Top 12 Games Similar to Double Barrel

Clay Hunt PRO 1.9.3
Shotgun Gaming Oy
Just shooting with a shotgun is a thrilling experience. Combinethatwith rapid clay targets or maybe high flying pheasants andit’ssomething special. Thousands of shooters around the worldhavealready devoted to Clay Hunt PRO and it’s community. Uniquetouchcontrols and authentic gameplay makes it easy for you to enjoythethrill of shotgun shooting when not in the range. Clay HuntPROtakes you to hunt birds and blast clays in varyingdisciplines.Features: • Get started with the tutorial and popuptargets! •Olympic Skeet, Trap and Double Trap. • Sporting Clays -It’s likegolf with a shotgun! • Bird Hunting - Pigeons, Ducks andhighdriven pheasants! • Become a monthly cup champion by dominatingthelive events held every other day. • Choose your gun, rib,barrellength, chokes etc. to match your preference. • Unique firstpersonshooting experience. • Realistic simulation of shot stringphysicsand leads. ----- For enjoyable experience, following ormorepowerful device is required: Equivalent to Galaxy S3 (2012model),Galaxy Tab 2 (2012 model)
Shooting Day 2.0.35
Shooting Day
Shooting Day is a free and easy-to-use score tracker forsportsmenclay shooters. Track and analyze your score forcompetition andpractice clay shooting events. Contains 500+ US clayshootingclubs. Made for shooters by shooters. Captureeverythinginfluencing your sports performance. Manage yourshootingperformance having not only intuition but a powerfulanalyticaltool with a full track record of your shooting career.Share yoursuccess in clay shooting with your friends! Shooting Dayallows youto track and analyze: - your scores for competition andpracticeevents - visits to clubs and shooting grounds andstatistics foreach venue you’ve shot at - statistics for allshotguns andcartridges you use - your personal observations, notesand yourcoach comments - weather, your mood, comfort, preparednessand youroverall evaluation of an event Most popular shooting sportsaresupported: - Compak Sporting / FITASC - English Sporting -Sportrap/ Five Stand - Skeet - Trap Application does not requireInternetconnection and is ad-free.
External ballistics calculator 2.4
Precise and easy to use ballistic calculator with fast dataentryonone page and 5 configurable presets. Calculates the fallanddriftof a bullet's wind and clicks in various angles. Useformetric andimperial units. Works with G1 ballistic tables.Altitudedetectionvia GPS. Data is displayed via configurable tablewiththe requireditems, including also six columns with siteangleclicks, from 10°to 35° with 5° steps. Graph with thepossibilityto set thekill-zone. Includes a ballistic coefficientcalculator(G1),entering the initial and final speed of a givenspace. Metricandimperial units converter and an angle converter.Also includesaclick/MoA calibration calculator.
MantisX - Pistol/Rifle 5.4.04
Mantis Tech
MantisX is a revolutionary training system that helps youimproveyour shooting precision. Use of the app requires a MantisXSensorwhich can be bought here: . Itattaches toany picatinny rail (or rail adapter if your firearmdoesn't have abuilt-in rail). The internal electronics of theMantisX Sensorcollect movement data before, during, and after yourshot. The appanalyzes the data and diagnoses your shootingmechanics, providesreal-time coaching, and determines what you needto focus on toimprove most quickly. MantisX is a powerful tool thatwill makeyour training more efficient and effective.
Bullseye Battles
Hothead Games
Welcome to Bullseye Battles! Target Shooting Gun Range Fun!🎯Compete1v1 in Quick-fire Online Multiplayer Arcade TargetShootingGamesUltimate Gun Range Shooting games! Shoot fast,shootaccurate! Fastgames, Easy controls, Casual Arcade TargetShooterfun! 1v1 ONLINEMULTIPLAYER BATTLES ⚔️ Battle in Real GunShootingFun Become theKing of the Gun Range Earn points and winthe roundClimb the worldleaderboards UNLOCK WEAPONS & GUNS 🔫Chooseyour top Firearms& Hit the Bullseye Shoot SniperGuns,Pistols, Shotguns, AssaultRifles Shooting in a Gun Range hasneverfelt better Line up yourtarget and go for the kill shotUNLOCK NEWRANGES 🎯 Hit Targets atBullseye Field Be a Hunter andshoot deertarget and bear target inGrizzly Gun Park Shoot militaryenemiesin Camp Combat More gunranges coming soon MORE FEATURES 👑ExcitingDaily & Weekly EventModes Engage in free gun shootingeventsFun FPS shooting game viewTarget shooting events Tired ofarchery,hunting a dino or deer,being a sniper or assassin,killingzombies, playing golf games,hitting an 8 ball while playingpool,going for the kill shot, orplaying other FPS gun snipershootinggames? Play this fun free gunrange game and become a king.If youlove Target Shooting and ArcadeGun Range Shooting games,this isthe Casual game for you! Play theBest in Free Shooter GamesonMobile! Download Now! NOTE: ► The gamedoes not offer realmoneygambling or an opportunity to win realmoney or real prizes.Bydownloading this app you are agreeing to bebound by the termsandconditions of Terms of Use and are subject tothe PrivacyPolicy.©2020 Hothead Games
Gun Rounds 1.1.5
Gun Rounds is a game about a small, squishy person battlingtheirwaythrough swarms of enemies. A turn-based shooterwithrogueliteelements, Gun Rounds will challenge yourtactics,sharpshootingskills, and reflexes! Features: -Battle yourwaythrough 4different worlds, each populated with distinctanddangerousenemies! -Collect dozens of unique weapons ranging fromasimplepistol, to a beam of sunlight or a guillotine-Collectshinytreasures! -Visit the shop and buy upgrades and itemswithyourhard-earned money -Fight the shopkeep if you'refeelingfeistyUnlock new palettes! -A mysterious final boss... canyoureach it?
COTW Companion 1.2.4
Application offers information about species huntable in thegameand information about weapons and callers usable in thegame.Application also offers maps with hunting zones.
Silo's Airsoft Royale 1.02
How many rounds of raining BB's can you survive inthisSiloEntertainment's official airsoft mobile game? Step intoSilosshoesand send the enemies back to the spawn using themosticonicairsoft weapons! - Level up to unlock all the weapons!-Upgradeyour weapons; damage, fire rate and more! - Loot enemiestocollecthelpful equipment and gear! - Eliminate bossesinchallengingencounters! - Find keys to discover the airsoftfields!DownloadSilo's Airsoft Royale now and step into the battle!Silo'sAirsoftRoyale is a free-to-play game and it offersoptionalin-apppurchases.
Vihtavuori Reload 1.61
RightSpot Ltd
Reloading is an enjoyable and rewarding hobby that iseasilyconducted with safety. The essence of reloading safety isproperhandling and storage of primers and powders. As important isstrictfollowing of the instructions given by the manufacturers ofthereloading equipment as well as the reloading components.Attentionpaid to detail and patience ensures safety and quality.VihtavuoriReload is application to help you with reloading processas well asto keep track on your reloading recipes. You can easilymanage yourcurrent recipes as well as create new ones. Print outyour recipesby sending those to your e-mail. Create recipes to asmany weaponsand calibres you want. Everything stays in order inVihtavuoriReload. With Vihtavuori Reload you have easy access tolatestVihtavuori Reloading Data as well as other Vihtavuoriinformation.For over 90 years, Vihtavuori has been known forproducing highquality propellant with reliable ballisticperformance, longshelf-Life and wide variety selection. All of ourpowders meet thestrict requirements of both civilian and militaryneeds
Chess By Post 3.2.8
Games By Post
*** Note that there is also a free version of Chess By Postthatisad supported. This paid version does not have any in gameads***Now available for iPhones too! Tell your friends! Chess ByPostisthe only cross platform chess app that keeps track ofyourskilllevel and always matches you against players ofsimilarability toyour own. And since it is available for Android,iPhone,andWindows Phones, your can play your friends no matter whattypeofphone they have! Play correspondence chess with realpeopleonline!Challenge your friends to friendly games or playrankedmatchesagainst random opponents of similar skill levels. Playasmanysimultaneous games as you want! Use the move planner tofreelymovepieces and try out different strategies to see how thegamemightunfold. Take notes about games to remember yourstrategies.Exportfinished games to PGN format. Chat with youropponents usingthein-game message board. Improve your ranking byplaying rankedgamesagainst comparable opponents. Skill rankingupdates usingtheclassic Elo rating system to adjust your rank whenyou win orlose.A leaderboard view shows you how you compare to thetopplayers.Tap on your opponent's name to see yourall-timehead-to-headrecord against them. Facebook integration -useFacebook tochallenge your friends to a game Chess By Postisperfect forplayers of all skill levels because youropponent'sskill levelwill be adapted based on your own skill levelover time.
Dry Fire Par Time Tracker 2.11
Dry Fire Par Time Tracker is superior to other Par Timers inthatitsupports: 1. Repetition of each exercise without pressingthestartbutton 2. Retains the history of your practice sessions3.Computesstatistics of your progression over time 4. Supportsadatabase ofexercises 5. Basic (Simple) format. Enter a ParTime,Delay and thenumber of reps. Dry Fire Par Timer repeatstheexercise. 6. Advancedformat. The Advance Format allows you totunethe Par Times andDelay Times to your specific exercise. Youcanperform therepetitions at a decreasing par time, set aninitialdelaydifferently than the other delays and also randomizethedelay timesto limit anticipation of the beep. *** New in1.97:Increase thenumber of reps and you decrease the par time.Thiswill put morefocus on the faster par times. 7. Dry Firesupportsgrouping drillsinto sets. If your routine is to practicedifferentdrills eachsession, then you can group your drills andrecall theset toperform. The "Free Version" has all the features ofthepaidversion. The only difference is that the freeversiondisplaysadvertising. *********** Displayed images are ofmypersonaldatabase. These exercises and stats are notincluded.Theapplication comes with 5 installed sampleexercises.***********Remember, always make sure your firearm isunloaded andthemagazines are empty. Practice safe gun handling. DryFire ParTimeTracker is the most comprehensive dry fire trainingtool onthemarket. Enjoy the app. Email if you have issues or wouldliketosee upgrades.
Shooters Diary 1.59
Shooters diary is a tool to help a shooter to performbetter.Themain reason to use the shooters diary is for feedback,arecordthat tells you how you performed. Shooters diary providesarecordof practice and competition scores. More importantly,ithelps youanalyze your shooting so you know what you are doingrightand helpyou correct the problems. Keeping a diary is one ofthebest waysto improve target shooting scores. Anyone who isseriousabouttarget shooting uses a diary, why don’t you?Targetssupported: 10mAir Pistol 7.5m Air Pistol 10m Air Rifle25m/50mInternationalPistol 25m Sport Pistol 50ft Slow Fire B-250ftRapid/Timed FireB-3 20yd Slow Fire B-4 20yd Rapid/TimedFireB-550yd Slow Fire B-625yd Rapid/Timed Fire B-8 25yd Slow Fire B-16NRASR 200yd NRA SR300yd NRA SR 600yd 100m Rifle 200m Rifle Biathlon