Top 49 Games Similar to Double Trouble

Good Pizza, Great Pizza 2.8.7
Ever wanted to know what it feels like to run your own Pizzashop?Now you can with TapBlaze’s newest game, Good Pizza, GreatPizza!Do your best to fulfill pizza orders from customers whilemakingenough money to keep your shop open. Upgrade your shop withnewtoppings and equipment to compete against your pizzarival,Alicante! GAME HIGHLIGHTS * Featuring Pizza News Network(PNN), thefirst newscast about all things pizza. * Over 80customers withunique pizza orders and personalities. * Pizzatoppings includingpepperoni, sausage, onions, and more. * Equipmentupgrades to helpyou become the master ovenist. * Simple, fun andchallenginggameplay. * Created by pizza making professionals; thegamedesigner worked in a pizza kitchen for four years! Can youbecomethe master ovenist? Only time and your pizza skills willtell!Download and start pizza making now! PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofService:
The angel's closet 1.7.3
You can open the closet to gather gems from flowers.You cangetrandom cloth items from closet.Gems come up every20seconds.Clothes, hairs, faces, pets, wings etc.. gather all kindofitems.
Flying LARVA 1.3.8
Introducing an addictive one touch jumping game! Compete withyourfriends to see who can reach higher using the globallypopularLarva character. ★ Feel the thrills by avoiding variousobstacleswith one touch jumps. ★ Consume sausages, obtain coinsandchallenge for higher floors. Become invincible to destroyalloncoming obstacles! ★ Don’t be sad if you fail your missionearly!Various perks are available to help you continue with yourmission!★ Various type of game modes and new larva characters willbeavailable continuously on future updates! [ 1.2 Update ] NewPointSystem - Stop stressing to get to high floor! Compete withhigherscore from now on. - Your every action will affect yourscore. -YES Combo is activated when you evade an obstacle justbefore youget hit. - Get higher score by completing challenges.Your pointsare multiplied! New Mode - Play the Larva Episodes. -Get StarPoints and experience various stages. - Play various eventsand getgreat rewards! New Characters and Skills - RED: Floor PointBonusis newly added! - RAINBOW: Fever Gauge is filled by certainamountevery second. - MAYFLY: Resurrect up to 3 times! - CPT.PIRATE:Destroy obstacles after every certain period! - IVORY: BonusYESCombo points! - VIOLET: Start the game with Ultra Fly! - COCOA:Convert obstacles into coins after every certain period!Mission& Quest - Get reward for satisfying certain mission orquestrequirements. Miscellaneous - Minor bugs fixed -MiscellaneousUX/UI fixed ■■Permission Request■■ For better gameplay experience,Flying Larva may request permission to: ■ AccessPhotos, Media,Files : For the purpose of gameplay data storage andaccess. ■Access current Location : For the purpose of customzingnoticesbased on country location. ■ Access Address book : For thepurposeof Facebook and Google play service functions (AchievementsandLeaderboard)
Shopping Mall 1.0.0
bweb media
Are you ready for a fun day of pampering? In this dress upgame,you'll get to travel around town and visit all of the shops togiveyourself a complete makeover. From the hairstyler to gettingapedicure and manicure, enjoy a relaxing and fun day ofshopping.Take care of the grooming steps and then choose your ownuniquestyle to decorate your hair and nails. When you're all done,you'llhave a totally new look that you can show offtoeverybody!Features:This shopping trip will take all day, somakesure that you wake up early.You can spend the entire day out asyougo to each shop to get the beauty services that you need.Taketimeand give yourself the special pampering that you deserve withamanicure, pedicure, and hairstyling.From your hair to yourclothes,make sure that you choose new styles for everything.Whenyou'redone, you'll feel refreshed and fabulous with a totally newlookthat everyone will love.
Air Kitty 1.0.0
Kitty just wants to soar through the sky!▼ SimpleControls!Jump,jump, as high as you can! Tilt your device to changeKitty'sdirection!▼ Claws Out!Attack enemies! Tap Kitty to flingsmall catsoutward!
Pictionary™ 1.42.1
QUICK SKETCHES, HILARIOUS GUESSES! The classic game of drawingandguessing has gone mobile! Leave your notepad and pencil athome,because this is one canvas you can take on the go. Challengeyourfriends directly from your phone or use your tablet to createworksof art to share with the world. With multiple game modes tochoosefrom, how you play is up to you! Looking for a change ofpace? Putdown your digital paint brush and head over to the ThinkFast modeto guess tons of great drawings. But you better be quick,becausethis is a race against the clock! Pictionary will take youbeyondthe average drawing experience. Select from various tools,eachadding its own special mark. Upgrade those tools and enhanceyourart. Choose from thousands of fun words to draw. Earn chestsfilledwith prizes. Join our social community and discover yourfriend’shidden artistic talents! So what are you waiting for?Doodle yourway to the top of the charts in the family game you’veknown andloved for years. Grab that virtual crayon and fill yourlife withcolor. Highlights 🎁 Prize chests full of exciting gifts!💬Thousands of fun words to draw 🎮 Multiple game modes to choosefrom👀 Fun animations and loveable characters
Princess Prom Dress Up
Join Evelyn, Mira and Julie in one of the most elegantdressupgames! Our girls have a special event to attend and theyownsomany amazing clothes that they just can't decide what towear.Getready to prove your fashion skills and create thebestpromoutfits!Visit the girls' houses and play dress up witheachone.You have lots of elegant gowns at the tip of your fingers!Fortheclassic prom look you can try glittery dresses. Youcanalsocombine a top with a skirt or pants for a trendy andmodernlook.The accessories are just as important as the clothes!Findtheright shoes, purse and add the most glamorousjewelryitems.Takeyour time and explore all of the fashion optionsin thisdress upgame. Each princess is different, so you should makesureall theoutfits are unique. Still, if you prefer, you canchoosematchingclothes for our girls. That way, everyone will knowtheyare bestfriends! Get creative and pick the perfect prom dressesfortheprincesses, they are counting on your fashion advice!PrincessPromDress Up game features:- 3 dress up levels with3beautifulprincesses- over 120 fashion items in eachlevelincludinghairstyles, clothes and accessories- playableoffline, nointernetis required- hours and hours of fun forfreeDownload thisdress upgame for girls right away and you will beable to explorethe mostbeautiful fashion options for the princessprom. Become arealdress up expert and combine the clothes andaccessories in themostcreative ways. Evelyn, Mira and Julie arecounting on yourhelp!
Crazy Cake Swap: Matching Game 1.65
Swap cakes in a crazy match-3 adventure starring YOU andYOURfriends! Escape to a crazy world where streets are filledwithtreats and YOU are the star baker. Satisfy YOUR friends’cravingsfor sweets as you serve treats to become the best baker intheland. Increasingly challenging puzzle play includes new waystomatch and win. Solve hundreds of crazy cascading levels andmatchyour way to sweet victory! Key Ingredients: ★ NEW WAYS TOPLAY:Match-4 squares make frosting tubes, match paths to getcustomersto the door, and find friends buried below treats! ★ YOURPHOTOS INTHE GAME: Add and share unique photos of your friends,family, andeven your pets to be the stars of this crazy cakeadventure! ★EXPLOSIVE FUN: Rainbow stars, exploding cakes, andfrosting tubescreate confectionary cascades ★ EVERLASTING GAMEPLAY:150+challenging, yet satisfying levels ★ GET CONNECTED: Saveyourprogress, connect with friends, and see their photo in yourgameEnjoy explosive fun for the whole family! Download freetoday!LIKE: ● Use of this application is governed by theZyngaTerms of Service. These Terms are available through theLicenseAgreement field below, andat ● Forspecificinformation about how Zynga collects and uses personal orotherdata, please read our privacy policyat Zynga’s Privacy Policy isalsoavailable through the Privacy Policy field below. ● The gameisfree to play; however, in-app purchases are availableforadditional content and in-game currency. ● This game does permitauser to connect to social networks, such as Facebook, and assuchplayers may come into contact with other people when playingthisgame. ● Terms of Service for Social Networks you connect to inthisgame may also apply to you. ● You will be given the opportunitytoparticipate in special offers, events, and programs from ZyngaInc.and its partners. ● Must be 13+ to play.
Life Simulator 💰💰💰 8.0
RLC Tech
This is a simulation game of the life of Dave - your veryown"Virtual Beggar". Your job is to uplift his wealth and tobringhappiness into his life. You start from the lowest level ofsocietyi.e beg to earn a living, up to a multinational CEO.Consequently,you start from a torn sack up to your very ownmansion! • Lead alife from the poor to rich. • Eat foods rangingfrom trash tointernational assortments to stay alive. • Getmedication in timesof distress and injury • Be occupationallymobile - Work asanything, LITERALLY! • Buy all you want weapons,various lodgings,and various transports • Educate yourself toqualify in working atyour dream job. • Over 15 Bosses to beat ->this lets you yourgameplay more fun and challenging. Life Simulatoralso features aCasino Mode where you get to have fun with threedifferent modules- Roundup, Daily Lucky Draw, and Lottery. Roundupis arealtime-multiplayer casino module where four players acrosstheglobe place a sum of money on the table. More the money theplayerputs in higher is the chance of sweeping all the cash on thetable.Daily Lucky draw lets 1000 lucky winners every day to earncash.All you need to do is to signup for the lucky draw and therestdepends on your luck. Lottery features players buying 100,1.000 or10.000 dollar tickets of any quantity. The results of eachlotteryvary and you have the potential to ridiculously multiplyyourmoney!! 💡 Introducing Careers for life simulator where youcanchoose from one of our well-crafted paths in order to specializeina field. This game also contains a City Builder Mode whichisavailable in the settings panel of the game. This modeessentiallymakes you a mayor where your job is to manage a cityfrom 0population up to a gigantic metropolitan city. It's thepopulationthat determines the success of your city. These are themainfeatures of the game - • You must build Houses,CommercialBuildings, and Community buildings in order to transformyour cityinto a success. • Expand land to accommodate morestructures. GoodLuck! Dave is waiting for you Any feedback is mostappreciatedEmail me @ : [email protected]
Compass Steel 3D 2.9.2
FEATURES: • Ad-free digital compass • Choose from multiplecolorthemes • Choose between 2 heading modes - True heading (basedonTrue north) and Magnetic heading (based on Magnetic north). •Sundirection indicator • Moon direction indicator • Sunrise andsunsettimes • Moonrise and moonset times • Self-calibrates as youuse •Marine-style compass PERMISSIONS: • Requires access tolocationcoordinates to calculate True heading.
ZigZag 1.22
Stay on the wall and do as many zigzags as you can!Just tapthescreen to change the direction of the ball. Try not to fall offtheedges!How far can you go?
Free Wallpaper HD/FHD/QHD/UHD 1.5.0
Set of carefully selected high-resolution images as wallpaper.Savethe image as you like, or you can share with your friends.favoritelandscape animals flowers foods space sky sea sunsetstructure
Fruits Bomb 4.1
Match two or more fruits to crush them, and try to get as manyscoreas possible with Fruits Bomb!Enjoy this legend game alone orplaywith friends to see who can get the highest score!✦ 300deliciouslevels - challenging and uniquely fun✦ 50 huge bossesappear everystage✦ March through 300 levels to feel awesome!✦ Hithuge bosses toclear level✦ Match 3 or more cropsies to collectappetizing fruitsand veggies✦ Gather various cropsies to wintasteful levels beforeyou run out of moves✦ Powerful boosters,amazing props, interestingobstacles skyrocket your fun✦ Cuteveggies and adorable cropsiesgraphics ✦ Enjoy classic andaddictive match-3 gameplay for FREE✦Easy to play, hard tomasterNow you can splash and pop the FruitsBomb! Take a bite onsweet fruits on this game splash mania with itsunique match 3puzzle game play!Fruits Bomb is an attractive freshfruits puzzlegame make you enjoy and challenging.THANK YOU goes outto everyonewho has played Fruits Bomb
Notas 1.0.2
Notas is an application to write simple and minimalist notes.Youwill love the more you use it. Create share and personalizeyournotes as you want. Now with Markdown support: Strong emphasis,akabold, with *asterisks*. Emphasis, aka italics, with_underscores_.Strikethrough uses two tildes. ~Scratch this.~ Shareyour noteswith your friends in: Facebook, Twitter yWhatsApp Nowwith backupin the cloud with Google Drive. Do not lose yourinformation andstart making your backup! Notas does not store anytype ofinformation from your notes on external servers. The backupis onlymade in the individual account of each one and is totallyoptional.If you are a designer and would like to collaborate withme, writeto my email: [email protected]
Alex & Co Quiz 3.3.6z
Mettiti alla prova cercando di scoprire i nomi dei personaggidiAlex & Co !!! In bocca al lupo !!!Test yourself trying tofindout the names of the characters of Alex & Co !!! Good luck!!!
Hany Shaker 1.1
Hany Shaker's official app keeps you closer with "The PrinceOfArabic Singing".After Installing this app, you will be ableto:-Watch all the Exclusive Music Videos and Concerts.- PlayallReleases (Albums, Music Videos and Singles).- Check alltheExclusive News and Photos.- Listen to a daily song updated every24hours.- Be notified with the upcoming events and concerts.-Followall official social media accounts.
Thank You Images 1.0.2
Beautiful Thank You Images For all the people who what to thanktoany one who has done a anything for him.Thank You Images isacollection of the best to say Thank You to anyone with thisThankYou Wish app.Send beautiful flowers with thank you to yourlovedwho are really special for you. You can send thank you card onanyoccasion like whenever someones wishes you in returns you cansendhim Thank You Very Much can use this Thank You Imageswhensomeone helps you. with this Thank You Flowers Images theywillsurely impressed and really likes it.Thank You ImagesAppFeatures:- nice collection of Thank You Images with Quotes- setanyThank You Flowers Images as Wallpaper- you can add Lovely ThankYouImages into your favorite list- Save & share Thank YouImagesgreeting to you family and friends.- its totally free andeasy touse.its now easy to set Thank You Flowers Images aswallpaper inyour device screen with this app, there is a hugecollection ThankYou Flowers Images in this app to set it can alsouse this app on valentine day, so can say itValentine Images orValentine Day Flowers Images.Download thisbeautiful Thank YouGreeting Card Images and Don't forgate to givegood rating if youlike it.
Music Video Maker
Just 2 steps to create slideshow video. Music video maker istheeasiest way to create photo video and music video. Weprovidethousands of music, just pick your unlimited photos,amazingslideshow video will be created. Also we have the awesomeeffectshelp you edit photo video. Supported Google Drive, so thatyou cansave your video on cloud. Effects: 1. You can chooseslideshowanimations for your photos. 2. Photo frames can let yourphotosmore catch eyes. 3. Backgroud music is totally free. 4. Coolphotofilters is absolutely necessary for slideshow video. 5. Canaddtext to slideshow. 6. Sticks, emoji can make photo videomorelively. 7. Animation duration. 8. Photo fit mode. 9.Photorotation. Don't forget to share your awesome videos toYoutube,Facebook, Instagram and other social media networks. Ifanyquestion or Music Video Maker problem, please feel free tocontactus via [email protected] Music Video Maker uses thefollowingsoftware: - FFmpeg ( licensed under theLGPLv2.1or later(
Pixel Heroes : Battle Royal 1.1.69
Fight as King Kong, RoboCop, epic legends Atom, Zeus from RealSteeland The Jungle Book heroes in this Pixel smashing adventure.Avoidcountless obstacles, discover unique hero abilities, collectrarecharacters and go on an endless win streak to become thegreatestarcade champion! COLLECT LEGENDARY HEROES Unravellegendary heroeswith super-cool abilities and exciting actionmoves to experiencethe crazy comical action. Unlock exciting andfunky characters likeDinosaurs, The Jungle Book heroes, Zombies,Sci-fi Real Steel MovieRobots and more. AMAZING ARCADE ACTIONSmash & Bash Pixels!Experience the thrill of winning fightseven with one limbremaining. UNLEASH HILARIOUS FINISHERS Knockoutchallengers withhilarious finishing moves – smash, dash, bash, andeven fart - inthis amazing pixel smashing game! UNLEASH SPECIALABILITIES Smashdown opponents with Bleed, Critical Damage, Stun,Force Field,Obstacle Shield, Last Stand & Instant Deathspecial abilities.EXCITING ARENAS Escape rolling fireballs, spikediron and uniqueobstacles in retro art-style arenas - Lava River,Helipad and theDockyard. UNRAVEL POWERFUL CHAMPIONS Open Rare,Epic and Legendarycrates with surprise rewards of amazing heroparts. JOIN ‘SUPERPIXEL HEROES’ EXCLUSIVE FAN CLUB Enjoy regularnews on game updates,characters, features, views, video tips andmore for Free **Permissions: - READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For savingyour game data& progress. - WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For savingyour game data& progress Like us onFacebook: Follow us onTwitter: Watch us onyoutube: *Also optimized fortabletdevices This game is completely free to download and play.However,some game items can be purchased with real money in thegame. Youcan restrict in-app purchases in your store’s settings.
eltrece 4.0.6
Con un rediseño pensado especialmente para los usuarios yteniendoen cuenta sus comentarios y evaluaciones, la nuevaaplicación deeltrece ofrece una novedosa forma de ver loscontenidos de laprogramación. Showmatch, Simona, Telenoche,Periodismo Para Todos ytodos tus programas favoritos en una solaapp. Como una nuevafuncionalidad, podés enviar todos los contenidosa Chromecast ymirarlos en pantallas más grandes. Los capítuloscompletos de lasficciones o los mejores momentos de los programas.¿Qué vas aencontrar en nuestra aplicación? - Mirá los capítuloscompletos delas ficciones de eltrece - Encontrá los mejoresmomentos de losprogramas del canal para verlos cuando quieras -Posibilidad paraponer como favorito y tener acceso directo a tusprogramasfavoritos - Vas a poder participar de interactivos delosprogramas: backstages, encuestas, frases - Participá delasvotaciones de eliminación de Showmatch - Los videos tomanlacalidad de acuerdo a tu conexión, para que nunca se corte -Enviátodos los contenidos a Chromecast para verlo en pantallasmásgrandes - Comentá todas las noticias y participá con lacomunidad -Nuevo diseño de la página de artículos para facilitar lalectura -Soportamos todos los contenidos de redes sociales ennuestras notas- Más opciones multimedia: galerías, videos,transmisiones en vivoy GIFs With a redesign specially designed forusers and taking intoaccount their comments and evaluations,eltrece's new applicationoffers a novel way of viewing the contentsof programming.Showmatch, Simona, Telenoche, Journalism For All andall yourfavorite programs in a single app.   As a new feature,you cansend all content to Chromecast and watch them on largerscreens.The complete chapters of the fictions or the best momentsof theprograms. What will you find in our application? - Look atthecomplete chapters of the fictions of eltrece - Find thebestmoments of the channel's programs to see them whenever you want-Possibility to put as a favorite and have direct access toyourfavorite shows - You will be able to participate ininteractiveprograms: backstages, polls, phrases - Participates intheelimination vote of Showmatch - The videos take qualityaccordingto your connection, so you never cut - Send all contenttoChromecast to see it on larger screens - Discuss all the newsandparticipate with the community - New design of the page ofarticlesfor easy reading - We support all the contents of socialnetworksin our notes - More multimedia options: galleries, videos,livebroadcasts and GIFs
The good word 1.8
The good word : 3 clues and one word to find! A simple concept?Butwill you find the most difficult words? Don't stay stuck! Youhavethe possibility to exchange points for a letter! Earn morepoints!If you do not reveal the three clues, you earn more points!Havefun !
Wicked Witch Pop 1.2
wicked witch popWicked Witch Pop is a popular game where yourgoalis to pop all the bubbles. In this game, we provide you 1000levelsto beat! Simply just tap on the bubble to change color, andtouchthe screen where the bubble you want to pop!Totally funandexciting game. Take Aim and burst the bubbles!Plan your everypopto help the Witch to spell her magic beautifully!This is themostclassic and amazing shooting bubble buster game.Solvepuzzles,collect coins, and progress through the crazy levels inmagicalworld.
Baby Care 1.6.3189
Kiwi Go
Do you like babies? Do you want to take care of them? Youwillreally realize that taking care of babies is such a happy andhardthing. Come and experience the fun of it. Features: * Selectbabieswith different complexions * Select cute and beautifulclothes * Avariety of nursing items which help to become aprofessional nanny* Find the best way to take care of babies *Enjoy the fun ofgrowing up with them Come and spend happy hourswith the sweet andcute babies.
NumberBook- Caller ID & Block 3.1.4
Don’t stay behind while millions embrace theirNumberbookexperience! Stay only in touch with people you love, anddon’twaste your time with unwanted communications without abusingyourdata or invading your privacy. Numberbook does not pretend tobethe only one out there; yet it aims for true quality in itsvariousfeatures. Numberbook is a trusted, verified and safecommunity thathelps you identify undesired calls or spam calls,granting you amore enjoyable daily mobile experience. It is apowerful guide thatgets you covered and tells you the hot venuesthat are on your way.It centralizes all the contacts on your socialmedia platforms withyour contact list and makes that list smoothlyrestored when youare in need.
Magical Jewel Star 1.1
magical jewel startons of rewarding and super fun puzzlegameadventures await.Play fun puzzle games with your socialmediafriends! Join the new matching game all your friendsareplaying!Beautiful animation & cute graphics, travel throughthecolorful lands to relax with exciting gameplay and amazingleveldesign.Play the best match-3 game for Free, and watch hoursfly by!Experience new and interesting game modes and levels thatare moreexciting.
Sketch Photo Editor 2.23
You select your picture in camera or gallery also givesthedifferent sketch effect your image also gives the differentcoloryour image also shares this image with your friends orfamiliesthrough social app.Features of Sketch Photo Editor:- -Choose frommany types of editors/filters . We will be adding manymore. - Savephotos in high resolution for printing. - You can takepicturesdirectly from the camera or from the photo album. - You canshareyour photos via Twitter, Facebook, E-mail and many more.-Preserves the original pictures without destroying or distorting.-Sketch Photo Maker can be applied to any image -Unlimitedupdates.Easy-to-Use interface.We are constantly workinghard onmaking this “Sketch Photo Editor” app better and more usefulforyou. Please feel free to email us foranyqueries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to say hello.Ifyou have enjoyed any feature of the “Sketch Photo Editor” app,dorate us on play store and share among your friends.
Snake Game 2.5
Feeling nostalgic for retro games? Download Snake Game, afunclassic game and dive into the memories of bygone times andsimpleaddictive games! ADDICTING GAMES ARE GETTING SMALLER! Whenwas thelast time you played a classic snake game? Wanna give it atryagain? This fun game takes you back to the time when coolgameswere simple, yet addictive. So, if you are a fan of retrogames orjust in search of a simple game to keep the clock ticking,get thisfree Snake Game and enjoy! SNAKE GAME - FEATURES: 🐍4WORLDS:Classic Snake, Retro Snake, Snake on Steroids, and SnakeMaster 🐍3WAYS TO PLAY 🐍Rewind the snake option 🐍Various boosters tohelp youprogress How long can you last before your tail becomesyourdinner? Take the challenge and eat all those apples! Test allthesnake games within the game and join our hall of fame by beingoneof the longest lasting players. Ready? Go for it! Classicretrogames have never been more fun! Download Snake Game and addthissimple game to the list of the cool games you have recentlyplayed.RETRO GAMES ARE IN so do not hesitate to join the craze!This freegame is an intellectual property of PeakselGames –copyright 2017.
Lovers Live Wallpapers 1.6
- Selection of five romantic background image - Particle effects-Gesture effect We have implemented a number of adsettings,ad-supported: admob. Advertisement can support ourdevelopment freelive wallpaper. Thank you for your understandingand support, Ihope you will like it, thank you. This wallpaper hasbeen testingthe latest equipment, such as Samsung Galaxy S3/S4,Nexus7, HTC Oneand Sony Xperia Z, millet. If your settings are notsupported,please contact us. Installation instructions: Home ->Menu ->Wallpapers> Live Wallpapers Scroll down the list tofind thedynamic wallpaper and set it.
English Speak Practice 1.0.8
English Speak Practice has some new features which willimproveuser’s app experience: - A hundred of daily Englishconversations -Scripts are translated into 17 languages and aresynced with audiotimestamp - Easily manage your record by filteringthem by time orlesson ****************************************** Weprovide youwith a hundred of daily English conversations which willhelp youimprove your English listening and speaking skills. Withour highlyinteractive practice tools, we guarantee that you willhave a greattime while using our application. These conversationsare collectedfrom our normal daily life, they can take place in theschool,hospital, food store or bus station, etc. Our objective istocreate familiar lessons, which are suitable for everyoneincludingbeginners. Scripts are available for all lessons and theyare alsotranslated into other 17 languages. These scripts aresynchronizedwith audio tracks by timestamp so they could beautomaticallyvisualized. The best way to improve your English is topracticeevery day. Whenever you have free time, try to learn somenewvocabularies, grammars, or practice speaking and listeningskills.We hope that you will experience the benefit and conveniencewithour application.
Nearby - Chat, Meet, Friend
With 45 billion messages sent to date, Nearby is one of themostpopular apps for meeting new people.
Super Power fx 1.6
Max Mobi
Looking for the ultimate photo expression app?Super PowerEffectsare super cool and brings action movie graphics in your reallifeimages. This super hero photo booth allows you to bring someverycool and amazing super power effects in your old andboringphotos.Incredible realistic effects to any photo and makethemawesome. You’ve never seen anything like this before! Modifyyourphotos, add super photo effects and stickers, superpowereffects(kamehameha, beam cannon, laser, rasengan) , face booth(masks,glasses), troll face (meme maker), cartoon camera, tatoo,weapons,wings and insta photo filters.Become a superhero with anyfreesuper power you want. Add cool photo stickers to yourphoto.Take apicture or load it from your phone. Add photo effects,instafilters and fun stickersChoose from special effects:explosions,anime effects: kamehameha, chidori, laser beam.Enchantfoto withface booth: masks, glasses, scars. Arm with weapons:katana, sword,gun, minigun, shotgun, chainsaw.Add comics stickers:BOOM, POW,BOMB, BOOTH, LOLFeatures:✰ 35+ Super Power effects inhigh quality✰Many super hero features, fighter mode and streetfighting✰ Superbeam, electric waves, explosion, power waves, superhero powers✰Fight with your friends with many super powers in you✰Just choosea picture you need to edit✰ Select any power effectaccording tophoto background✰ Set objects to photos properly andfeels like youare a pro street fighter✰ Share photos with everyoneviaFacebook,Instagram,Line,Gmail etc.
Music Player 1.1.14
Musique Play is an elegant yet simple Music Player. It makes iteasyto browse and play your music files. Smooth animations andswipecontrols make this player one of the most convent MusicPlayer, andthe equalizer and playback controls make it one of themostfunctional. Musique Play will guide you easily to find all theMusicin your phone.You can share and delete particular song and itdo notshow Whats App voice audio in songlist. Features:*Beautifulandsimple User Interface.*Play music - Play music by song,artist,album or playlist.*Easy navigation - One touch to navigatein yourmusic player.* Folder Option* Power fullattractiveEqualizer.*Lyrics support for English Songs.*Quick search- Searchfor your music quickly.*Playlists - Build and edit yoursongs intoplaylists.*Party shuffle - Shuffle your music .*Albums -Viewbeautiful album art in your music player.*Notification control-Control music from notifications.*Play queue - Viewupcomingmusic.*Now Playing - view current playing and upcomingsongs inqueue is very fascinating.*Customize Theme-You can changeTheme ofMusique Play from setting to see Musique play in yourdesired colorpreference*SHARE particular song.*DELETE particularsong.*Set songas ringtone directly from song list.*Whats App voiceaudio not showin the song list.*View As- List or Grid.*Settings-Can change thetheme of application of your choice.*Settings(NowPlaying)-fourfascinating view for now playing scene ,can select ofyourchoice.*Create Playlist.*Lock Screen play(Turn on Lockscreennotification from setting).* In App Purchase for removeAds.*Beautiful Widget.
Idle Gold gem clicker 1.22.000
New Idle/clicker game! Easy and addictive! If you like jewelsandgold mining, this idle/clicker game is for you! Just tap themine,get gems and become a jewels tycoon.At first, you need to tapandmine on your own. Then sell what you've got and hire workerstospeed up the process. Continue to tap by yourself and earnmorejewels and gold.You can also:- buy new pickaxes. It willmakemining more effective because better pickaxes mine betterjewels.And chance to get cool gems also increases.- upgrade miningwithmoney. It's better to get more gems per one tap, right?Everybodywants to become rich fast.- upgrade with pearls. When youbecomerich enough, you may want to reach new horizons. To do thatyouneed to restart and tap again. But you will get a bonus - pearlsofprestige! You can spend them on super mining upgrades oryoucan...- take part in the essence lottery. This opportunityisavailable only when you've mined and earned enough, when youhavethe pearls of prestige.- collect planetary essences in thisidlegame and improve your pickaxes with it. And then...- fuse10essences and get one which range is higher. What are theyfor?Essences help you to earn much more jewels per tap. Theydoubleamount of them, triple!There are so much opportunities in thegame.You can play it for weeks and never get bored with it.Trythisidle/clicker game and become a tycoon!
Home Pigs 1.13
The story of the development of pigs after the Dr.Pig who sinceIwas a child, I liked pigs.How do you play?- Feed your babypigswith delicious food. then Baby pigs grow up special pigs.-Growfaster with nutritious food.- Pig research increases theability ofpigs to eat faster and more easily.Characteristic- SimplePlay -You can feed a food just by clicking on food.- Meet over 20specialpigs.- Take part in eating competitions, and boast theability toeat.
Cartoon Girl Live Wallpaper 1.7
- Selection of five cartoon aesthetic background image -Fallingrose petals - Meteor effect - Deciduous effect - Gestureeffect Wehave implemented a number of ad settings, ad-supported:admob.Advertisement can support our development free livewallpaper.Thank you for your understanding and support, I hope youwill likeit, thank you. This wallpaper has been testing thelatestequipment, such as Samsung Galaxy S3/S4, Nexus7, HTC One andSonyXperia Z, millet. If your settings are not supported,pleasecontact us. Installation instructions: Home -> Menu->Wallpapers> Live Wallpapers Scroll down the list to findthedynamic wallpaper and set it.
Music Player 1.4
Powerful and Fast Music Player with elegant design. MusicPlayerlets you to manage all your music files quickly and easily.Thebest free music player.This player lets you to browse all songsonyour device. All albums with list of songs in that albums.Alsoyoucan manage your playlists. You can add, remove multiple songs toitand you can rearrange list of songs in the playlist. So justmakelist and enjoy musical.Quick search songs on your device andplayit.You can easily access currently playing song fromthenotification. You can easily control player from lockscreen.KeyFeatures:* Support all the most popular music fileformats.* Playsall audio files* Browse and play your music byalbums, songs,playlists.* Details about song with album, format,size, length,location, etc* Support notification status: show songdetail,play/pause, skip forward in notification status.* Headsetsupport.* Easy SEARCH. Find all your local music files never beenso easy.*Customize your Playlist.* Lock screen controllerPleasetake aminute and rate us on PlayStore.If you are having technicalissuesor have any questions on this app you can email [email protected]
Massimo Dutti 3.3.1
Shop the entire catalogue. Discover the new clothes andcollectionsfor Women, Men and Boys&Girls, the pictures of thecampaign andthe lookbook.
Split Camera 1.5.1
It's never been easier to clone yourself or your friend. - Taketwophotos - Adjust split and blending - Share the pic anywhereyouwant Self-timer makes cloning easy and because of the blender,theshots don't need to be perfectly aligned. The square pictureformatis perfect for online sharing. Download the app now and shareyourcreativity!
Ml Build Guide For Legends 4.0.4
Ali Dhari
ML Build is a guide application developed for ML game. You cantakea close look at some features through this application. Forexamplewhen the new hero comes out you will have the opportunityget toknow it and moreover you can reach The Best player's(global)builds by using this application. 🌕Here are the amazingfeaturesthat our application has 🏴The Most Recent Heroes You caneasilyaccess all the heroes and their informations by using MLBuildapplication. Furthermore, our team reaches the heroes thathave noteven come to the normal servers yet and add them totheapplication. So you could see all the new heroes before theycometo the game and get a chance to test or evaluate them. 🏴TheMostRecent Equipment Ml Build always provides the mostup-to-dateplayer's equipment to its users. When a new equipmentpart is addedto the game or when an existing kit is updated, weimmediately makethe necessary changes and add it to ourapplication. So you alwayshave the updated game knowledge.🏴Verified Build System We useverified build icon in our applicationso you can easily see whoowns the equipment (build) and hisstatistics. Thanks to thissystem, you can easily get a lot ofinformation such as win ratio,league of the player in the game, howmany matches he played. Soyou choose your builds consideringverified builds 🏴Current NewsAnd Videos Ml Build is not just abuild guide application, it alsoprovides you the most recent Newsand Videos about the game. Ourteam will present you with activitiesthat have not yet come to thegame, new skins of the heroes, inaddition to that our team evenprovide information about upcomingheros by the survey, and alsoyou can find the latest videos of theheroes on the "Videos" page.Contact us if you have any problem orsuggestions Email:[email protected]
Location Address 2.7
Search for you destination address, it updated after every300seconds saving you battery. Get both types of toggle betweenbothSatellite Map & Normal Line Map easily.
My Burger World 1.13
It’s burger time and it’s love at first bite! Run your ownburgerstand and enjoy piling burgers to the sky. Visit differentplaces,see their local sights and meet true burger lovers all overtheworld. Enjoy travelling to California, Hawaii, Peru,Tanzania,Egypt, Netherlands, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, India,Thailand,Indonesia, and Australia, and serve your best takeawayburgers.Create tasty burgers for your customers by selectingtheingredients in the right order and earn as many coins aspossibleto let your burger business grow. Features: • challengingtimemanagement game • circle the world and visit populartouristattractions • 10 burger ingredients, 4 sauces, 4 burger buns• over100 levels
Who Viewed My fb Profile ★★ 23.4
CATY harley
who viewed me on facebook pro will l'it you to check your 10ProfileStalkers for free. We are getting the list from yourFacebookprofile source using some algorithm, We will analyse youractivityand data from your Facebook account and fetch ProfileVisitors listfor you. The list will refresh as many time you wanton the app. You??n ??? now Profile facebook Stalkers ?? mani timeyou want uiingProfile Visitors app. Facebook doesn't provide thisfeature forprivacy reasons. Long back we have got the trick oninternet tocheck your profile visitors. We thought of making appusing thattrick, We tried it many times and it really works withfew simplerules. We will show you the list of the friends afterlogin withfacebook. Don't mistake believing that all of them areyour profilevisitors. In that list you will find friends to whomyou areinteracting most. You need to check for individuals to whomyoudidn't talk or interacted by any means and still they areshowing inyour list, Those are your real profile visitors. Isn'titinteresting ? Let's check who has crush on you and who is spyingonyour profile daily. You may be very curious to know aboutyourprofile visitor and viewers and profile stalkers. Applicationwilltell you about your profile visitors / profile stalkers/Whovisited my profile ? / Who views My FB profile ? / Who spyingmyProfile. ? / Profile viewers.Now you can checkAlong with whoviewedme on fb you guys can check Profile Stalkers/ ProfileVisitors andProfile Admires and profile visitor. You guys can surffacebooktoo.Thank you for your corporation. Please rate thisapplication.your feedback is a lot for us. We are continuouslyworking toimprove this app. mail us your suggestions we will sureimplement
Fish Shooting - New Fishing 1.0.6
Welcome to Fish Shooting or another name for New Fishing, whereyoutransform into a true fisherman. Your job is to use the net guntocatch fish, deep blue sea is a variety of different species,Eachtype has different fishing characteristics, you will have tochoosethe right gun type, as well as the attached items. This isatop-of-the-line game in the most popular and well-known games,andyou'll be fascinated at first sight. 👑 Options and how to play 👑+There are 9 cannons with different strength and speed +Theattached accessories will make it easier for you to shoot fish+Reward per level + Beautiful 3D graphics + Live sound In themiddleof the ocean, there is something to be enjoyed, where you canswimin the sea, catch fish for a ride. Practice good, flexibleskillsusing cannons to catch different fish, pieces of bait Thiswillhelp the fish to approach, the bomb will help to defeat thebigfish, electric shock will help the fish are stunned to be easiertocatch. 👑 Game features 👑 Fish Shooting is extremelylightweight,easy to install + Play without internet, you can stillcatch the +See the beautiful species ️🏆 The best game in the fishshootinggame ️🏆 ️🏆 Easy to enjoy everywhere you want ️🏆 If you haveanyproblems with the game or would like to post a comment,pleasecontact us by email: [email protected] Have funshootingfish games. - Cycling & Hiking offline maps 6.5.2 by Seznam will lead you through the whole world. Youcantake your device anywhere in the world with you. Thanks tothetourist map you know about every trail and bike trail and youwon’tmiss a single castle, outlook or other attraction. In My mapsyoucan save your places and routes to files. Then you can easilysortthem by trips or share them with others. You candisplayrestaurants, ATMs, stations, accommodation and other placesthatmay come in handy. There are even parking zones andpublictransport timetables in the cities. Maps of the whole worldaredownloadable and work without internet access. If you are goingona trip, then only with Even without internet access,youcan: - Use downloaded maps even just in the form of regions.-Search locations, coordinates and categories around the world.-Plan routes for a car, a bike or on foot. - Look through andsortout saved trips in My maps including synchronization to mobileapp.In the app you will find: - Offline tourist map of the worldwithmarked tourist trails and bikeways. - Satellite map of theworld,panoramic photographs of Czech streets and 3D view. -Offlinewinter map of the world with cross-country skiing tracks andskiresorts. - Trip tips in your surroundings. - My maps fororganisingtrips synchronised on all devices after login. - Offlinerouteplanning with unlimited number of passing-through points,elevationprofiles for a car, a bike or a hike. - Water tourisminformationfor the Czech Republic, such as rivers' and weirs'passability. -Option to send us your photographs of locations. -Offline searchof places, coordinates and categories including openhours andcontacts. - Tracker with lot of statistics and autopause-Highlighted parking zones in Czech cities. - Publictransporttimetables. - Up-to-date fuel prices at petrol stations inEurope.
Find The Cat 1.0
Have fun with find the cat .
Bottle Flip Challenge 4 1.6
Meet the fourth bottle flip challenge!Flip the water bottle intheair and land it upright.Become in the master of the flip onemoretime!★ NEW 80 different drink bottle to choose!★ NEWSounds!Including the famous Bottle Flip song and Dab song!★ NEWfunny Gif'Deal with it' animations!★ NEW 20 different table to landthebottle!★ NEW 20 different backgrounds!★ NEW Open chests ang getnewitems.★ NEW Trading cards and stickers system! Get allbottles!★Realistic physics!★ Perform amazing flip trick shots!★Share yourpersonal record with your friends!★ No internetconnection needed.★No in app purchases. Totally free.Have fun withthe global bottleflip challenge 4 app.
kaiian driver 0.23.0201-MIRAGE
KaiiaN Co.
Kaiian is a ridesharing app for fast, reliable rides inminutes—dayor night. With Kaiian , you just tap to request a ride