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Climb ninja, climb! In this fast-paced ninja running game, yourgoalis to climb as high as you can while avoiding evilsquirrels,dive-bombing birds, enemy ninjas, throwing stars,exploding bombs& more! Effortlessly scale the side of buildingswith ninjaagility. Tap to jump from one wall to the other, slashingenemiesin your way. Hit three matching enemies in a row for abonuspower-up boost. Grab shields for protection. Watch outforobstacles & ledges. Stay alive! With over 100milliondownloads, NinJump is one of the most popular mobile gamesof alltime. Accept no substitutes!PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS"You reallyneed togive NinJump a try" ~ TouchArcade"NinJump is a game that'swellworth playing" ~ Gamezebo"There’s no reason not to give NinJumpago" ~ SlideToPlayGAME FEATURES● Amazing power-up boosts!●Ninjas,throwing stars & bombs● Various enemies &obstacles●Intuitive tap controls● Endless ninja fun>> InstallNinJumptoday. It's FREE! ______________________________NinJump isbroughtto you by Backflip Studios, makers of absurdly fun mobilegameslike Paper Toss, DragonVale, Spellfall, Army of DarknessDefense& more. Search the Google Play Store for "BackflipStudios" tosee all our games. Follow @BackflipStudios on Twitterfor gameannouncements and other updates.
NinJump DLX: Endless Ninja Fun
NinJump Deluxe, the hit sequel to the wildly popular NinJumpgame,includes all the same ninja climbing fun in entirelynew,heart-pounding settings with all new enemies and power-ups.NinJumpis now 100% more deluxe! Jump your way past sea monsters,witchdoctors, snakes, monkeys, fire-breathing dragons and enemyninjas.Collect shields and amazing new power-ups along the way. Hitthreematching enemies in a row for a bonus power-up boost. How farcanyou get? Stay alive! With over 100 million downloads,NinJumpDeluxe is one of the most popular mobile games of all time.Acceptno substitutes!PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS"App of the Week" ~ AppleAppStore"It's a fast-paced game with great graphics""These enhanced levels are a lot of fun"~SlideToPlayGAME FEATURES● New Pirate, Jungle & Castlelevels●Simple, single-tap gameplay● Sea Monsters, Ogres, Dragons&more● Awesome power-ups & shields>> InstallNinJumpDeluxe today. It's FREE!______________________________NinJumpDeluxe is brought to you byBackflip Studios, makers of absurdlyfun mobile games like PaperToss, DragonVale, Spellfall, Army ofDarkness Defense & more.Search the Google Play Store for"Backflip Studios" to see all ourgames. Follow @BackflipStudios onTwitter for game announcements andother updates.
NinJump Rooftops
Jump into this addictive, action-packed sequel to themega-hitNinJump™ game franchise, which has been enjoyed by tens ofmillionsof fans around the world. NinJump Rooftops is a fast-pacedgamewhere your goal is to jump between rooftops, avoidobstacles,defeat enemies, and stay alive as long as you can. Jump,slash& run for your life! Grab coins & jade crystals alongtheway to upgrade your ninja abilities. Hit 3 matching enemies inarow for an epic power-up boost. Fly through the air on a zipwire.Dodge throwing stars, deadly fire pits & evilsquirrels.Experience full-on pandemonium riding on the back ofaskyscraper-sized panda. Master the mighty ninja "doublejump",where you jump, then jump again in mid-air, defying all lawsofphysics & logic. Whatever you do, just don't fall off theroofor let the baddies get you. Stay alive! * Jump, slash & runasfar as you can * Defeat foes to get awesome powers * Doublejumpfor endless fun * Play with all-new abilities &upgrades>> Install NinJump Rooftops. It'sfree!______________________________ NinJump Rooftops is brought toyouby Backflip Studios, makers of absurdly fun mobile gameslikeNinJump, Paper Toss, DragonVale, Spellfall, Army ofDarknessDefense, & more. Search the App Store for "BackflipStudios" tosee all our games. Follow @BackflipStudios on Twitterfor gameannouncements and other updates. Thanks for playing!
Ninja Jump
You can download free now!!
Shuriken Master
In Shuriken Master, You are a Hero Ninja and your mission isdefeatall top skillful Ninjas and prove how well your Ninja ClanfightYou will invade the empire of the enemies with yourfamiliarweapon: Shuriken​. On the Road, you have to fight againsttheirforces, too. Be careful! Any wrong throwing Shuriken​, youwill dieby the kill shot of enemies How to play Ninja Attack:- Justtap onscreen when you choose the suitable moment to releaseShuriken​
Ninja Jump
"Your task in this game is to control Cory, kill enemies,avoidtraps, kill boss enemies and others.runner Ninja Jump eatingapplestogether and enjoying life and suddenly ""Zombie"" appearedfromdeep jungle out of no where. That evil monster captured ranaway indeep jungle is on adventure to rescue his girlfriend bydefeatingLion Monster and teach him a lesson.Story starts in JungleWorldwhere you have to fight with jungle monsters like monkeysYoumustavoid all traps. Also there is tons of hidden bonus need Runner Ninja Jump coin keepFeature:• So muchscenes(jungle, frozen, cave, subway world ....)• Addictivegameplay•Wonderful high-resolution graphics• Easy, intuitivecontrols• 80levels• Rankings for you and your friends• Classicplatform gamestyleWe hope you enjoy the free game.Have fun!! :)"
Ninja Jump
You are a supper ninja with many skills but you can't jump toofar.How far can you jump?Let play Ninja Jump and make your bestscore.You can make it better than your friends, we think.Remember:-Don't go down because it's very hurt.- Jump through two ormorepillars to get double score.- Don't forget to collect coinsandunlock cool new characters.
The Ninja
Shuriken is a traditional Japanese concealed weapon thatwasgenerally used for throwing. Often the shurikens playedthedecisive tactical role in the battles. Throw your shurikensinother ninja-stickmen to win the fight. Destroy as many enemiesaspossible before they defeat you.You can jump or dodge to avoidanenemy attack or shoot down the hostile shuriken.A hit in theheartheals you.Have a good game!
Janin - ninja jumping bamboo -
Janin is a small breakout one run suitable for small breaks ofdailylife.Help this cute ninja to escape from his pursuers: -flyingninja bird- steath ninja assassins- random shurikens andkunaisProve you are a Jumping Master collecting all theachievements andbeating your friends in the leaderboard.100% freeand NO ADS!
Endless Ninja Jump
Free Ninja Rope Jump - Help ninja jump with the rope on acliffbackground to jump as high as possible to scale up newheights.Collect stars and shurikens to keep yoo Ninja in themissionclimbing. There are three modes to choose from to match yourgamingabilities and keeping the Ninjump on the go. ***CONSTANTCHALLENGES AND ENDLESS FUN ***Only by rope jumping up theplatformscan you reach your goal in time. Free Ninja Jump GameFeatures:*Excellent HD graphics* fantasy game play* Best worldenvironment!*Exciting and Fun PLAY!* Share your best score onleader board*Compatible with all tabs and mobile devices* Best HDgameplay intablets!* It's a FREE game!* Endless yoo ninja freefun!* springjump, throwing shurikens!* Simple but fun one toucharcade game!*This ninjas game is completely free to play.Follow uson GooglePlus:-
NinjAwesome - the best ninja game ever!Use skillful swipes tohurdleperilous traps and snatch mischievous bouncing coins!Rushthroughthe pixellated plants, swiftly slashing wicked enemies,sniping foeswith shuriken as you leap!Complete the tests of theninja -Assassination, Infiltration, Sabotage, Espionage, andWandering - tosatisfy your destiny!- Upgrade your mystical NinjaPowers!- Collectmany Deadly Shuriken!- Master 5 types of SecretMissions!- Competein the zen-like Endless Mode!DownloadNinjAwesome now to join theancient and sacred order of the ninja!
Ninja Jump
Ninja Jump is a product which has a complete story, not justsimplya game "run to death".In the Ninja Jumps you will experience4lands with towers and a lot of tasks given to you tocomplete.Ninjajump requires players to avoid obstacles, destroy asmany opponentsas possible, earn gold, buy items, enhance skills,besides rescuingthe detained beautiful womenGame consists of twounique game modes(Story and Challenge) and you could compare scoreswith players onGoogle Play
Ninja Jump!!
Game Features:★★★★★ Play With Ninja★★★★★ 1200ChallengingLevels★★★★★ Lightweight Game★★★★★ ColorfulGameplayGameFeatures:★★★★★ Play With Ninja1200 ★★★★★ ChallengingLevels★★★★★Lightweight Game★★★★★ Colorful Gameplay
Ninja vs Shadow Warriors
Deep down in the mysterious land of ancient Japan lie evilandcorrupt Shadow Warriors. You are on a mission to purify thelandand abolish darkness. Vanquish your enemies and collectprecioushidden orbs. Explore beautiful yet treacherous forestsandmountains, avoid deadly traps and dangerousobstacles.Takeadvantage of your special abilities and rare powerups to defeatthe Shadow Warriors. Darkness must shatter in thisbeautiful landand you are here to bring justice with your Ninjaskills. Embark ona legendary adventure and roam the land ofbeautiful forests,jungles and mountains. Features: ◉ Take advantageof your specialNinja abilities like Dash, Shield, InvisibilityCloak andShuriken.◉ Avoid natural obstacles and deadly traps.◉30challenging levels to play.◉ Collect orbs on your waywhiledefeating enemy warriors.◉ Upgrade your abilities and powerups tobecome a legendary ninja warrior slayer.◉ Counter, fight andslaydifferent types of enemies that roam freely in the landofmystery.◉ 3 New beautiful and scenic environments to explore.◉Easy controls in best plat-former game on GooglePlay.
Ninja Jump
Want to be a ninja? Come to our school! We can coach you to becomeaqualified ninja if you train hard. To become an awesome ninja,youneed to be brave, quick, smart, learn your environment, andalwaysknow where your next step is: elastic, pole, lever, wheel,or kite?Touch the left or right side of screen to jump up to theleft orright. You can make a double jump and triple jump in theair ifyou’re fast enough. Be careful to avoid the monsters andbombs alongthe way, otherwise, you’ll lose some of your limbs.Also remember tocollect the souls along the way to get extrabonus. Be the master ofmind and body to become the best ninja inthe world! FEATURES:Traditional Japanese art styleRealisticphysicsFantastic animationsand special effectsFunny anddestructible ragdoll effects Multipledifficulty levels (easy tovery hard)
Ninja Jump Deluxe
Want a simple yet exciting game you can play for hours on end?Lookno further! Ninja Jump Deluxe has it all!There are now over20,000Players playing Ninja Jump Deluxe on Android, Apple,andWindows!Use your Ninja skills with the touch of a finger tojumppast enemy ninjas and their weapons! Collect coins for powerupsand Ninja kick objects for points. Compete with players fromallover the world for the world high score!How to Play:~Touchthescreen to make your character leap to the other side.~Evadeobjects coming down at you. ~Jump into objects to break themforpoints! ~Collect the coins to gain points and buy Powerups!~Ashield makes you invincible for 5 seconds!~Jump as high as youcanto get the highest score!What do you get in Ninja JumpDeluxe?~3Exciting new worlds ~Skyscraper Run! ~Castle Dash!~SpacerunFrenzy!~6 Brand new characters with new abilities! ~Ninja~Pirate~Army Man ~Spartan ~Spaceman ~King~All new graphics andanimations~Flying enemies and special items ~Power Ups! ~Brand newmenusystem! ~New back end for added stabilityLeaderboards comingsoon!
Ninja Kid vs Zombies - Special
Ninja Kid vs Zombies now comes with wonderful boosted tastyUpdatein this new Special Edition. The performance of the game ishighlyboosted with more richer and vibrant graphics.Samurai andNinjaGirl Characters are all unlocked and selectable.Daily CoinsRewardsso you can get your Shurikens and Ninja Magic withoutworryingabout collecting coins.Just play this phenomenal game andcompletethe 36 challenging levels with yourfavoriteCharacters.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------80sStyleRetro Platformer game with a ninja warrior kid andhisfriends.Welcome to the super world of zombies and monstersofHalloween Land. Zombies have found a way from another dimensionandrunning around everywhere. They have their monster friends butsohave Zombie Assassin Ninja Kid. Runner Kung Fu Master NinjaGirland Angry Sword Master Hungry Samurai.So Run, Slash, cut, useyourNinja Stars ( Shuriken ) and Shinobi Magic to destroy thelivingdead demons which has become out of control.The Ninja WarriorKidshave no match when they use their special Shinobi magic**(Shinobiwas another name used for Ninjas in Feudal Japan) NinjaKid: -->Ninja Spirit Fury Light MagicKung Fu Master Ninja Girl:-->Firewall Tsunami MagicSword Master Hungry Samurai: -->LightningBolt MagicGAME FEATURES-Total of 3 different worlds with12challenging leves. Total level count is 36.-Worlds inside thegameare; Zombie world, Ice World and Egypt World.-The furtherlevelsget more challenging and addictive.-The game is a combinationofretro platformer game and hack and slash style game withextrafeatures.-You can use Ninja star (shuriken) and Ninja Magicasextra power to defeat enemies more easily.-2 extraunlockablecharacters with different Ninja Magic Powers. So makesure to checkall of them.-3 different 80s style retro backgroundmusic each for3 different worlds.-Colorful and Simple leveldesign.-Differenttypes of enemies zombies, Stone man, Yeti and manymind blowingpuzzles and full of traps.-Make sure to keep yoursanity duringgame play.How to Play:Simple Platform action. Jump onZombies tokill them or alternatively you can hack and slash themwith yoursword. Just touch the swordbutton on screen.You can alsothrow yourninja stars to kill the enemies. Some enemies need morethan onehit to be destroyed.If you are in trouble touch theLightningbutton and use your ninja magic to destroy everythingonscreen.When you slash and chop the boxes they will give fruitssomake sure to collect them for extra score.That's it! Enjoythischallenging and wonderful world of retro platformer game withmanyaddictive levels.Followuson
Ninja Jump
Try our all new fast paced and insanely addictive jump andrunadventure "Ninja Jump". Play as a skillful ninja and boltacrossthe city. Look out for treacherous ledges and race overtherooftops. Brilliantly executed with a single tap game playcombinedwith artistic and exotic graphics with amazing themes.Download nowto get a slice of the ultimate ninja action.Treacherous! NINJAJUMP GAME FEATURES:-*FREE GAME to play.*One TapGameplay*Orientalthemed graphics*Challenge your friends*Immersivesounds & music*Post scores on FB or Twitter*Global CompetitiveLeaderboards*Tricky, Challenging Obstacles*Intuitive andsimplecontrol*True Ninja ExperienceHow to PLAY:-TAP tojump.Subscribe ourchannel & Play our new games every week.Ifyou face any problemwhile installing this app, please email,we will try to fix it as soonaspossible.
Shadow Ninja Warriors
Players attack enemies by thrusting at them with Dragon Sword.Theycan also use "secondary" weapons that consume Ninja's"spiritualstrength". Secondary weapons include throwing stars(shuriken),"windmill throwing stars" which cut through enemies andreturn likeboomerangs, a series of twirling fireballs named "theart of thefire wheel", and a mid-air slashing technique called the"jump& slash".When Ninja's spiritual strength meter becomes toolow,the player cannot use secondary weapons.Players canreplenishNinja's spiritual strength by collecting red and blue"spiritualstrength" items found in lamps and lanterns. Other itemsfoundalong the way include hourglasses that freeze all enemiesandprojectiles for five seconds, bonus point containers, potionsthatrestore six units of physical strength, "invincible firewheels"that make Ninja temporarily invincible to attacks, and1-ups.Ninjahas the ability to jump on and off ladders and walls,and by usingthe directional pad, he can climb up or down ladders.Ninja canspring off walls by holding the directional pad in theoppositedirection he is facing and pressing the jump button. Hecannotattack while on walls or ladders. Players can use thistechnique toget Ninja to climb up spaces between walls and columnsby holdingdown the jump button and alternating between left andright on thedirectional pad. Ninja can also vertically climb asingle wall byspringing off it and then quickly pressing thedirectional pad backtowards the wall.
Ninja escape!
It is a simple time killer game where you must help the littleNinjaevade flood and piranhas!Jump up fast, shy away from spikesand youwill be safe!Move fast, collect coins fast and you are ontop ofGoogle Play leaderboards!Tested on our own children, theylove thisgame!
Jumping Ninja Shuriken : two Player game
Free to Play with Your Friends !!Challenge with your friends ,Giveit back that shuriken !!Who's gonna win??
Jump! Jump! Jump!Tap to avoid the obstacles and became atrueninja!Do as many jumps as you can, will you make it?- Collectsushito unlock unique ninjas!- Play in the trap and collect onigiritounlock even more ninjas!- Visit the temple to earn preciouscoinswith the sushi you've collected!- Test yourself withthechallenges!Do your best and have fun!
Pixel Ninja Gaiden ~Retro Shinobi Story~
Story introduction: Dark Devil comes, bringing endless chaosanddarkness, the evil demon combined with the Dark Ninja Corps,wreakhavoc, kill and looting everywhere, the human world into acrisis.On the verge of death, the mysterious Dragon Ninjaappeared,Use thepower of Sword Kobayashi and Ninjutsu, He willdestroy the DarkNinja Corps and demons. You will control the DragonNinja, UseSword Kobayashi and Ninjutsu, become a demon slayer! Thebest 2Daction games ever on the console gaming platform, todayrevived onthe mobile gaming platform, new stories, new levelschapters, newenemies and Boss challenges, and more actionable gamesfor mobilegaming platforms.How to play:1 Game Type: This game is a2Dplatform action game, control characters move in the levelandfight with enemies and Boss;2 Game Operation: game screenprovidevirtual buttons, front and back button control move, attackbuttonwaving sword to attack the enemy, Ninjutsu button to startninjutsuskill, jump button control ninja jump and wall jump;3Ordinaryenemy battle: Each level has much different styles enemies,eachenemy has its own unique attack and counterattack weaknesses.UseSword Kobayashi and Ninjutsu just One-off attack, enemy willbekilled;4 Boss battle: Boss is very strong and has highattackpower, Dragon Ninja must pay attention to evade Boss attacks,andthen find the right time to counterattack with Sword KobayashiorNinjutsu;5 Ninjutsu props: Dragon Ninja need to consumeNinjutsuendurance, in the game scene, you can touch the Ninjutsuprops toincrease the Ninjutsu endurance;6 Blood props: Fight withenemy,Dragon Ninja will lose blood endurance, in the game scene,youcantouch the Blood props to increase the Bloodendurance;GameFeatures:1 Using realistic style pixel arts, the gamefeel bothretro and real, the game art is a leader in pixel games;2Gameoperation closer to the host 2D platform adventure games, basedonthe reference classic games, mobile games for the platform todothe necessary simplification and optimization, the use ofvirtualkeys can also be completed precise game operation;3Refreshingninja killing sense of killing, Dragon Ninja run and jumpin thescene;4 Difficult Boss battle, Boss blood thick, highattack,extremely challenging;5 Very immersive background music,immersingplayers in the beautiful game scenes and combat experienceamongthem;6 Rich levels of content, provides 12 different levels ofthegame, 3 Boss battle, follow-up weekly to update a new level,everymonth to update a new Boss battle;7 Rich ninjutsu system,currentlyoffering Shuriken skill, the follow-up will be theintroduction ofthe flame array, wind knife, ghost fire, shadowavatar and otherendurance skills;Conclusion: The peak of the 90'saction game inthis rebirth, hurry to download experience! If thisgame can arouseyour love of action games, keep watching the latestcontent of thegame.
Ninja Kid vs Zombies
Welcome to the super world of zombies and monsters ofHalloweenLand. Zombies have found a way from another dimension andrunningaround everywhere. They have their monster friends but sohaveZombie Assassin Ninja Kid. Runner Kung Fu Master Ninja GirlandAngry Sword Master Hungry Samurai.So Run, Slash, cut, useyourNinja Stars ( Shuriken ) and Shinobi Magic to destroy thelivingdead demons which has become out of control.The Ninja WarriorKidshave no match when they use their special Shinobi magic**(Shinobiwas another name used for Ninjas in Feudal Japan) NinjaKid: -->Ninja Spirit Fury Light MagicKung Fu Master Ninja Girl:-->Firewall Tsunami MagicSword Master Hungry Samurai: -->LightningBolt MagicGAME FEATURES-Total of 3 different worlds with12challenging leves. Total level count is 36.-Worlds inside thegameare; Zombie world, Ice World and Egypt World.-The furtherlevelsget more challenging and addictive.-The game is a combinationofretro platformer game and hack and slash style game withextrafeatures.-You can use Ninja star (shuriken) and Ninja Magicasextra power to defeat enemies more easily.-2 extraunlockablecharacters with different Ninja Magic Powers. So makesure to checkall of them.-3 different 80s style retro backgroundmusic each for3 different worlds.-Colorful and Simple leveldesign.-Differenttypes of enemies zombies, Stone man, Yeti and manymind blowingpuzzles and full of traps.-Make sure to keep yoursanity duringgame play.Warning: Although the game is free it offersin apppurchases inside the game.How to Play:Simple Platform action.Jumpon Zombies to kill them or alternatively you can hack andslashthem with your sword. Just touch the swordbutton on screen.Youcanalso throw your ninja stars to kill the enemies. Some enemiesneedmore than one hit to be destroyed.If you are in trouble touchtheLightning button and use your ninja magic to destroy everythingonscreen.When you cut the boxes they will give fruits so make suretocollect them for extra score.That's it! Enjoy thischallengingretro platformer game with many addictive levels.Followuson
Ninja Jump
Sympatyczna gra zręcznościowa, w której gracz wciela sie wzwinnegoNinję i ma za zadanie zbierać monety oraz przeróżnebonusy.Nicearcade game where the player takes the role of AgileNinja and isdesigned to collect coins and various bonuses.
Star Lord
An innovative approach to new type of game which features ninjaStarLord, whos purpose in life is to prevent stars from fallinginto theabyss and instead tries to make them explode at a safedistance.However, stars are protected by magical chains which StarLord canonly destroy one at a time, and needs to destroy allchains beforehe can actually make the star explode. Ninjas aretricky however,and as one of them he can use ninjutsu as well.Your job is to guidehim, and prevent stars from falling into theabyss and destroyinghumanity.An innovative approach to new type ofgame which featuresNinja Star Lord, whos purpose in life is toprevent stars fromfalling into the abyss and instead tries to makethem explode at asafe distance. However, stars are protected bymagical chains whichStar Lord can only destroy one at a time, andneeds to destroy allchains before he can actually make the starexplode. Ninjas aretricky however, and as one of them he can useninjutsu as well. Yourjob is to guide him, and prevent stars fromfalling into the abyssand destroying humanity.
Ninja Kid
Shuriken School is the place where the kids can become theNinja.The student will develop themselves based on: strength,agility,patience and intelligent. You are Hiroya Onda, a goodstudent butdisruptive. To be stronger, You have to finish alllessons frommasters and principal. Try your best to become the bestNinja ofthe world.
Ninja Jump Challenge
Ninja Jump Challenge is an addictive one tap game. Try to takeyourninja as higher as possible. You will get addicted to this gameasthis is very addictive.
Teddy Ninja Jump
A new jumping game with a twist. Teddy Ninja Jump.A jumpinggamewhere you have to jump on the high poles and complete theassignmissions,This game will test your patience and yourjumpingskills,Five adorable characters to choose.They can Jump,they canglide, they can flip with loads of fun. Every mission of itisfilled with fun,energy and challenge. Compete with friends innextpeer and test you jumping skills. Collect coins with videorewardsto complete missions.Download Now!!!
Jumping Ninja Jump Deluxe
As the saying goes, aim for the moon and even if you failyou’llland within the stars.In this action packed run and jumpninjagame, aim for the moon but watch out for whatstands in yourway!One hit from your enemies will send you falling to the groundlikeaclumsy ninja.Jumping Ninja Jump Deluxe is a jumping gamethatpacks a ton of excitement in a small package.Withbeautifulgraphics and fun, intriguing gameplay, this is the perfectactiongame to playon the go or while relaxing at home.As a trueninjahero, your goal is to run, jump and dash your way throughseveralexcitinglevels while you try to dodge the assault ofseveralenemies and bad guys.HOW TO PLAY
 **************** Withcontrolsthat even a mini six year old kid would understand, all youneed todo is pull the rope and jump as high as possible. Thelongerdistance you cover, the more power ups you get to maneuveryour waythrough the alien enemies and conquer the unknown land. Areyouready to become the next, great jumping ninja hero?!FEATURES:************** Beautiful, colorful graphics * Easygameplay (greatfor kids, teens or adults!) * Simple touch controls* Awesome ninjaaction that will keep you coming back for more!
NinJump Dash Hero
"Ninja Jump Dash hero" is a Hero Jump adventure game that canbeplayed by all ages. You will feel the excitement of jumpingandrunning by a red ninja dash hero jump, collect coin to earn amaxof points. The difficulty of this game is Nindash must avoidblocksby jumping over them in a perfect time. Get ultra modernmega-hitNinja Jump Hero with 200+ Challenging levels for Androidnow! howto play Ninja Jump Hero?- pick the level you need for yourNinjaJump Dash Hero- tap on the screen and begin running andjumpingwith your ninja hero- gather enchantment things - keep awayfromsnags Highlights: - multi-universe (city ninja murderer &skyninja & samurai shodown & Nindash)- more than 200 levelstoclimb ninja at the top of the scores with collected coin.-decentdiversion experience for ninja jump hero game fans- asimplecontrol for ninja jump and ninja Dash- Casle crusherslikegraphics.- This update also contains some invisible changes onthedesign and melody that should increase the gameplay at the topofthe ninja jump games.A great adventure will start to take backastolen scroll!Many obstacles, including evil ninjas, ninjadogs,monsters, demi-humans, zombies, traps, castles, dungeons,skullvalley, will prevent your adventure! So what are you waitingfor...just go and download your copy of the super ninja jumpingadventuregame - NinJump Heroes & score better than your friends!
Jumping Ninja
The Longer you tap and hold the further little Ninja jumps,watchout!! if the ninja doesn't reach the next platform he willfalldown and die!!How far can you take him?
Ninja Runner Dash
Media Coverage in Gaming Heart: indulge in amazing Ninjutsu action packed Ninja RunnerDash asyou run across the streets of a temple collecting NinjaStars!Fancy, right? That’s not it! You have the ability tododgeobstacles, run on walls (Sounds cool, doesn’t it?), turntightcorners and throw Ninja Stars with deadly accuracy! Yep,that’s theunique part about Ninja Runner Dash; Throw Ninja Stars atanythingthat comes in your way! HOW TO PLAY: The game play issimple (or isit?): The best part is that you don't have to worryabout running,the running is automatic. All you got to do is focuson collectingNinja Stars, avoiding and jumping over obstacles, runon walls whenthe pathway ends and shoot at whatever comes in yourway usingNinja Stars! Remember though, the game may seem easy, butit sureis hard to master!In order to start playing Ninja RunnerDash, youneed to make an account on Game Loot Network and sign inusing theregistered information. No! You don’t have to worry aboutfinding awebsite, when you launch Ninja Runner Dash for the firsttime, youwill see the registration screen. Don’t worry! It’s just afewdetails. As soon as you register and sign in, you are good togo!Why all this? Because registering at Game Loot Network has a lotofperks! Visit: for moreinformation!NinjaRunner Dash Features:• Amazing 3D graphics!• Greatsounds! •Unlimited, Exciting and challenging gameplay!• IntuitiveControlsthat keep you alert as you play!• Different upgrades tomake thegame more enjoyable and exciting to play!• Score multiplierto makeNinja Runner Dash a better and more challenging experience!•Freeand Paid leaderboards to make the gameplay more interestingandrewarding!• Tournaments to take your gaming experience to thenextlevel!For paid part, you need Tokens! Tokens, if you don’talreadyknow, are the virtual currency used in all the fun games ofGameLoot Network ( ), that you can use towinexciting stuff available on Game Loot Rewardsportal( don’t wait any longer, InstallNinjaRunner Dash and start shooting things in your way, run onwalls andmuch much more! Happy gaming!
Ninja Slicer
In Ninja Slicer you must stop the attacking ninjas by throwingninjastars at them! Fight your way through the many fun andchallenginglevels and try out time mode to beat the high scores ofyourfriends. Get new exciting weapons and follow your progress inthetrophy room.
Ninja Madness
Jump, climb, roll over, throw shurikens, battle big samuraibosses.Be a ninja!Begin your ninja training today to unlocksupernaturalabilities. Nerves of steel, cat-like reflexes,split-secondreactions, unstoppable concentration, that is theancient art ofninjutsu.Mastering the true way of the ninja isextremelychallenging. Madness awaits for those who stray from thetrue pathof the ninja. Avoid it at all costs!70 levels ofninjamadness!Pumped up ninja music!Shurikens, ninjas and traps!Easyatfirst. Ninja-hard soon enough!Extra tough ninja bossfights!Showyour dedication and become the legend among ninjas. Letthem tellstories about your excellence and your enemies shiver whenyourname is whispered in the shadows. Ninja Madness awaits!
Ninja Shuriken
Get your shurikens ready!Become the ultimate Ninja! Fightevilninjas and defend innocent villagers. Explore beatiful andfinelycrafted and action packed oriental locations, earn coins andusemagic scrolls and your weapons to complete all missions andbecomethe hero of your village!Smash things and collect lots ofdifferentshurikens and add them to your personal collection, thenpick yourfavorite weapon and get ready to fight!FRANTICEnjoy thefun andintuitive launch mechanic which becomes more engagingandchallenging at higher levels!CHALLENGINGAs you progress throughthegame, enemies will start coming in numbers, faster and meanierthanbefore! Defeat the epic Boss in each world to advance to thenextone!BEAUTIFULColourful 3D graphics and inspired setting, eachlevelis finely put together and lit based on different hours oftheday!Keep yourself up to date by folowing uson:Facebook: twitter hashtag is: #NinjaShurikenIfyou experienceproblems with the game, please send us an instead of rating it 1 star, so thatwecan look into your issue. Thank you!
Dodge The Ninjas
Make the Ninja Run and pass the ninjas ! Don't touch theThrowingStars ! How far can you make it?
Elemental Ninja
Throw deadly shurikens, dodge faster than the wind, use yourkatanato parry furious incoming attacks and beat bosses withamazingelemental powers! It is a fast paced Ninja game! Are youNinjaenough?!Elemental Ninja: Rise of The Sorcerer tells a journeyof ayoung student on his path to become a Master Ninja and savetheworld from the dark evil plans of the Sorcerer. You play through4beautifull distincts worlds, more than 30 levels and encounterepicbad ass bosses based on classic games, while you help youngHaru tobecome the Elemental Ninja Master!The Game features:- 4Worlds-More than 30 levels- Epic Boss fights- Bonus Levels- Classicgamemechanics- Beautifull 3D Art- Hidden 3D Thropies of allthecharacters in the game- A comic book telling you the story ofHaru,the Elemental Ninja- No in-App purchases, just pay n´ play
Dot Heroes: Woop Woop Ninja
A colorful adventure begins! Are you ready for fun?Use yourshurikenand deal tons of damage in arena to this minion monster.Digtreasure, upgrade your weapon, loot potion, coin, grape andlevelup! There are lots of fun rpg elements! You can combo thecriticalhit with poison damage and more! Stick with your hero andbecome themost powerful sensei fighter in the world! Climb inonline rankingand show your friends your ultimate flappy skill onthe leaderboard!Dot Heroes: Woop Woop Ninja is a cartoon stylecolorfull casual gamefor everybody. The black - orange standardskin looks cool, but youcan unlock other different skins and showthem to your friends!
Shuriken Fruit
Tap to throw your shuriken (ninja star) to smash up variousfruitswith it!Upgrade your shuriken and be a more powerfulninja!Who isbetter ninja? Compete with your Facebook friends. Applyfor ashowdown!- Smash same quantity of fruits as the level number.(ex.Level 1 = 1 Fruit / Level 5 = 5 Fruits)- Large fruit = 2 ofsmallfruit.- Metal Fruit = 3 of small fruit.- Diamond = 4 ofsmallfruit.- Hit large fruits twice with a shuriken.- Hit metalfruitsthree times with a shuriken.- Hit diamond four times withashuriken.Facebook Page: Use: game containsthirdparty advertisements. Please see our privacy policy foradditionalinformation.
Jumping Bird Ninja
Become a master ninja bird and fly away from the shurikens!Befaster and do not let them touch you, otherwise you will becomeafeather pillow.Collect diamonds and switch to new birds fromapacked option in the Shop. Challenge your friends and see whocanfly higher!-Take your bird as high as you can;- Collectdiamondsand beat records;- Have the best score;-Swap your diamondsformagnificent birds;- Collect the maximum number of birds aspossiblebefore your friends;Download Jumping Bird right now andhave funcompeting with your friends. Who will fly taller?!Developedby IM -Games Indie
Shuriken Jump
How high can you climb?How quickly can you respond?How long canyouthrow a real ninja shuriken?Try a new extreme arcadegame!Climbhigher and higher into the sky kicking shuriken with awoodenplatform to another.To throw shuriken simply click on thescreen atthe right time. It's easy!Features:- The world is a starrysky,populated platforms that look like wooden logs.- You willmanage areal ninja shuriken that can be thrown in any direction.-You haveto climb up, picking up as many points as possible.-Platform forspinning and moving in different directions. Pre-thinkover time toperform a jump.- With each platform play is becomingincreasinglydifficult. Platforms are beginning to move quicklyandunpredictably!- You can use bounce off the wall, if you canhelpit. Just do not fall down - otherwise you lose.- Bewareplatformsnear the wall. They can break the shuriken and the gamewill beover.- This game is on the record, so enter as manypoints!It looksminimalistic, but it is extremely difficult tosucceed in it!Youcan play against your friends and players aroundthe world!It iscompletely free!Throw shuriken, touching the screen,collect pointsand win! You have to guess the movement of platforms,to surprisethe world!Show your reaction speed and yourpatience!>> Note:this game is insanely addictive!>>Avoid rash and hastyjumps!>> Play for free!>> Infinitegameplay!>>Compete with players from around theworld!>> An exciting andinteresting game for all ages!
Flying Hattori
Flying Hattori is a run and fly game with features like- Run andFlylike the cool hattodi cartoon- Dodge different animalsandobstacles- Storm the ljungle with crazy run speed- Equipwithdifferent powerups and score big- Complete daring missions toboostyour rank- Test your reflexes with simpleone-touchcontrolsControls: Tap and hold to fly
Ninja is a free jump up game. At the beginning, ninja stand ontheroof of a temple, Rock covered on both sides of the cliff. Justtapon screen, ninja will jump up, in order to catch up with themoon.Tap on left, ninja will jump to left cliff, Tap on right,ninjawill fly to right. In the process of jumping, collecting fruitcanget unexpected rewards. The goal of the game is to jump up asfastas you can.In our free game, there are 4 game mode. © 2015LUCHAOJUNGame Features:- Classic mode, time is limited, but whenyoufinish one action, there will be more time- Zen mode, time isfixed30s- Limited mode, There are 50 cliff, finish then in theshortesttime.- Arcade mode, Stones just continuously go down, youmust notfall off- Relaxing background music and sound effect- 1080pHDGraphics!- Completely free to play- Contain real 3D modeHopeyouenjoy our Ninja game free!
Mini Stick Ninja Hero
In front of you is the same jumper game you've been lookingfor!MEET THE GREAT STICK HERO So, this is a great master of ninja.Heis graceful, clever and ... a bit puffy. But this does not stophimfrom being the best ninja in the world.Do you want to becomeasclever as he is? No problems! Grab your shurikens, recruit. BEFASTAND HARVEST Run, fly, jump through the barriers with the helpofyour ninja skills and learn new ones. But remember that toovercomeobstacles you need to calculate the correct power for thejump.COLLECT COOL BONUSES For every good jump you will receivebonuses.Bonuses are shurikens. Buy them and buy new clothes foryoursuperhero ninja. The more shuriken you typed, the better. Youcanalso compete with other ninja hero in this jumper, becomeachampion, having passed the path worthy of a stickhero.COMPETITION Share your results with your friends andcompetetogether!But remember! You need to correctly calculate thejump,otherwise you will lose. FEATURES: * Disclosure of the secretsofninja superheroes* Interesting jumper levels* Relaxingmusic*Beautiful graphics* Simple management, which everyone canhandle* Alot of shuriken you need to collect* Free stick games forgirls andboys Download this ninja game and become a stick hero !!
Harness your agility and staff wielding skills to beat endlesswavesof star-throwing ninjas. Master your precision and reflexesto moveup in the ranks and unlock belts! Ninjevade is free,addictive,crazy fast, super simple, and totally ad free! Plusthere'sninjas.Choose Your Character and Play Style!● Monk:BoStaffwielding, straw hat wearing warrior who jumps crazy high●Wizard:Vanishes to evade ninja stars and make his enemies look likefools●Gentleman: Punches ninja stars with HIS BARE FISTS● Robo:Talkssmack, and whacks ninja stars with his trusty foam fingerLotso'Features● 4 Themes, each with their own animations, sounds,andsecrets: Day, Night, Rain, and Space!● Leaderboards: Earn atopspot and become a legendary 'Black Belt'● Achievements: Unlockbyearning high ranked belts and executing awesome techniques●PixelArt: Bask in aesthetically pleasing, simple, pixelyatmospheres.HowTo Play● 'Deflect' when 1 star is thrown at you. Ifyou evade thestar, prepare to deflect another at an unpredictabletime andspeed.● 'Evade' when 2 stars are thrown at you● 1 point isawardedfor every ninja you defeat● Earn new belts by achievinghighscores!● Stick to it!Unlockable BeltsHighScore/Color0 - 4:White5 -9: Yellow10 - 19: Orange20 - 39: Green40 - 69: Blue70 -99:Purple100 - 139: Brown140 - 199: Red200 +: BlackWhat TheInternetThinks● "an easy 5 out of 5." -● "This gameisgraphically sound and pitch perfect." -●"Ninjevade’ssimple and catchy game style is addicting and fun"● "ninjavade, pwyw, hard, sunset, monk, shuriken,nv,robo, gent, fast, bostaff, deflect, silhouette, art,asian,PinPong, pingpong, Burton, Stl, Saint Louis," - Imaginary AppStoreOptimizer● "Gráficos estilosos" - Baixaki.comAboutTheStudioMatthew is a self taught dev who brings the challengeandaesthetics of old school games to new school platforms. If youlikeNinjevade, consider purchasing the additional Ninjevade contentandchecking out my other games :D
Ninja Shurican: Fun Ninja Game
Polish your spiky ninja shuriken stars and sharpen samurai swordtofight demons from hell and survive insane obstacle courses inthisaddictive ninja fighting game!If you like challenging but funragegames, then wait no more and tap your screen to keep a tinyninjahero jumping and dodging obstacles. Easy to learn onefingercontrols will soon invite you to the world of pain withlevels fromhell getting more and more difficult.This deadly ninjarage gamefeatures: 🔥 trap dodging, ninja jumping and demonfighting🔥 endlesssurvival game mode to truly test your skills🔥using ninja starthrowing or deadly sword fighting in your demonhunt🔥 hand craftedlevels to test levels of your quick reflexes andfast reactiontime🔥 bloody achievements like in all hardcore ninjafightinggames🔥 leaderboards to prove your ninja jumping and samuraiswordfighting skills🔥 tiny, cute and very deadly ninja fighterstounlock🔥 quick restarts like it should be in the best ragegames🔥one finger controls similar flappy ninja jumping games🔥explosiveand bloody fighting game play* * *This arcade ninjafighting gamewill give you a taste of a dangerous life in hell bydodging movingtraps, jumping over rage inducing clusters of spikesand fightingdemon forces of evil by slashing them with your samuraikatanasword!One finger jumps will keep your tiny flappy ninjaherojumping over the deadly spikes, sword fighting annoyingfireballimps, blocking blows from demonic devil axes and knockingthem backto the fires of hell. Tap your finger twice to do ninjastarthrowing action and destroy fireballs or snipe distantenemies.Letthe rage run through your veins as you die again andagain facedagainst hardcore game difficulty as your ninja assassinis dashingover the blades splashing blood all over the obstaclecourse.Spring back to fast paced dodging game play instantly withsuperfast restart option and try to beat the level one moretime!Masterall the deadly jumpy ninja fighting skills, keep dashingthroughthe tight obstacle course gaps, snipe enemies from adistance byshuriken throwing ninja stars, push demons to thespikes, go forninja survival in the endless obstacle course levelto power yourway to the top of leaderboards and prove your friendsthat you arethe best deadly ninja fighter in this fun rage game!Ifyou enjoyrage inducing ninja games or addictive bloody demonfighting gamesor deadly obstacle course games, then Shurican mightbe the bestreflex test for you.Jump to the main challenge level,where youwill die a lot, get angry or even rage a tiny bit,memorize trappositions, dodge and dash through the spikes and reachthe end gongto become the best in this frustrating obstaclecoursegame!Shurican is best ninja fighting game for boys, sincethis itcontains blood and cartoon violence as well as rageinducinggameplay of hardcore difficulty, so is not good for kids orgirls.This jumping ninja game is playable offline and will not lockanycontent while playing without wifi or without internet.Do youhavea steady enough hand and calm nerves to dash through all thelevelsof this flappy ninja jumping game with hardcore samuraiswordfighting game play? Throw a follow: enjoyed this flappy ninja fightinggame, maybe check out otherfree rage games bySnoutUp:
Shuriken Training HD
To become a ninja legend the first thing is training !Withtherenewed Shuriken Training you will test your ninja skills inthelaunching of the deadly shurikens.You have to be fast,intuitiveand lethal!100 levels to pass, ten shurikens to unlockwithdifferent features, multiple achievements to reach and manypointsto obtain with your skills.Share your deeds with your friendsandbeat them all in the rankings by phases, or by the totalscoreaccumulated in all your trainings. Become the greatestninjaever.Compatible with Facebook and Google PlayServices.Availablelanguages: Galician, Spanish and English.How toplay:Move themobile or tablet to find the ninjas hidden behind thetrainingscrolls and throw them shurikens by sliding your fingeracross thescreen before you get a hit of damage.Do not shoot thescrolls ofinnocent geishas. Once you clear a stretch of 10 levels,you willunlock a new stretch of another 10 levels to play and anewshuriken with different features.