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Cube Square Pop:Funny Game
"Cube Square Pop is probably one of the most fun games onthePlaystore!Blast the squares in this colorful puzzleadventure!Matchtwo or more blocks of the same color to crush.In thelimited numberof steps,Get a high score and then pass theclearanceMatch 5 or 6squares to get a rocket.Match 7 or 8 squaresto get a bomb.Match 9squares to earn a color wheel....Special propswill help you beatthe challenges.FeaturesPlenty of levels filledwith thrilling andchallenges.Cool items and toys!Colorful andlively designs.Free toplay and totally addictive!Easy to learn butcan be hard tomasterDownload for free to your android device andexperience hoursof endless fun and entertainment.
3D Photo Cube Live Wallpaper
3D Photo Cube Live WallpaperWould you like your pictures tobeappearing in the beautiful cube frame as wallpaper? Thesefantasycubes are ideal for you to frame. Using this app you canmakephotos more beautiful by set as wallpaper by applying cube live wallpaperphoto cube settingsphoto cubesettingslive wallpapersphoto cube lite settingsphoto cube litelivewallpaperphoto cube lite settingsphoto cube wallpaperphotocubelive wallpaperphoto cube litephoto cube lite live wallpaperfullversionphoto cube live wallpaper updates3d livewallpaper3dwallpaper3d photo cube wallpaper3d photo cube livewallpaper3dphoto cube live wallpaper free3d cube photo livewallpaperfamilyphoto cube live wallpapermy photo 3d cube livewallpapermy photo 3dhd live wallpapersmy photo 3d wallpapermy photo3d live wallpapermyphoto live wallpaper 3dcube 3d photo livewallpaper hd withbackgrounds3d wallpaper live free that moved withmy photo3d myphoto live wallpaper3d my name live photo andwallpaperPhoto CubeEffects provides the attractive cube livewallpaper.You set photoin the cube and also give your photo todifferent effect.Cube havesix side and each side you set differentphotos from gallery . Youselect side and different side to setdifferent photos. You setthis cube as a live wallpaperThis coolLive Wallpaper features arotating 3d photo cube showing picturesand photos from yourgallery.This version now has new extrafunctionality showcasingfeatures like. Change the picture, try outthe Photo Cube .In thisversion cube show different pictures on eachside, and change thesize, position and rotation of the photo cube.It also allowssaving multiple cubes, changing the background andnumber offloating panels, adds many special effects.Once installed,on thehome screen choose Menu->Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers,thenselect Photo cobe Frame Live Wallpaper from the list shown.Clickon the different menu to change options on your photo cube, orusethe convenient Photo cube .Enjoy the Photo Cube!Usingthisapplication you set your family’s photo cube frame on yourdevicehome screen by crop your family’s photo with shape likesquare.Youselect your photo from gallery and make your Photo Cubeedit withcropping square shape, also you set different movementcube effectlike move left to right, right to left, up-down, side byside ormore.Also you share this photo cube creation with yourfriends orfamilies through social app.Photo Cube Live Wallpaperprovides thedifferent cube live wallpaper.You set your own photo inthe cubeand also give your photo to different effect.Also youselect sideand different side to set different photos.Share thiswallpaperwith your friends or families through social app.Photosflyingacross your screen, cubes with pictures from phone gallery(cameraand others) and pictures from Picasa web collection. Thislivewallpaper is completely free and have small amount of ads.It isalive wallpaper, so it should be set up by going to menu(touchscreen for long time), then select "Wallpaper", then select"LiveWallpapers", then find "Photo Cube Live Wallpaper" and selectit,when touch "Set wallpaper".#1 Photo Cube live Wallpaper apponAndroid Market over, is your new favorite appHD qualityhoardingframes.Set cube frame as wallpaper.Hoarding Photo CubeisAbsolutely free to try, give us your feedback.Thisapplicationallows you to Apply beautiful crafted frames toyourphotos.Decorate your photos with this incredible app , chooseaphoto from the gallery, High quality & bestresolutionbackground for your smartphones.Simply choose the imagesfromgallery and change the background and easily create a originalworkof art.Create square collages for your appYou can also enhanceandcrop your image.This app is completely free. So downloadandenhance your creativity by setting live wallpaper.
Cube Square Pop: Best Game
"Cube Square Pop is probably one of the most fun games onthePlaystore!Blast the squares in this colorful puzzleadventure!Matchtwo or more blocks of the same color to crush.In thelimited numberof steps,Get a high score and then pass theclearanceMatch 5 or 6squares to get a rocket.Match 7 or 8 squaresto get a bomb.Match 9squares to earn a color wheel....Special propswill help you beatthe challenges.FeaturesPlenty of levels filledwith thrilling andchallenges.Cool items and toys!Colorful andlively designs.Free toplay and totally addictive!Easy to learn butcan be hard tomasterDownload for free to your android device andexperience hoursof endless fun and entertainment."Cube Square Popis probably oneof the most fun games on the Playstore!Blast thesquares in thiscolorful puzzle adventure!Match two or more blocksof the samecolor to crush.In the limited number of steps, Get ahigh score andthen pass the clearanceMatch 5 or 6 squares to get arocket.Match 7or 8 squares to get a bomb.Match 9 squares to earn acolor wheel....Special props will help you beat thechallenges.FeaturesPlentyof levels filled with thrilling andchallenges.Cool items andtoys!Colorful and lively designs.Free toplay and totallyaddictive!Easy to learn but can be hard tomasterDownload for freeto your android device and experience hoursof endless fun andentertainment.
3D Cube PhotoFramePhotoEditor
3D Cube photo frame photo editor:♦ 3D Cube photo frame photoeditoris a simple and easy to use app, just select frame andpicture andget a whole new 3D Picture. You can also create 1 to 12images 3Dcube collage.♦ This 3D Cube photo frame photo editorsupports awide variety of collage layouts. Use these collagelayouts tocreate some impeccable pic collages. ♦ Edit your photoinstantlywith this Awesome powerful 3D Cube photo frame photoeditor, whichis one of the best photo editing tool in android. Getthe bestphotography art in your photos with large number of amazingphotoeffects.♦ 3D Cube photo frame photo editor is good app toattractyour friends by making beautiful lovable photo 3D cube. 3DCubephoto frame photo editor is a simple and easy-to-use app,justselect the frame and picture and get a whole new 3D Picture♦Wantto make 3D cube photo frames and memorable by making latest 3Dcubephoto frames photo editor maker. Would you like your picturesto beappearing in the beautiful cube frame as wallpaper? Decoratesyourpictures with these 3D Cube photo frame photo editor.■■■■How touse■■■■♦ Select your photo from gallery or capture fromcamera.♦Choose 3D effect which you want to apply on your image.♦Use flipoption to set your image properly to the frame.♦ Apply overfromlot of Effects♦ Use fingers to scale and rotate your photo.♦Shareyour master piece with your friends by using social media.♦Setyour 3D output as your phone wallpaper.
Line Drawing Physic – Drop Logic Puzzle
A draw me physics game. Draw colorful lines & let the cubedropinto the cup. This casual line puzzler requires excellentprecisionand prediction of the movements of the cute cube. You candraw theline in any direction, however, the ultimate goal is to getthecrazy cube into the basket. Sounds EASY? Believe us it isnot!Especially in the later levels where you need to drawlonglines.💡THE ULTIMATE BRAIN TRAININGDo you enjoy brain games?Want toplay a unique line physic game? If you do, you shoulddefinitelytry Line Drawing Physic Drop game now. This is ultimateline physicgame for everyone! Draw line and make the cube drop intothe cup.It is a very exciting cube drop puzzle brain game thatchallengesyou to draw line accurately because the cube dropsaccording to thelaw of physic. This custom cube puzzle will reallytest yoursenses, creativity, logic andstrategy!▫️ORIGINALLYCHALLENGINGThere are various brain games outthere, but to find atrue challenging game is not easy. We keepinnovating and creatingunique games that will sharpen your brainand let you have fun atthe same time. This time, we come up with aunique line physic gameunlike any others. You’ll see, you’ll lovethe unique challenge.The puzzle drawing gameplay practicallycreates custom physicspuzzles every time you start a new game.✍️HOWGOOD ARE YOU AT LOGICDRAWING? This is the most interesting drawingyou will ever do! Itrequires not only good drawing and precision,but also smart andlogic drawing. The lines need to be smartly usedand put togetherto create precise movement of the cube for bestresults.👆BESTFEATURES OF LINE DRAWING PHYSIC DROP• Simple rule:draw line (andsometimes colorful lines) to guide the movement ofthe cube• Makethe cube drop into the cup• 45 challenging levels ofphysicspuzzles• Falling gameplay• Realistic movement that followthe lawof physics• Unique logic drawing challenge• Ability tounlock nextlevel even before you’ve finished the last level. •Hours ofaddictive and exciting custom puzzle gaming. ⁉️HOW TO PLAYLINEDRAWING PHYSIC DROP GAME?1. Touch and draw to draw colorfullinesto guide the cube to drop into the bowl, bypassing as manystars aspossible.2. The length of the lines and the types of linesyou candraw are different for each level. 3. Each linerepresentsdifferent types of movement:- Red means the cube willmove upward-Green means the cube will bounce on top of it- Blackmeans the cubewill slide down4. Touch Play button to start movingthe cube.5. Ifyou’ve made a mistake, touch the Replay button toreplay thelevel.-------------------------------------So, draw menow! Showthat your mind can think and draw precisely at the sametime.Playour drawing line physic game, have fun, and sharpen yourbrain inthis thrilling brain game challenge!---Do you enjoy playingourline physic game? Show us love and support as muchaspossible.Thank you!
3D Photo Cube Live Wallpaper - 3D Photo Cube
3D Photo Cube Live Wallpaper3D Photo Cube live wallpaperprovidesthe different 3D cube live wallpaper and photo cube livewallpaper.This application allowed you to set different pictures oneach sideof cube from gallery, add different effects.Feature of 3DPhotoCube live wallpaper:- It's Totally FREE & Very Easy touse!!-Choose a background image of your choice from 25+inbuiltbackgrounds!- Select different photo from your gallery albumandset it to different side of cube.- Change live wallpaperbackgroundeasily. we give you cool 3d background for your livewallpaper.-Arrange Speed, rotation and touch all by in settings.-Set livewallpaper and enjoy.- My Photo Cube Live Wallpaper.- MyImage CubeLive Wallpaper.- Photo Cube Live Wallpaper.- 3D CubeLiveWallpaper.- Family Photo Cube Live Wallpaper.- 3D My Name CubeLiveWallpaper.Thanks for using this app, leave us your feedback andwewill consider them for future updates!Thank You
3D Photo Cube Live Wallpaper
3D Photo Cube Live Wallpaper provides the different photo cubelivewallpaper. You set your own photo in the cube and also giveyourphoto to different effect.This 3D My Photo Cube livewallpaperfeatures a rotating 3d cube showing pictures and photosfrom yourgallery.Photo Cube live wallpaper provides the different3D cubelive wallpaper. 3D Cube live wallpaper have six side andeach sideyou set different photos from gallery. You set this toyour homescreen and give your screen to totally different look. Youselectside and different side to set different photos. You removethis 3dcube live wallpaper to long press on those settings. SomeCoolFeature of 3D Photo Cube LWP :::* Select different photo fromyourgallery album and set it to different side of cube.* Changelivewallpaper background easily. we give you cool 3d backgroundforyour live wallpaper.* Arrange Speed, rotation and touch all byinsettings.* Set live wallpaper and enjoy.Please email us ifyourdevice is not supported, we will try our best to support it.ifyoulove this 3D Photo Cube LWP Photo Collage Maker application,pleaserate us and comment to encourage developers.If you like this3DPhoto Cube LWP Photo Collage Maker app then share with yourfriendsand family member.
3D Cube Photo Live Wallpaper, 3d Cube Background
3D Cube Photo live wallpaper 3D Cube live wallpaper givesthedistinctive 3D cube live wallpaper. This application enabled youtoset diverse pictures on each side of cube from exhibition,includedistinctive impacts and edges. You can likewise changesize,position and pivot of photograph cube. You set this cube aslivewallpaper like pivot, move, stand or more. You can setvariouscubes. You can even build/diminish the speed of pivotingcube. Youset this to your home screen and give your screen toabsolutelysurprising look. Likewise share this wallpaper with yourcompanionsor family through social application.3D Photo Cube livewallpaperfeatures a rotating 3d cube showing pictures and photosfrom yourgallery.You select side and different side to setdifferent photos.You remove this 3d cube live wallpaper to longpress on thosesettings. You set this to your home screen and giveyour screen tototally different look.3D Cube live wallpaperprovides thedifferent 3D cube live wallpaper. This applicationallowed you toset different pictures on each side of cube fromgallery, adddifferent effects and frames. Features of this apps:- -3D effectto select from.- Different types of HD background or youcan setyour photo as a background image. - You can select singlephoto foreach side of cube.- Easy crop Activity to set particularpart ofyour photo on 3d cube - Enjoy touching the screenanimateddecorating your screen.- HD high-quality Beautiful Livewallpaper.-Completely free.- Perfect for your background.- Set livewallpaperas your phone background wallpaper.- Share with yourfriends onsocial media. You can also use your photo as backgroundphoto.Select set as wallpaper button to set 3D cube live wallpaperasyour phone background wallpaper.You can share with your friendandalso save this wallpaper in your storage device.Rate us andgiveyour valuable comment for this awesome 3D Cube 3d backgroundtocreate more cool apps like this.If you like this 3D Cube3dbackground then share with your friends and family member.
Cube Game
a rubiks cube type of 3D puzzle. -small and fast-Lowpowerusage.-Rotatable along any axis(2 fingers forviewAxis).-Diffrentsizes, from 2x2x2 to 13x13x13.-Good touchcontrol.-Save yourcube.-autosave on quit.-timer(max 24h)feedback iswelcome!
Cube Blast
Play the new and exciting puzzle game and blast the cubes!Match 2ormore cubes of the same color to clear levels and solvethechallenging puzzles. If you like color puzzle games, thisaddictingmatch 2 board game is your perfect choice! Cube Blast is afun andaddicting puzzle game available now for FREE on Google Playand issimply the #1 game you must have on your Android device. Testyourskills with hours of blocks crushing fun! Color Blasting FunTaptoplay! Match 2 or more adjacent cubes of the same color to createacube crash. Complete the missions set at the beginning ofeachlevel and collect different items to win. You have a limitedamountof moves to clear a level so you better think it through andplanyour path wisely. Reach the Target and Complete theChallengesBlastall the cubes, clear the board and get awesomeboosters andrewards! Tap and blast the blocks, reach the target andachievehigh scores. Play now and enjoy this amazing puzzleadventure.Playing free puzzle games is the best way to pass time!BrainTraining Games Download now for free, solve all the puzzlesandcollect items. Cube Blast is easy to learn and extremely funtoplay anytime and anywhere! Each level presents a newintriguingchallenge and puzzle that you have to solve, so get readytoexperience hours and hours of endless fun. Complete thelevelgoals, hit and crush cubes and win!Game Features andBoosters•Colorful graphics and designs.• Amazing gameplay, tap theblocks toblast. • Hundreds of exciting levels.• Blast all the cubesby usingspecial boosters as hammer, truck, spray can and many more.• Funboosters and bonuses!Make special combinations tounlockpower-ups:Match 5 or 6 cubes to get a rocket.Match 7 or 8cubes toget a bomb.Match 9 cubes to earn a color wheel. Theseawesomeboosters will help you crush the cubes and completelevels.CubeBlast is a fun hit puzzle game with hundreds of freelevels andunique boosters and graphics. Join the colorful puzzleadventureand crush all the cubes!Download now and experience thisaddictingonline game straight on your Android device today, enjoyall theawesome puzzles and make sure to keep an eye out for coolupdatesand new levels! Have a blast blasting all the cubes!
3D Romantic Love Cube HD Live Wallpaper
3D Love Cube HD Live Wallpaper3D Love Cube live wallpaperAppprovides the different 3D Cube Live Wallpaper. Thisapplicationallowed you to set different pictures on each side ofcube fromgallery and cameras, add different effects and frames. In3D CubeLive Wallpapers App, You can also change size, positionandrotation of photo cube. You set Photo cube as live wallpaperlikerotate, move, stand or more. You can set multiple cubes. 3Dphotocube live wallpaper is beautifully designed live wallpaperwithdifferent pictures of love and heart in a rotating cube whichyourloved ones will definitely love to have in their Androidmobilescreens. Photo Cube live wallpaper is free live wallpaper appthatis very easy to use you just select your picture from galleryorcamera then set it as a wallpaper this android 3d photolivewallpaper app.This HD Cool Live Wallpaper features a rotating3dphoto cube showing pictures and photos from yourgallery.Expressingyour love to your beloved is said to be the mostdifficult step ina journey of love. As you want to make that momentthe most specialmoment of your life. My 3D Love Cube Live WallpaperFeatures :*Select different photo from your gallery and camera andset it todifferent side of cube.* Many different background areavailable.*Change love cube live wallpaper background easily. wegive you cool3d background for your live wallpaper.* You can setthe position ofthe cube anywhere in the screen.* Arrange Speed,rotation and touchall by in settings.* Set live wallpaper andenjoy.* Easy to use anduser interface.* 100% Free Application*Enjoy touching the screenanimated decorating your screen.Love CubeLive Wallpaper App AlsoKnown As :- Photo Cube Live Wallpaper- 3D MyPhoto Cube LiveWallpaper- MY Love Cube Live Wallpaper- 3D HeartCube LiveWallpaper- My Pic 3D Cube Live Wallpaper- Love Heart CubeLiveWallpaper- 3D Photo Cube Live Wallpaper- HD Cube LiveWallpaper-Cube Live Wallpaper- Love Heart Live Wallpaper- 4K CubeLiveWallpaper- Couple Cube Live Wallpaper- Live Wallpaper- 4KLiveWallpaper- Romantic Cube Live WallpaperIf you like our appsthen donot forget to support us with 5 stars and review and contactus viaemail if you face any problem.Thank for your using Love CubeLiveWallpaper.
Cube Algorithms
An app that helps you learn the rubik's cube algorithmseverywhereyou go!-Realistic 3D graphics and animation-Containsevery F2L, OLLand PLL-Contains every CLL, EG1 and EG2-Containsevery CMLL-You canadd and share your own algorithms-Customize thecolor of the sixsides of the rubik's cube
Cube Master for Rubik’s Cube
Master the Rubik's Cube. Practice cases from beginner toadvanced,you can directly look at the step-by-step rotation of a 3Dcube foreach case. You can be practiced through a virtual 3D cubewithoutan actual cube. Through the practice mode and timer eachcase byimproving their skills to challenge the speed cubing.-Features*App provides a challenging random cube case at firstlaunched.*Provides from beginners to advanced cases (F2L, PLL, OLL,VHLS).*Each case provide 3D cube play and rewind capabilities.*Each caserecords measurement capabilities.* Available through eachof thecase practice by the 3D virtual cube(Timer supported).*Supportcustom method.- Interface* Rotate the whole cube by draggingthevirtual cube.* Initialize the angle of rotation by double tapthevirtual cube.* Shake the device to initialize the virtualcubeset.* Speed ​​control provides for a virtual cube rotation.*CanOperate virtual cube using the Cube notation.
Pop Cubes
Pop Cubes is a new Tap and pop the blocks game with uniqueandspecial game play like never before! the mission is to bringdownthe toy blast and complete the levels, with 900 LEVELS and NOLIVESSystem like in other match 3 games, play as much as you wantandenjoy this great block blast and pop game like youwontbelieve!your target in the game is to blast the blocks andsolvethe level puzzle, the more blocks you pop the better boostersyouwill get that will help to to solve the puzzle and bring downallthe toy to blast.the game is challenging, it look easy at starttohelp you learn it but afterwards you will have the think hardandconsider your tactics, we promise you that you will have thebesttime playing and as you progress you will enjoy it more andmore,there is nothing better then solving the puzzle blocks andsmashingall the cubes.HOW TO PLAY:just tap on 2 or more nearbycubes fromthe same color and make them blast to the quest pop.tapon 5 ormore and get a rocket pop booster.tap on 7 or more and get aquestpop bomb.tap on 9 or more and get magic rainbow bottle thatchangecubes to different color.tap on 11 or more and get theultimatemagic quest pop orb that will electrify and toy blast allcubesfrom the same color.combine boosts to get super magic effectsthatwill help you solve the pop puzzle in no time.if you get stuckon alevel you will find many free gifts on your journey, asyouprogress you will collect magic chest that will give youcrushingsurprises such as hammer blaster, magic wand stick, rainbowcrushbrush and many many coins if you want to buy them can also spin the lucky gift wheel and win surprisessowhen ever you get stuck remember you can always use thespecialboosts and complete the level by just solving the blockpuzzle.youwill find many special elements in the game:the snowfrozen icecube that prevent you from blasting the toy cube.thecloud maniablock that spread and grow to nearby blocks.the woodencraft boxesthat will pop and crush when you tap near them.the lockchain thatwill contain in jail your toy cube.and many many more!sowhat areyou waiting for? join the party and play the best game ofyourlife, you wont be sorry!
Fruit Cubes Puzzle
fruit cubes puzzleFruit Cubes Puzzle is an exciting gameaboutexploding colorful blocks and making crazy matches in a wildworldof amazing characters!- Perfect gaming experience.- Easyandcompletely free game.- Very friendly to ladies.- Play gameanytimeanywhere even there is no internet.- 1300+ levels.- Juicyandcolorful game world.
Now Join the Evolution and get XCUBE Rotatable Cube placementbasedpuzzle , put your shapes and fill lines , get the highestscore andbeat your friends !A New step for puzzle ! How to play ?Fill a 360degree rotatable cube with the given objects, fill ahorizontal orvertical line and see it destroyed. Clear sides of thecube toplace new shapes. Be careful when clearing, always leavearea forincoming shapes.By destroying lines you earn score untilcube isfilled and there is no place for the incoming objects, thenyoulose the game.Easy to learn but hard to master ! Color Mode !Whenyou want to play harder, switch the gameplay mode and getintocolorized world. Fill the color based faces with the matchedcolor! But be carefull when you add shapes into one corner, youareblocking another side of the cube. You need to solve yourownpuzzle ! Theme of your choose! Pick your artstyle , play thegamewith colors of your choice , personalize your cube ! Pickyourconcept to play !Everyday try your chance in Daily Roll ! Youcanget every possible reward and make differences in yourexperience.Features : - Unique next generation puzzle game- ColorMode forharder difficulty- Leaderboard- Daily Roll- ThemesMake thehighestscore you can do ! Challenge your friends and beat them!Stay Tunedfor next updates and Gameplay modes ! We promise to makeit as bestas we can for enhancing your experience and serveuniqueexperiences to you !Good luck and Have fun !
Cubeology is a 3D picture cube matching puzzle game in whichyouselect pairs of cubes with matching designs. When you matchcubeswith the same design they are removed, and you continuematchingtwo cubes at a time until all the cubes are gone, eitherfor pointsor against the clock.It has 6 different game variations,which canbe played in either a cube layout or a sphere layout, witheitherfree or fixed rotation, making for 18 game variations intotal,from relaxed 'play at your own pace' to nail biting againsttheclock game types.It has separate Google Play leaderboards foreachof the 6 different game types, plus a leaderboard of thetopartifact bonus scores and has a rolling display of the weeklybesttime or score for each of the different game types. Competitionisfierce to stay on top each week.Colourful graphics,catchysoundtrack and addictive gameplay make this a fun puzzle gamethatyou keep coming back to time after time.Includes a zoomfunction tomake it easier to play on smaller devices.Artifactcollectionsystem.Upon successful completion of games you have achance togain gold, artifact fragments or wholeartifacts.Collectedartifacts are stored in your artifact compendiumand give a bonusto your score when you match cubes with the samedesign as theartifact. The more your collection grows the greaterthe potentialscore bonus.You can also collect gold and artifactfragments, whichyou can trade for any artifacts you are missingfrom yourcollection. Some artifacts give a greater bonus score thanothers(but have a greater gold and fragments cost), andcollectingmultiples of the same artifact will further increase thebonus itgives.Standard Game---------------------Remove cubes bymatchingpairs of same coloured cubes until there are none left.Earn extrapoints by matching multiple pairs in quick succession. Notimelimit. Your score in this game can be increased bycollectingartifacts.Timed Game----------------Select pairs ofmatching cubesuntil there are none left. Initially there is a 15minute timelimit in which to finish the cube. The time limitdecreases by 5%every time you successfully complete a game, or itincreases by 5%if you fail to complete the game in time.SpeedCube---------------Afast paced game with a smaller 3x3 cube blockand a 30 second timelimit. How quickly can you clear the cubes,quick thinking and fastreactions will be required to top theleaderboard. Holder of theweekly best score is displayed on mainmenu.CubeBuilder----------------The idea of this game is differentin thatyou start off with just a few cubes and more are added astime goesby. The rate that cubes are added increases as time passesand thegame is over when the block is fully rebuilt. Your goal inthisgame is to keep the block from being completed as long aspossibleand in doing so earn as many points as you can. As in thestandardgame extra points are awarded for matching pairs inquicksuccession. Your score in this game can be increased bycollectingartifacts.Picture Search-------------------This is amemory versionof the standard game, in which all the designs arehidden and areonly revealed when you click on the cubes. If youselect two cubesthat match they are removed as usual, otherwise thepictures arehidden again. Your score in this game can be increasedbycollecting artifacts.MatchIt!-----------With this version ofthegame you have to find and select two cubes that have thesamedesign as shown at the left of the screen. You have a limitedtimeto find them and if you run out of time you will lose 10% ofyourcurrent score, and you will be presented with another designtofind. You can use the PASS button at the top of the screen toskipany that you are struggling to find without losing any score,butyou only have 5 passes.
Tilt your device to move your cube left and right, tap the screentomove up.Features:-Compete head to head with friends and theworldvia Google Play-Unlock achievements based on time andyourskill-Save your statsExtras:-The super secret secret (Easy tofindif you know where to look)
Cube Of Life
Action RPG “Cube Of Life”Depeat enemies by using various weaponsandskills.Find “the Cube of Life” for son’s life.- Upgrade weaponsandskills by using cube.- Can’t continue. Play carefully.- Whenautomode, weapon attacks the nearest target enemy.- Use varioussubweapons.- Map is randomly created.- If boss is defeated,playerhealth is fully restored.- During dash, you can avoidenemy’sattack.Caution!) If game is removed, all of game
Amazing Cube Lwp Lite
This Amazing Cube Live Wallpaper features a rotating 3d cubeshowingpictures and photos from your gallery. In this 3D cubelivewallpaper has two cube that is inner cube and outer cube youcanmanually set the images in both cube and different pictures oneachside, and can change the size, position and rotation of the 3dcubeand can add many special effects on cube images, DIY CubeLiveWallpaperIt is the best photo cube live wallpaper, better thanpipand instaFollowing Effects are in this incredible 3D cubeLivewallpaper. 1.Neon Effect2.Gray Effect3.OilEffect4.ReliefEffect5.Sharpen 6.Average Blur Effect 7.PixelateEffect8.OldTV9.Invert Color effect10.Aged Effect11.LightEffect12.HDREffect13.Soft Glow Effect14.Sketch Effect15.GothamEffectAnd manymore effects are coming soon in this beautifulamazing 3D cube livewallpaperChoose the inner cube or outer cube,and apply the specialeffect and see preview.You can rotate cube byswiping through yourhome screens - scene will change its rotationaccording to touches.Choose the best shape and style like heartshape, circle shape,Square ,Hexagon shape and show this wonderful3d cube to yourloveable one. And share this incredible app bywhatsapp, facebookand social sites .Once installed, on the homescreen chooseMenu->Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers, then selectAmazing CubeLive Wallpaper from the list shown. Click on theSettings button tochange options on your 3D cube, or use theAmazing Cube LiveWallpaper Settings app. Features –1.You canmanually change theboth inner cube and outer cube images from yourgallery 2.You canenabled or disabled the transparency of bothcubes.3.You can evenenable or disabled the rotation of cube.4.Youcan adjust the sizeof the 3D cube.5.You can set any shape and styleon both cube suchas Heart shape, Square ,circle and many more.6.Youcan evenincrease/decrease the speed of vertical and horizontal axisof 3Dcube.7.You can increase or decrease brightness of cube.8.Youcanapply special effect on both cube images and can seepreview.9.Youcan manually set the border of both cube images.10.Youcan enableor disable cube moment.11.Inside setting has previewoption so youcan see instant changes whatever you make in this 3dcube livewallpaper.12.The Most different feature of amazing cubeLWP isusage of battery is like nothing , Yes we have already testedinalmost every device.13.You can change language according toyoufrom app setting. 14. Screenshot feature added15. You cansharescreenshot in social networking like facebook,whatsapp,instagramUse Pro Amazing 3D cube live wallpaper and showyourstatus and standard in front of your friends and family andputyour friends and family pic in this 3D cube , We sure youdefiantlyfeel awesome after use this beautiful app Won't slow yourphonedown at all, and battery use like nothing.In this BeautifulAmazingCube Live Wallpaper has many language you can chooseaccording toyou, and you can also give your opinion to make it inotherlanguage so that we can reach to you and could provide thebatterquality in this LWP. If you give your opinion and suggestion,thenwe will give you to Succession and Credit to mention your namewiththis application. This will very honorable and glorious for us.Andplease support for translation. Mail us in this given Mail
SCMU Cube Store India
The SCMU Store (based in Mumbai) started in 2011 and isIndia'sfirst cube store. It currently has 400+ varieties ofpuzzles,accessories, cube lubricants, stickers etc.SCMU or SpeedCubingMumbai Unlimited was started by a bunch of studentspassionateabout cubing and is the only organisation in the countryto promoteSpeed Cubing.SCMU is the first organisation in India toorganisestand-alone competitions, to spread awareness about cubingandconducts workshops to teach all types of Rubiks cubes.
The Cube
Do you have what it takes to beat the Cube?Tofind out, test your skills in this easy to pick up - hard toputdown - recreation of the smash hit TV show. Featuring 22*popularchallenges presented in a fully 3D environment, you too canfeelwhat it's like inside the Cube.Hear the heart pounding music, effects and experience the voiceofthe Cube in Challenge Mode or hone your skills and compareyourstats with other users in Practice Mode.* 18 games are available in version 1.73 for older devices*** Support: Please install this game directly on to the phone/device main memory and not on to the SD card. This willgenerallysolve the install issues experienced by some users.
Cube Blast
The #1 FREE click match-2 cube game on Google Play is here. Clickonany 2 same adjacent cubes and take on this addictivelyfascinatingcube blasting trip in Cube Blast!How to PlayTap 2 ormore adjacentcubes of the same to blastAchieve required score topass levels, notime limitThe more cubes get blasted each move, thehigher score youwill getTry your best clear all cubes, you will berewardedCubeBlast Features3 difficulty modes (Easy, Normal, Hard),cater theneed for different playersEasy to Play, but difficult tofullymasterStunning and cute cube graphicsInfinite level andcompletelyFREE to playPlay Cube Blast right now! Tap WHENEVER andWHATEVER youwant!
Conquare all levels-Buy every single power-up-Tryeachgamemode-Overtake your friends with highest high score-AndEnjoythe GameDevelopers : Peter Zdravecký / Eduard Frlička /MatejBazárMusic : : 2014 -LicensedunderCreative Commons Attribution
Flash Cube - Endless Jumping
Using your Finger touch anywhere on your screen to make yourcubejump pass over Black cube and collect Orange cube.* HOW TOPLAY:-Avoid Black Cube.- Speedup by your score.- While in supermode (planet will RED ), you can destroy Black cube and get1point.*FEATURES:- Minimalist UI design.- Simple graphics.- Easy toplay,but hard to PRO.- Fast-paced game that pits your eyesflashingagainst the crazy timer. If you have any ideals or bug,pleaseemail us. We will try to make it to be real or fixing it.
Cube Escape: Seasons
Cube Escape is one of the most mysterious room escape game youwillever play. Try to unfold the story and mysteries behind thecubesand complete this escape quest.. You will start with yourfirstmemory, spring 1964.It brings you to a calm and friendly room.Theroom contains a clock, a kitchen and a garden window. YourparrotHarvey has a bad mood. Explore and start gathering items, youwillquickly realise that something is wrong.Unlock the othermemorycubes by creating a path between the cubes. Maybe it's nottolate...Tap on the arrows to navigate inside the cube. Interactwithobjects by tapping. Select found items in your inventory andtapsomewhere on screen to use them.Cube Escape: Seasons is thefirstepisode of the Cube Escape series and the story of Rusty Lake.Wewill unfold Rusty Lakes one step at a time. So checkRustyLake.comevery day for new content!Like, follow andsubscribe:Facebook:
Happy Cube Death Arena
In Happy Cube Death Arena, you guide our friendly cube as youdodgecertain doom! Jump, double jump and ground pound your waywithperfect timing as you dodge deadly spikes, rollers and lasersallout to make you one UNHAPPY cube!This is the MOST challengingandADDICTIVE game on the app store today!How many death traps canyourHappy Cube jump?Features•1x Happy Cube (Blue incolor)•IncrediblyAddictive gameplay•Beautiful HDgraphics•Challenging replay factor
Crazy Cube Beta
Concéntrate y demuestra que tan ágil eres ....COMPATIBLE CONANDROID4.0 EN ADELANTE ...Crazy Cube es un Juego de habilidadmental dóndetendrás que destruir todos los cubos que aparezcan enel escenario,excepto los indicados en el panel de colores queaparecerá en laparte superior o inferior del escenario..Destruyetodos los cubosposibles, cada vez que destruyas más cubos lavelocidad aumentará ycon ella la dificultad. Obtén el mejorpuntaje mundial y demuestraque eres el más hábil de losjugadores.Bogotá ColombiaConcentrateand demonstrates how agile you....Compatible with Android 4.0onwards ...Crazy Cube is a mentalskill game where you have todestroy all cubes that appear onstage, except those listed in thepanel of colors that appear onthe top or bottom of the stage..Destroy all possible cubes, eachtime you destroy more buckets thespeed will increase and with itthe difficulty.Get the best globalscore and prove you're the mostskillful players.BogotáColombia
Cube Dash
Cube dash is the ultimate arcade game to sharpen yourskill,patience and reflexes. You will play as a cube whose job willbe todash along the surface to avoid as much obstacle as you can.Yourcube can also collect special collectibles to gain more pointstotop the leaderboard.Features:1. Stylized low poly art2.Challenging gameplay3. Three categories of Leaderboard4. Slowdowntime5. Use Force Shield
Photo Cube Live Wallpaper 3.4
This stunning Live Wallpaper features a rotating 3D photocubeshowing pictures and photos from your albums. Create andcustomisemultiple cubes in your My Cubes gallery, and quickly swapbetweenthem.Specify the exact pictures you want in Single andCustomstyle, or choose Album style and let Photo Cube randomlyupdate thepictures from an SD card album.Easily choose picturesfrom yourphone, or from online galleries like Flickr and Picasa,seeing full3D previews of your choices.Shake your phone to bouncethe cubearound the screen, or to refresh your cube's picture fromthealbum.Quickly change the change the size, position, rotationstyleand speed of your photocube.Select from a wide variety ofbeautifulframes that can be shown around your pictures.Try alittlephoto-editing and add some special effects to your photossuch asblack & white, vintage, vignettes and other funcolourfilters.Choose a background image, background colour andaddtransparency and blur effects.Share your cube creations withotherPhoto Cube users via Bluetooth or Email.Take screenshots ofyourfavourite cubes and share to Facebook, WhatsApp, Email andanywhereelse.Double tap the wallpaper to bring up the Quick SizeandPosition screen, simply drag your photo cube to the requiredsizeand position.Backup your My Cubes gallery to and fromSDcard.Example photos courtesyofphotostock:
Marvin The Cube
Meet Marvin, a small cube looking for his place in theUniverse.Helphim with solving encountered puzzles and finding theperfectlook!Enjoy original gameplay, complemented by pleasantmusic andnice graphics.Unleash your inner cube!Marvin The Cubeoffers:*Marvin's unique character* Billions of Marvin's differentlooks*Intriguing story* Over 170 puzzles with varying degreeofdifficulty* The encyclopedia with description of all the tilesyoucan find in the game* Climatic music* Very simplecontrols*AchievementsPromo Movie Music:"Brittle Rille" KevinMacLeod( under Creative Commons: ByAttribution3.0 License
3D Tech Neon Cube Theme
Welcome to 3D Tech Neon Cube Theme!3D Tech Neon Cube is a3Dlauncher theme with 3D Tech Neon Cube live wallpapers anddesignedicon packs. Download and apply 3D Tech Neon Cube for freetodecorate your Android phone in 3D Tech Neon Cube style, youwillget a 3D weather and 3D clock to enjoy a 3D theme visualandinteractive experience. 3D Tech Neon Cube is designed forbetterusing experience. 3D Tech Neon Cube is designed especiallyforLauncher users. Long press to activate each theme’s unique setof3D theme live interactive effects. You will be amazed bytheendless surprises.What’s more for you to download the elegant3DTech Neon Cube theme?1. Cool purple black lock screen withdreamycolor. elegant wallpaper will be there once you swipe upthefluorescent lock screen. This provides security for yourprivacy.2. Using purple black 3D theme will automatically applysortingfunction. Sort your apps into folders and make your desktoptidy.3.fluorescent purple black skin with purple black eleganticondesigns for 56 popular apps4. elegant dreamy 3D theme’s appiconpacks give your phone a brand new look5. Animated dreamyelegantfluorescent decorates your phone screen6. Stunninginterface: 3DMotion weather forecast plus purple black 3D Tech NeonCubewallpapers and fluorescent app icons, vivid and lovely.7.Dozens of3D templates with high-tech effects present you 3Dfeel.Features ofFree 3D Tech Neon CubeUse 3D Tech Neon Cube, noneed to root, youcan easily protect apps from peepers by hidingthem in specialfolders.3D Tech Neon Cube has world leading 3Dtransition effectson screens and folders, elegant and simple inswitching and screennavigation.fluorescent screen locker protectsyour phone fromstrangersHere comes the new elegant dreamy theme!With fluorescent3D Tech Neon Cube wallpaper and delicate icons,making your phonemore attractive.3D Tech Neon Cube DIY themes: be adesigner andcreate your own theme here!What’s more for you indownloading theelegant 3D Tech Neon Cube theme? Theme Center:various free themes,like the popular and luxury purple black theme,a list of cool 3D,neon theme and lovely audio themes. WallpaperCenter: offering HDwallpapers of different styles and 3D Tech NeonCube Livewallpapers. Thousands of HD wallpapers will be updateddaily foryour choice.DIY theme center: you can share your ownpurple blackfluorescent theme with your friends for fun.Moreelegant dreamyweather show effects, providing a pleasant interfaceof weatherforecast.♦ Features:Rich in theme content, such as tech,3D, cool,cute, cartoon, neon, etc., and more.Themes, wallpapers andicons ofdifferent styles will be updated daily, offering a widerange ofchoices based on your preference. New high-tech featureswill beadded constantly.Before installing dreamy 3D Tech Neon Cube,youhave to install our launcher first. If you love this theme,pleaserate and let us know your favorite features! 3D Tech NeonCubeTheme is created to make your phone unique!
Alien Tech Cube 3D
The Alien Tech Cube 3D theme has Alien Tech Cube 3D livewallpaperwith green background, glittering lock screen and greenblinkingicon pack .This beautiful Alien Tech Cube 3D theme isspeciallydesigned for people who loves glittering and blinking.Alien TechCube 3D theme is an exclusive theme with HD livewallpaper to bringyou a green glittering feeling. This Alien TechCube 3D theme isthe most popular green glittering theme in the 2017new year. Hopeyou will love this Alien Tech Cube 3D theme to lookbeautiful onandroid phone. No matter you like magical HD livewallpaper orblinking mobile phone, you will like this green magicalglitteringtheme with blinking decoration. Beautify your androidhome withthis Alien Tech Cube 3D theme now! Customize your mobilephone withmagical style to meet your new 2017.Be a superstar anddon'thesitate to download for free this amazing Alien Tech Cube 3Dthemefor your mobile smartphone or tablet! ◆ Features:1、Alien TechCube3D lock screen theme with magical glittering blinking HDlivewallpaper.2、Animated magical glittering blinking decoratingyourscreen;3、Full support for landscape mode and home -screenswitching! 4、Alien Tech Cube 3D HD live wallpaper with AlienTechCube 3D theme make it unique magical style.5、Alien Tech Cube3Dlock screen to protect android privacy easy safe 6、greenglitteringskin with green glittering icon design for 56 popularapps7、3ddynamic launcher home to make your android phone specialmagicalstyle.8、Support DIY HD wallpaper in glittering theme centerandgreen magical glittering theme Alien Tech Cube 3D theme - howtouse it?This Alien Tech Cube 3D theme is specifically designedforLauncher. You need to install our launcher first to applyitsuccessfully. It does not support any other Launcher app.AlienTech Cube 3D theme with magical green glittering blinking HDlivewallpaper is free and has no ads! No matter what model yourphoneis, Alien Tech Cube 3D theme is designed to let you enjoy afasterand smoother mobile operating experience. The Alien Tech Cube3Dtheme has green balloon dynamic HD wallpaper, consistent withthemagical icon style. After apply the Alien Tech Cube 3Dthemesuccessfully, you can also only change the backgroundwallpaper andlock screen wallpaper but keep the green blinkingglittering iconstay the same. If you do not like this Alien TechCube 3D theme,you can also uninstall it anytime at anywhere, itwill not leaveyou any garbage in your mobile phone.You can DIY HDlive wallpaperand change as you wish at any time into our theme andwallpapercenter. ★ We have more holiday themes coming to celebratehappyfestival theme, and we will present tons of the themes foryou,like cool, cute, 3D, animal, neon, technology, and so on.Allthemes and wallpapers free .★ After downloading our launcher ,youcan use our free keyboard and HD wallpaper center with lotsofexquisite themes and wallpapers, which will give youaunforgettable experience when you are using keyboard. Youcanchoose a cool keyboard theme , or you can also set a pinkcolorkeyboard theme for girlish girl. No matter what kind ofkeyboardyou want, we will present it in our theme center★ AlienTech Cube3D theme is made for launcher to customize your mobilephone withAlien Tech Cube 3D live wallpaper and glittering screenlock . Doyou want to have a special magical glittering blinkingkeyboardwith this green theme? Just visit the app center to searchwhateveryou need in this 3d dynamic launcher!
Jesus Cube Livewallpaper
-> 3D Cube live wallpaper have six sides and each side yousetdifferent photo from gallery.-> You can set wallpaper toyourhome screen and give your screen to fully different look. ->Youselect side and different side to set different photo. ->Youcan change background using live wallpaper background. We giveyoucool 3d background for cube live wallpaper.-> The ChristLiveWallpaper.-> All Cube Wallpapers are compatible withbothAndroid Smart phone and Tablets -> Get Birth of Jesuslivewallpaper on your devices!-> Also share this wallpaper withyourfriends or family through social app.*** Cube Setting Options***-> You can change increase or decrease the speed ofrotatingcube for cube control.-> You can also change increaseordecrease the x-axis and Y-axis of cube for cube control. ->Setlive wallpaper and enjoy.
Cube timer
Application cubist measure their times in different categorieswithofficial scramble championships, is a clock made forSpeedcuber.-All the modalities championships (Rubiks cube, 2x2x2,3x3x3, 3x3x3Blindfolded, 3x3x3 Fewest Moves, 3x3x3 With Feet, 3x3x3One-Handed,4x4x4, 4x4x4 Blindfolded, 5x5x5, 5x5x5 Blindfolded,6x6x6, 7x7x7,Rubik's Clock, Megaminx, Pyraminx, Skewb, Square-1)..-Scrambletaken from official generator championships.- Inspectiontime withalert sound.- Add your categories.- Increase font size ofthescrambler.- Several averages with explanation.- Graphics (alltime,last session, per day, per month, ...)- Time of History.- Addtimemanually.- Sort by date and time- Options: +2s, DNF, delete.-Sharetimes.- Last session.- Screen championships around theworld.-Export / Import all your time.- Languages: English,Spanish,German, French, Italian and Portuguese.- Spacebar toexternalkeyboardsTags: cube, magic, time, magic cube, cube clockcube time,speed, graphic
3D Cube live Wallpaper
3D Cube live Wallpaper3D Cube live wallpaper provides thedifferent3D cube live wallpaper. This application allowed you tosetdifferent pictures on each side of cube from gallery, adddifferenteffects and frames. You can also change size, position androtationof photo cube. You set this cube as live wallpaper likerotate,move, stand or more. You can set multiple cubes. You canevenincrease/decrease the speed of rotating cube. You set this toyourhome screen and give your screen to totally unusual look.Alsoshare this wallpaper with your friends or family throughsocialapp.
3D Cube Photo Frames
3D cube photo frames maker is 3d art photo frames which givesyouthe 3d look of your photos3D photo frames maker is stylish3dframes maker app.3D Photo Collage Editor you can combineordinaryphotos into fabulous & amazing photo collages. Also yousharethis photo cube creation with your friends or familiesthroughsocial app.3D photo frames maker is good app to attractyourfriends by making beautiful lovable photo 3d cube3D CollageMakeris a simple and easy-to-use app, just select the frame andpictureand get a whole new 3D PictureWant to make 3d photo framesandmemorable by making latest 3d art photo frames makerWould youlikeyour pictures to be appearing in the beautiful cube frameaswallpaper?Decorates your pictures with these 3d you can give your friend a great gift and make themfeelspecial.3D photo frames maker has many 3d frames shapesanddesigns.
3D Cube Live Wallpaper
3D Photo Cube Live Wallpaper3D Cube Live Wallpaper allowed youtoset different pictures on each side of cube from gallery,adddifferent effects and frames.You can also change size, positionandrotation of photo cube. You set Photo cube as live wallpaperlikerotate, move, stand or more. You can set multiple cubes. Youremovethis My Photo 3d cube live wallpaper to long press onthosesettings. You set this to your home screen and give yourscreen tototally different look.3D Cube Live WallpaperFeaturesInclude:=> You can manually change the cube images fromyouralbum/Gallery.=> Many different background areavailable.=>You can set the position of the cube anywhere in thescreen.=>You can change direction of cube rotationangle.(vertical,horizontal as well as random).=> Change livewallpaperbackground easily. we give you cool 3d background for yourlivewallpaper.=> Arrange Speed, rotation and touch all byinsettings.=> Set live wallpaper and enjoy.How to Set thisLiveWallpaper ?Go to Home -> Long Press to go Wallpaper ->LiveWallpaper -> 3D Photo Cube live wallpaper -> SetasWallpaperRate us and give your valuable comment for this awesome3DCube Live Wallpaper to create more cool apps like this.If youfindanything wrong or any copyright things then mail us. We wouldloveto hear everyone.If you like this 3D Cube Live Wallpaper thensharewith your friends and family member.Enjoy
Rubik's Cube
Rubik Cube 3D helps you learn the beginner's method. Onlyaftermastering this method, one can learn the advanced Friedrichmethodused by speed cubers. This is the only app which teachesbeginnermethod and Fridrich method. With Rubik Cube 3D, you canevencheckpoint the cube and start from any particular state. Thisisparticularly useful if you want to practice specific sequences.Iamconstantly improving the app to make it a one stop solutionforRubik Cube. The context sensitive help follows this methodofsolving:Step 1: The White CrossGet the white cross. This stepisintuitive and can be perfected with practice.Step 2:FirstLayerComplete white layer properly by snapping the cornersintoplaceStep 3: Second LayerUse the F2L Right and F2L Leftalgorithmto solve the second layerStep 4: Yellow Cross (F U R U' R'F')Usethis sequence multiple times until you get a yellow cross. Ateachstage, the cube needs to be oriented properly. At this stagethecontext sensitive help will guide showing how to hold the cubeandthe sequence to perform.Step 5: Proper Yellow Cross (R U R' U RU UR' U)The cross in the previous step might not match with thecentrepieces. Use the above sequence to swap the yellow cornersuntil allthe centres are matched. Again, the context sensitive helpwillguide you.Step 6: Position Corners (U R U' L' U R' U' L)Inthisstep, we need to place the corners in the correctposition,orientation might be wrong. The context sensitive help andthestatus indicator will inform how many corners are placedcorrectlyas well as the sequence to perform.Step 7: Orient Corners(R' D' RD) x 2 or 4This is the final step. Use the contextsensitive helpto solve the cube! :)Credits------------Designed andDeveloped byJayanth GurijalaTested and improved by feedback frompeople allover the worldIcons made by freepik from
Train your puzzle solving skills!Rotate, spin and solve 3D puzzles-from easy to complicatedOver 30 puzzle shapes in differentsizesincluding:*) Classic Rubik's Cube and Pyramid*) Square-1*)MirrorCube, Ghost Cube*) Mirror Dodecahedron, GhostDodecahedronSimple,intuitive use. Adaptive animation.Full "undo"support.Custom coloradjustment.To control puzzle: touch-and-drag onpuzzle.To rotate:touch-and-drag outside the puzzle.To zoom in/out:2-fingers scale.
The Cube
Master the Cube and challenge your skills in thisexciting,addictive, mind-boggling game. Thrilling multi-stagelevels withover 75 rooms to explore. You will enjoy this addictivegame likenever before.Challenge yourself with the Cube while havingso muchfun.- Fun and exciting- Mind boggling game- Extremelyaddictive-Challenging multi-levels- Over 75 thrilling roomsHow toplay:1.Your aim is to pass as many checkpoints as you can (greenand blue)1. The Cube moves by itself until it hits a wall2. Changethedirection of the Cube by tapping anywhere on the screen3.Thedirection of the Cube changes with each tap in aclockwisesequence: Right -> Down -> Left -> Up 4. Findyour way outand avoid red blocks5. When you hit a red block youwill return tothe last checkpoint passed6. Counter on top shows thenumber ofBlue checkpoint passed7. Blue checkpoint automaticallysaves thegame so you can continue to play later on.8. On higherlevels youwill find surprising special flashing blocks. Figure outbyyourself how they work.Support us with 5 star review!Wewelcomeyour ideas and comments:support@wisdomstore.netAdditionallevelwill be added on next updates.
Cube puzzle 3D
Hey gamer! Good day to strain your brain :) We are happy topresentyou Brain Cube 3D - cool cubics puzzle with: - differentgameregimes - google statistics for competitive mode - sizes ofCubefrom 2x2x2 to 7x7x7 - tens of colorful themes for cube andgameinterface - a lot of love and afforts from developers.It's aSimpleCube. But is it so simple?
Cube Crush Tap 2
Join us on a adventure in the brand new Cube Crush Tap 2puzzlegame! Tap 2 or more bricks and complete the challenges ofeachlevel. Enjoy hours of fun, and tap the bricks in order toblastthem away and complete the missions. The more cubes you pop atonemove, the better the chance you’ll unlock a cool booster thatwillhelp you defeat the obstacles. Use the cool power ups andboosts atthe right time to clear the board and win awesome prizes!Enjoy asmooth addictive gameplay, beautiful designs and fun logicpuzzles.Test your color matching skills in this awesome puzzlegame, masterthe challenges and complete levels.HOW TO PLAY- Clickon any 2adjacent bricks of the same color to blast.- Play throughhundredsof fun levels.- Overcome obstacles and achieve highscores.- Clearthe challenging levels and advance along the map.-Complete themission each new level presents. - Plan your moves andclear theboard! COOL BOOSTS - Match 5 or 6 cubes to get a rocket.-Match 7or 8 cubes to get a bomb.- Match 9 cubes to earn a colorwheel-Combine boosts to get bigger effects that so you can solvethepuzzle in no time!Download the awesome Cube Crush Tap 2 blastgamefor free and join the exciting fun! Get this awesome game todayforfree, crush the cartoon bricks and win!
Cube Clock
Cube Clock is a simple, effective, and easy to use app fortimingRubik's Cube solves. It provides scrambles, saves times,andcalculates averages and other useful statistics. Cube Clockmakesit easy to undo accidental times and add +2s and DNFs toprevioussolves.
Rubik's Cube OLL/PLL Trainer
Description:Learn the 3x3x3 OLL/PLL step by step easily withtiming,training, OLL/PLL-lists,step-by-step-algorithm-visualization and"Did I do it right?"-layer orientations.With tousands of downloads,daily usages anda very good rating *OLL / PLL Trainer* is highlycustomizable andespecially designed / focused for speedcubers andthose who want toget faster on solving the last layer. It's easy touse forbeginners and also expandable for pro-users, e.g.algorithmrotation, for learning algorithms from differentviews/angles.Inaddition to detailed lists of OLL / PLL algorithmsand manyfeatures for already advanced cubers, OLL / PLL Traineralso offersa variety of easy-to-understand step-by-step tutorialsforbeginners to solve the last layer, in order to become familiarwithOLL / PLL, to start and simply to get involved with.OLL /PLLTrainer simply and slowly helps you to understand and masterthedepth of the OLL/PLL-rabbit-hole.Some user reviews:"... Thankyou,this app makes me easy to learn new algorithms and how tosolverubik's cube easily ... " "... I've been using this app foralittle over a year. I have learned so much about the 3x3. It'ssoeasy to find an algorithm and figure out the solutions ...""...This app is absolutely amazing. Helped so much and is somuchbetter than all the other apps. If I could give it 10 starsIreally would. Unbelievable app ... "Core features:Timer -Training- Learning - Algorithm Search - OLL/PLL Algorithms -Rotation -TutorialsMore features:* Timer-Function and -list to keeptrack ofyour solving times* Inspection timer* Scrambler*Personalstatistics to track you speed improvements*Training-Function totrain your learned OLL/PLL-Layer-Algorithms,including advancedRotation-Mode and a algorithm-questioning-quiz*Start quickly atraining session for only selected categories*Grouped and detailedOLL/PLL-List* Single Algorithm-Information-Sitefor more detailsabout the algorithm like "step-by-step"algorithm-visualization and"Did I do it right ?"-layerorientations* Function to mark analgorithm as learned to keep trackof your personal state and goal*Function to mark a category/analgorithm as a favorite, for quicklygain access to it from themain-page* Unique "Algorithm Rotation",which rotates an algorithmand enables you to learn OLL and PLLfrom different layerangles/positions* Algorithm Keyboard, let'syou add own multiplealgorithms to oll/pll layers* Differentalgorithm notation types,like M' or r R'* Homescreen-Shortcut fora quick access*Functionality to add own algorithms, incl.exporting/printing themto PDF-files.* Colorization of layers for aspecializedrecorgnition* Colorized parentheses for a betterrecognition*Replace pattern for parts of algorithms* Tutorials forbeginners:Last Layer with only three algorithms and2-Look-OLL/PLL*Algorithm-SearchUsed permissions:* INTERNET,ACCESS-NETWORK-STATE,BILLING... used to display commercial bannersand to handle in-apppurchases.* INTERNET, ACCESS-NETWORK-STATE...used to gatherstatistics and send them to Google Analytics(ip-anonymized)(Statistic tracking can be turn off in thesettings.)*INSTALL_SHORTCUT... used to add/install icon to yourhomescreen fora quick access to different areas of oll/plltrainer.*READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE,.. used toenablewriting to external storages, e.g. sd-card. Originallyneeded forPDF-print-feature* WAKE_LOCK... used to keep the screenalive inseveral parts of the app, like e.g. timer, training-mode.
Dice Cube Free
Imagine a box with dice right beneath your display, waitingforbeing shaken to generate random dice results! The dice in thisappreact precisely to the movement of your hand byemulatingreal-world physics, influenced by the acceleration sensorsof yourdevice. The dice roll results offer a high degree oftruerandomness through your movements. The modern Open GL ES2.0graphics support your experience with detailed and colorizabledicemodels, now with all standard dice (4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, 12-and20-sided) and a new kind of dice, the "Magic Dice", whichchangesits labels randomly on impacts!This is the free version ofDiceCube with restricted color choice, but otherwise full featureset!A version of Dice Cube with no color restriction is availableat: app permissions required, no annoying ads!- NEW: useyour ownfreely configurable text labels on your dice!- NEW: chooseto rolldice with 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 20 sides (d4, d6, d8, d10,d12, d20)!-NEW: choose the magic die which alters its labelsrandomly onimpacts. With this die you can have any number rangeyou want!- NEW:configurable label range: specify which numberrange you want tohave on your dice! E.g. to roll percentage valuesyou can take twod10, one with labels 0 - 9 and one with 0 - 90.-realistic physicsusing rigid body simulation- entropy generationthrough the movementof your hands, leading to highly random dicerolls- configurablecolor and count of dice, currently up to 9 pertoss- selected dicecan be put aside between two tosses (e.g. forYahtzee ®)- modern,fast and believable graphics based on Open GLES 2.0 with shadersIfyou like this software please considersupporting us by rating thisapp or, if you like, downloading thefull version. If you havesuggestions or encounter problems withthis app please leave amessage to
CubeMate: 3x3x3 Cube Solver
CubeMate is an Android™ app designed to help you solve a 3x3x3Cubepuzzle. Never swap stickers again!Snap a picture of each sideofyour scrambled cube, and CubeMate will give you detailedandeasy-to-follow solving instructions.CubeMate is the mostreliablecube solving app on the Android market today. I love tohear yourideas and comments, so please don't hesitate to shareyourthoughts.-Jonny___________________________________________________________TheAndroidrobot is reproduced or modified from work created andshared byGoogle and used according to terms described in theCreative Commons3.0 Attribution License.