Top 45 Games Similar to Slapformer

ReversEstory 3.08
2D roguelike action shooting. A serious actionshootinggameoptimized for smartphone operation. An arcade-likeaction gamethatyou can play seriously when you want to play. Thecapturethatchanges with equipment. A system designed to makeitemrecoverycomfortable. Capture the mysterious ruins that changeeverytimeyou play! -action You can fly around with yourfingerswithoutlimit. Flick to move, tap to shoot, long press andaim 360degreesfreely charge shot. We will use these actions tocapturerandomlygenerated ruins. -Item collection There is atreasure boxin thefield, and the equipment drops by opening thetreasure boxordefeating enemy. Annihilating the enemies in thefield makesitpossible to use an easy-to-use item recovery system,whichallowsyou to select and retrieve items comfortably. Let'schangetostronger equipment and aim deep in the ruins. -RoguelikegameIfyour life is lost and the game is over, your equipment willbelostand your second challenge will be from the beginning. Inordertomove deeper, you will rely on the player's memory andskills.Whaton earth are the things that wait in the back of theruins ...Aimfor that and try challenging.
SFD :Rogue TRPG 6.1
In SFD, you manage a party of adventurers attempting toreachthedeepest depths of the Sigma Finite Dungeon. Can you defeattheLichKing Raeleus and the false god NOG at the deepest depthsofthedungeon? #Key Features *Unique blend of RPGwithroguelikeelements, including permadeath. No secondchances!*Hand-craftedisometric pixel art graphics*Randomly-generateddungeons - a newadventure every playthrough!*Tactical, turn-basedcombat *7adventurers with their own uniqueskills and upgrades*More than200 weapons, spells and items todiscover *More than 30uniqueenemies with their own attacks andabilities *Use theenvironmentto your advantage! Defeat enemies withspike traps,poison gas andexplosive barrels *8 floors ofdungeon-crawlingaction to explore*Old-school difficulty. While thegameplay issimple, only thegreatest adventurers will achievevictory! *If youwant to try SFDbefore you buy, a free demo isavailable on store,featuring acomplete dungeon floor to explore.#Description andEnglishtranslation by WindowOnInfinity Forsuggestions or questionsaboutthe game,pleasevisit
Arrowbound 1.1.3
Uppon Hill
Bound through a painterly pixel art world on a quest torecoveryourflock of woodland friends from the clutches of gianteagles!Don'tgive up, it's only a little higher! Features ▶ Leapwithpixelprecision using familiar slingshot controls upanincreasinglychallenging array of towers! ▶ Perfect your ascentonreturn runswith faster times and fewer falls! ▶ Enjoy apeacefullyatmosphericsoundtrack while you fling to higher heights.▶ Take inthe lovinglyanimated pixel art scenery, from autumnalvistas, toancient deserttemples, to frozen wastelands. ▶ Meet acast ofquirky fantasycharacters along the journey. Will you befriends orenemies? Thisgame was lovingly designed and developedlive onTwitch by AdamYounis as studio Uppon Hill. Come join thecommunityat any of thesocial links below:YouTube:
Stella Voyager 1.03.575
Stellar Voyager is a game that explores space andcollectsmoneythrough battles and trade. ●Exploring Explore a vastuniverseanddiscover new planets. There are many planets in theuniverse.Theremay be something we have not found yet. ●Battle Thereareoutlawsall over the universe aiming at you. If you defeat them,youcanearn rewards. ●Upgrade Ship You can upgrade your own shipontheplanet Buying and equip the equipments for your purposes,suchascombat, trade, and exploration, will make the gameeasier.●TradingIn the planet's market, trading is possible.Depending onthe levelof technology in each planet, the availabilityand priceof theproducts will vary. By understanding thecharacteristics ofeachplanet and judging which planet to buy andsell, you cancreatetremendous trading profits. Pioneer your owntrade route.●DevelopPlanet Constructing various facilities on theplanet canearnregular returns. Depending on the type of facilitiesbuilt,thelevel of technology in the field is rising andaccordinglytheprices of goods related to the field are fluctuating.Youcanincrease profits by building a facility that is favorabletotrade.Universe sheriffs to fight outlaws. Inter planet tradetradeking.Investments that contribute to the development of theplanet.Thechoice is yours. Good luck. Features - Open Worldconsistingofmore than 120 planets - Ship Upgrade with more than 100devices-Real-time changing economic system - Free sandboxgameprogression- High-quality visuals including Detailed 3Dmodelsandbreath-taking Special FX - Magnificent orchestralsoundtrack-Google Play Game Service Achievement, LeaderboardSupport -SupportGame Controller How to use Game Controller Move :Left StickFire :Right Stick Open Map : Y or △ Autocruise : LB or L1Overdrive: RBor R1 ATTENTION - If you delete the application. savedata willbedeleted also. - Application may not run on certaindevices evenifthey have compatible OS versions installed.
Hair Dash - Retro Battle 2.2.9
Become a fighting legend in this arcade beat em up in the veinofOneFinger Death Punch with AAA-quality retro pixel art! Fightinintensebattles against King Octopus’ pirate minions,customizeyourcharacters thanks to our deep customization systemandinfinitenumber of combinations, compete with your friendsinleaderboards andmuch more! King Octopus is on the hunt forthesecret to yourfabulous hair with his army of pirate minionsandit’s your duty todefend your island - at all costs! Time toshoweveryone you’re thebest pirate smasher! Game features: - Easytopick up, hard to master- arcade combat that will leaveyouthirsting for more! - Tons ofdifferent pirate minions, forcingyouto adapt and learn newstrategies - Gorgeous retro pixel artwithdetailed animations, thebest pixel art you will see in amobilegame! - 220+ visual armorparts split in 10 categories -showeveryone your sense of style withnearly infinitecosmeticscombinations - Compete with other playersin therelentless Hordemode - an endless retro roguelike gamemodepittingyou against thepirate hordes! - Get immersed in the game’scrazylore and zanycharacters full of personality (and fabuloushaircuts)Ready tocome help Charming and Fury fight to defend theirislandagainstthe bald octopus and his pirate scoundrels? Supportourdrive andvision to provide quality mobile games withincredibleretro pixelart style and download the game now! Discordserver forall youpirate smashers:
SAVE THE UNIVERSE IN THIS TURN-BASED BLOCK BREAKER RPG! InWARPODS,you lead a gang of heroes to battle all kinds ofwarmongeringspaceoddities as you travel the universe. BLOCK BREAKERBATTLESBlastenemies with powerful shots that bounce all over thescreen.Be themaster of ricochets and rack that damage up!WEEKLYCHALLENGES Takepart in weekly events featuring all-newchallengesand stories!SPACE ODDITIES Go against many differentenemyfactions, includingSpace Pirates, Nomners, Scavengers andtheever-terrifyingNegasaurs, among others. TURN-BASEDRPGStrategically select a comboof three War Pods to bring with youtobattle; Each with their ownperks and abilities! VARIEDALLIESSummon zany characters fromacross galaxies to join yourbattlesusing the all-powerfulHexachron.
Grow Spaceship VIP - Galaxy Battle 5.5.7
PixelStar Games
■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ VIP ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ - 500 GEM(clicktopvipbutton) ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Newconceptidle +Shooting game [Shooting game + Growth idle game]Feelingthenostalgia of retro shooting games, destroy enemyshipsStrengthenand expand weapons to create a stronger fleet ■ Makeabetter ship(CRAFT) Destroy the Boss from the Boss Reid andcollectthe piecesof the ship to create the ship ■ Ships skillSpecialskills arefired depending on the ship you are equipped with.■Enhance andexpand the turret (missile) of the mothershipDestroyenemyspaceships to collect silver and gold, strengthenandexpandturrets to create the best ships ■ Create a varietyofinterceptorsDestroy the enemy by creating interceptor shipsalongthe ship ■Special skills Use your special skills to killenemieswhen manyenemies are gathered ■ Different modes Demonstrateyourstrengththrough planetary combat, boss raid # This game thatdontneed wifiand play offline without internet. # This version ofthegame isnot a demo. it is a full edition # This game ispixelstargame'sretro shooting game! [Permissions Needed]*WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Allows an application to write toexternalstorage *READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application toread fromexternalstorage * GET_ACCOUNTS : Allows access to the listofaccounts inthe Accounts Service
Siralim 2 (Monster Taming RPG) 2.4.10
Thylacine Studios, LLC
Siralim 2 is a creature summoning RPG game. Summon andcustomizehundreds of creatures to fight for you as you crawl yourwaythrough endless dungeons. Find rare treasure and use it toupgradeyour castle, empower your creatures, craft powerfulartifacts,learn new spells, and much more. Siralim 2 is an endlessfantasyRPG. There's an infinite amount of content, and absolutelynolimits or level caps of any kind. A list of the game'smainfeatures can be found below: - Summon over 600 unique creaturestofight for you. Each creature has its own unique abilities. -Breedyour creatures to make them lay eggs. The offspringinheritsattributes from its parents! - Use your creatures to fightyour waythrough randomly generated dungeons and complete randomlygeneratedquests. - Equip your creatures with spells. Spells can befoundwith randomly generated properties that change the way theybehavein battle. - Craft and customize equipment for your creatureswiththe help of over 700 different crafting materials. - Upgradeyourcastle to unlock new rooms, NPCs, quests, and more! - Tons ofsidecontent - gamble with the dwarves, fight in the battle arena,studyin the library, cook a meal, entertain the riddle dwarves, andmuchmore. - An endless fantasy RPG adventure - there are no levelcaps,no inventory space limits, and no true end to the game.Difficultyscales as high as you want. Roguelike elements keep thegame fresh.- Cross-platform cloud saving allows you to play thesame save fileon multiple different devices, including Windows,Mac, Linux,Android, and iOS! - All IAPs are cosmetic only, and areobtainablejust by playing the game - Siralim 2 is not pay-to-win inany way!
Delver 0.86b
Priority Interrupt
Delver is a first person action roguelike dungeon crawlwithcrunchypixels. Take the role of an adventurer that triestheirfate in thedark dungeons (and probably dies horribly).Fightmonsters, grabloot, horde potions, and level up! Quest fortheYithidian orb atthe darkest depths of the dungeon and attempttobring it back tothe surface. Getting to it may be the easypart.Levels are randomlygenerated in each playthrough - you'llneverknow quite what'saround the corner. Features: * Permadeath -onceyou're dead, you'redead * Randomized levels - never the samegametwice * Loot hoarding* Chunky pixels!Developmentlog: meontwitter: ---- RecentChanges 0.8.6*Holiday update! All new art and sound. 0.8 * Newareas! 0.7c /0.7b* Fix for audio crash on some devices * Fix fordoor crash *Fixfor ladder shading RPG roguelike dungeon crawl
Star Jolt - Arcade challenge 1.8.1
***** "The best free Android games 2021" - TechRadar *****"Themostretro retro game" - NimbleThor ***** "発掘スマホゲーム" -EngadgetJapanStar Jolt is a pure highscore chasing 80s arcade stylegamewherecontrol at break neck speed is essential. - A widerangeofachievements to strive for - Multiple score boards tocompetein,globally - Challenge your friends to beat your hot scoreReachforthe hottest scores in this challenging endless runnerandimproveyour skills, one crash at the time. Space is full ofspacejunk,this is a problem here on earth, but also near theleftshoulder ofOrion where a civilisation of annoyinglizard-likecreatures arelocked in a race with their own creations:stupid butnice robots.As a unifying force and hero of both sides,only youcan help themcollect all the space junk around theirplanet. Onlyyou can helpthem expand into space, if it wasn't forthe constantbickering andshort sightedness of both sides that is...
Nubs' Adventure 1.6
Nubs' Adventure is an exploratory platformer in which youhelpNubsrebuild his house after it was destroyed by the evil Reds.ButNubsis not alone! With him on his journey are his friends:thetinywisp Ally and a huge worm named Brute. Explorefourdifferentworld, each with their own secrets, enemies andtraps.ControlNubs, as well as the wisp Ally and the worm Brute.Fight theevilReds in epic boss fights. Solve puzzles and collectdiamondstorebuild your house in this epic platformingadventure!Nubs'Adventure is action and exploration combined withanintriguingstory and a huge world to explore. All this onyourAndroid device!▸ Explore a big part of the world for freeandunlock the full gameonly if you like it! ▸Metroidvania-styleinterconnected world ▸Take control of our heroNubs, the fairy Allyand the worm Brute tosolve puzzles or fightenemies ▸ Four regionswith differentenvironments, traps and enemies▸ Epic boss fights ▸Lots ofpuzzles to solve and secrets to find ▸Compelling storypresentedthrough cutscenes ▸ Awesome soundtrackfeaturing 9 tracks!▸Customizable Controls Getthesoundtrack:
Beam Of Magic 0.0.23
Space Horse
Beam Of Magic is a multiplayer RPG game in which youexploredungeonsand open-world locations, destroy a bunch ofenemies,fight bosses.You can play alone, or in an online co-opwithfriends. Features: ★Huge map - fight against hordes of enemiesinPvE mode on biglocations. ★ Level-up system - level up yourheroand choose one ofthree random perks. ★ Сhallenging bosses-destroy big bosses and geta good reward. ★ Online multiplayer-play with other players or withyour friends.
Hero and Dungeons 1.0
Hero and Dungeons is a Roguelike game with endlessdungeonstoexplore, elite bosses to challenge and secret treasurestoloot!Explore the Mistyland in Hero and Dungeons,collectpowerfulweapons and armors, fight fierce Bosses to proveyourstrength!Features: 【Gear Up, Loot To The Top!】 There are tonsofuniqueweapons and ornaments scattered around the dungeonstobediscovered. Level up your character, hunt for treasuresandaboveall, survive as long as you can. The deeper you getintothedungeon the better rewards for you. 【CustomizeYourCharacter!】Upgrade your pet, mount and wings to make youmorepowerful. Equipdifferent runestones and skills to help youdefeatstrong bosses.Clean your path, discover the secret chests toclaimunique itemsto customize your characters. 【Gameplays】 It’saroguelike gamecombining the following features:Adventure,strategy, action andpuzzle-solving. There are 120different kindsof monsters and 10colossal bosses guarding thealtar. Be ready totest your skillsagainst these legendary bosses atthe end of everyact! 【PVE andPVP Raid】 Besides the endlessexploration in themistyland, why notjoin the guild war to competewith other playersfrom around theworld for ranking reward. In FreeMode you can lootyour rewardsleisurely. In the Land of Trial, youhave to clear allthe monstersin limited time. Climb the ranking inour eventcampaigns to proveyourself! 【Thrilling Boss Fight】 10ColossalBosses are guardingthe altar waiting for your challenge!Onceencounter them, be readyfor a thrilling fight. Embark on thebosshunt trail, find out thesecrets in mistyland. Maybe, in theend,you have the chance toface the evil dragon Nidhoog, as long asyousurvive in the end!Join the Community, Find Friends and CheckNews!FB:
Runic Rampage - Hack and Slash RPG 1.08
Crescent Moon Games
Sharpen your axe and equip your hammer - Runic Rampage isthebrutalaction adventure every dwarf has been waiting for.Masterfatalcombos and unleash powerful spells to defeat hordesofruthless foesin intense melee combat. Legend says that once arunestoneprotected the dwarves, but it disappeared and wardestroyedthekingdom. You play Grimbard - last champion of thedwarfs. Onyourquest to collect the missing rune stone fragments youhavetosurvive the desert, enter dark and mysterious woods, descendtothedeepest caves and climb the top of the Frozen Fortress.Uncoverthetruth about your kingdom's downfall and change thedestiny ofyournation. Prepare for a fast-paced, yet narrativedungeonbrawlingexperience in a world of thick atmosphere. GameFeatures -Stylizedover-the-top violence - Ruthless bosses - Dynamicenemydamage -Fantastic soundtrack - Deep atmosphere -Differentbattlegroundsevery time you play
Daggerhood 1.0.5
Crescent Moon Games
It's only stealing if you get caught. Every man should haveaskilland for Vincent S. Daggerhood, that skill was thieving.Quickwithhis hands, there was no loot he couldn’t plunder andnotreasurechest he couldn’t escape with. For Daggerhood, lifewasgood, untilcome that fateful day he was finally caught and inthename ofjustice, to pay for his crimes, he was cast intotheforsakencaverns. But this is not the end of Daggerhood’s story,forthis isthe beginning. Filled with the desire for freedom andacraving forretribution, Daggerhood has set his sights onstealingthe King’sgold and armed with a dagger he can throw andreclaimbyteleporting to its current position, across 100 levels,he’sgoingto need your help! Will you answer his call? Features: *5worldsand 100 levels * 5 unique bosses * In-level challengesthatrequirethe player to collect treasure and fairies * Newgamemechanicsintroduced with each world * Quick-fire platformeraction
Bullet Hell Monday Finale 1.1.0
Bullet Hell Monday Finale is a bullet hell shooter gamethat’sgreatfun for beginners too. Avoid the bullets and shootenemies.Upgradeyour craft and aim to clear the Chapter Mode. ■ChapterMode Variousmissions await you in each stage -- from simpletochallenging ones.Clearing missions like “Defeat 30enemies!”unlocks a boss stage.Defeat the boss to proceed to thenextchapter. ■ Strengthen yourcraft There are many level up optionstostrengthen your craft: shotpower, shot speed, bomb duration,andmore. Upgrade your craft andblast through the stages. ■ Greatforbeginners Stages start offeasy and gradually get more andmoreintense. You have no obligationto clear the difficult missions.Ifyou get stuck, try your hand atanother mission. ■ SimplecontrolsUse swipe gestures to move andattack, and tap with yourother handto launch bombs. These are theonly skills available toyou whenyou first start. As you progressthrough the game, youwillgradually unlock new abilities. ■ Easymode In Chapter Mode,youselect the difficulty before starting astage. Selecting Easymakesenemy attacks less intense and makes iteasier to beat thestage.If you get stuck on a stage, try selectingEasy. ■Twitter ■Officialsite * The appis freetodownload. * There is some paid content availableviain-apppurchases, but it can be unlocked with in-game points.*Containsvideo ads. Watching these videos gives you morein-gamepoints. *Required RAM: 2GB+
Grow Spaceship - Galaxy Battle 5.5.7
New concept idle + Shooting game [Shooting game + Growthidlegame]Feeling the nostalgia of retro shooting games, destroyenemyshipsStrengthen and expand weapons to create a stronger fleet■Make abetter ship (CRAFT) Destroy the Boss from the Boss Reidandcollectthe pieces of the ship to create the ship ■ ShipsskillSpecialskills are fired depending on the ship you areequippedwith. ■Enhance and expand the turret (missile) of themothershipDestroyenemy spaceships to collect silver and gold,strengthen andexpandturrets to create the best ships ■ Create avariety ofinterceptorsDestroy the enemy by creating interceptorships alongthe ship ■Special skills Use your special skills to killenemieswhen manyenemies are gathered ■ Different modes Demonstrateyourstrengththrough planetary combat, boss raid # This game thatdontneed wifiand play offline without internet. # This version ofthegame isnot a demo. it is a full edition # This game ispixelstargame'sretro shooting game! [Permissions Needed]*WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Allows an application to write toexternalstorage *READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application toread fromexternalstorage * GET_ACCOUNTS : Allows access to the listofaccounts inthe Accounts Service
bit Dungeon III 1.56
Kinto Games LLC
bitDungeonIII is a 2d action adventure game withrogue-liteelements.Randomly generated overworld and dungeons. Makeallieswith otherplayers or kill them for their precious inventoryitems.Discoverrandom items that greatly enhance and affectyourcharacter. Save aworld that can't be saved. Features:Permadeath.You get one soul andonly one chance to retrieve it whenyou die.Killing Bosses alsogrant souls. Randomly pre-generatedoverworld,dungeons, secrets,items and humanoid npcs. Online playusing P2Pnetworking,co-op andpvp. Each weapon type has a uniquepowerattack and stat scaling.Level up based on which weapon youuse.Change weapons to startleveling up that weapon type goingtowardsyour general level.Powerful weapon enchants dropped frombosses.Augment your characterthrough changeable stat runescollectedthroughout your adventure.Boss & quest weapons.Giantdifficult dungeon bosses. Originalsoundtrack by Houzatosis&Stress_TN. Controller Support. Newgame plus for endlessreplayvalue.
Pico Hero 1.3.0
Cappy1 Games
The friends of Pico has been kidnapped! Do you have what ittakestorescue them in this action packed Puzzle-Pixel-Shooter?Showyourskills in adventure and training mode! Tackleexcitingchallenges,solve tricky puzzles, plant trees and master thebossbattles! Morethan 100 challenging level cards with niceretropixel graphics arewaiting for you. Collect crucial weaponsanditems. Create your ownlevel cards with the level editor andsharethem with your friends.Get more level cards by importing themfromyour gallery or scanningthem with your camera.
AdventureKing 0.2505.0
"Strategy Hot Place Adventure King" With over 200cutecharactersExperience a different level of strategy and fun!You'vegottenaway from the cool auto-battle RPG game!   If youaccessnow,you will be filled with legendary heroes and variousrewards!◆Adventure King Game Features ◆ ▶Adventurecontent   The dramatic tension of each turnoftheturn-based RPG!    Clear pleasurethroughskillcombination for each character!    Alongadventureof 18 chapters in total!   ▶Cooperativecontent   Defeat the mighty raid boss tore-engagethekingdom!    Defeating the boss is ahugereward!  ▶ Training contents    EnjoytheadventureWhen you feel the wall, wake up againthroughtraining!   Let's enjoy the fun by practicingby dayof theweek!     ▶ Daliancontent   Ajoyful thrill with heroes whocultivatedhard!   Let's compete withfriendshappily!    ▶ Duel content   Thegreatestheroes of the Empire gather!   Let'scompete who isthe best     ▶Guild RaidContent   Let's go on a dragon hunttogether withguildmembers like family!    If youfight togetheranddefeat, the reward will be poured out !! ▶Infinite TopContent   I wonder who lives at the topof the tower!!   Let's go ahead defeating thedreadful spirits!!    Jump into the world ofadventure king rightnow!
Gun Rounds 1.1.5
Gun Rounds is a game about a small, squishy person battlingtheirwaythrough swarms of enemies. A turn-based shooterwithrogueliteelements, Gun Rounds will challenge yourtactics,sharpshootingskills, and reflexes! Features: -Battle yourwaythrough 4different worlds, each populated with distinctanddangerousenemies! -Collect dozens of unique weapons ranging fromasimplepistol, to a beam of sunlight or a guillotine-Collectshinytreasures! -Visit the shop and buy upgrades and itemswithyourhard-earned money -Fight the shopkeep if you'refeelingfeistyUnlock new palettes! -A mysterious final boss... canyoureach it?
Shootero – Space Shooting Attack 2021 1.3.4
Shooter Heroes, here comes the perfect combo of shoot ‘emupandrogue-lite game-play! Let’s enter the space battle topursueyourbiggest dream – to conquer the galaxy! If you are a bigfanofarcade shooting game like galaga shooter with thenewmoderncombat, and want to try new galaxy games, so Shootero isaperfectgame for you. With classic free space games genredesignedin a newconcept of infamous archer games lately, Shooteroputs youon firewith infinity rogue lite space shooting. *GameFeatures Wincrazyair combats against brutal galaga enemies andtraps ofdistinctmovement patterns and attack modes in this shootergame.Yourscreen will become your battlefield; intensemissiles,lasers,bullets will be covering it all over. *Build yourstrategyChooseyour favorite bullet pattern and build it up duringyour playtime.More than 50 different skills to add to yourspaceshipempowers youto customize your strategic battle*InfiniteRepeatability Tons ofx-factors will make their impact inthe aerialbattles, thus makingevery run of your game unique. Youcan rapidlychallenge the levelsover and over again whileexperimenting for thebest combinationsof skills to advance in yourspace adventure!
Wanna Survive 1.5.3
※it's NOT A PAY TO WIN game※ === Awards & Recognition ===●IMGAGlobal 16th nominated === ABOUT === 《Wanna Survive》isazombieapocalypse turn-based tactics game. It featuresahighlystreamlined combat system that removes the tediouselementsofturn-based combat for engaging fights against largegroupsofmob-like enemies that focuses on unit placement andsynergies.Thegame features a diverse cast of character as you makeyourwaytowards North City. Help the survivors avoidpermanentdeaththrough your decisions in combat and rationmanagement, andtheyjust might be able to reach the fabledSanctuary. === FEATURES===● Streamlined turn-based tactical combat.● Fast,simultaneousenemy movement for a true zombie mob experience.●Challengingstages to test your tactical skills ● Focus onunitsynergies andplacement. ● Permanent death. Characters who diearegone for good.● Ration management. Choose carefully who getstoeat. ● Deliciouspixel art === LANGUAGE === ● English ●TraditionalChinese ●Simplified Chinese ● Spanish ● Japanese ●Russian ● GermanIfyou're interested in participating in our nextgame, checkourPatreon.
Apple Knight: Premium Action Platformer 2.1.2
Brand new game! No ads! No coin IAPs! This is a premium gamethatcanbe played for free initially. Then the whole game canbeunlockedwith a single purchase. We set out to create one ofthebest actionplatformer games for mobile devices.Effortlesslycontrol thecharacter, explore vast levels filled withsecrets,quests &loot, and defeat tough bosses. Choose frommultiplecontrol layoutsand customize each of them to your liking -or playwith acontroller! Apple Knight is a modern retro actionplatformerwithtight controls, fluid character movement, andsmoothanimation. Moveeffortlessly through levels - this game givesyou alot of freedomfrom the get-go. Try it out and see foryourself!Fight your waythrough hordes of evil wizards, knights,andcreatures. Activatetraps to take them out from a safedistance!Features: - 40 levels: 4worlds with 10 levels. 4 bosses.-Customize character skins, weaponsand abilities. -Modernplatformer with double jump, dash, wallclimbing, ledgehanging. -Pets! - 2 secret areas in every level. - 6customizabletouchscreencontrol layouts. - Gamepad support. -Keyboard supportonChromebooks. Supports Samsung DeX. - Cloud savesupport.-Achievements. - Made with lots of love and care!
Space Grunts 2 1.23.0
Every game you play is uniquely generated from buildingblocks.Notwo levels are the same, no two game sessions are thesame. Asyouprogress through the levels you get to collect itemsforyourinventory : weapons, shields, and dozens of other typeitems.Eachitem in your inventory is a card in your deck. Don'twantcertaincards? don't pick them up! That's how you build yourdeck inthisgame: as you go. When you encounter aliens, you willengagewiththem in a card-battle: Either you or the alien willchoosethefirst card, depending on who attacks who. And then theotherpickshis card. Defeat the alien, and move on to the next!Cardbattlesare swift, and to the point. The game willrandomlygenerateevents, alternate routes and decide whateffectsplant-spores haveon you or the aliens. Like I said: no twogameswill be the same!FEATURES - Endless variation - Every gameplayslike a uniquemission for your away-team - the layout isdifferentevery time.From the level layouts, to special events, andalternatepaths.Every game will be unique. - Unique card/inventorysystem -Yourinventory is your deck of cards, every weapon, shield,or itemyoupick up is a card you use in battles and sits inyourinventory(your deck). - Unlockable extras - Complete challengestounlockspecial Trinkets to help you in your games.Completemultiplymissions to permanently unlock Buff cards, andincreaseyourexperience level to unlock special passive cards.
DarkBlood -Beyond the Darkness- 4.1.0
An immortal man who draws the blood of the demon king. He wasthrowninto a dungeon where many monsters live. Dungeons are notonlyhorrific monsters. Suspicious dead, hidden traps, dangeroustreasurechests, you have to identify them. Can you use wisdom tosurvive inthe dungeon? 【Battle system】 The battle is a card battlecombiningcards and battles! By combining and strengthening cards,you can wineven strong monsters. 【Original monster】 More than 200monsters willappear. Each has its own unique attack. You can notbeat them withpower alone. Use items and skills to overcome thecrisis! 【Manyitem】 There are over 200 accessories and items. Theskills availabledepend on the type of weapon, so find the battlemethod that suitsyou. 【Nurturing system】 Depending on how you growup, you can makefree character making, such as a warrior type thatboasts strength,a magician type that makes full use of magic, anda Martial artisttype that fights lightly with bare hands!【Beautiful dot graphic】The famous graphic designer Ginoya isresponsible for all thegraphics of the game. The dot graphic whichreached the area of​​art stimulates adventure! 【Full loadingelements】 Weapons andarmor can be strengthened. The battle will beadvantageous as youcontinue strengthening!
After Wave: Arcade shooter 1.7
The deadliest disaster has just begun when the earth was struckbyan unknown asteroid. Mega flood hit all mainland. Mutatedanimalbecame more aggressive and target human. Only hero willencounterthese dangerous monsters to protect everyone. Fightwithapproaching monsters that ready to destroy everything insight.Upgrade your Battleship to be ready to battle against themonstersthat will target you in every direction. Be prepared forthe mostchallenging journey that you never could have experienced.If youare a big fan of Space shooter, Shoot 'em up, Galaxy game oranysimulated shooting games, this game will take you throughnewversion of shooting game experience. Attach monsters withawesomebattleship and the best fellow that will bring you to themostexciting journey. Choose your best battleship and be ready forthemost unforgettable adventure with After Wave Feature: -AwesomeShoot'em up ,from Space shooter game - Full 3D graphicscreen withcartoon style - Various battleship styles - Alternativejourneypartner Mega Cat up to 7 characters - Upgrade your skillandevolution along the adventure - Get fun experience saving theworldwith Story mode - Fighting in World mode against many monsters-Find hidden treasure along your journey - Various activitiestoplay through the adventure - Challenge yourself with varioustypeof monsters and obstacles - Fight with enormous boss of monster-Available rewards for your achievement - Premium rewardsandspecial bonus How to play: - Move your battleship to left orright- Kill all monsters - Upgrade battleship and Mega Cat -Increaseskill with Ultimate & Power Gun & Mega cat! TermsofService By accessing or using a sleepplaying product,you'reagreeing to our Terms ofService(
Quad Touch 3.3.2
Open Touch Gaming
The most advance 'Quake engines' on earth brought toyourAndroiddevice. Note: This app does not include any original'Quake'or'Hexen 2' data. You must provide your own files toplaytheoriginal games DarkPlaces - Q1 engine with manyenhancedfeaturesand graphics. QuakeSpasm - Q1 engine staying trueto theoriginal.FTEQW - Q1 engine with enhanced graphics andgreatmultiplayer.Also plays Hexen 2! Quake 2 v3.24 - The originalQ2engine with bugfixes and a few extras. Yamagi Quake 2 - A modernQ2engine withmany new features. IOQuake3 - The definitive Q3engine.Hexen 2 -Hammer of Thyrion - The only Hexen 2 engine worthplaying.* Thevery best FPS touch screen controls available onAndroid *Fullgamepad support * Built in keyboard * Weapon Wheel *6custombuttons for you to bind to custom commands * Customkeyboard* Fullconsole access for all games * Fully navigatable UIvia agamepad *GUI to select mods and total conversions * Gyroaimassist(Gyroscope needed) * Play all official expansion packs forQ1andQ2 * Play your copy of Hexen 2 using the FTEQW engine ORHammerofThyrion Full money-back guarantee at any time, just emailandwewill issue a full refund Legal: Icons and internaltouchscreengraphics are copyright to Open Touch Gaming. This is aGPLsourceport and contains no 'Quake' copyrighted data.
Quest of Dungeons
David Amador
TouchArcade: 4/5 "...very good roguelike and a fun game"148Apps:4/5"Sarcastically difficult" Quest of Dungeons is a turnbaseddungeoncrawler game featuring a good old 16-bit retroartisticlook. Thatthing people usually skip An unspecific evilDark Lordhas stolen allthe light, so your mission is to enter hislair anddefeat him.That's it, now go get him. Description Byplaying aseither aWarrior, a Wizard, a Assassin or a Shaman youhave totraversedungeons, defeat enemies and loot everything youcan inorder tosurvive. You can learn new skills in Tomes you findalongthe way andbuy/sell items at shops. The entire game isproceduralso you won'tfind items/enemies in the same place eachtime youplay. Features-Procedural dungeons -Procedural weapons-Bossencounters -Quests -4Difficulty levels -Permadeath - Once youdie,game over man, gameover! -Shop - buy and sell items/weapons
Polarization - 2d pixel platformer 1.1
In this game, you have to complete 20 levels, each of whichisuniqueand based on an unusual (or usual) idea. Control arobotthat, as youprogress through the game, will receive variousnewabilities thatwill make your adventure more interesting. Andsothat you don't feellonely, you can talk to a cat who can tellyousomething interestingor even give you a coin! And at the endyouwill find a small butpleasant surprise. Have a nice day! 3+Gamedeveloper: Wgmlgz
Freehold Games, LLC
*** Designed for newer devices. Requires minimum 1GB of RAM.Seelistof tested devices at the bottom. *** *** HTC one M8owners:Theproblem is with bad updates on the phone, notSproggiwood. Infoonfixing it can befoundhere:***"Thegame just oozes personality and humor through itscharactersand gameworld." -- Touch Arcade "The combination ofadorable art,fundialogue, bite-sized dungeons and a clear senseof progressionmakesSproggiwood pretty danged difficult to putdown." -- CNET"Theadorable graphics and humorous writing bringevery detail tolife,from talking sheep to vampiric mushrooms." --Gamezebo "Ifyou're afan of roguelikes, then this is a must buy.And ifyou'reconsidering dipping your toe into that particularpond for thefirsttime, this is a darn good place to start.” --Pocket GamerBringcivilization to Sproggiwood, a story-driven,turn-basedroguelikeset in a humorous world inspired by Finnishmythology. Growyourcivilization and plunder procedural dungeonswith sixuniqueclasses. Outsmart mischievous monsters who worktogetherinunexpected ways. No two dungeon dives are alike. StoryYou’reasimple farmer from the peaceful island of Clog. Onemoment,you'retending your grove -- the next, you’re lured throughamysteriousportal by a talking sheep. Now you’re the prisonerofSproggi, amischievous forest spirit who's built a wholevillagejust for you.You have a simple job: tame the wild creaturesthatroam the forestsof Sproggi's realm... Watch Sproggi's plansgoawry when youdiscover a rival civilization on the risetogreatness. Will youchoose to befriend these curiousMushroompeople and stand together,or will you crush them andclaimSproggiwood for your own? Seize theday and civilizeSproggiwoodnow! Gameplay Sproggiwood distills theroguelike genredown to itscore fun ingredients: inspired characterclasses, loadsofinteresting loot, and procedurally populateddungeons withmonstersand traps that combine to produce totallyuniquetacticalchallenges. In Sproggiwood, adventure sessions arecompactandchock-full of interesting choices for you to make.Eachdungeondive follows the heroic rise of one adventurerfromyourcivilization. Journey through teeming forests,hauntedswamps,teetering cliffs, and glacial mazes to uncoveryourcivilization'swhole story. Features *A wondrous andhumoroussetting inspired byFinnish mythology *Brain-churningtacticalcombat vs. an assortmentof creative monsters and traps *Sixfullyunique, customizableclasses: simple farmer, brave warrior,merryarcher, cunning thief,brainy wizard, and creepy vampire*Proceduraldungeons filled tothe brim with scrolls, potions,swords, andstaves *Town decorationmode with buildings, trees,roads, andvillagers Requirements*Minimum 1GB of RAM (minimum200mbapplication heap) Tested on*Nexus 5 *Samsung Galaxy Tab S*SamsungGalaxy Tab 4 *SamsungGalaxy S3 *Samsung Galaxy S4 *SamsungGalaxyS5 *LG G3
The Radio Towers: Dig, Craft & Combat 2.25
It's been a long time since Bay's dad disappeared in thewasteland.Although not much of a deal let's still try to find him!GameFeatures: - Wandering Ark Desert with your most loyalattendant,Boat. - Follow the radio signal and choose your actionscarefully,- Craft or trade items you need with merchants. -Experienceintense combat. - Combine your skill cards and gears toform aunique build. - Learn how to fight different enemies. -Defeatpowerful boss enemies to earn unique rewards. - Exploredungeons toearn humongous resources. - Raise reputation withdifferentFactions to unlock special abilities. - Meet interestingNPCs invarious side quests. - More new contents await! *Hieveryone.Please leave a review or contact me if you have anyin-gameproblems. I draw and script this game one my own. Hope youcanenjoy it!
Pocket Rogue (Simple Roguelike) 2.4.0
◆ Overview Pocket Rogue is a simple roguelike. It's sosimple,youcan play it with one hand! Play it on your way to schoolorwhilecommuting to pass the time! ◆ Game Description •Buttons:DirectionButtons: Moves the player in the direction thearrows arepointing.Compass Button: Shows the direction the playeris facing.Pressingit rotates the player in a clockwise direction.ArrowButton:Shoots an arrow in the direction the player isfacing.Arrows areunlimited. Sword Button: Attack in the directiontheplayer isfacing. Inventory Button: Displays the inventorywhereitems can beequipped or used. • Symbols: 【@】: The Player (You)【|】:VerticalWall 【-】: Horizontal Wall 【.】: Floor 【#】: Aisle 【+】:Door【%】:Stairs 【^】: Trap 【)】: Sword 【(】: Arrow 【[】: Shield 【=】:Ring【!】:Medicine 【?】: Scroll 【:】: Food 【*】: Jewel【&】:Adventurer'sJournal (adventure tips) 【$】: Ad Store 【A-Z】:Monster •MonsterColors: White: Beasts Brown: Spirits Gray: DevilsGreen:Reptiles ◆Miscellaneous Rankings are deleted from time totime.
Caves (Roguelike)
A classical turn-based roguelike* styled game, withpixelartgraphics. The main feature of the game are caves, that youcandigthrough using your pickaxe. Both magic and hightechnologygotogether here. *From Wikipedia: "Roguelike is asubgenre ofRPGgames that are characterized by random levelgeneration,turn-basedgameplay, tile-based graphics, and permanentdeath oftheplayer-character." Also features: - Your own main base -A lotofunlockable high-tech armors - Different special abilities-Findresources and craft unique and powerful items in aCraftingStationon your base - Hordes of skeletons, mutants, robots,andothercreatures - Create your unique character bychoosingdifferentstats. Find your playstyle and your tactic. -Big,randomlygenerated areas to explore - Many interesting items -Ahugeweapons arsenal, from bows and daggers to plasma gunsandenergyswords, experimental guns, and magic superweapons -Eachweapon hasits own unique ability - Comfortable controls Thegame isinconstant development and I am actively working on newcontentandgameplay elements. Twitter:
The Last Warlock 1.74
Sonic Sloth
"If you've got any love for strategy RPGs, you shouldn't letthisonepass you by." - Touch Arcade - 4½ out of 5 stars TheLastWarlock isa turn based strategy and role-playing game.Commandyour Warlockacross a series of hand-crafted quests,encounteringmonsters, traps,puzzles and enemy Warlocks! "The LastWarlock is afantastic bit ofmedicine for anyone who has grown alittle wearyof the norm in thisgenre, and a breath of fresh aireven if youhaven't." - Touch Arcade- Journey through variedmagical lands onyour quest to discover thesecret of the lastwarlock. - Featuringover 60 spells. - Summonmythical creatures todo your bidding. -Attack your enemies withfire, lightning andmagic. - Craft swords,shields and potions to aidin your quests. -Use loot from yourbattles to level up and preparefor the nextadventure. - Customizethe appearance of your Warlockand power upwith new spells andabilities. - Replay quests todiscover hiddenareas or defeatchallenging monsters as you gainpower. - Trueemergent gameplayrarely seen in mobile games. The LastWarlockfeatures an extensivesingle player experience and anexcitingmultiplayer battle modewhere you can play hotseat oronlineasynchronous battles againstup to four human or computercontrolledWarlocks. - Features cloudsave. - Leaderboards andachievements. -Multiple difficulty levelsfor casual players orexpert strategists!A word about In-AppPurchases: This game featuresNO timers, NOconsumable purchases,and NO pay-to-win! It does allowplayers tounlock spells earlythrough additional purchases, but thisis purelyoptional, and thespells get unlocked naturally as questsarecompleted. Importantnote: We respond to support requestsveryquickly and also rely onthe community to report issues. Ifyouexperience a problem, pleaseemail going through the in-gamesupport menu). 99% of problemscan beresolved quickly, but we arehappy to issue refunds if it cannot befixed. So far, we have notcome across a single device problemthathas not been resolvedwithin a day. Leaving 1 star reviewsandgetting automatic refundsfor easily solved problems does nothelpanyone, so we'd like toencourage users to report issuesfirst.Thank you for yourunderstanding.
Pathos: Nethack Codex 6.6
Pathos is a roguelike adventure game inspired by the rulesetfromNethack. Choose from 13 classes and journey deep intothedungeon.Descend to hell to defeat your nemesis before escapingthedungeonwith all the loot you cancarry!Emailmailto:hodgskin.callan@gmail.comTwitter withInvention
Cheetahboo Super Dash - Arcade & Adventure 1.0.5
Shall we explore the 3 mods that Cheetahboo and friends willbefacing? 1. Exploring the Underground World Your undergroundworldadventure will be with Cheetahboo, who is training to be ahero.The wonderful and beautiful underground world is verydangerous.That's why you need the power of Cheetahboo. You willwitness thesudden tremendous power of Cheetahboo as he travels downtheunderground world, as you avoid and smash the obstacles withthepower of Cheetahboo and travel through the underground world.Let'sgo together! It's so perfectly fun! Challenge yourself withhowmany stages you can clear. 2. Upgrading the base Arumi iskeepingherself very busy while Cheetahboo is exploring theundergroundworld. She is not only restoring the base so that herfriends canrest in it but also leveling it up so that it'd be moreamazing andcool than ever. Please help Arumi out in decorating thebase. 3.Hero Trainee's Closet Hamdong is trying hard to becomelikeCheetahboo, even today. His priority is working hard onmakingclothes for Cheetahboo. He's hard at work thinking about howhealso wants to wear them one day. What kind of clothes do youlike?Let's make various clothes for Cheetahboo and collect themwithHamdong. Enjoy the exciting gameplay that you could notexperiencein other running games!
Farewell - Roguelike Platform Shooter r1.3.4
Farewell is an Arcade game, roguelike, vertically scrollingshooter,platform videogame. Go up the well and make your way usinga hugevariety of weapons, defeating as many powerful enemies.Undergroun