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Super Sloth
Super Sloth is the most fun, addicting, cute, and freeendlessrunner out there! And he's the slothiest sloth of them all.How farcan you get Super Sloth before he plummets to his doom? Taptojump, and tap to jump again! It's that simple! Beat the highscore,and you'll be rewarded with a KICKIN pair of shades for yournextrun! Holy wow! Pass Super Sloth between friends and family forsomegood-natured (??) competition, or just rock it solo for awhile.Super sloth don't care!INCLUDES: - Double-jump action! -Adorablesloths! - Adorable sloths with sunglasses! - High scores!-Sentient platforms! - Stars!- Fun for the whole family! -Endlessrunning!- It's free!- Automatically become more popular withyourkids!- Easter EggsFollow Super Sloth on Twitter at@SuperSlothGame!THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN, AND THEY LOVE THE SUPERSLOTH GAME!
Sloth Evolution - Tap & Evolve Clicker Game
Being named after the laziest deadly sin gave sloths anunfairstigma, and it’s up to you to change that!Combine crazymutantsloth species to create surprising new breeds oftheseslow-blooming creatures and discover their hiddenpotential!You’llfind that sloths can be loving pets, highlyproficient climbers andincredibly efficient trackers…If you’rewilling to wait a little,that is.LAZY FEATURES💤 Pantheon: a newplace for supreme beings tolook down on us mortals and laugh at ourmisery💤Impostors: watchout for impostors trying to steal thespotlight from the slothsHOWTO PLAY💤 Drag and drop similar slothsto create new mysteriouscreatures💤Use sloth eggs to earn coins, buynew creatures and makeeven more money💤Alternatively, fiercely tap asloth to make coinspop from their eggsHIGHLIGHTS💤Different stagesand many slothspecies to discover💤A mind-blowing story with awesome(butslowly-developing) twists!💤The unexpected mix ofalpaca-likeevolution and incremental clickergames💤Doodle-likeillustrations💤Open-ended gameplay: enjoy thefreedom!💤No slothswere harmed in the making of this game, onlydevelopersSlothwisdom: the best things take a loooooooong time tohappen.Pleasenote! This game is free to play, but it contains itemsthat can bepurchased for real money. Some features and extrasmentioned in thedescription may also have to be purchased for realmoney.
Sloth Advisor
WHY YOU NEED A SLOTH ADVISOR:Have you ever faced a tough decisioninlife and not know what to do? Thankfully you can have your veryownSloth Advisor to guide you on life's journey. Why should youtrustadvice from a sloth? It's simple, these guys don't makehastydecisions. In fact they don't do anything quickly which makesthemexcellent advisors, weighing all possible options before takingasingle action. Let Sloth Advisor tell you if you should goouttonight, order a pizza, or buy a new car. Sloths specializeinbasic 'yes' or 'no' decisions, so don't get to complicated.Goahead, ask your Sloth Advisor a question. FEATURES:- Nearly20sloths - some famous - some not. Regardless, they will giveyousolid advice - Examples include King sloth, Spidey sloth,Queensloth, Doc sloth, Kung fu sloth, plus many other popularsloths -Sloths are randomly selected using sloth programming magic-100%more sloths than a Magic 8 BallUSE SCENARIO:You and yourfriendsare deciding what to do on a Friday night. Sally wants to goto amovie and Jim Bob wants to go catch lightning bugs (Jim Bob isaweird guy - but everyone puts up with him because he has acar).Looks like it's time to use the Sloth Advisor. You whip itout..."Sloth Advisor, should we do what Sally want's to do?" hittheSloth Answer button, wait a few seconds and boom! The RoyalQueenSloth's image appears stating "Royally. Yes." Looks like it'smovietime!DISCLAIMER:Sloth Advisor is just for fun, much like aMagic 8Ball. Please don't sell your house, move to the other sideof theworld, or go fire walking just because a silly app says youshould.
Sloth Eat Egg Please
Jerry the sloth must travel into deep space to defeat theomelettepeople.The omelette people are trying to take over theuniversewith their highly dangerous eggs. Jerry must eat the eggstominimise their evil threat and take back control of thegalaxy...once and for all.Help Sloth Eat Egg PLEESE.The Facts:•Sloths areclumsy on land but are great swimmers, plus try to eateggs inspace.• Sloths are arboreal animals, so they spend most oftheirtime in trees, plus try to eat eggs in space.• Slothsonlyurinate/defecate once a week, plus try to eat eggs inspace.•Contrary to their reputation, sloths only sleep about 10hours aday, plus try to eat eggs in space.• Sloths defecate andurinate atthe same place every time and because of this they arevulnerableto predators, plus try to eat eggs in space.• Algae growon theirfur, which camouflages them green, plus try to eat eggs inspace.•Sloths diets consist mostly of leaves which gives themminimalenergy and nutrition, plus try to eat eggs in space.•Sloths’primary predators include eagles, snakes, and jaguars, plustry toeat eggs in space.• Sloths can retain their grip after death,plustry to eat eggs in space.• Three-toed sloths can turn theirheadsalmost 360 degrees, plus try to eat eggs in space.• Slothsarenocturnal animals, plus try to eat eggs in space.• Sloths haveupto four-inch-long claws used to hold onto tree branches, plustryto eat eggs in space.• Sloths are solitary creatures whoonlygather to mate, plus try to eat eggs in space.• Female slothsarenormally pregnant for seven to 10 months and will only givebirthto one baby, plus try to eat eggs in space.• Sloths can liveup to40 years old, plus try to eat eggs in space.
Sloth is a little game, easy to play, with fun andcolorfuldesigns!Help the Sloth to walk as far as possible ... butbecareful to carnivorous plants!Help the Sloth to collect a lotofbananas on his way.With these bananas you can buy upgrades fortheSloth, and lives to go farther.And also new costumes fortheSloth!Unlock 'success' to win ever more bananas!Compare yourhighscore with your friends by logging inwithfacebook!------------------------------------------------------------------------------GamePlay: simple game play, easy to control ------ Graphics:niceconcepts, beautiful drawing ------ (*480 resolutionuse andengine
Hands Of The Grape Sloth
"Do You Really Need An Explanation For This Game? You Play AsASloth, Riding A Skateboard, On A Boardwalk, Filled WithPeople...Things Will Make More Sense When You Play."You Control TheGrapeSloth In This Energy Filled Arcade Romp.TOTALLY FREE!!!!GlobalLeader Boards Coming Soon!
Sloth Goonies
Your favorite quotes from Sloth from the Goonies! From HEY YOUGUYS!to MA YOUVE BEEN BAD! 7 quotes in total. Basically the bestSlothsounds app around. Simply choose a quote from the drop downmenu andclick on Sloth to hear him talk! REMEMBER TO TURN YOURPHONESMEDIA/SOUNDS VOLUME UP!!!!Sloth soundboard rules... moreKevApps tocome!
Slothy is a sloth who lives on a tree. He loves to do nothing,yawn,and sleep. But - he must eat otherwise he'll die. Slothy'sfavoritefood is the Açaí fruit - and since he is so lazy, he can'treach thefruit himself. Help Slothy reach the fruit by bendingbranches, makeSlothy jump on branches, avoid Slothy's enemy suchas the eagle orsnakes, and collect as many flies as you can duringthe ride!Slothyalso has a fan page on facebook- us to get updates formorestages, extra stuff and new updates on the game!Hope you'llhavefun playing the game,Team SLOTH -Inbar Gabe, Roie Saltsman,MichaelSebag, Eran Rothfeld.
Super Space Sloths
The year is 2016. The Earth has been bombarded with rogueasteroidsthat have destroyed most of the surface, forcing mankindto hide incaves until the onslaught subsides. Fortunately, theSolar Systemis patrolled by docile, yet deadly hordes of Three-ToedSloths,wielding powerful weapons of cosmic destruction. Pilot theeerilysmiling Space Sloth in this crazy arcade action shooter! InSinglePlayer Mode, survive as long as possible as you dodge anddestroyspiraling asteroids using a barrage of weapons ranging fromthecharged plasma bolt, to a spinning saw blade of carnage. Fireupthe space laser and melt enemies in Multiplayer modewithtwo-player asteroid-destroying action! Next featurestodevelop:-Submit high score directly form game.-Bettermultiplayermatchup.-Achievements and integrated GooglePlayservices.Supporting this game directly helpsfurtherdevelopment!Remember, in space, nobody can hear your Slothquietlysmile, then eat some leaves.
Get ready to catch leaves!Help the sloth get food beforeitshungerruns out by collecting leaves with the help ofvariouspower-upsand upgrades!• Unlock costumes and accessories•Beautifulpixel artgraphics!• Collect 4 different powerups• Upgradeyoursloth's speedand health• Compete on the leaderboards forthehighest score inthe world!How long can you make it?
Sloth Facts
An endless stream of sloth facts with fitting images.
Jungle Animal Hair Salon - Wild Pets Makeover
Cut, color, shampoo, style and dress up super cute jungleanimals:sloth, leopard, toucan, elephant, bear and giraffe! Our topgamefor kids and toddlers Animal Hair Salon now takes the littleoneson a crazy jungle hairstyle adventure with new adorable animalsandeven more makeover fun!Jungle animals love to change how theylook!Color, cut, shave, wash, dry, comb and style their hair, furandfeathers. Do fancy manicure for sloth, leopard and giraffe.Playjungle fashion designer and dress up tropical animals incrazyfashionable clothes. If your hairy salon clients get thirsty,makethem fresh fruit cocktails! GAME FEATURESStylishSlothMakeoverLovely sloth Linda wants to get a new look, make herwishcome true! Create a classy hairstyle - cut, dye, comb andstyleLinda’s hair. Clean up her super long nails, color them pinkandcover with glitter. Dress up lady Linda with yourfavoritet-shirts, summer hats, sunglasses, accessories and jewelry,andtake a picture of your creation! Leopard Amy CareCute leopardAmywas playing in the jungle and got dirty! Wash her fluffy furwithshampoo, dry, comb and cut Amy’s hair, and make a funnyponytail onher head! Create leopard makeup and matching leopardnail art.Dress up this sweet leopard in the most adorable jungleclothes andtake a photo of her!Toucan Carnival MakeoverToucan Rosacame herefrom Brazil rain forests to dress up for the Carnival! Shelovesbright colors and she even has a picture of her dream look.Doparty makeup and color Rosa’s beak bright green, orange, pinkandbaby blue. Free your imagination and create her the mostbeautifulcarnival costume!Giraffe Day SpaFashionista giraffe Rachelwantsher favorite day spa treatments! Wash and shave her longhairylegs. Cut, shave, dye and wash her hair. Polish Rachel’s nailsredand surprise her with bright makeup. Play giraffe dress up,choosefrom punk clothes and accessories in 7 categories, andcreateRachel a new punk outfit!Baby Elephant SpaMeet the lovelybabyelephant Sarah and create her a new cute look! Wash, showerandshave her, dye Sarah’s hair and tail, color the nails anddomakeup. Dress up Sarah with baby girl dresses, tropicalflowers,bracelets and tail ribbons! Bear Kim Beauty TimeBaby bearKim lookscute even with tree leaves and sticks stuck in her fur butit’smakeover time! Style her for tonight’s hip hop music concert:firstwash, cut and dye Kim’s hair in hot pink, then design her asupercool outfABOUT TutoTOONS Games for KidsCrafted and play-testedwithkids and toddlers, TutoTOONS games cherish the childhood andhelpchildren learn the basic life skills through games theylove.Dressup games can develop creativity and art skills, cleanupgames buildgood every day habits, cooking games show how to helpparents athome, pet games teach to share and care. These are just afewexamples how TutoTOONS games let children explore the worldaroundthem and develop on their screen time.PRIVACYThis app is freetoplay but there are certain in-game items that may be purchasedforreal money. By downloading this app you agree to TutoTOONSPrivacyPolicy and Terms of Use.Discover more fun withTutoTOONS!Play ourgames: us onFacebook: ourYouTubechannel: Subscribe our newsletterforfamilies (coming soon):
Dance of Sloth Live Wallpaper
You really love to dance, you really love dance, feel therhythm,these  wallpaper is for you. You will appear on thescreensloth, Worms show you some professional movements, how todance.Will show you a cool dance. In fact, it is very cool)Download thissoftware free of charge and change your wearing day!-The highestquality "live wallpaper" for your phone;- Full supportfor 95% ofmobile phones;- This live wallpaper best of your choice;-You canchange the settings;- HD image quality;- Optimized batteryuse,supports sleep mode;- Totally free wallpaper for your screen.
Cat or Sloth Coin Toss
Check out this easy to use coin toss featuring delightfulpicturesof cats and sloth's. You'll be the centre of attention asyou sortout all of the disagreements with Cat or Sloth Coin Toss!
Sloth Launcher
Get quick access to your apps, shortcuts and quick-toggles justwhenyou need them. Create multiple scenarios by using differenttriggerwhich will ensure that your apps are only availablewhenneeded.Example ScenariosGet quick access to your music appswhenyou plug in your headsetGet quick access to your fitness appsandfavorite music playlist when nearby your workout locationGetquickaccess to your navigation and fuel-saving apps when connectedtoyour in-car BluetoothFeatures• NEW: Chose between 2 displaymodes:Notification, sidebar-overlay• NEW: Assign quick-toggles toyourszenarios (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Silent mode, Flashlight,Auto-rotate)•NEW: Assign shortcuts to your szenarios (e.g. Directcall a contactor start google maps navigation to a specificlocation)• NEW:Customize your shortcuts by using our new app"Aycon"• Intuitiveuser interface (Material Design)• Ad-Free• ThemeEditor: Change thenotification or sidebar-overlay appearance tomatch your personalstyle (Premium-Feature)• Icon-pack support•Works with yourexisting launcherTrigger TypesFree Trigger types:•Headphones: Whenheadphones are plugged in• Wi-Fi: When connected toa specificWi-Fi network• Always active: Scenario is alwaysactivePremiumTrigger types:• Bluetooth: When connected to aspecific Bluetoothdevice• Charging: When the device is charging•GEO Location: Whenin a certain location• Calling: When calling•Time: On specifictime / day• Tasker: When receiving a Tasker SystemIntent•Notification: When a notification of a specific appisshownPermissionsSloth Launcher needs the following permissionstooperate correctlyView Wi-Fi connectionsUsed by our Wi-Fi Triggertodetect Wi-Fi connection changesview network connectionsRequiredforGoogle Maps in the GEO Location Trigger to determine whetherdatacan be downloadedprecise location (GPS andnetwork-based)Requiredfor our GEO Location Triggeracccess BluetoothsettingsUsed by ourBluetooth trigger to detect when a Bluetoothdevice has beenconnected or disconnectedpair with BluetoothdevicesRequired toread the list of paired Bluetooth devices duringthe configurationof the Bluetooth Triggerconnect and disconnectfrom Wi-FiAllows usto turn on your Wi-Fi to get the list of knownWi-Fi networksduring the configuration of the Wi-Fi TriggerfullnetworkaccessRequired for Google Maps to download map tiles fromGoogleMaps serversread phone status and identityUsed by ourCallingtrigger to detect phone callsrun at startupRequired to startourbackground service after a device rebootdraw over otherappsAllowsus to display our overlay on top of otherappscontrolvibrationTouch feedbackread, modify or delete thecontents of yourUSB storageRequired for Google Maps to cache maptile dataGooglePlay billing serviceRequired for our in-app PremiumupgradeTakepictures and videosRequired for our flashlightquick-toggleModifysystem settingsRequired for our orientationquick-toggleDirectlycall phone numbersStart a call with yourcontact from our overlay
To Do for Sloth!
"To Do for Sloth!" is efficient task manager show you whatyoushould do now!"ToDo Tasks Now" will display, When you turn onthedisplay of the smartphone.You can finish up yourtaskseffectively.*"ToDo Tasks Now" is list of tasks selectedmatchingperiod, time, day of the week.[Features]-Display to dotasks, whenyou turn on the display of the smartphone-remainder-4size listwidgets and a illustration widget-Routinetasks-Groupsetting-illustration design & list design-Databackup forsdcard[Permissions]NETWORK COMMUNICATION:For adsPHONECALLS:Forstop message display, during a callSTORAGE:For backupforsdcardSYSTEM TOOLS:For stop messasge display, during alermappsrunningHARDWARE CONTROLS:For vibration of reminder[Contactme] impressions and questions,pleasemail me in English or Japanese.
Lazybones Trap Day Planner
Spend your time usefully!Lazybones Trap - is unique dayplannerwhich allows you to plan your day fastly and easily and alsonot toforget about all your important events!Lazybones Trap - isyourreflection. You will see how your life changes, how much plansyoucomplete and how much things you are lazy to do. Creategoals,reach them and your "unlaziness" level will increase everyday!Whyshould you choose Lazybones Trap?○ You have a greatopportunity toplan different areas of activity: study, sport, food,work and moreelse. Create the reminders for day, month, year, writedowneverything which is important - Lazybones Trap will remindyouabout everything.○ Wide range of properties for reminders. Youcanchoose the time, the repeating period and of course, useLazybonesTrap as an alarm.○ Application appearance can becustomized by yourtaste. Choose beautifull themes and reminderscolours to uncoveryour individuality.○ Inbuilt function "Notepad"gives you anopportunity to write down everything in any time anyplace.○ Smalland comfortable widgets will show your dailyreminders. You canfastly browse them right from your desktop.○ Earnpoints - becomeless lazy as you are now. Earn points and increaseyour"unlaziness" level for every completed goal. Less laziness -morepleasant bonuces!Work on yourself, reach a success - LazybonesTrapwill help you!More information in our VKsociety:
شما هیچوقت براي انجام تمام کارهایی که باید انجام بدهید فرصتکافیندارید. شما به معناي واقعیکلمه در انبوه کارها، مسئولیتهايفردي،پروژهها، روزنامه ها و مجله هاي زیادي که باید بخوانید وکتابهایی کهروي هم انبار شده اند تا یک روز، به محض اینکه فرصتش را پیداکردید بهسراغ آنهابروید، غرق شده اید.اما واقعیت این است که هیچوقتنمیتوانیدعقب افتادگی خود را جبران کنید و از کارهایتان جلوبیافتید.شما هرگزنمیتوانید آنقدر از کارها پیشی بگیرید که بتوانید تمام آنکتابها ونشریه ها رابخوانید و نیز به تفریحاتی که همیشه آرزویش راداشته ایدبپردازید.مطالبی که در این کتاب مطرح میشود بسته به میزاندانش وتجربه شما برایتان آشنا به نظر خواهدرسید. این کتاب مطالب موردنظر رابه سطح بالاتري از آگاهی شما منتقل خواهد کرد. با یاد گرفتناینروشهاو تکنیکها و به کارگیري مداوم آنها تا جایی که تبدیل به عادتشوندمیتوانید جریان زندگیخود را به نحوي بسیار مثبت تغییر دهید. بعضیازافراد بهتر از دیگران عمل میکنند، چون کارهاي بخصوصی را بهروشمتفاوتی انجام میدهند. در واقع کارهاي درست را با روش درستانجاممیدهند، بخصوص اینکه این افراد از وقتشان به نحوي بسیار بسیاربهتر ازیک فرد عادي استفاده میکنند.این کتاب براي این نوشته شده استکه بهشما نشان بدهد چطور در کارهایتان سریعتر پیش بروید.روشهایی که دراینکتاب میخوانید شامل21 اصل است که در مجموع قدرتمندترین اصولی استکهتاکنون در زمینه کارآیی فردي کشف شده است.You do not have enoughtimeto do all that must be done. You literallyWord on masswork,personal responsibility, the projects, the many newspapersandmagazines to readBooks that have been piled up one day, as soonasyou find the chance to themGo, you're sunk.But the fact is thatyoucan never make up arrears and the work aheadFall. You can nevergetenough of the things that you can beat all the books andjournalstoRead the entertainment that you always have dreamedit.Materialpresented in this book depending on the knowledge andexperienceyou will look familiar to youReached. This book contentto betransferred to a higher level of consciousness. TolearnthisMethods and techniques and continuous use them untiltheybecome a habit you can live streamSelf as a verypositivechange. Some people are better than others, becausecertainthings are done in a different way. In fact, doing rightthingswith the right technique, especially since these people spendsomuch better than a normal person would use.The book is writtentoshow you how things go faster.Read this book include the waysinwhich a total of 21 powerful principlesThat has been discoveredonindividual performance.
أيها الكسل الزائر سأقتلك لأعيش!!سأتخلص منك قبل أن تتخلص مني!!وأجهزعليك قبل أن تجهز على قلبيلأقتلك ولو بعد حين !!فقد انتهتالهدنةونفدت مهلتك!!ولن أكتفي بذلك بل سألاحقك في قلوب الغافلينوبيوتالنائمينوأغزوك في عقر داركوأقتلعك من جذوركثم أرمي بكبعيدًاأدفنكإلى غير رجعةوأزرع بدلاً منك شوقا إلى العمل لأكون مفتاحخيرأدل الناسعليهوآخذ بأيديهم إليهلأكون للمتقين إمامًاوفي صفوف الجنةأمامًامنكلمات الشيخ/ خالد أبو شاديمميزات التطبيق* يعمل التطبيق بدونالحاجةللانترنت* امكانية تكبير الصفحة وتصغيرها * نشر التطبيقلأصدقائكبسهولةDear visitor lazinessI'll kill you to live !!Wouldget rid ofyou before you get rid of me !!And finished off youbefore they aremade on my heartTo kill even after a while !!Trucewas over and ranout Mhiltk !!And will not limit myself to that, butin the heartsof unsuspecting Salahakk houses sleepingAnd Ogzuk intheir ownArcThe roots of OguetekThen throw away yourOdvinkirrevocablyAnd Iplant instead of you longing to workTo be the bestkeyEvidenced bythe peopleAnd take it into their own handsTo be animam for thecautiousIn the ranks of the Paradise AmamaSheikh /Khaled Abu ShadiwordsApplication features* Application workswithout the need forInternet* Possibility page zoom in and out*Publish the applicationto your friends easily
Тест - Насколько ты ленивый?
Лень – это такая штука, которая может случиться с каждым. Укого-тоона от усталости, кому-то не хватает личной мотивации, акто-тотакой не дисциплинированный лентяй и ленится постоянно.Иногда –возможно проявление лени и полезно, может и не стоитсуетиться, анадо отдохнуть. Главное, потом не брать это в привычку.НасколькоВы ленивый человек – наш тест поможет Вам этовыявить.Прикольныйтест на леньLaziness - it's the sort of thingthat can happen toanyone. Someone she tired of someone lackingpersonal motivation,and someone not so disciplined lazy and lazyall the time.Sometimes- perhaps a manifestation of laziness anduseful, may not worth thefuss, and we have to rest. The main thing,then do not take it ahabit. How much do you lazy people - our testwill help youidentify it.Cool test laziness
Clawbert is a lonely claw. He only has two fingers. But he hasafull heart! Help Clawbert find friends. Make Clawberthappyagain!The Clawbert UFO catcher machine is great for childrenandadults alike. Collect the cutest, most adorable toy creaturesfromsurprise eggs as you try to fill your collection. OMG is thatarare surprise egg?!? Catch it before the machineresets.Collectthem all! Unlock all the toy creatures and a surprisecould be instore for you.If you want to make suggestions or tell usyourfeedback, hit us on twitter @HyperBeard
اهلا بكم في لعبة كسلان القرصاناللعبة هي لعبة مغامرات بطلهاالرائعكسلان صديقكم المحبوب والذي يحتاجكم لتجاوز غمار هاتهالمنافسةفصديقكمهو في مهمته والذي هو فيها بدور قبطان ويواجه المتاعبوالمصاعب فيالطريق لذا سيحتاج ذكاءكم لتكملة اللعبة والذي هو شخصيةمرحة محبةللكسل والذي ستلعب به هذه اللعبة.كيفية لعب كسلان ومغامراته؟ما عليكسوى الضغط على الشاشة لكي تتجاوز المصاعب كما انه وفي كثير منالاحياناللعبة تتطلب ذكاء شديد لتجاوز المراحل لأن المراحل في لعبةكسلانتتدرج الصعوبة فيها تدريجيا وصديقنا صديق خلفان يحتاج ذكاءكوفطنتكلتجاوز الصعاب.ماهي مميزات اللعبة؟- صور ذات جودة عالية- خلفياترائعةوعوالم منوعة- اصوات حقيقية لكسلان تمتعك اثناء اللعب-قابليةتقييمونشر اللعبة عبر وسائل التواصل- اللعبة بدون موسيقىنحتاجكملنشراللعبة لكي يستمتعوا اصدقاءكم بها ايضا وتكون منافسة بينكم وبينهمعلىاحسن مستوى ومن يفتح المستوى الثاني اولاقناة ماجد وما فيها منشخصياتخلفان نبهان وامونة المزيونة ستكون قادمة ان شاء اللهنتمنى انتنالاللعبة رضاكم وفي قادم الالعاب ان شاء اللهصديقكم الوفييسلمعليكمWelcome to the game of Lazy PirateThe game is a game ofgreatadventures hero Lazy beloved friend who Ihtajkm to bypass themidstof these circumstances competitionVsidikkm is in his missionandthat is where the role of the captain is facing troublesanddifficulties in the way intelligence falls, so will needtosupplement the gameWhich is a fun-loving personality and sloth,whowill play with this game.How to play truant andhisadventures? Just click on the screen to go beyondthedifficulties he also, in many cases, require a veryintelligentgame to overcome the stages because the stages in thegame Lazyranging in difficulty and gradually our friend, a friendKhalfanyour intelligence and Aftntek needs to overcome theodds.What arethe advantages of the game?- High quality images-Wallpapers anddiverse worlds- Sounds real lazy while playing youenjoy-kablahEvaluation and dissemination of the game through themeans ofcommunication- The game without musicWe need you to spreadthe gameto enjoy by your friends and also be a competition betweenyou andthem at the best level and the second level opensfirstMajidchannel and what they figures Khalfan Al Nabhan andAmmuna Mazyonawill come, God willing,We hope that impair yoursatisfaction in thegame is coming, God willing GamesLoyal friendgreet you
Slop Motion Cube Runner
Slow the cube down by tapping and holding the screen toavoidobstacles! How far can you go?Touch the screen and hold toslowdown and ovoid spikes and secret obstacles! Make insane runsandbeat your friend's scores!Unlock the New Characters for500Gems!What is your best score?*Addictive Gameplay!
Part Time UFO
○Part time worker, full time UFO!In Part Time UFO, fly a UFOaroundand complete odd jobs.Help out at a farm, supportcheerleaders,cook up the ultimate dessert at a restaurant, buildcastles, andmuch more!Wherever the UFO goes, there are sure to beplenty ofjobs waiting.At the center of all this is the UFO's superspecialawesome claw!Use the claw crane to grab, move, and stackobjects tocomplete jobs.○Change your look with classy outfits!Useyourhard-earned money to buy costumes to change into.Wearing thesecangive the UFO a whole new look and new abilities.Whether you wanttoshow your stripes with the Tiger Suit or zip around in NinjaWear,there are lots of costumes to pick and choose from.○Lots offriends(and foes?)!Meet tons of people on the job.From atight-lipped shipcaptain, a clumsy museum curator, or a fishyprofessor, to evenelephants, dogs, and hamsters, they'll cheer onthe UFO duringjobs, let out a sigh when the UFO fails, and show allkinds ofreactions.Some of them may also be disguised and hidinginwait...○Work those tunes!Part Time UFO features tons ofcatchybeats.They're scientifically proven to make youmoreproductive.*Not scientifically proven○Share yourmasterpiece!Job?What job? Sometimes a UFO's just gotta stack to itsunidentifiedflying heart's content.Create fun or artistic shapesand snap someshots!Show off the fruits of your labor with allyourfriends.○"Works" with Google Play.Try your claw at lotsofdifferent achievements!Become the part-timeliest part-timer ofthemall![Caution]◆No in-app purchasesThis app contains noin-apppurchases.◆Available languagesThe following languagesareavailable:Japanese, Italian, Spanish, German, French,Chinese(Traditional and Simplified), English, Korean.◆CompatibleOSAndroid4.4 or newer▽OfficialSite▽OfficialTwitterAccount
Pigeon Pop
The ultimate bird game, timing is critical!This fun tapping newgamecraze is insanely addictive. Control the pigeon as it dancesandpops it’s way through the fruit. Avoid popping the bad things.Youcan also choose various birds such as parrots and peacocks.Thereare over 100 levels!
Doofus Drop
Experience the most fartastic fun you’ll ever have in DoofusDrop:the idiotic game that will fascinate and weird you out at thesametime! Send Doofus flopping down treacherous mountain slopesbyfarting your way through hillside hazards like garbageeddies,giant forks, pits of worms, and the occasional comedicdisembodiedhead. Collect stars to buy fabulous upgrades andpowerups for yourDoofus-launching gear, and see if you’redrop-tacular enough toearn the coveted Golden Streak: the ultimatecycling machine. Ifyou’re really lucky, you might even catch a rideon the elusiveFlatchy Bird!Doofus Drop is a moronic masterpiece ofaddictivegaming mayhem, unique and captivating art, and top-notchfartjokes. If you don’t think farts are funny, stop lying toyourselfand play Doofus Drop.--- WHY YOU’LL LOVE DOOFUS ---• DEFYthemayhem of the mountain as you strive for amazing drops.• FARTyourway through obstacles in a delicious frenzy of flatulence.•EARNstars to unlock hilariously useful powerups and items.•COMPETEagainst players worldwide for the best drop distance.•UNLOCKachievements and prove your drop-tacular skills.
Leap Day
Leap Day is a fast paced action platformer with a brand newlevelevery day! really EVERY DAY! until the ENDOFTIME!Features:• A brand new level you can finish every day!• Setina different location every day!• Everyone will have exactlythesame level every day!• Different traps every day!•Differentmonsters every day!• Finish the day and get a gold trophystamp onyour calendar... every day! (As long as your good enough!)•Did weget across there's a ton of new stuff every day?Also:• Simpleonetouch gameplay in portrait orientation. A perfect platformer onthego!• A colourful and stunning pixel art world. Retro nostalgiais ago!• A real labour of love from the whole Nitrometeam!-Importantinformation-This game contains third partyadvertising and crosspromotion for other nitrome games, both whichcan be removed via aone time In App Purchase.
Drop Eraser
◇◆◇ On the coattails of all of you 3000,000 downloading, thankyou!◇◆◇I have a great reaction led by a school and theworkplace!Inaddition, I raise the ideas of the challenge mode atany time!Iwant to adopt the interesting idea positively!Flick! Hit!Push!Goodold DropEraser comes up by application!Flick the eraser oftheenemy to the outside of the desk!The usable eraser more than150kinds!I defeat an enemy, and let's leave all erasers open!A playispossible to up to four people with the Multi-play mode!Itiscertain that I liven up with a friend and a family!◇ ◆ SAT-BOXapp◆ ◇Pen series clamp500,000 DL breakthroughtotalMonstersCoin400,000 DL breakthrough totalGalaxylaserseries300,000 DLbreakthrough totalDark Knight Story Series100,000DL breakthroughtotalOther popular series number!Total 7,000,000 DLbreakthroughapp!Send by mail the following inquiries
★★★★★ "Best fighter for mobile hands down!" - ChrisO'Connor★★★★★"My favorite mobile game of all time" - Rithore★★★★★"I'm so glad Ifound this game!" - Asika AkaruSkullgirls is a 2DFighting RPGpacked with unique, colorful characters to collect,upgrade, andcustomize as you search for the mysteriousSKULLGIRL!STUNNING 2DANIMATIONThousands of frames of carefullyhand-drawn 2D animationdelivers one of the most visually polishedgames you’ll play onmobile!A FIGHTING GAME FOR EVERYONE- Customcontrols designedspecifically for mobile allow you to effortlesslyexecute a widevariety of amazing moves and combos with a single tapor swipe.-New Fighting Game player? Use Fight Assist and focus ONLYonstrategic decisions.- Experienced Fighting Game player?Discoverdeep tactical choices, unique combos, juggles, and more!-Finally,a Fighting Game for everyone!FULL RPG PROGRESSION- RPGplayers willfeel right at home!- Collect dozens of Characters thatcan each becustomized in a variety of ways to suit your playstyle!-Level Upand Evolve your Fighters to maximize their potential-UnlockSpecial Moves and Blockbusters that can be upgraded andequippedbefore each battle - pick the perfect loadout!- Build teamsof upto 3 Fighters - find the best combination to maximizesynergies!-Explore an ever-growing collection of charactersGAMEMODES- StoryMode - Seek out the Skullgirl before she destroys NewMeridian!-Prize Fights - Compete with other players to unlock newFighters!-Daily Events - Character-specific events are added daily- can youconquer them all?- Training - Practice combos, trydifferent teamcombinations and perfect your technique!- More modescoming soon!
Boonk Gang
Whole Lotta ... Boonk Gang!HOW TO PLAY:Tap the left side ofthescreen to rotate leftTap the right side of the screen torotaterightAvoid "The Man" and The law as you "Boonk" cashfromunsuspecting onlookers. Collect powers ups to help Boonkcollectstacks of cash to buy new gear.#freeboonk
Dragon Project
🏆 Winner of the Pocket Gamer People’s Choice Award 🏆🏅AnAndroidExcellence Awardee 🏅❤️ Over 45,000 5-star reviews ❤️🙌Featured onthe Google Play Store in over 30 countries 🙌Hunter,welcome toHeiland! Dragons and monsters have taken over the kingdomand it’syour mission to battle them in this action MMORPG. Gatheryourallies to summon and battle mighty Behemoths together in realtimewith co-op multiplayer. Then forge powerful weapons and armorfromtheir materials. Join us on this action-packed adventure tohuntall the dragons, master all the monsters — and collect alltheirequipment sets 💪. It’s the most fun you can have with onefinger!☝️Hunt dragons and monsters✔ Summon Behemoths, then defeatthem toforge powerful equipment✔ New Behemoths for you to summonandbattle every two weeks ✔ Limited-time game events happeningeveryday!✔ Action-packed and skill-led battles against dragonsandmonstersPlay co-op multiplayer with friends. Or make friendsbyplaying.✔ Defeat Behemoths with 3 other players in real-timeco-opmultiplayer battles ✔ Get competitive with Grand Prix andArenaleaderboard events✔ Play privately with real-life friendsbyjoining a Lounge (Level 15 onwards)✔ Meet other Huntersplayingalongside you in this MMORPG adventureForge and collectequipmentsets✔ Thousands of weapon, armor and Magi combinations tosuit yourplaystyle✔ Five weapon classes to pick from: Sword &Shield,Spear, Great Sword, Bow, Dual Blades✔ Hundreds of Magistones togain magical skills and enhance your battle style✔ Sixequipmentslots in the Hunter’s Closet to personalize your play✔Forge newequipment from Behemoths released in the summon pool everytwoweeksAnd many more!✔ Easy and intuitive one-touch controls letsyouplay with a single finger✔ Battle in portrait orlandscapemode—it’s your choice.✔ Stunning 3D graphics and effects✔Supports8 languagesDownload now to join us on this co-opmultiplayermonster-slaying adventure! 👊 ---Developed by Colopl.Published bygoGame---OfficialWebsite: ofService:* Original Japaneseversionof the game developed by Colopl ranked #1 in the Japan AppStore on4 June 2016.APP PERMISSIONThe game will request thefollowingpermissions:• WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to save game data onexternalstorage• READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to read saved game data onexternalstorage
Five Nights at Freddy's: SL
Welcome to Circus Baby's Pizza World, where family funandinteractivity go beyond anything you've seen at those *other*pizzaplaces! Now hiring: Late night technician. Must enjoycrampedspaces and be comfortable around active machinery. Notresponsiblefor death or dismemberment.Five Nights at Freddy'sSister Locationis the fifth installment in the Five Nights atFreddy's series,featuring new characters, new places, and newterrors!- Featuresall five nights from the PC game.- IncludesCustom Night!- Baby"death" Mini-Game- Full Extras Menu- Bothendings availableNOTE:This game requires at least 512 megs of RAM.Phones with less thanthat may crash!
Mafia Revenge
#Ready your weapons for a one on one battle- Are you the next DonofCali City? Remember, it has to be earned!- Beat real playersaroundthe world in this real-time 1-on-1 shooting match!#The FightHasBegun- Cali City, has been filled with greed and outlaws, andthisis their territory. Everything begins here.- Earn theirrespect tobecome one of them, and take over Cali City!- Becomewhat you wereborn to be! Reclaim what they took from you!#FamilyMatters –Challenge other families!- Form a Family and bandtogether to beatothers in a real-time PvP match!- Take on otherFamilies in team PvPto earn special gifts and unlock access toheavier, more efficientguns and arsenal!#Eager for Some RealAction?- Enjoy stunninggraphics and adrenaline pumped action,while the jazz bars andstreet views that take you right back tothe Swinging Sixties#BuildYour Secret Arsenal- From classic tosleek, handy to dangerous,collect & customize cars and guns toshow them off in battle!-How does your garage look? Do you havewhat it takes for a face toface battle?Mafia Revenge OfficialFanPage, Korean.
Chicken Scream
Chicken scream is a fun and interactive non tapping addictivegamewhere your voice controls the chicken. Make a lot of noise toforcethe chicken to run and jump or stay quiet to control thechickenmoves slowly. Get your high score and collect points forgettingfar in the game but be careful about the obstacles andthewater!**** How to play and control the chicken ? ****- Don'tmakeany noise to make the chicken stop- Speak softly to makethechicken walk- Scream to make the chicken jump
Dunk is a fast paced, addictive game which requires users tojumpover obstacles to avoid being swept off the screen, avoid moreandmore difficult shapes as your distance increases and stay inthegame to become the master at dunking. Collect stars to unlocknewballs with improved stats and cosmetics, explore new worldsandunlock new levels.
Once Upon a Tower
Ever wanted to escape somewhere else? Ever felt like youweretrapped in a high tower? Ever found yourself waiting forthevaliant knight to save you?Wait no more! Cause he isn’t coming--No, really, he isn’t. He was literally eaten by thatguardiandragon over there. But fear no more, you have all you needto setyourself free. The brave knight left behind his war hammer,I’msure you can put it to good use, right?You can beat theenemies.You can escape the dragon. YOU CAN DO THIS! Now let theadventurebegin, once upon a tower.
Vikings: an Archer's Journey
Nott, a Valkyrie with a tenacious character, has incurred thewrathof the Viking gods who, as punishment, have sent her loyalwolfOder into the Underworld.At a loss without her loyalcompanion,Nott goes in search of him within the cold and mistydwelling ofthe deceased known as "Helheim".Fortunately, Nott is aformidablearcher, so she'll be able to collect special arrows alongthe wayto help her overcome the evil monsters drawn straight fromNordiclegends.Along her journey, Nott will also have to gain thesupportof several Viking heroes fallen in battle. They will helphercomplete her Odyssey, and in return, once reunited with Oder,Nottand her faithful companion will get them out of hell.Withitsminimalist graphic style, this mix between a "shoot 'em up"and"infinite runner" game will delight a whole range of players:thisshooting game is easy to learn but difficult to master!Chooseyourbowman among a range of unmazing vikings and have fun onthisbeautiful bow game.Features:• Gameplay mixing arrow firingandinfinite runner.• Random level generation: a new gameexperienceeach time.• Simple controls: an archery game easy tolearn, butdifficult to master• Collect the different firingpower-ups (BulletTime, Multi-Arrows, Explosive Arrows and TargetHelp)• Hit all yourtargets to get a series of combos!• Meet theother five Vikings,each one with their own unique characteristics.•When the darkrises, make a Group Kill and earn a top bonus•Challenge yourfriends in the Google Play Center. Try to get thebest score andunlock Trophies• Original soundtrack for an immersiveand uniquesound experienceVikings: An Archer's Journey is a Freegame withAds and In-App Purchasespurchases
Knife Battle - Hit the target
The ultimate knife challenge is here!The target is revolvingindisorder, sometimes fast but sometimes slow and even turn over.Soit’s challenge for you to shoot your knives. How to play :✔selecttype of knife✔ Focused on the point of injury✔ Release aknifeStronglyGame Features:- Dozens of blades with cool design andmoreto come- Simple quick reflex tapping gameplay but really hardtomaster- Hundreds of levels to solve, intertwined with all sortsoftweaks and surprises- One finger control to play &avoidKnife.Can you beat all the bosses?
Soul Knight
“In a time of gun and sword, the magical stone that maintainsthebalance of the world is stolen by high-tech aliens. The worldishanging on a thin thread. It all depends on you retrievingthemagical stone…” We honestly can’t keep making it all up. Let’sjustshoot some alien minions!This is the game you have alwayswanted inyour subconscious. Explore the dungeon, collect crazyweapons,dodge bullets and shoot‘em all up! Extremely easy andintuitivecontrol; super smooth and enjoyable gameplay, mixed withrogue-likeelements. Best shooter game you will find on the mobilestore sofar.Features:* Unique heroes, with unique ability.* 170+weaponswaiting for you to explore.* Randomly generated dungeonworld, newexperience every time.* NPCs that actually matter! Theywill fightby your side!* Auto-aim mechanism for super intuitivecontrol.*Many more features that you will find out in game.FollowUsTwitter: @ChillyRoom Facebook: @chillyroomsoulknightNote:* Tousethe screen recording function, permission to write toexternalstorage is required.Thanks to:Matthias Bettin, for initialofGerman localization.Numa Crozier, for Frenchcorrections.Jun-sikYang(ladoxy) for Korean correctionsIvánEscalante, for Spanishcorrections.Oliver Twist, for initial ofRussianlocalization.Почеревин Евгений, Алексей С. and ТурусбековАлиханfor additional Russian localization.Tomasz Bembenik, forinitialPolish localization.
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath
** PLEASE NOTE: Rockchip, Broadcom and Amlogic devicesNOTSUPPORTED! Requires at least a 1.2 GHz dual core CPU, 1 GB RAMwithAdreno 220, Nvidia Tegra 3, ARM Mali 400-MP, PowerVR SGX543MP,Intel HD Graphics or Vivante GC1000 GPU. Runs atvariableresolution based on device capabilities. Performancesettingsavailable in app."A stunning and exquisitely realizedmasterpiecethat delivers a gaming experience unlike any that we'veseenbefore" - Game Informer"A wild, beautiful and exceptionalactionexperience" - IGNTouchArcade 5/5 Stars "every bit as awesomenow ona mobile device"148apps Editor's Choice 4.5/5 Stars "it’saconsole-quality adventure"Prepare to immerse yourself in 20 +hoursof action-adventure.In the dusty, undeveloped wastelands ofWesternMudos, cantankerous townsfolk find their settlementsbesieged bybelligerent outlaws. Along comes Stranger, a drifterturned bountyhunter, with a unique double-barreledcritter-firingcrossbow.Stranger’s Wrath has been passionatelyupgraded for thisall-new release with all exciting new controlsthat make the mostof the mobile format and improved visualsthroughout.Features:*Fully configurable touch-screen controls letyou move & re-sizeindividual buttons to suit your play style*Scalable virtualjoystick for fine tuning sensitivity of movement *Explore livingtowns, lush forests, and massive industrialfacilities* Seamlesslytransition between first-person shooter andthird-person platfomer*Scour your surroundings for live ammo* Workwith a range ofstrategies to surprise, stun, lure, blast and bagdevious outlaws*Meet incredibly odd, funny and smack-talkingtownsfolk, enemies andnatives* Fight dozens of varied bosses withoutlandish arsenals andoutrageous names Plus:* Complete"twin-stick" HID gamepad support,including specific control setupsfor Shield, Moga (HID), XBOX 360,PS3/PS4, and many more* Intuitivetouch controls + a redesignedmobile interface make playing &navigating a breeze *Incredible visuals that harness all theadvanced graphicscapabilities of today's mobile chipsets* Ahilarious script,theatrical soundtrack and compelling storylinewith a shockingtwist* English, German, Russian, French, Spanish,Italian,Portuguese, Finish, Swedish, and Polish languagesupport*Leaderboards, Achievements and Cloud Save
Slash of Sword - Arena and Fights
Fight on the arena, earn fame, get famous. Exciting,bloodygladiator fights are waiting for you! Fight fairly 1 on 1 ortry todefeat 10 fighters. Rest from the battles in thevillage,upgrade your skills, unlock new weapons andarmor. Features:1.Picturesque and battlesDue to well-designedanimations and effects,battles look very cool, even on mobiledevices! 2. Battleswith a few soldiers. Start yourjourney as a Gladiator againstthe same fighter as you. Win and getthe title of the best warrior,fighting 10 enemies at atime! 3. Boss battles Meet 1 on1 with the best of thebest! 4. Stunninggraphics Excellent picture, amazinglight effects, change ofweather and time conditions! 5. SmartArtificialIntelligence. The enemies will try to surround andoverwhelmyou. If you hurt them, they will try to retreat, andtheirteammates to stick up for them. 6. Open andlivingworld In addition to battles you will see the area wherethereal life is, someone is sleeping, someone has a chatwithsomebody, where traders tout their shops. Buy yourselfequipmentand ammunition, have a peaceful rest while waiting out thenight orsit by the fire and upgrade your skills.Developer - Comingsoon Irelease (PvP Fights, new locations, archers,vikings,ragdollphysics, new weapon and new animation)Thanks forplaying!
The wall in front of me starts to shake and hurtles towardsme….I’mdead!Spike holes are underfoot it’s already too late …I’mdead! Itake my last breath as the slime creature engulfs me….I’mdead!Likealways I’m brought back to try again….is someone helpingme or dothey just really want me to hurt?Enter the worldofRedungeon!Features:• Endless, random, increasinglydifficultdungeons.• Dozens of complex traps carefully designed tostop you.•Unlockable characters, each with unique game-changingskills!•Great music by Dave Cowen, the composer behind Leap Day andRustBucket. • Lots of angry, colourful pixels (and a fewfriendlyones).• Swipe controls or on-screenbuttons.Importantinformation:This game contains third partyadvertising which can beremoved via a one time in-app purchase.This game contains coinswhich can be collected within the game forfree or bought with realmoney.
Meteor 60 seconds!
Meteor 60 seconds! is a simple, fun, comic-like action gamethatsimulates your life if there were a meteor heading towardsEarthand you had 60 seconds to live. Do anything you want to dowithyour last 60 seconds, even if it's illegal! What about plantinganapple tree?NASA recently stated that a massive meteoritewillcollide with Earth soon and that Earth willbedestroyed!Surprisingly, we all only have 60 seconds left tolivebefore the earth is destroyed!Which means YOU ONLY HAVE 60SECONDSLEFT TO LIVE!!What will your choice be...?-Simple,funside-scrolling action game-Comic-like story-Multi Ending
Merry Snowballs
New Content: Put your gloves on and play our new singleplayeradventure - Woodlands. Progress along the trails of abeautifulforest and discover a new way of playing but watch out,new enemiesare lurking behind the trees!Engage in action packedbattles inthis beautiful snowball game - this time with coolgadgets andpowers you once wish you had!Play through challenginglevels with avariety of Gadgets & Power-ups like Ice gun,Triple Snowgun,Blizzards and more. Battle against fierce kids, blowAngryGingerbread men to pieces and get the chance to shoot BadSanta inthe face! Put your gloves on and get ready to fight!Beingnice isnot an option if you want to become THE MASTER OF SNOW!