Top 24 Games Similar to Sex Dice 3D : Desire To Love

Sex Dice 3.1
Sex Dice is a highly exciting 18+gamefor romantic couples to add hot spice in their love life.The gamewill allow its users to enjoy sex stimuli and eroticism attheirfingertips by playing a nice adult game of love making onyourandroid device. With sex dice, you'll open up a whole new worldoferotic experimentation and have sexy fun with your partner! Bestofall it's one of the few games for adults free apps that aremadefor couples to enjoy.Download the app Sex Dice and start throwing exciting diceswithyour partner to make the interactions sizzling hot!How to Play Sex DiceIt is easy, it’s hot, and it is full of erotica! Firstly,setboth your names on the interface and start playing this adultfungame. There are different dices and sexual actions likelick,message, kiss, nipples, neck, and many more. You canchangedifferent settings for entertaining your sex partner andsetdifferent intensity of actions for taking your virtualsexexperience at cloud nine!App FeaturesSex Dice is packed with features that allow this spicy adultgameto provide hours upon hours of erotic adult fun. Some ofthefeatures of this adult game include:- Customizable dices - Each of you can set up the dicetoinclude acts that you enjoy and eliminate ones that you don'tlike.This way, the adult play is perfectly tailored to yourfantasiesand desires.- Expandable - Add new dices to the game whenever youwishto keep things fresh and exciting.- Timer Function - Set the timer and see how long youcanendure your partner's teasing!- Privacy Protection - Password protection limitsaccess,so no one can see the app but the two of you.- Sensual Sound Effects - Enjoy stimulating soundsformaking the adult gameplay hot and seducing unlimited.- Vibrations - You can enjoy the sweet seductionofvibrations that initiate the mood.Don't wait another day to start enjoying intimacy withyourpartner again. Recharge your love life and have sexy, steamyadultfun with the best 18+ games for couples for Androiddevices!Download Sex Dice for free now!
Kamasutra - Posturas y Juego 1
Quieres ver tener en tu dispositivo Androidelmejor Kamasutra? Esta es tu app...En esta aplicacion encontraras las mejores posturas delKamasutrapara tener autenticas relaciones con tu pareja o conquienquieras.Además tienes la opcion de ver una postura al azar para jugar contuesposa o novia. Solo tienes que apretar el boton "Postura alazar" ypracticar esa postura para tener una autentica diversiondelplacer.Encuentra ya como practicar las posturas tan clasicas comoelmisionero, o las nuevas y divertidas como el centrifugado.¿a que esperas para disfrutar del sexo como nunca?You want to see onyourAndroid device have the best Kamasutra? This is your app...In this application you will find the lowest positions oftheKamasutra to have authentic relationships with your partner orwithanyone.You also have the option to view a random position to play withyourwife or girlfriend. Just press the "Posture random" buttonandpractice that position to have a real fun of pleasure.Find and as practice as classic positions like missionary, or asafun new spin.Are you waiting for to enjoy sex like never before?
Crazy Sex Fail - Free Sex Game sex
Crazy Sex Fail - Free Sex GameTouch and drag to move the running man in order to avoid thefallinggender symbols!!!A free sex game for everyone.Play Crazy Sex Fail, don't have to provide you have 18years:DHow many score can you make?--If you have any problem with "Crazy Sex Fail". Please leaveyourcomment or send us an email.
Sexy dice 2.1.9
This naughty dice app will spice upyourromantic evenings!The game is simple: Shake or touch the screen to throw the dice,andyou have to accomplish what is written on them.The first sex dice is for an action, the second one indicates abodypart, and the last one is for a bonus. Once thrown astopwatchappears to indicate the duration of the action.You can add or remove actions, body parts, and bonuses fromthesettings. You can be gay, lesbian, or heterosexual - thiseroticgame is for everyone and for every taste.The game can be played in turns or randomly - many parametersareconfigurable!Many background images are available to suit every taste andeverydesire.In the settings you can lock the application with a passwordtoprevent children from using it.With this sex dice app you are going to end the routine inyourrelationship, and you will spend wild nights under the sheetswithyour partner. This adult game will revive your sex life!
Douchebag Beach Club 2.0.3
One of our most popular series is nowonmobile. With Douchebag Beach Club, you can now become arealDouchebag at the beach! The mission is simple; get bigmuscles,increase your swag and flirt with the ladies.
Strip Roulette 1.2.5
Strip roulette game!Great game to spice up your parties!! Whether its withyourintimate self other our with your group of friends, you willhave avery hot experience!Includes many positions that will knock you off your feet!Roulette will select a piece of clothing the player spinninghasto take off, imagine the possibilities..Interactive roulette which is very fun to play with, greatforcouples or non couples!Give a fun, daring twist to every occasion..Have a better experience, dare to try it out, take ofyourclothes, enjoy every moment of it!
Xray Cloth Scanner Prank 3.1
Pro Xray Labs
Enjoy this prank now, let other thinkyoupossess a tool which can actually see beneath the clothes…This is a very fun app. Very amusing – you can let your friendsplaywith your phone and see how you can scan them. You can gothroughthe process where you need to first decide about theperson's genderand which body part you wish to scan. You can moveafterwards on totaking a picture, waiting while the data is beinganalyzed and thenget the funny result, which might look real…Start fooling otherstoday, make all of them see how you can seebehind a person clothes.Make the guys and the girls nervous withyour capabilities. Letothers think you are the one who has allsorts of cool options onhis phone. Make your friends jealous ofyou. Laughed from our app?Go ahead and leave your feedbacks, wewould appreciate your support.If you enjoyed our product, pleasefollow us and wait for updates.Moreover, we would love to hearmore from you by email. We hope youwill find it's funny andamusing. Thanks!
nurse bathing salon 7.7.1
Cocos Apps
Hey, we all had moments when we felt verytiredafter a very busy day. Children come home tired after a fullday ofeducational activities and parents after a day of work fullofunexpected things. You know what it is like to sleep instreetclothes just for the reason that you have not managed to getinyour room to change the clothes. Even if these things happenveryrarely we have to admit that sometimes the help is welcome. Inthiskids game you will meet a nurse who is called Maura, sheworksdaily with sick people, she administers medications, and helpthemwith advices.She is a good friend to anyone in need. After a busy day,withurgency, with people who can not move without help or can noteatalone, Maura is exhausted. After she gets home she can notdoanything for her, can not even take a shower only. Your role istohelp her, you have to be careful about what she wants. Followtheinstructions for Maura to be happy. What do you think? Do youthinkthat you will succeed? Sure you willl be able to do all thatisnecessary for our nurse.1)For the beginning, you have to help her undress, then becarefulto open and close the water when she makes a hot watersteam. Now,she is in the bath you have to make sure that you willchoose theshampoo for hair that she likes most. Wash her hair andrinse itwith hot water and dry it. For body you will have to use asoapthat fits with the skin of our young nurse. You can use a toweltoclean the water.2) After bath, girl needs a facial treatment. With a singleclickyou can select masks but and rinse shower with. On the tableyouwill find four different masks: a mask Apricot Scrub, apurifyingmask with kiwi, mask with strawberry extract which is amask thatcreates a soft skin and do not forget the cream. Finallyyou haveto apply slices of cucumber, tomato and orange for skinhydrationaround the eyes. It is important to eliminate acne on theface withthe help of a device.3) Now is refreshed and a beautiful young woman, she must preparetogo to work. Help her to dress. Do not forget the firstaidkit.Thank you for visiting us and we recommend you go back toplayingand other games for girls and nurse games. Thank you andcome backsoonThank you for your help, Maura is very happy with the help thatyouhave provided.
Cuánto me conoces? sex edition 1.6
Nutarum Games
El juego de android "Cuánto me conoces?sexedition" ya esta aquí, descubre cuánto te conocen tus amigosydiviértete con este juego basado en preguntas sobresexo,situaciones comprometidas y dilemas que jamás teplantearías!¿hasta donde estás dispuesto a llegar?Primero debes responder a 10 preguntas, para después pasarleelmóvil a un amigo y que este adivine las respuestas que tú hasdado,¿crees que te conocerá lo suficiente? ¡Descúbrelo!The game android "Howyouknow me? Sex edition" is here, find out how much you knowyourfriends and have fun with this game based on questions aboutsex,compromising situations and dilemmas that you neverplantearías!How far are you willing to go?First you have to answer 10 questions, and then pass the phone toafriend and that this guess the answers that you have given,youthink you know enough? Find out!
Lovemaking Game, Sex Game 1.2.1
A.T. Apps
Free trial of the Lovemaking Game,SexGame!The Lovemaking Game, Sex Game is a new experience for couplesorfriends to know each others better. The game guide you throughfromthe foreplay to the orgasm across a lot of funny task andsexposition. The goal of Lovemaking Game, Sex Game to make yoursexualexperience longer and more pleasurable.This version is the cornerstone of the game. The game creator notaprogrammer nor a graphic so please look out for simplesolutionsand poor graphic design. Those who focus on the essenceofLovemaking Game, Sex Game will definitely be auniqueexperience.Please feel your free to share your opinion and ideas withthedeveloper. Thanks. Attila
iPassion: Sex Game for Couples & Sexy Foreplay 🔥 3.6.5
iPassion ApS
Time to get the sex talk started! Andyou'vejust found the best adult game for that very purpose...Presenting:The best sex game and couple quiz on the Androidmarket!If you want to start getting more intimate with your girlfriendorboyfriend or discover hot facts about each that you didn'talreadyknow, the sex talk game iPassion provides a hot quiz to getyougoing.It's a great relationship game - and you don't even have to be inasteady relationship. Instantly improve your foreplay game withyourhusband, wife, bf or gf.Simply, download the app, start up the sex quiz and let thefunbegin... it's about to get hot!You're about to increase the intimacy and upgrade your sex life-while having a laugh! It's a classy sex game with questionsthatlet's you communicate about your wants and needs as a couple.Withthis new adult game, you're gonna get to know your partnermuchbetter and your partner will get to know a lot about you aswell...It's a game like no other and it's a great way to get greatsextips - straight from your very own partner.Knowing your partner is the single most important thing you candoto improve your relationship and be more intimate with them.Andwhat's better than a fun couples game to help break theice?🔥 What's it about? 🔥- Finding out how well you really know each other and gettingsextips from your very own partner- Discovering what your partner likes, dislikes and how torubhim/her the right way with hot quizzes- Winning an awesome prize/favor by the end of each round - ifyouknow bestOur users absolutely LOVE this brand-new adult game andthere'snothing like it. Download this couples game, increase thefun andintimacy with your partner right now... Then, hitthebedroom!💡 To get started: 💡Download, signup and notify your partner. Then wait for yourpartnerto also create a user and start the sex game with you.You're gonnaneed to be two to play this... ;-)This is how it works:- You answer 2 questions about your own preferences, likes,dislikesetc.- Your partner then has to guess your answers and see if he/shewasright - and then it's the other way around- For every right answer, you get 10 points. How well do youknowyour partner? You're about to find out!- First to 100 points wins - and gets to select anawesomeprize… and when you put your phones back down, you’ll findyourselfengaging in fun and casual sex talk 😊ℹ️ Additional information ℹ️Sexual therapists and couples’ counselors are alreadyrecommendingthis relationship game as a great sex talk starter andwhetheryou're already having hot sex or not - playing this gamewilldefinitely spice up your foreplay game and get both of youtalkingabout what you really want and need – and giving eachotherpersonalized sex tips.Whether you're deeply in love in a sensual relationship,lovinglymarried for several years, newlyweds, just getting to knowyourgirlfriend/boyfriend or having a casual fling, you'll lovethissexy couples game. We can even guarantee that you'll find outsomeinteresting things about your partner.What are you waiting for? Download the sex game, answerthequestions and start knowing each other better with our funlittlegame!We dare you to play! :)
Stickman Love And Blood. He 1.0.0
Svan Publish
Have a bad mood? Want to kill somebody ? -Thenthis game is for you!Never make crazy lowers angry! See funny animated stories andcomicsabout stickman lowers.* 5 ways to kill,* a lot of fantasy, blood and fun.Just click on objects and see what happens.Live and death of stickman is in your hands now!
Party in my Dorm 4.25
Play with all your cool friends in thebestcollege game ever. Join a club and find a party, or just chillandchat with cool girls and boys. You can be whoever you want aslongas you like to have fun!Collect gifts and get 100s of different avatars! You can getahipster, a surfer, a girl, a boy, and many more!Upgrade your dorm and get new roommates. Every dance off,everyhipster prank, every fight gets you closer to being the mostcooland popular person in college. You can even start arelationshipand find a boyfriend or girlfriend.FEATURES:✓ Rent out dorm rooms and add to your crew.✓ Challenge other students to dance offs and hipster pranks.✓ Prank, fight and eavesdrop on other students!✓ Choose from a variety of avatars like Bro, Club GirlandHipster.✓ Join forces with others to form cool clubs and participate inclubwars and parties!✓ Chat with your club, campus chat, messaging chat and forum.✓ Send hilarious gifts to other players.✓ Start a relationship with your online soulmate! Find agreatboyfriend or girlfriend!Are You Ready for College?PLEASE NOTE:This is an ONLINE game only! Tablet users must be connected toWiFiin order to play.
Fire Screen Prank 2.0
Enjoy a fire screen prank that will makeyourfriends crazy. Just tap on the screen or blow on it andasurprising flame will appear on the screen (up to 30flamesaccompanied with an authentic burning sound). This joke willmakeyour buddies believe your phone is actually on fire.Enjoy this app now!
Xxx Games: Girl vs Boy 2016 1.0
In xxx Games: boy vs girl . You canmanuallyselect to draw a scissor!!Play against to have fun or test your luck against the A.I.Features:* Play against friends or the Artificial Intelligence to try InxxxGames .* Choose director to hit and to make you win by hit youropponentass .* 1 match, Best of 3 or Best of 5.*Share points you got in xxx Games to your friends to getbonus!
おやすみM豚 〜エリカの小部屋〜 1.0.5
Bra Xray Scanner Prank Cloth 2.0
The Bra Xray Scanner Cloth is a Prank app.ifyou are looking for an ultimate Girls body Prank app Camera togetbra xray scan of your girl friend Cloth to know her bra sizeorshape,then use this Bra Size Xray Scanner Cloth .This app willmeasureyour bra size by scanning your finger print on can know size and xray of any girls using this ScannerPrankapp.Note: This is Prank app and made for entertainmentpurposeonly.
Sex Rush - Sex Game sex
Sex Rush is a free addiction "sex game",veryattractive, and a fun game too.> Using one-tap gameplay, control the red and the blue circlesatthe same time. Collect all the symbol and avoid the squares ontheroad.> Challenge your friends to see who can get the farthest.> Compare your score with players on over the world.The gameplay is very simple, you have to control circles tocatchthe symbol and avoid the square block. Based on that scenario,butseem to be very hard at high speed. In a rush, you have to use2fingers to control 2 circles to turn left, turn right,catchsymbols, avoid square box, and when speed up, it's sodifficult tocontrol. Could your brain drive two fingers exactly atthe sametime? Could you have enough calm to concentrate on the road?Harder but more attractive, this challenge will help you muchmorethan you can imagine ! I also have many work to do, but I cannotconcentrate on, so I play this game in 10 minutes and back towork.Surprised, I could work more affective !Don't be angry with difficulty, if you got 40 points, you'reveryexcellent, master of driver - champion of Sex Rush -sexgame.Very easy gameplay but extremely fun and hard to be master !Features:- Beautiful simple graphics- Free addiction game- Easy but challenging gameplay- Online LeaderboardsHow to play:1. Tap to screen to control 2 circles to turn left, turn rightatthe same time.2. Avoid the squares and don't miss any symbols.Try to get highest score as you can.--If you got any problems with this "sex game" please leaveyourcomment or send us an e-mail, we will do our best.
Sex-Fakten Pro 1.0
Bagbug Studio
Dies ist kostenlose Premium Pro-Versionderbeliebten App "Sex-Fakten".Sie enthält eine Sammlung von besonders lustigen oderwissenswerten,teils aber auch einfach unnützen Fakten über dieschönste Nebensacheder Welt.Besonders interessante Fakten kannst du zu deinenFavoritenhinzufügen, um sie schneller wieder zu finden oder perWhatsapp,SMS oder Facebook teilen.Wusstest du zum Beispiel, dass "Oculophilie" einenFetischbeschreibt, bei dem man durch Lecken der Augen des Partnerserregtwird?Oder dass ein Drittel der Frauen mit ihrem Partner niemalszumOrgasmus gelangen?Oder willst du wissen wieviel Kalorien man beim Sex verbraucht?Dannlade dir diese App absolut gratis!This is free premiumProversion of the popular app "Sex-Facts".It contains a collection of very funny or worth knowing, butpartlyalso simply useless facts about the most wonderful thing intheworld.Particularly interesting facts you can add to your Favorites,soyou quickly find again or share via Whatsapp, SMS orFacebook.Did you know for example, that "Oculophilie" describes afetishwhere you get aroused by licking the eyes of thepartner?Or that never reach a third of women with their partnertoorgasm?Or do you want to know how many calories you consumed duringsex?Then you load this app absolutely free!
Sexy Hot Detector Prank 2.4.4
Sexy detector is a great prank to make youfeelhot, sexy and attractive. Find out if your friends are uglyorbeautiful and have fun with your family or classmatesUse this beauty detector simulator in parties and have fun withyourfriends playing gamesChoose the results from the settings and prank your friends.Touch the screen with your finger for a couple seconds and thisfakescanner will scan your fingerprint and tell you how hotyouareThis is not a real sexy detector. This is a fake simulator gameandthe results of this game should not be taken seriously. Justhavefun
Sex Touch 1.1
Sex Touch - Free Sex GameYour mission is match the falling gender symbol with the correctonein the bottom! Challenge your friends to see who isthefastest.Be careful, time is your enemies... Let's tap!--If you got any problems with Sex Touch, please leave your commentorsend us an e-mail, we will do our best.