chase real cop chase game. Police escapefromchor police chase is not easy. You have to go away from carescapeby driving police car simulator 2018. Miami mafia are presentinyour city and creating trouble for war crime chase. Catchmafiagangster in your area and also drug dealer by teasinginnocence.Crime lords and drug lords are spreading everywhere butyou have tobe confident and ready for notorious crime chase in thispolicethief chase. Enjoy police car parking and also catch thethief withcriminal police car race. Not even single criminal willrun frompolice car patrolling in city of police cars with circuscarracing. Drive through breathtaking environments and obstaclestoescape from police cars. Complete gangster escape missionsfrompolice car chase before they caught you again. Like anotoriouscriminal, escape from police car racer by safe driving incops androbbers sim. Tackle 4 motor vehicles to take over a bigcity andoutrun the cops in police moto game. Driving auto cars,evadingcops after the bank robbery, racing through destructiveobstaclesand dangerous roads! Have enough guts to raise the top ofcriminalpiles in crazy police sports car escape plan game? Takecontrol ofthe revved-up engine and fire up the nitro boost to racein theunderworld mafia driving game. Drive fast to get prisonescapedfrom police car chase and ultimately become real mobster ofsincity. Be an international criminal speeding away from crimepatrolsquad in the latest car escape game.Miami Police Highway CarChaseCity Hot Crime War Features:🚓 Huge selection of policevehicles🚓Real sound effects of police car siren.🚓 Chanllage missionofpolice car game.🚓 Extreme highway pursuit stunt car driving🚓Driveon the streets of the city while chasing thieves🚓 Real copsvsthieves challenge.🚓 Realistic car driving and chasing simulator
Flying Car Free: Police Chase 1
GT Race Games
Do you love police car driving games? Want to get into acriminalcase? Want to fly your police car like an airplane ? Thisgame isperfect for you! You can test your airplane pilot skills andcardriving ability at the same time. Fly your plane around theworlddiscover new landscapes, Drive your police car do stunts anddrifts! get the extreme experience of pirate airplane chase withFlyingCar Free: Police Chase.Flying Car Free: Police Chase istotallydifferent from police car games. In this game as a copyou'redriving a flying police car rather than driving in city andchasingcriminals. turn on siren, lock on target, launch missile,bombardand takedown criminals be the legendary super hero of theworld.Enjoy flying police car and be the best cop.Flying Car Free:PoliceChase is made for all fans of police games, free car drivinggames,Simulation games and Airplane Flight gamesFLYING CAR FREE:POLICECHASE - GAME FEATURES:✔ Test your Police Car DrivingSkills✔Improve Airplane Flight Ability✔ Sports Cop Car Model✔Stunning HDGraphics✔ Beautiful Mountains and islands✔ Realistic anddynamicauto physics✔ Advanced airplane flight physics✔ Easy andFree touse✔ No WiFi? No Problem.✔ Offline PlayInstall now and feelthebest police airplane flight experience!
Monster Car Police Chase - Crime City Driving 1.4
Monster Car Police Chase - Crime City Driving is an ACTIONpackedcar chasing game set in a huge open world city. The monstercarsare high speed and POWERFUL cars, but the cop cars aremorepowerful and strong cars! Perform crazy thrilling STUNTS! Befastbe furious and chase down the gangster squad in their monstercars,killing all mafia in the crime city.Be the FASTEST cop cardriverwith no speed limits in this new police car driving simulatorgameof 2018. Monster Car Police Chase - Crime City Driving has agaragefull of the most powerful cop cars. View a range of policecars inthe garage, each with it’s own powerful features.ExcitingFEATURESof Monster Car Police Chase - Crime City Driving:PowerfulpolicecarsHuge open world with wide open roads Challenge mode -monstercar chasingEndless Patrolling game modeEmergencylevelsThrillingstuntsDynamic camera anglesStunning 3D graphicsNewpolice cardriving simulator game of 2018Realistic gamephysicsSmooth carhandlingRealistic police car sirenComplete levelsand differentMISSIONS to earn money and purchase new cop cars withexcitingupgrades. Dynamic CAMERA angles help you drive better inthe openworld city. Monster Car Police Chase - Crime City Drivinghas anexciting CHALLENGE Mode. Chase, drift, jump, Nitro boost andcrashinto the monster cars to throw them off the road. BewareofEMERGENCY Levels where you have to race against time and reachtheemergency spot quickly.You can even choose to patrol around thebigcity in the PATROLLING Mode. Explore amazing locations aroundtheopen world city in a cop car and keep it free of crime.Get thenew,2018 police chase game: Monster Car Police Chase - CrimeCityDriving!
Police Car Driving Simulator 1.5
Police Car Driving Simulator is the best car driving simulatorgameof 2018 , thanks to its Awesome 3D graphics and advancecarphysics. Enter your COP vehicle and search the streets..Equipyourself with the best cars and ammo to keep yourself safe inthiscrime city. This realistic precision car driving simulatorgameallows you to play the role of the top COP.Taking the role ofthepolice, you drive around the cities in a fast racing aroundthecity as you want. Make your choice between cities,off roadandspeed cars. Drive on the map and find one of the 20 spots tolauncha mission. Finish the course as fast as possible. So speed upyoursteel, pass through the rings and checkpoint with furiousstuntskills and mark your name in the cops drive. Dynamic cameraangles,witness your amazing stunts from multiple views! Realisticvehicledamage, every hit and scrape shown with each collision. Puton yourbadge and start the engine. You have a reputation tomaintain, anda city to save! Win drift racing, in one of the bestgame of"Police Car Driving simulator"Game Features : - Free toPlay!- 30levels- 10 COP vehicle upgrades- Smooth easy to learncontrols -Dynamic crash animations- Highly detailed 3Denvironments-Compatible with all devices including tablets-Realistic vehiclephysics.- Addictive game-play with lots of fun.-15 awesome andluxuries cars- Different controls, steering wheel,arrows oraccelerator.Download now and Enjoy the realistic drivingsimulatorgame with the best and accurate car driving physicsengine.
Sports Car Simulator - Addictive Police Chase game 1.02
Do you like driving games? Do you want an addictive game whereyoucan enjoy driving some awesome sports cars? If your answer isyes,then you will have to download and install Sports Car Simulatoronyour android smartphone or tablet because it is the perfectgamefor you right now.Sports Car Simulator is an amazing sportscardriving game that requires higher precision! The realistichillenvironment will require you to show top skills in steeringandacceleration because it is not very easy to drive sports car inahard hill environment. You will drive these realistic 3Dtrucksaround corners and obstacles with speed and accuracy. Butkeep inmind that police cars are chasing you and you should not letthemcatch you.The best thing in this addictive car game is that youcanenjoy driving various realistic cars without any timerorrestrictions, so you only have to escape from police cars.Whychoose to Play Sports Car Simulator game on your androidsmartphoneor tablet instead of other driving games?Nice:✓ The gamehas beenselected to give the best user experience and make it anaddictivepolice chase games.✓ Awesome cool cars 3D graphics, youwill havethe feeling of driving real cars and not just playing adrivingsimulator game.Free :✓ Our driving game is FREE and it willstayFree for life, so there is No hidden fees, no specialmembershipsand no annual subscription fees to enjoy the bestdriving gameever! Awesome sports cars:✓ You will have differentawesome cars,so you can play with any car you like. So you need tochoose theone that you like.✓ There are 14 sports cars that youwill love.And the best thing is that all cars are for Free and youcan driveanyone you want.Very easy to control:✓ We believe thatplaying adriving simulator game should be easier for everyone tolet anyonein the world play it without problems and that's why wedeveloped avery easy gameplay that you will love. What are youwaiting for?Download Sports Car Simulator - Addictive Police Chasegame on yourandroid smartphone or tablet and enjoy it.We are alwaysstriving toprovide the best user experience for our players. We arealsolooking for your feedback, suggestion or recommendation.Please,feel free to let us hear from you at "[email protected] "so we can continue to bring you the bestexperiences and updates.
NY Police Car Chase: Crime City Car Driving 7.0
Get ready to enter fast and furious action of driving fastpolicecars and complete Police Car Chase missions in this exitingdrivingsimulator! Race to chase gangsters and robbers around thecrimecity at break neck speeds. Unlock exciting police cop carslikepickup trucks, 4x4 jeeps and hot pursuit vehicles to driveandcontrol crime city traffic in the this brand new open worldcardriving simulator! The game features a huge crime citywithbridges, highways and offroad tracks in the suburbs of thecity.Download NY Police Car Chase: Crime City Car Driving andenjoyrealistic gameplay! if you love police simulator gamesthendownload it today!Experience realistic ny police car chaseandpolice driving simulation game, turn on police car chase sirensandlights just like in the real world. Chase vehicles, drift andturnaround tight city corners, flip and wreck your car with realtimevehicle damage, see each deformation like scratches and dentswitheach police car crash. During Police Car Chase, you cantotallywreck your police interceptor and smash into other cars toget someserious car crashes!In this police cop simulator game,drive,chase, dodge, and pull over busy crime city traffic whoarebreaking laws and bothering other drivers. During Police CarChase,You can race and chase down any car in the game, whether NYPolicecar, taxi's, ice cream trucks, and angry traffic to earnrewardsand unlock new faster authentic police cars with uniquegameplay,controls and designs! Discover many Racing Car Pursuitmissions forendless enjoyment. You will encounter gangster squadtrying to robbanks and shops, so use the NY Police car to stop theheist in thispolice chase simulator. If the gangster squad escapes,you will beinvolved in thrilling gangster car chase with just likethe movies!Uphold justice in the crime city in this policesimulator.Gangsters will have hostage so becareful when you damagethegangster car with your NY Police car. Do your duty as theNYPolice, encounter police car chase and become the best inthispolice chase simulator by nabbing gangster squad!Features:🚔Enjoythe open world driving simulator with multiple cities🚔 Nearendlessdriving roads, from mega highways to offroad tracks🚔Realistic cardriving game physics🚔 Traffic driven using A.I in thepolicesimulator🚔 Multiple camera views for NY Police Car.🚔 Driveindifficult traffic for exhilarating experience🚔 Highlyportable,play police car on all devices🚔 Complete missions tounlockpowerful police cars🚔 Detailed and accurate police vehiclemodels🚔Smooth and easy police car controls🚔 No Wi-Fi required inthispolice chase simulatorShow off your expert driving skillsandperform car stunts in the crime city - play one of the bestfreepolice car driving simulators on the market!The game bringsyouvery large open worlds for the best car driving simulatorgameexperience! Race around mega city, perform tricks and stunts,andstop disorder as NY Police! The most realistic and extremeNYPolice car driving game you'll ever experience, NY PoliceCarChase: Crime City Car Driving.Locate and stop Illegal StreetRaces,Underground Races, Track Races and Traffic Races. Chase downallcriminals. Become an expert real police car driver and driveheavypolice cars. Enjoy highly detailed cockpit view of the NYPolicecar, chase the gangster car and earn points. You have to makesurethe roads and the city remains peaceful as you patrol aroundthecrime city. Drive in massive 3D open world city, find mostwantedgangsters and street racers and chase them down. The robberswillbe driving sports cars as you will maneuver on city highways asthepolice force and nab criminals before they escape the crime citysochase them in this police simulator. Gangsters have enteredthetown to create trouble. You have to give car chase and bringdownthe crime. Enjoy cop games? Police car driving games? Then thisisthe best!
Police Car Simulator 2016 3.1
Police Car simulator 2016 is an Open World amazing policegame.Youdrive around the city in a fast police car drive around thecity asyou want,Drift your fast police car around in thecity,performstunts,jumping off ramps,roofsand building,do stuntsand destroypolice car yourself You are totally free to do any thingwhat youwant,you are police no one will stop you.You can alsochoosebetween tilt control and arrow controls.Features.- EasyControl- HDand high quality graphics.- Realistic police car.-RealisticEnvironment.- Police siren & police lights- You cancrush thecar
Police Car Crazy Drivers
Game Pickle
Car driving games have never been thisawesome,until now! Race around the city streets, unlocking newfaster policevehicles to drive and wreck crazy city traffic in theall new openworld car driving simulator!Police Car Crazy Drivers is one of the best car gamesforAndroid!Drive to top speeds, dodge busy city traffic and start racingpastother police cars, taxi's and angry traffic as you unlock newfastreal police cars with unique designs!Wanting to experience a realistic police car driving game? Turnonthe authentic police car siren as you speed past vehicles,performdrifts, flip and wreck your car with real time vehicledamages,witness each bump and scratch with each car crash. Smashinto othercars to get some serious car crashes!Show us your driving skills, pull off awesome car stunts in oneofthe best free car driving games available!This realistic police car driving simulator brings you closer totheexperience than ever before with official real police vehiclesasyou burn tire rubber on the city streets whilst upholdingthelaw!This game brings you massive open worlds for the best cardrivingsimulator game experience! Race around multiple big cities,dotricks and stunts, and cause disorder as the city police! Thisisthe most realistic and extreme car driving game you'lleverexperience!Open world police car driving has never been more intense withmilesof wide open roads to drive on with this open world drivingsandboxsimulator game!Features:- Multiple open world driving simulator cities- Miles of driving roads, ranging from small alleyways to large4lane motorways!- Download and play on Android TV- Unlock new, faster police cars as you play- Authentic and real police issue police vehicles- Realistic car driving game physics- Intelligent city A.I traffic driving- Multiple dynamic HD camera angles- Hundreds of AI cars throughout the cities- Easy to play car driving controls- One of the best police car driving games available!
Police Car Racer 3D 8
Become a police car racer - get in your car, shoot enemiesanddestroy them. Earn points and buy faster police cars andbetterweapons.Features------------ Nice 3D graphics- 6 weapons- 5policecars- Day and night modes- Cool sounds and effects
Pro TAXI Driver Crazy Car Rush 1.0.5
Its time to fasten your seat belt and get ready for the citycrazydrive with extreme taxi cab driving skills to escape andrescuemafia gangsters & robbery criminals. An extreme crazydrivingsimulator concept with furious taxi cab driving in passengerpick& drop game. Speed up your taxi car, drive through the bigcitytraffic, pick up the passengers and drop them off attheirdestinations. Get crazy with your taxi drive, speed and drift.Thisis the amazing taxi simulator with mad taxi drive andcustomertransport. Not only you play as a simple cab driver but youdrivelike crazy on the street with traffic while you chasedowncriminals. Yes, feel the duty of a cop when your customer isagangster. Sometime your duty might turn around as youtakecriminals on your taxi and your speed is fast enough to getawayfrom cop cars. Get in your taxi, fasten your seat belts andbecomea city taxi racer. Don’t let anyone match your speed anddriftracing. This is like a driving school for ones who want tolearncrazy driving on roads with traffic rush. The real duty is tobuilda living with your taxi driving duty. A real driving simulatorwithmultiple transport tasks and a chance to show your drivingskills.Top speed cab driving and drift while police chasing yourcab. Youare a driver and your duty is to pick up all type ofcustomers inthis real taxi cab driver. Your customer might be acriminal, apolice officer or even a secret agent on a spy mission.It's acrazy drive on your taxi with street crowded with peopleandcars.Pro TAXI Driver Crazy Car Rush is a realistic car drivinggamefor the simulator lovers. City car driving duty is a virtualjob topick up passengers and drive them with safety to theirdestination.Your customer might be a gangsters, a criminals or evena policesecret agent on a spy mission. It's a crazy drive on yourtaxi withstreet crowded with people and cars. With traffic aroundyou needto be careful while driving. This extreme adventuresdriving gamewill let you the experience the thrill of driving,parking andsimulation. Take your car, fasten your seat belt andplay the roleof the driver. Pro TAXI Driver Crazy Car Rush is afantastic gamewhich uses realistic car physics and makes you feellike a realdriver. If you are a big fan of cars driving and parkinggames thenthis Pro TAXI Driver Crazy Car Rush is the amazing choicefor you.Pro TAXI Driver Crazy Car Rush Game Features: • Enjoyrealisticsimulation and animation!• Smooth car controls andaddictivegameplay• Police Escape Challenging Levels of Driving& Racing•20 Missions full of explosive warfare combat action•Thrill ofMafia Criminals Chasing on your Taxi• Highly Additive&Immersive Gameplay• Real-time crime Racing, Simulation, Fast&Drifting• Race the Taxi through a real city environment•CompleteGame Play Tasks to Move ahead• Show that you have the bestcabracer driving skills So what are you waiting for? Download the“ProTAXI Driver Crazy Car Rush” 3D Game and enjoy the experienceofreal city taxi driving & cab drifting adventures in thisprotaxi driver crazy car rush driving simulator game.
Police Car Racer 15
Drive police cars through traffic. Get in your car, chaseenemies,earn money and buy better cars.Features------ Turn on thepolicesiren- 3D graphics- Day and night road scenes- Destroyenemies-Endless traffic roads
Duty Driver LITE 1.7
In this game with fantastic car physics you will be able to:• Beadriver in bank robbery• Run away from police• Avoid road blocksandbarricades• Find a way out of town• Jump on buildings andoverriver• Catch criminals• Collect and deliver boxes• Repairantennatowers• Drive over trash cans• Search for things• Drivepassengersby bus• Perform precise parking• Drive bus on a testpolygon• Fuelthe vehicle on gas station • Deliver patients tohospital• Racewith timeThis game is available in 2 versions:• Lite(free, totaldownload size 49 MB, 10 levels)• Full (paid, no ads,total downloadsize 49 MB, 30 levels)You will experience followingdriving modes:•High speed drive• Police pursuit• Driving cars withfront and backdrive• Driving cars with 4 wheel drive, with andwithout ESP•Parking cars• Precise driving and parking of buses•Off-roaddriving• Driving through tunnels and over woodenbridgesAdvantages:• Beautiful open door scenarios• 30eye-popping,visually attractive tracks in full version (10 inlite/freeversion)• Complete game size is only 46 MB (29 for liteversion) -no extra download needed• Simple but colorful and fastgraphicsrendering• Great soundGame includes following missions:•Mafiadriver - 9 levels (5 in lite version)• Pickup driver - 6levels (2in lite version)• Bus driver - 9 levels (3 in liteversion)• Policedriver - 3 levels (1 in lite version)• Ambulancedriver - 3 levels(1 in lite version)Features:• Unity 3D engine•NVIDIA® PhysX®physics engine• Support for both OpenGL 1.x andOpenGL 2.0•Available for Android 2.0.1 Eclair (API level 6) orhigher•Possibility to configure difficulty level: easy, medium,hard•Possibility to configure way to control your vehicle: bytouch, byslidem by using wheel and by tilt screen• Possibility toreducevisibility range, to increase frame rate on low-enddevices•Possibility to change camera during game (in car, followcar,rotate cam, dynamic and static)• Works even on low-end devicessuchas Huawei Media pad (but with reduced visibility range)•Supportsall screen sizes from e.g. Samsung Galaxy Mini (480x320) toSamsungGalaxy S3 or Huawei TabletsNotes:• This is a LITE version.It has10 levels. If you want to play full game with 30 levels,search forDuty Driver FULL at Google Play.• Screenshots are bothfrom liteand full version of Duty Driver and lite version doesn'tincludeall scenes visible in screenshots• On some devicesvisibilityrange, model details and textures might different,depending ofdevice that you are using• Use this LITE version tocheck DutyDriver performance, before downloading full version• Incase of badperformance, reduce visibility range in OPTIONS/GRAPHICSto mediumor low• If you will like this game, check occasionallyGoogle Playfor new versions of Duty Driver• Email us yourexperience with thisgame: ideas for new episodes of Duty Driver,what you don't likeand what kind of missions did you like the best•Enjoy the game!
Drive Police Car Gangsters Chase Crime 1.0
Door to apps
Police Car Gangsters Chase CrimeBecome a police car driveraroundthe city, police escape the criminals.You are an elitepoliceofficer who always helps the citizen of the town. Go out androckthe streets in your super elite police race car. Feel the realfunas a police cop in this extreme police car criminals chaseandarrest police game. Arrest the rival race car drivers and takethemas your prisoners. Lead the elite police commando force withfastracingPlay police car gangsters chase crime and become arealpolice cop of this epic police game. Drive any car you havedreamedof as an elite force extreme commando. There are so many ofhighspeed cars from different crazy race car manufacturingcompanies.Dress up in your police uniform suite and burn the tiresof yourpolice patrol race cars. Hit the cop lights on, and let theoutlawshear the police siren. Your swat commando vehicle is thesuperextreme racing car. With a top need for racing speed of 190milesan hour. You would be a jet formula 1 real super cargamedriver.police car chase challenging mission gives you a full3drace car game graphics for the best experience feels likerealstunt police luxury car racing games. Police vs criminal carracemost fun crazy stunt car parking game gives you a very closetoreality police car parking gaming experience. You play the roleofa duty full policeman race car. The highway stunt race driversarebreaking traffic rules and you have to find them to stopfromviolating law. Start some fun with chasing down the fastmovingrival racing vehicles and hit them to pin them off the speedracetrack on the off road race track slowing them down and thenarrestthem. There are different luxury off road trucks and smallroadcars along with suv vehicles in police super car drivingchasesimulator real four wheel drive off road jeeps and extremestreetracing cars on the real vice city streets. Take out thedriedshrimps in this fun extracting off road drive stunt carsgame.Thebrave police chief is patrolling the town streets in hisextremeoff road sports action car and ready to go head to head withanyrival. The law enforcement officers are along with him and theyaregetting ready to raid the hide out of a mafia gang. Become asuperpolice cop and lead the police antiterrorist squad to completethisimpossible mission. Choose your companion vehicle among thediversecollection of different police vans and police land cruiserracingjeeps. When you arrive the crime scene take out all of thearmedterrorist and chase down the running thieves in your superspeedpolice cars in this real mafia chase game.police cargangsterschase crime Features Real speed racing game 3dgraphics.Extremehighway pursuit stunt car driving.Real policechasesimulation.Extreme modern hot pursuit road rage car chase.Offroadextreme uphill racing 3d.It’s totally free to play.So getenjoythis Police Car Gangsters Chase Crime game from Google playstorefor your android devices.Quickly download this interestingpolicecar driver simulator game 2017.
NY Police Chase Car Simulator - Extreme Racer 1.4
NY Police Chase Car Simulator - Extreme Racer is themostinteresting 3D police pursuit racer game. It basically testsyourdriving skills against your competitor street racers, whoarewilling to outrun you. You can take the responsibilities ofaprofessional Police officer and fight against powerful criminalsinthe grand city. You will be notified of each mission and youhaveto start chasing the enemies as fast as you can! Rush towardsthedestination and get out of your vehicle to attack criminals.Shootthem or fight barehanded with the enemies and take them tothepolice station. Buckle up, hit the gas and hold on tight; you’reinfor the ride of the wildest chases. Take down runaway streetracerswhile avoiding civilian cars as you chase and weavethroughtraffic. Outrun high-speed felons, outsmart rivals, outdrivebuddypolice and smash road in the most dangerous racing game now!NYPolice crime racing game which tests your driving skillsagainststreet racers desperate to outrun you. Become a policeman,hop intothe car and chase criminals with great firepower! NY PoliceChaseCar Simulator - Extreme Racer gives you an exciting 3D race.Youhave to be a great driver and shoot at criminals and destroytheircars.The gangsters have taken over the city and aredisturbinginnocent civilians. You have to take the responsibilitiesof abrave police officer and bring every criminal to the lockup.Youare going to become the best police duty driver that will savetheday. Each mission will provide you maximum challenges to betackledand you have to beat every situation on time. You are freetoexplore the city in search of a crime. Your duty driver as apoliceofficer is to keep the city roads a safe place by chasingdown themost wanted criminals and street robbers. They will try tooutrunyour police car chase by driving at high speed and makingsharpturns on the Police Car. NY Police Chase Car Simulator -ExtremeRacer Hot Pursuit is a free 3D police racing games. Actionin whichyou have to chase and smash sports cars. Every mission willbe ahot pursuit car chase 3d which will test your car drivingandchasing skills. Use your crazy police car lights and policecarsounds and force the lawbreakers to stop by smashing roadsintotheir cars. Racing against Street racer will make you feel theheatof a real cop car driver that want to perform his duty as bestashe can. You are free to explore the city in search of bad guystotrack down and eliminate. Get inside the latest police cars&drive around the city in search of a crime. You must bringback lawenforcement back in the city with you excellent driving andpoliceskills. Crime pursuit patrol has various criminals who havetakenover the city spots. They are committing different crimeswiththeir efforts. You have to stop their escape plan and busteveryenemy at the right time. Keep an eye on the running timerandfollow the provided instructions to reach crime spot. Usecameracontrols accurately while fighting with super-poweredvillains. Youhave your own health bar and the enemy’s health bar.This is thebiggest obstacle of the game and you need to work hardto become #1police car chase officer. Police Driver in thisaction-packed copchasing and smashing cars game. Smash criminalcars that resistarrest. Drive police chase sports luxury carthrough the perilousmaze of modern city streets after robbing goldand diamonds from abig bank. Complete gangster escape missions frompolice chase carbefore they caught you again. Be a notoriouscriminal, make anescape plan from police car racer by safe drivingin cops androbbers simGame Features of NY Police Chase CarSimulator - ExtremeRacer 3D:- Realistic police chase environmentwith sound effects-Different police car models with modernfeatures- Most of theadvanced weaponry to be seen- Ability tobecome #1 cop in the grandcity- Endless gameplay- Best police gameamong all other Police cargames
Police Car Chase 1.0.4
Candy Mobile
Police Car Chase is #1 intense 3D police pursuit racing gamewhichtests your driving skills against street racers desperate tooutrunyou.Buckle up, hit the gas and hold on tight; you’re in fortheride of the wildest chases. Take down runaway street racerswhileavoiding civilian cars as you chase and weave throughtraffic.Outrun high speed felons, outsmart rivals, outdrive buddypoliceand smash road in the most dangerous racing game now!GameFeatures:- Tune-able parts include engine, body, chassis andcomponents-Many different vehicles with 6 unique heavy weapons-Race the wayyou want! You can either be cops or street racers-Experience theaction with mind-blowing graphics and intensefull-car damage
Crime race car drivers 3D
Crime pays of in Crime race car drivers 3DCrime race car drivers3Dis combination of driving, racing and doing all kind ofdifferentcar missions. The game takes place in the one of theroughestcities in the world. Get into a criminal chase as thepolice set inhot pursuit. Drive different cars from fancy luxurycars tobeautiful import speed racing models. You need to race formoney,honer and more through the streets of this epic 3D city. Witheachcompleted task you’ll earn cash, this hard earned money youcaninvest into real-world street racing models. Us the cash alsotocustomize the different vehicles, buy cool parts andgraphicupgrades. Make the car the way you like it, enjoy the citybut beready to drive away fast when the police comes. The gameoffers anauthentic customization system, it also lets you drivearoundexploring large parts of the major 3D city. If you have aneed forspeed this game will give you the sensation of speed youarelooking for, it is one of the most badass racing games everfoundon google play store. Take turns at full speed and still havefullcontrol over your racing machine. The game is big deep and fullofendless amount of missions. If you have dreamed of building upanunstoppable collection of automotive racing machines importedandluxury vehicles then download this newest racing game adventureforfree. Get lost in the real cops 3D police chases smashingthroughthe city streets, stay clear of the traffic as it may be onyourway.Street racing enthusiast and casual driving fans alikeshouldtake this 3D racing game for a test drive today. Just to turnonthe engine before you pull into the rush hour traffic.Divedirectly into the arcade racing game instant action, playingthedifferent kind missions. The game is full of different minigames.The racing itselfs is the best you find on google play. Itdoes notlack in terms of speed, the upgrade system is notcomplicated andthe number of possible tuning options areendless!Crime race cardrivers 3D game features- One of the bestsensation of speed feelthe good arcade style steering - Real dayand night time drivingfeature- Earn cash and points during crimeracing missions - Showyour driving skills and shaking off the cops-Build up your own carcollection of unique and rare illegal and nonillegal cars in thisextreme car simulator 3D game- Crime chase carracing action withone of the best racing physics on google playstore today Pleasegive us some support by rating our game on GooglePlay or followingus on:Facebook - -
Crazy Driver Police Duty 3D 2.0
Welcome rookie cops to your first day as a law enforcementofficer,today you are going to learn everything about chasing downcriminalsuspects in crazy driver police duty 3D. In this newestextreme cardriving simulator you have to chase the outlaws in yourpolice car.So its cops vs bad guys in this police race 3D game. Puton yourpolice scanner, cop lights and chase down the most wantedoutlawsover the asphalt. Show your crazy driver skills in differentpolicecars in a great and massive city. In most police chasingthiefgames you can play a fixed amount of levels, but thisnewestextreme car simulator 3D never ends. So you will have all thetimein the world to clear the city streets in this policeracingsimulator. Crazy Driver Police Duty 3D welcomes you in one ofthefirst police chasing thief games on android, with a big citystyleopen world, where you can wreck, smash and do some real racingonthe city streets. Get ready for some extreme traffic chase action,drive fast as you try to takedown different crews of illegalstreetracers, and other scum that run the streets. Don’t let theoutlawsoutrun your mighty police cars in this police chase carracinggame. The driving is super realistic, cars have a great senseofweight and momentum on them make do drifts in this policecardrifting 3d game! It’s cops vs bad guys, takedown the racersandother criminal suspects as fast as possible.Yu build upyournitrous bar by doing things like drifting, taking downsuspects,jumping, avading the traffic in the streeds. Yeah you needto watchout for the oncoming traffic as well driver sounds crazyhe! Thatswhy this game is called Crazy Driver Police Duty 3D, inthis superextreme car simulator 3d game, you get action afteraction. CrazyDriver Police Duty 3D - racing simulator gamefeatures: - Hours ofcore gameplay - Day and Night time driving -Earn cash and pointsduring police pursuits - Show your drivingskills and don’t getshaking off - Build up your own car collectionof unique and rarecop cars in this extreme car simulator 3D game -Police chase carracing action with one of the best racing physicson google playstore today Earn access to all the different cars inthis awesomecops vs robbers racing game. New cars means more chanceto getthose outlaws behind bars. This is not only a police chasingbadguy game it more a full real fast racing simulator experience.asyou will go through this extreme car driving 3d game you willfindit out yourself for sure! So turn on your police scanner, turnonyour police lights, and don’t forget your police siren andstartwith your duty today. Its all about protecting and serving asa lawenforcement officer in Crazy Driver Police Duty 3D, try to endupany police chase with ending up the outlaw suspects into custody.
Police Simulator 7.0
AG games
Police car with a figure of fun in the car Patrol Shooter GamesGrabthe Visual Effects is
Police Car Chase : Hot Pursuit 2.3
Your duty driver as a police officer is to keep the city roadsasafe place by chasing down the most wanted criminals andstreetrobbers. They will try to outrun your police car chase bydrivingat high speed and making sharp turns on the Police Car.Police carchase Hot Pursuit is a free 3D police racing games.Action in whichyou have to chase and smash sports cars. Be thepolice duty driverthat will save the day and arrest all lawbreakers. Every missionwill be a hot pursuit police car chase 3dwhich will test your cardriving and chasing skills. Use your crazypolice car lights andpolice car sounds and force the law breakersto stop by smashingroads into their cars. Racing against Streetracer will make youfeel the heat of a real cop car driver that wantto perform hisduty as best as he can. You are free to explore thecity in searchof bad guys to track down and eliminate. Police Chasecar game inwhich there is only one winner. Make sure each and everytime thewinner is you and not the thieves or the racer. It’s a cityofsaints where environment has turned hazardous for extremecardriving missions. Become a duty Police Driver in this actionpackedcop chasing and smashing cars game. Smash criminal cars thatresistarresting. Drive police chase sports car from perilous mazeofmodern city streets after robbing gold and diamonds from bigbank.Complete gangster escape missions from police chase car beforetheycaught you again. Be a notorious criminal, make an escape planfrompolice car racer by safe driving in cops and robbers sim. Rideinmultiple motor vehicles to reach safe house and evade thedeadlyobstacles to take over big city. Drive throughbreathtakingenvironments to outrun cops in police moto game andearn cash toacquire mafia underworld cars. Driving auto cars,evading copsafter bank robbery, racing through destructiveobstacles anddangerous roads! Show guts to rise the top of criminalpiles incrazy police car escape plan game. In order to master thispolicecar chase Hot Pursuit game you have three control optionsforsteering your cop car: Steering Wheel, Arrows Left/Right.Chooseyour preferred driving option or change it anytime byaccessing theControls options in the Pause Menu. Police car chaseHot PursuitFeatures: • Cops VS Thieves and robber’s road smashheat. •Realistic car driving and chasing simulator. • Dodge thecars,buses and trucks on the highway. • Collect fuel coins to keepyourpolice car moving. • Drive and drift on the streets of thecitywhile chasing Thieves. • Multiple car control options •3Denvironment with HD graphics. • Real Damage System for boththepolice and robber cars. • Chasing and Smashing Cars game. •Policelights scare the criminals away. • Honk your way out ofhighway cartraffic. • Drift police car through curved roads. • ABig City toExplore with your police car. • Be a duty police driverin thisfree police driving games. • Police car race game suitableforkids, boys, girls and adults alike. We hope that you will loveourRacing games and after you play, you will rate them or just tellusyour opinion about them. Because we try to offer you moreandbetter Racing games and your feedback will be reallyappreciated.
Police Car Driving Game 1.04
i6 Games
Race and drive fast remote controlled cop cars through ourmostinsane environment, stuffed full with the most extremeracetracksand stunts throughout the house. Drive where ever youwant andchoose from a wide selection of cool toy police super cars,PoliceCar Driving Game is a fun police car driver racing simulationgame,with a huge environment to drive anywhere in and upgradedpolicepatrol cars to speed around in. !AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOADFORFREE!Want to put the pedal to the metal, drive to top speedsandrace on amazing race tracks and stunt jumps? Now you can!WithPolice Car Driving Game, you can drive fast powerful rc copcars onsome of the coolest stunts jumps! Race fast, speed up withnitro,drift, flip, roll, jump, and smash up your own cop car toseerealistic car damage; the possibilities are endless when youplaythe most amazing car racing games, Police Car Driving Game!
NY Police Car Chase & Criminal Shooting 2018 1.3
Get ready for Extreme NY Police Car Chase & CriminalShooting2018 and traffic shooting police battle experience thattakes youto the edge of the action with its epic highway policechase withturrets and guns on the road in this endless trafficshooter game.The fighting mafia criminals are on the run and youneed to catchor shoot them down in an extreme dirt road town withturrets andguns in this traffic sniper police battle. Equipped withthe cityattack fully charged supercars and customized cars, havingmachinegun and missile installed on it, the big fight of hittingthe dirtroad & overtaking doesn't get any more extreme thanthis with afree gun and run. The drug mafia wars, mob wars, crimecity trafficsniper mafia and the terrorists are out there in thepublic places,disturbing the justice & peace of the city. Timeto takevengeance from crooked cops on heist modes. Execute bigbankrobbery & auto theft in mafia driving game. Show guts forgrandgangster theft and intriguing driving missions in suburbantown.Drive sports car from perilous maze of modern city streetsafterrobbing gold and diamonds from big bank. Drive throughbreathtakingenvironments and obstacles to escape from police cars.Completegangster escape missions from police car chase before theycaughtyou again. Like a notorious criminal, escape from police carracerby safe driving in cops and robbers sim.Become a policeman,hopinto the car and chase criminals with great firepower. You havetobe a great driver and shoot at criminals and destroy theircars.Blown away while driving recklessly for survival in policevs.robbers’ game. Take control of revved up engine and fire upnitroboost to race in underworld mafia driving game. Drive fast togetprison escaped from police car chase and ultimately becomerealmobster of sin city. Be an international criminal speedingawayfrom crime patrol squad in the latest car escape game. Betheperfect police car driver to chase robbers, criminals andstreetracers. Have a furious drive on the city streets withchasing,smashing and car stunts. Relive the rivalry between copsandrobbers. Street racers and criminals are getting away with acrimeso fulfil your duty as a trained police cop driver tochasecriminals. Do you love driving fast cars and drift around.Time toget crazy with NY Police Car Chase & Criminal Shooting2018 tosmash criminal cars. One of the best real cop simulatorgames ishere. You will also get to collect a lot of pickups on yourgrandsnake chase of the counter-terrorist enemy’s gangs escapingprisonand chance to be a real action police fastest hero. Beware oftheobstacles!! It’s a public place, mob criminals &counterterrorist gangs will be driving through the desert Vegascitycausing heat, dirt off-road townships, shopping malls,schoolyard,hospitals, public parking, so make sure you don’t hitany innocent.Your duty is fighting mafia & bringing the peaceback andcrackdown, enforce the law and be a real action hero inthis thebig fight & free 3D action car battle endless shootinggame,before the crime city gangsters getaway and stop thetrafficshooter mob wars. This free action racing game is forhardcoregamers who enjoy the top latest Shooting, Racing, FPS,simulationgames.NY Police Car Chase & Criminal Shooting 2018features-Easy to Difficult missions- Realistic city environment-Coolphysics of cars- Machine gun and different types of otherweapons-Optimized tilt, steer & swipe controls- Real soundeffects andmusic
Fast Police Car Driving 3D 1.17
i6 Games
Fast Car Police Driving 3D is an amazing police cardrivingsimulator. Taking the role of the police, you drive aroundthe cityin a fast police car racing around the city as you want,crash intoother cars, jumping from huge ramps, scale buildings, dostunts anddestroy yourself and other vehicles. You're free to dowhatever youwant in this fun and amazing police car drivingsimulation!If youlike Police car driving games, fast car games,drifting games, youwill love this game.You can drive around, dostunts or simply drivearound and smash other cars up. You being thepolice, no one willstop you. This is a brilliant Fast paced 3DPolice car game.You canchoose between tilt control and arrowcontrols.
Crime City Real Police Driver 1.7
Do you love to get into a criminal case? Do you like policegamesthat you can pull over people and get out of your car? Do youlikepolice games that you can chase people on the streets of aepiclooking 3D open world city making this of all the cop gamesdrivinggames. Well in 911 Crime City Real Police Driver youcan!Thearcade-style handling also means that it’s easy to learnmakingchasing criminals and getting into those chasing copssituationspretty easy. You can take turns at full speed as issometimesneeded in police games that you can pull over people andget out ofyour car to get them to jail. Making this a real 911Crime CityReal Police Driver one of the biggest challenges ever.911 CrimeCity Real Police Driver Simulation offers up an actionpackedchasing car games street battle for mobile gamers. As a copyouthunder through the streets of this fictional crime city as youtryto chase down criminals as a law enforcement officer. Thisissomething you never seen before in any chasing car games onmobilebefore! Getting yourself into real cops 3d police chasesmashingthrough city streets, and the traffic on it! Chasingcriminalsshould be on top of your list in Crime City RealPoliceDriver.Crime City Real Police Driver is what you can expectforsure, as you climb the career ladder in the best real copsimulatoryou ever seen. Making new stuff available in the garage,unlockingnew cars and other technical toys. In game rewards aregreat to getbut unlike most cop games driving games. Crime CityReal PoliceDriver offers something totally different you get toupgrade yourmighty police cars. As a cop in this game you have allthe power inthe world to takedown the racers, outlaws and criminalsgiving youthe real cops 3d police chase.In terms of control this isone ofthe best cop games that you can chase people on mobile. Makesureyou close the criminal case and lock those bad guys behind barsasfast as possible.★★★ Features ★★★◆ 2 unique areas with carparkingchallenges each!◆ More cars and more parking simulatorlevels willbe released in the near future◆ Good arcade stylesteering ◆ Earncash and points during police pursuits◆ Show yourdriving skillsand don’t get shaking off◆ 20 Exciting Levels.◆BeautifulAnimations.◆ Real cool, crazy police cars,◆ Crazydifficult tasksset in a 3D environment.◆ In City Unique AI TrafficVehiclesBuses,Trucks and Cars◆ You have limited time of eachlevel◆Different camera angles that give you more control◆Amazingbackground sound to enhance your gaming experience◆ Map ofWholeCity◆ Play one level to play next◆ Lots of realistic andawesomecars to choose out, car parking has never been this awesome◆Buildup your own car collection of unique and rare cop cars inthisextreme car simulator 3D game◆ Police chase car racing actionwithone of the best racing physics on google play store today
Police Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw 1.0.3
Ignite to start tuk tuk rickshaw and become a fastest cop cardriverto follow the criminal’s furiously, chase to road kill shootdownrobbers car racers while driving a police tuk tuk autorickshaw. Theextreme Police Auto rickshaw driving Simulator gamegives you thechance to drive something else then the regularrickshaw, bus, car,truck, taxi, bikes simulator games etc. The newconcept of driving& shooting will test your real driving andparking skills whilecop’s criminals chase vendetta. As a trainedrickshaw driver, youcan chase, shoot, smash and do some realdrifting on the citystreets but drive carefully in city traffic toavoid accidentbecause heavy buses, trucks are on your way. If youhaven’t drivepolice TukTuk then it is the best chance for you toexperience thepolice auto rickshaw ride. Let’s play Police Tuk TukAuto Rickshawsimulator game with experience in takingresponsibility to arrestcity criminals. The game objective is tocontrol the city crimes andre-arrest all jail escape prisoners.Drive like public transportdriver but act like a swat police forceto chase the prisoners &arrest them within time limit. Thecriminals are on the run and youneed to catch or shoot them down.Proving you the most customizedlatest tuk tuk auto rickshaw,having machine gun, missile and sireninstalled on rooftop. Thedrug mafia and criminals are out there onthe city roads or publicplaces. Your duty is to crack down againstgangster mafia whilethey will try to escape and stealth but youhave to arrest themback into jail. An exciting gameplay, shoot andsmash the cars. Alot of tasks on your way while chasing theenemies. Beware!! It’s apublic place, prisoner car will be drivingthrough the city roadsand shopping malls so make sure you don’t hitany citizen.Becomethe real police tuk tuk driver and chase thegangster vehicle. Allthe missions contains stunning and challenginggame-play filledwith extreme police tuktuk rickshaw driving skillslike carchasing, drifting & ultimate stunts adventure. We aresure youwill enjoy this cool and real Police Tuk Tuk Auto RickshawDrivingSimulator 3D game. Enjoy the best Police Auto Rickshawadventuregame that includes speed driving, parking, drifting, andstuntswhile chasing the city criminals. Tuk Tuk Auto is now all settodrive & arrest the robbers. The heavy unexpectedtrafficvehicles such as truck and busses on the roads and the turnsgivesyou a real driving experience. So you are going be a policeautorickshaw driver in this amazing shooting, parking simulator&action game. First time in city areas you are driving tuk tukautoand chasing the criminal gangs. Enjoy TUK TUK drifting anddrive asfast as you like, but drive carefully to avoid hitting citytrafficand road sides. Complete the hard time escape missionobjectivesagainst prisoners to unlock the next level. Policeofficer taskincluding driving, chasing & rickshaw gun shootingassault,each level of game will give you the new mission of drivingandshooting. Different tactics to complete the tasks or unlockthenext missions. Racing & driving game play is very easyandaddictive. You have to chase & shoot enemy cars, with agunsfitted left right of your police tuk tuk rickshaw. Just driveyourpolice rickshaw through the traffic and smash the criminalsandprisoners vehicle. Police Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw Game Features:•Police Adventurous & Thrilling Auto Rickshaw Driving•ExtremeTuk Tuk Driving Stunts with Adventurous Shooting Car Racer•AComplete Metropolitan City Environment to Explore• Chase andArrestCriminals to Lockup into the Jail• Hours of Driving Fun withPoliceRickshaw Driver Duty Adventures• Multiple Camera Modes toEnhanceGameplay Experience
Police Car Parking Mania 3D Simulation 1.0
Police Car Parking Mania 3D SimulationGet ready for real policecarparking. Enjoy car parking with drifting and precision driving.Inthis super police car parking simulation game, you are a copwhopark the car in specific car parking place. This super policecarparking simulation game has a lot of different car parkingmissionsfor you.Police Car Parking Mania 3D Simulation If you wantto playpolice car driving or police car parking games 3d thendownload theNew Police car parking: challenge 3d game and show yourreal carparking skills.You know how to park a police car indifferentchallenging parking game by playing police driving: carparkingmania game. Real Police Car Parking Challenge 3D game isdesignedto get your parking skill up. This car parking game hasupdated andmodern car parking game 3d feature which makes adifference withreal police 3D car parking game, extreme Pradoparking gamesimulator and police super car challenge 3d simulatorgames.PoliceDriving: Car Parking ManiaIn this police driving: carparking maniagame you will enjoy and wonderful experience aboutmodern carparking mania. Start your car and controlling your carand real copvehicles in this new real car parking police drivinggame. ThisPolice Driving: Car Parking Mania will give you mostamazingexperience of modern classic car parking area. Police 3dCarParking Simulator mission game is easy to control withsmoothdriving and also forward and reverse button and steeringwheelshown on your mobile phone or tablet screen. police 3D carparkinggame simulator provide new wonderful feature stunninggraphicswhich is attract to you and want to play again and again.bepatientand drive with cool mind because car parking area too short.Becareful and you need to avoid a hurdle and other parking carsdon’tstumble or don’t scratches the other cars otherwise you willfailedand end you level.Real Parking Frenzy Car gameModern carparkinggame 3d simulation at the end you will have a good idea howto parkyour real parking frenzy car safely in multilevelparkingsituation. Set a cool 3D style and city car area and alsoyou willchoose the different environment. Download it and enjoy anamazingexperience of car parking.Super Police Car ParkingSimulatorNewPolice Car Parking 2017 Game Feature:• Wonderfulcontrol of modernparking game• Multilevel parking• Different policecar and copvehicles• Dynamics gameplay• Easy to control• Smoothsteering wheel
Police Car Driver 3.13
iPlay Studio
Drive around the city in your police car look for the bad guysthathave escaped the prison. Prisoners have escaped thelocaljail.Crazy Police Car Driver parking takes place inseveraldifferent levels, set in 3D-style. In each level you’ll needtofind a way to park your car. Drive through the different 3Dlevels.Try to park your car as fast as possible to get the highestscoreand try to beat your own time.Crazy Police Car Driver3D!experience with some unique features:- lots of realisticandawesome cars to choose out, car parking has never beenthisawesome- 2 unique areas with car parking challenges each!-Morecars and more parking simulator levels will be released in thenearfuture- Skip levels if they are to hard- If you crash, jumpbackinto time and try again with the time rewind option- Unlockalllevels in the best 2014 car parking game
Formula Car Racing Chase 1.15
Do you want to live the experience of formula cars. It's themostlively addictive formula car racing game ever!In one of themostexciting Formula Car Racing Chase , you need to show greatdrivingskills and avoid all obstacles. Politi er på din ryg, og dutrengerå implementere store omsorg, faste reaktions- ogrytmebevegelsersom vil hjelpe deg å holde så lenge som mulig idenne politibil ogbiljaktkamp. Formula Car Racing Chase is one ofthe hottest policepursuit games on Google Play! CAR CHASE LIKE NOOTHER No moreboring games! No more racing without any excitement.Formula CarRacing Chase guarantees one of the best city sportsformula carchase simulator game. The graphics and damage effectswillimmediately raise the adrenaline levels! Will you drive theluxurycars with great skill and win the chase against the cop cars?!IDEAL FOR CAR SIMULATOR POLICE PURSUIT GAMES If you likeFormulaCar Racing Chase games, try it completely for free. Forgetthosedrilling sports car driving simulator. Police car driversarecreated with real physics engine. This driving game willbecompletely enjoyable if you love car police pursuit games. Feeltheadrenaline rush and beat the police! Formula Car Racing Chase!◆Police Car damage effects◆ 3 amazing formula car.◆ StunningHDgraphics◆ Huge world environments◆ ABS, ESP, TCS.◆ Tabletsupportand full HD support.◆ Simplistic, easy to use sports cardrivingcontrols, both touch and tilt!◆ Realistic police car andstreetracing car.◆ Drifting skills.◆Amazingramps......................................................................................................................................TryitPolice Car Chase Simulator. Escape police cars with a sportsracingcar.One of the best free racing games you will ever try!Tryit andshare the excitement!
Police Car Drift Simulator 1.025
Game Pickle
Drive fast police cars in one of the best car drivingsimulatorgames! Drift real police cars around busy city streets andcorners,explore the massive open driving world environment and findstuntsto jump off to get amazing air time. Walk around in policestationgarage and select any real police car to drive in the allnew openworld police car driving simulator! Police Car DriftSimulator isthe latest and one of the best car driving simulators!Each policecar can be fully customized to how you want. Design,paint, stampand move any design onto your personal police car tohow you like.Walk around and see the high quality of each uniquevehicle beforeyou get in an drive in the open city streets.Experience the mostrealistic police cop car driving simulationgame, speed pastcivilian vehicles, drift around city corners oropen car parks,flip and wreck your car with real time vehicledamage, see eachscratch and dent with each car crash. Car drivingsimulators havenever been this fun, with incredible driving,pulling off superlong drifts, stunt jumps, and a whole load more toexplore and doin one of the best car driving games! Features: -Hugely open worlddriving simulator with city, construction,dockyard environmentsand more! - Miles of roads to drift and driveon - Fullcustomization for police cop cars - Personal garage towalk aroundand explore - Authentic and real police car vehicles -Realisticcar driving game physics - Intelligent city A.I trafficdriving -Multiple dynamic HD camera angles - Hundreds of AI carsthroughoutthe cities Show off your amazing drifting and car drivingskills,perform awesome car stunts in one of the best free policecardriving simulators available! This game offers massive openworldfor the best car driving simulator game experience! Race,drift,crash, jump, and flip around huge detailed open city,performtricks and stunts, and have fun! The most realistic andextreme cardriving game you'll ever experience, Police Car DriftSimulator!
Car Craft: Traffic Race, Exploration & Driving Run 1.2
Crafting and building for boys and girls. Car racing, topspeed,traffic jam and blocky exploration of the sandbox world! Carracinggames for boys and girls! Build city (city craft), ride acar, chatwith friends, race them in traffic! Car craft - blockycars in anopen, infinite world! Build using blocks! Mine, craft andexplore!New free game from creators of girls craft and sim craft!Craft cargames - the new way! Blocky roads & cars! Square hillclimbracer! Start the engine and hit the road! Blocky town craftforboys and girls! Beep beep vroom! Cars, upgrades and crafting inonegame! Crafting game with supercars! Top speed racer in ablockyworld! Pick any car you want and drive! (driving craft) Youcanride sport car, ambulance, police car, or anything you want!Learnhow to park - become a parking princess or prince! Craftnewupgrades for your cars! Race with top speed! Become anultimatedriver! Play the best car simulator game in an open world!Useblocky motorbikes on a blocky highway! Take your virtualgirlfriendand have a romantic ride! Chat with people you meet, dateboys andgirls, craft, build and explore! Design your own garage,dreamhouse (craft) and build the super car! Top speed racing gamewithbuilding mode! Build & drive! Car racing games for boysandgirls! City builder game for free! In the open world of Carcraftyou can do anything you want! From exploring the world tohangingout with people or going to a party! Play dancing minigames,go tothe bar or college party! Visit restaurant or ride the metroinblocky world! Crafting game for boys and girls (girls craft).Buildusing blocks (block craft), craft unique items, unlock thecustompower ups and elements! FEATURES:Driving cars(carsimulator)Building and constructing an infinite railwaysystemBuildtunnels and bridges in a sandbox world!FPS car driversimulatorFPSroad & highway system constructor simulatorSandboxworldChatAnimals & Pets!UPCOMING FEATURES:Multiplayer(multicraft)TrainracingSnow, sandstorm, rainCars andtraffic!Brazilian craftmode!Drive a car in a blocky world!Build awhole city! Explore theinfinite world!
Extreme Car Driving Racing 3D 3.12
Extreme Car Driving Racing 3D Simulator is the best car simulatorof2014, thanks to its advanced real physics engine.Ever wanted totrya sports car simulator? Now you can drive, drift and feel aracingsports car for free! Be a furious racer on a whole city foryou. Noneed to brake because of traffic or racing other rivalvehicles, soyou can perform illegal stunt actions and run fullspeed with policecars chasing you! Don't let cops chase you or youwill bearrested!Drifting fast and doing burnouts had never been sofun!Burn the asphalt of this open worldcity!GAMEFEATURES------------------------------------------Fullreal HUDincluding revs, gear and speed.ABS, TC and ESP simulation.You canalso turn them off!Explore a detailed openworldenvironment.Realistic car damage. Crash yourcar!Accuratephysics.Control your car with a steering wheel,accelerometer orarrowsSeveral different cameras.
Police Car Stunt Simulation 3D 1.0.5
Incredible police car stunt simulation 3d brought out for youbyBest Free Games. Perform jumps and stunts on different 3Dtracksand obstacles. Have as much fun as you can with multiplepolicecars. Hurry up before the fuel runs out. Hit buildings andotherthings on the road. Break glass and be the part of incrediblecitydestruction. You are a cop who is no longer bound by any ruleandyour duty now is to break and wreck stuff in city. Crazinessmightseem a little word after you grab the driving seat. Thispolicesimulator would not only let you drive the real lookingpolice carsbut also roam around the city crashing into 3Dbuildings,destroying things and perform stunts. We made sure itsthe best ofall police car fast paced simulation games and you willlike eachand everything in it. Controls are made too easy for youto racearound the city. Awesome multiple 3D police cars are waitingforyou to drive. Each and every car has real car physics andcardamage with reverse gear function. Realistic engine soundsandenvironment will let you think you are driving the real policecarsimulator game. There are very big jumps, huge ramps,multipleobstacles for this crazy car stunt game. You can buy carswith allthe nos you collected on your way. get in the seat, buycars, breakstuff, collect nitros and get the latest 3D cars withit. Come joinother users to kill your boring time and turn it tofun time.
RC City Police Heavy Traffic Racer 1.2
GlobalApps H
RC city police heavy traffic racer is the most realistic carsxdrift racing game of infinity arcade racing. Drive your RCpolicecar heavy traffic racer smooth through Heavy traffic, earncash,drive update, upgrade your cars and buy new z speed plus RCpolicecars of your choice. Run your sport elite RC police carsmooth andbe fast to perform carplay and be one of the fastestdrivers andget fastest driving experience in heavy traffic drivezone 2 andenjoy Race on real RC cars.RC Car looks like a remotecontrol toycar under the body but there is a genuine motorracingformula.Download this amazing RC city police heavy trafficracer tofeel like a true driving champion as fast as possibleanddrifting.Endless RC police heavy traffic racer carplay racingisnow about to redefined!KEY Features of the GAME:- DifferentCars(Sport, classical, race)- Stunning HD graphics- Smoothandrealistic car handling- Real gravity and physics whiledriftracing- Real Drift Racing Car Sounds- Rich types of NPCtrafficincluding trucks, buses, jaguar and SUVs.- Dude your car ontheHeavy traffic RoadGAMEPLAY INSTRUCTIONS- Touch acceleratebutton(on Right side) to accelerate- Touch brake button (on leftside) toslow down- Tilt to steerTIPS- When driving and carplay over100km/h, overtake cars closely to get bonus scores, drive updateandcash- The faster you drive the more scores you get.RC citypoliceheavy traffic racer will be updated constantly. Please rateandgive your feedback for further improvement of the game.
Car Racing 21
Car racing highway game.
Offroad Car Q 1.0.2
Oppana Games
This luxury SUV driving simulator ensures realistic car damageandaccurate driving physics. A free app lets you drive anoff-roadvehicle and even drift. There are three different gamemodes tochoose from. 1. CITY. In the CITY mode you are participantof thecity traffic. 2. FOREST. This is an off-road mode in theforest. 3.DESERT. This is an off-road mode in the sand dunes. ***GAMEFEATURES *** - This exciting and dynamic game is sure to bringyouhours of fun.- Car damage is extremely realistic. - There arethreedifferent locations.- It's very simple to select a drive mode.-You get realistic acceleration. - Great graphics. - Plentyofcamera settings. TIPS. 1. Do not accelerate while cornering! 2.Usethe camera settings to choose the most convenient view fordriving.3. Camera View 4 allows you to set camera mode to 360degrees.Download and play OPPANA GAMES! And enjoy yourself!
Bumper Cars Unlimited Fun 4.6
Chief Gamer
Bumper Cars are cool! But watch out you don’t get hurt in the fair!Bumper car games have been a thing on the Google Play Store, butnotlike this. Bumper Cars Unlimited Fun is a game in which youdrive abumper car of your choosing in the fair. This is becausethe countyfair is in town and will keep you up at night. You needto thinkabout what you are going to do, are you going to sleepthrough it orare you going to the fair and have a great time! Ofcourse you aregoing to the fair, and you will go ride bumper cars.In Bumper CarsUnlimited Fun you will have the chance to ride inmany differentbumper cars and beat all of the opponents in thespecial arena wehave made for you! Bumper car games never havebeen this much fun.But always remember, it’s not important thatyou win, but that youhave fun in this amazing bumper car games!Bumper car games - GameFeatures: A lot of different bumper carmissions for you to play andenjoy!The fair has a lot to offer you,take a look! Collect and playwith all kind of different BumperCars, beat them all! If you likeand enjoy this epic fair game,please rate it to your likings! Wehave more games on the fair! .If you really enjoy the fair thatmuch, Chiefgamer has a lot ofdifferent games that have the fair asthe theme of the game. Take alook! New update! - Added 5 extramissions!- Improved gameplay!Havefun! ~Chiefgamer
City Traffic Police Driving 1.04
i6 Games
City Traffic Police Driving is the latest police cardriversimulator where get the chance to drive some authenticallyrealpolice cars!!You're the newest officer on the force and thecity isrampant with crime, people are stealing vehicles and otherpeople'sprized possessions; it is up to you to help those in needto stopthose criminals from getting away, clearing the city ofcrime. Inthis real driving sim, you'll get the chance to drive thestreetsin a realistic police car cruisers, patrolling streets fortrouble,catching robbers committing crimes. Help protect the citybycompleting missions spread throughout the huge open world.Unlockeven faster, more powerful police cars by completing thesemissionsand completing unique challenges!!! ALL POLICE CAR VEHICLESREADYTO UNLOCK AND UPGRADE !! Play game on all Android TabletsandMobile Devices!- Incredible High Quality Police Cars! DriveRealPolice Cruisers and Interceptors- Unlock & Upgrade BetterCar,Faster Engines, Stronger Police Cars! - Explore The MassiveOpenWorld Environment; Go Anywhere Like Airport, Offroad,DowntownCity, And MORE!- Endless Police VS Robbers Game Play;CompleteLoads Of Newly Generated Missions!- Realistic CarSimulationDriving Physics!- TONS Of Collectibles To Find, CollectDetectiveBadges To Unlock Special Police Equipment- High Score andCombos!Build The Biggest Combo Score By Performing Certain SkillsAndStunts1
Flying Police car 3d simulator 1.6
glulen games
Flying Police car 3d simulator Do you love police car drivinggames?Want to get into a criminal case? Want to fly your policecar likean airplane ? This game is perfect for you! You can testyourairplane pilot skills and car driving ability at the sametime. Flyyour plane around the world discover new landscapes,Drive yourpolice car do stunts and drifts ! Flying Car Free:Police Chase istotally different from police car games. get theextreme experienceof pirate airplane chase with Flying Car Free:Police Chase. FlyingCar Free: Police Chase is totally differentfrom police car games.In this game as a cop you're driving aflying police car rather thandriving in city and chasingcriminals. Turn on siren, lock on targetand takedown criminals bethe legendary super hero of the world.Enjoy flying police car andbe the best cop. flying vehicles: PoliceChase is made for all fansof police games, free car driving games,Simulation games andAirplane Flight games. Flying Police Car: SanAndreas is totallydifferent from police car games. There are nomissions areavailable in this game. you fell free to play thisgame. With ourlatest game, Police Car 3d Simulator, you'll be ableto experiencesuper realistic car damage by smashing your vehicleinto obstaclesand crashing your police car to see all the damage,every bump andscratch This game is for all ages who like to doadvantures. infectyour kids also love this game. There's no need touse brakes, nitroboost your police sports cars onto so many ofunique stunts andtricks to perform the world's most amazing stuntsand drifts. Thisgame not include massive jumps, mid-air hoops,floating platforms,spiral roadways and outlandish maneuvers inimpossibleenvironments.Enjoy flying police car and be the topnotchcop.Boost, drift, roll, burnout , jump, and smash your cop car inourbrand new extreme stunt driver's paradise! start nitroboostingyour professional sporty police cars onto tons of uniqueanddynamic stunts ramps and tricks to perform the world'sgreateststunt performances. Totally free, without "in-app purchase"!Install now and feel the best police airplane flightexperience!FLYING CAR FREE: - GAME FEATURES: ✔ Test your Police CarDrivingSkills ✔ Improve Airplane Flight Ability ✔ Stunning HDGraphics ✔Realistic and dynamic auto physics ✔ Easy and Free to use✔ OfflinePlay ✔ Authentic vehicle lights and sounds ✔ BeautifulMountainsand islands ✔ Sports Cop Car Model ✔ Improve AirplaneFlightAbility
Police Bike Racing Free 1.6
Feel like a real cop on a real police motorbike! Play thelatestpolice motorbike driving simulator game!Police Bike RacingFree isan action packed, super exciting police and thief chasingsimulatorgame.Be the fastest police bike rider with no speedlimits! PoliceBike Racing Free has a garage full of the mostpowerful copmotorbikes. View a range of police bikes in the garage,each withit’s own powerful features!Police Bike Racing Free has anexcitingChallenge Mode. Drift, jump, Nitro boost, chase and crashinto thethief bikes and cars to throw them off the road.You caneven chooseto patrol around the big city in the Patrolling Mode.Exploreamazing locations around the open world city in a cop bikeand keepit free of crime. Complete levels and different missions toearnmoney and purchase new police bikes with exciting upgrades.Eachbike is more powerful than the other, with manyexcitingfeatures.Exciting FEATURES of Police Bike Racing Free- Hugeopenworld with wide open roads - Powerful police bikes to choosefrom-Dynamic camera angles- Challenge mode- Patrolling mode-Stunning 3Dgraphics- Smooth and realistic police bike handling-Realistic gamephysics- Endless patrolling game mode- Realisticpolice sirenPoliceBike Racing Free will let you be the cop youalways wanted to be!Turn on the loud police siren, race through thehighway traffic andcatch the bad guys! This police bike simulatorgame is perfect forall ages and is a good stress buster.Police BikeRacing Free is anexciting chase game that will get your adrenalinepumping!
Police Shooting car chase 2.2.1
Sunstar Games
Get ready to hit the dirt in this Xtreme Police Shooting CarChasetraffic shooting police battle experience that takes you totheedge of the action with its epic highway police chase withturretsand guns on the road in this endless traffic shooter game.Thefighting mafia criminals are on the run and you need to catchorshoot them down in an xtreme dirt road town with turrets andgunsin this traffic sniper police battle. Equipped with the cityattackfully charged super cars and customized cars, having machinegunand missile installed on it, the big fight of hitting the dirtroad& overtaking doesn't get any more xtreme than this withfreegun and run. The drug mafia wars, mob wars, crime citytrafficsniper mafia and the terrorists are out there on the publicplaces,disturbing the justice & peace of the city. Your dutyisfighting mafia & bringing the peace back and crackdown,enforce the law and be a real action hero in this the bigfight& free 3D action car battle endless shooting game, beforethecrime city gangsters getaway and stop the traffic shooter mobwars.You must have played many xtreme racing getaway endlessshootinggames but the excitement of this free 3D action racingdeathmatchdemolition game is that you get a chance of testing yourepicwarfare driving overtaking and shooting bullet skills alltogetherin an explosive way to be a real action hero. So let’sforgetasphalt and hit the dirt road and drive like a 3D action heroandshoot like a road warrior to chase down prison breakingcriminalsbefore they getaway. Police shooting car chase deliversxtremeexciting car battle demolition gameplay, amazing shootingmechanicsand a chance earn the points to upgrade your super cars.Moreover,the game also offers almost an one handed control system,where theplayers can easily customize their controls to theirliking withtilt or swipe. You will also get to collect a lot ofpickups onyour grand snake io chase of the counter terroristenemies gangsescaping prison and chance to be a real action policefastest hero.Beware of the obstacles !! It’s a public place, mobcriminals &counter terrorists gangs will be driving through thedesert vegascity causing heat, dirt off road townships, shoppingmalls,schoolyard, hospitals, public parking, so make sure you don’thitany innocent. This is one of the top free games in racingthatpacks quite a punch with it solid action packed 3D game playwhereyou can transform from a racer to a killing machine. Themission iscalled “real racing chase deathmatch” Top gamefeatures-Challenging tracks, including Xtreme dirt offroad track-Easy toDifficult missions -Realistic city environment -Coolphysics ofcars -Machine gun and missile attacks and hugeexplosions-Optimized tilt, steer & swipe controls -Real soundeffects andmusic This free action racing game is for hardcoregamers who enjoythe top latest Shooting, Racing, FPS, simulationgames. Neverbefore will you have found yourself being a real racingshooter PS.We work hard to ensure that our games run properly onevery majorandroid phone and tablet. If however you encounter anyissue whichdoesn't let you enjoy our games, please report [email protected]
Crime City Real Police Driver 4.1
What is Crime City Real Police Driver all aboutDo you love togetinto a criminal case? Do you like police games that you canpullover people and get out of your car? Do you like police gamesthatyou can chase people on the streets of a epic looking 3D openworldcity making this of all the cop games driving gamesthe bestandmost real cop simulator.Well in Crime City Real Police Driveryoucan!The arcade-style handling also means that it’s easy tolearnmaking chasing criminals and getting into those chasingcopssituations pretty easy. You can take turns at full speed asissometimes needed in police games that you can pull over peopleandget out of your car to get them to jail. Making this a realcopsimulator one of the biggest challenges ever. Crime CityRealPolice Driver offers up an action packed chasing car gamesstreetbattle for mobile gamers. As a cop you thunder through thestreetsof this fictional crime city as you try to chase downcriminals asa law enforcement officer. This is something you neverseen beforein any chasing car games on mobile before! Gettingyourself intoreal cops 3d police chase smashing through citystreets, and thetraffic on it!Chasing criminals should be on top ofyour list inCrime City Real Police Driverreal cops 3d police chaseis what youcan expect for sure, as you climb the career ladder inthe bestreal cop simulator you ever seen. Making new stuffavailable in thegarage, unlocking new cars and other technicaltoys. In gamerewards are great to get but unlike most cop gamesdriving gamesCrime City Real Police Driver offers something totallydifferentyou get to upgrade your mighty police cars. As a cop inthis gameyou have all the power in the world to takedown theracers, outlawsand criminals giving you the real cops 3d policechase.In terms ofcontrol this is one of the best cop games that youcan chase peopleon mobile. Make sure you close the criminal caseand lock those badguys behind bars as fast as possible.Crime CityReal Police Drivergame features- Good arcade style steering - Dayand Night timedriving- Earn cash and points during police pursuits-Show yourdriving skills and don’t get shaking off- Build up yourown carcollection of unique and rare cop cars in this extremecarsimulator 3D game- Police chase car racing action with one ofthebest racing physics on google play store today Please give ussomesupport by rating our game on Google Play or followinguson:Facebook - -
Racing Car Stunts On Impossible Tracks 1.6
Gamers DEN
Racing Car Stunts On Impossible Tracks:Are you bored ofplayinggames such like car parking,prado parking,car racing,simulationand much many simulation and racing games? Gamers DENoffers you areal,dangerous and crazy Impossible Car Race Tracksstunt game onlofty mounted breathe taking roads. So now it is timefor you toprepare yourself for playing really challenging JungleImpossibleCar Tracks and become the master of car stunts whichothers mightthink impossible. But together,Yes we can do and makeyou the heroof Off road Car Stunts:Hard Tracks and can enhance yourskills todrive on extremely dangerous lofty tracks. So now it istime igniteyour luxurious car to show your skill to drive onbreathe takingtracks and explore ambitious 3D tracks,charming andfascinatingenvironment.Vehicles used in this "Racing Car Stunts OnImpossibleTracks" game are fully compatible with real physics. Carsaregenuinely real and branded with real physics ofturning,simulation, braking and driving. This high on fuel isracing caramazing which plays real top racer extreme stunt car.Yeah I havematch games download and now ready for dangerous racingon thelongest journey of extremely car trails. Be hurl to play asyou aregood lucky person to have this crazy and real fast cityracing carin your mobile. This is an extremely challenging game ofmodernera. By playing the Car Stunt Mania 3D Tracks you may feelthat youare in real situation and driving a real stunt car onextremelyterrible and dangerous tracks that are breath taking.Drive yourvehicle carefully so that you may be able to completeyourchallenge and task in order to be hero of Real ImpossibleCarStunts Track.How To Play:It is very simple to ignite yourstuntvehicles. You just need to follow the instructions displayinginthe game. Be careful in initial levels and drive slowly so thatyoumay reach to your destination or goal point and be ready fornextlevel. Once you may be expert you can drive too fast your stuntcarbut yet it requires care and to observe cautions.Racing CarStuntsOn Impossible Tracks Features:● Real Physics ● Collectyourfavorite cars.● Realistic engine sounds● Smooth andintelligentcontrol● Explore breathtaking race tracks and exoticlocations.●Sharp turns● Narrow roads seems to impossible to driveon them● Newtricks you not knew yetAt Gamers DEN, we always offeryou freegames so that you may enjoy without any burden your pocketbut yetwe offers you in-app purchases so that it may be ensured aqualityjoy for you.So hurry up and get "Racing Car Stunts OnImpossibleTracks" totally free on Google Play Store today. Wealways welcomeour valuable customers reviews so that we may improveour games.
Police Car; City Crime Patrol Robber Chase Game 3D 1.0
Police Car; City Crime Patrol Robber Chase Game 3D is thebestpolice driving game as the user will have to performmultiplepolice car driving challenges. Get ready to fight the realgangsterin the Miami city of crime police games. The user will havetoperform various robber chase tasks. Being the policeman of thecityyou are assigned a top secret mission to capture and imprisonthereal gangsters in this crime simulator. The gamefeaturesexclusively designed for newly recruited police officers tolearnamazing driving skills that will help the user to learnthetechniques of driving. Complete levels and different missionstoearn money and purchase new cop cars with exciting upgrades.Apolice driver is not just a simple driver, the cop driver needstobe highly skillful, attentive and gutsy because that policewilllater be chasing criminals in the street. Drive police carsthroughtraffic. Get in your car, chase enemies, earn money and buybettercars. Control your squad car in the streets. In this newestandimproved police car parking game.Criminals and robbers are smartsouser needs to match their level and come up with somethingthatmatches there smartness is the courage and skill. You will notonlybe driving a police car you will also have to chase downsomereally bad criminals. This driving test will help the user tolearnboth of these things. You have to be a great driver and shootatcriminals and destroy their cars. The cones and tracksarespecially arranged for the user to learn various drivingtechniquesthat will eventually be helpful for the user to learnevery trickin the book. Taking the role of the police, you drivearound thecities in a fast racing around the city as you want. Oncethe userwill become a trained driver than user can serve policeforcewhenever force needs him/her. Street racers and criminalsaregetting away with crime so fulfill your duty as a trainedpolicecop driver to chase criminals.Let’s explore some amazingfeaturesof the game :🚔 Realistic Open world city environment.🚔Ultra HighDefinition (HD) Display.🚔 Chase Supersonic fast cars.🚔Accuratephysics in the drive.🚔 Ultra-sensitive controls withsensitivitymeter.🚔 Smooth and easy drive options.🚔 EfficientGame-play withoutany lagging.🚔 High rate of Frames.🚔 Metro citysound effects(SFX).🚔 Specially designed 3D Visual Effects (VFX).🚔Various 3DDynamic Camera angles🚔 Realistic animations and cutscenes.🚔 1stand 3rd Person camera mode.🚔 No internet or NetworkRequired.🚔Super-fast Police cars in world famous tracks.
Car Traffic Race 11
Become a car racer and drive through traffic at crazyspeeds.Features: - Beautiful 3D graphics - Tap to accelerate -Release toslow down - Auto speed ups - Collect coins - Drive carthroughcity, desert, and bridges