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Face Swap - P123 Photo Editor 3.2
Want to add cute doggy filters in your selfie? Want to putlovelycat ear on your face? Want to make your photo funny andcreative?Try our P123 Face Photo Editor - the best Photo Editor NewVersionin 2017.With this funny face app, you can make a creativeselfieusing face stickers in your photo! You will get a greatcollectionof selfie stickers such as animal face filters, faceeffects, facehairstyle, sunglasses , head accessories etc.★ ThisFace Pic Editorhas almost all kinds of funny stickers for picturesincluding:♡Real Animal face changer♡ Face camera sticker♡ Lovestickers &face emoji♡ hat sticker and hair sticker.♡ Sunglassesstickers♡face mask stickers & text stickers♡ Face change &faceswap♡ other cool stickers★ Face Picture Editor is very easytouse1. Take a new photo form selfie sticker camera or selectonefrom your gallery.2. Insta crop your photo into square or anyothersize you want.3. Select face insta stickers which you want toaddto the photo.4. You can zoom in, zoom out and move theselectedsticker.5. Save and share your photos to your friends andfamily inFacebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and othersocialnetworks.Disclaimer: This app is not sponsored or endorsedby, oraffiliated with other company. It belong to this app account.
com.lyrebirdstudio.face_camera 1.3.3
Face Live Camera: Photo Emojis, Filters, Stickers is the bestfreeand top rated photo editor app with live face selfie camerawithsweet and funny face live emoji camera stickers, you can alsoenjoylive makeup beauty filters, real time beauty effects,selfiefilters and photo effects, beauty camera features also letyou edityour selfie photos and pictures easily, dozens of faceemoji andemoji faces are waiting for you to add to your selfies andphotos,makeup camera for selfie makeup and beauty photo editor,makeupfilters, photo frames, photo grids and also face livecameraeffects and beauty filters for your sweet and beautifulselfies.Try the best beauty camera effects and makeup filters, livefacecamera effects for FREE. You can also enjoy and have fun withliveface stickers, doggy face stickers, animojis and aftereditingphotos you can make a collage of your selfies and photos andimageseasily. Try the most popular face emoji live camera effectsandbest selfie camera with beauty camera features and live filtersandphoto effects, animojis, animal faces and doggy faces stickerswiththis incredible photo editing free app. With Face LiveCamera:Photo Emojis, Filters, Stickers’s incredible photo editingtools,live camera effects, selfie beauty filters, face swap tool,livestickers and live emojis, you will be able to transformyourpictures, selfies and photos to incredibly beautiful images.🐤🐱Create cute and funny faces with the best pet camera effects!🐶Addcute ears and nose to your selfies with the most fun dog faceandcat face camera filters! 😂Use the most enjoyable animojis,faceemojis, live photo stickers, selfie filters! 🎭Have incrediblefunwith your friends through the best face swap tool and do notforgetto share your new funny photos and silly faces with yourInstagram,Twitter, Facebook followers! 🤳Pick from your favoritecartoons,pets, animals, photos and add them to your selfies withlive cameratools and faceswapper! Apply photo filters, stickers,and effectson your pictures, change your face into doggy face witha tap offinger. 📸Pick photo from the gallery apply funny dogfilters,emoji, stickers, filters, texts on photos, images to swapfaces.😎Try the coolest face swap photo editor apps, have fun withfunnyanimal filters, effects. 📱Enjoy selfie animation for freewithmotion faces, photos. 🐭Show your creativity with face swapshots,fun filters, motion stickers. 🐵Turn your videos photosintoartworks with face live camera filters to swap face. 📽Shootfunvideos with live face camera effects share videos rapidlyonInstagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms.TopFeatures of Our Face Live Camera: Photo Emojis, Filters,StickersApp ⭐Edit Photos - the best editing tools ⭐Add Effects -dozens ofcool effects ⭐Add Filters - live pet, dog and cat facefilters ⭐AddStickers - live pet, dog and cat face stickers ⭐AddEmojis - makeyour photos cooler with dynamic and live emojis⭐Create Memes -create the funniest memes ⭐Use Cool Fonts - chooseamong tons ofcool fonts ⭐Motion Photo Stickers - let your photos bedynamic ⭐AddEmotions to your Photos with hundreds of Emojis ⭐Veryeasy to use⭐Hundreds of stickers ⭐Hundreds of backgrounds for photoediting⭐Fancy Face Swap - swap your faces with friends or pick aphotofrom gallery to perform faceswapping ⭐Live Face CameraEffects⭐Funny Doggy Face, Ears and Nose with Dog Filters LyrebirdStudio’sFace Live Camera: Photo Emojis, Filters, Stickers is themostprofessional, the best and the most easy to use photo editingapp,live emoji, sticker and beauty photo app for Instagram&Pinterest and for your other social accounts. It is totallyFREE toedit photos and for adding live filters, stickers and shareyourartwork on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!
Face Swap 1.6.0
Hi there! My name is Face Swap from PIP Camera big family.Fancymeeting you here.(^-^)VFace Swap not only gives you amagicalexperience of face swapping with friends and families, italsogives you chance to swap face with super stars and cuteanimals.Transform to any new face you like in a second.(ByC403Studio)There are also numerous of Motion Stickers in Face Swapwiththemes such as animal, cartoon,etc. Want to become a cute kittyora funny clown? Face Swap can let your dream come true. Comparewithcartoon cameras, motion stickers in face swap will give youmuchreal experience. With our well designed motion stickers, youcanchange to a cutie like your beloved pets. Fluffy dog ears, softandlifelike animal tongues, cute cat’s nose. Bring you into afancyanimal world. We also have a plenty of sticker sets. Allcartoonstickers are designed on our designers own. Give you uniqueandamazing cartoon stickers and vivid motion stickers. ★---------MAINFEATURES ----------★◆Snap Video——Motion SwapMotion Swap givesyoureal-time face swap experience. Dozens of motion faces areready,you can swap with them as you like. There must be one thatwillcatch your fancy! In special, we have added Trump hairstyleandTrump face motion sticker, come and havefun!◆SnapStickers——Sticker SetsLike the popular Everfilter effect?Goodfilters need wonderful stickers to match with! Sticker Sets LabofSnap can meet the needs of different groups of people. Nomatterhow old are you, and what your style is, you name it, we haveit.P.S. We released a new set of Christmas stickers call SantaClaus,come and have a try~◆Snap photo——Photo SwapPhoto Swap canchangeyour face with other faces in photos. Photo Swap hasfacerecognition power, want to swap face with some certain ones?Justtake a photo!◆Snap Face——Theme SwapIn Theme Swap function, youcanexperience multi-swapper and double-swapper patterns,and tryFaceClone. Numerous themes as photo booth, occupation, kids etc.arewaiting for you!◆Photo RetoucherFace Swap possesses powerfulphotoeditor functions. Sticker, Filter, Text, Mosaic, Slim, FrameandEdit, etc. Photo editor lovers won’t want tomiss.◆ClassicCollageClassic Collage includes dozens of collagestyles. Createsnap grids and snap collages as you like. There arevarious collagemodels in Face Swap’s collage function. All popularand beautifulgrids suit for all kinds of pics. You name it, we haveit. Afterchoosing a certain grid, you can adjust the Effects andBackgroundsfor your pictures. There are also two collage modes. Oneis squarecollages and the other is rectangular collages. Left-rightcollage, up-down collage, pic in pic collage……All classiccollagemodes you can think of. Use simple collages, makeelegantsnaps.◆Snap FiltersVarious video filters give you photos andvideoswith different styles.A lot of motion stickers for videoshooting.Trump hair style motion sticker, clown motion sticker andso on.There are also many sticker sets in Face swap for your snapsandchats. We will on time add new lovely stickers for your snapsandchats.◆Swift SharingYour can share your photos and videosrapidlyon Instagram, Facebook and othersocialplatforms.————————————————————ContactUs:Facebook:
FaceFun - Face Filters, Selfie Editor, Sweet Cam 1.8.0
ONE App Team
🍭FaceFun - Face Filters, Selfie Photo Editor, Sweet Camera isthenewly designed beauty camera and selfie camera app withfacefilters, motion stickers camara, photo editor, movie filters,whichanimate your face in real-time with motion stickers and makebeautyselfies for you! Constantly update! Amazing live stickersandanimal filters every week. 🍭Beside selfie photo editor &motionstickers & makeup filter & photo effects & facecamera& selfie beauty camera, photo stickers, makeup filter,you canalso enjoy a beauty selfie photo filters, live filters,beautycamera, selfie photo editor, makeup filter, photo stickers,livestickers for sweet camera - beauty selfie camera. 🍭Take selfiewiththe sweet camera with live selfie filters, makeup filter,makeupstickers, selfie beauty effects, live filters, selfie camaramotionstickers photo edit camera, and selfie editor/ beauty selfieeditorto wow your friends! 🌸FaceFun - Face Filters, Selfie PhotoEditor,Sweet Camera makes your beauty selfie photo with live facecamera,makeup filter, beauty selfie, beauty camera motion stickers,beautyeditor, selfie camara app, selfie photo editor, popularselfiecamera! Enjoy beauty selfies with selfie camara, face camera,livecamera stickers, selfie editor, face filters camera,artisticfilters for selfie camera, face filters camera! FaceFun -FaceFilters, Selfie Photo Editor, Sweet Camera Features ❤ ARfacecamera live filters & motion stickers & makeup stickersforbeauty camera selfie ❤ Real-time selfie camera live filters❤Various photo stickers & selfie filter & photostickers& motion stickers ❤ Funny motion stickers to get beautyselfies❤ Face swap with live stickers, motion sticker and photostickers ❤Body shape selfie editor ❤ Photo grid & selfie photoeditor app❤ Selfie camera app for beauty selfie photo ❤ Beautyselfie cameraapp with beauty editor ❤ Beauty camera private gallery❤ Hairstyleeditor & makeover tools for beauty selfie ❤ Beautycameramuscle editor ❤ Front & rear-facing beauty selfie——✿——FaceFun- Face Filters, Selfie Photo Editor, Sweet Camerafeatures——✿——Motion Stickers & Live Filters ✦ Photo stickersmaker offersreal-time face filters & live filters & motionstickers& photo stickers. ✦ Dozens of live filters, photostickers,live stickers, motion stickers are ready! Real-time SelfieFilters– Photo editor app ✦ Selfie stickers, motion stickers withsupercute animals & selfie camera. ✦ A diverse range of photofilterdesigned for beauty camera selfies with beauty makeup, suchasNatural, Youth, Film and Old-time live filters with funny camera.✦Selfie filter and makeup tools for selfie camera make yourskinsmooth and light. ✦ Added face filters & motion stickerstovideos! Photo Filters and effects ✦ Varieties of filters arereadyfor different photo effects in selfie camera photo editorfree!Enhance pictures by adding photo filters and effects. BeautyCameraStickers ✦ Free 100+ emoji camera stickers & motionstickers& photo stickers & makeup stickers for beautyselfies. ✦Kinds of live stickers! Abs, Tattoos, Beards, Dog and Catmotionstickers. ✦ Beauty makeup photo sticker editor,includeshairstyles, necklaces, earrings camera stickers. MakeupBeautyCamera ✦ Real-time skin beautifying with beauty camera withbeautyeditor. Beauty makeup adjusts your skin tone, erasewrinkles,pimples, dark-circles and reshapes your face! Photo Grid&Photo Collage Maker ✦ Photo collage editor designs the photogrid!✦ Change the size of the photo grid and match properlyonInstagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Other Features ✦ Silentselfiemode of beauty camera & funny camera. ✦ Easily share tosocialsites from FaceFun. ✦ 10+ languages are supported.📪
Nocrop Photo Editor: Selfie Effects & Face Filters 1.7.1
Nocrop Photo Editor: Selfie Filters & Face Effects is aphotoediting app, which you can resize your pictures nocropforInstagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. with just one click!Startdecorating your photos and pictures!💅 How do you get thewholepicture in Instagram? Use our blur background tool in order togetan Instagram size fit. How do you post a vertical pictureonInstagram without cropping it? Open Nocrop Photo Editor, selecttheimage and just click the Instagram size button, it’s done! HowcanI resize a picture on Instagram without cropping it? NocropPhotoEditor offers various tools and backgrounds to fit yourpicture into Instagram size. The best and most easy to use app forfittingyour photos to 1:1 square ratio With just a tap of a finger,resizeyour photos for Instagram Instasquare size with no cropNocropPhoto Editor: Selfie Filters & Face Effects has thebestfeatures with beauty camera with picture editing effects.👗WithNocrop Photo Editor: Selfie Filters & Face Effects’samazingfeatures, you will be adorning your selfies, photos andpictureswith the features of change eye color, add eyelash andeyeliner,change lip color, adjust nose, change face contour, whitenteeth,add blush, foundation and skin smoothener, remove acnes, slimface,remove eyebags, enlarge and brighten eyes, etc🐱‍👓 You caneditphotos, make collages and select from hundreds of filters,picgrids, backgrounds, stickers, dog ears, fonts, scrapbooks etcYoucan also share a scrapbook of your memories and cool photoswiththe help of photo collages which will prove your photographyskillsto be extraordinary to your social media followers. You’llalsolook forward to share your #tbt pics ⛺Collage Photo Maker ◇Thebestcollage photo maker to grid photos with creative photoeffects◇Collage Photo Maker tools include the best features forphotocollages ◇Make photo collages via hundreds stickers,filters◇Discover photo frames for the best pic collages 👯‍♂️MirrorImage◇Creates mirror effects for your pictures ◇Mirror your collagewithfun flowers, crowns, stickers, layouts and filters ◇Adjustthephoto border, background with mirror photo collage maker✂PhotoEditor Filters & Stickers ◇Amazing funny face, bunnyphotostickers & filters, picture editing effects ◇Decoratephotoswith kitten stickers & funny doggy face, ears and nosewith dogfilters ◇Photo Editor filters and stickers units with livecamerafilters and motion stickers ◇Adorn faces with funny dogfilters,emoji and kitten stickers 🎭Instant Photo Filters ◇Applyphotoeditor filters, stickers, and creative photo effects onpictures◇Shoot fun videos with live face camera effects sharevideosrapidly on Instagram, Facebook ◇Enjoy dozens of filters,creativephoto effects and masks via motion stickers of live camera⏹SquarePhoto Ratio with No Crop ◇Resize your photos in Instagramsquarefit size with no crop 🌐Share Photos Share your artworks andselfiesinstantly on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter,anywhere youwant!
Face Changer
Make any photo into a funny one. CNET: ”If you are searching foragreat time killer and funny photo app, this one is for you.Thisapp promises many laughs as you twist and edit yourfriends'faces.” Main Features: Replace face parts Funny eyes,noses, makethem bald. Smudge and warp Make faces thin or fat, makeearspointy, make them smile. Packed with features Add text or drawontop of the photo, Share with friends. Simple to use, easy tolearnand share. Face Changer is a registered trademark.
com.BestPhotoEditor.CatFace.PhotoEditor 4.0
Cat Face - Photo Editor, Collage Maker & 3D Tattoo is aphotoediting application that can transform you into a funny facewith avariety of cute sticker photos Cat Face is one of the bestphotoeditor, face swap and beauty makeup apps in Android Store.Withthis app, you can add amazing photo filters & stickers foryourselfies and try to get more likes and more followers by usingCatFace Photo Filters and Stickers free and creative coolsmileyfilters and stickers & emoji to your photo!! Also includeManyfilters and stickers are available, like doggy face, catface,rabbit face, rainbow, animal eyes, masquerade camera, emoji,tears,snap and more. KEY FEATURES ✓ Easy to use with simpleinterface ✓Over 1000+ funny sticker, cute cat face and romanticheart icon ✓Amazing photo fx filters ✓ Easy to add text and changefont, stylefor text ✓ Save your photos with Full HD quality andshare yourphotowonder with friends via social networks Let's make awonderfuland beautiful Selfie with Cat Face - Photo Editor, CollageMaker& 3D Tattoo! NOTE: Your pictures savedin"Album/Pictures_CatFace" or "File Manager/DCIM/Pictures_CatFace"or“Gallery/Pictures_CatFace"
B612 - Beauty & Filter Camera
SNOW, Inc.
• Over 1,500 diverse stickers    - Facialrecognitionstickers that can distort your face or turn you into acute animal   - Shiny effects and stylish analog filtersto brightenyour day     - Various drawing effectsthat you candraw as you take a video. • Real-time beauty effects toget theperfect shot at once    - Perfect skin with asingletap     - Find your ideal face shape withaneasy-to-use slider • Immaculate filters to suit your taste  - High quality filters perfect for selfies, food,landscapes,or any occasion    - Quick access to yourfavorite andmost used filters • Easily create high quality musicvideos   - Pair your videos with exciting tunes   - Diverseeffects and playback speeds for more dynamic musicvideos • Meetcute characters that come to life using AR stickers(Augmentedreality features are only available on some devices.) •Take funboomerang videos that play on a loop • Use editing toolsfromgallery to make your existing photos more special • Createcollageswhere you can see all your best moments in one place FaceTechnology by SenseTime Image Segmentation & BokehTechnologyby NALBI.Inc
Perfect Me - Body Retouch & Face Editor 3.0.0
Perfect Me - Body retouch and face editor is a fantasticphotoeditor. It can help you reshape body curves to get the slimbody,perfect figure, thin waist, long legs, abs, and tattoo. andretouchyour face to skinny face. This body and face enhancerperfect forself-entertainment or online showcasing. Features:Retouch body -Thin waist to have a slim body, make you slim andskinny - Long andbeautiful legs - Build ab muscle to gain six packsabs - Addartistic tattoos & fonts Beautify face - Smoothen yourskin andremove acne. - Facelift: make your face small and fit. -Adjustfacial features: Whiten teeth, nudge your smile, plump uplips,grow a taller nose bridge. Beautify photos - Add stylishfilters tobeautify your pics. - Add dress-up stickers: you can addflush,hat, crown, and glasses to dress up your face. - Magicallyreplacebackgrounds. - Blur unwanted object, face or anything!Photosadjustments - Stickers of various themes to decorate yourphotos -Crop photos to fit for the required sizes of socialmediaplatforms; Share them on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook andetc. -Plenty of collage layouts to mix multiple photos. DownloadPerfectMe and make your portraits stand out. It is so easy to haveaperfect figure! This app is a body enhancer that allows toretouchyour body and get perfect figure line; This app is also afaceenhancer that allows you to retouch your face so that you getaskinny and smooth face. This app is also a photo enhancerthatallows you to decorate, crop and mix photos.
Face Changer Camera
Face28 - Funny Face Changer Video and Photos • Face Warp Camera-apply funny face warp effects on your video. Ugly Camera. •FaceSwap - Face Swap Live. Swap faces between 2 people. • Face Mask-Animal live face filters, Skeleton video face filters andmore.Live Animal Face Swap. • Face Blend - Blend two faces intoone. •Chin Face - Turns your face upside down, and put your eyes onyourchin. It's a bit weird, but give Chin Face a try! • Face Puppet-Move your mouth to animate another face using your face. •FaceSticker - Add face stickers (hats, glasses, moustaches etc.)toyour selfie videos. • Developer - Demonstration of our realtimeface detection and 68 point live face tracking algorithm. •Manymore features are coming soon... Features: • Funny FaceChangerCamera - Change your face as you record a video selfie. •Recordvideos or take a photo. • Save and share videos and photos. •Thebest, free Selfie camera app with funny face effect and livefacefilters. Android Only: • Face28 is exclusive to Android;iPhoneusers, please upgrade to an Android device ;)
Sweet Face Camera - Selfie Camera & Beauty Filter 3.2.100444
Sweet Face Camera, formerly Sweet Snap, is a great edit tool ,ittakes awesome profile pictures for social media.Use stickerstotake photos with them and make different cute selfies! Whychooseour app? ❤ you can take selfies with animal stickers. ❤adddifferent filters in real-time. ❤ Professional edit tools. ❤Enjoyrecording fun expression package . ❤ It’s convenient to Shootshortvideos. ❤ Easy to share . Take a selfie with us now!-----CONTACTUS---- Facebook:@Sweet Snap Instagram: @sweet.snapYoutube: @SweetSnapEmail:[](
Sweet Camera - Selfie Beauty Camera, Filters 1.8.1
iHandy Ltd.
Sweet Camera: Selfie Filters, Beauty Camera (ColorCam) 2019,thefree selfie camera app 2019 for makeup photo editor andselfiebeauty camera, contains diverse selfie photo filters andeffects,beauty photo editor, makeup camera, artistic snap filters,facefilters, makeup photo editor, selfie camera editor and facecamaraapp. ✨Let’s take selfies with Sweet Camera: Selfie Filters,BeautyCamera (ColorCam) 2019 - the popular selfie camera app 2019,snapfilters camera effects & selfie beauty camera, photofiltersand effects, snap filters, beauty selfie camara, snap photoeditor,photo makeup camera and selfie expert. ✨Sweet Camera:SelfieFilters, Beauty Camera (ColorCam) 2019, the selfie cameraselfieexpert core features: - Real-time selfie beauty cameraselfiecamera effects & real life makeup camera - Powerfulselfiephoto editor and selfie camera - Stunning films camera &snapfilters camera & selfie camara 2019 - Funny face filters&makeup filter camera & beauty camara & snap filters&makeup photo editor - Photo collage maker & photo makeupcamera& makeup camera editor & snap photo editor -Morepersonalization settings Enjoy beauty selfies with selfiebeautycamara, face makeup camera, selfie camera live stickers,camerastickers, selfie editor, face filters camera, makeup camara,makeupfilter camera, snap filters for selfie camera, face filterscamera!========Sweet Camera: Selfie Filters, Beauty Camera(ColorCam) 2019Highlights======== 💕Real-time beauty effects - thepopular cameraapp 2019 ◇ Sweet Camera is the beauty camera andselfie camera app.Live filters, beauty makeup photo filters, selfiecamara facefilters are in beauty camera. ◇ Selfie beauty camera isselfiecamera and snap photo editor app, face filters, camerastickers.Beauty camera reveals your beauty. ◇ Beauty camera: makeupbeautyeditor + selfie photo filters and effects + selfie effects +selfiecamera 2019 + photo makeup camera + face filters + beautyselfies +beauty camera effects + snap photo editor 💕Beauty CameraEditor –beautify your skin Sweet camera makes every selfie photoamazing!Natural photo effects ◇ Smooth & Whiten your face ◇Smaller andV-shaped face editor ◇ Remove temporary imperfectionslike acne,pimples and blemishes 💕Body editor ◇ Shrink your waist&augment your breasts to have a slim body with selfie photocameraeditor app as a selfie beauty camera app. ◇ With SweetCamerabeauty camera editor, you can reshape your body. Show yourbeautywith the photo effects and selfie photo filters andeffects.💕Makeup Camera in beauty camera ◇ Auto Face Makeup Camera ◇Makeyour eye color shine and fashion with professional selfiecameratools ◇ Lipstick and Blush ◇ Makeup Camera for Hairstyles andColor◇ Dye your own hair - color hair with makeup camera any wayyouwant to take beauty selfies! ◇ Sweet Camera gives you aselfiebeauty camera editor, face filters camera, makeup camera,makeupphoto filters and effects for camera in beauty camara! ◇MakeupCamera: makeup camara editor & selfie camera &selfiefilters camera & photo filters and effects… 💕Face Filters–Animated face camera editor ◇ Add funny stickers to yourpics!Photo filters and effects supports tons of live stickers, suchasdoggie face, mustache build you want to look. ◇ Stickerscontain:face filters, makeup selfie filters, motion stickers, livefilters,makeup filter, selfie filters, snap filters… 💕Photo Filtersandeffects ◇Varieties of photo filters (Beauty, LOMO, Vibe, Art,andothers) are ready for different photo effects in photo editorfree!Enhance pictures by adding photo filters and effects.💕PhotoCollage Maker ◇Photo Editor App: makeup camera, selfie cameraandselfie photo editor, makeup camera, makeup filter, beautycamera,selfie editor app, face filters… 📮Contact
Face Changer Photo Booth 2.4110
👶 👦 👧 👨 Have you ever thought of swapping your face withsomeoneelse's? Sure you have, because “face swapping” is a newcraze! 👶 👦👧 👨 How would you look like on images with swapped faces?Would youappear fat, silly or maybe creepy? You can easily find outnow,with this amazing “photo editor”! With 🎭 Face Changer PhotoBooth 🎭app for Android™ you can switch your face with a face ofyourfriend, boyfriend or girlfriend or your adorable pet. You caneven“change face” with some celebrity and create a cool“photomontage”! Just grab a person that you want to swap faceswith, takea selfie and then do a “face replace”. It’s very easy andboth kidsand adults can use it! When your “face swap” is done, youcan addsome funny pic effects and stickers with hats, glasses, wigsorsome cute hearts. Resize the photo to make the best fit andthat’sit - you’re done! With that image saved in your photolibrary, youcan share it anywhere, whether that's via email, onFacebook, onTwitter or elsewhere. Easy to use, with realisticresults, our faceswap generator is the best app for you! 👫Swap your face witha face of other people or animal; 👬 Transform toany new face in asecond; 👭 Easy-to-use “face stealer” – just take aphoto with yourcamera or select an image from your phone gallery; 👫Do faceadjustments: scale, rotate, resize or remove pictures; 👬 Forbetterresults use straight head pose photos; 👭 Create facebombing -atechnique that involves taking one face in a group and applyingitto all subjects in the photo; 👫 Add plenty of cool photoeffectsand funny stickers like hearts, hats, sunglasses or flowers;👬Personalize your pics with text in different fonts and colors;👭Replace face in photo with our 🎭Face Changer Photo Booth 🎭 andsaveyour photos in gallery; 👫 Share your prank with your friends onallsocial media! 👶 👦 👧 👨 Isn't it interesting to mix faces andcreatea brand new face?! Yes, it is a stunning experience! 👶 👦 👧 👨Youcan now create hilarious faces that never exited by changingtheeyes, nose and lips or even the color of your skin. Downloadthis 🎭Face Changer Photo Booth 🎭 and enjoy great photo prank! Shareyourmasterpieces with friends and family on Facebook,Instagram,Twitter or any other popular social networks! Show youranimal lookby replacing the face of your pet with yours. That willbe anawesome joke! 👶 👦 👧 👨 “How to face swap”? Well, it's veryeasy!Ifyou’re thinking of making a big change, then, with ourfaceoff app,you can align your face and your look will becompletely different!👶 👦 👧 👨 This face swapper is a greatopportunity to change yourlook and become an expert in enjoyablephoto editing! These picmanipulations offer you a great fun! So,don't hesitate and startcreating astonishing photo montages. Withsome other face, nobodywill recognize you, neither the person whoseface youtook. Download our swap app and enjoy the photomanipulationfor free with this 🎭 Face Changer Photo Booth 🎭 app! 👶👦 👧 👨Replace face in photo! Swap faces with this cool photofaceswap app and keep yourself occupied for hours! 👶 👦 👧 👨 Onceyoustart using the pic editing app, you'll not quit all day!Transformyour face into a new one in a second! Make your pet looklike you,your father like a woman, or a friend like some populartvcomedian! It’s very easy-to-use app so your kids can useittoo. Don't waste your time anymore - go try our 🎭 FaceChangerPhoto Booth 🎭 - one of the best face swap online forfree!*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
com.lyrebirdstudio.colorizer.lite 2.1.9
Take a Selfie with Live Selfie Camera Photo and Pic Editor appwithLive Face Camera Effects & Funny Picture Stickers. #SelfiePic& Photo Editor is a FREE and the best Selfie app for selfiepicediting. Just take the perfect selfies and try amazingmakeuptools, fun pic stickers, photo filters and live selfiecameraeffects to edit your selfie pics. You can find dozens ofcoolstickers, funny stickers and photo filters for selfie picturesinthis live camera app. Moreover all the features, filters,effectsand stickers for FREE. You can also add special effects toyourimages. Beauty is now on your fingers with Selfie Editor!SelfiePhoto Editing Tools of our FREE Selfie Camera App will helpyouedit your selfies easily. You can also enjoy Live BeautyCameraEffects and Photo Filters. After editing photos and selfies,youcan share your best selfie on your social media accountslikeFacebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Selfie Editor isalso aPhoto Editing Tool, so you can also edit your photos andpicturesand other images easily. After editing your Selfies andPhotos, youcan enjoy Collage Maker feature of Selfie Editor.You canfinddozens of Photo Grids and Photo Frames and make collages totellyour story on just a single photo. Fun Pic Stickers alsoreallyeasy to apply to your photo and pictures. You can choose yourcutestickers for FREE and make your photos more funny. Ourphotoediting app has also the best Face Swapping Effects andFilters tochange your sweet selfies into funny faces. Live SelfieCamerainvolves real time beautify camera effects tool for the bestmakeupto beautify faces. Selfie Camera with Makeup tools createsthe bestlook and beautiful skin. Try the best makeup app forbeautifulselfie pics. Choose among hundreds beauty filters,stickers andeffects to smooth your face instantly. ✦Beauty Camerato makeselfie beautiful! ✦You can try Mascara tool foreyelashes✦Fundamental makeup sets and makeover tools! ✦Gainbeautifulattractive eye makeup! ✦Change eye color with beauty toolsand getrid of eyes bags. ✦Remove red eyes in the photos, catch ashinylook. ✦Lip Plumping & Teeth Whitening ✦Try the bestlipstickenhancement tools to change lip color. ✦Gleam your teethwith teethwhitener feature with a tap, impress everybody with yoursmile.Mirror Image Selfie Camera Photo Editor has the best mirrorimagephoto with face live filters motion stickers. Take a sweetselfiewith funny face camera of mirror image to change faces. PIPCameraSelfie Camera Photo Editor PIP Camera feature lets youcreateimpressive pic in pic photos. Try Photo in Photo glass andhandframes. Select magazine and board pic in pic frames to getamazingphoto in photo pictures. Key Features of Selfie PhotoEditor:✦1200+ funny emojis, stickers, filters, layouts and framestobeautify selfies. ✦Resize stickers and filters with ease.✦Changeborder colors, backgrounds and patterns. ✦Simple touchgestures torotate, resize, flip. ✦Hundreds of backgrounds and funstickers.✦Beauty mascara lets you adjust eye shadow and eyeliner.✦Redesignyour eyelashes and contact lenses according to your taste.✦Easy toadd text and stickers. ✦A full-featured photo editorincluded.✦Amazing photo effects & filters. ✦Pip Camera: Themostcreative selfie mode, PIP Camera is added. ✦Change colors ofyourphotos, create photo grids and photo collages. ✦Tens offancyborders and frames, add text and caption to photos. ✦Shareyouredited images on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Photo Editor Collage Maker Pro: Filters & Stickers
With more than 150 million installs, Photo Collage Maker Pro isthebest photo editor and collage maker mobile app allowing you toeditphotos, make collage, add makeup to your photos and gives youaselection of dozens of filters, grids, backgrounds,stickers,fonts, etc. You will be creating amazing picture arts withPhotoCollage Maker Pro and it is %100 FREE! Be sure that you'llenjoyall the FREE features of our photo editing and collage makingappand have fun while editing photos, creating #tbt and also youcanshare all the details of your memories with the help ofphotocollages which show your photography skills to your socialmediafollowers. Top Features of Our Photo Editor Collage Maker ProApp★Edit Photos ★Make Collages with up to 15 photos ★Add beautyselfiemakeup ★Add Effects ★Add Filters ★Add Backgrounds ★Add FramesforPictures ★Add Stickers ★Create Memes ★Use Cool Fonts ★CreateSquarePhotos fit with Square Size ★No crop frame for square photo★MotionPhoto Stickers ★Popular Tags ★Add Emotions to your Photoswithhundreds of Emojis ★Very easy to use ★Flip rotate crop resizeratio★Crop photos ★Hundreds of frames ★Hundreds of stickers★Hundreds ofbackgrounds for photo editing ★Fancy Face Swap ★LiveFace CameraEffects ★Funny Doggy Face, Ears and Nose with DogFilters 📷 EditPhoto Photo Editor Collage Maker Pro’s all-in-oneediting toolincludes; crop, flip, stretch, clone and rotate photo,mirroreffect, photo filters, stickers, doodles, texts andfonts,backgrounds, layouts, grids, frames, etc. 🎞 Photo CollageMakingYou can choose up to 15 photos and turn them into collageswithdozens of different templates, frames and arrangements. Addcolorand effects to it, choose from hundreds of differentbackgroundimages and styles, share with your friends on Facebook,Instagramand Twitter. 💄 Beauty Makeup With Photo Editor CollageMaker Pro’samazing makeup tool, you can professionally change eyecolor, addeyelash and eyeliner, change lip color, adjust nose,change facecontour, whiten teeth, add blush, foundation and skinsmoothener,remove acnes, slim face, remove eyebags, enlarge andbrighten eyes,etc. With this cool beauty makeup tool, your selfieswill beeye-popping! ✂ Edit Photo Size You can freely resize yourphotos incustom sizes or you can choose ratios and let Photo EditorCollageMaker Pro do the magic. Wanna post it on stories? Noworries. Justpick 1:1 ratio to make it fit square size. LyrebirdStudio’s PhotoEditor Collage Maker Pro is the most professional,the best and themost easy to use photo editing app, collage makerand picture labfor your social accounts. It is totally FREE to editphotos and forcollage making and share your artwork on socialnetworks.
Artisto – Video & Photo Editor B.V.
You give us photos and videos – we give you masterpieces! Wewerethe first in the world to process videos through neuralnetworks togenerate stunning visual effects and now we excel atprocessingyour pictures too! There is no way to do it easier... ☆Take one oruse an existing photo or a video ☆ Tap the button withthe filteryou like ☆ Get the result that you want and hang it in aframe onyour wall. And not in just a regular frame, but a luxuriousone! Ifyou encounter any problems, please drop us a
Blender Camera Photo Editor 1.5
Hey, photo editing maniacs, here is a fantastic new photoeditorjust for you! Blender Camera Photo Editor is here to helpyoucombine two pictures together and prepare them for socialnetworks.Now you can merge photos and use the transparency effectlike apro! Just choose images from your smartphone or tabletgallery ortake new ones and blend two pictures into one with ease.All youneed to create wonderful customized photos is yourimagination andour brand new mixer app. We've created the bestimage blender appwhich you can download right away free of chargeand start yourmagical picture editing now! Download Blender CameraPhoto Editorand make transparent pictures like a true artist!Features: ✤ Mergetwo pictures together, free and easy! ✤ Choosepics from the phonegallery or take a selfie! ✤ Perform the bestimage blending with atransparency effect! ✤ Add cute photo framesto decorate your photomontage! ✤ Share instantly to social networkslike Facebook,Twitter or Instagram! ✤ Save to the gallery of yoursmartphone ortablet! ✤ Combining two pictures has never beeneasier, try outnow! We designed this photo editing app with specialdedication andcare in order to make picture manipulation easy andfun. Free yourinner artist, “blend pictures” together and createreal pieces ofart. Image blending is very popular in the world ofpicture editingbecause it is so fun and easy! After you select yourpics andcreate “blended photos”, decorate your photo montage withsome cuteframes for pics to complete your work of art. This “photoblender”will blend two pictures together like no other free app andamazeyour friends. Use our image blender photo editor to fadetwopictures together and create stunning images that willdazzleeverybody the minute you share your creation on socialnetworks. Sowait no more, download Blender Camera Photo Editor forfree! Tryour “blender camera app” to create an incredible couple inlovephoto with gorgeous picture frames and surprise your sweetheartforValentine's. With the advanced transparent overlay effects,ourimage editing app is the best “overlay photo app” you can findonthe market. Blend two images into a romantic picture, which youcanuse as a cover photo or home screen wallpaper. With thisuniquephoto editing software you'll have the means to make apicturetransparent and create magnificent images that will fillyour phonegallery. After mixing two pictures together you candecorate themwith adorable picture frames and we guarantee that youwill besatisfied with the work you've done. Download Blender CameraPhotoEditor free of charge and create “overlapping photos” thatwilltake your breath away! Create a faded photo effect using thisimagemerger because it is the simplest way to blend pictures intoone atany time. You don't need to mix pictures online and aconstantinternet connection because with our “photo merge andeditor” youcan morph two pictures together whenever you want!Select yourfavorite selfie images, “blend photos” and mix two mostpreciousmemories you can find on your phone or tablet. Adjust thedegree oftransparency and add transparency effects to makespectacularpicture montages. Download our brand new “overlappingphoto editor”and blender, download “Blender Camera Photo Editor”and let thefantastic pic merging begin!
Moments Cartoon Caricature - selfie network cam 1338.0
Star studio
CARTOONS AND EMOJI CARICATURES - FILTERS AND CONTESTS Momentselfieanimoji cartoons and caricature app, contests and socialcartoonemojiwith photo effects editor. Focus on caricatures andcartoonphoto selfies. Use camera to convert moments of you lifetocoloring sketchup caricature pictures or add stickers,splasheffect and many others to your cartoon or face. Specialdrawing,sketching and doodling opportunities are here. You canchoosestitch of different sizes. Coloring can be added also withfullstack of colors and blurs. SELFIE CONTESTS By uploading phototoour leaderboard (caricatues wars) under winners tab you willtakepart in our selfie contest. We are rising winners accordingtolikes received in weekly period. Moments Photo Editor -sketchportrait universal tools with full range of opportunitiesformaking photos amazing: lighting, frames,contrast, fade,orientationand many ohters. In the separate create cartoon page youwill seethe best cartoon camera apps. Our avatar maker will risesyourphotos to tops in social. Leave you caricatura to othernetworkswith best cartoonize practises and share it. PHOTO EDITORWITHMODERN TOOLS Social Photo Editor for caricature andphotocontests(masquerade) - rich photo editor with cropping,beautify,brightness, warm, red eyes removing and hundredsotherfunctionalities. Also there is aspecial face changer pageforcaricatura creation and sketch up and ade pocibilities. Webelivethis will one of the most usefull things in your phone.STICKERSAND PHOTO EFFECTS We tried to know the Secret of mostusefullapplication for you. So this app should be the shopstyle ofthephoto editors. Instructions for cam to make beauty photowithglasses, mustache, hair, masks and other face change effectsinmoment: - Select picture from the grid on main page( masquerade)Also user can take photo from front and Back camera - Openstickerspage from list of options - Rotate, flip the photo howeveryou want- Retouch elements to add new woman and man elements -Resizepicture for beautification - The categories of stickers everyweekadded eith new style, modern elements Our amazing interfacewillallow you edit photo portrait to sketch one by applyingsplasheffect. Also there are color options which will help you toachivesketch effect. For example the main feature is to reducecolors andto play with black and white colors. Another section isFilterSplash Effects - Open from gallery or take photo - ReplayFiltereffect if needed Install our rich tools and save you livelifemoments in amazing way. Explore masquerade of selfieanimatedvideo, caricatures and just cool photos Fill free to leaveyoureviews and comments.
Zombie Booth 2018 1.11
N Soft Inc.
How to use Zombie booth 2018:✔ Select a picture from the galleryortake a new one from camera!✔ Add any Eye, mouth, head, hat,knifewith blood and other things that match with picture✔ Coolstickersto turn yourself into a zombie! ✔ Adjust the sticker to fityourimage, change the size & rotate with using yourfingers!✔Remove sticker if you want to use another sticker✔ Convertyourselfinto a living dead and save it in your phone✔ share it onFacebook,Instagram, Twitter and other social media app.
Super Powers Effects Photo Editor 1.4
Do you dream about being a superhero, with all the superpowersandstuff? We can make your dreams come true, with a little helpofSuper Powers Effects Photo Editor! If you get this wondrouscameraapp right away, you will need no special tutorial on how togetsuper powers, only a funny selfie and the amazing picturestickerswe prepared for you will be more than enough! Don't wasteyourtime, download a photo editor with super powers, edit picturesandshare them immediately on major social networks likeInstagram,Facebook, Twitter or Viber! Perform the most hilariousand amazingpicture editing using our Super Powers Effects PhotoEditor! ✨ Geta free picture editing software! ✨ Choose from thegallery or takea selfie! ✨ Jump, make a face, strike a pose! ✨ Editpicture withstickers of a superpower you want! ✨ Make it superfunny using ourphoto effects! ✨ When you're done, save to thegallery! ✨ Or shareon Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Viber! ✨ Thegreatest superpowers edit of pics, try out now for free! If youneed a photoeditor with stickers which will help you get real“super heropowers”, at least on picture, congrats, your search isover,because Super Powers Effects Photo Editor is here! It is soeasy touse, yet it gives amazing results – your job is to take apicturewhich is funny and interesting to edit, add photo stickersfree andget “superpower effects” in an instant. Become a real proin photoediting, learn how to have super powers and enjoy using the“bestphoto editing sticker app” on the market. Text on pics,girlypicture frames – leave those simple camera effects tothebeginners, now you need a super power editor, download andstarttaking the responsibility of a true superhero! ✨💪✨💪✨💪✨💪✨ Youcanfeel like a hero of superpower games, just get a photo stickerappand with the help of its “photo effects” you will be able toseehow do you get super powers poderes in a matter of seconds. Ifyouare at a party, turn on your “super power camera” and add astickerfor picture to make the pics even better. With some superpowers fxeffects there will be no more interesting post on socialnetworksthan yours, so download “Super Powers Effects Photo Editor”rightnow and enjoy creating wonders of pics. Try out thisamazingpicture editor with stickers and have fun all day long! Tobe ahero is now available to you, don't miss the opportunity tosavethe town from the attack of the villains, at least atpics!✨💪✨💪✨💪✨💪✨ Hurry up and download this “super power photoeditor” forfree and be sure that you've got the best photo editorfor boys andgirls equally – you will use the “photo stickers” overand overagain and make so many different situations that everyonewill askyou “how to get real superpowers”. Let them know that youused thissuperpower app so that they can download it too and enjoythe photoeditor super powers together with you. If you areaccustomed tousing “top photo editing apps” exclusively, there isno better freeapp for you than our picture editor. It is so easy touse, yet sorealistic – make a photo prank which everyone willbelieve in, useyour new photo sticker editor once and again, andhave loads offun. Enjoy using Super Powers Effects Photo Editor!
Suit Photo Montage 3.1
Discover your shortcut to sophistication and find thelatestselection of suits!If you are searching for men's suits foraspecial occasion or just want to impress a girl and lookelegant,now you can with the ♠ Suit Photo Montage ♠ maker app.Install oneof the top dress up games for boys that providesnumerous elegantclothing for men and face in hole designs. Downloadnow and becomea model for our fashionable collection of men suits.♠ Suit PhotoMontage ♠ app features:♦ User-friendly male fashioncamera editorapp.♦ Import a picture from the gallery or take newusing thedevice's camera.♦ Wide array of styles and fantastic mansuit photoframes.♦ Select your favorite stylish suits and put yourface in ahole.♦ Move up and down, drag, rotate, zoom up and down tofitperfectly within the frame.♦ Save the final products in thegalleryand use as personalized background wallpapers.♦ Share withfriendsvia Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype,ore-mail. ♦♦♦ Discover top elegant outfits for yourself. ♦♦♦Withthisawesome ♠ Suit Photo Montage ♠ manipulation free app youwillcertainly find the perfect male outfit for differentoccasionsamong numerous business, smart, casual, party, prom, orevenwedding suits. You can also choose the color �black, blue,white,gray, or brown stylish garment. ♦♦♦ Look modern and stylishforfree. ♦♦♦ Use this great image editor software to impressyourfriends and family with your virtual makeover. With thisfabulouspicture editing tool you get the best fashion suit photomontages.Create an amazing trendy image manipulation in our modernmansalon. ♦♦♦ Dress yourself in amazing male suits withoutspendingmoney at all! ♦♦♦ Find the most fashionable designs andoutfits formen that this suit photo editor offers. You will havefun creatingyour own virtual wardrobe without spending time andmoney shopping.Yes, it's possible! Just download this fabulous ♠Suit PhotoMontage ♠ now totally free and have your own fabulouspersonalfashion stylist.
Jurassic Photo Creator Dinosaur Hybrid Editor 1.08
Jurassic Photo Creator Create Dinosaur or Hybrid Dinosaur Photosina Jurassic Dinosaur World. Design Hybrid Dinosaurs onJurassicIslands and create fascinating Human Dinosaur Photomontage.MergeDinosaurs like T-Rex and Raptor on Pictures and Photosdirectlyfrom your Gallery.Shoot a Picture or get a consiting onewhich youwant to edit. Pick up a Dinosaur you want to have on yourPhoto andplace it where you want. Make stunning Pictures with hugeDinosaursfollowing you through the Forest and more!
Flower Crown Photo Editor 🌸 Filters for Selfies 1.8
If you want the flower tiara photo edit with flower stickersforphotos, you are in the right place! This cute crown flowerforpictures app will give you the best “flower on head” and youwillenjoy the fun photo montage that this photo editor filtersandeffect can do. This app is the best photo editor with filterswhereyou do not need editing skills in order to have flower inhair.Just download the app called Flower Crown Photo Editor 🌸Filtersfor Selfies and enjoy the funny images that it can make. Theflowertiara camera such as this one is an app for pictures foreveryone.It is a photo maker where you can edit picture and putstickers onthem. If you want a flower tiara app which is the bestimageeditor, you should get this instant photo app. Edit photo likeapro with it and take a picture with “crown camera selfie”,makingthe best photo collage with your BFFs. You can even make arealphoto art with this cool “flower crown” app. It is the bestflowerscrown photo editor and you will look amazing with flowersfilters.Flower Crown Photo Editor 🌸 Filters for Selfies is a“flower tiara”camera which you are going to love and which is thebest photocreator.This cool app has the best features:🌹 Edit photolike a proand put flowers on head!🌹 Take beautiful selfies and makethemunique with flowers crown camera!🌹 This pic editor does notneedyou to be a “pro photographer”!🌹 No picture editing skillsorphotography editing knowledge necessary!🌹 Set them as abackgroundor a wallpaper to your screen!🌹 Share the edited picturesonFacebook, Instagram, Twitter or Whatsapp!This piece ofphotosoftware is the best “flower crown app” which will teach youthebasics of photoediting. It is the app for pictures where youandyour BF can take a flower crown camera selfie and edit imageswitha grid layout. Make a lovely wedding photo montage and enjoythebeautiful days of spring and summer with flowers in your hair!Thisflower crown camera app is the best for people who want coolphotoediting tools. “Flower Crown Photo Editor” 🌸 “Filters forSelfies”is simply the photo editor with the best filters app andeveryoneis going to love the cute flowers in it. This app belongsto thecategory of apps for girls, but boys can also use it. Makethe bestphoto makeover and use the flowers in hair to create aphoto prank.Edited pictures can be saved to your gallery and thefunny photoeditor can share them on social media. Download 'FlowerCrown PhotoEditor' 🌸 'Filters for Selfies', take beautiful selfiesand “cropimages” so that you can use “flower crown filtercamera”.This photoediting app of “flowers crown” is an imageediting app where youneed to snap pic and enjoy making the springphoto editing. Openyour flower crown selfie camera live and put“flowers on head”.This floral crown app is called Flower CrownPhoto Editor 🌸 Filtersfor Selfies. Download this camera withflowers on head and get thebest floral crown app for girls andboys. If you like spring andsummer and you like to say “Hellospring”, use this floral filtersand apply the best camera flowercrown filter. Flower filters forselfies are the best, and youshould enjoy your floral crown cameraas much as you can.Downloadthis floral crown editor and you willget the best app with flowerfilters for pictures ever. You andyour friends will enjoy the funnyphoto montages that you make andyou will be able to enjoy thesummer days with flowers filtercamera! Download this flowers onhead pic editor and enjoy theflowers and the Sun!We like makingphoto apps and crown flowercamera is one of those apps that we madefor you to enjoy. If youlike to experiment with photography and adddifferent frames,stickers, effects and other options to pictures,download this appand check out our other apps. Also, feel free totell us what youthink about them.This application is ad-supported.
solitude.Media.Photo.Frame.Editor 1.10
# Using Media Photo Editor app you can making your photo inMediaeffected photo, here so many Media Photo Frame are availableindifferent Style by Media Photo Editor app. # Media PhotoEditorEditor is a best photo maker for you with Press conferanceandsquare function. Media Photo Editor will provide the realPressconferance for you. Add amazing photo awesome text,emoji,filters& creative stickers for Press conferance image whichshare insocial media. # Media Photo Editor application through youmakeawesome Press conferance photo. You add different Effectsticker.You select your photo gallery and make news media effectedimageand also you change your own photo with other person. ThisNewsMedia Photo Editor will provide the Press conferance functionforyou. # Media Photo Editor make wonderful photos with 3D NewsMediaand Press conferance Effects and get more likes and morefollowersby using this Press conferance Photo Editor app. MediaPhoto EditorApp Feature ::= - Select your image from gallery or usecamera. -25+ HD Media Photo Frames To make your unique DP. - MoveChangedNews Media HD Theme (Press Conferance Photo Frame) toGallery PhotoTool. - Get your own Media Photo Frame for SocialMedia with MediaPhoto Maker to amaze your friends and family withStylish Text onPhoto, Draw on Photos, funny face, face swap andmore tools. -Media Photo Frame with 500+ photo stickers and TextEditor to Addtext to your photos. - Magic tool to workautomatically. - ShareNew Funky photo via social network. If youfind anything wrong orany copyright things then mail us. We wouldlove to hear everyone.Rate us and give your valuable comment forthis awesome Media PhotoEditor to create more cool apps like this.If you like this MediaPhoto Editor app then share with your friendsand family member.
Photo Slideshow with Music 📹 1.7
This video maker with music using videos and pictures is for allthepeople who want instant moving pictures! Make video withpicturesand music with this photo to video converter with song!Downloadthis cute video photo editor with songs and experience thebestvideo editing software. It is the best video pic editor withsongs,where you can edit photo with song and choose your favouritesong inthe background. This cute “video photo maker” with musicisbasically a music video maker that will make you a rockstar.Thisis the best picture editor with music and it can create“photoart”. The name of this beautiful app is Photo Slideshow withMusic📹 and it will let you edit picture with music as much as youwant.Download this image editor with audio songs and use it asabeautiful video greeting card maker. This photo creator iscalledPhoto Slideshow with Music 📹 and it is the best photosoftware withselfie camera for you! It is the best slideshow makerapp and aphoto music video app for everyone who likes slideshowwithmusic.This free and cool app has the best features:* Editimagewith this music photo software!* The best photo “video maker”withmusic and effects!* Picture editing with music, forgreatphotography experience!* Make a photo montage with thisslideshowcreator with music!* Share “Photo Slideshow with Music” 📹videos tostory, or on social media! * Make a photo collages withmusic andadd cool stickers for pictures on it!This app is one hugevideoeditor with photo and music and text. It also contains videoeditoreffects pro that make it a great moving pictures app. If youlikevideo editor effects hd, you are going to love this videomakerwith song and photo. This photo grid video maker with song andtextdoes not have stickers or background and wallpaper option, butitmakes great material for “stories”. Use this photo editorwithmusic slideshow and do the cool photoediting on your“beautifulpics”. Take a picture and make photo montages with funnyimages inthis picture video slideshow with music. The app is called'PhotoSlideshow with Music' 📹 and it will give your edited picturesawhole new dimension. Show it to your BFFs and you will be aprophotographer. This is the “best photo editor” app and it iscalledPhoto Slideshow with Music 📹. Use the video editing app foraddingphotos and music and effects. This video editor photo tomoviemaker will make the best videos and you will enjoy the funnyphotoeditor as well.This can be a happy birthday video song withname orit can be animation video maker app. Design slideshow phototovideo creator with effects with sound app is the best. If youlovephoto frames, you will love this slideshow maker with musicaswell. You do not need photography editing skills to crop imagesanddo the video editing and mixing. Use this “slideshow maker”withmusic and effects and a “movie clip” maker to create amasterpiece.It is a cute and cool collage maker for pictures andvideos withmusic that everyone will love. Download it and enjoy themagic!This“video making” app from photos with music is for peoplewho enjoymoving pictures slideshow wallpaper. Use these videoeditor effectswith music and make really great slideshows with yourloved ones.“Photo video maker with music”have moving pictures -images inmotion and there are great for everyone who likesslideshows. Useall your creativity and enjoy this cool app.We likemaking photoapps and this is one of those apps that we made for youto enjoy.If you like to experiment with photography and adddifferentframes, stickers, effects and other options to pictures,downloadthis app and check out our other apps. Also, feel free totell uswhat you think about them.This application is ad-supported.
Wedding Video Maker with Music 💝 1.7
If you want a wedding video maker of photos with song, this istheright app for you. It is a wedding video editor that you willloveand that will make your wedding the best experience. Downloadthiscute video photo editor with songs and experience the bestvideoediting software. It is the best video pic editor with songs,whereyou can edit photo with song and choose your favourite song inthebackground. This cute “video photo maker” with music isbasically amusic video maker that will make you a rockstar. This isthe bestpicture editor with music and it can create “photo art”.The nameof this beautiful app is Wedding Video Maker with Music 💝and itwill let you edit picture with music as much as you want.Downloadthis image editor with audio songs and use it as abeautiful videogreeting card maker. This photo creator is calledWedding VideoMaker with Music 💝 and it is the best photo softwarewith selfiecamera for you! It is the wedding video maker and editorwith musicwhich will make the wedding cool and fun. This free andcool apphas the best features: * Edit image with this music photosoftware!* The best photo “video maker” with music and effects! *Pictureediting with music, for great photography experience! * Makeaphoto montage with this slideshow creator with music! *Share“Wedding Video Maker with Music” 💝 videos to story, or onsocialmedia! * Make a photo collage and add cool songs on it!Weddingvideo maker such as this one will bring fun to your wedding.It isa wedding movie video maker and editor slideshow for peoplewholike to edit video and share it with the wedding guests.Downloadthis wedding photo video maker and enjoy. This photo gridvideomaker with song and text does not have stickers or backgroundandwallpaper option, but it makes great material for “stories”.Usethis photo editor with music slideshow and do the coolphotoeditingon your “beautiful pics”. Take a picture and make photomontageswith funny images in this picture video slideshow withmusic. Theapp is called 'Wedding Video Maker with Music' 💝 and itwill giveyour edited pictures a whole new dimension. Show it toyour BFFsand you will be a pro photographer. This is the “bestphoto editor”app and it is called Wedding Video Maker with Music 💝.Weddinginvitation video maker and editor with music such as thisone isthe best. You will love how the wedding photo video editor initworks and the cool music in the app. Wedding invitation videomakerof photos with song is the best app for all the couples whowant tocelebrate love. Download this wedding app and enjoy all thegreatwedding music that comes with it. If you love photo frames,youwill love this slideshow maker with music also. You do notneedphotography editing skills to crop images and do the videoeditingand mixing. Use this “slideshow maker” with music andeffects and a“movie clip” maker to create a masterpiece. It is amini moviemaker for wedding that everyone will love. Weddinganniversaryphoto video maker such as this one is the best. It caneven be awedding album video maker with music. Use this weddingvideo makerwith songs and enjoy all the best things that it offers.It is awedding invitation video maker of photos and song for allthepeople in love and who are about to “get married”. This“videomaking” app from photos with music is for people who enjoymovingpictures slideshow wallpaper. Use these video editor effectswithmusic and make really great slideshows with your lovedones.“Moving pictures” images in motion are great for everyone wholikesslideshows. Use all your creativity and enjoy this cool app.
PicsArt Photo Editor: Pic, Video & Collage Maker
600 million+ installs strong, PicsArt is the #1 photo editor andpiccollage maker on mobile. Download PicsArt and enjoy ourtools,effects, collage maker, camera, video editor, free clipartlibrary,5 million+ user-created stickers, our drawing tools &faceeditor with face swap & beautify tool. PicsArt’s allaboutmaking awesome pictures and having fun by remixingfree-to-editpictures into awesome collages and memes. With ourcollage maker,drawing tools, photo editor, camera and more,PicsArt’s yourall-in-one creative suite. And it’s FREE. Show offyour awesomeedits on Instagram with #picsart, we'll feature ourfavorite ones!PICSART GOLD Go Gold! PicsArt Gold gives you accessto THOUSANDS OFPREMIUM STICKERS, FONTS, FRAMES, COLLAGES AND MASKS!Theseexclusive PicsArt items can be used in editing & remixingonPicsArt, and shared on and off PicsArt in yourcreations.Additionally, PicsArt Gold includes an ADS-FREE editingexperience& NEW EXCLUSIVE PicsArt content delivered to youbi-weekly.You’ll have access to about $3,000 in premium content fora nominalmonthly or annual subscription fee. Your PicsArt Goldsubscriptionwill automatically renew at the end of each term andyour creditcard will be charged through your Google Play accountunless youunsubscribe. Refunds will not be provided for any unusedportion ofthe term. Any unused portion of a free trial period willbeforfeited when you purchase a subscription. Limit of one freetrialper Google Play account. MAKER AND GRIDSPicsArt’s collage maker provides 100s offree templates, & thePicsArt community uploads 1000s of newimages every day that can beused as backgrounds. PicsArt lets youmake grid style pic collages,templated collages & freestylearrangement collages. PHOTOEDITOR With 1000s of amazing featuresPicsArt includes tools tocreate cutouts, crop, stretch, clone, addtext & adjust curves.It also has a full library of artisticphoto filters (includingHDR), frames, backgrounds, borders,callouts & more. All toolshave a brush mode for fine-tuning& applying selectively on justpart of your photo. PicsArtprovides 100s of fonts for adding textto your pictures &creating memes. PicsArt also provides arapidly evolving set ofAI-powered effects. PicsArt allows you tomake double exposuresusing layers with adjustable transparency.FREE STICKERS, CLIPART& STICKER MAKER PicsArt’s Cutout Toollets you make & sharecustom stickers for everyone to use. Youcan use the customstickers by adding them to your pictures, usingfor remixingothers’ images, or even saving them to your collections&sharing them via iMessage. DRAWING & CAMERA PicsArtDrawincludes customizable brushes, layers & professionaldrawingtools. Additionally, the PicsArt Camera lets you snappictures withlive effects; it is your new go-to sticker maker.PHOTO REMIX ANDFREE-TO-EDIT IMAGES We *invented* image remixing onmobile! Itmeans you can take any image that’s free-to-edit inPicsArt, addyour own personal touch by editing it & then shareit back tothe PicsArt community. EDIT WITH FRIENDS - REMIX CHAT!PicsArt’sRemix Chat is a whole new way to edit with your friends& makeawesome pictures, 1:1 or as a group! CREATIVE CONTESTSAND PHOTOCHALLENGES PicsArt’s photography and editing challengesare an easy& fun way to learn new editing tricks. Dailychallenges are apopular way to find inspiration, where users upload1000s of coolphotos, collages & edits.
Baby Story Photo Maker 3.0
Baby Story Photo MakerBaby Story Photo Maker make beautifulphotowith baby stickers.Baby Story Photo Maker application is veryeasyto useChoose from a variety of baby stickers that arecreativelydesigned by our artists for all your baby milestonespics.BabyStory Photo Maker is the easiest baby photo editor tocapture andtrack your precious pregnancy milestones and babypicsBaby StoryPics Maker is treasure to your precious pregnancy andbabymilestone pictures by beautifully stickers andmultiplepersonalized text.Take your photos with Baby story photomaker,edit your baby photo with new stylish collection &latestdesign.This baby story photo maker is totally diffrent fromothersapp like baby pics,baby photo frame,baby baby story maker,babystory photo editor this app collection of beatuful templateandmaker easy and fast pics of baby and milestones.How To Usebabystory photo maker:1) Take a new photo or select one fromyourgallery on which you want to add to your baby story.2) Selectthesticker and filter using Baby Story photo editor tool.3) AndChoosePhoto beatuful temple with maker your photos.4) Selectotherwonderful Baby Story stickers which you want to add to thephoto.5)Share your photos with social networks.Capture yourpreciousmoments and add adorable artwork or treasure the specialmomentforever. Photo Maker makes your pregnancy, baby pics, andbabymilestones into beautiful visual stories. Baby Story PhotoMakerFuture & Tools :Template 100+ beautifully baby relatedtemplateEditor Tools Easy Photo editing tools likeEnhance,Orientation,Crop, Border, Frames morePhoto Effects Enhancethebeauty of your pictures with amazing effectsPhoto Filter Addnewcategory filters with highlight special moments Sticker1000+beautifully baby related sticker Text Editor Add Custome textwithfont,color and other great effect Share Share your preciousBabyPics with friends & family in social mediaInternet No needtointernet connection this app is totally offlineDownload our apptofind more features and lots of ready made Photo Baby StoryPhotoMaker.leave us your feedback and we will consider them forfutureupdates!Thanks for using this app.
Candy Selfie Camera - Kawaii Photo,Beauty Plus Cam
✰Want to show your beautiful selfie to the world?Want to showacolor story of you? Use pretty selfie expert now! Perfectselfiephoto editor app is here for you. Wonderful camera app forfreewith huji effects in your phone.Perfect effects in lightroom✰CandySelfie Camera is a free ace beauty cam. It containsprofessionalediting tools and all themed funny stickers &motion stickers,art filters, poster templates photo grid and videoeffects,Afterlight instant collage while you take selfies andediting. Withbeauty cam, you'll get the perfect 365 days,facialcontour, smoothskin, brighten eyes, teeth whitener, small v-lineface, facefilters and so much funny pictures. ♛ Candy Camera -Photo Editor,Kawaii Photo Includes: ♛ ✧Beauty Plus Cam: Liveauto-retouch &photo adjustment ✧Photo Editor Pro:Blur/crop/brightness/rotate,photo collage and photo grid, editphotos in seconds ✧Funny Pip:Doggy face, sunglasses, kawaii photostickers, emojis & funnyface effects ✧GIF Maker: Easiest way tocreate animated gifs onAndroid ✧Filter pictures: Romance, elegance,snow, sakura, stylishcamera filters effects ✧NEWFace Swap: Easy touse,funny photoediting. ✧Easy to share toInstagram/Facebook/Whatsapp === FeatureHighlights === ❤Candy SelfieCamera❤ - Sweet selfie camera - Becomea goddess in 1 step withdefault instabeauty effects - Real-timeskin beautifying effects Bigeyes, charming lips, slim nose, smallface and teeth whitening withthe smart & natural beautifyingfunction, easily apply all thebeautifying effects on your selfies!❤GIF Maker❤ - Capture funnymoments of your friends, family andpets by GIF Camera, and save itto animated gifs. GIF Maker is yourdaily for funny gifs and funnyanimated pictures! ❤HD Fun Cam❤ -Now we provide interesting dynamicselfie stickers. Expresscreativity and make your social mediaaccount stand out with uniquephoto effect ❤Photo Edit Pro❤ - Beautyplus selfie camera Quick-fix(contour), whiten & smooth skin,brighten & remove acne,facelift, etc.Easy editing. - Photoeditor includes: Set tint,exposure, contrast, saturation,highlight, shadow, vignette, imageblur, crop, rotate and colorbalance, etc. ❤Kawaii Face Stickers ❤- 400+ funny stickers , likeAnimal Stickers, Motion Stickers,Smart Stickers, Emoji FacesStickers, Photo Animation Stickers,Music Stickers, etc. No matterhow old you are and what your styleis, you want, we have it.❤Stylish Photo Filters❤ - Art filters andkawaii photo effects - Trythese 100 live image filters designedspecifically for selfies! -Live Filters: pic art Free snap selfiefilters and cartoon photoeffects with personality to spice up yourselfie. Photo filterscustomized for taking food pics - foodie.❤Instant PhotoCollage& Grid❤ - Creative Photo Collage, photoframes, layoutsand photo grid - Image cut, grid line crop, freedrawing, imagerotate, 360 degree views from any point. All photoeditor effects inbeauty cam. Release your imagination rightnow!>>>>OTHER FEATURES<<<< ❀Brightness isalsoadjustable, which means you can take bright photos even inthedarkest. ❀Favorite filter mark – Just tap and hold the filteryoulike to apply it. ❀Beautiful watermarks – you can remove it ifyouwant. ❀Video effects – One tap to apply stylish themes,filters,stickers and music, which makes your photos and videos intoa moviemasterpiece easily. ❀Timer for better preparation. Timermodeenables you to adjust the best pose so as to take selfiesfotosanytime without other’s help! Pretty Beautify Camera -beautypicture editor adds a radiant complexion for perfect faceandselfie pics. With the selfie camera’s face filters, you cantakeheart selfies with your bestie anywhere and anytime! Welcome tothebeauty selfie city! ---CONTACT US---Facebook@HawkCandyCameraInstagram@candyselfiecamera
Funny customized photomontages 1.6
Make photomontages and customize your photos with funnystickers,personalised text and with amazing photographicfilters.Easy andquick to use.Choose an image from your gallery ortake aphotograph.Add the stickers you want.Choose a letter font andtypethe text you want.Choose the frame you likeApply photo effectstouse.... and that's it!!Easy and free.Share the results withyourfriends.
Photo Collage Maker Editor & Mirror Photo Maker 1.0.4
“Photo Collage Editor & Collage Maker - Photo Grid” isanperfect collage maker & photos editor app that lets youcreateand edit photos with quick collage, funny filters, photoeditortext, photo collage template, filters for picture, hundredsquarecollage maker and many more. Photo Collage Maker &GridPhotoMix up-to hundred square frames for the photos. Usingquickgrid you can create photo collage frame by just two steps.selectthe multiple pictures from gallery and select your favoritephotogrid mixer template & further you can set effects andfiltersfor collages from the pic frames editor. Apps support photocollageeditor hd frames so it's not reduce your original picturequality.Photo collage editor, create art of foto montage and photogridcollage maker more than 100 pics.Photo EditorIt's Photo editortoolwith endless editing functions. Pic collage editor allows toediteach pictures as you want. Photo collage editor is designedwithmaximum possible editor tolls like set brightness,contrast,lightness, sharpen, saturation, hue, effects and filtersforcollages and many more. Photo editor is looks like pictureeditingstudio & you can set pictures orientation, aspect ratio,blurbackground image, apply photo color filters, crop thepictures.Photo Filters Photo filters is must be there to make thephotos /selfie more effective. Photo Collage Editor & CollageMaker hasso many unique and new photo color filters. Pic collagemaker withtext on photo and cool filter effects for pictures &perfectimage. You can set your choice of photo filters forindividualphotos or for photo collage grid frames. All photofilters are freefor use & you can download new filters freelyanytime. Wefrequently provide you new effects and filters forcollages &filters for pictures. Text / Stickers Photo CollageEditor &stickers photo editor has multiple categories ofstickersavailable. Make your photo collages using hundredssnapshotstickers, motion stickers camera, funny stickers. You candownloadunlimited stickers online for free with different categorylikelove, friendship, trends, festival, funny face, emoji andmanymore. Further you can also add text on picture & writeonphotos as you wish by all customization like color, font size,fontstyles. Frames / Backgrounds / Colors Free to downloadunlimitedframes, backgrounds, themes, funny stickers & savethen for offline use. Now photo maker with amazing backgrounds,layouts anddiscover photo frames for the best pic collages. Photocollageeditor lets you to add perfect background for the piccollage. Youcan set any color as a background of the pictures thereis widerange of colors available. StickerApply hundreds of emojistickerswith hd funny pictures, cute pics grid photo, love imagesand girlythemes. Make your camera more expressive like beautyselfiecamera!“Mirror Photo Editor + 3D MirrorPic + Collage Maker”hasmultiple photo editing & photo collage making featureswithunique mirror photo frames. Choose photo from gallery andmirrorapp will display different frames with mirror effect.Reflectioneffect will make the selected photo into mirror effect tolookslike twins. Also have options to add mirror effect with 3Dmirrorphoto effect using 3d mirror shape so it's give both optionsphotomirror effect with 2d and 3d effects. Photo Editor Collage isapowerful photo editor and collage for you to create amazingcollagephotos, stickers, backgrounds, text with layout andframes.PhotoEditor Collage is the best collage and photo editorthat helps youstitch multiple photos with myriad layout frames andphotogrids.Photo Editor Collage has a simple design with apowerfulcollage and an amazing photo editor!Photo Editor Collage isan easyto use and powerful photo editor and collage !Add emoticonsto yourphotos with Emojis smiles and smiles and popular tags.. 1.0.5
Do you like to put troll and rage faces in your cool photos soyoucan make fun of your friends, family and yourself? If youlikefunny stickers on your pics and creating real photo art,thishilarious photo editing software app is all you need! TrollFaceMeme Sticker offers you a collection of rage comics facestickersthat you will simply adore! You just have to take a selfie,choosea photo sticker that goes well with your personality, andpost itto all social networks. With this funny app you can createphotomontages with your favorite memes, so you can make yourfriends andfamily laugh. Put fun frames to your photos and pastestickers onwith memes faces. It’s a perfect way to get rid ofboredom!Download Troll Face Meme Sticker and have incredible funeditingyour pics with the funniest stickers ever! Features:- ♣400++ hugecollection of funny rage comic faces and memes and thebeststickers for pictures. ♣ Select photos from your gallery ortake anew one with your camera! ♣ Choose your favorite troll facememe –select derp, lol rage face, troll face, cuteness overload,pokerface, forever alone and other popular rage faces to add toyourpictures! ♣ It’s easy to use – just tap the meme generator tooltoadd funny troll face stickers; ♣ Edit the rage face stickers–zoom, drag and rotate them to fit your pictures! ♣ Save yourfunnyrage comics and use them as a meme wallpaper, or share yourfunnycreations on Steemit, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!
Gun Man Photo Montage 1.9
Art Studio
Gun Man Photo Montage With this amazing application you can putyourface into several Gun Man Photo Montages . Gun Man PhotoMontage apphas many suits to try . Just a single click and you cantry widevariety of suits on you. You just need to use this suitframes alongwith your mobile camera to take directly the pictureof yourself (using front camera ) or for someone else. Take aphoto while you seethe frame, so the picture comes out perfect .This is the wonderfulapp for everyone who loves to take morephotos with suits effects.App Feature : - Select a photo from thegallery or take photos usingthe phone's camera. - Save your imageto SD card. - Save your newedited Gun Man Photo Montage images andshare it instantly on socialnetworks like facebook whatsapp andtwitter . - Easy to use - Shareedited photos by email and sms. -You can Zoom the camera duringphoto click for perfect look.
Kawaii Video Editor with Cute Stickers for Photos 1.2
If you want to have a Kawaii video editor with music andeffects,you should download this cute app for photo editing. It isa cutephoto editor where you can edit picture and use videoeditingsoftware. Download kawaii photo editor, called Kawaii VideoEditorwith Cute Stickers for Photos 🎥 and get “kawaii stickers”,“kawaiiframes”, “kawaii music” and cute video maker with music.This cutephoto to video converter with song and a movie clip makerwill make“cute video effects”. Take image editor with cute photoframes anda “video maker” with music and kawaii camera effects.“Videoeditor” with photo and music and text is for all the boys andgirlswho want to have “kawaii evolution” on photos. Edit photowithkawaii japanese photo editor and have kawaii images in motion.Thisis a pic editor and a photo to video maker with music which isalsoa movie clip maker. Create a “slideshow with music” andeditpictures with this cute video maker app ➯ Kawaii Video EditorwithCute Stickers for Photos 🎥. Show this photo slideshow videomakerwith music to your friends and teach them video editing andmixing.This “kawaii photo editor” will help you make video withpicturesand music. This cute video editor with music and image doesnotrequire you to be a pro photographer or to know how tocroppictures and do other photographyeditingthings.(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧“Kawaii picture editor” with music ➯features:ⓀCreate a photo video maker with music and add “cutestickers”!Ⓐ“Cute photo editor” with many options to edit photo withcutestthemes!Ⓦ Cute video maker with music with Kawaii stickersforpictures!Ⓐ Use kawaii frames to edit photos like a pro andaddanime music on it!Ⓘ Edit images and set as kawaii wallpapersandbackgrounds!Ⓘ Share “cute status” on Facebook, TwitterorInstagram!This animation video maker app can also be consideredacollage maker for pictures and videos with music. Downloadkawaiimaker with cutest themes and make cute birthday video makerwithit. Download “Kawaii Video Editor” with “Cute Stickers forPhotos”🎥 and create real photo art. This picture collage makerwitheffects with video and music is a free kawaii picture editorthatwill create beautiful pictures to show to your BFFs. If youwant acute kawaii theme design slideshow photo to video creatorwitheffects and sound, you should download 'Kawaii Video Editor'with'Cute Stickers for Photos' 🎥 and enjoy. This is the best“kawaiithemes” - video making app from photos with music. It is acutephoto editor with sticker in effects. It gives you a kawaiivideoeditor with music and text and photos.(◕‿◕✿)Download thisvideomaker of photos with song and animations and cute videoeffects andget instant moving pictures app. This video editor phototo moviemaker and a photo app called Kawaii Video Editor with CuteStickersfor Photos 🎥 will give you images of kawaii unicorn, cutestickercamera with kawaii stickers for pictures and kawaii photoframeswith anime music. The animation video maker with music usingvideosand pictures is completely free for everyone who needs avideomaker with song and photo. This is the best “slideshow maker”appfor adding photos and music and effects.(*◕‿◕*)Download thiskawaiiphoto editor with special effects and music and have the bestcutesticker photo editor and cute face video maker. This “kawaiivideomaker” has the best video editor effects with music. If youwantkawaii evolution video editor with music, download cuteslideshowmaker with kawaii photo collage, cute stickers for photos- makeyourself kawaii backgrounds and enjoy. Kwai app have thebestoptions for making great videos and collageswithmusic!(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧We like making cute photo apps and this iskawaiiapp that we made for you to enjoy. If you like to addframes,stickers, effects and other options to pictures, downloadthis appand check out our other photo apps ➯ Enjoy!This applicationisad-supported.
Wedding Photography Editor 3.3
If you have that special someone and you dream aboutspendinglifetime together, shouldn't you first check how the two ofyouwould look together in pictures? Wedding Photography Editorletsyou make beautiful photo montages of your sweetheart and youonyour special day. There are many romantic templates and allyouhave to do is choose your favorite and add photos of your crushandyou. ◆Wedding Photography Editor◆ app features:◆The bestromanticdress up app on the market ◆Simple design and easy to usephotoediting software ◆Choose pics from the gallery or capture anew one◆Insert your pic in different wedding couple frames andenjoy thetransformation ◆Adjust pictures to fit the frame: crop,rotate,size, scale up/down, zoom in/out ◆Amazing effects, framesandstickers ◆Save and share best photo montages on social networks◆HDquality templatesCheck out how the two of you look all dressedupin formal attire and romantic wedding dress. With thisrealisticmontage maker, you will experience the atmosphere of atrue weddingday. Think about what kind of background you want,choose bridaldress and groom's suit, bouquet and decorations andeverything isready for your wedding photo shooting! Say I Love Youin a uniqueway and make a surprise for your sweetheart! ◆Can youhear weddingbells ringing?◆ Wedding Photography Editor is perfectfor couplesin love who want to have some fun with their favoritepictures.Just put your face in hole and enjoy beautiful montages.Enjoy thebest dress up game on the market with your significanthalf andownload it right now, for free! 1.4
3D Mirror Photo Collage Editor Create mirror and collagephotos,edit any photo or stitch multiple photos into one collagephotowith the Mirror Photo Collage Maker. Mirror Photo Blenderprovidesa simplest and easiest way to blend two or more picturestogetherwith advanced photo editing and enhancement options. PhotoBlendercamera that combines overlapping Great photos of yourbeautifulhands and perfect. Mirror Photo Collage Editor allows youto makemirror effect to a picture. You can cut your photos intodifferentshapes like hexagon, rectangle, circle and much more.Photo BlenderCollage support unlimited photo blend at a same time.You can alsomix multiple picture and apply lighting bokeh effect onpic. PhotoOverlays Camera provide advanced tools like doubleexposure, multiexposure, blending, mixing, effects, overlays andmany more. Withmirror photo collage maker, you can create manyleft-right, up-downreflection style of photos. You can apply manyphoto filters andframes to the mirror and collage photos. DownloadMirror PhotoCollage Editor for free now! Mirror Photo EditorFeature List :: ◎Mirror Photo Maker - Select photo from Gallery orCamera yourmirror photo will be generated automatic. - Differentset of 14mirror reflection effect provided. Left right mirror, updownmirror, repeat 4, reflect 4 reflections. - Apply best photofiltereffect to your cool mirror photos. - Lots of different 3dmirrorshape for your best photos. Creative and totally unique. -Edityour mirror photos easily with our best photo editor. - Giveyourmirror photo to overlays, texture, brightness, warmth,contrast,saturation, blur and cartoon effect. - Crop your mirrorphoto toselective crop ratio with advance crop tools. ◎ PhotoBlenderCamera - Select Background from your gallery or we give youbest HDbackground for your cool creation. - Select Photo from yourGalleryalbum and Mix and blend two or more image with advancedblendingtools. - Adjust photo blur and photo feather to backgroundto lookyou photos more perfect. - Adjust Contrast, Brightness,Saturationand Sharpness according to your pics. - Rotate yourphotoshorizontally or vertically or flip right or left easily. -ApplyCool photo filter effect over your photos and make your picsmorebeautiful. - We give you different overlays theme to set overyourfinal photo creation. - Add Photo border & Border frame toyourfinal pics to make it more awesome. - You can easily adjustbordersize and color with just one tap. - Compare functionally willhelpyou to compare your original pics to your editing pics. ◎PhotoEditor - Best and First Square cascade effect to make yourphotomore beautiful. - Select the cascade range of photos andchooserange of blur effect that make your photo more awesome. -PIPCollage Editor lets you set a photo in another photo withthecreative frame. Easily making your photo more stunning thanotherphoto frames! - Photo mixer let you to add multiple photos ofyourchoice for photo size as you want. - Simple touch gesturestorotate, re size, and delete any photos. - Set besttexturebackground to your creative photo collage. Best HD texturethemebackground give you for your photo collage. - Add multiplephototext to your photo collage. - you can change text style,applyshadow and set background color and transparency easily. -Twofinger gesture to move around photos,resize photos androtatephotos. If you enjoy using our app. Please take a moment toreviewus and give your comment to help us further development.Thanks foryour support! If you like this app, then share with yourfriendsand family as many as you can. Regarding any query andproblem ofthis Mirror Photo Collage Editor app, then mail us. Wehappy tohelp you to solve any query and problem.
Instasquare Photo Editor: Double Exposure & Resize
Instasquare Photo Editor: Double Exposure & Resize is aphotoediting app, providing you with the best tools for make acollage,edit photos, add photo filters, change photo grid and addphotoeffects, where you can adorn your photos and pictures! 😍 Thebestand most easy to use app for fitting your photos to 1:1instasquare ratio. With just a tap of a finger, resize your photosforInstagram square size with no crop. You can edit photos,makecollages and select from hundreds of filters, pic grids,pictureframes, backgrounds, fonts, scrapbooks etc. with InstasquarePhotoEditor: Double Exposure & Resize. You can also shareascrapbook of your memories and cool photos with the help ofphotocollages which will prove your photography skills tobeextraordinary to your social media followers. You’ll alsolookforward to share your #tbt pics! ⛺Collage Photo Maker ◇ Thebestcollage photo maker to grid photos with creative photo effects.◇Collage Photo Maker tools include the best features forphotocollages. ◇ Make photo collages via hundreds photo effectsandpicture backgrounds. ◇ Discover photo frames for the bestpiccollages. 👯‍♂️Mirror Image ◇ Creates mirror effects foryourpictures. ◇ Mirror your collage with fun flowers, crowns,stickers,layouts and filters. ◇ Adjust the photo border, backgroundwithmirror photo collage maker. ⏹Square Photo Ratio with No Crop◇Resize your photos in Instagram square fit size with nocrop.🌐Share Photos Share your artworks and selfies instantly onsocialplatforms. With our superior photo editor and collage maker,it hasnever been that easy to edit photos, make collages, addphotofilters, use photo effects, create no crop insta square photosforInstagram and face swap! 💇‍♀ Why don’t you have abeautifulscrapbook of your cool selfies, attractive photo collages,changephoto grid and nice sketches with this amazing pictureeditor?👀When it comes to #photography, Lyrebird Studio’samazingInstasquare Photo Editor: Double Exposure & Resize isthepossible best picture editor and photo grid changer. It is thebestand the most easy to use photo editing app, collage maker,photogrid and insta square size maker app for your photos andpicturesfor your social accounts.🌝 It is completely FREE to editphotos andmake a collage and share your photos, pictures, collagesandscrapbooks.
Manga Anime Face Changer 1.4
Manga Anime Face Changer Create anime manga avatar - this is anewapplication " Anime Face Changer "to edit profilepicture,processing the image.Simulator to create photo of you andturn selfin Anime manga character like - Naroto and friends AnimeFace, OnePeace face and friends, Sharingan Uchiha, Emoticon andpowerSticker And Many other face changer. Manga Face MakerStartnowtransferring your face to Anime Boy, Girl paint and Men orAnimal,Cartoon and enjoy with this top Gallery and collection ofArtisticDesign.Create amazing photos with this apps and get theamazingexperience Anime Face photo editor!You can change your facewiththe anime face character or cartoon character using thisapp.Withthis Anime Face changer you can add Crying face, AngryEmoji's,tears - stickers and Anime Cartoon and more to yourselfie!Animechanger face You can select the eyes type and colorwith Anime FaceMaker, Avatar Manga eyesbrows, hair style, haircolor, skin color,mood, background and much moreFun and Free SpriteEffect StickersAnime Face Swap sprite beam, Kamehameha in manga,Aura Effect,smoke effect and other effect funny pictures fastWithCameraEffects you can booth boring picture into funny pic.Featuresof "Manga Anime Face Changer " :✔ Become your favorite super heroorcomics and Anime character✔ Modify, resize, rotate and adjustyourimage✔ Change face and add special effects and photofilters!✔Photo booth effects: superpowers, guns, swords, emoji,meme, trollface, dragon, cartoon and animeCreate amazing SecretJutsu RasenganPower photos like sasuke uchiha or kakashi Hatakewith this app,add your favourite rasengan, chidori energy, rasenganshuriken,insta text, InstaSquare and stickers, filters.... Drag itto yourfavourite photos, share with your friends.You can add manyanimepower example: " sasuke uhiha", " sakura" , "sasuke uchihavsuzumaki", "sharingan eye rasingan rinnegan" " itachi uchihabrotherof sasuke uchiha " hinata vs sakura" "kakashi seisnei""madarauchiha " obito uchiha" "one punch" " shipoden anime" "boruto newanime" " itachi wallpapers""naroto" " shinobi" "Superpower is asuperhuman ability which is the key attribute of asuperhero!Become a super hero, booth your foto, add stickers andspecialeffects.anime face photo effect is the only Anime faceediting appyou will ever need! 1.2
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You can edit your photo with photo editor and make itmorebeautiful, attractive, fantastic, amazing, wonderful,fabulous,great, charming and decorate. Bikni Girls photo editor isone ofthe best in photo editors. This photo editor also facilitateto setphoto in the beautiful border frames. This photo editorprovide anaction to take photo from your mobile camera. This photoeditoralso provide the facility to pick photo from gallery or fromcloudstorage and then place it in beautiful Bikni Girls photoeditorframes. Edited photo by this photo editor can be sharedwithfriends on sms, mms, facebook, twitter, imo, whatsapp orwhateversocial media you are using.------------------------------------Main Feature------------------------------------ * Lot of borderframe alsoadded in addition that will increase the beauty and lookof yourwork photo and also make it exclusive. * You will get onenew frameafter every three days though push notification . it willbe totallyfree. So please share this app with friends for help andencourageus. ------------------------------------ How toUse------------------------------------ 1) Start application.2)==> Click on start button for frame your photo ==> Clickongallery button for view saved work ==> Click on close buttontoclose application. (Please visit our other apps before closeapp)3) Select frame from list of frames. 4) Select photo framecameraor gallery. 5) Click cross button for move next. 6) Selectborderframe from list and click cross button for move next 7) Shareyourwork with friends or move to saved work 8) If you like ourapp,Please rate us must. and share app.-----------------------Disclaimer ----------------------- Thisapplication complies withUS Copyright law guidelines of "fair use".If you feel there is adirect copyright or trademark violation thatdoesn't follow withinthe "fair use" guidelines, please contact usdirectly. 1.4
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You can depict your photo, picture more beautiful,attractive,fantastic, amazing, wonderful, fabulous, tremendous,great,remarkable, and decorate with the help of girls bikni instylephoto frames given in the girls bikni in style photo editorapp.After downloading the app, first you will select photo frameandthen you will take photo, picture, work, object from yourmobilecamera, or the same may be taken from your mobile phonephotogallery and then you will be placed it in the selected photoframetransparent area.Your object may be adjusted in thetransparentarea by finger touch. You can share it with friends onsms, mms,facebook, twitter, imo, whatsapp or whatever social mediayou areusing. ------------------------------------ MainFeature------------------------------------ * Lot of border framealsoadded in addition that will increase the beauty and look ofyourwork photo and also make it exclusive. * You will get one newframeafter every three days though push notification . it willbetotally free. So please share this app with friends for helpandencourage us. ------------------------------------ How toUse------------------------------------ 1) Start application.2)==> Click on start button for frame your photo ==> Clickongallery button for view saved work ==> Click on close buttontoclose application. (Please visit our other apps before closeapp)3) Select frame from list of frames. 4) Select photo framecameraor gallery. 5) Click cross button for move next. 6) Selectborderframe from list and click cross button for move next 7) Shareyourwork with friends or move to saved work 8) If you like ourapp,Please rate us must. and share app.-----------------------Disclaimer ----------------------- Thisapplication complies withUS Copyright law guidelines of "fair use".If you feel there is adirect copyright or trademark violation thatdoesn't follow withinthe "fair use" guidelines, please contact usdirectly.
Jurassic Photo Editor Dinosaur 1.09
Jurassic Photo Editor Studio let's you make & edit coolPicutreswith T-Rex, Velociraptor and many more Dinosaurs. Let theyhunt youand run away from them and feel like in a adventure.Shoota Photo orselect one from gallery. Press the button in center toadd as manyDinosaurs to your pictures as you want. Save and sharewith everyoneyou like to.Make coole photos with the jurassicpredators T-Rex andRaptors exploring the world of jurassic.Havemuch fun with JurassicPhoto Maker Studio and thank you for nicefeedbacks! :)
Photo Editor - Beauty Camera & Photo Filters
🍭Beauty Selfie, Live Filter, and Camera Sticker - Photo Editoristhe latest design of a beauty camera with a face filterthatutilizes face tracking technology to animate the face in realtime.🍹In addition to real-time facial and capture filters, you canalsoexperience beauty editors, face replacement, dynamicstickers,real-time stickers, and beauty tools. Take advantage ofthis facefilter app, take a selfie and use a variety of real-timefilters tosurprise you in front of all your friends! 👒Beautyselfies,literary filters, and cute stickers - sweet cameras,real-timefilters, and face replacement make your face flawless.Takeadvantage of dynamic filters, face replacement, photopaperstickers, beauty editors, beauty adjustments and photostickers inPhoto Editor for perfect selfies! 🤓【Features】🤓 Real-timeselfiecamera live filters Various photo stickers & selfiefilter& photo stickers & motion stickers & makeupfilterFunny motion stickers to get beauty selfies Face swap withlivestickers, motion sticker and photo stickers Body shapeselfieeditor  Photo grid & selfie photo editor app Beautyselfiecamera app with beauty editor Hairstyle editor & makeovertoolsfor beauty selfie Beauty camera muscle editor  Front&rear-facing beauty selfie 😆【Functions】😆 ►Beauty Camera forSmoothSkin  ◇ Smooth and rejuvenate your skin and adds aradiantcomplexion with photo editor app as a selfie camera ◇Removetemporary imperfections like acne, pimples andblemishes withtap of a finger ► Perfect Face in BeautyCamera ◇ Smallerand V-shaped face in seconds with a slider. ◇Brighten dark circlesunder your eyes with beauty camera as a selfiecamera. ◇ Gorgeoussmile seems go better with whiten teeth to takeselfies. ►BeautyCamera for Slim Body ◇ Shrink your waist &augment your breaststo have a slim body with Photo editor app as aselfie camera. ◇ Addheight to your body shots with the lengthenlegs feature to lookslimmer to take selfies. ►One-tap Auto MakeupCam Don’t have timeto makeup? No problem with our makeup camera.There are severaltypes for you to choose upon occasions and moodsin photo editor.With this one-tap makeup camera you can easily giveyourself a fullbasic makeover – from lipstick, eyelashes, blush tohair color insecond.  ►Makeup Cam for unique Eye Style  ◇Make youreye color shine with makeup tools that conceal under eyecirclesinside the photo editor as a selfie camera. ◇ Mascara tooladds eyeshadow, eyeliner and eyelashes in many colors usingphotoeditor.  ◇ Fake eyelashes let you try new eyelashesbefore youget them done in makeup cam!  ► LipstickandBlush in Makeup Cam ◇ Lipstick and lip-gloss! Chooseclassicmatte color or shine colors in photo editor depending onyour mood◇ Add a swipe of blush to add radiance and charm withmakeup cam!►Makeup Cam for Hairstyles and Color  ◇ Try on ahairstyleover any face with super-accurate facial detection inphoto editor.◇ Dye your own hair - color hair with makeup cam anyway you wantto take selfies! ►Photo Filters for Photo effectsVarieties ofphoto filters (Beauty, LOMO, Vibe, Art, and others) areready fordifferent photo effects in photo editor free! Enhance yourpictures by adding photo filters and photo effects toyour photosfor different moods to take selfies. ►Stylish andStunning StickersAdd some funny stickers to your pictures! PhotoEditor supportstons of popular stickers, such as rainbow, doggieface, mustache,bunny to change the face/build you want to look.
Gangster Photo Editor 6.4.6
Amazing and best application to make your picture awesometrendingand great Make your photo a gangsta, villain, gangster,swag, thugetc Best photo editing app to make your photo look likegangsterand swag and thug easy to use with best features andstickers toyou Amazing app for you to make amazing and coolgangster photosjust for fun A new thug is in the ghetto! Take awalk on the socialnetworks in gangsta style, and this photo studiowill give you ahand. All of your friends will love your “coolprank” and theywould also want to try these great face in holetemplates. Use this“gangster photo maker” on any occasion, becauseit works perfectlyfine when you're offline. Remember that this is aphoto editor freedownload, so there are really no obstacles on yourjourney to funnypictures, simply download Gangsta Photo Montage andbecome agangster thug! You will see in short notice that this isthe mostamazing picture editor that you have ever tried out, and wearesure that you will never regret downloading it! Features:  Oneofthe top photo editing apps, easy to use!  Lots of coolgangstastickers for your images!  Choose an image from the galleryofyour phone or take a new one!  Apply “gangsta stickers” &coolphoto frames!  Lots of cool face in hole templates foryourpictures!  Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out and drag thestickersto fit the image!  Make a cool prank with your friends'photos “inda club” & hood!  Choose a pic from the picturegallery onyour phone!  Take a new picture and put it in one of thegangstatemplates & cool photo frames!  Rotate, scale, zoom in,zoomout and drag a pic to make it fit the frame as you like it! Saveyour funny pictures and pranks in gangsta face in holetemplates,on your phone and set them as wallpapers!  Share thesehilariousinsta images with friends on Facebook and Twitter!Gangster photoeditor Gangster photo suit Gangsta photo editorGangsta photo suitThug life photo suit Thug life photo editor Swagphoto editor Swagphoto suit Wick photo suit Villain photo suitVillan photo editorVillain photo editor Make me gangsta Make megangster Make me swageditor Gangster me Gangster my photo Gangstaeffects Gangster photoeffects Bad man photo editor Baddass photoeditor Bad boy photoeditor
Thug Life Stickers: Pics Editor, Photo Maker, Meme 4.4.103
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Do you want to replicate the famous tupac quote and hilariousthuglife meme? Well, our cool sunglasses and cool stickers are suretohelp you with adding the famous 2pac tattoo and way of lifeintoany photo. The famous text additions like a boss & dealwith itare also here – so it’s time to try the ultimate thug lifephotoeditor. THUG LIFE MEME MAKER Make your own Thug Life meme withthisnew “Thug Life Picture Maker”! Add thug life glasses andcoolsunglasses with some gold jewelry and add mlg to photo withthis"memes photo editor" to make the best memes. If you like the"thuglife meme" and like watching thug life clips then why not makeyourown "thug life photo" using this "meme photo editor" with"photostickers". This sticker maker and pics fun editor is theultimatethug life meme creator for all swaggers! EASY TO USE EDITORWITHCOOL STICKERS Join the trend of making a "fun photo" with thuglifestickers like the thug life tattoo, mlg stickers, and many"thuglife" hat stickers for pictures. "Make memes" with this "thuglifephoto editor" and post your pictures on social media directlytohave some fun. Look tough with some gang face tattoos, gold inyourhand and big stacks of money 💲. 🔫 Thug Life Picture MakerFeatures:💲 Make memes free 💲 Thug life photo maker editor withstickers 💲Funny camera for thug life meme 💲 Meme photo editor apps💲 Tattoophoto editor 💲 Best thug life photo editor 🔪 Thug lifephoto makerI didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me!The famous2Pac quote can be both serious for those that have tolive the"thuglife" 4 real and it can be used for fun, if youdownload thisThug Life Picture Maker to make memes with your ownphotos. Thisthug life meme generator will modify pictures in such away that itwill look like truly thug life. You can use a picture ofone ofyour friends and make them look like a gang member with thismememaker photo editor full of cool thug life photo stickers. Thensetimage as a contact photo when they call you with some thuglifesongs. Famous rap songs from the 90's are the best thug lifesoundsif you want to use them with your thug life maker. 💵 Thuglife font– add text to photo 💰 This isn't a thug life photo editorwithmusic, but it has an option to add text on photo with theoriginalfont style that a thug life meme maker should have. Addquotes andtext stickers, a bandana and many other gang relatedthings whenyou install your gangsta photo editor and Thug LifePicture Maker.If your mom is against smoking, turn her into a memewith this funphoto editor. Give her a face tattoo using tattoostickers thatcome with this thuglife editor for free! Write onphoto anythingyou like with this thuglife photo maker. The bestfunny camera ishere to give you a thug life face together with thuglife quotesand fun photo stickers. 🔥 Funny photo editor Transformboringphotos into the funniest pictures using this thug life maker&stickers maker with clothes photo editor. Use this thug lifeappwith photo stickers free because it's the best thug lifeeditorthat can make you look like you live in the hood andtransform youinto a funny meme at the same time. Apply the funphoto filters andyou will see the true potential of this Thug LifePicture Maker. Ifyou are familiar with the famous doge meme, thenyou know that thedog thug life is an important part of every thuglife generator.But another dog that made these funny memes famousis the Snoop Dogthug life. When you post your thug life picturesadd your favoriterap lyrics with this text on photo app because rapsongs are whatmakes every thuglife photo editor special. 1.3.3
Alex Joe
Do you want a photo beauty effects with dazzling eyes, smoothskinand rosy lips? Do you want to have beauty images, but you donotknow makeup picture editor or do not have much time to editphotocarefully? So, welcome to our Photo Editor Makeup FaceBeautyCamera with Effect app. With the integration of both femaleandmale makeup photo editors and effects, our auto makeup cameraapphas been trusted by millions of users. Key Functions of beautycammakeup app: ✔ HD selfie makeup camera free app: - 1 touch tohavemakeup images. You just need to create a nice idea, the camerawillautomatically edit: + Slim face editor: V-line fashionable face+Whiten teeth in my pictures: automatically lift the color oftheteeth to help confident smile + Eye make-up: big eyescameraeffects, eye makeup app photo editor with eyebrow + Slim nosefacephoto editor + Photo edit smile: edit charming smile, naturalfullof vitality + Photo whitening skin: smooth skin photo editor✔Professional beauty makeover photo editor: - 4 typical makeupimageeditor styles: Natural, WestStyle, EasstStyle and makeup forMen. -Over 20 colors: Brush, eyes and lips give you the freedom tocreatestylish makeup apps that make over your photo - Integratedphotofilters and effects unique, especially the smoky eye so hot ✔Funmakeup Make your photo more unique with many amazingeffects:halloween, flower, party, eye roll, fashion,celebrity...Advantages of beauty photo editor new version : -Automaticallydetect facial and beauty quickly - Professional photoeditor makeupface beauty app helps to create the most artisticphoto -Snapshots: a single touch that spoiled the change of style,expressuntil the most satisfying one. - Integrated photo editingmakeupfor men, eyebrow editor men - Save high quality and sharequicklyvia social networks - Nice interface, easy to use beautyskineditor app - Beauty selfie camera with photo editor totallyfree 4simple steps to get beauty makeup photo makeover: [1] Get thefreeselfie makeover app from the store [2] Open beauty cameraphotoeditor, take a picture or select from a collection [3] Editwitheffects and favorite makeup styles in makeup cam app [4] Saveandshare with friends Even though it is a photo makeover app,thecamera will still help to retain the most natural facialfeatures.Take a selfie is so easy now that it's not over. So, letdownloadthe face makeup photo app immediately to nose lift photoeditor,lipstick makeup photo editor or have the most memorablephotos. Weare always concerned about the user experience and wantusers tohave the most fun moments with the makeup photo editor app.So ifyou have any questions, please let us know in the commentbelow. Donot forget to rate 5 * for beauty makeup of eye lips andface app!
Selfie Camera - Beauty Camera & Photo Editor
🔥Selfie Camera can change your voice now🔥 You can enjoyrecordingvideo and apply effect like mute, little girl, uncle withyourvoice by Selfie Camera. Come to make and share funny videoswithyour family and friends! Selfie Camera is a free BeautyCamerahelping you remove blemish and slim face. With One-tapMakeupCamera you can have a unique makeup style from eyelashes,lipstick,blush to hair color. Selfie Camera has numerous MotionStickerssuch as animal, cartoon, movie etc to make a funny, cuteandawesome selfie. Selfie Camera contains 100+ beautifulmakeupstyles, photo filters and 1,000+ themed funny stickers,motionstickers. With professional editing tools and beautifyfeatures,Selfie Camera helps you remove whiteheads, blackheads,pimples,acnes and rosacea to get a flawless skin selfie. Use SelfieCamerato take a unique selfie!! Selfie Camera - Beauty Camera &PhotoEditor High light 【One-tap auto beautify】Remove acne andspeckle,smooth and glowing skin 【Beauty Camera】Smaller and V-shapedface,whiten teeth, enlarge eyes etc 【Makeup Camera】Colorfuleyelashes,lipstick, blush and hair color 【Motion Sticker】Themedwith doggyface, sunglasses, super star etc 【 Photo filters】Mirrorreal-timefilter, romance, elegance, sakura, stylish photo effects【Photoeditor pro】Crop, rotate, adjust brightness, contrast,colortemperature, and saturation 【Share】Instagram/Facebook/Whatsapporany social network Beauty Camera for Beautiful Selfie ◇One-tapbeautify offers the professional selfie in one secondwithdifferent beauty levels ◇ Remove temporary imperfections likeacne,pimples and blemishes with tap of a finger ◇ Smaller andV-shapedface in seconds with a slider in selfie camera ◇ Shrinkyour waistand augment your breasts to have a slim body with beautycamera ◇Add height to your body with beauty camera Lose weightlengthenlegs for more outstanding figure ◇ A key to choose,immediatelymake you transformed into long legs with beauty camera ◇Withoutuncomfortable high heels you can also look taller andthinner aswell ◇ Adjust the proportion of body weight loss to lookslimmerMakeup Camera for Perfect Face ◇ Make your eye color shinewithmakeup tools that conceal under eye circles inside theselfiecamera. ◇ Mascara tool adds eye shadow, eyeliner andeyelashes inmany colors using selfie camera. ◇ Lipstick andlip-gloss! Chooseclassic matte color or shine colors in selfiecamera ◇ Add a swipeof blush to add radiance and charm with makeupcam! Try on ahairstyle over any face with super-accurate facialdetection inselfie camera Real-time Filters for Beautifying Effects◇ Mirrorreal-time filter to take a unique sefie ◇ Exquisite facefeatureand contour reshaping with beautify feature ◇ Adjustableskinsmooth, whiten and brighten effect to make perfect skin ◇100+filters specially designed for beautiful selfie upon mood ◇Eachfilter could be applied with 1-100 degrees Play with stickersandmotion stickers ◇ Easy cosplay cute characters like Bunny,Kitty,Puppy, and more ◇ Makeover with headdress, tiara, jewelry,andother ornaments ◇ Makeup with animated face stickers andfunnyemoji ◇ Accurate face recognition and tracking technologyDownloadSelfie Camera - Beauty Camera & Photo Editor to takeselfieswith beautify features, filters, stickers and makeups!
Beauty Camera Photo Editor 2.0.3
Beauty Camera(MaxAura): Candy Selfie photo Editor forInstagram,Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. Mother's Day is comingsoon,HappyMother's Day! In this Mother's Day ,Is there a Mother'sDay giftfor your mother? Beauty camera has prepared a series ofMother'sDay stickers. Try it now and show your love to your motherwithbeauty camera. Can't find the right pip camera to beautifyphotos?Beauty Master Beauty Camera (MaxAura)will give you diffrentbeautyeffects. Whenever, wherever, snap your candy selfie .BeautyCamera(MaxAura) contains more than makeup styles and filters.It isa professional selfie camera populated with more than 7millionusers globally because of HD camera, selfie filters,motionstickers, stylish makeup, quick snap, HD video and manyotheramazing features. Beauty Camera(MaxAura), is really good fortakingselfie, especially designed for candy selfie, How powerful itis?Have a try! Big eyes, charming lips, slim nose and smallface...Beauty Camera knows what you want! Touch up your selfie withourquick and easy features and get great results. Easy to use, easytobecome beautiful. Beautycam , a powerful makeup app.Selfie,beautifying, motion video, motion sticker, all inBeautycam!----------------------FEATURE---------------------- ▲ HDCamera ▲Selfie Filters ▲ Animated Stickers ▲ HD video ▲ StylishMakeup ▲Quick Snap ▲ Facial Retouch ▲ Refined Features ▲ PhotoCrops ▲Christmasstickers----------------------FUNCTION----------------------►Beauty CameraTake a candy selfie with HD Camera, or choose a photofrom gallery,dozens of filters and makeup effects help you tobeautify photos ina smart way. You can choose different retouchinglevels andsaturation of makeup effect according to your skin toneandspecific blemishes. ►Photo Editor Pro With powerful functionofphoto editing, Beauty Camera makes every selfie and photoperfectand amazing.Interesting video camera and motion stickers,bringmuch more fun to your selfies. ※Face * Adjustable skin tonegivesyou radiant complexion. * Possess V-shaped face in secondswith aslider. * Beautify and widen eyes with pouch eliminating tobe morecharming. * Smaller and straight nose in a second with asupernatural way. * Face editor:Besides powerful makeup function,thereare also motion stickers and video camera. ※Edit *Stickers:Numerous unique sticker of exclusive design meets your allkind ofdemands for photo editing. * Mosaic: Paintbrushes ofdifferenttypes and the unique mosaic effect make photo clear andlookbetter. * Text Editing: Numerous stylish fonts are offered foryou.* Photo Cropping: Crop photos to any size as your wish. *PhotoProcessing: Professional photo processing makes it possibletopossess photo in high quality with a slider. * Slimming: One taptopossess models figure by legs and body slimming. ►HD video SmartHDvideo. Just record your memorable moment with dozens ofexclusivefilters and the most interesting animated stickers such asspitrainbow and animal ears, and share your HD video withfriends!►Snapshots One tap to take a lot of self-snapshots,Changedifferent poses and snap away until you get desired photo.makeupfinished in seconds. Contact Us:
Photo Editor with Movie Effect 1.6
Do you want to have an fx HD image editor and become aHollywoodstar? You do not need a green screen video effectbackground appfor that. This movie effect video maker and piceditor fx will giveyou everything you need. All the cool effectsfor pictures that youneed in a photo editor is in this app. Play inthe good guys vs badguys movie and experience this explosion photoeditor. Edit pictureand make funny images with the “best photoeditor” app. Downloadthis image editor and visual effects photomaker and create real“photo art”. The app is called Photo Editorwith Movie Effect andit is a photography app where you can take apicture and add actionmovies fx. If you like action movies and“thriller movies”, this“movies fx” photo editor action app is thebest “photo software”for you. You do not need to have photographyediting skills inorder to make it work. Download this coolHollywood movie photoeditor software and experience the bestpicture editor. Edit photoand add stickers to make the beautifulphoto montage. The app iscalled Photo Editor with Movie Effect, andit is the best movieeffects creator.This free and fun photo creatorapp has the bestfeatures:* Movie fx photo effect for your images!*The best movieimage editor to feel like a pro photographer!* Takean “instantphoto” and add funny photo montage!* Make a photocollage with thebest app for pictures!* Set it as a wallpaper toyour screen!*Share the picture montage with your BFFs on socialmedia!Edit imagewith this picture editor fx and get the best out ofthe photoediting tools that this app offers. This picture editingapp canmake a total photo makeover. You just need to use selfiecamera orback camera and take funny selfies. The rest is up to thefunnyphoto editor and all the cool stuff that it offers. This appis the“movie fx” photo editor new 3d technology and you are goingto lovethe edited pictures. The name of the app is “Photo EditorwithMovie Effect” and it lets you “edit images” and “cropimages”within the grid layout that it offers. Use the drag anddropprinciple and use all the cool stickers to make your imagelookfun. Use this photoediting software and feel like a superstarfromHollywood which stars in a really popular movie. The name ofthiscute pic editor is 'Photo Editor with Movie Effect' and it isthebest editor for beautiful selfies. Download this image editingappand experience the best movie effect photo editing pieceofsoftware which will give you the cool movie effect photoseditor.For example, you can walk away from the explosion and wearcoolsunglasses. You can also use this move effect photos editor totakea picture of you in a cool way and add stickers such aschoppers,fire and other things that will make you yell “get to dachoppa”.Just snap pic and edit it in this cool app called PhotoEditor withMovie Effect. Add the effects for pictures and enjoy thebestthings that a cool Hollywood movie app can offer to you.Downloadit and enjoy!This movies app is for people who like to beactorsand who like to be popular. It is an app for boys and girlsallover the world who dream big and who want to be a part oftheglamor and glitter of movie industry. Feel free to enjoyyourpopularity as much as you can! Only this cool app will makeyoupopular worldwide!We like making photo apps and this is oneofthose apps that we made for you to enjoy. If you like toexperimentwith photography and add different frames, stickers,effects andother options to pictures, download this app and checkout ourother apps. Also, feel free to tell us what you thinkaboutthem.This application is ad-supported.
Camera360: Selfie Photo Editor with Funny Sticker 9.6.6
PinGuo Inc.
★Best App of 2016 on Google Play in several countries★ Camera360-Photo Editor is a free beauty camera and a global communityofphotography with over 800 million users. It containsprofessionalediting tools and all themed funny stickers &motion stickers,art filters, poster templates and video effects.Your photo studiomake all your photos even better with selfiecamera & photoeditor! Follow us on: -Facebook: -Twitter: - Instagram:Camera360_Official★Camera360 - Photo Editor Includes: ★ ▲A GlobalCommunity ofCreative Photography ▲Selfie Camera & Beauty Camera▲PhotoEditor Pro ▲Customizable Filters and Cartoon Effects AnimeSky,Visual Portrait Filters, Magic Sky, Starry Night ▲MotionStickers& Funny Stickers ▲Poster Camera ▲Photo Collage &Photo Grid====== Feature Highlights ====== 【New Homepage】 The newhomepage ofCamera360 will give you a concise and comfortablevisualexperience. 【Motion Sticker & 3D Funny Sticker】Camera360revolutionary 3D Funny Stickers will make your photos andvideoselfies creative and more of fun. 【Challenge】 All kinds offuncapture challenges for you to join; never worry about peoplenot"Liking" your photos! Try 3D Funny Stickers and shortvideostogether! 【Beauty & Makeup】 Try our real-time makeupbeautycamera. Big eyes, whiten tooth, charming lips, slim nose andsmallface... beauty camera knows what you want! Become agoddessinstantly with default beauty and makeup photo editor.【ExquisiteFilters】 Over 100 classic photo filters to make you amasterphotographer! Live filters include Magic Skin/Sky/Color,Mirror,Double Exposure, Film, HDR, Storm, Starry Night, B&W,Bokeh,Sketch, etc. 【Contact Us】 ●Email us at: