Top 27 Games Similar to Just Flip

Unpuzzle 1.2.3
Clear 150 levels piece by piece in a relaxing puzzlegame.I'vecreated Unpuzzle as a calming experience for all playerstoenjoy.Good difficulty and learning curves guarantee a way toteachyou toplay without annoying tutorials. There are no timelimits,nopunishments for mistakes, no wrong solutions, and therealways isaway to proceed. And yet, 10 additional mechanicsprovideenoughchallenge even for puzzle fans as they are combined.So ifyou feelstuck - use a hint, skip the level, or just close thegame,take abreak, and continue from where you left off once youareready.
UnpuzzleX 1.1.0
This game is the next in a series of my relaxing puzzle games.Ittakes the best ideas and mechanics from Unpuzzle and UnpuzzleRandadds even more to it! Now with 17 piece types you have evenmoreunique and interesting levels. As always, you don’t need toreadany tutorials to understand how each piece works - you canfigureeverything out by just playing the game. And it gets evenbetterwhen the different pieces are combined, creating uniquepuzzleideas for each of the new 250 levels. Another importantthing:progress is constant and there are no dead ends! If youcannot findthe next move, you can use the hint, skip the level orjust take abreak from the game and return to it later. You do notneed torestart any level. You can play the game in two game modes,which,while presenting the same levels, create quitedifferentexperiences. Regardless of whether you finished the gamein onemode or just feel that the levels are getting too difficult,tryplaying in another mode for some time and you will be pleased!
Shikaku 1.4
Shikaku is the most addictive puzzle game on Android today!Thegameis a brain teasing, laid back puzzle that makes foranexcellentfill of your spare time. If you're a fan of Sudokuandlooking forslightly different puzzle game but equallyentertainingthen youwill love Shikaku! Each puzzle contains a boxwith somenumbers. Theobjective of the game is to place rectangles(boxes)all over thescreen such that each box contains a singlenumber andhas an areaequal to that number. Similar to Sudoku, thereis muchmore to thisthan first meets the eye and once you try thefirstfew puzzlesyou'll want to do many more. Free Features: ★ 405x5Puzzles (Easy)★ 20 7x7 Puzzles (Medium) ★ 8 10x10 Puzzles(Hard)Premium Features:★ Up to 500 5x5 Puzzles (Easy) ★ Up to 5007x7Puzzles (Medium) ★ Upto 500 10x10 Puzzles (Hard) Enjoy yourtimeand develop yourdeductive skills with a puzzle from thesamepeople who brought youSudoku! Support and Feedback Novellectualiscommitted to develop anew generation of educational andpuzzleapps that combine learningand fun. We take the quality of ourappsand the feedback of ourusers very seriously. Ifyou'reexperiencing any technical issues orsimply would like to letusknow what you think about this app
Blip Blup 2.0.1
ustwo games
BLIP BLUP is an addictive conundrum of coloration thatwillconsumeyour thoughts and occupy your dreams. ★★ "It's a gamethatfeelsfamiliar, though I'm certain I've never played anythinglikeit." -Kotaku ★★ ★★ "An ideal mobile game" - The Verge ★★★★"Ahypnotically-addictive puzzle" - The Guardian ★★ Youmustcarefullyconsider each move in order to fill every tile withcolour- 120+perplexing puzzles await your brainpower! * Tap a tiletostart apulse of colour which spreads outwards. * Colour alltilesin asfew pulses as possible. * Carefully place each pulserelativetowalls and other obstacles. * Game-changing "trick" tilesalteryourpulse’s path, so think ahead to succeed! Adapt yourthinkingtoovercome 9 different packs of challenges. Compete withyourfriendsto see who can three-star every level and climbtheleaderboards tobecome the BLIP BLUP master. BLIP BLUP ismadepossible by showingyou adverts. You can upgrade to the fullversionthrough IAP andget rid of ads at any time! Game Features:120+BRAIN BUSTINGPUZZLES All magnificently adorned with a spectrumofbeautifulcolours! 9 PACKS OF FUN Solve your way through ninewholepacks oflevels, each featuring all new challenges andgameplay!SPECIALTILES Devious combinations of special tiles,frominsta-lockinggate tiles to explosive death tiles, keepyousearching for theperfect solution! HIGH DEFINITION BLIPPING!HighResolution tabletsupport for jaw droppingly gorgeous visuals!Moregames from ustwogames: * Whale Trail Frenzy® - Join WillowtheWhale as he loops,soars and glides to collect bubbles andsmashenemies. * MonumentValley - Manipulate impossible architectureandguide a silentprincess through a stunningly beautiful world.*Monument Valley 2- Guide a mother and her child as they embark onajourney throughmagical architecture, discoveringillusionarypathways anddelightful puzzles as you learn the secretsof theSacred Geometry.
UnpuzzleR 1.5.4
With no way to get stuck, this is one of the best relaxing gamesyoucan download. There is always a next step, and if you can'tfind it- use a hint, or even skip the level. In addition, yourprogress issaved after each successful move, so you can just relaxand enjoythis calming experience. Take a break whenever you wantand comeback later to continue from the same place. You won't needto readexplanations and tutorials for any of the 15 piece types,you'lllearn just from playing. It starts as a super simple gamewith onesimple idea, but unfolds into more and more interestingyet alwaysrelaxing experience. Another thing which makes greatrelaxing gamesis a good difficulty progression. The game willnever feel too hardor unfair, but there will always be enoughchallenge to keep it fun.Some more difficult levels alternate witheasier ones to create theoptimal relaxing game experience. Can'tsleep at night? Want torelax before bed? Now it's even moresoothing with the night mode.Dark colors in this mode willpreserve your eyes. And with such acalming and relaxing game flow,it can become one of your favoritenight games! UnpuzzleR mainfeatures: - Unique and simple game idea- Soothing music - Gooddifficulty and learning curves - Night gamemode with calmingcolors - 15 unique puzzle piece types - Relaxinggame experience
Cardinal Chains 1.0.7
Daniel Nora
Cardinal Chains is a minimalist puzzle game centering ontheconceptof non-decreasing sequences. Each puzzle begins withamonochromegrid of numbers, plus a few colored cells marked withanX. Startingat these cells, you must link up numbersinnon-decreasing orderuntil the whole grid is filled with color.•500 unique, carefullyhandcrafted puzzles, each with asinglesolution • Varied difficultyand puzzle types to keep thingslively• Minimalist, elegant designwith a clean interface andsmoothanimations • Looks great on alldevices and screenorientations •No timers, ads, purchases or otherannoyances of anykind - justpure gameplay • Features achievementsand cloud saves
Art of Logic 1.8.1
Enjoy these traditional logic puzzles also known asnonograms,griddlers, picross, Japanese crosswords or Hanjie.Solvemulti-puzzles using the zooming function and a hint system.All ofour puzzles are completely logical - no guessing required!PUZZLEFEATURES: - Computer Tested Puzzles: All puzzles have auniquesolution and are completely logical. No guessing needed! -Over 600puzzles and 90 pictures to discover! Great selection of 25x 25black and white puzzles. - Free Introductory Puzzles! Puzzlepacksavailable to buy when you need them. - Thematic puzzle packs:Addsexcitement and anticipation to solutions - Detailed Artwork:Eachpuzzle is part of the picture. Solve multiple puzzles to revealthefinal image. - No Ads GAMEPLAY HIGHLIGHTS: - Tutorial:Forbeginners to learn how to solve puzzles and use controls -ZoomingAbility: allows for easier counting and touch-precision -Countingguides: Great to use when zooming - Hint system: In caseyou getstuck. Get a new hint for free when the timer resets, or buythemif you just can't wait. - Choose your button placement:Becauseonly you know where you want them. - Optional “checkmark”and “x”buttons to mark your last move or highlight points ofinterest -Unlimited Undo and Redo - Auto-rotate support - Auto-saveandAuto-restore - Auto-highlights completed rows and columns-Auto-highlights errors that violate the logic clues -ConcurrentSolving: Move between puzzles and work on more than oneat a time.Master the logic. Emerge victorious. Experience beauty.Repeat.
Shape Fold
Shape Fold is a unique spin on a classic jigsaw puzzlegenre.Thedifference is that every piece is connected andphysicallyinteractwith each other. This combination makes for a lotof weirdandinteresting puzzles in this game. The controls aresimplyaboutdragging shapes there they need to be. Levels includeobjectsfromhistory, culture, nature, animals, tech and many others.Eachthemeintroduces a slightly different mechanic complicatingfoldingevenmore. Over 100 free levels and more to be unlocked!Havefunfolding.
Pluszle ®: Brain logic puzzle 1.6.0
Pluszle ® is a beautifully challenging, addictive logicgamewithhundreds of challenges. Every row and column has itsownsolution,but the trick is to make it all work at the sametime.Highlightnumbers on the board to match the given totals on thesideandbottom. GAME FEATURES • Easy step-by-step tutorial togetyoustarted; • Various difficulty settings per level to matchyourownpuzzle solving skills; • Compete with players from aroundtheglobein Versus Race; • Fresh new levels and a beautiful worldtoexploreevery month; • Unlock achievements for extra rewards;•Rankinginformation for top players after each level; •Fullyplayable inEnglish, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian,French,German,Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Chinese, Japanese andKorean. Ifyouneed any help while playing, feel free to reach out tothesupportteam by tapping the contact button from thein-gamesettingsscreen. Pluszle ® is a registered trademark ofPluszle BV,TheNetherlands.
Twinfold 1.0.7
Kenny Sun
Twinfold delves into the duplicity of duplication. Aroguelikeaboutmerging golden idols and squashing angry faces.Manipulatealabyrinthine tableau with the swipe of a finger. Mergeand munchongolden idols level up and gain game-changingabilities.-Thought-bending strategic gameplay -Procedurallygeneratedmicro-puzzles - Infinite replayability - Over40 uniqueskills - 7enemy types - 6 well-thought-out bullet points
Dissembler 1.1.10
Ian MacLarty
Dissembler is a subtle puzzle game about unravelingplayful,abstract designs one color at a time. Flip pairs of tilesto makematching color groups vanish, but that is where theresemblance toa standard match-three ends. In Dissembler no tileswill drop in toreplace the ones you’ve matched: your task is toremove all tilesand leave behind a clean slate. The experiencestarts simply,leading you gently from basic principles to morecomplex puzzles,but before long it will require careful planningand lateralthinking. ■ Beautifully-presented minimalist puzzle gamewithchilled original soundtrack ■ Every one of the 170+ puzzles isahand-made work of art with no randomness ■ Experiment freely –undoany number of moves at any time without any penalty ■ Buy onceandenjoy forever – no in-app purchases! ■ Daily puzzles,plusstep-by-step solutions revealed the next day ■ Infinite modeoffersan endless play mode with online leaderboard ■ Color-blindmodemakes Dissembler accessible to more players
Sudoku Puzzle Challenge 1.0.1
Sudoku Puzzle Challenge is no ordinary Sudoku game, it’s6differentnumber puzzle games in one! Packed with over32,000puzzles to teaseyour brain for a very long time. Just fillthegrid with numbers sothat every row, column and 3x3 box containallthe numbers from 1-9,it sounds simple but it’sludicrouslyaddictive - and that’s justSudoku. Maybe you’re bored ofordinarySudoku? Then try one of the 5other puzzle types included:*‘Killer’ Sudoku * Sudoku-X * MiniSudoku * Kakuro * MiniSudoku-XMain Features: * Over 32,000 puzzlesspread over 6 differenttypesgive you almost endless challenge. *Easy, Medium and Hardversionsof every puzzle type. * Easy-to-useinterface designedspecificallyfor mobile and tablet.
Everyday Jigsaw Puzzles 2.0.1014
A puzzle a day keeps the boredom away! 👍 How about turningyourfamily photos, travel pics, and any snaps from the cameraintobeautiful jigsaws? 🧩 Or, you may browse a collection of over30'000eye-catching customizable jigsaw puzzles 🎁 and purchase theonesyou like from within the game with just a few mouse clicks.16different cutout shapes, puzzles with up to 500 pieces - we'vegotit all in Everyday Jigsaw Puzzles, your personal jigsawpuzzleextravaganza 😍
Muzzle - Memory Puzzle 3.3.6
Innovative Memory Game, new gameplay, hardcoreandintensechallenges! Muzzle is based on the classic Memory Game,butit'snot the usual memory game! Do you remember the memory gameyouwerehaving fun playing with when you were a kid? Well,justforgetabout it, this is a whole new world! Memory won't beenoughto passall 100 levels of Muzzle!! Strategy, intuition andquickreflexesare required to complete this adventure that breaksdownandreassembles the most classic of the card games! NEWGOALSBesidesclearing all the gameboard, by matching all pictures,youwill needto guess hidden words, solve anagrams or recomoposebrokenwords.And often you will have to do it within a certainamount atime,and with a fixed number of attempts available.CHALLANGESEverylevel you can earn Stars by winning secondarychallenges: youwillneed them to unlock new levels!! POWER UPSpecial Power Upslayhidden beside some tiles. They will: - increasethe timeavailableto beat the level - receive hints - findimmediately thematchingpicture - uncover temporarily all tiles Useyour powerupsstrategically to pass a level, or win themostchallengingchallenges! 100 LEVELS 10 worlds, each composed by10levels. Notthe usual endless game: the adventure starts andends,and youmight even meet a new friend .. or not?
Flip Shapes – Bouncing, Rolling, Falling Fun! 1.2.3
Flip Shapes is a fun endless runner with engagingpinballphysics,one-touch controls and cute round characters! Howfar canyou fall?Features • Bounce, roll, twist and tumble to find asafepath downan endless drop • Rotate flippers and spin wheelswithsimpleone-touch pinball controls • Enjoy fun physics effects asyoufallunder gravity, balance on beams and pivot on platforms•Infinitelevels, with a new layout in every game • Collectcoinsandpower-ups along your path • Complete challenges to winbonusprizes• More than 60 cute Roller ball characters to unlock–BumblingBee, Pitching Peach, Tumbling Turtle, Gambolling GuineaPigandmany more! • Dash through minigame races to win new Rollers•Highscore leaderboard - can you fall further than your friends?•Freeto play How to play Flip Shapes Guide your Roller ball asfaraspossible down the course - tap the screen anywheretopivotplatforms and spin wheels as you jump, roll, twist andtumble.Thefurther you fall, the higher the score! Avoidenemieswhilecollecting coins and power-ups, including shields,magnets,shrinkbottles, gravity boosts and double coins. And bewarethedeadly fogif you hang around too long! Like pinball, thecontrolsare simple,but the challenge increases as you drop undergravity.Look aheadto plan your path down, anticipating the effectsofphysics whileyou twist and tumble. Flippers, wheels andobstaclescome in allshapes and sizes - precise timing and quickreactionsare needed tojump over danger, pivot on platforms andbalance onbeams! Levelsare infinite and procedurally generated,creating anew experiencein every game with endless replay value!Win rewardsby completingchallenges You can earn rewards bycompletingchallenges presentedat the start of each game. Press thePausebutton at any time toreview the current challenge. Whenyoucomplete a challenge, youcan double your reward if you choosetowatch an ad, or you canjust continue by pressing the Xbutton.Minigames Coins can be usedto play minigame races where youcan winnew characters. In eachminigame, three Roller balls dropfrom thetop to the bottom of theobstacle course. Tap the screen topivotthe flippers and controlthe spinning wheels, and you win thefirstcharacter to dash acrossthe finish line! Choose your character–Bee, Guinea Pig, Peach,Turtle, and more! There are more than60cute round Roller ballcharacters to collect, includingBumblingBee, Gambolling GuineaPig, Pitching Peach, Tumbling Turtleand manymore! Tap the buttonat the bottom-left of the main menuscreen tochoose the characteryou want to play with. As well aswinning newcharacters in theminigame races, you can also buy themas In-AppPurchases. Anypurchase will also remove non-rewardedadvertising.Press the dicebutton in the character selection screento play witha characterrandomly selected from your unlockedcollection eachgame. Enjoyplaying Flip Shapes – Bouncing, Rolling,Falling Fun!
Invert - Tile Flipping Puzzles 1.0.3
Noodlecake Studios Inc
Invert is a tile flipping puzzle game for fans of brainteaserslikeReversi, Go, Sudoku and Rubiks Cubes. **REVIEWS** "Justwhatwe arelooking for in a puzzler" - 8/10 PocketGamer "Watchingthetilesshift color is mesmerizing." - AppAdvice "...a game that’sassmartas it is welcoming." - Gamezebo In Invert you pressbuttonsaround atile grid that flip a certain pattern of tiles. Yourgoalis to makeall tiles the same color using as few moves aspossible.Easy tosolve, but hard to solve well. GAME MODES -Campaign: Solvelevelsin certain amount of moves. Take as much timeas you need -there'sno time limit. - Challenge: Solve levelsagainst the clock.Use asmany moves as you want. - Expert: Similarto Challenge Mode,but alot harder. Like, a *lot* harder. FEATURES -20mind-bendingpatterns with 1000's of combinations - Over 120handcrafted levels- Custom soundtrack per level - 2 uniquegameplaymodes - 1 expertmode. - 0 distracting advertisements orcommercialsInvert is madeby Glitchnap, a Copenhagen-based band thatmakesgames instead ofrecords, and published by Noodlecake Studios."Ifyou’re a big fanof Rubik’s Cube-type puzzles, Invert shouldfireyour engines." -AppAdvice "Invert ... should give puzzlefanssomething tasty tochew on." - TouchArcade
Crossword Climber 1.2
Put your word skills to the ultimate test. Climb themountainonestep at a time by solving thousands of challengingcrosswordclues.Can you make it to the top and claim the title ofGreatest ofAllTime? ■ 7,500 unique clues! ■ Play at your own pace -perfectforidle moments ■ Use hints if you get stuck on a word ■Fromthemakers of One Clue Crossword & PicturePerfectCrosswordSUPPORT Please select the [HELP] option from thePauseMenu (thegear icon at the bottom-right of the game screen) ifyourequireassistance. If you require further assistance or areunabletoaccess the in-game help, you can contact Crossword Climber is free toplay,butcontains optional paid items to help progress more quickly.Youcandisable in-app purchase functionality in your device'ssettingsifyou do not want to use this or /bigpuzzles on Facebook for moregreatfreepuzzle games!
Tumblestone 1.0.16
Tumblestone is a fresh take on block-matchinggames.Solveprogressively more difficult and creative puzzles, helpasausagemake friends, and find out what happened totheTumblecrown.Tumblestone completely reinvents the matchinggenreinto a deep andcerebral puzzle solving experience that youwon'tforget!Featuring: * Story mode: The 40+ hour story campaignwilltest yourpuzzle-solving prowess. Featuring 11 gameplaymodifiers. *Arcademodes: Relax and enter the zone withTumblestone's 3 arcademodes.* Leaderboards: Online leaderboards letyour friends knowyou'rebetter than them. * Quests: Hundreds ofunique quests tocomplete.* Stats: Hundreds of stats to geek out on.*Personalization:Choose from a dozen unique charactersandenvironments.
Wood Bridges 1.11.0
Use your fingers to build wood bridges and let thevehiclescrossthem. Use as less material as you can to get thehighestscore.This full version includes 41 stages. Solutionsavailableat: *** Change Log *** 1.0.0-Initialversion: 10 stages 1.0.1 - Bug fixes (vehiclesandhighscores)1.1.0 - New stages: 15 stages 1.2.0 - New Stages:20stages 1.2.1 -Missing vehicles bugfix 1.2.2 - Sound bugfix 1.3.0-New Stages: 25stages now; menu improvements; smaller APKinstaller1.3.1 - Globalhighscores bugfix 1.3.2 - Level 21 namechange 1.3.3- Vehicles cannow spin more than 360 degrees 1.4.0 -Improvements;2 new stages :27 stages now 1.5.0 - Freeze by phonecalls/SMSsbugfix; 2 newstages : 29 stages now 1.5.1 - Global scoresbugfix1.5.2 - Backbutton functionality fix 1.6.0 - Smallimprovements; 1new stage :30 stages now 1.6.1 - Toggle buttons;"play next" menu;APP2SD; newhelp 1.6.2 - "Vehicle has broken!"message 1.6.3 - 2 newstages :32 stages now 1.7.0 - Scores bugfix1.8.0 - Improvedphysics; minorbugfix; improved graphics; 2 newstages : 34 now1.8.1 - Minor UIfix; 2 new stages : 36 now 1.9.0 - 1new stage: 37now 1.9.1 - 3new stages : 40 now 1.10.0 - 1 new stages: 41 now
Outfolded 1.1.0
3 Sprockets
Outfolded is a minimalist, endless puzzle game where youunfoldshapes to reach your goal. Relax, zone out and experiment inanever-ending series of levels, or take on the challengingdailypuzzles to earn hints and pit yourself against the best.Competewith your friends to get as far as possible, or sharesolutions onsocial media to lend a helping hand. If you love puzzlegames,Outfolded is for you. If you dislike puzzle games, Outfoldedisdefinitely for you! By the creators of PAC-MAN 256 and theawardwinning Cubemen series, Outfolded is a puzzle experience likenoother.
Unfoldit 2.2.0
Unfoldit LLC
THE GAME OF PAPER FOLDING & HOLE PUNCHING. Unfoldit isapuzzlegame designed to increase your cognitive abilitiesandspatialawareness. TAP IT, UNFOLD IT, WIN IT. • Unfolditfeaturespacks oflevels that require you to determine the resultantstate ofpaperafter folds & hole punches are performed. •Unfoldit isbasedon REAL cognitive tests used in academicassessments,medicalresearch, and even admissions tests. • Unfolditis theelegant andexciting cognitive challenge you've been lookingfor!BRILLIANT INEVERY WAY. • Play 800+ levels of varyingdifficultywith many, manymore on the way • Track your spatialaccuracy &precisionstatistics as you play each level • Tuneyour gameplaysettings tobuild a personalized in-game experience •ExperienceUnfoldit inDark Mode and in the default light appearance• Shareuniversallinks with others that open levels directly intheappAWARD-WINNING. Unfoldit was a finalist in the 2019GeorgiaTechInVenture Prize invention competition. UNFOLD YOUR MIND.Enjoythelatest and greatest puzzle game while enhancingyourcognitiveabilities!
Squatris 1.5.10
Have some free time? It's time to train your brain withtheSquatrispuzzle! Simple controls and rules. No restrictions onmovetime,play at your own speed. Automatic save when you exit,stopandcontinue a game at any time. Unlock more than50achievements.Squares game modes rules: Place figures on gamefieldto fill theplaces marked with the same color (squares). Whenyoufill a squareit is erased to make space for new figures, andyouearn scorepoints. Erasing the large squares gives more points.Thegamecontinues until there is a space to put the next figure.Madewrongmove? The last move can be canceled unless it led totheerasing ofa square. Lines game modes rules: Place figures ongamefield tofill horizontal lines. When you fill a line it iserased tomakespace for new figures, and you earn score points.Erasing morethanone line at once will give you more score points.Thegamecontinues until there is a space to put the next figure.Madewrongmove? The last move can be canceled unless it led totheerasing ofa line. Sign in to Google Play Game services andcompetewith otherplayers for highest score.
Tile Twist World 1.1.2
Twist interlocking shapes to reveal hundreds of stunning picturesinthis unique new Puzzle Game! Featuring a myriad of intriguingtileshapes, all of which fit together perfectly to slowly revealahidden image as you solve the puzzle. Tile Twist comes withawonderful variety of puzzles, each containing a beautiful image-you can also create your very own puzzles from images and photostoshare with friends! Change the shape and size of the Tiles atanytime to suit your style of play - create quick, easy puzzlesorfiendishly challenging ones with complex tile shapes. Want toplayon your PC or Mac? Simply search for Tile Twist World onFacebook!Your progress is saved across all devices so you caneasily pick upand carry on from where you were. Play Tile TwistWorld today anddiscover a unique new puzzling adventure!
Hashi Puzzle 2.1.3
Hashi is a challenging logic puzzle. Connect the islandswithbridgesso that all islands on the grid are connected as onegroup,but makesure that the values on the islands correspond tothenumber ofconnected bridges! Bridges can run horizontallyorvertically,bridges cannot cross each other, and there can beoneor two bridgesbetween islands. Each puzzle has only onesolution,which can bereached with logic reasoning, no guessingneeded!Solve Hashi puzzlesto challenge yourself, to relax, totrain yourbrain, or to kill sometime. This logic puzzle provideshours ofchallenging entertainment!With puzzles ranging from easytofiendish, it offers something forboth beginners and experts.Areyou up for the challenge? Can yousolve them all?Gameplayfeatures: •  Clean and attractive interface•  All progressissaved •  Undo/redo •  Hints •  Timer (can beswitched off) • Zoomand drag grid on smaller devices App features:• Extensivehow-to-play explanation •  Works offline •  Puzzlesinfourdifferent difficulty levels •  Puzzles with differentgridsizes • Supports dark theme •  List of recently played puzzles• Progressoverview •  Eight different color themes About Hashiisagrid-based logic puzzle that can be solved by logiconly,similarto Sudoku or Kakuro. Hashi is also known asHashiwokakeroorBridges. The puzzle is invented by Nikoli, aJapanesepublisherthat also invented the most popular logic gridpuzzle ofall:Sudoku. With Hashi, they have developed another puzzlethat isatleast as challenging and addictive as Sudoku. All puzzlesinthisapp are produced by brennerd.
HoPiKo 1.1
Laser Dog
The evil Nanobyte virus is out, gaming is over... It’s timetohookup your power gloves and save your HoPiKo brothers!+2,000,000downloads across all mobile platforms. HoPiKo isanintense speedrun platformer where you get to save gaming. Jumpfromplatform toplatform avoiding death, exploiting shortcutsandripping through100s of hand-crafted levels, each one droppedinto a5-stage minirun designed to break your mind! Compete to bethefastest in theworld with time based scores, level parsandcollectable retroconsoles opening unique bonus runs. - Fastandbrutal twitch-basedgameplay - Awesome chiptune soundtrackwrittenand composed onauthentic hardware - Uses every ounce of yourmusclememory -Unique touch screen controls, not a d-pad in sight-IntegratedGoogle Play Services friend scores and loads ofuniqueachievementsHoPiKo is a universal game app, compatible withmostAndroid phonesand tablets. For best performance werecommenddevices with 512 MBRAM or more.
Jigsaw Genius Pro
Ta-Dah Apps
Jigsaw Genius is the exciting jigsaw app from Ta-Dah Appswithmorethan 30,000 puzzles and over 750 themed puzzle collections.Weaimto provide you with a fun experience that can be as easyoraschallenging as you want to make it. Pick your puzzle,choosethenumber of pieces to play and off you go. The app offersagreatvariety of puzzle theme packs to choose from andincludesfreepacks and packs for you to buy. We add new theme packseveryweekof the year so the fun never ends! If you like Jigsawpuzzlesyouwill love Jigsaw Genius! Features: Ad free. An extensivelibraryofpuzzles to play. New puzzle packs added every week.5differentpuzzle piece styles. 8 different puzzle piecesizes(depending ondisplay size!). Pinch-to-zoom for finedetail.Automatic save andrestore. Selectable look and feel to suitalltastes. Backgroundmusic. Facebook integration.
Parenting Hero - Become a wiser parent 1.7
Parenting Hero features tips and advice from Joanna FaberandJulieKing, internationally acclaimed experts oncommunicationbetweenadults and children. They are the authors ofthebest-selling book"How to Talk so Little Kids Will Listen:ASurvival Guide to Lifewith Children Ages 2-7". The duo has yearsofexperience workingworldwide with parents, teachers andotherprofessionals, helpingfamilies become more harmonious and lessof abattleground.Parenting Hero presents practical skills that canbeusedimmediately to make relationships with children moresatisfyingandrewarding. Interactive graphics and story guides willhelp youto:• cope with children’s negative feelings •engagechildren’scooperation without bribes, threats or punishment •setlimitswhile maintaining goodwill • encourage childrentoassumeresponsibility • resolve conflicts creatively •usepraiseeffectively Parenthood isn’t easy! Parenting Hero is funtoplayand brings to your fingertips tried and tested strategiesthatwillmake your family life happier and more peaceful.