Top 46 Games Similar to Avicii - Wake Me Up - Piano Wooden Tiles

Avicii | Gravity HD 1.6
There’s a party in space - and you’re invited! In collaborationwithaward-winning Hello There Games, Avicii proudly presents hitmusicgame AVICII GRAVITY HD, where you can experience Avicii'slatest andgreatest hits through compelling and atmosphericgameplay. Infast-paced AVICII GRAVITY HD, Avicii's galactic hitsmerge withintense gameplay into a uniquely immersive experience -and YOUdecide how it all plays out! Your progress determines howthemelodies build up, while the environment changes to match themusic.Swipe, push and power up your ships to maximize your rides!Enter aflow-like state and ride through endless, artisticenvironmentsinspired by Avicii hits. Earn credits to unlock newships,environments and power-ups. Better yet, you can access andimmerseyourself in a variety of Avicii songs - in ways attainableonlythrough this game. Preparing to play is exciting in itself, asslotmachines determine the tokens and power-ups you receive foryournext ride. Also, the store is loaded with consumables, creditsandhit songs. And finally, daily challenges and achievementsunlock newships and upgrades, and will have you coming back formore!
Slenderman VS Freddy The Fazbear 1.0.2
Poison Games
Slenderman's Story Your Fame is dropping since Freddy TheFazbearappeared. You need to end this! Find 8 Pizzas and killFreddy andhis Animatronics! Good Luck! Freddy's Story Your Fame isdroppingsince Slenderman is on the rise again. You need to endthis! Find 8Pages and kill Slenderman! Good Luck! Features: - ThirdPersonHorror Game - Play as Slenderman or Freddy The Fazbear! -SmoothControls. - High quality 3D environment graphics. -AwesomeGameplay. - Big Map with lots of Horror and Action.
Pano Tuner - Chromatic Tuner
Kaleloft LLC
The top rated chromatic tuner on the App Store is at lastavailableon Google Play!Get your guitar tuned just in a fewseconds. Neverstruggle with your tuner being out of battery!PanoTuner listens tothe sound you make and shows you the pitch. You cantune yourinstrument accurately by looking at the offset from thepitch thatyou want to tune to.<< Features >>☆ Quick andsensitiveresponse Just try this app now and see how quick andsensitive itis to your sound. ★ Wide range of pitch sensor This appis achromatic tuner. It follows any pitch your instrument canmake.Bring any of your instruments - guitars, upright basses,trumpetsand piccolos. Note: Because of the differences betweenthemicrophone specifications among android devices, the sensorrangecan vary.☆ Customization - Adjust the concert-A frequency tomakeyour instrument in harmony with your band. - Change thesensitivityto tune your instrument more accurately. - Usenon-standard tuningsto make your own harmony. Pythagorean, Justintonation, 1/4-commamean tone and more temperaments are ready foryou. You can add yourown temperaments to make your chords more inconsonance. Note: thisis the full version feature and you can useafter upgrade.
SefatUllahRunner 1.7
Sefat Ullah may give you harsh slangs if you do mistakes! Sobeaware of that :p . This game is is just a fun game and doesnotpromote slang. So just take it for fun purpose and don'tgetoffended with it. Keep enjoying the game and keep the supportgoingon! Thanks!
The Clout music era is here and the hype is real!Playasyourfavourite artist as you explore their world and beat thefanbaseof other competing artists.Show you’re support by playingasyourfavourite artist against other fan bases and immerseyourselfinwhat has become the era of clout!GAME FEATURES:ArcadeMode -Playendless levels and try to achieve the highestscorepossible.Compete with other fan bases to get the highestpossiblescore foryour favourite artist.Story Mode - Play through20challenginglevels and defeat the last level to accomplishyourcharacter'smission.- Over 500 unique scenes- FlappymodeintegratedGet yourclout up!
The Clown 1.2.5
His raven is his third eye.
 His velvet bear is his alarm. TheClownis intelligent.
 The Clown is rude.
 He is fast. Helaughshysterically while he chases you. You have 6 tries. Younoticecouple of things on your work desk, weird machine connectedto PCand message light blinking on your phone. You lookthroughtelescope and you see Him. The searchbegins.___________________________________________________ 

●Craft toolswhich will help you to advance in your search ● Beintelligent morethan him ● Sneak ● Run and hide ● And mostimportant, don’t bescared Key Features : 
 ● Tense Gameplay ●Puzzles ● InteractiveEnvironment ● Jump scares ● Crafting Machine 
● Stealthfirst-person Key advice : ● Shoot the messenger 

Did wesay not toscare ? Well you will, that’s for sure.
Piano Tap - Sister Location FNAF 5
Sister Location FNAF Piano Tap is developed to fulfileveryone'spiano dreams. Don't touch on the white tiles, tap theblack tilesto keep the song going. If you love piano or music, youwill enjoythis piano tap app. All piano lover should download thispiano tapapp! DISCLAIMER: Sister Location FNAF Piano Tap is anunofficialfan application. It is not affiliated with or endorsed bySisterLocation FNAF, or his record label. This app does not includeanycopyrighted material. The piano melodies are arrangedwithindividual piano notes.. For entertainment purposes only.
Baby Piano 2.31
This is a 100% free colorful piano designed for babies. It is averysimple piano making it extremely easy to use for babies.Features: -Happy notes will popup with each key press. - Keys willlight whileit is being pressed. - Multitouch compatible! You canpress severalnotes at same time. App will display a light in eachpressed point.- You can also choose to display between 1 to 8piano keys at AppMenu. This app will display 8 piano keys bydefault. - Optional: Youcan enable vibration at App Menu.Vibration is disabled by default.- You can enter App Menu byclicking Back button twice.
Piano Ladybug Noir 8
This is a super dream Piano ladybug and highly addictive gamesuitedfor everyone best game 2022. No special skills needed forwin andPlay Piano ladybug, all this game asks of you is anattentive mindand fast fingers! How To Play : Tap on the ladybugtiles and longladybug tiles while listening to music. Gamefeatures: 1.multi colorpiano games 2.multiple sound collections3.A colorful game 4.awesomesound available in piano ladybug. Gamerules: Tap on the black tileswhile listening to music. Avoid thewhite ones! Hurry now! Enjoyclassical and pop music, challengeyour friends, improve yourtapping speed!. privacypolicy:
Piano Solo - Magic Dream tiles game 4 2.2.2
Over 1000 unique Piano songs. Play your favorite piano chartandcompete with other players How To Play: Feel the music and tapthepiano tiles. Tap the black tiles according to the melody anddon'tmiss any tile! Prove how fast and accurate can you play!GameFeatures: • The one and only New Year Battle Mode:challengemillions of players around the world, show “no - mercy” ina pianoonline battle! The winner takes it all! • Request any songsyoulove and leave it to us. We will find and bring it to you rightinthe new year 2019, as fast as we can. • Beautiful piano whitetilesmusic, which makes it become the best awesome piano blacktilegames for family & friends. Perform your favorite pianowhitemusic tiles songs and challenge with your friends and otherplayersto show them your magic piano music speed and talent. •Simple toplay, difficult to master – one of the hardest game ever.Catchingall the magical tile in these high-speed magic piano games2018 isnot easy, especially in our new Battle Mode! • Carmen, FurElise,Waltz, Canon in D, Moonlight Sonata, The Swan, Turkish March,Songsfrom the secret garden, and 200 different classical songstodiverse your music nature • Awesome game design and graphicsforthe magical piano games 2018. You will feel like you are playingareal luxurious magic piano made with expensive mahogany,whoserhythm is perfect for any piano music lover. • Smoothgamingexperience, easy to play and lightweight to install. •SebastianBach, Franz Liszt, Debussy, Rachmaninoff, Mendelssohn,Beethoven,Chopin, Mozart, Schubert, Tchaikovsky and the mostpopular Pianosongs frequently updated, diverse from classicalsongs. • Feel thebeautiful piano music melodies beyond imaginationthrough every tapwith perfect timing tiles. Try out this game nowand challenge yourown reaction speed and skills! This speed tappingpiano games 2019is more challenging than you could imagine. PianoSolo is waitingfor you! Try now for Free! Download today! PrivacyPolicy: Are you having anyproblems?Send email to [email protected]
Marcus and Martinus Piano Tiles 1.0
You are Marcus and Martinus fans, you must try piano tilesMarcusandMartinus song. on this game you can playing piano tileswithpopularMarcus and Martinus piano music. many choice songsforyouchoice.This game very addictive for playing, you canfellinghappyand fun. tap tiles on piano inf you start game andcollectmorepoints for winner.This is list Songs of Marcus andMartinusPianoTiles:- Bae- Dance With You- First Kis- Feat Madon-Like itLikeIt- Ma you believe in love- one flightaway-RemindmeDisclaimer:This is not official game this gamejustforentertainment and for fans.we can update list song ifpianomusicMarcus and Martinus release.Download this game,HappyplayingandThank you
Magic Cat Piano Tiles - Pet Pianist Tap Animal 3.13.0
Get your fingers ready-- tap the musical animal tiles for adazzlingpiano performance! Play delightful renditions of populartimelessclassics such as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Canon in D,Chopin,and Beethoven on the cat piano! Famous top music are beingadded soyou can jam out to your favorite songs on these paw-tasticpet pianotiles! Bored of the standard piano cat? Choose yourfavorite furryfriend to feature on your magic tile piano-- tabbycat, grumpy cat,nyan cat, shiba inu, golden retriever, husky,doge, you name it!Impress your friends with your pianist skill onMagic Cat PianoTiles, the best free mobile piano game of 2019!Paw-some GameFeatures • Easy and simple to play: Tap the fallinganimal tiles tothe beat, but make sure you don't tap the whitetile! • Quick andchallenging fun: Miss any animal tile and yourperformance is over!• Various animals to choose from: Customizeyour keyboard with cutecats, dogs, and other animals! (more addedsoon!) • Great selectionof music and songs: Show off your pianoperformance to catchy tunesand melody! (more added soon!) • Breakrecords and set high scores:Complete the performance for higherscores, more stars, andtrophies! • Offline mode support: Enjoy thegame without needinginternet connection! • Fast download: Smallbite size for quick andeasy fun! • Fan favorite party game: Playthis crowd-pleaser pianoagainst your friends! • Fun for all:Enjoyable whether you are amusician, animal lover, or anartist-at-heart! • High speedchallenge: For the masterful playersthat need an extra challenge,play in endless mode for moretile-tapping piano fun! • Constantupdates: Look out for NEW musicand NEW animals! Jam out to yourfavorite music in Magic Cat PianoTiles - Pet Pianist Tap Animal!Adorable musical fun in a bite sizeeasy-to-play package! Downloadnow and play the high speed rhythmchallenge to various songs!
BlackPink Piano Tiles 2.0
You are BlackPink fans, you must try piano tilesBlackPinksong.Thisgame very addictive for playing, you can fellinghappyand fun. taptiles on piano inf you start game and collectmorepoints forwinner.Disclaimer:This is not official game thisgamejust forentertainment and for fans.we can update list songifpianomusicBlackPink release.Happy playing and Thank you
DeerCast 1.4.0
Get ahead of your game by harnessing over seventy years of MarkandTerry Drury’s whitetail hunting expertise along with hour byhourreal-time, algorithm-driven deer movement forecasts foryourprecise location with the new Drury Outdoors DeerCast app.DeerCastcombines your local weather information with thedistinctcharacteristics of each of the THIRTEEN phases of whitetailseasonto deliver a custom forecast for peak deer activity where youhunt.Down to the hour, on whatever piece of ground you specify,thisgroundbreaking algorithm interprets 11 key conditions that MarkandTerry have identified as crucial to deer movement. They’vecrackedthe code for deer movement and exported it from their headsandinto this app to help you become a better hunter. DeerCast isalsoyour hub for Mossy Oak & DODTV content, a heftycollectionlogging in over 20,000 minutes of adrenaline-fueled huntfootage.The Mossy Oak team is joining forces with Drury Outdoors todelivercontent in the news feed portion of the app. For the firsttimeever, watch the DOD team’s actual hunts and see video of buckkillsas they happen during the season. Interact with DOD teammembers inways like never before and submit photos from your huntsthat couldbe featured on Drury Outdoors social media! Get educatedwith morein-depth, how-to content than ever before and beentertained withevery shred of DODTV at your fingertips, includingexclusivecontent only on the app. If that weren’t enough, we’realso givingyou complete access to the Drury Outdoors video vault.Watch titlesall the way back to 1989 with access to the entire DODvideolibrary.
Black White Piano Tiles Magic - Relax with Music 1.5
Are you crazy fans of piano music ? Do you want be relax withmusic? Are you crazy fans of rap, pop, edm music with some artistlikealan walker, justin bieber, taylors swift, bts ... Let'sdownloadnow : "Black White Piano Tiles Magic - Relax with Music"."BlackWhite Piano Tiles Magic - Relax with Music" is a totally newPianoblack tiles game designed for 2018 with flat design style.This isA gift for fans of pop music, edm music. An addictive Pianogamewith addictive songs by big famous artists and billions view.Tapon the black tiles, don't hit any white tiles, don't miss anyblacktile. Relax your soul with beautiful piano sounds & playyourfavorite songs like a professional Pianist.Play your favoritefromAlan Walker, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, bts songs! Challengeyourfriends and beat their score! A must-have app for Blinks,A.R.M.Yand pop fans, edm fans! Tap faster to beat your tappingspeed, andenjoy the classical and pop music tiles. Don't likeshooting gamesor racing games, "New Piano Tiles Magic - Relax withmusic" is awonderful game about music to play. Beware of whitetiles and donot miss any piano black tiles to finish each song. yougot it hereis the newest piano games with hd graphic and highquality ofsongs, enjoy play this game with your friends, as youknown thatpink color is the favorite color for girls, so if youplay thispink piano game. Tap black tiles while listening to music,avoidthe white tiles! Have you ever dreamed of playing classicalsongslike Little Star, Canon or Jingle Bells on a piano? Realizeyourdreams NOW! "New Piano Tiles Magic - Relax with music" isthenewest piano game play and it's available on pink as you loveandit will be other games in the future like glitter piano andpianotiles diamond games. As we like piano games, Thisdiversionconsolidates different instruments which are guitar, drum,andparticular piano! Amazing melodies and wonderful game play.Justwith a light and fast touch on the screen, you can quicklybecome askilled pianist with "New Piano Tiles Magic - Relax withmusic" noworse than a genuine piano master. Listen black tileswhere thereis butterflies , avoid white tiles, and that's it! pinkpianotiles. It's just simple and amazing! Challenge your friendsplayingthis piano games and be the master and the hero of this freegame.Download "New Piano Tiles Magic - Relax with music" now andforeverplay for free while improving your reaction speed andmusicalskill! Collection songs: - See you again , Shape ofyou(Taylorswift), Sorry(Justin Bieber),LoveYourself(JustinBieber),Baby(Justin Bieber),Wake meup(Avicii),Attention(CharliePuth),Cheap Thirlls(Sia),.v.v. - So hotEDM: Fly Away(The RabitFast),Faded(Alan Walker),Alone(AlanWalker),Sing me to sleep(AlanWalker). - Tap on the black pianotiles continuously to play themusic piano. - Avoid the white pianotiles! - Simple to play, butdifficult to master. - Catching all theblack tiles in this highspeed musical game is definitely not easy!Game Features: - Awesomegame design and flat graphic - High qualitypiano music soundtracks- Features a large collection of piano songs- Smooth game playingexperience - Get experience, open new levels.- 100% Free gamemusic - Enhanced gameplay with special tiles suchas long notes andbonus blocks. - Lots of daily bonuses. Try outthis music tilesgame now and improve your reaction speed andmusical skill! Be thebest Piano player. Enjoy now And rate andreview help me!!
Hindi Video Songs HD 1.4.5
Times Hunt
Hindi Video Songs HD - Free android app includes bollywoodmelodyvideo song organizer, which collects the top hindi videosongsavailable online with highest quality. Hindi Video Songs HDcontainfree unlimited videos for those who love to listen music.This isnot an offline app. You need active internet connection touse thisapp. + New Hindi Video Songs hd + 90's Hindi Songs + UserFriendlyInterface Disclaimer: The content provided in this app ishosted byYouTube and is available in public domain. We do notupload anyvideos to YouTube or not showing any modified content.This appprovided the organized way to select songs and watchvideos. Note:Please report to YouTube or email us if any movie welinked isunauthorized or violating copyrights. This app is justcustomizingthe videos in a more user-friendly way for our users.
Piano Tap - Naruto Shippuden 18
Naruto Shippuden Piano Tap is developed to fulfil everyone'spianodreams. Don't touch on the white tiles, tap the black tiles tokeepthe song going. If you love piano or music, you will enjoythispiano tap app. All piano lover should download this piano tapapp!Playlist and more songs coming! 1. Opening 6 - Sign 2. Opening4 -Closer 3. Naruto Shippuden - Sadness and Sorrow 4. Opening 16-Silhouette 5. Opening 2 - Distance 6. Opening 17 - Wind 7.Opening1 - Hero's Come Back 8. Naruto Shippuden - Despair 9.Opening 20 -Empty Heart 10. Opening 5 - Glow of a Firefly 11.Opening 15 -Crimson Lotus 12. Opening 8 - Diver 13. Opening 9 -Lovers 14.Opening 3 - Blue Bird 15. Opening 14 - Size of the Moon16. Opening10 - Newsong 17. Opening 11 - Assault Rock 18. Ending 1- ShootingStar 19. Ending 12 - For You DISCLAIMER: Naruto ShippudenPiano Tapis an unofficial fan application. It is not affiliatedwith orendorsed by Naruto Shippuden, or his record label. This appdoesnot include any copyrighted material. The piano melodiesarearranged with individual piano notes.. For entertainmentpurposesonly.
Kitty Piano Magic New 1.1
Kitty Piano Magic is pretty piano. Download now. For Free
Treasure Hunt Egyptian Empire 1.2
treasure hunt egyptian empireIf you really like the jewelstypeofgame, but also very love of Egyptian culture, thepyramidtreasurematch 3 is your first choice. Start dazzling andblastjewels as areal legend in the jewel world for the pharaoh.Thisadventure willbe surprisingly addictive and fun to play!Solvethemystery of thepyramids in this classic match 3 game diamond oftheEgypt. Thegoal of the game is to clear the field by matching 3ormorediamonds of the same color. You will need all your logicskillsanda good strategy to achieve a high score in this trickypuzzlegame- are you ready for a trip to Egypt?Game Features:- morethan1500deluxe match 3 levels- perfect match for tablets ormobiles-HDgraphics- many pharaoh & cleopatra to meet andbattle-powerdiamond
Rowdy 1.9
Dear Rowdies, this is the Rowdy App. This is where we love, wehavefun, we succeed. This is where we change the game, withRowdyexclusives, Rowdy homebase, Rowdy Wear. Let's try and spreadtheRowdy Swag, with Power Talk, Power Walk and Power Dressing. Iamyou. I am the Rowdy you. You can be whoever you choose to be.Comeon in, and join the cult! - Vijay Deverkonda
Jagobd - Bangla TV(Official) 6.7
100% Official Andorid app of Jagobd is one ofthelargest resources of Bangladeshi TV channels. Watch BangladeshiTVchannels. Also you get to read Bangla online news papers fromtheapp. Features: -Bangla TV channels -Islamic TV -Bangla NewsPaper-Special Events -No need to have “Adobe Flash Player” -VerystrongStreaming Player -No sign-up required -Automatically updatenewchannels. -100% working... Content Copyrights: Streaming atthisplatform is being broadcast license/permission with BangladeshiTVChannels authority. No one other website is permitted todisplay/Stream the following channels by using this platformdisplayedframe or link. Note: If you have any issues, contact usbeforeleaving a bad review. If you see a channel that does notwork,please send us an email instead of giving one star.suggestions andfeedback please contact [email protected]
Marathi Balgeete 1.1
Maharashtra is a state of India. The region's folk heritageincludesbharuds, gondhals, Lavanis-(Lavani or Lavni is all abouthow muchemotion your face can propagate into. Mastery is differentin thisdance form and is Maharashtra's cherished factors whichisdisappearing rapidly.) Shahiris and Powada. Sharang Dev,a13th-century composer, was from Maharashtra as well.Oneofsemi-classical music forms of Maharashtra is " Natya Sangeet"which is a minor version of Musical Opera in western world.NatyaSangeet or Sangeet Natak has almost a 200-year-old traditioninMaharashtra.Maharashtra has produced more than its fair shareofClassical and popular musicians. D V Paluskar, Bhimsen Joshi,BalGandharva, Kumar Gandharv, C R Vyas, Lata Mangeshkar, AshaBhonsle,Ajay Pohankar, Kishori Amonkar, Dr Vasantrao Deshpande,JitendraAbhisheki, Shubham Bhatt and other luminaries.It is alsowell knownfor the latest bit filmMusic festivals in the areainclude BangangaFestival, the Pune Festival, Ellora Festival atAurangabad, SangeetShankar Darbaar at Nanded, Sawai GandharvFestival at Pune, LaturFestival .
Car Drift: twist to drift on road 1.9
Car Drift: twist to drift on road is an exciting andfascinatingracing game. You start with a car and try to drift onroads in theouter space! Your car will be held to a pillar andswing around thecorner, giving the most fabulous drift you may eversee. Car Drift:twist to drift on road is an easy to play, hard toexcel game.Twist the path of the car, and make it drift around thecorner. HOWTO PLAY: 1. Tap the screen to start the game. 2. Watchout when thespacecraft goes into the corner. 3. Tap the screen tohold thespacecraft so that it won’t run out of the land and crash.4.Spacecraft will accelerate, so watch out! 5. Collect coinstounlock new spacecraft and cars, each of them hasdifferentcharacteristics. FEATURES: 1. One hand operation, easy toplay 2.Superb racing BGM 3. Level mode and endless mode 4.Challenge thehigh score, and get more spacecraft and cars We areworkingcontinuously to add new modes and contents to Car Drift:twist todrift on road, so please keep an eye on us!
Magic Notes - Piano Games & Music 1.5.2
Magic Notes - Best Piano Games & Music Play like apianist,enjoy your favourite songs and try a crazy variety ofmusicalinstrument sounds! Magic Notes - Best Piano Games &Music bring1000+ hottest songs to one magic piano game and free toplay &enjoy more songs on your phone. Features: • Real PianoSound -Fabulous Piano Sound • New hits added daily across variousmusicalgenres: classical, popular hits, traditional and kids’songs. •Beautiful game graphic and animation that will entice youto keepplaying this magic piano game. • Simple gameplay butchallenging tomaster! • Learn the piano rhythm of the song beforeplaying. •Enjoy listening to the instrumental rhythm of yourfavorite songs.Tapping the screen to the tune of the magic pianorhythm mightsound easy, but you’ll soon find out it is hard toexpert. Ourpiano game is definitely challenging and addictive. Tryit foryourself and see if you have what it takes to be a pianomaestro!Magic Notes - Best Piano Games & Music is waiting foryou!Download now! Permission: In order to provide theoptimizedexperience, we would request “Storage” permission when youdownloadthis game. Feedback: We’re always trying to make our Pianogame appbetter so if you have questions or suggestions, pleaseshare themwith us! [email protected] Want a song that'snotavailable? Suggest songs on Our Facebookpage:
Zombie Hill Racing 1.0.7
The zombies are rampant, so join us in the Zombie Hill Racinggameon the special car to kill the zombies are gradually takingoverthe earth. In the game, you will be sitting. Get into thespecialcars that are capable of fighting your way through the wayandcrush the zombies, you will be taking part in many battlesinvarious places from cities, forests, deserts, and underwater.theearth or the universe. You want to protect the earth, you arearisky adventurer, this is a game not to be missed. 🎯 Optionsandhow to play 🎯 + There will be 7 cars to choose from +Vehicleupgrade system so that the car can become stronger + Thereare 2male and female characters to choose from + Very nice graphics+Sounds great + On the way you will find support items, pick themupto add strength and add energy to you. The way to kill zombies isavery hard and risky road, challenge yourself to get ahead,alwaysmove forward, skillfully cross the dangerous slopes, destroyallthe monsters on the road. you go. Accumulating what you get tobeable to upgrade your car to become healthier, more aggressive,youcan soar through the streets. 🎯 Feature Hill climb racing 🎯+Extremely light game capacity for easy installation +Immerseyourself in a fantasy world where everything can come true +Fighton a lot of terrain, skill training skills 🏆🏆 The bestarcaderacing game 🏆🏆 If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]
Parlor - Social Talking App 4.4.4
Parlor is the Social Talking App you can't put down! * 3millionusers * 1 billion conversations * 100% free globallyParlorconnects people who want to talk right now. It doesn’t matterifyou are 17 or 35. Parlor has topics and users from every ageallaround the world! Parlor is also the absolutely simplest apptouse. Simply pick your topic and within a few seconds you willgetconnected to another user in real-time. There are always tensofthousands of users talking on Parlor, so you’re guaranteed tomeetnew people every time you open the app. Parlor is also one ofthehottest new Celebrity apps. Thousands of Celebrities useParlorevery day to talk to their fans and post updates to theirmessageboards. We update the app regularly so we can make it betterforyou. Download the latest version to get all the latest featuresandimprovements.
ShinNaZuki-Hatsune Miku Collab! 1.51
[Orthodox Japanese RPG -- Absolute Audiovisual Feast] --- Sixmajorfloating island adventures for super interaction: The chapterstoryline takes you to experience multiple worlds, and themillion-wordstory takes you to explore the grand world view. ---Fantasybeautiful background music for super sense: Background musiciscarefully produced by Japanese music master Hitoshi Sakimoto![Anumber of Popular Voices - Listening to the Voice of Guardian]---Super popular voice actor "Hanazawa Kana" as the "VoiceAmbassador"together with many top voice actor"Kimura Ryouhei","Hayami Saori","Fukuen Misato""Horie Yui" create the voice of theguardian. Manyvoice actor dubbing entirely, and more,soundinteraction atintimate scene . --- Hatsune Miku broken wall tocollaborate withHanazawa Kana, the two loveliest sang the themesong "ShinNaZuki".More cute sounds waiting for you to listen![Reputed Painter CreateCharacters--Playing a variety of Modeling]--- "Bloodline" Art Teamand Japanese well-known painter ZuzuhiraHiro, Mikimoto Haruhiko,Nekonabe Ao carefully drawn the characters,hundreds of paintedcharacters can visually feel strong personalityshaping.Unique andstunning picture not only can make pictorialbook, but also givethe player a huge sense of imagination. ---Gorgeous fashion freeto change in girls dream closet. Spoiled,Crying, Shy... Characterexpressions are vivid and varied, and avariety of styles are freeto match. [Multiple Innovative Gameplay--Real time PVP Battle] ---Single manipulating more than 40 kinds ofcharacter combinations,Warriors, Archer, Assassins, Mages, Cleric,the five majoroccupations, completely non-repetitive charactercharacteristicsand skill effects. The shackles and combinationsbetween thecharacters also affect the battle! --- Usingprofessional restraintto carry out pre-war deployments, usingvarious brain-burningtactics such as back-attacks, combos andpositions to break theenemy one by one. The fun of the game is moreindicative of theplayer's Strategy&Tactics! --- Real-time PVPbattle,multiplayer build team to fight against the world BOSS,Guild War,Party Trial, Magic Cards, Star Ladder, Mystryland, etc.!The PvPsystem also has different classifications, Captain War,Trapbattles, etc., Not just need to consider the lineup, ScenePositionis also an important factor affecting the battle!
Music Dance Line Dash 1.2
Vigor DrayTek
Music Dance Line Dash is game dancing line 2018 music you canplaydancing line with Piano Music or guitar music and combinesvariousinstruments which are guitar 2018, drum, and especiallypiano!Moreover, this is one of the popular piano games whichhashigh-quality piano songs and beautiful gameplay.With acarefullyselected soundtrack to create an experience like noother.Featuring different worlds of increasing difficulty, eachonepaints a unique picture and evokes different emotions. The keyofdancing line 1 2 3 4 5 6 is to not only watch for obstaclesandtraps, but also play to the music. Listen to the beat indancingline 2 and the melody, and after a short while you willfindyourself doing better and better.Addictive musical game fortappingand dancing.A magic dancing line come and play music rhythminbeautiful seasons. Listen the melody carefully and tap onthescreen to the steering wheel dancing line 2018, control thelineturn to avoid the obstacles appeared.Game feature:- Touchreaction,sound sense, and visual reaction is indispensable.- 3Dphysicalenvironment and moderate music.- The line guide yourtapping anddancing.- Tap steer react.- Multiple exciting levels.-Immerseyourself.- Discover all the surprise.- Let the music guideyourdancing line.
BLACKPINK Dancing Line: Music Dance Line Tiles 5.0.2
- BLACKPINK Dancing Line - A BLACKPINK Rhythm game,finallyreleased. - The most engaging music game. Try to keep theball onthe run and become the champion. - BLACKPINK Dancing Linewillchallenge your reflexes and reaction time while you play beatsofyour favorite BLACKPINK songs! The latest update to the gamewillbring you many great features: - Play your favoriteBLACKPINKsongs! - Challenge your friends and beat their score! - Amust-haveapp for BLINK and kpop fans! HOW TOPLAY---------------------------------- - Listen to music and presstoturn directions, guide music in the right direction! - Becarefulwith the zig zag! Try not to fall - Do not panic, listenmusic!GAME FEATURES: ---------------------------------- ● Alwaysfree toplay. ● Stunning graphic and sound. ● Simple but hard tomaster. ●Fun and challenging SONG TOPLAY:---------------------------------- ● SO HOT ● AS IF ITS YOURLAST ●BOOMBAYAH ● STAY REMIX ● FOREVER YOUNG ● PLAYING WITH FIRE ●REALLY● SEE U LATER ● WHISTLE ● DU DDU DU DDU BLACKPINK'sMEMBERS:---------------------------------- ● Jennie Kim (제니김) ●ROSÉ (박채영)● Lisa(ลลิสา มโนบาล) ● Kim Ji Soo (김지수) - Challenge Beatthe gamewith just one finger - Challenge your friends and see whomight bethe best player! Let's the music play! And remember, younever walkalone, share the play joyful with other BLINK Thanks forplaying!
Times Spin 1.0.4
Times Spin is an Entertainment Application . Where YouWillGetVarious Elements .Such as Video , Surveys , Fun applications.alsoable shopping from many pages
Story Creator 1.7
Are you going to write a book and would you like to have a storyandwork information (Plotline, Information about characters orothernotes) in one place? Then maybe this application is made likeforyou?Features- write and edit chapters- create a storyboard-writeinformation about the characters- you can also add a categoryto thecharacters (example: elf, human, rebel, soldier, etc.)-writingvarious other notes to the story- export the story to atextfileKeywords: book, creator, write, writer, notes, story,plotline
Lata Mangeshkar Old Songs 1.3
The Melody
Enjoy Lata mangeshkar songs online free. Play Lata mangeshkarvideosongs and download Lata mangeshkar hit songs and albumonlineDisclaimer: All the content in this application ispubliclyavailable at different online plaforms we’ve just organizeit atone place.
Camera Translator All Language 2.5
Camera Translator All Language is a simple and easy to use appthatcan extract any text on image and let you convert the textcontentto any language of your choice. In order to enjoy usingCameraTranslator All Language app, make sure you scan an imagethatcontains text. If not you will get a message that the imagedoesnot contain any text. It is as simple as focusing yourdevicecamera on image that contains text and all the remaining jobswillbe taken care of by Camera Translator All Language app. Notonlythat you can use your camera to scan text on image, this appalsofunction as photo translator app. You can pick a picture withtextfrom your device gallery, the text will be extracted usingsmartOCR and translated to your chosen language. Camera translatoralsowork as a language translator. It affords you the opportunitytoedit and translate user input text. Language detection isdoneautomatically but you can also set a default output languageforyour text. Camera translator can also translate text inlanguageslike Hindi, Chinese, German, Swedish, Hebrew, Japanese andmuchmore You can save the translated text as PDF. Camera TranslatorAllLanguages also supports sharing of translate text content.Thecontent of the text can be convert to audio and afford youthechance to listen to it There is an option to save extracted textasan image or pdf. Camera Translator All Languages has the optionstodelete saved files or rename files. It recognizes text indifferentlanguages and can also translate to more than 90languages. CameraTranslator app is a must have app. As we continuewith thedevelopment of Camera Translator All Language app, thefollowingfeatures will be added in the next update. - Ability touse the appfor live camera translator. This app partially use theYandextranslate service at We’d lovetohear your feedback: tosca207{@} If you have anyfeaturessuggestion or how we can make Camera Translator AllLanguage evenmuch better, do not hesitate to contact us.
See Who Is Tracking You 2.0.3
Do you know what apps may be gathering data about your locationevenwhen you're not using them? Do you know how often yourphysicallocation is being tracked through your mobile device? Usethis toolto keep tabs on the apps that are keeping tabs on you.Receivealerts when any app is tracking your location in thebackground orforeground. See statistics on how many times you havebeen trackedand for how long. See what apps have permission toaccess yourlocation. ---------------keywords----------------- GPSmonitor, GPSusage tracker, GPS use monitor, location alert,location datamonitor, who is tracking me, apps that know location,locationmonitor, location controller, GPS information, GPS data,locationdata, location information, what is using my GPS, GPSaccess, GPSlog, location access, location notification, GPSnotification,location permissions, app permissions, tracking mymovements,tracking monitor, location monitor, tracking phone,locationtracking, location settings, location permissions, gpspermission,is my phone being tracked, who can see my location, whocan trackme, who can see me, hide my location, turn off location,hidelocation, block tracking, block location
Unfollow Easy 1.1.5
With Unfollow Easy, you can unfollow users who are notfollowingyou. Open Unfollow Easy, use your account to login. Afteruse youraccount to login, users who you followed but not follow youwilldisplay as a list in the main page. You can unfollow one byone,you also can unfollow 10 users at a time. When you want tounfollow10 users once, but do not want to unfollow some users fromthe 10users, you can light up the stars, so he will not beunfollowed.When you want to review one user's detail information,you canclick the user's image header or name, then you will can seetheuser's detail information. Unfollow Easy is very userful for youtomanage your followers and following. You can unfollow usersveryeasily and quickly. Unfollow Easy is very simple to use, andtheapk file is very small. You can download it and try to use it,itwill give you a surprise! Tips : you should not unfollow a lotofusers in a short time, if you have problems in using UnfollowEasy,you can contact with us by email.
Hindi English Translator 1.26
Helps You
You can easily translate from Hindi to English and from EnglishtoHindi words as well as complete sentences.
NoCrop for Instagram Story 2.1
KevinK Dev
Tired of getting your photo cropped on Instagram Story?Nowyoucan... NoCrop for Instagram Story is an app which allows youtopost your image without getting cropped by Instagram Story. Ithasa simple UI and easy understandable.Share every photo nomatterwhat size and orientation ithas.*************************************************How you candoit?1- Open an Image by pressing the "Select new Image"button.2-Select your image from the gallery3- Then you should see atext inbottom that says "Image loaded and resizedsuccessfully...."4- Nowyou can press the "Save Image" icon5- Go toInstagram, Storiessection and postit*************************************************Disclaimer:1.Thisapp is not affiliated with Instagram.2. Please report by mailanyissues before giving a bad rating.
Valentin Elizalde-A Mis Enemigos Letras 1.0
This app provided all music and lyrics, and also very easy touse.Please download and hope you are enjoy it. 1.13.27
Mirror AI
Mirror: Meme Avatar Creator App and Emoji Keyboard for Android!Thecoolest meme and face maker app with personalized emojikeyboard😍Mirror helps you to create personalized and customizedavatars foryour phone: Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel, HTC, Meizu,LG, Sonyetc. Use smart emojis keyboard for Android and send yourmeme emojiavatars to EVERY social network and messenger. MirrorMeme AvatarCreator App and Emoji Keyboard for Android is one of thebestavatar emoji games EVER! ★Face Emoji App 😊☞😎 Go to Mirrorphotobooth and take a selfie! Or upload personal photo of yourfriend orcelebrity! Create your personal cartoon avatar orcelebrity avatarand animated emojis for Android! You will get 1500+personalstickers: memoji, gifs for texting, animoji, memes,facemoji,animated emojis for Android, stickers for Whatsapp,stickers formessages. ★Personal Emoji Stickers Keyboard for Android⌨ EnableMirror: Meme Avatar Creator App and Emoji Keyboard andusepersonalized emojis keyboard customization! Choose from1500+memes, giphy animation, stickers and emojis! Share emojimemesticker, bitmoji or gif on any social network ormessenger:WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger app, Instagram,InstagramStories, Snapchat, Telegram, Twitter! Mirror avatar makergives yousuggestion for Smiley and Emoji prediction - expressyourself fast!Tap the words like "I love you" or "Happy birthday"and you willsee your personal emoji for texting! ★Meme Creator andMemeGenerator 😃 Mirror Meme Avatar Creator App and Emoji KeyboardforAndroid has hundreds personal emojis for Android! Choosefunnyemoji and send to your friend at any situation - we add newpopularmeme stickers with your face EVERY WEEK! Use memes stickersagainstyour friends or add more fun to your texting with variousemojithemes! Get your meme face and stickers in Emoji Me style!★GIFsfor texting 😱 Use Mirror face maker app to make gif andgifsanimated emojis for Android! You will love moving personalgiphyavatar! Send animated face to messages or social networkstoimpress your friends with animoji! Emoji me app makesanimationnow! ★Custom Avatar for texting 👨‍🔧👩‍🔧 Edit your emojiface andyour cartoon avatar will look like you! Send your facemojito anymessenger: stickers for Whatsapp, Facebook, Facebookmessenger,Snapchat, Instagram stories! ★Customized Personal Textfor Emojis🗣✏🗣📱 Create your personal text for sticker and saywhatever youwant with Mirror personal emoji avatar creator! Sendcustom smileyand cartoon avatars with Mirror smart emojis keyboardfor Android!★Avatar Design, Photo Edit & Outfits 👔👗🎩🕶 Edit yourpersonalavatar with Mirror avatar emoji creator and sticker maker.Add facefeatures, accessories, hair styles in Mirror face makerapp!Customize your own personal emoji with a lot of makeup,cosmeticsor funny cute hats! ★Game of Thrones emojis and GameStickers SendGOT stickers or Fortnite, Battle Royale, APEX andGames of Thrones🔥Mirror Meme Avatar Creator App and Emoji Keyboardfor Android willhelp you to create emojis for chat and it isABSOLUTELY FREE APP.Create stickers for Whatsapp, Facebook,Facebook Messenger app,Instagram, Instagram Stories, Snapchat,Telegram, Twitter! 🔒Privacyand Security Mirror Meme Avatar CreatorApp and Emoji KeyboardNEVER collect your personal data without yourexplicit permission.Dollify yourself with love and respect❤ Enjoyfree cute emojis andavatars for Android texting and chat!😘 Followus: Instagram:@mirroremoji Facebook: Support:[email protected]
Piano Tiles 5 1.1.4
Piano Tiles 5 is a great game to play and enjoy more songs onyourphone. you, hit the black piano brick continue playing music.Becareful with the blue tiles and do not miss any black pianotilesto finish each song. Game feature: 1. Simple graphics, easy toplayand everybody gets playing the piano. Breath-taking rhythmwillchallenge your handspeed limit! 2. Top challenge mode givesyouthrill and risk! 3. Update of numerous songs, original,classic,bangs and all the style to satisfy different taste. 4.Sound ofhigh quality makes you feel like in a concert. 5. Morechallenge,more bonus and a better self. Gaming mode: Don't tap thebluetiles! Tap the black tiles according to the melody and don'tmissany tile! Concentrate yourself and maximize your reaction!Support:Are you having problems? Send email [email protected] .Thanks you
Khmer Thai Drama 2.1
Khmer Thai Drama & Movies is a application that you canwatchfree Thai drama and Movies, in this app combine movie allfromyoutube and Dailymotion so you easy to find and watch moviewithoutsearch in youtube and Dailymotion. You need only downloadthis app(Khmer Thai Drama & Movies ) and enjoy 100+ movie anddrama.This Application you can watch Thai Drama and Thai Movie inKhmerLanguage. What you get from this Application: 1. Thai MovieandThai Drama with HD Video 2. **Include Thai TV3, Thai TV7 andOne31HD TV** 2. You get Fast Thai Movie and Thai Drama 3. You getFastThai Movie and Thai Drama in Khmer Laguage 4. Easy go findThaiMovie and Thai Drama 5. Good interface We Team promise to giveyouthe good Thai Movie and Thai Drama speak Khmer faster andgoodquality.. We Team so Thank you your download we applicationandrate we application 5 star...
College Pulse 1.59
College Pulse is a polling platform founded by Dartmouth studentsona mission to provide you with accurate data about what yourcampusthinks. Ask questions about things you want to know aboutyourcampus and we will give you reliable data and sweet rewards.
2K, Inc.
The new companion app for NBA 2K19 has arrived! MyNBA2K19 ispackedwith features, including the ability to scan your face intoNBA2K19 from your mobile device, daily opportunities to earnVirtualCurrency, and a collectible card battling game. Collectyourfavorite NBA superstars from the past and present andchallengeother gamers across the globe in a variety of modes. Over400 newcards are available for the 2018-2019 NBA season.INTEGRATION WITHNBA 2K19 Face Scanning with your mobile device. Putyourself intoNBA 2K19 on Xbox One and PS4! Daily opportunities toearn VirtualCurrency for NBA 2K19. UPDATED MODES Reigning Threesreturns as apermanent mode! Earn unique points to spend in theReigning Threesstore each month. Invite teammates and friends tojoin you in 2 On2 matches. DAILY AND WEEKLY EVENTS Earn in-gamerewards bycompleting daily missions, and compete for top cards inweeklyevents including King of the Court, Gauntlet, and RivalsClash.
More Followers' Studio: Likes Fonts to be Popular 1.5.0
Tired of the simple fonts of your personal logo? You shouldtrythis! Followers’ Studio is a new app designed especiallyforgetting more instagram followers. You can choose yourfavoritestyle and color to get a unique logo of your name. Easy useandrepost to social media platforms like Instagram or Facebookthenyou will become a social star. Best features to be a boosteronInstgram: - Offers an interesting name library with 100+ freelikesfonts - Type in your Ins account name - Choose your favoritefont -Edit color and background which are most attractive - Adjustthesize for best performance - Instasize saving provided - Saveorshare your work to your real followers - Share to insta postsformore instalikes for free - Add hashtags like #followme tofindfollowers You will get 1000+ real likes and freeinstafollowersthat you’ve never imagined. Every friends will beattracted by yourdesign. Also, you may choose to design for yourinstafollowers,surprise them with your intelligence! You friendshipwill be moreroyal, which means you don’t need to worry aboutunfollow any more.And this would be the easiest and free way togain more followersfor instagram. We’re so glad you choose us tomagic your photo.DOWNLOAD today and have some fun!!! Get MoreFollowers on SocialMedia!!!
Voice Translator - Speech to Speech Translator 1.2
NoSoft Apps
"Voice Translator - Speech to Speech Translator" is a tooltotranslate your voice in any language. Voice translator is aneasyto use speech translator, you can translate your voice, andreadaloud the translated results. You can travel, communicate,becauselanguage is no longer a barrier. Following are some featuresofVoice Translator Features Conversation Translation:VoiceTranslator will translate conversation between two languagesandcan act as speech translator. Languages: Voice Translatorcantranslate more than 80 languages. Voice Input: VoiceTranslatorsupports Voice input in all languages. Multi translation:Voicetranslator can translate into many languages. Historytranslations:You can see history of translation anytime. Usage ofVoiceTranslator: Voice translator need an internet connectionforaccurate translation Other Features: Wordsuggestions,Text-to-speech: You can use text to speech option invoicetranslator app. Spelling: Voice translator will help you touseaccurate spelling. Share: You can share text directly toothersocial networking apps. "Voice Translator - Speech toSpeechTranslator" is completely free to use. Get it now &translateyour voice in any other language easily using thisspeechtranslator app.
Gatecrasher 1.3
Gatecrasher is a game. As a player of this game you will controlaship. You will have two buttons; one button to rotate yourshipclockwise, and another to rotate your ship the direction thatisn'tclockwise. You must navigate your ship through gates,withoutcrashing into them. I realise while writing this that thename ofthe game may be misleading, as the objective of the game isto notcrash into the gates. I apologise for this, and thoseresponsiblehave been fired.