Top 2 Games Similar to Grampa Getaway

Getaway Driver: Gunner 1.0
The GameYou stole their golden eggs, now the chickens are outforrevenge.You must fend off an endless barrage of chickens thathavecrossedthe road you are driving on to get you. They come inallsizes andcolors but no matter what they are out for blood. Usemustuse theturret on the back of your truck to gun them downandgetaway atthe same time. You are the getaway gunner and driver,getaway forthe blood hungry chickens!The Controls* Click and hold to spray the gun on the back of the truck* Slide your finger to move the turret and where it is aiming* Destroying purple chickens will cause 2 bluechickenstospawn* Destroying the blue will leave you with 2 white chickenstofendoffRemember to have fun and...Getaway From the Chickens!