Top 3 Games Similar to Bing Bang

Bing Bong Reborn
BING BONG REBORN is a minimalist, challenging, and fast pacedonetouch arcade gameHow to play: Touch the screen to slow downthegreen ball and let go to speed it up.Avoid all the obstaclesflyingat you and see how high of a score youcanget.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------●SimpleOne Touch Controls● Infinite score chaser.● Option to switchbetweenleft or right handed modes● Game-changing powerups.● GooglePlayGames Achievements.● Google Play Games Leaderboard.● Optimizedfor awide variety of phones and tablets.● A single In-App purchaseallowsyou to removetheads.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Website:http://www.nickervision.comTwitter: to contact me if there are any problems remake of one of my early games. I created it because of allthenew development techniques I have learned since originallycreatingBing Bong. This way I have a new slicker, smoother versionof thegame available for both new and old players; and those thatlove theoriginal can continue to play it as well. I hope youenjoyit!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Audiowasprovided by my mouth and some royalty free SFX &musicfrom: - Song: Tristam & Braken-"Flight"
bong bing
bong bing is a classic block breaking game like bong, Breakoutanddx Ball, in which you break bricks using your block paddle andaball. Are you up to the challenge of becoming the ultimatebrickbreaker?Features- Beautiful, colorful and customizableHDgraphics!- Unique Fun Levels with tons of blocks.-ExtremeChallenge Mode with unlimited bricks to break!- 3difficultylevels, Easy, Normal and Hard.- Online leaderboards forExtremeChallenge Mode.- Game statistics; total bricks broken, timeplayed,and more!- Optimized for both smartphones and tabletcomputers!-Share your Extreme Challenge High Scores on Facebook,let yourfriends know you're awesome in bong bing: Brick Breaker!-Laserpower-up to destroy bricks with style!Coming soon- New bricktypes(explosive brick, astral brick)- More colorful blocks- Morefunpower-ups (gravity, block buster)- More fun levels with dozensofbricks to breakduring gameplay, or on areas that mightbeaccidentally clicked).
Bing Bong
Bing Bong is fast spaced ,challenging and simple drag game.Dragthescreen to slow the speed of black dot.Avoid all obstacles togainpoints and get max score.