Top 49 Games Similar to Ultimate Fighter

Hero Fighter X
Hero Fighter is a fighting beat 'em up game created and developedbyMarti Wong, the creator of Little Fighter, for nearly 7years.Thereare 22 hero characters with tonnes of powerfulmoves.Hero Fighterprovides 300+ stages in 7 game modes:- StoryMode: Play withdifferent characters of your choice against enemiesand fight towatch their stories unfold.- Duel Mode: 1 on 1 Match.-Team VS Mode:Group-vs-group fighting- Battle Mode: Fight up to 100men in abattlefield with mercenaries, gold mines, soldier campsandcastles.- Tournament: Defeat your enemies each round astheychallenge you one by one.- Mission Mode: Survive therelentlesswaves of attacks from the enemy / bosses.- Training Mode:Receivespecial cards and earn extra experience points.
Fatal Fight - Fighting Games
Fatal Fight is a unique fighting game that isextremelyaddictive.Discover your way to become the greatest fighterbydefeating evil ninjas, deadly warriors and invisiblesamurais.Doyou like the fighting scenes? Great! Fatal Fight hasstunningscenes with different martial arts.It is can be also called"Beatthem up" which is a type of action game where the charactermustfight against a large number of enemies in unarmed combat orwithmelee weapons. Beat 'em up usually employ vigilante crimefightingand revenge plots with the action taking place on citystreets.Theunique gameplay makes it easy to learn but hardtomaster.Features:• Tons of epic levels• 10+ Kung Fu masters• Notimelimit. Play as long as you want.• Offline mode. No Wi-Fi,noproblem.• Daily bonuses and gifts• Unique fighting skills•Annoyingads? No problem. Make any in-app purchase and ads will bedisabledforever.• Leaderboards & achievements.• Cloud save.Your gameprogress is being saved online. You can sync your gameprogressbetween devices, phones & tablets using the same GooglePlay orFacebook Account. Like usonFacebook:'sFight!
Dragon Fight Shadow: Super Hero Battle Of Warriors
Super Dragon Fight Shadow is a new offline combat action gamein2018. This is a story about super battle between 2 shadowsides:God vs Devil. The planet is under threaten by enemies. Ourwarriorshas to transform into superhero legend to fight with devilsinshadow shape. In order to win the battle, you have to gottheinfinite power. Legend said that anyone who collects 7 piecesballof dragon will have infinite power. Some balls are hidden inkaiplanet and others are hidden in vegeta gt planet. Duringtheadventure, you will travel to different planets and fight withmanykind of shadow enemies.Gather the best super heroes togetherandlet them stay by your side if you love for dragon fight shadow2and you want to win it.Your enemies also be able toupgradethemselves after each level. Please remember to upgrade yourherocontinuously and equip him the best weapons. Some ninjaawesomeskills may also be useful in fierce battles.★ How to play:-Becareful with damage from shadow fighters, you can be defeatedafterjust get 1,2,3 or 4 hits from them- Collect the magic peanutstofulfill your power and energy- Some enemies has shield toprotect,only attack when they don't have shield to avoid run out ofenergy-Each enemies has special skills, remember that their specialhitcan damage 3-5 times more than the normal hit- Transform tosupersaiyan will help to increase your power and health alot. Trytoreach lasttest SSJ level to get super dragon power.★ Gamefeatures-Tutorial guide player from a to z- 20 super saiyan levelstotransform (SSJ1, SSJ2 .., SSJ20)- Hero super skills: dragoncall,ball blast attack, phoenix recall- 16 demon bosses withdifferenthidden kungfu skills- 55 pre-design battles with a lotofchallenges- Fantastic skill effects- Daily reward andluckyspinSuper dragon fight shadow is a new offline action gamethatpromises to bring you the most interesting battle and relaxtime.Good game about fight battle of 2 shadow dragon warriorsinsmartphone both for mobile and tablet. Enjoy the martial artwithkung fu fighter like in a goku manga story. You can not dieuntilyou win. It's time to fight for justice and protectourplanet!Contact:
Superhero Immortal Gods City Street Crime Fighter
Another master piece for the lovers of superhero games. Thistimesurvival games craft brings grand twist in superheroactiongames.Tell other superheroes who’s the super hero bysomeaction.Superhero Immortal Gods City Street Crime Fighter bringsawide range of superhero fighting squad including the maskedhero,action heroin, action hero, spider hero, light hero, turtlehero,superhuman and flying superstars to lead the City RescueMissions.The dark evil forces are spreading through the city,everyone ispanic stricken. The tough guy and tough girl of the areaare tryingtheir level best to be the rescue heroes save thechildren from theprevailing horror. You are fighting for justice ofthose innocentpeople so use your acute sight, become diligent tolook out for anyflubber made by the super villain team to win thefight betweengood vs evil. Some masked vigilante wearing costumeand having anysuper strength will come to your aid in secretidentity. This willbe one mega gangster strike action league.Inthis grand karatefighting game, you will enjoy real championshipsbetween Chineseand Japanese martial arts superhero comic characterswhich usedifferent fighting styles including Muay Thai, Taekwondo,and KungFu. Use User-friendly controllers to control your herofighter insuperhero fighting games. Grand Immortal Ring ArenaBattle attackperforms to defend their team by opponent remarkablefighting freestyles which want to defeat you. Kung Fu SuperheroImmortal GodsCity Street Crime Fighter performs arcade and knockoutround. Useunique karate styles fighting and show flying kicking,superkickand martial arts skills. These styles show realisticfightingenjoyment. Three round of fighting, Last round are winninground.Show your bravery and power to destroy an opponent inninjaassassin deadly battle. Arcade vs knockout counter fightingroundwith otaku vs harissa, superhero vs canfual, spider vsmeodea,lighthero vs terra. Kung fu fighting action well known inthisgame. Liberal smash adventure attack is very important towinningchampion world battle. Fulfil your imagination to be a kingof kungfu fighter. Show off your astounding punching, extremekicking andsuper combo techniques to take down opponents afterselecting yoursuperhero ring fighter.These superheroes have comehead on to provetheir true worth in this remarkable SuperheroImmortal Gods CityStreet Crime Fighter which is a great starter forreal boxinggames.Choose from highly skilled Incredible bulk, SuperGirl, lighthero, red superhero, ,fearless fighter, Fidget spinnerHero, BlueCaptain and Luminous ring fighters to ace the arena. Showoff yourastounding punching, extreme kicking and super combotechniques totake down opponents after selecting your superheroring fatalfighter.Play as real superhero to fight against deadlygangstersand show them who's the super hero. Take part in gangsterfightwith real gangsters and criminals and make your citysecure.Feelthe incredible metahuman power of warrior princess andflyingsuperstars.The mafia heist will fight back with utmost poweranddark energy to kill the Super light hero in this superherovscriminal fight in ferocious superhero fighting game. It’s thegameof flying superstars and combo heroes.Superhero Immortal GodsCityStreet Crime Fighter Features:• Magical superpower ofsuperheroes.•Realistic fighting characters and Advanced New Yorklike moderncity.• Assemble favourite super tag team.• RealisticEnvironment ofarena ring.• Real gameplay of fighting.• Use multiplestreet kungfu fighting styles• Karate death battlefield.• Ninjaassassinaction Battle warrior.• Multiple characters for ultimateaction.•Superpower unique experience.
Iron Snout+ Pig Fighting Game
Help a brave kung fu piglet fight hordes of angry wolves inthisaddictive animal fighting game (free) - Iron Snout!Swipe &tapyour finger to keep punching, kicking and slamming yourfoes,stealing their weapons and knocking them out of the arenatosurvive as long as you can in this endless fighting game aboutanultimate fight between pigs and wolves! Iron Snout is anaddictivebeat em up game takes place in a dangerous animal world,where onetiny pig fighter hero with powerful kung fu fightingskills muststand strong against endless stream of angry wolveshungry forblood and bacon!🐷 funny premise of a wolf fighting pigpunchingsnouts in mortal combat🐷 master deadly fighting style of akaratepig in this feral animal fighting game🐷 keep tapping andswiping tosurvive in intense bloody boxing brawl🐷 chain crazycombos ofdeadly fighting moves to beat up hungry wolf enemies 🐷 useenemybody parts and weapons to win the fights🐷 conquer forest arenaanddominate wolves in brutal city street fighting 🐷 train indeadlyfighting styles like pork kung fu master, swine judo karateandbloody boxing🐷 show off your quick reflexes and wolf huntingskillswith swift pig fighter controls 🐷 unlock tons of funachievements 🐷enjoy endless fighting with cartoon blood and baconmixed in thisfun beat em up game🐷 improve skills & beat yourfriends toreach the top of leaderboards🐷 bring your deadly fightoffline in afun wolf fighting game without internetBest AddictiveFightingGameIron Snout pig game unleashes your fight skills in afun mortalcombat with quick taps and swipes, which turn to pig kungfu mastermoves designed to fight wolves! Every deadly fight gamesessionwill be different, with many ways to kill your enemies -think andreact fast to not get overwhelmed by endless hordes offoes!There’s no way to block attacks, so keep swiping fast to makeourpig games hero jump over or dodge under the rocket wolvesorwrecking ball swing! Just like in other beat em up games,usingstrong force attacks to knock your enemies back is also aviablestrategy. Our iron ninja fighter can punch and kickenemyprojectiles to catch and throw them back. Killing a swordfightingwolf will also knock out its weapon, which pig then cancatch anduse in the battle. Adapt and use a variety of fun fightingstyleslike pork kung fu, swine karate and snout boxing - it makesIronSnout a fun addictive endless fighting game (free)!Funnyfightinggame enemies!You must defend the piggy with your pork chopmovesfrom different hungry wolves, so learn their attacks and reactwithbest fighting game moves. In forest arena you’ll battleendlessstream of granny wolf fighters, pogo wolves and chainsawwieldingfoes. In city street fighting arena kung fu fightangryskateboarding wolves, police SWAT squad and funny wolvesswingingon a wrecking ball or throwing balls at your kung fumasterpig!Warning: Fighting Game With Blood And GoreIron Snout isone ofthe deadly wolf fighting games with blood, so be warned -thisfunny beat em up game contains cartoon blood, deadlyanimalfighting and gore from unrealistic piglet vs wolf violence,so itis not suitable for kids, unless you’re teaching your childrenthatknocking enemy heads off during a mortal combat is fine. Iffunfighting games with blood is not what you’re looking for, checkoutmy other pig games! Get ready for deadly combat action inthisendless fighting game and prepare to punch your way throughhordesof wolves! Iron Snout beat em up game is also availableonSteam: free piggames& try beta version of another endless fighting game(free)called Bacon May Die made by indie gamedev SnoutUp. All gamescanbe played offline withoutinternetconnection!
Ninja Warrior Kungfu 2018
This Ninja Warrior Kungfu game will take you through seriesofclassic levels, various enemies and boss battles withamazingexperience of side scrolling platform games. In this fastpacedninja game, your task is to fight against the monsters,zombies,kill the king of monsters, zombies, collecting more energyball anditems to get powerful weaponsNinja Warrior Kungfu game,thedefeated enemies will light your anger. When your anger erupts,youwill be awake and become wolfman. Fight for glory and controlthebattle. Defeat every enemy ahead at the fastest speed and betheonly master of the arcade battle!Ninja skills can keep youmovingforward, but the transformed werewolf is the city'spatronsaint.The sharp claw is your weapon. Heavy armor can make theenemyfear. Your high attack speed will not let anyone flee.Startthebattle and let your hot blood boil! The intense andthrillingarcade fighting adventures is there for you toexplore!Features:-3D arcade visual scenes- Stunning combos- Weirdand strong Boss-Different kinds of weapons to attack- Hundreds ofweapons and PowerUp!- Achievement system to stimulate you game.-Epic weapons-Various adventurous levels- Some level adjustment.-Final chapteradded.- Boss fight added.- New enemies added.- Storyending added.-New shop added.- Tons of missions- Fast pace andsimplecontrolLet's download Ninja Warrior Kungfu 2018 to fightmonstersit now!
Ben Beast Hero
Welcome to the Ben Beast Hero with amazing fighting powers,combatpowers and other incredible kicks powers against the gangstersquadof the crime city. This ben beast hero 2017 game is speciallymadefor those fans who love boxeo robot fighting, gangstersfightingand other city battle arena winter games 2017.Ben BeastHero GamePlay:The game play of this Ben Beast Hero is verythrilling andaction packed. Your player will be Ben beast hero andyou’ll haveto fight against the war criminals, aliens and mafias ofthe citybattle.You can use your combat powers of fires, kicks,jumps andother fighting skills to kill the deadly criminals and tostop theviolence from the futuristic city. As you get switch to thenextlevel, the monsters and squad of gangster will be going toincreaseand difficulty will also be going to increase.Ben BeastHeroFeatures:Detailed environment of different views.Beast hero astheSaviour of the futuristic city.Gangsters and war mafias tokilllike other new fighting games.10 action pack levels withmultipleof hurdles.Variety of rescue Ben beast with high combatshoot.HighQuality 3D, HD Graphics and Realistic SoundEffects.Devastatingcombat shooting experience of Ben hero.You mighthave played manyBen games, beast hero games and other winterfighting games butthis ben hero game will offer you an incrediblefighting and combatshooting skills that you have never seen beforethis ultimatealien.All opponents will telegraph their moves at thestart ofbattle and will shuffle through them or even switch to itspartner.Keeping a close eye on your opponent’s manoeuvres, takingnote ofwhich moves to use, and skilful timing in selecting movesandtagging-out are all essential to win your battles asultimatealien.Ben beast hero must avoid a slew of aliens andobstacleswhile collecting enough strength to fight Psyphon’shenchmen inalien combat. Use the Omnitrix to transform into yourfavouritealiens and increase their power with Omniboxes in thisfightergames.In this modern combat arena, there are a lot ofgangsters,mafias and other war criminals who always create violencein thefuturistic city of gangster crime and now this city hasbeenconverted into crime city like fighting adventure games.Youhave toshow that you are the only one ben beast & incrediblehero ofthe crime city. You’ll have full control of ben hero withamazingfighting powers on the streets of futuristic city withherofighters. It’s actually an incredible ben hero vs criminalheroesgame and it’s just like the other incredible superheroesgames& new fighting games but you’ll not get bored afterplayingsuch type of ben fighting game.We offer you tips andsolutions fora Ben hero fighting game. The way to overcome enemiesand fightingwith ben beast. How to overcome the leaders and whatare theappropriate personalities at every stage from Ben beastUltimatehero and Tips for Ben hero with amazing city battlepowers.SuperBen hero and friends have already fallen, but you’vemanaged tosurvive. Kill the most of the monsters, collecting moregems andammunition to buy more powerful magic skills, which cankill themonsters quickly same as new fighting games &fightingadventure games.In this city battle type game of herofighters,there will be total 10 levels and very first level will bejust forlearning because you’ll be new to fight against thegangster mafia,war criminals and fighting mafia same as other ringbattle arena& fighter games.Let’s play use transforming firealien for thefirst time, and defeat all player with your fire andyour newpower, it’s very easy and fun, and you must defeat alllevel 10levels totally. Transform with the new omnitrix fromalienDiamondhead in galaxy.WE VALUE YOUR FEEDBACK:Ben Beast Herowill beupdated according to your suggestions. Don't forget to leaveareview with your feedback.
Shadow Warrior 3 : Champs Battlegrounds Fight
Shadow Warrior 3 : Champs Battlegrounds Fight is a superexcitinghorizontal action fighting game. Five brave fightersentered theshadow world. It's all about trials, battles andcompetitions. Theypromise to conquer all here by force and closethe door of shadows!It was a super-exciting battle. In the face ofdifferent enemies,you need to use different fighting tactics. Thefastest way todefeat an opponent is to think of nothing. Thisshadow worldbelongs to a parallel universe, a dark universe withtoo many darkforces lurking here. Fists, weapons, fighting skills,and yourcollected heroes & Battle Monsters are what you canrely on toconquer the evil. Gather the most powerful shadowwarriors andexplore this world full of adventure! The game issimple andflexible. Different skill movements can form differentkinds ofcombo fighting. Use Kicking, boxing, jumping and falling tomakethe most powerful combos! Constantly reinforce your equipmentandthe hero itself, experience the thrill of the kill, and maketheevil forces of the universe tremble. Start this epic journeyamongthe stars, enjoy the beauty of the landscape and the funofexploring the planets, bring peace back to the universe.Onceyoustep into this shadow world, it means that danger iseverywhere.Mighty warriors, are you ready? Maintain the fastestattack speedand the most powerful combat skills and begin to enjoytheaggressive action of the arcade! Features:Beautiful,realisticfighting scenesPowerful fighting skills and tacticsJointhe fightanytime, anywhereVarious shades of warriors andelvesChallengeyourself with hard fighting
Incredible Monster Hero: Superhero City Battle
Looking for superhero fighting games?Incredible MonsterHeroSuperhero City Battle is a new action-packed monster herosurvivalgame loaded with amazing power of monster hero fights. Cityisunder the control of forces of evil and criminal mafia, peoplearewaiting for a legend hero for their survival, use your superpowersand save your nation. Crime lords have expedited theircriminalactivities to destroy the entire country, only a supersoldier iscapable of fighting against them, take part in thismonster battleand start your survival fight. So get ready forfuture fight, fightlike an action hero along with monster hero andflying heroes andend this civil war.Incredible Monster HeroSuperhero City Battle isa flying monster hero game where you willfight like an incrediblemonster and fugitive hero for the safety ofyour people. Mrincredible you are a monster superhero andprotagonist monster ofheroic battles and future war, show us yoursuperhero fight. Youare playing a game, fight along with your herogang in this combatarena and become an incredible superhero. Youare the only hope forthe entire nation, take part in this superherofuture battle, fightlike super monster war hero, show your angrybeast and make yourcity a survival city. You are a-bomb to battle,reboot yourenergies and tag yourself a teenage superhero, be amonster herofor young citizens of your city.Incredible Monster HeroFuture Waris an incredible strange mutant monster city hero gamebased oncomic and is completely packed with endless action and war.Youwill fight for the survival of your country as you are playingas aNew York superhero and it is now your responsibility to makesuresafety of your people and entire nation.So what are you waitingforand why are you wasting your most precious time in searchofirrelevant superhero New York games? Download this realmonsterhero and superhero fighting game and do justice for thepeople ofyour country.Features of Incredible Monster Hero FutureWar:FightLike Monster HeroFight With Real Gangsters &CriminalsModernNew York Like CityHighly Challenging & ThrillingWarMissionsHigh Quality GraphicsHigh Quality WarSoundsImmortalityGames will be very thankful for your kindfeedback, ratings andreviews.Download Incredible Monster HeroFuture War and haveendless fun, action, adventure and thrill!
King of war-Monkey king
Comparable to PC ACT game, heavy combat fighting, dozens ofskillsto choose, the other contains the legend, epic, darkgoldequipment, up to thousands of pieces of the bestequipment,exciting BOSS battle, plenty of fighting scenes, a hugeandwonderful story of the myth world !* You can turn into bosstofight!* Cross-action game, gorgeous screen take you into theworldof Monkey king.* Good sense of combat moves and allows youtoexperience the gorgeous refreshing sense of combat.* A richvarietyof game systems, which makes you immerse in playing.
Terra Fighter 2 - Fighting Games
Do you like fighting games? Do you enjoy engaging in life ordeathduels against dangerous street fighter? If you do, try ournewestFREE action game: Terra Fighter 2 – Fighting Games! Armyourselfwith various weapons and face off dangerous enemies inbattle todeath. Train yourself to be expert in kung fu fighting andMMAfighting to be able to defeat your enemies! Only a realwarriorwith a brave heart can enter our death arena. Are you readytostart this addictive and exciting action game?Terra Fighter 2-Fighting Games is sequel of "Terra Fighter – Deadly Wargods"actiongame. Terra Fighter 2 gives you a chance to use variousweapons todefeat the bad guys. Test your karate skill and landKick, Punches,Combos and Powerful Projectile on your enemies tokill them. Youneed to have fast reaction with quick thinking to beable to masterall fighting styles such as kung fu fighting style orMMA fightingstyle.GAME MODE:• STORY MODE: Start your journey as awarrior.Fight the evil Cibor and finish off his entire army. • DUELMODE:Face off against deadly enemies in death arena. Unlock all16opponents with various kung fu fighting and karateskills.******************************************FEATURES OF TERRAFIGHTER2 – FIGHTING GAMES:******************************************•Enjoy our action gamefor free on your Android device. • Great 3Dgraphic and realisticsound effects. • Be ready to go to war anddefeat mighty Bosses andother fearsome warriors as your opponents.• Train your karate andkung fu fighting skill. Some MMA fightingskill will be useful too!• Upgrades your weapons and armors to winthe war. • Face off bestfighters of different era including RomanGladiator, Deadly Ninja,Dragon Fighter, Army Lady, BoxingWrestling Girl, Giant Demons andFuture Metal Steel Robots.Rememberthat each street fighter has itsown weaknesses and strengths. Eachbattle is different, so stayfocused when you play our action game.Note: Terra Fighter 2 is freeto play but you have the option toupgrades weapons and armors within app purchase. The upgrades helpyou in your battle. Enjoy Best2018 - 2019 Free Action and FightingGame in 3D.If you like thisgame please take a moment & rateus. Your ratings inspire usimproving the game play. And stay Tunedwith SMVD Games @
Shadow Warrior 2 : Glory Kingdom Fight
Shadow Warrior 2: Glory Kingdom Fight is an arcade gamewithexciting and fantastic story. The war is coming! You,thecommander, chose by destiny, must save souls in this shadowworld.Are you ready to fight in this adventurous world? Let’s fightforhonor!Stepping in this shadow world, you have to uncover allthedark secrets in the turbulent times. Try your best to defeatyourenemies by releasing your gorgeous skills and combos.Howeverstrongyour enemies are, you have to move forward to fight as awarrior.Upgrade your weapons continually to destroy all theobstacles. Useyour special skills to defeat BOSS!It is an arena forwarriors. Areyou the strongest shadow warrior who can fight to theend? Join usin this battle now to be stronger!Features:Highdefinition andperfect shadow worldCombination combos of shadowwarriorSmooth andgorgeous combo systems Realistic and fiercebattleexperienceVarious roles, weapons and spirits to collect
Ultimate Kungfu Rivals Street Ninja Fighters 2018
Ultimate Kungfu Rivals Street Ninja Fighters 2018Get ready forthereal thrilling adventure of ninja samurai fighting war. This istheheroic battle war of ninja warriors with kingdom enemies.Stepinwar of clans as shadow ninja kung fu fighter master 2018 inrealtime multiplayer game 2018 and kill every new tricks assassinwhichmeets! Hurry up clock is tick ticking and your time to revealdarksecrets & to take revenge of blade from all assassins ofninjaold version has been started. In old version somesuperheroes,incredible monsters, bad guys and thugs attack on yoururban cityand armies of demon samurai was busy in operationagainstterrorists. Your companion ninja dragon attacked on all badevilssaiyan to stop them but unfortunately some of them succeededtoescape from urban city. The crime department informs theirpresencein Japanese city so get ready to fight with all youropponents inmultiplayer shadow ninja kung fu saga fight 2k18 andbecome thegreatest warrior of land. Sharp your ninja hero fightingstyles& skills like taekwondo, muay, Thai, kung Fu , boxing andallother ninja assassin fight skills for war of clans inJapanese.Showyour surprise attacks with sneaky tricks against yourultimaterivals like bad ninja sage guys & mafia agents incastle. Thisis the heroic battle war of ninja warriors with kingdomenemies.Its time to be real super hero to save the world stars fromcitygangsters & criminals. Use your super kung fu ninjafighterkungfu combat powers in dangerous & deadly questagainstterrorist, gangster and shadow mafia robbers in shadow ninjaragesuperhero kung fu warrior city battle game 2018.Fight for yourlifeand survive like fearless fighter in the ring leaving youropponentno chance to stay alive! Earn points for each ninjakillingassassin, fight against powerful rivals and up level yourninjaboxing punch skills to the top level. Survive at the seriesofdangerous king of fearless fighter against dangerous opponentskingmutant ninja villian, achieve the top and kill the DemonSamurai inultimate action fighting game multiplayer. Become thestrongestfighter on the earth playing 3D action game! Exploredifferentlocations fighting for your life and survive on the ringleavingyour opponent no chance to stay alive in shadow ninja ragekung fustreet fight 2018.This game is an arena where deadly battlesareconducted between popular Japanese ninja and opponentcharacters.In order to win and survive this endless adventure youwill have tofight to the last drop of your blood. Show you warriorninja skillsto become a winner in unequal battles of kung fufighting. You willhave to fight with the enemies trying to destroyyou. Counter astrike! Once you skip a beat, you are dead. YourShadow Hero cancarry an attack by different body parts and usevarious types ofweapons, be ready because you will get heroicfights in the game ofreal fighting in ring 2018.This is war ofclans go in the world ofJapanese ninja slayer and kill all of yourenemies. This is the warof death or life no chance to go backwithout killing clans ofmonster heroes. Beat your all the enemieswith experience and proveyourself a superhero in the game. Kung Fuwrestling mania game isthe game of skills and energy with powerfulmind sharpness. Hereare different levels in the game with differentheroes likesuperhero, bat hero, light hero, spider hero, cowboy andhulkheroes.Ultimate Kungfu Rivals Street Ninja Fighters 2018Features:•Realistic kung fighting• Fighting skills like punch onmouth, comboattack and action jump• Win or Die kung Fu gameplaymode•Attractive and realistic boxing of games 2018 • Stunningfightinggame addictive environment
Shadow Warrior : Hero Kingdom Fight
Shadow Warrior : Hero Kingdom Fight is an exciting actiongame!Thevaliant warrior, you are trapped in the shadow, meanwhilethe evilpower are penetrating.It's the only way of existence thatdefeatsthe evil shadow warrior and closes the shadow door.Are youready toexplore this adventure world, and enjoy this beautiful andlifelikecombat scene. To release your fighting instincts and savethisturbulent time!Simple game play with easy operation. Thevirtualdirection controls pole and the right corner buttons couldbecombined ten fighting skills to defense and blocking theenemyattack. Want win? Don't forget to upgrade.The progressivestorywill help our heroes quickly adapt to this addiction andfastrhythm of the shadow arcade game!Exquisite 3D scenes,smoothcombatant systems, and gorgeous special skills, waiting foryou tochallenge the shadow world.The ultimate fight to experiencethemost thrilling stimulus!Game features:HD shadow worldscreenTheunique skills of the shadow warriorFree combinationfightingComboSuper gorgeous visual effectThe sense of heroes tosave theworld
Big Fighting Game
Big Fighting game is the best fight game for combat fighting&Kung Fu Fighting lovers! Combat with world’s best fightersandunderworld bosses, warriors fight for their honor anddignity.Fight with best fighters of different era including DeadlyNinja,Dragon Fighter, Boxing & Wrestling Girls, Giant DemonsandFuturistic Robots.Want to be expert in kung fu fighting andMMAfighting for survival & defeat your enemies! Playershavevarious moves and karate skills kicks, punches and multiplecombos.Every player has its own moves and combos, all mafia bosses,heroesand fighter take part in this Big FightingCombat.GameModes:1-Story Mode: Select player and fighting with allwarriorsand builder buddies for your survival. its a best game evermadefor combat warrior fighting.2- Verses Mode: Design yourownfighting matches and have classical fighting as well as legacyandKung Fu Fighting.3- Training Mode: Learn the fighting skillandmove of a specific player in this match b/c opponent willnotfighting back.Features Of Big Fighting Game:1- World bestfightersand underworld bosses.2- All Classical fighting and Kung Fumoveand Combos.3- Beautiful environment for action game matches4-TrainYour player5- Different Fighting Modes
Grand Hybrid superhero: Flying Iron Mutant Hero
Superhero fighting games and superhero flying games 2018.Conceptsuperhero is new addition in action games. In conceptsuperherogame you can fight as flying spider superhero like spiderherogames. Concept superhero is basically a cross breedSuperheromutant. If you are excited to play superheroes games withmultipleheroes like amazing hero and monster hero then get readyfor citybattle where you play as claws superhero. Fight with Mixofsuperheroes like spider superhero, panther hero of superheroonlinegames. This action simulator is full of excitement andfight.Eliminate the gangster from crime city and feel yourself acaptainhero of all superhero.This flying hero games containedmultilevelmission with fictional hero and iron hero. You need toeradicatethe diff gangs of city as Hybrid Superhero, Comic hero ofspidersuperhero games. Set off for ninja, karate, kung Fu toconquer thecity battle. In this way, you can make your own multiincrediblesuperheroes to win the boxing fight of rope hero games.Conceptsuperhero is exciting game with charming game play. In thisherofighting game you would have super powers of multiincrediblesuperheroes to rule the city. Rescue the innocentcivilians fromthese super gangsters and become the custodian ofrescuegames.Enjoy monster hero fighting games and experience thefight ofsuperheroes in the epic city environment. This game isspeciallydesigned for the fans of rescue spider games who want realmultisuperheroes fight in real city and want to become theactualguardian of the city. Show off your potential and win thecombatagainst these city gangsters of super spider games. Thisactionsimulator is so easy to understand, first of all you chooseyourfavorite hero to play and then choose ideal weapons to userelevantmission. Fight with gangsters and feel like a real superfighter ofthe city town. This game will provide you the action incity withdifferent locations and give you the chance to defend yourcity bydefeating the crime mafia. If it has been your dream to havea feelof super fighter, then no need to find any other game. Thisistotally a new way to play superhero fighting games withmultiplesuperheroes like future hero, hammer hero, ghost hero, anthero andmuch more.Features:Play as concept superheroExperience ofMultipleSuperheroesAmazing quality sounds & musicEpic crimecity battleenvironmentFight with gangsters like flyingspidersuperheroFascinating game play and smooth controlLet's playwithConcept superhero who is grand hybrid superhero and flying irontopolish your savior skills and get amazing experience in theworldof superhero fighting games. Save the citizens with mix ofallsuperpower of concept superhero.
League of Warrior : Fighting
League of Warrior: Fighting is a free horizontal arcadefightingaction game, also role-playing game.To defeat the evilpower, savethe world, get the final victory !Our three littleheroes: kung futeenager, Monkey king, Dragon fighters are formedour strongestwarrior union.Our three little heroes are fightingwith enemies,also try to defeat with different attributes of thepowerful BOSS.We need to improve our combat skills, be brave youwill beoverwhelming. Our fighters are natural arcade king, nomatter howstrong of the enemy, they will pick up the weapons tobeatenemies.For the final victory, you should collect more armorsandequipments, hit the highest combo, become the strongestwarriorunion!Come and build your own warrior union! Fight from now!Ofcourse, in this arcade adventure, the winner can be theking!GameFeatures:Gorgeous skill action effectsStraightforwardcombosystemDiversified levels of adventuresA variety of cruelBOSSHD 3Dbattle scenes
Terra Fighter - Deadly Fight
Underground zodiac killers come to death arena to fightsinglehead2head battle called deathwar. A fighter will do anythingto winthis killbox & be the Immortal king of this very ancientcombattournament. Welcome to the arena of wargods. To win thisfurioustournament you've to master the art of kick, punches,streetfighting, kung fu, karate & MMA fighting. Focus ontheopponent's weak point, make your move & attack with yourfullstrength & skills.Free download Terra Fighter- DeadlyWargodsto your android device & get yourself involved inthispragmatic virtual war of deadly zodiac killers. Train yourself,getused to the unique fighting styles of each fighters.Thesebattleborgs have their own superpower moves, learn them inthetraining mood. Have fun, testing the fighting skills of yourselfinthe death arena of underground bloodwar. Defeat all the wargods,bethe last survivor & win the immortal king title of thisvirtualkillbox.Reveal your inner fighter in this head2head 3Ddeathwargame. Play with multiple deadly fighters & challengeothers inthe duel mode all over the world. Defeat all the wargodsin singlebattle combat mood, unlock new zodiac killer fighters.Proveyourself the king in this ancient immortal godswar.Discoverspecialfeatures of Terra Fighter- Deadly Wargods:• Incredible 3D& 2Dgraphics will give you the quality visual experience.•Amazingdeathwar mood sound effects.• Simple but very addictive gameplay.•Different stages of death arena all over the world.•Multiplezodiac killer characters in the game play.• Win each singlebattlein combat mood to unlock more powerful ancient battleborgs.•In theduel mode you can choose your opponent.• Terra Fighter-DeadlyWargods is completely free but some in game special itemsrequirepayment.• Endless action in the bloodwar story mode.• Youdon'tneed any special skills to be the last survivor in this game.Justcool your nerves & be fast with your fingers.• Great storylineto lure you into this ancient combat game & reveal yourinnerzodiac killer.How to be the legendary king of deathwar-• Startwithtraining mode. Select your own fighter among unlockedbattleborgs& select your desired death arena.• Train to learndifferentmoves, sharpen your fighting skills.• Each fighter has itsownsuperpower & combo attack styles. Learn all of them.•Masterthe art of combo attacks. You need them much more than anyskill tobecome the ultimate last survivor of underground bloodwar.•Getinto duel mode, select your man & engage inhead2headbloodwar.• Win many single battle killbox in the deatharena &earn more coins.• Unlock new combat fighters, get intothe storymood select your best killer & start fighting.• Defeat5immortal fighters in head2head killbox to unlock dueltournamentmode.• Defeat all battleborgs worldwide to earn morecoins.• Keepwining to remain the immortal king of undergroundbloodwar.Download"Terra Fighter- Deadly Wargods" RPG fighting gamecompletely freefrom play store & engage in legendary ancienthead2headdeathwar. Remember the last survivor wins thisundergroundtournament. So be the expert killer & defeat allthebattleborgs in each single battle killbox.If you like our"TerraFighter- Deadly Wargods" game please take a moment and rateus.Your ratings inspire us improving the game play. Best ofluckplaying this wargame, be the last survivor & winthetitle.Enjoy Best 2018 - 2019 Free Action Fighting Game in3D.StayTuned with us @• NewRivals are available for 1 to 1 Fight in story mode •Now Best Vsfighting game comes with noxious weapons and newcombatant• HDJoystick pad updated• Ninja Assassin is added in DemonCamp.•Controller is Updated• Difficulty is managed for better gameplay•Conquer the palace back from the malignant spirit.• NewPlayoffline features allow playing without internet.
Kings of Street fighting - kung fury future fight
Kings of street fighting 3D is enjoyable game with greatgraphicsand good quality super ninja combos combat. True heroesfight onstreet with no limits, feel the power and strength ofstreetfighting games, Its your time to master your ninja warriorkillerinstinct and revenge on street in Street ninja fightingCombat.Chose your character wisely and compete the opponents instreetfighting arena. Enjoy an unprecedented and devastating bravelearnto fight combat experience. Fight on Street, Face variousenemies,use quick reflexes and special moves, devikick unleashpower combosand beat your opponents to become King of streetfighting. SHOWYOUR BEST FIGHTING AND KUNG FU SKILLS IN BEST KUNG FUGAMESyouenemies are using different kung fury style, Level up andbuildkung fury fighting skills to fight against powerful streetfighterrivals. Learn to fight and master your kung furyfightingtechniques and use them to kick off your super ninja streetfighteropponents. Kings of street Fighting 3D is packed themultiple fighttechniques, Show them on street in best knock outstyle. Fightagainst powerful street fighter rivals, win over themand earnpoints. join the elite super ninja team of street fighterninjas totake victory as brave and bold men. Kings if streetfighting clubis an incredible 3d street fighting game, pace ofenergetic comboswill leave you speechless, If you are fan ofmartial arts, karate,boxing, wrestling then this future fightdefinitely for you. Fightfor your reputation and fight on street.Become a true streetfighting hero in this ultimate kings of streetfighting club 3dgame. it gives you a chance to relive a classicarcade futurefighting game, how can you miss? You are hell of ninjawarrioralone and already take oath to never under estimate yourkung fuskills to beat the combo critters bosses. you are also thelast offor survivals of the brutal super ninja kung fu streetfighting inthis game. Prove your ultimate street fighting skillsand make thisassorted mortal kung fu combat fight to an end. Nowits not thetime to hide your Kung fury skills against streetrivals, Get readyto finish this endless brutal super ninja combocritters game.Opponents are very dangerous and experts of boxingchampions thisis the cause of failure of locals and their kung fuskills get ahead down whey they face boxing street fighting.Identify theirweek points and come up with strategy to eliminatethe poweropponents in this brutal ninja fighting war. Keep yourfighterstrong in this learn to fight fighting game because theenemy countwill increase in each level. street Fighting will endafter youwin. Kick off the gang boss and all those who are part ofthisbrutal street fighting game. Finish this battle run and smashthemall. Its time for an endless fight and you have to kick offallyour opponents. Enjoy amazing fun fighting game. Get readyanddownload one of the best Street fighting Game. Kings ofstreetfighting 3D with ultimate combos. Ultimate StreetFightingFeatures:1. Ultimate Deadly devastating combos. 2. Actionpackedmissions to compete.3. Incredible game-physics and fastpacedgame-play.4. Be the strongest street fighting machine!
Super Combat : King of Battle Fighter
Get ready for the action, fight and eliminate all enemies onyourway. Trigger your deadly moves, Get Ready for the action, fighttofinish. You need to fight to survive, fight to finish orgetfinished, be the showdown fighter king. Fight for justice, fighttobe the legend, fight to be a real hero, prepare your fist forfury,and fight until you win. When all ends and one way to surviveis tofight, fight till end. In super combat king of battle fighteryouwill face samurai, fatty boxer, warrior fighter, defensefightersand many more. Be the rebel and fight the mafia groups. Atthe endget achievement and badge of real survival king, real battleking.Fight king – fighting games is a 3D realistic control basedgame.This game comes with all new features of fighting games. Fightkinggame gives your Real shots of kung fu fighting shots. You cansmashyour enemy and be the real hero of street fight. Just simplegamecontrols to knock down your opponent. You will findextremedifficult levels; just upgrade your character to becomestronger.The revolution of wrestling games, the evolution offighting gamesis back in 2018 with fight king fighting games. Areyou RealSurvival King! wanna try Fighting Game? Discover the fun offight,drive the real punches and kicks, be the real fighter, getinto theevolution of fighting, be the master of fighters, unlocktheextreme difficult shots and be the master of the universe youarethe real hero of hunters. The ultimate action of fighting gamesisback in 2018. Join the war of defense. Fight the war of clans.Tryyour luck, until dead or alive. Fight in different locations,withdifferent powerful opponents. Download one of the bestfightinggames of 2018.TIPS:-♦ Simple joystick controls to moveyourcharacter.♦ Types of punches (fist shots) to defeat your enemyinstrongest way: back fist, Haymaker punch, Hook Punch,straightpunch, Rear hand punch, Cross punch, standard power punch.♦Typesof kicks (leg shots) to hit hard your enemy: front pushkick,Taekwondo back kick, side kick, axel kick, front kick pushkick,Taekwondo front push kick. ♦ Complete basic levels faster tounlockyour special powers.♦ Upgrade your character any time whenyou finddifficulty in fighting.♦ You will get 3 rounds to fight,try to win2 rounds to complete level, don’t get knock out. Sign into Googleto submit your score and play with friends. Fight King -FightingGames features:• 11 new strongest characters withrealisticfighting animations.• 30+ Unique and challenging levels.•Realistic button controls for different shots.• Real3Denvironments and scenarios.• Simple game controls.• Freegiftsinside.• More options to earn free rewards.• Achievementsandleader-board to submit your high scores and competewithfriends.Download the game free fight king – fighting games onplaystore.♦ Like Us @♦Subscribe Us @♦ Follow Us@ us improve the game by givingyouvaluable feedback to us, please ★★★★★ rate us it won’t takemorethan a minute. Thanks for your support!
Robot Warrior Battlefield 2017
Robot Warrior Battlefield 2017Robot Warrior Battlefield 2017 isrealrobot fighting war game. war duty robotConquer your warrobotsempire defense army by walking war robots you have to crasharenaof enemy war robots in this war of nations. Conquerthismodernistic world by deadly strategy because the war robotsagainstyou is having superhero fighting capabilities so to conquerthiscombat free robot fighting battle robot game guard yourrockettower by war robots with having sharp skills like robotninjas.Makeyour arena of free of deadly robots fighters byequipping your warrobots and try to conquer this robot battle ofworld war moderncombat. This robot modern war fare action game isabout to destroyyour enemy by walking war robots.Destroy yourenemies bymodernistic strategy robot wars.This war app with walkingwar metalstorm robots helps to conquer world war modern combat ofdeadlyrobot battle.This is best modern warfare army game forkids.Withthe help of war robots having superhero fighterscapabilities youhave to fight with modernistic war robots of rivalsat war.Use yourwar robot like metal force to cut down the enemyiron force of wardragons by robot fighting.Utilize your modernmilitary of robotfighters in this free war mech game. Try to usedefense tower totarget modern military mech enemy warriors.In thismodern battlegame of war robots destroy enemies kingdoms of heroesand warlords.Test your skills in this free war of robot battlegame.Remain calmand fun defense your enemy by modernistic fightingrobot. Don't letyour enemy to play like buck hunter at the time ofrivals atwar.Move in your stealth position to defend against deadlysuperrobot enemies to conquer their arena.You have to simulate thegoodrobot in the combat against the evil robots trying to stealthesecret of humans and destroy the humanity. complete the dutyofthis superhero robot and prove your combat fighting skills inthebattlefield as this is the most modern warfare and killingallheavily equipped robots with most modern weapons. This is theCallof most deadliest war and your duty is to wipeout all themodernmilitary robot enemies in the battlefield.This war app isbest warrobots combat battle army game for kids by using futuristicrobotsto destroy enemy arena. Conquer this modernistic robotfightinggame in the world conquest.This war app gives you bestsuper robotsto fight in this modernistic world war of combat and isthe bestfree war battle game of robots arena.
King of war-Fantasy Journey
Comparable to the PC action game heavy combat flu, includingmovesskills, spells, skills, gain skills and passive skills up todozensof skills skill tree, the other contains the legend, epic,darkgold, etc. up to thousands of pieces of the best equipment,skillfull of BOSS war, plenty of copy, a huge and wonderful storyof theworld !* Cross-action game, gorgeous screen take you into theworldof Monkey King.* Good sense of combat moves and allows youtoexperience the gorgeous refreshing sense of combat.* A richvarietyof game systems, which immerse you playGame wonderful videolink: tutorialspleasesubscribe to us YouTube account: SunStar
Iron Kill: Robot Games
***Best Robot Fighting Game on Mobile!*** Join more than 10MillionRobot Fighters Online!Like robots, battlebots, robotfightinggames? Then Iron Kill: Robot Games is for you! FEATURES ☆Own &fight 35 unique battle robots & battle mechs☆ PvPmultiplayerrobot fights with real players worldwide ☆ Unleashdevastatingcombos, abilities and special moves ☆ Upgrade, researchand equipboosts to dominate fights ☆ Fight in ChampionshipLeagues,Restricted Fights and Limited Time Events ☆ Stunning highqualitygraphics and animations ☆ Compete against your FacebookFriends inLeagues COLLECT YOUR MIGHTIEST BATTLE HEROES Build yourlegendaryfighters from 35 mean metal machines, fighting robots anddominatein the contest through a post-apocalyptic world. UNLEASHREALDEVASTATING MOVES Start your robot boxing fight using quickattacksto stay agile or heavy attacks to go strong. Perform a widerangeof boxing & fighting tactics along with unique abilitieslikestun, critical strike, shock shield…etc. during fights to turntheodds in your favour. Fill your revenge meter and unleashthesuperpower of your boxing robot made of steel. Unleash yourcombatskills to dominate in the real fight of champions!UPGRADE,RESEARCH & EQUIP BOOSTS Win and upgrade your battlebotstoenhance their steel and attack skills. Equip them with Booststodouble their power in the fights. Perform research tacticallytoenhance your bots and accelerate your overall journey. LEAGUEROBOTBATTLES, RESTRICTED FIGHTS AND LIMITED TIME EVENTS Combatthrough60 league fights challenging 12 unique champions to wintheUltimate Iron Kill Championship! Complete restriction events towinspecial Pro edition steel made boxing robots. Participateinlimited time events to win cool in-game rewards. STUNNING3DGRAPHICS Immerse yourself in 7 flawless real lookingarenasdesigned to hold the deadly robot wars between 35 realrobots.ENGAGING SOCIAL FEATURES Compete against players worldwideon thejourney to become Bot Fight Club Champion! Brag about yourwins towin cool in-game rewards. Challenge your friends incompletingachievements. Download and start fighting! Build theultimateimmortals and kill everything that stands in your way todominatethe bot fighting championship, Ironkill! A networkconnection isrequired to play. Having problems? Any suggestions?You can reachus at
Ninja Warrior-Battle Hero Kingdom
Ninja Wolfman-Champs Battlegrounds Fight re-presents theexcitementof arcade fighting game. It will bring you a brand newfightingexperience. In game, the defeated enemies will light youranger.When your anger erupts, you will be awake and become wolfman.Fightfor glory and control the battle. Defeat every enemy ahead atthefastest speed and be the only master of the arcade battle!Youcan't predict the enemies and dangers ahead of you. Butwhateverout there, you need to be fearless and unstoppable. Let theenemieshear your roar and the majesty of the master is enough todeter theenemy. Timidity is never the name of the master of thearcade!Start the battle and let your hot blood boil! The intenseandthrilling arcade fighting adventures is there for you toexplore!Features:3D arcade visual scenesStunning combos Weird andstrongBoss Epic weapons Various adventurous levels
Tag Team Karate Fighting Tiger: World Kung Fu King
Let’s become the world greatest Tag Team Karate kick fighterlikebattle against Ninja Kung Fu Fighters gang in this actionpackedgame. In Tag Team Karate Fighting Tiger & World Kung FuKingGame, Ninja Brook-lee is a martial art champion that is profighterin Kung Fu fighting styles. Earn points for each winingagainstopponent, fight against powerful rivals and level up yourTag TeamKarate fighting skills to get top level ranking. Prove yourskillsas the powerful Master Ninja against Kung Fu street fighters.Yourrivals use diverse fighting styles including Taekwondo, MuayThai,Kung Fu, Boxing and other, show your top level fighting skillstoovercome all of opponents with the power of kung fu karateTigerClaw style. Fight against powerful rivals, win over them andearnpoints to unlock new ranks of your progression. Upgrade yourpower,speed, and accuracy with new strikes and fighting stylesgettingpoints for each winning match. Ultimate Tag Team Karate KungFufighting Champion is an exciting arcade fighting action game, itisthe adventures arcade game to enjoy Tag Team Karate FightingTiger& World Kung Fu King Game-play, fighting animations,special 3Deffects, thrilling sounds and real fighting styles. Playthetoughest of real kick fighting game against world profightingchamp ever. Are you expert enough to control a giantchampions inthis kick fighting match 2018. Control, punch, kick,super punch,super kick, flip kick and fight with all opponentfighters cleverlyand defeat them badly in this real kung Fufighting games battle.Tag Team Karate Fighting Tiger & WorldKung Fu King game 3d isready for Tag Team Karate professionals.Opponents are ready forhard punch and kick show. Tag Team Karatelovers will enjoy likerocky 3d game experience. Trophies are forwinners of Tag TeamKarate champions. Maintain the ranking for TagTeam Karate championin this real Tag Team Karate fighter game.Quickness is key to winthe hand to hand fight. Play Tag Team KarateFighting Tiger &World Kung Fu King game and learn how to fighthand to hand,unarmed, with your punches and kicks how to useyourself withamazing skill to block the enemy kicks and punches isalsoessential part of martial arts.In kung Fu there are lot ofblockagetechniques to defend yourself from enemy attack. Keep aneye onevery move of your enemy that is fighting with you. Usepunches andkicks with accuracy and quickly. Take timely decision,attack onenemy with punches and kicks on proper time and blockenemy attackusing accuracy and speed in your actions. Use enemypower againsthimself. In the sense of real self-defense &combat game.Fighting logical action is strong, you are presented avisual andsensory double enjoyment. Continued passion and blood atthe sametime. Tag Team Karate Fighting Tiger & World Kung FuKingoffers real fighting game fans an adrenaline pumping world ofTagTeam Karate action. Advanced animation and stunning 3dgraphicsbring the real Tag Team Karate experience to your hand,whileintuitive touchscreen controls make jab, hook, and uppercutfeelnatural and fun. Go toe-to-toe against 30+ bone crushingfightersfrom Bangkok, Thailand, china, japan, and Singapore. Usequickreflexes and special moves, unleash fierce punches and combos,beatall opponents and become the king of Tag Team Karate now. TagTeamKarate Fighting Tiger: World Kung Fu King Game Features: •Selectand modify your own Tag Team Karate ninja in Kung fu Tigerstyles•Get promoted by defeating king fighter tournament legends•Battleagainst toughest fighters and become world Tag TeamKaratechampion• Kung Fu king Tag Team Karate tournaments withbigrewards• Unlimited Level Mode & Career Mode Challenges• WinTagTeam Karate matches & get rewarded points to unlocknexttournament • Background music & sound effects willincreaseyour energy in Tag Team Karate ring
Superheroes Fighting Games Shadow Battle
If you like comic book superheroes and free fighting games,don'tmiss the opportunity and fight with all the superheroes justfightwith them, feel all the power in your hands. Will you be thebestsuperhero? Be the best superhero and fight totally FREE,collectall the superheros cards and conquer de universe.Trainyoursuperheroes in different street fighting techniques intrainingmode, so you'll learn to punch or kick, remember thatsurvival isnot guaranteed.Fell all the adrenaline in your hands,fight with asupeheroe and be a legend, enjoy all the fightingdisciplines andmake combos with your punches, kicks of karate, andall the knowedof a legendaries kun fu masters.Make all mma fightingtecniques,and become a KO, you listen to the bell and you will knowthat thesuperhero fight has started, feel the fear of your rivalandperform deadly street fighting techniques, mma keys, feel howyouhave the power in this fight simulator, perform incredibletricksto defeat your rival. Characteristics of Superheroes FreeFightingGames.- Incredible 3D graphics You'll think they're realfights!-Multiplayer in local mode, makes a real fight.- More than50superheroes are waiting for fight!- Differents scenarios tofight.-Incredible combos. You'll be the best in this fightinggame!- QuickFight Mode For skilled fighters!- History Mode Discoverthe secretsof superheroes and villains!- Dive into combat Graphicsfromanother universe!- HD Sound You'll see what effects!-Leadeboardworld championship - To compete against friends!Fight inthe bestmortal combats on the world, this survival game to conquertheuniverse, will allow you to be a real comic superhero and 100%fullof powers, KO all your enemies with the best combos.Play thebestfree fighting game every day of your life, remember that it isafighting game for children and adults of all ages, feellikefighting in the first person, fighting in the multiplayer modeonlocal server.Enjoy all the comic book superheroes and testtheirskills by fighting a mortal combat to conquer the world, savethemfrom evil villains who will want to take over the planet.Useyourstrength, your quickness and combine punches and kicks to winandbe the superhero of your choice. Save the world!He needs you,playthis free fighting game, In Superheroes Fighting GamesShadowBattle you will use street fighting techniques where youcancompete with masters kung fu, mma, karate, wrestling, boxingandmore fighting modalities, all battles will be a mortal combat.Willyou be the best superhero? Guide your superhero in thebestscenarios and improve your powers, feel the 3d fights withgreatgraphics.You know, leave everyone KO with your incrediblepowersand be the superhero of legend, in the Superheroes FightingGamesShadow Battle. What will be your power? Whatever it is....Fight tosave the earth and the survival of the species, become thegreatestsuperhero all thetime.Contactus:altivasoft@gmail.com
Ninja Wolfman-Street Fighter
Ninja Wolfman: Street Fighter is a free horizontal fightingactionarcade game!Because of faith, you are a latent ninja duringtheday, and in the night you will transform into a werewolf andit’stime to show your terrible fangs.No matter being a man or aWolf,your duty is to defend the city! Just keep fighting and defeatallinvaders. Bloodlust is not your intention, be a ninja with swordora fierce werewolf. The choice depends on you.The enemy ispowerful,for the ultimate victory, you must be awake.Ninja skillscan keepyou moving forward, but the transformed werewolf is thecity'spatron saint.The sharp claw is your weapon. Heavy armor canmakethe enemy fear. Your high attack speed will not let anyoneflee.Youare a cruel and bloodthirsty butcher for invadingcreatures.But forthis city, Ninja Werewolf is a loyal warrior, aking of arcadebattles.Try your best to survive to the last. Thelegend has itthat werewolves will become bloodsucking zombies aftertheydie.Game features:Gorgeous action special effectsDozens of HD3DscenesIntuitive click and slide operationUnique combosystemVariousfierce bosses
Robot Warrior Battlefield 2018
Robot Warrior Battlefield 2018Robot Warrior Battlefield 2018 isthemodernistic war game. Robot fighting gameTechnology isimprovingand humans are developing deadliest AI robots...WarRobots!!!robots capable of fighting... battlefield is turned intothe pitsof deadly robot fighters. Warrior are turned into robotwarrior.Robot coop are wandering everywhere. Modern warfare isabouttechnology and most modernistic robots fighters to destroyenemywithin seconds. Robot warrior battlefield is getting widerandwider and causing a real metal storm. Robot ninjas ofdifferentnations heroes and warlords are in the battlefield. robots3dcapability and iron force army is making a deadliest situationforthe rivals at war. Moreover, dragon warlords are also inthebattlefield with the use of force for their survival. Robotwarriorbattlefield 2018 is not about simple war games but it's agame ofsuper robot wars. The robot warrior have to focus on thefuturerobot fight. Show your robot ninjas as the superhero inthebattlefield. Remember, war robots are not easy to handle butneeddeadly strategy and crash arena. enemy war robots are tryingtoattack your robot city.destroy enemy as enemies grand warrobotsare equipped with latest laser robotic shooter AI. Becarefulagainst flying robots as modern military mech warrioraresuccessful to transform into the flying robot. In thissuperherofighting game, you have to rescue your kung fu robots andheroesgame soldier. It's a super heroes game where robot of ropehero arealso shooting in the city battle.Modern warfare of robotwarriorbattlefield needs upgraded weapons and support. combat robotarebest to itarget the enemy and destroy enemy strong basis. Bethebest cop for the futuristic robotic war. War robot empire ishavingbest defense tower and robot fighters. super heroes arerequired toface the rocket tower because rocket towers are thedeadliest inthe iron robot arena battle. World war modern combat isagainst therobot ninjas. superhero face the amazing robot battlewith free warmech game. Defense army against the walking warrobots. This is therobot action game with most modernistic funrobots. gamewar isbetween iron force and robot shooter. superherorobots are fightingagainst super robot enemies. It's the call ofinfinity warfarebecause rivals at war are having kingdom of heroesandwarlords.Feel the joy of modern battle game as robotwarriorbattlefield is full of walking war robots. Most modernmilitaryforces are here for real robot modern warfare action game.destroyyour enemies in this robot game. Guard your robot fromrockets.Select combat free robot fighting battle mode for peace.War ofnations created lot's of war robots empire. Now, instead ofspecialforces, real robot fighting war game started. Selectmostmodernistic fighting robots and start shooting in this freewargame.Robot warrior is the real action game of 2018. Best rpggamealong with the special ops of FPS Game mission. War dragon arethereal deadliest enemy against robots. If you want to win thisrobotbattle game then you have to wipeout all the dragon wars.Enjoy therobot battle game with pukka war duty robot in thebattlefield.It's the man games for facing the modernistic robotsand destroythe enemies. Thumbs Up team real worked hard for makingthis warapp as the best war robots army fame for kids and usebestfuturistic robots to destroy enemy arena . Conquer thismodernisticrobot fighting game in the world conquest.This war appgives youbest super robots to fight in this modernistic world warof combatand is the best free war battle game of robots arena
Street Combat 2: Fatal Fighting
It’s not easy to be a winner in a brutal showdown. But now, areyouready to defeat and smash up all the enemies in front ofyou?Facing your opponents’ continuous lethal attacks, you shouldpickup your weapons to give these gangsters and villains a gorylesson.The most anticipated fighting action game “Street Combat 2:FatalFighting” can be downloaded for free now! Start your gorybattleswith devastating weapons and flashy skills!“Street Combat 2:FatalFighting” is the sequel of "Street Combat: Kung Fu Fighting".Wehave added more adventurous game levels with new scenes andnewgame play which will make you enjoy this fantastic action gameverymuch. You will find partners and various traps and even can useacar to attack your enemies. Just explore this world and youwillfind many more exciting game play.You are Ryu, a man whosewholelife is full of pathos and stories. You have been put intoprisonbecause of your father’s debt. And the usurers bullied yoursisterafter the sentence, which caused her death. Now you must takeupyour weapon and use your fists to kill those gangsters! Startyourrevenge now!Fantastic characters, stunning graphics, coolweapons,awesome gameplay, “Street Combat 2: Fatal Fighting” bringsanunprecedented combat experience to you! Do your best—kick, smashupand strike your enemies with devastating power! Only thebestfighter could beat down and smash up his enemies to becomethefinal survivor! Endless combos, continuous lethal attacksandexciting battle will make you hard to stop playing this game.Youmust battle with a large number of enemies with lethalmeleeattacks. There will be only one survivor between you andyouropponents!Features:● Stunning 2D graphics, realistic combatsound,adventurous levels and interesting storyline● More than 60excitinggame levels● Killing opponents with cool and flashy skills●Uniqueupgrading system for your attacking power● Devastatingweapons anddefensive gear can be used in your combat● Simpleside-scrollinginterface, easy-to-learn and intuitive controls.●Offline mode. NoWi-Fi, no problem.● Completely free! Facingdifferent enemies withdifferent fighting styles includingTaekwondo, Muay Thai, Kung Fu,Boxing, you should defeat and smashup all these gangsters andvillains! Upgrade your attacking powerand defensive power orunlock new devastating weapons by the coinsyou have got from everybattle. In“Street Combat 2: FatalFighting”you can also trainyourself in exercise room. You candefeat and kill endlessgangsters and villains to earn coins andother awards! Now, becomethe strongest fighter and slay all thesegangsters and villains!With simple controls you can perform amazingstunts and blows todefeat your opponents lethally.If you likeArcade or Action game,you can not miss the fantasy free-to-playfighting action game offree combat. “Street Combat 2: FatalFighting” can recall yourchildhood memories of arcade game. Arcadefans will have an bloodpumping combat experience when facingendless gangsters andvillains! Enjoy using your devastating powerand skills to defeatand smash up all your opponentslethally!【contact us】Any problemsencountered in the game, pleasefeel free to contact us.CustomerService E-mail:wjjcathy@gmail.comLearn more:
Smash Champs
Rise to the challenge and battle your way to greatness!Take ontherole as trainer, prepare for combat and lead your Champs tovictoryagainst your friends.Kiloo presents an action arcadeadventure likeno other. Form a team, challenge your opponents andbecome thegreatest trainer of Smash Champs! FEATURES:★ CHALLENGEfriends andfoes in turn-based online play★ TRAIN your Champs forcombat withlightning fast swipe action ★ RISE through the ranks tobecome alegendary trainer★ UNLOCK Champs and customize them withpowerfulgear ★ DISCOVER triumph in spectacular combatcinematics*Note: Anetwork connection is required to play.
Karate Fighting Kung Fu Tiger
Let’s become the world strongest karate kick fighter tofightingagainst Ninja Kung Fu Fighters gang in this action packedgame. InKarate Kung Fu Fighting Game, Ninja Broklee is a martialartchampion that is pro fighter in Kung Fu fighting styles. Heenterthe dragon city to rescue her girlfriend Xiaoli. Lee came toknowthat! Xiaoli kidnaped by criminal gangs who arranged freestylering fighting and win heavy bets on ninja karate fighters,Brokleewith his friend Baahubali decide to face them and rescuehisgirlfriend from gangsters. Earn points for each winingagainstopponent, fight against powerful rivals and level up yourkaratefighting skills to get top level ranking. Prove your skillsas thepowerful Master Ninja against Kung Fu street fighters.Ultimatekarate Kung Fu fighting Champion is an exciting arcadefightingaction game, it is the adventures arcade game to enjoykarate gameplay, fighting animations, special 3D effects, thrillingsounds andreal fighting styles. World super Karate game 3d is readyforKarate professionals. Opponents are ready for hard punch andkickshow. Karate lovers will enjoy like rocky 3d gameexperience.Trophies are for winners of Karate champions. Maintainthe rankingfor Karate champion in this real Karate fighter game.Quickness iskey to win the hand to hand fight. Play game and learnhow to fighthand to hand, unarmed, with your punches and kicks howto useyourself amazing skill .block the enemy kicks and punches isalsoessential part of martial arts. In kung Fu there are lotofblockage techniques to defend yourself from enemy attack. Keepaneye on every move of your enemy that is fighting with you.Usepunches and kicks with accuracy and quickly. Take timelydecision,attack on enemy with punches and kicks on proper time andblockenemy attack using accuracy and speed in your actions. Useenemypower against himself. In the sense of real combat game.Fightingcoherent action is strong, you are presented a visual andsensorydouble enjoyment. Continued passion and blood at thesametime.Karate king offers fighting game fans an adrenalinepumpingworld of Karate action. Polished animation and stunning 3dgraphicsbring the real Karate experience to your hand, whileintuitivetouchscreen controls make jab, hook, and uppercut feelnatural andfun. Go toe-to-toe against 30+ bone crushing fightersfrom Bangkok,Thailand, china, japan, and Singapore. Use quickreflexes andspecial moves, unleash fierce punches and combos, beatallopponents and become the king of Karate now. Play the toughestofreal kick fighting games against world pro fighting champ ever.Areyou expert enough to control a giant champions in thiskickfighting match 2017. Upgrade your fighter like a Baahubalifighter.Control, punch, kick, super punch, super kick, flip kickand fightwith all opponent fighters cleverly and defeat them badlyin thisreal kung Fu fighting games battle. Karate Fighting Kung FuTigerGame Features: • Chose and customize your own karate ninjaherostyles• Level Mode & Career Mode Challenges• Fightagainsttoughest fighters and become world karate champion• Kung FuKaratetournaments with big rewards• Get promoted by defeatingfightertournament legends• Win karate matches & get rewardedpoints tounlock next tournament • Background music & soundeffects willboost your energy in karate ring Make and Share Replay:You can notonly watch your matches like live tv but can also sharewith world.Awesome Graphics: Awesome sounds and realistic scene inthis gameincluding ring, timer, bell and clock, makes you feel thatas youare watching real karate live stream just in the karatematch. EasyControls: We introduced easy to play touch joystickcontrols. NowPress the specific kick buttons, just tap and swipe onthe screenand perform flying kick, back kick, hook and straightpunch.
Robot Epic War 2017 : Action Fighting Game
It’s a battle field. Enemies are ready with their troopsandheadquarter to defeat you. They are armed with strong weaponsandbrave soldiers. Get ready to compete. Your head quarter andavariety of brave mech robots are awaiting you. Choose yourarmedforce and jump into this battle.Robot Epic War 2017:ActionFighting is an action packed war game. It challenges you tofightand defeat your enemies. Select from a variety of warriorsandplace them in combat zone. Before starting the battle, focusonenemies’ force and its placement. Then chooseyoursaccordingly.Opponents want to get control on your ground withtheirnefarious fleet of robots. Choose and place yourwarshipsappropriately to claim victory. Make the best use of yourdronesand transformers. You can also upgrade your headquarterandsoldiers. Let’s enjoy the most amazing action packed game of2017!!Robot Epic War 2017: Action Fighting Game Features: • World’smostamazing Robots and Soldiers!• Amazing Battle Environment!•HighQuality 3D Graphics!• Realistic Explosive Sounds!• Smooth andEasyControls!• Unlimited Ammunition!• Variety of Force: Soldiers,MechRobots, Air Defense, Transformer!
Parkour Karate Fighting PRO: Kung Fu Shadow Master
Let’s become the world strongest kung fu karate master tofightingagainst ninja kung fu fighters gang in this action packedgame.Parkour karate fighting pro & kung fu shadow master offersrealfighting game fans an adrenaline pumping world of karateaction.Advanced animation and stunning 3d graphics bring the realkarateexperience to your hand, while intuitive touchscreen controlsmakejab, hook, and uppercut feel natural and fun. Go toe-to-toeagainst30+ bone crushing fighters from Bangkok, Thailand, china,japan,and Singapore. Use quick reflexes and special moves, unleashfiercepunches and combos, beat all opponents and become the kingofkarate now. In Parkour karate fighting pro & kung fushadowmaster game is a martial art champion’s hero that is profighter inkung fu fighting styles. Earn points for each winingagainstopponent, fight against powerful rivals and level up yourParkourkarate fighting skills to get top level ranking. Prove yourskillsas the powerful master ninja against kung fu fighters. Yourrivalsuse diverse fighting styles including taekwondo, muay Thai,kungfu, boxing and other, show your top level fighting skillstoovercome all of opponents with the power of Parkour Kung fukaratetiger claw style. Play the toughest of real kick fightinggameagainst world pro fighting champ ever. Fight againstpowerfulrivals, win over them and earn points to unlock new ranksof yourprogression. Let’s become the world greatest karate kickfighterlike battle against ninja kung fu fighters gang in thisactionpacked game. Upgrade your power, speed, and accuracy withnewstrikes and fighting styles getting points for each winningmatch.Ultimate Parkour karate kung fu fighting champion is anexcitingarcade fighting action game, it is the adventures arcadegame toenjoy Parkour karate fighting pro & kung fu shadowmastergame-play, fighting animations, special 3d effects,thrillingsounds and real fighting styles. Are you expert enough tocontrol agiant champions in this kick fighting match 2018. Control,punch,kick, super punch, super kick, flip kick and fight withallopponent fighters cleverly and defeat them badly in thisrealParkour kung fu master fighting games battle. Parkourkaratefighting pro & kung fu shadow master game 3d is readyforkarate professionals. Opponents are ready for hard punch andkickshow.Play Parkour karate fighting pro & kung fu shadowmastergame and learn how to fight hand to hand, unarmed, withyourpunches and kicks how to use yourself with amazing skill toblockthe enemy kicks and punches is also essential part of martialarts.Parkour karate lovers will enjoy like rocky 3d gameexperience. InParkour Kung fu master there are lot of blockagetechniques todefend yourself from enemy attack. Keep an eye onevery move ofyour enemy that is fighting with you. Use punches andkicks withaccuracy and quickly. Take timely decision, attack onenemy withpunches and kicks on proper time and block enemy attackusingaccuracy and speed in your actions. Use enemy poweragainsthimself. In the sense of real self-defense & combatgame.Fighting logical action is strong, you are presented a visualandsensory double enjoyment. Continued passion and blood at thesametime. Trophies are for winners of karate champions. Maintaintheranking for karate master champion in this real Parkourkaratefighter game. Quickness is key to win the hand to handfight.Parkour Karate Fighting PRO: Kung Fu Shadow Master GameFeatures: •Battle against toughest fighters and become world Karatechampion•Win Karate matches & get rewarded points to unlocknexttournament• Select and modify your own Parkour Karate masterinKung fu Tiger styles• Unlimited different Parkour fightingModeChallenges• Parkour Kung Fu king Karate tournaments withbigrewards• Get promoted by defeating kung fu king masterfightingtournament
Armor Beast Arcade fighting
Robots return, fighting reborn!Team PK, character instantlyswitch,the war will be cool!A floating change, seamless linkaction,refresh the limits of your combo!Amazing cool styling,mechadesign, first-class audio-visual experience!Strengthen andupgradecomponents, armor piercing, collocation, best team skills tounlockthe peerless magic!Invincible, become the king offighters!Gamewonderfulvideolink: subscribe to us YouTube account: SunStar
King Of KO: Street Fighting
“King Of KO: Street Fighting”endless boxing action a new styleARPGis coming!is a is an cool and offline action fighting game.2017’smost popular action game. combinesboxing,karate,kungfu,wrestling,latest arcade games totally free!Inthisfighting game,you will be a Boxing champion,but yourgirlfriend(LIN) was hijacked by the gang, in order to save you andsacrifice.You vowed to kill all the BOSS, revenge for thegirlfriendLIN!Simple one-touch controls No complicated buttoncombinations:all the power is in your finger!Smooth fighting actionPerformendless combinations of moves and perfect your own bestcombo - youwon’t be able to put it down! Endless combo,Diversecharacterssimple side-scrolling interface andeasy-to-learncontrols, as well as a wide range of skills you canmix fordevastating combos. Copious activities with richrewardsChallenging adventures and exciting daily missions - plentyofstuff for you to enjoy as you level up including freediamonds,equipment and more! "King Of KO: Street Fighting"Features:-Simpleone-touch controls.-Smooth, easy, addictive &intuitivegameplay.-Smooth fighting action. -Different upgradeway.-cool anddifferent skills for each role.Come and download "KingOf KO:Street Fighting" experience the unprecedented streetfightingexperience! Face different enemies! Beat them and take alltheirterritory, revenge for (Lin)! This game is for all like 2Dactionfighting players friends prepared, because we believe thatthearcade game soul will never disappear!【CONTACT US】Anyproblemsencountered in the game, please feel free to contactus.CustomerService E-mail: wjjcathy@gmail.comLearnmore:
The King Fighters of Street
The King Fighters of Street , this is the street PVP fightingsequelof “Kung Fu Fighting” from the developer atAcuspunsa!Amazingfighters, Superb scenes, stunning street fightingcombos andgorgeous special skills, The king fighters of Street isthe mostthrilling and exciting street fighting gameMostimportantly,The kingfighters of street has unique PVP(Player vsPlayer) street fightingMode,you can invite your friends playtogether, and beat them inthis game!In the king of streetfighting, you can enjoy all thedisciplines of street Kung FuFighting, compete against streetfighters of kung fu, mma, karate,wrestling, ninja, boxing and othertypes of martial arts. revealyour inner king fighters in this PVP2D street fighting game. Playwith multiple king fighters &challenge your friends in the2-Players mode. Defeat all the streetking fighters in 1-PlayerFighting mood, unlock new Kung Fufighters. Prove yourself is theking of street fighting!The kingfighters of street game can recallyour childhood memories of arcadegame ! Recorded in the history ofthe classic arcade game, Comparedwith other fighting games,Theking of street fighting has beendesigned to be played with moreeasily .Come on, Be the kingfighters of street , Dare youchallenge it?
Stick Fight 2
Welcome to the Stick Fight 2Feature ListFighting:*Addictive,fastpaced, action packed, arcade fighting gameplay*Endlesssurvivalarcade mode*Survival mode adapts to your skill level forbetteraction experience*Multiplayer Duel arcade mod fightingotherplayers*Fighting is based on fast reflexesCompete:*Dailyrewardsfor your leaderboard standing*Weekly rewards for yourranking inDuel arcade mod*Daily leaderboard reset each day,weeklyleaderboard reset each week*Strict anti-cheat algorithms topreventunjust scoresCustomize:*5 different weapon types and 15differentweapons*50+ items to customize your character*Weapons,braceletsand hats can be upgraded*Items grant you differentstats*Open packsfor stones and visual itemsHordes of stickman, waveby wave tryingto wear you down, waiting for your first mistake. Youas the chosenstick guy should mindlessly beat them up with yourkung fu. Nobodyknows why you are the chosen, nor anyone knows whythese idiots runtowards you, just to get punch in their sensitiveparts.You have awide variety of weapons to chose from in yourarsenal and they areready for action. Punch them senseless tounlock more and upgrade.Customize your stickman to your style withtons of skins, hats,bracelets and weapons. Be the samurai, ninja,knight or martialarts master... or whatever cool stick dude youdestined to be!Testyour skills in the new endless action survivalmode. These stickguys are never bored of getting slashed, smashedor bashed by you.Believe me they will keep running at you likezombies. At the endof each day best players will get specialrewards according totheir standing on the leaderboard!New duelsystem offers a rankedmatchmaking action system where you can testyour skills in beatingpeople running towards you. At the end ofeach week the best ofbest will be rewarded with special items!
War Games Blitz : Tank Shooting Games
Get ready for tank war in the real warzone and fight withyourbrutal enemy tanks which are in try to find and destroy yourtank.You have to shoot enemy machine tanks in each level andcompletethe missions successfully to become the best tank warrior.Moderntanks are available in this world warfare tank game you havetoselect your high powerful tank for defensive attack. this is oneofthe best army games for kids they can enjoy this war fightingasfun battle game. Modern warzone environment has been designedtohave real tank fighting with enemy tanks. Enemy tanks will trytofind you and destroy you but you have to use your smartwarstrategy skills and destroy their tanks to win the mission. Thisisa multi featured army tanks war game, ride on the modern tankandcombat with enemies. Your revolution should be to conquer yourareafrom the enemy tanks war attack. Enemy tanks are hiddenbehindtheir check posts and explode missiles on your area. Peopleslivingin your area are calling you to save or protect them fromthebrutal enemy attack. Your health and coins collection isveryimportant in this game. To which tank you will destroy in thistankwar game it will give you a pack of bullet, health or cointocollect and your tank's health and life will be increased tofightand kill more enemies or to destroy enemy tanks. You mighthaveplayed different battle ship, gunship helicopter, hunting,commandoshooting and many other action games. I recommend you toplay thistank war game you will find it more interesting,thrilling,strategic and addicting tank battle game. You have toload Cannonballs in the cannon and tune the limber of cannontowards the exacttarget on the enemy's tank by using aimingfacility. Shoot andenjoy the tanks fighting war, destroy enemytanks and their checkposts. Different modern tanks e.g. coraltanks, AT Gun Tanksstrike, Cannon Tanks strike are available tohave best and realtime tanks fighting experience. You also learntank driving andusage of army tanks. Smooth and realistic controlswill also helpyou to drive tank right and safe. Infinite cannonballs and bulletsare available in each level to load and shoot.Fire the cannon likeepic war firing and become legend tank hero.Features: MultipleDifferent tanks for fighting Infinite cannonballs in the tank'scannon Tanks war in the desert and city Multiple challenging andthrilling levels with increasing enemytanks Thrilling andadventurous sounds of cannons  Zoom in andZoom out aim targetMap navigation to find enemy tanks Realwarzone environment withcheck posts  Smooth and realistic war tankcontrols It is free toplay tanks war gameJust install and playthis tank game and feelthe real thrills of war. Give your effectivefeedback after playingthis incredible tank game.
Bacon May Die - Fun Run & Gun Fighting Game
Bacon May Die is a fast paced 2D fighting and shooting game inwhichangry pig Bacon must brawl with army of bacon hungry zombiebunniesand kill hordes of monsters, survive boss fights and unlocktons ofweapons and outfits!From the developer of Iron Snout comesan actionpacked sidescrolling fighting game with responsive thumbcombatcontrols, 100 unlockable outfits and weapons, boss fights,charmingcartoon 2D graphics and smooth run and gun game play.Getyourfingers ready for action!🔥 BATTLE armies of monsters🔥ENDUREchallenging boss fights🔥 UNLOCK 100+ funny outfits andcrazyweapons🔥 HIJACK enemy vehicles🔥 USE variety of melee weaponsandpowerful guns🔥 ENJOY fun run and gun gameplaySmooth andresponsivecontrolsWiggle your thumbs to warm them up for a smoothswipefighting controls, where quick taps will make our tiny pigheroswing its weapon, swipes will initiate dodging, jumping androllingmoves and holding touch longer will switch to ranged attackmodewith a cool movie-like slow motion effects. These simplethumbfight controls are very easy to learn and you’ll be doingdeadlycombos with bad piggie fighter in no time!Fight zombies,monstersand skeletonsThe sidescrolling road to survival is full ofbad anddangerous creatures, which will stand in a way of our angryfighterpiggy and must be destroyed. In forest arena our deadlykillerninja pig will face mutated zombie bunnies, bunny bandits,bombers,rocket shooting enemies and brawl with hog fighters. Rushthroughdarkest dungeon which is crawling with spooky skeletonswordsmen,bone throwers and other deadly monsters.100+ items tounlockBaconMay Die, fun 2D brawl game, brings a huge variety ofitems toreward your survival skills and piggy kung fu mastery! Earncoinsby fighting monsters and you will be able to unlock funnyoutfitsto dress up your angry pig as famous game or moviecharacters. Hugevariety of weapons is available to aid your angrypiggy hero! Thisfun 2D fight game wouldn’t be complete without thegun shootingpart, so you can unlock and use such ranged weapons aspistol,revolver, UZI, machine gun, rocket launcher, shotgun, ninjastarsand even a bee launcher! If you prefer mortal close combat,thenthere’s a big selection of deadly melee weapons for you toswingaround: baseball bat, sword, scythe, guitar, chainsaw, katana,panof bacon and other useful zombie fighting tools to power upyourbad pig ninja!Fun little thingsThere are many secret mechanicsInthis pig survival game - you can hire a chicken to be yourfollowerpet and fight by your side, hijack enemy plane and pilot itaroundthe arena shooting rockets or just knock back projectilesback atyour foes! Latest update added a medic NPC, which willprovidehealing and super powers to boost your angry pigfighter!Bacon MayDie fun run and gun gameplay is inspired bylegendary 2Dsidescroller games.More to come!This fun beat em upsidescrollergame is under active development, so you can expectmore arenas,deadly boss fights, enemy monsters and weapons added inthe future.Don’t hesitate to use in-game feedback function and sendyour crazyideas - all of them will be considered!If you’re lookingfor moreaction packed 2D fighting games for boys check out myotherprojects like Iron Snout or jetpack shooter CaveBlast.Website: other fun and freegames:
Superhero Women Immortal Gods Kombat Crime Fighter
Superhero Women Immortal Gods Kombat Crime FighterAnothermasterpiece for the lovers of superhero women games. This timesurvivalgames craft brings grand twist in superhero women actiongames.Tellother superheroes who’s the super hero by some epicaction.Bestthing about Superhero Women Immortal Gods Kombat CrimeFighter isthat it will provide you with all the fun of bestsuperhero womengames in the world and new super hero game. Fightwith league ofjustice against army full of ghosts to save the landsurvival fromthe evil women warriors wonder. You are a master ofarena battleand a super hero for your sisters.Combining theexcitement presentin city survival games and female superhero gameswith theresponsibility of rescue mission with flying hero makesthis flyingsuperhero simulator one of the best female superhero andninjasuperhero assassin girls games.Here you get the chance to beasuperhero girl, fighting the world with her flying super powersallover the vice town with the flying monster superhero girl powersinthis wonder warrior women superhero games. Prove that you're apartof league of superhero wonder warrior women heroiens,fearlessfighter, king of gods and bring legacy of justice's dawn tosavelives by killing 3D Serpent Tribe's army of deadbecausesuperheroes never die because this is going to one of thebloodiestsuperhero wonder warrior heroes battles.This is a waragainstjustice squad night rebel deadly criminals &antagonistterrorist so you need to come in war superhero womenfighting gamebattle ring arena with full strategically mind todominate thembadly. Follow the line of city confrontation todemolish the hidesecret badly lords with heavy gun fire &machine gun shootingincluding sniper. Use all assault sniper riflesto show them theirdoom with exciting & thrilling superherobattle adventure offighter air battle beam.Download & play themost amazingjustice squad League City game of critical gangsterstrikesuperhero online games.The monster superhero women immortalgodsbattle not only gives you the joy of winning but also providesyouuniverse rivals take down challenge. Fight like cat herowomen,wonder warrior woman, black heroien widow, thunder girl,superherowomen, superheroien and featuring the alien Predator womento keepthe glory of superhero women power. Keep in mind that thisis realsuperhero women vs superhero girls contest you will have todefenseyourself from superhero women power attacks. Knockoutyourcompetitor with your super power punch on the face and superkickin the battlefield in this monster super hero combat. So,acceptthe challenge of the monster heroes and king of gods, getready forthe robot ring fighting battle in this marvelous immortalbeastmonster clash.Arcade vs knockout counter fighting round withotakuvs harissa, superhero women vs canfual, ninja girl vs cathero.Kung fu fighting action well known in this game. Liberalsmashadventure attack is very important to winning championworldbattle. Fulfil your imagination to be a king of kung fufighter.Youare on the right track to get your daily adventure dozewith thisfantastic fighting games and boxing games! Control, Punch,JabPunch, Super Punch, Super kick, Flip Kick and fight withallopponents carefully and defeat them badly, told them who istheboss. You will enjoy the features of all other fighting gamesandring fighting games in this Grand Super hero FighterProgameSuperhero Women Immortal Gods Kombat Crime Fighter Features:🗡️Real Sounds Effect of Superhero women Action.🗡️ Reunite leagueofsuperhero girls.🗡️ Fight monstrous battles and be a womanmonsterhero in ring arena🗡️ Amazing HD super girl stunts andgraphics🗡️Fight Grand Battle with Wonder Warrior Women🗡️ FIGHT ANDSURVIVELIKE A TRUE SUPER GIRL WARRIOR!🗡️ ACTION FILLEDMISSIONSDownloadthis new superhero online game of 2018 and indulgeyourself in anunlimited fun and action.
Extreme Kungfu Street Fight Revenge
This Extreme Kungfu Street Fight Revengeis best action gamejuegosde accion of fighting, no defined rules make this bestfightinggame much more interesting and worthy of fighting. Ourbestfighting game is fighting combo of super hero game and extremebestfighting games with free fighting adventures for best fighters.Inthis game, there is super hero who fight against thedangerousfighter trainers, which turns away real best fight борьбаwith winor dead rules. Our best fighting game is more adventurousthanaction fighting games dovus oyunlari, where you are super heroandfighting against the best fighter trainers. The fightingbetweensuper hero vs dangerous boxing fighters becomes largestfightingcompetition when new powerful modes come in between. Youare a bestfighter and want to leave your group, but your group hasotherideas. You need to fight for your life, which will end verysoon ifyou make the wrong moves. Dare to stay alive as a bestfighter inExtreme Kungfu Street Fight Revenge, you are looking for!Superhero VS Dangerous fighters is real best fighting game withmoderntechniques, in which you can apply these techniques againstthebest fighters to knock them out. Punch on mouth, get master inlegkicks and do the fire attack in our Extreme Kungfu StreetFightRevenge, which is the best in these action fighting gameswhere youare a super hero, fight with best fighting skills. You arebeing aBest fighter who must be skillful in best fightingtechniques toknock your opposite below.Free fighting games dovusoyunlari arepure action games for especial superhero fighting andthe mainwarrior fighting 战斗 adventures. If you are really want toget“punch on mouth” skills, fire attack and more fightingtechniquesthen this fighting game is great action game for you tolearn theseskills. There are amazing fighting actions performed bythe bestfighters, who are also super hero fighters, and this fightis Superhero VS Dangerous fighters. If you are best fighter andlooking forfighting games then Effort 功夫 our Extreme Kungfu StreetFightRevenge with amazing and realistic super hero fight withexquisiteand realistic controls. Features:. Stunning 3d graphic..Amazingand attractive environments to show fighting 战斗 skills..Mostamazing fighting arcade game free. Fully optimize for allandroiddevices.. Very easy and smooth touching screen andRealisticcontrols.. Very easy and addictive game and Realisticfighting 战斗sound.. Smooth Fighters animations and fighting 战斗styles.
Legend Captain:Avengers Fight
“Legend Captain:Avengers Fight” is a fast-paced 2d action gamethatis extremely addictive and gives you an immersive experienceoffuture fight. Come on! Enjoy the endless combos, deadlyfightingand hand to hand combat in this superhero rpg fightinggame. Dealwith all the avengers’ melee attacks.A super hero is notborn, butmade. In this fast-paced action game, our Legend Captain,Max, hasbeen trained to learn how to defeat and slay enemies bydevastatingweapons and be skilled in boxing, martial arts, karateandtaekwondo and various lethal skills since he was young.Aftergrowing up, he takes the responsibility of fighting forjustice andprotecting the earth like his father. Now the devilforces andgangsters are trying to control the whole city and haskilled manypeople, it’s time to give those gangsters a lethallesson toprevent their melee attacks. Start your future fight byendlesscombos now!Discover your way to enjoy the greatest futurefight bydefeating and slaying all criminals and gangsters in frontof you.Humiliate them and bring all of them into endless darkness!Startyour combat for real justice! “Legend Captain:Avengers Fight”makesyou enjoy the incredible deadly fighting with excitinggameexperience, simple side-scrolling interface, easy-to-playcontrols,as well as a lot of skills you can mix for devastatingcombos tocombat with enemies. “Legend Captain:Avengers Fight” willgive youan unprecedented super hero combat experience andfast-paced battlerhythm in future fight! Defeat and slay allenemies when faced withtheir lethal attack and melee attacks.Features of “LegendCaptain:Avengers Fight”:★Incredible FightingExperience★Cool andSpecial Skills! Exciting and Fast-paced BattleRhythm! EndlessCombos!Stunning 2D Graphics and Realistic FightingSound!ChallengeVarious Powerful Enemies and Gangsters in More Than40 MissionStages! ★Deadly Fighting Action★Endless Combinations ofFlashySkills and Combos Make You Can't Help Carrying on!FreelySwitchbetween Controlling Super hero’s Movements and MasteringHisDifferent Skills!Ranged Magic or Hand-to-hand Combat withEnemiesto prevent their melee attacks, Choose Which YouLike!★MultipleWeaponry and Armor★Collect Lethal Weaponry andCustomize YourDevastating Weaponry during Game!Unique UpgradingSystem forOptimal game Experience!★Simple One-touch Operation★Easyto Learn!No Complicated Buttons! All Controls and Powers Are inYourFingers!Offline Mode. No Internet, No Problem.★Rich RewardsafterEvery Victory★Complete Every Mission Stage Then You Can GetLots ofRewards for Upgrading or Levelling Up!Every time after yousucceedin deadly combats, defeating and slaying the gangsters, youcan usethe money you get to buy devastating weaponry and equipthedevastating weaponry, or strengthen your attacking poweranddefense power. The weapons can also be sold for money. You canuseevery tactical strategy to realize your incredible fighting.Thisis a future fight of justice, also a legend of a super hero.Enjoythe best game experience you have never had in fast-paced“LegendCaptain:Avengers Fight”. Humiliate your enemies, defeat andslayall the gangsters in front of you. Stop their lethal meleeattacksand enjoy your incredible deadly fighting now!
Stickman Fight 2 Player Games
A new and fun addictive realistic physics with hardcore gameplay!Abeat'em'game with amazing rag doll stunts! Funny Stickmangamescontain warrior heroes character. An amazing stunt game todefeatyour opponents - The best survival sword fighting games.Fight anddefeat to become the strongest warrior around the world!Will yoube able to survive this realistic stickman warrior fight?Kill anddestroy different enemies in 2 player Games Mode! Bewarefromspikes and gear! You have to fight & Play with Friends tillthelast drop of your Character blood and beat the score ofyouropponent in this Fun Physics wacky action game! Two ormorestickmen is on the screen! Go and hit just like warrior heroboxinggames. A Funny action game. It's very easy to play, you justneedto tap the screen. You will get heroic fights in the game.Showyour fighting skills to become a winner in this epic warbattlegameplay! Join this rag doll battle and fight against thiswarrior!A multiplayer ragdoll physics game - series of the fabulousepicbattle saga! Engage yourself in a deadly battle betweenswingingstick man Funny games! Perform your back flip and frontfliptricks, show the warrior skills and proved that you are anepichero around the globe. This funny game will be the mostaddictinggameplay that you never played before! Just join thiswarriors justtap the screen take a gun find and kill them.OnlineBattle Mode& two Player games: Perform multiplayer stunt gamesin anonline battle! Stick man can carry an attack by differentbodyparts, use various types of weapons! Enter the world of thearenaand play as a heroic Stickman war Game with your friends ontwoplayer Mode. Realistic Stunts: Perform stunts and tricks todestroythe enemy and survive! A shadow fight will be the heroicfight epicbattles! Jump and stunt around the arena, kill your enemyto breaktheir bones in this boxing game. Swing like a rag doll andsurvive!It like Ninja Fighting games!How to Play: -Using your epicwarskills stand in front of your opponents and start the fightingjustlike combat war. -Driver control will show your simpledirection.-There are many Different Gameplay modes in this NinjaFight Games,like Boxing games mode, Sword Fight, Western Cowboyfight Mode,Cops and Robbers Games, 2 player Games Mode, and manymore. Specialfeatures: - New Stickman heroes who are faster andstronger thanwarrior. - Heroic action with full of destructionfighting game. -Dynamic gameplay! Stern battles with Wrestle Jump -Realisticragdoll physics games - Hardcore gameplay for maturegamers -Challenge your friends and beat them in two player gamesMode -More weapon, add new stickman game - Multiplayer supports inonescreen - Smooth Button controls - Amazing powerful stickmanstuntgames~~~Funny Stick man Fight! Hardcore gameplay~~~ The Bestgamefor Android for Stickman games lover! Experience the realisticandfighting atmosphere, this Stickman Fight 2 Player wrestle jumpbackflip and front flip Games will challenge your skills! Do takethischallenge?Leave a review and rating to let us know what youthinkabout this game. We would really appreciate your rating… Formorenews and details: Like our page onFacebook: Follow uson:Twitter:
Kung Fu Superhero Ninja fighting tiger karate game
Kung Fu superhero ninja fighting tiger game is ready for you.Whyyou wait for anymore? Paly extreme fighter superhero ninjainaction karate tournament. Start Remarkable fighting betweenyourdifferent superhero best characters like Superman VSSpiderman,Batman VS Hulk, Maria VS Vanguard, Atienza VS Mutantninja andDreyar syndrome VS superwomen characters in this superherofightinggames. This game has perfect incredible combat self-defenseforopponent competitor in ninja assassin karate arena. If youwantplay realistic Kung Fu karate fighting which fight in martialarts!Then use Hit Combo punch to prove that you are the bestdeadlyfighter in wing chun kung fu karate fightingEnjoy big worldAsiansuperhero’s fighting games on your mobile device. In this gameplaykarate fighting championships between Chinese and Japanesemartialarts superhero comics characters which use differentfightingstyles including Muay Thai, Taekwondo and Kung Fu. Userfriendlycontroller use to controlling the hero fighter insuperherofighting games. Superhero ninja incredible fighting attackperformto defend their team by opponent remarkable fighting styleswhichwant to defeat you. Over 16 comic characters from theavailable toplay. Enjoy extreme earth warrior superhero fightinggames..SELECTFAVOURITE SUPERHERO COMIC CHARACTERSummon to favoritecharacterfrom your collection team. power speed and accuracy inSpiderman,super women, Maria and mutant ninja which are incredibleunbeatablefighter. The legendary fighting tiger punch has beendesigned to beplayed with easily controller. You become grandmasterof kung fufighting with immortal powerful rescue strength. Yourselectionyour winner.ARCADE VS KNOCKOUT COUNTER Kung Fu superheroninjafighting tiger karate game perform arcade and knockout round.Userunique karate style and show flying kicking, super kick andusemartials arts styles. These style show realisticfightingenjoyment. Three round for fighting, Last round are winninground.Show your bravely and power to destroy opponent in ninjaassassindeadly battle. Arcade vs knockout counter fighting roundwith otakuvs arissa, superhero vs canfual,spiderman vs meodea.Kungfufighting action well known in this game. Liberal smashadventureattack is very important to winning champion world battle.Fulfilyour imagination to be a king of kung fu fighter.EASYCONTROLL:Inthis game our team introduce new controller easy to playjoystickcotrols. Press specific kick button just swipe and tap onthescreen and perform karate kick, left, right, forward, backwardandflying kick with straight flying punch. Feature of KungFuSuperhero Ninja Fighting Tiger• User magical superpower.•Realisticfighting character.• Awesome 3D graphics.• Assemblefavorite superteam.• Multiple power ranger.• Real life fightingenvironment.• Usemultiple kung fu fighting styles• Karate deathbattlefield.• Ninjaassassin action.• Multiple character.• Superpower uniqueexperience.Enhance rank in kung fu ninja fighting arenaand enjoyextreme fighter warrior games which is free available.Downloadthis amazing fighting game and feel real fighting action
Street Fighting 2: Multiplayer
Fight as a stickman, make great kicks, use special powers.PlayONLINE multiplayer and become unbeatable street fighter!YOUCANENJOY:> 2player stickman fighting> specialabilities(invisibility, armor, power ball...)> customisation(hats,shorts, gloves)> 4 fighting multiplayer arenas>entertainingragdoll physics> cool underground atmosphere(hip-hop beats)HOWTO PLAY:Control the ragdoll fighter in 2D physicsworld and attackhead or body of your stickman opponents. You needto run into theragdoll while rotating your stickman warrior in theproper angle toattack vulnerable parts.You can use KICKS, SPECIALABILITY and youcan CUSTOMIZE your street fighter with colorandaccessories.MODES:Select tournament in which you want to playnextmatch and wait for your opponent to start the multiplayergame.Wait until someone connects, but also you can fightagainstcomputer. Each tournament consists of 7 matches and you canwin amedal or a belt if you kick well.If you prefer to learncontrollingthe ragdoll or even kung fu kicks, try training match orinviteyour friends to online battle.MULTIPLAYER SERVERS:StreetFightingcould be played worldwide, but the best gaming experience(lowestping) is in near servers in USA, Brazil, Europe, India,Korea,Japan and Australia.This is a MULTIPLAYER version of apopular gamecalled Street Fighting: Ragdoll Game from the samedeveloper!Thegame is similar to those known as stickman and ragdollgames
The Shadow Ninja Warriors
The Shadow Ninja Warriors is an exciting action game!Theshadowninja warrior has to beat all the monsters that areconstantlyattacking him. Usingbuttons on the right to slash themonsters.Using buttons on the left to run. You’llexperienceintensesensation with tons of diversified attacks,levitation, multipleskills.Are you ready to explore thisadventurous world, and enjoythis beautiful and lifelike combatscene. To release your fightinginstincts and save this turbulenttime!All the gods of the worldhas turned into shadows ,no one cansave world from darkness ,canyou ? True test of ninja is taken onlyin darkness and shadows!Devastate your enemies without mercy as areal Shadow ninja!Attack from shadows, fight against mightyopponents and enjoy theatmosphere of the oriental action game TheShadow NinjaWarriors.Use different fighting styles, earn points torise up yourfighting skills or buy new strikes and punches toensure yourvictory on the battlefield.New characters, fightingmoves,techniques and multiplayer feature will be coming soon innewupdate of this gameThe ultimate fight to experience themostthrilling stimulus!Game features:- HD shadow worldscreen-Impressive graphics and sounds- Visual experience- Theuniqueskills of the shadow warrior- With more than 100 fightingmoves in9 different types of levels and backgrounds with a greatcardcollection makes the game even more interesting for you.-Freecombination fighting Combo- With each level upgrade, yourfightwill become even more interesting.- An awesome combinationofwarriors, fighters, action, adventure and victory.- Supergorgeousvisual effect- Simple, fun and easy to play game for allage grouppeople.- The sense of heroes to save the world- Ability toupgradeheroes***Download it now***
Superhero Fighting Game: Ultimate Street Champions
Welcome to Superhero Fighting Pro Ultimate Street Championsgamewhere Start your kick box and check your Muay Thai skills andwherelegendary fighters like Spider hero, Bat hero legend, Mr Hero,Ironhero and Monster Hero came face-to-face one on one in anarenafight. It is not normal wrestling game or a fighting gamewherewrestling superstars fight with each other but in this gameyou aregoing to witness punching, kicking, blocking and super kickstotake down opponents by superheroes. Be ready forAction-packedgameplay with different combat style like MMA, BJJ,Ninja fight,Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Kick box, Sambo and manyothers dodging,rage, cuts, knockouts, technical knockouts. Enjoy anepic battle,choose and collect different heroes, in thisinstallment of thefighting game. Choose Flying Grand Super heroFighter in real FightFinal City Battle. Keep in mind that you willhave to defendyourself from enemy attacks. Knockout your opponentwith your superpower punch on the face and fight like you did neverbefore. It’sall about your respect and glory, so high your heroring fightingexperience in this grand ring fighting game. Rush intothe streetsand become the master of Kung Fu. Kung fu/Kungfu is aChinese termreferring to any study, learning, or practice thatrequirespatience, energy, and time to complete, often used in theWest torefer to Chinese martial arts. The extreme racingchampionshipagainst cycle, jeeps, trains, cars and motocycle wereheld so therewere many security cameras everwhere to arrest themaifa gangs butjonh decided to take risk to become a superhero inperforming evilcriminal duty to accomplish the ultimate mafia crimelord status inmafia underworld and serve with loyalty and dignity.He was atalented man and take part in the racing game, Heparticipates incycle racing do some quad stunts in streets, and tryto steal anextreme racing car but fail. After that day he decidedto leavethis mafia criminal life but other mafia gang companionbecomeangry with him. A monster superhero ring battle not onlygives youthe satisfaction of winning but also give you allchallenge how totake down the rivals. You are on the right track toget your dailyadventure doze with this fantastic fighting games andboxing games!Control, Punch, Jab Punch, Super Punch, Super kick,Flip Kick andfight with all opponents carefully and defeat thembadly, told themwho is the boss. You will enjoy the features of allother fightinggames and ring fighting games in this Grand Superhero Fighter Progame. You might have played many ring fightinggames, but you wouldhave never experienced the futuristic one onone hero fight before.It’s time to play the eventual monster herogame of this era. Youcan take pleasure in this futuristic monsterbattle and experiencethe fight of monster hero in the ring. Thisone is speciallydesigned for the extreme fans of monster hero ringfighting gamesand monster hero city battle games. Take down theultimate robotwarfare with its ring fighting and monster heroboxingskills.Superhero Fighting Game: Ultimate Street ChampionsRingFighting Club ProFeatures:• Select your favorite superhero fromthegame to play with.• Realistic ring fighting Environment.•Smoothand easy controls.• Real fighting Physics of the game. •Realisticsounds & music.• Become the campaign of the grandsuperheroes.
Kung Fu Fighting
Kung Fu Fighting , The legendary fighting franchise returns withnewgame plot! Free classic Fighting arcade games to enjoy withandroiddevice Now! In Kung Fu Fighting Game, player's characterLee is amartial artist that practices his family's Kung Fufighting style.He enter the City to rescue him sister, Lily. Intheir fights, Leelearn that the Lily became the target from thecriminal gangs, anddecide to face him. Lee is very serious aboutKung Fu and loyal tohis family. He has been given disciplinethrough his Kung Futraining by his father . He earned thenickname, “The Grandmaster ofKung Fu” due to his remarkable use ofhis Kung Fu fighting style. Heuses the Kung Fu to fight withcriminal gangs Boss.Kung Fu FightingGame can recall your childhoodmemories of arcade game ! Recorded inthe history of the classicarcade game, Compared with other fightinggames,Kung Fu Fightinghas been designed to be played with moreeasily .
Zombie Road Street 3D Fighting: Fighter Games
The true warrior fighters are born in the streets bloodyfighting,feel the power and strength in your hands as in thisbrawler game,you have the duty of hunt for zombie in apocalypticenvironment inthis fighter game. Its your time to be the master ofwarriorfighters for zombie simulator combat. Compete with mutantzombiesin bloody fighting with streets zombies to makeapocalypticenvironment same for bloody streets fighting all overonceagain!Days gone of endless boxing are back! So come swing youfistsin this immersive zombie adventure town of boxing game withsimpleside scrolling interface of zombie simulator combat and easytolearn controls for road kill zombie in apocalyptic environmentwithwide range of skills of hand too hand hard combat forwarriorfighters with devastating fighter games combos. Anunprecedentedbrave bloody fighting boxing experience in apocalypticenvironmentof zombie adventure town! Fight on the streets withzombies targetragdoll! Face various of enemies with hand too handhard combatwith this brawler game as warrior fighters to createblood zombiesbath by defeating them and taking all the territoriesof zombieadventure town. Use hand too hand hard combat with quickreflexesand special moves of bloody fighting, unleash fiercewarriorfighters punches and zombie simulator combat combos, beatall themutant zombies & become the king of zombie adventuretownnow!You are the last warrior fighters survivor and the bestzombiestarget ragdoll hunter in apocalyptic environment and itsyour dutyto fight the streets zombie invasion and make the zombieadventuretown safe again! Hack and slash through 8 brawler gamemissions forsurviving against mutant zombies in bloody fighting tocreate bloodzombies bath for cleaning apocalyptic environment inbloodyfighting of zombie simulator combat. So beware of the carzombiesthat await you at the zombie adventure town streets withzombietarget ragdoll in this zombi games. Some you are able toknockstreets zombie out with a single fierce punch but the bigandhideous scary zombi takes more than that. Use theapocalypticenvironment wisely to your advantage!Download thewarrior fightersgame with mutant zombies & feel the terror ofstreets zombiefrom close!