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Booking Revolution 1.932
Instead of taking shots in the ring, start calling theshotsbackstage! Assume control of a given promotion and set aboutmakingit your own by changing the gimmicks of the wrestlers. Thendeployyour talent in cards of your own creation - completewithsophisticated ratings that measure the entertainmentyou'reproviding. As a fully playable wrestling management sim, it'salsoyour responsibility to put the right person over in the rightwayat the right time for maximum impact! But with a locker roomfullof egos and rival promotions fighting to beat you in theratings,your dream job could turn into a nightmare.Upgrade to "Pro"tostart at a promotion of your choice with full privileges - suchashiring new talent. This also grants you access to the editor,whereyou can save your changes to all 350 characters across all9promotions to create your own universe. You can then enjoyactingout your own dream matches with no pressure in "Exhibition"modewith immortals who are always at full health. The followingguideassumes that you are familiar with the basic controls fromtheprevious game in the series:RATINGS SYSTEMThe key ingredients toa"good" match are as follows:- The "Popularity" of thewrestlersinvolved determines how much the fans will care abouttheiractions. It affects their overall enthusiasm for the match, aswellas how much they will "pop" for key moments (such as a nearfall).In some instances, it is "Strength" that determineshowentertaining an attack is, etc.- The purple vial indicateswhetherthere is a Face-Heel "chemistry" between a good guy and abad guy.Without this, the match may lack meaning (althoughespeciallypopular or talented wrestlers can overcome it). Wrestlerswho arefriends in real life may also have automatic chemistry.- Thegreenscales indicate whether the match is evenly "balanced" or not.Fanswill quickly lose interest if one person dominates and they arenotconvinced that anybody could win at any moment. It is importanttokeep an eye on the health meters and make sure there issomeback-and-forth.- The clock grows increasingly solid,indicatingthat the match is running is too long. The fans have alimitedattention span depending on the scale of the match. It isnotimpossible to make gains after boredom has set it, butit'scertainly harder. Note that the last minute of a match ceasesto beboring! Long-sighted bookers can use this for exciting timelimitdraws.- The skull & crossbones indicates that the matchisrelying too much on extreme violence. Fans can becomedesensitizedto this after a while and it will lose its impact. Thedamage isnot permanent though, and faith can be restored if you layoff theweapons.- A flame around the rating indicates that there isanestablished rivalry that the fans are getting a kick out ofseeing.This enhances their enthusiasm for the match - as well asprovidingpre-match "hype" (a better starting score). You can usepromos tocreate rivalries if they do not happen naturally. - Theoverallscore for a show is the average of all the matches on thecard -with the "main event" being twice as significant as all theothers.It is slightly more generous than the rating for a singlematch, asit is not expected that every match on the card will be aclassic.A 5-star show may be one full of 4-star matches!I regretthat thereis more to this game than I could ever explain here! Ihope youenjoy figuring some things out for yourself.* Please notethis gamedepicts a fictitious universe and is not affiliated withany realwrestling promotions.
Women Wrestling Revolution PRO 2.4
Let’s jump into the world women celebrity wrestling ring toshowyour women heavy weight champion power as a Queen of the anduseall women best wrestling fight skills to defeat your rivals.Becomea women top wrestler champion in this celebrity wrestling&fighting simulator game like world wrestling war. Play WomenWorldWrestling Revolution 2017 game. Survive in the ring leavingyourrivals no chance to win, fight against heavy weight womenbestwrestlers and level up your wrestling fight skills on the toplevelto win the women world wrestling revolution championship. Getreadyto rule them all with wrestling season like celebritywrestlingSuperstars, the biggest update yet to the super womenbattle gamethat has thrilled over 12 million players around theworld.Participate in the women world wrestling championshipfightingcontest, defeat all your opponents women and win the summerwomenwrestling championship belt, world best champions in yourwayplaying as wrestling revolution great fighting sport game forallheavy weight fighting lovers. Win the battle of ultimatefemalefantasy match in women universal champion’s competition, thenewwomen intercontinental championship that pits thegreatestwrestling superstars against each other in the ultimatewarriorhunt for fame. Beat all tag team women champion wrestlers inthisworld wrestling competition game and become universal championofwrestling federation 2017. Some women top wrestlers mightbestronger than they look, so train yourself a lot to proveyourstrength as a real women wrestling athlete. Test newstrikingtechniques, like karate kicks and boxing punches or evengymnasticdodging and jumping art of fighting. Excite the crowd withyourglamourized wrestling fight style, improve your fighting skillsandbe the best wrestler in the world. The women wrestlingrevolution2017 3d game is designed especially for female wrestling&fighting lovers and all the world wrestling super star loverstowatch & play with your favorite heroin any time. Realteamwrestling puts the power, intensity, and excitement ofwrestling inyour device. Jaw, dropping 3d arena graphics, quicktouch controlsand action packed gameplay produce an amazingwrestling fightexperience for cage fight and no mercy fights fanlovers. Womenwrestling revolution 2017 will give you access to allsuperstarwrestlers fights in all events of world wrestlingchampionship inHD quality game play. A women wrestling celebritycareer challengeswill drive you to take risky shots in the ring.Both modes areavailable to play for free, with this option toupgrade yourwrestler to enjoy the "professional" experience with nolimits oftime or player selection limitations. Women WrestlingRevolutionPRO 2017 Game Features: • Face different female wrestlingrivalsusing different fighting techniques • Several strikes andfightingstyles for entertainment • Ultimate action packed worldwrestlersfighting game • Super & Ultimate women wrestlingchampion’stournament • Heavy weight champions to battle against youin ring •Many different ways to improve you’re wrestling skills •Contestand survival mode, defeat your enemies to earn points orsurvive inthe wrestling ring • Different women fighting stylesincludingTaekwondo, karate, Kung Fu & Boxing • Authenticactions andrealistic wrestling moves • Women World wrestlers inprofessionalcage matches • Numerous unblocked strikes and fightingstyles • 3Danimations and realistic quality sound • Single fightmode andsurvival mode • Awesome sounds and realistic scene in thisgameincluding ring, timer, bell and clock, makes you feel that asyouare watching real wrestling live stream just in the womenwrestlingmatches. So what are you waiting for? Let’s download theworldunique & top women wrestling competitions game to enjoythereal fighting experience in women wrestling revolution PRO 20173DGame.
air.WRCareer 2.040
The original 2D wrestling game that started a mobile revolution-now celebrating over 10 MILLION downloads! It harks back tothegenre's 16-bit heyday where the fun comes first, and theversatileanimation system means that anything could happen at anymoment -with as many wrestlers in the ring as your device canhandle!Create your own star and embark on an endless career fullofpossibilities, as you attempt to make the right moves backstageaswell as in the ring. Or simply blow off steam in"Exhibition"matches of your own creation - where YOU make therules, pick theplayers, and design the arena! Upon turning "Pro",your editingprivileges even extend to saving your changes to all350 charactersacross 9 rosters. BUTTON CONTROLS Please play throughthe tutorialfor further instructions. A = Attack (with a directionto aim high,without to aim low) G = Grapple / Throw object R = RunP = Pick up/ Drop T = Taunt / Pin * To set fire to a handheldweapon, pressthe R (Run) and P (Pick-Up) buttons simultaneouslynext to one onthe ground. This torch can then be used to set fireto a largeritem using the same command. TOUCH CONTROLS: - TOUCHanywhere inthe arena to walk towards it. - SWIPE to run or triggermoves. -TAP your opponent to attack that part of their body. -PINCH tograb or pick-up. - PART your fingers to taunt, pin, orcancel anaction. - Touch the clock to PAUSE the game, and then thearrow toEXIT. MENU CONTROLS - Touch either side of a value or boxto browseits contents left or right. - When selecting characters,touchingtheir slot once will display their stats and touching againwillproceed to access them. Touch the company logo to chooseadifferent roster. - Hold your finger over a character slot tomoveit and switch with another. Move it to the company logo toswitchrosters. - At the calendar screen, touch any date to viewitscontents. Touch your character to edit them, touch their statstotrain them, touch the company logo to view the whole roster,touchthe match title to see an exact description of the rules. -Whensetting up an exhibition, touch a character to replace themandtouch the match title to change the rules. From that screen,touchthe table icon to add weapons and touch the ring icon to editthearena. - Touch any speech bubbles to speed up conversations.Touchany other static screen to proceed as soon as possible.PERFORMANCE- If you know your device can only handle a certainnumber ofwrestlers onscreen, please specifiy this limitation inthe"Display" options. Consider turning off secondary charactersaswell. - If you find that your device struggles when viewingthemany character slots, consider switching to "Basic" textandturning off the "Portraits". * Please note thatWrestlingRevolution depicts a fictitious universe and is notaffiliated withany real wrestling promotions.
WWE Photo Editor And Ringtone 2018
Are you dieheart fan of Wrestling, let come into thesupernaturalworld of Wrestling photo editor app.. Our team developthis photoeditor for WWE app by keeping all the aspects of allWrestlinglovers.Using this application you can change your body asyourfavorite Wrestler Superstars.You can see yourself likeyourfavorite one’s. Select body shape as you want from variousWrestlerplayer's body shapes. Extra Features ::>> Variousoption tocrop and adjust faces.>> Change background image asyou wantfrom gallery and camera.>> Easy to fit faces.>>SelfieWith WWE Superstars .>> Save in your device, shareonFacebook, Twitter, email or any other social media youuse.Yourratings and comments must be appreciating, so pleaseencourage uswith your ratings to publish more free applications...
WWE Champions 2019 0.381
Play the NEW WWE Champions 2019. Join over 35 million fans in the#1downloaded WWE game. Enjoy NEW features like new PvPShowdowns,enhanced graphics, and faster-than-ever in-ring action.Battle yourway to the top with hundreds of the newest Superstars&all-time greats. Compete worldwide in mens, womens, andmixedtournaments. Play solo or join a Faction. Battle in puzzleRPGcombat to climb leaderboards. Compete on the Road toWrestlemaniaand feel the excitement of the WWE Universe! **WINNER!2018 WebbyPeople's Voice Award (Sports Games)** ===GAME FEATURES===NEW WWECHAMPIONS 2019 UPDATES * NEW PvP Showdowns * NEW PvPShowdown Shop* Enhanced graphics & animations! * Faster thanever actionwith no load times! * New Superstars & Legends everymonth NEW!PVP SHOWDOWNS * Multiplayer VS. update with more ways tocompete& win * New Showdown Shop store delivers exclusiverewards& prizes * PvP WWE battles with enhanced worldwidematchmaking* New simultaneous tournaments for men, women, and mixedtag teams.NEW WWE SUPERSTARS AND 100+ ALL-TIME GREATS * NEWSuperstars &gear include Becky Lynch, NWO Randy Savage andWolfpac Sting *Download now to start with The Rock, Roman Reigns,Alexa Bliss, andJohn Cena * Recruit Seth Rollins, AJ Styles,Shinsuke Nakamura, andall of today’s top Superstars * Choose TheUndertaker, Stone ColdSteve Austin, and all-time Attitude Eraicons. * Becky Lynch, AlexaBliss, Asuka and top Women’s Superstarscompete in their owndivision. * The NWO, New Day, DX, and all thegreatest factions arehere. WWE ROLE-PLAYING GAME ACTION * Use RPGskills to earn XP inthis unique RPG Puzzle Battle Game. * Winmatches to customizemoves and upgrade your team. * Epic RPGgameplay lets you combine avariety of skills. * Hire Trainers toboost your Superstars’abilities. * Strategize! Pick the best Classto beat opponents.Choose from Technicians, Strikers, and more. WWEEVENTS &CONTESTS * Join the WWE Universe in new weekly boutsand fightinggame events * WWE Monday Night RAW and SmackDown Livethemedbattles * From WrestleMania to SummerSlam, play eventsinspired bythe Pay-Per-View events * Enter monthly title events andrecruitup-and-coming WWE Superstars * Travel The Road from NXT toarenasaround the world * In-game Contests update every week tomatchon-air and Pay-Per-View schedules MATCH 3 GAME. WWE MOVES *Match 3gems to obliterate rivals * Use signature WWE Superstarmoves *Upgrade to use the Rock Bottom, Attitude Adjustment, StylesClashand more. * Puzzle RPG combos and finishing moves FACTIONS&ALLIANCES, WWE STYLE * Join a Faction to play with friends andtoheal and help teammates * Strategize with Faction members inyourown Headquarters * Exclusive Faction Missions earn rewards andlootVIP MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTIONS * Subscribe to WWE Championsexclusivememberships * Play as Triple H - King of Kings, DX TripleH, or DXShawn Michaels * Access to exclusive content, contests andspecialrewards Free trials will convert to a recurring subscriptionafter7 days (if applicable). The payment shown in the price andpaymentschedule at time of sign up for the tier selected will bechargedto your account when the subscription begins, and itwillauto-renew as described unless turned off at least 24 hoursbeforethe end of a subscription period. Renewal payments will bechargedwithin 24 hours before the end of a subscription period onthe sameprice and payment schedule you selected . Unused portionsof freetrials will be forfeited upon purchase of a subscription.You canmanage subscriptions and turn off auto-renewals in yourdeviceaccount settings. Terms of Service:
Guess The Wrestler Quiz 1.0
The most popular The Wrestler Quizgamefinallyarrives in your country.The Wrestler Quiz is an entertaining game where you guesstheTheWrestler. Advance through levels of difficulty and striveforthehighest score possible. The more The Wrestler Quiz youguessthemore xp you will earn. If you get stuck and don't knowananswer,don't give up! use the xp you gathered to get hintsforTheWrestler name or remove unnecessary letters. If you arestillstucktry asking your friends on Twitter or Facebook.Whether you're on a plane, at home, or at work, you'll beabletoenjoy the The Wrestler Quiz game and test your memory!Are you Wrestler fans? The Wrestler Quiz game comes ischallengetodefy your knowledge in the The Wrestlers. Lets play andtrytoguess all levelFinish at least 5 The Wrestlers name in every level toopennextlevel. Get scores & collect hints to help yourecognizehardThe Wrestler names and share The Wrestlers withfrieandsonfacebook & twitter.The Wrestler Quiz is a world wide game.DOWNLOAD NOW The Wrestler Quiz FREE!- Over 90 Quizs to guess The Wrestler Legends name!- Join friends on a shared leader board- Post pics to ask your friends for help- Optimized for mobiles and tablets.- The Wrestler sentence.- You can read all information about the The Wrestlerviawikipedialink.- You may also want to get general statistics for your game- Control game settings.- ASK YOUR FRIENDSIf you get stuck and don't know an answer, don't worry!Youcanalways ask your friends on twitter or facebook andcompletethemissing The Wrestler Players quiz!- HELPStill stuck? don't give up! use the coins you gathered togethintsfor The Wrestler Player name, remove unnecessary lettersorthelast option "auto guess the Wrestlers" the answer.- GAME STATSTrack your stats and see how well are you doing andcompetewithmillions of players to earn all the gameachivements.Will you be able to find all the Wrestler Players names?Docertainlevels seem too easy? Well, don't worry, the followingoneswon'tbe :)SHARE The Wrestler Quiz GAME!- UPDATE :More The Wrestler Quiz in the next update
WWE Ultimate Entrance 1.6
Get ready to enhance your WWE wrestling experience at home withtheWWE Ultimate Entrance App! Recreate the entrances of yourfavoriteSuperstars or make your own with our customizable EntranceBuilder.You can even film your own wresting action and save clipsto yourdevice. THREE WAYS TO PLAY!• Superstar Entrances: Watchyourfavorite Superstars and enhance your at-home experience.•EntranceBuilder: Create your own custom entrance complete withspecialeffects and music!• Camera Mode: Film your own wrestlingaction!***IMPORTANT*** We reserve the right to terminate the WWEUltimateEntrance application after June 1, 2017. For furtherquestionsabout WWE Ultimate Entrance, please contact customersupport
WWE Immortals 2.6.3
Take your favorite WWE Superstars out of the ring and intothesupernatural world of WWE IMMORTALS. Wield DEVASTATING POWERStodemolish opponents with innovative touch-based combat fromthemakers of Injustice and Mortal Kombat. SUPERCHARGE YOUR ROSTERwithspectacular signature moves, gear and support cards. Bring thepainduring live BONE-CRUNCHING BATTLES tied to WWE events.FIGHTUsethetouch screen mechanics of your mobile device to do epic battlewithyour enemies in 3-on-3 combat. Swipe and tap to perform combosandbuild your power to pull off special attacks and useeachSuperstars’s customized superpower.MASSIVE ROSTERCollect andplayas fantastical versions of your favorite WWE Superstars: TripleH,John Cena, The Undertaker, The Bella Twins, The Rock, StoneCold,and many more. Each iconic Superstar comes with uniquevariations,featuring special powers and moves.LEVEL UPBuild yourmove set,increase your powers, upgrade your characters, and conqueryourcompetition. Constantly evolve your roster to fit your styleofplay and put your best Immortals forward as you take on a seriesofcombatants.ONLINE MULTIPLAYERTake on real opponents inOnlineBattles and compete against players around the world inlive,in-game events tied to the WWE and earn awesomerewards.AMAZINGGRAPHICSDelivers best-in-class graphics on yourphone or tablet,with custom animations for every single WWESuperstar. Engage inbattle across multiple worlds, all tailored foreach Superstar’salter-ego, fully rendered in 3D.
100 Wrestlers - Trivia Quiz 1.07
Test your wrestling knowledge and see ifyoucanyou guess the wrestler using just five facts:√ Height√ Weight√ Location√ Finishing Move√ Championships HistoryIncludes a wide range wrestlers from current SuperstarsandDiva’sto the Hall of Fame Legends.Need help with a answer?√ Use the expose a letter to show a letter that is partoftheanswer√ Use remove letter to remove a letter that is not partoftheanswer√ Ask friends for help via social network likeFacebookorTwitterThis is a revolution in the classic 4 Words 1 Pic gamestylelikeIconmania and Icontrivia that focuses on the stats ofboththeclassic and current Wrestlers, Divas and Tag Teams. Coversthefullhistory of the universe from the immortals of 1969 tothecurrentchampions including their career wins. Each level showthekeyinformation just like a stats card. Try this alternativeandreallytest you wrestling knowledge.Do you have what it takes to become a 100 Wrestlers 'Pro'?Please rate and leave a comment:Facebook: Games:
Real Wrestling 3D 1.10
Candy Mobile
Real Wrestling is the #1 realistic 3D combat sports gameinvolvinggrappling techniques. Step into the court and immerseyourself inadrenaline pumping world of wrestling action! RealWrestling putsthe power, intensity, and raw emotion of wrestling inthe palm ofyour hand. Jaw-dropping 3D graphics, intuitive touchcontrols, andaction-packed game-play create a unique combatexperience fornovice and veteran fighting fans alike. Fight using avariety ofrevolution grappling type techniques such as clinchfighting,throws and take-downs, joint locks, pins to gain andmaintain asuperior position over your opponent now! Game Features:-Authentic actions and realistic wrestling moves - 3Dmotionanimations and spot-on sound design - 140+ unique wrestlersin proleague and cage match mode
FITE - Boxing, Wrestling, MMA 3.8
WATCH COMBAT SPORTS LIVE! Stream MMA, Boxing and Pro Wrestling-free and pay-per-view - on every device using just the FITEapp.Download now! FITE streams live: - MMA events from UFC,BAMMA,RIZIN MMA, KSW - Pro Wrestling shows from All Elite Wrestling(AEW)Ring of Wrestling (ROH), Impact Wrestling, New Japan ProWrestling(NJPW), MLW, GCW - Boxing matches from Top Rank/ESPN,PBC/Fox,Golden Boy Promotions/HBO, Star Boxing, Sauerland - Andhundreds ofother combat sports promoters WHAT'S THE FIGHT TONIGHT?Check outour live schedule and start watching: CAST TO TV Use the FITE mobileapp to cast all the actionto the big-screen TV. To start, open theapp and play a video. TheFITE app discovers automatically andstreams to: - Smart TVs bySamsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Sharp &Philips - Xbox One, Xbox360, ROKU players, DISH Hopper, Chromecast,Fire TV FITE is your #1choice for combat sports video: - 1,000+live events stream peryear - 10,000+ hours of on-demand programming- 7,000+ supported TVmodels - FITE is the easiest way to stream onTV over WiFi withjust a tap - Free programming added every week -Latest news feedand community chat feature DOWNLOAD the app now towatch yourfavorite shows and discover great new free content. FREEdownloadand FREE signup. Order on Pay Per View - Watchindefinitely.
CWE - The Great Khali
Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) is an IndianindependentPro wrestling promotion and training Academy , based inJalandhar,Punjab. It has been launched by WWE superstar and WWEWorldHeavyweight Champion The Great Khali on 25th January 2015.SinceThe opening in January 2015 the Academy is proud that three ofthestudents of the academy are now SIGNED with WWE and academyispromoting its wrestlers with its own wrestling platform CWE.Fewstudents joined to the limelight of National TV on regularbasis.CWE is the best academy for pro wrestling aspirantsandprofessionals in the world having its own Rings,InternationalCoach apart from THE GREAT KHALI himself, Full fledgedGym, LockerRooms, Mess and accommodation, Garden Space, PhotoStudio, MediaCoverage of competitions every week. Cwe has organizedandsuccessfully executed three INTERNATIONAL LEVEL SHOWS with tag“THEKHALI RETURNS” AT DEHRADUN, HALDWANI AND LUDHIANA.All thethreeshows seen a huge success.Audience found fighting to evenenterfrom the boundry walls of the arena. THIS IS A ACADEMY FORBOTHMALE AND FEMALE WRESTLERS. The message from THE GREAT KHALI toallaspirants for Pro Wrestling is “I AM CREATING A WHOLE NEWCATEGORYOF SPORTS IN INDIA AND WILL ORGANIZE FIGHTS THROUGHOUT ASIAANDINDIA THRU’ CWE. COME, JOIN AND BECOME A PART OF THISREVOLUTION.”
Guess The Wrestlers Star 1.15
Guess The Wrestlers Star is new and casual fun wrestling triviagameabout guessing the wrestler star. You will see many famouswrestlerslike John Cena, Dwayne Johnson, and etc. Guess TheWrestlers Star iswrestling games free for everyone. Not onlyadults, kids can playthis game too! If you love to play game likeicontrivia wrestlers ,logo quiz guess the pic , or 100 pics quiz.We think you will lovethis game too!• Guess the wrestler picture•Choose the right answer•Complete the game
Wrestling News World
Brad Cohen
Professional wrestling news from industry insiders! With overadecade of experience, we have behind the scenes WWE newsandrumors, wrestling news, New Japan Pro Wrestling, TNAWrestling,Ring of Honor and even more promotions! We have weeklylivecoverage of WWE Raw and Smackdown Live with streaming liveresultsand discussion. The Wrestling News World App featuresinsidercoverage on WWE NXT shows, WWE pay-per-views and specialWWENetwork exclusives such as WWE 205 Live, the WWE Cruiserweightsandall the WWE tournaments. We reveal the winners of WWEpay-per-viewsbefore they're announced and have in-depth coverage ofWWE RoyalRumble, Wrestlemania, Survivor Series and SummerSlam. Findout howto get in the WWE and the latest WWE storylines rightinsideWrestling News World App. Find out the gossip from TotalDivas andTotal Bellas as we also have the latest news and photos ofpopularWWE Divas such as Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Sasha Banks,CharlotteFlair, Paige and more. We expose WWE couples and whichwrestlersare dating in real life! Find out the latest on top WWEstars suchas John Cena, The Rock, Brock Lesnar and Undertaker. Needto knowabout the latest WWE Draft? We have details on who is goingto bedrafted to Raw and Smackdown Live. In addition to WrestlingNewsWorld’s in-depth professional wrestling coverage, we also offerMMAnews and all things related to UFC. We also have the latest ontopUFC fighters such as Ronda Rousey, Conor McGregor, Jon Jones,B.J.Penn, Georges St. Pierre and Michael Bisping. We offer freeUFClive streams for all of the biggest fights. We're the BellatorMMAinsiders with live fight coverage and results from SpikeTV'spromotion. We have details on all the big UFC fights beforethey'reannounced and the rumors for the latest superheavyweight,heavyweight, light heavyweight, middleweight,welterweight,lightweight, featherweight, bantamweight, flyweightand strawweightdivisions. In addition, we cover the hit series TheUltimateFighter with spoilers about who is going to win andupcoming UFCfights that will be exclusive to pay-per-view. PaigeVanZant isprofiled at length as well as new details on theremarkablefighting career of Ronda Rousey. We have the very lateston herupcoming UFC title fight and so much more! Wrestling NewsWorld -we're your inside line to pro wrestling news and MMA newscoverage.Download for free, now!
Wrestling Fight Revolution 18 1.3.4
Beat all tag team champion wrestlers in this worldwrestlingcompetition game and become universal champion ofwrestlingfederation. Some wrestlers might be stronger than theylook, sotrain yourself a lot to prove your strength as a realwrestlingathlete. Test new striking techniques, like karate kicksand boxingpunches or even gymnastic dodging and jumping art offighting.Excite the crowd with your wrestling fight style, improveyourfighting skills and be the best wrestler in the world.Participatein the world wrestling championship fighting contest,defeat allyour opponents and win the summer wrestling championshipbelt,world best champions in your way playing as wrestlingrevolutiongreat fighting sport game for all heavy weight fightinglovers.Game is especially designed for wrestle mania fightinglovers. Gamehas two free modes. A wrestling superstar careerchallenges willdrive you to take risky shots in the ring. Upgradeyour wrestler toenjoy the professional experience with no limits oftime. Knockoutmode puts the power, intensity, and excitement ofroyal wrestlingfighting in your device. Win the battle of ultimatefantasy matchin universal champion’s competition. Fight using avariety ofrevolution facing type techniques such as close fighting,jointlocks, pins to gain, throws and take downs, use differentfightingtechniques like Kung Fu, Muay Thai, martial arts, Karate,taekwondoand uphold a wrestling superstar position against yourwrestlingring opponents. Become universal champion of wrestlingafterbeating all tag team champion wrestlers in the world. Testnewstriking techniques, like karate kicks and boxing punches orevengymnastic dodging and jumping art of fighting. Excite thecrowdwith your real wrestling fight style, improve your fightingskillsand be the best wrestler in the world. Participate in theworldwrestling championship fighting contest, defeat all youropponentsand win the summer slam champion’s belt, world bestchampions inyour way playing wrestling revolution 2018 greatfighting sportgame for all heavy weight fighting lovers. WrestlingFightRevolution 18 Game Features: Multiple male and femalewrestlers.Different fighting styles including Taekwondo, karate,Kung Fu& Boxing. Super & Ultimate wrestling knockoutmode.Authentic actions and realistic wrestling moves Career Modetofight with world wrestlers 3D animations and realisticqualitysound Awesome sounds and realistic scene in this gameincludingring, timer, bell and clock, makes you feel that as youarewatching real wrestling live stream just in theworld-wrestlingmatches.
Sumo wrestling Revolution 2019 2.8
Sumo Wrestling Revolution 2019 is the most realisticfightingsimulation game. Game is especially designed for sumowrestlinglovers. A sumo wrestling super stars career challengeswill driveyou to take risky shots in the ring. Upgrade yourwrestler strengthto enjoy the professional sumo wrestlingexperience with unlimitedfun. Knockout increase the power,intensity, and excitem¯ent ofroyal sumo wrestling fighting. Win thebattle of ultimate unrealmatch in world champion’s tournament.Fight using a variety ofrevolutionary tricks such as pins to gain,joint locks, closefighting, throws and take downs. Become universalchampion of sumowrestling after beating all tag team championwrestlers in theworld. World sumo wrestling champions hero deliversadventureschallenging role in this addictive sumo wrestling game.The StarsSumo wrestling Revolution 2019 3d game is designedespecially forsumo wrestling fighting lovers from all around theworld sumowrestling super star lovers to watch & play yourfavorite heroany time. Use the touch gestures on the screen, andfor eachgesture have a different blow, your quickness and techniquewillmake you a great champion. Beat all tag team champion wrestlersinthis world sumo wrestling competition game and becomeuniversalchampion of sumo wrestling fight federation. Somewrestlers mightbe stronger than they look, so train yourself a lotto prove yourstrength as a real sumo wrestling athlete.Now it’stime toparticipate in the world sumo wrestling championshipfightingcontest, defeat all your opponents and win theuniversalchampionship, world best champions are in your way toplaying worldsumo wrestling tournament. Experience the real sumofightingsimulation game and enhance your fighting skills. Upgradeyour sumowrestling expertise with power full & strong body infree 3dgame. Beat all tag team champion wrestlers in this worldsumowrestling competition game and become universal champion ofsumowrestling fight federation. Some wrestlers might be strongerthanthey look, so train yourself a lot to prove your strength as arealsumo wrestling athlete. Stars Sumo wrestling Revolution 2019willgive you access to all superstar wrestlers fights in all eventsofworld sumo wrestling championship in HD quality game play.TheStars Sumo wrestling Revolution 2019 3d game is designedespeciallyfor sumo wrestling fighting lovers from all around theworld sumowrestling super star lovers to watch & play yourfavorite heroany time. Let's ready to start your practice for theupcoming sumowrestling events. Defeat the opponents with movequickly in thering like legend wrestler and dodge your rival withyour quickleft, right sudden robust punch attacks. So get ready andstartreal super sumo wrestler match practice with this ultimateworldsumo wrestling champion’s game. Freestyle street fightinggamelovers will enjoy & find it more interesting sumo wrestling3dgame. A sumo wrestling superstar career challenges will driveyouto take risky shots in the ring. Easy gameplay and fullcontrol.Use the touch gestures on the screen, and for each gesturehave adifferent blow, your quickness and technique will make you agreatchampion. Test new striking techniques, like karate kicksandpunches or even gymnastic dodging and jumping art of fighting.Sumowrestling Revolution 2019 Game Features: • Superstars&ultimate sumo wrestling champion’s tournament• 3D animationsandrealistic quality sound• Heavy weight champions to battleagainstyou in ring• Authentic actions and realistic sumo wrestlingmoves•World wrestlers in professional cage matches• Face differentsumowrestling rivals with different fighting techniques So what areyouwaiting for? Let’s download the world unique & topsumowrestling competitions game, enjoy the real fighting experienceinStars Sumo wrestling Revolution 2019 3D Game.
Sumotori Drunken Wrestle 2.0
This is a funny sumo ragdoll fighting game called sumotoridrunkenwrestlers.Different from the traditional sumo match, youcouldcrash your opponent as a raging bull in our game, orprovokeopponent with your hands like a bounder, also you couldtakeadvantage of your heavy weight, jump to make the floortremble,sothat the opponent will fall down caused of unstable.Yes,you couldignore any rules here,the only rule is to make youropponent falldown. There are various of scenes waiting for yourviewing,andvarious of paper robots waiting for your mastery.Thereare twomodes in sumotori drunken wrestle,robot mode and twoplayersmodeFeatures : - Great Physics in gameplay- Play againstsmart AIopponents- 2 Players in one screen- Various matchfields-customized avatars- Endless ModeTaking influence fromToribash,Sumotori Dreams, Gang Beasts,Drunken Wrestlers, NekoFight, KarateFace Kicker and others, Face Puncher is aphysics-based fightinggame where no two matches are ever the same.
WWE 4.0.22
WWE, Inc.
Take WWE with you wherever you go with the official WWE App.Inaddition to showcasing the latest WWE videos, news and photos,theWWE App is your portal to WWE Network, where you can stream:•Every live WWE pay-per-view – including WrestleMania • Thousandsofhours of video-on-demand • Groundbreaking original series,realityshows and documentaries • Premier in-ring shows like NXT and205Live • Replays of all of your favorite episodes of RawandSmackDown • Every WWE, WCW and ECW pay-per-view in history. TheWWEApp also gives you instant access to all your favoriteWWESuperstars and Legends. View Superstar profiles for a quick lookatextensive career milestones, biographies and more! Download theWWEApp today to unlock all things WWE!
Smackdown Raw WWE Tips 12.3
Jared Finnic
This app is for Smackdown RawWWEActionWrestling lover.
وصلة أبطال المصارعة الحرة 3.1
RightApp 2017
لعبة وصلة أبطال المصارعة الحرة wwe legendsلعبةموجهة لعشاق ومتابعي المصارعة الحرة صغارا وكبارا لإختبارمعلوماتك فيعالم المصارعة الحرة tna wrestling .في اللعبة تقوم بتخمين أسماء أشهر المصارعين النجوم مثل روك، جونسيناjohn cena، هوجان ، أندرتيكر .... بالإضافة إلى مجموعة منالأسئلةوالمستويات حول الألقاب و بطولات دبليو دبليو إي .وصلة وصلة أبطال المصارعة الحرة wrestling bracket maker لعبةستأخذكداخل الحلبة لتتذكر أسماء المصارعين وألقابهم .في حال لم تعرف الإجابة فاللعبة تحتوي على نضام مساعدة يمكنكمن:★حذف الحروف الخاطئة★كشف الإجابة الصحيحة وتخطي السؤال★كشف حرف من الإجابة الصحيحة★مشاركة السؤال الصعب مع أصدقائك لمعرفة الجوابمن المصارعين الموجودين داخل اللعبة :★جون سينا★أندرتيكر★دي أورتن عل★ذا روك★تربل إتش★هولك هوجان★شون مايكلز★باتيستا★بيج شو★والعديد العديد من المصارعين الآخرين................كلمات دلالية :مصارعةحلبةالضربة القاضيةwrestling games for freewwe triviaaddictive triviaGame Link heroeswrestlingwwe legends game geared for lovers and those who followwrestlingyoung and old to test your knowledge in the world offreestylewrestling tna wrestling.In the game you guess the names of popular wrestlers starslikeRock, John Cena john cena, Hogan, Undertaker .... In additionto aset of questions and levels about the titles andchampionshipsWWE.Link Link Heroes Wrestling wrestling bracket maker game willtakeyou inside the ring to remember the names of wrestlers andtheirsurnames.If the answer does not contain a known playing field Ndhamhelpyou:★ Delete the wrong letters★ revealed the correct answer and skip the question★ revealed the letter of the correct answer★ Post difficult question with your friends to find outtheanswerWrestlers who are inside the game:★ John Cena★ Undertaker★ de Orton Al★ The Rock★ Triple H★ Hulk Hogan★ Shawn Michaels★ Batista★ Big Show★ and many many other gladiators ................Tag words:wrestlingringfinished Strickwrestling games for freewwe triviaaddictive trivia
Wrestling Sumo Champion Maker 2.2
The game starts with you picking oneoftheeight ultimate wrestlers (such as Hulk Hogam, the rockandmore)and then customizing his outfit. You can select differentbodyandhead accessories, hair styles, tops, singlets, drunk orshoes,butbeware don’t crossbones.There are also a lot of extra proWWEandmma mix martial arts team. As a finishing touch, youcanalsochoose from a set of backgrounds super city which willputyourwrestler in a different light.This game is free to play and you can enjoyfeatureswithoutpaying anything.
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Step into the squared circle with rectangular cards. WWESuperCardis a collectible card battling wrestling game featuringyourfavorite WWE Superstars and in-ring action. Requires OS 4.2.1ornewer. Collect and level up thousands of cards featuringWWESuperstars Ronda Rousey, Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Brock Lesnar,andmany other fan favorites like The Rock, Goldberg, Stone ColdSteveAustin, Aleister Black, and more. Crush your foes in real-timePvPfighting game and climb the leaderboards. Earn exclusive rewardsinlimited time competitions. Form a team and compete againstothersin tests of strategy. Plus, battle in Monday Night Raw,SmackDownLive, and NXT arenas. Prove your wrestling chops in OpenChallengesand compete head-to-head with other WWE fans to become aWWESuperCard champion. WWE SuperCard has entertained millions(andmillions!) of WWE fans across the globe. Introducing Season 5!WWESuperCard S5 will include 3 new tiers with more than 75newSuperstar cards in each, a new and improved multi-fusionchamber,and more! FEATURES - Collect thousands of cards featuringWWESuperstars, NXT Superstars, WWE Legends, and WWE Hall ofFameInductees - Compete in Elimination Chamber and Royal Rumblematchesand climb the leaderboards for rewards - Capture thebriefcase inMoney in the Bank - Earn exclusive cards in weeklyrotating events- Participate in Open Challenges and earn Ticketstowards bigrewards - Fight in King of the Ring tournaments to earntop cards -Earn bonuses just from logging in
Photo Frame For WWE 1.0
Amigo Studio
Are you die heart fan of Wrestling, let come into thesupernaturalworld of Wrestling photo editor app.. Our team developthis photoframe for WWE app by keeping all the aspects of allWrestlinglovers.Using this application you can change your body asyourfavorite Wrestler Superstars.You can see yourself likeyourfavorite one’s. Select body shape as you want from variousWrestlerplayer's body shapes. Extra Features ::>> Variousoption tocrop and adjust faces.>> Change background image asyou wantfrom gallery and camera.>> Easy to fit faces.>>Save inyour device, share on Facebook, Twitter, email or any othersocialmedia you use.Your ratings and comments must be appreciating,soplease encourage us with your ratings to publish morefreeapplications...
Wrestling Amino 2.4.28683
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Wrestling Amino is the largest mobile social network forprowrestling fans! - Build a profile to show your passion! LovetheWWE? Think WCW is the best or that ECW is the greatestpromotion?Capture your unique point of view. - Connect with otherprowrestling superfans around the world. - Discuss yourfavoritewrestlers, events, moves, tag teams, news, games, etc. -Gain amassive following by sharing your thoughts, finds, andcreations.In Wrestling Amino, you can: - Create polls anddiscussions toshare with other superfans. - Obsess over yourfavorite wrestlers -John Cena? Nikki Bella? - and tag teams. -Share your thoughts onthe latest Raw, post a favorite Smackdownpicture, or host a pollabout PPV. - Get the latest news frompromotions like NXT and TNA.- Connect with local pro wrestling fanswho think Vince McMahon isthe great, who still worship The Rock, orwho love Total Divas. -Post and read show reviews, recaps, fantheories, and joindiscussions on your favorite pro wrestlers andevents. Ask andanswer questions on the fly and search for expertanswers oneverything about pro wrestling. Come find us on theweb:
Top Wrestling Icomania Quiz 1.0
INTRODUCING THIS SUPERSTAR......THE TOP ICOMANIA WRESTLINGQUIZEVERRRR!!!If you love all that is WRESTLING then you will LOVEthisAWESOME QUIZ!There are so many hidden WRESTLING heroes andlegendsin this quiz...from John Cena to Jeff Hardy...from Sting toRaven!These WRESTLING faces are created in various effects to makeitthat little bit more of a challenge!! BUT you will have somuchFUN!!We also feature some of the biggest WRESTLING TAG TEAMSeverto step into the ring and battle for the championships!Alsokeep aneye out for THE LADIES who also make a few appearances!So doyouhave what it takes to become a Heavy Weight Champion of yourveryown quiz!! CAN YOU FINISH ALL THE LEVELS!! HOW HIGH CANYOUSCORE!!So for this amazing 2k14 quiz you can win coins bygettingthe answer right and use the coins if you need a bit of adigout!!Sit back and take a enjoy the current faces ofWrestlingamongst some of the biggest legends ever to hop theropes!WRESTLERSWILL LIVE FOREVER!!PLEASE REVIEW THIS APP - andvisit our Facebookpage to see what other exciting Apps we have tokeepyouentertained.,content and trademarks are owned by their respective ownersand notassociated to Wicked Fun Games.
Wrestling Champion 3D 1.7.5
Real Fighting
Start a career of real boxing punch hero, defeat all your rivalsandbecome one of the greatest WWE champions. Wrestling FightChampion3D MMA fighting is a true wrestling revolution in fightinggames.Join the fighting club and take part in real boxing ufcfighting.CHOOSE YOUR PUNCH HERO CHARACTER Choose a boxer you likeand start areal boxing MMA fighting, unlock new fighters andarenas USE VARIOUSWRESTLING COMBOS Use different real boxingcombos, punch boxing,kicks and strikes, knock your opponents downBE ONE OF THE WRESTLINGREVOLUTION WWE CHAMPIONS Win the fight, winthe tournament, watchyour rating Wrestling Fight Champion 3D MMAfighting Features: -Great fighting club for breathtaking ufcfighting - Mighty realboxing fighters, true WWE champions; -Chance to win the MMAfighting and be a punch hero; - Truewrestling revolution in ufcfighting games. Get ultimate 3D realboxing experience withWrestling Fight Champion 3D MMA fighting,fight against glorious WWEchampions and win this wrestlingrevolution combat!
Wrestling News, Videos, & Social Media 3.2
Wrestling News offers the most comprehensive news coverage,videos,and much more from all the best online sources, allowing youtoreceive the latest news and information instantly and immersingyouin the world of WWE Wrestling. Stay connected in real-timewithyour favorite wrestlers through our built in community, whichgivesyou the opportunity to see what everyone's saying and respondtothem directly, or engage in live discussions with other fans.Watchstreaming WWE videos based on topics that have been curatedfromtrending WWE Wrestling news articles and events usingourproprietary process. Simple and easy to use, Wrestling News isthemost solid and robust app available to WWE Wrestling fansusingAndroid phones and tablets. Wrestling News offers immediateaccessto: -- A constant stream of trending WWE Wrestling newsarticlespublished by all the best sources on the web and deliveredto you,so you don’t have to spend time sorting through isolatedsources.-- Streaming videos curated from trending WWE Wrestlingnewsarticles and events. -- Discussion feed that aggregateswrestlersand personalities from the WWE world into a single list oftweets,so you can hear what everyone has to say and respond to theminreal-time. -- Simple, clean navigation and readingexperiencedesigned for convenient mobile use.
Sultan: The Game 1.09
From the makers of Dhoom:3 The Game and FAN: The Game, comesanaction-packed, hard-hitting and power-fuelled fighting game fortheBollywood BLOCKBUSTER movie of 2016 ‘SULTAN’ starring SALMANKHAN –BY YASH RAJ PVT. LTD. Kick, punch and knockout formidableopponentsfrom around the world in a fighting game that featuredamong theBest Games of 2016. Join Sultan – a Champion in hisyesteryears ashe makes his wrestling comeback to become theUltimate WrestlingChampion and regain his former glory! Strike Donthe role of Sultanfrom the movie, and experience pro-wrestlingaction Compete Fightyour best to score the highest among yourfriends in theLeaderboard Grow Improve your wrestling skills as youlevel up withfighter upgrades Win Compete in Title Matches and over60 levels toemerge the Ultimate Wrestling Champion It’s time tostart yourPro-Wrestling Journey, Bollywood style. Do you have whatit takesto be the Sultan of Wrestling? Facing issues while playingSultan:The Game or have any suggestions/feedback? We would love tohearfrom you –Email us at Sultan: The GameisFree-to-Play, but some items like Virtual Currency can bepurchasedwith real-world money. Sultan: The Game may containsponsoredmessages from 3rd Party Advertising partners - you canlearn morehere - AccessAuthorisationto play the game (the game may not run as expected ifnotauthorised) - Authorisation required for access toaccountsservice, to be used for social game features. AllIntellectualProperty in SULTAN and its characters, trademarks,associatedartwork and designs are exclusively owned by Yash RajFilms Pvt.Ltd. © 2016. All Rights Reserved. All IntellectualProperty inSultan: The Game mobile game are exclusively owned by99GamesOnline Pvt. Ltd. © 2016. All Rights Reserved.
Guess the Wrestlers Quiz New 2.4.8
Guess the Wrestlers Quiz is new fun wrestling trivia casualgameabout guess the wrestler wwe, ufc and tna wrestling games free.You will see many pop art of the famous wrestler like STONECOLE,REY MYSTERIO, JEFF HARDY and More etc.Guess the Wrestlers Quizisfun right? Yes it’s FUN! and you are right place!.Wrestlinggamesfree for everyone wwe is here. Not only adult, The kids canplaythis game too! In pic quiz 2017 trivia game, That iswrestlinggames from wwe. If you like playing guess the icon cartoonshadowquiz, icontrivia wrestlers or 100 pics quiz. You will lovethisgame too !!!Play Simply but not Easy- Look at the wrestlerwwesuperstar in wrestler quiz level and guess the name of him.-Thecoins are important for unlock the next future level. Sopleasekeep in mind coins collection is important.*** Don’t wait!Downloadthis app Today and Get you ENJOY & FUN with Guess theWrestlersQuiz. ^___^ ***
Icontrivia : Wrestlers 3.0
It’s time to step into the ring and guess all yourfavoritewrestlers in this highly addictive word guessing game.Hints&Help: Struggling to guess a wrestler? You can reveal orremoveletters to help you figure out the wrestler.Ask your Friends:Stuckon a puzzle? Share it on Facebook or Twitter and ask for helpfromyour friends and followers.Play with Friends: Compete withyourFacebook friends to see who can guess the most number ofwrestlers.Features- Remove Letters- Reveal Letters- Share puzzle onFacebook-Post puzzle on twitter- Invite Facebook friends to play-Facebookfriends top scores leaderboard- Beautiful hand drawn images
World Tag Team Stars Wrestling Revolution 2018 Pro 4.1.0
Bulky Sports
Let's be ready to start your tag team wrestling championship fortheupcoming fighting events of 2018. Defeat all the world classtagteam champions with face to face fights & move quickly inthering like legend wrestler and dodge your competitor with yourquickleft, right sudden strong kick attacks. So get ready andstart realsuper star fighting match tournament with this ultimatekickfighting world wrestling champion’s game. Freestyle ring &cagefighting game lovers will enjoy & find it moreinterestingwrestling 3d game. World wrestling champion’s combineswith actionfights & real experience of tag team wrestlingsimulation inone single 3d game. Upgrade your wrestler strength toenjoy theprofessional tag team wrestling experience with unlimitedfun.Knockout will increase the power, intensity, and excitementofroyal tag team wrestling fighting. Win the battle ofultimateincredible match in world champion’s tournament. Fightusing avariety of revolutionary tricks such as pins to gain, jointlocks,close fighting, throws and take downs. Some tag teamwrestlersmight be stronger than they look, so train yourself asaprofessional wrestler to prove your strength as real tagteamwrestling champion. World tag team stars wrestling revolution2018pro & real kick fighting will give you access to allsuperstarwrestlers & tag team fights in all events of worldwrestlingchampionship with HD quality game play. Become universalchampionof wrestling after beating all tag team champion wrestlersin theworld. Ultimate world tag team wrestling champions &kickfighting heroes take part in adventures challenging role inthisaddictive wrestling & kick fighting game. Beat all tagteamchampion wrestlers in this ultimate world wrestlingcompetitiongame and become universal tag team champion of wrestlingfightfederation. The world tag team stars wrestling revolution 2018pro& real kick fighting 3d game is planned especially for tagteamwrestling fighting lovers and kick fighting lovers from alloverthe world wrestling super star fans to watch & playyourfavorite hero any time. It is an action & adventure sportsgameso do not hesitate to face your challengers.World tag teamstarswrestling revolution 2018 pro doubles fighting game offersmultifighting experience to fans in this single game of multistarswrestling action. World tag team stars wrestling revolution2018pro is the most realistic fighting simulation game. Gameisespecially designed for wrestling & kick fighting lovers.Awrestling super stars career challenges will drive your tag teamtotake risky shots in the ring. A wrestling superstarcareerchallenges will drive you to take risky shots in the ring.Easygameplay and full control. Now it’s time to participate intheworld wrestling championship fighting contest, defeat allyouropponents and win the universal championship, world bestchampionsare in your way to playing world wrestling tournament.Experiencethe real fighting simulation game and enhance your kickfightingskills. Upgrade you’re fighting expertise with power full&strong kicks in free kick fighting 3d game. World Tag TeamStarsWrestling Revolution 2018 Pro Game Features: • Heavy WeightTagTeam Champions Battle Against Your Tag Team In DeathFights•Universal Superstars Tag Team Wrestling Champion’sTournament•Genuine Enemy Engagements And Realistic Punch & KickBoxingMotions• Face Different Wrestling & Kick Boxing RivalsWith ProFighting Techniques• Ultimate World Action Packed TagTeamWrestling & Kick Boxing Fighting Game• WorldProfessionalWrestlers In Doubles Cage Fighting Tournament• 3dAnimations AndRealistic Quality Sound Heat Your Blood So what areyou waitingfor? Let’s excite the crowd with your real tag teamwrestlingfighting styles & kick boxing actions to show yourprofessionalwrestler skills & eventually be the world greatesttag teamwrestling champion.
Maryse Fight Videos 1.0
Raju Ram
Maryse Mizanin is aCanadianprofessionalwrestler, professional wrestling manager,actress,businesswomanand glamour model currently signed to WWEunder thering nameMaryse,Maryse vs. Kelly Kelly (Full Match)John Cena & Nikki Bella vs The Miz & Maryse FullMatchWWEWrestlemania Full match 2017 HDMaryse vs NatalyaMickie James vs Maryse wwe diva's championship matchJohn Cena & Nikki Bella vs. The Miz & Maryse:WrestleMania33(WWE Network Exclusive)Road to WrestleMania 33: John Cena & Nikki Bella vs.TheMiz& MaryseNikki Bella & John Cena vs. Maryse & TheMiz|EddySpeedingWWE RAW 2015: Divas Battle RoyalNikki Bella Natalya Falls Count Anywhere Match SdLIVE MaryseMaria & Michelle McCool vs Maryse & NatalyaTeam Total Divas vs. Team B.A.D. & Blonde:WrestleMania32KickoffDivas Halloween Costume Battle RoyalWWE, WWF, Full Matches, Best Matches, Best Fights, WesternMania,WWEChampions.Features of this great app:- Nice and easy to use interface design.- Favourite video option available.- Search Video Option available.- Share videos of the songs with friends onFacebook,WhatsApp,Twitter and Google+.- 100% Free App with no in-app purchases or noanyothercharges.- The app is updated frequently.Disclaimer:We don't claim right on any file in this application. Allthecontentprovided in this application is taken from other placesandwe justrecommend it to you to watch .We do not host any ofthesevideos. Allrights reserved to the content'srespectiveowners.
Wrestlers Photo Editor 1.4
★★★★★ Wrestlers Photo Editor ★★★★★▶ Checkout Collection ofDashingWrestlers look and check how you look in Different StyleWrestlerslook.▶ More than 65 different Wrestlers look to selectfrom. ▶Wrestlers photo frame will help you to give a manly dashingandcool look. ▶ Add different types of Wrestlers look and checkbyyour self, you could find a proper Wrestlers style which suitstoyour face.▶ It's a fast and fun way to see all theWrestlerscharacters come live. ▶ You can also select any oneWrestlers photoframe which you like to add in your face photo anddrag and you canalso change the size of that Wrestlers with fingertouch.▶ Changethe size according to your face shape.▶ Add Text onthe photo tomake it cooler.▶ Select Stylish font face as you want.▶Select Textcolour from RGB colour picker.▶ Change Text Styles likeBold,Italic and underline.▶ Select a photo from Gallery and Cameratochoose a photo.▶ Timely updates and adding more and more framestohave fun.▶ Very easy to use single click app functionality.▶Savethe pic in your phone gallery!▶ Share Edited Wrestlers Photoframephotos with friends and family on social apps likeWhatsapp,Twitter, G+, Facebook, hike, Line, We Chat and manyothers.▶ Shareapp with a friend to check out how they look like inthis coolWrestlers frames.▶▶▶ More Frames Coming Soon. Stay Tunedfor morecool frames... ◀◀◀▶▶︎ Supported languages: English,Russian,Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, French, Arabic,Japanese,Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.▶▶︎ Note :All thesupported language are machine translations. Therearepossibilities of mistakes in any language. If you found any typeofmistake then please write us on and wewillverify and resolve it.Wrestler Style Wrestler Photo WrestlerPhotoMorph Wrestler Morph Wrestler Collage Wrestler PhotoEditorWrestler Booth Wrestler Photo Booth Wrestler Fashion WrestlerStyleWrestler Photo Studio Wrestler Photo Maker WrestlerChangerWrestler Face Changer Six Pack abs photo studio Six pack absmorphsix pack abs photo morph six pack abs man BodybuilderStyleBodybuilder Photo Bodybuilder Photo Morph BodybuilderMorphBodybuilder Collage Bodybuilder Photo Editor BodybuilderBoothBodybuilder Photo Booth Bodybuilder Fashion BodybuilderStyleBodybuilder Photo Studio Bodybuilder Photo MakerBodybuilderChanger Bodybuilder Face Changer
Solomonster Sounds Off
Established in November 2007, Solomonster Sounds Off is aweeklypodcast talking all things pro wrestling. Hosted and producedbyJason Solomon, a fan of over 25 years, the show takes ahumorous,no-nonsense approach to the biggest stories in wrestlingwith a mixof breaking news, recaps and analysis, listener Q&Aand thepopular BUY OR SELL segment. In addition, Jason has hadthepleasure of interviewing WWE Hall of Famers and legendaryWCWperformers, including John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Shawn Michaels,RobVan Dam, "Diamond" Dallas Page, Booker T, Edge, Arn AndersonandTully Blanchard, Ring of Honor star Jay Lethal and others.
Guess the Wrestlers Trivia 1.2
Idiotic Apps
Guess the Wrestlers Trivia is a fun wrestling trivia guessinggamefor all the wrestling fans. It's high time for you to step intothering and guess your favorite wrestlers in this highlyaddictivetrivia game. You have many famous star wrestlers likeRock, Cena,Hogan, and lot more for you to guess. Guess the Wrestlername gamewill be really exciting for kids and teens. Hints andsolutions areavailable to help you. The game will make you feelnostalgic aboutwrestling legends. The game is totally free. We willbe adding morestars regularly.Hints: Need a helping hand guessing awrestler? Youcan find out one letter, remove the wrong ones orreveal the entiresolution using your points.FEATURES
★ More than100 wrestlingstars!
★ 10+ levels!
★ Easy hints!
★ Remove the wrongletters
★Stats!Ask your Friends: Stuck somewhere? Ask for help onFacebookor Twitter from your friends and followers !
Create A Pro Wrestler
Be creative and use your imagination to come up with yourowncreation. Choose from a variety of accessories to createyouroriginal fighter. Use different masks, belts and fightinggloves.Personalize your character even more by changing his skincolor,hair and eyes. Create the new champion super star and shareyourcreation with the World with a snapshot/picture of yourwrestler toyour favorite social network.Keep the game, I will beadding moreaccessories, clothing, belts and masks.
Wrestling Audio 6.0
This is the official app for The appcontainspro wrestling & sports entertainment news. results,andinterviews using audio podcasts.The app includes: -All oftheweekly Audio Shows that are currently available on the mainwebsiteand itunes -Audio Shows that are app exclusive -Interviewswithwrestling's biggest stars -Link to buy our official t-shirts
Guess the Wrestler Quiz Game 1.0
Challenge and guess the wrestler quiz wwe ufc tna with thishighlywrestling trivia addictive casual trivia guessing game. Thisiswrestling games free for kids wwe and design for adults also .Ifyou’re not OK with wrestler quiz which you have to to pay lotofmoney for playing. This game is proper for you. Absolute Free!Letgo to guess the wwe superstar game!All of pic quiz 2015triviagame, We think icontrivia wrestlers is hot. They areourinspiration. We use the concept of icontrivia games to createnewwrestling games from wwe ufc tna. We might create cartoonshadowquiz guess the wwe wrestler in the future. Easy rule thiswrestlingquiz. If you struggling in guess the wrestler name? Youcan revealor delete letters to help determine the wrestler name.-30 coinsfor start the game.- When you pass each level you will get5coins.- Solve the answer use 15 coins.- Reveal 1 randomcharacteruse 2 coins.In Guess the wwe wrestler ufc tna. You willsee manyfamous icon like John Cena, Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, TheRockand etc. Hope you enjoy and have fun with Guess the WrestlerQuiz.
com.magazinecloner.powerwrestling 6.0.8
Seit 1995 berichtet PW unabhängig über die WWE. Ob John Cena,CMPunk, Daniel Bryan oder The Undertaker: Erfahrt alles zu denStarsaus Raw und SmackDown. Dazu berichten wir ebenfallsausführlichüber TNA IMPACT WRESTLING sowie diedeutschsprachigeWrestlingszene. In jeder Ausgabe gibt es dieheißesten News,umfassende Hintergrundberichte, exklusiveInterviews, Foto-Berichtezu den größten Events, ausführlichePortraits deiner Helden undvieles mehr. Wrestling-History, Kolumnenund tolle Gewinnspielerunden das monatlich erscheinende Heft ab.Power-Wrestling ist seitgut 20 Jahren immer ganz nah am Geschehen –mit exklusivenActionbildern zu den Shows und den bestenInsider-Kontakten in dieweltweite Szene. Ein Muss für jeden echtenWrestlingfan!--------------------------------- This is a free appdownload.Within the app users can purchase the current issue andbackissues. Subscriptions are also available within theapplication. Asubscription will start from the latest issue.Availablesubscriptions are: 12 months (12 Issues) -The subscriptionwillrenew automatically unless cancelled more than 24 hours beforetheend of the current period. You will be charged for renewalwithin24 hours of the end of the current period, for the samedurationand at the current subscription rate for the product. -Youmay turnoff the auto-renewal of subscriptions through Google PlayAccountsettings, however you are not able to cancel thecurrentsubscription during its active period. Users can registerfor/login to a pocketmags account in-app. This will protecttheirissues in the case of a lost device and allow browsing ofpurchaseson multiple platforms. Existing pocketmags users canretrieve theirpurchases by logging into their account. We recommendloading theapp for the first time in a wi-fi area. If you have anyproblems atall please do not hesitate to contact
Guess The WWE Wrestlers Quiz 3.2.3z
Are you a fan of wrestling matches likewwe,smackdown?If this is true then this game is one of the best games for youtoplay to fill your spare time while honing your knowledge onyourfavorite wrestling event.There are many characters you will encounter if you manage toguessevery question in this game like the characters on 2k17 oralso AJStyles, Alberto del Rio, Alexa Bliss, Alicia Fox, AmericanAlpha,Apollo Crews, Baron Corbin, Batista, Becky Lynch, RomanReignsEtc.Game Features:- Questions are updated every week.- Purchase coins.- Feature of asking friends.- EtcLet's play now.
com.cm3.allwrestling 15.0.1
CM3 Solutions
Premier All Elite Wrestling news site. We focus on everythingAEW.From AEW News, Rumors, Results, Spoilers, Results, TV, ALLOrNothing PPV and more.
Guess the Wrestlers Quiz 2.2
Funny Square
Guess the Wrestlers Quiz is new fun wrestling trivia casualquizzesgame about guess the wrestling legends heroes from wwe, ufc,tna.You will see many pop art of the wrestler that you like. Manypopart of famous fighter USA ultimate wrestling revolutionwweimmortals like John Cena, Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, JeffHardy,The Rock, Kelly Kelly and etc.Wrestler Quiz is fun we know.You areright place.- Look at the wrestler wwe superstar in eachlevel andguess the wrestler name.- Each level can tap the tiles torevealonly 2 times.- Random choice and picture, so this is heardgame!-You have 3 heart to play. if the heart is equal to 0 it willbelost.- 1 diamond can bring you to current level.- Coins areveryimportant for exchange heart and diamond.- Simple to startbutheard to play, tons of fun!- Free, no registration required.Veryeasy to get started. - Very addictive wrestling quizgame.-Continuously updated! - Lots of puzzles to guess thewwesuperstar.Wrestling games free for kids wwe is front of you.Notonly adult, kid can play this game too. We use the conceptoffamous quiz game for creating new casual trivia guessing game.Ifyou love icontrivia wrestlers, you will love this game too!Hopeyou enjoy with Guess the Wrestlers Quiz.
Shoot Pro Wrestling Game 1.3.4
Jason Webb
Shoot Pro Wrestling is a wrestling booker game that puts youincontrol of your own pro-wrestling federation. It really isafantasy wrestling strategy game. Do you watchprofessionalwrestling and wonder if you could put on a top rated TVwrestlingshow or live wrestling PPV event? Well, now you can, asyou becomea pro wrestling manager! Hire the most talented wrestlersand buildtheir popularity as they battle it out in text-basedsimulatedshoot fights in this universe mode style wrestling game.Who winsthe match is down to skill and wrestling ability (though abit ofstrength and muscle sure helps). Shoot Pro Wrestling Gamefeatures:-- Randomly generated wrestlers so that no two playersever havethe same experience. You can even edit the wrestlers andcreateyour own superstars(Visit helpwith editing). -- Compete against two other fantasywrestlingpromotions to hire the best wrestlers and win theratingscompetition. -- Plan feuds and wrestler rivalries togenerate abuzz from the crowd and build the popularity of yourwrestlers. --Book wrestling matches, and watch the play-by-playcommentary asthe wrestlers battle it out in simulated shoot fights,includingtag team matches. -- Assemble the best card of wrestlingmatches tosell tickets to your events and boost your TV ratings oryour PPVbuy-rates. -- Push your promising wrestlers againstqualityopponents to build the popularity of your future superstarsofwrestling. -- Book promo spots for TV shows to increase the heatoffeuds or individual wrestlers. -- Carefully pick venues, andsetticket and PPV prices, to ensure that you're making enoughmonthlyprofit to hire the best wrestlers. The world of Shoot ProWrestlingGame is ever-evolving, and wrestlers age, improve, getworse, andeventually retire, to be replaced by new rookies,desperate tobecome the next wrestling superstar. So, are you readyto enter theworld of professional wrestling and take your place inthe ratingscompetition as a pro wrestling manager?
The Usos Fight Videos 1.0
Raju Ram
The Usos are a SamoanAmericanprofessionalwrestling tag team.The Usos are a Samoan American professional wrestlingtagteamconsisting of fraternal twin brothers Jey Uso and JimmyUso(bornAugust 22, 1985).American Alpha vs The Usos - WWE Smackdown Live Full Match HDWWE NO MERCY 2016 - The Usos vs Heath Slater and Ryhno-FullMatchThe Hype Bros vs. The Usos: SmackDown LIVE, June 27, 2017WWE Backlash 2017 The Usos vs Breezango Full MatchThe Usos vs. Breezango - SmackDown Tag TeamChampionshipMatch:SmackDown LIVE, May 23, 2017Beezango Vs The Usos Singles Match Full Match - WweSmackdownLive05/23/2017 Full HDRoman Reigns & The Usos vs. The Club - WWERoyalRumble2017American Alpha vs The Usos Full Match WWE Smackdown14March2017The Lucha Dragons vs The Usos :Raw,2015The Usos vs. The New Day - SmackDown Tag Team Title Match:WWEMoneyin the Bank 2017The Usos vs. American Alpha - SmackDown Tag TeamChampionshipMatch:SmackDown LIVE, April 11, 2017American Alpha vs. The Usos - SmackDown Tag TeamChampionshipMatch:SmackDown LIVE, March 21, 2017Breezango vs. The Usos - SmackDown Tag Team Title Match:WWEBacklash2017 (WWE Network Exclusive)Breezango Vs The Usos Tag Team Championship Match -WweSmackdownLive 05/23/2017 Full HDHype Bros vs The Usos WWE MainEvent 11 11 2016 11 November2016FullMatch HDWWE BackLash — FULL MATCH — The Usos VS Hype BrosThe Usos vs The American Alpha Full Match - WWE Smackdown11April2017 Full ShowAmerican Alpha vs. The Usos - Tag Team Title No. 1Contenders'Match:SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 20, 2016WWE 2K17 The New Day vs The Usos Feat. Rikishi | WWEEliminationTagFull Match PS4 GameplayThe New Day vs The Usos Full Match - WWE Money In TheBank2017HDAmerican Alpha vs The Usos - WWE Smackdown Live Full Match HDWWE NO MERCY 2016 - The Usos vs Heath Slater and Ryhno-FullMatchThe Hype Bros vs. The Usos: SmackDown LIVE, June 27, 2017The Usos vs. Breezango - SmackDown Tag TeamChampionshipMatch:SmackDown LIVE, May 23, 2017Beezango Vs The Usos Singles Match Full Match - WweSmackdownLive05/23/2017 Full HDBreezango vs The Usos Tag Team Champions Full MatchSmackdownLive05/23/2017The Usos vs. The Dudley Boyz: WrestleMania 32 KickoffLuke Harper & Erick Rowan vs The Usos : Raw,2014Big E vs. Jimmy Uso: SmackDown LIVE, June 20, 2017FULL MATCH — Money in the Bank WWE World HeavyweightTitleContractMatch: Money in the Bank 2014The Usos vs. The Lucha Dragons - No. 1 Contenders'Match:Raw,November 30, 2015WWE Matches.WWF Matches.World Wrestling Entertainment.Features of this great app:- Nice and easy to use interface design.- Favourite video option available.- Search Video Option available.- Share videos of the songs with friends onFacebook,WhatsApp,Twitter and Google+.- 100% Free App with no in-app purchases or noanyothercharges.- The app is updated frequently.Disclaimer:We don't claim right on any file in this application. Allthecontentprovided in this application is taken from other placesandwe justrecommend it to you to watch .We do not host any ofthesevideos. Allrights reserved to the content'srespectiveowners.
Wrestling WWE Fight
Wrestling WWE Fight is a exciting game, If you like wrestlingthanyou love this game!!This complete game contains manywrestlingstunts/actions which you might watch in the bestWrestlingmatches!Strategies to help you play Career Mode, CreateaSuperstar, Authentic Action.
New Wrestling Universe WWE Updates 24.0
This application offers you to accessallactionfights of all events of WWE Wrestling of yourfavoritessusperstar inHD Quality. The application is designedespeciallyfor you and allthe WWE lovers to watch any wrestlingonline at anytime. All currentwwe shows updates on daily basisaccording totheir days.This application also contain top moments of wwesusperstaractionights.Just install the application on your android phone clickitopen,watch any show of any fight you want andenjoytheapplication.WWE Action Fights Shows Involve:Monday Night RawSmackDownTotal DivasMain EventVintageNXTBottom LineSuperstarsAfterburnThis Week in WWEPay-Per-ViewsRoyal RumbleFastlaneWrestleMania 32PaybackExtreme RulesElimination ChamberMoney in the BankBattlegroundOver the LimitSummerSlamBacklashNight of ChampionsClash of ChampionsNo MercyHell in a CellSurvivor SeriesTLC: Tables, Ladders & ChairsWWE Male Super Star Action Fights Involve:AJ StylesAlberto Del RioAlberto del RioAlexa BlissAlicia FoxAmerican AlphaApollo CrewsBaron CorbinBatistaBecky LynchBig ShowBill GoldbergBo DallasBraun StrowmanBray WyattBreezangoBret HartBrock LesnarCarmellaCesaroCharlotteChris JerichoCM PunkCurtis AxelDana BrookeDaniel BryanDarren Young (w/ Bob Backlund)Dean AmbrosDolph ZigglerEddie GuerreroEdgeEnzo Amore & Big CassErick RowanEva MarieFinn BalorGolden TruthHulk HoganJack SwaggerJeff HardyJohn CenaKalistoKaneKevin OwensLuke Gallows & Karl AndersonMark HenryMojo RawleyNaomiNatalyaNevilleNia JaxPaigeRandy OrtonRey MysterioRic FlairRoman ReignsRusev (w/ Lana)RybackSami ZaynSasha BanksSeth RollinsShawn MichaelsShawn MichealSheamusShining StarsSin CaraStone Cold Steve AustinSummer RaeThe AscensionThe Dudley BoyzThe Miz (w/ Maryse)The New DayThe RockThe UndertakerThe UsosThe VaudevillainsTitus O’NeilTriple H (HHH)Zack RyderWWE Female Divas Super Star Action Fights Involve:AJ LeeAlexa BlissAlicia FoxBayleyBecky LynchBrie BellaCarmellaCharlotte FlairDana BrookeEmmalinaEva MarieNaomiNatalyaNia JaxNikki BellaPaigeSasha BanksStephanie McMahonSummer Raeand many many more....NOTE: If you like the app, do not forget to rate us 5 star.ThanksDisclaimer:The videos provided in this application arefromyoutube.( We are just providing the way tostreamvideos.We don't claim right on any file in this application.We donothave any ownership or responsibilities regarding thevideosortheir content. All the videos provided in this applicationhasthecopyrights of their respective owners.
Randy Orton call prank 0.2
Want your friends think you aregettingcallfrom John cena whos the wrestler?Do you want to prank your friends?? Download fake call fromjohncenaand simulate fake calls from the wwe championdownload this crazy fake call Randy Orton call pranknamethewrestler and his john cena or his name is Randy Orton !RandyOrtoncall prank is a wrestling Calling Prank help you toselect acallerfrom your contacts list or enter a new contactwrestling logrocktrivia. One can also choose the time to call andset somefalsecalls for a different time wrestlers ultimate.How To Use:1-put your number and your name2.-choose your calling timeThen schedule it and wait then you will get a callWARNINGthis is not real call from john cena or randy orton oranywwechampion it’s just a prank app to hacve fun withyourfriendsThis is not a real but only an imitation of the call! Theappdoesnot bear the harm and is only for fun and draw!This app was created for entertainment purposes only anddoesnotintend for roman reigns infringe the copyrights of RandyOrtonorJohn Cena, the WWE , cena and it's not call for NikkiBellarelatedentities who are in no way affiliated with this appThis ismyown.