Top 12 Games Similar to Celltology

Idle Idle GameDev 1.0.117
Do you want to make your own Idle Game but you're just toolazy?InIdle Idle Gamedev, you have the opportunity to createvariousidlegames while going idle. Different unlockable Jobs 4Stats with9Skills each Many Items and Research to unlock Reset thegametoskill special skills Try a challenge to unlock moreskillsManyAchievements
Duck Life: Space 4.00064
*** Online race is coming soon! *** Prepare to go galacticinthebiggest Duck Life adventure ever! It is a peaceful dayonEarth.You are enjoying your fame and fortune being the worldduckracingchampion. All of a sudden, a wormhole materialises in theskyandan evil looking alien duck appears. Without hesitation,hestealsyour hard-earned champion crown and flies off into space.Nowit'sup to you to get it back! Train up in running,flying,swimming,climbing, jumping and (for the first timeever)intelligence so youcan race your way across the universe togetback your crown!Explore exotic worlds to find new trainingminigames and wackyduck aliens to race. Enter the duckracingtournament on each worldto win a trip to another planet, andgetone step closer to yourgoal! You don't have to go it alone!Enter ashop to buy newmembers for your duck racing team, and becomeanunstoppable racingforce! You can also buy clothes, hatsandhairstyles for your ducksto make sure they're the moststylishchampions around! KEYFEATURES - 6 different planets withtheir ownspecies of alienducks - Over 30 different races to enter -6different skills tolearn and 24 mini games to train them-Customise your ducks withhats, hairstyles, clothes and paint-Adorable characters -Outstanding graphics - Captivating music
Duck Life: Battle 1.195
The ducks are back, but this time they're angrier. Forgetracing,nowit's time to battle! Train your duck's power, health,defence,speed,and special attack abilities in 25 brand new minigames.Explore theworld battling other ducks, entering tournamentsandcompletingquests to become the greatest duck battler of alltime.FEATURING: -Design your duck to look exactly how you want -Amassive world with6 areas to explore and plenty of ducks totalkto - 5 training dojosto find with 5 training games in each -Letyour duck loose to fightover 40 battles - 100 differentweaponsand costumes to try out -Captivating music - Adorablecharacters -Outstanding graphics -Quests to complete and rewardsto win -Online highscores, can youget an A+ rank in every traininggame??
The Captain is Dead 1.4
Thunderbox Entertainment Ltd.
Based on the frantic and fun board game, The Captain is Deadputsyou in charge of crew members on a besieged starship. Youmustco-ordinate the crew to repair critical systems and fendoffhostile aliens, or you will share the captain’s fate. FromtheChief Engineer, Weapons Officer, and visiting Admiral, all thewaydown to the Ensign and the ship’s Janitor, you must combineyourunique talents to avoid utter annihilation in the cold depthsofspace! YOU HAVE THE CONN! Step into the Captain's chair andcommandthe crew! Each team member has a very particular set ofskills thatyou'll need to leverage to the full if you want tosurvive,including... Admiral - A master of plans and evasion.Cyborg -Immune to the mysterious forces of deep space. Crewman -Getskilled very easily... good thing there is an infinitesupply!Counselor - Can manipulate skills for the best chance ofsuccess.Ensign - A fast learner, and even faster runner. ChiefEngineer -Can fix the ship real quick. Soldier - An expert attaking outaliens. ...with more on the way! RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!Defend theship against an unknown alien nemesis that will doeverything theycan to blast you to atoms! Fortunately you havestate-of-the-artsystems to help you out... Bridge - Scan forthreats, repairshields and communicate with your crew. War Room -The Captainplanned ahead, and left emergency dossiers to help youout. Armory- Destroy alien ships with torpedoes, and activateauto-turrets torepel boarders. CPU Core - Power-up your crew withskills. CargoHold - Bust open the cargo pods to grab lasers,scanners, and otherhelpful gear. Infirmary - He's dead, Jim! Ohwait... no... it'sjust a flesh wound. That can be fixed here.Science Lab - Upgradethe ship, and research spooky, sub-spaceanomalies. Engineering -Fix the Jump Core to get the heck outtathere! JUMP TO HYPERSPACE!If you can stay cool, repel the aliens,protect the crew, and keepthe systems operational long enough torepair the Jump Core, thenyou can activate the engines and escapeto Hyperspace! Or is itWarp Speed? I can never remember...
Vortexika 1.0.101
Ernest Szoka
Shoot incoming enemies and asteroids while avoiding obstaclesinthishigh speed endless space shooter. Pick up armor, ammo andVbucks toupgrade your ship and level your way up through 100levelsof insanecombat. challenge your friends to get the highestscore.From thecreator of Only One 🧙‍♂️ 👍 HOW TO PLAY - Swipe 👈left orright 👉 tocontrol your ship 🚀 around the vortex - Tap 👆 thescreento shoot 🔫 -Recommend to use both hands 🙌, one to move andone toshoot - Avoidindestructible cubes 🔲 death is instant -Shootenemies 🛸 andasteroids 🌑 to clear the way (big asteroids taketwohits) - Pick uparmor to survive an extra hit and ammo toincreasefirepower - 100levels, waypoints at every 10 levels -Failure tocomplete a level25% of the way in drops your progress(except atwaypoints) - Pick upV bucks 💲 for revives, restoringlost levelprogress🏅 and upgrades💪at the start of the game 🎮Bluetoothgamepads supported
circloO Complete - Physics Puzzle Platformer 1.1.2
circloO is a colorful physics platformer in a growingcircle.You'rea small ball rolling around in a round level.Collectcircles togrow the level circle. As it grows, everythingstays inthe level,so you'll have to avoid and use obstaclesineverchanging ways. Forexample, a platform that was firstveryuseful to gain height, mayprove to be a challenging obstacleafterthe level has grown! Youcan only move left and right, soyou'llwant to use features of thelevel carefully to jump andgainheight. You'll discover all sortsof physics features, suchaschanging gravity, a sea of tiny blocks,strange contraptionsandeven planets with a gravity field. Inchallenging parts,you'llfind yourself fully immersed, pressing thescreen as hard asyoucan trying to get closer to finally collectingthat nextcircle.But don't worry: you'll never have to start over alevel, soyoucan always try again really quickly! And I canguaranteeyou'llfeel amazing once you finally manage it! 😊circloOCompletefeatures: - Lots of cool physics features: ropes,pulleys,changinggravity and much more! I've included quite a fewmechanicsfor youto discover. 😃 - 47 fun, growing, ever morechallenginglevels! Canyou complete the sixalmost-but-not-quite-impossibleHard Modelevels? - All levels fromcircloO 2 and the originalcircloO, plusthree brand-new levels! -Unique physics puzzles ineach level. -Great music and sound effectsby Stijn Cappetijn. -Minimalist andcolorful graphics. - The gamewill take most playerstwo to threehours to complete. Level timesare saved, so you cantry to beatyour own highscores and speedrunlevels after that! -Relaxing yetchallenging physics puzzleplatforming fun! I'm veryhappy thatcircloO 2 won the first CrazyGames developer contest outof 200contestants! It was also third inthe Kongregate contestofNovember 2018. You may remember it fromCoolMath Games aswell.Reviews: "It’s an excellent game that has avery playfulandchilled out approach to the gameplay, whilst alsofeaturingsomewonderfully intricate level design. A veryimpressivepuzzleplatformer you’ll really want to roll with.Highlyrecommended." -Free Game Planet "The difficulty scalesupwardsnicely and you'reconstantly rewarded for learning new skillsasthese always come upin future levels." - Jayisgames Thegamecontains occasional adsafter a level, which can be removed withaone-time in-apppurchase, which supports development as well.Havefun and I'mhappy to hear what you think!
Conway's Game of Life 1.8.1
The Game of Life is a cellular automaton devised by Dr JohnConwayin1970. The game is a zero-player game, meaning that itsevolutionisdetermined by its initial state. One interacts with theGame ofLifeby creating an initial configuration and observing howitevolves.The rules of Life: 1. Any live cell with fewer thantwoliveneighbours dies, as if by needs caused by underpopulation.2.Anylive cell with more than three live neighbours dies, asifbyovercrowding. 3. Any live cell with two or threeliveneighbourslives, unchanged, to the next generation. 4. Anydeadcell withexactly three live neighbours cells will come tolife.Features: ☆Change the colors ☆ Change simulation speed ☆Change thesize ofthe world ☆ Create or modify the initialconfiguration ☆Createrandom patterns ☆ Insert alive cells whilerunning thesimulation ☆Select the edge wrapping behavior ☆ Colorgradient withcell age ☆More than 850 predefined patterns! ☆ Selectyour favoritepatterns☆ Search patterns ☆ Save and delete your ownpatterns ☆Ruleedition Permissions: ☆ Billing: to allow donationsthroughGooglePlay For more information about the GameofLife:'s_Game_of_Life
Plazmic! Eat Me io Blob Cell Grow Game 1.19.1
Plazmic! Eat Me io Blob Cell Grow Game is a new cell evolutionappamong popular io games online. Plazmic is a mobilemultiplayeronline battle royale io game, it also reminds youogarrio and otheragar games. It doesn’t matter who you are, now youare a prettylittle cell or blob: slither through obstacles, eatcells, grow themass, hunt other players and be the last onestanding! JoinPlazmic! Eat Me io Blob Cell Grow Game – addictivemultiplayersession, compete with others and survive all long as youcan! Playnew io games and challenge your friends: it’s a lot harderthan itseems to become the biggest cell in Plazmic universe.Plazmiccombines trendy modern art with oldschool classic snakeslither andagario game mechanics. Plazmic! Eat Me io Blob Cell GrowGamefeatures: 🧫 Fast-paced PvP in io multiplayer games 🧫 BattleRoyalemode 🧫 Plenty of boosters to become strong, invisible, etc 🧫Cellswith unique abilities 🧫 Online leaderboard competition🧫Multiplayer with simple rules 🧫 Vivid graphics Wanna knowthesecret of cell grow game? It's action. Never stop evolving,that'sit. This ogarrio like game main rule – eat small cells andslitheraway from big ones. Like in other blob games you start theas atiny blob in games is the best way to kill time! Trytosurvive by avoiding attacks by bigger blobs. You are a celleater:don’t forget to eat food so you become a bigger blob and canhuntand eat other players cells. Game mechanics are similar tootherpopular io games like ogarrio, blob games, agarios online,etc. Actquickly, don’t waste time, other cells are growing fast andpursueyou! Be smart – use boosters! Unlock new cells, each withuniqueabilities. Vivid graphics and FXs take the action to the nextlevelof joy. Rush, absorb and have fun! Try Plazmic! Eat Me io BlobCellGrow Game, even if you are new to the ogarrio genre. Joinreal-timemultiplayer competitions with simple rules. You grow byeatingsmaller cells floating in the plasma. Follow arrows tofindboosters with special skills. Avoid Red Zone, it is dangerousforcells! Slither off from bigger opponents, split your cell to doitfaster.
Duck Life: Retro Pack 2.3
The cutest animal champions of racing are back in actionwithDuckLife Retro Pack! Start your adventure today with the3originalDuck Life games remastered for Android. Raise, trainandgrow yourpet Duck and race your way to the top of the ultimateDuckracingtournaments! Please note: This game pack includes 3fullgames.DUCK LIFE: ORIGIN This where it all began - trainyourDuckling tobecome the supreme champion of Duck racing and saveyourfarm fromtotal mass extinction. Train up your pet Duck inrunning,swimmingand flying skills by playing various mini games tolevel upinhopes to race your Duck to become the fastest littleducklingeverin the sport! Collect hats along the way and customizeyourcuteDuck just way you like it! DUCK LIFE: WORLD CHAMPION Thesequeltothe Duck training phenomenon! You must now travel theworldracingyour pet Duck to become the World Champion. Withgreaterfierceintense competition your Duck has learned a skill thatnoDuck hasever learned before, will you be able to release thepower?DUCKLIFE: EVOLUTION With the popularity of the sport at analltimehigh, a breakthrough in Duck racing technology hashappened,thescale of which has never been seen before! Take ontheadventurewith a modified Duck that can evolve to newuncharteredheights.Teach these Ducks new skills and master all thenewcapabilities ofyour amazing pet Duck! These 3 revampedversionsfeatures higherquality graphics made for True HD display,asmoother frame rateand a complete new set of touch controls!Italso includes a brandnew challenge gameplay mode whereyourtraining mini game skillswill be tested to the ultimate max...Justtry and keep up! KEYFEATURES INCLUDE: - 3 Full Games - FullHighDefinition Graphics -Smoother Game play at 60/fps - BrandNewChallenge mode to testyour Duck Life Mini Game Skills! - Over45Total Races For anyadditional help or concerns please leave usamessage and we willdo our absolute to address any issues...QUACKON!
Undervault 1.3.8
Google Play Indie Games Contest Finalist! Undervault isaroguelikedungeon crawler with pixel art graphics and boardgamesinfluence,in which you have the ability to controldungeongeneration. Gamelevel contains rooms of different typesincludingkitchen, bedroom,treasury, and so-called unknown room,which youcan transform intoyour desired room type. The goal of thegame isto escape from thedungeon. Game features: • High difficulty(youwill die a lot), butevery playthrough is unique • Survive. Youneedto take care ofhunger and fatigue • A turn-based battle systemwithaiming, items,skills, character effects, and enemy AI • Skillstreewith theability to focus on different play styles(fighting,stealth, roomgeneration) • Mining. Dig new rooms orconnectionsbetween existingrooms • Trading. Each trader in the gamehas itsunique list ofitems and prices • Compete with other playersfor thebest score inthe daily challenge • Character levelingsystem.Improve certaincharacteristics on each level • Differentroomconnection types -door, ladder, hole (move only downward),lockeddoor (pull a leverto unlock) Give it a try!
The Last Wizard 1.0.3
Hosted Games
It’s a regular Tuesday evening when you are pulled from theEarthandsent to a place where magic still exists. You are givenawizard'stower filled with arcane knowledge that you areexpectedto learn.Thrust into a war between two nations, it's up toyou tosave thekingdom where you now live. "The Last Wizard" is a185,000wordinteractive fantasy novel by Mike Walter, where yourchoicescontrolthe story. It's entirely text-based—without graphicsorsoundeffects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable powerofyourimagination. Your choices will influence who rules thelandandwhat happens to the civilians living there. Will you findloveorwill you strive to return to the life you were forcedtoleavebehind? Will you save the kingdom, or will you betraythepeoplefor your own personal gain? The choice is yours! • Playasmale,female, genderfluid, or non-binary; gay, straight, orasexual•Find romance with a variety of interesting characters. •Learnandmaster multiple powerful spells. • Build a powerful golem,rideadragon, raise the dead, heal the sick, rain fire uponyourenemies,fly, become invisible, summon lightning, enchantmagicalweapons...• Acquire powerful magical artifacts. • Save thekingdomor jointhe enemy. • Return home to Earth or live your lifein afantasyworld. • Change the fates of two nations!
Minesweeper | Hero Adventure Story (Early Access) 1.0.401
In THE NAPHOOD world you will find both old-school puzzlesandnewchallenges. The story campaign will help you graduallyimproveyourskill level with guess-free puzzle solving. You will beable towinusing logic alone. Enjoy all the new RPG minesweeper!THENAPHOODmine-sweeper features: ✅ Improves your brain andquickthinking 🏆Single player story mode campaign 🧘 Hero systemwithskills andabilities 🌏 Offline and free to win game! You are abraveheroReddie with a unique "protective cape" ability! Insteadofflagsyou'll have a magic chain for chaining spirits.Insteadlandminesbeat ghosts and evil monsters. A mine field isreplaced byfog.[Mining game in a very unusual setting]: ExcitingBonsaiStories:Unlock a new bonsai and get a cool story that willimpressfans ofchronicles with a mystical plot. Collect storypuzzles thatwill bescattered across all levels inside the bonsai,playthroughchapters to fight the boss at the end of each chapterandgainaccess to a new part of the entertaining story. [ClassicMinerbutModern Graphics]: The incredible worlds that lie in thebonsaiwillbecome more and more diverse the further you go. Not allgamesinEnglish can boast of such animations and the final beautyofmagicthat will open in the game. [Develop your character:]Creativenewlevels to develop your character's abilities, pumplives, speedandmemory, gain a star level to unlock and improve theability.Takean action in development from zero to hero! And forthis you donotneed the Internet, you can do everything offline. [Aclassicminesweeper game with a new twist]: There is no doubt thatthemodernversion of minesweeper is not just a search for bombsontheplaying field, but an original, colorful journeythroughthemagical world that can go on for a long time, the passageofwhichwill give new emotions and decrease your level of stress!Thefogreliably hides the mythical secrets that you have touncover.Eachvictory makes you and your heroes stronger. After theopeningofthe bonsai of the Misty Forest, a treasure will becomeavailableinwhich you can open chests, they will have new resources.Canyousolve all the mysteries on your own and collect all thepuzzlesfora complete story? Will you answer all the questions?Where doesthefog come from? Why are there so many ghosts in thisworld? Thegamesupports single-player mode, does not requireanInternetconnection (you can play offline), is not demanding onthedevice,is free and easy to learn. In the new version we willaddnewmodes, characters and bonsai. What will be the first isnotyetknown, but for now, may the foggy force come with us :)Inthemeantime, enjoy the first minesweeper game story,intriguingmusic,funny characters, the logic of the minesweeper,easy anddifficultgame levels, magical and glorious 2D art, win abattlewith theboss, and show who the real hero is. If you are a fanofthe oldschool minesweeper game, don't pass on Naphood!Downloadnow.Follow our story of developmentonReddit: