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Best Magnifier
★ The Best Magnifier app allows you to enlarge and see everythingingreat detail. ★ Have you ever needed a magnifying glass andtherewas none at hand? Your problem is now solved! Netigen Toolspresentsthe brand new magnifying glass that will produce themagnified imageof everything you desire. ★ The magnified image isdetailed, but notblurry thanks to the autofocus. The app allowsyou to freeze thescreen and read comfortably without hurry. Ifneeded, you can alsouse a flashlight of your smartphone toilluminate a magnified image.What’s more, you can save thepictures you’ve taken and see themlater. It is also possible toenable the fullscreen mode to enjoyyour magnified images evenmore. Switch on the needed function byusing round buttons at theleft side of the screen. ★ The BestMagnifier is dedicated toeverybody who needs a detailed image of anobject or text.★Features: - High magnification factor- Zoom andExposure controls-Flashlight for low light situations- Freeze, saveor share images-Awesome image visibility- Really simple to use★Disclaimer:Thequality of the image is directly related with thequality of thecamera of your device. Also the functionality offeredis subjectedwith the hardware capabilities of the camera. As forexample somedevices don’t have zoom, flash or auto focus.★ If youneed anyhelp, please contact us:
Magnifier, Magnifying Glass with Flashlight
Are you tired of trying to read some labels with small fonts?Nowyou can use your android device as the perfect digitalmagnifier.There is not need to take a magnifying glass when readingsmalllabels, with this app you will see the text big andclear.Magnifier has onscreen zoom and lighting controls so you canchangeit easy, you can also use your flash as torch in order to getabetter image, or activate the negative color mode.There is alsoafreeze image functionality that will let you freeze the imagesoyou can read it comfortably. Once you freeze the image, youcansave it or share it if you want.Try this app now and stopworryingabout text you can't read!Key features:✓ High magnificationfactor✓Zoom and Exposure controls✓ Flashlight for low lightsituations✓Negative mode✓ Freeze, save or share images✓ Awesomeimagevisibility✓ Really simple to useDisclaimer:The quality of theimageis directly related with the quality of the camera of yourdevice.Also the functionality offered is subjected with thehardwarecapabilities of the camera. As for example some devicesdoesn'thave zoom, flash or auto focus.
Magnifier & Microscope [Cozy]
This app turns your phone into a functional and easy tousemagnifier.Do not carry a magnifying glass anymore. =)★ Mother'sdayRecommended Apps! - by Google Korea★ Best Apps! -byTheSmokingAndroid★ Magnifier recommended by variousmedia!*Features ⊙ Magnifier (H/W zoom, S/W zoom) ⊙ Microscope (morefineimage) ⊙ LED Flashlight ⊙ Macro Camera ⊙ Image Freezing ⊙Embeddedphoto viewer ⊙ Image filters(Negative, Sepia, Mono) ⊙WYSIWYG saves⊙ & moreDo you have to remove your glasses to reada businesscard?Do you have to carry a big magnifying glass to readthe modelnumber of a tiny semiconductor?Do you use a microscope toobservelegs of a tiny insect?Do you want to take macrophotoseasily?Fantastic solution is here!Use your smartphone as ahandymagnifying glass!Use your smartphone as a handy microscope!Useyoursmartphone as a handy macro camera!1. Magnifier - LiveH/Wmagnification. - Live S/W(x4) magnification. - Takingmagnifiedpictures. - Continuous auto focus(If possible).2. Freezingpicture- Freezing screen to see picture stably. - Useful in amoving car.- Useful to write a memo on paper.3. Microscope - Morefine picturethan Magnifying glass mode. - More zoom in.4. Zooming -Zoomingcontrol bar. - Pinching to zoom everywhere.5. PictureEffects -Support frequently used picture effects.(Negative, Sepia,Mono) 6.LED Flashlight - Flashlight ON/OFF - Volume-down button cantoggleflashlight on and off also.7. Taking pictures - Takingpictures bypressing volume-up button or touching camera icon. -Saving apicture by touching save icon. - Support WYSIWYG(What YouSee IsWhat You Get) saving in microscope mode & freezing mode.* Thequality of the magnified image is depend on your phone'scameracapabilities.* Some devices can't use some functions.* Thisis nota real microscope. ;)* I have no responsibilities for theproblemsthat caused by using this application. =)
Magnifying Glass
This app turns your phone to a great magnifier (magnifying glass).-Largest magnifying glass on the market- LED Flashlight-MacroCameraCommon Uses For Magnifier: - MedicineBottles/PrescriptionBottle Reader- Restaurant Menu Reader- SerialNumbers From Back OfDevice (TV’s, DVD, etc.)Use your smartphone asa handy magnifyingglass!The quality of the images depends of yourmobile photographiccamera lens.This is not a real magnifying glass.
Magnifier Free - Magnifying Glass - Flashlight
Magnifier Free is the Ultimate and most complete magnifierglassdigital . It also works as magnifying app with light sinceitconverts your Phone's into a Flashlight. You can now enjoyamagnifier glass for free! have you seen a better Magnifier app?GETIT! powered by TWC Software.use a magnifying Digital app andreadall those small letters, use it to read clear text and focusobjectand enlarge. you can do as well camera shooting close-upssince theMagnifier Supports Freeze option. Magnifier Digital extrafees for being a magnifier glass with flashlightFeatures:-Camerazoom, - autofocus, - LED flash - Magnifier Glass Free-ReadingGlasses - Magnifying Glass with Zoom out/in with volumeup/down-Magnify more than other apps- Magnify Zoom from 1.0X –5.0X.Useas:- Restaurant Menu Reader- Medicine Bottles/PrescriptionBottleReader- Serial Numbers readerDISCLAIMER:Image quality andzoomoptions depends on each smartphone's camera. We Recommend tousethe app with cameras higher than 8 MPTWC Software
Smart Magnifier
Smart Magnifier is in the 5th set of the Smart Toolscollection.Thisapp turns your device into a Magnifying Glass withcamera zoom,auto-focus and LED flash.When you want to magnifysmall things andtexts, [Smart Magnifier] can be the solution. Tryit now.It issimple and easy tool to use. Here are main features.-LED light-Screenshot- Screen freezing- Camera zoom & Digitalzoom (5x)-Rotating camera view- Auto-focusing (in order toactivate, tapanywhere on the screen)* Do you want moretools?download [SmartLight Pro] and [Smart Tools] package.For moreinformation, watchYouTube and visit the blog. Thank you.
Magnifer, Magnifying Glass
Simply the best magnifying glass in the Play Store.Uses yourphone'scamera to magnify text or anything else. Great for thevisuallyimpaired, for soldering small stuff or just forcuriouskids.Magnifier has onscreen zoom and lighting controls soyou canchange it easy, you can also use your flash as torch inorder toget a better image, or activate the negative colormode.There isalso a freeze image functionality that will let youfreeze theimage so you can read it comfortably. Once you freeze theimage,you can save it or share it if you want.Key features:1.Highmagnification factor2. Zoom and Exposure controls3. Flashlightforlow light situations4. Freeze, save or share images5. Awesomeimagevisibility6. Really simple to useThis all-in-one magnifyingglass,flashlight, and camera snapshot app provides everything youneed toread clearly.
Best Mirror
Don't want to carry around a mirror just to check your appearanceorput in contact lenses? Everything else is on your phone, sowhyshouldn't your mirror be too? Turn your mobile device into arealmirror! Change your personalized frames to make the view inthemirror even better. To simplify the usage of our tool and tomakecomparing your various embodiment possible.Why is thismobilemirror app better than using your phone camera?★ Simpler tousethan your phone's camera★ Freezing the view to see the imageinmore detail, there is no more need to open your gallery aftereveryphoto★ Capture images and automatically save to disk★ Zoomimage★Brightening function★ Change the resolution of the mirror★Abilityto rotate view of the mirrorWhether it’s make-up applicationortaking the best picture for the perfect Instagram selfiephoto,we’ve got you covered. Never carry around a compact mirroragain!Ifyou will have any problems, please contact
Magnifier Plus HD with Flashlight
This magnifying glass app will help you to see any small thingandto take a picture. It is very easy to use and it is for free.Itisa magnifying glass with light using the zoom and the flash ofthecamera (if they are available) and the screen zoom.The screenzoompermits the use of the Magnifier in devices with camera thatdoesnot implement zoom. In devices with zoom, it improvesitsquality.In devices supporting the LED flash of the camera inmodeTORCH, you will be able to use it as a flashlight or lanterntoilluminate the thing that you are seeing. If camera has focuswithmode "MACRO" you will be able to use it to have a highqualityimage. If it is needed, there are popup messages that informyouabout the limitations of the features of your deviceIn deviceswithzoom x8 or higher we can say this is a high definitionpocketmicroscope Please, take into account that the quality of theimageand the magnification level depend directly on thescreenresolution, the quality of the camera and its zoom becausethey arethe lens of the magnifier.The maximum zoom level depend onthedevice.There are devices that have an embedded cameraapplicationthat manages the zoom but its zoom is not available forotherapplications like this magnifier.Ultra high digital qualityusing atiny amount of memory.QUICK GUIDECONTROLS:There are 3buttons(Light, Focus and Picture) and 2 slide bars (Screen andZoom) butONLY if your device supports all the neededfeatures.LightButton:To switch on/off the flash light. If yourdevice does notsupport the mode TORCH or if it has not got flash,this button willnot be available.Focus Button:To focus. The qualitywill be betterif your device supports the MACRO mode.PictureButton:To take apicture. They will be stored in the Gallery, in theCPS_Magnifierfolder.Screen X Bar:It magnifies ONLY the screen,pictures are notaffected. It is useful in devices not supportingcamera zoom. If itis set to 1, the pictures will be exactly thescreen view. Withother values, the pictures will be more than thescreen view.Zoom XBar:It is the camera zoom. It magnifies both,screen andpictures.ASPECT RATIO DISTORTION:If images are wider ornarrowerthan the real object, please, go to Menu and select AspectRatio.Use the slide bar to calibrate it correctly.Enjoy it!
Magnifier Camera (Magnifying Glass + Camera)
Please watch the teach video to know how to use it.Magnifier+Flashlight (best lighted magnifying glass app for free)Letyourphone become a perfect smart magnifier or smartmicroscope.Handy!Easy to see small text.Open flashlight when startAPP.You can alsouse it as a simple version of the skin qualitycheck device. (Skindetector)[Quick Magnifier Camera Guideline]Whenyou start camera,the APP will set the magnifier zoom to middlevalue. You can dragzoom seek bar to let magnifier zoom in/out. (Oruse two fingers tolet magnifier zoom in/out)When you start camera,the APP will autodetect the micro focus mode. If it exist, the APPwill auto set tomicro focus mode. If it doesn't exist, the APP willset to autofocus mode.You can use the following method to changeothersettings:1. Press preview Region to focus.2. Drag red seek bartochange screen brightness.3. Drag pink seek bar 1 to changecameraexposure.4. Drag pink seek bar 2 to let magnifier zoomin/out. (Oruse two fingers to let magnifier zoom in/out on previewscreen)5.Press the flashlight button to enable flashlight. 6. Pressthepause/resume button to pause/resume preview. (freeze image)Thendouble click the freeze image to let magnifier zoom in/out. (Ortwofingers to let magnifier zoom in/out)7. [Volume Key] :Usevolume-down key to pause/resume preview. (freeze image)Usevolume-up key to do camera capture. You can change other optioninthe camera settings page.[Others]1. You also can take a pictureifyou wish.2. When focus, the focus area of the image pleaseselectthe best color change much. If you click on the region arebiasedin favor of a single color, it is not very good focus. Inaddition,the lens remains clear, wipe clean the glass will bebetter focus.And turn on the flashlight also can get a betterfocus.3. Whencamera focus, please don't let the camera's lens betoo close to anobject. It may be unable to focus. (According to thecamera's focallength will vary)【Recommended External Photo Editor】(LineCamera) now tested more compatible. They support external photo editmoreuser friendly.Or you can use system photo editor, it alsowork.(Test on Samsung Phones.)【PS】 Please like us on Facebook.Give usthe power of love.
Magnifier + Flashlight
Simply the best magnifying glass in the Play Store.Uses yourphone'scamera to magnify text or anything else. Great for thevisuallyimpaired, for soldering small stuff or just for curiouskids.Withlight mode (on devices with camera flash) capturefunction, high fpsmode, invert function for the visually impairedand many many moreoptions.Have been tested to work well on almostany Android device.
* Main Functions *- Flash Function- Zoom Slider- RotatingView-Invert Filter, Mono Filter- Taking Picture- Auto Focus- FreezeView< After freeze, You can zoom the view. >* Etc *- LinkToPicture Gallery In Option Page
Don't want to carry around a mirror justtocheck your appearance or put in contact lenses? Everything elseison your phone, so why shouldn't your mirror be too? Withmillionsof downloads, this popular app will be the last mirror appyoutry!Why is this mobile mirror app better than using yourphonecamera?✓ Simpler to use than your phone's camera✓ One-touch lighting control✓ On-screen zoom function✓ Image freezing so there is no more need to open your galleryafterevery photo!✓ Access to all captured images via app gallery✓ No hassle sharing photos or selfies through social mediaoremailWhether it’s make-up application or taking the best picture fortheperfect Instagram selfie photo, we’ve got you covered. Nevercarryaround a compact mirror again!This mirror speaks your language! The app is available inEnglish,Deutsch, Español, Français, Bahasa Indonesia, Italiano,Nederlands,Polski, Português, Türkçe, Pусский, Українська, 中文, 한국어,日本語
Magnifying Glass
Did you have to read a small print - so small that you had toguesswhat was written there? Thanks to our magnifying glass, whatyouhave so far required is a lot of effort you will see veryclearly.Our digital magnifying glass will let you read even thesmallestsign - whether it's a medicine bottle, a serial number fromadevice or a restaurant menu. Using our magnifying glass youwillfinally see everything legibly and clearly. Our magnifyingglasseswill also work well if you do not have your glasses on andyou needto read a valid, small print.Our application will turn yourphoneinto a digital magnifying glass. With the ability to turn ontheflashlight, text reading in fine print even in the dark will notbea big challenge for you. Additionally - enlarged text youcanarchive make a photo directly in our program. Built-in filtersandthe ability to "freeze" the image will allow you to readevenbetter text written in fine print.Our magnifier is also idealforthe elderly and visually impaired - they will no longer have toaskloved ones to help read a book, newspaper, orotherletter.Universal Use Magnifying Glass / Magnifying Glass:- toreadthe menu in the restaurant,- to read medicine bottles,- toreadinstructions written in fine print,- in emergency situationswhenthe lack of glassesFunctions:- High contrast mode- ZoomMagnifier1.0x - 5.0x- stop frame capability (freeze image)-illuminatedreading text- negative function- autofocus- You can takea photo ofthe enlarged image.Warning.Image quality is related tothe qualityof the camera in the device. Some phones may not havethe abilityto highlight the reading text, zoom focus. The maximumzoom leveldepends on the device and not on our software.
Pocket Magnifier with LED
Pocket Magnifier with LED light is an app that changes yourdeviceinto a magnifying glass with a flashlight.Applicationmagnifier iseasy to use, functional and have functions:- zoom x2 x3x4 x8-highlighting reading text- function view in negativecolor-autofocus- to take a pictures / screenshots ofmagnifiedimage.Magnifier is perfect for the elderly person, thevisuallyimpaired. It is excellent instead reading glasses or otheropticaldevices. It can be used at home and at work eg: forsoldering orbrowse the little things.It is a great tool for all thecuriousabout the world, in particular children.Have a good use !!!
Don't want to carry around a mirror just to check your appearanceorput in contact lenses? Everything else is on your phone/tablet,sowhy shouldn't your mirror be too? This popular app will be thelastmirror app you try!It's free app. Only show ads when you want.Justenjoy.Why is this mobile mirror app better than usingyourphone/tablet camera?✓ Simpler to use than yourphone/tablet'scamera✓ One-touch lighting control✓ On-screen zoomfunction✓ Customcolor for icons which you like✓ Image freezing sothere is no moreneed to open your gallery after every photo!✓ Nohassle sharingphotos or selfies through social media or emailWhether it’smake-up application or taking the best picture for theperfectInstagram selfie photo, we’ve got you covered. Never carryaround acompact mirror again!This can be a Makeup mirror, a Shavemirror, aMobile mirror, a Smart mirror, a Simple mirror, a Minimirror, aHand mirror, a Free mirror, a Supper mirror.The app isavailable inEnglish.*** New awesome features will be available innextversions.✓ Access to all captured images via app galleryThismirrorwill speak your language!
Magnifying Glass
Magnifying Glass is a FREE android app. Simplest tool thatanyonecan use it without training. The best app that help youmagnifysmall text. With Magnifying Glass, you will read clearlyandeasily, and never missing anything. What's more, you can zoom inorzoom out the camera by your fingers. Also smart magnifier canuseflashlight whenever you need.Features:- Simplest.- Highquality.-Zoom in or zoom out.- Flashlight.Note:We request camerapermissiononly for magnify things, no other purpose. Do notworry.If anyadvise or need help, please contact
Mirror - Light, Zoom, Selfie
Fantastic mirror app with most advanced features!This app hasalighting feature so you can see faces even in the dark and youcantake beautiful pictures with various filters.[Features]-Highquality mirror- Screen light in the dark- Selfie camera-Zoomcontrol- Live horizontal flipping- Silent shutter- Sharingpicture-Freezing screen for detail view- Photo gallery with editfunction-Free image filters (80+)- Brightness control- Timer[Tags]Mirror,Camera, Sunflower mirror, 해바라기 거울, ひまわり鏡, 葵花镜, 葵花鏡, Espejogirasol,подсолнечника зеркало, Sunflower Spiegel, Sunflower Mirror,Photo,Picture
Reading Glasses - Magnifier - Visual Aid Zoom
Reading Glasses is the Ultimate and most complete magnifierglassdigital . It also works as magnifying app with light sinceitconverts your Phone's into a Flashlight. You can now enjoyamagnifier glass for free! have you seen a better Magnifier app?GETIT! powered by Roca Software.use a magnifying Digital app andreadall those small letters, use it to read clear text and focusobjectand enlarge. you can do as well camera shooting close-upssince theMagnifier Supports Freeze option. Reading Glasses. noextra feesfor being a magnifier glass with flashlightFeatures:-Camera zoom,- autofocus, - LED flash - Magnifier Glass Free-Reading Glasses -Magnifying Glass with Zoom out/in with volumeup/down- Magnify morethan other apps- Magnify Zoom from 1.0X –5.0X.Use as:- RestaurantMenu Reader- Medicine Bottles/PrescriptionBottle Reader- SerialNumbers readerDISCLAIMER:Image quality andzoom options depends oneach smartphone's camera. We Recommend touse the app with camerashigher than 8 MPRoca Software
Magnifier - magnifying glass, reading glass
- Scaling is possible freely.- You can shoot withsilence.-Brightness and flash can be adjusted.- You can view thegallery ofthe pictures you have taken.- Requests and suggestionsplease leavea review ~* Contact
This mirror app (like any other mirrorapp...)uses your front facing camera to function as a mirror, onlythat italso offers a selfie camera, freeze frame feature and someothergreat settings.
Power Battery - Battery Saver Lite
"Power Battery - Battery Saver Lite" is a free andprofessionalapplication Battery Saver Lite, helps to save yourbattery up to2x-3x longer! Use this super simple yet powerfulBattery Saver tooptimize your battery power! This battery savingapp will beautomatically activated when your charger ispluggedin.Add-Ons:Charge Master:Monitor charging status and extendbatterylife when charging.Phone Cooler:The cool down feature worksbysystematically monitoring, managing and disablingCPU-intensiveapps in order to prevent your device fromoverheatingFeatures andBenefits of Battery Saver: - Simpleeasy-to-use interface!- Disableunnecessary apps that drain yourbattery!- Kill apps when screen isoff!- Accurate battery remainingtime!- Schedule power saving modesfor work/class/sleep and more!-Unique 3 Stage Charging System!-Wi-Fi/Data/Bluetooth toggles!-Brightness control!- Batterytemperature!- Smart charging tips!-Accurate charging timeremaining!- Save Power Shortcut which killstasks with one tap!-Cool down phone temperature from overheating
Flower Selfie Cam - pics, camera & special lenses
【Makeover with Fantastic Flower Look 】+ Just download this app,yourphone/tablet will turn into a magic mirror! + Different flowerthemeparty for each filter. Maybe there is some hiddensurprisewithin.【Fairies Vs Brides】Please choose different filters,you canbe different roles. Maybe you are a flower fairy or maybeyou are abeautiful brideWe support 5 seconds video, and it can beeasilyshared through Facebook!【Birthday Queen Vs Tea PartyQueen】Pleasechoose different filters, you can be in the differentparty.You canchoose to join a birthday party orYou can choose tojoin a flowerparty.【Take Selfies to Be The Most Beautiful Character】 There are6 the most popular beautiful character comic, you canplay withthem!Try to collect all 6 of them, and shared with yourfriends.The app works like a real mirror - when you turn your headorchange your expression, face-tracking technology makes sureyourmakeover moves with you, just like it's really on yourface!Wannahave more fun? Having problems or suggestions? We wouldlove tohear from you!
Magnifier (Flashlight, Mirror)
It made necessary to allow convenient Collect themagnifyingglass.You can make use of the following cases:1. When youlook atthe small print to read or those with poor eyesight orPresbyopiaenlarge small objects2. Using the mirror mode when youwant to fixyour makeup3. Read the fine print when you need aflashlight in adark place or modeElderly parents for essentialapplications ~!!!Required urgently need a hand mirror applicationfor women ~!!![main function]1. magnifying glass that can zoom upto eighttimes2. one trillion people to use at night and in thedark(flashlight) features3. Auto focus control4. InvertColorAdjustment function5. Pause Screen Function6. mirrors(Flontscreen) switching7. expansion in the mirror mode function(notsupport some terminals)
Clear Magnifying Glass
Clear Magnifying Glass app help you.You can see everythingifyoudon't have a good sight.if you have a book which containssmallcharacters.You can see legs of an ant using clearmagnifyingglass.You don't need a magnifying glass. Just touch onsmartphone.
Magnifying Glass Flashlight
Simply the best Magnifying glass Flashlight in the PlayStore.Useyour smartphone as a magnifying glass, microscope, orclose-upcamera.Now you can use your android device as the perfectmagnifierand flashlight. Magnifying Glass Flashlight is able to thepinchzoom function and autofocus function by touching the screenPleasepresent the Magnifying glass Flashlight app foryourparentsMagnifying Glass- Magnifier Flashlight is anusefulapplication which allows you to turn your phone into amagnifyingglass.Flashlight- Magnifying Glass Flashlight is theapplicationthat the function of the lantern in a dark place.- Withthe fasteststartup, it definitely outruns the real flashlight. -Will use yourdevice's camera flash as a torch.Strobe/Blinking Modesupported
Magnifier Plus ( Microscope )
Plus Magnifier with lighting controls is an intuitiveapplicationthat allows you to increase the spectrum of imagedisplay throughyour phone incorporating additional features liketaking a pictureto see detail images.Features :* Zoom with widerange factor .*Freeze , Save and share the image inspected.*Possess activeflashlight with lighting controls.Incorporates alarmlow batteryusage .* Offers negative effects , sepia .* Applicationsimple easyto use and multiple use .
Magnifier & Microscope+ [Cozy]
This app turns your phone into a digital magnifier. You don'tneedto carry a magnifier anymore.* Basic features ⊙ Magnification(H/W,S/W) ⊙ Microscope (more fine picture) ⊙ LED Flashlight ⊙MacroCamera ⊙ Image Freezing ⊙ Embedded photo viewer ⊙Imagefilters(Negative, Sepia, Mono) ⊙ WYSIWYG saves* Plusversionfeatures ★ Basic features ★ No Ads ★ Full screen mode ★Enhancedgallery viewer ★ Exposure control ★ Saving low definitionpicturesDo you have to remove your glasses to read a businesscard?Do youhave to carry a big magnifying glass to read the modelnumber of atiny semiconductor?Do you use a microscope to observelegs of atiny insect?Fantastic solution is here!Use your smartphoneas anice magnifier!Use your smartphone as a nice microscope!Useyoursmartphone as a nice macro camera!Magnifier & Microscope+makesyou a smart guy!1. Magnifier - Live H/W magnification. - LiveS/Wmagnification(x4). - Taking pictures. - Continuous autofocus(Ifpossible).2. Freeze shot - Freezing screen to see picturestably. -Useful in moving car. - Useful to write a memo onpaper.3.Microscope - More fine picture than magnifier mode. -Moremagnification.4. Zooming controls - Zooming control bar. -Pinchingto zoom everywhere.5. Image Effects - Support frequentlyusedpicture effects.(Negative, Sepia, Mono) 6. Flash light -Flashlight ON/OFF - Volume-down button to turn flash light on oroff.7.Taking pictures - Taking a picture by pressing volume-upbutton ortouching camera icon. - Saving a picture by touching saveicon. -Support WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get) saving inmicroscopemode & freezing mode. 8. Image Viewer - Quick imageviewing forsaved image. - Image effects.(Negative, Mono, Sepia) -Imagesharing. - Image rotation.9. Full Screen - 'Menu' buttonswitchesfull screen on & off.* Some devices can't use somefunctions.*This is not a real microscope. ;)
Magnifier Pro
This is the best magnifying glass app in the Play Store - nodoubtabout it. Try it and see for yourself!*** AD-FREE VERSION, noadsand more features! ***The app uses your phone's camera tomagnifytext or whatever comes to mind - be creative!Great for thevisuallyimpaired, for soldering small joints and SMD components,and evenfor curious kids.Features light mode, capture function,invert modefor the visually impaired and many other options.Havebeen testedto work well on almost any Android device.
Smart Light Pro
Smart Light Pro is the 5th set of Smart Tools® collection.Thisappincludes 3 light tools below.(1) Smart FlashlightHave youeverwanted a simple and handy flashlight app? [Smart Flashlight]can bethe solution.This tool has three essential modeswithoutcomplicated features.- LED light : if your phone has LED,you canturn it on as a torch.- Screen light : you can turn yourscreeninto a brilliant light source. It is enough to find your wayin thedark.- LED widget : you can create a flashlight widget onhomescreen.(2) Smart MagnifierThis tool turns your device intoaMagnifying Glass using camera zoom, auto-focus and LEDflash.Whenyou want to magnify small things and words, [SmartMagnifier] canbe the solution, too.- LED light- Screenshot- Screenfreezing-Camera zoom & Digital zoom (5x)- Rotating cameraview-Auto-focusing (to activate, tap anywhere on the screen.)(3)SmartMirrorYou can use your front camera as a mirror.When you wanttosee your face for makeup or shaving, [Smart Mirror] can bethesolution.- Screenshot- Screen freezing- Digital zoom (5x)-Expose(bright/dark) control- Effect control- Border light-Rotatingcamera viewThis app supports most android devices. If itdoes notwork properly on your device, please send* Do you want more tools? Get [SmartTools]package.For more information, watch YouTube and visit theblog.Thank you.** No internet support : You can open this appwithoutany connection. After installation, open the app 2-3 timeswithyour device connect to WI-FI or 3G/4G.
Zoom In +
Use Zoom In + to easily zoom distance objects.Free camera apptozoom in and take zoomed photos.Features of Zoom In +:-digitalcamera zoom in (up to 100x)- optical camera zoom in (maxzoomdepends on your hardware)- now your camera can take zoomedphotos!-binoculars or telescope substitute- zoom more than stockcameraappUse Volume controls or easy zoom slider on screen to zoomin orzoom out.This zoom camera app with enhanced zoom works greatasvirtual binoculars or telescope. Zoom In + allows you toseefurther than the eye.
Magnifier Premium - No Ads - Magnifying Glass
Magnifier PRO PREMIUM - NO ADS is the Ultimate and mostcompletemagnifier glass digital . It also works as magnifying appwithlight since it converts your Phone's into a Flashlight. You cannowenjoy a magnifier glass no ads! have you seen a betterMagnifierapp? i bet this is the best Magnifying Glass you'veseen!use amagnifying glass app and read all those small letters,use it toread clear text and focus object and enlarge. you can doas wellcamera shooting close-ups since the Magnifier SupportsFreezeoption. Magnifier PRO PREMIUM - NO ADS its a Ad-Freeversion.built-in flashlight included.Features:- Camera zoom, -autofocus, -LED flash - Magnifier Glass No Ads- Reading Glasses -MagnifyingGlass with Zoom out/in with volume up/down- Magnify morethan otherapps- Magnify Zoom from 1.0X – 5.0X.Use as:- RestaurantMenuReader- Medicine Bottles/Prescription Bottle Reader- SerialNumbersreaderDISCLAIMER:Image quality and zoom options depends oneachsmartphone's camera. We Recommend to use the app withcamerashigher than 8 MP
Magnifying Glass Flashlight+
★ New On Android ★ON SALE TO CELEBRATE THELAUNCH.$5.99>>>>> $2.99 BUY NOW BEFORE THE PRICEGOES UP ANDSAVE $3!The best magnifying Glass For Android. Now withbuilt-inflashlight for FREE! You can choose between 4auto-zoom(2x,3x,4x,8x).It's the smoothest magnifying glass forAndroidyou'll ever use. See screenshots and try foryourself.Doesn'tcontain any annoying ads!!!Get it now!
Magnifying Glass Flashlight
★ New On Android ★ON SALE TO CELEBRATE THE LAUNCH. FREE!BUYNOWBEFORE THE PRICE GOES UP! The best magnifying Glass ForAndroid.Now with built-in flashlight for FREE! You can choosebetween 4auto-zoom (2x,3x,4x,8x), Free version is limited to 3xzoom.It'sthe smoothest magnifying glass for Android you'll everuse. Seescreenshots and try for yourself. Doesn't contain anyannoyingads!!! Get it now!
Verre permet de prendre la commande d'une tournée dans un baloucafé.Glass, you can take control of a tour of a ball or coffee.
Quick Magnifier
Easy and quick magnifier loupe and applications.Leveragesthecharacteristics of the smartphone, while can parents useeasilyalso convenient and filial piety app!There is no complexfunctions,we recommend for those simply available.Or displays asmallcharacter to presbyopia, which is useful when you see anenlargedsmall objects.Please refer to the parents smartphone tofilialpiety phone.Magnifying glass the smartphone, microscope,please usein close-up photography camera.Features:* Big adjustmenta simplefive steps (adjust the volume button)* Nighttimeilluminationfunction* Shoot and save function* Horizontal /vertical rotationfunction* Auto-focus adjustment function* Of othershooting sounduse can be set* Battery discharge protectionfunction* Imagesoftware expansion function after shooting* Such aspart of thehardware features fresh is not available on some of theequipment.*Direct the confirmed mobile phone: Galaxy S2, GalaxyNote2, GalaxyNote4, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Optimus 2X, etc.
Glass Acoustic
Şişecam Acoustic Laminated Glass provides excellent soundinsulationin high noise environments, reduces negative effects ofnoise,creates peaceful living spaces with its superiortechnology.This appallows you to experience the performance ofŞişecam Flat Glassproducts under different noisy environments.Italso offers a uniquefeature that will let you record your ownenvironment to have anexact experience.
Magnifier Glass Free - Magnifying Glass
Magnifier Glass FREE is Simple and Easy to Use. its amagnifierglass digital and includes a magnifying glass with light.Just turnon Magnifier Glass FREE and watch small letters and more.Providingyou a Magnify with the ability to zoom in/out further. incase youforgot your glasses.Features:- Camera zoom, - autofocus, -LEDflash - Magnifier Glass- Reading Glasses - Flashlight-MagnifyingGlass with Zoom out/in with volume up/down- Magnify morethan otherapps- Magnify Zoom from 1.0X – 5.0X.Use as:- RestaurantMenuReader- Medicine Bottles/Prescription Bottle Reader- SerialNumbersreaderWith Magnifier Glass FREE You will be able to readeven thetiniest print big and clear. This all-in-one magnifyingglass,flashlight, and camera snapshot app gives all you need toreadclearly.Bottle ReaderBar codeBar code scannerViewer ofelectronicelementsIncrease of electronic parts
Compass Magnifying Glass Morse Code Flashlight
TORCHBEARER FLASHLIGHT FREEWelcome to our landing for ourCompassMagnifying Glass Morse Code Flashlight AKA Multi-ToolFlashlightAKA Torchbearer Flashlight Free (TFF)! Features include aCompass,Magnifying Glass Flashlight, Morse Code Flashlight, MusicAudioStrobe, Front Light (Phone Screen) and Flashlight! MORSE CODENOTEFOR GAMINGFor users seeking to use our application for gaming,noteour Morse Code Light Translator conforms to InternationalMorseCode standards and specifications, and does not use AmericanMorseCode for Morse Code Light purposes. Numbers, Letters andSymbolsmay vary for such usage. SUMMARY OF FEATURESTFF is afull-fledged,fully functional light-based application, useful as afunmulti-tool flashlight. It has a Compass, Flashlight, MagnifierwithFlashlight capability and Picture-taking capacity, MusicAudioStrobe for the Front Light (Phone Screen) and with the PhoneLED,Strobe Light, Color Strobe for the Screen / Front Light, MorseCodeTransmitter for the Screen/ Front-Light and a Light-BasedMorseCode Reader/Receiver/Translator and a Light-Based MorseCodeSender/Transmitter. It is also includes an Offline Mode, foruseoutside of cell service areas and the like. FEATUREASPECTSCOMPASSTFF is capable as a compass, both as a magneticcompass andas a GPS compass heading. Notably, for the magneticcompass, themobile device must have a corresponding magnetometer tofunctioneffectively. There are also possible adjustments formagneticdeclination and the like. The GPS functionality must haveGPSactive to function. The compass may be active at the same timeasthe Flashlight, providing functionality as a CompassFlashlight.MAGNIFIER / MAGNIFYING GLASSTFF is capable as amagnifier, akin toa magnifying glass, with picture-taking capacity.The flashlight isalso available with the Magnifier, yieldingfunctionality as aMagnifying Glass Flashlight. STROBE LIGHT | |FRONT LIGHTTFF iscapable as a strobe light, making it a StrobeFlashlight. Adjustthe stroboscopic rate on the fly, for fun andentertainment. TFF isalso capable as a front light, both for staticand strobe effect!You may also use the Front Light as a Morse CodeTransmitter! AUDIO| EXTERNAL MUSIC VISUALIZER STROBETFF is capableas an audio andmusic strobe utilizing the Camera LED, as well asthe Front Light(phone screen). This feature is compatible with allexternal sound,including for music, providing Music StrobeFlashlightfunctionality with all external audio. FLASHLIGHT |TORCHTFF iscapable as a very bright flashlight. MORSE CODELIGHT-BASED READER| TRANSMITTERTFF can both send / transmit &receive Morse codevia light! TFF has been successfully tested up toa mile, althoughpast a mile may require reflective amplification.With TFF as asender and receiver on a pair of end-to-end devices,it is notnecessary to know Morse Code in order to send and receiveMorsecode via light. TFF acts as a translator, translating text toMorseCode with the sender, and translating from Morse Code to textwiththe receiver. Thus, users can translate from Morse using TFF asaMorse Code Reader with the receiver capability, and translatetoMorse using TFF as a Morse Code light transmitter. The MorseCodeLight Reader may require extensive calibration foroptionalreception. It is also very intensive, especially forolderdevices.Also included are help files for the Morse CodeLightTranslator, both for the Morse Code Light Transmitter, andtheMorse Code Light Receiver, which are useful for understandinghowto calibrate and configure camera settings. OFFLINEMODETFFincludes a mode for operating offline! This mode is veryuseful foroperating outside of cell service range, or especiallyduringperiods of intermittent connectivity. LANGUAGESPresently TFFisavailable in English.
light magnifier
light magnifier application is the easiest way to reapairyourlittle object,this app provide you with handy extra zoom.Note :youcan make your own bracket to maintain the phone magnifieroptions*Photo Camera* Zoom scroll* Flashlight* autofocusenjoy !
Binoculars Macro Shooting 30x Zoom
Super digital binocular and magnifier application is the bestforeasily super zooming (30X zoom), with it`s handy zoom in andzoomout scroller.It is too easy to see the great photos inlittleappearance and vice-versa. There is no need to carry abigbinocular with you. There can be no doubt, It is an excellentappand be ready to use it.You can as well use it for macroshooting•Manual and automatic focus mode• 30x zoom• Front, rearcamera• Ledlight• Built In library• Photo video slider• E-mailphoto videoshare• Facebook photo video share• Twitter photo videoshare•Dropbox photo video share
Microscope Realistic
This app turns your phone to a great simulatedmicroscope.Features:- Interchangeable oculars (x5, x10 and x20)-Focusing- LEDFlashlight- Macro cameraCommon use for microscope: -Little animalsobservation (fly, spider, cockroach, worm, bee ,beetle, ant, ...)- Medicine bottles and prescription- Serialnumbers from back ofdevice (TV’s, DVD, etc.)Use your smartphone asa handymicroscope!The quality of the images depends of yourmobilephotographic camera lens.This is not a real microscope.
Military Binoculars/Night Mode/Compass Camera
Super digital binocular and magnifier app is the best foreasilysuper zooming (35X zoom), with it`s handy zoom in and zoomoutscroller. It is too easy to see the great photos inlittleappearance and vice-versa. There is no need to carry abigbinocular with you. There can be no doubt, It is an excellentappand be ready to use it.You can as well use it for macroshooting.•Photo Camera• Front and rear camera• Video recording•Zoom scroll•Flashlight• Manual focus and continuous autofocus•White balanceselector• Compass***NOTE for video recording requiresAndroidversion 4.3 and up***Recommended for cameras higher than8Megapixels
Stylish Sunglass Photo Montage
This is a amazing and fantastic app lets you see yourself inthebest"STYLISH SUNGLASSES PHOTO MONTAGE "for free.It is one ofthebest Sunglasses and Eyeglasses photo editor free fun appforAndroid is here to help you find the best Glasses photos foraspecial occasion.It is one of the best huge gallery withgreatvariety of top world new trends StylishSunglasses,StylishEyeglasses and many more Sunglasses of allshapes, sizes and colorsaccording to your requirement to give yourphotos new,bold, andfunny look for your best face photos . It is avery nicephotography fun app for Girls,Boys,Man and Woman. JustDownloadthis Photo editor App and apply will give you the new lookyou wantin just few movement. Category :1.StylishSunglasses.2.StylishEyeglasses.3.Vintage Sunglasses.4.ModernSunglasses.5.PartySunglasses. 6.Funny Sunglasses.7.CrazySunglasses.8.Glamour Sunglasses.9.Small Sunglasses.10.BigSunglasses and many moreSunglasses of all shapes, sizes andcolors/colours.Follow thelatest trends without spending any money!This best free facechanger "STYLISH SUNGLASSES PHOTO MONTAGE " isfull of surprise.Have you ever imagined that photo editing can beso exciting andfun? This photo booth with cool stickers and photoeffects is theright choice for you if you are looking for an easybutentertaining photo editor. You are given a unique chance toeditpictures like to create selfies like those in famousfashionmagazines.Feature:• All photos are in high quality (HD)pictureSunglasses frame; make your photo look real and nice.•Select yourphoto from camera and gallery.• Provide huge collectionofSunglasses with different shape,size and color/colour.•Selectother Sunglasses stickers which you want to add to thephoto.• Alsoprovide advance editing tool.• Give different photoeffect.• Saveyour SD card or device.• Share your photo selfie/dp onsocial media& friends and family members.• Very simple easytouse.Absolutely free to use.
Optics Physics
This application for optics is a pocket dictionary of allopticalcharacteristics and its analysis with formulas to findvariousparameters. This helps learner’s to study Reflection, Lawsofreflection, Spherical Mirrors, Formation of image by asphericalmirror, Relation between focal length and radius ofcurvature, Lawof distances-Mirror Equation, Magnification, Linearmagnification,Refraction of light, Laws of refraction, Totalinternal reflection,Critical angle, Applications of total internalreflection, Lenses,Optic Centre, Principal Focus, Focal length,Focal Plane, Imageformation, Images formed by a convex lens, Imageformed by aconcave lens, Refraction at a Spherical Surface, ThinLens Formulaand Lens maker’s Formula, Law of distances, LinearMagnification,Power of a lens, Lens Combinations, Combination oftwo thin lensesin Contact, Combination of two thin lenses out ofContact,Scattering of light, Rayleigh scattering law, Ramanscattering,Optical instruments, Microscopes, Simple Microscope,CompoundMicroscope, Telescopes, Refracting Telescope, ResolvingPower, Waveoptics, Wave motion, Wavelength and Phase of vibration,Wave front,Huygens’ Principle, Reflection of a plane wave front ata planesurface, Interference of light, Principle of superpositionofwaves, Condition for sustained interference, Young’s doubleslitexperiment, Expression for bandwidth, Band width (β), Conditiontoproduce good interference bands, Colours of thin films, FresnelandFraunhofer diffraction, Diffraction due to a singleslit,Polarisation, Polariser and Analyser, Polaroids, andBrewster’slaw. Let’s begin to learn optics.
DankLens - Custom Lenses for Snapchat
Disclaimer: This app is not sponsoredorendorsed by, or affiliated with Snapchat nor Snap Inc.Create memes on the spot, a must-have for every edgymemelord.This app lets you:- Save your favorite lenses in a snap!- Activate any lens quick and easy- See which lenses are popular- Share your favorite Snapchat Lenses with your friends- Search for particular lenses- Submit new lensesSince Snapchat released Lens Studio, the community has beenmakingthousands of funny and creative custom lenses for Snapchat.Withthis app, you will never be missing out on the dankest lenses.Snapa pic with your favorite lens!Lenses available in this app range from 'dank 420 blaze it, bushdidilluminati' memes to carefully crafted 3D models.Thank you for downloading! You know da wae, my bruddahAnd thank you Snapchat for letting the community createtheselenses!*** NOTE: This app requires you to have Snapchat installed onyourdevice! ***
Mirror Photo - 3D MirrorPic Editor & Collage Maker
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Mirror Photo – 3D MirrorPic Editor & Collage Maker ♦ ♦♦♦“Mirror Photo Editor + 3D MirrorPic + Collage Maker” hasmultiplephoto editing & photo collage making features withunique mirrorphoto frames. Choose photo from gallery and mirrorapp will displaydifferent frames with mirror effect. Reflectioneffect will make theselected photo into mirror effect to lookslike twins. Also haveoptions to add mirror effect with 3D mirrorphoto effect using 3dmirror shape so it's give both options photomirror effect with 2dand 3d effects. You can create photo collageframe with differentstyles using photo collage creator. Photocollage maker and editorwith cool filters are also available hereto make cool photo frameslike fotolr. In Miror photo & 3DMirrorPic you can find multiplefeatures like Mirror Photo Editor,3D Mirror Photo Effect &Photo Collage Creator. Let's have lookin detail about all featuresof photo editing. 1] Mirror PhotoEffect / 3D Mirror Effect100+different photo mirror effect with 2dand 3d effects includingreflection like left-right, up-down, 2*2repetition and many more.3D photo Mirror Effects is an awesomephoto mirror reflection proapp which will let you select yourphoto & apply differentstyles of shapes with 3D effects onmirror. Create a mirror photoeffect in seconds with oureasy-to-use mirror photo maker. You cancreate your photo withmirror effect in just 1 minutes. This ismirror photo editor best2017 app with various range of new mirrorphoto effects. Mirrorphoto reflection collage art with photocollage maker and editorwith cool filters. You can apply awesomefilters after creatingmirror photo collage. It's also supportmirror photo glassreflection, mirror reflection photo editor &foto montage - piccollage maker & photo grid frame. 3D MirrorPhoto Effectcontains various range of different shape like heart,star, round,triangle and many more. 2] Photo Collage Creator /CollageMakerMirror Photo is also allows make your photo collageframe. Youcan select your multiple pics from gallery and make photocollageusing our wide variety of grid layouts & cards orjustfreestyle and create a photo collage on your own. Further youcanadd foto montage - pic collage maker & photo grid framesonyour created photo grid. So we think that this pic collage -theperfect photo editor for you. 3] Cool Photo Filters &PhotoEditor After makes your photo with photo collage maker or 3Dmirroreffect you can apply some cool photo color filters on yourphoto tomake them more effective. So add collage frames, filters&textures on your photo easily. 4] Creative Options Customizethophoto borders, backgrounds, photo grid, add photo frames andmorewith our editor. You can also use our ready-made phototemplatesfor creative ideas of photo editing. Anytime you canfreelydownload new frames, backgrounds, patterns from our server.5]Funny Stickers & TextAdd some cool and funny stickers onyouredited photo to make your photo more expressive. There iswiderange of free stickers library available & you canalsodownload new stickers from server at free of cost. Further youcanalso write on your edited photo with customizable font,colors,size etc. In short this is the one place solution app forMirrorPhoto Effect, 3D Mirror Photo Effect, Photo Collage Creator&Grid Maker, Photo Editor with lot's of photo editingfeatures.Download Mirror Photo - 3D MirrorPic Editor & CollageMaker andmake awesome photo frames freely. We are welcome you towrite usyour feedback or contact us on any
Magnifying Glasses Pro - Magnifier with Flashlight
Magnifying Glass Pro could transform your Phone into a fullscreenmagnifier with flashlight! You can choose between 4auto-zoommagnifications (2x,3x,4x,8x) and can pinch to zoom in/outmanually(1x to 32x).You do all these showing as bellow with thismagnifyingglass:1. You could read newspapers in bed with noglasses2. Youcould check the details of your medicine bottle3. Youcould readmenu in a dark light restaurant4. You could readanythinganywhere!FEATURES: - High magnifying power: from 1x to 32x-PhotoCapture: save magnified photo to phone album for future use.-Pinchto Zoom In/Out- LED flashlight to use in dark place orduringnight- No Annoying ads!- Take photos with this magnifierIt'sthebest magnifying glass for android phone and pad you'll everuse.Get Magnifying Glass Pro NOW! And You will love this magnifier!
Echo Magic Mirror Effect
Add Echo Magic Mirror Effect to pictures Multiple mirror,crazymirror, clone mirror. Add clone yourself with multiplemirroreffects, let try new echo mirror magic effect app. This apphas 22different types of mirror magic effects. Make echo imageyourselfto your image, make slow motion of your photo. Createamazingmirror effects with clone effects, mirror image effects,multipleeffects and more. Change your background as you like, wehave morethan 40 HD backgrounds available. Add sticker, add text,chooseyour own background,...Amazing mirror effects app which willletyou select your photo, cut out your body, apply variousmirrormagic (Echo), choose your love background, add sticker,addtext.Try Echo Magic Mirror Effect to see you in Twin Effects,Slowmotion effects and so many other magics effects.Mirroreffectsfeatures:- 22 different types mirror effects- Easy cut outyourbody - More than 40 HD background available- Add sticker- Addtext-Sharing available How to use this app, very easy1. Selectphotofrom your gallery2. Crop for making your effects efficient3.Cutout your body with eraser tool available4. Choose your lovemirroreffects, choose background you like5. Add sticker, add text6.Saveyour mirror magic7. See your creation and share toeveryoneThanksyou!