Top 49 Apps Similar to Living Room Lamp Design

Screen Light Table Lamp 2.0.6
Apps Wave
This Screen Light Table Lamp app enables yoursmartphone'sscreen/display to a multi-color light. This table lampcan beuseful in various ways at night. it is one of the best screenlighttable lamp in 2018.Remove Darkness If you don't like yournight tobe completely dark, you can use this screen light beforesleeping.This light will make your sleep more comfortable.DarknessPhobia –NyctophobiaMany kids and adults are known to suffer fromthe fearof darkness or night phobia. It is common for children tobeirrationally fearful of the dark. However, they can use itbeforesleeping. It will help them to better sleep.PersonalMomentSpendyour personal moment in a cool dramatic environment byusing ScreenLight Table Lamp. You can easily set the desired colorto changethe environment of your personal moment. Book ReadingLightThis apphelps you in reading books anywhere. You can adjustbrightnessintensity and color. Also has a sleep timer option so youcan useit and fall asleep while reading, without worrying aboutyourphone's battery running out.Alternative Flash LightIf yourmobilehas no camera/flashlight then you can use this app asanalternative. Super LED flashlight with very easycontrols.Meditation TimeSoft light meditation helps to improve yourmentalstability and inner peace. Screen Light Table Lamp app willhelp tomake a nice environment with diminis light. You can easilycontrolthe brightness and color.ChromotherapyChromotherapy is amethod oftreatment that uses the visible spectrum (colors)ofelectromagnetic radiation to cure diseases.Color preset Thereissome cool and gentle color presets in the app regarding thecolorwheel. You can easily change the color by swiping left andright.Custom ColorYou can make your desired color by choosing thecustomcolor. You can use multiple custom colors.It has the easiestway tocontrol brightness, set timers, change colors, and so muchmore.-Reading Light- Perfect Timer- Ultra Brightness- Night Light-DimLight- Flash Light- Torch Light- Display Light
Strobo Led FlashLight Free 3.2.9
Make the party with her ​​laptop Strobo, turn the flash onyourSmartphone or tablet into a super Strobo!
Super-Bright LED Flashlight 1.2.4
Super-Bright LED Flashlight instantly turns your device intothebrightest led flash light & strongest torch light. Theultimatelighting tool takes full advantage of the camera LEDlight.Strobe/Blinking Mode is also supported as on a $100tacticalflashlight. Now the brightest led flashlight is TotallyFREE! NowFlashlight Download!👍 Breaking! Facebook page has beencreated foryou, our beloved users! We welcome you guys to interactwith us onFacebook. Come follow us NOW!👇 Facebook* BestFlashlight - Brightest Flashlight stronger thannormal flashlight& torch light.* Free Flashlight - Powerfulflashlight app forAndroid, trusted by over 500m users.* BrightestFlashlight -Instantly turn your device into the brightest ledflashlight.*Easy-To-Use - Flashlight app with Fast Startup andSmoothOperation. * LED Flashlight - Switch On/Off the power lightjustlike using a real handy torch light.* Flash Light -Amazingblinking LED Flashlight for your phone! Frequencyadjustable.*Stunning Graphics - Beautiful Interface and CleanLayout make theoperation simple and fast!* Strobe Flashlight - 9DifferentStrobe/Blinking Mode supported, likemilitaryflashlight.Super-Bright LED Flashlight Features:🔦BrightestFlashlight - cool and bright when used.Brightest LEDFlashlightturns your phone into a strong flashlight in the fastestway andeasiest tap. Free flashlight lights up your night and helpyou inemergency. Brightest Flashlight Multi LED is the mostpowerfulflashlight widget in the world, provide you best flashlight &power light. 🔦 LED Flashlight – power light with 1click.Multi LEDFlashlight can help you get rid of the dark byturning on brightestLED flashlight. Simple flashlight shinesbrightly like real handytorch light app. Power light very cool andbright when used in thedark. Strong Flashlight download!🔦 StrobeFlashlight - sweet raveparty & emergency.Strobe flashlightfrequency adjustable withsensitive flash light frequencycontroller. Flash Light can be usedfor party, emergency &location track, like using led lasertorchlight & militaryflashing; used like SOS LED light foremergency.🔦 Flashlight Widget- turn on/off light on homescreen.Flashlight widget is to be placedon your home screen.Instantly turn your device into a bright torchlight that controlwith 1 tap. The brightest led flashlight can beactivated with asimple click. The most convenient lighting tooluses LED light. 🔦Best Flashlight - trusted by over 500 millionusers.Flashlight Freeis the best and brightest flashlight multi ledin the world. Theintuitive and elegant UI design makes it just likea simpletactical flashlight. This powerful flashlight is designedto be athand whenever needed.🔦 Power Flashlight - light up thedark.Powerflashlight app uses camera LED flash on Android deviceand turnsyour phone into a super fast & bright flashlight led.It’s avery useful multi led flashlight. You can use powerflashlight asLED light torch widget while walking in darkness.🔦SecurityFlashlight - only the Screen/LED used.Security Flashlightuses theScreen/LED for tiny flashlight without invading yourprivacy &unnecessary permissions.🔦 With Brightest LEDFlashlight, you can:+Flashlight Free Light up your night when poweroutage.+ Walk theDog after Sunset with flashlight galaxy.+ Lightthe way whencamping and hiking.+ Read a book before bedtime withflashlightmulti LED.+ Find your keys in dark with power light.+Flashlightapp help you repair car or change a bulb.It is definitelythe BestFlashlight & the Brightest Flashlight free in theworld. OurFlash Light will accompany you any time whenever you needlight!Download this Flashlight Free now!Enjoy!📮Contact UsProductFeedbackEmail: [email protected]
Flashlight & LED Torch
* Instantly turn your phone into a bright flashlight!*Thebrightest, fastest, and most handy LED flashlight! * TheFlashlightyou will never forget to bring when in need! * With themostelegant design and the fastest startup, The Flashlight takesfulladvantage of the LED light!Note: The Flashlight App needcamerapermission of your device(flashlight hardware is attachedtheCamera, for opening the light. It's the reasonable andnecessarypermission request).Features :• The brightest illuminatorever•Fastest startup flashlight • Strobe mode with sensitivefrequencycontroller• Built-in SOS flashlight signal• Intuitive andelegantUI design• Enjoy the cam LED light!* Our FacebookPage:
Brightest Flashlight - LED Light 1.4.9
Super-Bright, Handy and Brightest flashlight with Multi LED!Yourphone will shine as a real brightest flashlight by simplyaccessingyour Camera LED Light. Super convenient when you needextra lightin the dark! This torch is the brightest flashlightand mostpowerful flashlight you will ever have! ★ BrightestFlashlightFeatures: - Brightest Flashlight ever!- Fast startupand quickresponse!- Easy-to-Use Operation and Clear Design.- SwitchOn/Offthe Powerful Flashlight like a real torch.- 9 Strobe/BlinkingModeslike a military flashlight.- Strobe flashlight & flashlightwith sensitive frequency controller.- Stylish ScreenFlash forYour Incoming Calls.- Best Flashlight only accesses cameraflashlight.- Simple Flash Light & Fast LED Light.★ BrightestLEDFlashlight Highlights: Handy FlashlightPowerfulflashlightcomes in really handy when the power goes out. It turnsyour phoneinto a super bright flashlight in the fastest way andeasiest tap.The brightest led flashlight can brighten up yourdarknessinstantly. Flash light is a great torch download on yourphone incase of any emergency. Super bright flashlight just like aregulartorch light, simple flashlight and tiny flashlight!Brightest LEDFlashlightBrightest LED Flashlight can light upthe dark by turningyour phone into the bright ledlight. Strong and power lightshines brightly like the realhandy torch light. Bright flashlightalways available in anysituation when you need some extra light.Torch light free looksvery cool and bright in thedark. Strobe FlashlightStrobeFlashlight is very useful with 9blinking modes as a tacticalflashlight. Strobe flashlight isadjustable with sensitive led lightfrequency controller, blinkingfrom 0 to 9. Flashlight free can beused for party, emergency andlocation track.Best FlashlightThe bestflashlight in the worldyou’ve ever used, extremely bright, providesyou the bestflashlight & the best userexperience. StrongestFlashlight better than normalflashlights. You can see a longdistance with this flashlight free.Powerful flashlight and quickresponse make the bright flashlight beat hand whenever needed.Power lightPower flashlight app providesyou the strongestbrightness. It uses camera LED flash on Androiddevice and turnsyour phone into a super bright & high poweredflashlight. MultiLED Flashlight is ideal for dark corners as wellfor any emergency.Powerful flashlight can be switched on/off likeusing a real torchlight. Flashlight WidgetFlashlight widget can beadded on your homescreen. With the convenient flashlight widget,you can turn on/offthe bright led light easily by pressing thebutton without enteringthe flashlight app interface. Torch app issuper handy andconvenient when you need power light. SecurityFlashlightSecurityFlashlight accesses the Camera LED flash only forbright flashlightwithout unnecessary permissions & personalinformation and datacollections. Bright and strong flashlight isavailable with only 1click. ★ With Brightest LED Flashlight,you can do:+ BestFlashlight Lights up your night when power outage.+ Find Your Keysin the Dark.+ Read a Book at Night with powerfuland brightflashlight.+ Never miss Important Calls.+ Take your puppyout for awalk at night.+ Save yourself when in emergency with thestrobelight. + Flashlight Free Lights the Way at night.+ ChangetheBubble or Repair Car at night. Brightest LED Flashlight is thebestled light in the world. The lighting is very strong and isveryhelpful in those times when you need some extra light. Don’tmissthe BEST power light widget for Android! Download thisFlashlightFree now!
LED Flashlight Selene & FLASH
Free flashlight app Selene is the best flashlight! Fastandbrightest flashlight app that uses bright LED flashlightandadjustable screen light dimmer. Featured flashlight forAndroidphones and tablets. It will immediately make your phone moreusefuland turn it into one of the best productivity tools in yourlife.Once you download flashlight, you will never forget to bringthistorch with you :)Main features:★ Adjustable dimmer for screenlightbrightness★ Battery level info★ Takes little space in phonememory★Vibro confirmation of mode switch★ Strobe light withseveralfrequency modes★ Always available lamp - a powerfulflashlight appis designed to be at hand when needed★ Low batteryconsumption -the app is optimized to use the battery wisely★ SOSflashlightfrequency will help you to be prepared for emergencysituations★Wonderful HD graphics and nice tactical flashlightdesign★ Usesphone camera flash light and screen light★ Convenientsuper brighttorch front and back★ Better than a free game!★ Verybright andpowerful flash light ★ Vibration gives a real tacticalflashlightfeeling.★ The ultimate military flashlight style for allmilitarylovers.★ Useful screen flashlight for Samsung tabletwithout ledflash.★ The light illuminates when you click an icon onhome screenand works like widget.★ Totally free appDefinitely thebrightestlamp with lighting spotlight available for free can beuseful foryou and your friends.Flashing light from the strobe canbe seenreally far in the darkness. It is your lucky charm :)Whydoes aflashlight need access to the camera flash?- LED (flash) isahardware part of the camera. To enable LED, access to thecameraflash is required.Compatible with phone and tablet:SamsungGalaxyMotorolaSony XperiaLGONE PLUSHTCHuaweiMeizuXiaomi Miandother==============
Flashlight LED - Universe 5.5.7
Unique LED Flashlight with the widget and beautifuldesign.Stroboscope for blinking flash with different frequency.Widgetwith green and red colors.You can use bright LED light orsoftlight of display when your family is asleep- Apk file size 1MB-Unique design- Stroboscope- LED or display lightWhy do weneedcamera permission?Unfortunately, LED is part of camera andforswitching light we need this permission
Flashlight - Bright LED Flashlight 2.1.0
Tools Dev
Super Bright Flashlight + LED is a simple, free, flashlight appwithLED light. Free plugins like the Strobe, Morse, and Blinkinglightsmake this flashlight one of the best productivity tools foryourdevice.Try the best flashlight on the market!Features:*StunninggraphicsThis is the most beautiful flashlight you can getin hand!*ConvenientSwitch On/Off the light just like using a realflashlight*Super Bright FlashlightGuaranteed!* Strobe/BlinkingModesupportedBlinking frequency adjustable* Least batteryconsumption!*Desktop widgetAdd a widget for quick access, open theflash* Supportcompass function
Flashlight free app. It has beautiful combination of flashlightandclock. This is the brightest, simple and very useful cameraledflashlight and clock app. Never be caught in the dark withoutalight again. FEATURES- Camera LED flashlight : Use camera LED asalight source. LED flashlight- Screen flashlight : Use screen asalight source. You can change colors and brightness.Colorflashlight - Transparent flashlight : ‘Camera + flashlight’enablesyou to see even the dark and narrow space like underthefurniture.- Digital clock : Watch the big digital clock whileusingphone as a flashlight.PERMISSIONS- Camera, Flashlight :Cameraflash, LED light, Camera view- Internet, Access network state: Ads
Super-Bright Flashlight 2.4
The ultimate lighting tool takes full advantage of the LEDlight.Strobe/Blinking Mode is also supported and it'sFREE!Features:*Stunning graphicsThis is the most beautifulflashlight you can getin hand!* ConvenientSwitch On/Off the lightjust like using a realflashlight* Super BrightFlashlightGuaranteed!* Strobe/BlinkingMode supportedBlinkingfrequency adjustable* Least batteryconsumption!* Desktop widgetAdda widget for quick access, open theflash* Support compass function
Color Lights Flashlight 8.4
Color Lights<> brings you the world's mostentertainingflashlight app, all in one app. A simple but completetool in yourphone with many useful features with music 🎶, color andflash.ColorLights app provide you with many more featuressynchronizing thecamera led flashlight and the screen flashlightturning your phonein a color flashlight ensuring you're enjoyinglighting, dancingand listening music.FEATURES:✔️️Flashlight App: Aultimateflashlight technology with super bright led flashlight toturnsyour device into the best Android torchlight with apowerfullight.✔️️One tap ON one tap OFF: You can switch on/offtheflashlight and screen light from your lock screen innotificationbar (flash notification) while device is unlocked, justtap.Simple, fast and perfect!✔️️Cool Interface: Stunning graphicswithbeautiful interface and clean layout make the operationsimple,smooth and fast!✔️️Colorful environment: Simulate a discoball andanother light effects, select your style, switch color modeandhost your own personal ambient.✔️️Optimized: Batteryfriendly,super bright flashlight and music integration.✔️️Nounnecessarypermission, no data collections: Just camera to controltheflashlight and microphone to beat to the rythm of the music.Werespect your privacity.USES:✔️️Simple Flashlight: Stuckoutsidewith no street light? Flashlight always disponible that youcanturn it on/off without unlocking thephone.✔️️Strobe/BlinkingLights: The brightest strobe lights withfrequency adjustable canbe used in your bike, in your car, to senda warning, to produce anice effect in when recording avideo.✔️️Animate your music! ColorLights flashlight app canintegrate music from MusicStreamers(Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud)and from Music Players andbeat to the rythm of the music!Cool!✔️️Disco Light: Animate themoments with your friends withdisco lights, like a colorflashlight create a cool disco lighteffect that will turn yourflash LED on and off with the surroundingsound like graphicalequalizer or music visualizer. ✔️️Mood Light:Selecting slow speedtransform your room in a mood lights, usingyour screen color as anight light displaying colours of the rainbowthat adding ambienceand atmosphere to a room. Can help you meditateand relax an evenrelease tension, stress or anxiety.Have fun!*Disclaimer: Strobelight can cause epileptic seizures in some peoplewith history ofepilepsy. Do not point to the face for long periods.
Flashlight - Torch LED Light 2.4.1
RV AppStudios
Best free flashlight is the brightest LED torch flash light!It'sthe most featured rich light and only flashlight you willeverneed. Get the brightest, fastest, and most feature rich frontlightwith video camera zoom for phones & tablets. The app usesthefront camera light on the device as a camera light and thenallowsyou to zoom in! Plus you can setup a timer so that the lightturnsoff after a few minutes as well. You can also use your camerazoomflash light when the area is dim. There are many ways you canusethe torch flash light!Flashlight - Torch LED Light providesapowerful light plus gets you an extremely useful magnifyingglass(Magnifier)! Get the best magnifying glass in the markettoday!Download for free now!How can you use the front LED light?Let uscount the ways!* Set light timer - light up room* Use torchto opendoors in low light* Find things in purse* Find keys in thedark*Read in dark* Replace backyard bulb at night* walking to yourcarat night* During a power outage* Hiking or outdoors* SOSduringemergenciesFEATURES:* Torch Light Activates Instantly* FrontLightWith Video Zoom / Magnifying Glass (Must Have)* Strobe LightEffectwith Speed Control* Clap For Light On/Off Control* FlipDeviceOn/Off Control* Multiple Tap Light On/Off* Energy SavingLight* SetCustom Light Timing* Battery IndicatorSpecial Feature:Flash light+ Video Zoom View (Magnifier)Few examples of where touse lightwith zoom feature: Need to read the label on the back ofthe washeror zoom torch light to back of TV and read serial numberforrepair. Ability to Zoom in with light is extremely helpful inhardto reach places. The easy to use magnifying glass isextremelyhelpful when you least expect it and a must have feature!Theflashlight is fully optimized for tablets. Thank you for usingourbright lamp. We hope you think this is the best lantern(фенерче,El feneri) in the market. Please let us know how we cancontinue toimprove the free flash light app.
Tiny Flashlight + LED 5.3.5
Tiny Flashlight + LED is a simple, free, flashlight app withLEDlight and several screen modes. Free plugins like theStrobe,Morse, and Blinking lights make this flashlight one of thebestproductivity tools for your device.Try the best flashlight onthemarket!- Free- Insanely bright, when using the LEDflashlight-Always available when you need it - this is the mostoptimized andreliable flashlight app designed to preserve yourbattery lifewhile operating.- Be prepared for emergency situationswithadditional plugins like the Warning lights and Strobe,Morse,Blinking lights.
Bright LED Flashlight 1.05.03
Flashlight is a flashlight on call when you're receivingacall.Flashlight is a free super tactical flashlight(Like SOSMode)and turns your device into the brightest flashlight.Flashlightis aflashlight on SMS when you’re receiving messages.This is atorchapp that stays on even if you close the app or switch offscreen.💡💡 Main Features- Insanely bright, when using the LEDflashlight-Always available when you need it - this is the mostoptimized andreliable flashlight app designed to preserve yourbattery lifewhile operating.- Be prepared for emergency situationswithadditional plugins like the Warning lights and Strobe,Morse,Blinking lights.Privacy Policy:
TORCH - simple flashlight 1.9
TORCH - simple flashlight.Free. No ads. Efficient.
Screen Flashlight 1.2.4
Screen Flashlight uses your screen's light to convert yourdeviceinto a handy flashlight, owns brightness control and has anelegantdesign.Screen flashlight also offers more functionality thanacommon flashlight, as it has Strobe and SOS (an internationalcodefor help) mode.Screen Flashlight features:- Flashlight-Strobe-SOS- RGB mode for screen color customization.- Presetscreencolors.- Strobe frequency changeable- BrightnesscontrolWarning:some people may be sensitive to flashinglights.Photosensitiveepilepsy (PSE) is a form of epilepsy in whichseizures aretriggered by visual stimuli that form patterns in timeor space,such as flashing lights, bold, regular patterns, orregular movingpatterns.
Best Flashlight
* The brightest, fastest, and most handy LED flashlight! *Instantlyturn your phone into a bright flashlight!* The Flashlightyou willnever forget to bring when in need!* With the most elegantdesignand the fastest startupNote: The Flashlight App needcamerapermission of your device(flashlight hardware is attachedtheCamera, for opening the light. It's the reasonable andnecessarypermission request).Features : • The brightest illuminatorever.•Fastest startup flashlight .• Strobe mode with sensitivefrequencycontroller• Built-in SOS flashlight signal• Intuitive andelegantUI design• Enjoy the cam LED light!* Our FacebookPage:
Flashlight 3
A simple but complete tool in your phone, quickly and easilyturnson the flashlight next to the rear camera instantly to provideyoumany useful features with color and flash.Features:✔️️Compass✔️️Torchlight in Dark✔️️ Fast and bright flashlight✔️️Powerfulsensors for tonight✔️️ Strobe Light to dance at night✔️️Beautifuland Elegant flashlight app✔️️ Color Screen Lights to lightyourroom✔️️ Disco Lights for funny moments in the dark✔️️Nounnecessary permissions, no data collectionsUses:✔️️Create aPartyin the Dark✔️️Read a Book at Night✔️️Light the wayWhenCamping✔️️Make Yourself Visible on Roadside at Night ✔️️Turnonlights on your bike or car✔️️Illuminate Your Room to haveaparty✔️️Animate the moment with your friends with Disco Lights
Flashlight super bright 1.6.3572.08
Green Banana
Flashlight super bright best flashlight, easiestflashlight,brightest flashlightThe best appication for flashlight,easiest touse, brightest and fastest flashlightThree modes inflashlight:lighting modes using your camera’s LED light, anadjustable screenlight that you can easily customize, blink SOSsignal.Keyfeatures:- Camera LED light- Screen light- SOSsignalFeatures :-LED mode, Camera' Led light- The brightestilluminator ever-Fastest startup flashlight- Strobe mode withsensitive frequencycontroller- SOS flashlight signal- Bretty andelegant UI design-Enjoy the cam LED light!- Change color screen-Adjustable screenlightBy using super bright flashlight, You willfeel free andreadly useful. Thank for using this app.
Flashlight PRO + Color Screen Flashlight 3.4.3
NoWi Apps
Ultra Bright Flash light and torch light for your Android. NewandFree FlashLight with all possible sources of light in yourphone.Light up the dark spot with new Flashlight app. Make partyshinewith Strobe/Blinking mode. This handy torch app is apowerfulllightning tool and its Free. Simple operation, beautifuldesign andmany options. This is a Bright Flashlight PRO app. BestBrightestFlashlight App on google play store. Main features: ★Ultra BrightFlash Light - Guaranteed★ Takes little space in phonememory★ Faststart on all phones and tablets★ Convenient superbright torchfront and back★ Adjustable dimmer for screen lightbrightness★Screen and LED Torch with strobe effects★ ScreenFlashlight withColor picker ★ Vibro confirmation of mode switch★Strobe/Blinkinglight adjustable with several frequency modes★Useful screenflashlight for phone and tablet without led flash.★BeautifulON/OFF switch - Turn on the light easily and quickly★ SOSEmergencycalling via LED or Screen in Darkness★ Simple Interfaceand CleanLayout make the Light operation simple and fast! ★Easy-to-Use -Fast Startup and Smooth Operation★ Low batteryconsumption - theapp is optimized to use the battery wisely★Android Production ProTools★ Totally free app★ Led Flashlight ★Abattery-operatedportable light. Used to illuminate the camera's LEDon your androidphone. You can set the flashing frequency of theStroboscope LEDflashlight. Another option is to set SOS torch lightmode in Morselanguage. Also known as Reflector, Flashlight,Torchlight, Lamp,Galaxy, Tactical, Military Flashlight, flashlite.★ScreenFlashlight ★ Simple, white screen with full brightnessadjustmentto provide bright white light. When using a colorpalette, you arenot limited by choosing colors like other Flash +Lightapplications. You can choose the blue, red or green colorsallthese and other colors you choose will brighten your phone.Toadjust the brightness, use the slider on the main screen.Alsoknown as LCD light, AMOLED light, White light, Color light,Lamp,Reading flashlight, soft light, book light, night lamp,torch,Lampara, Linterna.★ Can’t find your key in the dark?★ Like toreadyour favourite books at night? ★ Forgot to bring your torchwhencamping or hiking?★ Or want to be a beacon of light inthedarknesss?Get Bright Flashlight Pro ! The latest torchlightappwith a top user-friendly design. Bright Flashlight Pro is asmartand tiny torch application that transforms your devices intoanextraordinarily bright flashlight in an instant. Your devicecameraLED light will be fully utilized to light up.AvailableOptions:Turnon startup - LED will start to shine when appstartsTurn off atexit - LED stop shining when main screen loosesvisibilityUseScreen as Light - White background will be used forproduction softlightOff Timer - adjustable timer displayed on mainpageHide statusbar - Hide or show status barSound and Vibration -ON/OFF switchwill be more interactiveSharing New Flashlight appwith friendspossibleCompatible phones and tablets:Samsung Galaxy,LG, HTC,Sony, Lenovo, ASUS, Motorola, Nokia, Huawei, Xiaomi,MeizuTheFlashlight application was physically tested on:SamsungGalaxyS6+EDGE, S7, S8 * Note 3,4,5,8*LG G3, G4, G5, G6SonyXperiaHuaweiP7, P8, P9, P10 * MateHTC ONE M8★Multi-languagesFlashlight -English, Português, Españo, Español, Česky, Pусский,Français,Italiano, हिन्दी, Dansk, Ελληνικά, فارسی, عربى, ไทย,BahasaIndonesia, Türkçe, Tiếng Việt, Deutsch, Malay, 한국의, 日本語, 中文andotherThank you for download! We'll be excited if you give usa★★★★★ rating and let us know what improvements or otherfeaturesthe app should have.Camera Permision is only forcontrolling CameraLED flash on the back of the phone.
Flashlight: LED Light 1.16.54
* Instantly turn your device into a bright flashlight!*Thebrightest, fastest, and most handy LED flashlight! * TheFlashlightyou will never forget to bring when in need! * With themostelegant design and the fastest startupNote: The Flashlight Appneedcamera permission of your device(flashlight hardware isattachedthe Camera, for opening the light. It's the reasonableandnecessary permission request).Features :• The brightestilluminatorever• Fastest startup flashlight • Strobe mode withsensitivefrequency controller• Built-in SOS flashlight signal•Intuitive andelegant UI design• Enjoy the cam LED light!
Flashlight 1.55.1
Free fastest flashlight, with over 10 million users all overtheworld, will be a simple & useful tool in yourphone!Fastestflashlight takes full use of the LED and screen ofyour phone toprovide you many useful features. Our developerscreatively updatethe engine of fastest flashlight, and now fastestflashlight’sability of power saving is improved by 30%, which isone of the topin flashlight!Core features:1. Very fast. The LEDlight will turnon as soon as you click. No need 1s.2. Bright. Notonly is fast,but also is bright.3. Cool call screen light. You canchoose avariety of call screen light for your incoming call. Trustme, youwill have a good mood and never miss a call.4. LED flashfornotification. When your phone receives some messages orcallsincluding other apps, the LED will flash. You will nevermissanything.5. Shake to light. You can shake your phone to turn ontheLED light.6. Strobe/Blink Mode. You can choose lots of blinkmodeof your LED. Not just SOS.7. Screen light. If you don’t want tousethe LED light in some places, you can try to use the screenlight.The adjustment of the brightness for screen light willsatisfy you.Fastest flashlight just like the torchlight in thedark.Add apowerful tool to your phone now! Come and join us!Therewill be adcontent shown in certain scenes in our app. For moredetails, visit
LED Flashlight 2.4
LED Flashlight instantly turns your device into a brightflashlight. The ultimate flashlight tool takes full advantage ofthe LEDlight . Blinking Mode is also supported in the flashlight.FREE TOUSED !Bright, Fast, Simple, the most elegant and functionalLEDflashlight , ever! Flashlight Features:** Brightest LEDFlashlightinstantly ON.** Built-in SOS signal.** Normal Flash:Screen Colorflashlight.** Camera Flash: Camera LED flashlight.**Emergencylight effects: Strobe light, Police light, Emergencylight.** Funflashlight effects: Candle, Blink, Spiral.** Convenient- SwitchOn/Off the light just like using a real flashlight.**Blinking Modesupported - Blinking frequency adjustable.** Stunninggraphics.**Maximize screen brightness.** Use camera LED as a torch(LED TorchLight).** Change color of flashlight.Stuck outside withno streetlight? LED Flashlight helps you out in the darkest ofoccasions.Use LED Flashlight to find the perfect seat in a darktheater, orfind your way around when the power goes out at home.
High-Powered Flashlight
iHandy Ltd.
Brightest Flashlight turns your phone into a super HANDY ledlightin the fastest way and easiest tap. It is the BEST flash lightinthe world with 3 lighting modes. Powerful, Fast, Simple andTotallyFree! Don't miss it! Download it Now!Features:+ Superbrighttorchlight+ Always-On compass+ Strobe mode with 10differentfrequencies+ Built-in SOS flash+ Tiny LED Flashlightinstantly ON+Intuitive and elegant UI designWith this app, you cando:+ FindYour Keys in the Dark + Take your dog out for a walk+ Saveyourselfwhile black out at Night + Real flashlight while camping+Read aReal Book at Night+ Light the Way When Camping and Hiking +RepairYour Car or Change a Puppets + Check on the LittleOnesEnjoyamazing flash light app to light up your way at night.Just oneclick to INSTALL.
Flashlight Alert on Call / SMS 4.1
Bhima Apps
Flashlight alert is a smart app to alert you when you receiveaphone call, text message & any other social notificationswiththe blink of your flashlight. Flash light call alert willhelppeoples in the night time when your android phone in thesilentmode or mute. This flash light alert is very usefulapplication forany android user.You can turn On / Off the flashalert any time.Youcan share this very useful flashlight alertapplication withfriends & family members.
Color Flashlight 3.8.7
Turn your phone into a color flashlight, police light, discolight,candle and led banner.Have you ever tried to use yourphone'sscreen or LED as a beacon of light, only to find it's justnotbright enough? Turn your phone into a versatile flashlightwithColor Flashlight app, the app that brightens up your phone'sdayand leads the way. Never be caught in the dark without alightagain. [Color Flashlight HD LED improved design quality]*LightWhen You Need it, Where You Need itStuck outside with nostreetlight? Color Flashlight app helps you out in the darkestofoccasions. Use Color Flashlight to find the perfect seat in adarktheater, or find your way around when the power goes out athome.*Color Your LightChange the color and brightness of yourphone'sscreen to help guide you where you want to go. Choose from afullrange of colors to find your favorite custom-made light. Makefunflashlight effects by tapping on the menu button andchoosingeffect, color, and brightness.* Cool Custom EffectsHaveyourphone's screen simulate police light, candle light, a rainbow,adisco ball, and more. You can even use Color Flashlight todisplayyour own personal message by typing in text, or host yourownpersonal dance party with the built-in strobe light.* Usage :Touchthe screen to show/hide options* Features- Maximizescreenbrightness - Use camera LED as a torch (LED Torch Light)-Changecolor of flashlight- Flashlight app by color notedeveloper*Effects- Normal Flash : Screen Color flashlight, - CameraFlash :Camera LED flashlight- Useful light effects (LED ElectronicSign) :Text, Scroll, Slide, LED Sign- Emergency light effects :Strobelight, Police light, Emergency light- Fun flashlight effects:Candle, Disco light, Rainbow, Blink, Spiral- Lovely effect :Heart,I Love You* User comment: Changing flat tire in 28°WEATHERwith nostreet light. Color flashlight app saved my life!*Permissions-Camera, Flashlight : Camera flash, LED flashlight, LEDLight-Internet, Access Network State : Admob ads* Disclaimer:Strobelight can cause epileptic seizures in some people withhistory ofepilepsy. Do not point to the face when the flash lightis instrobe mode.Turn your phone int a color flashlight! It helpsfindyour way in the theater is that you keep stepping on. Findyourkeys in the dark. Dance with strobe light in a club.
Flashlight Brightest LED TOP 8.4
Flashlight,brightest, fastest, and most handy flashlight youwillever have! One that you will never forget to bring when youneed itmost! Besides, it is designed to support all android devicesandsimply uses the camera flash and LED!!* Instantly turn yourphoneinto a bright flashlight!* The Flashlight you will neverforget tobring when in need!* With the most elegant design and thefasteststartupFeatures : • The brightest illuminator ever.•Fasteststartup flashlight .• Strobe mode with sensitivefrequencycontroller• Built-in SOS flashlight signal• Intuitive andelegantUI design• Enjoy the cam LED light!With the most elegantdesign andthe fastest startup, it definitely outruns a realflashlight.What's more? STROBE is also available! It sounds quiteexpensive,huh? Never! It's totally FREE! Get your own Flashlightnow! It'llshine with its all light! Just like a mobile torch, withthis FREEAPP you'll be able to add brightness to any situation!Tell afriend and play a FREE GAME of flashlight tag!Mainfeaturesinclude:- The brightest flashlight ever.- Fasteststartupflashlight.- Elegant design.- Strobe mode with sensitivefrequencycontroller.- Use the cam light.What‘s more, it is betterthan afree app that gives you a free bright light at night withthebrightest flashlight and strobe using just your camera flash?Lightyour torch now! It may not be a free game, but it's one of thebestfree flashlight apps ever!Recent changes:- Various improvementsandperformance enhancements. - Optimized user experience☑️ Turnsonall available lights on the device☑️ Camera Flash LEDatMaximum☑️Screen at Bright Maximum☑️ Keyboard BacklightatMaximum☑️Soft Keys Backlight at Maximum☑️ Notification LEDatMaximum☑️ Automatic Timer Exits Application after 2Minutes☑️Unobtrusive Ads☑️ Best Flashlight App for dark conditions,naturalLED color provides great contrastWhat‘s more, it is betterthan afree app that gives you a free bright light at night withthebrightest flashlight and strobe using just your camera flash?Lightyour torch now! It may not be a free game, but it's one of thebestfree flashlight apps ever!Recently TestedFlashlightConfigurations:Motorola DroidX FlashlightSamsung Epic4GFlashlightSamsung Galaxy S FlashlightMotorolaDroid2FlashlightSamsung Fascinate FlashlightMotorolaDroidFlashlightMotorola Defy FlashlightT-Mobile G2 FlashlightLGOptimusFlashlightLG Ally FlashlightSamsung Galaxy NoteFlashlightMainfeatures include:- The brightest flashlight ever.-Fastest startupflashlight.- Elegant design.- Strobe mode withsensitive frequencycontroller.- Use the cam light.With this app,you can do:+ FindYour Keys in the Dark+ Read a Real Book at Night +Light the WayWhen Camping and Hiking+ Read a Real Book at Night +Light up theroad while camping and hiking at night+ Repair Your Caror Change aPuppets + Check on the Little OnesMain features:+ WidgetSupport! +Built-in SOS flash light signal+ Fastest startup Torch+Strobe withspeed control+ Intuitive and elegant UI design+ Use thecam LEDlight!+ Turn on the LED flash on the back of yourdevicesNote: TheFlashlight App need camera permission of yourdevice(flashlighthardware is attached the Camera, for opening thelight. It's thereasonable and necessary permission request).
Flashlight Galaxy S7 + S8 5.4.7
Szymon Dyja
Flashlight Galaxy is one of the brightest torch LED apps inGooglePlay. Flashlight Galaxy was created for Samsung Galaxy S7 andS8,but it is also compatible with Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, J5, J7andmany other devices. I tried to make a powerful Flashlight app.Ibelieve that I did that. I hope that you like it.GalaxyFlashlightLED features:- Light by camera LED or screen light-Stable light orflashing, strobe- 8 screen colors to choose from-Auto Light ONwhen you launch app- Beauty and clear design- Widget -turn on/offlight from home screen- Brightest torch-CompassFlashlight GalaxyLED supports smartphones:- Samsung GalaxyS5- Samsung Galaxy S6-Samsung Galaxy S7- Samsung Galaxy S8- SamsungGalaxy A4, A5, A6,A7, A8- Samsung Galaxy J5, J7, Grand Prime, Core-HTC One M7, OneM8, One M9, M10- HTC Desire X, Z, HD- LG G5, G4, LG,G2, G3, Nexus-Sony Xperia X, Z5, Z4, Z3, M3, M4, M5, XA, Z3+, Z3Compact- Xiaomi,Google Nexus, OnePlus, Asus ZenPhone, Note- HuaweiAscend Mate,Motorola DroidFlashlight for Galaxy S8 is a simple, yetpowerful,beauty.
FlashLight Pocket 2.2.5
Flashlight is a free app that turns your device into aflashlight.With the most elegant design and the fastest startup,itgives youthe light in the darkness.Main Features:- Super LEDflashlight :Use device camera LED as a light source.- Screenflashlight : Usescreen as a light source automatically when fail toopen camera LEDor camera LED is not present.- Easy and elegant :Convenient,Switch On/Off the light just like using a realflashlight- StrobeMode : Blinking frequency adjustable withsensitive frequencycontroller.- SOS:Built-in SOS flashlightsignal...
Disco Light™ LED Flashlight 2.9.9
Guro Labs
Disco Light is the ultimate party app and a flashlight app!Nevermiss a phone call with the strobe light notification (flashLEDwill blink when the phone is ringing). It also includes ahomescreen and lock screen flashlight widget.The app has manymodeslike; Disco Light, Flashlight, Strobe light, Morse,Shake-it,Police lights and Marquee text.* Disco light mode willturn yourflash LED on and off with the surrounding sound. Yourphone willbecome a graphical equalizer.* Strobe light mode workslike astroboscope. The Strobe light speed can be set in thesettingsmenu. * Brightest flashlight* Morse mode will flash yourcustom settext in Morse code* Shake-it mode will turn the cameraflash on andoff when you are shaking the phone or dancing with it.*Policelights mode simulates a cop light* Flashlight widget support*Calllight flash* Marquee text scrollerIf you find any problems withtheapplication, please E-mail us.
Flashlight 1.0.9
Super bright flashlight can turn on your camera light simplyandeasily in the dark, bringing great convenience toyourlife.Features:+ Clear and Easy-to-Use Interface+ Switch On/Offtheflashlight just like using a real torchlight+ 10Strobe/Blinkingmodes that you can choose as you like+ Build-in SOSflashlight Withthis FREE flashlight app, you can do:* Light up yourroom whenpower outage* Find any little things in dark* Read someinterestingbooks at night* Illuminate the road when camping andhiking*Replace backyard bulb at night* Ask for help when you getlost withSOS flashlight * Walk to your car at nightThis brightMulti LEDflashlight app, simple, powerful and beautiful, willaccompany withyou whenever you need lights! Don't hesitate todownload it NOW!!!
Flashlight 1.0.0
Flashlight, turns your devices into powerful torch or LED light.Itproduces light that equals to real torch light and candlelight,and provides you a bright environment. Flashlight couldturnenvironment from dark into bright like a light torch. Inaddition,Flash light also provides flash alert, and compass forindicatingdirection. You can use the flash alert to send out adanger signal.Besides,it could provide flash alarm with colorfulstrobe effect toattract attention when you need help outside thedoor. Colorfulblinking light provided by Flashlight could alsoraise theatmosphere in Concert or KTV. Flashlight turns your phoneinto aLED flashlight in one-tap when you need a LED flashlight.Flashlight on your Android devices provides torch light and LEDlightanytime and anywhere, gets you free from carrying torch lightorLED light. Flashlight, your best portable mobileLEDlight.---------- Features of Flash light -----------TinyThelightproduced by the convenient and pragmatic Flashlight equalstotorchlight and candle light that you can take it in yourpocketanywhere and anytime.Optimized battery With less batteryconsuming,it provides a bright environment.Brightest torchIt iseven betterthan a real torch for it can produce the brightest torchlight,candle light, and LED flashlight on your phone.One tap toswitchon/offIt is super convenient for you to turn your phone intoaflashlight torch in seconds with one tap!Have you ever facedthefollowing embarrassments?※Can’t find what you want withouttorchlight or candle in a power failure.※Loss your way inunfamiliarplace because there is no compass.※Pictures taken in darkare outof focus.※There is no proper lighting when the atmosphereneedslight to liven things up.Flash light helps you to settlevariousmatters in life with multiple built-in widgets, is the mostusefulportable torch light for you. The LED light on your phonecouldhelp you much more in life than a real LEDflashlight.----------KeyFunctions-----------【Lighting】You caneasily turn on the torchthrough activating native flash light. Itis a powerful LEDflashlight.You can easily have a light torch inone-tap withinseconds.【SOS】Turn on the button of SOS, Flashlightwill raise flashalert and light flash in any emergency situation.The blinkinglight produced can help you get assistance when youneed help. Theflash alert could attract others’ attention. Besides,torch lightproduced by the phone could attract morepeople.【Compass】Indicatedirection and help you to confirm theorientation of North, South,East and West.【Leuchtstab】Wanna liventhings up with lighting?Flashlight provides light sticks withvarious color in differenttype. Hangs colored flashlight up inconcert, and get somefun!【Colored Light】With 200+ colors effect,you can freely adjustthe screen light effect. It could turn yourphone into a coloredflashlight.【Strobe Effect】It provides flashalert with strobeeffect to attract attention when you need help.You could use thelight flash with strobe effect to send out adanger signal. Theblinking light produced really helps you to copewith emergencies.【Mirror】No need to worry about forgetting carryingmirror when youmakeup or tidy appearance.【Night Camera】Night visioneffect makesit possible to take a clear photo in the dark. Thelignt torchprovides a bright environment.Flashlight for free,lighting appthat processes various sweet widgets, supports allmobile phonewith Android system for freely.Flashlight for free,your best lighttorch, helps to get rid of embarrassments in darkanytimeandanywhere.ContactUs:Facebook:[email protected]:
Flashlight LED Stroboscope + Timer
This app quickly turns on flash of yourphoneand turning it to real LED flashlight.Most powerful and brightest flashlight app!Features:1. Bright light2. Strobe/blinking mode - contains stroboscope (strobe mode)3. Off timer. You can go to bed not in the dark (Light willshineyour way and automatically off after few minutes)4. Really beautiful design!5. This app is freeWith this app, you can do :+ Find your keys in the dark+ Read a real book at night+ Light the way when camping and hiking+ Make yourself visible on roadside at night+ Light your room during a power outage+ Light up your room when you go to bed to sleep using theofftimer+ Repair your car
* Instantly turn your phone into a bright flashlight!* Theultimatelighting tool takes full advantage of the LED light.*Thebrightest, fastest, and most handy LED flashlight app! *TheFlashlight you will never forget to bring when in need! * Withthemost elegant design and the fastest startupNote: The FlashlightAppneed camera permission of your device(flashlight hardwareisattached the Camera, for opening the light. It's the reasonableandnecessary permission request).Features :+ Strobe/Blinking Modewithsensitive frequency controller+ Convenient, Switch On/Off thelightjust like using a real flashlight+ Built-in SOSflashlightsignalEnjoy the cam LED light!* Our FacebookPage:
Brightest Flashlight Free ® 2.5.2
Brightest Flashlight App – Free of Charge* Turns on allavailablelights on the device* Camera Flash LED at Maximum* Screenat BrightMaximum* Keyboard Backlight at Maximum* Soft KeysBacklight atMaximum* Notification LED at Maximum* Automatic TimerExitsApplication after 2 Minutes* Audio Effects on Start andStop*Unobtrusive Ads* Please contact the support email forreportingbugs or problems so we can fix them as quickly aspossible* BestFlashlight App for dark conditions, natural LED colorprovidesgreat contrastRecently Tested Flashlight Configurations:MotorolaDroidX Flashlight Samsung Galaxy S Flashlight MotorolaDroid2Flashlight Samsung Fascinate Flashlight Samsung Epic 4GFlashlightMotorola Droid Flashlight Motorola Defy FlashlightT-Mobile G2Flashlight LG Optimus Flashlight LG Ally FlashightSamsung GalaxyNote Flashlight
Best Flashlight App free
Best LED flashlight for Android phones is the brighttorchlight.Simple torch light with minimalistic design. Suitableforcamping, hiking, cycling, backpacking, hunting, fishing,autoemergencies, home repair, family and outdooractivityetc.Features:★ Fast start from icon★ Works on locked screeninbackground★ Battery indicator★ Strobe light for SOS button★Lowbattery consumption - the app is optimized to use thebatterywisely★ Always available lamp - a powerful flashlight appisdesigned to be at hand when needed★ SOS alert will help you tobeprepared for emergency situations★ Minimalistic design★ Verybrightand powerful flash light ★ Use camera flash light forsamsungphones★ Free flashlight app★ The light illuminates when youclickan icon on home screen and works like widget.★ LED flashinglightfrom the strobe can be seen really far in the darkness. It isyourlucky charm :)Download free flashlight now and enjoy :)Why doestheapp need access to the camera flash?- LED (flash) is ahardwarepart of the camera. To enable LED, access to the cameraflash isrequired.Compatible with phone and tablet models:Motorola,MotorolaDroid, Motorola Moto GLG K7, G2, G3, G5LG Optimus L5,L9Meizu m3noteHTC DesireHTC OneXiaomi Mi5, Xiaomi Redmi NoteGoogleNexus,OnePlus,Asus ZenPhoneHuawei Ascend MateHuawei HonorHuaweiP9SamsungGalaxySamsung Galaxy NoteSony Xperia Z, X, Z5, Z4, Z3, Z2,XA,Z3+Sony Xperia M2, M3, M4, M5and many other models==============
Music Strobe Light - Bicycle Lights 2.22
Mobile ARTS
Music Strobe Light features:- Super Bright LED Lamp FlashlightTorch- Guaranteed! - Security light - when walking in a dark areaswitchon the blinking mode.- Easy torch light enabled with asinglebutton.- Strobe works perfectly with music source - flashblinks inthe beat of music e.g. beatbox, drums beat or concert.-Are youbeatboxer ? This app is for you!- Afraid of biking duringthe night- Easy to sue Bike Lights- Convenient - Switch On/Offthelight/strobe just like using a real flashlight-Strobe/BlinkingMode supported - Blinking frequency adjustableflashlight- Usetorch to open doors in low light- Turn your phoneinto a strobelight / flashlight that listens to the music aroundyou and flashesaccordingly.- SOS security mode- Flash Light OnClapRave Music,Techno and Disco lights. Enjoy!
Magnifying Glass Flashlight PRO 1.3
Magnifying Glass Flashlight PRO allows you to use your Phone asafull-screen magnifier with the flashlight! With this app, youcanuse your phone's camera to magnify text, images, or anythingelse.It's a great alternative when you need to read small print orwhenyou just can't be bothered to put on your glasses. MagnifyingGlassFlashlight PRO can be used also at restaurants, movietheaters, oranywhere else with low light.With Magnifying GlassFlashlight PRO,you can auto-zoom as you want (2x,3x,4x,8x), and canpinch to zoomin/out manually (1x to 32x).What you can do with thismagnifyingglass:- Read text, business cards or newspapers with noglasses-Check the details of your medicine bottle prescription-Read menuin a dark light restaurant- Check serial Numbers From BackOfDevice (WiFi, TV’s, Washer, DVD, Refrigerator, etc.)-Replacebackyard bulb at night- Find things in purse- Can be usedasMicroscope (for more fine and tiny images, though, this is notareal microscope)MAIN FEATURES: - High magnifying factor: from 1xto32x- Photo Capture: Save magnified photos on your phone-Freeze,unfreeze, save or share images- Zoom and Exposure controls:Pinchto Zoom In/Out- Flashlight for low light situations: useLEDflashlight in dark places or during night- Torch LightActivatesInstantly with Video Zoom - Negative mode to enhance somedetails-Invert function: flip image 90° or 180°.- High focuscapabilityKeepin mind, that the quality of the image is directlyrelated to thequality of the device's camera. Also, thefunctionality offered issubjected with the hardware capabilities ofthe camera. As forexample, some devices don't have zoom, flash orauto focus.GetMagnifying Glass Flashlight PRO NOW! If you like it,pleaseconsider to rate us, as positive feedbacks help us to improveourapps.
Flashlight HD LED 4.9
Flashlight HD LED is the brightest LED flashlight you will everuse!It also might be the easiest flashlight app you can have foryourAndroid phone. The flashlight is FREE, compact, convenient andgivesyou many useful innovative lighting features.Brought to youby thecreators of popular BATTERY SAVER, the world’s leadingbattery saverand power manager that can extend your phone’sbattery up to 70%!Wehear your requests to add additionalflashlight features. We areworking hard to make our flashlightapplication even more fun foryou. Flashlight HD LED featuresinclude:1) The brightest flashlightin the history! 2) Adapted tomore than 1000 Android models and thelist is still growing3)Includes both LED flashlight and screenflashlight options4)Variety of different light and color screenmodes (e.g. strobelight, police light)5) Easy to use flashlightinterface withone-touch controls6) Small memory usage, low batteryand CPUconsumption7) All Flashlight HD LED are FREE
Brightest LED Flashlight
ONE App Team
Brightest flashlight instantly turns your phone into a brightledtorch by accessing your camera flash. It is the bestandroidflashlight and is Totally Free! Download the PowerFlashlight andenjoy it now!Brightest LED Flashlight Highlights: +10 DifferentStrobe/Blinking Mode Supported.+ Turn on/off the LEDFlashlighteasily like a real Torch.+ Make Distress Calls withBuilt-in SOSFlash Light.+ Brighten up your darkness with theBrightestFlashlight.+ Beautiful UI Design and clean layout.+Smootheradjustment & Highly sensitive switch button.+ Powerfuland FastLED LightBrightest Flashlight – Multi LED.BrightestFlashlightturns your phone into a Multi LED flashlight in thefastest way andeasiest tap. Flashlight Lights up your night andhelps you out inthe emergency. Flashlight free is the best and mostpowerfulflashlight in the world, which provides you not only theBrightestLED light but also the best user experience. LEDFlashlight – UltraBright.LED Flashlight is very helpful wheneveryou need extra lightby turning your phone into the brightest LEDflashlight. This powerflashlight is FREE, fast, convenient andprovides you thesuper-bright led flashlight. Also, flash lightlooks very cool andbright when you use it in the dark just like areal torch. StrobeFlashlight - sweet rave party &emergency.Strobe flashlight isadjustable with sensitive flash lightfrequency strobe controller,blinking from 0 to 9, low/high blinkinglight frequency. Use strobeled flashlight at parties, at home, atthe club, at school, oranywhere you think a strobe light could setthe mood, like usingled laser torch flashing light; used like SOSLED light or locationfor the emergency. Flashlight Widget - turn onlight on homescreen.Flashlight widget can be placed on your homescreen. It’sconvenient to turn on this flashlight free app on thehome screenby pressing the button. You can get the brightest ledflashlightshine out of darkness continuously whenever you need someextralight.SOS Flashlight – send a distress signalinemergency.Flashlight Free is capable to send an SOS signalforassistance when in emergency or in danger. The SOS LED lightcanlast for a long time on your phone. Super convenient! You onlyneedto open the app, slide to SOS mode and turn it on. Your callforhelp will be visible up to 4.5 miles in clearweather.PowerFlashlight - light up the dark with 1 click.Powerflashlight appaccesses camera LED flash on Android device as a realtorch/brightflashlight source. It’s a very small size but usefulmulti LEDflashlight for android. Besides, the brightness of thebrightestLED flashlight can be adjusted easily. You can use flashlight asLED light while walking in darkness or lighting up strobelight forhelp.With Brightest LED Flashlight, you can do:+ Light upyournight when power outage.+ Find Your Keys / Open Your Door intheDark.+ Walk Your Dog in the park after Sunset.+ Light up theWayWhen Camping and Hiking Outside.+ Make Distress Calls WithSOSFlashlight.+ Read a book before bedtime without disturbingothers.+Make Yourself Visible on Roadside at Night.+ Celebrate onPartieswith Blinking Flashlight.+ Repair Your Car or Change aPuppets atnight.+ Check on the Little Ones.Super brightflashlight iscompatible with most Android phones and systems.It is definitelythe Best Flashlight & the Brightest Flashlightin the world. Itis very helpful in any situation that requiresextra light.Download this Flashlight Free now!Download for FREE!
Flashlight 2.1
Flashlight is Amazing app to turn your device into a torch light.Itwill use your device's camera LED / Easy-to-use, quick andreliabletorch app free, that can instantly turn your phone into asuperbright LED flashlight source in one click. Use your led flashlightapp like a lamp. Well designed brightest free flashlightshines evenwhen screen is off.The flash of your phone uses like atorch. Ittakes up little space and is completely free. The colortorch buttonis green.Always available when you need it - this isthe mostoptimized and reliable torch app designed to preserve yourbatterylife while operating.Tiny Flashlight + LED is a simple,free, torchapp with LED light and several screen modes. Freeplugins like theStrobe, Morse, and Blinking lights make this torchone of the bestproductivity tools for your device.Be prepared foremergencysituations with additional plugins like the Warninglights andStrobe, Morse, Blinking lights.flash / screen as atorch. Simple,Easy and Effective Torch light App for your Androiddevice.Light theWay When Camping and Hiking. Light Your RoomDuring a PowerOutage.Super-Bright LED Torch instantly turns yourdevice into abright torch. The ultimate lighting tool takes fulladvantage of theLED light. Strobe/Blinking Mode is also supportedand it's FREE!OurFlashlight will accompany with you at any timewhen you need light!FEATURES:★ Flash light on/ off with oneclick.★ Strobe / Blinkinglight effect.★ Shake your device toon/off flashlight.★ Screenlight- uses your screen as a lightsource.★ Bulb light - Sweeptop-bottom/bottom-top to changebrightest bulb.★ Color light- easyto change the colors using sweepleft-right/right-left.★ TrafficSignal lights with AutomaticTimer.★ Police lights with blinkingeffect.★ Turn your screen lightto maximum brightness.★ AudioEffects on start and Stop.★ Widgetfor home & lock screens -easy way to on/off flash light. ★Flashlight App is completely freeto download.Highlights:✔Torchlight in Dark✔ Strobe/Blinking Modesupported - Blinkingfrequency adjustable.✔ Stunning graphics - Thisis the mostbeautiful torch you can get in hand!
✔ Color ScreenLight✔ SuperBright Torch - Guaranteed! ✔ Convenient - Switch On/Offthe lightjust like using a real torch.✔ The bright light app. Torchappfree.✔ The flash on max power.✔ Only free flashlight appwithouttoys!✔ Morse Code Flash Light for SOS✔ Quick launch.✔Convenientand easy to use torch.✔ Torch light shines when screen isoff orlocked.✔ Unique design.✔ Compass & Map✔ For deviceswithout LEDflash - uses a screen light like a torch light.✔ StrobeLightEffect with Speed Control✔ Clap For Light On/Off Control✔FlipDevice On/Off Control✔ Multiple Tap Light On/Off✔ EnergySavingLight✔ Set Custom Light TimingTested &SupportedDevices:Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7SamsungGalaxy A4, A5,A6, A7, A8Samsung Galaxy J5, J7, Grand Prime, Core,Ace 4HTC OneM7, One M8, One M9, HTC Desire X, Z, HDLG G5, G4, LG,G2, G3,NexusSony Xperia X, Z5, Z4, Z3, M2, M3, M4, M5, XA, Z3+,Z3CompactXiaomi, Nexus, OnePlus, Asus, Huawei, Motorola
DU Flashlight - Brightest LED & Flashlight Free 2.1.6
DU Apps
DU Flashlight is the brightest & easiest flashlightApp!Theflashlight is FREE, compact, convenient and gives you manyusefulinnovative lighting features.DU Flashlight features include:1. Thebrightest flashlight,light the dark with ONLY ONE click!2.Includesboth LED flashlight and screen flashlight options3.Supportbackground flashlight4. SOS mode5. Variety of differentlight andcolor screen modes (e.g. strobe light, police light)6.Tons ofthemes for you to choose from hand-crafted by a famousdesigner.7.Small memory usage, low battery and CPU consumption8.Allflashlight functions are FREE9. Adapted to more than 1000Androidmodels and the list is still growing You can use DUFlashlight:- 🔑Find Your Keys in the Dark- 📗 Read a Book at Night- 🌳Light the Wayin Night Outside Travel- 🛣️ Make Yourself Visible onRoadside atNight- 🏡 Light Your Room During a Power Outage- 🚘 RepairYour Caror Change a Puppets- 🕶️ Check on the Little Ones- 🆘 SOSHelp- 🎮find interesting games videoWe hear your requests to addadditionalflashlight features. We are working hard to make ourflashlightapplication even more fun for you. Welcome to send usyour newfeature suggestions to [email protected] Thank you foryoursupport! Questions about DU Flashlight? Contact [email protected]
Bright Screen + LED Flashlight 1.44
Turn your mobile screen into a flashlight! Displight turnyourmobile display into super bright flashlight app "torchlight".Newdesign with easy function and three light-emitting surfaces.Whiteflashlight, green flashlight and red flashlight. You canchooseyour favorite screen flashlight. Swipe over lighting screenforchoose your color. White is a super flashlight.Easy asneverbefore.Cell phone without flash? no problem Use a superbrightflashlight on LED or LCD screen. Is a torch or lamp for yourneeds.Easy function open app and mobile phone turn brightnessbacklightto Maximum. When closed app, the backlight automaticallydims theprevious setting lights.Very useful flashlight for darkspots orlight warning / emergency signals. Flashlight only use yourLEDlight or LCD light screen. Compatible with allmobilephones.Compatible with phone and tablet:Samsung GalaxyMotorolaSonyXperiaLGHTCXiaomiAlcatelLenovoHuaweiOppoAsusCaterpillarandotherPaidversion withoutads
Flashlight,led flashlight app ,turns your devices intopowerfultorch&night lamp. It offers lights and power with LEDlights,and provides you a bright and clear spotlight environment.Inaddition, Flash light also provides flash alert, and strobeeffectto attract attention,with the best flashlight app,No need toworryabout losing way in the dark. ---------- Features ofFlashlight app-----------Tiny flashlight appBattery low consumptionBrightesttorch lightOne tap to switch on/offHave you ever facedthefollowing embarrassments?※Can’t find what you want withouttorchflash light or candle in a power failure.※Pictures taken indarkare out of focus.※There is no proper lighting when theatmosphereneeds light to liven things up.All troubles above can besolvednow! Flashlight helps you to settle various matters in lifewithmultiple built-inwidgets.----------KeyFunctions-----------【Lighting】You can easilyturn on the torchthrough activating native flashlight. It is apowerful LEDflashlight.You can easily have a light torch in one-tapwithinseconds.【SOS】Turn on the button of SOS, Flashlight will raiseflashalert and light flash in any emergency situation. Theblinkinglight produced can help you get assistance when you needhelp. Theflash alert could attract others’ attention. Besides,torch lightproduced by the phone could attract more people.【StrobeEffect】Itprovides flash alert with strobe effect to attractattention whenyou need help. You could use the light flash withstrobe effect tosend out a danger signal. The blinking lightproduced really helpsyou to cope with emergencies. Flash lighthelps you to settlevarious matters in life with multiple built-inwidgets, is the mostuseful portable torch light for you. The LEDlight on your phonecould help you much more in life than a real LEDflashlight.Flashlight for free, lighting app that processes varioussweet widgets,supports all mobile phone with Android system todownload freely.ContactUs:Facebook:[email protected]:
Flashlight LED - Brightest android torch app 1.7
With super Themes to customize your LED Flashlight. This isatotally free application that makes your smartphone asuperflashlight fast and efficient. With many powerful featurestheapplication makes the flash of your camera brighten up whatyouneed.It has a Strobe function that makes the flash of yourphoneblink very fast and has super innovative themes.Thistorchapplication is a very useful tool in your daily life, withthisapplication you will always be accompanied by a superpowerfulflashlight in your pocket.It has sophisticated themes thatmakesyour phone even more beautiful.Use this application to:- Usein thedark- Walking in the dark- During a party with the strobefunction(blinking)- Read a book in the dark- When the light ends athome-During the night- Lighten your path- When the lamp stopsworking-And in times of emergencyCharacteristics:- It takes uplittlespace- Strobe frequency adjustment- Strobe function- HDInterface-Brightness adjustment of the front display- Works withlockedscreen- For various phone models- Totally free- simple, beautiful, useful, fast, easy to useandbrilliant. Super brightness for your smartphone.Avoid usingcandlesand lamps and use this super app.Quick light to get you outof thedark.Download the app now on your phone and enjoy thisfreeapp.More words related to the application:* Flashlight formobile*American light* Torchlight* LED lantern* Flashlight Strobe*Stronglight bulb* Strobo light* Strobe light* Flashlight light*Tacticalflashlight* Remove the dark* Free Application* For Party
Flashlight Galaxy 5.4.7
Szymon Dyja
Flashlight Galaxy is one of the best rated (4.8) torch led appsinGoogle Play. Flashlight for Galaxy instantly turns your deviceintoa bright flashlight with a modern and easy-to-use interface.Galaxyprovides two lighting modes using your camera’s LED andscreen.GALAXY FLASHLIGHT LED for Samsung (also LG, HTC, Sony)devicesfeatures:- 2 light sources: camera LED light ,SCREEN lightor LED +SCREEN- 2 bright modes: always ON orstrobe/blinking/flashing withfrequency to choose from- 8 screencolors to choose from- AutoLight ON when you launch app- Clear andmodern design- Widget -turn on/off light from home screen- Verybright- Energy saving-Ability to work on the locked screen-CompassFLASHLIGHT GALAXY LEDsupported smartphones:- Samsung GalaxyGrand Prime- Samsung GalaxyS2, S3, S4- Samsung Galaxy S5- SamsungGalaxy S6, S6 Edge- SamsungGalaxy S7- Samsung Galaxy S8 + new :)-Samsung Galaxy J3, J5, J7-Samsung Galaxy A1, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, -Samsung Galaxy S ||, III,IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, Neo- Samsung GalaxyTrend Plus, Grand Neo,Core Prime- Samsung Galaxy Note 2, 3, 4, 5,6, Note 7, Note 8- SonyXperia Z, X, Z5, Z4, Z3, Z2, XA, Z3+,Compact, Feiteng- Sony XperiaM2, M3, M4, M5- LG G2, G3, G4, G5, G6,Mini- LG Optimus L5, L9- HTCDesire X, Desire Z- HTC One, X, x9, a9,e9, C- HTC One m7s, Onem8s, One m9s- HTC One m7, m8, m9, m10-Xiaomi, Google Nexus,OnePlus, Asus ZenPhone, Note- Huawei AscendMate, Motorola Droid,Motorola Moto GGalaxy Flashlight is a simpleapp that turns yourdevice into a super bright flashlight. CheckGalaxy Torch LED.
Flashlight HD LED
There are many flashlight apps, so why get this one ?- Brightestandmost POWERFUL light possible- FREE !- It is simple andwelldesigned- launch it and get light instantly by pressing onebutton-uses the integrated FlashLight LED- also uses your fullscreen as acolor light lamp (works on all devices)- add a widgetfor quickaccessTry it. It's simply the best at what it does.Thisapp iscompatible with most phones including those on which otherapps donot work. This includes for example : Sony Xperia, SamsungGalaxyS8, S7 Edge, S6, J7, Xiaomi Redmi Note, Oppo, Huawei,LG,Lenovo,Vivo, HTC, Alcatel, ZTE, Asus Zenfone, Motorola MotoG4,E2... and many more !
Power Flashlight 1.08
Asaf lubliner
Bright Flashlight + Screen never go to sleep + Work in background,Very Useful!* Easy to Use* Fit for everyone* MotivationQuotes*Digital Clock* Battery LevelEnjoy the Applicaion
Brightest flashlight 1.12.120
Brightest LED Flashlight, super bright LEDFlashlight!Thefastestest, brightest flashlight, the app instantlyturns yourdevice into a bright flashlight. The lighting tool takesfulladvantage of the LED light . Blinking Mode is alsoThe appisdesigned to support all android devices and really easy to usethecamera flash and LED. LED Flashlight likes a mobile torch. Withthefree app, you'll be able to add brightness to any situation!Mainfeatures include:- The brightest flashlight.- Fasteststartupflashlight.- Built-in SOS signal .- Switch On/Off the lightjustlike using a real flashlight.- Strobe mode with sensitivefrequencycontroller.- Beautiful design.- Use the cam light.- Lightyourtorch- Light your flashIt is a free app that gives you afreebright light at night with the brightest flashlight.I'm surethat,it's one of the best free LED flashlight apps ever!Let's getyourLED Flashlight right now!