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LEVEL-5 Inc.
THE MUCH-LOVED LAYTON SERIES IS BACK WITH A 11THANNIVERSARYINSTALMENT!Developed by LEVEL-5, LAYTON’S MYSTERYJOURNEY™:Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy is the latestgame inthe best-selling Layton Series and first official sequeldebutingon mobile. The Starter Kit version features the prologueand firstcase for free. Additional cases are available as separatein-apppurchases.Join Katrielle Layton in the heart of London asshebecomes embroiled in a casual, comical, quizzical quest thathasits roots in our new hero’s search for her missingfather:Professor Hershel Layton. You’ll be whisked around London’sfamouslandmarks from the Houses of Parliament to Tower Bridge.Follow Katon her trusty bicycle solving case after unlikely caseuntil sheunwittingly uncovers the Millionaires’ Conspiracy.Help Katandcompany discover clues, unravel mysteries, deduce the truthandsolve original puzzles! Redecorate the agency and redress Katinvarious outfits to suit the case at hand (or your mood).Withtwelve intriguing cases, seven multi-millionaires and onewhopperof a conspiracy, will Kat ever be able to find themissingprofessor?Full of ingenious challenges, charming charactersandclever plot twists, the latest Layton instalment will prove toyoubeyond the shadow of a doubt that the truth IS strangerthanfiction! Game Features·      Modern,female protagonist·       Thelargestcollection of puzzles in any LaytonSeries'™title·       Bonus! Dailypuzzlesdelivered directly to yourmobiledevice·       New cast ofcharacters(and some favourites fromthepast)·       High-quality,visuallyrich gamingexperience·      Customisablecostumes and roomdecor·      Additionalminigames·       Offlineplay afterinitial downloadCase Collection 1 (includes cases 2 -4)CaseCollection 2 (includes cases 5 - 8)Case Collection 3(includescases 9 - 12)Full Kit (includes cases 2 - 12)*This gamecan beplayed in English, French and Spanish. Other languages cannotbeselected in your region. **Bonus daily puzzles will requireaninternet connection for accessibility & download.
Énigmes 2 du Professeur Layton 2.21
ouamassi 2018
La suite des Énigmes du Professeur Layton arrive (Lien pourlaPartie 1: est une compilation de plus de 140 énigmesvariées avecdes solutions détaillées, Parfait pour tuer le temps,elle vousstimulera intellectuellement tout en s'amusant.- Pourtoute énigmerésolu vous gagnerez des points des points, qui vouspermettront degagner des pièces SOS utiles pour visionner desindices.FollowingRiddles Professor Layton arrives(Link to Part1: is a compilation of over 140 different puzzleswithdetailed solutions Perfect for killing time, it will stimulateyouintellectually while having fun.- For riddle solved you willearnpoints points, which allow you to gain useful hint coins towatchfor clues.
Professor Wallace - Puzzle 1.20
Professor Wallace is a logic problems puzzle to challengeyourbrain. It's related to Professor Layton, IQ test anddifferentlogic games. The game is free but you can also get livesand hintsthrough ads. So you probably think better about thesolution beforeanswering.
Rätsel von Professor Layton 2.21
ouamassi 2018
mehr als 100 Rätsel von Professor Laytonmore than 100 puzzlesofProfessor Layton
Yo-kai Watch Land 3.0.0
LEVEL-5 Inc.
Welcome to the world of Yo-kai Watch! Yo-kai are everywhere!Haveyou ever had something strange happen in your life thatyoucouldn’t explain? Chances are, a Yo-kai was responsible!JoinWhisper, the Yo-kai butler, as he guides you through the worldofYo-kai Watch! YO-KAI LAND: - Discover the world of Yo-kai Watchinthe Yo-Kai Land app! - Explore Yo-kai character bios in the Wiki!-Bring the Yo-kai characters to life on your mobile device! -Checkback for updates and games! USEFUL TIPS: This app requiresaccessto your camera for scanning Yo-kai Watch toy medals. Visityourdevice's privacy settings to enable the camera. When youscanYo-kai Watch toy medals into the app: - Lay your toy medal onatable and line up the device so the medal fits into thecameraspace. - Make sure the camera is pointing straight at thetoymedal. - Keep the mobile device steady as the camera attemptstocapture the image of the toy medal. - Try to avoidlightingconditions that blur or obscure the image of the toy medal.-Slowly move the mobile device away from the toy until it isinfocus ( some devices allow "tapping" the screen to focus).SUPPORTED DEVICES This app supports these devices runningAndroid4.4. - Samsung Galaxy S4 - Samsung Galaxy S5 - SamsungGalaxy S6 -Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Motorola Moto G - Xiaomi Mi4Make sure yourdevice supports this app before downloading. Otherdevices may becompatible but are not supported. Updates may affectcompatibility.ADVICE TO PARENTS The game requires an internetconnection (3G orWiFi) for download and updates. Kids, ask a parentfirst beforedownloading. The Yo-kai Watch app is subject to theGoogle PlayStore terms and conditions. Compatible with Yo-kai Watchmedalsmanufactured by Hasbro. Not compatible with prior Yo-kaiWatch appsor Yo-kai Watch products. Yo-kai Watch toy medalavailabilityvaries by region. Hasbro and all related logos aretrademarks ofHasbro, Inc. © 2015 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.
Énigmes / casse tête 2.25
- Cette application est une compilation de plus de 200énigmesvariées avec des solutions détaillées, Parfait pour tuer letemps,elle vous stimulera intellectuellement tout en s'amusant. -Pourtoute énigme résolu vous gagnerez des points des points, quivouspermettront de gagner des pièces SOS utiles pour visionnerdesindices. - This app is a compilation of more than 200differentpuzzles with detailed solutions, Perfect for killing time,it willstimulate you intellectually while having fun. - For anyriddle yousolve you will earn points points, which will allow youto win SOSparts useful for viewing clues.
Puzzles Professor Layton 2.25
ouamassi 2018
- A collection of puzzles (more than 150 Puzzles) withdetailedsolutions,
High school:The Mystery Room Escape Game 3
* This is a high-quality 2D decryption game, from theaestheticscene and mysterious atmosphere, coupled with the story ofthe richtwists and turns of the mysterious world.   * Onceyou enter the game, your wisdom will be the only weapon. Wanttofind this world hidden mysterious force, only to solve thepuzzle,reveal the mysterious power behindthetruth!     * Perfect hint function thatallowsyou to enjoy the game with ease
Puzzle del Profesor Layton 2.21
ouamassi 2018
Más de 100 puzles desafiantes, variados einteresantesParacualquieracertijo resuelto, ganarás puntos, lo quete permitiráganar piezasSOS útiles para ver pistas.More than 100challenging,varied andinteresting puzzlesFor any solved puzzle,you'll earnpoints,allowing you to gain useful SOS parts for clues.
Lara Croft GO 2.1.109660
Best Mobile/Handheld Game - The Game Awards 2015Lara Croft GO isaturn based puzzle-adventure set in a long-forgotten world.Explorethe ruins of an ancient civilization, discover well-keptsecretsand face deadly challenges as you uncover the myth of theQueen ofVenom.• Experience lush visuals and a captivatingsoundtrack•Navigate using simple swipe-to-move controls• Fightmenacingenemies, overcome dangerous obstacles and escape deadlytraps•Solve more than 115 puzzles split into 7 chapters• Collectancientrelics and unlock new outfits for LaraSquare Enix Montréalbringsyet another beloved franchise to mobile with this unique takeonthe iconic heroine’s adventures.End userlicenseagreement:
Machinarium 2.5.4
Amanita Design
Machinarium is the award-winning independent adventuregamedeveloped by the makers of Samorost series, Botanicula andCHUCHEL.Help Josef the robot to save his girlfriend Berta kidnappedby theBlack Cap Brotherhood gang. "Absolutely Fantastic" -TouchArcade4/4 - USA TODAY 4/4 - SlideToPlay 9/10 - Pocket GamerAwards: -IGF, Excellence in Visual Art Award - Gamasutra, BestIndie Game OfThe Year -, Best Indie Game Of The Year
Samorost 3 1.470.2
Amanita Design
Samorost 3 is an exploration adventure and puzzle game fromtheaward-winning creators of Machinarium and Botanicula. It isAmanitaDesign’s most ambitious experience to date and a loosecontinuationof the hit indie games Samorost and Samorost 2.Samorost 3 followsa curious space gnome who uses the powers of amagic flute totravel across the cosmos in search of its mysteriousorigins. Visitnine unique and alien worlds teeming with colorfulchallenges,creatures and surprises to discover, brought to lifewith beautifulartwork, sound and music. What the press said:“Possibly the mostbeautiful point-and-click adventure I've everplayed.” -Destructoid “The best adventure game in years.” - KillScreen “Aworthy follow-up to Machinarium and Botanicula.” - PocketGamer“Arguably the greatest game to come out of Amanita Design.” -PCGamer “Samorost 3's setting is immediately entrancing.” -GameSpot“All of the music is incredible.” - GameZebo “Samorost 3 isa gamethat feels alive.” - Stuff Please log in to your Google PlayGamesaccount using the gamepad icon in the game's info menu toenablethe Cloud Save backup feature.
Can You Steal It: Secret Thief 3.0.1
Be an amazing “criminal” cases expert! Join the best hiddenobjectadventure game to solve puzzles. Observe rooms, discoverhints,seek and analyze clues, find items! Investigate them as aCSIdetective. Can You Steal It is a free, most popular andaddictivepuzzle adventure game with fresh and colorful graphics. Ifyou likehidden objects games, you must love Can You Steal It. It isfull ofchallenging and entertaining mini puzzles. Are you ready tostartyour thief life and help people to steal the items they neednow?Challenge your brain now! Observe the rooms and search fortheuseful tiny clues, examine and analyze the clues to solveminipuzzles. You also can challenge your friends to find out whoissmarter and can find the hidden items faster. Uncover secrets,getkeys, find the hidden objects in the rooms, then you can findthetarget item. Though you are a thief, but you need to think likeanexpert CSI detective. Stuck on a puzzle? Relax, walkthroughvideoof Can You Steal It is ready to help. Pretty simple, you justneedto tap the “Hint” button in the lower right. Walkthrough videoispart of the Pro features. Upgrade to remove ads, play allstagesand watch walkthroughs. Or you also can tap the “Try with Ads-Free” button to get walkthrough video for free. It displaysthewalkthrough of the current puzzle stage. Are you ready forthechallenging and addictive mini puzzles? Download Can You StealItnow! Show your amazing thief skills! Hide your “crimes”, becomeagreat and fabulous thief! People need your help! Features: ❤Prettysimple, play with ease and great fun! Free, noregistrationrequired. Super easy to get started. No complicatedoperationrequired. Just tap the location or objects to investigateand findclues.❤ Enjoy the fresh and cute graphics, enjoy cozy time!Thecolorful cosy little rooms, cute decoration and furnishingsmakeyou feel comfortable and happy! Start to enjoy your leisuretimenow!❤ Challenge yourself or play with your friends, have allthefun!You can challenge those entertaining mini puzzles alone oryoualso can play with your friends! To find out who is smarter andcanfind the hidden objects faster.❤ Solve thechallenging,entertaining and addictive mini puzzles!Even the tinyclues canhelp you to figure out the tricky and challenging puzzles.Toobserve the room, find the hidden objects, completetheinvestigation, solve puzzles! Become an amazing “criminal”.❤Hints& help, watch video walkthroughs for free!Get stuck? Takeease,we prepare the hint for you. Tap the “Hint” button in thelowerright, press the “Try with Ads – Free” button to getwalkthroughvideo for free!
Mimpi Dreams 6.1
Over 2.5M happy players world-wide. Mimpi is a lazy doggywhobecomes the “Superdog” in his dreams. Help him to save hisfriendsby manipulating the environment of 6 original illustratedworlds inthis charming mix of adventure, puzzle, and platformer.First fiveepisodes of Mimpi Dreams are free to play. New episodesare premiumcontent. Features ● Scientifically accuratesuper-realisticsimulator of dog dreams :) ● Casual gameplaycombining platformer,puzzles, and adventure ● 7 different worlds toexplore. Five ofthem are free to play, other two are premium. ●Sequel to the awardwinning original - yes, there is Mimpi 1 AboutMimpi Mimpi pees oneverything to mark his dream territory like dogsare supposed to.In his dreams, he becomes the dog hero, who rescuesand saveswhoever is in need of rescuing or saving! Be it a lostpirate ship,a lab rat who wants to be free or a princess held by adragon -Mimpi hero is here to save the day. Of course, Mimpi cannot do itwithout his sidekick and that is YOU! Mimpi and you arethe makersof his dreams. Help Mimpi be the hero by manipulating hisdreams -move obstacles to allow Mimpi to get through levels, solvepuzzlesand help Mimpi communicate with the creatures in his dreams.FollowUs Become a fan of Mimpi on Facebook and get the latestupdates: Reviews: TouchArcade4/5:Mimpi Dreams, the sequel, is a cute, somewhatshortpuzzle-platformer with inspired art design and excellentcontrols.Pocket Gamer 8/10: "I play the whole thing with a smile onmy face.It's a joyous experience..." Harry Slater AppAdvice 4.5/5:MimpiDreams is a charming puzzle platformer for everyone. AppSpy:MimpiDreams is full of neat ideas, gorgeous graphics and charactersthatyou'll adore.
Egypt Quest Jewels 1.1
Panda Box
egypt quest jewelsBest experience, graphics and puzzles onyourAndroid phones/Tablets! Never miss-out the match-three (match3)quest!Egypt quest jewels is an free addictive gamesanddeliciousadventure filled with colorful game crunching effectsandwell designed casual puzzles for you to play in subway time!Withjewel style icon gem jewels to smash and eliminate in eachlevel,is twice the fun but familiar to play. So let's get startedtocrush now!If you really like the match puzzel 3 game, alsoverylove of Egyptian culture, let's start your journey in Egyptjewelsjourney.
Escape game : The rooms 1.164
Gameday Inc.
Welcome to the beautifully crafted and absolutely mind-bendinggamewhere you have to explore 13 rooms filled with cleverlogicpuzzles. Let us transport you into this mystery space andprepareto enjoy the satisfying solving action.«13 Puzzle Rooms» isapuzzle, point-and-click, and room escape game all rolled intoone.Explore each room thoroughly, find items to help you solvethepuzzles and uncover the mysteries that'll lead to yourescape.Brilliant brainteasers will have you hooked but that makesit allthe more satisfying to complete.• Neat and realisticgraphics• Easyand natural touch controls• Beautiful soundtrackperfectly suits tothe adventure• A full hint guide to make sure younever get stuck•Some items can be dismantled • Sometimes you needto combine twoitems.What people say about this game:«This game isso wellthoroughly thought-out and captivating that I can't tearmyselfaway from it. I always was fond of quest rooms etc and 13puzzlerooms can partially replace it for me.»«Really coolbrain-teaserthat makes you think, find and sometimes inventdifferent ways tofind your way out of the room.»The locked door isthe smallesttrial you will have to face. So don’t give upeasily!Contactus:[email protected]://
Robot Bros All Stars 1.1.0
All the robots assembled here! Robot Bros All Stars is acombinationof action-adventure and puzzle-based side-scrollergame, whichdeveloped and published by 108km Studio. This versionis acollection of all the creative elements in "Robot Bros"series. Nowyou can play with all kinds of robots for the ultimateparty. Thisgame features challenging physics-based gameplay andcooperationgame mode. You may unlock new robots by playing throughthe levelquests and compete against the challenging puzzles.CompleteAchievements by collecting stars, it's much more based onyour playstyle and strategy.--------------------------------------------Summary of Features:-------------------------------------------- -Co-operation gamestyle you might have never seen. - 8 differentrobots with uniqueabilities. Get them help each other. - Overcome60+ immersivepuzzles in a stunning world. - New objects andtriggers that helpyou solving the levels. - Sci-fi 3D visuals andawesome soundeffects. - Amazing unlock characters and skillsprogression. Dozensof hours of gameplay. - Universal App, optimizedfor phones andtablets. Robot Bros All Stars is sure to delightcasual mobilegamers and action gaming fans alike! Search on GooglePlay with"108km" to get our other games. Produced by 108km -
Gunspell - Match 3 Battles 1.6.38
It is a story-driven rpg-adventure where guns and magicacttogether! Become a member of this powerful Order whose missionitis to protect Earth. Travel through other worlds, contendwithmonsters, upgrade your weapons and enhance your magic. Havefun! Itis a completely free game with an option to purchase packsofin-game currency or a premium account. • Match 3 battles with alotof features • Multiple strange new worlds to explore • Hordesofenemies to fight • Tons of different weapons, items, and spells!•Awesome graphics! Game Awards ★ DevGAMM Award ★ MS WindowsStoreStuff Pick ★ Repeatedly featured by Google Followus:
My secret love diary:The Mystery Escape Room Game 5.0
In this game, the player in the experience of exquisitedecryptioncan also experience the fullness of happiness to developgames,bring you not the same decryption wind, so you have a happysummer.* This is a high-quality 2D decryption game, from theaestheticscene and mysterious atmosphere, coupled with the story ofthe richtwists and turns made of mysterious world. * Once you enterthegame, your wisdom will be the only weapon. * Perfect hintfunctionthat allows you to enjoy the game with ease
Winter Night Adventure
A free point and click adventure game. Escape your dailyroutinewith this beautiful quest with hand drawn art in a snowycoldwinter city.The story mode takes us back to the USSR oftheeighties. This retro adventure with typical Sovietsettingincluding cars and appartment blocks. The quest for a lostkeybegins. * Cool story graphic novel* Great hand drawngraphics*Free, funny puzzle game* Hard to find hidden objects*Urban theme*Funny hero* Mind relaxing, no time limit* Dark snowynight setting
Hidden Object Games - Time Trap Adventure . HOPA 1.4.018
Mystery hidden object adventure game with collection ofrewards!It's a REALLY FREE full version of the best of hiddenobject games( HOPA ) - you can play it for free and go through allthelocations without in-app purchases! You go on a journey throughandanger zone to unravel the mystery of a missing journalist.Thesci-fi story line, aliens, time machine, realisticgraphics,puzzles, mini games and searching for hidden items anddifferenceswill make journey unforgettable. If you are looking forhighquality, challenging free hidden object games, then thismysteryadventure game is the right choice for you! Features: -HiddenObject Adventure Time Trap is a free full HOPA , i.e. noin-apppurchases required - 55 realistic post-apocalyptic scenes -Buildyour collection of rewards! Go through scenes again to trynewquests and get new rewards! - Detective storyline,Investigativejournalism - 37 challenging game locations: search forhidden itemsand solve puzzles - most of the hidden objects are realvintage! -use time machine to visit locations repeatedly, get newset ofhidden items and top your best score! - a unique system ofpreviewand highlighting hints Description: This story begins withthedisappearance of the journalist John Doe. A few years agohisstories on the disaster at the Wheel of Time Corporation’sresearchcenter led to a public outcry. The corporation was forcedtoofficially acknowledge that the site of the accident wasdangerous.The area was quarantined and placed under the control ofthemilitary. John Doe refused to stop investigating . He insistedthatthe corporation was hiding information abouttheconstantly-expanding perimeter of the quarantine zone. Wordalsospread that the quarantine zone itself was anomalous. Laterthatmonth John Doe’s managing editor announced that the journalisthadvanished. It would seem that, despite the prohibition, he wenttothe quarantine zone to continue his investigation as adetective...Game mechanics: The game includes scenes where the taskis to findhidden items (a seek and find genre), transitional scenesbetweensearch locations, scenes for finding differences, mini-gamesandpuzzle scenes on rotating squares. These found items are storedinyour repository and can be used later. For example, a key opensthedoor to the next scene. The game contains many sets of hiddenitems. That means that even if you completed the search in onelocation,you can repeat it with a new set of hidden objects for anewachievement. If you are looking for high quality, free fullhiddenobject games, then this mystery adventure game is the rightchoicefor you! More than 1 000 000 downloads of mobile versions oftheTime Trap – the best of hidden object games . We'll be happytostay in touch with you at :leavecomments, ask questions and get news about coming games! Lookformore new challenging hidden object adventure games " HOPA "fromour studio! Trusting us you can always download new hiddenobjectgames full version for free. Find all hidden items !
The Room Three 1.03
Fireproof Games
“Probably the Best Mobile Game of 2015” -“With itsrichatmosphere and clever puzzles, The Room Three is engrossingandhard to put down.” - Game Informer“A triumph. We fullyrecommendimmersing yourself in this atmospheric mystery”“Muchbigger and longer than the previous titles, more of afull-blownadventure game” - Touch Arcade“A brilliant, uniquelytactileexperience packed with incredible puzzles. Just go and buyit.”-PocketGamer___________________________________________________________________________________Theeagerlyawaited sequel to the BAFTA award winning 'The Room' and'The RoomTwo' is finally here.Welcome to The Room Three, aphysical puzzlegame within a beautifully tactile world.Lured to aremote island,you must draw upon all your puzzle-solving abilityto navigate aseries of trials devised by a mysterious figure knownonly as “TheCraftsman”.PICK-UP-AND-PLAY DESIGNEasy to begin yethard to putdown, enjoy a unique mix of intriguing puzzles with asimple userinterface.INTUITIVE TOUCH CONTROLSA tactile experienceso naturalyou can almost feel the surface of eachobject.EXPANDEDLOCATIONSLose yourself in a variety of stunning newenvironments,each spanning multiple areas.INTRICATE OBJECTSRotate,zoom andexamine dozens of artifacts to discover theirhiddensecrets.ATMOSPHERIC AUDIOA haunting soundtrack coupled withdynamicsound effects create an unforgettablesoundscape.MAGNIFIEDWORLDSUse the new eyepiece ability to explorethe world inminiatureALTERNATE ENDINGSReturn to a persistentenvironment andchange your fateENHANCED HINT SYSTEMRe-read hints toget the fullpictureCLOUD SAVING SUPPORTEDShare your progressbetween multipledevices, and unlock the all-new achievements. MULTILANGUAGESUPPORTAvailable in English, French, Italian, German,Spanish,Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish and Russian.Fireproof Gamesis anindependent studio from Guildford, United Kingdom.Find outmore atfireproofgames.comFollow us @Fireproof_GamesFind us onFacebook
Robot Bros Gravity 1.1.0
New Gravity Robot comes! Robot Bros Gravity is anindependentpuzzle/adventure game by 108km Studio. It is a newversion of“Robot Bros” series, which features challengingphysics-basedgameplay and co-operation game mode. The new GravityRobot bringsnew challenges and advanced technology. Co-operate withother robotbros to solving a series of increasingly complexpuzzles, you mustcontrol the robots by right order, try to find outthe best way toget through the level. Features: - Co-operation gamestyle youmight have never seen. - 6 different robots with uniqueabilities.Get them help each other. - Overcome 60 immersive puzzlesin astunning world. - New objects and triggers that help yousolvingthe levels. - Sci-fi 3D visuals and awesome sound effects. -Dozensof hours of gameplay. Search on Google Play with "108km" toget ourother games. Produced by 108km Tech ltd.
Bubble Dungeon 1.5
Go back in time in this brand-new bubble shooting puzzlegame.Download Bubble Dungeon today, and become part of theancientmythical adventure! Match 3 bubbles of the same color toclear theboard and win the level! Play this game for free, andexplorehundreds of levels packed with exclusive boosters, coolgraphicsand effects. See which bubble color you are going to getnext soyou can plan your moves ahead. Download for free today andjoin theexciting and divine fun! Delve into the depths of the earthin thismysterious bubble shooter. Solve ancient levels and puzzlesin thisfun bubble shooting free game, and play this game for freeon yourAndroid device online or offline. Join the mythicaladventure,clear the board and overcome amazing challenges. Playhundreds ofchallenging levels, and use powerful boosts to advance.Put yourstrategy skills to the test, and play the mythical andpowerfulBubble Dungeon now! How to Play: • Form a group of 3 ormorebubbles of the same color to pop. • Make specialbubblecombinations to earn powerful boosters that will assist youin yourquest. • Bubble swap is totally free, simply tap on thebubble tochange its color. • Win boosts and power-ups by making 7shots in arow or popping more than 10 bubbles in a single shot.Download forfree today and join the exciting and mythical fun! Allrights ofBubble Shooter™ are owned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.
Samorost 3 Demo 1.470.1
Guide the space gnome through the entire first planet in thisfreedemo! Please make sure you are logged in to your Google PlayGamesaccount to transfer your progress into the full game. Samorost3 isan exploration adventure and puzzle game from theaward-winningcreators of Machinarium and Botanicula. It is AmanitaDesign’s mostambitious experience to date and a loose continuationof the hitindie games Samorost and Samorost 2. Samorost 3 follows acuriousspace gnome who uses the powers of a magic flute to travelacrossthe cosmos in search of its mysterious origins. The fullgameinvites you to visit nine unique and alien worlds teemingwithcolorful challenges, creatures and surprises to discover,broughtto life with beautiful artwork, sound and music. What thepresssaid: “Possibly the most beautiful point-and-click adventureI'veever played.” - Destructoid “The best adventure game in years.”-Kill Screen “A worthy follow-up to Machinarium and Botanicula.”-Pocket Gamer “Arguably the greatest game to come out ofAmanitaDesign.” - PC Gamer “Samorost 3's setting isimmediatelyentrancing.” - GameSpot “All of the music isincredible.” -GameZebo “Samorost 3 is a game that feels alive.” -Stuff
Diamond Swap Alien Quest 1.2
diamond swap alien questIt’s brilliant, addictive, andendlesslyfundiamond swap alien quest looks and feels like the bestpuzzlegame I’ve played in a very long time... It’s brilliant,addictive,and endlessly fun!It is definite must have for yourAndroid gamingcollection✔ additional fast-action fun blitz mode✔chill out:pastel graphics and mellow soundtrack, with no time limitto harshthe vibe✔ evolving-aliens puzzle gameplay: hybrid ofmatch-3 andsliding tile puzzles… it’s a whole new type of puzzlingfun✔ enjoyfive unique ways to play… and more to come!✔ dig forHiddenTreasure and fill your chests with gold!
Red boy and Blue girl in Forest Temple Maze 1.18
Are you crazy fans of teamwork style game and fire & icestylegame?Fall in love adventure maze game and remember itfromchildhood ?This game made for you : Red boy and Blue girl inForestTemple MazeRed boy (Fire boy) and his lover (blue girl -Watergirl) who go with him is a puzzle adventure game for twoplayers.It's an very addicting game to play with your kids, yourlover andyour friends.You've got two characters to control in thisexcitingpuzzle game. Lead Redboy and bluegirl to their doors ineach levelof the forest temple maze and collecting red diamonds andbluediamonds along the way. Red boy (Fire boy) must avoid the waterandblue girl (water girl ) must avoid the fire, and be careful,theblack water kills them both. Using your brain to control objectsingame such as lever, pusher, mirror, black ball, lightbeam,elevator, wind machine, pulley system in order to open paththatleads to the doors.Game free and offline. You can play anywhere ,don't need internetFEATURES:- 50 Maps and continue update -Nicecharacter red boy (fire boy)- Nice character blue girl is(watergirl)- All levels are updating frequentlyNow ! let downloadandplay. Fon't forget rate 5 star for my game !
Escape Challenge:Machine maze 10.0
You are trying to open your eyes and find yourself in a roomwhereyou are secretly, you need to find a variety of clues to getthekey to open the door to leave * Exquisite amount of 2d style*Clever puzzle design * From simple to complex, suitable forallpuzzle game enthusiasts
Fireboy and Watergirl - The Light Maze 2.9.1
Double Studio
Do you love fire and water style game ?This game is made foryou.Oneof best adventure puzzle game. One of best teamwork game.One ofbest maze gameFireboy and his lover, Watergirl, who go withhim, isa puzzle adventure game for two players. It's an addictingand veryfun to play with your kid or your lover or yourfriend.You've gottwo characters to control in this exciting puzzlegame. Lead Fireboy and Water girl to their doors in each level ofthe Light Maze,collecting diamonds along the way. Fire boy mustavoid the water andWater girl must avoid the fire, and be careful,the black mud killsthem both.Using your brain to control objectsin game such as lever,pusher, mirror, black ball, light beam,elevator, wind machine,pulley system... in order to open path thatleads to the doors.Don'twaste your time and get started yourjourney now. The challenges arewaiting for you.FEATURES:-Physics-based platforming;- ExcitingPhysics Elements- GroovySoundtrack- HID Controller Support- Playoffline anywhere- Alllevels are updating frequently
Tap Tap Dap : Games Collection 1.0.7
" Tap Tap Games Collection" merged best adventure and arcade like4Animals, Brick Tower, Color Swipe, Geometry Jump, Flappy Dunk,JumpBalls, Ninja, Pingpong, RPG Match 3, Militly, Miner Jump,MonsterUp, Mushroom, Retro Speed, Uplift, Warrior Escape which areeasy toplay and fun to master into ONE game collection." Tap TapGamesCollection" collection currently includes :Brick TowerInBrickTower, to build this building, you have to add blocks.Becareful toadd it at the good time to build it again and again thesky!Brick Tower have an infinite game play. You will neverfinisheto play with!Try to have the biggest tower ever by havingthe bestscore in the world!Color SwipeSwipe to move the centeredshape toshape with the same color. Don't touch any shapeswithdifferent color, swipe as fast as possible, collect bonus,avoid"bad bonus", and try to stay alive as long aspossible.GeometryJumpGeometry Jump is a very addictive game, "easyto play, hard tomaster" style. Just click or tap at any screenposition tomove the player, Touch left to do a small jump andtouch rightto do a long jump. With a short jump you earnonepoint. With a long jump you earn two points. If youjumpand miss a white tile platform, and you don't have any whitetileplatforms below : you lose! Try to do as many jumps asyoucan, don't be touched by the big boss wall with spikes comingfromthe left, continuously, and don't fall bymissingtiles. Flappy DunkTap to jump into as many hoopsaspossible. Collect skins and achieve crazychallenges.BeCareful Flappy Street Dunk is an extremely Addictiveamusement! Tapto hop into whatever number bands as could beexpected under thecircumstances. Gather skins and accomplish insanedifficulties.JumpBallsBall Jump is the most vibrant addictive brainchallenginggame! This game will let you think ahead before you makeany jumpwith the ball while playing this puzzle game.RPG Match3Match 3 RPGPuzzle is a new puzzle game. Help our hero attackall themonsters in each level.This is an attractive game,attracting manyplayers. There are so many levels to play, you haveto connect 3items of the same type. There are 5 different items and4 boots,you can buy boots by using coins in the game.MinerJumpMinerJumping is amazing adventure game, help Miners jumped totheground, notice the animals underground: snails, mouse … Youcancollect mines to detonate the complaints objectionable materialonthe road. Miner Jumping is endless run game.Retro SpeedYouneeddrive a race car and dodge other cars on road, every timespeedsincrease. Collect coins and open new cars! It’sendlessgame.UpliftUplift! is a simple and fast paced one-toucharcade gamewhere your only goal is to climb up as far as you can,tier aftertier, without getting killed by squared enemies. Soundseasy? Giveit a try!Warrior EscapeHelp our Space Warrior escape thisship bytouch your screen to fly higher. Stay away from the door,and don’tdrop down.Single Tap Warrior game.Simple yet challenginggameplaythat count on your quick reaction.HourlySurprises.Challenge yourFriends by sharing your best scores.Moregame is coming soonWe arenow working hard on developing newchallenging Adventure games. "Adventuredom " will be the king ofbrain teasers!FEATURES• Easy butFunny game playWe only put bestadventure games inside which willmake you can not stop once startplaying.• Minimalism graphicTheart design is simple but beautiful.It's a game for all ages.•Playing the game with your FRIENDSWe willsupport online rank listsoon! You can challenge your friends byachievement and leaderboard. • No time limitYou can play it anytimeeven with no WIFI.Enjoy the game with your friend & family withAdventureCollection : Adventure games all in one.
🔎 Hidden Numbers: Twisted Worlds 3.4.1
Look for hidden objects, numbers and letters, symbols andsigns,uncover secrets of parallel worlds playing a newextraordinaryhidden object game! You are welcome to Twisted Worlds!You are theone and a magic Portal to the parallel reality hasopened for youwith lots of levels, secrets and puzzles, colourfullandscapes andbeautiful hidden object scenes. Get ready for anincredible fairytale adventure in the mystery world. If you likegames for girls ofquestall age: little girls, teenage girls, andbig girls, you're atthe right place. The only one thing better thanfree online hiddenobject games are free offline hidden objectgames, and TwistedWorlds is just that! Play in your favorite questgame wherever youare, whenever you want to! Find items in picturesas quickly as youcan! Move the picture when it is zoomed to findthe hidden objects!You can zoom in the picture to find the hiddenitem easily! Someobjects are hidden in the shadows of otherobjects. Go through allthe levels of this magnificent mysteryhidden object quest andenjoy the unforgettable adventure where youshould search forhidden items,lost objects GAME FEATURES: -Completely free &fun for all ages and genders - Silhouettehidden objects – achallenging level for finding items! - Mysticalatmospheres &magnificient puzzles - Eye-catching & mindblowing game -Fantastic minigames & exquisite game scenes -Hidden objects,locks & keys for testing your brilliance inescapes. - Uniquemechanics of crafting boosters from the foundingredients - A castof mysterious creatures to guide you - 10+hidden object modes fordevoted finding games fans - 20+ changinglocations to explore intwo worlds - 70+ original collections of theitems in theirhistorical progress - 1100+ days of gameplay formystery gamesgeeks - 2000+ tasks revealing true historical eventsand forecastsfor the future Serious trials are ahead. Through thePortal youwill investigate different locations, search for hiddenobjects andartifacts of the past. Unlike the majority of seek andfind games,you will have to look for not ordinary objects, butsymbols,numbers and Latin letters. Travel through twin worlds,visitinteresting places, train your attention and have lots of funwithour hiding game! The secret society watches over you, at everystepyou take. Do not make mistakes Multiple levels with mysteryplacesfull of cool hidden objects! Addictive story can make youplay allday every day! We added 3 in a row, quests and puzzlesminigamesfor your relaxation and distraction from the mainstoryline . Atthe "mach 3" levels you will find a lot of puzzles,beautifulanimations, and useful bonuses. Move and match 3 things ofthe sametype three in row to burst and win points. Enjoy match-3puzzlegame, it’s cool! We made this game for hidden and escapegameslovers.Thank you for playing our search and find games. Youare thebest! Don't forget to rate them! Look for more newchallengingadventure games and hidden object full games from ourstudio! I’msure if you are looking for item searching games, it’sthat youneed! Seeker, find all the things and hidden subjects in apictureand share this hidden object adventure with your friends andfamilymembers. You may require an Internet connection to takeaccess itssocial features.Game available for different versions ofandroidfor girls, boys, kids and adults. You can play in this gamewithoutInternet.Facebook: our tech support at [email protected]
MIRIAM : The Escape 2.0
In Miriam you will go on an adventure inside a girl'sstrangedreams.Stages of black and white, light and silhouette arewaitingto be challenged by you.Are you ready to solve the puzzlesandescape from the endless lucid dreams?FEATURES•Brilliantcombination of Arcade, Adventure, and Puzzle• Realisticand fluidphysics-based gameplay• Stay in the dark, avoid lightandobstacles• Solve the puzzles, find the key to escape from aroom•Creatively designed 24 stages• Survive through obstacleelementssuch as liquids, stones, boxes, and balls• The art-like,elaborate3D animations created using Unity engine• Intuitiveone-touchcontrols - arrow keys and jump key are all you need•Surreal andimmersive audio-visual gaming experience• Imaginativeandinnovative level designMiriam is one of the bestarcadegames/adventure games available on mobile.Download and playthisone-of-a-kind indie game right now.We welcome you to Miriam'sworldof dream, destiny, horror, darkness and sometimes, evil inone'sinside.
Mimpi 1.1.9
Explore strange new worlds and unique adventures in Mimpi -afantastic new adventure, puzzle, and platformer game. Bestplayedon a tablet.Awards:European Games Awards 2014 nominee forBestEuropean Mobile Game & Best European Art Direction.CzechGameof the Year 2014 nominee for VisualArtsExcellence.Reviews:TouchArcade: 4.5/5 "Mimpi is adorable,theartwork is amazing, and the puzzles are both challenging andsimplyfun to play through ... I highly recommend folks checkitout."Arcade Sushi: 9/10 "This first rate app is anabsolutelygorgeous title, and it’s one of the few physics basedpuzzlers thatmoves the heart and the mind."App Addict: 4/5 "Mimpiis delightfulplatformer, that really shines due to the challengingpuzzleelement which often cleverly utilizes the touch screen."Thegame islike a psychedelic illustration come alive! Mimpi the dogissearching for his master in eight diverse worlds. Theenvironmentis seldom repetitive, the puzzles are always new. Thestory is toldwithout words by the game world itself. The game canbe played byanyone, kids, adults, hipsters, cryptoterrestrials...:)=Features=- Optimized for tablet- 8 differentillustrated levelswhere each screen is different- Puzzle,platformer and adventuremechanics combined into unique gameplaystyle - Unique puzzles andminigames that seldom repeat - 24 shortcomics to discover-Unobtrusive story that is told completelywithout words, no boringdialogues - Music that changes as youprogress levels- 8 characterskins available in game=FollowUs=Become a fan of Mimpi on Facebookand get the latest followthe devs
CLC Layton 11.4.0
Download the CLC Layton App now to connect to everythingthat'sgoing on.E-BulletinSermon NotesPrayer Wall PushNotifications(reminders for sign ups)Listen to SermonsEventsCalenderOnlineGivingChristian Life Center2352 E. Hwy 193Layton, UT84040Phone:801-771-5433Fax:
Sherlock Holmes game : Spot the hidden object 1.3.003
NEW ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES AWAIT YOU!Arthur ConanDoyle'sdetectives are conducting a new investigation. Classic spotthehidden object game from the creators of Time Trap.Our hiddenitemsgame is TRULY free: you can download it for free and findhiddenitems with no in-game purchases.Put your powers ofobservation tothe test as you search for hidden clues in the mostunexpectedplaces.Features:- realistic scenes featuring yourfavoritecharacters- this is TRULY free spot the hidden objectsdetectivegame- diverse game locations: seek and find, spot thehidden object, spot the differences- most of the objects aregenuine antiques!-innovative system of photo hints for hiddenitemsGood luck withyour investigation!If you are looking forcaptivating free hiddenitems game ( HOPA ), then ' Sherlock Holmes: Spot the hiddenobjects ' is exactly what you need. More than 500000 downloads ofmobile versions of the Detective Sherlock Holmesgame - the mostattractive from free detective hidden items games!We'll be happyto stay in touch with you : leavecomments, ask questions and getnews about coming games! Look formore free detective games and newspot the hidden object game fromour studio! Start your SherlockHolmes game !
Bridge Another World: Alice in Shadowland 1.0.0
Play the trial for FREE! Pay once & complete theadventure!Alicewas out for a nice evening jog, when suddenly astranger pushes heroff a bridge into the river below. Grabbing foranything withinreach, she catches a piece of a mirror thatmagically transports herto another world. What used to beWonderland is now a darkreflection of itself called Shadowland,and the people of the landare crying out for a hero to save them!•FREE WONDERLAND FROM THEGRIP OF AN EVIL TYRANT!The Red Princessrules with an iron fist, butprophecy speaks of one who will cometo the rescue. Are you thefabled Alice of legend?• CAN YOU FINDYOUR SHADOW BEFORE IT’S TOOLATE?Track down your missing piecethrough a fantasy land ofcolorful hidden object scenes. • RECOVERWHAT WAS LOST WITH YOURTRUSTY COMPASSUse this handy device to helpsolve magical puzzlesand spectacular mini-games.• THWART AN EVILPLOT IN THE EXCITINGBONUS CHAPTERJourney into the past and enjoyadditional Collector’sEdition exclusives including collectiblePlaying Cards, morphingobjects, and more!• Find thousands ofhidden objects, plus solvetons of mini games and puzzles!• Unlockthis incredible Collector'sEdition to gain access to all of theamazing bonuses and additionalgameplay!*** Discover more from BigFish Games*** Sign up for ournewsletter and never miss a newrelease or promotion again: outour entire game library withour Big Fish Games app absolutely FREEhere: Big Fish Games, a leadingdeveloper,producer, and publisher of puzzle, adventure, casual,card &casino games!VISIT US:
Halloween Match 3 1.1
Time to celebrate the Halloween festivities with Halloween Match3puzzle game! Download for free and experience hundreds of funandtricky levels packed with exciting new boosts and power-ups!Jointhe crazy and spooky adventure today and clear the board towinamazing prizes! Make combinations of at least 3 items inthisawesome match-3 game, and enjoy incredible and festive graphicsanda smooth gameplay.How to Play:- Make combinations of 3 or morethesame colored Halloween items to pop them. - Collect prizes andmakespecial combinations to create big explosions!- Boostyourexperience with awesome power-ups. - Swap spooky itemswithoutlimit and plan ahead your moves.- Hundreds of festivelevels! - Trygetting 3 stars by reaching high scoresAmazing HolidayFeatures:-Beautiful graphics and designs- Get in the holiday spirittoday!-Spooky gameplay with amazing Halloween items.- There is notimelimit - Play for hours and experience endless fun!-Collectdelicious candy on your way to victory!Join the fun andsolve allthe wonderful puzzles in this great holiday Match 3 gamefor thewhole family! Dress up, gather candy and make sure tomatchcolorful combinations to clear the board, and win amazingrewards.Use special spells and secret potions to complete thechallengesand puzzles and collect Halloween candy to win levels.Experienceendless fun in a splendid match-3 scary Halloween worldfilled withbonuses and surprises!
Redboy and Bluegirl in Light Temple Maze 1.15
Nobisuki mobi
Are you crazy fans of fire and water or fire and ice (teamworkgame)? Fall in love adventure maze game and remember it fromchildhood ?Fire Red boy and his lover (ice girl - Water girl) whogo with himis a puzzle adventure game for two players. It's anvery addictinggame to play with your kids, your lover and yourfriend. You've gottwo characters to control in this excitingpuzzle game. Lead Red boyand Water girl to their doors in eachlevel of the Crystal TempMaze, collecting fire diamonds and icediamonds along the way. Redboy must avoid the water and Ice girlmust avoid the fire, and becareful, the black water kills themboth. Using your brain tocontrol objects in game such as lever,pusher, mirror, black ball,light beam, elevator, wind machine,pulley system in order to openpath that leads to the doors. GREATGAME FEATURES: - 30 Maps andcontinue update - Nice character redboy - Nice character water girl- Always support .All levels areupdating frequently - NiceSoundtrack - Classic gameplay from web -Back to childhood
LIMBO demo 1.16
Uncertain of his sister's fate, a boy enters LIMBO. What thepresssaid: “Limbo is as close to perfect at what it does as a gamecanget.” 10/10 – Destructoid “The game is a masterpiece.” 5/5–GiantBomb “Limbo is genius. Freaky, weird genius.Disturbing,uncomfortable genius.” 5/5 – The Escapist “Dark,disturbing, yeteerily beautiful, Limbo is a world that deserves tobe explored.”5/5 – Joystiq Winner of more than 100 awards,including:Gameinformer’s “Best Downloadable” Gamespot’s “BestPuzzle Game”Kotaku’s “The Best Indie Game” GameReactor’s “DigitalGame of theYear” Spike TV’s “Best Independent Game” X-Play’s“BestDownloadable Game” IGN’s “Best Horror Game”
Marina Bubble 1.4
Join the adventure at the bubble shooting marina and pop alltheballs to win levels!Play and enjoy this super cool puzzle gameandset on a thrilling adventure at the calming underwater world.Theocean holds many challenges and different puzzles for all ofyoububble shooter fans, so dive into the fun and use the coolmarineboosts and power-ups to solve all the fun puzzles. How toPlay:-Drag your finger to use the laser sight, and lift it tosmashbubbles. - Match at least 3 bubbles of the same color to popthegroup and win levels. - Swap bubbles and plan ahead yourshots.Unlock Cool Marine Boosts: - Pop 7 bubbles in a row to earntheSuper-Trident. The super-trident will clear your way up tovictory.- Drop 10 bubbles or more to get the Water-Mine. Thewater-minewill create a big explosion and take out surroundingbubbles. - Usethe Super Swap boost to swap between 3 bubbles. - Usethe Super Aimboost to make a precise shot. Play and explorehundreds of splashylevels packed with colorful bubbles, beautifulgraphics and funpower-ups. It’s the most incredible bubble burstingsea adventure!
The Long Journey - Adventure Games & Point Click 1.3
Do you love Adventure Games? Do you love Escape Games&Intriguing Puzzles? Do you love solving Mystery Games? Play'TheLong Journey' and feel like you are in a Gigantic AdventureGamewith a Massive and Abandoned world to explore! If youloveAdventure Games & Mystery Games with a storyline thatwillCaptivate you from the start, then you will LOVE The LongJourney -Adventure Games & Point & Click. Travel to afaraway anddistant land nestled in the mountains, where mankind isoftenunseen, and stories of the ages unfold. You crash land in averyisolated, dense area in the forest. It appears to be anotherworld- totally uncharted territory, where only outliers dwell. Withabackpack as your only supply, you start your journey throughthevast woods, picking up clues on your expedition. Along yourway,you see visions of young children in the distance, waving youtokeep moving along, as if there is a path and destiny to bereached.Where did you come from? Who are these young children, andwhat arethey leading you into? The mystery of the Long Journey willunravelbefore your very eyes, and another improbable twist endingwillunveil and leave you astounded, and wanting to discuss the turnofevents that lead up to the epic finale... Features Include:Over110 Gorgeous HDR Scenes from many places around the world,sewntogether to bring you one stunning game. Beautifully craftedmusicand sounds immerse you into a whole other world. Captivatingnewstoryline that builds up into an improbable twist ending!Includesa Map System, Hints, Answers & other tips and tricks tohelpyou along the way!
The lost paradise 2:Escape the horror room 2.0
Get Lost in the forest, but the night is coming. You're a girlwhois looking for her home and parents. What are the creaturesyoumet? Friend? Vicious monster? Or something that nooneknows?Puzzles come to you one after another, and the choicesyouhave to make. What leads you to the last, is always yourself.Goandsolve the puzzles, to reveal the truth of the forest and makeclearwhat has happened. To get away from the LostParadise!Features:Darkand horrible 2D hand drawing makes you feelimmersive.The new andchallengeable puzzles! Challenge yourself!Astory with more thanone end! Explore to finish the multiple ends tounlock theachievements!The sequel of the Lost Paradise!Relativelyindependent story will attract you whether you've everplayedprecedingproduction!------------------------------------
Mortimer Beckett and the Book of Gold 📕 🔎 1.0.9
Ready to solve a gripping mystery? Tackle ingenious riddles inthishidden object puzzle adventure! 🔎Have you heard aboutthemysterious Book of Gold? A tome of many secrets, it’salreadybrought an unlikely couple together on a quest to find it -theintroverted thinker Mortimer, and the extroverted,spontaneousKate. But there’s many more twists to come. Can you helpMortimerand Kate get their hands on the book? Turns out you’re notthe onlyones who are after it... Put your eagle eye to the test,and teaseyour brain in this beautifully designed puzzle adventure!🕵️🔎 HELPMORTIMER AND KATE ON THEIR QUEST to find the legendary BookofGold🔎 SOLVE BRAINTEASING PUZZLES and discover all sortsofchallenging riddles🔎 FIND ALL THE HIDDEN OBJECTS toassemblehelpful tools and reveal clues like a true detective🔎 ENJOY60STORY LEVELS and 18 extra challenging timed levels 🔎 EXPLORE30LOCATIONS and test your wits in the jungle, the desert, andmanymore exciting places🔎 MEET QUIRKY CHARACTERS and make newfriends,but beware - not everyone is all that they seem!🔎 COLLECTALL THEDIAMONDS and visit auctions to earn artifacts forMortimer'sprivate collection🔎 PUZZLE WITH THE WHOLE FAMILY andenjoy solvingchallenging riddles and finding hidden objectstogetherTry thefirst few levels for free! The full complement oflevels can beunlocked with an in-app purchase.Follow Mortimer onFacebook: theGameHouseOriginal Stories app and enjoy other amazing games likeDelicious,Heart's medicine and Fabulous:
Escape from the Underworld Thieves Hideout 1.0.0
"Escape from the Underworld Thieves Hideout" is amysteriousadventure escape game aiming to escape from the hideoutof thethieves who sneaked for treasure."Escape from theUnderworldThieves Hideout" is a mysterious adventure escape gameaiming toescape from the hideout of the thieves who sneakedfortreasure.:::how to play:::Let's escape from the hide by solvingthemystery based on the clue in the room.Use arrow keys tomove.Thereis a place where details can be seen by tapping in theroom.Toescape you need to obtain items and use them.To use an item,tapfrom the item list and make it a selection state (red frame)andtap the part you want to use.Hints are displayed byviewingadvertisements.Hints have concise hints and detailed hints.
Maze World 3D 1.2.4
Empire games
Maze World 3D - puzzle and adventure, you need to find the exitinthe maze, collecting bonuses and keys along the way.Gamefeatures:★40 levels, divided by the area type★ Easy to play:forward, turnleft and right controls★ Use game objects - keys,doors, coins★Mini-map★ Rating system: collect all coins in thelevel and findthe exit in a fast time to get the maximum rating
Kitty Pop Bubble Shooter 1.0
Fan of bubble pop games? You must try this brand-new colorblastpuzzle! Kitty Pop Bubble Shooter is a fun bubble shooting gamewithhundreds of addictive levels, beautiful graphics andawesomeboosts. Pop all the bubbles by matching 3 colors - it’ssuper fun!Try out this cool exciting game, aim carefully to hit thetargetand make these bubbles pop! Get ready for a new adventure!Thisaddictive bubble shooter game offers some fun puzzles,challenginglevels and amazing graphics and effects. Get it now forFREE andexperience an easy and fun gameplay. Use your bubblepopping skillsto help Kitty shoot and blast all the colorfulbubbles and clearlevels! Pop the Bubbles!* Show off your colormatching skills andcomplete all the different missions. * Reach thelevel target andsolve the fun puzzle to advance.* Tap where youwant to shoot.*Match 3 or more bubbles of the same color to createa line blastand win points. * Reach high scores and try to get 3stars on everylevel. * The more bubbles you remove from the boardin one shot,the higher score you’ll get. Boost your experience withspecialpower-ups:* Pop 7 bubbles in a row to unlock the FIREBALLthat willburn every bubble on the way.* Drop 10+ bubbles at once toget aBOMB that will take out surrounding bubbles.Try out the bestappand experience a simple yet super addictive puzzle game. Thereisno life or time limit - you can start any level over and nothaveto wait for lives, as they are unlimited! Awesome Features!🐱Asuper cute cat character! Meet Kitty and help her clear theboardfrom all the colorful balls.🐱 Colorful graphics and designs,jointhe exciting adventure in the animal world!🐱 Explore hundredsofthrilling levels filled with fun puzzles and challenges.🐱Smoothgameplay and cool animations.🐱 Completely free-to-play, hoursoffun are guaranteed!Play through hundreds of exciting levelsandenjoy the most amazing gameplay anywhere and anytime.Competeagainst friends and family and see who can reach the highestscoreand get 3 stars on every level. Have a blast shooting andsmashingall the bubbles!All rights of Bubble Shooter™ are owned byIlyonDynamics Ltd.
yellow 1.6
Bart Bonte
Yellow, a puzzle game for you! Can you make the screen yellow inall50 levels? Each level has its own logic. A Bart Bonte /bontegamespuzzle game.
Jungle Match 2.0.2
Make the most amazing tropical fruit shake in this coolmatch-3jungle fever game!Welcome to the sweetest adventure! Travelthroughcolorful settings, swapping and matching fruit, clear theboard andwin levels. Make juicy combinations and overcome all theobstaclesin this fun free puzzle game.Jungle Match Features: Freeand funadventure at the tropical island.Hundreds of juicy levelsfilledwith fresh fruit and cool items.Colorful graphicsanddesigns.Awesome boosters and power-ups to ease yourexperience.Howto Play:Swipe and link 3 or more fruits to create alinecrush.Collet fresh fruit and win points! Complete the missionsandsolve the match-3 puzzles.Achieve 3 stars to getmorecoins!Experience endless fun in this exciting match-3 worldgamewith powerful boosters and amazing bonuses.Go on athrillingjourney with Jungle Match and explore wondrous levelsfilled withjuicy fruit and delicious treats. Play now and gethooked on thisawesome fruit matching puzzle game. Get it now forFREE!
Legendary : Game of Heroes 2.5.11
Immerse yourself in the fantasy world of Korelis and battle yourwayto dominance. Fight alongside over 10 million playersworldwide. Goon quests, fight for your guild, collect powerfulcards, and so muchmore. Play today! Features: • Collect and evolvehundreds ofmonsters, each with their own abilities and lore •Magical match 3battles • Fight with friends and share your spoils• Join a guildwith other players and defeat other guilds • Mastermissions andearn special quest rewards Connect with the communityat: