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Shopping list voice input 4.3.6
TK Solution
Never again note chaos ...An easy-to-use shopping list app. Youcancreate your shopping lists directly by speaking. It is possibletocreate multiple lists,e.g. for various shops.Functions:• Twovoiceinput modes, single or multiple items• Drag and drop a list•Managemultiple shopping lists• Synchronisation between devices•Strikeout while shopping• Notifications for lists• Share a shoppinglist•Import text split by lines • Recipe modus• History• Changethetypeface, size and color from fonts• Change a backgroundHavefunwith this intuitive shopping list app ...For questions orcommentsplease contact me at: [email protected]
My Voice Others Know 1.3.0
With cute parrot, listen to your sweet voice. It's very easytorecord. Just press a circle button for a while and detachyourfinger from it. It plays it back to you immediately! Enjoy itandhave a nice day!! 😍😍😍😍😍
Write Messages with Your Voice 1.8
This program allows you to easily write messages with yourvoice.Inthis way you will not have to use the keyboard.You canshare themessage you want to chat platform typed your message inyour ownvoice.Now you will write your voice you will never need tolookdirectly alphanumeric characters on the keyboard.Theprogramfeatures : voice message,Other languages to translate,Tosearch theInternet,Quickly record messages you write withvoice.Turn yourvoice into other languages,speech text,voicecommand,speechmessage,easily write messages with your voice,freehandsmessage.Also support language:English,French, Italian,Spanish,Hindi, German, Arabic, Portuguese,Russian,Turkish,...
Talk FREE - Text to Voice - Read aloud 2.3
With Talk, your phone will speak what you type. Make your phonesayanything you want in many languages! Let your phone read thenewsfor you! It supports importing web pages directly from thebrowserto listen to them. You can also import text from any otherapps.Features: - Text to voice - Read web pages - Play / Pause /Stop -Export audio as WAV file - Lots of languages (internetconnectionrequired for some) Uses: - Reading news or books -Helpful forvisually impaired people - Helpful for speech impairedpeople -Helpful for people that had wisdom teeth removed - FunThere's apaid version available WITHOUT ADShere: phone must have a Text-to-Speech enginge for Talk towork. Ifit doesn't have it you can download it from Google Play.Dependingon the TTS engine, some languages that appear in the appmay notwork. G+community:
AutoVoice 3.5.3.bf2
Create custom voice commands for Google Now and automateeverythingwith your voice. here: the FAQhere: seen on★LifeHacker★AndroidPolice★Android Central★Android Community☑ Add customvoice commandsto Google Now/Assistant/Google Home andAmazonEcho☑ Natural LanguageSpeaknaturally!You don't need to remember the exact commands you setup:☑ Say voice commands from yourMac,Windows, Linux PC or another Android deviceCheck it outhere:☑ Takes less than1minute to set up a cool new voice commandCreate a newTaskerprofile->Set the command filter->createtask->done!☑Bluetooth headset compatibilityWorks with mostbluetooth headsets!☑Start recognizing from TaskerSetup complextasks with multiplevoice commands or start recognizing in specificsituations. Yourlimit is your imagination!☑ Super flexible setupfor super powerfulprofilesWith many custom variables to use, it'snever been so easyto react to voicecommands!☑ Redirect allphone audioto your Bluetooth headsetYes, all sound from your phonecan be onyour little non-A2DP bluetooth headset!☑ React to yourBluetoothheadset buttons in TaskerUse the regular call makingbuttons onyour headset to do stuff in Tasker! May not work on allheadsetmodels☑ React to the ambient noise around youCreate a babymonitor,or a clapper. Noise has never been more fun!☑ Free To UseIfyoudon't want to pay for the app you have the option to use itforfree with rewarded ads! If you don't want ads you can alwaystrythe free 7 day trial. After that it'll revert to thelockedversion, limited to 4 character commands☑ Awesome videoshowing thekind of stuff you can do with AutoVoice version is limited to commands with 4characters. If youwant to unlock complete commands, you can do itin-app or buy theseparate unlock key here:╭⋞⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟IMPORTANTNOTE⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⋟(WARNING: YOU MUSTHAVE TASKER INSTALLED FORTHIS APP TO BE OF ANY USE: AutoVoice isonly usable as a plugin inTasker. Please don't rate it negativelybecause of this.)If you'replanning to use it, please check if yourBluetooth headset worksbefore buying the full version!If yourbluetooth headset fails to berecognized, please try disconnectingit from the phone, rebootingand reconnecting. This procedure isknown to help in thesesituations.Please contact me if anything iswrong and I'll respondto you promptly and try to fix it as soon asI can.Thankyou.╰⋞⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⋟╭⋞⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟Disclaimer⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟⋟Theappunlock may not work if you have apps installed that aredesigned tocircumvent licensing protection.This app usesAccessibilityservices.
Voice Lock Screen 1.8
Using a traditional Lockscreen to Lock & Unlock your phonehavebeen outdated now. Use a new approach to Lock/Unlockyoursmartphone using your Voice and secure your mobile fromothersapproach. This Smart Voice Lock Screen works on with yourvoicecommands which makes your phone unique from others also wehaveprovided a Keypad Lock screen method with this App. ! In caseifyou do not want to let the others know about your " VoicePassword" or you are unable to unlock your phone using your voicecommandsor Voicepassword to Unlock then do not bother yourself thatyourphone will be locked permanently. You guys can use alternatePinCode option to unlock yoursmartphone.===================================== ★ WHAT`S INSIDETHIS VOICELOCK SCREEN ★ ===================================== ★Enable VoiceLock Screen with a single tap. ★ Enhance Security usingHome Keyoptions given in setting. ★ 5 Different HD Backgroundsareavailable to change the theme. ★ Set your own any type ofvoicepassword. ★ You can also set numeric password if voicepassworddoesn’t work. ★ User Friendly and best Voice Unlocker ★Show dateand time on screen. ★ Change color of time and date. ★Change fontStyle to make more attractive your Voice Lock Screen.========== ★- NOTE - ★ ========== 1. Internet Connection is neededfor smoothworking of this Voice Lock Screen 2. Offline Voicerecognition issupported only on devices with (Jelly Bean and aboveOperatingSystems). To work properly on older versions, InternetConnectionis needed. 3. Wallpapers Credit goes to ★ CONTACT US ★ ==============Queries, Feedback's& 24 X 7 Support @[email protected] ! ==============★ DISCLAIMER ★============== All images used in this Voice LockScreen 2017 arecopyrighted of ABS STUDIO. This Voice Unlock isneither affiliatednor endorsed by Samsung & Android™ is aregistered trademark ofGoogle Inc.
Write SMS by voice 3.3.13
UX Apps
Want to transform speech to text while writing messages ortextnotes? This speech to text app provides you a powerful and easyinuse system of dictating voice message. Features: - You candictatevoice message send result via any other app or messengerthis appis not just a sms messenger) - Dictate messages by voiceandcomfortably edit result - Dictionary parsing (just say “comma”andapp will replace it with “,” while parsing your voice to text)-Choose contact or enter the receiver's number by voice(whilewriting sms message) - Advanced voice to text engine allowsyou todirectly select recognition language if needed - Carefulvoicerecognition option helps you to choose the right variantofrecognized text - Integrated sms messenger, if you want tosendvoice message very quickly Turn your voice message into textone!It's very easy, just install and try our speech to text appnow!
TalkType Voice Keyboard 1.12.0
TalkType is the first voice-centric keyboard (currentlysupportvoice with English only). Powered by Baidu’s Deep Speech2recognition system, TalkType provides an extremely accuratevoiceto text dictation experience that will boost your input speedtothe limit!Many of you told us that our speech engine is betterthanGoogle Voice Typing. Especially with auto punctuationandcontinuous recognition, we focus on optimizing and improvingthevoice experience in every single way instead of put voice as asidefeature. You've never realized how easy, fast, naturalandcomfortable typing is with your voice!TalkType works on ANYappsthat allow input entry. Use your voice whether you aretextingusing SMS, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, writing notes inGoogleKeep or Evernote, composing an email or long article withoutusingyour fat fingers!While presenting the best voice dictateinterface,we haven't ignored the regular alphabet keyboard either.TalkTypeprovides a fully functional keyboard with Swipe, Emoji,GIFsharing, themes and support 20+ languages. You don't have togiveup your favorite keyboard features in order to get the bestvoiceexperience!Finally, TalkType is always free, no ads and noin-apppurchases! Our lab's mission is simply develop AItechnologies thatcan impact everyone's lives! Know more about usat will ALWAYS protect yourpersonalinformation and NEVER collect your personal data likecredit cardnumbers or password. The system will always prompt asecuritywarning whenever you enable any third party keyboards insettings.For details, please look at our privacypolicy to Type:Fasterhands-free typing with voice input. Simply tap the microphonetodictate. The best-in-class voice recognition provides you afast,accurate and seamless dictation experience.AutomaticPunctuation:TalkType is able to predict and add the rightpunctuations,including commas, periods and even question marks,automaticallywithout you even needing to pause.ContinuousRecognition: TalkTypecan keep the mic on and keep listening for aslong as you want.With your preferences, feel free to take longpauses betweensentences, gather your thoughts and dictate your ideawhenever youneed. (Go to Settings -> Voice Input -> Auto Stopto changethe preferences)Voice Command: Instead of addingpunctuationsautomatically, you can also use voice commands toinputpunctuations such as “comma”, “period”, "Questionmark","Exclamation point", "Next Line", "Next Paragraph", "SmileyFace"-> 😊 and "Sad Face" -> 😞Word Suggestion: Tap underlinedwordsto view the suggested alternatives. It enables a quickcorrectionof words via dictation and replacement. Dictation Pad: WeprovideDictation Pad, a very clean and simple editor where you canputspeech-to-text notes or ideas very fast. Launch it by tappingappicon in homescreen or from settings. QuickShare: Browse, searchandshare GIFs from Giphy or restaurants and places from Yelp. Orevenshare your current location. More excitements comingsoon!Trackpad: For single-word selection, place one finger onthetrackpad and move to navigate to select words quickly.Formulti-word selection, place TWO fingers on the trackpad and movetonavigate to select multiple words or sentences.Swipe: Can'ttalk?You can swipe to enter text! Just swipe your finger fromfirstletter to last letter.Beautiful Themes: Beautiful materialthemesto make your keyboard shine. (only available on OS 5.0+devices)Wewill be continuously improving TalkType! If there is anyfeedbackor issues, please email us at [email protected] orvisit: you enjoy TalkType, please leaveanice review!
VoCaller - Voice Dialer 1.1
Eran Katsav
VoCaller offers you the fastest way to voice call anycontact!Double click the power button and dial only by speakingthecontact’s name!With flawless performance and perfectvoicerecognition, Vocaller will voice dial to any contact inabreeze.Without the need to even enter the app, even when thephoneis locked and the screen is turned off, double click anytimeoranywhere and call or dial with your voice alone! It is thefastestway to make voice call. When you are busy or just lazy,withVoCaller you don’t have to bother yourself with searchingforcontacts, calling and dialling is done within seconds only withthehelp of your voice!VoCaller gives you the option toautomaticallyturn on your speaker mode when making a call, so thateven whenyou’re driving you don’t have to touch the phone order todial toanyone!In VoCaller you can also customise everything fromthe timeinterval between the two clicks that start the voicerecording tothe number of seconds you get before the app makes theautomaticcall and dial. VoCaller can be customised for your needs.VoCalleris also a learning system and saves your favouritescontacts tomake voice dialing even faster!Everyone has situationswhere hecan't unlock the phone and search for a contact, justdownloadVoCaller and forget about searching for contacts and tryingto dialwhile driving and risking those around you.
Voice Phone 3.2.0
Voice Phone makes your phone talk. Providesvoicealerts/notifications for phone calls, text messages,clock,battery, apps and reminders. Incoming phone callsKnow whoiscalling without reaching out for your phone. Voice Phone canreadout the caller name or number. Text Messages / SMSReads outsendername and optionally the text message contentClockGetsuperproductive by keeping a constant watch on time. Periodtimeannouncements. Custom messages can be added before and aftertimeannouncementsAppsHear notifications posted by apps. You canselectthe apps which you want to hear. Know who just sent thenewWhatsApp message without taking out your phone.HeareverythingBattery Get low battery warnings. Avoid over chargingbygetting battery charge full alert. Get chargingprogress.VoiceRemindersStop procrastinating. Audible reminderswhich can be setto repeat reminds you until the job is done. MoreFeatures- Shakethe phone to silence notifications- Silentconfigurable nighthours- Auto disable voice notifications whenmusic is played- Wiredand Wireless/Bluetooth headset support-Notify only when headset isplugged inHelp Us !Would you like tovolunteer to translate VoicePhone to your native language. Let usknow. Send in your featuresuggestions and bug reports. We arealways keen to improve.
Battery Voice Alert! 1.1.3
***Features*** * Beep sound(on each battery level completed).*Speaking alert(Once battery get full charged). * Displaycurrentbattery charging status. * Display current batterytemperaturestatus. * Display current battery health status. *Enable/DisableSetting. * Custom Themes(Background colour &Styles) * UsefulTips to improve your phone battery performance.***Note: Soon wewill be come up with Sound customisation &better UI design.Also i would appreciate to the users if they canprovide theirfeedback or suggestions on features as they need, Sothat cansupport us to improve our application. Thanks!
Voice Calculator 2.3
Voice Calculator is very amusing app of your android andvoiceactivated calculator is most running app. Calculator is basicneedof life most probably for working people, for studentsofengineering, teachers, for clerical work and for othersuchpurposes like carpenter on shops markets fast calculation isdoneon daily basis. So for all calculator users, this bestvoicecalculator free is a finest fast calculator. Now you just havetospeak and voice online calculator will automatically calculatewhatyou say. You can perform simple as well as complicatedcalculationby just speaking and talking calculator. Just keep inmind that youhave to speak all the equation at one time and notsplitting theequation. You can carry out long calculations too.It's very easyto use and very quick to calculate. You can performfastercalculation then typing or pressing keys. Scientificcalculator appis most popular calculator app in android. Simplifycalculator ishelp to find favorite calculator and bet calculatorcalculation assame discount calculator in best voice calulator itis easily tocalculator download. You can also create myscriptcalculator inthis speaking. Design calculator excel to helpcalculation in yourphone calculator and also call mini calculator.This is free multicalculator and handwriting calculator. It is nota fake calculatorand you also create overtime calculator in thisvooicea-calculator. The voice input process calculator spreadsheetandmax calculator as well as interactive calculator. Calculatordigitsnot available only voice input or voice commands. You canalso bignumber calculator and postage calculator help. Datacalculator andpower calculator help to calculation and datecalculator. How touse: Step 1. Click on Tap to Speak. Step 2.Instructions to use. #To calculate addition(+) speak "plus". liketo do 8+1, say: eightplus one. # To calculate subtraction(-) speak"minus". like to do5-1 say: five minus one. # To calculatemultiplication(*) speak"multiplied by". like to do 6*3 say: sixmultiplied by three. # Tocalculate division(/) speak "divided by".like to do 7/3 say: sevendivided by three. Step 3. Tap to calculateto get result. Step 4.Tap on speaker to hear the result. * forbetter result usemicrophone. Features of Voice Calculator. # Voicecontrolcalculator will automatically calculate what you say. # It'sveryeasy to use and very quick to calculate of voice. # You canperformsimple as well as complicated calculation by just speaking.# Veryeasy to use it and it uses speech recognition technologywithfaster calculation. # Free talking calculator app fordownload.Voice calculator app, calculator simulator, bestcalculator, voiceactivated calculator is love calculator by namesimply as talkingand speaking calculators apps. Its functions arereally veryhelpful for mathematics students and teachers, so it isalso calledschool calculator, smart calculator and minutescalculator. Forevery calculator user this is very smart calculatorand voicecalculator free. Download this help to GST calculator anddo relaxsimple difficult in your difficult calculations as adailycalculator. Financial calculator app helps everybody intheirdifficult fast calculations. Best voice calculatorincalculatorscientific is next version model can be add as calcforkids typing as a kids calculator. Basic Calculator hide appiseasily to calculate your mathematics express and calculatorlocker.Just speaking on audio calculator that demands your voicetask toperform fast calculations for android. You can also findthepercentage calculator in this voice calculator andfractioncalculator. Percent calculator and math calculator is sameascalculation of math. Download and give us a review ofVoiceCalculator.
Voice Call Dialer : Voice Phone Dialer 1.7
Voice Call Dialer : Voice Phone DialerVoice Call Dialer is easyandsmart contacts dialer who helps in voice dialing and makingcalls.Voice Call / Dialer are a simple app which enables voicedialing /calls on Android Smartphone. It is very helpful voiceassistant,especially in situations when we want to call someonefrom phonecontact list but our hands are busy, for example whiledriving acar. With voice dialer hands-free calls are easy to make,all youhave to do is speak contact name aloud. Voice CallDialer willrecognize contact and automatically make call foryou. It isperfect phone contacts dialer with voice assistantsupport.Voicedialer is also very helpful driveassistant.Features:-No need tosearch your contact manually.-No needof keyboard to typenumber.-Simply say your contact name to make acall.-You candirectly send a message or add a number tocontacts.-You can searchcontacts.-A normal 3D dial is alsoavailable.-Provides more calllog information with call duration.-Automatically pick first voicesearch result and make call.- Accessto all and favorite contacts.-Possibility to control voice searchresults.- Nice and simple UI toperform best user experience.- Manyconfiguration options.- Supportspeaker’s mode.To get best results,try to speak contact nameslowly and clearly.Thank You & Enjoy…
Voice Search
UX Apps
Voice Search app by UX Apps - voice assistant app which allowsyouto perform very quick voice search and other actions onyourdevice. Supported voice commands: • quick voice search onGoogle,YouTube, Bing, Wikipedia, Google Play and many others •search forcontacts on your device • call • send sms • search forplaces inmaps • launch apps • write any text or message by voiceand send itto any app (save to notes, share or send via anymessenger oremail) Our app uses Google search app for voicerecognition andadds some features to it, such as: • directlychoosing anyrecognition language you want • ability to choose theright variantof voice recognition • composing long texts - convertvoice to textmultiple times & edit result You like to have afull control?Our app is fully customizable - drag & dropcommands, add youfrequent actions to favorites and organize them asyou wish. Youalso can always see the history of your requests,quickly repeatthem, or even remove or clear history if needed. Needto be faster?Add any number of voice actions to home screen viawidgets toaccess immediately in one click. Our app also have anoption, whichyou can use to automatically start your main action atapp launch(for example, you can configure it to perform voicesearch inGoogle). Want really quick voice search and robustassistant?Install and try Voice Search UX now, it's free and verylightweight(we care about free space on your device)!
Voice Access 3.0.215785513
Google LLC
Voice Access is an accessibility service that lets you controlyourdevice with spoken commands. Voice Access can be useful forpeoplewho have difficulty using a touchscreen due to paralysis,tremor,temporary injury, or other reasons. For help using VoiceAccess,visit Voice Access help. Voice Access provides voicecommands(currently English only) in three categories: - Basicsandnavigation from any screen (e.g. “Go back”, “Go home”) -Gesturesto interact with elements on the current screen (e.g.“Click next”,“Scroll down”) - Text editing and dictation (e.g.“Type hello”,“Replace coffee with tea”) You can view on-screen helpby saying“What can I say?” within Voice Access. You can also seethe fulllist of voice commands by going to Voice Access Settingsandselecting “Show all commands.” Steps to turn on Voice Access: 1.Goto Settings > Accessibility. 2. Select “Voice Access.” 3.Turnon the switch. 4. Complete the setup and tutorial to set upandlearn how to use Voice Access. The tutorial introduces themostcommon voice commands, such as starting Voice Access,clicking,scrolling, basic text editing, and getting to the “Whatcan I say?”menu. To use Voice Access completely hands-free, it'snecessary toturn on “Ok Google” from any screen. Then just say “OkGoogle” whenyou want Voice Access to start listening for commands.You may needto update the Google app to be able to start VoiceAccess by saying“Ok Google.” If you choose not to turn on “OkGoogle” from anyscreen, or if your device does not support it, ablue Voice Accessbutton appears on your screen. You can press thebutton, then say avoice command. You can also press, hold, and dragthe button tomove it to a different location on your screen. Tostop VoiceAccess, say “Stop listening”. To turn off Voice Accesscompletely,go to Settings > Accessibility > Voice Access,then turn offthe switch. Permissions Notice Microphone: VoiceAccess uses themicrophone to let you speak voice commands. Phone:Voice Accessobserves the phone state so it can operate during phonecalls.Accessibility Service: Because this app is anaccessibilityservice, it can observe your actions, retrieve windowcontent, andobserve text that you type.
Voice Screen Lock : Voice Lock 1.12
Birthday Song
Voice Screen Lock Speak something to unlock your phone. Speakvoicecommand to unlock your phone. Unlock your phone screen withvoice.Beautiful and customizable Voice lock screen for anyandroiddevice. Set a voice password and use it to unlock yourdevice.Using a traditional Lockscreen to Lock & Unlock yourphone havebeen outdated now. Use a new approach to Lock/Unlockyoursmartphone using your Voice and secure your mobile fromothersapproach. You use different lock screen with differentpatternthrough secure your data or private or sensitive data. Youwantstotally different lock screen also this work with your voice.Soyour wish is complete. Voice Screen Lock application throughyougets totally new style lock screen just you speak your passwordandopen your lock. This Smart Voice Lock Screen works on withyourvoice commands which makes your phone unique from others alsowehave provided a Keypad Lock screen method with this App! In caseifyou do not want to let the others know about your " VoicePassword" or you are unable to unlock your phone using your voicecommandsor Voicepassword to Unlock then do not bother yourself thatyourphone will be locked permanently. You guys can use alternatePinCode option to unlock your smartphone. Features: - EnableVoiceLock Screen with a single click on mic and set Voice password.-Enhance Security using Home Key options given in setting.-Different HD Backgrounds are available to change the theme. -Setyour own any type of voice password. - You can also setnumericpassword if voice password doesn’t work. - User Friendly andbestVoice Unlocker - Show date and time on screen. - Change coloroftime and date. - Change font Style to make more attractiveyourVoice Lock Screen. If you find useful app then dont forget torateit with 5 star. Thanks for support..
Translate voice - Translator 196.0
🎙 Translate in voice - Language Translator 🎙 🔊 Awesomevoicetranslator, speech and translate all languages of the world. 📧Youcan hold a conversation in any language , with the help ofvoicetranslator, translating different texts and use the button totalkapplication. 📚 Learn languages quickly and easily, speaksyourlanguage to translate from written or spoken in the languageofyour choice , more than 80 languages in text as SpanishEnglish,French, German Italian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and 44languagesspoken as those mentioned above and many others likeArabic,Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Finnish, Indonesian,Turkishand Vietnamese. 📝 Also corrects spelling, wordsuggestion,preserves the history with your latest translations,share textsdirectly to IM , social networking, mail, search engine,notes andother applications you have installed.🇺🇸🇩🇪🇰🇷🇯🇵🇨🇳🇫🇷🇪🇸🇮🇹🇷🇺🇬🇧🇧🇷 -Translates more than 80 languages. - Voiceinput in all languages.- History translations. - Voice output in 44languages. - Wordsuggestions. - Spelling. - Share text directly tootherapplications. - Completely free forever.🇺🇸🇩🇪🇰🇷🇯🇵🇨🇳🇫🇷🇪🇸🇮🇹🇷🇺🇬🇧🇧🇷 📱Translate in voice - Language Translatormay contain advertising.
Voice Dialer 3.05
Voice dialer is easy and smart contacts dialer which help invoicedialing and making calls. It is very helpful voiceassisstant,especially in situations when we want to call someonefrom phonecontact list but our hands are busy, for example whiledriving acar. With voice dialer hands-free calls are easy to make,all youhave to do is speak contact name aloud. Voice dialer willrecognizecontact and automatically make call for you. It is perfectphonecontacts dialer with voice assistant support. Voice dialer isalsovery helpful drive assistant. Features: - Automatically pickfirstvoice search result and make call. - Access to all andfavouritecontacts. - Possibility to control voice search results. -Nice andsimple UI to perform best user experience. - Manyconfigurationoptions. - Support speakers mode. Voice dialer usesGoogle TTSengine, so internet connection should be enabled whileusing voiceassistant. To get best results, try to speak contactname slowlyand clearly. Hands-free calls are easy with voice dialerapp, tryit now!
Voice Driving Navigation GPS, Maps & Live Traffic 1.0
Make your driving secure and reliable by downloading our appvoicedriving & safe drive navigation. An app that will guideyourthrough voice so you don’t need to look for map to get thenextturn its voice feature will guide you turn by turn and leadsyoutowards your destination with safe and secure. Voice driving&safe drive navigation have a first priority on its usersafety. Apphave updated driving directions with map questdirections, mapquest driving directions, map quest updated worldmap and perfectdirections which guide its user all over itsjourney. Plan yourjourneys now it's miles as easy as you suspect,get the availabledirection and shortest routes in your destinationwith all ofupdated gps navigation, gps map, map app, road map,directionsmaps, google maps directions, get directions, direction,googledirections and verbal directions on google mapsdirections,googledirections and change voice on google maps android that guideitsuser shortest route through voice directions, it will saveyourtime as well. Features: Voice safe Voice navigation VoicesmsVoice call Street map Smart app manager Pedestrian mapVoiceNavigation Driving Route Transit navigation  GPSVoiceNavigation, Drive with Maps & Traffic Voice GPSNavigation-Voice GPS Driving Directions  Voice GPS Map,Navigation, DrivingDirection Drive mode Safe Driving App Text anddrive Voice safedrive Double map Auto vehicle application Safeauto Drive nowApp role during driving:Reply to a message or textusing voicecommands ignore calls or messages in “Do Not Disturb”mode set uptext message auto-replies automatically launch and closewithBluetooth pairing Configure to automatically launch when youstartdriving view your driving history. Get personalizedrecommendationsover time based on your activities, calendar, andfavoriteplaces.If you are searching how do you make google mapstalksomewhere then this app voice driving & safe drivenavigationfor you will all of its unique unlimited feature liketrac,tendency, grounds, navigate, beloved, nawigacja, reisplanner,became, voice navigation, map, street, view, live,slobber,viamichelin, Pandora, drive, npr, answer, single, mic,prompt,minimize, interface, integration, driving, alter, launch,large,assist, shutdown, reply, dock, integrated, command,cause,sensible, receiving, ignore, mention, I heart, drain,copilot,translucent, simplify, overlay, suggest, , fallow,exploration,roadmap, aae, smart, salient, Bethany, nav free, ask,gab, emir,tolling, toll, landmark, speed limit, Muscat, rat, linedrive,driving app, Voice driving & safe drive navigationinclude mapsof USA map, Brazil map, Germany map, Canada map, Indiamap and allover the Europe, UAE map, UK map ,Africa map, SouthAsia,Argentina, Antarctica, Russia, Iceland than just say where youaregoing and voice navigation will get you at you there.Nearplaceinclude:Schools, airports, driving direction, restaurants,offices,shops, cafes, hospitals, malls, and convenience stores.Metro,Tram, Bus and Marine Stations etc.Note:All the features ofthis appis free of cost please review our app so we enhanceitsfunctionality according to your reviews.
Saiy - Voice Command Assistant 1.4.7
Saiy Ltd.
Welcome to Saiy® your offline voice controlled VirtualAssistantwith a difference.Saiy is the new version of utter!rebuilt fromthe ground up and it’s now Open Source too! What makesSaiydifferent?Saiy is not your average Siri, Alexa or GoogleAssistantclone and doesn’t attempt to be a gimmick of a virtualassistantapplication. Its priority is to be super functional andultra-fast!It allows many device based commands to be performedoffline,without the need for a data connection.Saiy runs in thebackgroundof your device, is very lightweight on resource and doesnot have auser-interface, so its functions are available anywhereon thedevice, at any time, to interact with any application.Withhighlyoptimised algorithms, Saiy aims to make voice control onyourdevice, something you wonder how you ever did without!Somethingthat is achieved faster than you could do it manually andanimplementation that takes full advantage of the openness oftheAndroid Platform, by giving you full device control in additiontousing the functions in your favourite installedapplications.There’s no need to open up a separate application toexecute yourvoice commands. With just a mention of the hotword or agood oldfashioned button press, Saiy wakes to address you as yousee fit,wherever you are on your device, whatever you are doing…and itwon’t get in the way.So, please do get involved, give meyourfeedback and help me create a Voice Controlled PersonalAssistantthat is truly useful! One that makes fast offline voicerecognitionfor Android a reality!Alexa Integration!You don't needto own anyAlexa hardware to interact with Alexa via Saiy, asthere's adefault Alexa Service linked to your Amazon Account. Ifyou do,great! It's recommended to install the Alexa companion apptomanage your connected devices and skills•What's the longest river in the world?• How old is TomHanks?•How's the weather looking?• Give me a recipe for chicken potpie•Are you better than Saiy?• Reorder coffee• Turn on thebedroomlightsWhy so many permissions?Saiy needs to do everythingfor you,hands free, so you don't have to touch the device.Permissions suchas automatically sending text messages and placingcalls will beused under these circumstances.NONE OF YOUR PERSONALDATA ISUPLOADED TO EXTERNAL SERVERS! Any permissions Saiy requestsare fordevice level ONLY. Please see our Privacy Policy forfulldetails.Why an Accessibility Service?For pre-KitKat devices,theAccessibility Service is used to announce yournotifications,helping you keep eyes and hands-free on the road.TheAccessibilityService is only used if you specifically enable it.BIG Thank youto all those that have posted comments and given 5* -It'sappreciated.PLEASE don’t post a 1* comment "It doesn’t work" –thatreally doesn’t help get the problem sorted! There’s an emaillinkin the application, I’d be delighted to solve any bugs youfind. Ihope they are few and far between...[FUNCTIONS]•Wake-up-phrase•WiFi• Bluetooth• Mobile Data• GPS• NFC• Hotspot•Airplane mode•Orientation• Keyboard• Driving mode• Notifications•Time• Alarms•Calendar• Email• Text• Facebook• Twitter• Foursquare•Spelling•Weather• Application Integration• Device Settings•DeviceInformation• Web Search• Video Search• Application Search•Music•Navigation• Location Services (limited release)• Contacts•Calling(+Skype)• Flash light• Tasker Integration• File Management(limitedrelease)• Root Functions (coming soon)• Knowledge Base(coming verysoon)• Plus Many More…….!Open Source code- Voice assistant, voicerecognition,voice command, voice commands, voice actions, voicesearch, speechassistant, text to speech, virtual assistant, voicetexting, handsfree, text by voice, voice calendar, voice tweet,voicenotifications, accessibility talkback, utter!
Smart Voice Assistant
Give voice command & use top voicecontrolof the personal Smart Voice Assistant.Smart VoiceAssistantis the only assistance you’ll need to manage your dayto day taskswith your voice.▶️ Make your life easier now – get a fast, powerful personalvoiceassistant for free!INCREASE PRODUCTIVITYSmart Voice Assistant is pretty useful personal voice commandapp,which let you control your phone by voice. Think of the timeyou’llsave in typing and tapping while you are working, studying ordoingcreative/productive work!HELPFUL IN MANY LIFE SITUATIONSThis app ideally suited while you drive a car. Thanks to it,youwon’t endanger your and other people's lives. When youreceivemessage, this app will display and even read it if you wantit. Incase you want make a call, Just say key-word and yourcontact’sname. This personal assistance app can activateloudspeaker if youwant. So download this incredible app and exploremore featureswhich were implemented for you.FEATURES OF THE PERSONAL VOICE ASSISTANT:☑️ VOICE DIALLING☑️ WRITING SMS (EASY TO USE TEXT EDITOR)☑️ DISPLAYING RECEIVE SMS WINDOW AND READING IT(TEXT-TO-SPEECHENGINE IS REQUIRED)☑️ START NAVIGATION WITH SETTING DESTINATION☑️ SEARCHING WEB☑️ LAUNCHING CUSTOM APPS☑️ MAKING NOTES☑️ SWITCH ON/OFF WI-FI, MOBILE DATA, BLUETOOTH☑️ READING BATTERY LEVEL☑️ WRITING AND POST TWEETS (PRO VERSION)☑️ WRITING AND PUBLISHING ON FACEBOOK WALL (PRO VERSION)IMPORTANT:Voice recognition in some languages need access to Internet. Ifnewmessage window doesn’t display make sure that other messageappsdon’t block SMS notifications.HOW TO USE SMART VOICE ASSISTANT AS YOURPERSONALASSISTANT?Before you begin, you should adjust all key-words. (Choosecategory,click button and say key-word)Check contact/app key-words. If they contains signs and wordshardto speak, you should change them.To start recognizing - click start button, to stop recognizing-click stop button.HOW TO SPEAK THE VOICE COMMANDS?Calling: *phone key-word* + *contact key-word*Example: "call john" Writing SMS: *write SMS key-word* + *contact key-word*Example: "write to john"✍️ Writing Note: *write note key-word* + *name*Example: "new note first"️ Open Note: *open note key-word* + *name*Example: "open note first" Navigation: *navigation key-word* + *destination* - Google Mapsisrequired or other navigation app which react fornavigationintentExample: "navigation new york aberdeen street" Searching: *searching key-word* + *target*Example: "search restaurant berlin" Launching apps: *aunch app key-word* + *app key-word*Example: "launch mail"While you are editing text, you can delete one word, wholetextmessage or text after the word which you said...Example for key-word: "delete since"Text message:Hi, what's up?I am *playing a fantastic game.To delete words after *:"delete since playing"Requirements to make it your personal assistant app:1. App needs Internet connection for most languages.2. App needs Google Search (or Voice Search for Android 4.1-)3. App needs text-to-speech engine (you can download it fromGooglePlay), and text-to-speech language and your device languagehave tobe the same.4. "Ok Google" should be disabled.5. Contacts should be synchronized with Google Account.Note:If you use BT headset you can start recognizing by singleclickingBT button. Click again to start recognizing your voice bymobiledevice microphone. If you click once more, app willstopservice.This app supports bluetooth headset (Android 3.0+ is required).Youcan run/stop service by clicking Bluetooth headset button!DOWNLOAD this personal voice command app and take yourAndroidsmartphone to another level.
Voice Translator - Translator++ 3.0.19
YOU CAN TALK A LANGUAGE WHICH YOU DON'T KNOW Talk toTranslator++and let it convert. One Translator++ Many People Youdon`t need tolearn a new language. All you need is Translator++app. Let`s sayyou are a tourist in a country and you don`t knowthat language.Just download this app and talk to translate. Adjustone microphoneto your mother language and set the second one youneed totranslate. Click on mic and talk. Supported LanguagesTurkish,English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek,Chinese,Arabic,Russian Turkish English translate Turkish GermantranslateTurkish Portuguese translate Turkish Spanish translateTurkishArabic translate Turkish Chinese translate Turkish FrenchtranslateTurkish Italian translate Turkish Russian translateTurkish Greektranslate English Turkish translate English GermantranslateEnglish Portuguese translate English Spanish translateEnglishArabic translate English Chinese translate English FrenchtranslateEnglish Italian translate English Russian translateEnglish Greektranslate German Turkish translate German Englishtranslate GermanPortuguese translate German Spanish translateGerman Arabictranslate German Chinese translate German Frenchtranslate GermanItalian translate German Russian translate GermanGreek translatePortuguese Turkish translate Portuguese EnglishtranslatePortuguese German translate Portuguese Spanish translatePortugueseArabic translate Portuguese Chinese translate PortugueseFrenchtranslate Portuguese Italian translate Portuguese RussiantranslatePortuguese Greek translate Spanish Turkish translateSpanishEnglish translate Spanish German translate SpanishPortuguesetranslate Spanish Arabic translate Spanish ChinesetranslateSpanish French translate Spanish Italian translate SpanishRussiantranslate Spanish Greek translate Arabic Turkish translateArabicEnglish translate Arabic German translate ArabicPortuguesetranslate Arabic Spanish translate Arabic Chinesetranslate ArabicFrench translate Arabic Italian translate ArabicRussian translateArabic Greek translate Chinese Turkish translateChinese Englishtranslate Chinese German translate ChinesePortuguese translateChinese Spanish translate Chinese Arabictranslate Chinese Frenchtranslate Chinese Italian translate ChineseRussian translateChinese Greek translate French Turkish translateFrench Englishtranslate French German translate French PortuguesetranslateFrench Spanish translate French Arabic translate FrenchChinesetranslate French Italian translate French Russian translateFrenchGreek translate Italian Turkish translate Italian EnglishtranslateItalian German translate Italian Portuguese translateItalianSpanish translate Italian Arabic translate ItalianChinesetranslate Italian French translate Italian RussiantranslateItalian Greek translate Russian Turkish translate RussianEnglishtranslate Russian German translate Russian PortuguesetranslateRussian Spanish translate Russian Arabic translate RussianChinesetranslate Russian French translate Russian ItaliantranslateRussian Greek translate Greek Turkish translate GreekEnglishtranslate Greek German translate Greek Portuguese translateGreekSpanish translate Greek Arabic translate Greek ChinesetranslateGreek French translate Greek Italian translate GreekRussiantranslate
Voice Call Dialer – True Caller ID 1.8
Voice Call Dialer is easy and smart contacts dialer who helpsinvoice dialing and making calls. Voice Call / Dialer are asimpleapp which enables voice dialing / calls onAndroidSmartphone.  It is very helpful voice assistant,especially insituations when we want to call someone from phonecontact list butour hands are busy, for example while driving acar. With voicedialer hands-free calls are easy to make, all youhave to do isspeak contact name aloud.  Voice Call / Dialer isa simple appwhich enables voice dialing / calls on Androidsmartphone. To usevoice dialer, you have to have installed GoogleVoice Search and beconnected to the internet. The usage of the appis simple just saythe voice command that matches the contact namein your contactslist and it will automatically be dialed. VoiceCall / Dialer is asimple app which enables voice dialing / calls onAndroidsmartphone. To use voice dialer, you have to have installedGoogleVoice Search and be connected to the internet. The usage ofthe appis simple just say the voice command that matches thecontact namein your contacts list and it will automatically bedialed. Are yougetting boring with continuously calling into yourcell phone calldialer ...? Want to dial calling with your voice...?No worrieswith this Auto Voice Call Dialer - Voice PhoneDialer appThis is an amazing way with to call with your can dilecall with this app easily. you have two choices 1) Voice Dial2) Contact Search How to call with this app..? ✆ Seerecentcontacts and dial number just click on voice search button. ✆Youcan also search contact simply. ✆ With your voice find yourcallnumbers on click on voice search button. Voice Call Dialerwithrecent update gets Material Design and still has the samecoolfeatures: * autorun enabled/disabled * choose intervalbetweenpicking up a contact and dialing * the most simple voicedialer ongoogle play store Highlights: - Automatically pick firstvoicesearch result and make call. - You can access all andfavoritecontacts. - Possibility to control voice search results. -You candirectly send a message or add a number to contacts. -Possibilityto control voice search results. - Setting configurationoptionsavailable if you want to change option. - Nice and simple UItoperform best user experience. - Support speakers mode -Manyconfiguration options. - Experience hands-free calls are easywithVoice Call Dialer, try it now! It is perfect phone contactsdialerwith voice assistant support. • Keypad with Super-fast T9PhotoDialer. • caller screen theme Favorite list. • caller screendialerContact list. • Speed Dial. • caller screen dialer Recentcalls. •Call Blocker / Unblocked. • Privacy Hide Caller ID. • Sendandreceive SMS. Voice Call Dialer: Voice Phone Dialer is a callingandtext messaging application. It lets you dial a phone numberbysaying the name of the Contact and send a Text Message byjustspeaking to the phone! No more dialing manually to callyourfriends or typing to send a text message to your family! Forbest results put a shortcut on your device's desktop, turnonautorun and see how fast you can pick up a proper contact justbyusing your voice and make a new voice call VoiceCallDialer will recognize contact and automatically make callforyou. Here you can change setting as your requirement likeaftersearching call in 1,2...5 seconds. Thank You!!!!
Voice Search 1.1
Voice search makes it faster and easier than ever to searchyourfavorite apps and websites for the content you want. Thebestapplication for quick voice search on the variousresources,launching your apps and choose contacts by voice. Justspeak in thephone mac and get accurate result to search anything onthewebsites, apps and phone contacts, youtube and social websitesliketwitter and Amazon through voice recognition. Every time youare introuble to search anything within the app, this is fastsearchingway on the google to open mac and search all. Sometime wemakemistakes during write any name of the app or content which wewantto search. Or sometime people have low words vocabulary orgreathurry to find without typing or writing on the search bar.Here isbest solution for all problems, you just need to go withparticularsite or app and search with name. Save your time tosearch thingsby typing and exploring all phone folders. Just usevoice search toget things and useful material on the phone screenby say it withvoice. *YouTube:* open the site and speak for yourfavorite videoto watch. Let say, I’m searching for favorite songsof any singer.No need to type signer name, just say signer name andhis/her songslist will be there without interaction or typing onphonekeypad.*Weather:* Just open google and speak city name thenyouwill have all weather information on the screen withinteractionwith phone keypad once again.*Route Finder:* say yourroute/placename and you have shortest route guide on the phone. Noneed towrite place name in the route finder button. Just click onmac andsay it where you want to go. Let’s make it easy and accuratetofind your next way.*Wikipedia:* search anything on the Wikipediaorsocial websites through talk with phone mac, no need to writeortype on the search bar. Just say it what you are searching forandget result on the phone. *Contacts:* go in the contact folderandsearch by name to anyone by not scrolling finger upanddown.*Gmail:* get your emails search through searching by nameofthe sender or receiver in the folder. *Play store:* searchyourfavorite apps and games on play store by talking with mac andgetall listed on the play store folder. Voice search make yourlifemore simple and professional o save your time.Voice search isforyou, install it free forever and get your life easier thanever.Just say hello and get result through best voice recognitionapp.
Voice Call Dialer
Voice Call / Dialer is a simple app which enables voice dialing/calls on Android smartphone. To use voice dialer you have tohaveinstalled Google Voice Search and be connected to the internet.Theusage of the app is simple just say the voice command thatmatchesthe contact name in your contacts list and it willautomatically bedialed. Voice Call Dialer with recent update getsMaterial Designand still has the same cool features: * autorunenabled/disabled *choose interval between picking up a contact anddialing * the mostsimple voice dialer on google play store For bestresults put ashortcut on your device's desktop, turn on autorun andsee how fastyou can pick up a proper contact just by using yourvoice and makea new voice call Version 4.0 *Better design *Selectnumber to callafter voice recognition if contact has more than onenumber
Voice Calculator: Speak Talk Calculator 1.10
Voice Calculator: Speak Talk Calculator Now you just have tospeakand Voice Calculator will automatically calculate what yousay.Latest calculator where you don't have to press any keystocalculate. You just have to speak and Voice Calculatorwillautomatically calculate what you say. Ever wanted to tellacalculator to do a calculation with just your voice? or wantedtolisten to the calculation to make sure you have entered thecorrectcalculation? Speak n Talk Calculator can do that foryou!  Youcan perform simple as well as complicated calculationby justspeaking. Just keep in mind that you have to speak all theequationat one time and not splitting the equation.  You cancarry outlong calculations too.  Instantly enter numbersandmathematical expressions using an ergonomic on-screen keyboardandvoice input (currently supports English, Chinese, Croatian,French,German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese,Russian,Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese). Just press the mic buttonandspeak the expression (for example, 75 plus 12 times 5 = 75 + 12× 5= 135): it will appear on screen and the result will becalculatedimmediately! Make two or more calculationssimultaneously. To dothis, you can switch editing screens with ahorizontal swipe alongthe top edge. You can give names to screensby tapping the screennumber. Ever wanted to tell a calculator to doa calculation withjust your voice? or wanted to listen to thecalculation to makesure you have entered the correct calculation?Speak n TalkCalculator can do that for you!  Usage: To do 1+1say: oneplus one To do 1-1 say: one minus one To do 1x1 say: onetimes oneTo do 1/1 say: one divided by one You can perform simpleas well ascomplicated calculation by just speaking. Just keep inmind thatyou have to speak all the equation at one time and notsplittingthe equation.  You can carry out long calculationstoo. It'svery easy to use and very quick to calculate. You canperformfaster calculation then typing or pressing keys. Calculator(voice)in addition to achieving common calculator functions, butalso hasa unique voice sound technology that helps speed up thecalculationtime required, allowing you to concentrate on thepresentation ofthe proof, without having to worry about pressingthe wrongnumber.  It's very easy to use and very quicktocalculate.  You can perform faster calculation then typingorpressing keys. IF you like our app then don’t forget to rateit.Thank you & Enjoy.
Speak 2 Call -Voice calling 5.6.64
***Offline recognition supported just for Google's offlinesupportedlanguages and for Google's supporteddevices.(Instructions below)Doyou need to speak to your contactsfrequently? Do you need to speakto your contacts even whendriving? If yes, the voice dialer appSpeak 2 Call will helpyou.Once the app is downloaded to yourmobile, calling a contacthands-free will be a hassle-free!How theapp works?Once downloaded,Speak 2 call, starts using its auto phonecall facility! To enjoythe seamless voice dialer, you have to haveyour phone’s voicerecognition facility enabled and configured toyour preferredlanguage. Just say a contact’s name, part of it orany phonenumber, and the app will recognize your voice and offeryou theoption to call this contact/number at one click! It issosimple!App’s Features:Before you start using the voice dialerappSpeak 2 call, let’s take a look at its features:• The appsupportsall Google supported multi languages,• The app offers phonecalloptions like auto dial, auto shut down, and change contactsdisplayorder.• You can set user as favorites for easier access ofvoicecalling• The voice dialer app is available in its freeversion: youcan upgrade it to Bluetooth version on demand,Downloadthe appSpeak 2 Call and enjoy call management by voice command.Driving,cooking, or just plain busy with your hands - calling fromyourmobile is easy and voice enabled! Trivia:• For best resultsonvoice recognition, you need to record yourself in a quiet area,andspeak clearly.• Offline recognitioninstructions:•Haveany questions or need clarification? Feel free to emailthedeveloper at [email protected]
Text by Voice 3.2.1
Text by Voice solves a simple problem of sending, receiving,andreplying to text messages with only your voice. Customvoicecommands makes Text by Voice one of the easiest and powerfulhandsfree texting apps available. Below are some of the greatfeaturesoffered by this free application: FEATURES ★ Text messagingbyvoice ★ Listen and respond to text messages hands-free ★ Makephonecalls by voice ★ Auto Play text messages ★ 6 Widgets, 1Shortcut ★Set custom voice commands ★ Disable during specific hours★ Batteryefficient ★ Ad-free upgrade available ★ Driving detection- Haveyour messages read aloud when driving! ★ Auto start an SMSmessagejust by opening up the app ★ Queue up and listen to yourtextmessages during the last 24 hours ★ Customize the dictionarytoconvert something like "smiley" to :-) ★ Messages are now queuedasthe come in so if you are in the middle of a conversation whenyouare done the missed messages can be responded toohands-freeImportant: - Internet connection required to use mostfeatures -This application is supported by ads - Please do not textand drive- Supports SMS messaging
Talk! stopwatch & timer app 1.2.7
associate one
It is a simplest ultimate stopwatch and timer free app of thepowersaving to notify time by the voice at the specifiedintervaltime.The stopwatch and timer can be used without seeing thescreenwith a smart phone put in the pocket to inform them of theelapsedtime by the voice.Therefore, you do not need to move theface.Inaddition to can be started automatically after the voiceofcountdown.You can perform the necessary preparations duringthecountdown.Please use it by soccer, futsal, and basketball,andamerican football, and ice hockey, and pro boxing etc. whentheumpire does not exist.It also takes an active part when it isnotpossible to confirm cycling, marathon, racing, a smartphone suchasrunnners.Because the elapsed time is notified by the voice, itispossible to use it as a kitchen timer(egg timer) in life.Thebestfor laundry, the brushing teeth, and the nap timer, the yoga,andthe zen timer. Best also for theexercise(exercising),training(workout), meeting, reading, and thevideo game(onlinegame), etc. with the gym where time isdecided.Moreover, it is verygood also for the meditation etc. tofeed insight.It never neverbecomes loud voice than music.The bestalso for the management oftime that kids play.If you do not pressthe stop button, even ifyou start another application, stopwatchwill continue to run inthe power-saving without end.Therefore alsois available at thesame time another app while checking the voicenotification.Forexample, it can be checked while taking a photowith the cameraapp. * Your smart phone will run even duringsleep(locking).Musicvolume and is available separately from thevolume control of thevoice notification.Therefore, it is alsopossible to reduce onlythe volume of the voice notification whilelistening to music.*Android4.0 or more is required.【Knownissues】・Stopwatch does notwork.1)SamsungProducts(Galaxyetc).2)Android6.0(Marshmallow).3)SamsungTTS.・Workaround see"WHAT'S NEW".[Main specification andfeatures]・Count startbutton.(On, Off) * Can be set to any secondsto start after thecountdown voice notification.・Voice interval.(On,Off)・Voicenotification.(On, Off)・Number of repetitions when thevoicenotification time has exceeded.(one-Infinity) * It repeatslike thealarm of the wake up clock.(with repeat stopbutton)・Countdownvoice notification immediately before specifiedtime.(On, Off)・By"Keep screen on" option, during the stopwatchscreen display can beset so as not to turn offautomatically.・History managementfunction of each designated timesetting.・History managementfunctions of the countdownsetting.・Adjustment of voicenotification volume.(With mute button)* In the case of Android4.0or more, it can be adjustedindependently of the media volume.・Therecord is displayed until1/1000 seconds.・Total time and lap timeis counted up to adual.・Show multiple lap time list.(Displays thesplit.)・Copy time tothe clipboard.・Copy lap time to theclipboard.・Change of voicenotification rate. * Voice notificationrate is Android4.0 ormore.(Less than Android4.0 is in the Androidterminal setting,Change in the "Text-to-speechsettings".)・Notification sound.(On,Off)・Notification Vibe.(On,Off)・Button Press vibration.(On,Off)・The word before and aftereach voice notification iscustomizable.・Even if the stopwatch isbeing executed, the voicenotification condition can bechanged.・Large time display.・Displayarea of time of visual likedigital clock.・Possible to operate iteasy with a big start and thestop button.・Energy saving of battery.* Since the powerconsumption goes up, it does not correspond to thewidget.・Tabletsupport.・English support.* All are machinetranslation. If you finda funny word, please point out by e-mailtitled"#Talk!Stopwatch&timer-Voice app".(Important to put a #at thehead.)
Voice Navigation 6.8
JuaCali Teck
Voice Navigation is the fastest and easiest application togetnavigation. Just like the name implies, Voice Navigation isthefirst all voice operated navigation system. Just say where youaregoing and Voice Navigation will get you there. Choosebetweendriving, biking, walking and busing directions. Our studyhas shownthat Voice Navigation is more than 5 times faster thanGoogle Maps.SampleConversation---------------------------------------------------------------->Voice Navigation says: "Where would you like to go" > Yousay:"Macdonald's in New York" > Voice Navigation: "Did yousayMacdonald's in New York" > You say:"Yes"----------------------------------------------------------------Features------------------------------------ - Voice navigationvia driving,walking, biking and busing - All voice operated app,in factkeyboard has been completely removed - Auto save yourdestination -More than 200 language support - Navigation withmodes (Drive, Bus,Bicycle, Walking) - Save locations - Voiceenabled - Place images -Place reviews - Place open hours - Placestreet view - Place share -Place call - Place website - Placerating - Tap to navigate -Miles/Kilometers support - Search assist- Place weather - Placeshare Languages supported by Voice: -German - Italian - Japanese -French - Spanish - Indoesian - Polish- Portuguese - Russian - Dutch- Turkish - Hindi - Thai - Korean
Voice GPS Navigation & Map 1.3
New features added in version 2: - Route Finder (Navigation) -Nearby : get near by school, parks, hospital, restaurant, banks,atm,gas stations, shopping malls, railway stations etc. -Currentlocation: get your current location in text form and shareit withyour friends . App features : - Speak to search between 2places,route, Map and navigation. - Search is integrated betweencurrentlocation to destination location by default. You can replacethecurrent location with other location too. - Easy and quicktosearch. - Use of Google Map Service and navigation -Detailedfeatures of Near By search with real user ratings andcomments. -Get navigation between 2 destination by settingdestinations within the app in Route Finder. Get shortest and bestroute with routefinder. Just speak out California and you'llinstantly get thelocation and navigation from your current locationto California.
GPS Voice Route Finder 1.1
With Gps Voice Route Finder Have you planned out a cool routeyouwant to navigate using the mobile app available for Android?Noneed to be worried about here is gps voice navigation route appinplay store. Our application guide you how to start navigationandalso demonstrate what to expect while riding. The app turnthescreen on without having to unlock your device whilenavigating.Activate Handlebar Mode while recording a ride orusingturn-by-turn navigation. Download free voice navigation routeappand enjoy unlimited features with voice direction from one pointtoanother with gps route tracker. It will track you to yourdesireplaces with shortest route with live traffic updates,trafficalerts through gps live navigation and gps route mapsvoicenavigation and direction. Find out route with latitudeandlongitude through voicemap, sygic navigation tracker,voicegpsnavigation, navegador and course map. If you want to visitnearbyplaces like museum, cinema, restaurants, hotels, motels,collages,clubs, cafe, bar, casino, gas station, malls, petrol pumpsetc onoffline navigation. Gps places & voice navigation thattalks isfreely work for you and has many features like find outcurrentlocation with speaking element with head up display and showyouLive Map and street view- Satellite Navigation .App alsoprovidesyou earth map live by monitoring your current position aswell asif you want to see any of your desire position throughgooglestreet . This application also provides you gps fortrucker,truckgps route navigation gps traffic route maps direction&navigation street live view It is Voice Navigation DrivingRoutebased control framework that explore you from one to anotherplacethrough satellite view and earth map live view. Earth map liveis asimple and talking guide to discover street view maps puts inanynation, with this quick earth map live you can see thesatelliteperspective of earth. Application also allow gps satellitemapnavigation, navigation live,gps navigation map directionscompassgps tracker, latviski, \,gps route finder, networkfinder,freegpsmaps navigation,gps maps navigation, globalgps routefinder,mapsnavigation tracking, routefinder,fast route finder,palermonavigator.
Voice GPS Navigation Maps Driving 2.0
Get Voice GPS Navigation Maps Driving a car driving roadmapandvoice guider app search out about any place by giving avoicecommand. Voice GPS navigation & map will perfectly buildout acomplete route by drawing coordinate from your currentlocation toyour speak up drop off location and providing you asatellite viewand usual view on map. Get this free offline voiceGPS navigationapplication with maps driving directions that cantake you at yourgoal with a mentioned shortest path along totalkilometrecalculation and estimated time interval. Voice GPSNavigation MapsDriving gone show you live activity refresh alongwith trafficupdates & maps. GPS map navigation voice directiona GPS voiceroute finder destination and directions app that helpsyou to findyour current position and a complete fine route towardsany placewhere you wish to visit. GPS Driving route with offlinemapnavigation will leads you towards any place with voice guidelinesoa user can easily get instructions on every turn. Get thisfreecurrent Location navigator with friends and family locationsharingnavigator app and get an eye on anyone in your contact list.WithGPS navigation and GPS voice route tracker app &voicenavigator is gets know about the current location of anyone inyourcontact list without knowing them. Voice GPS NavigationMapsDriving a route finder driving app makes a safe and relaxedjourneyget gps navigation without mobile data & wifi. VoiceGPSNavigation Maps Driving Features:  Quickest route planner Voicenavigation with spot map  Earth maps  Transit tracking GPSroute finder  Weather maps  Live street view  Driverdistancehistory  Pedestrian navigation  Offline maps & gps Mapsnavigation live  GPS navigation for car  Street view live 3DLive traffic  GPS satellite route map direction GPSvoicenavigation & gps cell phone tracker is the best routeplannerapp with travelling history safer that keep the record ofyourtravelling history with mention visited places name along withdatetime and total distance travel in kilometres. The apphelpseveryone bus driver navigation car driver navigationmotorcyclenavigation and truck driver navigation to find their way.Mapquestroute planner shows you the street view maps of anylocation sothat you can search them easily and get your currentlocation on aGoegle map. Get this journey map & garmin gps anda routeplanner basic route map app and plan your journey. Open aroute mapand with road trip planner plan out your trip by speakingname ofthe location where you wish to visit and save it with a dateonwhich you want to travel. The app will mark up a point onacalendar and set a reminder over there and give you a popupmessagewhen travelling date is near so you can makearrangementsaccordingly. Voice GPS Navigation Maps Driving SupportsDifferentCountries: New York maps, Paris maps, Barcelona maps,Amsterdammaps, Beijing maps, Tokyo maps, Turkey GPS Navigation,Saudi ArabiaGPS Navigation, France GPS Navigation, India GPSNavigation,Manchester maps, Toronto maps, San Francisco maps,Munich maps,Sydney maps, Austria maps, California navigation, citynavigator,Belgium maps, Luxembourg maps, Switzerland maps, Slovakiamaps,and Spain maps, Pakistan GPS Navigation, UK GPS NavigationandVietnamese GPS Navigation with rerouting & course map youcanfind uae cinema. App Supporting Maps:  GPS nav maps  Hikingmaps Physical maps  Climate maps  Road maps & trackercelluler Walking maps  Hybrid maps Download this app and enjoyunlimitedfeatures get route towards any place from all over theworld withquickest route finder feature and have a safe journeywith thisapp.
Voice Search - With Powerful Voice Recognition 1.0
Get yourself out from composing and looking pack of applicationsinyour phone get this versatile Voice seek in addition toenhanceyour looking execution and safe your time simply speak thename ofthe application or anything which is in your mobile and getit inseconds. It is your smart voice assistant which will recognizeyourvoice and perform rest of the action according to yourvoicecommand like voice dialing,writing sms, displaying receivesmswindow and reading it,start navigation withsettingdestination,searching web,launching custom apps,makingnotes,switchon/off Wi-Fi, mobile data, Bluetooth,reading batterylevel,writingand post tweets,writing and publishing on facebookwall.VoiceSearch Plus is an application where you can look throughthepredominant piece of your minimized applications or you cansearchfor anything like gallery,browser, amazon search, voice youtube,voice face book, voice contact, voice control mobile, voicephonesearch,voice command, voice direction, voice guide, voice ok,voicerecorder, voice yahoo search, voice Gmail search, voicegooglesearch, voice friend search, voice route guide,voice searchplaces, voice search navigation , voice search weather , voicesearchamazon store , voice search your contacts ,voice search playstore,voice search Wikipedia , voice search news, voice searchhistory,voice notes search, voice event search,voice Translate,gtalk,sound hound, shove, voice, search, fastest, busca,recherché,motherboard, lata, search term, apple pay locator, Dakar,Kumar,bix, Cyril, yik, vago, the voice, corrector, aroma, sesli,text& voice translator, browser voice, voice dictionary , voicetvsearch, voice my music, funny voice search, chrome voiceweather,images voice search, places voice search, google assistant,googletravel, google voice search, search by voice, voice key,smartvoice ,voice command,voice direction,voice guide,voice mike,searchrecognition, composite, meant, 191, pesquisa, kip,recherché,masterful, falar, balboa, tagger, suche, the voice, nando, Flavio,shire, kaka, casal , voice,nearby shops and restaurants, Livesports scores and schedules , Movies times, casts, andreviews,Videos and images , News, stock information, and manymore.How touse:Download the app from google play store press theicon hold itfor some second and speak after speak up release thebutton it willdisplay the app or anything which you request toappear.Fastest wayto search your favorite apps, contacts andwebsites. Most efficientand user friendly.
Gita 3.0.0
Gita Features available in application 1. Clear audio voiceforMeditation 2. Backward & forward buttons 3. Media playerseekbar to scroll the media track with time duration 4. Gallery tosetas wallpaper available 5. Set as Ringtone 6. Set as Alarm 7. SetasNotification 8. Many inspirational quotes which can be sharedviasocial media 9. Application share option 10. Moreusefulapplication search option 11. Flowers & leaf fall option12. OMchant available 13. Temple Bell ring option 14. Shankhsoundavailable
Voice Keyboard Tips 1.0
We make this How To Voice Keyboard Tips app with a joyful heartandwith a high morale spirit with the aim that this applicationisuseful for us all.This application aims to assist us insearchingfor information about guides or ordinances about VoiceKeyboardTips.There are various applications that you should trylike:voicekeyboardvoice keyboard for androidbengali voicetypingkeyboardbangla voice keyboardgo keyboard voice changervoicecommandkeyboardvoice chat keyboardkeyboard with voice commandvoicecontrolkeyboardvoice keyboard downloadgoogle voice keyboarddownloadhindivoice keyboard downloadvoice typing keyboarddownloadvoicedictation keyboardvoice keyboard english typingvoicekeyboardenglishvoice keyboard and hindi english typingkeyboardhindi andenglish typing voicevoice keyboard for androidvoicekeyboard forwhatsappvoice typing keyboard for whatsappvoicekeyboard typing forandroidhindi voice typing keyboard forwhatsappvoice keyboardgooglegoogle voice keyboardgoogle voice inputkeyboardkeyboardgoogle voicegoogle keyboard voice typingvoicekeyboard hindivoicekeyboard hindi and englishvoice keyboardofflineDisclaimer:This HowTo Voice Keyboard Tips application is aguide and the contents init we can through the virtual world.
Voice Translator All Language V.T.12.0.0
Play King
Voice translation was never so easy! Travel around the worldandeasily communicate in any country - Voice Translator AllLanguageswill instantly pronounce translated phrases on-the-fly!Communicatefreely at the airport, hotel, gas station, supermarketor any otherplace. Put your personal interpreter into pocket anduse it anytimeand anywhere! Voice Translator all languages is anessentiallearning tool for kids and adults - learn new phrases andlisten tocorrect pronunciation. Start using Voice Translator AllLanguagesnow and forget about looking for the correct phrase inthedictionary - say any phrase and your interpreter will pronouncethetranslation out loud! Immediately speak all kinds ofdifferentlanguages, voice to voice. Naturally talk to your phone inonelanguage, then hear yourself in another completelydifferentlanguage. It's so amazing Voice translator all languagesis atranslation assistant in your pocket that translates your voicetoanother language instantly, with accurate voice recognition.Canyou imagine talking into your phone in one language andimmediatelyhearing yourself in another? That’s exactly whatTranslate Voicedoes. Just speak into your phone and it immediatelyreplies in oneof our 150 languages. Voice Translator All Languagesis a freeandroid app and can be downloaded on your mobile phone andtabletin few minutes time. It is easy to operate and can beusedunlimited for free of cost with the support of a hi-speedinterneton your Smartphone for instant translate by your voicedictation.VERY EASY TO USE : Fast Voice translator is very easy touse, Voicetranslator open enter data in edit box click translatebutton Youwill see answer. You will see translate sentences.FEATURES : ✔Support Up to 104 languages translation. ✔ Fast VoiceTranslatorand Best material design UI. ✔ Easy to use every person.✔ Voicetranslator for speak and written for translate any wordsandsentences. ✔ Voice translate data are delete and offline usersavebefore. ✔ Translate your voice using (Voice translatorAllLanguages). ✔ Translate History automatic save. ✔ ShareTranslateVoice and Text(Social Media or other) . ✔ Copy and pastesource andtranslate text. ✔ Add Vibrate for translate in app. ✔Removetranslate data. ✔ communication any languages. ✔ Learnlanguagesquickly translate languages. FOLLOWING VOICE TO TEXTTRANSLATEBETWEEN LANGUAGES LIKE VICE VERSA. : Afrikaans, Albanian,Arabic,Azerbaijani, Basque, Bengali, Belorussian, Bulgarian,Catalan,Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English(US),Esperanto,Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, Gallic, Georgian,German,Greek, Gujarati, Haitian, Creole, Hebrew, Hindi,Hungarian,Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Kannada,Korean,Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Maltese,Norwegian,Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian,Slovak,Slovenian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai,Turkish,Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Welsh, Yiddish. FOLLOWING TEXTTO TEXTTRANSLATE BETWEEN LANGUAGES LIKE VICE VERSA. : Afrikaans,Albanian,Arabic, Azerbaijani, Basque, Bengali, Belorussian,Bulgarian,Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch,English(US),Esperanto, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, Gallic,Georgian,German, Greek, Gujarati, Haitian, Creole, Hebrew, Hindi,Hungarian,Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Kannada,Korean,Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Maltese,Norwegian,Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian,Slovak,Slovenian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai,Turkish,Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Welsh,Yiddish.------------------------------------ Thank you for view andreadour app.
GPS Voice Navigation & Places 1.4
Raf Studio
You are strongly tired by typing locations while driving orhesitateto write any place name in search bar. Then here is bestsolutiongps guide for you. GPS Voice Navigation & Places willguide youto search places through voice advice. Speak name ofdesire placeand voice navigation advice will take you therethrough shortestroute on gps tools. If you are looking fornavigation tracker, livestreet view map, places navigation advice,gps navigation free app,nearby places, live traffic map, currentlocation, and address viewon map then you will have all featuresin gps voice navigation &advice. Download free navigation appand enjoy unlimited featureswith voice direction from one point toanother with gps routetracker. Just speak your friend location andautomatically track youtheir place with shortest route with livetraffic updates, savingyou from traffic jams and signals foralternative route to completedriving route. Find out route withlatitude and longitude throughsygic navigation tracker and voicegps navigation and map.GPS voiceadvice navigation works all overthe globe including USA mapsnavigation, China maps navigation,Russia maps navigation, Brazilmaps navigation, India mapsnavigation, Europe maps navigation,England maps navigation,Israeli maps navigation, UAE mapsnavigation, Dubai maps navigationand much more in one app. If youwant to visit nearby places likemuseum, cinema, restaurants,hotels, motels, collages, clubs, cafe,bar, casino, gas station,malls, petrol pumps etc on offlinenavigation. Gps voice navigationthat talks is freely work for youand has many features like findout current location with speakingelement. Speak place name and gettheir route with kilometers andtime duration. If you are biker,driving, truck driver, walker thengps offline voice navigation isfree for you. Track friend addressand find route where you can saveyour time and no need to worryabout you to take help and misguidedby someone, simply openoffline maps navigation and speak address onthe mike then you willhave complete route information. If somewhereyou face traffic jamsor traffic rush then satellite view map guideyou for alternativeroute. Find out route from one coordinate toanother coordinatewith complete information. Simply click on thefirst location whereyou locate then find out address with latitudeand longitudecoordinate. Plan your visit through route planner. Howto use:**Simple speak the location where you want to go** Confirmlocationwhat you have spoken** Take you exact place where you wantto reachwith live traffic updates on the mapVoice NavigationFeatures:**Simple, fast and easy interface** Get navigation withvoiceadvice** Speak to search for navigation between twoplaces**Provide you shortest route from one coordinate to another** Findout current location, address view, car animation and soon** Bestvoice navigation for walker, biker, driving, bus and truckdriver**Auto save your destination with street name** Gpsnavigation workswith mobile data, wifi, 3g, 4g and gps as well**Offline gpsnavigation with voice direction
Interpreter translator voice translation free
"Interpreter" - voice translator acquires text by your voice orbythe keyboard in real time, translates it and reads it for youintoone the 100 (*) available languages. Main features: - 👂 Listenyourvoice Recognizes what you say through the advancedvocalrecognition software. - 🌐 Translation into more than 100languagesUnlimited and immediate online translator. - 👄 Read textAutomaticspoken interpretation into the desired language. Thetext-to-speechfeatures its capabilities. - Keyboard use In textfield you caninsert or modify the text to be translated by keyboardor you canuse this interpreter without the vocal recognition. - 📃Translationhistory Every translation is recorded on device and isavailableoffline for later reading. - 🔁 Quick sharing Quick sharingoftranslator texts via social network, mail or other appwithoutclosing the application. You can move the text to anyotherapplication by using the Copy to Clipboard function. - 🖼FullscreenBy long press on translation you can see text maximized.- 📰 Createdocuments from the translation Translations can beexported anddownloaded in Adobe PDF format for later reading. Youcan customizeexported document. - 🔵 Facebook share Facebook shareoption allowto translate and send text through facebook. - 📷 imagetextrecognition recognizes and translates text from by your camera-Speakerphone option Speakerphone option allow to readtranslationin higher volume. - off-line reader text option thevoicetranslation engine is now integrated with the device. if youhaveany questions or issue about Interpreter voice translator app,sendus an email to support: [email protected] (*)Availablelanguages for translator are:Afrikaans,Albanian,Arabic,Armenian,Azerbaijani,Basque,Belarusian,Bengali,Bulgarian,Catalan,Chinese,Croatian,Czech,Danish,Dutch,English,Estonian,Tagalog,Finnish,French,Gallegan,Georgian,German,Greek,Gujarati,Haitian,Hawaiian,Hebrew,Hindi,Hungarian,Icelandic,Indonesian,Irish,Italian,Japanese,Kannada,Korean,Latin,Latvian,Lithuanian,Macedonian,Malay,Maltese,Norwegian,Pashto,Persian,Polish,Portuguese,Romanian,Russian,Samoan,Sindhi,Sohna,Serbian,Slovak,Slovenian,Spanish,Swahili,Swedish,Tamil,Telugu,Thai,Turkish,Ukrainian,Urdu,Vietnamese,Welsh,Yiddish(*) The available languages forspoken text for Interpreter voicetranslator are : Afrikaans,Bosnian, Catalan, Chinese, Czech,Danish, German, Greek, Spanish,Finnish, French, Croatian, Dutch,Hungarian, Hindi, Icelandic,Indonesian, Italian, Kannada, Latin,Latvian, Macedonian,Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian,Russian, Slovak, Serbian,Swedish, Swahili, Tamil, Turkish, WelshFor support contact us : -interpreter voice translator mail :[email protected] -Twitt Interpreter voice translator: - Follow and likeInterpretervoice translator on Facebook: - Interpretervoicetranslator Blog : translator on Skype:skype:interpreter.translator.voice - Interpreter voice on G+: - voice translatoronApple appstore - Interpreter voicetranslatoron LG appstore : - interpretervoicetranslator on Chrome webstore : -interpreter- voice translator on instagram: - interpreter -voicetranslator on pinterest : whatsapp support Your # PRIVACY #is safe with Interpreter voice translator, data,translations orgeographical position are not collected. For moredetails go toInterpreter voice translator privacy page. Keywords:translator,translator for Android, Online Translator
Notification Reader: Shouter 3.6
Voice notification does pretty much what the app name says itdoes.It reads out your notifications for you so you don't have toreadthem yourself and it comes with some more features like callernameannouncement, message reading, battery state announcement,locationproximity announcement. It comes with lot ofcustomisationoptions.What the app can do :-1) Notificationreading.(jellybean(4.3) and above)2) Battery level announcementwhilecharging.3) Location proximity announcer4) Battery andChargingState announcement.5) Caller name announcement while thephone isringing. 6) Missed calls announcement if you get a missedcall.7)Text messages reading.8) Time announcement at userdefinedintervals. (Fully available only in pro version)9)VoicereminderUse cases :-1) During cycling or bike rides.2) Fortruckersand long distance drivers.2) Read out game'snotifications.3)Caller name and message announcement will let youknow if the callor message is important even if you do not have thedevice inhand4) Battery level announcement while charging will letyou knowwhen to pick up your phone.Following customisation optionareavailable:-1) Select apps whose notification you want toread.2)Option to shout only the app name (notification sending app)foreach app. 3) Customize prefixes.4) Option to disablemessagereading for unknown numbers.5) Option to read messagecontent.6)Option to enable announcement only if headphone isconnected.7)Option to enable announcement only if screen is off.8)Option torepeat the announcement.9) Master control for all shout.(WIDGETsupport)10) Silent hours - Hours during which shouterdoesn'tannounce.11) Read Unknown numbers for call andmessageannouncement.12) Shake to mute.13) Screen on/off tomute.14)Announcement history.Join our Facebook page to be partofdevelopment. ( ).Yourfeature request will be put in the "Coming soon"section.COMINGSOON :-1) Blacklist contactsPlease mail me or post inFacebook pagewith your custom feature request and feedback. I willtry toimplement it.This app doesn't use internet. highly optimisedso itwon't slow down your device.please give a 5 star ratingandsupport.Mail me for errors in translation.
T2S: Text to Voice - Read Aloud 0.7 RC7
Features• Create or open text file, read aloud it, or export textasaudio file.• A simple built-in browser: open your favoritewebsite,let T2S read aloud for you.• "Type Speak" mode: just readaloud whatyou typed• Easy to use across apps: > Copy-to-speak:turn on"copy-to-speak" in the settings, then you can copy text orURL fromother apps, press the pop-up speak button > Share textor URL toT2S > on Android M(6.0)+ devices, you can selectedtext, and tap'Speak' option form text selection menu⚠ Some apps(such as Chromebrowser) have text length limitations for sendingto other apps viathe text selection menu. you can use"copy-to-speak" or"share-to-speak" in this kind of apps, to avoidT2S accidentaltermination of reading due to received incompletetext.NOTE• Pleasemake sure you set right language for speechengine, otherwise it maynot work properly• Recommended Googlespeech engine, it has bestcompatibility with T2S Googlespeechengine:
OK Google Commands (Helper) 1.8.0
You can use voice commands to create reminders, get help withtriviaquestions, and, yes, even find out "what does the fox say?"If youcan't get enough of talking to your phone (or your AndroidWearwatch), we put together a long list of OK, Google commands tohelpyou get more done with just your voice. Explore over 24categoriesDiscover over 200 commands Only English, Russian,Italian, Frenchlanguages. Please note that you will need theofficial "Google" app,which you can download from Play Store inorder to control yourphone with your voice. Also, considerenabling voice detection fromany screen to enhance hands-freedevice control experience. Theprogram is a guide to all voicecomamnds which can be used withvoice search.
GPS Navigation & Voice Driving 1.0
GPS Navigation & Voice DrivingYou are out of station andyouhave a route problem no need to be worried, here is an app foryouin play store name “voice gps driving directions, gpsnavigation,maps finder” that will take you where you wish to withperfectguideline all along the ride with complete route trackingyourlocation through its one of voice gps driving feature. Voicegpsdriving direction, gps navigation, maps finder will haveanexcellent feature such as maps with voice directions fordriving,voice gps driving direction gps navigation & map andvoice gpsdriving direction gps navigation by utilizing thesefeatures itwill track its rider location and help him in allpossible ways tolead toward his journey smoothly. There are a lotof navigationapps like gps navigation 2018 navigation free,navigation gps, freenavigation and many more in play store but mostof them not workexactly what they mentioned here voice gps drivingdirections, gpsnavigation, maps finder will make it sure the safetyof its userand lead him towards his desire locationBy gpsnavigation thattalks you just put your voice input by saying thename of the placewhich you wish to visit a simple gps tracker appwill clearly makeout a path form your current location to thedestination goal withnavigation live and show you placed, placesaround, streets, googleplaces and views with all of updateinformation’s nearby place i.e.hospitals, hotels, clubs, metrostations, gas stations, ATM, gym,bank, bus station, policestations, post office, restaurant andstreet map all free view.Voice gps driving directions, gpsnavigation, maps finder is a placeapp, you will travel alonewithout worried about the route just setyour navigation plan ourapp will integrate your plan with googlemap navigation withperfect gps & navigation you will reach yourdestination ontimeVoice gps driving directions, gps navigation,maps finderhaving driving direction, route planner, routes planner,road tripplanner, travel planner, route map, as route planner, mapmy route,walking route planner, bus route planner, aa route map, aamaps,plan my journey, aa journey planner, aa directions, onx hunt,planmy trip, aa road map, aa route planner by car, metro tripplanner,bus journey planner, aa planer, plan your trip, mark yourpoint,mark your location, mark the track, track marker, locationget,find location, find tracking location, trip planner app, routemap,plot a route, best director, journey map, map drivingdirections,gps route finder, map quest route planner, car direct,aadirection, bike direction, cycle direction, google routeplanner,aa auto route, aa route planner UK, journey planner, raceroutefinder, London journey planner, Dubai journey planner, aarouteplanner, aa route planner classic, aa route planner, metrojourneyplanner, aa route finder, trip planner, journey planner, aaroute,race route planner and bus tracking to facilitates its userduringjourney with all possible ways tracker gps, gps satellite,devicelocator, gps tracker, car track, gps navigation, navigationsystem,gps maps, map gps live, updated maps and street which willhelp toguide its user Features:• 2D, 3D street view• Satelliteview• Voicerecognition• Voice guideline• Updated route• Real timetrafficvisibility data• World maps including (UK, London,Birmingham,Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Bradford, Liverpool,Edinburgh,Manchester, New York, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam,Beijing, Tokyo,Toronto, San Francisco, Munich, Sydney, Austria,Belgium,Luxembourg, Switzerland, Slovakia, and Spain etc.)•TravellinghistoryNote:Allow app to access your location forexcellentperformance
The Translator Women's Voice 1.2.4
LJ Studio
Application makes reading a text using the voice of thetranslator'swife. Audio can also be shared with your friends.Thegenerated audiowith the voice of the translator can be shared withyour contactsfrom WhatsApp for example.• Audio can be generatedWITHOUT characterlimits;• Share the audio generated by yourfriends;• Multiplelanguages to generate the audio;
Voice Notebook - continuous speech to text 1.5.1
The speech to text application that allows you to take voicenotesand save them locally or send them to cloud services. Supportsacustomizable list of replaceable words and punctuation forvoiceinput; continuous speech recognition; lettercapitalizationcontrol; undo command for the last speech input,triggered by abutton or by voice. Can recognize speech in online oroffline mode.Contains words and characters counter. Convenient forbilingualvoice input. Exports notes to Documents or Download folderor sendsthem to any text program. Can import text files from filemanagersor Google drive. Has a widget for convenient start.Requirementsfor work: 1. The application uses voice input fromGoogle, so thedevice (phone or tablet) must have Google Appinstalled andupdated(!)- improve the speech recognition it is desirable to haveanInternet connection and also need to install a language packforlocal voice recognition. Without a local language pack, iftheInternet is lost, the application will stop and give an error.Toinstall the package, read the application help. Premium modehassettings for: Disabling ads Saving power mode (gives you moretimefor dictation) "Always on Screen" mode with non stoppingdictationSetting Predefined email for sending voice notes byminimum clicksLive word counter Premium settings are in the bottomof Generalsettings page
Voice notes - quick recording of ideas 9.6.0
An app that allows you to quickly and easily record short notesaswell as important ideas with set reminders usingspeechrecognition. Have you ever had a situation when aninteresting ideacame to your mind at the most inopportune moment?Now you caneasily record it so that it will not get lost in yourhead. Notesare how we write down our most important ideas andthoughts. Voicenotes allow you to make notes even more quickly: youjust dictatethe text into the microphone and it recognizes what yousay. Createnotes You can quickly create a new note using speechrecognitionand, if necessary, edit the transcribed text usingauxiliaryactions or a virtual keyboard. Or you can record audiorecording ofimportant information and later listen to itpersonally. Createreminders Create reminders for important notes:select a time andthen choose an audio alert, vibration, or repeatreminder, ifdesired. You can choose a unique alert sound in thesettings andspecify the time for the repeat notification. Usercategories Youcan conveniently create any number of categories foryour notes sothat you can easily and simply find them later byfiltering. Selectfrom various labels, including Family, Work, andBirthdays, orspecify custom ones. After you create or edit notes,you will beable to select the created categories. Lots of colorschemes Youcan select a color scheme to suit your tastes in thesettings. Theapp comes with a large number to select from. There iseven ablack-and-white theme for those who prefer ahigh-contrastinterface. Share notes You can send the text of a noteor severalnotes to yourself or friends on social networks, bye-mail, etc.Export/Import You can export all of your notes toamachine-readable format (JSON) or as plain text (TXT). You canusethe first file format to import your notes on another device,suchas, for example, when you buy a new phone. This app allows youtocreate notes for Android phones. The ability to create remindersisan important feature. You can use them to remind you ofbirthdays.Your friends and loved ones will be glad that youremembered tosend them birthday greetings and nice gifts on time.You can set areminder for tomorrow or any time you wish. It is veryconvenientto use this feature to ensure that you do not forgetaboutimportant events and things that you need to do for yourparents.Our app is also an excellent alternative to settingreminders onyour computer, because your mobile phone is always withyou and youwill not miss reminders that are displayed there. Ouronline noteapp allows you to create notes anywhere you go. Giventhe fact thatyour phone is always within arm's reach and our app iscompletelyfree, the world of possibilities is endless. Paidsubscriptions forthe app are a voluntary way of supporting thedeveloper. You canvisit our website to view the latest helparticles for the app, askquestions, and leave suggestions forfuture app improvements.
Translator Foto - Voice, Text & File Scanner 3.0
Translator Foto is a versatile translation tool that supports100+language text translations and voice translation. What is theuseof Translator Foto? 🚢Travel🚢 Travel freely wherever you areandeasily understand foreign language menus, road signsetc.👫Communication👫 Communicate with foreigners withoutanydifficulties and language barriers with the help ofTranslatorFoto. 📖Study📖 100+ language translations supported, anytype as youwish to learn. 📝Work📝 Take photo of foreign businessfiles,recognize it, get texts and easy to translate! TranslatorFoto MainFunctions: Photo Translation Open Translator Foto, takephoto ofthe file and convert into txt form, translation will beavailablefor just one second. You can also save pictures to yourphone albumto prevent loss   Instant Voice TranslationTranslator Foto isalso able to recognize, read and translate yourvoice. Easilyrecognize voice, instantly convert & translate itinto desiredlanguage, simple, fast and straightforward   TextTranslationManually enter text, such as sentences, phrases orcharacters, etc.or copy text from any applications or web browserand translate itquickly. Clean UI Simple user interface, easyoperation, quickstart and easy to use   100+ languages SupportTranslator Fotosupports English, Japanese, French, Spanish etc. Atotal of 100+foreign languages available   Edit Tex Copy textto clipboard,other app or browser, etc; edit scanned text; sharescanned text ortranslations with friends via social network.  Check HistoryYou can also view your historical translation historyfreely.
Moto Voice
Touchless Control is now Moto Voice.Do more using just your voice.Without touching your smartphone at all, you can getdirections,set an alarm or pretty much anything—just by talking.Moto Voice isalways ready. Say “Do I need an umbrella?” and itgives you theweather. Tell it you’re going home, and Moto Voicewill get youthere. Say ""Find your phone"" for your phone to makeit ring soyou can track it down.On your new Moto X (2nd generation), there’s even more:To make Moto Voice more personal to you, create your ownlaunchphrase, like “Hello Moto X” and teach it your voice. Say“PlayBeethoven on YouTube” to play music videos on YouTube. You canalsointeract with your favorite apps like Facebook and WhatsAppwithyour voice.For Moto X (1st generation), Droid Maxx, Droid Mini, and DroidUltrausers, stay tuned for updates to Moto Voice / TouchlessControlsoon.Languages supported: U.S. English, U.K. English, AustralianEnglish,India English, Canadian French, Belgium French, French,Italian,German, U.S. Spanish, Spanish and BrazilianPortuguese.
Shopping list voice input PRO 4.3.5
TK Solution
Never again note chaos ...An easy-to-use shopping list app. Youcancreate your shopping lists directly by speaking. It is possibletocreate multiple lists,e.g. for various shops.Ad-freeproversionFunctions:• Two voice input modes, single or multipleitems•Drag and drop a list• Manage multiple shoppinglists•Synchronisation between devices• Strike out whileshopping•Notifications for lists• Share a shopping list• Importtext splitby lines • Recipe modus• History• Change the typeface,size andcolor from fonts• Change a backgroundHave fun with thisintuitiveshopping list app ...For questions or comments pleasecontact meat: [email protected]