Top 2 Games Similar to Alec's survival

OVIVO - Black and White Platformer Game 1.0.3
Alexandr Vilassak
OVIVO is a mesmerizing platformer with unusualmechanicswhereeverything is as simple as black and white. It isametaphoricalgame filled with illusions and hidden messages. Intheworld ofOVIVO, Black and White exist in harmony. Byconstantlyintertwiningand replacing each other, they maintainbalance. Themain characternamed OVO was born of these two halvesand has theability toswitch between them. OVO travels through themetaphoricalworld,overcoming dangers and collecting mysterioussymbols. Thesesymbolswill help you unravel the story of this world,but howyouinterpret it is completely up to you. Features: ■Flowmechanics.In white, gravity points downward, inblack—upward.Becausemomentum is preserved when transitioning fromone color toanother,OVO can float along their border as if beingcarried by aflow. ■Fascinating art. The allegorical world of OVIVOis full ofhiddenimages and optical illusions. ■ Design withoutwords. Thereisalmost no text in the game and the story is toldthroughgameplayand visuals. ■ Meditative ambient soundtrackbyBrokenkites. ■ Playoffline. ■ The game has received manyawards,including the BestGame of Imagine Cup 2015.
Zero Rock Entertainment
** INDIE STREAM FES 2015 Best of Narrative Award ** **FamitsuGoldDendo Award ** Have you ever looked into a mirrorcarefully?How doyou know whether the person looking at you from theotherside isyourself or someone else inside the mirror? You haveadaughter.She is unfortunately infected by a zombie virus. Theonlyway tosave your daughter is to visit the laboratory in thefutureandsteal the medicine that is expected to be made byyourcolleagues.But the future research team is hiding in the mazeusingmirrors.They decorated the maze using features of a mirror ineachlevel.Features - Inventive puzzle platformer that allowsplayers tobreakthe map, by mirroring sections of the level, andrearrangingit onthe fly - Unique puzzles using the features of amirrorsandvarious mechanics - 61 levels in 5 different worlds,3hiddenstages and collectable bonus items - 17 Achievements-Narrativesof time-travel paradoxes and another world in themirrorwith 2different endings - Deep sad story andhauntinglybeautifulsoundtrack - Stunning retro pixel art styleReviews "Unabonitasorpresa que además llega a un precio más quereducido. Solohayque probar Retsnom para saber que es diferente ymerece lapena..."8/10 – IGN Spain "RETSNOM est une perle sombre quinousarrivedroit d'Orient. Ne vous laissez pas tromper par sonaspect"encoreun autre platformer indépendant pixelisé". Ilestriche,intéressant, exigeant, et en plus n'est pas très cher,quedemanderde plus ?" 9/10 – OGaming TV "RETSNOM is a brilliantpuzzlegamethat will have you thinking hard about what to do next."8/10–GameSkinny .