Top 20 Games Similar to Rage Island - Zombie Survival

Survival Island 2 PRO 1.2
*** FULL VERSION WITHOUT ADS! *** In the sequel of thepopularislandsurvival game you get trapped on a deserted island –again!Luckily,you have already learnt a lot about basic survivingrules.If not,you definitely will. In the second part of thisislandexperiment youhave the same goal – you have to survivethisnightmare! *** HOW TOPLAY *** GET wood and stones. CRAFTitemsusing ore and trees. HUNTanimals and get food to stay alive.BUILDhouses and hide from strongcarnivores. Try FARMING – growfood.You can save your progress anytime you want and next timecontinueplaying from the same point.SURVIVAL ISLAND 2 PRO GAMEFEATURES: -The second part of yourfavorite game; - New BIG islandwith newadventures; - Big open worldwith different secrets anddangers; -March of day and night; - Wildanimal hunting – goats,bears,boars, wolves, DINOSAURS etc.; -Create your own farm; -Getresources and craft useful items; -Backpack for holdingyouritems; - Build houses and hide from hungryanimals. Keep youreyeson the prize, fight for your life in SurvivalIsland 2 PRO!
Ocean Is Home: Survival Island
Try to live the life of a man who has got on a desert island...You'll have to look for food, build a house, collectingandcrafting things necessary for life. Your only goal - tosurvive!------------- Ocean Is Home is: - Full freedom, explore thehugeisland ; - Build your own house; - Craft items and weapons tohuntand survive on the island; - Advanced system of player skills;-Different kinds of transport. -----------------------------Quicktips: - Mine wood and stone at the beginning; - Use it tocraftitems for the construction of houses, weapons for huntinganimals,tools for fishing, water extraction, electricity and manyotherthings; - Find some food or build your own farm.--------------- -We are in the social networks:Facebook: -------------- You canalwayswrite on e-mail of our studio about your problem and wewillcertainly consider your application. Mail
Lifeline 2.1.1
3 Minute Games, Inc.
Lifeline is a playable, branching story of survival againstallodds.You will help Taylor make life or death decisions, andfacetheconsequences together. Acclaimed writer Dave Justus(Fables:The WolfAmong Us) weaves a gripping interactive storythrough theaftermathof a crash landing on an alien moon. Taylor isstranded,the rest ofthe crew are dead or missing, and Taylor’scommunicatorcan onlyreach you. Lifeline pioneered a new narrativeexperienceenabled bymodern devices. This story plays out in realtime asTaylor works tostay alive, notifications deliver newmessagesthroughout your day.Keep up as they come in, or catch uplaterwhen you’re free. Or, divein and jump back to earlier pointsinthe story, and see what happenswhen you make a differentchoice.Simple actions can have a profoundeffect. Complete anysingle pathto restart the story and unlock thismode. Lifeline is adeep,immersive story of survival andperseverance, with manypossibleoutcomes. Taylor is relying on YOU.Supports Wear OS! Youcan playLifeline in any of these languages:English French GermanRussianSimplified Chinese Japanese SpanishKorean Internetconnection notrequired. No in-app purchases and noads. Praise forLifeline:“I’ve played many games that I findengrossing, butLifeline may beone of the first that changed the wayI thoughtabout my dailyroutine, which leapt off the screen andbecame a partof my livedexperience.” - Eli Cymet, Gamezebo “I feltan immediateattachmentto a fictional character pinging me from astrange galaxyto mywearable.” - Luke Hopewell, Gizmodo Australia“For a fewbriefhours I cared – really cared – about the fate ofacompletelyfictional character. I don’t think any other gameI’veplayed hasmade me feel that way before.” - MattThrower,PocketGamer Lifelinewas created by: Dave Justus Mars JokelaDanSelleck Colin LiottaJackie Steege Wilson Bull Jason NowakBen“Books” Schwartz
Buried Town – Free Zombie Survival Apocalypse Game 1.4.3
locojoy game
Buried Town is a free zombie survival apocalypse game. Oneofthemost attracting text games and story games ever. Oneofthedreadful horror zombie games ever. One of the mostintensesurvivalgames ever. Buried Town is a unique hybrid ofzombiesurvival gamesand text adventure games. It hits 10milliondownloads worldwide,and it’s FREE! Player has to faceunknownsituation and survivetill the very last day on battleground.Juststart your text storygames adventure trail now! Start one ofyoutext games or storygames here now! Your last day travelandadventure ended in asouthern town. But the real troubleandadventure has just started.When you floated on an isolatedisland,you found you’re the onlysurvivor on this island and thewholeworld around you is thewalking dead zombies and unkilledenemies.This war of walking deadzombies has just started.Moderncivilization has been destroyed.You need to facestarvation,plague, infection, disease, and fightthe war againstendlesswalking dead zombies. How long can yousurvive in this verylast dayof living earth life? START A DAY ANDDON’T DIE! You aretrying tosurvive in this zombie survivalapocalypse world. Startyour zombietext games adventure. Whiletrying to get rid of hunger,horror,fear, plague, infection,disease, you also need to faceendlesswalking dead zombiesapproaching towards your shelter. Don’tgetstarved, use yousurvival crafting skill to build a shelteranddefend your shelter.At the beginning, you’ll get a radiowhichoffers you a bridge toconnect to the outside world. Are youthelast human being onearth? No clue yet. PRACTICE YOURSURVIVALCRAFTAND BE A ZOMBIEHUNTER Try to search and collectmaterials andresources. Use themto craft shelters and repairfences. Practiceyou survival craftskills. This crafting skill canbe useful whenyou face thoseendless walking dead zombies. This warof zombies andyou is mucheasier if you keep crafting your shelter.Improve yourstrategy andcreate more deadly weapons against walkingdeadzombies. Learn morecrafting skills and be a zombie hunter! ADOGAND YOU In youshelter, a dog will keep you alarmed ofthosedreadful and endlesswalking dead zombies. Keep vigilant anddon’tlet zombies hurtingyour dog. Maybe the dog is the only livingbeingaround you andmakes you feel not alone. Just survive with yourdogin this postapocalyptic battleground. TEXT GAMES STORYLINEWITHAPOCAPLYSEADVENTURE A unique apocalypse zombie survival gamebasedon simpletext-based storyline. Simple text story games featureandgraphicexpression gives you an unforgotten experience. Putonyourheadphone to enjoy better survival apocalypse gamesexperience.Letyour terror and obsession out. Survive on a territorythatbelongsto your deep inner heart. MAKE THE BEST USE OF THOSENPCSANDSURVIVE You’re alone in this post apocalyptic world. ButNPCsmaypop up to offer you some opportunities. Trade with themandbalanceyour belongings. You may call it “this business ofmine”.CONNECTWITH OTHER SURVIVORS Use an old school radio toconnect totheoutside world. Talk to other players around the world.Useyourtext games or story games experience to live. You’ll notfeelsodesperately alone in this zombie survival world. Just toletyouknow, Buried Town developer team only contains threegamefans.They developed Buried Town to pay tribute tothosefascinatingsurvival games which made our survival gameshistorymore colorfuland entertaining. DISCLAIMER Buried Town isjust azombie survivalgame for entertaining. Please do not take anypartof this game asyour real wilderness survival guide. We want tomakeBuried Townone of the most attractive zombie apocalypsehorrorsurvival gamesjust for you. Please like ourFacebookpage
Survival Island 2: Dino Hunter 2.6
In the sequel of the popular island survival game you gettrappedona deserted island – again! Luckily, you have alreadylearnt alotabout basic surviving rules. If not, you definitelywill. Inthesecond part of this island experiment you have the samegoal –youhave to survive this nightmare! *** HOW TO PLAY *** GETwoodandstones. CRAFT items using ore and trees. HUNT animals andgetfoodto stay alive. BUILD houses and hide from strongcarnivores.TryFARMING – grow food. You can save your progress anytime youwantand next time continue playing from the same point.SURVIVALISLAND2: DINO HUNTER GAME FEATURES: - The second part ofyourfavoritegame; - New BIG island with new adventures; - Bigopenworld withdifferent secrets and dangers; - March of day andnight;- Wildanimal hunting – goats, bears, boars, wolves,DINOSAURSetc.; -Create your own farm; - Get resources and craftusefulitems; -Backpack for holding your items; - Build houses andhidefrom hungryanimals. Keep your eyes on the prize, fight foryourlife inSurvival Island 2: Dino Hunter !
Island Survival - Winter Story 1.6
After leaving the second island you thought youradventureswereover? No, it was not! Now you are somewhere in snowyland –maybein Siberia, maybe in ice age, who knows. You feel reallycold,andno one can help you. You feel cold, so it’s better tomovequicklyto warmup. Island Survival - Winter Story: meetnewislandadventures! You have to eat something, so you cangrowpumpkins andhunt animals. Little rabbits are really cute, butdon’tmelt – yourown life is much more important. Also there aredeersearching forSanta and other animals. You can craft differentitemsand build ahouse. Good luck! Island Survival - Winter StoryGAMEFEATURES: -Amazing winter landscape; - Animals hunting –deer,rabbits,wolves, bears, boars; - Craft system – make someweapon; -Buildyour own cozy house; - Great survival quest in 3D; -Coolgraphicsand sounds. So, can you survive this winter? Do youwanttocelebrate Christmas at this unfriendly island? IslandSurvival-Winter Story: prove you are the best survivor!
Stranded Survival 1.1.1
Matthew Tory
Stranded Survival is an open worldsurvivalRPG. Stranded on a mysterious desert island, you mustuse anymeans possible to survive! Explore the island, venture intodarkcaves, and encounter terrifying monsters. Featuringrandomlygenerated worlds, crafting, building, and mining, the worldisyours to shape and explore.Features•Completely unique, randomly generated worlds to explore•100+ items to discover•Craft tools, items, potions, armour and much more•Fishing, farming, mining, building, fighting!•The threat of starvation is always imminent•Lots of monsters and animals•Stunning pixel-art graphics•Full day/night cycle----------------------------------------------Comments? Questions? Ideas? Something wrong? Your satisfactionisof the utmost importance. Feel free to email me at: andIwill get back to you as soon as possible!----------------------------------------------*Not recommended for slower/older devices*
The Forest Survival 3D 1.3
Everyone loves walk in the forest while shine is shiningandbirdsare singing, but the same forest can be really darkanddangerous.You are standed in the forest, and your goal istosurvive thenight or longer, if you can. The Forest Survival 3D –itbetteryou'd learn how to survive! HOW TO PLAY: Hunt forfood,beware ofangry hungry animals and try to survive. You're notableto escapethe forest, so just survive as long as you can. TheForestSurvival3D game features: • Survival quest in 3D; • Darkhorrorforest witha lot of danger; • A lot of activities to do; •Wildforest lifet;• Real physics. Your survival starts now –findsomething to fightand enjoy The Forest Survival 3D!
Trapped in the Forest FREE 2.022
From the creators of Slender-Man comes an allnewFREEsurvival-horror game! Chop down trees, hunt for food andbuildyourown base in a forest haunted by an ancient evil. How longcanyousurvive for in the forest?
Lost in Paradise 5.0.9
Elev8 Games
Winner of Corporate LiveWire Awards 2016 - Excellence inPuzzleGameDevelopment Immerse yourself in a lost paradise, with adeepmysteryhiding beyond it's pristine shores. As a crew member ofasuddenlyand mysteriously capsized ship journeying throughthenotoriousBermuda Triangle, you find yourself being thesolesurvivor on aseemingly deserted island. Deserted but notalwaysuninhabited.Solve the mystery of the lost paradise and claimyourdestiny. Getback to nature, learn and hone your REALworldsurvival skills,solve puzzles and live the adventure. LostinParadise is a thirdperson point and click adventure reminiscentofthe classics from90s (similar to modern escape games orhiddenobject games, butdeeper) with spellbinding graphics,animation,and an art style allit's own. • Explore over 25 stunningnaturallocations withbrilliantly alive animations, sounds andweathereffects. • Enjoysix beautiful, relaxing and mysteriousmusictracks speciallytailored to the environments and puzzles (withingame volumecontrols). • Challenge yourself with over a dozenlogicpuzzles andmini-games to tease your brain and test your skill.•Learn REALsurvival skills that you can carry over into therealworld, likebuilding a campfire, knife, rope and much more inthewild. • Gatherclues, notes and items to solve conundrumsandunravel the mysteryof the island. • In game map to easilytravelbetween locations andin game diary to record and store clues.• Ingame tutorial systemfor newer players. Whether you are acasualgamer or a seasonedpuzzler, the game is fit for everyone. •Ingame context-sensitivehint system - If you're stuck, you can getasingle hint at a timeto nudge you along, without having toleavethe game to look atentire walkthroughs online and jumpintospoilers. • Hot spothighlight system - no pixel hunting,allgameplay. • Multipledifficulty levels - Hard for veteranplayersand Easy for beginners,• Multi-language support -currentlyavailable in English, German,French, Spanish, Italian,Portuguese,Swedish, Korean, Japanese,Russian and Hindi. Featuringthebeautiful work of naturephotographer DavidHuting( - allbackground art used ingameavailable for purchase and walldecoration) and music by TheCynicProject(
Zombie Island Survival 3D 1.2
GBN, Llc
Welcome to the Zombie Island – theplaceinfected by a strange virus! Survive this zombie apocalypseandstay alive! Choose your own way of live – fight against zombiesorhide deep in suburbs trying to find food! Are you going tofeedzombies with your brains? Stay alive at all costs playingZombieIsland Survival in 3D - even more entertaining than playingazombie shooter! This amazing survival simulator will give youtonesof fun – search for weapons, find various survival tools,upgradeyour battling skills and exploration to kill all theenemies!Making this survival island a nice place to live is easierthat itseems – just get rid of zombies and walking deads!Strange virus infected the island. Empty streets, bones ontheground… Deads risen from their graves and turned intozombiessearching for brains and blood! Seems like it’s apocalypses…Facescary reality with this island survival in 3D! Kill zombies orbekilled! Explore the city searching for weapons and othersurvivaltools which could help you to stay alive. Hunt for wildanimals,craft useful items and be ready for the greatest survivaladventurein your life! Explore the city suffered from dangerousexperiment Zand try to stay alive! Beware of being infected… Deathiseverywhere… Find weapons and other survival tools or craft yourownones, repel zombie’s attack and don’t let them eat your brainsorturn you into a walking dead! Try Zombie Island Survival – 3Dgameto upgrade your battling, exploring and survival skills!Seems like it’s the worst day in your life. Day Z! Live thelifeof a survivor surrounded by deads! It used to be people, butafterstrange Z experiment they turned into zombies. Be ready for abigfight – kill zombies using different guns and weapons,battleagainst infected animals, shoot right to the target or runaway!Survive or be eaten by zombies instead! This survival islandisempty now, the only citizens are cruel zombies and… You! Findfood,weapons and different survival tools right on the city streetsorcraft your own ones, fight for your live battling againstwalkingdeads and escape from this dangerous place with ZombieIslandSurvival in 3D! Upgrade your survival skills, battleagainstzombies, shoot and kill them! Resist Z infection and don’tletaggressive zombies eat your brains playing Zombie IslandSurvival!Become the only man survive this cruel Z experiment!Tired of usual zombie shooters? Try new adventure game –survivein the post apocalypse world flooded be walking deads!ExploreZombie Island and try to get out of this dangerous place!Zombiesare everywhere! Kill them or they will eat your brains!Fight foryour life shooting zombies – it is the only way to survivethe Zday! It’s your own fight with death! Zombie Island Survival isagreat chance to test your skills, are you ready to stay aliveinthis cruel post apocalyptic world? It’s high time to showyoursurvival, battling and shooting skills and a bit ofexploration, ofcourse.Zombie Island Survival 3D features:- Post apocalypse island flooded by walking deads to survive–ex-citizens are infected with strange virus afterexperimentZ- Fight against zombies – kill deads, battle against monstersandand walking deads to upgrade your survival skills- Find food, weapons other survival tools or craft yourownones- Stunning 3D graphic- Empty survival island for your character to exploreTry this ultimate survival simulator in 3D! Deads areeverywhere,so be careful! Use your wide weapon arsenal to battleagainstzombies and save your life! Do you like zombies, zombiegames orfilms? This survival simulator is made for your joy!Survive in vastapocalyptic city, kill zombies and never let themeat your brains orinfect you! Check Zombie Island Survival – useall your survivalskills to stay alive!Check our profile on facebook - are waiting for your comments and reviews!
Survival Island - Craft 3D 1.5
Something strange happened, and you were trapped in theworldofpixels and cubes. You are alone on the island swarmwithwildhungry animals and no one can help you.There is noguaranteeyoucan survive even one night, but you can try. MeetSurvivalIsland -Craft 3D – extremely addictive simulator of wildlife inamazingblocky design. HOW TO PLAY: Explore the open world –try tofindsome food, find a place to sleep, try hunting. Also youhavetofight with hungry wild animals unless you want to beeaten.Atnight you have to be extra careful, because wolves aregoing toeatyou. You can start a fire to scare them. Survival Island- Craft3Dgame features: • Island survival simulator 3D; •Craftingandmining; • Wild animals hunting; • Beautiful blockydesign; •Marchof day and night; • Open world adventure. Prepare tosurvivalgame– play Island Survival Island - Craft 3D – it’sabsolutelyFREE!Good luck, and let's start our horror islandexperiment!
On My Own 3.1.0
Craft your own tools and manage your resources inthistranquilsurvival adventure. Charming naturescapes andoriginalmusic frameyour quest to conquer the mountain as youendeavor tomake the mostof your “one wild and precious life". GameFeatures: •Craft uniqueitems that will aid in survival • Trap andhunt wildgame tosurvive • Explore 4 different biome levels •Throwbackvisual stylewith modern game effects • Inspiringoriginalsoundtrack Moreinformation at:
Project Z - Zombie Survival 6.1
**WARNING**Project Z is currently in ALPHA and is intended for"highperformance CPU's"We recommend using newer devices such as the Galaxy S5.Project Z's main focus is giving players a MASSIVE worldtoexplore! You will encounter some zombies along the way thatyouwill need to take care of using weapons you find duringyourexploration!Current FeaturesMassive Island to explore.Scavenge for guns and ammo.Kill zombiesFree Updates for life that include new villages and placestoexplore,more zombies,multiplayer and more.Upcoming FeaturesDay/Night CycleMore zombie typesFood System*Hopefully* MultiplayerMore villages
The Island Castaway: Lost World® 1.6.601
Unravel secrets of a mysterious island! Being stranded onaremoteisland has never been so entertaining! After ashipwreck,your maingoal is survival, although getting off theisland would begreattoo. But first you must step up and become theleader ofthecastaways to prevent chaos and ensure everyone’swell-being.Builda fish farm to catch eels, a quail farm tocultivate poultryand acrab farm to trap shellfish. Also, create aclay pit and alianafarm to source the building materials needed forshelters.Trackdown rare plants for your magic potions, and bemindfulaboutprotection while exploring the island. But it’s notjustaboutkeeping safe, dry and well-fed. To escape the islandandreturnhome, you must decipher bizarre markings on theground,collectancient statues, kill a crab monster and unravelthismysteriousisland’s dark secrets! Good luck! While this gameisabsolutelyfree to play, you have the ability to unlockoptionalbonuses viain-app purchases from within the game. You maydisablein-apppurchases in your device settings. ● A stunningtropicalisland toexplore ● Over 1000 challenging quests to complete● 40types ofresources to prep and store ● 33 original andengagingcharactersto meet ● 28 delicious native dishes to master ●Fivemagic potionsto concoct: protective, transfer, speed,immortalityand spiritprotection ● 11 farms to build: a fish farm, acrab farm,a claypit, a lumber mill, a liana farm, a quail farm, aboar farm,a ramfarm, a stone farm, a stick plant, an eel farm ●Collectionsoftrophies and statues to piece together ● Google Playgameservicessupport ____________________________ Game availablein:English,Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German,Italian,Japanese,Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese,Russian,Spanish____________________________ Compatibility notes:Thisgameperforms best on high-end smartphonesandtablets.____________________________ G5 Games - WorldofAdventures™!Collect them all! Search for "g5" inGooglePlay!____________________________ Sign up now for a weeklyround-upofthe best from G5Games! Watch Followus: G5 EndUserLicenseSupplementalTerms:
The Cloud Island Survival 1.07fix
V&B Games
What would you think if a plane you flewonsuddenly crashed in the air and, saved by a miracle, youfoundyourself falling from a great height right down? Probably,"That'sit for me!" That's exactly what our hero thought until heappearedon a strange island right in the clouds. It seems that theworstpart is over, but it is actually not — the island is inhabitedbyvarious beasts he, controlled by you, will have to fightagainst.But do you think you can repeat the feat of RobinsonCrusoe? Areyou strong enough for that?Produce resources, create items, hunt animals and have food.Avoidislanders' night attacks, complete quests and learn theislandhistory.- A huge island;- Dynamic location generation (the location varies every time anewgame starts);- Many perils;- Hunting animals;- Wide open world with many perils;- Alternation of night and day;- Possibility of producing resources and craftingusefulitems;- Possibility of building structures;- Backpack to store resources, items and food;- Quest system;- Real dragon;- Fighting islanders.Never give up and good luck will always be on your side.Fightand survive in the game "The Cloud Island Survival"Dear users, we can't guarantee stable operation on deviceswhoseRAM of 512 MB or less.
Multicraft block: Story Mode 20
Black Sakura
Fight and try to survive! In a newfascinatinggame Multicraft block: Story Mode this is a truesurvival game inpixel world and cube. Cut trees, craft items andweapons, fight forthe chance to survive! Dangerous zombies arewaiting for you atevery step so be careful. * A second chance tosurvive will not.Features Multicraft block: Story Mode- Large open world- System change cycle of the day- Many types of dangerous zombies- Different types of weapons and food- Machines and equipment- And many other featuresStart playing Multicraft block: Story Mode right now!——————————————————————————————————This is not an official Mojang app. Black Sakura is notassociatedor connected with Mojang AB and its game Minecraft -PocketEdition. Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang AB and it isnotendorsed by or affiliated with the creator of this game oritslicensers.
Ocean Island Survival 3D 1.10.0
Live the life of survivor trying to make this island hishome!Enjoypeaceful island views - picturesque ocean, tropicforestsandmountains. The only goal is to survive! Explorethissurvivalisland full of mysterious places such as sunken pirateshipandcaves full of treasures! Salvage survival tools andweaponsthatmay help you to explore the island! Hunt wild animals tomakeityour next meal, find weapons to protect yourselffrompredators,quarry resources and craft useful tools usingspecialworkshops.Use your survival skills to stay alive, avoidbattlingagainstfurious island predators and discover the secrets ofOceanIslandwith amazing survival simulator in 3D! Hunt, fish orgatherplantfood to stay alive, build shelters to hide from predatorandenjoypeaceful life on a desert island with Ocean IslandSurvival3Dgame! Are your ready for ultimate survival experience?Controlyourcharacter with a joystick, move around the island orswim intheocean to find treasures, weapons and tools that wouldhelp youtosurvive! Be accurate, tropical jungles are full ofpredatorsandother wild animals ready to attack! Find or craftweapons suchasguns, bows or hammers to battle for your life againstanimals!Diveinto the atmosphere of realistic desert islandandexplorewilderness! Use your exploration, battling andsurvivalskills tostay alive with Ocean Island Survival simulator in3D!Don’t forgetto mind character’s indicators. If one of thesedrops –there is nochance to survive! Quarry recourses to crafttools –fishing rod,axes, guns, weapons and other which could bereallyuseful! Buildshelters to hide from island predators and tryto turnthissurvival island into your home! Find pirate’s treasuresandlivethe life of real survivor to the full! Enjoy yourtimespendingtime – hunt for wild predators, swim the ocean,explorepirateships and caves to find treasures playing OceanIslandSurvivalsimulator in 3D! Ocean Island Survival 3Dfeatures:Ultimate islandsurvival simulator in 3D Amazing craftingsystem –craft weapons,tools and even furniture for your shelterHuge pirateisland toexplore – wild predators to hunt, sunken shipsfull oftreasures,plant food to gather and more Health, energyandfullnessindicators for your survivor Swim, hunt, battle andexplore- doanything you want to stay alive! Explore thewildernessplayingOcean Island Survival 3D! Spend time on lostisland fullofdangers! Upgrade your hunting, battling skills andexplorethisplace to make it your home! Discover secret places,searchforpirates’ treasures, find or craft weapons and otherusefultoolsand stay alive at all costs with ultimate survivalsimulatorin 3D!Are your going to sit idly waiting for help? Choosethelifestyleof a real survivor – hunt animals, battle againstpredatorandbuild shelters to ride from sun or rain with OceanIslandSurvivalsimulator in 3D!
Zombie Survival: Last Day 1.0
Explore the huge 3D Open World inthishighaction Zombie Survival: Last Day Game. How long yousurvivedependson your shooting skills. Trust me, you want to findthembeforethey attack you. Aim and shoot away.Play with friends, scavenge and loot buildings, findfood,guns,weapons to survive in the massive open world map!Key Features!* survive through the day and night!* Next Gen 3D Graphics* MASSIVE 3D open world map to explore* Hungry ZOMBIES on the prowl
survival dragon island 3.0
Players abandoned to a dragon Island.Playersin order to survive on an island, we need to find food,water andenergy, but also need to build shelters. In the center oftheisland, there has a dragon, players will explore the worldtogetherwith the dragon