Top 2 Games Similar to Flappy Rocket Escape

Flappy Rocket
Flappy Rocket is a challenging casual game in which your missionisto take a nice foguere the direct basis for your house, butyouhave many obstacles along the way as enemy ships to PlayTap the screen to guide the rocket upand downcollecting the hearts and destroying enemy ships. The moreyoudestroy, the more hearts you have to collect to balance theirtotallives and dies before reaching their destination.featuresRunsonalmost any version of Android;2 game modes, normalandendless;Normal mode with 6 different levels that areunlockedaccording to your progress in the game;Ranking points toplay withyour friends and see who is best in rank;Game lightweight,smalland fast. Will never lock your phone;
Star Splitter HD 1.5.1
Real space shooter game with stunning graphics andattractivegameplay. Explore space in a whole new dimension andstart shootingin Star Splitter HD. Be an intergalactic pilot andstart yourjourney in space by invading alien territory, performingmissions,powering up your plane and navigating through space inStarSplitter HD. STUNNING 3D GRAPHICSStar Splitter deliversanabsolutely realistic experience - with all the stunning 3Dgraphicsthat go hand in hand with a revolutionary concept. Theuniversecomes to life along with the most groundbreakingflightcontrols.DEFEAT ENEMIESYou're in space and in-charge ofyourpowerful space shooter which is armed with lethal weapons.Invadealien territory and start off by shooting some of yourenemies togain points. MISSIONS, MISSIONS AND MISSIONSFeaturingmany missionsand assignments from various customers andorganizations. Acquirenew weapons, become more powerful, destroyenemies, wipe awayasteroids and protect your allies. Deploy a wellthought strategyand take it to battle.EXPLOREGet to know theuniverse better.Explore freely around and show off some of yourexciting new skillsor powerful weapons. Keep flying deeper anddeeper in theintergalactic space in order to discover whatliesahead.FEATURES-Stunning 3D graphics support-Intuitivegameplay-Build up your spacecraft-Choose new powerful weapons toupgradeyour space shooter-Over 60 different mission-Fire laserguns,rockets, super weapons and more-No second chanceduringgameplay-Fight with aliens and capture theirterritoryREVIEWSStarSplitter has also been reviewed by amazingpublications. Here'swhat they think - ☆"If you have fond memoriesof space-basedadventure games in your youth, and have an Androiddevice to hand,Star Splitter may be just the thing this weekend.It's anintergalactic 3D shooter, with lots of ship upgrades, spacebattlesand missions to complete." ~☆"Star SplitterIs AnImpressive Looking Space Shooter, Kinda Reminds You OfStarCraft"☆Chosen as Editor's Pick byAppEggs.comSTAYCONNECTED*Follow us on Twitter - @Step_Games*Like uson Facebook-**Website -