Top 5 Games Similar to 飛び出せ!キャッチ・ザ・トースト!

超癒し系アプリ登場!!ショボーンをつまんで、引っ張って、ぷにぷにしよう!このアプリであなたも癒されること間違いなし!?ぷにぷにでもちもちのショボーンがあなたを待っています(´・ω・`)【動作確認機種】Nexus7(2013)XperiaAAppearedapps healing super! !Squeeze the Shobon, to pull, letPunipuni!It issure that you are also healed in this app?Shobon ofglutinous ricecake is waiting for you in Punipuni ('· ω ·`)[Operationverification model]Nexus7 (2013)Xperia A
Snowing ショボーン
★ショボーン好き必見!★雪のように降り積るショボーンをただ眺めるだけのゲーム(´・ω・`)ショボーンをタップすれば消すこともできます。疲れた時や落ち込んだ時はこのアプリにおまかせ!可愛いショボーンたちが癒してくれますシャキーン!とまではいかなくても、ちょびっとだけなら元気になれるかも(´・ω・`)【おまけ】ごくまれに金色のショボーンが降ってきます。見つけたら超ラッキー!!【動作確認済機種】・XperiaA・Nexus7(2013)★Shobon like a must-see! ★Game Shobon that basks inas snow just onlylook ('· ω · `)You can also turn off if you tapthe Shobon.Leave itto this app when I fell and when I'm tired!CuteShobon whohealsShakin! Even if not to, and to be able to get wellif you arejust little bit you ('· ω · `)[Discount]Shobon A goldenraining veryrarely. Super lucky to have found! ![Operationconfirmed model]·Xperia A· Nexus7 (2013)
Foxtail(Free Cat Toy)
Cat lovers around the world looked forward to this application!Youcan play with a cat anywhere and anytime.Does your cat playwithreal toy? It is outdated!Cat play in the smart phone thesedays!This app will make it possible! Other than foxtail,thisappequipped the mode of tapping rats and Japanese old coincalled"Koban". Caution:Be careful so as not to scratch the screenwithnail[Operation verification model]Nexus7(2013)SONY Xperia A
Apple Catch
Apple and hairy caterpillar falling down from the tree.Tapforchange the moving direction and catch the apple.If you catchthehairy caterpillar, game over.