Top 2 Games Similar to HammerMan

Nick Shooter Reloaded 3D 1.1.1
Zazzy Games
The Streets are fully packed with enemies. Don't worry Nickshooteris here. He will straighten them out with his snipersandshotguns.Nick Shooter Reloaded 3D presents a fast paced shoot emupstyle game with a lot of action to enjoy.The game environment isacomplete destructible city with loads of roof mounted guns andoiltanks and many many more weapons and vehicles to enjoy. Thegamemainly focuses on endless destruction and mayhem. The lootdropsare more than enough to always keep you filled with all theweaponsand ammunition you need to destroy anything that comes inyourpath. The game offers multiple levels with increased difficultyanda number of boss fights to enjoy. The game also offers manylandand air vehicles to enjoy and use while causing mayhem inthecity.Don't forget to check out the shop which is filledwithawesome gadgets which can assist you even further indestroyingeverything in your path. Blow up cars, take down jets,killthousands of bad guys, be the crazy nick shooter.
Defend the Picnic Squash Bugs 1.34
Isn't a nice day for a picnic?But the critters and bugs keepcomingto take your food? Squash these bugs with your finger using11unique weapons and defend your picnic. Tap many differentcrittersin this game, such as ants, bugs, frogs, snakes, snails andmanymore. Squash them with your finger using different weaponstoprotect your food, such as, hammers, swords, magnifiers, gunsandeven a fire extinguisher, among others. Each weapon has adifferentbehavior and can be upgraded using money from the deadcritters, besure to pay a visit to the shop.Besides the weapons,also protectyour picnic by bringing gadgets, clocks that slow time;glue thatstop the bugs; or even a robot to help you collect allmoneydropped by the critters. Transform your picnic in a warzoneagainstthese critters. Squash bugs in 30 challenging levels and4environments: grass, sand, snow and forest.At the end ofeachenvironment, defend your picnic and food against a powerfulboss.Use all your weapons to deal with the bugs and have ahappypicnic.The game has nice cartoon graphics and animations.Squashand tap these bugs away right now, the game iscompletelyfree!Remember, they are powerful and they want yourfood!MAINFEATURES:- 30 challenging levels.- Kill bugs to collectgold.- Morethan 15 kind of unique critters and bugs to squash.- 11uniqueweapons.- 6 types of gadgets to help in your battle.- Collectmoneyby killing the bugs to buy weapons and gadgets.WEAPONS:- Hand-squash those bugs- Hammer - squash even more!- Katana - Tapandslide your finger! Be like a ninja, cut the critters- Magnifier-hold your finger to burn!!- Fire extinguisher - freeze!!-poisonspray - kill the bugs slowly- Gun - fast and deadly- bow andarrow- tap and aim to shoot like a mongol warrior!- laser gun -builtwith alien technology- bomb - time your bombs precisely-plasma gun- the bugs will never know what hit them. -> To buy orupgradethe weapons, pay a visit to the shop.If you are into allthosesmash ants and bugs games, them you will love this game.DefendthePicnic Squash Bugs - Bug Squash Tap for Kids is a fun and easybugsquash game. The cartoon graphics are very pleasant, speciallyforkids, girls and boys.Also compatible with tablets.