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Inspiring Bible Verses Daily 3.4.0
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Featured Reviews from our wonderful users:========================================================= Dee A*:Can’t do without this app....just like my Bible. John A. S* :Musthave for every christian Anonymous : ENJOY IT I really enjoythisapp and so does my niece and nephew I homeschool them and weusethis before we start school. David L* : I'm in love with thisAppThank You I really appreciate your app.It helps me to learnmoreabout the Bible and it is a great way to get closer to GodandJesus Christ our Lord and Savior. So thank you from someonethatwho loves the App because it has been a Godsend. Thanks.DanielleG* : Very good! Since about six years of age, I havesuffered fromdepression..I've tried to commit suicide severaltimes, and hadgiven upon life. But then I saw this on a friendsdevice, and I wassaved from the darkness.. I would love to hug theperson who madethis app! Thank you so much! M* S* : Been readingthis app foryears. Thank you for starting my day off with God'sword. Best app.Ayanda A* : I never thought of such an amazing applike this, itsreally nice for people who want to be connected toGod..,,,Amen. T*G* : It’s powerful and uplifting message to thesoul.its a foodthat the soul needed daily am good and grateful forwhoever cameout with this ..thanks ..God bless.. M* Fl* : Realknowledge andlove of Our Living God I love reading and absorbingscripture thatyou provide. Daily when I read what book and verse ofthe day isexactly what I am going through or I needed to know whatto do orsay. GOD knows exactly what I need. Thank you for providingthisamazing app!!! God bless you!!! :) :) :) Jonathan * : InspiringIlove it. Especially when I feel so sad or confused, it let'smeunderstand why and it does cheer me up. I love Jesus! ThankyouGod! N* W* : This is the perfect App to connect spirituallywithGod. It brings you closer to God with those daily verses. Justtotop it off, they got a reminder to read a daily verse AndrewP*:Best app. Food for the spirit. Thuto D* : This one its on point✔Steven A* : As a visual learner I like the graphics with theversesM* S* : When I read the Bible it gives me a great feelingauplifting feeling that comforts me throughout the day. Anonymous:Blissful post Puja R* : It helps us to stay connected withlord'swords and also makes us feel that we are spirituallyconnected togod Like he is answering every thing to us ... Andfilling ourlives with confidence andfaith==========================================================Praisethe Lord ! Keep close to God. Read Bible verses on a dailybasis.Install the FREE Inspiring Bible Verses Daily app thatfeatures -Most well-known Bible verses, scriptures, passages,quotations -Read the whole chapter of the verse or even more -Choose betweenNIV and KJV in the Setting menu - Stunning backgroundphotos ofGod's inspiring creation - Swipe left or right to navigatepastBible verses - Simple scheduling a daily notification ofBibleverse of the day - Share your favorite Bible verses withfriendsthrough Twitter, text, email, Google+ or etc. - Make fontsizebigger or smaller using pinch zoom gesture - Simple andbeautifulUser Interface Reading bible verse a day helps you to keepfilledwith the power of our sovereign God. Reading bible versesdailyhelps you to continue your path of faith. Reading bible versea dayhelps you to rekindle your love for Jesus Christ. Readingbibleverses daily helps you to stay connected to God. This app canbeuseful for your church bible studies, bible studies forwomen,bible studies for kids and so on. Look for Bible versesforstrength, faith, wisdom or etc. Pause a moment and find out aBibleVerse for the day everyday with inspirational pictures. PraisetheLord. God is good. * Special thanks to the generous andtalentedphotographers that have allowed us to use theirphotography.
Holy Bible Reina Valera 1960 1.1.35
The Holy Bible Reina Valera 1960 is the book inspired by Godandwritten by the men that he chose to comply with his purpose, initwe can see God’s temperament, his great love, his mercy, theplanthat God proposed through his Son Jesus Christ and therevelationsof the future for humanity. The application is easy touse and itallows you to read the Holy Scriptures in a fast andcomfortableway, ideal to take notes of the preaching, marking averse fast andsaving your favorite verses. Afterwards we willmention thefeatures of the application: • To see the menu optionscroll thescreen from left to right, you can also click on the iconlocatedon the upper bar or you can also click on the instructionmessagethat appears at the start. • To go back to the previouslyseen menuyou can press the button behind your telephone. • Daily onthestart menu you can see a verse to memorize. • The Bible isdividedin Old Testament and New Testament, you can select the bookyouwish and start reading the chapters of the Bible, next to eachbookyou will find the corresponding number of the chapters. • Youcanscroll the screen to change the chapter or you can click ontheleft and right arrows, or you can also go directly to a chapterbysearching for it on the list and clicking on the chapter iconinthe center. • You can choose one or several verses of a chapterandsend it to a bookmark, or copy the verse or create a newfavoriteor add it to a previous one, or create a preaching or addit toanother one or share the verse with a friend. • TheBookClasification menu will allow you to see the books according toitsclasification and you can go to the book and read the chaptersyouwish. • The bookmark will show you the verses you have markedinorder for you to have a faster access to it or for you to seeitlater. • The Favorite menu will allow you to see and editthenotes, to share your group of favorites and delete the group oraverse. • The Preacher menu will allow you to see and editthepreacher and its title, share the group, edit a note per verseorerase it and delete the group or a verse. • The search menuwillallow you to put a word in the text and search the whole Bible,inthe old or new Testament, even the book. If you specify therangeof your search, you can take less time in findingcoincidences, butif you select the whole Bible, you will take lesstime in findingcoincidences and you can’t cancel until the searchis over, but itwill bring all the results possible in all the Bibleregarding theword you put before, likewise it will show you a listof books thatyou can click, in the verse of your preference and youcan see itscontext. • The menu shows a list of situations that agroup ofverse reveal, so you can have some biblical basis on someof thetopics. • The configuration will allow you to change the sizeofthe letters and the Reading mode (nocturnal and diurnal),activateand deactivate daily notifications, and if you want youcanre-establish daily the values by default. • It allows you toseethe application version, go to Google Play to comment, ratetheapplication or simply share the Bible with a friend. • Youcanclose the application when you want. • The Application HolyBibleReina Valera 1960 is considered an efficient tool for thestudiesof God’s words, the intellectual author is God. • Theapplicationis for free and keeps its development through ads. •When you sharea verse with a friend, you’re aware that at thebeginning the nameof the app will show and that at the end of eachtext, an app linkwill also show the link of the application toGoogle Play as well,to promote the use of it. • We hope this isuseful and that youreceive many blessings from God.
heb.apps.tanach 1.4
Hebrew Apps
באפליקציית תנ"ך השלם תוכלו למצוא ולעיין בכל פרקי התנ"ך עםניקודוטעמים. לתנ"ך מלווים מפרשים רבים שיהיו לעזר בלמידתהפרקים.ביןהמפרשים שניתן להציג: רש"י, אונקלוס, תרגום יונתן, אבןעזרא, עיקרשפתי חכמים, רמב"ן, אור החיים ועוד היד נטויהעוד אפשרויות:מציאתהפסוק שמתחיל באות הראשונה של השם ומסתיים באחרונה.חיפוש מילהבתנ"ך -מציאת ביטוי או מילה בתנ"ך כולו בתוך שניות!סימניותמיקוםאחרוןלימודיומי בתנ"ךועוד ועודComplete Bible app you can find andread allchapters of the Bible with a score and flavors. Bibleaccompaniedby many commentators to be helpful in learningepisodes.Among thecommentators to display Rashi, Onkelos, TargumYonatan, Ibn Ezra,most intelligent lips, Ramban, light life andcountingMore Options:Finding the verse that begins with the firstletter of the name andwas recently completed.Bible Word Search -Find a phrase or a wordin the entire Bible in seconds!BookmarksLastlocationDaily BibleStudymore and more
חוק לישראל - Hok Leisrael 1.8.5
Eran Cohen
Hok LeIsrael Application, allows you to learn every day:Torah,Mishna, Talmud, Kabala, Musar and Halacha The applicationdoes notrequire an Internet connection. Please share and rate.TizkuL'mitzvos. Important Note: If your device does not supportthehebrew punctuation ('nikud') then you can select thesetting'Remove nikud and te'amim' which can be found undersettings, Ifthe hebrew punctuation ('nikud') is not always seenunder the wordsin your device then mark the setting 'align right'under thesettings, If you are not located in Israel, uncheck thisoption inthe settings. Tags: hok le israel ,Jewish , bible , torah,sidur,chumash, mikra, gemara, tanakh, Nevi'im, ketuvim, tehillim,yalkutyosef, sifrei kodesh, books, book, judaism,kitzur,kitsur,Halachos
app.example.yossi.jewishapp 1.0
ʘʘ יהדות בגובהה====================================================​רוציםלהתפללונתקעתם בלי סידור?מעוניינים לברך אך לא זוכרים את נוסחהברכה?או פשוטסתם בא לכם להעביר את הזמן ולשמוע דברי תורה מפי גדוליהדור,האפליקציה הזאת במיוחד בשבילכם!אפליקציה יהדות בגובה העינייםמכילהבתוכה מאגר של מאות ברכות/תפילות/סגולות/הלכות וכל זאת ועוד ללאצורךבחיבור לאינטרנט!לנוחיותכם ממשק נוח,קל ומהירלתפעול.הורידו.תהנו.שתפו וזכו את הרבים!האפליקציה מכילה מסד נתוניםשלם הכוללבתוכו:• סידור תפילה נוסח עדות המזרח/אשכנז • ברכות• תפילות•סגולות•זמני כניסת ויציאת השבת• שיעורי תורה (מגוון רחב של שיעוריםהמתעדכניםמידי יום)• תהילים• שיעורי תורה בשידור חי (שיעורי תורהבשידור חיהמתקיימים מידי יום בארץ)• מספרי טלפון ליעוץ בענייני הלכה•עמודסימניותהערה: אם מצאתם טעויות הגהה או קישורים שאינם נכונים אנאשלחוהערותיכם והארותיכם לאימייל ואנו נשתדל לתקן זאת בהקדם.הפיצולחבריםוזכו את הרבים. אהבתם את האפליקציה? אשמח אם תדרגוJewishcontent-Siddur/Psalms/Brachot/Tfilot/Sgulot====================================================Thisapp is to create a single tool that contains all theinformation ina centralized and accessible to the user rather thanturning severalapplications.I built the user's convenienceconvenient and efficientinterface that allows the user to insert aBrachot,Brochos / Sgulot/tfilot optionally stand exclamation pointnext time, in addition tothe possibility of the Jewish Nationalautomatically scrolling textand more.In addition there is thepossibility of readin/browsing/Scrolling automatically.The appcontains a completedatabase that includes:• Siddur EdotHamizrach/Ashkenaz•Brachot/Brochos• Tfilot• Sgulot• Times entryand exit Saturday•Torah lessons (A variety of Torah lessons whichDaily Update)•Psalms• Live Torah (Torah LIVE take place every dayin the country)•Phones counseling Halacha • Bookmark page tosavedata====================================================תגיות:תורה,סידור, ברכות, תפילות, סגולות, תהילים, זמנים, זמני כניסת שבת,זמנייציאת שבת, שיעורי תורה, שידור חי, ייעוץ, מספר טלפון בעניינייעוץ,עמוד סימניות, סימניות, מצוות, החינוך, ספרי קודש, קודש, ספרים,ספר,יהדות, הרב עובדיה יוסף, ברכת המזון, ברכת מעין שלוש, תפילה,סידורספרד, סידור אשכנזMeta Tags: Torah, tora, bible, judaism,jewish,jew, content jewish, siddur, ,edot hamizrach, ,sefard,ashkenaz,brachot, brochos, tfilot, sgulot, psalms, tehilim,halachos, time,Times entry of Saturday, Times end of Shabbat,Torah lessons, live,advice, Phone Number affairs consulting, pagebookmarks, bookmarks,mitzvah, mitzva, education, religious books,sacred book, Judaism,Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, israel, berachos,berachot, Berachos, HebrewPrayer, birkat hamazonʘʘ theheightJudaism====================================================Want topray and get stuck without an arrangement?Would liketocongratulate but did not remember the wording of theblessing?Orsimply just want to pass the time and to hear words ofTorah fromthe greatest generation, this app just for you!Eye LevelJudaismapplication contains a database of hundreds of blessings /prayers/ purple / Laws All this and more without needing aninternetconnection!For your convenience convenient interface, quickandeasy to operate.Horido.thno.stfo and were the many!The appcontainsa complete database that includes:• prayer book-styleOriental /Ashkenaz• Greetings• prayers• Mysticism• TemporaryShabbat• Torah(a variety of classes daily updated)• Psalms• LiveTorah (TorahLive taking place every day in the country)• PhonesConsultationgone• Bookmarks PageNote: If you find errors inproofreading orlinks that are incorrect, please send your commentsand Haroticmemail and we'll try to fix it as soon as possible.Weredistributedto friends and the public. Love the app? I would behappy if yourateJewish content - Siddur / Psalms / Brachot / Tfilot/Sgulot================================================== ==Thisappis to create a single tool that contains all the information inacentralized and accessible to the user rather than turningseveralapplications.I built the user's convenience convenientandefficient interface that allows the user to insert aBrachot,Brochos / Sgulot / tfilot optionally stand exclamationpoint nexttime, in addition to the possibility of the JewishNationalautomatically scrolling text and more.In addition there isthepossibility of readin / browsing / Scrolling automatically.Theappcontains a complete database that includes:• Siddur EdotHamizrach/ Ashkenaz• Brachot / Brochos• Tfilot• Sgulot• The entryand exitTimes Saturday• Torah lessons (A variety of Torah lessonswhichDaily Update)• Psalms• Live Torah (Torah LIVE take place everydayin the country)• Phones counseling Halacha• Bookmark page tosavedata====================================================Tags:Torah, arrangement, blessings, prayers, purple, Psalms,schedules,temporary entry of Saturday, the temporary end ofShabbat, Torahclasses, live, advice, Phone Number affairsconsulting, pagebookmarks, bookmarks, commandments, education,religious books,sacred , books, book, Judaism, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef,Bencher,Hamichya, prayer, Spain sequencing, sequencing AshkenazMetaTags:Torah, tora, bible, judaism, jewish, jew, content jewish,siddur,,edot hamizrach,, sefard, ashkenaz, brachot, brochos,tfilot,sgulot, psalms, tehilim, halachos, time, Times entry ofSaturday,Times end of Shabbat, Torah lessons, live, advice, PhoneNumberaffairs consulting, page bookmarks, bookmarks, mitzvah,mitzva,education, religious books, sacred book, Judaism, RabbiOvadiaYosef, israel, berachos, berachot, berachos, Hebrew Prayer ,BirkatHamazon
com.eladfinish.biblecontest 3.1.0
Elad Finish
Bible Quiz free app!Love the Bible?Studying for theBibleQuiz?Download "HaRishon BaChidon" app and you may win firstplacein the quiz!Get the comprehensive trivia about thebest-sellingbook of all time.• Multiple choice questions• Openquestions•Identifying sources of verses• Verse completion• Pairmatching•Bible study / Chumash• Search engine that enables uniqueandsophisticated search with regular expressions with Nikud(Hebrewpunctuation)! Just like a concordance. Useful both forquestionsauthors and examinees. You can find a verse that startswith thefirst letter of the name and ending with his last statementat theend of the prayer meeting. You can find a verse thatcontainsletters leaps name to the event invitation.Learning BibleQuizconsists of two parts repeated: the accumulation of knowledgeandexamination of knowledge.After you read the Bible again andagainit's time to check what level you are familiar with it,really.Nowdo it through Mshok (Gamification) combines pleasure andchallengeresponse questions.How many times did you pushed a Biblebook intothe hands of someone who is next to you and you asked himto readyou some verse and you recognize where he is? So that's it,no needto bother anybody, just download the app first "quiz" andbegin toexamine yourselves!The app generates a randomly Bible verseand youneed to identify what book is the client.There is nolimitedreservoir of repetitive questions, each verse can costdestiny andappear as a question!The special thing is that you canactuallychoose which books and chapters be targeted material andwhich arenot, because as you may know, actually not all Bible BibleQuizmaterials.Arguably focus boilerplate Bible Quiz for Youth oradultsat all stages: school, provincial, national and global.Youmay alsotake the "completion of the verses", you get half asentence topoint pause and you write these words in verse to theend. Even ifyou write full script it accepted - for example: Giventhe verse"רַבּוֹת בָּנוֹת עָשׂוּ חָיִל ..." have to write thecontinuation"ואת עלית על כולנה" (each word separately), the wordכולנה appearswithout Vav "וְאַתְּ עָלִית עַל כֻּלָּנָה" . So if youdo notremember if the word written spelling filled or missing inany casebe right!If you need occasionally to punctuate words and donotwant to download a special keyboard for that, this app is justforyou! Type, punctuate, copy and paste wherever youwant.Screen,matching pairs, you can select a list of pairs (key andvalue) ofthe Bible, for example: Tribes and spies. Your taskaccommodate allits key value; in our example, drag the name of thespy from theleft column for the appropriate tribal rightcolumn.***Later addedmore useful options and useful:• The user addshis own question•Head to Head CompetitionThe interface is partiallytranslated intothe following languages: English, French, SpanishandRussian.Further questions will be differentlanguages:English,Français, Español, Português, Русскийtags:חידוןהתנ"ך העולמיWorldBible Quiz | Bible Trivia | bible quiz | biblecontest | HebrewPunctuation | Keyboard with points | Torah |Prophets | Written |Parashat Shavua | Torah | Chumash | Fiver |Bible | bible | Bible |Bible in Hebrew Hebrew | Bible Jewish |Jewish Bible Quiz | HomeBible | Bible Concordance | Multiple choicequestions | Openquestions | Completing sentencesCopyright appdeveloper Elad Finish©Elad Finish - Android Apps Developer
Bible in One Year 7.0.14
Alpha Int
With over 1 million users worldwide, Bible in One Year istheleading daily bible reading app. Nicky Gumbel, vicar of HTBchurchin London and pioneer of Alpha, provides amazing audio andwrittencommentary to walk you through each day’s Bible readings.Each dayyou will receive a Psalm or Proverbs reading, and NewTestamentreading, and an Old Testament reading. Updated daily,Nicky Gumbelthen provides insightful commentary on each Biblepassage, intendedto be read or listened to alongside the Bible toprovide freshunderstanding of the texts. Bible in One Year uses theNewInternational Version (NIV) translation of the Bible, as wellasdrawing on other Bible translations such as The Message (MSG)toprovide insights to each reading. AUDIO COMMENTARY Listen toNickyGumbel’s commentary for each day’s Bible passage, and hisprayersfor the day Stream the audio commentary, or download it tolistenoffline WRITTEN COMMENTARY The commentary is updated eachday,making it relevant to your life right now Nicky Gumbel draws onavariety of different translations, including the NewInternationalVersion (NIV) and The Message (MSG) to provide thebest possibleunderstanding of each passage Now available in Arabic,Spanish,Simplified Chinese, Hindi and English OFFLINE BIBLE STUDYBible inOne Year allows you sync all your readings for offline useso thatyou never miss a day The audio commentaries are alsoavailable fordownload to listen offline Download now and getreading today!
com.heb.chumash 2.0
Hebrew Apps
חומש שלם עם ניקוד וטעמים. האפליקציה היחידה הכוללת חמישה אתחמשתחומשי תורה עם ניקוד וטעמי המקרא!האפליקציה מותאמת גם עבורלימודקריאת התורה (תיקון קוראים), ומאפשרת הסתרה והצגה של הניקודוהטעמיםבקלות.באפליקציה תמצאו:● חומש שלם עם ניקוד וטעמים מלאים (כוללסימוןפרקים, פסוקים, עליות, פרשה פתוחה/סגורה וכו').● מצב "תיקוןקוראים"המציג את הפרשות ללא ניקוד וטעמים.● הפטרות, בסוף כל פרשה.●סימניות.●שמירה אוטומטית של 'המיקום האחרון שלי'.● הצגת פרשת השבועהנוכחית.●אפשרות שליטה בגודל הכתב ובסוג הגופן.● אפשרות מצב רגיל(טקסט שחור עלגבי רקע לבן) ומצב לילה (טקסט לבן על גבי רקע שחור).**אם הטקסטיםמוצגים במכשירך משמאל לימין יש להכנס להגדרת "יישור טקסט"בתפריטולהפעילה.תגיות: חומש | תורה | פרשה | chumash | torah | חומשעםטעמים | תנ"ך | תנך | יכין ובועז | תיקון קוראים | חמישה חומשי תורה|תנך | bibleChumash complete with scoring and flavors. The onlyappwhich includes five of the five books of Moses with a scoreandcantillation!The app is also optimized for the study ofTorahreading (Amendment call) and allows hide and show the scoreandflavors easily.App you will find:● Chumash complete withfullscoring and flavors (including marking chapters, verses,increases,spread open / closed etc.).● Mode "Patch call" showingthedischarge without scoring and flavors.● Haftarah, at the endofeach episode.● Bookmarks.● Automatically save 'my lastposition.●View the current week affair.● possibility of controllingthe sizeof lettering and font type.● Normal mode option (black texton awhite background) and night mode (white text on ablackbackground).** If the texts are displayed on your device fromleftto right will have to use the definition of "text-align" menuandactivate it.TAGS: Fiver | Torah | spread | chumash | torah|Chumash with flavors | bible | bible | Boaz and Jachin |PatchReaders | Pentateuch | bible | bible
King James Bible - KJV, Audio Bible, Offline, FREE 110.0.0
King James Bible - KJV, Audio Bible, Offline, FREEKing James Bible-KJV Bible, Free Holy Bible App, the best King James Bible -KJVBible studying tool, is the standard bible translationhighlypopular among Christians. Finished in 1611, the translationis trueto the original Greek meaning. King James Bible - KJV Bible,FreeHoly Bible App is the one that gets you closest to God. KingJamesBible - KJV Bible, Free Holy Bible App with easy navigationbetweenBible verses: You are attending a worship service at achurch andthe pastor is really fast in his teaching. He is talkingabout someBible verses from different books and different chapters.You wantto be with him but there is no Wi-Fi. King James Bible -KJV Bible,Free Holy Bible App is the top choice for studying bible,it allowsyou to quickly jump to the exact Bible verse in the KJVtranslationwith a simple design even if there is no internetaccess. In aword, King James Bible - KJV Bible, Free Holy Bible Apppreventsyou from getting lost in the pastor's teaching at a churchservice.KJV Bible - King James Bible have many great features,please enjoyit! Reading KJV Bible - King James Bible everyday, getcloser toGOD.App features:† Versions and translations. We have morethan 300Bible versions in multiple languages available. Justdownload themonce, and it will all be available for offlinereading.† Search.Find words and phrases quickly with advancedsearch features.†Cross References. Find related verses likequotations, parallels,and similar texts (for some Bible versions).†Notes. Write yourpersonal notes for any verse that you select.Reference otherverses in your notes and you'll be able to tap onthem to accessthose verses.† Bookmarks, Labels, Pins, andHighlights. Mark theverses that you have read with colorfulmarkers. † Continue readingfrom your last read verse withoutgetting lost. Make your owntopical system using labels andbookmaks.† Share any bible verse toyour friends via social network:facebook, twitter, google+ andmore.† Daily Devotions. Read thedaily devotions and deepen yourknowledge of God.† Download Text andAudio for read and playoffline mode.† Reading Plan. Choose from oneof the many readingplans, and read the Bible in a year, or 2 years,or several months.You can even create one yourself.† DisplaySettings. Appearance ofthe Bible text can be customized to yourliking. Font, text size,color, background, line spacing, and more.Night mode and fullscreen mode are also available. Easy bookmarks,highlights, andnotes Holy Bible Version† English Standard Version(ESV)† KingJames Version Non-Drama (KJV)† King James Version Drama(KJV)†World English Bible (WEB)† New Amarican Standard Bible(NAS)†English Version for the Deaf† (NIV) Non-Drama (Anglicized)†(NIV)Drama (Anglicized)† 1986 New Life Version (Easy to Read)(NLV)†1989 New Revised Standard Non-Drama (NSR)† More...BibleBookListGenesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy,Joshua,Judges, Ruth, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, 2 Kings, 1Chronicles, 2Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Job, Psalm,Proverbs,Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, Isaiah, Jeremiah,Lamentations,Ezekiel, Daniel Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah,Micah, Nahum,Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi,Matthew, Mark,Luke, John, Acts, Romans, 1 Corinthians, 2Corinthians, Galatians,Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1Thessalonians, 2Thessalonians, 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus,Philemon, Hebrews,James, 1 Peter, 2 Peter, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John,Jude, Revelation.
Bible Verses of Encouragement 1.0
Download the new Promises Daily 365 appat verses of encouragement is an app designed to build upthebeliever's spiritual life through encouraging bible quotes. Youcanuse this app for daily bible verses and prayers or evenfordevotions. What makes this app unique is that it iscategorizedinto needs so that the believer can find bible versesfor everyproblem or simply just inspirational bible quotes. Thebible versesof encouragement app has the following features: 1. Youan set anyof the bible verses as wallpaper for free 2. You can alsoshare itwith popular social medial platform like Instagram,Facebook,Twitter and even messaging platforms like Whatsapp, Skypeand evenEmail. Be sure to keep your spiritual life strong withbible versesof encouragement, let the word of God be the lamp untoyour feetand a light to your path (Psalms 119:105)
com.yit.evritKids.nohHD 1.02
'תיבת נח' היא אפליקציה מקסימה המבוססת על אחד מסיפורי התנ''ךהידועיםוהאהובים ביותר. הטקסט הכתוב בחרוזים מלאי הומור, מתאר אתסיפורההישרדות המופלא של נח, משפחתו והחיות שאסף בתיבה, כשהמבול כיסהאת כלהארץ. באמצעות מסך המגע, מפעילים הילדים את הדמויות של הסיפורהמקראיוהן מתעוררות לחיים בקול ותנועה. מה תמצאו באפליקציית 'תיבתנח'?•כפתור ''להקשיב לסיפור'' – מאפשר הקשבה לקריינית המקריאה אתהסיפור•כפתור ''לקרוא לבד'' – מאפשר קריאה רגילה כמו בספר נייר•כפתור''משחק'' - משחק זיכרון עם דמויות מתוך הספר בשלוש רמות קושי. מהניתןלעשות באפליקציה?• ללחוץ על הדמויות ולגלות מה הן עושות. •לעזורלחיות למצוא את בנות זוגן ולהכניסן יחד לתיבה• להטות את המכשירולראותאיך התיבה שטה הלוך וחזור בין גלי המים הסוערים• לעזור לנחלהשלים אתחלקי התיבה בפאזל חביב• ועוד הרבה הפתעות משעשעות.'Noah'sArk' is alovely application based on one of the stories of theBible knownand most loved. Written text humorous verse, describesthemiraculous survival story of Noah, his family and theanimalscollected in the box, when the flood covered the wholeearth. Usingthe touch screen, run children's characters biblicalstory up andanimated voice and movement. What you will findapp 'Noah'sArk'?• Button '' listen to the story '' - allowslistening to theannouncer reads the story• Button '' read alone ''- allows regularreading like a paper book• Button '' game '' - amemory game withcharacters from the book in three levels ofdifficulty. Whatcan you do in the app?• click on thecharacters and find out whatthey do.• help the living find theirpartners and put them togetherin a box• tilt the device and watchbox sailed back and forthbetween the turbulent water waves• helpNoah complete the favoriteparts of the puzzle box• and many otherfun surprises.
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Tora lessons from Yeshivat Maalot. Tanach (Bible), Parashatshavua,Gmara, Chasidut, Musar, Judaism. There are audio and textlessons.You can email to the yeshiva:
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Hebrew Apps
ספר אורחות צדיקים הוא אחד מספרי המוסר החשובים ביהדות. מחבר הספראינוידוע.אפליקציית "אורחות צדיקים" כוללת את הספר בשלמותלזיכויהרבים!לנוחיות הציבור הוספנו שלל אפשרויות מתקדמות ומאירותעיניים:*שמירת "המיקום האחרון שלי".* אפשרות שליטה בגודל הכתב.* מגווןגופניםשונים לנוחיות הקורא.* מצב רגיל (טקסט שחור על גבי רקע לבן)ומצב לילה(טקסט לבן על גבי רקע שחור).באנגלית נקרא הספר: OrchotTzaddikimBookway of the righteous is one of the most importantJewish moralitynumbers. The author is unknown.App "way of therighteous" includemany schools fully credited!Public convenience weadded a varietyof advanced options and illuminating:* Save "My lastposition".*Ability to control the size of lettering.* A variety ofdifferentfonts for the convenience of the reader.* Normal mode(black texton a white background) and night mode (white text on ablackbackground).English called the book: Orchot Tzaddikim
❤️ Start your day with a bible verse and send it to familyandfriends! You can share it via WhatsApp, Facebook,Instagram,Twitter and others. Thanks everyone for the more than500,000downloads! 😍😍😍 Bible Promise Box is an app that displays abibleverse every access. The ideal application to bring you reliefandcomfort taken from the Holy Bible. Some of the reasons thatwillmake you love this app: ✡ Works offline You do not need tobeconnected to the Internet. The Bible Promise Box has anofflinedatabase with more than 1000 stored bible verses,eliminating theneed for connection. ✡ Share verses with friends andfamily Sharethe word of God on your social networks. You can shareit as imageor text in a simple and quick way. How about sending adaily bibleverse for your friends and family right now? ✡ Useimages Bysharing a verse you can select beautiful images present inthe appor if you prefer you can choose your own photos from thegalleryand use them as a background. Your verses will lookbeautiful! ✡Access the list of verses Are you looking for aspecific messagethat speaks to your heart? Through the Versionsoption in the sidemenu you can view the list of verses categorizedin Psalms, NewTestament, and Old Testament. Surely you will findmany verses thatwill speak to your heart. ✡ Read entire chaptersDid you like averse and would like to read the whole chapter of it?Thanks to theoption 'Read chapter' this is possible with just a fewtouches. ✡Bookmark your favorite verses With the app Bible PromiseBox youcan mark a verse as your favorite so you can easily haveaccess toit later. ✡ Widgets Add widgets to your device home screento readthe sacred texts more easily. Every hour, the widget isupdated anda new bible verse is displayed. ✡ Receive notificationsSet upnotifications by time interval or desired time for theBiblePromise Box to deliver new Bible promises. You can configureasmany notifications as you want. ✡ Customize The Bible PromiseBoxhas 14 themes very well polished and with super vivid colorsaswell as 7 text font options for you to select the one thatwillsuit you. ✡ Dynamic appearance Similar to the physicalpromisesbox, the Bible Promise Box app can display verses usingdynamiccolors. A new color is displayed each you open a new bibleverse.No matter where you are, touch on the Box and read a promisefromGod! Available in English and Portuguese. *Some features areonlyavailable for Android 4.0.3 or higher.
Blue Letter Bible 1.20.22 build 1722
Dig deep into God’s Word with over 15 available Bibles,textcommentaries, Hebrew / Greek lexicon, interlinear,dictionaries,word searches, and more. Personalize your study withhighlighting,tagging favorite verses, and parallel Bible views.Much more tocome SUPPORT? First things first. Check out our Appsupport pages @ If you haveany questionsor issues with the Blue Letter Bible app, contact usimmediately @, or our public Google Group@ You can also email We want the app to work for you.Joinour millions of annual website users who choose to dig deeperintoGod’s Word with Blue Letter Bible! POWERFUL BIBLE STUDY TOOLS•Study the Hebrew & Greek with our original language lexicon•Perform word study searches using the many availabledictionariesand encyclopedias • Use the Treasury of ScriptureKnowledge for anin-depth study • Over 8,000 text commentaries byover 40 differentauthors PERSONALIZED BIBLE STUDY • Powerful notetaking featurelets take notes while organizing them into notebooks• Tag yourfavorite verses and collect them into custom folders •Highlightverses in unlimited customized colors • Show / hidefootnote andverse markers • Show / hide words of Christ in red •Adjustablefont size and line height for easier reading • Side byside,parallel Bibles Please take a minute to rate the Blue LetterBibleapp!
Bible - My Daily Devotional & Daily Verse 1.6.5
Daily Devotionals is a totally free app that deliversmultipledevotions to your device on a daily basis. Devotion ismeditationon God’s words. It translates God’s words in a way thatis easy tounderstand and applies to today’s life.Read dailydevotionals,meditate on His words and submit ourselves to Him . OurDailyDevotionals does exactly that and it all comes free!ForChristians, this is not just about religious belief butaboutfollowing Jesus no matter what. Read Devotional 1.DailyDevotionals works completely offline: All features areaccessiblewithout internet connection. 2. Multiple sources ofdevotionals:Reading devotions by different pastors helps you growyourrelationship with God. 3. Daily quotes in King James Version(KJV):The fact that KJV is the truest to God means that devotionsbasedon KJV get you the closest to God. 4. Tap on the verse andyou’d beled to Read view where you can do all the moves likehighlights,bookmarks and notes.Super easy! 5. The app offers apackage ofcustomization options to make your time with Godpersonal. SaveYourFavorites for Later The app allows you to staryour favoritedevotions with a single tap and find all of them inFavorites fromthe left navigation menu where you could manage themjust as you dowith highlights,notes and bookmarks. Share DailyDevotionals Easilyshare any devotion with friends and family. Theapp offers anamazing way to receive God’s message on a daily basis.There aredifferent pastors waiting for you here to assist you onyour waytowards closer and stronger relationships with God.
Bible App: Daily Bible Verses & Bible Caller ID 8.41
Bible App: Daily Bible Verses & Bible Caller ID is afreereligious Bible app that gives you Bible verses and Bibleprayersfrom the holy King James Bible (the most popular Bible).Read theHoly Bible to grow your faith in God! Inspire your mindwith dailyBible verses. Learn how to apply Bible verses to yourlife.Download the best Bible app to get closer to God. AmazingBibleCaller ID Functionality Never go without God! This app givesyouthe opportunity to get Bible verses on your caller IDscreen.Always be reminded that Jesus is with you through the Bible.Thisapp has every scripture from Genesis to Revelation! SharethisBible app with members of your church to spread the word ofGod!Amazing Bible Features • Be inspired what the holy Bible canofferyou every day. Get a daily Bible blessing, Bible Prayer, andaBible devotional. • Save your favorite Bible quotes,Bibledevotionals, and Bible prayers. Never go without God again!•Master your knowledge of the Bible by playing Bible Trivia!Competewith your friends to see who is the bigger Bible expert! •Getdaily reminders to read the Bible • Share the Holy BiblewithFriends and Family Prayers Covered In This App: 1) HolyBiblePrayers for Hope and God 2) Holy Bible Prayers for InspirationandGod 3) Holy Bible Prayers for Wisdom and God 4) Holy BiblePrayersfor Faith and God 5) Holy Bible Prayers for Temptation andGod 6)Holy Bible Prayers for Family and God 7) Holy Bible PrayersforFriends with God 8) Holy Bible Prayers for Happiness in God 9)HolyBible Prayers for Confession with God 10) Holy Bible PrayersforWorship with God 11) Holy Bible Prayers for Peace in God 12)HolyBible Prayers for Forgiveness in God Keep in touch with TheBibleApp Project Bible App: Daily Bible Verses & Bible CallerID isbrought to you by The Bible App Project, makers of popularBibleapps like Daily Bible Journey, Bible Caller ID, and BibleVerses bytopic. Please like, review, and share our Bible app! Ifyou haveany suggestion for how we can improve Bible App: DailyBible Verses& Bible Caller ID app or want us to make otherBible-relatedapps, please email us Downloadand use Bible App: DailyBible Verses & Bible Caller ID now.You are going to love howeasy to use it is!
Alkitabku is offline Bible, Daily Devotional application,Churchsong ( Indonesian only at the moment) such as: KidungJemaat,Pelengkap Kidung Jemaat dan Nyanyikanlah Kidung Baru. Songscontainlyric and midi files that can be play directly from yourphone. Youcan download more than one Bible versions, such as: -AlkitabIndonesia Terjemahan Baru - Alkitab Indonesia Sehari-hari -KingJames Version - American Standard Version - World English Bible-Dutch Statenvertaling - French Darby - French Louis Segon -GermanLuther - Spanish Modern Bible - etc... 3.4
This app is free and features hundreds of Bible verses separatedbyover 35 different topics. This app is perfect for anyone wantingtoread scripture on different life events that they're goingthroughand how to apply them to their own life! This is #1 FREEBibleVerse App that lists the verses out by topic - It's Free, GetItNow. This app also features a beautiful experience with aneasyswipe feature to allow you to read multiple verses at yourleisure.You will also receive a Caller ID screen feature as part ofthisapp which provides inspirational messages on the caller IDscreenwhen you complete phone calls. This caller ID feature helpsyouidentify numbers real-time while the call is happening - eventheones not in your phonebook. No more number guessing oravoidingunknown callers – The Bible Verses by Topic caller IDprepares youfor the call. If your local pizza vendor doesn’t pickup the phonewhen you’re calling, Bible Verses by Topic caller IDwill suggestalternative nearby places. You can always adjust yourcaller IDsettings in the settings menu or deactivate it if you donot findit useful. Topics Covered In This App: 1) Bible VersesforAddiction 2) Bible Verses for Anger 3) Bible Verses for Anxiety4)Bible Verses for Attending Church 5) Bible Verses for Babies6)Bible Verses for Cancer 7) Bible Verses for Courage 8) BibleVersesfor Death 9) Bible Verses for Encouragement 10) Bible VersesforEternal Life 11) Bible Verses for Faith 12) Bible Verses forFamily13) Bible Verses for Fear 14) Bible Verses for Forgiveness15)Bible Verses for Freedom 16) Bible Verses for Funeral 17)BibleVerses for Grief 18) Bible Verses for Heaven 19) Bible VersesforInspiration 20) Bible Verses for Jealousy 21) Bible Verses forJoy22) Bible Verses for Loneliness 23) Bible Verses for Love 24)BibleVerses for Marriage 25) Bible Verses for Mercy 26) BibleVerses forMoney 27) Bible Verses for Overcoming 28) Bible Versesfor Prayer29) Bible Verses for Respect 30) Bible Verses for Sin 31)BibleVerses for Strength 32) Bible Verses for Stress 33) BibleVersesfor Temptation 34) Bible Verses for Trust 35) Bible VersesforWedding 36) Bible Verses for Wisdom 37) Bible Verses for Work38)Bible Verses for Worship We also feature a paid version of thisappincludes additional categories and verses in addition to noads.Download this Free App Now!
Dramatized Audio Bible - KJV Dramatized Version 1.82
Get your free dramatized KJV audio Bible and enjoy the fullnessofthe Holy Bible. Free Audio Bible Dramatized - KJV withfreemotivational daily verses that will take you to the next levelinyour life. There are several audio Bible versions available butthedramatized version is one of the most liked KJV Bibleversionsavailable today. With this free KJV Dramatized AudioVersion, youcan enjoy the whole Bible with some soothing music atthebackground. Dramatized Bible KJV comes with powerfulbackgroundsounds and the voices are very clear and very profound.It makesyour listening experience great. For those who don’t haveconstantinternet, we are sorry to say you will only the roboticvoice butconnect to Internet for the best dramatized audio kjvexperience.Jesus said, He is the way, truth and life and no onecomes to theFather except through Him. The only way to know moreabout God isthrough His word and through relationship with the HolySpirit. TheBible should not be used without the Holy Spirit andVise verse.You need the word and you need to hear His voice. A freeAudioBible KJV is a Bible you can easily install on your androiddevice.It is one of the best Bibles to actually use if you want anew wayof listening to the word of God. The Bible KJV Dramatizedapp canbe downloaded from the Google store. There is no charge fortheapp. KJV is the most widely used version of the Bible eventhoughon the internet it says the NIV is taking over. We have noidea butone of the most accurate versions available and so thedramatizedKJV audio Bible is based on it. KJV audio BibleDramatized has somany features that it will take your curiosity toexplore thenewest of the scriptures every day and every hour. Getclose to ourFather in Heaven through Jesus Christ His only Son. Wepray thisDramatized MP3 KJV Bible will spice up your Christian walkand youwill never regret. The word of God is so good. HighlightKJVDramatized Bible The ability to highlight specific texts as youarereading or studying the Holy Bible Dramatized - KJV isanotherhelpful tool that is available with the app. Favoritepassages canbe highlighted in a particular color in order to callattention tothe words. The verses of interest for a study on God'slove, forexample, can be highlighted in order to focus one'sthoughts on thesubject. Get Daily Bible Verses Get motivational andinspirationalBible verses at the time you want it. If you want tochange it toanother time, simply go to the settings option and thenset adifferent time. This is one of the best way to start your dayas aChristian Free Bible Reading Every day you will get onedailyChapter to read. Studying the Bible is always fun. It is ourprayerthat you always get a daily Bible chapter that has a messageforyou today. Don’t turn it into a religious activity but let itbesomething you do out of love for the King of Kings. Sharingthescriptures Do you love to share daily verses on social media.Thisapp will help you share with facebook, whatsapp or twitter. Youcanalso choose to share on image and that even adds a personal feeltoyour message. This KJV Dramatized Audio makes it possible tospreadthe word of God every where you are. Free Notes With thisKJVDramatized Audio or KJV Audio version you can take notes andsharethem as well. Taking notes is like meditating during the day.WhenHoly Spirit speaks to you. When taking notes from DramatizedBible-KJV you will feel blessed through the Holy Words of Our MostHighGod. Topical Bible Verses We have a list of popular topicalBibleverses for you to quickly find some references to. When youmeetsomeone on the street you can share those topics with theperson.Bible Dictionary This Bible has a dictionary that you cancheckmeanings of other Bible terms. There are over 30,000 Biblewordsyou can easily fine.
King James Bible: Bible Verses and Bible Caller ID 5.6
The King James Versions Bible App will help you grow closer totheLord by displaying daily bible verses and prayers 3 times aday.This Bible app is a free religious app that allows you to haveamoment with the Lord anywhere you are by reading shortBibledevotions, prayers about certain topics, or playing Bibletrivia.KJV Bible App caller ID helps you identify numbers real-timewhilethe call is happening - even the ones not in your phonebook.Nomore number guessing or avoiding unknown callers – KJV BibleAppcaller ID prepares you for the call. If your local pizzavendordoesn’t pick up the phone when you’re calling, KJV Bible AppcallerID will suggest alternative nearby places. You can alwaysadjustyour caller ID settings in the settings menu. Share the KingJamesVersion Bible app with family members or members of yourchurch tospread the word of God! Download and use the King JamesBible:Bible Verses and Bible Caller IDnow. You are going to lovehow easyto use it is!
929 - תנך ביחד 1.03
929 is the name of a project dedicated to creating a globalJewishconversation around issues that unite and divide us, butalwaysinspired by the text. מיזם 929 מזמין אותך לקרוא תנ"ך בעינייםחדשות:פרק אחד, כל יום, לפי הסדר. כולם קוראים יחד, וכל אחד ואחתלחוד.באפליקציה, באתר או עם תנ"ך ביד; עם חברים, עם ילדים או כאתגראישי.בכל יום מתחלף פרק התנ"ך היומי באפליקציה ובאתר, ומופיעבליוויפרשנויות מגוונות, תקציר, פרטי מידע, סרטונים, תמונות, וגםקריינות שלהפרק למי שמעדיף להאזין לו. באפליקציה אפשר להגדיר תזכורותקריאהאישיות - יומיות או פעם בשבוע, בשעות הנוחות לך. אפשר גם לעקובולקבלתזכורת בכל פעם שעולה טור של כותב אהוב. את המיזם מלוויםבכיריהיוצרים והיוצרות בישראל, אנשי רוח, דת, תרבות ואמנות. 929 isthename of a project dedicated to creating a globalJewishconversation around issues that unite and divide us, butalwaysinspired by the text. Project 929 invites you to read theBiblewith new eyes: one chapter, each day, in order, readingtogether,and individually, in the app, on the site or with theBible inhand; With friends, with children or as a personalchallenge. Everyday the daily Bible chapter in the app and on thesite is replacedby various commentaries, abstracts, information,videos, pictures,and narration of the episode for those who preferto listen to it.In the app, you can set personal reminders - dailyor once a week,at times convenient to you. You can also track andreceive areminder every time a column of a beloved writer comes up.Theproject is accompanied by leading figures in Israel,intellectuals,religion, culture and art.
Bible Verses 4.0
Hope Factory
Bible Verses by Topic ❤More people are reading Bible Versesaroundthe world! Thank you!❤ Bible Verses is the ultimate Bibleverse appon Android. Grow your faith by reading Bible verses on thego.Inspire your mind by reading Bible verses to give you strengthandmotivation everyday. Bible Verses App Features: >Userfriendlyinterface. >Fresh Bible Verses updated each day.>Search forBible Verses on specific topics >Get alerts whennew BibleVerses are available. >Star your favourite Bible Versesto readlater >Share Bible Verses with your friends and family.>SaveBible Verses to read later. *Use the Explore feature on theBibleVerses app to add more Bible Verses and content from theweb.i.efeeds,podcast,forums and so much more. ★Read Bible versesoneveryday for spiritual nourishment★ ★New Bible Verses areaddeddaily for continuous encouragement!★ #Thank you for thewonderfulreviews! on "Bible Verses" a 5 star ratings make us smile:)
NKJV Bible by Olive Tree - Offline, Free & No Ads
Studying the Bible shouldn’t be hard. NKJV Bible equips youwitheasy-to-use Bible study tools and resources so you canstopskimming Scripture and get answers—for free. Here are 4 waysyou’llbe set-up for studying God’s Word: 1) NO WIFI That’s right,youdon’t need a WiFi connection to access your Bible, audio Bible,orany other Bible study tools. You could be in the middle oftheAmazon or on top of Mt. Everest. If your phone is working, soisyour offline Bible app. 2) MORE THAN JUST A BIBLE God hasbeenspeaking to His people, through His people, for thousands ofyears…and that takes some research to understand! This is why weprovide1000s of resources to help you go deeper into God’sWord—becausestudying the Holy Bible shouldn’t be hard. And when wesay“resources,” we mean: -AUDIO BIBLES -DAILY READINGPLANS-DEVOTIONALS -BIBLE MAPS -STUDY BIBLES -COMMENTARIES-EBOOKS-CHRISTIAN AUDIO BOOKS -GREEK & HEBREW TOOLS -AND SOMUCH MORE3) TECH + DESIGN Not only do we implement unique featuresinto ourapp, but we do it with style. Our favorite is thesplit-screenwindow: The Study Center. You can use the ResourceGuide tab toaccess any of the resources available in our app andread themright alongside the Bible of your choice. It even does allthe hardwork of tracking with you, verse by verse. Studying theBible justbecame the easiest it has ever been. 4) CUSTOMIZE YOURBIBLE Wantmore highlighter options? That’s fine! Pick your owncolor,thickness, and change it to underline instead. Have troublereadingsmall print? Increase the font size! Reading at night?Change thetheme to be easier on your eyes. Want to listen safelywhile youdrive? Turn on drive mode! You can save your favoritepassages,drop a book ribbon, create a note, add tags, and sign upto receivea daily Bible verse. Best part? Your highlights, notes,andresources sync between all your devices. BIBLE TRANSLATIONSIfyou’re wondering about our different English translations, thisappcomes with NIV, ESV, KJV, NKJV and more. Speak adifferentlanguage? No problem! We have Bibles in Spanish,Portuguese,Chinese, French, and others. We also have otherpopulartranslations available for in-app purchase! Here are a few:-TheMessage (MSG) -New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) -NewLivingTranslation (NLT) -The Passion Translation -ChristianStandardBible (CSB) -New American Standard Bible (NASB) FREE STUFFOurpassion is inspiring you to connect with God and His Wordthroughtechnology. Not only is this a free Bible app, but we alsohave100s of free resources—all day, every day. INEXPENSIVEBIBLICALRESOURCES YOU CAN TAKE WITH YOU There’s no need to spendlots ofmoney on paper resources that sit on a shelf. By investingindigital resources, you will be able to get the answers youneedwherever you are—even offline. Stop flipping pages aimlesslyandget Bible study tools that do the hardest work for you! We haveallyour favorite Bible study tools and resources availableforpurchase. Here’s a few: AUDIO BIBLES -NIV Listener’s AudioBible-KJV Listener’s Audio Bible -NKJV Word of Promise Audio Bible-ESVHear the Word Audio Bible -Passion Translation Audio BibleSTUDYBIBLES -ESV Study Bible -NLT Study Bible -NIV Study Bible-NKJVStudy Bible -Life Application Study Bible WORD STUDY BIBLESWITHSTRONG’S NUMBERS -Just tap to quickly read definitions of wordsinthe Bible’s original languages COMMENTARIES & STUDYTOOLS-Vine’s Expository Dictionary -Olive Tree Bible Maps-BibleKnowledge Commentary -Zondervan Atlas of the Bible CHRISTIANAUDIOBOOKS Listen to Christian Audio Books by bestsellingChristianauthors INTERLINEAR BIBLES -Easily compare the originallanguagesof the Bible HARMONY OF THE GOSPELS -Read through the lifeof Jesuschronologically, available in several translationsORIGINALLANGUAGE BIBLES -Greek New Testament: NA28, UBS-5 -HebrewOldTestament: BHS -Greek Old Testament: Septuagint (LXX)
Daily Bible Journey - Devotions & Trivia 8.37
Daily Bible Journey helps you to stay connected with God byallowingyou to make your phone as inspirational as possible! Everyday youare greeted with daily inspiration to take on the dayincluding anew prayer and a Bible verse with added commentary. Inthe app, youcan read daily devotions and prayers, play trivia,view the word ofthe day, unlock numerous prayer books, view Bibleverses by topic,and track your journey of growing closer to God.Custom featuresallow you to favorite prayers and bible verses,customize your lockscreen with Bible verses to showcase theinspirational content youwant to see most and choose beautiful HDBible phone backgrounds.Features Include: ● Bible Verses and DailyPrayers: Unique contentupdated 3 times a day ● Bible Verses byTopic: Over 40 differenttopics to view ● Bible Caller ID: Identifyunknown phone calls andreceive inspirational Verses on the callscreen ● Bible Trivia: Play3 rounds per day that increase indifficulty ● Earn Prayer Points:Use them to receive deluxe contentand locked features ● RegisterYour Account: Have the ability tosave more Bible content, receiveadditional prayer points andachieve a more custom experience ●Track Your Journey: Make yourjourney with God more complete bygetting to 100%. Increase yourjourney percentage by using the appfor traditional Bible study orfor entertaining its features. Earnbadges and collect prayerpoints as you progress through yourpersonal journey ofstrengthening your daily connection to God!Prayer points can nowbe earned through rewarded video, in apppurchases, and completingvarious goals. Download Daily BibleJourney Now!
King James Audio - KJV Bible Free 4.1
King James Bible - This King James Version Bible app was createdtogive everyone a new experience of studying the Holy BibleKJV.Enjoy this holy bible kjv application in android for free,whichcontains the Old Testament and New Testament with text andaudioversion. All in English. You can read and listen to the wordof Godat the same time with this King James Version Bible app.Features:- Free read KJV Bible. Old and new testament (Offline) -Free kingjames version of the bible audio version. This applicationwillread the verses for you - Complete with all chapters of Old andNewtestament - Simple design for easy to use - Perfect for peoplewhowants to learn the Bible in King James Version - Portable touse.No more book. King James Version Bible App can go withyoueverywhere - Share your favorite verse with friends viatextmessage, social network or email - Works on All android devices-Orientation Support (Portrait, Landscape) - With BackgroundPlayerfunction, you don't need to open the app every time to listentoyour favorite verses Listen to the word of God every day andcomecloser to God by use the King James Version Bible App app. Wearelooking forward to your feedback and any suggestionsforimprovement. Try to install now, it's FREE! Thanks foryoursupport. God bless you! The holy bible king james versionKingJames Bible (KJV) has been installed by millions ofbelieversaround the world - a FREE, easy and friendly way to readthe wholeBible with no need of internet connection. The KJV BibleApp givesyou an improved Bible experience by keeping track of yourreadings,having instant access to any chapter, adding customizedbookmarksand much more. KJV Audio Bible Free - King James Bible(KJV) is thebest Application to carry God’s Word Have the HolyBible at yourfingertips anytime and anywhere you go. This dailyBible Appcontains the 66 books of the Old Testament and NewTestament,providing an easier way to feel God’s word in your heartand tofeel heaven closer to you and your loved ones. Carry your KJVBiblewherever and whenever you want to help enlighten your mindwith themost complete, fast and easy to use daily Bible App onGoogle Play.Get closer to God with this King James Bible app forAndroid. Alsoknown as KJV Bible, this bible app contains the KingJames Versionof the Bible, also known as the Authorized Version.There are manyBibles to choose from and this version is chosen asone of the mostread Bibles available. King James Version Bible orKJV, is anEnglish translation of the Christian Bible by the Churchof Englandbegun in 1604 & completed in 1611. Other Bibles arelatertranslations. King James Audio Bible (KJV): Holy Bible - KingJamesVersion app by has been downloaded overtimes andis the best, FREE, offline Bible app for Android. Expertlycraftedin Palo Alto, this Bible app makes it easy and simple toread,study and share the Bible. Great features such asnavigation,search, note taking, sharing and audio allow you get themost outof your Bible study anywhere and anytime. Keyword: KingJamesBible, King James Version Bible App, English Bible KJV, AudioHolyBible KJV, King James Bible (KJV), Holy Bible King JamesVersion,KJV Bible, Audio Bible (KJV) 5.42
Daily Bible Devotion is a free app that brings you dailyverses& religious inspirational devotions. Receive a morningand anevening Bible verse and devotional for every day of the year.Startand end your day meditating on God’s word with dailydevotionalsthat are easy to understand and that you can apply toyour life. Todeepen your devotional readings, receive Bible triviaeach day withquestions that help you engage with and memorizeScripturesfollowed by clean Bible humor to brighten your day.Features: *Encouraging Bible verse with each devotional * A newBibledevotional is delivered to you every day, twice a day *Eachdevotion is short and uplifting * Each devotional comes with awayto apply it to your life * Share any devotional with yourfriendsand family * New Bible trivia each day to test your Bibleknowledge* Bible humor to bring laughter to your day * Save yourfavoritedevotionals to read later or to reference * Get notifiedwhen thedevotionals are available As a Christian, growing yourpersonalrelationship with God is important. But for those people weknowwho aren't church-goers, the daily devotionals can easily besharedwith anyone! A great way to receive your daily bread andencourageyou to develop your spiritual life through praise andprayer.Remember, you will also get a life application for eachBible verseand scripture!
Daily Bible Verse - Share The Word 2.52
Share The Daily Bible Verse easily with your friends!Theapplication is quick and simple to use. Many featuresworksoffline. The quick navigation is made possible with alocaldatabase. Clear and large text for all Bible Verses. SharingofBible Verses is made easily with a large Share button. Amenbuttonto express your feelings. :) Top 100 Bible Verses, based onusersactions. Select among 10 different Bible translations: - KingJamesVersion (KJV) - American Standard Version - Douay-Rheims Bible-Basic English Bible - Darby Bible Translation - EnglishRevisedVersion - Webster's Bible Translation - World English Bible-Young's Literal Translation - American King James VersionCompareeach Bible verse for all translations. Bible Verse areupdatedbased on your settings. Change them in the Settings tabwheneveryou like. Notifications can be turned on or off. Easilycustomizethe frequency of Bible verse notifications. Don't forgethowencouraging it can be to get a Bible Verse from a friend!Sharethem! God Bless and please give us a nice review of you liketheapp!
Versículo del Día 6
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Versículo del día para AndroidVerse of the day for Android
Daily Bible - Audio, Reading Plans, Devos 7.3.28
Stay encouraged with a new verse each day. Grow in your faithwithreading plans and devotionals. You can also have the Bible readtoyou with the audio feature. Select your favorite Bible versionanddive into the Word today! ✓ Daily Bible Verse ✓ AudioReader(requires internet connection) ✓ Daily Bible Reading Plan ✓Easy& Fast Search any Bible verse of topic. ✓ DailyBibledevotionals. ✓ Bible Index ✓ Many Bible Versions (NIV, KJV,ESV,etc.) ✓ Save or Share Bible verse or plan or devotions easilyonFacebook, Twitter, etc. ✓ Home widget for daily Bible verse✓Offline Bible reading Daily Bible Verse : - Start your day withadaily Bible verse. You will get automatic daily notification.Youcan read or just listen. Choose Bible verse in differentversionslike KJV, NIV, ESV, etc Daily Bible Reading Plan : - Choosefrom awide range of Bible reading plans and read Holy Bible.DailyBiblecan play back the reading plan. You can read or justlisten. Easy& Fast Search any Bible verse or topic: - Easilysearch anyverse of any topic. Search from a wide range of BibleVersions likeKJV, ESV, NIV and lots more. Just speak to search.Daily Bibledevotionals. - Listen to a wide range of BiblicalChristianDevotions. Choose from a huge list of devotional podcasts.Read orlisten from devotions. - Save a Bible devotional podcast andlistento it offline - Bible Index Read or Listen to any chapterfrom anybook in Holy Bible easily. Supports multiple Bible versionslikeKJV, NIV, ESV, etc. - *NEW* Offline Bible Read the Biblewithout aninternet connection. Offline Bible now available! - Saveor ShareBible verse or plan or devotions easily on Facebook,Twitter,email, text etc. ----------------------- For somedetailedexplanation on permissions requested by Daily Bible, howthey areused and why they are needed 1) android.permission.INTERNET-Needed to refresh daily Bible verse, daily Bible plans,devotionsand searches. 2) android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE -Toautomatically stop the audio (devotions, daily verse, etc)playingif any, when an incoming call comes.3)android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - To Save verse, planandpodcasts to external storage, when you choose to save it.4)android.permission.WAKE_LOCK - So that the audio can be playedinbackground without stopping when phone goes to sleep.5)android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - For refreshingdailyverse after phone isrebooted.---------------------------------------
Logos Bible Study Tools: commentary, reading plan 8.6.0
Read the Bible and make use of commentaries and reading plans.Youcan save any book or Bible you own for offline use. Get up to95free resources when you download the app and sign in, and dobetterBible study with exclusive Logos Bible study tools. Readyourfavorite Bible translations: we have a variety of optionsincludingthe NIV, ESV, NASB, NKJV, and many more. TOP FEATURES: •TABBEDBROWSING - Open as many resources or Bibles as you want sidebyside. • REFERENCE SCANNER - Take a picture of a church bulletinorhandout using Reference Scanner and the app will openyourpreferred Bible version to all the verse references. • LIBRARY-Downloading this app gives you access to up to 95 free resourcestokick off your Bible study. • NOTES - Attach yourthoughts,comments, and questions to any Bible verse or book. •HIGHLIGHTING- Mark the words that matter with fully customizablecolor and textoptions and return to them at any time. • BIBLE WORDSTUDY - Learnmore about any word in the Bible by examiningdictionaries,lexicons, and cross-references. • PASSAGE GUIDE - Geta detailed,verse-specific report including Biblecommentaries,cross-references, literary typing, and mediaresources. • TEXTCOMPARISON - Compare any verse across multipletranslations withvisual and percentage indicators of difference. •SPLIT SCREEN -Delve into any secondary resource side by side withyour preferredtranslation. • SEARCH - Find every mention of a wordor phrase inevery resource in your library. • SOCIAL SHARING -Share Bibleverse images with Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, andEmail. • READINGPLANS - Get into daily reading with several Biblereading plans tochoose from. • AUDIO BOOKS - Listen to the Biblewherever you are.Find training for the app at
King James Bible (KJV) 2.8.75
King James Bible (KJV) has been installed by millions ofbelieversaround the world - a FREE, easy and friendly way to readthe wholeBible with no need of internet connection. The KJV BibleApp givesyou an improved Bible experience by keeping track of yourreadings,having instant access to any chapter, adding customizedbookmarksand much more. King James Bible (KJV) is the bestApplication tocarry God’s Word Have the Holy Bible at yourfingertips anytime andanywhere you go. This daily Bible Appcontains the 66 books of theOld Testament and New Testament,providing an easier way to feelGod’s word in your heart and to feelheaven closer to you and yourloved ones. Carry your KJV Biblewherever and whenever you want tohelp enlighten your mind with themost complete, fast and easy touse daily Bible App on Google Play.MAIN FEATURES ★ Works Offline:All the Books, chapters and verses inKing James Bible are storedon your mobile device, so you will neverneed internet connectionto study, read and enjoy the Holy Bible. ★Track your Reading: Whenyou open King James Bible App you will beable to resume your lastreading and every time you finish a chapteryou can mark it ascompleted to keep track of your progress. ★Bookmarks and Notes:Customize your KJV Bible by adding colorfulbookmarks and notesjust by tapping on any verse. ★ Quick Access: Byjust a few tapsyou can quickly navigate to any book, chapter andverse. ★ Easy toUse: Swipe left or right to move between chaptersand tap any verseto share, add bookmarks/notes or copy toclipboard. ★ Share BibleVerses: Create custom images of yourfavorite Bible verses to sharewith your loved ones. Share up to 10verses in a single image onany social media such as Facebook,Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. OTHERFEATURES ☆ Discover Bible verseswith the Verse Explorer ☆ Look forspecific words with our Searchtool ☆ Customize your Font size fora better Bible Readingexperience ☆ Don’t forget to add the KJVBible widget to help yourdaily food with inspiring daily versesDownload the free Bible KJVand start your day fresh with a dailyverse and carry your soft-copyof the KJV Bible with you anytimeand anyplace you are or wish togo, and share God's Word to spreadlight and love to your closeones. The KJV Bible App offersimmaculate friendly features thatwill make your daily Biblereading a wonderful experience. Help usspread God’s word bysharing King James Bible (KJV) with yourfriends. Follow us onFacebook★ Download King JamesBible (KJV) for FREE and carry your own pocketsoft copy of TheHoly Bible. Try it Now!
Study Bible - Special Edition 13
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It was never been so easy, quick, enjoyable and practical toreadand study the Holy Bible! This blessed app was created for youtoread, study and worship God, anytime, anywhere! Transform yourlifeand have on your Android the most read and sold book of alltime!READ THE BIBLE - 100% FREE: - Bible Offline: Read and accessBiblefeatures offline. - Translations: More than 40 translationsintoseveral languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese,Korean,Arabic, Danish, Turkish, Vietnamese, Greek, Hungarian,Romanian,Russian, Ukrainian, Latin, Czech and Croatian; - ReadingHistory:Access the books and chapters that you have already read.LISTEN TOTHE BIBLE: - Offline Audio Bible: Listen to the audios ofBiblechapters offline; - Feature available for most languages​​andtranslations and - More than 40 translations available inaudio.STUDY THE BIBLE: - Readings Plans: Read the Holy Bible in 1year,Old Testament in 3 months, New Testament in 3 months,Psalms,Gospels, Easter, Great Miracles of the Bible, etc; - BibleThemes:Find verses according to biblical themes. There are themessuch as:Joy, Love, Worship, Forgiveness and Providence of God,Wisdom,Success, Salvation, Eternal Life, etc; - Biblical Maps:Containsmaps, routes, descriptions and verses on the Missions oftheApostle Paul (1st, 2nd, 3rd Missionary Trips and MissionaryTripsto Rome) and - Dictionaries: Biblical Dictionary forStudies;MEDITATE DAILY IN THE WORD OF GOD: - Verse of the Day: Takea fewseconds of your day to reflect on the Word of the Lord. PRAISEANDWORSHIP GOD: - Online Radio: Several online radios aroundtheworld: American, Spanish and Brazilian. CUSTOMIZE YOUR BIBLE:-Choose your favorite color; - Order the book listinginalphabetical order; - Bible Chapters with Titles in:Portuguese,English and Spanish; - Receive Daily Notifications forthe Verse ofthe Day; - Control of the Speed ​​of Reproduction ofthe Bible inAudio; - Mark the verses with the color that youdesire; - Makenotes for each Bible verse and - Set the type andsize of thesource, night mode, display mode, etc. SEARCH THE BIBLE:- Bytyping or through your voice; - Search for names, words, namesofcharacters, places, excerpts of verses, favorite verses,markedtexts and notes and - Search for: All Bible, Old TestamentBooks,New Testament Books or by Bible Books. SHARE THE WORD: -Share theapplication, verses and your notes; - Share the Verse ofthe Dayand - Share everything via: Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp,Hangouts,Messenger, Email, SMS, etc. DOWNLOAD THE BIBLE NOW ANDHAVE ANABUNDANT LIFE IN JESUS ​​CHRIST !!! * Please, if you likedthisapp, support our project by rating and writing your testimonialonGoogle Play. It only takes a few seconds. * If you did notlikesomething or found any bugs, please let us know by e-mail. *Allreviews are welcome. God bless you all! CONTACT THE APPSALELUIAH:* Support via e-mail: * Enjoy usonFacebook:
Features : -KJV Bible offline -Book/Chapter/Verse locate-Bookmark-Share -Search -Online Search Engine like search abiblity-Autostart -3 yrs daily read plan -favorite -RedLetter-Speaking/Reading -user friendly navigation and verselocatingplease remove any shortcut on your screen and create newone if youcan't open the app, sorry for the inconvenience! if youcould notdownload from google play market here, please visit update 40 desktop widget with randomversepinch to zoom font size everywhere long touch/tap list itemtoenter/exit full screen mode make navigation buttons optionalforsome pages other fixes u23 -fix search result order -fix tokeepsearch result for screen change -add touch scroll(fling/swipe)u24-larger font -support for 3.0 device -change drop-down listtextcolor (particuarly for some motorola devices) -save settings:)hope it works -minr fix for daily reading for 2012-1-7 u25the"exit/back" button is back and improved save to sd-card forsystem2.2 or later u26 fix the crash :) fix font-dialog minor bugremoveadfree detector fix swipe minor error u27 **improved localsearch**rearrange some ui buttons fix font-size dialog bug fixstartupfailure fix daily reading minor bug others u28 -rememberscrollposition -fix search error that some books are not indexed(trysearch the word 'witchcraft' in 1 Sam 15:23, if you can't findit,pls update) u29 -add text-to-speech, you can listen to theversesnow -other minor improvements u30 -make tts an option forthosedon't needd or want TTS feature -bring the lacate button backinfront panel u31 -fix tts crash -continue reading whenscreenorientation change -keep screen on for daily reading tts-changedefault verse per page to whole chapter -change default fonttolarge system font size u32 -fix titles for context menu -listfastscroll -read a little bit slower -remove "return" buttons-addhorizontal layout for daily reading selection and versequicklocation -listview item style -even more large font size-manyminor improvements -internal improments u33 -Keep SearchHistory-Fix TTS on ICS -other minor improvements update 34 -Fixedmenu bugon android 3.0 and above devices -Fixed bookmark andfavorite listsminor bug -Fixed some possible causes for ApplicationNotResponding error -removed verses per pages option update 35Fixedempty locator list error Fixed Locator Crash error FixedSearchCrash with *started search criteria update 36 Red lettersinbookmark, favorite and daily reading Change the green labeltoorange Fix search minor error update37 add context menu forsearchhistory fix return button in search result list add colorforbookmark tag fix minor daily reading plan bug update 38 NewThemeAction Bar Move to SD Card Improved/Reorganized UserInterfacePinch to Zoom New Daily Reading Progress Calendar NewIcons Manyothers update 39 new front page red letters in searchresults someother minor adjustments custom search result highlightcolor dailyreading and search result title for sdk 2.x fix searchresult limitillegal input error A simple, powerful design willenable you toeasily read the KJV Bible, navigate,search,share(through Facebook,twitter, Gmail goolge+, email, sms,evernote,bluetooth,ColorNote,Messaging, Yahoo Mail and manyothers),highlight verses, bookmark, make/copy/paste notes.
NIV Bible offline free
Holy Bible NIV Free The best NIV Bible app with for freedownload.This NIV Bible App comes complete with all scriptures ofOldTestament and New Testament of Holy Bible (NIV). Holy BibleNIVFree Download - Features :★ Verses of the day★ Share : Shareyourfavorite verse with friends via text message, social networkoremail★ FREE : Most important of all, it’s FREE download!!-Freeread NIV Bible. Old and new testament (Offline)- Simple designforeasy to use- Orientation Support (Portrait, Landscape)- FreeNewInternational Version of the bible free version. Thisapplicationwill read the verses for you.
Psalms 1.7.22-gp
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This free app contains all 150 psalms of the Bible, arranged inasmall app, quick and easy to use. Inside the app you will findtheeasy share button that allows you to help spread the wordviaemail, instant messaging or social networks. Whenever a friendorfamily member need words of wisdom and comfort, just choose apsalmpress the share button, the words of The Bible come instantlytothis person. Features: All 150 Psalms of the Bible. KingJamesVersion (KJV). Small and fast app download. Quick sharebutton.easy of use Top 10 Psalms Psalm 23 The LORD is my shepherd.Heleads me in paths of righteousness. I will fear no evil. Iwilldwell in the house of the LORD forever. Psalm 121 I lift up myeyesto the hills; my help comes from the LORD. He who keeps youwillnot slumber. The LORD will keep you from all evil. Psalm 138 Igiveyou thanks, O LORD! All the kings of the earth will praiseyou.Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve my life.Psalm62 My soul waits for God alone. He alone is my rock andmysalvation. Trust in him at all times, O people. Power andlovebelong to God. Psalm 46 God is our refuge. We will not fear,thoughthe earth give way. The nations rage, kingdoms fall. "Bestill andknow that I am God." Psalm 117 Praise the LORD! For greatis hislove towards us. Psalm 37 Do not be envious of evildoers, fortheywill fade like the grass. The righteous will inherit the earth.TheLORD is their stronghold. Psalm 1 Blessed is the man who doesnotwalk with the wicked, whose delight is in the law of the LORD.Heis like a tree planted by the water. Psalm 40 I waitedpatientlyfor the LORD. He drew me up from the pit. I delight to doyourwill, O God. My heart fails me, but you are my help. Psalm 84Howlovely is your dwelling place, O LORD! A day in your courtsisbetter than a thousand elsewhere. For the LORD is a sun andshield.What Is a Psalm? The Book of Psalms, Tehillim in Hebrew(תְּהִלִּיםor תהילים meaning "Praises"), commonly referred tosimply as Psalmsor "the Psalms", is the first book of the Ketuvim("Writings"), thethird section of the Hebrew Bible. The title isderived from theGreek translation, ψαλμοί psalmoi, meaning"instrumental music"and, by extension, "the words accompanying themusic." The book isan anthology of individual psalms, with 150 inthe Jewish andWestern Christian tradition and more in the EasternChristianchurches. Many of the psalms are linked to the name ofKing David,although his authorship is not accepted by modern Biblescholars. 1.105
The Audio Bible free is one the best Bible applicationsavailablefor today &dramatized. As believers the word of God ispowerfuland it is what gives life. The Bible says and the Wordbecame fleshand dwelt among us. We know the word was and is Jesus.With thisfree audio bible, you can listen to several Bible versionson yourway to work or when you are driving in your car. The audioversionin this mp3 bible has a continuous play and when you receiveaphone call the audio will automatically pause. This Bibleversioncomes with over 100 different Audio Bible languages. If youare anEnglish speaker you have the choice to choose between nondramaAudio Bible versions or Dramatized Audio Versions. Thedifferentbetween the two is that in the Dramatized version thereisbackground music. This Bible makes it possible for you to haveyourown choice. Daily Bible Verses that is sent to you via thedailynotification is one great thing about this Audio Bible. Foryourspiritual growth it is important to read and meditate on theversesyou get every day. Many advanced features are coming up withtheapplication which makes it ideal for all android mobilephones.Select your favorite translation between KJV or King JamesVersionand various other traditional versions at ease. The appallowsbelievers to take notes, highlight, and bookmarks at ease.Get allthese options or features from the navigation menu. There isFarsilanguage, ewe language, akan/twi, Awa, Burmese,Cerma,Chigogo,English Standard version, Spanish, frafra, Taiwanese,Kirghiz,Portugues, Brazilian, Thai, Chinese language as well asmany otherlanguages. The audio bible or bible audio is the bestbible app foryou today. Share with friends and family overFacebook, Twitter,Whatsapp, Pinterest Features of this Audio BibleHere are someunique features for this Audio Bible version Downloadfor offlineuse You can download the several audio version foroffline use.This means you get to listen to the audio without theneed ofinternet. You can listen to it at anything since it is nowlocal onyour phone. Please note that the audio size for the entireBible isbig but for offline bible use, download and save it. DailyChapterReading Every day you can read on Chapter of the Bible. Wehavedeveloped it in a way so that Holy Spirit brings up which onewillhelp you. We don’t have to have one general reading chapterbecausewe all have different levels of growth. That is why thisfeature isso unique. Playlist for Audio Bible Versions There is aplaylistoption for you. You can create a play list and listen to itjustlike you are using a normal mp3 player on your phone. Eachplaylisthelps you to quickly listen to verses that you arepassionateabout. It definitely draws you close to God. There areonly fewBibles at the play store and you can set Bible verses onthe widgetof your phone. Note Taking Available If you have somethings tonote down, you can do it in this Bible. The Bible comeswith notesso when you are reading a verse and feel like you need totake somenotes, you can easily do it in this Bible app. Colorhighlight forverses Take specific highlights for things you need inthe Bible.When you make this feature your friend you will be happyto knoweverything in the Bible. Let Holy Spirit help you tounderstand theBible. This Bible audio can be used anywhere and hasplaylistfeature. Absolutely Free This Bible is absolutely free. Youdo nothave to pay any money for it. You are guaranteed the best.TheBible says freely have you received, freely give, therefore wehavemade this Bible completely free for your android phone. Whatablessing we have in Jesus to get things for free. God is goodandwill forever be our Father. Download for offline use. Enjoyusingthis free audio bible for all your bible needs in Jesusname.Permission for audio use is from an authorized source.
com.kevoya.biblenkjv 7.6
Updated Version is amazing. Holy Bible, New King James Version,NKJVis growing in popularity owing to its simple and easy tounderstandEnglish. Get a free Holy Bible NKJV that workscompletely freeoffline that does not drain your mobile databundles/broadband data.OVERVIEW: Enjoy using our New King JamesVersion, NKJV Bibleapplication that enables you bookmark, share,and also zoom in ozoom out font sizes. This holy bible applicationtakes you away fromthe use of hard bible books and into the futurewhere staying inholy communion/Christian family is not an option.BOOKMARKING ANDSHARING: This NKJV bible is designed with abilityto bookmark yourfavorite verses or even remember where you LASTstopped reading.Select verses you want to bookmark. Then clickBOOK icon on the topleft corner. Verses will be added to bookmarklist. To deletebookmarked verses, swipe to the left of the verse.To share verses,just click SHARE icon after selecting verses.READING EASE: ThisNKJV bible has been designed to make readingeasy. We have includedFONT SIZE customization option thatincreases and reduces the textsize of font respectively. Slide onthe slider to your designed fontsize. You can go to screen andselect "Keep Screen On" to avoidscreen from going off. You canchange contrast from day to "NIGHTMODE". No annoying or obtrusiveadvertisements. NAVIGATION: All thebooks of the holy bible, NewKing James Version Translation, NKJV,have been included. Selectbook, say Psalms, that you want tonavigate to. Select the chapteryou want to start reading from. Allthe verses in the chapter areloaded. After finishing reading theverses of a chapter, simplyclick on NEXT ARROW button at the nearbottom right to go forwardor bottom-left to go to the previouschapter. CONNECT: Weappreciate your feedback so much. we would alsolike to connectwith you on Twitter or Instagram. Tap on theTOP-LEFT side menu.Scroll to Connect category. Email: to sendemail, select emaildeveloper. You can send email under categories,comment/feedback,error reporting, or other. Twitter: to follow uson twitter, select"Follow on Twitter" Instagram: same, click"Follow on Instagram"PERMISSIONS: NKJV bible does not requirespecial permissions. We DONOT require any privacy-violatingpermissions for you to use ourapplication. That is it. NO HIDDENpersonal data or downloads done.KEY FEATURES: *works without anyinternet connection, NKJV offline*Has both Old and New Testament*Other translations available onclick "More Applications" *Day andNight Mode *Custom notificationdelivery *Keep screen on *sharebible verses *no personal datacollected "We are on a journey tomake the best bible application,join us as we take steps". Write usan email We shall respond. Keywords: NKJVbible appnew king james version King james version bibleapplication freebible app holy bible holy bible nkjv holy bible appbible offlineoffline bible free bible free nkjv nkjv offline nivbible holybible niv holy bible good news good news bible good newsholy biblebbe bbe bible kjv bible bible kjv kjv nkjv bible whatsapp
La Sainte Bible, Louis Segond 1.4
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The classic French equivalent of the English King JamesVersion.NewEdition (1910) from the translation of King James.---IMPORTANT---Verse numbers are on the right side of the screen.Thecolor ofverse numbers is slightly brighter than verse text.If youhaveproblem with notice verse numbers, please contact usviamail.---The application comprises:- Daily and nightly modeforreading- Adjust the text size- Search verse by word or phraseusing"quoted text"- Bookmark favourite verses- Mark favouriteverseswith specific color and add notes- Viewing of user markersandfavorites.
Amplifying Bible 18.0
Carry your Bible with you everywhere! Download the Bible onlineandread or listen to the most inspirational and motivational bookofthe history! Feel closer to God with this easy reading Versionofthe Holy Bible. Love Jesus and follow God’s words to have ablessedday. This app offers you the most trusted Englishtranslation ofthe Bible, with notes, explanations and commentaries,a perfectStudy Bible for a deeper understanding of the Holy Word.Newfeatures of the app: - Free downloading - Audio Bible to listentothe entire Bible - Verse by verse commentaries - Cross-references-Sub-headings in each chapter - Select, bookmark andhighlightverses - Create a list of favorites - Share verses in thesocialnetworks - Send them through SMS, email or WhatsApp - Addyour ownnotes - Increase or decrease the size of the text for acomfortablereading - Set up night mode to mode to reduce thebrightness ofyour screen making the reading less stressful for youreyes - Theapp takes the reader directly to the last read verse whenyou openthe Bible The Holy Bible was written originally in Hebrew,Aramaicand Greek but it has been translated into many languages.There aremore than 450 translations into English. The most popularversionsin English are King James Version or Authorized Version,New KingJames Version, Amplified Bible, English Standard VersionandAmerican Standard Version. This free app will help you havetheChristian Bible at your fingertips. Read and study the Bibleonyour way to work, at the church or having a break at work.Searchthe book chapter you want and read it even without networkaccess.Change the font settings directly when reading the Bible,bookmarkyour favorite verses and share them with your friends andfamily.This incredible book has many great and shareable teachingstolearn and help your friendships. After installing our bibleappfree on your smartphone you can read the entire Bible offline,withno Wi-Fi or mobile data connection required after downloading.Theapp is very natural and intuitive so you can focus allyourattention on the holy message that God has given us in theHolybook. This Bible free app for devotionals is available forAndroidsmartphones and tablets. Don’t wait more! Download the HolyBibleon your smartphone or tablet right now and read theofficialEnglish translation no matter where you go. The Bible waswrittenin two parts: the Old and the New Testament. The OldTestamentcontains 39 books: (Genesis, Exodus,Leviticus,Numbers,Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 Samuel, 2Samuel, 1Kings, 2 Kings , 1 Chronicles, 2 Chronicles, Ezra,Nehemiah,Esther, Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song ofSolomon,Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations , Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea,Joel,Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah,Haggai,Zechariah, Malachi ) The New Testament includes 27 books:(Matthew,Mark, Luke, John, The Acts, Romans, 1 Corinthians, 2Corinthians,Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1Thessalonians, 2Thessalonians, 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus,Philemon, Hebrews,James, 1 Peter, 2 Peter, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John,Jude, Revelation)
Siddur To Go 1.3.3
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"Siddur To Go" is in your complete siddur everywhere and atanytime, at work, traveling, and in your home. The siddur isdesignedin a comfortable and beautiful way and the main thing isthat hehas it all For example: ✔ Gregorian Hebrew date converter ✔Compass✔ entire Tehilim ✔ shacharit prayer ✔ mincha andmaarivprayer ✔birkat hamazon ✔ birkat halevana ✔ hallel prayer ✔ kriasshema ✔rosh chodesh ✔ musaf prayer and more...
Bible - New King James Version (English) 1.06
Lightweight and easy to read. No internet connectionrequired.Features: - Search - Share Verses - Bookmark - Set TextSize -Bible Passages daily notification - Bible Books and Chaptersliststo fast access - Full chapter in a page - Drag pages tonavigatebetween chapters/books
Inspirational Bible Quotes
Looking for the best uplifting religious wallpapers app inGooglePlay ? Simply get our Inspirational Bible Quotes today andshowyour love to GOD... We have included all the best &inspiringChristian Quotes wallpapers from the Holy Bible in thisapp... Showyour love and faith to The Lord by downloading and applythe quotesin your daily life. Perhaps the wisdom in the psalms andverseswill be able to guide our hearts to the eternity of loveandhappiness. -- Features -- * Offline access to more than 200+ofChristian Quotes Wallpapers. * All the quotes imagesarehand-picked to ensure only the top quality images are added. *Youcan set any of the quotes pictures as wallpaper. * You can savethewallpapers on SD card. * You can share the wallpapers viaemail,Facebook, WhatsApp, BeeTalk, WeChat, Instagram, Twitter, MMSandother Social Network. * Optimized Battery Usage. * Compatiblewith99% of mobile phones & tablets devices. Surround yourselfwiththe best Bible Quotes app today !!! “The LORD is my light andmysalvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of mylife;of whom shall I be afraid? Psalm 27:1
Audio Bible Offline Portuguese 152.0
Edson Deda
Holy Bible completely Offline. The Bible (from Koine Greekτὰβιβλία, tà biblía, "the books") is a collection of texts sacredinJudaism and Christianity. It is a collection of scriptureswrittenat different times by different authors in differentlocations.Jews and Christians consider the books of the Bible to bea productof divine inspiration or an authoritative record oftherelationship between God and humans. The Christian OldTestamentoverlaps with the Hebrew Bible and the Greek Septuagint;the HebrewBible is known in Judaism as the Tanakh. The NewTestament is acollection of writings by early Christians, believedto be mostlyJewish disciples of Christ, written in first-centuryKoine Greek.These early Christian Greek writings consist ofnarratives,letters, and apocalyptic writings. Among Christiandenominationsthere is some disagreement about the contents of thecanon,primarily in the Apocrypha, a list of works that are regardedwithvarying levels of respect. Attitudes towards the Bible alsovaryamongst Christian groups. Roman Catholics, Anglicans andEasternOrthodox Christians stress the harmony and importance of theBibleand sacred tradition, while Protestant churches focus on theideaof sola scriptura, or scripture alone. This concept aroseduringthe Protestant Reformation, and many denominations todaycontinueto support the use of the Bible as the only source ofChristianteaching. With estimated total sales of over 5 billioncopies, theBible is widely considered to be the best-selling bookof all time.It has estimated annual sales of 100 million copies,and has been amajor influence on literature and history, especiallyin the Westwhere the Gutenberg Bible was the first mass-printedbook. It wasthe first book ever printed using movable type.
Bible Verses For Everyday 1.2
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The Word of God is full of encouraging verses that give us hopeandstrength for every situation we’re in. Whether you’vefoundyourself out of a job, struggling with your relationships,ornervous about an upcoming test or project at work, I’dencourageyou to turn to these inspirational bible verses by topic.In theapp you can find bible verses about: inspiration,gratitude,family, faith children,... and many more. It also worksoffline soyou do not need an internet connection to read them,because we allneed to be lifted up and encouraged at times and theBible is agreat source for encouragement. The Bible is the livingword of Godand feeds us through the promises of God found inscripture.Take adeep breath and read through them slowly. We alltoo often rushthrough things in life and miss what God is tellingus.
Healing scriptures and verses- Healing Verses Free 22
There are a lot of Bible verses or verses about healing in theHolyBible. This app has a collection of these healing verses whichareall promises we have as believers in the body of Christ.Healingscriptures, healing Bible Verses and over 200 healing Versesput onimages for daily use. There is also healing prayers thatareconstantly being added to the application. The Holy Bible is abookof life and it does give life when we meditate on thescripturesdaily. Our God reigns and as believers we can walk indivinehealth. Sickness is not from God no matter the outcome andthisshould be settled in us as Christians. The simply equation touseis this. God is good, devil is bad. So when you put asituationunder these two umbrellas then if it is good, then it isGod. Thisapplication has over 100 healing scriptures or healingverses. Theprayer was a recent update to help you pray overyourself. There ispower in prayer. As you pray over your bodybelieve and God willset you free. Are you looking for a quickreference of HealingScriptures in the Bible. Here are a fewcollection of Healing BibleVerses For Every Believer Today. Theverses are updated from timeto time so check the app. This is anonline but cached app henceafter opening the app you don't needinternet connection. In thefuture we plan to have an offlineversion. Features of this HealingBible Verse application 1. HealingVerse Category This shows a listof categories that have healingbible verses or healing scriptures.Here you can see several healingverses that you can meditate ondaily. Unfortunately the categoryhas not been named well so it maytake time for you to get used toit. 2. Favorite You can favoriteyour healing verse and get quickaccess to it. Are you in need ofhealing scriptures and healingverses from the Bible. Then favoritethem so you can easily accessthem when you don’t want to gothrough all the pile. 3. HealingPrayers There are healing prayersthat is being created at thispoint. At the moment we have a fewdiseases. We strive to add morehealing prayers and if you have anyprayer request, we will be happyto pray for your healing as well.3. Settings In settings you get toset the time you wantnotification from the healing Bible Verse app.Unless otherwiseindicated, all scripture quotations on this pageare taken from theHoly Bible, King James Version. Public domainScripture taken fromthe Holy Bible, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION®,NIV® Copyright © 1973,1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.® Used bypermission. All rightsreserved worldwide. Amplified® Bible,Copyright © 1954, 1958, 1962,1964, 1965, 1987 by The LockmanFoundation Used by permission."(
qad.goodnews 4.5
IT IS NOT JUST A Good News Bible Translation. It has 6othertranslations (NIV, KJV, RSV, The Living Bible, +more). Read ontolearn how. A free Holy Bible, Good News Bible Translationthatworks completely offline that does not drain your mobiledatabundles/broadband data. OVERVIEW: Enjoy using our Good NewsBibleapplication that enables you bookmark, share, and also zoom inozoom out font sizes. This holy bible application takes youawayfrom the use of hard bible books and into the future wherestayingin holy communion/Christian family is not an option.BOOKMARKINGAND SHARING: This Good News Bible Translation bible isdesignedwith ability to bookmark your favorite verses or evenrememberwhere you LAST stopped reading. Select verses you want tobookmark.Then click BOOK icon on the top left corner. Verses willbe addedto bookmark list. To delete bookmarked verses, swipe to theleft ofthe verse. To share verses, just click SHARE icon afterselectingverses. READING EASE: This Good News Bible has beendesigned tomake reading easy. We have included FONT SIZEcustomization optionthat increases and reduces the text size offont respectively.Slide on the slider to your designed font size.You can go toscreen and select "Keep Screen On" to avoid screenfrom going off.You can change contrast from day to "NIGHT MODE". Noannoying orobtrusive advertisements. NAVIGATION: All the books ofthe holybible, Good News Translation, have been included. Selectbook, sayPsalms, that you want to navigate to. Select the chapteryou wantto start reading from. All the verses in the chapter areloaded.After finishing reading the verses of a chapter, simplyclick onNEXT ARROW button at the near bottom right to go forwardorbottom-left to go to the previous chapter. CONNECT: Weappreciateyour feedback so much. we would also like to connect withyou onTwitter or Instagram. Tap on the TOP-LEFT side menu. ScrolltoConnect category. Email: to send email, select email developer.Youcan send email under categories, comment/feedback, errorreporting,or other. Twitter: to follow us on twitter, select"Follow onTwitter" Instagram: same, click "Follow on Instagram"SWITCH BIBLETRANSLATIONS Select top left corner icon to opennavigation menus,scroll to Settings > Bible TranslationsOptions, Selecttranslation you want, Wait for download to finish.Voila! Changesare effected after the download finishes.PERMISSIONS: Good NewsBible Translation bible does not requirespecial permissions. We DONOT require any privacy-violatingpermissions for you to use ourapplication. That is it. NO HIDDENpersonal data or downloads done.KEY FEATURES: *works without anyinternet connection *Has both Oldand New Testament *Othertranslations available on click "MoreApplications" *Day and NightMode *Custom notification delivery*Keep screen on *share bibleverses *no personal data collected "Weare on a journey to make thebest bible application, join us as wetake steps". Write us an emailto We shallrespond. Credits to: 1.IrinaKostenich from Pexels for Image usedin Navigation for many icons used Keywords:good news bible today'senglish bible good news bible good newsgood news niv bible nkjvbible app new king james version Kingjames version bibleapplication free bible app holy bible holybible nkjv holy bible appbible offline offline bible free biblefree nkjv nkjv offline nivbible holy bible niv holy bible goodnews good news bible good newsholy bible bbe bbe bible kjv biblebible kjv kjv nkjv bible whatsapp
Holy Bible NIV Free
Holy Bible NIV free android application is a great way to studytheBible in terms of the current modern world. This is a greatBibleapp that can help you study the Word of God and help youanswerwhat God's word means for today's world wherever and wheneveryouwant. The New International Version bible is easier to readthanthe KJV and NKJV. According to some reports, this isthebest-selling version of the Bible as well. Like I said, it'sveryeasy to read, so adults, teens and even younger children enjoyit.This NIV Bible (free) app comes complete with text and audioBible,all chapters of New and Old Testament. With this Holy BibleNIVfree app, you can read and hear the words of God at the sametimeand enjoy the NIV Bible no matter what time of the day it is orhowbusy you are. If you love to read, just feel free to read butifyour schedule is very busy and you do not own a single minutetosit and read on Bible then just play the audio you want andlisten!Enjoy all on your mobile device now. We are looking forwardto yourfeedback and any suggestions for improvement. Try to installnow,it's FREE!Keywords: Holy Bible NIV free, audio Bible NIV,NewInternational Version, NIV Bible app, Bible android app, NIVstudyBible, NIV, bible niv, bible app free download,niv biblefreedownload
Bible en français Louis Segond 4.2a
Bible en français Louis Segond (Traduction King James Version -KJV)- Naviguez à travers les différents livres, chapitres etversets -Plans de lecture: plans de lecture multiples pour lalecture de laBible dans 30, 45, 60, 90, 180 ou 365 jours.(Free/PRO) - Continuerla lecture à partir de la dernière stropheen un seul clic! -(NOVEAUTÉ) Widget avec des versets au hasard àchaque heure. -Section Paramètres pour configurer facilementl'application. -Faites glisser de gauche à droite pour aller auchapitre/planprécédent et de droite à gauche pour aller auchapitre/plan suivant.- Nouveau design avec ActionBar. Dispositionspéciale pour lestablettes. - Pack d'icônes renouvelé - Copiervers le presse-papiers- A appui long sur une verset vous permettrade l'ajouter à vosfavoris ou partager avec les réseaux sociaux. -Voir vos versetspréférés. Vous pouvez les supprimerindividuellement avec un appuilong. - Vous pouvez rechercherl'Bible entière, dans un Testamenttout entier, dans un livre oumême un chapitre spécifique. - Versetaléatoire dans la paged'accueil. - Changez la taille de la policepour une lectureconfortable. Pour plus de fonctionnalités, achetezla version"Bible Louis Segond PRO" - Trois modes de contraste pourunelecture facile: jour, nuit et sépia. - Tous les plans delectureactivés. - Lire la Bible en mode paysage / horizontaleouverticale. - Pas annonces. - Amélioration de la vitesse. InFrenchNKJV (Translation King James Version - KJV) - Browse throughthevarious books, chapters and verses - Reading Plans:Multiplereading plans for reading the Bible in 30, 45, 60, 90, 180or 365days. (Free / PRO) - Continue reading from the last stanzawith asingle click! - (NOVEAUTÉ) Widget with verses randomly everyhour.- Section Settings to configure the application easily. -Swipefrom left to right to go to the previous chapter / level andfromright to left to go to the next chapter / plan. - New DesignwithActionBar. Special provision for tablets. - Renewed Icon Pack-Copy to clipboard - A long press on the verse will allow you toaddit to your favorites or share with social networks. - Seeyourfavorite verses. You can delete them individually with alongpress. - You can search the entire Bible in a whole Testament,abook or even a specific chapter. - Random Verse in the home page.-Change the font size for comfortable reading. For morefeatures,buy the version "NKJV PRO" - Three contrast modes for easyreading:day, night and sepia. - All enabled blueprint reading. -Read theBible in landscape / horizontal or vertical mode. - No ads.-Improved speed.