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WalP - Stock HD Wallpapers 6.1.2
Stress Codes
Get the best free Wallpapers and make your phone look amazing asyouare. Walp Stock HD Wallpapers App is a free app that has alargecollection of HD stock wallpapers. New stock wallpapers areadded assoon as they come out. Walp - Stock HD Wallpapers havelarge varietyof wallpapers which is increasing everyday. Stylizeyour phone andmake it look just like the new phones. There are 25+brandswallpapers. Main Features of Walp - Stock HD Wallpapers *PopularTab so you can see which wallpaper other people aredownloading andyou get best one's on top. * Search functionalityto find thewallpapers easily. * Recent Tab so you can see newwallpaperseasily. * Scroll able wallpaper 2160 x 1920. * Cropwallpapers * Addwallpapers to favorites * UHD (Ultra HD)wallpapers 2880 x 2660 *Auto Wallpaper Changer * Blur Filter *Good looking User Interfaceso you feel amazing while using app. *Categories so you can findthe wallpapers easily. Categories : *Samsung stock wallpapers *Google stock wallpapers * LG stockwallpapers * Apple stockwallpapers * IOS stock wallpapers *Android OS stock wallpapers *Xiaomi stock wallappers * Huaweistock wallpapers * Oneplus stockwallpapers * HTC stock wallpapers* Sony stock wallpapers * OPPOstock wallpapers * Motorola stockwallpapers * ASUS stock wallpapers* ZTE stock wallpapers * Meizustock wallpapers * Lenovo stockwallpapers * Lineage OS stockwallpapers * VIVO stock wallpapers *Razer stock wallpapers *BlackBerry stock wallpapers * Infinix stockwallpapers * Essentialstock wallpapers * Micromax stock wallpapers* Alcatel stockwallpapers * Gionee stock wallpapers * Elephonestock wallpapers *Tecno stock wallappers * Vodafone stockwallpapers * Infocus stockwallpapers * Meitu stock wallpapers * BLUstock wallpapers *Coolpad stock wallpapers * Hisense stockwallpapers * Sharp stockwallpapers * Change default tab accordingto your liking. * Deleteapp cache from within the app. * Fastloading of wallpapers * Easyto use User Interface. * ConsistenceApp updates to solve all theissues you face. * Get notificationwhen new wallpaper added. *Recent search suggestions * Setdifferent wallpapers on Home Screenand Lock Screen * Wallpaperscategorized by brand and model name *Different application themesDark Theme Amoled Theme Light ThemeWith every new release of deviceour wallpapers increase. WalP -Stock Wallpapers is the best stockwallpaper application on androidmarket. Keep supporting us so wekeep making WalP - Stock HDWallpapers better. If you lovewallpapers that mobile phonemanufacturer provide with their phonesthan Walp - Stock HDWallpapers is the best app you can get in themarket. All the otherphone manufacturers which are not added yetwill be added soon aswe cover these categories first. we aim tomake Walp - Stock HDwallpapers is the best stock wallpapersapplication on play store.Permissions NoticePhotos/Media/Files:Needed to allow you to usecustom photos aswallpaper. Storage: Needed to download wallpapers.Cache Access: Soyou can delete cache from with in app. PopularDevices Wallpapers :Google Pixel/Pixel XL/Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL,Iphone 10/X, OnePlus 6,Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus, Samsung GalaxyNote 8, Huawei P20/P20Pro, Ignore this section tags for play storelisting optimization.wallp stock hd 4k wallpapers backgrounds walp, samsung appleoneplus google lg htc sony android huawei oppomotorol xiaomi nokiaasus ios, stock wallpaper bundle , mobilephone manufacturers,stresscodes, stress codes, walp - stock hdwallpapers,brands
Wallpapers for Galaxy Note8 1.0.2
Wallpapers for Galaxy Note8 contains beautiful HD wallpapersforGalaxy Note8 phones created specifically to fit their 18.5:9aspectratio screen with resolution of 1440x2960 pixels.WallpapersforGalaxy Note8 contains huge collection of more than amillionbeautiful crystal clear high-quality free wallpapers foryourphone.New amazing Galaxy Note8 infinity wallpapers are addedeveryday so you could have best Galaxy Note 8 wallpapersHD.InWallpapers for Galaxy Note8 you can see most popular andrecent HDbackground images and wallpapers, you can like wallpapersand seethem later and you can download HD wallpapers or set them asabackground easy straight from the app.This Galaxy Note8wallpapersapp have various categories for Galaxy Note8 HDbackgrounds andwallpapers like abstract, aircrafts, animals, anime,architecture,cars, cartoons, celebrities, games, logos, love,motivational,motorcycles, movies, tv shows, music, nature, space,sports,technology and more!Whether you want to celebrateValentine's Daywith rose or heart HD backgrounds or you just wantpremium catswallpapers, dogs wallpapers or maybe 3D wallpapers,summerwallpapers, ocean premium wallpapers or teen HD wallpaperstostylize your Galaxy Note8 background screen we have it allinwallpapers for Galaxy Note8!Wallpapers for Galaxy Note8iscompletely free to use.Samsung Galaxy Note8 is the latestSamsungGalaxy Note phone and it is replacing Galaxy Note7. What ismostdifferent about Super AMOLED screen is that Samsung addedInfinityscreen in Galaxy Note8 with special resolution of 1440 x2960pixels.Wallpapers will also look great on phones and tabletswithsimilar resolution like Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung GalaxyS8+,LG G6, Motorola Moto Z, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung GalaxyS7edge, HTC 10, Google Pixel XL, HTC U11, Samsung Galaxy S6,SamsungGalaxy Note5, LG G5, upcoming Galaxy S9, Lenovo P2, HuaweiP10Plus, Huawei Honor 8 Pro, Sony Xperia XZ Premium, OnePlus3T,OnePlus 5, Xiaomi Mi 6 and more.Infinity wallpapers forGalaxyNote8 can be set on Home Screen or Lock Screen.Enjoy inamazingSamsung Galaxy Note8 Wallpapers HD!
j2,j3 samsung wallpapers HD 5.0.1
#Best samsung j2,j3,j5,j6,j7,j8 wallpapers HD in play store.#HighQuality S9 Wallpapers. #High Definition Samsung Galaxy Note9Wallpapers. #fitted on your device screen auto. #BestSamsungGalaxy J Series Android Apps. #Offline Apps (No InternetConnectionneeded to view or set wallpapers). #Very Easy Use thisapp.#Download and Enjoy. #2018 Best Samsung J2,J3,J4,J5,J6,J7,J8and J72018 Stock Wallpaper Application. #This J7 WallpapersApplicationcontain official + other wallpapers. #Resolutionsize:1280x1280,720x1280. #High Quality Wallpapers. #You can’t missFreewallpapers for samsung j2,j3,j4,j5,j6,j7,j8,j2 ace,j7primewallpaper,galaxy j2,samsung j7,stock wallpapers,j7prime,galaxyj2,j2 ace,j3 will be 100% different from others!!! Thisis all forFREE!!!!!. #The Free wallpapers for galaxy j2 ace,j2,j3gives you anew unique style, a huge collection of Wallpapers. #Wehave alreadythought all for you. All beautiful wallpapers have beentestedextensively and are compatible with 99% of the majorAndroiddevices.********************************************************************************************#Youcan use it on your Samsung Galaxy, Xiaomi Redmi, Huawei, Vivo,Oppo,HTC or Lenovo! Theme for Galaxy j2 can be applied to hotsmartphoneslike oppo F3/A37/a57, vivo V5s/V5 plus, Huawei P10Lite/P10 Plus,galaxy J2/J2Ace/S8/S8+!.********************************************************************************************Looksalso for j2,j3,j4,j5,j6,j7,j8 on latest devices such asSamsungGalaxy j7, j6, j5, j4,j6,j8 and new Samsung Galaxy Note9backgrounds wallpapers. ******************************** thanksfordownload **************************************
samfont8.tta 1
TTA dev
Can install Myanmar Display Font Style in SAMSUNG Android 8.xPhonesRate 5/5 <3
S Note
[Notice] Please use synchronization features for keeping yourdatasafely. [S Note] S Note is a note taking application whichallowsyou to efficiently create, edit and manage notes. It providesanumber of user-friendly features that differentiates it fromothernote taking applications. This includes easy file managementwiththe ability to create categories and copy, move or deletefilesfrom within the application. It also supportsinteractivemultimedia functions and allows you to draw and writeusing S Pen.Features : - Freehand writing and drawing using S Penor Finger,with various pre-defined pens and styles - Insert charts,sketches,pictures, voice notes and set custom background in notes -Supportsup to 500 pages in a single note - Supports searchingoftext(handwritten and keypad input) with different filters-Categorization of notes - Ability to print, export and sharenoteas spd/image/pdf/text file - Import and edit pdf files as notes-Sync notes between multiple devices using Samsung/EvernoteaccountNote : - S Note can also be used on devices which do notsupport SPen. In that case some features, which depend on S Pen,will not beavailable. The following permissions are required forthe appservice. For optional permissions, the default functionalityof theservice is turned on, but not allowed. Required permissions-Storage: Used to access the S Note files stored on your phoneandtablet Optional permissions - Camera: Used to insert picturesintoyour notes - Microphone: Used to insert voice recordings intoyournotes - Location: Used to provide location information whenopeningwebpages that request your location - Calendar: Used toaddCalendar links to action memo functions [Extension pack]OnceExtension pack has been installed, S Note will be loaded withtheall the features in it. Added features : - Quick access buttonsforPhoto note, Action memo, Voice recordings and Text on notesscreen- Modified toolbar while editing a note - Quick shaperecognitionmode - Text, Shape and Formula transformation - Lock,Export,Magnified note etc. [S Note Widget] S Note widget is aseparateapplication, other than default S Note widgets, for quickaccess toa single note from home screen. Features : - Open a notedirectlyfrom home screen - Add a new page to the note and open itforediting S Note widget is a separate application but isaccessiblein the same way as other widgets. Please check for it intheWidgets list. [Easy chart] - Galaxy Note series only Createchartsand visualize data instantly! Easy chart allows you tocreatedifferent types of charts and insert them into S Note. Chartscanbe easily created and modified by freehand drawing using S Penorfinger touch. Features : - Create, edit and insert charts intoSNote - Supports different charts - Line, Bar, Pie and Table-Customize your chart using datasets, colors for datasets anditemsand units - Preview charts before saving - Export charttoExcel(.xls), PDF(.pdf) and Image(.jpg) file formats - CopyandPaste numeric data to create charts - Changehandwritingrecognition language for dataset and item names Easychart can onlybe used from S Note. Check for "Insert" menu option,on create/editscreen, to insert any chart in S Note. [Idea sketch]- Galaxy Noteseries only Idea sketch allows you to search anddownload clips anddraw your own sketches. These sketches areinserted in S Note. Tosearch for images of actions, emotions orthings, write a relatedkeyword using freehand drawing. Additionalclips can also bedownloaded for each category. Features : - Insertsketches in SNote - Search sketches using handwriting recognition -Create andedit sketches using different pen settings - Download newclipsIdea sketch can only be used from S Note. Check for "Insert"menuoption, on create/edit screen, to insert any sketch in S Note.
[Substratum] yoru. for Samsung Oreo 26
THIS THEME ONLY SUPPORTS SAMSUNG SMARTPHONES RUNNING OREO,SAMSUNGTABLETS ARE NOT SUPPORTED! (READ ME) How to install thistheme, andother info: This theme is opensource! Special Thanks to theseguysfor their help to make this theme possible: • Nicholas Chum- •Tigerhoods- •envy~ - •Venom0642 -•stangdriver44- • _moelle-•pimpmaneaton- • zaacc- •marco_wack- •shizzel - •AL_IRAQI - •InFlames03- •TeamWings- •mmihov05- • MSF Jarvis- • folgore95- •Countlessof testers from my Telegram group that make this themeworking onother devices/Android versions possible How to contact meforsupport/suggestions/etc: • Telegram(RECOMMENDED): • XDAThread:•Email:
Zawgyi One Flipfont
How to Change fontstyle 1. Setting > Display > Font Style2.Change myanmar font 1 to 30 3. Done. This app is very easytochange myanmar font and no need root your galaxy phonesZawgyi-onefont pack is designed to be compatible with SamsungGalaxy &Monotype Imaging Inc.'s FlipFont® program on yourphone. NOTE: ThisApp is not sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated withGO Launcher EXor Monotype Imaging, Inc, the owner of the FlipFont®trademark andtechnology.
Parallax Background HD - Live Wallpapers Ringtones 2.2.5
🔷The best 3D Parallax backgrounds HD & Animated LiveWallpapers3D with Live Wallpaper maker, with 250+ holograms &3Dwallpapers, with many different categories that you will love,plusmany ringtones! 🔷 Give your homescreen a real 3D depth effectwiththis High Quality cool Parallax backgrounds collection. Watchthevideo to witness the amazing 3D depth effect.Categories•Superheroes moving wallpapers parallax •Space andPlanetsholographic live wallpapers •Supercars animated 3Dwallpapers•Sports parallax 3D live wallpapers HD •Abstract -minimal coolbackgrounds •Holidays 3D wallpapers parallax •AnimalKingdom livewallpapers 3D •Fantasy holograms with gyroscopicanimations •Naturelandscapes in 3D •Vector moving wallpapers andmany moreholographic parallax 3D animated Wallpapers! With new 3DParallaxwallpapers being submitted on a weekly basis we have aconstantlygrowing collection that you can choose from! You willnever getbored again of your home & lock screen! 😁👌 Transformyourdevice with dynamic 4K animated wallpapers that fit your style,addany parallax background to your favourites with one click, useoursearch engine to find the best moving wallpaper for you, findthemost popular animated 3D background in HD/4K, make yourdeviceunique with this amazing parallax 3D depth effect 😍 😍😍!Personalize even more by adjusting the effects strength and setthebattery save mode to minimize consumption at 1% 👍👍 😎 Createandshare your own cool 3D parallax wallpaper for free, withincludedWallpaper Maker!😎 Watch this tutorialhere: Support us by purchasing theProversion. You only pay once to access all features - No hiddencost.Features ✅ Many categories to choose from! (From Spacewallpapersto Heroes and more) ✅ Battery save mode! ✅ Smoothrendering! ✅ Verylightweight! ✅ Designed for phones and tablets ✅GyroscopicParallax animations ✅ No ads, no hidden costs! ✅ 100 plusfreeringtones! ✅ No special permissions needed ✅ High Quality 3DHDmoving wallpapers! ✅ Wallpaper maker : Make and Share Your Own3Dwallpapers for free! ✅ New cool backgrounds are added weekly!All3D wallpapers are designed and auto-adjusted to fit anyaspectratio, including Ultra wide screens 18:9, and tested with themostpopular devices such as Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus, Xiaomi,Huaweietc. Get the Best Parallax Live Wallpaper HD &animatedbackground collection in 3D now!
Szymon Dyja
Flashlight Galaxy LED is helpful app at home and work. This torchisthe brightest and the most useful flashlight you will everhave.Torch Galaxy was designed for Samsung Galaxy, but it isalsocompatible with other devices. This app is easy-to-use, modernandpowerful! Our flashlight features: - the brightest light - itusecamera LED or screen light - clear design - stable lightorflashing, strobe - flashing mode with frequency controller (LED,SCREEN or LED + SCREEN) - available WIDGET - it works withlockedscreen! - compass Flashlight works with: Samsung Galaxy S2,S3, S4,S5 Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S7, S8, S9 Samsung Galaxy A1, A4,A5, A6,A7, A8, Grand Prime, J5, J7, J8 and many other devices bySony,HTC, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Huawei and Motorola. Galaxy FlashlightLED issimple and powerful!
Samsung Elite 2.98.5
Samsung Elite is designed to give mobile sales reps an edge whenitcomes to Samsung products. Each day, complete an activity tolearnabout the latest Samsung products and services. Along theway,you’ll earn points to redeem for awesome gear. Instant wingames,sweepstakes, and special promotions give sales reps evenmorereasons to learn, earn, and win with Samsung Elite. Learn,earn,and win with SamsungElite.
Samsung Music
Samsung Music is optimized for Samsung android device and providesapowerful music play functionality and the best user interface.KeyFeatures 1. Supports playback of various sound formats such asMP3,WMA, AAC, FLAC. 2. Helps to effectively manage song listsbycategories.(Track,Album,Artist,Genre,Folder,Composer) 3. Supportsanew user experience that easily interact with Samsung smartdeviceslike Tablet,TV(DLNA,Screen mirroring),Wearable. 4. Providesa cleanand intuitive user interface. 5. The Samsung musicshowsrecommendation of playlists from Spotify. You can findSpotifyrecommendation music by Spotify tab and search Spotify musicyou’lllove. (The Spotify tab is only available in countries whereSpotifyis on service.) What is FLAC? FLAC is an audio codingformatsimilar to MP3 & AAC, but lossless, meaning that audioiscompressed in FLAC without any loss in quality. *** RequiredAppPermissions *** Below mandatory permission is required forbasicfeatures of Samsung Music. Even if optional permission aredenied,basic features may work properly. [Mandatory Permission] 1.STORAGEpermission : - Allows the player to write,modify,delete toSD card.- Allows the player to read data from SD card.[OptionalPermission] 2. MICROPHONE permission : Galaxy S4, Note3,Note4 only- Allows to control the player with voice commands whicharelistening, not recording. ex :PLAY,PAUSE,NEXT,PREVIOUS,VOLUMEUP,VOLUME DOWN 3. PHONE permission :Korean devices only. - Verifyyour phone when using the musicservice.
Cox Homelife
From jet-setters to go-getters and everyone in between, CoxHomelifeoffers home security and automation to fit any lifestyle.Customerscan use the Cox Homelife app to securely view &control theirsystem anytime, anywhere on their smart phone ortablet. Note: Theapplication’s features may vary depending on thedevices installedas part of your Homelife system. The followingsupported devicesrequire Android operating system version 5.0 orhigher: • GoogleNexus 4, 5, 6P, 7, 9, 10, Prime • Google Pixel7.x, Pixel XL, Pixel2 • HTC One M9+ • LG G4, G5, V10 • SamsungGalaxy Note 4, Note 5,Note 8 • Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6, S6 Edge,S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8Plus Note: Devices with Google Chrome versionv66 require the 9.1.1Mobile App is required. Mobile App versionsprior to version 9.1.1are incompatible with v 66 of Google Chrome.To use this app, youmust be a current Cox Homelife customer.Please call 1-877-404-2568to learn more about Cox Homelife.Supported markets: AR, AZ, CA, CT,FL, GA, IA, ID, KS, LA, NE, NV,OH, OK, RI, and VA.
Unicorn Blocker:Adblocker, Fast & Private
*** 50% OFF LIMITED TIME ONLY *** *** The application only runsonSamsung Internet or Yandex Browser *** *** Contact *** Did you know that the dataexpensethat ads waste can be up to quadruple? Unicorn saves thedataexpense that ads waste up to 4 times through blocking ads,andmakes web surfing up to 3 times faster. Also lighter websurfingincreases your battery life up to 21%. Blocks ads • Saves upto 50%of your data plan • Browse up to 3x FASTER • Increase batterylifeup to 21% (from: New York Times) Types of ads block •Blocksannoying pre-roll video ads • Blocks ads that hide and thenappear• Blocks ads that suddenly appear • Blocks ads that wastedata •Blocks sexual ads • Blocks tracking • Blocks pop-up ads •Blocksforced redirects ads Websites with blocked ads • Top1,000Mobile/PC websites • Community • Press • Portal • Blog•Advertising agency Supported Browser • Samsung Internet 4.0orhigher required. • Yandex Browser Required OS • Android4.4(KitKat)or higher required. How to install Samsung Internet• install Yandex Browser• How to change Facebook settings to open links in thedefaultbrowser. - Facebook app -> settings(press and hold thebackbutton) -> Activate "Always open links with externalbrowser"Tip 2: How to sync bookmarks from Google chrome to Samsungbrowser.• Regarding the use of application on Power-saving mode.Theapplication runs without problem even with the Power-savingmodeactivated.
Secure Folder
This update is available for Samsung Mobile with Android 7.0andabove.Secure Folder leverages the defence-grade SamsungKnoxsecurity platform to create a private, encrypted space onyourSamsung Galaxy phone. Apps and data moved to Secure Folderaresandboxed separately on the device and gain an additional layerofsecurity and privacy.Easier and more convenientStore yourprivatefiles and apps safely. It's easy to move apps and data bytapping"Move to Secure Folder" or by importing them via "Add files"frominside Secure Folder. Your personal apps and data will beseparatedand encrypted so that they are protected frommaliciousattacks.More secureLock your Secure Folder with anadditional PIN,pattern, password, or biometric lock, so that onlyyou can accessyour private pictures, apps, and data.Effectivelymanage dataAdd orcopy your apps and data into Secure Folder. Youcan use SecureFolder to store your private contacts, photos, andmore in aseparate account. This allows you to have two profiles ona deviceso you can manage your data more effectively.※ SecureFolder willoperate only on official software released by SamsungElectronics.Features or UX may vary depending on the device, OSversion, etc.※Secure Folder is a service, based on Samsung account,that providesan independent, isolated environment within yourmobile device.Applications and data moved or added to Secure Folder(e.g. photos,audio files, movie files, and documents), will not beaccessiblefrom outside Secure Folder, whether by USB or Wi-FiDirect. If yourmobile device detects any rooting or custom ROMs,Secure Folderwill automatically lock-up in order to preventunauthorised access,in which case you will no longer be able toaccess or use thecontents within Secure Folder. Therefore, pleasemake sure you backup any important applications or data elsewhere,such as on yourpersonal computer, before moving them to SecureFolder. Samsung isnot responsible for any data loss orinaccessibility.Use Backup andRestore of the below path to storeyour customers' data moresafely.Secure Folder > Settings >Backup and restore >Back up Secure Folder data[RequiredPermissions]- Calendar: For thepurpose of providing the ‘Sharecalendar’ function- Contact: Forthe purpose of using the registeredaccount to set up SecureFolder- Storage: For the purpose of backingup and restoring thecontent in Secure Folder or for the purpose ofproviding the databackup feature when adding or deleting files-Body sensors: For thepurpose of using the lock screen withfingerprints and iris
Samsung Smart Switch Mobile
▣ Smart Switch gives you the freedom to move your contacts,music,photos, calendar, text messages, device settings and more toyournew Galaxy device. Plus, Smart Switch™ helps you find yourfavoriteapps or suggest similar ones on Google Play™. ▣ Who cantransfer? •Android™ owners - Wireless transfer: Android 4.0 orhigher -Wireless transfers from a compatible Android device toGalaxydevice: Android 4.0 or higher (Note that non-Samsung deviceswithAndroid versions lower than 6.0 can only connect withGalaxydevices that support a mobile AP.) - Wired transfer: Android4.3 orhigher, charger cable, and a USB connector • iOS™ owners -use theoption that’s best for you: - Wired transfer from your iOSdeviceto your Galaxy: iOS 5.0 or above, iOS device cable (lightningor 30pin), and a USB connector - Import from iCloud™: iOS 4.2.1orhigher and Apple ID - PC/Mac transfer using iTunes™: SmartSwitchPC/Mac software – Get started •BlackBerry™ owners - Wirelesstransfers: BlackBerry OS 7 or 10(Mobile AP) - Wired transfer fromyour BlackBerry device to yourGalaxy: BlackBerry OS 7 or 10 fortransfers via USB connector •Windows™ Mobile owners - Wirelesstransfers: Windows OS 10 * Note:For more information andstep-by-step directions, go to ▣What can be transferred? -Contacts, calendar(Device content only),messages, photos, music(DRM free content only, Not supported foriCloud), videos (DRM freecontent only), call logs, memos, alarms,Wi-Fi, wallpapers,documents, app data (Galaxy devices only), homelayouts (Galaxydevices only) - You can send app data and homelayouts by upgradingyour Galaxy device to M OS (Galaxy S6 orhigher). ▣ Which devicesare supported? • Galaxy: Recent Galaxymobile devices and tablets(From Galaxy S2) * Note: For Galaxy S2,old OS (GB/ICS) version cancause incompatibility. If your S2 doesnot work properly, pleasetry after firmware update. • Other Androiddevices: - HTC, LG,Sony, Huawei, Lenovo, Motorola, PANTECH,Panasonic, Kyocera, NEC,SHARP, Fujitsu, Xiaomi, Vivo, OPPO,Coolpad(DazenF2), RIM(Priv),YotaPhone, ZTE(Nubia Z9), Gionee, LAVA,MyPhone(My28s), CherryMobile, Google(Pixel/Pixel2) * Note: Forreasons such ascompatibility between devices, it may not bepossible to installand use Smart Switch on certain devices. 1. Totransfer data, bothdevices must have a minimum of 500 MB free spacein their internalmemory. 2. If you are using a wired connection,your device mustsupport a 'Transferring media files (MTP)' USBoption to allowcontent to be transferred. 3. If you have anon-Samsung device thatconstantly disconnects from the wirelessnetwork, go to AdvancedWi-Fi on your device, turn off the “Wi-Fiinitialize” and“Disconnect low Wi-Fi signal” options, and tryagain. (The optionsdescribed above may not be available, dependingon your devicemanufacturer and OS version.) ※ Applicationpermissions Thefollowing permissions are required for the appservice. [ Requiredpermissions ] . Phone: Used to transfer call logdata . Contacts:Used to transfer contacts data . Calendar: Used totransfercalendar data . SMS: Used to transfer SMS data . Storage:Used tosave the files necessary for data transfer . Microphone:Used forhigh-frequency audio when searching for Galaxy devices. .Location:Used to connect Galaxy devices using Bluetooth. If yoursystemsoftware version is lower than Android 6.0, please updatethesoftware to configure App permissions. Previouslyallowedpermissions can be reset on Apps menu in device settingsaftersoftware update.
Sunset Beach Live Wallpaper 1.3
3D Live Wallpaper. sunset beach animated wallpapers featuresAmazingvideo animated wallpaper to personalize your phone. Thelivewallpaper personalisation app includes video, gif andanimatedbackgrounds in ultra hd video. working with clock on yourscreenand with other launchers or themes. Dynamic Wallpapers makeyourphone unique. This free wallpaper app will sleep when yourphone isinactive, so this live wallpaper will not drain yourbattery.Animated backgrounds withwaveseffect,abstract,ocean,sea,sunrise,sunset,summer,tropical,realwater,paradise,realbeach,real ocean,realwaves,holidays,wave,beautiful backgrounds, 3dbeach. sunset beachtheme on your home screen or lock screen. How doI enable it? - Runthe app and just press Apply button and on thenext page clickChange Wallpaper. - Or if the above doesn't work youcan also tryto do this: Home - Menu - Wallpapers - AnimatedWallpapers - ThisAnimated Wallpaper The free video animatedwallpaper is HD videoquality to give the best quality animatedbackgrounds to yourAndroid phone, even flagship phones with quad HDor even 4K UltraHD screens. It works on new resolution 2:1 like ingalaxy s8 or s9and lg g6 or huawei mate 10 with corners, so youinstall theperfect video wallpaper size for your phone's . amoledwallpaperswith 30 fps or even more 60 fps speed quality. greatparallax 3dwallpaper or even 4d wallpaper with magic touch effectand livescreensaver on home screen and lock screen. Working withlaunchers.The animated background video wallpaper collection workson manyphones and flagship devices like Samsung Galaxy, Note,xiaomiwallpaper, pixel xl , Xperia, LG G6 . Use the app to setvideo aswallpaper and video as live wallpaper. Personalize yourdevice likelive photo , check others live wallpaper of thislivephotodeveloper. Our Facebook Page to stay updatedhere: Try Version PROofThis App withoutAds: of our live wallpaper in youtube channelhere: appshere:
Wallpapers HD, 4K Backgrounds 2.8.51
- Adapted wallpaper for your device. In the application,onlywallpapers suitable for the size of your screen will bedisplayedfor you. All images are of high quality and variousresolutions.Support for any device, including devices with largescreens:1080x1920 px (Full HD, 1080p) and 2160x3840 px (Ultra HD,4K). -Only the honest size of the wallpaper, no increase. IntheWallpapersCraft application you will not see poorqualitywallpapers, we do not add such ones. You will not see ourwallpaperis not the right size for the resolution of your screen. -Manualcutting of wallpaper under your screen. All wallpapers intheapplication were cropped manually so that you enjoy theperfectpictures for your mobile phones. - New wallpapers everyhour. Over80,000 beautiful wallpapers for screens up to 540x960 px;more than10,000 Full HD wallpapers for the screen 1080x1920 px;over 5000wallpapers for smartphones with 2K screen 1440x2560 px,more than1000 4K wallpapers for phones with 4K display 2160x3840px. - Savebattery and resources. The application displays onlywallpapers andscreensavers adapted to the size of your screen. Thisallows you tosave battery power and Internet traffic, as well asuse theapplication at maximum speed, without loss of image quality.-Actual wallpapers at the moment. We follow all the trends intheworld. You will find the latest background pictures from us.Themost beautiful places in the world, cities, countries andsimplybeautiful wallpapers for any mood and desire. - Ease of useandnothing more. We tried to make the most convenient andsimpleapplication for you, removing all unnecessary andconcentrating onthe main thing - the wallpaper and their quality. -Let thebackground pictures into your phone! You can set thewallpaper onyour phone screen on android or tablet. You can alsoset beautifulwallpapers on the lock screen or on both screens atonce. Beautifulpictures for android will help you easier to survivethedifficulties of life! Photo wallpaper on your phone and tabletwillmake it much more beautiful and attractive!
Ringtones Lab-Download All Mp3 ringtones & rington 2.0
The application contains High quality ringtonesfrom Various mobile phone ringtonessuchas Nokia ringtones, Samsung ringtones, And large list of"Phoneringtones" can be found on this application.Not only thisuser candownload latest movies ringtones, cartoons ringtones,gamesringtones even mobile phone such as, can be found here.DownloadRingtones Procedure and usage User can select his/herchoice ofringtones from a list of categories. To locate a specificringtone,Use the top search bar. Once you enter the single ringtonepage youcan easily play the file before downloading it or evendirectly setit as your mobile ringing tune. You can easily set yourmessagetune or notification tune using the same “Set Ringtone”button. Thedesign and the quality of ringtones in this app makesthis"ringtone application" as one of the top and most popularringtonessharing application of 2017. You can download the best andmostpopular ringtones for your Android™ phones such as, samsungs9,samsung s7, samsung s6, nokia 6, galaxy j7 etc etc. 🔔 Content🔔1.Download "free ringtones" This ringtones application havehugenumber of "phone ringtones" sorted in three different way.freephone ringtones category is available in the left sidebar.Howeverthe content in these categories are displayedfrom You canfindbest and high quality default phone ringtones can be foundhere.2.Download Samsung ringtones Samsung galaxy S series and Jseriesringtones are displayed on the top of samsung ringtonescategory.You can easily download Galaxy s6 ringtones, samsunggalaxy s7ringtones,galaxy note 8 ringtones,galaxy c9ringtones,galaxy c7ringtones and the default "over the horizonringtone" & "onestep forward ringtone" are just one click awayand to download moredefault samsung ringtones or stock samsunggalaxy ringtones usethis application because the ringtones areoffered through thisURL:"".Which hasgreat number of samsung galaxy and other samsung mobilephoneringtones. 3.Download Nokia Ringtones Nokia ringtones startedwiththe fame of "3310 ringtone". This application have a huge listofboth old and new Nokia ringtones. Nokia android phone ringtonesarelisted here which includes Nokia 6 ringtone,Nokia 3ringtones,Nokiaedge ringtones,nokia 8 ringtones and many morepopular "nokiaandroid phone ringtones" are presented here fromthisURL: download from large number of latest nokia phoneringtones.4.Download funny ringtones Humor is part of life. Funnyringtone canmake a group laugh during a meeting. Ringtones labapplicationcontains huge number of "free funny ringtones" fromthisURL: and funny ringtones are listed according to theirmaxdownloads. More funny ringtones and comedy ringtones can befoundthough search. 5.Download notification ringtones. Thesedays"notification ringtones" are popular and used as"messageringtones". Facebook notification ringtone,skypecallringtone,skype message tone,whatsapp message tone,phonealarmtones,facebook video calling tune and much more are used as"smsringtones".This application is containing large number ofsuchringtones viathisURL: is super safe our developers team have walked extra milesonsecurity and fixes. The application supports 99% Androiddevices!You will surely going to love it! Kindly share this bestringtonesapp with your friends if you like it!
Motivational Wallpapers 4K HD 1.2.1
•Motivation is the catalyst for success. • You need motivationtoboost up for your aim. •We provide you best quality HD(1080×1920)resolution images. •With best pumping quote. •Daily newwallpapers.•It's the only app which provide you new latest owncontent quoteswhith trademarks. •We belive in quality anddefinitely deliver it.•Our wallpapers are compatible with allandroid screen resolutionand all mobile brands. FOLLOW US ONINSTAGRAM:
Hide Photos in Photo Locker 2.1.1
Handy Apps
Hide pictures & photos securely and conveniently inPhotoLocker! - The ultimate hidden gallery app for hiding photosonAndroid. Sensitive photos from your Android photo gallery canbekept safely locked away in a secure Photo Locker accessibleonlyvia a secret PIN code. Key features include: 1)Encryption -hiddenpictures are not only moved to a secret location on yourphone butare also encrypted using advanced 128 bit AES encryption.Thismeans that even if someone manage to steal your SD card andcopythe hidden picture files, they will still be unable to viewthelocked photos. 2)User friendly operation - Easily hide photosviadefault gallery or from within Photo Locker itself. 3)Fastbulkhide - Keep safe hundreds of photos quickly 4)Folder levellocking- lock individual hidden photo albums. This allows you toshow only1 hidden photo album without exposing the others. 5)Zoomin and outof hidden photos with multi-touch. Hidden photos maintaintheiroriginal resolution and are not scaled down as in some otherphotohiding apps. 6)Rotate hidden pictures left and right7)Slideshow -Slideshow viewing mode available with customizabledelay setting8)Removed from recent app list - Photo Locker App willnot appearin 'recent apps' list 9)Lock on sleep - If you forgot toexit thePhoto Locker, the app will lockout as soon as your phonegoes tosleep mode. 10)Tablet optimized - Photo Locker's UI hasbeendesigned with tablets in mind as well so as to provide theultimateviewing pleasure on both Android smart phones and tablets11)PINrecovery - With the optional PIN recovery feature, you won'tloseyour precious files even if you forgot your PIN code. The appwillemail the PIN to you in the event you forgot Photo Locker'sPINcode. 12)Un-hide pictures easily - Un-hide photos just as easilyashiding them and you can decide where the un-hidden photosgo.Premium features: 1)Stealth Mode - Hide the app itself!PhotoLocker App will disappear from the app drawer as if it neverexiston your phone. Access to your private photo vault can onlybeachieved via an innocent looking calculator widget. 2)Fingerprintlog in 3) Get 2 apps for the price of 1! Upgrade eitherPhotoLocker or Video Locker to get premium for both apps. Both appsmustremain installed in the device to enjoy this promotion.4)Ad-freeviewing experience Download Photo Locker now! Photo Lockerisbrought to you by Handy Apps. Connect with us on Facebookat: to users: - All photos are safelyhidden in the device andnot saved to any cloud program for user'sprivacy. - App must notbe moved to SD card. - Do not delete .PLfolder. - Not recommendedfor devices on custom ROM - Devicesrunning on Android 4.4 andabove have restricted application accessto SD card. *Stealth ModeDial Function has been disabled to complywith Google Play'spolicychanges:**Android10 Stealth Mode users: Due to Google policy changes, iconscan nolonger hide in stealth mode for Android 10+. TheCalculator(PL)widget will still work, and tapping on the icon onlyopens appsettings, not the app itself. We are working on possiblesolutionscurrently.* Having issues with Photo Locker? Check outthe FAQ belowforassistance!
Electric Dragon Keyboard 10001002
Cool keyboard
Electric Dragon Keyboard - cool and wonderful theme foryousmartphone keyboard. 😎Electric Dragon Keyboard ThemesupportsdifferentIM Apps, like Instagram, Messenger, BeeTalk,Facebook Liteand soon, and allows you to type faster and easier inthoseapps.😆Electric Dragon Keyboard Theme is also compatiblewithdifferentbrands of phones like Samsung(Samsung Galaxy S7Edge,SamsungGalaxy S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung GalaxyJ7,SamsungGalaxy Note7), Huawei(Huawei P9, Huawei P8, Huawei Mate9,HuaweiMate 8, Huawei Honor 8), Sony(Xperia Z5, Xperia Z4,XperiaZ3,Xperia XZ), HTC(HTC 10, HTC One A9, HTC One X9, HTC Desire10Pro).🤓How to Apply Electric Dragon Keyboard? [Notice: Thethemesupportsour keyboard(typewriter) only.] ☝Download theElectricDragonKeyboard Theme, tap the INSTALL button.✌Downloadourkeyboard(typewriter) from Google Play Store. If youalready haveitinstalled, please tap on the APPLY button directly .💎💎WhyselectElectric Dragon Keyboard ?💎💎👍【Differentkeyboard(typewriter)Themes】 Cool and colorful themes areprovided.Find different themecategories, including tech,basic,ElectricDragon Keyboard, cool,crystal(krystal),indigo navy,golden,tomorrow land, pink, shinyand many more, 👍【Fun Emoji andEmoticon】Words are not enough toexpress your feelings? Just expresswithemoji and emoticon such as( ^ω^)! Easy to find emoji andemoticonsin our Electric DragonKeyboard Theme(typewriter) and addmore funto your chats!👍【Customized Fonts】 We offer you stylish fontstyle,so you couldenjoy a fuller experience of your chosenElectricDragon KeyboardTheme. 👍【Smart Word Prediction】Ourkeyboard(typewriter) is smartenough to recognize mistypingwords,provide smart word predictionand make your typing easier andfaster. 👍【Swype to type】 GestureTyping: Swype through keys toexperienceGlide(slide) Typing. VoiceTyping(input): To type by youruniquevoice. 👍【now】 Hope you likeour Electric Dragon KeyboardTheme.
Shop Samsung 1.0.17274
The Best Way to Shop Samsung * See how a TV or Appliance looksinyour home using your phone's camera with our AugmentedRealityexperience.** * Discover Samsung's latest offerings inmobilephones, accessories, televisions, home theater, smartwatches,homeappliances, notebooks, Chromebooks, tablets, smart home andmore. *Find the product for you with tailored recommendations. *Getexclusive offers ONLY available on the app. * Checkout is quickandeasy with flexible payment options, including Samsung Pay**andSamsung Financing.*** * Earn Samsung Rewards points withpurchaseof select Samsung products. * Track your order withnotificationupdates. When it arrives, register your new productright from theapp. * Free shipping and easy online returns. Payover Time withSamsung Financing*** How It works: 1) Fill your cart:add at least$250 worth of Samsung products to your cart and select"Pay OverTime" at checkout. 2) Review your plan: Apply for credit,find outif you've been approved in seconds, then simply check out.Ifapproved, you'll pay $0 at purchase. 3) Pay over time:Receivemonthly billing statements with plan details and due datesfor yourlow monthly payments. 4) Keep using it: Samsung Financingis arevolving credit line, so you can apply once and keep using itonany future purchases. Get Rewarded with SamsungRewardsHow It works: 1) Enroll - Log in to your Samsung account andacceptthe Samsung Rewards terms & conditions. 2) Earn - Aftermakinga purchase, check your Samsung Rewards point balance on Menu>My Rewards screen, 15 days after your product delivery. 3)Redeem -Go to Menu > My Rewards and redeem your points in theSamsungRewards catalog, accessed through Samsung Pay app (onSamsungdevices) or Learn more about Samsung'slatestproducts: * The Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note9, and Galaxy S9smartphones-- discover a world without limits. * The new GalaxyWatch --everything you need on your wrist and you can leave yourphonebehind. * The latest QLED TVs featuring exclusive QuantumDotTechnology that turn light into perfect color, achieving 100%colorvolume. That means color doesn't fade, even in thebrightestscenes. * The Frame TV -- the most beautiful TV you'venever seen.* Make your kitchen the center of your home. With theFamily Hub,you can shop for food, organize your family's schedulesand evenentertain - all right from your fridge. * Meet the all-newChefCollection: refrigerators, ranges, ovens, cooktops, hoodsanddishwashers - The perfect blend of chef-inspired design,innovativetechnology and ultimate flexibility-thoughtfully craftedfor yourkitchen. * Gear IconX earbuds let you enjoy the freedomofwireless. * The POWERbot robotic vacuum -- Powerfullong-lastingsuction provides optimal cleaning, while smarttechnology allowsyou to control your POWERbot from your smartphone.* SmartThings --the easiest way to turn your home into a smarthome. * InnovativeSamsung accessories such as the DeX Pad and DeXStation, FastCharging Stand, LED Wallet Cover, Gear VR, Gear 360,and more.Start Shopping! Learnmore: * Limitedtimeoffer. Subject to availability. Open the app for details, andtosee devices eligible for trade-in. ** Compatible devicesonly.Samsung Pay is available with select cards from participatingbankson Samsung devices. *** Subject to credit approval. Termsapply.Open the app for details.
4K Wallpapers - HD & QHD Backgrounds 7.0.144
HDW Team proudly presenting you "Wallpaper Expert", the mostamazingapp ever made for HD, QHD and 4K wallpapers with advancedAutowallpaper changer . All wallpapers are hand-picked byprofessionaldesigners and photographers, to make each and everybackground looksbeautiful and stunning. Quality is the only aspectwhat make us thegreat & best wallpapers app for Androidphones. ★ Features: Oursimple & user-friendly interface offersfollowing features...Recent > This is where you see latestupdated wallpapers Trending> Popular wallpapers sorted based onuser downloads Featured >Best Wallpapers hand-picked by ourdesigners team Random >Wallpapers randomly shown from wholecollection with hourly updates.• Download high quality Premiumwallpapers for free • Daily updatesincludes exclusive content forspecial occasions like Festivals, Newyear, Christmas, Valentine'sday and much more... • Super-fast &lightweight app • Allwallpapers are suitable for HD, QHD and 4Kresolution mobile phones• All backgrounds are available in"Portrait" mode only for perfectfit • Option to clear cache to makeapp loading faster and savememory & battery • Option toShare/Send wallpapers throughvarious apps like Whatsapp, Mail,Skype and much more.. • Save yourfavorite wallpapers and accessthem through "Favorites" With Removeads (PRO) option: - No more Ads(Valid for life-time) - 2x fasterUI experience - Priority updatesHow Auto Wallpaper Changer (AWC)works: - Download few wallpapers toour default folder"WallpaperExpert" - Navigate to Settings choose"Auto wallpaperchanger" - Navigate to settings (⚙️) inside AWC andselect anyInterval from the options - Make sure to choose "Apply orSetWallpaper" after selecting the options. - Now wallpaper willbechanged automatically after that selected Intervaltimecontinuously with a Random wallpaper from the chosenfolder.Available categories: 3D, Abstract, Animals, Cars,Bikes,Festivals, Christmas, New Year, Easter, Halloween, MothersDay,Valentines Day, Creative, Cute, Fantasy, Flowers, Greetings,Love,Music, Nature, Landscapes, Beach, People, Autumn, Summer,Winter,Sports, Superheroes, Technology, Travel & World,Food,Military, Photography, Space and we have the best collectionofDark/Black and Minimal wallpapers. Don't miss them Stay gluedandwe bet you will be amazed 😍 ♡ We are thankful for all ofyoursupport and always welcome your feedback and suggestions♡*Disclaimer: All pictures listed in this app are licensedunderpubic domain or uploaded by artists. User are requested tousethese images only as wallpaper/backgrounds.
Flashlight Galaxy S7 + S8 5.5.1
Szymon Dyja
Flashlight Galaxy is one of the brightest torch LED apps inGooglePlay. Flashlight Galaxy was created for Samsung Galaxy S7 andS8,but it is also compatible with Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, J5, J7andmany other devices. I tried to make a powerful Flashlight app.Ibelieve that I did that. I hope that you like it. GalaxyFlashlightLED features: - Light by camera LED or screen light -Stable lightor flashing, strobe - 8 screen colors to choose from -Auto LightON when you launch app - Beauty and clear design - Widget- turnon/off light from home screen - Brightest torch -CompassFlashlight Galaxy LED supports smartphones: - Samsung GalaxyS5 -Samsung Galaxy S6 - Samsung Galaxy S7 - Samsung Galaxy S8 -SamsungGalaxy A4, A5, A6, A7, A8 - Samsung Galaxy J5, J7, GrandPrime,Core - HTC One M7, One M8, One M9, M10 - HTC Desire X, Z, HD- LGG5, G4, LG, G2, G3, Nexus - Sony Xperia X, Z5, Z4, Z3, M3, M4,M5,XA, Z3+, Z3 Compact - Xiaomi, Google Nexus, OnePlus, AsusZenPhone,Note - Huawei Ascend Mate, Motorola Droid Flashlight forGalaxy S8is a simple, yet powerful, beauty.
China Wallpaper HD 1.04
Glorify your latest smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktophomescreen and lock screen with this most popular HD app. It's anewapp in 2018! It's great! Users love our app! High quality andhighdefinition all the ravishing and spectacular HD 4kChinawallpapers. HD , full HD , 4k ultra HD , qhd awesome mindblowinghigh quality best live China background images. Variouskinds ofChina cities wallpaper, chins nature , China flower , Chinapark ,china river , China mountain, China sea, China statue, Chinaroad ,China festival, samurai, chinoiserie and many moreinteresting,funny cute China background wallpapers you have neverseen before.It's lovely app! All the China background wallpapersare withstunning 1080p and 1920p high resolution to make yourdevice moreadorable and lovable. All the wallpapers support superAMOLEDresolution. Abstract, 4k , vintage , aesthetic , exquisitemindboggling HD , girly , artsy cute China background wallpapers.Enjoy3D animation and graphics with these colourfulwallpapers.Everything that can you imagine all here! Try it!Evetytime youlook at your device home screen and lock screen, youwill feeljoyous and refresh. Hurry up! Check it right now and enjoythisgreat app. If you like it , then please give few seconds fromyourvaluable time to rate and review us. Impress your friendswiththese best quality girly , artistic, psychedelic lovelyChinabackground wallpapers. Nice features **High quality andhighdefinition wallpaper app. **It's free HD wallpaper app, alwaysfreefor everyone. **It's compatible with almost all kinds ofandroiddevices. **Regularly autoupdated app. **All the wallpapersadjustsit's resolution according to your device. **All thewallpapersperfectly fitted with all screen sizes, it's doesn'tmatter what'sthe screen size is. **Stunning high resolution all thewallpapers .**No need of internet connection once you installed itin yourdevice. Internet connection requires only for share andupdate.**Very simple and light app. **Easy to use the app, setaswallpaper just by single tap. **very fast working andsafewallpaper app. **Pinch to zoom in or zoom out the images. **Youcansave the images on your device gallery. **upload yourfavouritewallpapers on Facebook or WhatsApp also. **Share withfriends andimpress them. Hurry up! Try it! It's great! Thank youfor visit ourapp...
Oticon ON
Oticon A/S
The Oticon ON App works with all Oticon wireless hearing aidswithTwinLink technology. The Oticon ON App enables you to controlyourhearing aids, choose what you want to hear and adjust thesound.The App offers a “find my hearing aid” search feature, linkstouser instructions and low battery notification. The Oticon ONAppis also used to connect users to their Oticon IFTTT channel.Pleasenote 1. The ON App for Android will not enable you to useyourhearing aids for direct audio streaming from your Androidphone. 2.The ON App only works with Oticon Opn hearing aids Werecommend thefollowing devices with 8.0 (Oreo) or later: SamsungGalaxy S9Samsung Galaxy S9+ Samsung Galaxy S8 Samsung Galaxy S8+SamsungGalaxy S7 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Samsung Galaxy S6 SamsungGalaxyS6 Edge Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) Google Pixel Phone GooglePixel 2Google Pixel XL HTC M9 HTC 10 Huawei P10 LG Nexus 5x LG G5MotorolaNexus 6 Sony Xperia XA Sony Xperia XZ Sony Xperia Z5Premium Thankyou for choosing Oticon and for using the Oticon ONApp!
Galaxy Sensors 1.8.10
** Developed for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note3,full compatibility is not guaranteed on other models ** **modelslike Galaxy S3-S5 or Galaxy Note2-Note4 are missingtemperature andhumidity sensor, not my fault, sorry, the devicemanufacturer hasdecided to remove these sensors ** ** if a sensoris set as "NOTPRESENT" is because your phone doesn't have it **functions:  - Ambient temperature in degrees celsius   -Percentage ofmoisture in the air   - Light intensity   -Air pressure  - Height above sea level - widget with ambienttemperature!more coming soon ** The data is read directly from thesensorscould then have an error of up to 5-10% (in the worst case)thatdoes not depend on me, but by the sensors, unfortunately I cannotdo anything about it, to try to reduce the errors Please keepthedevice on a flat surface for a few seconds, so that thevalues​​are optimized, if your hands touch the device, thetemperaturewill be too high of some degree ** If you want to reportthe fullcompatibility of your device with the application pleaseleavefeedback or send me an email, so it will be added to the list,anyfeedback and comments are very much appreciated, theapplicationaims to be simple and instant, to have at hand all thedata fromthe main sensors of the phone, if there aresuggestions,recommendations and requests for additions will behappy to provide(where possible) 1.1 added Google Analytics 1.2added translationin: -Italian -English -French -German -Portoguese-Russian -Spanish1.2.1 fixed an orientation bug 1.3 added icons1.3.1 bug fix 1.3.2finally aviable first widget 1.3.3 added sharefunctionality, fixeda bug with translation 1.3.4 fixed russian,widget 2x1 1.3.5 addedimperial system ON/OFF menu option 1.3.6fixed some translation,added version number, added option to changefont 1.3.7 added inHgto imperial system 1.4 fixed widget, addednotification, newaccuracy (0s: Low -15s: Medium -45s: High) 1.4.1fixed layout 1.4.2fixed layout for medium font size 1.4.3 fixed aproblem with fontswitch 1.4.4 battery usage should be 1/4 now 1.4.5added greek andhungarian 1.4.6 added dutch 1.4.7 added settingsmenu, addednotification kind 1.4.8 added fist start notification1.4.9 dividedoption to have imperial system fortemp/altitude/pressure 1.5 fixedtranslations, now you can selectbackground color, now you can settext dimension and reporttranslation error via mail from insidethe app =) 1.5.1 some fixes,added material ActionBar/theme 1.5.2fixed translations in ru/de,added text color option 1.5.3 addedoption to set pressure atnearest sea level, various fixes 1.5.4bug fixes 1.5.5 bug fixes1.5.6 (requested feature) now you canpause sensors, if you click ondatas (light value, temperaturevalue and others) it will pause, ifyou click again it will readvalues again =) 1.6 added more materialelements 1.6.1: addedfloating action button for settings, layoutfix, added rotationsupport, general fix 1.6.2: added polishtranslation, added psiunit for pression 1.7: support for newdevices 1.7.1: fixed share,general fixes, api updates 1.7.2:general fixes, color change fix1.8: new icon shapes, bug fixed,updated libraries, new api forandroid 8.1, apk size reduced to halfsize just 2mb, removedunnecessary libraries 1.8.1: fixednotifications on Oreo+ 1.8.2:api 28 for Android pie, updateddependencies, new settings menu,moved to Firebase 1.8.3: fullymoved to firebase 1.8.4: finallyfixed temperature widget (if itdoesn't work remove it and add itagain to your home screen) 1.8.5:hotfixes
Compass Galaxy 1.0
Szymon Dyja
This is a functional and simple compass applicationwithoutunnecessary permissions. I tried to make the applicationeasy touse and without errors. I hope you like the compass.I try toworkhard to make my applications reliable. If you have any ideasaboutCompass Galaxy app, write in the comments. I will be happytoaddress them.Szymon
Samsung VR Videos 2.09.0
Samsung VR is your go-to app for the very best in 360° video–delivering you FRESH content daily and providing access to oneofthe largest high-quality libraries in the world. •SamsungVRprovides you with FREE access to the most engaging &innovativecontent – anywhere, anytime •Watch the latest in VR movietrailers,live concerts, travel videos, and news from around theworld•Follow your favorite channels and categories to personalizeyourSamsung VR experience •Play your own local 360° video files,orstream them directly from your media server (DLNA, Plex, PS3)*Notice of permissions To offer this service, you will need tograntthe following permissions. You can still use the basicfeatures ofthis service without accepting optional permissions.[Mandatorypermission] - None [Optional permission] - Storage: Tosupportviewing images, videos, and files saved on the device and SDcard.- Microphone: Allows for voice to text functionality
Fonts for Huawei (AFonts) 5.2
- The app works on Samsung , Huawei and Honor devices only! -Theapp is for mobile phones only and does not supporttablets.Features : 1. No Need Root ! 2. Easy to change fonts. 3.SupportedHuawei - Android 8 , 9 , 10 4. Support languages :English, Arabic------------------------------------- I am pleasedto receive yourinquiries, suggestions and feedback. ViaTwitter:
Superheroes Wallpapers (4K) - QHD Backgrounds 1.2
Fun2sh Apps
Superheroes Wallpapers provide Best Marvel SuperheroHDWallpapersfor your smartphones. For the lovers of the fictionworldandsuperheroes, we provide you with a large collectionofHighDefinition wallpapers and backgrounds that give yourdeviceapowerful fantastic dimension :) Category: 1. ThanosWallpapers2.Avengers Infinity War Wallpapers 3. Iron Man Wallpapers4.CaptainAmerica Wallpapers 5. Thor Wallpapers 6.Spider-manWallpapers 7.Deadpool Wallpapers 8. Black PantherWallpapers 9.Hulk Wallpapers10. Superman Wallpapers 11. WolverineWallpapers 12.Green LanternWallpapers 13. Doctor Strange Wallpapers14. BatmanWallpapers 15.Ant Man Wallpapers 16. The Flash Wallpapers17.Wonder WomanWallpapers 18. Supergirl Wallpapers 19. BlackWidowWallpapers 20.Harley Quinn Wallpapers 21. Captain MarvelWallpapers22. CatwomanWallpapers 23. Fantastic Four Wallpapers 24.JusticeLeagueWallpapers 25. Guardians Of The Galaxy Wallpapers26.AquamanWallpapers App Feature: Categories Collection : Youwillfind allthe marvel wallpaper, DC wallpaper categorizedbymovie/comic name.We’ve huge collection of superherobackgroundsfrom popular movieslike Justice League, Iron Man, SpiderMan,Captain America, Hulk,Thor, Superman, Deadpool, Ant Man,CaptainMarvel etc. You can alsofilter these categorized wallpapersbylatest and popular. Easy toUse : App is totally easy to usewithbutter smooth UI. You cansearch for your favoritesuperherowallpaper, download thewallpaper or directly set anysuperherowallpaper hd to yourdevice’s background. Easy to SearchWallpapers:Search superheroesHD wallpaper easily. You can search bytheirsuperhero name orthrough their real name. Tap to Zoom : Openawallpaper and justtap on it to zoom and watch thesuperherowallpaper more clearly.Set as wallpaper direct : You cansetdirectly your home screen& lock screen wallpaper. Thisappcontains a collection of thebest free Superheroes WallpapersandBackgrounds for yoursmartphone or tablet. All our wallpapershavebeen personallyselected so you can personalize your device.Note:Superherowallpaper is online users community supported appwith themajorityof the published content being uploaded by ourusercommunity orcollected from a wide range of sources includingfreeimagerepositories and websites. Although published contentisbelievedto be authorized for sharing and personal use asmobilewallpapereither by the uploader / author or for being PublicDomain/ FreeCulture licensed content. All images on thiswebsitearecopyrighted by their respective authors, therefore, ifyou wishtouse these images for any other use you must getpermissionfromtheir respective authors. We have no intentionofviolatinganyone’s copyright, and take the matter very seriously.Ifyou area copyright holder of a particular image, please reportitusing“Report Image” by providing us the URL of that image.
🎮Wallpaper for Gamers HD 2.7.441302019
Ririo Apps
Fortnite wallpaper , is an app fortnite battle royale 4Kwallpapers, we share PUBG Gaming Wallpapers . All the backgroundsare in 4K ,we add daily battle underground 4K  The list ofgames :minecraft , pubg , fortnite , cs go  and manygamingwallpapers  Features of fortnite skins gamingwallpaper:  - Daily images for fortnite wallpapers andbackgrounds 🔥Auto Wallpaper Changer: - This features changesMobile Background Automatically. User can choose timefrequency to changeWallpapers Automatically. 🔥 Simple, Fast andlight: - We focuses onsimplicity of the app, which gives greatperformance. It is batteryefficient. • Setting background asWallpaper: - You can setwallpaper as home or lock screen in justone click. save some times! • Favorites: - All your favoritebackgrounds are placed under onetab. • Share & Set As: - Youcan easily share ultra hdbackgrounds or everyday wallpapers withanyone with just one click.Set wallpapers to your desktop as wellwith one click. • Save: -You can save any 4K wallpapers you want. •Collection: - It hasmore than 10000+ Fhd wallpapers and bestbackgrounds •Games list: -We provide enormous amount of battleroyale wallpapers andbackgrounds sorted across 40+ games Note:Every Picture listed inthis application is either found on publicwebsite or licensedunder creative common or fan art creation . Ifyou find that weforgot to credit you and want to claim credit for apicture or wantus to remove it, please don't hesitate to contact usat to solve the issue .
Baby Live Wallpapers 7.1
Bird Fly
To set home screen background of android smart phone withlivewallpaper the baby live wallpaper application is the bestone.Picture source can be selected by your choice.Go to setting oftheapplication and select the picture source you wants. Wealsoprovide a set of live baby photos free of cost foryourentertainment. Go to setting of the wallpaper and checkAmazingFunctionality of this android Live Wallpaper application.When youset the wallpaper as home screen and want to go to settingagainthen click on the shortcut of the baby live wallpaper andchangethe setting by your choice. Download this amazing BabyLiveWallpapers app! and make your phone or tablet look awesome infrontof your friends with the coolest live wallpapers.We love allthingsAndroid and have a passion for themes and live wallpapers. Wewantto give you the beautiful live wallpapers and live backgroundsforyour smart phone for entertainment. These free live picturesandimages for your phone background is free of cost. There are alotof many Live Wallpapers available for your android device andyoucan choose the right one for yourself. Now top Free BeautifulLiveWallpapers for android are at your finger tips. Features oftheBaby Live Wallpapers * Multi screen effect * Different kindofsetting by your choice. * This application requires Androidversion2.3 or higher. We are actively supporting our application soshouldyou encounter any bug or issue then send an and specify your android version alongwithsteps to take to reproduce undesired behaviour.
Tracker for Samsung - Lost your phone? 2.0.3
Inspire Media
Introducing Samsung Tracker - the new and improvedSamsungTracker.Lost your phone? Don't panic. Samsung Tracker willhelp youlocateyour device and protect your data. You can even useit tounlockyour phone if you forget your password or PIN. *Tousethisservice, you must be signed in to your Samsung accountonyourdevice. SIGN IN,Lock or Unlock your phone Remotely.Trackyourcallhistory.Manage Secure Folder Lock,Locate your phone,tabletorwatch.Misplaced your Samsung Wear device? No problem. Playasound.Samsung Tracker helps you track down your device whenit’snear by.Lock, Unlock, Call History, Disable Samsung Pay, eraseorshow amessage. With Samsung Tracker you can secure yourdeviceremotelyand help someone get in touch.Permissions Notice•Location: Neededto show your device’s current location on themap.• Contacts:Needed to access the email address associated withyourSamsungAccount.
Samsung Mobile Print 4.08.013
HP Inc.
Print, Scan or send Fax wirelessly from your Android phone,tablet,or any other supported Android device to almost any* SamsungLaserPrinter. Samsung Mobile Print empowers to print or send fax,mostof the digital contents like Office documents, PDF, images,emails,web pages or even the contents on your social network sites.Letyour content be on your phone or on Google drive it’s just easy.Italso supports scanning from your network multi-functionaldeviceand saving in various formats like pdf, jpg or png. Sharingyourscanned documents is just a click away. Key Features >Intuitiveaction bar style user interface. > Automatic discoveryofsupported network devices. > Select multiple images, tap tocropor rotate. > Supports multiple image sizes and multipleimageson a page. > Print or send faxdocuments/emails/emailattachments/web pages/images. > Supportscontents at GoogleDrive, Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive, Box andFacebook. > Scanfrom flatbed or ADF and save as PDF, PNG, JPG.> Print or Scanpages as big as A3*. > Share to open any ofthe supportedcontent from any other App. > For corporateenvironment,supports security features like Job Accounting,Confidential Printand Secure Release. > Integration support forAuto TonerOrdering Service (US and UK) > Integration support forfollowingprinter's Wi-Fisetup(M2020/2070/283x/288x/262x/282x/267x/287x/301x/306x Series,CLP-360Series, CLX-330x Series, C410/460/430/480 Series) **SupportsOnlySamsung Printers** * Scanning and sending fax is supported onlyonsupported N/W printers. * Printing can be done onprintersconnected via Print server or Shared. * Maximum print andscan sizewould depend on the media size supported by the device. *If youuse the CJX-1050W/CJX-2000FW printer, please install ""SamsungMobile Print Photo"" instead this app. Supported Model List*M2020/2070/283x/288x/262x/282x/267x/287x/4370/5370/4580 Series*C410/460/1810/1860/2620/2670/140x/145x/4820 Series*CLP-300/31x/32x/350/360/610/620/660/670/680/770/775 Series*CLX-216x/316x/317x/318x/838x/854x/9252/9352/92x1/93x1 Series*ML-1865W/2150/2160/2165/2250/2525/257x/2580/285x/2950/305x/3300/347x/331x/371x/405x/455x/551x/651xSeries*SCX-1490/2000/320x/340x/4623/4x21/4x24/4x26/4x28/470x/472x/4x33/5x35/5x37/6545/6555/8030/8040/8123/8128Series* SF-650, SF-760 Series Permission Details: Below are thedetailsabout the permissions Samsung Mobile Print app isusing.READ_CONTACTS: For selecting Fax number from Addressbook.GET_ACCOUNTS: For showing registered accounts in emailprinting andprinting contents from Google drive. USE_CREDENTIALS:For printingfrom Google Drive. CAMERA : To use Camera. INTERNET:For anynetwork communication. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: To write toSD Card.NFC : For direct connection between mobile device andPrinterVIBRATION : To notify when NFC tag was read properly
Smash It Pro 3.0
this is simple kahoot smasher but I modded it forpowerfulsmashing.Now you can smash kahoot with 500 bots. But itdependssome powerfrom phone. I benchmarked 465 successful bot onSamsungj5 2016.powerful phone smash with full 500 bots. TestedalsoAndroid oreo8.1Not for android P api. So if you have AndroidPdont buy thatproduct. I don't refund product when used onAndroidP.
Flowers Wallpaper 4K 1.06
Get the free download of thousands of most popular HDflowerwallpapers! High quality and high definition lovely flowerimagesyou never want to miss. Get most impressive anduniquecustomization of your most recent device with these awesomelive HDflower wallpapers. New collection of cool flowerwallpapers,stylish flower background images, beautiful flowerimages,ravishing and spectacular all flower wallpapers. Live HD,full HD,4k ultra HD ,qhd best flower wallpapers. It's great appbrings you3D animated, latest latest collection of stunning1080×1920pixelshigh resolution super AMOLED resolution flowerbackground pictures.Find your favourite HD flower wallpapers withthe help of this app.It's safe for your smartphone, laptop, desktopor tablet homescreen or lock screen. 4k nice and cute ,colorful,multicolored,abstract, aesthetic, artsy, girly various types of HDflowerwallpapers can charm your heart. A wide variety of Dahliaflowerimages, sunflower, beautiful gardenia, lovely Acacia,cutecamellia, lilac, marigold, poppy, Red rose wallpapers,wonderful HDdaffodil wallpapers, Gladioli, Carnations, Lilies ,Chrysanthemum,Apple blossom, peony ,sweet pea ,Lavender,Ranunculus, and manymore thousands of high quality HD flowerpictures to givemagnificent and glorious look to your new device.It's a new app in2018! Try it! Everything that you can imagine ,all here! You willdefinitely fall in love with this app. Hurry up!!Why are waiting?Check it right now and enjoy. Share with friendsand impress them.Please don't forget to rate and review us. Coolfeatures.........** Free wallpaper app,always free for everyone!**It's compatiblewith almost all kinds of smartphone,tablet ,laptopor desktopavailable in the world. **Best flower wallpaper app,goodqualityimages. **HD ,Full HD , 4k ultra HD , Qhd awesome flowerimages. **Stunning high resolution wallpapers **Super amoledresolutionflower pictures. **high quality and high definitionwallpaper app.** very easy to use this app. Install ,open,selectand set. **Setas wallpaper directly. ** Regularly autoupdatedflower wallpapersHD . **Stylish menu icon of the app. ** 3D livebeautiful flowerpictures. ** make your device home screen moreadorable andcolorful. **You can save the images. **Pinch to zoom inor zoom outthe images. ** It's safe for your device. **Extendedthroughout theworld. **best fitted with your device. **bestperformance of app.** share option. Wow!!! It's great! Hurry!
4K Wallpapers (Ultra HD Backgrounds)
4K Wallpapers (4K Backgrounds) is a free to use app which hasalarge collection of Wallpapers 4K (UHD | Ultra HD) as wellasWallpapers Full HD (High Definition) wallpapers | HomeScreenBackgrounds. We upload new stunning 4K | HD wallpapers 1080paswell as 2160p every week! You'll dive into splendid ofgreatWallpapers HD. User can experience best handpicked wallpapersandcreative backgrounds. This App is designed for Android phone&tablet, so app can work on any screen sizes. Features of 4kandultra HD background store: 👉 Simple, Fast and light: - Wefocuseson simplicity of the app, which gives great performance. Itisbattery efficient. 👉 Setting wallpapers: - You can set wallpaperinjust one click. No need to hesitate to open gallery andfindimages. 👉 Favorites: - All favorites backgrounds are placedunderone roof. 👉 Share & Set As: - You can easily share ultrahdbackgrounds with anyone with one click. Set wallpapers ondesktopas well with just one click. Categories: - We provideenormousamount of wallpapers and backgrounds sorted acrossdifferentcategories which includes: - Abstract, Animals, Anime,Celebrities,Fantasy, Air-crafts/Airplanes, Video Games, Cars andMotorcycle,Nature, Space, Architecture/City, Water-crafts/Ship,Ocean/Sea,Flowers, Material Design, Photography, SuperheroesWallpapers |Backgrounds Disclaimer: All the wallpapers in this appare undercommon creative license and the credit goes to theirrespectiveowners. These images are not endorsed by any of theprospectiveowners, and the images are used simply for aestheticpurposes. Nocopyright infringement is intended, and any request toremove oneof the images/logos/names will be honored.
Samsung Kids
Samsung Kids offers enriching, high qualityeducationalentertainment that promotes key fundamental skills inreading,math, STEM and creativity. Your child can learn from ourhugelibrary of interactive games, books, movies and TV showsfromCrayola, LEGO, Toca Boca and more! Plus, new content will beaddedmonthly keeping your child entertained and challenged astheyevolve and grow with Samsung Kids. Awards include TillywigToyAwards, National Parenting Product Awards, CES InnovationAwards,& Academics Choice. Ready to begin your free 30-daytrial? Tap'Install' to begin. • 1000+ educational Movies & TVshows frompremium brands like The Jim Henson Company, DiscoveryKids,Scholastic and Sesame Workshop • Favorite characters like KungFuPanda, Peppa Pig, and Thomas the Tank Engine • Award-winninggamesfrom top developers like Toca Boca, Sesame Street, Jumpstart•Engaging books featuring popular stories about Peanuts, MyLittlePony, Transformers • Rewarding activities from HighlightsforChildren, Crayola, National Geographic • New content every weeksothere’s always something new to play and more… • Samsung Kids isacompletely safe and secure mobile environment for any agedchildchildren • No ads or in-app purchases • No access to theinternetor app store • Parent Dashboard to manage screen time •Valuableplay and learning reports • App filtering andrecommendation
Night Mode for Samsung 2.3
Night Mode for Samsung is designed first for Samsung smartphonesmodels which lack of screen adjustment function. Night Modegivesyou additional functionality for controlling of screenbrightnessand works perfectly. This app allows you to decreasescreenbrightness lower than you can achieve on Samsung phone'sdefaultsettings. Night Mode for Samsung app will give comfort toyour eyeswhile reading and using your phone in dark places. Thisalso savesyour some battery energy. Also do not forget to do someresearchrelated on "Could Using Your Phone At Night Lead toBlindness?"Note: this app shows you little banner at the bottom ofthe screen.This helps us to keep and improve our app. We do notcollect, harmor use your battery at the background. "The bestSamsung screendimmer app."
Popular Ringtones 2019 1.2.0
Are you looking for some ringtones for Android phone? Do youwantnew ringtones 2019? Popular Ringtones 2019 is a great choiceforyou. Popular Ringtones 2019 has many best popular ringtonesforAndroid phone. You can download ringtones to setup them fordefaultringtone, message ringtone, alarm ringtone. The ringtonesareselected carefully with high, unique and diverse: funnyringtones,baby ringtones, ringtones remix, animals ringtones,message tones,pop, rock, hip-hop, dance, rap, country, Christian& Gospel,Bollywood, alarm. Easily finding the hottest ringtoneson topdownload ringtones, new ringtones and search trend. More than10000most popular ringtones in Popular Ringtones 2019 app. Weupdate theringtones weekly with new ringtones and ringtonesrequired byusers. This application is totally FREE. Features: - Ownmore than1000 free ringtones - Easily finding the hottest ringtoneson topdownload, new ringtones and search trend - Download ringtonestore-listening without internet - You can request a new ringtone-Fast app with low memory and easily to use If you like my app,rateus 5 stars and leave a nice comment. Compatibility:PopularRingtones 2019 has been tested on several mobile like(SamsungGalaxy S9/Note 9, Google Pixel, Sony Xperia XZ, Nokia 9,HuaweiP11, Moto Z3 Force, Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus, Xiaomi Mi Max 2,HuaweiNova 2i, Oppo F5, Vivo V7, Samsung Galaxy s7, S7 Edge andS8,iphone x & 8, Moto Z, G4, ZTE Axon 7, HTC 10, Sony XperiaXZ,LG G7 V40, Lumia 950, Huawei P9, Oppo F1, R7). It’s suitableformost Android devices. Thank you for your using this app.
WatchMaker Watch Faces 5.8.0
Why keep buying watchfaces? Join millions who paid once tounlockWatchMaker Premium and gained access to 100,000+stunningwatchfaces! With tons more watches added every day!!100,000 WATCHFACES WatchMaker is the largest watchface collectionand communityin the world for Wear OS by Google (was Android Wear)& Tizen.Instantly get everything you need to customize &personalizeyour Android Watch or Gear S2/S3/Galaxy Watch!WATCHMAKER NOWSUPPORTS SAMSUNG GEAR S2/S3/GALAXY/ACTIVE WATCH* AllWear OSdevices supported Features exclusive to WatchMaker : •100,000+high quality watch faces instantly available from our MeWepage • 10,000+ watch hands and backgroundsinwatch designer! • Select a color to suit your mood! • Createyourown faces with the most powerful design tools available! •AnimatedGIFs - Add custom animations to your watch face! • 3dGyroscope -Create an amazing parallax effect! • Battery Protector-Automatically limit high brightness! • Interactive Clock -Createhotspots to launch watch or phone apps! • Animations -Createbright / dim / tap animations with 45 tweening functions!•Calendar - Choose which calendars to show! • Weather / Moon Icons-Add in 1-click! • Countdowns - Days until your birthday,Christmas,etc! • Cool Text Effects - Add glow, outline, even flatshadow! •1-Click Widgets - Including battery (watch/phone) + WiFiwidgets! •OpenGL Shaders - Powerful rendering for watch segments,radars •Free Watch Faces - 10,000+ watchfaces from our huge MeWecommunity! • Tasker - Full tasker integration• Compass- Add rotating compass or bearing • Stopwatch - Why designa watchwhen you can build a stopwatch?! • Multiple Time Zone - Setup to 3custom time zones • Heart rate and step counter for fitness•Programmable Watches use our inbuilt LUA engine to makecalculator,stopwatches, countdowns, anything your like! •Complications - Stepcounter / Pedometer / Calendar + many more!Also features : • Verylow battery usage! • 100s of new watches eachweek! • Weather Data• Supports round and square faces • Selectionof analog and digitalclocks! • Get data from all phone sensors,accelerometer, etc. •Compatible with all Wear OS watches (wasAndroid Wear) Pricing •You get 10 watches, 12 fonts, 15 backgroundsand the watch designerfor free! • Premium is $7.99: 200 featuredwatches each week andexclusive access to 100,000+ faces from ourMeWe community, + use your own images in watchfacesSupportedwatches : • All Wear OS by Google (was Android Wear) •Apple Watch• Armani Exchange Connected • ASUS ZenWatch (1/2/3) •Casio SmartOutdoor/Pro Trek • Diesel On Full Guard • Elephone Ele •EmporioArmani EA • Fossil QExplorist/Founder/Marshal/QControl/Sport/Venture/Wander • GUESSAce/Connect/Cassidy/Jemma •Huawei Watch (1/2) • Hugo Boss Touch •Kate Spade Scallop • LG GWatch • LG G Watch R • LG Watch Sport • LGWatch Style • LG WatchUrbane (1/2) • Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon• Michael Kors Access• Misfit Vapor (1/2) • Montblanc Summit •Motorola 360(1/2/womens/sport) • Movado Connect • New Balance RunIQ• NixonMission • Polar M600 • Samsung Galaxy Watch (Active 1/2) •SamsungGear S2/S3 • Samsung Gear Live • Samsung Gear Sport •SkagenFalster • Sony Smartwatch 3 • TAG Heuer Connected •Ticwatch1/2/C2/S/E/Pro • Tommy Hilfiger TH24/7 • Verizon Wear24 •ZTEQuartz • Many more! Join our MeWe / Reddit community and getfreewatch faces : MEWE: WIKI: LUACODING: * Separate charge of $2.99 forSamsungWatchMaker companion app
Secret Codes of Samsung Free: 2.4
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Secret Codes of Samsung include the android secret code ofSamsung.Secret Codes of Samsung include: Best Samsung codes NetworkGPSBluetooth WLAN test Firmware version information factory tests,PDAdisplay the IMEI number Super Mode Service Menu factory resetsimlock Unlock any device sim unlock Phone informationBatteryinformation Wifi information Battery history Usagestatistics CheckUpdate Reset Device Unlock the device RecoverForgotten patternEngineering mode GPS test mode Touch Test ScreenTest Test Deviceis original or copy check battery timing MachineinformationSoftware Information Hardware Information TestPhotograph RGB andmuch more. Some code of them may not work onspecific devices, butyou can still try them because theirmanufacturer does not allowthem. You can copy and share it withyour friends. After executethese hash code, your device might beaffected. So keep backup yourimportant data before execute hashcode. Note: This is not officialApplication of Samsung.
LOL Wallpapers HD(League of Game Fans Original) 1.0
KStyle MBG
LOL Fans’ best choice. Every image has been handpicked by ourteamsoonly the best HD wallpapers make the app. We collectover10,000+ HDpictures, include 100+ hero and sexy girls missfortuneahri caitlynsona katarina janna jinx lux sivir morganaakali rivenleona vayneirelia shyvana Dr. mundo ashe corki originaldigitalart and fantasyart. Our LOL girls original sources includemangaand anime, comicand cartoons, video games, andlive-actionfilms.We picked all typesof hot heroine kawaii cutebeauty facesexy game girl body big boobsand so on.Also lol girlfans amazinghot cosplay. Beauty your screenwith exclusivebackgrounds andawesome wallpaper pictures for yourAndroid device.Each image is areal masterpiece that can't be foundanywhere else -simply swipeyour screen. Feature: ◇Pixel perfectwallpapers in HDand QHDresolutions ◇Dynamic images update and addrenewal marvelousimagesfor endless choice of cool backgrounds ◇Zoomin and out fullscreencontent for me ◇Easy to use,just one tap tocreate a stylishlookfor both mobile phone and tablet home &lock screen◇Tabnavigation to browse choices with New,TopDownloads,MostFavorites◇Beautiful wallpaper also can search and befound by color◇Livewallpaper recommend ◇Wallpaper changer andsetter by fasterandeasy UI In the app you will not see images orpoor quality,becausewe only make best collection of wallpapers foryoursmartphone andtablet. All images are high quality(HQ) andsupportany devices,including devices with large screens:1080x1920px (FullHD 1080p)and 2160x3840 px (Ultra HD 4K).
Quante Watch Face & Clock Widget
Quante Watch Face for Wear OS! Don't have a Wear OS watch? Youcanstill use this watch face as a clock widget on your mobile!⛔️NOTFOR SAMSUNG GEAR S2 / GEAR S3 / GALAXY WATCH !! (runningTizenOS)⛔️ If you have one, do not install this application. Tofindsupport and compatible applications with your watch, please goto ★ Features ofQuanteWatch Face ★ - Clock Widget (No second hand due tobatteryconsumption) - Choose design colors - Define a secondarytimezonefor digital display - Day & Month - Watch battery -Mobilebattery - Weather - Daily step count - Heartbeat frequency -UnreadSMS - Unread Email from Gmail - Missed calls - Presets-Complication (wear 2.0) The settings of the watch face arelocatedin the "Wear OS" app of your mobile. Just hit the gear iconoverthe watch face preview and the settings screen will show up! ★FREESettings ★ - Choose design colors on watch & mobile -Defineheartbeat frequency refresh rate - Define weather refreshrate -Weather unit - 12 / 24 hours mode - Define interactivemodeduration - Choose to switch betweensmall/big/translucent/opaquecards - Choose the ambient mode b&wand eco luminosity - Choosebetween 2 weather providers (Yr &OpenWeatherMap) - Choose todisplay a leading zero on hours -Display brand name or not -Choose to display or not the secondsdots ★ PREMIUM Settings ★ -Choose your own title in place of"X-GEN" - Switch between éco /simple b&w / full ambient mode -Choose background amongdifferent styles - Blend background withcolors - Define asecondary timezone for digital display - Data: +Change theindicator to display on the 3 positions + Choose betweenup to 8indicators + Complication (wear 2.0) - Interactivity +Access todetailed data by touching a widget + Switch the displayeddata bytouching a widget + Change the shortcut to execute on the4positions + Choose your shortcut among all applicationsinstalledon your watch! + Choose to display the interactive areas -Presetsmanager: + Save your preset with all its options(colors,backgrounds, data, features. EVERYTHING is saved!) + Load /deleteone of your previously saved preset + Share / Import presets-Define manual or automatic location ★ Installation ★ WatchFaceWear OS 1.X This watch face will be installed automaticallyfromyour phone paired. If it doesn't show up please go to the WearOSApp > Settings and Resync all apps. Wear OS 2.X Anotificationwill be displayed on your watch, right after yourmobileinstallation. You just have to hit it to start theinstallationprocess of the watch face. If the notification did notdisplay forsome reason, you can still install the watch face byusing theGoogle Play Store available on your watch: just search thewatchface by its name. Mobile clock widget Just long press onyourlauncher, then select the application widget to drop it onyourhome screen of your mobile. Customize the widget settings withtheapplication. ★ More watch faces Visit my watch faces collectionforWear OS on the Play Store at ** If youhaveany issues or questions, fill free to contact me by email(Englishor French language) before giving a bad rating. Thanks!Website:
ReSound Smart 3D 1.5.1
GN Resound
The ReSound Smart 3D™ app is compatible with the followinghearingaids: • ReSound LiNX Quattro™ • ReSound LiNX 3D™ • ReSoundENZO 3D™The ReSound Smart 3D app lets you control your hearingaidsdirectly from your mobile device. You can change programs, andmakesimple or more advanced sound adjustments and save themasfavorites. The app helps you learn what you can do and how todoit. It can even help you find your hearing aids if you losethem.Last, but not least, you can have your hearing careprofessionalupdate your hearing aid programs and send you newhearing aidsoftware without taking a trip to the clinic. Notes:Please contactyour local ReSound representative for product andfeatureavailability in your market. We recommend that the hearingaids runthe latest software version. If in doubt, please contactyourhearing care professional. ReSound Smart 3D mobiledevicecompatibility: Please consult the ReSound app websiteforup-to-date compatibility the ReSound Smart 3D app to: •Enjoy optimization anywhere withReSound Assist: Request help withyour hearing aid settings fromyour hearing care professional andreceive new settings andsoftware updates. And use these directcontrol and personalizationoptions: • Adjust volume settings onyour hearing aids • Mute yourhearing aids • Adjust volume of youroptionally acquired ReSoundstreaming accessories • Adjust speechfocus as well as noise andwind-noise levels with Sound Enhancer(feature availability dependson your hearing aid model and thefitting by your hearing careprofessional) • Change manual andstreamer programs • Edit andpersonalize program names • Adjusttreble, middle and bass tones toyour preferences • Save yourpreferred settings as a Favorite – youcan even tag to a location •Monitor the battery status of yourrechargeable hearing aids • Helplocate lost or misplaced hearingaids • Tinnitus manager: Adjustsound variation and frequency ofthe Tinnitus Sound Generator.Select Nature Sounds (featureavailability depends on your hearingaid model and the fitting byyour hearing care professional) Formore information and help,please visit policy Please viewour privacy policy in the Note: Continual use of GPSrunningin the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
PhotoWear Photo Watch Face
Want to easily show off your best photos? With PhotoWear™, youcaneasily display any of your favorite nine photos right fromyourAndroid Wear watch! SIGN IN to Instagram and get your mostrecentor most liked photos or SELECT 9 of your favorite photos fromyourphone's gallery TOGGLE between photos right from your watchface☆☆☆ COMPATIBILITY ☆☆☆ PhotoWear is compatible with Android WearOSwatches and select Samsung watches, including the Gear S3,Sport,and Galaxy. *Note: PhotoWear for Samsung does NOTsupportComplications at this time, and there may be other featuresthatwork on Wear OS but not on Samsung/Tizen. We are workingdiligentlyto remedy this. Have an iPhone paired with a Wear OSwatch? It'snot currently supported, but if you would like us towork on it,please indicate your interest by signing uphere: PhotoWear provides*limited*support for the older generation of smartwatches runningthe legacyAndroid Wear OS 1.X, including the original AsusZenWatch, LGE GWatch, Samsung Gear Live, Sony SmartWatch 3, and theMoto 360. Ifyou have trouble installing PhotoWear on one of theselegacydevices, you might try resetting your watch to factory stateandthen installing PhotoWear again. ☆☆☆ Highlighted Features ☆☆☆-Connect to Instagram to instantly get pictures - Crop yourphotosand apply photo filters - Change options like text font,batteryindicator, and time position - Interactive watch face letsyouselect album view or tap to display any of 9 photos full screen-New beautiful analog watch face displays time in a uniquecircularstyle ☆☆☆ Staying in Touch ☆☆☆ Note: Sparkistic LLC is intheprocess of re-branding as Squeaky Dog Studios. Read about it onourwebsite: Sign up for our newsletterorapp release notifications! us on Social! Twitter: @codelikeadog Useof this appconstitutes agreement with Sparkistic, LLC's END-USERLICENSEAGREEMENT.
Samsung Email
This update is available for Samsung Mobile with Android OS.SamsungEmail enables users to manage multiple personal andbusiness emailaccounts seamlessly. Samsung Email also offersEAS integrationfor business, encryption using S/MIME to safeguarddata andease-of-use features such as insightful notifications,SPAMmanagement. Furthermore, organizations can administervariouspolicies as needed.    Precautions . Doesn'tsupportSamsungTheme from P OS Key features · POP3 and IMAPsupport formanaging personal email accounts · Exchange ActiveSync(EAS)integration for synchronizing Exchange Server based businessemail,calendars, contacts and tasks · Encryption using S/MIMEforsecure email communication Additional features· Customizableuser experience with notifications, schedulesynchronization, SPAMmanagement, and combined mailboxes· Policy administration withcomprehensive, built-in EASsupport · Conversation and threadview to read related mail--- Regarding the App Access Permission--- The followingpermissions are required for the app service. Foroptionalpermissions, the default functionality of the service isturned on,but not allowed. [Required permissions] - None[Optionalpermissions] - Camera: Used to attach photos to email -Location:Used to attach current location information to email -Contacts:Used to link email recipients/senders with contacts andsynchronizecontact information when using Microsoft Exchangeaccount -Storage: Used to attach files to email or save attachedfiles -Phone: Used to check device-unique identificationinformation whenusing Microsoft Exchange account.
Theme For Galaxy S10|s10 Plus 1.2
Theme For Galaxy S10|s10 Plus is amazing new Theme which will setanew Amazing look for your Smartphone, and will give branded looktoyour phone Screen. If you are Bored of old looks of Mobilephonethen go and download this newTheme For Galaxy S10|s10 Plusandenjoy the new Amazing and beautiful looks of this theme. Itisinspired by latest mobiles Theme For GalaxyS10|s10Plus.Features;For all android devices , all versions smallinsizeuser Friendly Beautiful wallpapersAmazing custom iconsEasyinUseStock Wallpaper;This theme can be used as stock wallpapertoo,it have the best Beautiful collection of wallpapers togiveoutstanding look to your smart phone screen. follow simplefewsteps to download the Theme For Galaxy S10|s10 Plus and enjoynewwallpapers .As Icon Pack;We placed amazing unique designcustomicons package in this application to make the mobile screenlooksmore attractive and beautiful . For changing custom icondownloadthe application open and download one of the launcherswhich linksis placed in this application by clicking on apply themebutton,and enjoy new custom icon .It includes the following listofLaunchers1. Action Launcher2. Aviate Launcher3. Apex Launcher4.ADW1 Launcher5. ADW 2 Launcher6. ADW Ex Launcher7. LucidLauncher8.Google Launcher9. LIne Launcher10.Holo Launcher11.Holo HDLauncher12.Nova Launcher 13.Mini Launcher14.Next Launcher 15.ZeroLauncher16.TSF Launcher 17.Go Launcher 18.KK Launcher19.SmartLauncher20.Solo Launcher21.Smart Pro Launcher How touse?InstallLauncher Theme For Galaxy S10|s10 Plus> Click onApply Themebutton> Choose launcher which one you like>Install it if itis not installed in your smart phone>If u wantto change thebackground wallpaper then click onwallpapers button tochoose andapply new Beautiful wallpaper> TO check the looks oftheme clickon Theme info button.For any kind of feedback kindlymail us viaDeveloper email.Thanks a lot!