Top 24 Games Similar to Cabeça de Pipa

Kite up! 1.4.5
TiRC Sistemas
Have fun and remember the good timeswhenlifted kite !Now with the new version it is possible to cut the line of theenemyonce you get 6 points , winning 8!Go through the other without bumping and earn points.Enjoy!
Ninja Shinobi Run 7.0
Do you like ninjas? Are you a fan ofninjaanime? This is the game for you!Have fun with this incredible ninja game, going throughvariousscenarios and obstacles! Get as far as possible!Each week a new update and new characters added!Version 1.0:- Two characters- 15 Phases
Exploration 1.3.3
Andrzej Chomiak
Build your own base, mine, castle orwhateveryou imagine!Exploration is a game - editor which allows you moving,buildingand transforming the terrain in the 3D environment.
Lost Island Survival Sim 2 1.1
GBN, Llc
Be ready for island survivaladventureswithLost Island Survival Simulator 2!Hunt animals to get food, fight versus predators to saveyourlifeand build shelters to hide from bad weather! Survive atallcosts,unravel all secrets of this mysterious island and findyourwayhome! Welcome to the sequel of famous island survivalsimulator-Lost Island Survival Sim 2!Hunt for wild animals, battle against predators and fightforyourlife being stranded on lost island!Your ship has sunk, and you’re the only onesurvivor.Otherpassengers are dead, and you find yourself atthestrangeuninhabited island filled with wild animals,angrypredators, andstrange artifacts!Explore the vast island with picturesque ocean,forestsandmountains, being stranded on this enormous island!Salvage allthetools and weapons from sunken ship that may help youto exploretheisland! Use your survival skills to stay alive, avoidangryislandpredators and discover the secrets of thismysteriousplace!Use your savvy – quarry recourses, craft weapons and toolsandtryto stay alive with this survival simulator!Use your exploration, battling and survival skills to stayaliveatall cost with Lost Island Survival Simulator 2 in 3D!Upgradeyoursurvival skill spending time on a vast island – huntforwildpredators, swim the ocean, explore everything around and trytogethome safe and sound! Unravel all secrets of this place–exploreunderground hideouts, get the magic from fairy ring ortryto tamea real unicorn!Watch for your character indicators - health, energy,fullness.Ifone of these drops – no chance to survive! Controlyourcharacterusing a joystick, walk around the island or swim intheocean tofind treasures which would help you to survive!Don’tforget, thatocean waters filled with predators too - sharksandcephalopodscould wait for you there! Keep your weapons alert andbeready toprotect yourself!Spend time at such mysterious place with Lost Island SurvivalSim2in 3D!Lost Island Survival Simulator 2 features:- Huge vast island with picturesque ocean, forestsandmountainsto explore… again!- Even more various crafting recipes!- Hunt, fish, and fight against predators – we’ve addedmanynewcreatures!- Swim, hunt, battle and explore - do anything you wanttostayalive- Great survival simulator in 3DHunt, battle, explore & have fun divingintothewilderness!Discover secret places with interesting Items,treasuresandteleports, upgrade your hunting, battling and exploringskillwiththis simulator and finally get home!
Policeman Sam Adventures 1.0
Get prepared to have fun with FiremanGamesthatbecome pliceman games For kids Free and firefighters kidswillloveit as well. policeman sam, firefighting, fire enginesirens,pepa,fire and adventures, and more.Once the fire sounds, it’s time for action. Thisirefightinggamewith action and guardian activity as well as realsoundsoffirefighters daily activity, fireman sam is the newplicemansamgame, and station puzzles.Upon downloading the fireman same game for free, you’ll beabletonavigate to the subsequent menus:- police adventures with fireman sam- firefighter games- Fireman Block Game- oddbods PuzzlesFirefighting sam GamesThe fun has barely begun with the fireman games for kidsfree.You’ll actually agree once you begin taking part in thesamgames.The police man sam games feature afireplacefighterinstrumentality memory game and a fire truck memorygamethatchildren and kids can enjoy!Fireman sam Gamehose. This game could enhance ones ability to raisedconcentrateandfocus whereas having fun.Fireman adventuresThe next emergency stop within the firefighting games isthattheterribly cool fireman is a firefighter . Thefirefightinggameoptions three fire station puzzles. every puzzlehasthreelevels:The Fireman sam Games for kids Free provides numerousfunandactivity for kids and children !Press the fireman sam to let your kid play with it! It’stimefora few fire engine fun with the Fireman sam Games forkidsFree.relish fireman sam, policeman samThe game maybe a complete activity of sam game kidsfreewithpuzzels games in one appWhen you transfer the Fireman Games for kidsyou'llgetfirefighter sam assortment filled withfunactivitiesincluding:-police man sam adventures-Real firefighter running and dealing sounds-Fire truck puzzles-Fireman gamesfireman game for kids free is that the engaging cool sounds.simplyafaucet can take them to a fun interactive pic ofsamthat'sguaranteed to have a good time with. And once the kidfaucetthemoving icon within the Fireman sam Games For kids. it'llplaythegame associated with it. they'll hear fire enginesiren,firemanscanner, fun for all ages.Fireman puzzles:- subsequent tab of fun withinthefirefightinggames sam for kids free is that the cool firemanpuzzlepictures.These wonderful fireman games are designed for agesfive& upand don't have any cut-off date or sound part, thusyourverylittle ones will concentrate whereas they play, a bitlikeoncethey are building a true sam puzzleFireman free Games:- The fun never stops within the firemanSAMfreegames, and also the firefighting games are guaranteed topepapigdelight. the sam games for kids free options a firemanmemorygameand a dalmatian paw print match that may keep toddlers(ifyoufacilitate them) and preschoolers happy!Fireman Fun Cam:- This camera filter is fireman themed,thusallyou've got to try to to is click play and begin takingfunphotos!There are many fireman cut outs for you to requirecutepicturesand keep you amused.The fireman SAM free games app is updated frompreviousfiremangames to new fireman games with all the most recentgraphicsandsounds.Let the child play with net solutions and developers withsuchabig amount of superb games for kids. Go right down totheFiremanGames For kids install page and press a lot offromdevelopersection to seek out a lot of apps from net solutionsanddeveloperslike fireman SAM games free.
African Survival Simulator 3D 1.3.0
Pixel Island
To save your game progress tap «save»buttonin the pause menuBe ready for great survival adventure exploring Africa withthis3D simulator! Be a blocky survivor and dive into thewildernessspending time on the island made of pixels and cubes.Fight foryour life against predators, hunt animals, quarryresources tobuild shelters and craft weapons and survival toolsplaying AfricanSurvival Simulator 3D! Make this wild African safariyour home andhave fun! Thrive in this hostile environment to stayalive!What is it like to spend time on lost desert island inhabitedbywild animals and aggressive predators? Get to know playingAfricanSurvival Simulator 3D! Explore unusual pixel reality andprove yourworth as a real survival – learn to hunt, fish, plant,craft andbuild. It’s vital for you, I bet! Complete differentmissions, findor craft weapons and tools, level up your skills andfeel theextreme living on the edge with this island survivalsimulator in3D! Use all your battling and survival skills to stayalive,salvage tools and weapons to unravel the secrets of this damnhotplace! Hunt for wild animal and find fresh water to increaseyouridicators, but be careful! Wild cube predators may huntyouinstead! Hunt or be hunted and battle for your life trying getoffthis strange survival island! Dive into the atmosphere ofdesertwild Africa - swim the ocean, walk around and enjoyingamazingcrafty landscapes! Stay alive at all costs playing AfricanSurvivalSimulator 3D!Be ready to meet pixel rhinos, cube crocodiles, blocky lionsandAfrican elephants ready to attack! Fight for your life,facedangers, but don’t forget to mind survivor’s indicators -health,energy and hunger. Never let it drops – stay alive and trytoescape this hot wild place! There are a lot of things that mightbeuseful on this survival island – look for resources, hiddenweaponsand survival tools – it might be very helpful for you! Usesurvivaltools such as cube axe or blocky fish rod to find food andcraft ashovel to dig faster! Hunt, start fishing or looking forplant foodto find a meal for your blocky man to survive! Findtreasures, cubeweapons and special tools exploring this mysteriousblocky lostisland with African Survival Simulator 3D game!Attack first or die instead… This lost survival island is floodedbywild animals and predators, so keep your weapons alert!Controlpixel man with joystick, explore cube island, hunt, fish andsearchfor food! However, be careful! Picturesque woods and oceanmight befull of predators ready to attack you! Find weapons toprotectyourself from wild island’s predators or even battle againstthem!Use your exploration, battling and survival skills to stayalive atall cost with African Survival Simulator 3D!Are you ready for great African adventure? Get survival skillsthatwould help you to stay alive with lost island survivalsimulator!It’s not easy to survive in tropical environments asitseems!African Survival Simulator 3D features:- Explore wild desert Africa – spend time on lost survivalislandmade of pixels and blocks- Mind survivor’s indicators – build shelters to hide fromtropicalsun, find fresh water and provide yourself with food- Find weapons, quarry resources and craft useful tools – cubeguns,pixel roads, blocky axes and other- Use your exploration, battling and survival skills tostayalive- Amazing survival simulator in 3DTest your skills playing African Survival Simulator 3D game!Learnto battle against predators, hunt, fish and to evadesafarianimal’s attacks. Dive into the wilderness being a realsurvivor tomake unusual craft island your home! Hide in jungles,fight foryour life and thrive in this hostile environment playingAfricanSurvival Simulator 3D! Explore island of pixels and cubeenjoybeing a part of the wildlife!More pixel games, features and fun on Facebook-
Zombies Sniper Call 1.0
Zombies Sniper Call throws you into thearsenalof dead zombies where you have no second chance of survivalif youget affected from the Ebola virus, which turns humans intodeadlyzombies. Straight vision on the enemy is important to getdefeatedin this battle.Zombies Sniper Call is a simple and addicting zombie shootinggamewith HQ graphics.Save the world from an outbreak of elite soldiers turnedintozombies. Become the ultimate commando in a war against theevil.The dead zombie soldiers know no honor or duty, only hunger.Whenyou're walking among the dead your only option is to kill.Shootyour enemies like a cod in a barrel! Show no mercy as thedeadsoldiers have only one target - to eat your brain.Rush into the deads and shoot the zombies on highway. Challengeisto defeat zombies in destruction and the horror they arecausing.Fire a hail of bullets to kill all the beasts to stop themfromkilling humans, using your auto loader gun. Make thismissionpossible with your army shooting skills as you have to savetheworld from Zombies apocalypseThe deepest fear of man is going to rise again.• Zombie rag doll physics.• Different mission types from protection to survival.• 16 different weapon skins to unlock in bounty chests.• Stunning locations from crowded cities to mountains.• Weapon upgrades such as damage, zoom, range and stability.Get ready to kill all the zombies and save the humanity fromtotalannihilation!
Amazing build ideas for Minecraft 154
Brutus Games
This app is for inspirational use and isnotrelated to Minecraft, Mojang or Microsoft.In this game you will be able to explore the most amazingmodernhouses for minecraft ever created and learn to build your owninyour Minecraft world.
Super Vikings - World Of Mario 1.2
JUJU Studios
Super Adventure Of Vikings -WorldOfMario is a Classic platform jumping shootinggame,bringback your memory of childhood by combines old school gameplaywithmodernplayability and it's also super addictive game whereyoudiscovergreat Worlds.The princess is being kidnapped by evil to dark castle,youroleis to rescuing this Princess you will have to run andjumpoverobstacles ‮‮super mario bros 3‮‮Fight and shoot against other enemies and You must alsoavoidalltraps. Also there is tons of hidden bonus items andcoinsHOW TO PLAY Super Vikings - World Of Mario★ Tap left and right arrows to move left or right.★ Down arrow to go inside the pipe to the bonus level whereyoucanfind lots of coins.★ Press A button AND right or left arrow for fast running.★ Press A and B together for a higher and wider jump.★ Press B button to jump.★ Press A button to shoot.★ After eating a golden mushroom you will be abletodestroybricks.★ After eating the flower you will be able to shoot balls -pressBbutton for shooting!★ Kill enemies by shooting balls of fire or by jumping onthemtocrash them.FEATURES Of Super Vikings - World Of Mario✔ 4 Different addictive worlds (Mountains world,jungleworld,desert world and volcano world).✔ 3 Different bonus worlds underground world the skyworldandunderwater world✔ Over 20 different great animated enemies such ascrocs,frogs,spiders, snails, bees, ghosts, birds, octopus,fishes,crabs,hedgehogs, turtles, ‮‮‮super mario run‮‮‮✔ 8 Stage bosses such as: angry scorpion, big bee, spider,andgolemin 8 different castles, ‮‮super mario bros 3‮‮✔ Many power-ups golden mushroom, flower and shield,‮‮supermariobros 3‮‮✔ 26 Achievements through Google Play Game Services for morefun:level unlock, make coins, killed... ‮leps world 3‮✔ 7 Leaderboards through Google Play Game Services for more fun:topscore, top coins, top levels, top-killed...‮leps world3‮✔ Beautiful high-resolution graphics - great mix between 2Dand3Dgraphics with retro arcade old school sound effects,similartoretro classic games. ‮super mario run‮✔ Hidden bonus bricks, blocks, bonus items and bonuslevels.‮supermario run‮✔ Pay to unlock other worlds if you don't want play endofcurrentsuper world. buy items to make this Viking morestronger.‮‮superjabber jump‮‮DISCLAIMER NOTE :We are not affiliated in any way to Mario trademarkowner.Thisapplication complies with US Copyright law guidelinesof"fairuse".If you feel there is a direct copyright or trademarkviolationthatdoesn't follow within the "fair use" guidelines,please contactusdirectly.This Game have no relation with Super Leps Worldandanythingcartoon, we are not the makers of the cartoon and wedon'tclaimany relation with them.Vikings StoryThe Vikings were a seafaring people from the late eighthtoearly11th century who established a name for themselvesastraders,explorers and warriors.They discovered the Americas long before Columbus and couldbefoundas far east as the distant reaches of Russia. Whilethesepeople areoften describedas savages raiding the more civilized nations for treasureandwomen,the motives and culture of the Viking people are muchmorediverse.These raidersalso facilitated many changes throughout the lands fromeconomicstowarfare.
Gun Camera Game 1.0
Gun Camera game for your entertainment,andbest way to have weapons journey though the world of guns. Hereourgame you have a lot of choice of guns, like Assault Rifles,MachineGuns, Snipers, Shotguns, Handguns, Launchers, Granade itfeels likeplaying real shooting CS game. here you can make realphotos,images, wallpapers with real cs:go frames, guns, and immerseintoreal fighting game. Gun camera game let's you enjoy bigcollectionof guns and shoot everyday with gun camera!Then you play guns camera game will use phone camera totakepictures and make FPS gun images it feels like playing realCSgame. Here you can shoot real targets with your AndroidSmartphonecamera weapons. If you need here we added lots of weaponstype toour game so you will be satisfy with pistol, rifle or knifeand submachine gun, shotgun, sniper or machine gun.Guns are probably the commonest weapons in the world. Even asfirearms are not particularly what everyone should have intheirpossession. In now days thanks to Smartphone mobile and appstoregames you can as well make your real photos with your choicegunssingle tap of the button.This is one of the best shooting camera games, get it now andyouwill have great fun making virtual firearms with yourphone.Realistic weapon camera game and with huge selection ofmostpopular weapons pictures this game will became the best waytoentertain yourself and your friends every day. So if you wanttofeel the great power of weapons and to have real photos withthemyou can download it now and make them by yourself, here youcanbecome an super sniper shooter with these awesome smallarms:pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, sub machine guns,personaldefense weapons, assault rifles, battle rifles, designatedmarksmanrifles, carbines, machine guns, flamethrowers, multiplebarrelfirearms, grenade launchers, and anti-tank rifles .Camera Gun features:*View with real sniper zooming effects!*View with night vision!*View with pistols, shotguns other guns.*Use finger to zoom in or out in photo mode to placegunpicture.The game will help you have fun in your leisure time. Becausemobilephones have become peoples best friend. So this is one ofthe bestway have fun and play with guns anywhere and everywhereyouare.
Boat Games For Kids Free: Cool 1.1
Press the boat to let you kid play withit!It’s time for some fun with ships with the Boat Games ForKidsFree. Enjoy Boat puzzles, ships flashcards have the sound of arealboat running, starting and fighting, Ships matching games and afuncam in the end to play with boat games for kids.The app is a complete activity of Boat Games For Kids Freewithmany games in one app.Features of app include:-* Boat games free* Many games in one app* Real sounds* Easy to play and learn* Easy to operate for allWhen you download the Boat Games For Kids Free App you willgetships collection full of fun activities including:-Boat running sounds-Real ship sounds-Boat puzzles and match game-Ship fun camBoat Sounds:- The first stop for fun in the Boat Games ForKidsFree is the attractive cool sounds. Just a tap will take themto afun interactive moving picture that is sure to have fun with.Andwhen the kid tap the moving icon in the boat games for kids itwillplay the sound related to it. They will hear ship horn,runningsound, a boat starting and many more and the ship games forkidsare interactive fun for all ages.Boat puzzles:- The next tab of fun in the Boat Games ForKidsFree is the cool boat puzzle images. These excellent ship gamesaredesigned for ages 5 & up and have no time limit orsoundelement, so your little ones can concentrate while they play,justlike when they are building a real puzzle.How To Play:Tap Random on puzzle tab and it will magically shuffle. Andifyour little hero doesn't like the look of that one, justpressRandom button again to reshuffle. Another child friendlyfeature isan option to view the picture of the puzzle at any time,so if theyneed help it’s there!Ship Match Games:- The fun never stops in the Boat Games ForKidsFree, and the matching games are sure to delight. The boatgamesfor kids features a boat memory game and a dalmatian pawprintmatch that will keep toddlers (if you help them) andpreschoolershappy!Ship Fun Cam:- This camera filter is ship themed, so all youhaveto do is click play and start taking fun pictures! There areplentyof boat cut outs for you to take cute pictures and keepyouentertained.The boat games for kids app is updated from previous shipgames2014 to new ship games 2015 with all the latest graphicsandsounds.Designed by: Web solutions and developersLet the kid play with web solutions and developers with somanyamazing games for kids. Go down to the Boat Games For KidsFreeinstall page and press more from developer section to findmoreapps from web solutions and developers like boat gamesforkids.
Flappy Pokemon 3.0
Flappy Pokemon. Play Flappy Pokemon hereonlinefor free. Click on the screen, to get started. Fly thepokemon asfar as you can without hitting a pipe.Flappy Pokemon is the most popular game on the Internet thesedays.It is a simple one-button game in which you have to navigateourbeloved bird past the obstacles. You do this by clicking yourmouserepeatedly. Each time you click, the Pokemon flies up. Don'tmakeit fly too high or it will die. This means you have to tap attheright moments to make the Pokemon go as far as you can!Thisaddictive flash version is extremely close to the originalFlappyPokemon that was taken offline from the Play store by creatorDongNguyen. It lets you play Flappy Pokemon online in yourbrowser.Enjoy!
Super Adventures Gold of Mario 1.2.3
Help this Super Adventures Gold ofMariooverthe jungle and to the top to collect more coins goldandavoidenemies throughout an adventure journey acrosslevels.● This FREE Game is so addicting you will definitely love it.Ifyouare fan of platform game adventures gold.● Be nimble and quick to help To reach the highest level ofthegame, find coins gold. Our little elf is determined to recoverallitshidden parts in a host of extremely well-designed levels.[Features ]+ The game is free, no purchase necessary.+ more different levels (easy, normal, hard)+ spirit of old school classic platformers.+ unique and easy gameplay.+ Amazing color background.+ Phone and Tablet Support.+ great music and sounds.+ Music and sound effects.+ Smooth user interface.+ High Quality Graphics.[How to play]✦ Left and Right arrows to move left or right✦ Run and jump through 32 beautiful levels classicwithincreasingdifficulty.✦ Down arrow to go inside the pipe to bonus level where youcanfindlots of coins.✦ All this completely free, so you should at least try it.Wehopeall our players have a great time playing it, pleaserateandthanks a lot for playing!
RealmCraft with Skins Export to Minecraft
★★★★★ FREE Sandbox game ★★★★★Craft & Build & Destroy & SurviveRealmCraft is a sandbox construction game with 3Dprocedurallygenerated infinity world.*** GAME FEATURES ***• 3D Sandbox free construction game;• Free to play;• RPG elements;• Build house;• Explore world in rpg elements game;• Huge world to explore;• Main Crafting and destroying everything;• Build your own shelter;• Go deep into the mines;• Gather resources to survive;• Fight your enemies;• Creative mode to set your imagination free.Create and break apart various kinds of blocks, exploretheenvironment, gather resources, kraft weapons, build shelterandtake part in combat with dangerous opponents.RealmCraft is a game for adults and kids, it will entertain youfora long time and earn an unforgettable experience.Connect to the EPIC survival / action or explore&adventure.The game offers two modes – SurvivalandCreative sandbox.- In Survival mode players have to collectresources,hunting, crafting item, construct buildings, fightagainst enemies,manage hunger and explore world to survive andprosper.- In Creative mode you focus on breaking newgroundsof creation by building the most elaborate structures youcan dreamof.★★★★★ Explore and Create ★★★★★Build, delete, move, fly, jump and mine, craft in freesandboxgame.Follow RealmCraft on:TWITTER: is not an official Mojang application. This game isnotassociated or connected with Minecraft Pocket Edition. Minecraftisa trademark of Mojang and it is not endorsed by or affiliatedwiththe RealmCraft game's creator or its licensors.
KoGaMa Brazil 1.81.9
Junte-se a mais de 3.000.000 de usuáriosnomundo em franca expansão do KoGaMa, onde os jogadorestrabalhamjuntos para criar e construir mundos abertos para quetodos possamexplorar!Explore mais de 2.000.000 de jogos que apresentam novosdesafios,novas metas e experiências absolutamente exclusivas,taiscomo:- Parkour (salto sobre obstáculos)- Batalhas épicas com outros jogadores- Mate criaturas monstruosas- Capture a bandeira- Corrida de hovercraft intensa- Exploração- Minijogos em estilo ArcadeE muito mais!Os jogos do KoGaMa são todos criados por usuários, o quesignificaque você pode construir seu próprio mundo!Mas por que construir sozinho, quando você pode construir comosseus amigos? Traga seus amigos para o KoGaMae construa mundos fantásticos juntos, inteiramente grátis! - Snake Crawl 1.7 - Snakes War game isanaddictive new mobile game that combines the classic game ofsnakevs block with elements. In this game you are a snake crawlinsteadof a blob and the goal is become the biggest and longestslithersnake in the is a fully skill based adventure game ever. Slithercrawland get sneaky, become the biggest glow, eat lightdotsand keep your slither alive as long as you can.New features allowing players to play online together orplayagainst A.I (offline) makes particularly attractive for videogameand fun!How to Play :◆ Control the crawl snake worms to avoid crashing into theotherplayers.◆ Use a speed button (shaped rocket, the lower right corner ofthescreen) to run faster. Note when running fast, the snake .iolengthwill be reduced.Game Features :★ No Lag. No performance issues on any device.★ Play offline in single player against AI when offlineorMultiplayer online.★ Fully optimized game-play with on-screen joystick to controlyoursnake★ Strategic alpha online multiplayer game play mode.★ Easy to learn, intuitive touch screen controls.★ It's FREE to play.❤ Download Now! Best MMO slither Game ❤If you have any problem in installation, please report to us.Wewill try to fix it as soon as possible.
Survival Game: Lost Island 3D 3.4
You must survive! You are alone on lostisland.Break trees, find resources, craft items. You must shoulddo manythings if you want to survive on night. Take a lookSurvival Game:Lost Island 3D FREE, this is amazing islandadventure!Beware of wild animals, hunt, find food.Make other items, craft new weapons. Take pick ore axe and getmoreresources!Can you unravel the mysteries of this island?Real survival island game is the absolutely new adventure!Our VK page: Facebookpage: you can find many interesting articles and list ofcraftrecipes.*** HOW TO PLAY ? ***+ Break trees, find ores. If you find some resources, you cancraftpick or axe. Tap on tree or ore (stone), and select buttonwhat doyou want to do. When the progress bar if empty you willgetresource.*** CRAFT ***+ Intresting craft system. Tap on the gear button to opencraftmenu. There you can find many recipes. Some craft recipesareavailable near workbench or furnace.*** HOW TO BUILD ***+ This game is realy sandbox! Open your backpack, grag the itemtomap or just click "Drop" and item will appear near you. Youcanbuild different blocks, doors, fences and make a ownhouse.*** HUNTING ***+ Tap on animal and select button for attack. Beware ofpredators!Also you can get many resources from animals such asbear, wolf,sheep, fish and etc.Survival Lost Island 3D features:+ big island!+ different resources!+ realistic 3d graphics!+ real survival island simulator!+ craft system!+ hunting and fishing!+ good tutorial for beginners!+ good music and sound effects!+ different weather!If you want to be best survived - play Survival Game: LostIsland3D! Let's start island exploration!