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Art Mahjongg Egypt (English) 1.04
A journey full of adventure and hiddenworldsawaits you with this entertaining mahjongg game. Start amysticaland mysterious journey through Egypt! Play your way throughacampaign full of adventure and hidden worlds. Explore theSphinxand the pyramids or take place at the Nile. Discover hiddenportalsand join mysterious worlds. Take the chance to play "ArtMahjonggEgypt" in free play mode for a relaxing mahjongg game.Thereforethere are many levels of the classic solitaire-mahjonggwithvarious tile structures. You can find two special mahjonggvariantsin the free play mode, called "Flight of Horus" and"PharaohsMahjongg".Features:- Exciting campaign and relaxed free play mode- Hidden Worlds- Two special mahjongg-variants: Flight of Horus &PharaohsMahjongg
Mahjong Classic
Eper Apps
MahJong Classic is a premium qualitymahjongmatching game with custom designed tiles! This relaxing gameisbased on the traditional Mahjongg game: your goal is to matchandremove all tile pieces from the board.If you only have a few minutes to play or you want to get ridofstress and relax for hours just play Mahjong!Become the Zen Master of Mahjong by matching all the identicaltilesto make them disappear and win the game! Play some relaxingMahJongClassic now!*Features*• Over 500 game levels• Relaxing zen game play• 4 large high quality tile art sets• Auto and manual zoom• Hint• Challenge your friends• 5 beautiful backgrounds• Optimized for portrait mode• HD graphicsMahjong Classic is a free board game.
Classic Mahjongg 1.0.15
Download this classic mahjongg game andbecomethe best Mahjong player ever! Eliminate tiles as fast as youcan toearn the highest score!How to Play:Combine 2 of the same free tiles to remove those tiles. Removealltiles to finish a level. A free tile is not covered and hasatleast 1 free side (left or right).Play 2 different ways!- Normal: play for a highscore in randomly selected level.Thefaster you remove all tiles, the higher your score.- Level: play all levels and save your fastest time and try toearn3 stars in all levels.Game Features:-Great graphics!-100 different layouts!-2 game modes: Normal and Level!Powered by Dolby® on supported devices
Mahjong Dragon 7.19
MORE 500 LEVELS, CUTE ORIENTALHEROES,FAIRY STORYLINE AND LOTS OF OTHER TREASURES! Mahjong Dragonis amiracle!FEATURES OF MAHJONG DRAGON:- a breathtaking quest with lots of levels, obstaclesandsurprises- lots of beautiful mahjong tiles includingseasons,butterflies and pandas- charming music- fairy mahjong backgrounds that will make you feel like inamagic world of Dragons- easy game mechanics- unique style of mahjong towers at each levelDon't hesitate while choosing between Japanese mahjong, HongKongmahjong or original mahjong game. Now you've got anamazingcombination of all mahjong games!Are you seized by mahjong mania and always looking for a newmahjongto connect different kinds of tiles? Do you want to trysome funnylogical games to play with or maybe something charming?Then choosethis solitaire with tiles of mahjong panda andbutterflies that willgive you a lot of fun!Among all other free mahjong games to play offline or onlinethissolitaire the most outstanding one. It comprises manydifferentcomponents which make this logical game so excitingandentertaining. Being one of the most popular pair matchingpuzzlegames and a challenging quest at the same time, SolitaireDragoncan satisfy each of you.How to play this free online mahjong classic:- click on a pair of identical tiles to remove them fromtheboard.- if a tile is grayed out it is not active and you can'tselectit- you can match different flowers or different seasons- make your own way along the magic mahjong map, earn coins,passthrough gates and discover more and more mahjong wonders!Do you feel lost among the abundance of puzzles games free? Trytheexotic Asian solitaire to check up the quickness of your witandmemory while taking a trip to the wealthy land ofDragon'streasures! One of the puzzle games for adults which canmake youfeel like a child seeking for adventures and picking upmagic giftsto become a real hero.This mahjong solitaire is so epic that you'll forget all otherfreelogical games with pairs once you play it. Just imagineyourself atraveler in a land of mahjong gold, an explorer and agambler atthe same time!Dare to start a super mahjong journey free, discover newhorizonsand enjoy playing tiles with original images whilelistening tomysterious music. Become a real mahjong master! Leavemore and morelevels behind and return to them whenever you want!All you need todo is choose a random mahjong function and pass yourfavoritelevels again and again!You've never had such a variety of tiles before! Mahjongbutterfly,panda mahjong along with classic mahjong tiles arewaiting for you!One of puzzle games for kids suitable for all agesand both sexes,since the choice of tile themes is limitless.Get ready to become the best among all mahjong titans passingthemost elaborate mahjong quest free until the end. Leave yourmahjongtrails on the map with the magic road to Chinesetreasures.Install this new game on your tablet and play mahjong solitairefreeoffline or online right now!
Kyodai Mania Quest 1.1
Kyodai Mania is a free and classicmahjongmatching game.Select identical Mahjong tiles for removing them.Mahjong games also known as majiang, mah jongg, Mahjongg,Majong,Kyodai.Mahjong is a game of skill, strategy, and calculation and involvesadegree of chance.Become a master!Features:• 12 tile sets:animals,car,Christmas,dinosaurs,Easter,princess,dragon andmanyother.• Simple and intuitive interface• Colorful and vivid graphics• Fun and addictive• Fit for all ages• The game is designed for phones and tablets
Mahjong Solitario 2.1.2
Volare Mobile
Gusta jugando al solitario Mahjong ? Esta eslaúnica versión de Mahjong que necesitará en su dispositivo!Siete diferentes opciones de diseño del azulejo incluyendo :● Madera● Piedra● Brillante● BásicoTambién siete diferentes opciones de diseño que incluyen :● Shanghai ( el diseño de baldosas estándar)● Mono● Serpiente● RamLe da un recuento de cuántos azulejos te queda así .Opción para mostrar sugerencias o para reorganizar (pero siutilizaestos, se pierde la oportunidad de conseguir una " galletade lafortuna " cuando se completa el tablero. )Horas de diversión con este clásico juegoLas 144 fichas están dispuestas en un patrón de cuatrocapasespecial con la cara hacia arriba. Un azulejo se dice queesabierto o expuesto si se puede mover ya sea izquierda o derechasinmolestar a otros azulejos . El objetivo es hacer coincidirlospares abiertos de fichas idénticas y eliminarlas del tablero,dejando al descubierto los azulejos debajo de ellos para jugar.Eljuego termina cuando todos los pares de fichas se han retiradodela junta directiva o cuando haya restos no pares expuestos.Totalmente gratis, sin limitaciones !Pequeño tamaño de la descarga pero lleno de opcionesygráficosLike playingsolitaireMahjong? This is the only version of Mahjong you'll needon yourdevice!Seven different tile design options including:● Wood● Stone● Bright● BasicAlso seven different design options including:● Shanghai (standard design tiles)● Mono● Snake● RamIt gives an account of how many tiles you have left as well.Option to show or to reorder suggestions (but if you use them,theopportunity to get a "fortune cookie" when the board is fullislost.)Hours of fun with this classic gameThe 144 tiles are arranged in a special four-layer patternwithface up. A tile is said to be open or exposed if they canmoveeither left or right without disturbing other tiles. The goalis tomatch open pairs of identical tiles and remove them from theboard,exposing the tiles under them for play. The game ends whenallpairs of tiles have been removed from the board or whenthereremains no exposed pairs.Totally free, without limitations!Small download size but full of options and graphics
Mahjong 1.7
ninja mahjong
Mahjong China game is a free pairgamethatusing mahjong tiles.The main goal of this classic mahjong game is to removethesametiles as much as possible.Solve the puzzle of an ancient board game mystery.Mahjong classic free is one of the most popular boardgirlsgamesthat women loved, there about 60% women user.Mahjong zen has no time limit, you can play it as long asyoucan.When you remove all the tiles in this board game you willwin.©2015 LU CHAOJUNFeatures:- More than 800 boards!- Simple pick-up-and-play controls.- Full HD Graphics!- Hidden Object that you can find- Completely free- Ancient Orient background music and sound effect- Free hint Function- Lovely interior scenes- 6 free shuffle and can get more using no moneyEnjoy our mahjong free!
Mahjong To Go - Classic Game 1.0.25
Tapps Games
The classic Chinese game of skillandstrategywill now accompany you wherever you go! The Tappsversionof theancient board game is perfect for the casual playerlookingtorelax and have fun.Embark on a relaxing journey with the ancient Mahjonggame!Inthis calm and carefree one-player pyramid game, you willgettomatch identical pairs of tiles with the goal of removingthemfromthe board. You will expose more tiles as you go matching,sothatyou can keep on playing until you clear everything.Choose the game mode you want: you can choose eitherthetimedversion or the Zen one if serenity is the order of theday.Thenyou can pick the level of your game, from beginner toclassic,andthe kind of tiles you want (you can even playourTappliciousversion of Mahjong with the Cow Evolutiondesign!).Because of its simple rules and engaging game play,Mahjonghasbecome one of the most popular board games in the world.It’sfun,entertaining and oooh-so-relaxing! A simple match ofMahjongcanmake you drift away to a leisurely place and for amomentyou’llachieve a laid-back mindset. The ancient Chinese werereallyontosomething here!HIGHLIGHTS• Play hundreds of handmade mahjong game boards!• Don’t miss your progress. Start levels from where you left!• Not one, but two (!) kinds of hints!• Choose your favorite combination of board style andtilesetthemes!• Awesome interface design and intuitive controlsforbestexperience!Download now and relax in sTILE with our new app!Please note! This game is free to play, but it containsitemsthatcan be purchased for real money. Some features andextrasmentionedin the description may also have to be purchasedfor realmoney.
Mahjong Goodies 1.0
Play this Colorful Mahjong ClassicgamewithGoodies symbols!c2c63b9224
Hidden Mahjong: Classic Fables 1.0.14
Enjoy scenes from classic fables such asthetortoise and the hare, the crow and the pitcher, and a wolfinsheep's clothing!"Classic Fables" features HD graphics, beautiful artwork andmusic!Solve 20 beautiful, handcrafted boards as difficultyincreases. Canyou become the mahjong expert?Main features:- New mahjong mechanic and unique power system- 20 handcrafted backgrounds- Beat your best times- Daily rewards- Replay for high scores- Earn coins and unlock more boards- Become the mahjong master!Powered by Dolby® on supported devices
Mahjong Empire 1.0.7
Train your brain and unlock its fullpotentialwith this amazing Mahjong game.Relax and enjoy one of the great board games played in Asiainbygone eras.The game's graphics and great music will help you enter therelaxedstate necessary for these types of ancient Chinesepuzzles.There's no rush, in this Mahjong game you're not playing againsttheclock. A calm approach is best, as problem solving and visualacuityare essential in Mahjong solitaire games.Rules of the game:Make combinations of identical pieces until you have emptiedeachboard.You will only be able to select and eliminate pieces which arenotcovered from above, and whose left or right side is free.Features:-Completely free mahjong game.-Top-quality graphics and effects.-Many different tiles.-Piano music appropriate to the style of game.-Many different levels whose difficulty increases asyouprogress.This is one of the mahjong games has various buttons which willmakeeach round easier and more exciting.-Help button for when you can't find any identical pieces.-Another button obscures blocked pieces.-You can use a button to shuffle the pieces when there arenopossible combinations.-You can share the points and levels you've achieved in thisgreat,classic Mah-jong with your friends.-Whenever you want, you can consult the global leaderboard fromthemain mah jong game screen.If you have any problems, or need help, please visit oursupportpage:
Mahjong Solitaire Match 1.0
Mahjong Solitaire MatchWelcome to Mahjong Solitaire Classic! It is a free andclassicmahjong matching game based on Chinese Shanghai Mah-Jong,alsocalled Taipei Mahjong, Kyodai Mahjongg, Chinese Mahjong.Enjoyclassic and relaxing gameplay and challenge the mostmasterfulmajong titans for the ultimate honor!Inside Mahjong Solitaire Match:- A relaxing and popular board game to spend your spare time- Delicate graphics, bello artwork and delightful music- Over 300 boards! More unique and free packs will beaddedfrequently- Multiple high quality mahjong tilesets- A variety of fabulous backgrounds available- Auto Match, Hint, Shuffle, Undo function- Zoomable tiles and backgrounds- Simple game rules and addicting game play- Replay for higher achievements and beat your best time- Earn stars and unlock more boards- Languages: English/Others will be coming soon***How To Play***The aim of this board game is to remove all the mahjong tilesfromthe board in the shortest time, while trying to achieve thehighestscore and more stars. Each tile has a picture on it, andthere are42 different pictures in total. Free tiles can be selectedandmatched with other free tiles of the same picture. Rememberthatyou can’t match the hidden tiles unless you clear the top ofthetile towers. Whenever you match two identical mahjong tiles,theyboth disappear, and you will complete a board by clearing allofthe tiles.Welcome to raise questions and leave consumer review onthisplatform! Your comments help us grow.Last but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone whohasdownloaded and played Mahjong Solitaire Match!