Top 2 Games Similar to Minnina Bird

Super idiot bird 1.2.5
Flappy, Clumsy Style Game. Super idiot bird is a simplebirdgame.Flapping and bouncing Super idiot bird. Come on flapandjump.The aim of the game is to blow the bird without hittingthecolumns by touching screen. (Fly without touching the bars,pipesand columns.)Each transition is one point. Have a good time.How toPlay: Tap anywhere on the screen to fly higher.
Crazy Bird! 1.1.2
Flap the little wings of the Crazy Bird in this #1 thrillingandaction packed flying adventure. Meet the hapless ever CrazyBirdand they need your help! With their little wings, the CrazyBirdare not afraid of any danger. It's your job to guide thesecutebirds fly through all kinds of obstacles to get back theireggs.Howto Play:- Tap anywhere on the screen to fly higher!- Passtheobstacles and fly as far as possible!Easy and fun to play, butachallenge to fully master!