Top 49 Games Similar to Coinlay

Medulla 1.3
Medulla is a puzzle-platformer adventure game set in adream-likescenery. A young character called Takito travels throughthe placesand environments where various strange obstacles andseeminglyillogical puzzles appear. Various beautifullyhand-craftedlandscapes create confusing and mysterious aura thatTakito needsto escape from. The visual language of the gamerevolves around thepainting styles of contemporary artists. Somevisuals reflect thesurrealism art movement, others are infused withtraditionalmethods and unique figurative styles that create anoverall feelingof magic realism.
Magniflyer 1.5
Fly through an obstacle course full of mind-bending fun!Navigateyour ship through portals and travel to many othermulticoloureddimensions! Simple, one finger, easy-to-learncontrols, withastounding visuals! Play an endless amount of levels,or just glidefor infinity in a mode that never-ends! Customize yourship withover 30 unique items! Including, different ships,different trails,and so much more! Purchase premium to unlock 3unique, mystifying,modes and much more! Each mode is a differentvariation on the maingame mode, where you explore unrealenvironments that have puzzlingperspective challenges! DownloadMagniflyer today and have somefun, in this mind-bending perspectivegame!
Sky Bandit 1.2.5
Enchanted Mist swept the world. Ancient kingdoms were burstapartand scattered into floating islands stretched acrossmysticalskies. Rising from beneath, mysterious creatures spiraluponancient artifacts and treasure. Adventurers and scavengers bysheerwill and combat ability, take on the path in search forlostriches. The adventurers were known as - Sky Bandit. Sky Banditis acasual hyper RPG with simple fly action gameplay but deepskillstrategy mastery. Fast paced, reaction based, immediateresponsescrolling combat with hero upgrades and powerups willchallengeyour reflex and focus. Idle rewards, collectibles,equipments, andbounty tasks will also help you along the way.Intuitivesingle-finger mechanics Casual fantasy hyper RPG within-depthcharacter progression Endless exploration in open skylandsFlyingaerial combat with swarms of ancient monsters Claim chests.Collectpowerful stones Your unparalleled fighting skills shall beyourgreatest ally We are Macaca Games, creators of award winninggamessuch as Beat Stomper, Push & Pop, Sky Surfing, and CloseLine. 
renal summer 1.0.5
You are a dog's kidney. Your dog is in kidney failureanddoesn'thave much time left to live. By assisting withkidneyfunction, youcan extend your dog's life a little longerandpostpone the end ofyour dog's and old man's lives. ---You asaKidney--- You recognizethe blood as four colored blocks. Theblockscan be broken with afew taps and have the effect of "gettingrid oftoxins" and"gaining kidney experience". Blocks are combinedwithother blocksof the same color, so the more blocks you puttogether,the moreefficient you are. The amount of toxins in theblocks, theamountof kidney experience and the difficulty ofbreakingblocksincreases as time progresses in reality. ---Bloodpressure---Bloodpressure is the force needed to break a block. Thehigheryourblood pressure, the fewer times you can break a block.You canusethe "Kidney Experience" gained by breaking the blocktoincreaseyour blood pressure. ---Blood pressure boost--- Youcanboost yourblood pressure by breaking the green block to see thead.Whileboosting, you can break the block by just tracing it.---Thedogtimes--- Sometimes you can read clippings fromyourgrandfather'snewspaper, "the dog times", instead of seeingads.---Dog and oldman's life--- The life of a dog and a old manwhowakes up at 5amand sleeps at 10pm is tied to the clock onthedevice. Watch theirlives at any time of day. Design :tokoronyoriMusic : soejimatakuma / Koji itoyama / Satomimagae
Tumblestone 1.0.16
Tumblestone is a fresh take on block-matchinggames.Solveprogressively more difficult and creative puzzles, helpasausagemake friends, and find out what happened totheTumblecrown.Tumblestone completely reinvents the matchinggenreinto a deep andcerebral puzzle solving experience that youwon'tforget!Featuring: * Story mode: The 40+ hour story campaignwilltest yourpuzzle-solving prowess. Featuring 11 gameplaymodifiers. *Arcademodes: Relax and enter the zone withTumblestone's 3 arcademodes.* Leaderboards: Online leaderboards letyour friends knowyou'rebetter than them. * Quests: Hundreds ofunique quests tocomplete.* Stats: Hundreds of stats to geek out on.*Personalization:Choose from a dozen unique charactersandenvironments.
GISH 1.0.11
**WHAT IS GISH?** This isn’t your grandmother’s scavengerhunt.GISH(the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt) is your tickettoanall-inclusive vacation from the mundane— anytime you want.Packyourcreativity & kiss normalcy goodbye! We’ll return you,butnot inoriginal condition... guaranteed. An ongoing competitiontoshake upyour world for good, GISH challenges you to putyourcreativity,compassion, courage, and weirdness to thetest.Complete hilarious,kind, artistic, adventurous, orcreativechallenges to win pointsand prizes. Play with your bestfriends,or meet new people from allover the globe who willdefinitelybecome your new GISH friendsforever, or, as we like tocall them,“accomplices”. In addition toparticipating in ongoingfreechallenges in our app, you can alsojoin our annual GISH Hunt.Forone week every summer, players teamup to compete in anoutrageousweek-long game where they tackle fun,wildly creativeitems from alist for a shot at the Grand Prize — anall-expense-paidadventurewith your team somewhere amazing (boringplaces likehauntedcastles in Scotland, jungles in Costa Rica,Icelandicvolcanoes...We’re breezy.). The Guardian says it’s “oneof thestrangestacronyms and unusual competitions in existence.”Peoplemagazinereports, “the weirdness (is) worldwide…” Wired saysit’s, “anewtwist on scavenger hunts.” You’ll callit“positivelylife-changing” and “something that happened tome.”Yahoo callsGISH, “brilliantly clever, gut-bustingly funny,andpositivelyunforgettable.” Come play with us and find outforyourselves. It’stime to become the champion your mom alwayssaidyou could be...Join GISH! **THE APP** _GeoGISH_ Ever wanted tomeetpeople just asweird and creative as you? Use our GeoGISH maptofind new GFFs(GISH Friends Forever) and team members for theHunt.Our groupchat feature allows you to talk to people in yourarea.Locationsare purposely inaccurate (2000 feet proximity) tomaintainprivacy.Should you want to meet up in person, that’s onyou. It’slike ascavenger hunt where the prize is human buddies!_The Feed_Getexclusive updates from Misha Collins, read the latestGISHnews,and participate in exciting ongoing challenges towinawesomeprizes. Be the first to know when news hits right away._TheHunt_Explore the depths of wackiness that is the GISH Hunt._MyTeam_Chat, conspire, and plot your world domination withteammembers.Captains are able to remove players, set their teamavatarand teamname. You’ll also be able to see every invitationfromotherplayers to their team, too! _My Account_ GISHers,represent!Showyour GISHy self off by setting up your profile.It’sfullycustomizable, so you can choose how much (or little) youwanttoshare with the GISHuniverse.
Doug dug. 1.5.5
The Electric Toy Company, LLC
Doug is a Dwarf. Doug loves digging. Well, actually hedoesn't:whathe likes is to find buried treasure. Anyway, one dayDougdecided togather as much treasure from as deep under the earthashe could go.So Doug dug. And he dug. And he fought monstersandavoided massiveavalanches of falling rock. And then he dugsomemore. And he pickedup lots of bling. Now it's your turn. HelpDougdig deep down underthe earth in the quest for shimmeringjewelsand precious gold. Gofarther and deeper than any of yourfriends.Find more gold thananyone in the world. Oh but watch outforcolossal cave-ins. Nothey're really colossal—you won't believeit.And creepy monsters.And bottomless pits. Ah, don't worry it'sjusta game. So what areyou waiting for? Doug dug. Will you?
Heroism 2021.09 Release: 1
This is an Action RPG with some clicker game elements. Thisgamelet's you play either as an active RPG, or as an idle game.Theidle gameplay is still being worked on, but it's playable.Explorethe world, brave dangerous dungeons, gather Heroism, build aparty,find precious items, go up levels, learn skills, unlockupgrades,and kill lots and lots of monsters. This game looks likeaRoguelike, but there is no permadeath. Actually, there isnopunishment for death at all, other than a short pause, whereyoumay consider your life choices and spend your preciousdeathpoints. Ads: This games doesn't have ANY annoying popup ads.Allads are 'Reward Video' ads, where you choose to watch the ad togeta bonus. 100% optional. IAP: There's currently only one thingyoucan spend real money on in this game. That purchase makes itsothat you can get the ad bonuses without watching the ads. Italsomakes it so that you have total control of which bonuses areactive- and they just stay enabled until you choose differentbonuses.
Juiced! 2.0.6
Treasure hunter Tiko sets out to retrieve an ancienttreasure.Whenhe crosses paths with an evil galactic emperor Tiko'sembarkson anexciting quest to save the universe... Run, jump andfly yourwaythrough ancient temples, dangerous jungles andexoticdeserts.Discover tons of unique enemies and collect a wackypaletteofweapons and powerups. Feast your eyes on colourfulpixelgraphicswith cartoony animations. Listen to an alloriginalsoundtrack withover 40 tracks of catchy synthesizer music,with ahint of disco,funk and rock. A classic 2d platform game thatbringsback the funand nostalgia of the DOS era! Goal: ✓Play throughallworlds anddefeat the boss! ✓Collect juicy fruit to become"Juiced!"and lightup your enemies! ✓Collect coins and buy lotsofinterestingpowerups and powerful weapons! Extra goals: ✓Findthethreediamonds to enter the bonus stage! ✓Discover thesecretlocation ofthe star! ✓Defeat all enemies and collect allfruit andcoins toget a PERFECT score! ✓Finish all 3 gameplaymodes:'Normal', 'TimeTrial' and 'YOLO' ✓Unlock all hats and masks!
RogueJack: Roguelike BlackJack Adventure 1.2.1
Jump into a classic Rogue and Blackjack mash-up for themasses.Allthe trappings of an old school RPG game withrogue-likemechanicsplus Blackjack based fighting that keeps everyattackfresh.Brought to you by Ponywolf, the studio behind the"Knights oftheCard Table." RogueJack is a blend of old schooldungeoningthatutilizes Blackjack (a.k.a. 21) as its battle system.This gameiseasy to learn, hard to master and provides countlesshours ofoldschool dungeoning in your pocket. Exploreendlessdungeons,discover monsters and beat them all in a game of21.Collectweapons, defenses and the carcasses of your enemieswhileplaying afresh and interesting take on BlackJack. As you levelup,playerscan choose from multiple cards that can be delivered faceupordown. Each monster in the dungeon has its own play style,whentheyhit, when they stop and if they keep their hole cardhidden.Also,gamers will discover endless combinations of items,buffs,skillsand attributes that will play out in unique andinterestingways.
Bulb Boy 1.264
One gloomy night, Bulb Boy wakes suddenly from afrighteningnightmare to discover that evil has overshadowed theBulbhouse. Hisfamily has disappeared and there are horrid monsterslurking in theshadows. Gather the courage and use his glass head tosaveeverything he loves. Find light in yourself! Gameplay Bulb Boyisan intuitive 2D point & click horror adventure about a boywitha glowing head. Solve puzzles, defeat wicked monsters andrevealbulby's abilities to unfold a twisted tale. Ohhh... Anddon'tforget to save your Grandpa-raffin and Mothdog from thefrighteningdarkness.. Key Features DEFEAT THE MONSTERS -Explore theBulbhouse, that is full of frightening creatures. Defeat the evilinall its forms and bring the light back. BULB'S TALENTS - Beingaboy that is a bulb comes with many talents. Not only does yourheadlight up and allows you to survive electrical shocks, but itcanalso be unscrewed for use in strange places. PLAYABLE FLASHBACKS-Play as other family characters. Relive Bulb Boy'schildhoodmemories to uncover the mystery of the story. BUBBLESPEECH - Nodialogue, just bubble speech. Watch the story unfold inanimatedclouds. SECRETS - There are things in the house waiting toberevealed. POOP - In many sizes and proportions.
Chronology - Time changes... 1.92
Chronology is a puzzleplatformadventure starring The Inventor and The Snail. Try "Part I"with 3chapters for FREE.◆ "Best Casual Game of the Year" & "Best MobileGameof the Year" @ Game Connection Paris 2014◆ "When Braid and LIMBO had a pretty baby"(★★★★ Chronology, you manipulate the past and the future,inorder to fix the present. Play as the Old Inventor and hissidekickThe Snail, and take advantage of their special abilities -travelback and forth in time, stop time, manipulate objects andsolvepuzzles.◆ Time changes everything - Solve puzzles by travellingbackand forth in - or freezing - time.◆ Characters with heart and soul -Switchbetween two lovable characters with different abilities andcombinetheir strengths.◆ A mind-bending story line. As the story unfolds, learnhowthe main character has already played a central role in shapingthefuture of his world.◆ A magical, colorful, vibrant and living universe thatmixeselements from different times and cultures.◆ Amazingly animated characters, machines andcreatures,inspired by Hayao Miyazaki (Howls Moving Castle, MyNeighborTotoro).◆ Fully voice acted in EnglishFollow our social accounts to receive the latest news andupdatesregarding the magical adventure through time andspace:▶Facebook:▶Twitter:
The Enchanted Cave 2
Dustin Auxier
**Full premium version with no IAP!** Delve into a strangecavewitha seemingly endless supply of treasure, strategicallychoosingyourbattles to gather as much treasure as possible! Findrareartifacts,gold, and stat gems, and traverse the skill treetobecome yourchoice of a mage, warrior, alchemist, or a mixofskills. Craftpotions, enchant your equipment, and discoversecretareas! But becareful because the cave has become quitedangerouslately with moreexplorers going missing every day…---Gameplay---The Enchanted Cave2 is an RPG/roguelike with a heavyfocus on riskvs reward.Strategically choosing your battles,building yourcharacter,enchanting your equipment and knowing whento escape thecave arecrucial to succeed. ---Key Features--- - 9playablecharacters - 100randomly-generated floors of loot,monsters, andminibosses - Secretareas hidden in the walls - Athriving town oftourists and eagerexplorers to talk and trade theirequipment -Over 300 items,equipment, spells, and craftingingredients -Mid-cave shops to buy,sell, and enchant equipment -Sprawlingskill tree featuring 3unique play-styles, or anycombination! - Abeautiful soundtrack byGrant Kirkhope - Museum forthe hardcorecollectors - New Game+ modeto infinity * 512 MB memoryor higherrecommended (most devicesafter ~2010)
Bertram Fiddle: Episode 1 1.3
Chorus Worldwide Games Limited
The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle is a hilarioustongue-in-cheekpointand click adventure game that mixes theclassic formula upwithriveting action elements all weaved togetherlovingly byRumpusAnimation. In a quirky take on a Victorian Londoninhabitedbystrange characters, with even stranger noses, selfproclaimedleadingexplorator, Bertram Fiddle, finds himself in abit ofpickle. Helphim follow the clues and track down the elusiveserialkiller knownonly as Geoff the Murderer before he strikesagain."It is quitepossibly one of the finest point-and-clickcomedymurder mysteryadventure games set in Victorian London youwillplay today" -Bertram Fiddle Winner of the Best NarrativeAward2015 - Tokyo IndieGame Fest Featuring - Intrigue, murder,mysteryand terrible PUNS! -Beautifully animated interactions -Over 30locations to explore - Anoriginal soundtrack composed byCamReynolds inspired by 1970s Bmovies - Unique Voice Acting-Riveting action sequences - HD art"…influenced by theclassicpoint-and-click-and-laugh games of theMonkey Island era … acastof quirky characters and plenty ofbelly-laughs arounditsmurder-mystery plot.” – Guardian "...ifquality voice acting,topclass animation, Victorian pun-age andinnuendo is up yourbackalley, then Bertram Fiddle should be righton your list tocheckout." -
Sticky Balls Free 1.24
A game with balls that are sticky. Inspired by KatamariDamacyRollup everything in sight with your ball and expand itbigger toeatmore! See how big it can get and crush everything inyoursight!Features: * Free to play, play it anywhere anytime *Playoffline *Single Player * Lots of interesting skins to collect*Simplerules, easy to learn
Block Bros: Platformer Builder 1.8.0
Looking for a platformer builder? Block Bros. is achallengingonlineaction game with features more of everything youlove! Jump,climb,kick and dash through the ever-expandingselection of levels! Stagescan be created by YOU or your fellowplayers to showcase atremendousvariety in design and difficulty!This game is free andperfectlysuited for everyone including KIDS.The game is simple toplay, butonce you see some of the stages theplayers havedesigned, you'llrealize there's much more to it thansimpleplatform hopping! Buildyour own levels and surprise yourfriends!Play Levels - Beat over100 campaign levels! - Beat usercreatedlevels to earn PlayerPointsand blocks! - Time AttackLeaderboardavailable for each level - Rateyour favorite levels tosupport thecreator - Earn gems to unlockmore playable characters!- EarnPlayerPoints to grow your rank as aplayer! Build YourLevels! -Use earned blocks to make interestinglevels and submittoBlockBros! - Other players will give you stars,correct starstounlock bronze/silver/gold rewards for each level-EarnBuilderPoints to grow your rank as a builder!Communicatewithother Players - Follow other players - Comment oneach leveltocommunicate with other players - Compete on per-levelleaderboard-Post your gameplay video online!
Shoot'em all! 1.0.023
「Shoot'em all!」is a casual and challenging shootinggameplayablewith one thumb. You will be fascinated assembling yourowntankmodels, strengthen them, and defeat variouspowerfulenemies.Galloping on the different battlefield, dodgebullets, andrescuethe hostages, you are the hero we have beenwaiting for!GameFeatures: • Hit and Run, Win Win Win! • Grab units,assemblepartsinto your own tank models. • Rescue the hostagesfromthousands ofnever-seen-before enemies and mind-bogglingobstacles.•Leveling-up, becoming stronger and beat the never-endingwavesofenemies to protect your tank base. • Choose members toformyourtank crew Keep in touch with other players and shareyouruniquebuild to help them inourcommunity: TermsofUse:
Mushboom 2.43
Guide Fukko from a boring city life to his wildestdreams!Survivethe city, eat mushrooms, fill him up and enter hisdreamworld.Mushboom is a mixture of classic platformer andendlessrunnergenres. Start each day in a randomized world, findyour waythroughenemies and obstacles, collect enough mushrooms andrun tillyouwake up. Fun gameplay in an interactive world withmanychallenges.Unique art style with lots of items, tools,charactersand more.100+ missions to accomplish through your journeythroughdifferentthemes.
Shape Up 1.30
Swedish Game Awards Winner 2019 "Best Mobile Execution".Testyourskills in this UNIQUE physics based arcade shooter. Surviveforaslong as you can. Compete against yourself or ontheonlineleaderboard! ► Easy to learn - Difficult to master ►Timingbased -One tap ► 4 different power ups ► Endless gameplay ►No payto win► Share your results with friends ► Online leaderboard!
Gem Miner: Dig Deeper 1.5
Psym Mobile
Explore a huge mine to find ores, metals and gems andmakeyourfortune! Sell your discoveries to buy upgrades fromyourprofitsand dig even deeper down a huge mine. Be careful not togetstuckdown the mine, fall down chasms or be crushed by rockfalls!-hugeupdate, all new hd graphics! - massive randomlygeneratedmines(every game is different!) - buy lifts, improvedmininggear,supports, ladders, torches and much more - challengelevelsgiveyou specific aims and reward you with medals - 4difficultylevels
Cat Trip: Endless Runner Game about Albert the Cat 0.28
Help a cute cat to collect all flowers on the lawn. Downloadforfreeour runner game “Cat Trip” and start fun andfascinatingadventuretogether with a small cat. Beat enemies,upgrade skills,keep runningand open new worlds! Discoveradventurous runner andarcade games!Learn more about 2D runner game“Cat Trip” Do youlike runner gameswith adventures and arcades?Then download “CatTrip” where our smallcute runner Albert lovesrun and collectflowers. Cat walks on thelawn, loves jump, playaround and collectas much as possible catnipflowers. But therunner always facesrunning enemies who just want tointerrupt hisfavorite activity,stop his run. Help the cat to beatthe enemies,traveling acrossunique worlds and using variousconsumables. And ifyou try hard,then from our small cute cat youcan make a realsuperhero usingavailable super powers in our runnergame. How toplay the jumpinggame “Cat Trip” To start you need todownload ourrunner game onyour device. Install and open it, and wewill startlearning moreabout adventures of a cute cat. You can playthe gamewithoutInternet connection. The main character of ouradventurewalkinggame – small cute cat Albert. The runner can runand jump in5different worlds, that is 5 maps. He walks, collectscatnipandduring his walks he constantly meets various runningenemies –15types of them! Help the cat beat them using 173equipmentitems,which are available to get. Besides during your walkyoucanupgrade skills of the cat and open new levels, keeprunningofrunner, increase his 6 different characteristics or15differentabilities. Upgrade them right while running andusespecialconsumables – 5 types of different abilities, which canbeusedduring the race, playing in running games andarcadesovercomingobstacles. Try to download adventure “Cat Trip”from theInternetfor free. Let cat-runner Albert keep running,collectflowers andsuccessfully dodge from enemies, open new levels– helphim dothis! This game is a good choice both for a girl andfor aboy, aswell as for kids, teenagers and adults. By the way,there isapleasant bonus in our 2D runner game – to get it, youneedtoinvite friends and you will get rewards for free.
Puzzle Adventures: Solve Mystery 3D Riddles 0.36
Explore the world full of puzzle adventures, learn from anancientcivilization and solve mystery riddles. Do you like newcognitivegames that put you to the limit? Try this best miningtreasure huntand prove your intelligence! Other brain games aremerelycrosswords while with this one you will be able to explore ahiddenlabyrinth filled with lots of riddles and locked door untilyoufind and dig the right path out! A true miner does not forgethishunt for gold so dig those rocks and explore rich rooms whileyouenjoy the journey of mining and solving puzzle adventures. TermsofUse: Privacy Policy:
Adventure Escape: Allied Spies 1.10
Haiku Games
Newlyweds Ed and Marie Hamilton parachute into Occupied Franceonamission to smuggle two scientists out of Europe. TheymeettheFrench Resistance but things quickly go wrong asruthlessMajorKressler smashes their network. Who’s the traitor?Where arethescientists? What mega-weapon is Major Kresslerpreparing? WillEdand Marie ever get a night alone? Join millions ofhappyAdventureEscape players and experience the danger and thrillsofAlliedSpies! - Stunning graphics bring the beauty and dangerofOccupiedFrance to life! - Explore Strasbourg and thesurroundingforestsbetween Germany and France! - Solve deviouspuzzles andriddles! -Get the whole game for FREE! You’re neverforced to pay!- Gathertools and items to aid in your escape! -Memorablecharacters! -Find hidden objects that help you escape! -It’s free!Noregistration, no hassles, just download and play.Uncoverthesecrets of Adventure Escape: Allied Spies! Can youstealsecretsfrom the Nazis and escape with your lives? --- ABOUTHAIKUGAMES--- We are a small indie game studio that loves makinggames.OurAdventure Escape™ series has been played by tens ofmillionsofplayers. Solve a celebrity murder in Starstruck,discoverancienttreasure in Hidden Ruins, and investigateparanormalphenomenon inMidnight Carnival. Search for “haiku games”to findus!
Corecraft - Build & Shoot 'Em Up 101
Corecraft is a innovative reinvention of the classical Shoot‘EmUpGames. Fully physically simulated andsophisticatedmodularspacecrafts (Corecrafts). Every Level playsdifferently andhas anevil endboss waiting for you at the end! Buildyour ownCorecraft(modular spacecraft) and blow you enemies inpieces! Findthe besttactic to annihilate Corecrafts, made of up tohundrets ofmodules!You decide if you want to build a small, agilebut fragilefighteror a heavy tank. The possibilities areendless...■■■FEATURES■■■ ■Customizable module spacecrafts(Corecraft) ■Intuitivephysic-based Gameplay ■ Retro HD pixelvisuals ■ Simpleone touchcontrols, easy to learn and difficult tomaster. ■ 35carefullydesigned, non repetitive Levels. ■ Challengingquests forextrarewards. ■ Leaderboards, brag about your Highscore!■UncannySoundtrack explodes your mind! ■ 100% Indie made byGermangamedevelopers, by gamers for gamers. <3 □□□AWARDS□□□ □Winner(2ndPlace) - Big Indie Pitch GamesCom Germany 2016 □Nominated -BestMobile Game Casual Connect Los Angeles 2017
Kittens Game 1.3.8
Kittens Game is a village simulation text game. You manageavillageof kittens as they acquire resources and unlocknewtechnologies.Over 30 different buildings, 50+ resources,hundredsof technologiesand upgrades. No ads or micro-transactions!
Adventure Lab® 1.3.7
Explore the world around you in a whole new waywithGeocachingAdventure Lab® outdoor scavengerhunts!Community-generatedscavenger hunts let you uncover hiddengems,learn local trivia,discover landmarks, and everydaytreasuresthrough an interactive,outdoor, and contactlessexperience. EachAdventure is created byanother Adventurer andshares a speciallocation, story, challenge,or educationalexperience. Whetheryou’re looking for an activityfor your family,yourself, or a date,you’ll love getting outsideand exploring withAdventure Lab. As youventure outside using theGeocaching AdventureLab® app, the mapwill guide you to Adventuresin your area.Adventures can havemultiple stages to complete.Explore at your ownpace and search forclues to unlock funstories, puzzles, and hiddenadventures. Solvethe puzzle at all ofthe stages to complete yourAdventure! Alreadyhave a Geocachingaccount? You can log in withyour geocachingusername andAdventures count towards your geocachingstatistics andtotalfinds. Download the app to find an Adventurenear you. Moreareadded every day! To learn more about GeocachingAdventure Lab®,goto
Rad Dude
Survive in the end times, craft wasteland weapons in thisuniqueIdleSurvival RPG! Use skill points and prestige your wayacrossRad Dude:Doomsday Survival! This is a Survival idle gamewhere youcraft &tap to survive the end times. Tap to useskills andslay the cesiumcrusted criminals of cataclysmiccollpase. RadDude: DoomsdaySurvival Features: Idle WastelandSurvival - Idle& AbsorbRadiation - Craft Companions like BLOODBOT IdleAction - Battle CatWizards to claim Radioactive ControlRods -Build a Balanced Party:Survival is key Craft Gear &Mutate -Defeat enemies, loot and tobuild weapons for survival -TriggerMutations into New Classes withRadiation! Master theWasteland inRad Dude: Doomsday Survival!
Bouncy Buddies - Physics Puzzles
THE DEFINITIVE PHYSICS PUZZLE EXPERIENCE! Bouncy Buddies isaphysicspuzzle adventure game packed full of surprises, featuringaquirkyvisual world inspired by the 80s. WE NEED ANOTHER HERO!Heybuddy,its time for an adventure! Bouncy Junior has beenkidnappedby theEvil Cyclox and it is up to YOU to save him! Useyour wits,smarts oreven brute force, whatever you need to solvealluringphysics-basedpuzzles and ultimately reach Evil Cyclox'scastlewhere Bouncy Jr isbeing held. Remember, in this game thereisusually more than one wayto solve the puzzle! OUTSMART THEPUZZLEMASTER! During youradventures you might want to try tooutsmartthe mischievous PuzzleMaster. Proclaimed(by himself) to bethesmartest being in theuniverse and to have a whopping IQ of261.Psst! Just between you andme: the word is, he doesn't alwaysplayby the rules, so you don'thave to either! ;) BECOME FABULOUS!Yourmission is to save BouncyJr, so why not do it in style! Spendthecash you earned and buyyourself new marvelous costumesandglimmering trails. You can becomea truly fabulous buddy! Andwhenyou think you are the hot stuff beready to show it byprovingyourself in the talent show! The prizesare awesome: money,fameand all that high life! SOLVE RIDDLES! Allthe bouncing makingyourhead dizzy? Why not unwind for a while andsolve ancientriddlesfound in hidden caves. They really make yourhead itch in agoodway! There is a lot to do here, buddy! See you inthe worldofBouncy Buddies! GAME FEATURES - Physics puzzle levels-Riddlelevels - Boss levels - Puzzle master levels - Over 120levelstotal- Levels have many different goals for replayability-80'sinspired visuals - Unlockable costumes and trails-Mysterioussecrets and treasures - Outsmart the smartest beingintheuniverse: the Puzzle Master - Touching storyline
Cave FRVR - Spaceship Landing & Galaxy Exploration 1.7.1
Enter the cave and explore the depths of an alien planet whereyourpiloting skills will be the only thing that can save you! Starttheengines of your spaceship, let the turbines spin, jumpoverplatforms and smoothly land the moon lander on a refuelingbase.How far can you get in this space landing game? Are you readytohone your piloting skills and navigate your way throughanendlessly deep cave? 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 Piloting a futuristicspaceshiplooks difficult but in Cave FRVR you will fly through thecave anddrive the moon lander like a real astronaut with just onefinger!An easy to learn physics based controls: tap the screen tocontrolthe engines of the spacecraft and steer the thrust to wiselyavoidall the obstacles inside the cave. Cave FRVR is a trulyretroarcade experience, designed for both players looking for a funtimedriving a futuristic spacecraft and hardplayers looking for arealexploration challenge. Simple and incredibly addictivegameplay,easy to play but hard to master. Complete the dailymissions andmini-quests to get extra rewards. Dare yourself to getinto thebonus stages, only the bravest pilots pass the challenge!Level upyour spacecraft by collecting gems on your way to depths.Equippowerful and useful items like lasers, energy shields orgemattraction gadget. Pick up safety shields along the way tohelpguard your spaceship against crashing into the rugged wallsanddestroying your craft. Safety shields are also usefulprotectionfrom any underground attackers you may happen across asyounavigate the numerous twists and turns. Pilot yourspaceshipthrough a cave filled with stalactites, asteroids, bombsandrefueling platforms. Collect jewels and watch your scoreincreaseas you travel into the depths and discover the secrets ofCaveFRVR. Don’t worry, there are platforms along the way where youcanfuel up and collect points, but you’ll need dexterity andquickreflexes – wait for your landing gear to appear beforeloweringyour craft! Survive as much as you can in an unearthlyworld as youexplore exotic caverns. Shoot the lasers to destroy therocks, hitthe rocket thrust of your spacecraft and avoid theasteroids thatare chasing you. Upgrade your spaceship with new gearthat you’llfind deep in the cave, equip them in the space station.Every partof your spacecraft is upgradeable, from getting a gemattractionboost, to install an overpowered new engine, so collectnew gearsduring your exploration in all the hidden supply boxes andmakeyour spaceship the fastest spacecraft in the galaxy. Cave FRVRis alow storage game, you don’t need more than 30 mb to play! Thisfreemoon lander game only focuses on giving you a truly funexperiencein a low mb game for free. It’s an easy to play spaceexplorationgame with incredibly addictive and simple controls, soboth youngand adults can have fun. Play online or offline, sinceyou don’tneed an internet connection to play this landing game. Andrelax,you can play as much as you want, there’s no time limit! Doyoulike it? We have a lot of free games for you!https://frvr.comhttps://cave.frvr.com
Repton 3 1.0.8
Repton 3 takes the popular Repton 1 idea of level-by-levelplay,adds most of the extra Repton 2 characters, and brings intimecapsules, fungus and crowns. The time capsules allow forsomecunning time-based puzzles, while the fungus is also atime-relatedfeature – it's often wise to block it in before itspreads wild.The game includes some easy levels as well as morechallengingones, so it’s ideal for everyone from children toseasonedpuzzlers! Here are some of the comments about AndroidRepton 3 fromthe the Google Play Store 5-star reviews: "Excellentgame" /"Another Superior hit!" / "THANK YOU THANK YOU X You guysareamazing ... The minute I got my email saying it was out I feltlikea child in a candy store lol I ran to the play store and got itsoonce again thank you." / "An absolute ton of content, new andold,will keep me going for years!" / "5 Stars. Perfect" You canchooseto play each level using: * timed or untimed gameplay *classic ormodern graphics * themed or standard mode In-apppurchasing via thein-game store offers many extra levels to Repton3 fans: * MegaBundle: a value pack containing all of the Repton 3levels at adiscounted price. * Repton Symphony: five scenarioscomprising thewell-known Prelude, Toccata and Finale scenarios plusOverture andEncore. * Around The World: America, Arctic, Orient,Oceans andAfrica. * The Life of Repton: Baby, School, Teens, Workand Senior.* Repton Thru Time: Prehistoric, Egyptian, Victorian,Now andFuture. * Repton’s Adventures: Greek (Mythology), Roman,Arabian(Nights), Medieval and Aztec. * Nova and Rainbow: tworemarkable,atmospheric scenarios. * Reptology: five scenarioscontainingskilfully worked classics and four new designs. Reptonbegan as aBBC Micro game by a talented 16-year-old called TimTyler. This wasfollowed by several sequels, and our award-winningRepton range hasachieved collective sales of over 125,000 acrosscomputer systemsincluding the BBC Micro, Acorn Electron, Commodore64, Sinclair ZXSpectrum and Windows PC! Can you complete all ofRepton 3?
OVIVO - Black and White Platformer Game 1.0.3
Alexandr Vilassak
OVIVO is a mesmerizing platformer with unusualmechanicswhereeverything is as simple as black and white. It isametaphoricalgame filled with illusions and hidden messages. Intheworld ofOVIVO, Black and White exist in harmony. Byconstantlyintertwiningand replacing each other, they maintainbalance. Themain characternamed OVO was born of these two halvesand has theability toswitch between them. OVO travels through themetaphoricalworld,overcoming dangers and collecting mysterioussymbols. Thesesymbolswill help you unravel the story of this world,but howyouinterpret it is completely up to you. Features: ■Flowmechanics.In white, gravity points downward, inblack—upward.Becausemomentum is preserved when transitioning fromone color toanother,OVO can float along their border as if beingcarried by aflow. ■Fascinating art. The allegorical world of OVIVOis full ofhiddenimages and optical illusions. ■ Design withoutwords. Thereisalmost no text in the game and the story is toldthroughgameplayand visuals. ■ Meditative ambient soundtrackbyBrokenkites. ■ Playoffline. ■ The game has received manyawards,including the BestGame of Imagine Cup 2015.
Bricks N Heroes 21.0612.00
📣📣📣 Brave hero~! Save the princesses! 📣📣📣 A fearsomeBricksDragonappeared and kidnapped all the princesses of theEmpire. Itis saidthat the princesses have been scattered to amysterious landthatthey have never been to, and are guarded by theevil men ofthedragon. Because it is a dangerous and difficult road,only youwhoare wise and courageous can save the princess! Help~Welcome totheendless adventure fantasy world of Bricks! Themonsters'toughcounterattack begins. Keep attacking their weaknesseswithcoolskills. The bricks that are firmly stacked will collapseatonce.And don't forget, if you meet the monster's boss, one ofyoumustdie... . 👍👍Good luck!👍👍 How to play 💬 Fire the ball bytouchingthescreen. 💬 Clear the stage by removing bricks from thefield. 💬Ifpossible, remove the bricks the monster is burning onfirst.💬Break the bricks and avoid hitting the floor. 💬 Findthebestlocation and angle to hit all the bricks. 💬 Breakingbrickscancause damage to monsters. 💬 Meet tons of heroes andminionsandjoin them in battle. Feature 🔹 Free to play 🔹 Tons ofstages🔹Various heroes and minions 🔹 Easy to play, Simplestgamesystem,Designed for one handheld gameplay. 🔹 Off-line(withoutinternetconnection) gameplay supported 🔹 Tablet devicesupported🔹Achievement & Leaderboard supportedDeveloperpage
Munzee 4.1.117
Are you looking for adventure? Play Munzee! Millions ofmunzeesarehidden around the world in plain sight… just waiting foryoutodiscover. Unlike other location-based huntinggames,Munzeetreasures are both physical (small stickers) andvirtual (aGPSpoint) items hidden in the real world. So you can huntformunzeeQR code stickers on a lamp post, or capture avirtualmythologicalcreature like a Pegasus. In our NEW Munzee app,you caneasilydistinguish between physical munzees with square iconsandvirtualmunzees with round pin shapes. The built in maps,compassanddescriptive clues will help you start “capping” today!Thebestpart about playing Munzee is the people you’ll meet alongtheway.You can send and receive messages from other Munzee playersintheapp. All over the world, thousands of Munzeeplayersgathertogether in special Munzee events to score points,earnuniquecollectibles and share their Munzee adventures. ChecktheMunzeecalendar for events near you! And did we mention badges?Asyouprogress in the game, hundreds of badges are yours forthetaking.Can you join “The Millionaire’s Club” by earning amillionpoints?How about becoming a “Historian” by capturing 75differenttypes ofMunzees? There’s a badge for every achievement youcanthink of! Asyou capture Munzees and deploy your own, you growthemap andestablish your place on the worldwide leaderboard. Sodon’tjustsit there- combine technology with real world gaminganddiscover awhole new world! *NEW* Introducing an all newvirtualcurrency andin-app store where you can buy special packs,boostersand goodiesto help you get a jump start in the game! Usethe Zedsearned bycapturing rare types to purchase and deploy yourownMunzees on themap for other players to find. *NEW* Now availabletoplay inadditional languages, including German, Dutch,Hungarian,Czech,Danish, Finnish, Portuguese, Russian andLithuanian!FEATURES: -Find and scan hidden QR code game pieces inthe realworld -Capture virtual game pieces by being within acertain range-Discover and collect hundreds of unique munzee types- Grow themapby hiding your own munzees for players to find - Earnpointstocompete with players globally on the leaderboard - Unlockbadgesbycompleting achievement goals - Join a clan toparticipateinmonthly Clan War battles - Coordinate with friendsusing anin-gamechat system - Sync with Apple Health, Google Fit,Fitbit orGarminto track your steps and achieve fitness goals -Attend localplayerhosted events for exclusive badges and bonuspoints - Applyfiltersto help locate certain munzees on the map -Use boosterstoincrease the amount of points earned - Upload funphotos tomunzeesfound and save the memory - Upgrade to a PremiumMembershiptounlock extra features and goodies Visit our blogforweeklyannouncements about new munzee specials, gameplay updatesandmore: types you can findin-game: local Munzee events nearyou: Munzee on socialmedia:
Pincremental 1.07.20
Become the Pinball Wizard you were destined to be! Masterthepinball machine, cash out for powerful upgrades and automation,andclimb the corporate ladder in this Pinball Incremental.Basepinball machine functionality developed and copyrighted byWillBoyd (
Tomb Toad 1.9.1
Crescent Moon Games
Delve into dark dungeons, face fearsome foes, and ponderperilouspuzzles in this topsy-turvy adventure game! To explore,simplyrotate the world and let gravity do the rest. Marvelouslysimplegameplay featuring one-touch controls Large world with over100levels filled with treasure, traps, puzzles, andmonstersRetro-inspired pixel art graphics and chip tune soundtrackLeveleditor for designing and sharing your own devious dungeons
rymdkapsel 4.0.0
grapefrukt games
rymdkapsel is a meditative strategy game set in space. Takeonthechallenge of building the best possible station bycommandingyourminions and exploring the galaxy around you. Imagineastrategygame where you don't have to worry about selectingunitsormounting attacks on your enemies, but rather can focusonbuildingthe best base possible. That's what rymdkapsel isallabout."Rymdkapsel feels tailor-made for iOS in both formandfunction,and its elegant, subtle constituent parts nest withinoneanotheras neatly as its four-block tetrominos snap togetheralong aspacestation corridor." - 5/5 stars, Joseph Leray,"Somegames nearly make me miss my subway stop. Somegames tempt metokeep on playing them while I'm walking down thestreet. This isoneof them." - Stephen Totilo, "The gamepunishesthegreedy, and rewards the prudent. If you’re attentive,you’llnoticethat there’s actually a happy medium between thetwo:optimalefficiency." - Ryan Rigney,"Rymdkapselcombinesspatial puzzling, tower defence andbase-building intoabrilliantly coherent and stylish whole." -ChristianDonlan,
Full Pipe: Puzzle Adventure Game 1.0.5
Feeling nostalgic for good-old point and click adventure games?Jumpdown Full Pipe for a mind-bending adventure quest with a rangeofcomplimentary arcade games. TRY it first, then PAY once andPLAYthis fun adventure game forever offline!! Once upon a time anoddcharacter we’d rather call Dude found a hatch beneath his bed.Andwhat seemed like an ordinary morning turned the strangestpuzzleadventure in his life. Follow Dude in this thisabsolutelyinconceivable brain-teaser for true fans of point andclickadventure games. Discover a secret yet absolutely realandunexplored world with a cast of quirky dwellers. Features ofthisadventure quest: * classic video game brought to mobile withnewfeatures introduced * 50 unique characters –head-feet,single-eyed, ear-winged and long-necked, but still socute andnaive. * A wonderful and shocking video game for those whoprefermid-core games with a good deal of thought and humor. * 6+hours inthis obscure world with hidden threats and moments of purejoy. *38 gorgeous locations that create the atmosphere of adventuregame.* 8 original swiping and tapping arcade games * Advancedhintsystem to let make it through the most tricky game twists. *Tryand Buy game Nowadays is the time when adventure quest getsecondlife on smartphones and tablets. Full Pipe is one of thosehitpoint and click adventure games which well fits the purpose.Likeother elaborated touch-friendly games, this adventure questgivesplayers the full swing of tapping, swiping, climbing, jumpingandwhatever else you expect from a fun puzzle adventure game. Italsostands to reason that mobile version of Full Pipe features arangeof enhancements, including advanced step-by-step hintssystem.While smart puzzles will make you squeeze the best of yourlogicskills and  encourages you to think outside the box,thissmart game walk through lets you enjoy the challenge andneverleaves you in dead end. So, if you long for top-notch pointandclick adventure games, don’t miss this comic adventurequest.Explore a crazy underground universe full of pipes, hatches,secretpassages and traps. Find and apply stuff, search for hidesand earnvarious achievements. Take advantage of the integrated FullPipewalkthrough in this new installment to one of the bestadventuregames.
Million Onion Hotel 1.1.2
Onion Games K.K.
Million Onion Hotel is a feature-packed action puzzle setinamysterious world of crazy sounds and unique pixelartandanimations! ***An infinitely replayable actionpuzzlegame?!Complete lines horizontally, vertically anddiagonally!Thesimplicity of bingo meets · 30 enemies and gimmickscreated byDr.Strange · 70 story cards to collect · 30 hiddencharacters · Andabizarre story with a shocking conclusion! · Plentyto enjoyafterthe ending too! The weirdest puzzle game you couldimaginehasfinally been unleashed on the AppStore! Enjoy aplethoraofperforming pixel patrons! Indulge in an onslaught ofbizarreauralecstasy! Headphones are highly recommended !***Mysteriousstory Along, long time ago, there was a tiny countrybetween thatcountryover there and this country over here. In thatcountry wasastrange hotel. This hotel’s specialty was "magicalonionsoup".They say many famous and great people came to tastethissoup,though apparently not one of them thought to describetheflavor toanyone else. Maybe it’s because the soup had ahiddenpower. Yes .. . a secret power. One night, some esteemedguestsfoundthemselves suddenly sucked into a far- off galaxy! Maybethatisbecause they . . . drank too much of the magicalonionsoup?***Welcome to the doctor’s strange hotel! An actionpuzzlewith amysterious story! What does fate have in store forthehotel’smysterious guests? Don’t miss this uniquepuzzle/pixeltapestry andthe unique tale its characters weave!***This game isfor you ifyou’re... · A pixel art fan · A fan ofjolly game music!· A personwith very individual tastes!
Ordia - One finger platformer 1.0.11
Ordia is a one-finger platformer where you play as a newlifeformtaking its first leaps into a strange and hazardous world.Playthebeginning levels for free as a demo. In-app purchaserequiredtounlock the full game Jump, bounce, stick and slide yourwaythroughrich and vibrant environments. Guiding each creaturetosafety in aprimordial world packed with various perils,challengesandsurprises! With 30 levels to complete, plus extrachallengemodes,bonus levels and achievements to unlock Ordia is auniqueandchallenging game with hours of gameplay. Features-Simpleone-finger controls - 30 levels set across 3 worlds -Actionpackedplatformer - Extra challenge modes for each level -Bonuslevelsand achievements to unlock Winner in the 2019 GoogleIndieContest!🏆 "All in all, Ordia is a hell of a game. It’sabsolutelygorgeous,the animations are buttery smooth, and the soundeffectsand hapticfeedback are incredibly satisfying" - TouchArcade"Ordiais a trulyspecial platformer that knows exactly what it’ssupposedto be" -148Apps "A perfectly put together package forbothcasualplatformer fans and enthusiasts alike" - AppSpy
Gem Miner 2 1.6.4
Psym Mobile
Grab your pickaxe and get ready for adventure!Explorecaves,abandoned mines and long forgotten temples as yousearch forfameand fortune. - Bold and colorful HD graphics-Bluetoothmultiplayer - Bigger mines, more ores, more hazards,moretools andeven more fun! - Freeplay mode puts you in control ofanenormousmine - 6 difficulty levels in freeplay - Over70expeditions across3 difficulties - 2 optional mission packs(paidextras) adding 16new missions each - Supports Google TV -Supportsgamepads -Supports LIFX wireless lightbulbs Gem Miner 2providesclassicfreeplay exploration mode, as well as addingcarefullycraftedmissions and multiplayer to the mix.
Green the Planet 2 2.4.3
GREEN THE PLANETS. GREEN YOUR LIFE. Since being featured intheNewCosmos Times, 'Green Style' has become a lifestyle that isonmanypeople's radar. What is Green Style, you may ask? Itisgreeningone planet after another by traveling through theuniverseandchanging it to be a comfortable place to live.Therefore, youwillfeel more relaxed, refreshed, and satisfiedwithyouraccomplishments: your green planets. "Well, it'sinteresting,but,isn’t it too much to handle?” Just join us and findout!GROW*provides with you all the support you need, and you willbeamazedhow easy it is to start enjoying your 'GreenStyle.'*GROW:Greening and Reviving Of theWholeUniverse------------------------- [Why do I choose GROW?]<>You willhave a variety of Comet Decomposer choices,including thenewSpread Shot, Reflection Shot and Charger type, aswell asthestandard Cannon, Missile and Laser. You will be amazed bythefunand excitement of decomposing comets! <> Theitemsfromdecomposing comets are converted into the energy, whichthencan beinjected directly into the planet through Greenifizers.So,justsit back, relax, and watch how the planet becomesgreen.<>The latest artificial intelligence is implemented inthecomputerof the spaceship, and we will make sure you receivethebeston-site support in the industry. The library is alsoavailableinthe spaceship to review the items you collect. Inresponse tomanyrequests, the new monitoring system has beeninstalled so thatyoucan check the current status of the planetsthat you havecompletedgreening. ------------------------- [Voicesfrom the’Green Style'community] "I was tired of working long hoursdayafter day, so Idecided to go 'Green Style.' Now, I live ahappylife! It is a joyto see a beautiful flower finally bloom afterIcomplete greening aplanet." (Mepopoica from Planet Logoooda,158yrs old) "Wow, thatReflection Shot! So awesome! Can't wait todogreening again on mynext day off. Let's shoot'em up!!" (GaNmocheraLu from PlanetNmzee, 17 yrs old) "I am soooo busy takingcare of 86kids, but nowI don't have to worry about gatheringfalling starsbecause AutoCollectors are working for me. That's whyI cancontinue and enjoymy 'Green Style.'" (Moiko Mozoda fromPlanetMoyak, 37 yrs old)------------------------- So, call us nowandstart greening theplanets and enriching your life! GROWguaranteesyou will enjoyyour 'Green Style.' *Free trial availableat a galaxynear you.
Green the Planet 2.1.1
GREEN THE PLANET. GREEN YOUR LIFE. Have you ever heardof‘GreenStyle?’ It’s a way of living that leads you to a relaxedlifebygreening a planet and making the universe a comfortableplacetolive. And, this ‘Green Style’ has come to draw a lotofattentionrecently. We GROW* are here to explain why:GROW*:Greening &Reviving Of Whole universe-------------------------< 3 reasonswhy you want to go with‘Green Style!’> #1:Exciting CometDecomposers To green a planet,you need to decomposecomets first.Use our “shoot’em up” type ofComet Decomposers thatcome with thespaceship, and soon, you willnotice how this excitingactivity canrelieve your stress. #2:Quick'N Easy Greening Once youdecomposecomets, you will obtain theitems. And, these items areconvertedinto the energy by thespaceship, so you can just relaxand injectthe energy into theplanet. #3: Enhanced On-site LibraryWannacheck the items youcollect immediately? No problem! You willhavean access to thelibrary built in the spaceship. The moreyoucollect the items, themore your intellectual curiosity willbefulfilled.------------------------- [Voices from the ’GreenStyle'community]"I’ve never expected it to be so relaxing watchingaplanet becomegreen. Now, I want to show it to my kids. I'lltakemy whole familyto the planet on my next vacation." (ParimmtofromPlanet Yazalaata,2,492 yrs old) "Man, I love that laser typethatdecomposes comets. Ijust have to do it every break I takewhilestudying for the exams.It's better than black hole diving!Let'sshoot'em up!!" (Ga NmocheraLu from Planet Nmzee, 16 yrs old)"Yes,I know what’s hot and what’snot. I assure you everyone willbedoing ’Green Style’ very soon andthe New Cosmos Times will runanarticle about it." (Gloogy fromPlanet Zynatook, 4 yrs old)"It’swonderful that I can do it everyday at my own pace, no matterhowbusy I am and still take care of mychildren. I should tellmyneighbor Mrs. Mozoda about it." (MonugiMozue from Planet Moyak,42yrs old) ------------------------- Eventhough our service hasjustbegun, many people have quickly becomeour supporters. Thankstothem, we were able to kickoff a newspaceship development! Yes,theGROW’s new spaceship!! And, with thisnew spaceship, we willbeable to respond to the requests like below:“I want to be abletogo to other planets!” “Why don’t you make newCometDecomposers?”“Can I check the current status of the planetsthat Ihavecompleted greening?” The new spaceship will be availableinautumnof 20000016! So, call us now and start greening andenrichingyourlife today! *Free trial available at a galaxy nearyou.
ShooMachi 1.0.70
Is It Wrong to Try to Strike a Bonanza by a Shoot 'em up game?RetroJRPG style Bullet hell Shoot'em up game ShooMachi ●STORY Onceupon atime there was a lazy brave. The brave seems to be botheredalways.One day, many monsters appeared. The brave attacked themonsters ina crisis. "What's happened? When I attacked monsters,money comesout!?" The brave attacked the monsters, as if it werepossessed.Now, you can strike a bonanza! ●HOW TO PLAY - Touch andslide formoving character. - Character attacks while you touch thescreen. -Power gauge will grow up when you killed monsters. -Double tapquickly or two finger tap for power up when power gaugeis full. -After power up, character will be invincible whileblinking. - Ineasy mode, power up will be activated automaticallyjust beforereceive damage. - XP potions what increase xp bonuswhen you clearstage, will be given by watching AdMovie. (Max 5) -If you treatdeveloper to a meal, Ads will be removed and infiniteXP potionswill be given in return. ●ATTENTION - If you delete data will be deleted also. - Application may notrun on certaindevices even if they have compatible OS versionsinstalled.
Klee: Spacetime Cleaners 0.9.5
Travel through spacetime to defeat monsters with energyanomalyandreclaim the all-important ◆energy cores◆ todefusetheintergalactic energy crisis! The Klee: Spacetime Cleanerscrewisrecruiting! ◆Fast, smooth gaming experienceIntuitive3-buttoncontrols coupled with a fast-paced gamingexperienceprovides youwith exhilarating action! ◆Automated firingforlightning-quickaction When monsters are within shooting range,theywill be metwith automatic aiming and firing! No more flusteringasyou evadeand attack at the same time! ◆Wide range of propsandweaponry Thethrift prop stores offer fantastic bargainsforintergalactictravelers! Shop until you drop! ◆UnlockablecharactersEachcharacter has a unique prop! ◆2 Game Modes: ChapterChallenge/Infinity Mode Chapter Challenge: Each chapter featuresauniquelevel design and monsters, including excitingbossbattles.Infinity Mode: Push your limit with the scoring mode,thelast onestanding is the winner! ◆Randomly generated levelsandmonstersEach game offers a new experience, bringing youendlessfun! Otherinformation: ※ The game containsthird-partyadvertisements, aone-time in-app-purchase will removetheadvertisements. ※ The gamecontains diamonds that can befreelycollected by playing.Purchasing the app to removetheadvertisements will give youadditional diamonds.
Word Maze 1.5.3
Grow wiser as you complete over 10,000 puzzles, fromscrambledwordsto anagrams. Climb up the Pyramid Of Wisdom from awordApprenticeto the Guardian Of The Promised Grass. On your wayup,you will honeyour spelling skills and become an Expert, youwillincrease yourvocabulary tenfold and grow into a Master, youwillexpand yourknowledge of the world and earn the title ofWordsmith,you willelevate your emotional intelligence and join theCouncilOf TheWise. Word Maze is ad-free and will delight thestory-loverand theadrenaline-seeker in you. Track down themischievous goatwho ranoff with the secret of human language, andin the processexplore avast range of topics including art, nature,technology,feelings andemotions, money, American presidents, idiomsandphrasal verbs,mythology and religion, and many more.
Plasma Sky - rad space shooter
Spikepit Games
50% OFF - LIMITED TIME SALE"an almost perfect example of what a modern Shmup can be" -AndroidDissected"It’s an exhilarating visual treat that is the best in the AppStoreat delivering the classic Galaga style" - Apple'N'Apps"if you're looking for an accessible, entertaining arcade shooteritcomes highly recommended." - Pocket Gamer"Underneath the visuals lay pseudo-hard-core gameplay mechanicsthatshould appeal to both casual and hard-core shooter fansalike." -IndieGameMagazineA VIBRANT NEW SPACE BLASTERFeatures:★ Over 100 Intense Levels★ Conquest, Hardcore, Survival, and Blockade game modes★ Rad Boss Fights★ Tons of Power-Ups★ Vibrant Neon Graphics★ Tilt and Touch Controls, plus keyboard and controllerPlasma Sky is a shiny new space shoot-em-up featuring over80levels, lots of power-ups, and multiple game modes. It'suniversal,and there will never be any ads or in apppurchases.There's lots of kinds of enemy ships, and snakes, and yourshippowers up and can get different kinds of ammo. There's aregularshield, but also a spike shield that lets you ram enemies.Thereare bosses! And there's lasers! And you can get wing-men whocanpower up too! And you and your wing-men can get lasers! Andthelevels are all different! And there's other stuff! And itbarelycosts anything!Look, you need a good game to keep you company on the bus, orwhileyour dinner companion is away, or when you've already doneenoughand you need a break. This is it. This is that game. This isthegame you'll get to make that time awesome.
Hoppy Frog 2 - City Escape 1.2.8
Turbo Chilli
We join our favourite hopping hero as he finds himself onthewrongside of the law and making a mad dash for freedom. Framedbyhisold nemesis Sharky and falsely arrested for lakepollution,Hoppyhas decided to skip bail and escape to the hills.Help Hoppyjumpand glide to freedom across the city skyline avoidingthepolice,social media, and a vast array of enemiesincludingSharky'sscooter riding affiliate gang 'The Fins' With morethan50characters to collect, new terrain to master and hiddensecretstounlock Hoppy Frog 2 - City Escape is hours of frantic funforall.GAME FEATURES: * Multiple locations to escapefromincludingbuildings, forest, lake, and the hidden secret bonusroom* Tonnesof frogs both girls and boys to collect from thenerdyofficeworker 'Brent' to the fire breathing Dragon 'Drake'anddon'tforget the witch 'Wicka'. Many with special powers andcustomsoundFX * Free daily gifts with plenty of chances to win thetopprize *Cool and colorful 8 bit retro pixel art and music by8-bitweaponto capture the authentic feel of games from the 80'shomecomputerera such as Atari, Commodore 64, Spectrum andGameboy.Never hasretro gaming been so FUN! Do you have what ittakes tofree Hoppyand escape before the police capture him? Can youcaptureenoughflies to collect all the characters? Can you avoidthescootershark gang and hop your way to freedom?
Nubs' Adventure 1.6
Nubs' Adventure is an exploratory platformer in which youhelpNubsrebuild his house after it was destroyed by the evil Reds.ButNubsis not alone! With him on his journey are his friends:thetinywisp Ally and a huge worm named Brute. Explorefourdifferentworld, each with their own secrets, enemies andtraps.ControlNubs, as well as the wisp Ally and the worm Brute.Fight theevilReds in epic boss fights. Solve puzzles and collectdiamondstorebuild your house in this epic platformingadventure!Nubs'Adventure is action and exploration combined withanintriguingstory and a huge world to explore. All this onyourAndroid device!▸ Explore a big part of the world for freeandunlock the full gameonly if you like it! ▸Metroidvania-styleinterconnected world ▸Take control of our heroNubs, the fairy Allyand the worm Brute tosolve puzzles or fightenemies ▸ Four regionswith differentenvironments, traps and enemies▸ Epic boss fights ▸Lots ofpuzzles to solve and secrets to find ▸Compelling storypresentedthrough cutscenes ▸ Awesome soundtrackfeaturing 9 tracks!▸Customizable Controls Getthesoundtrack:
Adventure Beaks 1.2.9
Begin your quest with Adventure Beaks, the only platformerwhereyouassemble an expedition party of elite Penguinadventurers!Exploreancient ruins and exotic lands on a journey todiscover thesecretof the Artifacts! Run, jump, slide, and dive yourwaythrough trickytraps, enemy hoards, and cavernous mazes, allwithsimple,responsive touch controls! - 50 tricky levels toexplore,each withit's own surprise! - 16 brutal Challenge Levels -150mind-bendingside Missions! - 198 crazy clothing items todressyour penguinswith!