Top 49 Games Similar to Enhancing Risk

RISK: Global Domination
NOW WITH FULL ONLINE MULTIPLAYER AND MATCHMAKING!Everybody wantstorule the world! Now you can, with a new way to play theclassicgame of RISK. Play on your TV with Chromecast for theultimateliving room experience or take the battle online withGlobalDomination mode (must be over 13). Defend your territories,drafttroops, and launch attacks for the ultimate conquestagainstfriends, family, and foes. Try the game for free or unlockforunlimited mobile play!NEW GLOBAL DOMINATION MODE • Join orhostbattles against new opponents online• Use Automatch mode tobepitted up against players of similar rank online•Climbleaderboards & rank up to Grandmaster• Additionalachievementsto earnFEATURES• Multiple game modes available: GlobalDominationonline, Play Friends online, Single Player, and Pass& Play• Upto 6 players/AIs can battle for world domination• 4difficultysettings for rookies and veterans• Authentic rules – it’sthe RISKyou know and love• Easily add friends and send challenges•Guidedtutorial mode and in-game help• Critical game statsandachievements• Multiple maps* and beautiful graphics• Funanimatedavatars• Send secret alliance or coordinated attackrequests toyour fellow generals• Send emojis to express your wrathor glee asyou conquer your opponentsPLAY ON THE BIG SCREEN WITHCHROMECAST•Connect to your TV with Chromecast and use your tabletorsmartphone to control the action• Chromecast device &networkconnection required for Play on TV mode• Each player musthave theRISK: Big Screen Edition app installed on their device*extra mapsand player avatars available for anadditionalcost*********************************************************************Theappwill request the following permissions on Android6.0+:RequestMessage: Allow ​*RISK*​ to access yourcontacts?Purpose: requiredif you want to sign in with Facebook orGoogle PlayRequest Message:Allow ​*RISK*​ to access photos, mediaand files on yourdevice?Purpose: to store your playeravatarimage*********************************************************************Chromecastisa trademark of Google Inc. RISK is a trademark of Hasbro. ©2016Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.
Rise Wars (strategy & risk)
Rise Wars is the best strategy, risk, conquest, and worlddominationgame! Get all the medals available, increase yourmilitary rank andimprove your ranking to become the best worldplayer.***Enjoy mapsas Europe, North America, Pangea, Tamriel andclassic World andsubmit your own maps and soon will be added tothe game!***Playagainst your friends on one device or online, allfor free! The gameis designed for 2 to 6 players and supports bothphones andtablets.***Customize your game with lots of optionsavailable. Takea risk and play with fog, high level of AI, or justinvite yourfriends and try to beat them.***Available in manylanguages, help usimprove by sending us your corrections andrecommendations.Downloadit now and rate it for the project to goforward! Thanks everyonefor your help, and don't forget:Risk itall, roll the dice, dominateand win!
Warzone (Risk++)
Warzone is a customizable Risk-like strategy game where youcompetewith your friends to conquer the world.- Nomicrotransactions:Warzone won't let you buy your way to a victorylike otherfree-to-play games. You win or lose Warzone games basedon yourstrategy alone, not your wallet.- Multi-player andsingle-player:Play thousands of single-player levels against thecomputer, orplay against real humans. Both are 100% free.-Asynchronous games:Your friends don't need to be all be online atthe same time toplay with them. Take your turns when it'sconvenient and Warzonewill wait for you.- Customizable: Warzone hasa very flexibleengine. When creating games, you have hundreds ofsettings you cantweak to create anything from a minor variant to awhole newexperience.- Maps: Warzone has thousands of hand-made mapstochoose from, with more being added all the time. Or you candesignyour own!- Strategic battles and tournaments: Warzone hasafinely-tuned 1v1 and 2v2 experience, which makes forgreatcompetitive play.- Cards: Warzone has a variety of cardswithvarying effects, like the Diplomacy Card, Spy Card, AirliftCard,and more!- Luck is controllable: The luck modifier allows youtocontrol how much luck affects your game. Games can be configuredtohave no randomness at all.- Tournaments: Create yourowntournaments and compete!- Ladders: Warzone has five ladders,whichare competitive arenas where everyone competes for the topspot.
Attack Your Friends, Risk game
*** The best mobile Risk multiplayer game: BoardGamesChronicles****** One of best Strategy Multiplayer Games: TableTopGaming***A great turn based risk game of world domination toplaywith Your friends and other players without being online atthesame time.It's a classical tactical Risk board game wheretheobjective is to attack & conquer every country on the map.Theboard game uses push messages to send turns and allows You toplayYour battles at your own pace. (asynchronous game play)“AttackYourFriends is a strategy, risk, conquest, and world dominationgamethat offers easy and straightforward strategy game play forthecasual player. Great strategic, tactical and diplomaticchallengefor the more advanced risk player”Key Features:*Multiplayerstrategy RIsk Strategy board game. (2-3 players)* Playwith friendsand random opponents at your own pace.* Turn based gameplay.(asynchronous game play)* Collect Troop & Defense Cardstoincrease troops and gain an edge.* Play as Tropical, Dessert&Arctic climate.* Game Statistics keep track of your resultsversusthe other players.* Leader board with top scores.* Chat andformalliances with your opponents.* Access your games anywherewithyour mobile devices on both Android & iOS
Domination (risk & strategy)
Domination is a game that is a bit like the well known boardgamebased on strategy and risk. It lets you play online, has manygameoptions and includes hundreds of maps.Now available in17languages: Catalan, German, Chinese, Finnish, Ukrainian,Galician,Dutch, Polish, English, French, Serbian, Turkish, Spanish,Italian,Portuguese, Russian, Swedish.NO ADS! Licensed under GPL,fullsource code and PC/Mac versions of the game availablefrom access is needed fordownloadingextra maps and online play, but is not needed for asingle-playeror hot-seat game.Italian game option gives you amaximum of 3 diceto defend, otherwise you have a maximum of 2fordefense."Domination helps keep me sane" -JohnIf you find a bugorproblem please use the 'Send Email to Developer' function onGooglePlay, that way I will be able to ask you for more informationandbe able to get the problem fixed quickly. The kind ofinformation Inormally need is what map,game mode,cards mode,startmode did youcreate the game with.The AI does not cheat with betterdice, theproject is open source, the code has been reviewed by manypeopleand they all agree the dice are completely random for allplayers,the game engine does not know if its a human playing or AIwhen thedice are rolled. sometimes you are lucky, sometimes you arenot,just like with real dice.
Border Siege [war & risk]
Similar to the classic Risk board game, and streamlined forquickerplay. Border Siege was designed and developed specificallyforAndroid phones and tablets. Supports two to six players, withanymixture of players and AI. Play locally using pass-and-play ortryout the online turn-based multiplayer.Over 700,000multiplayergames have been played!!!Border Siege is verycustomizable andsupports a wide array of Risk options, house rulesand othervariations. Check out all the awesome features listedbelow:Basicfeatures: • local or turn-based online play • 50+high-quality mapsincluding the classic Earth (Risk) map •vector-based drawing forfull resolution support • play in landscapeor portrait •touch-based interface designed specifically forAndroid • 11different languages Gameplay features: • playdomination or capital• full control over initial board placementsor... • intelligentautomatic board setup for quick games • fog ofwar, supply linesfortification • 7 card settings • 3 methods ofresolving combat •attack one roll at a time, or all at once • pan,zoom or change themap drawing style at any timeMultiplayerfeatures: • unlimitednumber of games • instant notifications whenit becomes your turn •in-game chat, with private messaging • movereplays • playerstatistics and leaderboards • all settings aresearchable to findthe right game for you • create passworded gamesto play withfriends • turn time limits from 2 minutes to a week •automaticallyremove/skip inactive players • friends, game invites,privatemessaging Even more features: • local game saves • createyour ownmaps using the PC map editor • multiple AI profiles totailor youropponent • instant AI speed optionMap Editor:You cancreate yourown custom maps to play locally in Border Siege. Submityour mapsto the website to share your creations! User created mapsand thePC map editor are available fordownloadhere: Info:Don'tbeafraid to email me directly with any questions, desiredfeatures,or legitimate refund requests. Just use the "Send email"option inthe Developer details below.This game was previouslycalled "Drisk(Android Risk)" until a "Risk" trademark complaintraised by Hasbroforced a name change. Full details on the "Risk"dispute areavailable on the website.
Blood & Honor [risk evolved]
Blood & Honor is an easy to pick up, hard to let go,worlddomination game. It mixes the classic gameplay of risk andconquestboard games with an innovative set of power ups that willgive youaccess to all kinds of advantages, but beware, youropponents willhave them too!Highlights: - Up to six players canbattle for worlddomination - Pass & Play - Online multiplayerto battle againstyour friends- 3 AI difficulties - Automaticsave/resume of offlinegames - Zoom and scroll in beautifullyillustrated mapsThis is anopen beta and thus may contain bugs.Please help us by reportingthem. You can write your issue on areview but that does not allowus to get back to you promptly (wecheck email more frequently). Ifyou need for something to beresolved please email us or sendus a message via ourfacebook page. Thank you!
Star Engine -Risk and Strategy
Star Engine, a game of strategy and Risk. Fast paced risk gametakesyou into the depths of space! Play classic style Risk alongwith new3D levels that take Risk into the next generation! Playagainst yourfriends or random opponents or the expansive campaign!12 planets toexplore and conquer! 15 different ship types tocustomize yourarmada! All of the fun of Risk strategy without allthe waiting!Download for free now!
Snakes and Ladders
Snakes and Ladders is an ancientIndian boardgame regarded today as a worldwideclassic. It is playedbetween two or more players ona gameboard havingnumbered, gridded squares. A number of "ladders"and "snakes" arepictured on the board, each connecting two specificboard squares.The object of the game is to navigate one's gamepiece, accordingto die rolls, from the start (bottomsquare) to thefinish (top square), helped or hindered by laddersand snakesrespectively.The game is a simple race contest based onsheer luck,and is popular with young children. The historicversion hadroot in morality lessons, where a player's progressionup the boardrepresented a life journey complicated by virtues(ladders) andvices (snakes). A commercial version with differentmoralitylessons, Chutes and Ladders, is published by MiltonBradley.
Backgammon Live – Free Backgammon Online
Play the best FREE BACKGAMMON game with Backgammon Live! The#1Classic Board Game is here. Roll the Dice and test yourskillsagainst people from around the world. Played for thousandsofyears, the backgammon board game has always been one of thebestgames to play with friends. Join millions of players in one ofthebest strategy board games online! Sharpen your skills as youplayincreasingly challenging games against increasinglychallengingopponents. Match up against players from around theglobe in livebackgammon tournaments and show that you have what ittakes to playlike a pro! Multiplayer We know that playing the mostfun freeboard games is even more enjoyable when you compete againstyourfriends – this is why our players can play 2 player gamesagainstyour Facebook friends!Make It to The TopDon’t know therules?Backgammon Live games teach you how to play backgammon soyou’reprepared for one-on-one matches, as you play against yourfriendsor random people from around the world. Make your way to thetop ofthe charts by competing in multiplayer tournaments andagainst yourFacebook friends.Boards and DiceTake a trip around theglobe andadd some color to this classic game! Play on differentbackgammonboards with unique themes from around the world! From NewYork toParis, Hawaii to Istanbul, Backgammon Live gives you theworldlyexperience you’ve been looking for. Roll the dice to unlockmorespecial items including different types of die ranging fromwoodento rainbow!Test Your Skill! Backgammon Live isn’t youraverage freebackgammon game. offering different challenging boardsto provethat you’re a winner! Test your speed with our Nitro Board,whereyou have 20 seconds to make your move. Try out ourHyperBackgammon, where each player starts with just threecheckers.Frombeing an ancient Egyptian game to becoming one of themost popular2 player games in the world, backgammon has received abunch ofdifferent names over the years such as: Tapa, Tavla,Tabula, AceyDeucey, Tawla, and many more!Backgammon Live is fun,easy, andwildly entertaining. WeloveBackgammon/ΤΑΒΛΙ/ששבש/Tabla/Lord/Gamão/十五子棋 /Tavla/طاولةالزهر/нарды/Plus. Play now! • The games are intended for anadultaudience.• The games do not offer "real money gambling" oranopportunity to win real money or prizes.• Practice or successatsocial casino gaming does not imply future success at "realmoneygambling"
Dice Duel
Challenge your friends from all over the world, rediscover themostpopular competitive game ever! ★★★★★ Over 1 million gameseveryday! Join them now! ★★★★★ Climb the leaderboards,completeachievements and compete with dice gamers from all overtheworld!Dice Duel is a classic competitive dice game withsimplerules. It’s a unique combination of luck, skill and strategythatyou all know and love. Challenge your buddies or look foropponentsonline, start rolling dices and show them who'sthemaster!ATTENTION! This game is based on the original rules oftheclassic dice game (also known as Yams, similar toAmericanCheerio). No additional cups or dice rolling - the onlything thatcounts is your skill (...and a little bit of luck;))!Mostimportant features:★ classic competitive dice game that youknowand love (also known as Yams, similar to American Cheerio) inamultiplayer version★ win Diamonds and collect beautiful cupsanddice★ the real-game feeling and design (rolling the dice,shakingthe cups)★ Quick Mode allows you to play with your buddiesin realtime★ you don’t like the time pressure? Play in theturn-basedmode! ★ find opponents on Facebook, by email, contactlist,username or using random mode!★ create an account andcontinueplaying classic dice game on a different device★ built-inchatallows you to communicate with other players ★ AchievementsandDaily Challenges will always keep you busy★ level up and climbtheLeaderboards (monthly / weekly / all-time) to become the realdicemaster★ shake your device to throw dice - rolling like aclassicdice game pro!★ the only competitive game that allows you totestboth your luck and strategy skills!Your Friends usingdifferentsystems? No problem! In Dice Duel you can play togetherwith yourbuddies no matter the platform you're on!This classiccompetitivegame is completely free. All levels and achievements canbecompleted without spending real money.We use device identifierstoconstantly improve your user experience and to personalize ads.Wealso share such identifiers and other information from yourdevicewith our social media, advertising and analytics partners.Seedetails:
Ludo Classic
NEW: Multiplayer Online with Facebook Friends & BluetoothOptionavailable now.Calling all the kings of Ludo game, here isyour mostpopular & most loved Ludo game in its classical form.How oftenyou all wondered if we have a Ludo game in the woodenboard? Theboard that we used to play when we were kids. The verysmell of thewood, the sketching of colors, the die (dice) andtokens that willtake us back to our childhood days.I kept thisvery experience as mygoal when I designed the game for you all tocherish those childhoodmoments. So, get ready and travel back toold days and rule the Ludokingdom.ABOUTLudo is a strategy boardgame for 2 to 4 players and isbeing widely played in India, Nepal,Algeria and many Asian, Latin,European countries. It is alsocalled as Parchisi, Parcheesi, andLaadhuu. The goal is simple,each player has to race their fourtokens from start to finish(home) according to rolls of a singledie or dice.DESIGNYou gotclassic wood and neo-Ludo boards (paper& white). The woodboard, die & tokens are a timelessdesign. It gives you abetter visual experience and nostalgicfeelings. The sketch marksand crystal clear tokens will make usfeel the same old classicludo board.The board is the square shapewith 3 columns of squaresand supports up to 4 players (2, 3 & 4players in combinationwith Computer). Each player will take onecolor from bright yellow,green, red and blue. You can also assignall players as Computerand quietly watch each, it is quite a lotfun. :)DIE ROLLINGI builtan entirely new physics engine fordie-rolling mechanics that willsimulate the real-time rolling of adie or dice. The physics behinddie-rolling was very challenging andI am proud to be the first oneto implement. This will make it looklike a 3D Ludo game.SETTINGSIthas an extensive set of gamesettings. You can play a match in 100sof variations to favor yourown country rules. Some of theminclude,Star Squares (safer)BarrierSquares (Squares that will stopopponents to pass by)Home Squares(Entering without returningopponent tokens)Magic No (Die resultthat makes a staged token toenter its starting square)Token Moving& Die RollingSpeedOFFLINEOptions to play with one or moreComputer or Players orcombination. You can also choose theintelligence of Computer(Trained, Expert and Strategic) to increasethe complexity level.Bluetooth Game Play option also available, youcan pair up yourdevice with your opponent's devices and start amatch with themoffline.ONLINEPlay with your friends, family or arandom playeracross the world by logging into Google Play Games /Google Plus /Facebook or as anonymous. You have options to inviteyour friendsor join a match hosted by your facebook and google plusfriends.You can see your total wins & your rank in GlobalLeaderboards.There are several achievements to unlock in thekingdom of Ludo.Youcan also emote your tokens, and message withyour opponents whileplaying the match.GAME AIThe AI behind the gameis built, bykeeping-in-mind that the outcome of dice is alwaysrandom andunpredictable whether it is thrown by player orComputer.Computer's intelligence is only to decide which tokens tochoosefrom and to return the opponent's tokens from its squares ornot.It doesn't have any control over the outcome/result of the dieordice.OTHERSPlayer Names & Colors - Can be manuallydecidedLastPlayed Match - You can quit the game and play from whereyou leftlast timeGame Instructions & Help - Helps you to followthematch easilyMulti-color dies - One can easily understand who'sturnis currentDecide - Before returning your opponent's tokens inyoursquareReal-time die feature - You can have a die or dice onyourhand, and toss it. The outcome can be fed back to the game.andmuchmore.Please leave us your valuable feedbacks & rating,willdefinitely update the game with the improvements & fixtheissues you report.
Yatzy Dice Challenge
Yatzy Dice Challenge is highly addictive, classic dice game(basedon Yahtzee™,Yacht...) reworked for your android phone.Withitselegant design it will allow you to enjoy yourself for hours.GameModes:* Quick Game: Play a single player yatzy game.* PlayForChips: Collect 200 points or more in one game to win chips.Theamount of chips rewarded depends on the bet and points youchoose.You can use your chips to buy virtual goods from the shop.*PlayOnline: Play against your friends or random oponent* Pass&Play: Play against 3 people sharing the same phone. Great waytospend the time with your friends and family. Social gamingstuff:*Compare scores with friends on Online leader-boards *Unlockachievements and earn chips* Buy virtual goods to boostyourscoresYatzy Dice Challenge - Roll and Risk it All
Rento - Dice Board Game Online
Rento is free business dice game. It is board game for 2 to6players.Trade lands, build houses, win auctions, roll wheeloffortune and Russian Roulette and most importantly - have fun.Ifyou like Ludo or family dice games - you will like Rento too:)Thegame is live MULTIPLAYER so you can play with your friendsandfamily remotely and also you can play versus players onourhttp://BoardGamesOnline.Net website. You can play the game in4modes: -ONLINE (vs real people live)-SOLO (versusAIrobots)-BLUETOOTH multiplayer with up to 4 players-Pass 'NPlay(Pass the same device to others)Enjoy the first and onlytrueonline multiplayer business game in the market.*** Please playonsolid WiFi connection to avoid connection problems ***
Farkle Dice
Farkle Dice is a highly addictive roll-the-dice game foryourandroid phone.With its elegant design will allow you toenjoyyourself for hours. Farkle Rules:Your turn starts by ROLLINGsixdice. Take at least one scoring combination. than you canRE-ROLLthe remaining dice.Once you get 300 points, you can COLLECTthemand start new round. If after rolling there is noscoringcombination, you get a FARKLE, losing all points from thatround.Ifyou have three FARKLES in a row you will lose 500points.GameModes:* Quick Game: Collect as many points as possibleduring 10rounds.* Play For Chips: Collect 5000 points or more in 10roundsto win chips. The amount of chips rewarded depends on the betandpoints you choose. You can use your chips to buy virtual goodsfromthe shop.* Play vs CPU: Play against the CPU and be the firsttocollect 5000 points to win.Social gaming stuff:*Scoreloopintegration* Compare scores with friends on Onlineleader-boards *Unlock achievements and earn chips* Buy virtual goodto boost yourscoreFarkle Dice - Roll and Risk it All
This addictive strategy game with easy and cool Risk-basedgameplaychallenging your tactical and strategic skills!Enjoy theability tobattle your friends, random maps, and clear interface:just imaginea spreading virus or warlord capturing new lands!5 mapsizesAllmaps are generated automatically and are unique inInfluence. Youcan play on S, M, L, XL or XXL maps.Unique gamemodesUnique modesare available for your fun game. There aredarkness, symmetry andonline rating!4 AI levelsConquer in Influenceup to four enemies.Every enemy can be from Freak to Master. It's upto you!Statisticsand Top-10You may view detailed statistics ofgames with onlinerating mode. Raise the influence points and bragyour friends thatyou in Top-10.Multiplayer on one devicePlay inInfluence in a bigparty! Add your friends as enemies and competewith them on onedevice.Duels Beta: Online multiplayerAnd new mode -Duels! It'sonline multiplayer face-to-face using the Internet. Playwith yourfriends at any time.*** Online Rating is on! Beat yourfriends andbecome the best influencer! ;) Keywords:Influencespreading virusrisk supreme wars conquer fight battle hex warriorshexwars cellcellwars dicewars dice risk free multiplayersingleplayer hot seatturn based strategy
Border Siege LITE [war & risk]
Similar to the classic Risk board game, and streamlined forquickerplay. Border Siege was designed and developed specificallyforAndroid phones and tablets. Supports two to six players, withanymixture of players and AI. Play locally using pass-and-play ortryout the online turn-based multiplayer.Over 500,000multiplayergames have been played!!!THIS IS THE FREE VERSION. Thefull versionof Border Siege is available for $1.99 and includesonlinemultiplayer as well as all of the maps. The free versiononlyincludes local play and 6 maps.Border Siege is verycustomizableand supports a wide array of Risk options, house rulesand othervariations. Check out all the awesome features listedbelow:Basicfeatures: • local or turn-based online play • 46high-quality mapsincluding the classic Earth (Risk) map •vector-based drawing forfull resolution support • play in landscapeor portrait •touch-based interface designed specifically forAndroid • 11different languages Gameplay features: • playdomination or capital• full control over initial board placementsor... • intelligentautomatic board setup for quick games • fog ofwar, supply linesfortification • 7 card settings • 3 methods ofresolving combat •attack one roll at a time, or all at once • pan,zoom or change themap drawing style at any timeMultiplayerfeatures: • unlimitednumber of games • instant notifications whenit becomes your turn •in-game chat, with private messaging • movereplays • playerstatistics and leaderboards • all settings aresearchable to findthe right game for you • create passworded gamesto play withfriends • turn time limits from 2 minutes to a week •automaticallyremove/skip inactive players • friends, game invites,privatemessaging Even more features: • local game saves • createyour ownmaps using the PC map editor • multiple AI profiles totailor youropponent • instant AI speed optionMap Editor:You cancreate yourown custom maps to play locally in Border Siege. Submityour mapsto the website to share your creations! User created mapsand thePC map editor are available fordownloadhere: Info:Don'tbeafraid to email me directly with any questions, desiredfeatures,or legitimate refund requests. Just use the "Send email"option inthe Developer details below.This game was previouslycalled "Drisk(Android Risk)" until a "Risk" trademark complaintraised by Hasbroforced a name change. Full details on the "Risk"dispute areavailable on the website.
Battle Ludo
Battle Ludo (Aeroplane Chess) is a Simple & Fun classicboardgame!You would wonder why this simple game from childhoodcouldstill be this entertaining!Enjoyed by adults and childrenalike, Itis very similar to the traditional game Ludo and Pachisi.Playerstake turns to throw the die. The player have all fourpiecesfinishing their journey wins! The dice is absolutely 100%randomfor computer AI. Suggest easy mode for starting. Enjoy!;)What areyou waiting for? Let's getitstarted!FEATURES:--------------------------------- Support1-4Multiplayers!- Play against 1-3 computers AI with 3 levels-NiceSound Effects- User-friendly interface- Classic memorabletheme-Multiple Language (English,中繁,中简)- Auto save game- SupportApps2SD-It’s Free !The ludo game is called 飛行棋,飞行棋,Flying PlaneChess inChina. It may be similar to the board gamelikeSorry!,parcheesi,etc.And some other places it may be knownasMens-erger-je-niet,Fia med knuff.For any issues/bugs, please letusknow at : (with device+Android version), weMUSTFOLLOW UP.We will keep improving the game. Please leave ussomecomment! Or email to: info@sohomob.comNote:for theGET_ACCOUNTpermission, its used by Push notificationSohomob willnot collectany email address.
Ludo 2017
In many countries, Ludo has been, and still is considered one ofthemost popular board games.It is a very popular familygame.Features:-Play against 1-3 computer players- Computer has 3difficulty levels(Easy, medium and hard)- Play 2-4 players- Workson phones andtablets in full resolution- Supports 11 languages-Classic Ludoboard game- Automatically saves, when you exit thegame. You cancontinue next time you start the game- User friendlyinterfaceGatheryour friends & family for some fun.Languagessupported:EnglishNorwegianSwedishDanishGermanSpanishFinnishFrenchItalianDutchPortugueseWhatisthe game about?Each player has 4 pieces which starts in theHomeposition. Roll the dice to move each piece around the board.Ontheway to goal, you need to avoid being captured by otherplayers,while you try to capture other players pieces and knockthem backto their Home position.Get all your 4 pieces to goalbefore youropponents.We love feedback from you users on how we canimprove thegame, please contact us at support@fungamesmobile.comand we willrespond everyone:)
Maxi Yatzy Challenge
* Online Multiplayer * is hereMaxi Yatzy Challenge ishighlyaddictive, classic dice game reworked for your androidphone.Withits elegant design it will allow you to enjoy yourselfforhours.Game Modes:* Quick Game: Play a single player yatzygame.*Play For Chips: Collect 250 points or more in one game towinchips. The amount of chips rewarded depends on the bet andpointsyou choose. You can use your chips to buy virtual goods fromtheshop.* Pass & Play: Play against 3 people sharing thesamephone. Great way to spend the time with your friendsandfamily.Social gaming stuff:* Compare scores with friends onOnlineleader-boards * Unlock achievements and earn chips* Buyvirtualgoods to boost your scoresMaxi Yatzy Challenge - Roll andRisk itAll!
Just Risk It!
Just Risk It is a game of chance and strategy, similar totheclassic board game of Risk. The goal is to gain territorybyattacking your opponents, and eliminate them one-by-one. Thelastone remaining is the winner.The latest release includes 25uniquemissions that you can play. Each mission has specificchallengesand obstacles that puts a twist on regular play. Forexample, onemission requires you to conquer at least one country oneach round.Another mission has the computers forming a loose treatyandganging up on you.In free play mode, the game allows up to6players, which can be either human or computer. For thecomputerplayers, you can choose between easy, medium, or harddifficulty,where each one uses a different playing strategy.Thisversion hasads. For an ad-free version, please check out Just RiskItMissions. games by Sam Baird, check out Strategy (Stratego), LogJam(Rush Hour), and Connect 4 (Connect Four).
Parchisi STAR
Parcheesi STAR is an online multiplayer version of popularclassicboard game Parcheesi. Parcheesi board game is a popular inSpain asParchis, and known by different name in other countries. Itis aboard game of the Cross and Circle family. It is an adaptationofthe Indian game Pachisi or Parcheesi or Ludo orParchisOnlineFeatures- It is totally FREE to play- 2 or 4 playerParcheesiboard game- Chat and send Emoji while you play the game-Designedfor Tablet & Phone- Daily Magic Chest. Open to win upto 50KCoins everyday- Unlock achievements while you play thisamazinggameParcheesi is played with two dice, four pieces perplayer and aboard with a track around the outside, four cornerspaces and fourhome paths leading to a central end space. The mostpopularParcheesi boards in America has 68 spaces around the edge oftheboard, 12 of which are darkened safe spaces. Each corner oftheboard contains one player's nest, or starting area.If you arefreeand want to spend quality time then Parcheesi is here for you.Weall have played this in our childhood. So here we are offeringyouonce again your childhood. So that you can live that momentagainItwas once played by Kings and is now enjoyed by you. Parchishasbeen favorite online game of people across the world.EnjoyParcheesi OnlineNOTE:Use of this application is governedbyGameberry Labs Pvt. Ltd. Terms of Use. Collection and useofpersonal data are subject to Gameberry Labs Privacy Policy.Bothpolicies are available at
Snakes And Ladders Master
Snakes and ladders is a very simple and exciting game, whichisbased on sheer luck, with some mind blowing graphics.In thisgame,you will have to roll down the dice, in order to move todifferentpositions on the board, wherein on the journey to thedestination,you will be pulled down by snakes and raised to ahigher positionby a ladder.Another interesting feature of thissnakes and laddersgame app is, you get to collect stars on the wayto yourdestination, which can take you some positions backwardorforward.This game consists of two game play modes - Singleplayermode and multiplayer mode.In single player mode, youcompeteagainst an enemy robot. In multiplayer mode, you have theoption ofplaying with your friends.Refresh your childhood memory,byplaying, this snakes and ladders game. This snakes andladdersgame, is also a must-play game for children, who are alwayslookingfor fun and entertainment.Check your luck by rolling thedice, inthis snake and ladder board game, board game app, dice appfree,snake and the ladder game, which is one of the best snakeandladder classic games, board games app, snakes and laddersfreegames and classic games offline.Kill your boredom, by playingwithyour friends, in this snake and ladder multiplayer game, boardgameonline, new snake and ladder game, snakes and laddersmultiplayeroffline, which is one of the top snake and ladder freegames,snakes and ladders new games.Challenge your opponent, toreach theend of the board, in this snake and ladder new game,traditionalboard game, snakes and ladders board game, snakes andladdersonline game, which is one of the best snake and ladder twoplayersgames, board games online and classic games for boys.Thereareladders to take you to the top and snakes to pull you down inthissnake and ladder online game, dice game app, snakes and laddersfortwo players, snakes and ladders offline game, which is one ofthetop snakes and ladders classic games, dice games offlineandclassic games free.Have fun playing this snake and ladderwithfriends or snake and ladder with computer and this game is oneofthe best snake and ladder games, dice board games free, boardgameswith dice and new dice games for kidsGet your wish number fromthespin wheel, by playing this snake and ladder offline game,dicegame for kids, classic game, snakes and ladders for kids, whichisone of the best snakes and ladders dice games and dicegamesonline.Play this snakes and ladders with friends or one of thetopdice games with friends, in your free time.It is time to getthissnake and ladder game download, board game download or one ofthebest dice games, dice games for couple, board games for kids,dicegames free offline and classic board games free,onandroid.Instructions for snakes and ladders master1. Get moving,byrolling the dice, by clicking it.2. Repeatedly roll the dicetillyou reach number 100 on the board.3. The dice has values from 1to6. Upon rolling the dice, if the value is 1, then the playermovesone position forward. If the value is 2, then he moves 2positionsforward and so on.4. If the value on the dice appears as6, thenthe player gets another chance to play.5. On collecting thestarsymbol, the player is either moved 1 to 6 positions backwardorforward.6. On reaching number 100 on the board, youwin.Keyfeatures1. Amazing graphics and engaging gameplay.2. Twomodes -Single player and offline multiplayer.3. Snake and ladderbestgame.4. Board game free and dice board game.5. Classic snakeandladder game.6. One of the best dice games and boardgamesoffline.Download this snakes and ladders game app for free, tohavesome fun in your leisure time. Get this snake and ladder gamefreedownload, dice game download, snake and ladder app, board gameforkids, board game offline, dice game online, snake and ladderforkids, on android for free.
Ludo Raja LIVE – Classic Indian Ludo Board Game
Ludo Raja LIVE(लूडो) is an online ludo board game played inIndiaand around the world. It is also known as parchisi gameorparcheesi game, and is similar to a Spanish dice game,Parchís.Ludo games are one of the most widely played board gamesamongfriends and families. Recalling your childhood, ludo game isnowavailable online! Ludo Raja LIVE offers multiplayer online modeforyou to beat the players and be the king of ludo boardgame!Download this multiplayer board game now and get thedicerolling!About Ludo RajaLudo Raja LIVE is a strategy board gamefor2-4 players and you can play this dice puzzle game againstthecomputer, against your friends and families, or evenagainstplayers from around the world through online matchmaking!Chooseyour favorite colour, roll dice and get all your 4 tokenspass theboard and make them to the finish line. Whoever gets all 4tokensto the end first is the winner. Join us with this familyboard gameand have fun rolling dice! Ludo is fun.Every Ludo gamehas a nailbiting finish. Enjoy your time with friends and play thisonlineludo game!Ludo Raja LIVE is one of the most classic ludogames foryou to recall your childhood. We bring this ludo boardgame onlineto our phone and tablet with original taste andfeature.You canplay this online ludo game everywhere with both yourfriends andplayers worldwide. Roll a six and choose your movewisely to win.Ludo Raja LIVEFeatures:- 2-4 player parchis onlineboard game-Create private rooms and invite your friends and familymembers tojoin this family ludo game- Play against worldwideplayers, orcomputers to be the king of ludo games- Real-timematchmaking foryou to find the right opponent- Chat and send emojito make friendsonline- Super network connection, works both on 3G& WiFi- Freefortune wheel every daySo roll a six and start aludo boardgame!Find us on Facebook if you haveanyquestions.
Ludo India - Classic Ludo Game
Ludo India Classic Game is the mostplayedboard game between family & friends. MTS free games nowmakingthis wonderful popular board game available in your phonewith allnecessary changes.Game Rule:Each player rolls the dice to enter in game. To enter a tokenintoplay from its yard to its starting square, a player must roll a6.If the player has no tokens yet in play and rolls other than a6,the turn passes to the next player. If a piece lands on a pieceofa different color, the piece jumped upon is returned to itsyard.The first person to move all 4 pieces into the home squirewins thegame.Features of Ludo India Classic:Play with player across the worldPlay with your friends onlinePlay with friends offlineReal Dice: you can play with real diceChallenge your friends with our traditional game. Download andplayfor free today from board games category.
BGC: 2-4 players Party Game
A fascinating collection of mini-games for up to 4 players.Playwith friends at a party, pass the time on a trip,defeatschoolmates during recess or entertain children. You cantrain withbots before a battle or fight online. Turn-based gamesfor arelaxed atmosphere or arcades and action for a fast-pacedmatch.The games involve attention, reaction, reasoning andaccuracy.Simple and understandable rules. Good luck invictory!Features:★Multiplayer with up to 4 players on a singledevice★ Simplecontrols★ Funny Party Games★ Arcade, Action,Turn-Based Games★Online multiplayer"Battle Games Collection" is aunique app thatwill help you have a great time with your friends orfamily!
Ludo Parchis Classic Online
Ludo Parchis Classic Online is a board game for two up tofourplayers, in which the players race their four tokens from starttofinish according to die rolls.FEATURES - Multiplayer (up to4players) - Play with friends on one device or over theinternet-Play against Android- Rolling dice using real physX,bouncing ofthe sides- Dice changing color according to color ofactual playeron turn- Achievements- LeaderBoard Online- Name theplayers- Automove when there is onlyonepossibility a token into play from its staging area to itsstartingsquare, a player must roll a 6. If the player has no tokensyet inplay and does not roll a 6, the turn passes to the nextplayer.Once a player has one or more tokens in play, he selects atokenand moves it forward along the track the number ofsquaresindicated by the die roll. Players must always move atokenaccording to the die value rolled, and if no move is possible,passtheir turn to the next player.When a player rolls a 6 he maychooseto advance a token already in play, or alternatively, he mayenteranother staged token to its starting square. The rolling of a6earns the player an additional ("bonus") roll in that turn. Iftheadditional roll results in a 6 again, the player earnsanadditional bonus roll.A player may not end his move on a squarehealready occupies. If the advance of a token ends on asquareoccupied by an opponent's token, the opponent token isreturned toits owner's yard. The returned token may only bereentered intoplay when the owner again rolls a 6.
Ludo Master – Best Board Game with Friends
If you enjoy playing exciting games, if you would like toshareinteresting things with your friends, if you are lookingforsomething classic, then Ludo Master will be your bestchoice!LudoMaster is a board game played between 2 to 6 players,and you areoffered the chance to play the game against thecomputer, againstyour friends, or even against people all over theworld. The rulesare quite simple; every player gets 4 tokens, whichare required tomake a full turn of the board and make it to thefinish line. Andthe one who first gets all 4 tokens will be deemedas thewinner.Moreover, a player can move his/her token based onthenumber decided by casting a six-sided dice, and a token canonlymove out of their base by casting a six. However, onceanotherplayer’s token lands on the same place where your token is,thenyour token will be sent back to your base and you have roll asixagain.Sounds interesting? So why not just have a try now? Comeandtake the challenge and be the greatest winner!
Ludo: Star King of Dice Games
Ludo: Star King of Dice Game is a classic family game that hasstoodthe test of time. We all grew up playing and learning thisclassicgame from our childhood. Now you can play your favouritegame onyour phone! Ludo (from Latin ludo, "I play") is a strategyboardgame in which the players race their four pawns from start tofinishaccording to rolls of a single dice. Ludo is derived fromthe Indiangame Pachisi, but simpler. The game and its variants arepopular inmany countries and under various names.Pachisioriginated in Indiaaround the 6th century. The objective of Ludo:Star King of DiceGames is to be the first to move your four pawnfrom the base toyour home. Roll a six and race your 4 pawns fromstart to finishbefore anyone else can do the same. Capture youropponent's pawn andsend them straight back to the starting area.Play with yourFacebook friends, against the computer, against yourfriends inlocal multiplayer or with millions of ludo playersaround theworld.You can also create Private Room and invite yourfriends toplay.When a 6 is rolled, the player may choose toadvance a pawnalready in play, or may enter another staged pawn toits startingsquare. Rolling a 6 earns the player an additional or"bonus" rollin that turn. If the bonus roll results in a 6 again,the playerearns an additional bonus roll. If the third roll isalso a 6, theplayer may not move and the turn immediately passesto the nextplayer.Hours of fun with this traditional game of Ludoin brightprimary colors. Great game for 2 - 4 players aged fourand up. Ludocan be considered a game of skill and strategy.Haveyou ever missedthe classic family entertainment of the Ludo boardthat we used toplay on as kids?Well, now you can download for freethe timelessLudo: Star King of Dice Games and enjoy it with yourfamily andloved ones no matter how far they are.The more you play,the moreexciting it becomes.◆◆◆◆ Ludo: Star King of Dice GamesFeatures◆◆◆◆✔ Create Private Room and Invite Friends and Family✔Play withplayers across the world✔ Play with Facebook Friends oras Guest ✔Earn free coins by watching a video✔ 2 & 4 PlayerModes✔ Playtogether with friends with the Local Multiplayerfeature✔ Classicfeel of playing LudoLudo is a game made for Kings!If you’reenjoying the game Ludo: Star King of Dice Games, pleasetake a fewseconds to give us a review!We will be grateful to hearyouropinions and improve - whenever needed - in futureversions.Enjoyplaying Ludo: Star King of Dice Games!
Ludo: Online Dice King
NEW: Multiplayer Online with Facebook Friends. Bing overyourFacebook friends for real time multiplayer matches.Ludo/ˈluːdoʊ/,/ˈljuː-/ (from Latin ludo, "I play") is a classicstrategy boardgame for two to four players, in which the playersrace their fourtokens from start to finish according to the rollsof a single die(dice). Like other cross and circle games, Ludo isderived from theIndian game Pachisi (Parcheesi), but simpler. Thegame and itsvariations are popular in many countries and undervariousnames.Rules:Each player gets to choose tokens of one of thefourcolors (green, yellow, red or blue). These tokens must make afullturn of the board and then make it to the finish line. Theplayerwho gets all four tokens to the finish line first isthewinner.However, each move can only be made based on thenumberdecided by casting a six-sided dice, and each token can onlymoveout of their home by casting a number six on thedice.Additionally, the competition factor of the games is upped bythefact that while moving if another player’s token lands on thesamesquare as your token, then your token will automatically besentback home and you’ll need to roll a six again.LudoClassicFeatures:★ Play Multiplayer games with Facebook friends★PlayRandom Online Real Time Multiplayer Matches★ Create PrivateTableand invite friends & family★ Play OFFLINE alsowithfriends.Coming Up:★ Rule Customisation like Nepali Rules,Doublingof pieces, double dice roll etc★ Chat and send emoticons tootherplayers while you play.★ Send Gifts and make situations funny★GetDaily bonus★ Get Star in this Dice game with everymultiplayerwinFun Facts:★ In North America, the game is sold underthe brandname Parcheesi.★ In Iran, the game is called "منچ"★ InPolish it iscommonly referred to as Chińczyk ("The Chinese")★ InEstonia, it iscalled "Reis ümber maailma" (Trip around the world).★In Greece,the game is called "Γκρινιάρης" [Griniaris] ("Grumbler")referringto typical player behavior.★ In Malaysia and Singapore, itiscalled "飞机棋".★ In Sweden it is known as "Fia", a name derivedfromthe Latin word fiat which means "so be it!" Common variationsonthe name are "Fia-spel" (Fia the game) and "Fia med knuff"(Fiawith push). In Denmark and Norway though, the game is knownasLudo.★ In Vietnam, it is called "Cờ cá ngựa".★ In Spain itiscalled "Parchís" and in Catalonia "Parxís".★ Pachisi (LudodiceGame, Parcheesi) originated in India by the 6th century.Theearliest evidence of this game in India is the depiction ofboardson the caves of Ajanta. This game was played by the Mughalemperorsof India; a notable example is Akbar.★ In England,Pachisi(Parcheesi) was modified using six-sided dice and patentedas Ludoin 1896★ Indian emperors used to play this game once!Bingyourfriends while you play.Are your friends' king of Ludo? Bingthemall! Play this classic ancient classic royal game of King,Queens,and Princes with family, friends and kids. Relive yourchildhood!This Ludo is the king of board games and is the risingstar inboard games.Support and FeedbackIf you have any technicalproblems(or) payment related questions please email usatinfo@playzio.netFollow usonTWITTER! usonFACEBOOK!
Landrule Strategy vs Risk
Landrule is a turn-based strategy game. Similar to Age ofConquestand Risk.You can test your strategy against thousands ofothers inmultiplayer mode. A new pass-and-play mode lets you playagainstothers locally on a single device! A single player mode isofcourse also included.New maps make the classic risk game morefun.Lots of chances to develop a new strategy to conquer allthemaps.Visit ourblog:http://blog.landrule.comUpdate!:----------------------------------Landruleisnow available on iPhone and iPad, play against your friendsondifferent platforms!Have fun!
Business Board
Business Board is free dice game.Enjoy your business by sell andbuyProperties like builds houses, acquire monopolies, make deals,winauctions and jail.The main important of the "business board"game isto learn business and trade, by ac and selling ofproperties. Byplaying Business board game player earn money andbecomewealthiest.The player who owns properties has a monopolywhichallowed to build houses and increase the rent. During playingthisgame, players experience ups and downs, rewards, lossesandpenalties etc.When player roll dice and lands on space whichnotalready owned, he may buy it from bank otherwise he has to payrentto the owner of that place or site.Rents are greatly increasedbyerection of house and hotels.During financial crises,propertiescan be mortgaged to the bank.if you happy to play gamelike ludoyou will also love "Business Board Game"People searchsimilar gameby :Free dice gameBusiness GameBest Board GameFreeBoard GameYoucan play the game in 4 modes: => COMPUTER (versusrobots) =>OFFLINE (in offline mode) [COMING SOON]=> ONLINEMULTILAYER(Play Globally with worldwide player) [COMING SOON]Pleasegive usgood rate to make our game as TOP business game.
Snakes & Ladders King
Through a simple board game with dice game rules The game todobattle for who first to arrival 100 steps. [Features] -SurvivalMode: The Games add fun of arcade on classic board game. -VsComputer Mode: You can enjoy with artificial intelligence.-Multiplayer: You can compete with other player by online- 2P,3P,4P: Enjoy the 2-4 player game offline with friends. - Inviteafriend, leaderboards, achievements support - TabletdevicessupportHomepage:
Snake and Ladder Game-Sap Sidi
Snakes and Ladders is the simplest and best time Passing gamewithlots of fun! This Snakes and Ladders Game is also Known asSaanpSeedi Game. Sap Sidi Game is Two Player Game, we have to playiswith Dies. In Snakes and Ladders Game Snacks and Laddersarepictured on Square Board with 1 to 100 Digits Numbers. SnakesandLadders game is very popular among Kids. They can play thisSapSidi Game with Their Parents, Friends and Family.TIC TAC TOEGameFree the game was known as game Ludo and Parcheesi butlater thename changed and it is called Snake and Ladder Game. Itis very oldand ancient game played by today’s generation also.Below given aredifferent names of it:Snake and Ladder Ludo FreeGamesSnake andLadder GameSnakes & LaddersSnake & LadderGameSnakes &Ladders Ludo GameSnake and Ladder Dice GameSnakeand ladder boardgameSnake and ladder black and whiteSnake N LadderGamePlay Snakeand Ladder game with your friends, kids, daughter,son, children,Grandfather, Grandmother, Dad, Mom, Mummy, Uncle,Aunty, Nani, Nana,Dadi, Dada, etc. You can with any one Sap SidiGame. Snake andLadder other names are Sap Sidi, Saanp Seedi andChutes and Ladders.In Jain version it is called Gyan Chauper orJnan Chauper. InEnglish this game is called Snake and Ladder orChutes andLadders.In Gujarati this game is called Sap Sidi.InHindi this gameis called Saanp Seedi, Saanp aur Seedhi orMokshapat.In Telugu thisgame is called Vaikunthapali or ParamapadaSopana PatamIn Jain thisgame is called Gyan Chauper or JnanChauper.Snake and Ladder BoardGame is very easy to play and stepsfor playing the Snake and Ladderare below given:First your gamepiece is on Start Box.Second throwor roll the dice and play orturn.By throwing one dice and whatevernumber come the move yourgame piece (Kukari). If your dice come onthe ladder then Climb upthe ladder.If your dice come on the Snakethen you will slide downor come down.If you roll the dice and thenumber falls six then youget turn second time also.At a time 4Player can play this gametogether and you have to take turn orchance one by one.The gamestarts from number 1 and ends on 100number of the board.The bestpart of the Snakes N Ladders is thatthe ladder helps us to win therace quickly and easy. But stay carefull from snake it will pulldown wards or sliding down from yourposition or number. SinglePlayer, Two Player, Three Player or FourPlayer can play this gameat a time.The Snakes N Ladders Ludo Gamestarts from the leftbottom corner gird or box square and ends(finish) on the leftupper or top of the game board. The game isdepended on the dice ordie roll only. Snakes and Ladders onlinegame is the androidapp.The dice and player piece can be of anycolor like Red, Yellow,Green, Blue, Black, White, Purple, Pink,Purple, Orange, Brown,Grey, Dark Blue, Light Green, etc. Sometimesthere can be two dicesalso or playing Sap Sidi. Children can enjoytheir vacation and funby playing Saanp Seedi Game.Snake means chuteand ladder meansladder or Seedi (Sidi). The player who reachesfirst on 100 numberbox or last square becomes the winner. Downloadfree Snake andladder game and play on your android phone anywhereat any timewith your friends and family. Snake and Ladder BoardGame is verypopular for the Childrens, Kids, Boys and Girls. Winthe game andenjoy your spare time for the refreshment of the mind.So downloadthis app now and play the Snake and Ladder Game.
MDS Risik Lite
MDS Risik is the classic Risk game play.You can play onlinewithother players (from two up to six), with two players the thirdwillbe the server.MDS Risik was designed and built specificallyforAndroid phones and tablets.The maps are big enough to enjoythegame in full.If you lost your connectivity, or if theapplicationget closed, the resume of the game is automaticallyhandled by theapplication, however you can resume the game anytimeby enteringthe same login data.MDS Risik includes onlinemultiplayer and allof the maps, including the classic map of theworld.Create your ownroom or join an existing room to start playingwith your friends oropponents.NOTE:If you can not create a room,most likely you needto update the application to the latestversionIf you have anyquestions please visitourwebsite:http://risik.mdsgamezone.comPlease feel free to contactusfor any suggestion on:mds.assistence@gmail.comFollow us onfacebookand organizes events to play with yourfriends: main features:◘ Offlinegameplay◘ Bluetooth game play◘ Online game play with randomopponents(get points)◘ Invite and play with your facebook friends(getpoints)◘ Ranking of all players◘ Save and resume the offlinegames◘Resume an online game automatically when the connection goesdownThe main settings:◘ Adjust the video settings with zoomandorientation◘ Enable or disable the notification for new gamerooms◘Switch mode of attack: classic or wave◘ Switch objectives:classicor tournament◘ Choose the additional number ofcomputerplayersKeywords: risiko, risik, risk, risque, rischio,riesgo,risico, ryzyko, риск, 风险, リスク, mds
Ludo Game: Kingdom of the Dice, Pachisi Masters
Ludo is a classic strategy board game for 2-4 players, in whichyoucan play with All Ages OFFLINE/ONLINE: family, friends &kids.Recall your childhood memories and happy hour. Roll the dice,moveand arrive home safe. Have an amazing flying tour inLudoKingdom!Like other cross and circle games, Ludo is derived fromtheIndian board game, Pachisi, but simpler. It is also calledasParcheesi. The game and its variants are popular in manycountriesand under various names. Don't wait any further, get thedicerolling to be the king of Ludo dice game.Ludo rules:Theplayers(red, blue, green, yellow) race their four tokens from starttofinish according to the rolls of a single die. Whoever getsallfour tokens to the end first is the winner.Top FEATURESofOnline/Offline Ludo Kingdom: ★Free to choose one of thethreeflying map★Different variations: Classic, Battle, Ludo★2, 3and 4Multiplayer Real-Time Ludo★Powerful AI free to being therewithyou★Free to play with people around the world★Freely selectgameroles: 1-3 AI players★Option to get different points totakeoff★Face to Face challenge your friends (1-3)★Memorabletheme,user-friendly interface★Off/online Flying Chess, NiceSoundEffects★Auto save game procedure. ALL FOR FREE★Applicable toAllAges, whether kids or adultsLudo Game plated with: - Playagainstcomputer- Play with Friends (Local Multiplayer) - Play withpeoplearound WORLD3 kinds of LUDO mode(Single/Online): ClassicLudo:Chinese cross and circle board game similar to the racegame,Pachisi. It features 4 starting "hangars" in each corner, a"track"of 52 spaces circumventing the board, 4 "home zones" eachleadingfrom the track to the "end spaces/home column" at the centerof theLudo board.Battle Ludo: Battle mode of Ludo gameworld. Theplayerwho shoots 3 planes of others first is the winner. ChallengewithAI and friends. Make an exciting aeroplane crash, challengeludoworld players.Indian Ludo: Classic cross and circle game. Rollthedice, move and arrive home safe. Multiplayer in the same device,2,3 and 4 player Real-Time Ludo.Bring you back to the oldchildhoodtime! Ludo is also called Aeroplane Chess or Flying Chess(飛行棋,飞行棋)in China, which is popular in child's period. Play theONLINE ludogame, bring you back into the happy childhood moments,make youfeel the happiness of those childhood days once again. Itonceplayed by kings, and now it can be enjoyed by you and yourfamily,friends.Classic Real-Time Ludo mode along with innovativegameplay!Ludo star game has stayed popular throughout the ages,varying onlya little in its game structure. This persevering kidsboard gamesis now available for you to play in an all newmodernized format.While the gameplay of Flying Plane Chess seemssimple, the game isimmensely enjoyable in a real time. There arevarious modes derivedfrom the dice game which may bring youbrand-new gameexperience!Wonderful casual puzzle game and best timekiller! LudoKingdom - one of the casual timepass games that onceyou start, youwon’t stop. You’ll be playing this one for hours andits fun forthe whole family. Ludo game is family board games and itplayed allages people like kids, young and old, woman and man. Ifyou aregetting bored, Ludo kingdom is the best timepass game tospend yourtime.Start playing Ludo aeroplane games via rolling thedice andhave fun with your friends, families and people all overthe world,challenge the highest scores on the board. Let's startand roll thedice in the classic manner and see who becomes the Ludomaster.Hopeyou like our Online Ludo gameworld and enjoy a lot!Likeus onFacebook: usonTwitter:
Farkle Dice Game
Play Farkle Dice Game! We have finally created FarkleforAndroid.The rules of Farkle are very simple:In 'Multiplayer',youneed to accumulate 5000 or 7500 points before your opponentdoes.In'Single Player' and 'Tournament', you need to accumulate asmanypoints as you can in 10 moves.You have 6 dice. When you rollthem,you get different scoring combinations. In order to bank thepointsfor your score, you need to accumulate at least 300 points.If youroll a Farkle three times in a row, you get -500. If you havenotrolled a meaningful scoring combination, you "Farkle" and get0points.Full rules are here: game Farkle is also knownas 10000, Greed, Hot Dice, Squelch,Zilch, Dice Poker, Zonk orFarkel.
Naija Ludo, Classic Ludo
Ludo is a classic dice and race game,playedwith four pieces per house and a set of dice.NEW FEATURESMORE BOARDS ADDED: you can choose among three colourfulboards.(usethe more button from the first screen to accessthisfeature).**Visual hand added**Multiplayer is fully supported through Wifi (2 players)**Difficulty level added(Easy, Normal and Hard)**Speed control added. You can control how fast a Piece move.**You can enable or disable barrier**You can enable or disable safe-house**You can position board the way you like**You can choose to play with one die or two dice**You can decide to remove a piece when it captures opponent'spieceor not**You can decided to play again when you capture opponent'spieceirrespective of the outcome.All these features are accessible through Options.
Indian Ludo 3D
Indian Ludo 3D ( Ashta Chamma ) is one of the oldest andtraditionalturn based family board game of INDIA which is similarto Ludo game,this game is called by various names in differentlanguages indifferent regions of India. This game is played withspecial dicecalled cowry shells and with different size grids withminimum of 2players and maximum of 4 players.Different names forthe IndianLudo:• Ashta Chamma in Telugu ( Andhra Pradesh andTelangana regionsof India )• Chauka Bara, Katte Mane, Gatta Manein Kannada (Karnataka region of India )• Pakidakali, Kavidi Kaliin Malayalam (Kerala region of India )• Daayam or Thaayam in Tamil( Tamil Naduregion of India )• Kaana Duaa in Hindi ( MadhyaPradesh region ofIndia )Game features:• Play with 3D real timephysics based cowries• Rotatable 3D view port• Play with deviceplayers or with humanplayers• Attractive Animated Pawn movementsand kill cam feature•Play LAN game with your friends on Wi-Ficonnection• OnLine Game isan upcoming feature.• Achivements•Leader BoardsObjective:Like Ludogame Player must move all his fourpawn to destination zone which islocated at the center of the gridbefore other players do.GameRules:1. When game starts all pawnsare blocked at home zone, torelease pawns player must roll 4 or 8.If player rolls 8 he/she canrelease up to 4 pawns(2 per each Pawn). If player rolls 4 he/shecan release up to 2 pawns.2. Everyplayer has a pre designed path toreach destination zone. So whenplayer gets a number, then he/sheneeds to choose one of theirreleased pawns and move it that manysquares along the pathdesignated for that player.3. Only one pawncan stand on a zone orsquare except on a safe zone or square whichmarked with specialdesign patterns. So if player X’s pawn stands ona zone and playerY’s pawn is moving to the same zone then player Ypawn can killPlayer X’s pawn. Then player X’s pawn will go back tothe startingzone and gets blocked again.4. The game grid is dividedinto 3lanes outer, middle and inner. Player has to kill at leastoneopponent’s pawn to enter into middle lane.(This rule excludedfrommy game)5. When player rolls 4, 8 or kills opponent pawnhe/shewill get another chance to roll.6. Reaching the centralsquare: Apawn needs to reach the central square exactly. Forexample, if apawn is 3 squares away from the center and the playerthrows a 4,then that pawn cannot be moved.
Ludo Kingdom
Ludo had its roots in ancient India. It is a cross and circleboardgame named Pachisi and was played on a board of symmetricalcross.Cowrie shells were used to move the pieces. The Spanishversion ofthe game is called Parchís which is similar and derivedfrom theIndian game of Pachisi."Ludo Kingdom" can be played between2 to 4players. Moreover, you can select the option to play thegameagainst the computer or against your local friends, as well asyoucan connect and play with the unknown players across the globeinmultiplayer mode or even you can create your own private roomandinvite your friends to join and play with you.The game isquiteinteresting as each player gets 4 pieces. Each player has tomakethese pieces traverse across the board before arriving totheHome-Box. Whichever player arrives first with all four piecesinthe Home-Box is the winner. The game can be continued todeciderunner-up and third place winner.Each player gets a chance torollthe dice. Depending on the number of dots on the dice face,theplayer moves his pieces forward. For instance, if a playerrollsthe dice and it lands on the face having four dots he movesfourspaces forward. Moreover, if the dice lands on face havingsixdots, he will get another chance.We have brought thesameexcitement for all of you in a digital application. Play withyourfamily or friends and show them what it takes to be achampion.Come to roll the dice, score high and make your best movewith LudoKingdom!"LUDO KINGDOM" PUBLISHING RIGHTS RESERVED WITHQURIOUSGAMES AND QURIOUS MEDIA.GAME FEATURES• Graphics: - Clean andsimpleuser interface, however the graphics on this is quitestunning fora game with a traditional LUDO theme. Really elegant!•Game Modes:- Computer/AI Mode - This is an Offline Mode of the gamewhere youcan head to head with the game's AI - Local MultiplayerMode - Canbe played with local friends on the same device. Warning- Thismode can be really addictive! - Realtime Multiplayer - Themostpopular and Online Mode where you have an opportunity to takeonplayers from across the globe - Private Multiplayer -Anotherpopular Online Mode allows you to create a private room,share roomcode with your friends to play the game from roamingplace•Gameplay: - Fast paced gameplay - By using our 'Fast Move'option.This will save you plenty of time - You'll be notified about'YourTurn' by a short burst of vibration - Send our unique listofEmojis and Smileys to opponents in Online Multiplayer Mode -Get25,000 virtual coins by installing the game.• Color choice:-Flexibility of using your LUCKY color be it Red, Blue, YelloworGreen• High User flexibility: - Switch On/Off "Fast Moves" -SwitchOn/Off "Game Chat" - Switch On/Off "Game Smileys/Emojis" -SwitchOn/Off "Vibration" option anytime• Chat: - Chat privatelywith yourfriends or players from all over the world. Chat privatelywith aparticular player and our game also support a Global Chatmode -This feature can be used as other chat applications likeWhatsAppMessenger, Hike Messenger, WeChat, SnapChat to chatprivately withopponents - A great opportunity to make new friendsusing the chatoption. Play, Chat, Meet or Date with opponents -This iscompletely private, confidential and secured withend-to-endencryption - Chat feature allowing you to - Accept,Reject or Blockusers• Leaderboard: - The Game uses 'Leaderboard'functionality forkeeping track of your ranking on a global scale•Player Statistics:- Check opponents statistic to build your ownstrategy to win thegame. - There are loads of opponent statisticspoints enabling youto strategize your game.• Game Profile/CareerBuild: - You cancreate and build your personal profile/game career.- Highcustomization options available like setting up profilepicture,country and so on - User friendly way of creating profilesusing -Facebook Login or Guest Login
Ludo Game : New(2018) Dice Game, The Star 3.44
Ludo board game is fun and hilarious game to play with friendsandfamily. It is King of all board games, lets you sharesomewonderful time with your loved ones. Don't wait any further,getthe dice rolling to be the king of Board Games.It is also knownasPachisi, and is very similar to a Spanish board game,Parchís.Thisgame has stayed popular throughout the ages, varyingonly a littlein its game structure. The game is played between 2 to4 playersand you have the option of playing the game against thecomputer,against your friends, or even against people from aroundtheworld.Ludo by BlackLight lets you define your own rules thatsuityour requirements. Ludo Classic Features:- Addedrules/optionswhich are played and popular in the world.- Option toshow safecells(square) which is represented by star icon.- Optionto getanother turn on both dice number 1 and 6.- All the rulesareoptional so you can play both international version.- Newmoderndesign with wooden board.- Option to choose the dice number 6whichwill start the coin.- Option to choose the number of coins tobeplayed with 2,3 and 4.- Multiplayer in the same device, 2 and4player Real-Time Ludo.- Play against Computer.In ludo theobjectiveis pretty straightforward; each player gets 4 tokens,these tokensmust make a full turn of the board and then make it tothe finishline.Whoever gets all four tokens to the end first is thewinner.However, each move can only be made based on the numberdecided bycasting a six-sided die, and each token can only move outof theirhome by casting a six. Additionally, the competition factorof thegames is upped by the fact that while moving if anotherplayer’stoken lands on the same square as your token, then yourtoken willautomatically be sent back home and you’ll need to roll asixagain.Coming soon:- Creating private room to play with friendsandfamily in multiplayer mode- Options menu with more rulesandsettings- Score history and statistics- SoundsandnotificationsCheck our Web Site for out latestblogs**Localized name of thegame:Mens-erger-je-niet(the Netherlands),Parchís or Parkase(Spain),Le Jeu de Dada orPetits Chevaux (France),Non t'arrabbiare(Italy),Fia med knuff(Sweden),Parqués (Colombia),Griniaris(Greece).Some Arabic Pachisivariants are :Barjis / Bargis(Palestine),Barjis(s) / Bargese(Syria),Pachîs (Persia/Iran).da'ngu'a ('Vietnam') Fei Xing Qi'(China)Check more on Wikeipediaat
Ludo Classic: Ludo Star 2018
Ludo 2018 in board game played between 2-4 Player(friends,family& kids.)Ludo game is a king of board game. Download Ludo2018Free.→ Are your friends king of Ludo Board? Do Ludo Bing withthem.Play like king & Rule the Board..Ludo 2018 is ClassicBoardGame from our childhood.Ludo 2018 is based old indian boardgame"Pachis (Parcheesi or Parchisi) & Laadhuu". Similar toSpanishboard game "Parchís".★ FEATURES.. Ludo 2018 (New) : KingLudoStars. - 3D Ludo Dice(Die) animation for Best 3D Ludo Game.-BestLudo Board Graphics for Real Ludo 3D Multi players.- RealtimeMultiplayer Ludo Game.- 2 Player Real time Ludo- 3 Player RealtimeLudo- 4 Player Real time Ludo- Play with Friends(LocalMultiplayer)- Real-Time Ludo Game with Friends.OFFLINELudo. - PRIVATE TABLE(2, 3, 4 player) to invite friends&family.- Challenge Ludo match and becomes the King of theboard.-Play against computer(In development)- Play with kings ofLudoBoard around world..(In development)○ Best Real-TimeMultiplayerLudo for all king Ludo Stars.Show your skills on theking of boardgames.★ HOW TO PLAY.. Ludo 2018 (New) : King LudoStars.?? 1. LUDOPLAYERS: Each player gets 4 tokens(4 Player): Red,Blue, Green,Yellow. 2. LUDO GOAL: All tokens must make a full roundof theboard and enter into finish line.- FINISH LINE is located atthecenter of the board.3. LUDO WIN: The player, who gets allfourtokens to finish line, is the winner & Become King LudoPlayer.4. LUDO DICE(DIE) ROLL: To Make Move. Be Ludo Dice King20185. LUDODICE(DIE) ROLL SIX: To Start: Move Out of home by ROLL ASIX.(Ondice or die)6. LUDO COMPETITION: While moving, if otherplayer’stoken comes on the same square, then your token will besent backhome.- Hit other players to send them home.7. LUDO RACE:Race LudoPlayers from the home to the finishing point.- Beking of theboard game.★ HISTORY OF LUDO: In 6th Century India, Ludogame wereplayed by kings.Addictive Ludo 2018 game is based on abest Ludoboard games, popular in many countries with different namesuch asPachisi, Parchís, Sorry, Chińczyk, Fia med knuff, Covece neljutise.★ LOCALIZED LUDO NAME: In other countries. Ludo in France:LeJeu de Dada or Petits ChevauxLudo in Spain: Parchís orParkaseLudoin Italy: Non t'arrabbiareLudo in Sweden: Fia medknuffLudo inColombia: ParquésLudo in Greece: GriniarisLudo inNetherlands:Mens-erger-je-nietLudo in China: Fei Xing QiLudo inIran:PachîsLudo in India: ludo or loodo★ SEARCH TERMS: Ludo isboardpuzzle gameBoard game, Race game, Dice game, Mind gameLudo (लूडो )gamesClassic Ludo Board Stars 2017Classic Ludo Board Stars2018LudoClassic Kings
Rise Wars (strategy & risk) ++
Rise Wars is the best strategy, risk, conquest, and worlddominationgame! Get all the medals available, increase yourmilitary rank andimprove your ranking to become the best worldplayer.***Enjoy mapsas Europe, North America, Pangea, Tamriel andclassic World andsubmit your own maps and soon will be added tothe game!***Playagainst your friends on one device or online, allfor free! The gameis designed for 2 to 6 players and supports bothphones andtablets.***Customize your game with lots of optionsavailable. Takea risk and play with fog, high level of AI, or justinvite yourfriends and try to beat them.***Available in manylanguages, help usimprove by sending us your corrections andrecommendations.Downloadit now and rate it for the project to goforward! Thanks everyonefor your help, and don't forget:Risk itall, roll the dice, dominateand win!
Ludo Super Classic - Dice Game
Ludo Super Classic is an interesting game in which you can playwithyour friends on same device and with computer intelligence.The gamecontains four player’s red, blue, and green, yellow.Thegame rulesare so generic that every region of the world will agreewith thatrules like by gaining six it will gives another turn,gain anotherturn on killing a pawn, gain another turn on reachinghome, a playermust kill an opponent to enter home, and by gainingsix brings apawn out. Another interesting feature of this game isthat you canplay with your desired number of pawns, maximum fourand minimum twois the limit. You can decide about the rules. Youcan also selectyour desired design of board.Play Ludo superClassic and revive thewonder of this timeless board game.Features:Smooth multiplayerexperience on same deviceAttractiveanimation you will everseeBright & vibrant colorsAmazinglycool 3D dice roll &shadow effectsPlay against AI
Ludo Game 2018 : The Classic Dice Game 2018
Ludo Game 2018 : The Classic Dice Game 2018 (from Latin ludo,"iplay") is a strategy board game for two to six[a] players, inwhichthe players race their four tokens from start to finishaccordingto the rolls of a single die. Like other cross and circlegames,Ludo is derived from the Indian game Pachisi, but simpler.The gameand its variations are popular in many countries and undervariousnames.In England, Pachisi was modified to use a cubic diewith dicecup and patented as "Ludo" in 1896, patent number 14636.The RoyalNavy took Ludo and converted it into the board gameUckers.LudoGame 2018 : The Classic Dice Game 2018 Game plated with:-- Playagainst computer- Play with Friends (Local Multiplayer)-Play WithPeople around world.- Play local multiplayer- PlayOnline.Pleaseleave us your valuable feedbacks & rating, willdefinitelyupdate the game with the improvements & fix theissues youreport.Thank You!!!
Risk Dice Roller
Risk Dice Roller is a simple app designed to replace dice neededforthe original risk board game. It automates the rolling processandkeeps history and statistics of each players rolls. It can bereallyfun to compare player stats and its effect on the outcome ofthegame. Enjoy!If you have any questions or suggestions, pleaseemailme at
Snakes & Ladders
Snakes and Ladders is a classic and an ancient Indian board game.Itis played between two or more players on a gameboardhavingnumbered, gridded squares. A number of "ladders" and "snakes"arepictured on the board, each connecting two specific boardsquares.The object of the game is to navigate one's game piece,accordingto die rolls, from the start (bottom square) to the finish(topsquare), helped or hindered by ladders and snakesrespectively.○HOW TO PLAY ○The game is a simple race contest basedon sheerluck.Each player plays the dice in turn, the number taken,theplayer advances on the board. When the player draws the number6,he has the right to play the dice again.If a player falls underthetop of a ladder, the ladder must in turn advance to the end oftheladder.If a player falls on the head of a snake, it must inturnslip to the end of the snake.Beat the player who can reachthe100th position on the board.OBS :. If a player is in position 99ofthe board, he can only win by taking the number 1 in thedie.Numbers in excess of 100 are disregarded.○ LEADERBOARD○Snakes& Ladders leaderboard has the following rules:The pointsthatthe player earn for the ranking are distributed according tohowmany players (computer) he has defeated in each match.
Ludo : The Dice Game
Ludo is board game played with family, friends & kids.LudoGameis Download for Free!Ludo is a head of board game.Ludo gameisplayed all ages people like kids , young and old man game.Ludo isamind game. Ludo is a king of board game.Ludo is one type ofpuzzlegame. Ludo is a also known as difference name like chopat,PacheesiBoard gameRace gameDice gameLudo Game plated with :-- Playagainstcomputer- Play with Friends (Local Multiplayer)- Play WithPeoplearound world.The game is played between 2 to 4 players andyou havethe option of playing the game against the computer,against yourfriends, or even against people from around theworld.With plentyof features, Ludo Game brings you a really uniquegamingexperience.Ludo ( लूडो ) gamesLudo 3D MultiplayerLudoGameLudo GameFree,Ludo Game 3DLudo Game LudoLudo Game VS android(computer).Thegame and its variants are popular in many countriesand undervarious names.**Localized name of thegame:Mens-erger-je-niet (theNetherlands),Parchís or Parkase(Spain),Le Jeu de Dada or PetitsChevaux (France),Non t'arrabbiare(Italy),Barjis(s) / Bargese(Syria),Pachîs (Persia/Iran).da' ngu'a('Vietnam') Fei Xing Qi'(China)Fia med knuff (Sweden)Parqués(Colombia)Barjis / Bargis(Palestine)Griniaris (Greece)Some rules ofGame :-Each playerchooses one of the 4 colours (green, yellow, redor blue) andplaces the 4 pieces of that colour in the correspondingstartingcircle. A single die is thrown to determine movement.
Ludo Classic Pachisi
Ludo or Indian Pachisi, a simple game in which players movecountersround a board according to throws of a dice. Ludo is atype ofclassic board game that can be played by 2,3 or 4 players.In thisgame, the players have to race their 4 tokens from thestarting tothe finishing point according to the roll of also havethe option of playing the game against thecomputer, against yourfriends, or even against people from aroundthe world. Ludo game isalso known as Parcheesi in north America orin Indian game asPachisi.How to play: *** In Ludo Each player canselect any color oftoken to start game and throw dice to determinetoken movements.***The ultimate goal of each player is to move all4 tokens into thehome traingle to win the game.*** A player mustthrow a 6 to move acolored piece to become active token from itsstarting point to thestarting square and then in each of thesubsequent turns any numberfrom die throw, the active token canmove accordingly.*** A playermust get another turn bonus when diethrow of no 6 and if dice rolls6 for three consecutive times thenplayer turn forfeited and anotherplayer gets chance.*** If a tokencollide with another token ofdifferent color, it will beat thattoken means other token willreturned to its starting circle.Themain feature of this game isthat there are rules which are playedall over the world. Ludo isvery simple to play and its immenselyenjoyable and challenging.Tryto beat your friends, family andopponents all over the world,compete for the highest scores on theleader boards.Features ***Play offline mode by 2,3 or 4 players.*** Login with Facebook andinvite friends to play with you ***Play with random player in 2 or4 player matches *** Play real timeor challenge to computer(AI) toimprove your Ludo skills. ***Choose different Ludo board and tokentheme from setting *** Chatwith other players while you play. ***Included Ludo themes areneo, classic, ludo glow or retro styleboard game played betweenfamily, friends and your kids to becomestar. Disclaimer :Publishing rights reserved and All images arecopyright to theirrespective owners.