Top 2 Games Similar to The Knight

Knight Boy 1.0
Knight boy is a fun and amazingadventuregamewith jump and run....Once again the crystals are in danger. This time it istheevilBlack Knights and their horde of monsters. Help HelmKnightfighthis way through the forces of evil and securethecrystals.Help the knight run, jump and avoid obstacles. Use portalstogainaccess to otherwise unreachable parts of the terrain.Fightenemieslike snails, slimes, snakes, skeletons, flameshootingplants, icemonsters and the very formidable forces of theBlackKnights,across 20 levels......• Jump and double jump to avoid obstacles• Dash to avoid obstacles and kill enemy archers• Unlock skins to change the appearance for the knight• Collect several achievements• Get your score to the top of the leaderboard• Easy to control: Dash by tapping the right side of thescreen,jumpby tapping the left• Beautiful retro-inspired graphics and sound effects
Pixel Knight
Pixel Knight is a fun and very addictive platform Game whereyouhave to help the Knight to find the Treasure and escapetheCastle.* Avoid the obstacles and spikes.* Kill all yourenemies.*Collect coins to buy new swords.* Play through 36amazinglevels.Features:- 36 exciting levels- Boss Fights-Jump/Run/Shoot-advanced physics simulations- sword shop- greatplatformer game-and much more...