Top 4 Games Similar to Cigarette Kills

Suicide Safe 2.2
Suicide Safe is a suicide prevention learning tool forprimarycareand behavioral health providers and is based onthenationallyrecognized Suicide Assessment Five-step EvaluationandTriage(SAFE-T) practice guidelines. Suicide Safe helpsprovidersfeelconfident to assist patients who present withsuicidalideation.The app offers tips on how to communicateeffectively withpatientsand their families, determine appropriatenext steps, andmakereferrals to treatment and community resources.Features: •Learnthe five steps of the SAFE-T approach in workingwith patientsandeasily download resources for use offline. •Studyinteractivesample case studies to see the SAFE-T approachinaction. • Browseconversation starters that provide samplelanguageand tips fortalking with patients about their suicidalideation. •Exploreclinical and educational resources and sharecrisis linephonenumbers and other patient-focused materials. •UseSAMHSA’sBehavioral Health Treatment Services Locator toprovidetimelyreferrals for patients. The Locator can be filtered bytypeanddistance. Email SAMHSA at SAMHSAInfo@samhsa.hhs.govwithanyquestions or comments. Note: This app is a freeresourceprovidedby the Substance Abuse and Mental HealthServicesAdministration,U.S. Department of Health and HumanServices, andwas funded byFederal resources.
Trials of the Thief-Taker 1.0.7
In London, 1729, before they had police, they hadyou:thief-takers,hunting criminals for cash! Fire a flintlock andsipgin in the ageof powdered wigs. Will you grow richcatchingsmugglers andhighwaymen, show mercy, or become a crimebossyourself? "Trials ofthe Thief-Taker" is a 140,000-wordinteractivehistorical adventurenovel by Joey Jones, where yourchoicescontrol the story. It'sentirely text-based, without graphicsorsound effects, and fueledby the vast, unstoppable power ofyourimagination. As athief-taker, paid by the court or hired bythevictims of crime torecover property and, for an extra price,bringthe culprit tojustice, you'll stalk your prey across themistycommons and narrowrookeries of 18th-century London. Lead agang ofunwashed ruffians(or stalk the streets alone) as youapprehendhighwaymen on lonelyroads, and root out crooks andcounterfeitersin inns andcoffeehouses. Through cunning, force, orsuspiciousconnections, youwill find your mark. You may strike ablow forjustice, making aname for yourself and bringing good peopletoyour cause. Or you cancreate the crimes you intend tosolve,stealing the goods you'll bepaid to recover, bribing prisonguardsto let your associates go,building your criminal empirewhileeveryone lauds you as a hero. Bequick or cautious, properordisreputable, generous's all in a day's workfora thief-taker. Load yourflintlock! There are thieves to take.•Play as male, female, or asa woman disguised as a man; gayorstraight. • Make your way througha world ruled by manners,harshlaws, and lurking treachery. • Runan empire of crime orestablishthe first police force...or both atthe same time! •Capture,befriend, or romance corrupt officials,escape artists,courtiers,highwaymen, smugglers and grave-robbers.• Immerseyourself inGeorgian lingo: learn the difference between acove and aswell, ablue pigeon and an ark ruffian. • Play thehigh-stakes dicegameHazard in the gaming houses of Covent Garden.• Make your waywithyour silver tongue, a good horse, your streetsmarts or withtwofists flying.
GayBots 1.2.02
The evil Robophobes have unleashed a virus that iscorruptingthepeace loving robots of Rainbowtron. Only you can stopMegaphobeandfree the GayBots from the forces of ignoranceandintolerance!Unite the GayBots and free your friends usingthepowers ofFriendship and Love! GayBots is a simple turn-basedcardgame thatallows the player to fuse two of their GayBot cardsinto asinglemore powerful card, dealing damage to their opponent.Withmorethan fifty different combinations at your disposal, theGayBotscancombine into a multitude of friendly props andsituations.Thwartyour foes with a stunning Ice Dance! Defeat youropponentswith theshock of a Hipster! Perform a Half Time show todistractyourenemies! Build a Pride Flag to spread awareness andfight theevilRobophobes! *COLLECT over 50 charming and EXOTICrobots!*COMBINEyour robots into stronger and more FABULOUScreations!*CUSTOMIZEyour deck and hand craft the ULTIMATE set ofcards!*UPGRADE yourcards in the WORKSHOP to make them outrageous!*BATTLEonline inthe FUNDERDOME and challenge other players aroundtheworld! Whatare you waiting for? PlayGayBotstoday!___________________________ GayBots is brought to youbyFluikEntertainment, makers of wicked-fun mobile games suchasOfficeJerk, Plumber Crack and Grumpy Bears. Search the AppStorefor“Fluik” to browse all our games. Follow @FluikGames onTwitterforawesome game announcements and other updates. NOTE:Pleasedon'tinclude bug reports in your app reviews. We can'trespond toyoudirectly, so it can be difficult for us to offer helporproperlydebug the situation. You can post all bugs orsuggestionson theFacebook fan page, or email us
Psy High 1.1.11
Choice of Games LLC
When the kids at your high school start developingpsychicpowers,you and your friends must team up to stop theprincipal fromtakingover the world! "Psy High" is an interactiveteensupernaturalmystery novel by Rebecca Slitt, where yourchoicescontrol thestory. It's entirely text-based—without graphicsorsoundeffects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable powerofyourimagination. Play as male or female; gay, straight, or bi.Willyoube a jock or a brain? Popular or ignored? Use yourpsychicpowersto help others, or to take what you want. Winacovetedscholarship, star in the Drama Club play - or lose italland spendyour senior year in juvenile detention. How much areyouwilling tosacrifice to get ahead in the world? Can you solvethecase? Canyou save the school? And most importantly, can you findadate tothe prom? - Solve mysteries in the classicteen-detectivegenrewith a supernatural twist. - Find your place inthecutthroathigh-school social scene: be an athlete, an actor,abrain, or arebel. - Uncover the truth about your small town anditssecrets. -Instead of stopping the principal, why not stealhispowers foryourself, or even join him in his plan forworlddomination? - Findyour one true love, or more than one! (Theynevertalked about lovetriangles in trigonometry!)