Top 49 Games Similar to Randal's Monday

Désiré is a poetic point-and-click adventure game in blackandwhite.When the schoolteacher asks Désiré why he didn't draw thesunlike the other pupils, he replies spontaneously: « It'salwaysnight in my head. »Désiré is colour-blind from birth and hewilllead you into in world of black and white. He marchesonhesitantly, as life never brought him much joy. From a tenderage,he is going to meet several characters who will elicit inDésiréintense emotions and alter his vision in surprising ways. Iscolourat the end of the road?The game is, at its core, a critiqueof themodern world and of the perverting nature of aconsumer,profit-obsessed society.The game contains 4 chapters, 50+scenes,40+ characters and a lot of riddles.French, English,Spanish,Italian and Russian.
Enigma: Super Spy - Point & Click Adventure Game
Love retro story mode point and click adventure games free?Lovehidden object or escape from the room free games? Wanna belikeLarry or the visitor? Want to play adventure games with story?Loveriddles, puzzle games and mysteries? It's not another trollfacequest story mode game! Want to start new adventurous journeyintothe times of WW2? Enigma: Point & Click Adventure is anew,atmospheric, completely free, point and click adventure gamewhereyou have to solve the mystery of Enigma machine and escapefrom theoccupied territory, solving the mind-bending puzzles andriddles,discovering the mysteries and traveling through the Europeas asecret agent during World War 2. The silent age begins! Thehouseis on fire! As a Tiny Spy you’ll have to bring the secret codebookusing logic, talking, collecting items, solving jigsawsandpuzzles. Sometimes you’ll have to be a tiny thief,sometimesdressed up as an enemy soldier. Room escape, importantdialogues,hidden objects - all these in one adventure game for boysandgirls! Tiny Spy Adventure is specifically designed for pocket/mobile devices so you’ll flow through the game with nofrustrationsand hiccups. This free point and click adventure gamehas soul ofan old school adventure games. Amazing storyline,absolutelyfantastic quests, charming graphics and smart, mysterioustaskswill guarantee plenty of fun in this ABSOLUTELY FREE pointandclick adventure game for boys and girls! Solvemind-bendingpuzzles, use logic, find items, hide them in yourinventory,combine, talk with NPC’s to solve the mystery and escapethe enemy.Solution is just round the corner but first you need toget therealive. This indie production will give you thrills.Intelligentdialogues, plenty of locations, no in app purchases.Walkingaround, playing dead, being a spy or thief, playing allthese rolesyou have to get the Enigma code book back to alliedforces at allcost! Bring the code or the end of the world will be aseriousthreat - end of world as we know it. The code is needed onebroken.Sword, knife or gun? Our hero is a spy soldier and can useall thesilent weapons to get what he needs. Plunge into the worldofEnigma Spy Adventure (the great escape!). It's notanotherplaformer arcade ignatus game. It's a great game for boysandgirls! Be a dark hero in dark times everywhere: from SyberiatoAfrica● Complete three chapters + many hidden objects andbonusmini-games. ● Awesome - breathtaking storyline ● Greatdialogues ●Charming graphics and music ● Story mode● Deviouspuzzles andriddles ● Room escape episodes ● Completely free - noregistration,no hassles, just download and play! ● Point and clickadventuregames free Background story: It’s 1943 - a year beforeD-Day. TheWorld War is on! Whole Europe is occupied by nazis. Whilethey arestruggling to win on eastern front, fighting Soviet Union,aresistance is being formed in occupied Poland and rest oftheAllied countries. Nazis are using secret cipher machinecalledEnigma 2 to send orders to troops. They have no idea that thecodeof the machine was broken by allied mathematicians. To readthemessages sent through the Enigma a code book is needed. The bookisin Warsaw, and has to be delivered to London - and that’s howthisstory begins. You - as a secret agent/spy, former commando -aresupposed to be dropped safely with a parachute somewherebehindenemy lines, but everything goes wrong. Your plane has beenshotdown by an AA gun somewhere above Germany, with a bit of luckyoumanage to escape from burning plane and now, in the middleofenemy’s territory have to finish the mission. The silent agebegins- get the secret code book and win the war! * Amazingadventure inWorld War II times! * Puzzles, riddles, explosionsandzombies!EPISODE 2 COMING UP!* new adventures (well it's oneofgames with story mode!)* Longer gameplay - you can play unitltheend of the world!
The Silent Age
Episode Two now available, the final chapter in this awardwinningadventure.The Silent Age takes you on an adventurous journeyinto adystopian future where mankind has gone extinct!Travelthrough timebetween the iconic 70's and a desolate present dayhaunted bysilence.The Silent Age is an atmospheric point-and-clickadventuregame with stylized visuals and an eerie soundtrack thatwill keepyou in suspense as you solve mind-bending puzzles.With aninterfacespecifically designed for touch devices, you'll flowthrough thestory without hiccups and frustrations. Sit back, plugin yourheadphones, and enjoy the adventure.BackgroundStory-------------------------------------------------It’s 1972.Love isfree. Flipflops, English leather and bandanas are the heightoffashion. Meanwhile the Cold War is more than lukewarm and arealone is going on overseas. Movements arehappening.Environmentalists, the female liberties movement, and onthe dancefloors an entirely different kind of movement isovertaking theunderground clubs. The winds of change are certainlyblowing overthe country.Somewhere in the big city, in a tall,facelessgovernment building someone left a window open. All thewinds ofchange are doing here is blowing leaves all over Joe’snewly-sweptfloor. He’s been there for two years now. Working adead-endattendant job making sure the building is as spotless asthe suitswalking the halls. It’s been like this for years, goingfrom onesoul-devouring job to the next.Our protagonist is Joe inmore thanjust name. He is quite literally Joe Average. Averageheight,average weight, average IQ. In fact, the only thingremotelyremarkable about him is exactly how much he conforms to themedianof the hypothetical everyman, and up until this point, Joe’slifehasn't exactly been biography material.This is all abouttochange...Reviews-------------------------------------------------Metacriticscore:84*** "You may detect a strong Twelve Monkeys influence atwork inthe game's storyline." -- Eurogamer*** "The Silent Age isanabsolutely fantastic adventure that fans of the genre shouldnotmiss" -- 148Apps*** "Beautiful and immersive graphicsandsoundtrack create an uncannily calm ambiance. Logical puzzlesmakesense in the context of the world" -- Gamezebo***"Smart,mysterious and layered beneath a very welcome dose ofotherworldlyeeriness, The Silent Age will delight any adventuregamer who feelsthat the genre's revival, welcome though it is, isjust a littletoo light-hearted in the 21st century" -- Modojo***"The Silent Agedelivers a charming experience, packed with stylishgraphics andsound, simple touch controls and an intriguing story"*** "I especially recommend The Silent Age to fansofscience fiction, time travel, quirky writing, inner monologuesandepic mustaches" -- Indie Love
Winter Night Adventure
A free point and click adventure game. Escape your dailyroutinewith this beautiful quest with hand drawn art in a snowycoldwinter city.The story mode takes us back to the USSR oftheeighties. This retro adventure with typical Sovietsettingincluding cars and appartment blocks. The quest for a lostkeybegins. * Cool story graphic novel* Great hand drawngraphics*Free, funny puzzle game* Hard to find hidden objects*Urban theme*Funny hero* Mind relaxing, no time limit* Dark snowynight setting
The Witch's Isle
On a solitary island somewhat removed from the continent, there isatown—a town ruled by a witch.One night, one of the villagers getsasudden visit from a witch, who puts her under a curse. Ifshedoesn't find the witch's stolen urn by 4:00 a.m., the cursewillkill her. She begins her search, but along the way shestartshearing more and more about the secret of the witch.- "TheWitch'sIsle" is a puzzle-adventure game. Explore the island as yousearchfor the urn and uncover the mystery of the witch! Thedream-likescenery of the solitary island town and the people wholive thereawait.- The epic story features 7 different endings!- Seewhat theislanders are up to! In this game, not only can you controltheprotagonist, you can also have the camera follow othercharacters.Maybe you can solve some puzzles by paying closeattention to whatthe other islanders are doing."The Witch's Isle"is- Beautifullyexploring pixel art game.- Beautifully point andclick game.-Classically pixel character.- Great story-line.- andmore.FOLLOWUS:Twitter:
Ghostscape 3D
Ghostscape 3D is my latest 3D Point & Click horroradventuregame best played in the dark with headphones on late atnight!!This game contains mature content, bloody graphics, scarymomentsand a very creepy atmosphere, it also saves your progress asyouplay!!It has been tested on Samsung S3 & Samsung GalaxyNote10.1 tablet so it needs quite a modern device that can handle3DGraphics!! If you have a cheap or low end phone/tablet try myotherFREE game 'Escape Eternity' first to see if that worksbeforegetting this!!A video walkthrough and location of all itemscanbefoundhere:- to let me know of any issues, problems, bugs etc and I'lldo mybest to get them sorted ASAP!!Please play it, rate it,comment on itand share it with your friends!Thanks for purchasingthis (if you do;-)) and helping to support me in all my past andfuture GameDevelopment!!
Lost & Alone - Adventure Games Point & Click Demo
Do you love Adventure Games? Do you love Escape Games&Intriguing Puzzles? Do you love solving Mystery Games? PlayLost& Alone, and feel like you are in a Gigantic AdventureGamewith a Massive world to explore. If you love Adventure Games&Mystery Games with a storyline that will captivate you fromthestart, then you will LOVE Lost & Alone - Adventure Games&Point & Click.Play THE Adventure Game of the Summer!Adventurelies ahead with Mysterious places to explore, TwistEndings, UntoldSecrets & Engimatic Puzzles await yourpresence...Embark on theAdventure of a lifetime in Lost &Alone. You wake up from adeep slumber in the thick of the woods inan unfamiliar place. Nota soul is in sight, and it's just youagainst the elements.Delvedeep into the mountains, and treacherousterrain, and hunt forclues & inventory items to solve puzzles,& unveil the manymysteries that lie ahead.Stunning sceneryawaits with gorgeousmountains, rivers, dilapidated mansions, &mysterious caves& crevices to explore. Pause for a moment tomarvel at thegorgeous scenery in the biggest adventure game yet!Every singleimage and background is breathtaking. Every puzzle, afun twist inthe series... Every clue, more daunting as you progressthrough thegame.What secrets will you discover at the end? Wheredid you comefrom? How did you arrive here, and where is thismysterious place?Why are you the only soul in this desolate, yetstunning land? Whatshocking secret will you discover at theend...Lost & Alone isthe Adventure game of the Summer! Withanother shocking twistending... what will be the massive unveilingat the end of thisincredible Point & Click Adventure game!?Youwill have todiscover the best ever, shocking twist ending &explore thedepths of Lost & Alone: Escape Games & Point&Click.Only you will discover the truth behind Lost&Alone.Features Include:A Massive Adventure Game with a BigWorld toExplore and Intricate Puzzles to Solve!NO hidden objectsare inthis game. It's a full Adventure Game where you find items,usethem in puzzles, and solve the mystery!Explore a giant worldinLost & Alone in this epic Adventure Game. ExploreCaverns,Caves, Waterfalls, Mountain Ranges, Desert Landscapes,Lakes,Resevoirs, Abandoned Mansions, & even scale thetallestmountains in a Sky Tram that will blow your mind!Solveintricatepuzzles & read notes scattered across the land. Fillin thegaps of the story and discover the clues and secrets in Lost&Alone!Point & Click Adventure Game is at your fingertips!Getlost in the world of Lost & Alone and encounter themostgorgeous images you have ever seen in true HDR format!
The Frostrune
Unravel a mystery inspired by Viking myth and legend inTheFrostrune, a point-and-click adventure based on ancientNorseculture and environments.Find yourself shipwrecked on anislandafter a summer storm. Nearby, a recently abandoned settlementshowssigns that its inhabitants left in a panic. Surrounding thevillageis a dark, dense forest filled with ancient rune stones andburialmounds. Among them are hidden relics and other well-keptsecretsthat will bring you closer to solving the mysteries oftheisland.The Frostrune is made by game developers who arepassionateabout Norse culture and history. We have taken extra careto makeThe Frostrune as authentic and historically accurateaspossible.KEY FEATURESRich StoryThe Frostrune embraces theNordictradition of storytelling: One filled with magic, myth andwondercommon in Viking lore.Hand-Painted ArtBeautiful, hand-paintedartand an original Viking age themed soundtrack bring theTheFrostrune’s desolate Norse landscape tolife.ChallengingPuzzlesThrough exploring the rich environment, youwill unravel themystery of the deserted island. Use the objectsthat you collect tosolve puzzles on your journey ofdiscovery.Culturally &Historically AccurateAn authentic Norseenvironment where elementsfrom myths and folklore come alive. OldNorse speech withsubtitles. All objects faithfully recreated fromarchaeologicalsources.
Mystery of Haunted Hollow: Escape Games Demo
Do you love escape games, adventure games, and Point &ClickGames?If you love Escape Games, Adventure Games & ClassicPoint& Click Adventure & Puzzle Games, then you will lovethisthrilling & haunted - Adventure & Escape Game!Escapefromthe town of Haunted Hollow, embark on an adventure, and explorethedeep dark secrets of this town - solve puzzles & riddlesinthis Escape Game & Classic Point & ClickAdventure.Youarrive at the footsteps of Hollow alone.Armed withonly an emptysuitcase, and faint memories… you are determined todiscover thedetails of the life you once lived here.At thefootsteps of theentrance, a familiar apparition appears, leavingyou few answers,and an obscure note shunning you away fromtown.Haunted by visionsof your past, and suffering from amnesia foralmost ten years, youembark on a quest to discover buried secrets,putting the pieces ofthe puzzle together of the life you once had,and to find out onceand for all, what happened to your missingfamily, and this oncethriving village.With only a few tools at yourdisposal, you roamthe desolate area of Hollow, picking up clues,solving puzzles andriddles, & finding journal entries withclues to your past.Willthe secrets you unveil be more than you hadever imagined?——————————————————————Intuitive Design:Designed withthe player inmind, it’s easy to navigate the world of Hollow withpuzzlesdesigned for both the novice, and hardcore player.Stunning&Realistic Artwork:The world of Hollow looks hauntinglyrealistic,with scenes, and locations full of stunning detail&character.Professional Music & Sounds:Professionallyrecordedaudio and sounds make Hollow come to life with unnervingeffects,and music.Addictive & Compelling Gameplay&Story:Compelling even for non-gamers, the story and puzzleswilldraw you in, inviting you to finish this game to discoverthetruth, and secrets behind Hollow!
Kate Walker, a young ambitious lawyer from New York, is handedwhatseems a fairly straightforward assignment - a quick stopovertohandle the sale of an old automaton factory hidden in theAlpinevalleys, then straight back home to the US. Little did sheimaginewhen embarking on this task that her life would be turnedupsidedown. UNLOCK THE FULL VERSION DIRECTLY IN THE GAME Onherexpedition across Europe, traveling from Western Europe to thefarreaches of Eastern Russia, she encounters a host ofincrediblecharacters and locations in her attempt to track downHans, thegenius inventor - the final key to unlocking the secretofSyberia.Her voyage across land and time throws all she valuesintoquestion, while the deal she sets out to sign turns into apactwith destiny.- A gripping script that goes beyond yourimagination-Rich and intriguing characters- Film-like cameraangles, movementsand framing- Original and creative puzzles- Anincomparable andunique atmosphereSyberia is an exciting and longadventure withvaried high quality graphics. It also includes theintegral dubbingof characters in English, French, Italian, Spanishand German. Itsinstallation requires a minimum of 2GB of storagespace
Join this hilarious point and click free graphic adventure lead byagroup of blockhead friends looking to break out from schoolandspend all their free time at their own secret paranormalresearchclub: Sol705 !This winter’s holiday is the last chance tosavehometown from total bore - doom!Escape from Father Carlito'sschoolprison and be part of this mysterious club starving for cluestofind the truth behind this outrageous town conspiracy. UncoverUFOsighting cases and the infamous relationships among aliens andyourfellow citizens of Laguna Tucana...But more important, helptheboys to conquest the toughest and exciting peril of themall:¡flirting with the girls of the local soccer team and getadreaming date!* Full english version performed by extratalentedvoice actors!* Psychedelic and progressive pop rockclassicsoundtrack!* An unmatched atmosphere full of rpg quests,hiddenobject and compulsive thinking!* 2D HD Cartoon stylespritegraphics with amazing realistic hand made backgrounds.*English,spanish, french,german and russian dialogs and subtitles.*Superfunny puzzles and amazing hidden stuff to collect and use: oldtaperecorders, narco leptic yoyos, remastered vinyls, nontoleratedliterature, x ray glasses, angry moles, time continuumchocolatecandy and much more!* Totally free, add free 1st episodein thesaga!* Join Meeno, Lena, Bobina, Gabriel, Alicia and Tony inthiswacky tale of vengeance, fellowship and crashing relationships!
The Long Journey - Adventure Games & Point Click
Do you love Adventure Games? Do you love Escape Games&Intriguing Puzzles? Do you love solving Mystery Games? Play'TheLong Journey' and feel like you are in a Gigantic AdventureGamewith a Massive and Abandoned world to explore!If you loveAdventureGames & Mystery Games with a storyline that willCaptivate youfrom the start, then you will LOVE The Long Journey -AdventureGames & Point & Click.Travel to a faraway anddistant landnestled in the mountains, where mankind is oftenunseen, andstories of the ages unfold. You crash land in a veryisolated,dense area in the forest. It appears to be another world -totallyuncharted territory, where only outliers dwell.With abackpack asyour only supply, you start your journey through thevast woods,picking up clues on your expedition.Along your way, yousee visionsof young children in the distance, waving you to keepmoving along,as if there is a path and destiny to be reached.Wheredid you comefrom? Who are these young children, and what are theyleading youinto?The mystery of the Long Journey will unravel beforeyour veryeyes, and another improbable twist ending will unveil andleave youastounded, and wanting to discuss the turn of events thatlead upto the epic finale...Features Include:Over 110 Gorgeous HDRScenesfrom many places around the world, sewn together to bring youonestunning game.Beautifully crafted music and sounds immerse youintoa whole other world.Captivating new storyline that builds upintoan improbable twist ending!Includes a Map System, Hints,Answers& other tips and tricks to help you along the way!
Salad Fingers Act 1
Salad Fingers Where's May Gone is a Point and Click Adventurestylegame set in the Salad Fingers universe where you play as asurvivorof The Great War who awakens from a coma to find yourselfheldcaptive by Salad Fingers. You must escape and explore theSaladFingers universe in search of your daughter May. You will gettorelive events that transpire during the actual SaladFingersseries, but will view them from a different perspective.Clues tosome of the puzzles can be found by watching the SaladFingersseries. This is Act 1 of the 3 part series.Note that DavidFirthhas sanctioned the making of this game, however his levelofinvolvement is still being negotiated. See our indieDb pageformoredetails:
The Last Door: Collector's Ed
Feel what it's truly like to be alone in the dark with thislow-res,high-suspense point-and-click horror adventure, winner ofmultipleBest Games of the Year awards. Set in Victorian England,whenJeremiah Devitt receives a letter from his old schoolmateAnthonyBeechworth with a hidden, cryptic message, he knowssomething iswrong. His journey to an abandoned manor is only thebeginning as hestarts to remember a long-buried secret from hisyouth, discoveringthings man was not meant to know, and openingdoors that should haveremained closed…The Last Door: Collector’sEdition contains fourterrifying episodes of occult andotherworldly horror inviting youto investigate Victorian England'sdeepest, darkest secret.Featuring new scenes and puzzles, enhancedgraphics, unlockablebonuses, and remastered sound. Explore ancientmanors, decayingtenements, and twisting underground warrens withlittle but a lampand magnifying glass to guide you. Dare you openThe Last Door:Collector's Edition?Key Features:Award-winningpoint-and-clickhorror adventure set in Victorian EnglandFeaturesexclusive newlocations, scenes, puzzles, stories, and moreUpgradesincludeenhanced graphics and remastered soundFourcritically-acclaimedscenarios*, one limited-edition setUnlock newextras** and bonuscontentHaunting, original musical score byCarlos ViolaInspired bythe works of H.P. LovecraftAvailablelanguages:EnglishSpanish*,**First Chapter free. The whole contentcan be unlocked via only oneIAP
Secret of the Lost Manor[Free]
It has been many years since you left the manor, but haveneverforgotten that some children disappeared there. One day youdecideto take a trip to the manor to try to clarify the events thattookplace there.Why did the children disappeared? Are you ready forthetruth? Can you solve the mystery? Try in this amazing PointandClick! Features: - Based on the Point and Click games-Wonderfulgraphics that envelop you in history- Lots of items tocollect andpuzzles to solve- An incredible Soundtrack- Auto-Saved-HDGraphics- All items tagged- NO hidden objects- Cluebook-Translated into: Spanish, English, Italian, French, German.
The Inner World
The Inner World – A hilarious and criticallyacclaimed2D-Point’n’Click Adventure.*** Awarded as Best GermanComputer Game2014 ****** Awarded as Best German Family Game 2013*** *** GooglePlay Editors Choice ***Robert is a novice, a bitclueless, but witha heart of gold. He lives a peaceful life as acourt musician inAsposia's largest wind monastery. Contrary to thelaws of physics,Asposia is an enormous, hollow space surrounded byan infiniteexpanse of earth. The world's air is provided throughthree windfountains, but as one wind fountain after the otherpetered out andthe wind gods came to Asposia, all of the suddenRobert found himin the middle of a whirlwind.Together with the helpof themysterious thief Laura, his best intentions and no cluewhatsoever,Robert sets off on his adventure to discover the secretof thewind's disappearance. Will the young adventurer be able tosave hisworld? And what are Laura´s secret intentions…?Features,Features,Features! This is where The Inner World shows what itmeans to belavishly with tons of content waiting for you:Screamingly funnydialogues! Numerous tricky puzzles! A handmadeworld fully drawnwith love and devotion invites you to discovercountless details(at least 325!). A patented multi-level hintsystem enableseveryone to finish the game! A wonderful comfortingatmosphere!Eye-pampering backgrounds in non-stereoscopic handmade2D (!) –going up against all current graphic trends! Fivespectacularchapters! A story with more twists than any Asposiannose! Stunningcartoon-like animations! The most epic soundtracksince the originof Asposia as well as professional voice overs –even lip sync!Lots of cut scenes! Optional hotspots! And of course:Robert, thevery-very-very-VERY-last hope for Asposia!-- Texts andvoice-overs100% in English (and German) ---- Full game, noIn-App-Purchases---- Tabletsupport-----------------------------------------------"No adventurefan inthis world should miss out the cuddlesome story about Robert,Lauraand Peck - nobody!" - [91/100]"A world thatwillenchant you, an adventure debut that will fascinate you." [84/100]"That's the way a classic point &clickadventure should look like." - [8/10]"Greatspeaker'sperformance, charming soundtrack." -[86/100]"The worldof Asposia may be hollow, but The Inner Worldoffers a solid […]treat for adventure fans that shouldn't bemissed." [9/10]"If you grew upwith gamessuch as Kings Quest or Broken Sword, you will definitelysavorHeadup Games and Studio Fizbin's point-and-click adventuregame TheInner World. […] The game is as beautiful as it is amusing,havingsome spicy and well-put comments, as well as manymemorablecharacters." - [8.5/10]"I unashamedlyrecommend thisgame to all adventure game fans."[5/5]-------------Please note: After thecurrent update yourSavegame may be lost - we are very sorry, thisis caused by atechnical problem. To get your progress back, pleaseuse theWishing Well (start new game, touch settings button and thentouchit again) and enter one of the following codes to progressfast inthe game:startchapter2 - Root Foreststartchapter3 -AbondonedDynasty startchapter4 - Secret of theBasyliansstartchapter5 -Asposia's last hopeSorry again, have funnonetheless! :)
Broken Sword: Director's Cut
Paris in the Fall… a brutal murder at the Palais Royale. WhenNicoCollard is invited to interview statesman Pierre Carchon, shefindsherself inextricably drawn into a terrifying conspiracy.One oftheall-time classic adventures, multi BAFTA-nominated 'BrokenSword:Director’s Cut' pitches sassy journalist Nico Collard, andintrepidAmerican George Stobbart into a mysterious journey ofintrigue andjeopardy. Guide George and Nico on their globe-spanningadventure,exploring exotic locations, solving ancient mysteries,andthwarting a dark conspiracy to reveal the secret truths oftheKnights Templar.Featuring a widely-praised touch interface,'BrokenSword: The Director’s Cut' introduces an intricate newnarrativethread, alongside the classic story that has charmedmillions ofplayers. It’s time to experience George and Nico’sworldwideadventure in a whole new way, with brand new puzzles,hilarious newjokes, and the distinctive, rich story that made theseries sodeservedly renowned. This is adventure gaming at its verybest.✪“…this is a must-play game: a latter day blockbuster inadirector’s cut form”. The Independent online (5/5)IncludesfullEnglish speech and optional subtitles in English, French,German,Spanish, Italian or Russian. Additional speech languages(English,French, German, Italian, Spanish) are available todownload.
Lost Echo
"A richly defined, innovative experience, Lost Echo is exactlywhatan iOS adventure should be, capturing the spirit oftraditionaladventure gaming with all the potential the platform hasto offer.""I can't help but be completely andutterlyimpressed.""This is a must-buy for anybodywholoves sci-fi, mystery, or just adventure games ingeneral."-148apps"A good looking game with a challenging mysterywaiting tobe solved: you won't be able to put it away!" -Touch TapPlayIn thenear future Greg's girlfriend Chloe mysteriouslydisappears infront of him.He starts a desperate search for her.What happened?Why does no-one else remember her?In this indie,story drivenadventure game you explore fully 3d environments usingan intuitivepoint and click interface.Solve puzzles, explore, playminigames,interact with numerous characters and find out whatreallyhappened!FEATURES* Detailed and realistic graphics, rarelyfound onmobile devices.* A soundtrack written specifically for thegame.Drawing from multiple genres so it creates the properatmospherefor each area.* An engrossing mystery with a satisfyingconclusion.Meet and interact numerous characters, find clues andslowly revealthe truth. But is the truth really enough?* Point andclick is oneof those genres where touch devices just make sense. Wemade surewe took advantage of that.* Two modes, normal and oldschool, soyou can play regardless of experience with the genre! Andif youget stuck, you can always use the built-in hint system.Findoutmore info and media
Machinarium is the award-winning independent adventuregamedeveloped by the makers of Samorost series, BotaniculaandCHUCHEL.Help Josef the robot to save his girlfriend Bertakidnappedby the Black Cap Brotherhood gang."Absolutely Fantastic"-TouchArcade4/4 - USA TODAY4/4 - SlideToPlay9/10 -PocketGamerAwards:- IGF, Excellence in Visual Art Award- Gamasutra,BestIndie Game Of The Year-, Best Indie Game Of TheYear
Infamous Machine
Kelvin and the Infamous Machine is a hilariouspoint-and-clickadventure in which you stumble irresponsibly throughhistory tohelp legendary geniuses complete their masterworks!Kelvin is thewell-meaning research assistant of Dr. Edwin Lupin, anoutstandingbut tacky physicist who goes completely nuts when hislife’s work,a shower-shaped time machine, is ridiculed by thescientificcommunity. Bent on leaving his mark, Lupin launcheshimself intothe past to prevent history’s greatest geniuses fromcompletingtheir defining works, so HE can complete them instead.Now the veryfabric of time is beginning to unravel, and it’s up toKelvin andhis fellow research assistant Lise to repair it. Pointand clickyour way through three wacky, gorgeously drawn chapters tohelpLudwig van Beethoven, Isaac Newton, and Leonardo da Vinciachievetheir destined greatness!
Broken Sword 5: Episode 1
Episode 1 - Paris in the springShots ring out from a gallery…arobbery… a murder… and the beginning of another epic,originalBroken Sword adventure.From multi-award winning Revolutioncomesthe latest mystery in this much loved adventure-puzzleseries.Playing as intrepid American George Stobbart and sassyFrenchjournalist Nico Collard, you find yourself on the trail of astolenpainting – and a murderous conspiracy. A conspiracy whoseroots liein mysteries older than the written word…Armed only withlogic,integrity and a wry sense of humor - can George and Nicosavemankind from disaster? Can you solve the secret of theSerpent’sCurse? A curse some say was forged by the Devil himself…✪Thelatest in the smash hit multi-million selling Broken Swordseries✪Gripping story, engaging puzzles, voiced by a top qualitycast✪Highly acclaimed 'slide and tap' interface – simple buthugelypowerful✪ Context-sensitive help system – access hints tosolveeven the hardest puzzles* Designed for both phone andtabletdevicesFull English / German / French speech with optionforsubtitles in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian andRussian.Additional data files for Italian and Spanish speech arenowavailable from our website.The App for Episode 2, theconcludingpart, is available now.
The Mystery of Haunted Hollow 2: Escape Games
Do you love Escape Games, Adventure Games, or Point &ClickPuzzle Games?The Mystery of Haunted Hollow 2 - Point &ClickAdventure Escape Game has finally arrived! The Final Chapterof TheMystery of Haunted Hollow 2 lets you try the game out forFREEbefore purchasing!The Mystery of Haunted Hollow 2 continuesthestory which left off in the town of Hollow... Adventure,Escape& Puzzle Games Await! If you love Escape Games,AdventureGames, & Classic Point & Click Games, you willlove TheMystery of Haunted Hollow 2!The Mystery of Haunted Hollow2continues the story which left off in the town ofHollow...Adventure Escape & Puzzle Games Await!You arrive inthe Villageof Nightfall, tired, dreary, but ready to pursue thisnewendeavor... you are on a quest and determined to the solve newandintriguing puzzles that lie before you, & escape this towntolearn the final truth, and meaning of your truedestiny...Theadventure continues in the Mystery of Haunted Hollow 2in theVillage of Nightfall. You arrive in the dreary and foggytown,drenched in rain, and the thunder and lightning clap inthedistance, making you feel more cautious as you trek down thelongpath...New discoveries will be made, and unusual stories willbetold as the final truth is unveiled.You embark on anadventureseeing new ghosts & apparitions, some of whom arefriendly,others who have more sinister plans in mind.Explore thechilling,desolate Village of Nightfall and many more eerie, andominousplaces including the haunted shack, an old barn, the massivesecretlibrary, a new chapel, a thrilling & dark asylum, anabandonedHotel, and the Old Manor, which has a surprise waitinginstore...An exciting new adventure with many new stories awaitsthedesolate town of Nightfall Village. Tread carefully in thistown,and put your wit and imagination to the test!Don't forget toturnthe lights off, and wear your headphones for a fully immersive,andterrifying experience...The Mystery of Haunted Hollow 2 - TheFinalChapter, where adventure & discovery await, andintriguingpuzzles, and stories are unveiled by it'sformerresidents!———————————————————————————————————All New WeatherFXSystem: Using Unity SDK, we brought in the big guns by usingastunning weather FX system, creating more immersive, andchillingenvironments.Chilling artwork & Design:Using realisticphotos,and images to create Hauntingly realistic environments, andvariouslocations providing plenty of areas with varietytoexplore.Professionally crafted Music & sound FX:Musicalsoundtracks that will send chills down your spine as youexplorethe depths of this adventure game. Somber, and theatricalmusicalpieces make this game a very dramatic adventure game, onethat isunforgettable.Addictive Gameplay & CompellingStoryline:Youwill want to play this game again after reading thestories, andseeing the final ending... there are many players whohave saidthey loved playing this game repeatedly to read thestories, enjoythe adventure, and get lost in adventure andexploration.
The Great Fusion
The Great Fusion is a third person graphic adventure set in theyear2022. Rich people are richer and poor people are even poorer.Lawsare absurd, the Copyright crusaders prosecute free culture andlargecorporations are managed by incompetent people. And that’ssciencefiction, right?Max, a young and brilliant programmer, willfall intopoverty and will fight to make a living trying to avoidfalling forhis own ignorance, experiencing thousands of crazysituations,amidst countless nods to classic graphic adventures andfilms frompop culture.WARNING: - Game may contain STRONG LANGUAGEin certaindialogs.- Entertaining story with hilarious dialogs-Current affairsremarks with nods to social criticism- Hand-drawnartwork- Originalsoundtrack- User-friendly interface- Optimisedfor touch screendevices- Multilanguage : English, Spanish, French,Italian, GermanWeare always trying to improve. We’d be delightedto receive youropinions and we will take them into account forfuture projects!
Bertram Fiddle: Episode 1
The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle is a hilarioustongue-in-cheekpoint and click adventure game that mixes theclassic formula upwith riveting action elements all weaved togetherlovingly byRumpus Animation.In a quirky take on a Victorian Londoninhabitedby strange characters, with even stranger noses, selfproclaimedleading explorator, Bertram Fiddle, finds himself in abit ofpickle. Help him follow the clues and track down the elusiveserialkiller known only as Geoff the Murderer before he strikesagain."Itis quite possibly one of the finest point-and-click comedymurdermystery adventure games set in Victorian London you willplaytoday" - Bertram FiddleWinner of the Best Narrative Award 2015-Tokyo Indie Game FestFeaturing- Intrigue, murder, mysteryandterrible PUNS!- Beautifully animated interactions- Over30locations to explore- An original soundtrack composed byCamReynolds inspired by 1970s B movies- Unique Voice Acting-Rivetingaction sequences- HD art"…influenced by theclassicpoint-and-click-and-laugh games of the Monkey Island era … acastof quirky characters and plenty of belly-laughs arounditsmurder-mystery plot.” – Guardian"...if quality voice acting,topclass animation, Victorian pun-age and innuendo is up yourbackalley, then Bertram Fiddle should be right on your list tocheckout."-
Reconstrucción: war is not a game is a graphic adventure inwhichplayers face the usual war dilemmas. There are no good orbadpeople, just human beings trying to make choices while inextremeconditions. How faithfull could you stay to your principleswhileyour own life, or the life of those who you love, is atstake?Victoria returns to her hometown, an abandoned place thatonlyseems inhabited by ghosts. Help her to choose between beinganafraid running girl, a fearsome gun wielding warrior or ayoungwoman that helps even her enemies… It’s all up to the pathsthatyou choose. It is no easy task either: You will face both War’sdayto day and a travel to the depths of your soul.Features:1.Anadventure based on true stories.2. Make choices that changesyourstory in the game. 3. Interact with the different actors inthecolombian war.4. Discover different and entertainingminigames.5.Find images, videos and audio based on true historicreferences.
Secret Files: Tunguska
[ FULL GAME! NO EPISODES! The award-winning point andclickadventure debuts on Google Play, localized into sevendifferentlanguages and fully optimized for a wide range of Androiddevices!]# # # HISTORY MEETS FICTION IN A MYSTERY ADVENTURE PAREXCELLENCE# # #When Vladimir Kalenkow, a high-ranking scientistlooking intothe unexplained Tunguska catastrophe from 1908, goesmissing, hisdaughter Nina and his assistant Max are drawn into aconspiracy ofepic proportions. Chased across the globe by theRussianintelligence apparatus and a zealous secret society, thetwoadventurers solve mysteries in Germany, Russia, Cuba, Chinaandeven Antarctica. But the more light they shed on the truth,themore they put themselves in danger!# # # UNRAVEL ONE OF THEBIGGESTENGIMAS OF THE 20th CENTURY # # #Help Nina and Max, theadventurousprotagonists of Secret Files Tunguska, to solve avariety ofchallenging quests and elaborate riddles as the title’sfascinatingplot leads you to the most remote corners of the Earth.Travel toexotic locations, explore rich sceneries, engage withinterestingcharacters and collect useful information. Unravel amystery thatremained unsolved for more than a hundred years!# # #ENJOY AMAZINGFEATURES AND A DEEPLY IMMERSIVE ATMOSPHERE # # #• Aninteractivemystery thriller for smartphones and tablets• 12+ hoursofsuspense-laden playing time• No micro transactions orin-apppurchases• 2 playable main characters• Dozens of NPCswithindividual background stories• Lots of demanding quests,riddlesand puzzles• More than a hundred exciting locations •High-qualitygraphics with amazing attention to detail• Full voiceacting bypopular dubbing actors • Fully localized into German,English,Russian, Polish, French, Spanish and Italian• Spot-ontouchcontrols made for mobile# # # WINNER OF COUNTLESS AWARDSANDACCOLADES # # #Secret Files Tunguska has received dozens ofhonorsfrom games reviewers and jury members alike. Among others, itgot a92 points “Gold” rating from Adventure Europe, a 89 per cent“Gold”award from Game Hunters and a 86 points “Gold” star fromGamaxx. Inaddition, it has also been named “Game of the Year” bytheeditorial departments of Gamestar and The Gamer’s Base as wellas“Best Adventure of the Year” by the readers of PC GamesandAdventure-Treff. # # # LINKS AND RESSOURCES # # #• SecretFileswebsite:• AnimationArtswebsite:• Deep Silverwebsite:• Deep Silver FISHLABSwebsite:• Secret Files onFacebook: # # SETTINGS&REQUIREMENTS # # #Secret Files Tunguska requires Android2.3.1Gingerbread (or higher) and runs on all Android-poweredsmartphonesand tablets with 512mb RAM of more. The game does notcontain anyin-app purchases or micro transactions. Instead, theinitialpurchase gives you access to the full array of contentandfeatures.
"With all the polish of a major, mainstream release, Yesterdayisnot a game to be missed." (Gamezebo)"An experience you'llbeunlikely to forget." (Joystiq)"Yesterday will sate the needsofadventure game fans." (Destructoid)"The game feels like apaintingcome to life." (Strategy Informer)"One of the bestpoint-and-clickadventure games to come along in recent memory."(Gamezone)Thefirst thriller by the indie studio that created themillion-sellingRunaway saga!A psycho is killing beggars alive inNew York. AY-shaped scar forms in the hands of seemingly unrelatedpeople. Thepress and the media just don't care, so Henry White, ayoung NGOvolunteer, will be the first to investigate the crimeswith hisfriend Cooper. They are two of the three playablecharacters inYesterday, the third being none other than theenigmatic JohnYesterday, who is dragged into this twisted plotafter his memoryis completely wiped.How far will you go to find outwho JohnYesterday is?An adult, noir thriller full of unexpectedtwists andturns.A magnificient visual style that mixes videogames,movies andcomics.An innovative interface based on innumerableblow-ups. Aperfect game for your tablet!Useful and well-designedhelp forplayers, via a hotspot marker and text hints.A rich musicalscorethat not only fits but also enhances the story.A storylinefull ofdiscrete references and tributes to movies, series, games,musicand novels.
Demetrios Chapter 1
Demetrios is a quirky adventure game packed with tons ofhumor!Bjorn Thonen, a slob of an antique dealer living in Paris,isrobbed one night after coming home drunk. Forced to conduct hisowninvestigation with the help of his neighbor Sandra, he endsupinvolved in a murky, mysterious affair. Will these unlikelyheroesbe able to rise up and discover ancient secrets? - A longandvaried adventure (12 hours of gameplay spanning on 6 chapters)-ThePoint & Click and Visual Novel genres mixed together! -Over15,000 lines of dialog- Hand drawn art- A high levelofinteractivity - Multiple, fun mini-games integrated into thestory-In-game hints - Search and collect hidden cookies oneveryscreen!Fully translated into English, French, Spanish,Italian,German and Russian
A first-person point-and-click adventure in cleaning up dirtywork.Killing is easy. Cleaning up is hard...Mark had a promisingfutureat his father's law firm, until one of his cases got him toocloseto a top-secret government project. After discoveringclassifiedinformation related to a terrifying biological weapon, hewasquickly arrested and falsely imprisoned for treason.Fiveyearslater, an unknown benefactor has orchestrated Mark's release,witha catch: he must help eliminate all traces of the very projectthatled to his arrest.As member after member of themysteriousinitiative is eliminated by unknown hands, it's up toMark toensure that no loose ends—and no bodies—remain.Features•Afirst-person point-and-click adventure featuring fouruniquemissions• A thrilling story packed with intrigue•Countlessbrain-bending puzzles• Free to play (includes an in-apppurchase toremove ads)• 35+ scenes across multiple locations• Basedon a truestoryFollow usonFacebook
In Sanitarium you play an amnesiac thrust into a morbid,reallycreepy universe. After a car accident you wake up to findthatinstead of lying in a hospital, you’re in an asylum with yourheadwrapped in bandages. Who the hell am I? What am I doing here?Howdo I escape? There endless questions eating away at you, and sotooare the many puzzles you’ll need to resolve throughoutthisimmersive, captivating adventure.Featuring a rich, complex plotsetin an intense world where a very thin line separates reasonfrommadness, Sanitarium is a masterwork suitable forpoint-and-clickbeginners, experts and everyone who enjoyscaptivating storylinesand horror games. This version has not onlybeen authenticallyrecreated for mobile, but also enhanced withbrand-new features:•Choose between touch mode and pad mode • A neweasy-to-useinterface specially adapted for touch devices• Automaticsavesystem• Dynamic ON/OFF hint system• New inventory system •20Achievements to unlock• Choose between full screen mode&original mode• 3 languages available: English, French,German(voices and text)Originally released in 1998 for PC andAdventureGame of the Year Winner, this timeless point-and-clickhorror gameis a must-have for adventure game fans. Discover orrediscover oneof the scariest games of all time with this mobileversion you canplay anywhere!
Broken Sword 2: Remastered
‘Broken Sword 2 - the Smoking Mirror: Remastered’ sees the returnofGeorge Stobbart and Nico Collard in the sequel to the smashhit‘Broken Sword: Director’s Cut’, widely praised as thebestadventure available for Android.While investigating a ruthlessdruggang, journalist Nico Collard unexpectedly comes across anancientartefact. Little can she know that the ornately carvedobsidianstone will lead her, and her adventuring companion GeorgeStobbart,into a mysterious escapade of intrigue and deceit, inwhich theymust overcome powerful forces and antagonists who willstop atnothing to fulfil their evil ambitions.‘Broken Sword 2 -TheSmoking Mirror: Remastered’ is a stunning update tothemillion-selling original. Along with an exclusive newinteractivedigital comic, from ‘Watchmen’ co-creator Dave Gibbons,the gameboasts fully animated facial expressions, enhancedgraphicsthroughout, high quality music as well as acontext-sensitive hintsystem, and diary. The game also featuresDropbox integration whichfacilitates a unique cross-platformsave-game feature, enablingplayers to enjoy the same adventuresimultaneously on multipledevices and many otherenhancements.Includes full English speechwith optional subtitles inEnglish, French, German, Spanish,Italian, Russian or BrazilianPortuguese. Additional speech filescan be added to any version formix and match language support.
Davey's Mystery
Out of the blue a man unknown to you hasleftyou his entire secluded estate. Having nothing but a key andyourcuriosity you set out to investigate the home of this mannamedDavey.In the format of classic point and click adventures, Davey’sMysteryoffers an environment to investigate, devices tointeractive with,objects to find and a secret waiting to befound!
Secret of the Lost Pyramid
J. Smith is a retired treasure hunter until one day his familyiskidnapped. The kidnappers have offered a deal: getting themtheMedallion of Eternal Youth in exchange for his family. J. Smithnowstarts again one of his adventures, this time to recover thelostmedallion and bring his family back home. According to legend,themedallion is hidden in the Pyramid. The trip will not be easy:manypuzzles and riddles will need to be solved to find themedallion.The journey starts now. Are you ready?Will you be able torecoverthe medallion?Will J. Smith be able to get his family?Findout inthis amazing Point and Click!Features:- Based on the PointandClick games.- Wonderful graphics that will involve you inthestory.- Lots of items to collect and puzzles to solve.-Anincredible soundtrack.- Auto-saved.- HD graphics.- Allitemstagged.- NO hidden objects.- Book of Clues.- Translatedinto:Spanish-English-Italian-French-German.
You. Me. Hell.
One boy. One girl. Two things in common: they are both trappedintheir personal hells, and they want to get out."You. Me. Hell."isa classic crazy point-and-click-adventure and interactivestory,with two playable protagonists. Tova and Tor have ashakyrelationship. Tor lives in the future and in his ownmade-up-past.Tova is irritable, aggressive and dangerous to herselfand everyone else."You. Me. Hell." is not a game about saving theworld.It's a game about a relationship, about how things can gowrong,and how they can be set right again."You. Me. Hell." is not agamefor children. It contains:* Strong language. *Violence.*References to sex, alcohol and drugs.* Lots of screwed uphumor.Ifyou get stuck, check of thewalkthroughon: girl. Two things in common: they are both trapped in Theirstaffhells, And they want to get out."You. Me. Hell." is a classiccrazypoint-and-click-adventure and interactive story, with twoplayableprotagonist. Tova and Tor have a shaky relationship. Thorlives inthe future and in his own made-up past. Tova isirritable,aggressive and dangerous to herself and every oneelse."You. Me.Hell." is not a game about saving the world. It's agame about arelationship, about how things can go wrong, and howThey can beset right again."You. Me. Hell." is not a game forchildren. Itcontains:* Strong language.* Violence.* References tosex, alcoholand drugs.* Lots of screwed-up sense of humor.If youget stuck,check of thewalkthroughon:
Gabriel Knight Sins of Fathers
As struggling author and bookstore owner Gabriel Knight,investigatea series of savage ritual killings in New Orleans andtheirconnection to voodoo’s sinister mysteries. The deeper hedives intomaster storyteller Jane Jensen’s tale of terror andsuspense, thecloser he'll come to discovering the secrets of hisown familyhistory–and unfolding his destiny. Experience one ofadventuregaming’s most stunning masterpieces all over again inthisblockbuster retelling of the award-winning 1993murder-mystery,which adds all-new puzzles, scenes, and HDgraphics! Blending thebest of yesterday and today, it re-imaginesthe 1993 original, votedone of the greatest games of all time, foran entirely newgeneration of fans. Product Features: - Relive oneof gaming’sgreatest adventures of all-time: Adventure Gamers' 20Best AdventureGames, Computer Gaming World's Adventure Game of theYear 1994, andHonorable Mention in The A.V. Club's Top 100 Gamesof All-Time -Experience the award-winning voodoo murder-mystery instunninghigh-res 3D - Explore the colorful world of New Orleans,fromJackson Square to Bourbon Street to the shores ofLakePontchartrain- Adds new puzzles and scenes tofamiliarchallenges**PLEASE NOTE: This game is optimized to workwith tabletdevices and may not be compatible with all Androidphones.**
Lost Horizon
[ The classic point ‘n click adventure by Animation Arts andDeepSilver FISHLABS comes to Google Play in a beautiful mobileversionfully optimized for your smartphone or tablet! ]# # # AGRIPPINGADVENTURE UNDERNEATH THE ROOF OF THE WORLD # # #The year is1936.After his dismissal from the British Air Force, FentonPaddockstruggles along as a smuggler and petty crook – until hereceivesthe lucrative offer to trace an expedition that wentmissing in thehighlands of Tibet. But Fenton and his ex-girlfriendKim are notthe only ones eager to find the missing researchers. TheNazis havesent a secret task force to Tibet as well and assignedthem to gethold of the lost explorers, whose revolutionary findingsbear thepower to change the fate of the world forever.# # #CLASSICADVENTURE GAMING ON MOBILE # # #Designed and developed bytherenowned adventure specialists of Animation Arts – thestudiobehind the best-selling Secret Files series – Lost Horizontakesits players back to the glory days of the point ‘nclickadventures. Enjoy clever riddles, beautiful graphics and fullvoiceacting. Visit exotic locations all across the globe and followariveting narrative that keeps you hooked for hours and hoursonend!# # # AMAZING FEATURES & TOP NOTCH CONTENT # # # • Thenewmobile game by the makers of Secret Files • A classic point‘nclick adventure with challenging riddles & a captivatingstory•Fully optimized for mobile with spot-on touch controls andadjustedUI• Top-class production values incl. handcrafted visuals•Fullylocalized and dubbed cut scenes • All content available fromdayone – no IAPs or additional costs# # # LINKS & RESSOURCES ###• Animation Arts website:•DeepSilver website:• Deep SilverFISHLABSwebsite: # # REQUIREMENTS &COSTS ## #Lost Horizon requires at least 1 gigabyte RAM and Android4.2.2or newer. It runs on a majority of contemporary devices suchasSamsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Note 3,HTCOne, HTC Nexus 9, One plus One or comparable smartphonesandtablets. There are no IAPs or additional costs – theinitialpurchase unlocks all chapters right away!
Diggy's Adventure
Search for hidden treasures, solve puzzles, fulfil godly questsandreveal the greatest mysteries of the past in Diggy’sAdventure.Diggy's Adventure Features:- #1 Rated Adventure Game-1000+ Riddles& Puzzles to solve- 500+ Labyrinths to escapefrom- 100+ Funnycharacters to interact with- 5 Mythologicallocations with loads offorgotten treasures- Regular weekly updatesfull of fun events- 18languages to play in- Dedicated team workingtirelessly to teaseyour brain and challenge your skillsJoin thefamily of Diggy,Professor, Linda and Rusty on their journey toexplore the worldfull of ancient civilizations and mysteries.Nosecret may remainhidden!Diggy's Adventure is a perfect game for alltypes ofplayers. Get ready for a greatly written story full of plottwistswhile progressing through thousands of brain-teasers andbeautifullocations as Egypt, Scandinavia, China or Atlantis. Enjoythecreative side of the game - craft items and matchvariousingredients to help you digging, build your camp or decorateit.Developing your camp is vital since each maze and riddlerequireenergy to get through the blocks and advance into theotherlocation or mine.Solve riddles & puzzles to gainrewardsGainrewards and experience points to improve rate ofenergyregeneration or maximum energy capacity by digging throughthemines and fulfilling in-game quests assigned by Gods andothercharacters. Each special event brings you a big content updateaswell as a lot of tiny improvements to make the game evenmorechallenging and entertaining.Note: A network connection isrequiredto playNote: Diggy's Adventure is completely free to play,howeversome game items can also be purchased for real money.Do youhaveany suggestions or problems? We would love to hear fromyou!Contactus at!Privacypolicy: andconditions:
BELPAESE: Homecoming
Peppe: "Now that we shared so many memories, how about alittlekiss?"Secretary: "Nice try. But you need to go now before Iregrethelping you!" This is Peppe making is way through Italianpolitics.Later he will try and repay his boss’s secretary byproviding bungabunga services. He is:•Lazy•A trickster•A Mama’sboy•Dumb•Agood-for-nothing. His goals:•Does he want to save theworld fromthe Martians? Well, no. He is for peace, man. Andinterstellar warsare way too dangerous.•Perhaps he prefers rescuinga damsel from agorilla? No. That sounds like a lot of work.•Reallysure that hedoesn't want to rescue a beautiful damsel with long,blinking,eyelashes? Definitely not. Gorillas tend to get annoyedwhen you dothat. And she's probably a pain in the neck.•Then,maybe, he willhelp the dark side of the Force to prevail? Neither.He can'tbreathe that hard. Not even on the phone.All in all, hejust wantsto please his mama.Will he eventually please her? Will hebesuccessful? Will he demonstrate he is not just a bum, fullofexpectations and poor in character as Mama puts it? Well...that,my friend, kind of depends on you.Born in the twisted mind oftheFazz Brothers, Belpaese: Homecoming is the first chapter of anoldstyle, irony-oriented, trick-driven, Point & ClickGraphicAdventure. If you:•Are one of these old CGA geeks mourningthegolden era of videogames. •Think of yourself as a brilliantexampleof the sparkling new generation of problem solvers(howimpudent).•Are not scared by lateral thinking, actuallythrilledabout parading your imagination and your ability to livethroughtough times. If all the above points, or even just one ofthem,applies to you, then, my fellow traveller, this is yourgame.Have aGreat Adventure!Vote for Peppe!TechnicalSpecifications:•2D Pointand Click Graphic Adventure Game.•Playablein English andItalian.•Graphic Adventure Game with more than 2characters, butless than 1000.•Graphic Adventure Game with day andnightlocations.•4 hours game (on average).
Victo’s World - jungle adventure - super world
🍄 Victo’s Adventures or jungle adventure is a journey ofsuperJungle boy. In heat jungle, Victo must pass so much threats torunto target world. On his road, you can use weapon to killmonsterbut weapon is hidden in somewhere.🐌🐌🐌 Game Features :🍀 Realretrogame play - Jungle Adventure is a classic platform game.🍀 Morethan80 colorful levels. Map carefully designed to make theadventuremore enjoyable and addictive.🍀 Beautiful graphics andmusic.🍀Smooth game play and easy to play.🍀 4 super worlds unlockfree whenplay to end of that super world.🍀 Tricky monsters: snails,spiders,scorpion, carnivorous flower and so many otherenemies...destroythem with jungle boy.🍀 Play, run, jump and attackenemies and superboss and discover worlds with journey game🍀 It Isan addictiveadventure game game and a lot of challenges.🐌🐌🐌 How toplay thisadventure game:+ Use button to jump, move and fire+ Findweapon inflowers🍄 Start your adventure now and smash through thosetrickymonsters: snails, spiders, scorpion, carnivorous flower andso manyother enemies🍄 Super Victo- journey game. Runs and jumpsacrossplatforms and atop enemies in themed this adventuregameThese include a multitude of power-ups and items that givesuperboy special magic powers such as fireball-throwingandsize-changing into giant and miniature sizes.🍄 With thisjourneygame, Run across secret worlds and discover greenisland,jungle,desert, and deep sea...It is amazing adventure withsuperboy.Adventure game - Are you ready?Play Victo’s Adventure-adventure game and come back to chilhood with jungle boy !🐌🐌🐌GetVicto’s Adventures - Jungle Adventure for free today. Have fun !
Samorost 3
Samorost 3 is an exploration adventure and puzzle game fromtheaward-winning creators of Machinarium and Botanicula. It isAmanitaDesign’s most ambitious experience to date and a loosecontinuationof the hit indie games Samorost and Samorost 2.Samorost3 follows acurious space gnome who uses the powers of a magic fluteto travelacross the cosmos in search of its mysterious origins.Visit nineunique and alien worlds teeming with colorful challenges,creaturesand surprises to discover, brought to life with beautifulartwork,sound and music.What the press said:“Possibly the mostbeautifulpoint-and-click adventure I've ever played.” -Destructoid“The bestadventure game in years.” - Kill Screen“Aworthy follow-up toMachinarium and Botanicula.” - PocketGamer“Arguably the greatestgame to come out of Amanita Design.” -PC Gamer“Samorost 3'ssetting is immediately entrancing.” -GameSpot“All of the music isincredible.” - GameZebo“Samorost 3 is agame that feels alive.” -Stuff
Little Briar Rose
«Little Briar Rose is one of the best looking mobile games inawhile, out now on iOS and Android.»Pocket Gamer«In a seaofpixelated graphics and safe me-too styles, Little Briar Rose isabreath of fresh air.» Android Police«Is there such a thing asloveat first sight when it comes to mobile games? Possibly, atleastwhen they offer visuals as stunning as the ones on displayinLittle Briar Rose.» Gamezebo «Exquisite hand drawngraphics,beautiful music and a magical Disney touch make this adelightfulgame to spend time with.»The AppTimes «When you think ofpoint andclick adventure games you probably think everything hasbeen done.We have rescued the kingdom and royal family in King’sQuest. Wehave slung insults at each other in Escape from MonkeyIsland. Nowwe can add a retelling of the Sleeping Beauty tale usingstainedglass style graphics. Yep. Stained glass. You have to see ittobelieve it.»N4GAn ancient legend, a cursed castle surroundedbybrambles, a forest inhabited by funny enchanted creatures andasweet princess sleeping in it. And, obviously, a fearlessprince!This is what Little Briar Rose is made out of. In thisparticularstained glass-styled graphic adventure the player willhelp a wholedynasty of princes complete their quest. Be carefulthough, manywill try, but only one shall prevail!☆ Enjoy thehand-drawngraphics, inspired by the stained glass-style art.☆Relive theBrothers Grimm’s “Little Briar Rose” with an adventurefull ofmagic.☆ Catch the hints of western and eastern traditions,withreferences to Disney classics.☆ Explore a fairy-tale and funworld,inhabited by weird and unique creatures.☆ Challenge yourskill withminigames and puzzles.☆ Unlock fun achievements.☆ Greatgameexperience on mobile devices.
Dog Mendonca
[ Solve a criminal case beyond believe in thissupernaturaladventure game based on Dark Horse Comics’ populargraphic noveltrilogy. Written and illustrated by the guys who madethe comics!]# # # INVESTIGATE THE IMPOSSIBLE! # # #Monsters arereal. And theyare all hanging out in Lisbon, the beautiful yethaunted capital ofPortugal. But suddenly, all the vampires,specters and ghouliesvanish from the streets (or wherever else theyhad been hiding). Soit is time for supernatural sleuth Dog Mendonçaand hisotherworldly posse to hit the scene and save the day withbravado,wit, determination and the occasional use of force. # # #ADVENTUREGAMING MEETS THE SUPERNATURAL # # #The InteractiveAdventures ofDog Mendonça & PizzaBoy is a hilarious graphicadventure forsmartphones and tablets. The game is based on DarkHorse Comic’sfan-favorite graphic novel series praised, amongothers, by horroricon George Romero (“Dawn of the Dead”). Solveridiculous riddles,meet grotesque characters, visit spookylocations, have whackyconversations and enjoy no-holds-barredhumor. Laugh, cry, shake,revel, ponder, marvel, freak out… andlaugh even more!# # # MADE BYTHE WRITERS AND ARTISTS OF THE COMICS# # #This is the real deal!The game’s hilarious story comesstraight from the crazy mind ofFilipe Melo, the author of theoriginal Dog Mendonça comics. Andthe stunning visuals were craftedby Juan Cava and Santiago Villa,whose unique style art graces thepages of the graphic novels. # ## FRIGHTENING FEATURES # # #•Adventure gaming meets thesupernatural: Solve a criminal casebeyond belief • An all-newstory: Unravel a blood-curdling mysterybased on the Dark Horsecomics• Monster mash: Team up with amiddle-aged werewolf, asix-thousand-year-old demon trapped in thebody of a young girl andthe severed head of a moody gargoyle•Gore-geous graphics: Feastyour eyes on astonishing hand-madevisuals• The real deal: Play agame developed in cooperation withthe guys who made the comics# ## FOLLOW THESE LINKS… IF YOU DARE ## #• Deep Silver FISHLABSwebsite:• DeepSilver website: • Okam Studiowebsite:• Dog Mendonçawebsite: # # # COSTS &REQUIREMENTS ## #As a full premium product, The InteractiveAdventures of DogMendonça & PizzaBoy does not containunlockable chapters orother IAPs. Purchase it once and get accessto all content rightaway!
Can You Steal It: Secret Thief
Be an amazing “criminal” cases expert! Join the best hiddenobjectadventure game to solve puzzles. Observe rooms, discoverhints,seek and analyze clues, find items! Investigate them as aCSIdetective. Can You Steal It is a free, most popular andaddictivepuzzle adventure game with fresh and colorful graphics. Ifyou likehidden objects games, you must love Can You Steal It. It isfull ofchallenging and entertaining mini puzzles. Are you ready tostartyour thief life and help people to steal the items they neednow?Challenge your brain now! Observe the rooms and search fortheuseful tiny clues, examine and analyze the clues to solveminipuzzles. You also can challenge your friends to find out whoissmarter and can find the hidden items faster. Uncover secrets,getkeys, find the hidden objects in the rooms, then you can findthetarget item. Though you are a thief, but you need to think likeanexpert CSI detective. Stuck on a puzzle? Relax, walkthroughvideoof Can You Steal It is ready to help. Pretty simple, you justneedto tap the “Hint” button in the lower right. Walkthrough videoispart of the Pro features. Upgrade to remove ads, play allstagesand watch walkthroughs. Or you also can tap the “Try with Ads-Free” button to get walkthrough video for free. It displaysthewalkthrough of the current puzzle stage. Are you ready forthechallenging and addictive mini puzzles? Download Can You StealItnow! Show your amazing thief skills! Hide your “crimes”, becomeagreat and fabulous thief! People need your help! Features: ❤Prettysimple, play with ease and great fun! Free, noregistrationrequired. Super easy to get started. No complicatedoperationrequired. Just tap the location or objects to investigateand findclues.❤ Enjoy the fresh and cute graphics, enjoy cozy time!Thecolorful cosy little rooms, cute decoration and furnishingsmakeyou feel comfortable and happy! Start to enjoy your leisuretimenow!❤ Challenge yourself or play with your friends, have allthefun!You can challenge those entertaining mini puzzles alone oryoualso can play with your friends! To find out who is smarter andcanfind the hidden objects faster.❤ Solve thechallenging,entertaining and addictive mini puzzles!Even the tinyclues canhelp you to figure out the tricky and challenging puzzles.Toobserve the room, find the hidden objects, completetheinvestigation, solve puzzles! Become an amazing “criminal”.❤Hints& help, watch video walkthroughs for free!Get stuck? Takeease,we prepare the hint for you. Tap the “Hint” button in thelowerright, press the “Try with Ads – Free” button to getwalkthroughvideo for free!
Full Pipe: Puzzle Adventure Game
Feeling nostalgic for good-old point and click adventure games?Jumpdown Full Pipe for a mind-bending adventure quest with a rangeofcomplimentary arcade games.TRY it first, then PAY once and PLAYthisfun adventure game forever offline!! Once upon a time anoddcharacter we’d rather call Dude found a hatch beneath his bed.Andwhat seemed like an ordinary morning turned the strangestpuzzleadventure in his life. Follow Dude in this thisabsolutelyinconceivable brain-teaser for true fans of point andclickadventure games. Discover a secret yet absolutely realandunexplored world with a cast of quirky dwellers.Features ofthisadventure quest:* classic video game brought to mobile withnewfeatures introduced* 50 unique characters – head-feet,single-eyed,ear-winged and long-necked, but still so cute andnaive.* Awonderful and shocking video game for those who prefermid-coregames with a good deal of thought and humor.* 6+ hours inthisobscure world with hidden threats and moments of pure joy.*38gorgeous locations that create the atmosphere of adventure game.*8original swiping and tapping arcade games* Advanced hint systemtolet make it through the most tricky game twists.* Try andBuygameNowadays is the time when adventure quest get second lifeonsmartphones and tablets. Full Pipe is one of those hit pointandclick adventure games which well fits the purpose. Likeotherelaborated touch-friendly games, this adventure quest givesplayersthe full swing of tapping, swiping, climbing, jumping andwhateverelse you expect from a fun puzzle adventure game. It alsostands toreason that mobile version of Full Pipe features a rangeofenhancements, including advanced step-by-step hints system.Whilesmart puzzles will make you squeeze the best of your logicskillsand  encourages you to think outside the box, this smartgamewalk through lets you enjoy the challenge and never leaves youindead end.So, if you long for top-notch point and clickadventuregames, don’t miss this comic adventure quest. Explore acrazyunderground universe full of pipes, hatches, secret passagesandtraps. Find and apply stuff, search for hides and earnvariousachievements. Take advantage of the integrated FullPipewalkthrough in this new installment to one of the bestadventuregames.
Symbiont is a survival text based quest with elements of horrorandscience fiction in real-time.The story of a neuroscientist whowaslocked in the secret laboratory overcrowded with... thewalkingdead!THE STORYThe last 36 hours of the sole survivor ofamysterious accident in a top-secret lab complex. Abandonedbyeveryone and desperate, wandering among the walking dead, bysomemiracle he manages to contact you and asks for help.You’reshort ontime – the deadly virus is about to break out, threateningtheentire humanity, and you’re now involved in thisdramaticaction.Symbiont 1 is a science fiction text quest, a mix ofhorrorand survival elements. Each decision you make impacts thecourse ofthe story, and the salvation – or destruction – ofhumankind is inyour hands.FEATURES★ Mind-blowing atmosphere, a mixof sci-fi andzombie apocalypse. ★ Gamebook script by a publishedauthor.★ Thereal book volume entails dozens of hours of dramaticgaming. ★ Plotriddles, unexpected discoveries and twists that willastonish you.★The novella's action approximates real-time anddepends on thedecisions you make. ★ Over 700 locations.★ 3 originalfinales. ★40+ unique “deadly” finales.Can you unearth the truth andpreventthe death of the world? Download Symbiont now!
Adventure Escape: Carnival
You are Maya - a witch with magical powers investigatingthemysterious Midnight Carnival on All Hallow’s Eye. You’vebarelyarrived when you witness the kidnapping of Emily - a younggirl inthe wrong place at the wrong time. Her uncle Jack needs yourhelpto save her. But almost immediately your investigation leadstodanger. Could her kidnapping have been a trap to lure you deeperinthe carnival? Why do illusions and magical spells appear ateverycorner? Follow the trail to rescue her and put evil spirits torestin Adventure Escape: Midnight Carnival! Join millions ofhappyAdventure Escape players and see if you can rescue Emily!Playthispremium escape game!- Beautiful graphics bring Halloween tolife!-Explore the Midnight Carnival and unravel its past!- Solvedeviouspuzzles and riddles!- Decypher magical spells and runes!-Get thewhole game for FREE! You’re never forced to pay!- Gathertools anditems to aid in your escape!- Memorable characters!- Findhiddenobjects that help you break free!Solve the mystery inAdventureEscape: Midnight Carnival! Can you rescue Emily beforeMidnight?
Jungle Adventures
On beautiful sunny day Addu and his girlfriend were eatingapplestogether and enjoying life and suddenly evil monster appearedfromdeep jungle out of no where. That evil moster capturedAddu'sgirlfriend and ran away in deep jungle. Addu is on adventuretorescue his girlfriend by defeating monster and teach himalesson.To bring Addu's girlfriend back he needs your help. Runandjump through the deep jungle, avoid traps, clear all enemiesinyour way and defeat all bosses.Features :+ Classic gameplay+Simpleyet beautiful graphics+ Easy and intuitive controls+ Abilitytodouble jump+ More than 80 unique levels+ Ton of bossbattles+Suitable for all agesContact us if youneed any help!Follow Us to get newsandupdates: are required by this app: Record_Audio: Thispermissionis required to better understand users TV mediaconsumption behaviorand to target relevant content and improveuser experience. Userscan opt out and further details can beobtained at Microphone: The apprequires thispermission to analyze television media viewingpatterns.Location: Tohelp serve specific offers & ads.This appcontains a softwaredevelopment kit (“SDK”) from a third party, RedBrick Lane MarketingSolutions Private Limited (“RBL”). The SDK isintegrated with thisapp for the purposes of profiling the deviceon media consumptionand other device data and utilizing the sameto target relevantcontent and ads to the device (“Services”)pursuant to the terms andconditions of RBL Services (“Terms ofUse”). Further details can beobtained at
💡The Office Quest
The Office Quest is a point & click adventure for all youpeoplewho just cannot stay in the office any longer!Solvechallengingpuzzles and riddlesSurprisingly handy objects + yourbeautiful sharpmind = a clear path towards freedom! Look for thered light and useeverything you’ve got to make your way out of thegrey abyss calledthe office…Discover sweet hintsFeeling stuck?Need a good laugh?Loads of delightful hints await to make yourexperience evenbetter!Meet hilarious charactersBe it your grumpyboss or annoyingco-worker, it’s the people that make the office(as unbearable as itis). Trick them into letting you slip away!Sowho feels likesneaking out early??
Escape The Ghost Town 2
Solve the puzzles and find all the hidden objects that you havetouse in the locations in order to Escape The Ghost Town.Challengeyourself with the amazing puzzles in many differentlocations.10challenging locations are waiting for you!