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Cookie Crush 2018 - Yummy cookies 2.6
Cookie Crush 2018 is a brand new game brings a new way ofmatch-3fun. Connect colorful lines of cookies to solve compellinglevelsin this puzzle adventure! Make the cookie splash and you willenjoythe journey of yummy cookie.Highlighted Features:★ Varietyofgameplays, awesome new characters!★ Spectacular boosters,splendidgraphics!★ Challenging tasks, including free capturedcookies!★Hundreds of well-designed Free levels. Obstacles and gamemodesadded regularly!★ Easy to learn, challenging to master, canyouscore 3 stars on each level?How to Play:★ Connect the cutecookiein group of 3 or more.★ Longer chain, higher score.★Createblasters and combine them to win the challenging levels.
Cookie jam 1.1
Enzo Games
Match and collect the colorful cookies,andenjoy sweet tasty desserts! New delicious desserts arrived!Crushall the levels with the shortest time! Crush your cookies andsodabefore they crumble in Cookie Jam!As a cookie maker, you need to collect ingredients likeflour,sugar, jam, chocolate and so on. But how to collectingredients?Swap & match and collect yummy cookies. Crush asmany cookiesas possible during extreme fantastic adventure. Conquerloads ofchallenging puzzles to become gourmet of cookies!☆☆☆ Exciting Features ☆☆☆✔ Over 300 Sodalicious cookie levels in Saga Land✔ Deliciously amazing power-ups!✔ Scrumptious cookie smash effect and sublime pastryjamcombinations✔ Spectacular boosters, include Boom Explosion, Blasting Line,GiftTime, Chocolate Icing Pop, Hungry Spider, Rush Time✔ Explore juicy new environments and meet thekookiestcharacters✔ Mouth-watering new graphics, cookie crush never lookedsotasty✔ Unique and delicious cooking fever journey set with cookiejam,andpastry in each levels brings you tons of sweetchallenges.✔ Fantastic cookie islands, hundreds of well-designed freelevels!Free levels and game modes added regularly!☆☆☆ How to Play ☆☆☆✔ Swap and Match 3 cookie jam in a line to eliminate them.✔ Match 4 cookie jam in a square to make a cookie star✔ Match 5 cookie jam to create colorful cookie star✔ The Color-changing cookie can eliminate any othercoloredcookie.✔ Chocolate Icing Pop: get & jam all sweet cakes havesamecolor✔ Collect strawberry for buying boosters in biscuit shop☆☆☆ BOOSTERS ☆☆☆- Cookie Boom: Destroying 1 item on game field- Cookie Blast Line: crush & jam all yummy cakes on thepuzzlerow- Colorful Cookie: crush & jam all yummy cakes havesamecolor★ ★ GAME MODES ★ ★✔ Arcade: clear all cookies on the sugar puzzle thenmoveGingerbread Biscuit to bottom✔ Puzzle: collect specific cakes in limited moves. Rememberthetarget food for every level is the key!Enjoy cookie family with hours of fun!
Juice Jam - Puzzle Game & Free Match 3 Games
MATCH. JUICE. SERVE. REPEAT! Juice Jam- a juicy new match 3puzzlegame with bushels of fruity challenges! Join Kiwi, Mango, andtherest of the Juice Jam gang as you travel through hundreds ofnewworlds. Embark on this fruity adventure today! Features: ◆Hundredsof juicy levels! ◆ Brand new power-ups and ways to play! ◆Jamfruit to concoct sweet treats! ◆ Swap and blast your waythroughever expanding new worlds! ◆ Check back often for events,freerewards and new levels! ◆ Free and filled with adventure! Joinusin Juicetopia as Kiwi and Mango tour whimsical lands servingjuiceto thirsty customers! With a cast of quirky characters, arichlydetailed world and addictive match-3 gameplay, Juice Jam issure tosatisfy! LIKE: LEARN: www.juicejam.comDEVELOPERINFO: Jam City is the leading developer in trulycross-platformsocial gaming! Check out our other free match 3puzzle games!You'll love to swap, match, and crunch through everexpandinglevels and events. Check back often to see all the newcandy, cake,and sweet treats that we've added! You'll love to crushthrougheach sweet puzzle. Begin your adventure on this free matchthreepuzzle game today!
Yummy Cookie 1.094
Travel through fantastical cookie world and enjoy hundredsofmatch-3 puzzle adventure! Play and Compete with your friendsForFree!Features:• Hundreds of yummy levels • Wonderful gamemodesinclude: Juice – switch bottles and cookies to release orangejuiceand save the cute bears Ice – the rabbits are hidden below theice,smash the ice and set rabbits free Jam – spread the jameverywhereHoney – release the trapped Bears from the honey•Numerous tastyLollipop boosters help you to pass the levels• Easyand fun toplay, but challenging to master• You can compete withyour friendsand sync the game’s data between devices afterconnecting Facebook
Cookie Star™ 2.1
Cookie Stars
Download Cookie Star™ for FREEnow.It’sSodalicious!Cookie Star™ is a brand new game brings a new way ofmatch-3funinCookie Star™. New candies, New cookie, more divine,morestarcombinations and challenging game modes brimming withpurplesugarsoda!☆☆☆ New Cookie Star™ features ☆☆☆✔ Over 100 Sodalicious cookie levels in Saga Land✔ Create amazing power-ups and use them to clear the screen!✔ New Game Modes include:- Arcade Cookie– switch bottles and candies to releasepurplesodaand save the candy frenzy, balloon- Classic Balloon – match candies to smash the ice saga andsetthecandy bears free- Honey – match cookie saga next to the honey to releasethetrappedcandy bears✔ Scrumptious new cookie mania and sublime new combinations:✔ Match 4 cookie jam in a square to make a cookie star✔ Match 5 cookie jam to create the remarkablecolorfulcookiestar✔ Explore juicy new environments and meetthekookiestcharacters✔ Mouth-watering new graphics, cookie crush neverlookedsotasty✔ Easy and fun to play, yet challenging to fully masterallwithstrategic swiping!☆☆☆ How to Play Cookie Star™ ☆☆☆- Swap and match 3 or more of the same color cookie mania !- Unlock boosters to summon gummy, yummy, and cookie star tohelpyoualong the way!- Less moves you pass a level, higher score you'll get la.Canyouscore high enough to earn 3 stars on every level? HelptheCookiestar fly upper and upper in the bay.☆☆☆ BOOSTERS ☆☆☆- Cookie Boom: Destroying 1 item on game field- Cookie Blast Line: crush & jam all yummy cakes onthepuzzlerow- Colorful Cookie: crush & jam all yummy cakeshavesamecolorCookie Star™ is a very addictive match 3 game! Crush thecookiebyyour finger, and enjoy cookie splash! Cookie Star™ isaveryaddictive splash and most interesting match-three casualgameinthe google play! This match-3 game is also a brandnewamazingcasual game, completely free!! Objectives differ inovermanylevels. Make matches of 3 or more cookies, create cookieblast!orslide combination 3 or more same cookies to make ajuicyslicing!Starts out simple, but things get more and moreinterestingandchallenging. Swiped cookies to make the cookie smash.This isalegend of cookie puzzle and casual game which is suitableforkids,toddlers, phone and tablet. Reach the goal before themovesrunout! Clear all cookies in same type, combo more thanthreesamecookies to win a power-up cookie to clear more. Readytoenjoycookie frenzy now! Switch and match your way throughhundredsoflevels in this delicious puzzle adventure. Isn't itthesweetestgame around? Take on this deliciously sweet cookiegamesalone orplay with friends to see who can get the highestscore!*** Cookie Star™ is Totally FREE, Download Now! ***
Sugar Smash: Book of Life - Free Match 3 Games.
Match sugar candies and swap rainbow drops to master this funandchallenging match-3 puzzle adventure inspired by THE BOOK OFLIFE!Travel through DOZENS of fantastical worlds and conquerHUNDREDS ofpuzzle challenges! Compete and play with your friends!Download nowtoday! We interrupt this product description withbreaking news:Book of Life has gone COCO LOCO for Dia de LosMuertos! Sold-outgrocers hang signs in their windows reading, "NOMO' COCO!" andtropical beaches have been picked clean of theirnatural coconutsupply. It's safe to say that Mexico is loco forcoco! Local heroManolo Sánchez even posted a DIY tutorial on hisblog yesterday for"Coco con Cocoa" a chocolate-y twist on thisskeletal sensation.Stay tuned as this story develops! We now returnyou to yourregularly scheduled product description. Features: ★Hundreds ofexciting levels themed to the animated movie ★ Featuringthe voicesof Channing Tatum, Zoe Saldana, Christina Applegate,Diego Luna,Ron Perlman, and Ice Cube! ★ Sugary sweet churrochallenges and funpower-ups! ★ Connect to Facebook to send livesand gifts! ★ FREE toplay! ★ Check back weekly for new levels,challenges, obstacles andmore! Like on Facebook: on Twitter:@BookOfLifeGame Visit our officialwebsite: Having trouble? Visit oursupportpage: DEVELOPER INFO: JamCity isthe leading developer in truly cross-platform socialgaming.Wherever you are, pick up and play today.
Cookie Star Jam 1.1
yummy cookie star jamcookie star jam,classical match 3 puzzleandsurely bring to you exciting!You'll start on a spectacularjourneywith exciting and challenge objectives you have never seenbefore!Adeliciously yummy cookie jams game,this match-3 game isfull ofmore addictive levels. Whip your way though hundreds ofpuzzleunique levels and make pops saga in this jam and blast yourmind toavoid frozen in any level.Fantastic cookie wonderland,150+well-designed free levels! Watch out the cookie star jam andmovesyou left when you going through a cookie journey. Gatheringmagicboosters to get high scores & pass the level quickly.PlayCookie blast with your homely try your best to get best rankinyour friends! Let sweet cookie jam fill your side. Float yourwaythrough fantastical bakery islands.Cookie Star Jam Features:-Freefall to play!- stunning music and sound crush splasheffects!-hundreds of funny cookie crush puzzles levels, each one isuniquesaga!- Matching With Friends,Scramble With Friends,HangingWithFriends!- boosters in cubes to help with those challenginglevels!-Compete to be on top of the leader boards!Are you ready forthejourney on cookie jam world with our character?
Cookie Crush 1.4.1
Cookie Game
From version 1.2, Cookie Jam wouldberenamed to Cookie CrushThe In-app Purchase in Cookie Jam version would beremovedtotally*********************************************************Cookie Crush is branch of classical match 3puzzlegame.Cookie Crush is classic match 3 puzzle and surely bringtoyou exciting like Cookie Jam. JAM your cookies beforetheycrumble in Cookie Crush, Sprinkled with a deliciouslysweetcake, fun and challenging to your traveling on this newpuzzleadventure and explore from around the world.Curb your cravings with this calorie free treat! You can haveallthe cookies, cake, candy and treats that you want! Whip yourwaythough hundreds of addictively sweet match 3 challengesbyconcocting scrumptious cookie combosYou can have all the cookies, cake, candy and treats that youwant!Whip your way though hundreds of addictive sweet match 3challengesby concocting scrumptious cookie combos.*** New Features Cookie Jam***- Fun and easy game to learn- High Quality graphic with lowest size in the samegametypes.- Never-ending fun with HUNDREDS of unique levels and more to come-Over 200 Cookie Crush levels now- Create amazing power-ups and use them to clear the screen!- Explore new environments and meet the cookie andjamcharacters- Stunning music and sound crush splash effects!*** How to play Cookie Jam***- Connect the cute cookies in group of 3 or more.- Longer chain, higher score.- Create blasters and combine them to win thechallenginglevels.We hope you like it as you used to likeCookieJam!!!!!!!Classical match 3 puzzle and surely bring to you exciting!Are you ready for the journey on world with our character?Thank you all for download Cookie Crush!Please don't forget to let us know what you think aboutthegame!
Cookie Crush 1.2.6
JoyFox Games
Cookie Crush is a new match 3 puzzle!Sprinkledwith a deliciously sweet twist, this match-3 game isequal parts funand challenging. Travel through magical lands,visiting wondrousplaces and explore mouth-watering patisseriesfrom around theworld.Whip your way though hundreds of addictively sweetrecipe-solvingchallenges by concocting scrumptious cookie combos.But jam, jam asfast as you can, or your batch will be smashed bythe GingerbreadMan!Cookie Crush is completely free to play but some in-game itemssuchas extra moves or lives will require payment.KEY INGREDIENTS:● Switch and match 3 or more cookies to reach the target.● Hundreds of unique levels and more to come.● Unique and delicious dessert set with cookie jam,and candy ineachlevels brings you tons of sweet challenges● Unlock power-ups, collect, run your bakery for the preparationoftough levels.● Float your way through fantastical bakery islands● Fun and easy game to learn, but a rewarding challengetomasterTOPPED WITH:◆ Facebook connection so you can share the adventurewithfriends◆ Special rewards and events all the time◆ Seamless sync across multiple devices and platforms!Follow us to get news and updates on facebook: you ready to travel on magical cookie jam world withourus?From the makers of Cookie Smash, Jelly Jam, Harvest Mania,BubbleMania, comes the newest JoyFox game, bursting withcharacter,charm, and fun. Join the millions who adore the magic ofMatch-3Puzzle. Aim for greatness!Requires acceptance of JoyFox’s Privacy & Cookie Policy, TOSandEULA. Contains advertisements for JoyFox and its partners.Collectsdata though third party ad serving and analyticstechnology (SeePrivacy & Cookie Policy for details). Containsdirect links tothe Internet and social networking sites intendedfor an audienceover 13.
Genies & Gems - Jewel & Gem Matching Adventure
Thieves have stolen the jewels from the Palace and there is onlyoneperson who has the power to get them back! Journey throughmysticalworlds with Jenni the Genie and her companion, Trix theFox, tocrush the thieves that have stolen the Palace’s riches.Swap, match,and crush gems, recover ancient relics, and collectgold bars andenchanted keys on this one-of-a-kind enchantedexploration! Withthousands of levels and challenging game modes,and daily events,Genies & Gems provides endless hours of funand exciting match 3puzzle gameplay: -Swap, match, and crush gemsin thousands of funand challenging match-3 puzzle levels -Collectkeys to unlock newworlds and crush challenges! -Use excitingpower-ups the GildedRainbow or Gilded Butterfly to swiftly advancethrough challenginglevels! -Uncover idols and collect gold alongthe way! -Playexciting new events and challenging match 3 puzzlelevels daily!-Soaring Streaks: Get prizes for beating levelswithout losing alife -Bandit Rush: Catch bandits at differentpoints in your journeyto win boosters Download Genies & Gemsand begin your magicaljourney today! Already loving Genies &Gems? Like us on Facebookto get the latest news on new levels,content and features.
Cookie Crush 2018 1.9
Cookie Crush 2018 is an addictive match-3 puzzle game brings tonsofjoy!Connect colorful lines of cookies to solve compelling levelsinthis puzzle adventure! Make the cookie splash and you will enjoythejourney of yummy cookie.Highlighted Features:★ Variety ofgameplays,awesome new characters!★ Spectacular boosters, splendidgraphics!★Challenging tasks, including free captured cookies!★Hundreds ofwell-designed Free levels. Obstacles and game modesaddedregularly!★ Easy to learn, challenging to master, can youscore 3stars on each level?How to Play:★ Connect the cute cookiein groupof 3 or more.★ Longer chain, higher score.★ Createblasters andcombine them to win the challenging levels.
Crazy Kitchen: Match 3 Puzzles 6.6.5
Match tasty treats in this sweet puzzle adventure! You’re thenewchef in town and your friends and family are yourcustomers.Satisfy their hunger as you travel to various landscreatingdelicious bakery sweets, savory Asian cuisine, scrumptiousMexicanfare, and more. Your customers will dance for joy over yourcookingskills! Are you hungry for fun? Premium Ingredients: *Addictivematch-3 gameplay * 500+ challenging, yet satisfying levels* Funcombo boosters and power-ups * Dozens of delectable foodsfromaround the world Also Served With: * Daily costume rewardsandextra special features give you coins for free * Add andshareunique photos of your friends, family, pets, and more * Saveyourprogress and connect with friends Let’s get cookin! WARNING:Maycause hunger and cravings during gameplay! * SMS featureisrequired to share special photo moments in the kitchen withyourcontact list. (Standard SMS rates may apply)LIKE: FOLLOW:@CrazyKitchenFun
Cookie smash 1.0
Come and enjoy tasty cookie and candyinCookieSmash with CRAWLER GAME!Bring this No.1 Match 3 game that's full of candy andcookiefunto your phone now!★ Fantastic cookie wonderland, 300+ well-designed freelevels!AndCookie Crush will update free levels and game modes sooninthefuture!★ Unique and delicious dessert set with cookie and candyineachlevels brings you tons of sweet challenges.★ It's easy to get millions of bonus from daily events andwheelinCookie jam. Those are a great help in difficultlevels!!Remembertosign in everyday to get them!★ Watch out the cookie and how many moves you left,please donothideyour props and try them to help you get higher sore!★ Let us experience the fun of sweet cookie jam andcandy,whipyourway to make tasty cookie jam!---------HOW TO PLAY--------------★ Swap and match cookies in group of three, think twicebeforeeverymove!★ Beat tough levels with the help of jam boosters!★ Less moves you pass a level, higher score you'll get. Trytoscorehigh and earn 3 stars on every level!★ Fun and easy game to learn, but a rewardingchallengetomaster!Welcome to the sweet wonderland full of cookies jam andcandyblastin Cookie smash!
Toy Blast 6595
IT’S TOY BLAST TIME! THE ULTIMATE MATCHING PUZZLE GAME PLAYEDBYMILLIONS OF USERS EVERY DAY! Match the cubes of the same colorandcombine boosters for huge explosions to blast your waythroughthousands of levels! Fun is at the tip of your fingers, withthemost fascinating puzzles you will ever solve! There arecountlesspossibilities, and your talent in solving puzzles will bekey inmastering Toy Blast. Experience the greatest adventuresthroughinfinite episodes in the most colorful lands of the ToyWorld. TOYBLAST FEATURES: ● Unique and simple gameplay - just tapthematching cubes ● +2500 puzzles, easy and fun to playbutchallenging to master ● Fun events every day: StarTournament,Crown Rush, Level-Up Challenge ● Star Chest - open andwin amazingrewards as you progress through levels ● Legends Arena,where youcan compete with the best players ● Daily prizes from thespinwheel ● Dozens of adorable characters and toys to keep youcompanyon your adventure ● Numerous boosters and powerful combos tohelpyou solve puzzles ● Leaderboards to compete with your friendsandplayers all over the world
Gummy Drop 2017 21
Gummy Drop 2017 is a simple, yet quitepolishedand fun match-3 puzzle colorful game but more colorfuleffects thanever. Be careful because of its addiction andsparkle!HOW TO PLAY:1: Match 3 or more identical juice.2: Match the yummy gummy until the board transparency, theGummyDrop will appear.3: Make the Juice jam down to the last line to pass thenextlevel.SCORE TIPS:Eliminate the fruit quickly can get extra scores.FEATURES:- Over 500 magical levels and challenges in Gummy Drop forendlessFUN!- Many colorful explosions with type of the Juice jam.- With 7 new color boom effects that becomes the only one andverysparkling in the Gummy Drop games.- Two Game Modes: Arcade and Time Counting (Classic)- Match 4 juice can take the fruit' bomb.- Match 5 yummy gummy can win color-changing juice and2lighting.- The bomb Cookies Jam can eliminate the Gummy Drop aroundwithmulti color for more fun.- Classic Genies games, you can make thousands of not only sugarbutalso sweet and confounding Fruit here!- Variety of game-plays, awesome new colorfuljuicycharacters!- Beautiful spectacular boosters, splendid HDcolorfulgraphics!- The color-changing gummy can eliminate to any other coloredGummyDrop.- The timing candy can extend the playing time.- The lightning candy can eliminate yummy gummy in one roworcolumn.- Outstanding graphics and music, easy to play, hard to stop!- Ready for phones, tablets and IPS displays that supports anewwide range devices.- Fortune Cookies Jam with surprising rewards!- Let's recreate the cupcake and Genies matching 3 sweepgamesaround the world!- Controls via virtual analog stick or simple drag and swipe!- Unique and delicious cupcake and Gummy set with cookie andsugarin each level gives you tons of sweet challenge.Welcome to the sweet fairy tale world full of cookies and sugarinGummy Drop 2017 ! Let the manuscript for the cookie andsugar,sweep the yummy gummy all over the world !Come and enjoy delicious cookies, delicious sugar and deliciousjamin Cookie Smash with Gummy Drop.All free, hope you will be pleasure with Gummy Drop 2017!Thank you all for downloading Cookies Jam.Please do not forget to let us know what you think aboutthegame!
Cookie Story 1.6
Cookie Story is a very addictive connect lines puzzlegame!Connectcolorful lines of cookie to solve compelling levels inthis puzzleadventure!Cookie Story features:- Colorful and vividcookie.- Easyto learn, hard to master.- Reward players with manyachievements.-Exciting and delicious cookie trip.Let's join thiscookie world,match 3 or more cookies in Cookie Story!From Feb 20,the Cookie Jamwas changed to Cookie Story
Cookie Jam Crumble 1.0
Cookie Jam crumble is classical match3puzzleand surely bring to you exciting. JAM your cookiesbeforetheycrumble in these game! fun and challenging to yourtravelingonthis new puzzle adventure and explore from around theworld.*** New Cookie Jam Crumble Features ***- Higt Quality graphic- Over 500 cookies jam crumble levels- Create amazing power-ups and use them to clear the screen!- Explore juicy new environments and meet the kookieandcookiescharacters- Stunning music and sound crush splash effects!We Hope you like it!!!!!!!Classical match 3 puzzle and surely bring to you exciting!Are you ready for the journey on world with our character?
com.casualgames.CandyCrunch 8.0.6
Cookie Blast 2 is a Cookie Crush Candy mania game is a uniquelyfunand addictive yummy match-3 game with many cookie dash levelsofamazing discoveries on the cookie journey. Best cookie gameforgirls where you have to match 3 games free new and getamazingcookie world goodies in the cookie crush update.Get thematch gameswith cookie smash candies and crushing desserts. Get theamazingcandi crush matching games with butter cookies and cookiecrunch.Over 500+ cookie krush levels with cookie pop match 3 colorstoblast .Find & collect all the cookies to pass a level. Beawareof the gummy panda from taking over the candy land &unleashingthe scary candy mania monster Facebook friends to compete&challenge along the candy journey in cookie blast 2. Eachlevel hasmany cookie candies to be collected to beat the gummybear. Amazingcookie puzzle game with cookie smashing powers &jam items asblockers. The cookie blast candy app is very simplematch 3 gamesfree new for adults and kids with puzzle game, youembark on acrunchy adventurous journey with exciting challenges&objectives across each crushy levels in the most addictivematch-3mania in this game cooking. Get the match 3 cooking gamesfor freewith cookie blast crush updates and jam mania fever. Getimmersedin the candy blast fever with the new candy game of 2018.Don’tforget to collect all the candy of crush and finish thelevels.GAME FEATURES ● Crunchy and exciting match 3 game withuniquepower-ups in the cooking games ● Cookie star's to collect ineachlevel to do the cookie crush ● Amazing Cookie crush graphicswithaddictive gameplay ● Figure out the cookie recipe in the game●Cookie crush graphics with addictive gameplay in this cookinggames● Google Leaderboards to compare and compete with playersaroundthe world ● 99+ deliciously baked yummy exciting levels toconquerin the cooking games ● Pass each level by collecting thecookiecrush missions challenged by the gummy ● Get hidden combocandiesand rainbow candies while playing the game ● Amazing match 3gamesoffline with candy game download ● Super cookie maniapower-upslike super cookie jar and candy blast jar. ● Facebookfeature letsyou invite your Facebook friends to challenge yourscore ● Bestcookie pop match 3 game with best cookie puzzle around● Beautifuldesserts mania in the cooking games in this cookiecrush. ●Additional levels added every month to keep you hookedthroughoutthe adventure ● Every Bakery filled yummy blastingpastries to becollected ● Kids love the cookie kids game with candyof crushfeature blast and colors. ● New candy game of 2018 withbest candyfever blast and cookie crush updates. ● Mind blowingpowers andblast effects like: cookie crush blast, candy maniablast, supercandy mania and ultimate Rainbow candy MISSIONS ● Smashall theobstacles of chocolate wafers, cookie bars, ice candies andpoisondonut ● Collect the special items to get a sweet cookie smashbonus● Star challenges, level challenges and special daily missiontokeep you addicted ● Cookie star's challenges for number of stars●Cookie pop bubbles and run the cookie puzzle game ★GAMEDIRECTIONS★ ● Match 3 candies to smash them out ● Watch the numberof movesand collect the candies required by the gummy panda ● Smash4cookie candies in horizontally direction to create cookiecrushblast ● Smash 4 cookie candies in vertical direction tocreatecookie mania crunch ● Smash 5 cookie candies to get a rainbowcandy● Crush 5 cookie candies in L or T direction to get a Supercandymania ● Combine any 2 special cookie candies to get UltimateCookieCrush Blast ● Combine Cookie crush blast and Super candymania toget a Ultimate Cookie Smash Blast ● Combine Cookie maniacrunch andSuper candy mania to get another Ultimate Cookie SmashBlast ●Crush those yummy food items and nibble out the points ●Crushthose candi crush delights and food items and nibble out thepointsin the Jam game
Cookie Jam 2 1.2
Cookie Jam 2 is a new exciting deluxe match3game, which is a 2nd version of "Cookie Sweet Swap Game". Soitremain addictive mania matching game that everyone can notmissed!In the each puzzle, there are many cute and sweet cookies,we needto match the saga cookie and blast it. You will enjoy theverychallenge splash and most interesting match-three puzzle game.Thisgame is completely free, without in-app-purchase. Smash yourwaythrough colorful of delicious cookies & candies.## How To Play Cookie Jam 2 ##- Swap and match sweet cookies in group of three, think twicebeforeevery move because each level we limit count of cookiemove!- At each level, you will match three any cookies to achievetargeton left box above.- Use your props below to help you move more cookie and gethigherscore!- Beat tough levels with the help of any boosters such asdestroyall cookie on vertical line, all on horizontal line, onlyspecifycookie or all specify cookies.- Less moves you pass a level, higher score you'll get. Try toscorehigh and earn 3 stars on every level. Challenge Time!- If you want more coin for buy any props, except correct by winalevel(s), you can keep free coin by watch our video.Thank you for help to play our game and score a lot of stars ofourgame. And the recommended us to develop in the nextversion.#Please note: Our game is funny free game, now and forever. Wehaveadded interstitial ads to earn some cents. Thanks foryourunderstanding.
Cookie crush 1.1
Cookie crushMatch and collect the colorful cookiesand enjoysweettasty desserts! New delicious desserts arrived! Crush allthelevels with the shortest time! Crush your cookies and sodabeforethey crumble in Cookie Jam!As a cookie maker, you need tocollectingredients like flour, sugar, jam, chocolate and so on. Buthow tocollect ingredients? Swap & match and collect yummycookies.Crush as many cookies as possible during extremefantasticadventure. Conquer loads of challenging puzzles to becomegourmetof cookies!☆☆☆ Exciting Features ☆☆☆1 Over 300 Sodaliciouscookielevels in Saga Land2 Deliciously amazing power-ups!3Scrumptiouscookie smash effect and sublime pastry jamcombinations4Spectacular boosters, include Boom Explosion, BlastingLine, GiftTime, Chocolate Icing Pop, Hungry Spider, Rush Time5Explore juicynew environments and meet the kookiest characters6Mouth-wateringnew graphics, cookie crush never looked so tasty7Unique anddelicious cooking fever journey set with cookie jam,andpastry ineach levels brings you tons of sweet challenges.8Fantasticcookieislands, hundreds of well-designed free levels! Free levelsandgame modes added regularly!Enjoy cookie star jam family withhoursof fun!
Cookie Jam Blast™ New Match 3 Game | Swap Candy 5.0.108
Play Cookie Jam Blast, the newest match 3 game in the CookieJamfranchise! Blast through thousands of cookie and candy match3levels! Swap cookies and connect 3 or more treats in thissweetmatch 3 saga. Featuring updated graphics, fun new match 3gamemodes, and adorable new friends to help you crush candy andbeatmatch three levels. IT’S A BLAST Swap, match and blast thecookiepuzzle pieces and crush candy treats to unlock rewards in afun newmatch 3 puzzle game adventure. Match 3 or more cookies anduseboosters to trigger explosive rainbow colored cascades. Smashthechocolate and collect ingredients to craft tasty cookie andcandyrecipes for your bakery. Relax and satisfy your sweet toothwiththis fun new cookie crushing game. Filled with yourfavoritedelicious treats -- cookies, candy, jelly, jam, chocolate,waffles,ice cream, and more! Install this free match 3 game andkeep thecookie matching action going at FULL BLAST! TASTY COOKIEGAMEFEATURES: 🍪Thousands of fun match 3 levels to blast through🍪Swapcookies and crush candy puzzle pieces to uncover hiddentreats🍪Come back daily to spin the prize wheel, crush puzzles andreceivetasty rewards 🍪Play limited time challenges to earn boosterstohelp you level up 🍪Match 4 cookie puzzle pieces to craftpowerfulJelly Bees that help you beat levels 🍪Use explosive powerups toblast candy puzzle pieces and crush cookies 🍪Jam throughdeliciouscandy puzzles and collect tasty nej.w ingredients 🍪Useingredientsto craft tasty new sweets with Chef Panda in your bakery🍪Getsocial and send Buddy Bees to friends to help them beatdifficultlevels 🍪Collect limited edition airships in special eventsIf youlike to play 3 in a row games, you’ll HAVE A BLAST withtheultimate cookie matching saga game! Blast through tastycandypuzzles in this delicious match 3 puzzle game! Download CookieJamBlast today and satisfy your cookie and candy cravings! It'sablast! Love Cookie Jam Blast? Be sure to check out Jam City'sothergreat games, like Disney Emoji Blitz, Cookie Jam, Panda Pop,HarryPotter: Hogwarts Mystery, Genies & Gems, Bingo Pop, andmore!
Cookie Mania - Match-3 Sweet Game 2.4.3
Cookie Mania, a delicious new match-3 puzzle game from Ezjoy,bringstons of fresh and sweet challenges! Switch and match cookiesas manyas you can to stop mouse and monster to eat your sweetdessert!Cookie Mania is an all-new match 3 puzzle-adventure,you'll embarkon a spectacular journey with exciting andchallenging objectiveslike you have never seen before! ☆☆☆☆☆Highlighted Features ☆☆☆☆☆ ★A sweet and exciting match-3 adventurechallenged with pesky mouseand monster. ★ Unique and deliciouspower-ups and combos in eachlevels. ★ Innovative new gameplay:match as many as you can to stopthe mouse and monster to eat yoursweet dessert. ★ Fantastic cookieislands, hundreds ofwell-designed free levels! Free levels and gamemodes addedregularly! ★ Race your Facebook friends across the sweetislands! ★Fun and easy to pick up, but a rewarding challenge tomaster! ☆☆☆☆☆How to Play ☆☆☆☆☆ ★ Switch and match cookies in groupof three,think twice before every move! ★ Beat tough levels withthe help ofboosters! ★ Less moves you pass a level, higher scoreyou'llget.Can you score high enough to earn 3 stars on every level?★Cookie Mania is free to play but some in-game items mayrequirepayment. Become a fan of Ezjoy onFacebook:
Cookie Jam Classic 1.1
Cookie Jam - Classic version isanewmatch 3 puzzle! Sprinkled with a deliciously cookietwist,thismatch-3 game is equal parts fun and challenging.Travelthroughmagical levels.Whip your way though hundreds of addictivelycookierecipe-solvingchallenges by concocting scrumptious cookiecombos.But jam, jam asfast as you can, or your batch will besmashed byyourfinger!Cookie Jam - Classic version is completely freetoplay.How to play:1: Match 3 or more identical cookies.2: Match the cookies until the board transparency, thestarwillappear.3: Make the star down to the last line to pass the nextlevel.Score Tips:Eliminate the cookie quickly can get extra scores.Super-fast, hyper-addictive and mega-exciting! It’stheultimate60-second matching puzzle competition!Play the most addictive match-3 puzzle game for free today!GAME FEATURES:● Perfect speeding up function.● 298+ challenging levels.● Two Game Modes: Arcade and Time Counting (Classic)● Smooth gravity response control!● Very fascinating and high playability!● The bomb diamond can eliminate the diamond around.● Match 4 cookies or jam can take the cookies or jam’ bomb.● Match 5 cookies or jam can win color-changing cookies or jamand2lighting.● The color-changing cookies or jam can eliminate toanyothercolored cookies or jam.● The timing cookies or jam can extend the playing time.● The lightning cookies or jam can eliminate cookies or jaminonerow or column.● Outstanding graphics and music, easy to play, hard to stop!KEY INGREDIENTS:● Switch and match 3 or more cookies or jam toreachthetarget.● Unique and delicious dessert set with cookie in eachlevelsbringsyou tons of sweet challenges● Hundreds of unique levels and more to come.● Unlock power-ups, collect, run your bakery for thepreparationoftough levels.● Fun and easy game to learn, but a rewardingchallengetomaster● Float your way through fantastical bakery islandsVisit the official site: you ready to travel on magical Cookie Jam-Classicversion world with us?Don't forget to let us know how do you think about this game.