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Dogs Vs Homework - Clicker Idle Game 1.0.12
Do you love dogs but hate doing homework? Need a silly, dumb gametohelp pass the time? Let your furry canine friends do allthehomework for you! Score millions of A+’s without even liftingapencil in this all new clicker game. This is a dog petsimulationclicker game / idle game.Tap on your homework to earnA’s. Once youearn enough A’s, you can adopt new pet dogs that doesyour homeworkfor you. Use A's to purchase upgrades and level themup. Once youhave enough A's, you can buy and upgrade dog toys andadddecoration to your bedroom. Unlock new rooms to make new dogbreedsavailable to you. And if you're feeling really brave, youcanexplore the school grounds, and send your pet dogs toattenddangerous classes that belong to Mathematics, Science,Literature,Arts and Sports! Your pet dogs also chew your homeworkeven whenyou're not playing, so you don't need to tap all the time.Justrelax, adopt a pet, and let your dogs do their thing. You’ll beastraight A+ student in no time in this idle game! Each dog hasitsown unique personality and way of dealing with yourhomework.Explore the various areas beyond your backyard! Unlock newdogbreeds and discover all unique ways each dog deals withyourhomework!Clicker game features include: * Tap on screen togenerateA's.* Earn A's even when you're offline/idling.* Use A's toadopt apet dog breeds and upgrade.* Purchase dog toys andotherincremental game upgrades at the pet shop.* Explore new areastounlock more unique dog breeds. Tap your way to become anA+student! Imagine adopting hundreds of dogs as your own pets-enough to amass your very own dog army to do all your homeworkforyou in this dog-themed pet simulation clicker / idle game!
Evolution of Dogs 1.4.0
The evolution of dogs has started! Do you want to know howthemutation of doggy happens? Dog evolution tap games will showyou!Combine similar puppies and help them evolve! Than mutationwillhelp you to create amazing mutant doggy! As you create moredogs,you will discover new worlds and help mutant dogs to capturetheworld! Each new dog brings more money to his owner, soyouwill became rich very fast! Play fun offline games for freeandmake money!
Fixi-click game 1.117
KB Pro
• Fix the devices! • Hire Fixies helpers! • Train fixies! • Opennewworkshops! • Pass more than 2000 levels! Fix the devices andgetgolden tideeshes for it. Hire fixies as helpers, train them,developthe talents to fix devices faster. Open new workshops andbecomeFixi-master! Join us on Facebook-
Idle Space Clicker 1.8.7
UPGRADE your spaceship, FIGHT thousands of enemies and EARNbountieson your journey through an ENDLESS universe! 🚀💥💀 IdleSpace Clickeris an action packed space bounty hunt where you fightagainstthousands of heavily armed enemies. Unlock weapons andupgrades andcustomize your starfighter with dozens of ship partsduring yourjourney through the universe. Use your devastatingspecial techs todestroy your opponents. Get stronger as you travelthroughdimensions and upgrade your weapons with dark matter. Beattheever-growing enemy forces in this exciting idle clicker game.~~~FEATURES ~~~ ✓ UPGRADE your weapons, FIGHT thousands of bossesandEARN bounties! 🚀 ✓ RESEARCH new Technologies and Abilities!✓CUSTOMIZE your spaceship - Thousands of possibilities 🎨 ✓ EVENTS-Play daily events and collect valuable minerals 💎 ✓ PRESTIGE -Jumpthrough dimensions and collect Dark Matter ✓ 50+ differentenemiesand environments 💀 ✓ WOW! Amazing 3D graphics and explosions💥 ✓EASY CONTROLS - Play with just one thumb! 👍 ✓ LEAN BACK,theautopilot takes control of idle progress ✓ PLAY ANYWHERE! -Nointernet connection needed What are you waiting for? Play now! 😎Doyou have any Ideas, praises or problems? Just drop us amessagevia: Or viaFacebook: Your Idle SpaceClicker Team😍 PLEASE NOTE! Idle Space Clicker is free to downloadand play.This game includes some items than can be purchased forreal money.Please disable in-app purchases in your device'ssettings if youdon’t want to use them.
Axe Clicker 1.0.142
Oswald the Dwarf is an idle clicker game, in which you helpOswaldto chop down plants with taps, and earn money to upgradehisforging skills and forge new axes. If you earn enough money,youwill become a dwarf billionaire and forge the golden axe thatdoesover a billion damage.Once upon a time, there was a dwarfnamedOswald, and he wasn't angry at all. His friend forged him anaxe,so powerful, so beautiful, that he was the proudest dwarfalive.And then something terrible happened. His axe was stolen!Oswaldbecame the angriest dwarf on the planet and swore to chopdowneverything that was taller than him - which isbasicallyeverything. He will stop at nothing, he will destroytrees, towers,landmarks,... Everything! From that time on, hebecame known asOswald - the angriest dwarf in the world.He willwork all day andall night - even when you're not around. Whenyou're idle, he willwork! That is the beauty of idle incrementalgames. Just rememberto upgrade his skills, help him forge new axesand if you like hima lot, grant him some taps, because with everyclick you make, hewill be more excited and chop faster.A fastclicker will berewarded with great achievements. Something you andOswald can beproud about.Remember, every click, upgrade and forgecounts. Onlythe best of the best will become billionaires, theRichie Richamong Dwarves. If you're stuck, just let Oswald chop onhis own inidle mode and resume playing a few hours later. You canalwayschoose to soft reset the game, keeping some benefits and makethegame run smoother again.Every time you chop something down,thereis a chance to obtain a magic potion. If you dare to drinkit,Oswald will go into super speed mode. Use the magicpotionswisely.You can choose among different trees and objects tochopdown. Some of them are harder to destroy, but yield agreaterreward. If your axe can't match the trees defense, you willhave toforge a stronger one. Before you go idle, make sure youchose atree that Oswald is able to damage.How to get a new axe?★Upgradeyour forging skills★ Tap the forge button★ With a littleluck, youwill forge a brand new axe★ continue tapping trees to getmoremoneyThe masters of the axe clicker will be rewardedwithachievements. To get them you will have to be the fastestclickerin the world. Every achievement also gives you a damagebonus foryour axe. The gold clicker award goes to the fastestclicker alive.Let the clicker adventure begin... chop ... tap ...chop ...
Tap Inc. Idle Clicker
Polygant Ltd
Clicker Tap Inc is for those who really love money! Tap onthescreen, and earn money - they literally fall from the air!Forthese green notes you can buy enterprises that willgeneratepassive income even when you do not play. Accumulateenoughcapital, and you can turn it into authority points andtransfer toyour country. At the next World Council, which takesplace everySunday, your country will compete for world dominationwith thestrongest countries of the planet, and who knows, maybe itwill beyou to play a crucial role! Perhaps this is the best clickeridlegame for all ages in 2017. Install Tap Inc free and becomethecoolest oligarch in this tycoon game!
Miner Clicker: Idle Gold Mine Tycoon. Mining Game 1.13
Let your capitalist adventure begin! Idle mining will bring youhugepiles of gold if you play this right. Upgrade yourminingsettlement, fend off golden golems and tap your way toriches!Buildyour own mineMiner Clicker is a classic idle clickergame, whichstarts with building your own mine! Build your firsttiny shaft andassemble little miners for this idle adventure. Feela gold rushand unleash your inner greed by crafting a money farm!Your littleminers will work tirelessly to satisfy your hunger forgold andyou’re the boss, so stay idle! Games like this often endshere, butit’s not a case in Miner Clicker!Game of mine begins!Moneylikes tomultiply - gold likes it too! Invest in your inc bybuilding newminers’ huts in just few clicks and enhance everydungeon of yourown! Miner Clicker is a idle clicker game ofadventure, that letsyou upgrade your buildings just by clicking onthem! Click andwatch how your empire grows - it’s an truly idleadventure! As acapitalist you can’t forget about your littleminers. Clicking afew more clicks will transform them into realmine heroes, thusdigging more and more gold! Isn’t it a true moneyfarm? Crafting& clicking like in best idle games!Secure yourmineAway fromthe surface your little miners may dig somethingbetter than goldlike… Mana Stones! These shards are rare, idleloot, but providegreat boost to efficiency of your miners! Diggingin mine can bedangerous, so don’t think you can stay completelyidle. Heroes ofyour mine might be attacked by monsters like goldengolems! Clickto dispose them and make your mine prosper again! Bewatchful andsoon you realize, that in this idle clicker game hardwork of everymine digger is worth thousands of gold!FEATURES:⛏️Build your ownmine! Become a mine builder in a classic idle clickergame!⛏️Dozens of enhancements - a clicker game with upgrades.⛏️Find ManaStones and perform rituals to boost your idle adventure.⛏️Become aminer tycoon! Just by tapping, clicking and digging!MinerClickeris one of the best idle games on the store! Build your ownmine,hire little miners, dig gold and prosper! Time is money, sodon’twaste your time and DOWNLOAD this idle adventure of heroes&crafting now! FOR FREE!
com.chinandcheeks.dogtrainer 2.0.5
Meet your new dog trainer! Puppr includes step-by-stepphotoinstructions and a built-in clicker to help teach your dogtricksfrom basic obedience like “sit” and “stay” to advanced trickslike“fetch leash” and “sit pretty”. Great for both new andexperienceddog owners. Features: • Over 50 tricks taught bycelebrity dogtrainer Sara Carson & The Super Collies (America'sGot Talenttop 5 finalist) • Step-by-step instructions with photosmake thelessons easy to follow • Built-in clicker makes trainingon-the-goeasy. All lessons are taught with positive reinforcement •Trackyour training progress and keep track of all the tricks yourpuphas learned • Collect badges as you train and master new tricks•Support for multiple dogs About Sara Carson & TheSuperCollies: Sara Carson is considered one of the top dogtrickinstructors in the world and was a top-5 finalist on season 12ofAmerica's Got Talent. She and her dogs (Hero, Marvel, Loki,Thor,and Groot) travel North America teaching dog trick workshopsandperforming with a popular stunt dog team. Sara and Herocurrentlyhold the Guinness World Record for most tricks performedin 60seconds (49 tricks!). In-App Purchases: Puppr includespremiumlesson packs that each come with a free lesson andadditionallocked content that can be purchased. A basics obediencepack andall the features are available for free.
Money cash clicker 6.4
Game Money cash clicker: receive cash funds, count infinitecoinage& paper banknotes for clicks. Virtual economy games free&easy: tap on the screen to start getting rich quickin-game.Worried about how to create a clicked imaginary milliondollar,funded incremental profits, infinite banknotes andaffluentcoinage? Don't panic: getting mega rich winner is easythere &it’s of course fun!! Imagine that you make easy cash,buy coins& earn dollars: wealth building simulating is fast& easy.Imaginary quick money making ideas: try to reach coincap and wincoin clicking games, while building wealth. Feel likethewealthiest & the richest man – grabber, who collects bigbucksfor fun & wants millions! Want to be wealthy magnate ortycoon?Need or want to get money to be happy? No worrying, begintappingwith your hands on screen! Play quick cash game (revenueclicker)with taps & clicks: point is to tap a million cashdollars& save or spend it. Imagine that you get riches andreceivefund in best business simulation & free economicgames:corporate funds, currency – tap to earn riches and feel likeamagnate grabber, who earns millions! There’s no profit lossordifferent denomination! Play economics simulation click gamethatrequires attention: play quick for funded affluent income&tapped incremental profits. How to get rich fast & quick?Thinkabout how to become rich man? Have fun in clicker countereconomicsgame & earn big coins virtual to enjoy imaginary highprofitsand income affluence! Economics games simulate fund &coinprofit earning: make serious face and feel like you will getrichnow. Learn to earn big profits: imagine that you win whilecountingcoins roll & receive currency in-game. Try economysimulatortechnology: become that magnate who buys small firms andexpensivecompanies with big gross margin, or make real largecorporationfirm. Imagine that you make fast money now, and all thebestcompanies to work for will be working for you. Love the idea?GamesMoney cash clicker features: ~ Play gaming bill counter:tradingsimulator & exchange tap games ~ Imagine making millionsfromapps, do it from home ~ Don’t be worried, there’s onlyprofitdollar & loss is not simulated ~ Play tap riches &digitalcurrency funding ~ Best business simulations: real winsbegins! ~Fast finances counter: imagine how you earn dollar income~ Virtualcurrency counter: roll & collect coins to build wealth~ Feellike coin collector & grabber: win points, collectingcoins& rustling paper ~ Economy building: how to getincome,business earnings & so on ~ Saving monetary income: findouthow to make quick income ~ Best economic strategy: ways tosaveyour wealth for real winning game ~ Real business funding,whichvalue counts in millions ~ Saver free apps: earn cash likerevenue,app simulates banknote counter ~ Simple virtual collection:collectdollar coin fund ~ Million dollar: imagine how you get &createusd dollar profit ~ Fast tapping games on phone: make fun inphonesgame Warning: you can’t withdraw dollars or inbox fundsreceived inour coin clicker! There is no withdrawal in businessgamesimulation! Better study hard instead of tapping in nonprofitsimulator. Don’t worry now and don’t skip class!
NEW Again Beauty - Clicker 3.11
This game provides a way to choose a weight loss method inreallife.Help the fat girl change shape through slimming inthischallenging game.Are you ready to meet your weight lossgoals?Getstarted now!*** Warning ***- When you delete a game,stored datawill be lost.- When not watching the TV, please makesure that thedata or Wi-Fi connection on your smartphone.- All thepermissionsof the game is only used within the game.If the in-gamebugs andenhancements, please feel free to contact us page ore-mail.We willreward with fast,accurateupdates.
Kebab Clicker 4.5
Manage your own network of kebab restaurants, beat thecompetition!Clicker type game for phones with Android OS! Makingkebabs is veryeasy: *Upgrade your kebab *Buy new buildings *Hirenew workers*Beat the competition! *Unlock new upgrades! *Upgradesgive youmore money! *Earn bonuses for playing! The game is verysimple butaddictive and interesting! Clicker training! Gameinspired byCookie Clicker Good luck in game! Please report bugshere
Fantasy Clicker 1.2.3
Fantasy clicker is a game where every click helps to beat anewmonster!- click all the monsters- tap all the mega-bosses- hirethehelpers- improve your power- develop your talents- pass morethan2000 levelsAn army of ancient proto-monsters is threatening tothehumanity! Only you can stop them! Large variety of improvementsandskills, bright monsters, powerfull bosses and many hours ofplayingin new Fantasy clicker!community inVK: in VK:
Burger Clicker 🍔 Idle Money Billionaire Business 2.6.11
★★ Burger Clicker - Idle Money Games ★★ ★★ FreeIncrementalBillionaire Miner Idle Clicking Money Game ★★ Run yourown fastfood and burger business with this business clicker tycoongame!Build your own restaurant and develop your fast food businessinthis idle billionaire restaurant management game! Start withabasic food business with a small hamburger company. Build yourownburger restaurant and start to earn money now in this clickerapp!Begin with the management of your restaurant until you becomeabillionaire in this burger game! Your goal as burgerrestaurantowner will be to expand your new real business to winvirtualbitcoins! Accept the challenge and become a richbillionaire! Makeinvestments with the little money you earn in thebeginning in thisburger restaurant management game! Train yourburger chef to becomea rich and successful master chef to winawards! Become the richestburger billionaire! ★ Real Clicking Game★ In this money tycoonclicker game you have to tap the screen toproduce hamburgers andearn bitcoins in these burger restaurantmanagement games! Feel thesuccess of a tycoon money clicker app inthe best billionaireclicker idle game! These food business clickergames are FREE! Runa real virtual billionaire business and becomerich with yourburger chef in these free fast food business clickergames!Remember you'll have to click and click in the early processof thefood business set up in this restaurant management game. OurAutoTap investment (Auto miner) will help you to become rich!Downloadthis challenging burger restaurant management game forfree! Enjoyplaying these burger restaurant building games insideourbillionaire food business building your own restaurant withburgerchef! If you like money games, online tycoon games, idleclickermanagement games or simple incremental clicking games, thisfreebillionaire clicker money tycoon game is just made for you!Buildyour own restaurant in this idle game! --- Notice: Thisfoodclicker app is just for entertainment. All the Bitcoins, makemoneyor ""get rich"" allusions are virtual. But that is still agoodreason to have fun with these amazing food business clickergames!By installing this clicker app you agree to the followingprivacypolicy: 3.5.002
CP Clicker is an easy-to-use mobile app for Clickable Paperserviceby RICOH. Clickable Paper is a new cross media serviceenablingusers to point a smartphone at any printed surface andprovidesimmediate one-touch access to multiple online resourcessuch asphotos, video/multimedia, web sites, e-commerce portals andsocialnetworks. Just point and click and enjoy exploring richonlinecontents or services. Let’s say you’re reading magazines. Youlikean article about big data and want to learn more. Or you see apairof jeans you want to buy.. Or make reservations at arestaurantthat got rave reviews.. With the CP Clicker app, all youhave to dois point your iPhone or iPad at the page and snap it.Withinseconds, you’ll see a list of links. At a touch, you’llbeconnected to a blog, video, web page, social network and so on.Youcan skip the part where you open your web browser and spendminutessearching for the right location. If you’ve scanned a QRcode,you’re familiar with interactive print. However ClickablePaper isa lot easier to use and it provides multiple links, notjust one.Just about any printed item can be interactive. Books,magazines,brochures, direct mail, catalogs, posters, newspapers,businessletters and so on. How do you know you can snap a page?Just lookfor the Clickable Paper mark. Then go learn, play or buy.
Nichosi Kachosi Christmas 1.2.5
Cookies or steel biceps?Real Kachosi chooses the game-clickertobecome more stronger, even when his favorite gym is closed!Nichosi- is a famous russian Internet meme means ""Wow!"" And nowyou canplay with this funny white creature in this game.NichosiKachosi -only simulation game in the world, helping to pump thepart of thebody that can not pump in any gym - your fingertips!Strongmuscular fingers - already now! The result is visibleimmediately!Nichosi!Tap, tap, TAP! Tired Tapan? Nichose! Activitiesfor wimps!Even my grandma taps more!Become a titan hero of theclicker sportssimulation! Tap, push, click! Become a real Muscled!Increases yourrecord and conquer rivals! Break the record of theleader andbecome the most powerful Kachosi! Let everyone see thatyou're aleader, and say to you, '""Nichosi! What a Kachosi!""Alsonownothing will prevent Kachosi focus on training! Watch the adsonlywhen it pleases you to take a break! Charge for this award-additional taps! Tap faster than other ... even whenresting!Andremember, we are for a fair sport! Kachosi pumped fullof you!There are Kachosi who use steroids! Natural bodybuildingagainstchemical! The leaderboard includes only those leadersKachosi thattrain with the help of their own power. Cheaters willbeignominiously removed from there! Nichosi! The coach can notbedeceived =)- Fun sport simulator and cllicker game (also wellknownas tapper game)- Nichosi or Nichose - a well-known Internetmeme inPussia, short exclamation ""Wow!"" Now you see it in thegame!-Dozens of upgrades - a real Kachosi must be strong andstylish!-Best Music for strength training!- Play for real Kachosi!-RealKachosi begin their trainings from childhood. Age group: forall!-Tap, Click, Push and Train to be Muscled, and you will opennewequipment ... Alpaca confirmed!- Be first! Be the leader!Kachosido not know any other purpose!
The Clicker : Counter Strike 2017.1.2-r
Simulator opening counter strike cases with clicker elements oftheclicker.Love cs go? Love the open cases? Clickers Love? Weofferyou to play a game, in which you can open chests, share withtheplayers to collect a collection of unique skins, and evenmakemoney (virtual).
Gift Clicker 1.6.1
New clicker (idle) game with simple, but addictive gameplayandexciting mini-games. Click, receive gifts, upgrade, playmini-gamesand get even more gifts! Enjoy the game!Last updated :-Added newmissions.- Updated graphics.- Removed banner.
Dog Evolution - 🐶 Clicker 29.0.0
Combine dogs to mutate them, discover their bizarre andexoticforms, and become rich! You can also customize your dogs withtonsof accessories in the dressing room!HIGHLIGHTS◉ No pop up ads!Wehate them as much as you do◉ The ultimate incremental clickergame◉Tons of upgrades to get more dogs faster◉ Dressing roomincluded soyou can evolve in style◉ Earn coins from your dogs whileoffline◉Four different areas to discover◉ Tons of crazyevolutionsTHESTORYCreate tons of amazing dogs in this cuteevolution game. Asyou create more dogs, you will discover newworlds and eventuallycapture the entire planet!OFFLINE PROFITSYourdogs will generatecoins while you are away, that you can use toevolve even moredogs! You can even feed them hams!HOW TO PLAYDragsimilar dogstogether to combine them and create new mysteriouscreaturesDogsautomatically earn coins but you can tap them to earncoinsfasterUse dog coins to buy new dogs and make even moremoneyAVICIOUS CYCLEAs you create more and more evolutions andmutations,your dogs will generate even more coins for you!NO POP UPADSWhatare you waiting for? Unlike many other evolution games,DogEvolution has no pop up ads! Download this game now and witnessthebest evolution ever!
Puppy Dog Clicker - Keep The Kitty Cat Away! 1.0.1
Tapps Games
The Internet might not be ready for this: dogs meet clickers!PuppyDog Clicker is the game that will finally take yourproductivity tozero. Be warned: there’s no life after downloadingthis game.Tap asfast as you can to battle the fearsome mail-cat andbuild an entirearmy of puppies to help you. Will you be able tomake the cat runaway and be granted the permission to open thetreasure chests andfind awesome prizes? Come play!HOW TO PLAYIt’svery simple: throwat the cat as many things as you can! You can tapthe screen tothrow stuff by yourself or hire dozens, hundreds oreven thousandsof new puppies to help you with this nasty task. Forevery stuffthrown and barks shot at the cat, you’ll earn pointsthat can beused to hire new dogs.HIGHLIGHTS• Buy endless upgrades!•Cookiesare fun, but… come on… dogs!• Become the dog master!Pleasenote!This game is free to play, but it contains items that canbepurchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned inthedescription may also have to be purchased for real money.
Meme Clicker - MLG Christmas 1.0.3
Cat clicker 1.0
The most unusual clicker with your kitten in your phone. Downloaditnow!Cat clicker - become the richest sealskin!The game isverysimple:- Click on the cat as quickly as possible to get ahugeamount of money!- When you collect a lot of money, go to thestoreand buy a bunch of improvements for your cat!- Dial 500000 BDtobuy a cool and stylish glasses!The endless gameplay of theCatclicker gives you the opportunity to play endlessly, well, oruntilyou call so much money that your device can no longercountthem.Moretap-tap-tap-tapai!Moreclick-click-click-click!Attention!!! The gameCat clicker isaddictive! Once you start playing it, you can notstop!Improvementsfor the cat:- Canned fish- Steep glasses- Toymouse- Tub ofthreads- Empty box)))- Sawclaw- Cat food
Weapons And Cases | Counter Strike / Case opener 1.3.5
Weapons And Cases (WAC) - Simulator opening cases with elementsofthe the open cases? clickers Love? We offer youtoplay a game, in which you can open chests, share with theplayersto collect a collection of unique skins, and even makemoney(virtual).
Pen Clicker Fury 1.04
Have you ever been bored at a meeting or in school and clickedyourpen and thought: “Hey that was a bit fun”? Well we have, andwemade a game about it! Sounds crazy? Maybe! But it is so muchfun!Tap your phone to click the pen, use the click to unlock newandawesome pens with great powers! Some are idle, some are activesomelook really nice! Compete on leaderboards against other peopleandbeat them, if you are up for the challenge! The game features100%authentic pen clicker sounds! Be amazed!
Clicker Counter 0.10
Clicker Counter is an app for saving you from having to rememberhowto count; it'll do it for you!Scenarios where Clicker Counteris theapp for you: - Rampaging goats have invaded your yard. Youcall thelocal animal control team for help, but they need to knowhow manygoats there are before they can get to you. Fear has meantyou'velost your ability to count in your head - whatever will youdo? -You're certain that there are more red cars on the road thananyother, but distractions keep making you lose count. How willyouever know that you're right? - You're in an old westernshootout.You will soon need to turn and walk ten paces. Are yousure you wantto leave a task as life threatening as this up toyour simple mind?All of these scenarios and more are just waitingfor Clicker Counterto come along and save the day! Featuresoverview: - Count up to ahumongous 9,999 - Click sound on clicking(can be turned off) -Vibrate on clicking (can be turned off) -Remembers the count, evenif your phone is reset - Count can be setto any custom numberClicker Counter is entirely free and hasabsolutely no ads (unlikeother free counter apps)! Clicker Countermakes use of GoogleAnalytics to help with identifying whatfeatures are being used.This involves storing anonymous statisticson interactions withinthe application such as if widgets are beingused, if certainpreferences are always being disabled, and tomarvel at the shearnumber of clicks being counted.If you feelstrongly about not havingthese kind of statistics calculated,please get in touch with us sothat we can look to provide anopt-out arrangement.If you have anyquestions, suggestions orrequire support, please get in touch withus via e-mail.
Skidz 1.0.5
Kwalee Ltd
Skidz is an exciting arcade racing game with a simple mechanic:tapto turn - follow the track and don’t hit the edge!Playacrosshundreds of unique levels and unlock a huge range of weirdandwacky vehicles!Do you have the spirit of a race driver?
Fit 1.1.0
Fit shapes by tapping at the right time!◉ Make shapes biggerandcollect characters.◉ Experience the beautiful gameworld.◉Challenge the world best score!
Carpet Bombing - Fighter Bomber Attack 2.18
Fun bomber game! Fly an aircraft and engage enemies! VARIEDGAMEPLAYSeveral types of enemies to combat: soldiers, tanks,helicopters,airplanes and more! UPGRADES AND POWER-UPS Collectpower-ups toboost your aircraft in game. Upgrade the aircraftbetween each levelto increase its awesomeness! ENDLESS FUNRandomly generated mapstests your skill in more and morechallenging levels INTUITIVE TOUCHCONTROL Simply touch screenwhere to go. A joystick mode of controlis available in thesettings. DESTRUCTABLE TERRAIN Like worms andscorched earth. Boom!GOOD QUALITY Check the reviews, most usersgive the game 5 stars NOINTERUPTING ADS No ads will block your viewor disturb yourgameplay. NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED Playwhenever, whereveryou like! Fly a jet fighter and engage enemy inthis great retroarcade game! Carpet Bombing 2 is now underdevelopment! For somescreenshots, visit our facebook page: CarpetBombing 2
com.DoomsdayStudio.LabEscape 1.7
Welcome little specimen! You're the unstable... thingy capturedbyscientist. Consume meats, select random Mutations, and Devourallbad guys in your sight! Every time you gain meat, you canselectmutations to make your specimen stronger. Rogue-like stylerunninggame with dynamic mutation features. Every mutation cardscan stackup to 3 times for better effects. Collect Set of hats toenhanceyour specimen.
Chilly Snow 1.4.1
Acid Cousins
Chill and slide as far as possible on this endless powder snow!
com.bdj.vortexDroid 1.9.0
Roll quickly, be alert, manage your way through the obstacles,scorehigh and challenge friends
Falling Ballz 1.1
Relax your brain with the champion of time killer!Swipe yourfingerto throw the balls and break the circles.Try to break asmanycircles as possible in one move before they move up to the top.Donot miss additional balls to collect and make your screen clear!
Rune Rider 3.2
Get a weapon and equip runes on slots. It's all aboutSTRATEGY.Customize your weapon type! : MAX speed / MAX damage /FULL passiveAddictive Idle RPG game “Rune Rider” ◆ Various enemy& bosses ◆Enjoy PVP battle mode! ◆ Collect DAILY GIFTS! ◆ Newmode added :Gift Run Services ◆ Enjoy the game with punk ROCK bgm!◆ Competewith your friends with GooglePlay Support Enjoy theaddictive“RuneRider” while commuting to work, in the bus or subway,waitingat the bank. Whenever, wherever “Rune Rider” is ready foraction!!! Thank you!
Polyforge 1.2
Forge amazing crystals in a symphony of shapes, sound and color◉Forge new shapes by striking all the sides ◉ Don't strike thesameside twice ◉ Simple & Beautiful visuals ◉ Atmospheric&Serene sound design ◉ Compete for the highest level in theworld
Flight 1.0.0
Armor Games
Flight! is an addictive and captivating casual arcade gamewhereyour goal is to fling a paper airplane around the globe andmake awish come true. Catch bonuses to stay aloft longer andupgrade yourplane with enhancements. Soar from one country to thenext usingintuitive controls as you upgrade your plane to fly evenfartherand follow the story. Launch yourself through a beautiful 2Dworldwith simple yet fun arcade action you'll want to keep comingbackto... and it fits in your pocket!-Simple yetaddictivegameplay-Upgrades to enhance your paper plane-40achievements tounlock-Charming game design and soothingsoundtrack-Differentcountries to soar through, each with their owndesign-Complementaryworld travel included 1.0
Ketchapp is an addictive and fun IO game where you have toconquerterritory, hit enemies and try to find the way to win thematch.But be careful, other players will not let you do that!Playnow andtry to create the biggest territory!Good luck!
Overpainted 1.4.3
Overpainted – it is awesome and dynamic platformer.You're in adarkroom. Visibility is zero. The only way to see anything inthedarkness - spray paint everywhere. Painting - your visionandorientation in space.Here you stay alone with reflexes andlogic,good luck - it will be difficult.Be careful, dodge fromcirculardisks, overcome difficult obstacles, defeat enemies and useyourabstract thinking to find a way out.100 spicy, full offlavor,hardcore and colorful levels with dispiteous bosses arewaiting foryou.If you are tired of usual platformer games and wantsomethingunordinary so here you are!Features:-Goodanimations-Unusualgraphics-A variety of levels-The game isaddictive-Unusualgameplay-Control with two fingersFormoregames:
Hazy Race 1.0.0
Tap to slam! Hit the islands and bounce into the horizon inthisatmospheric arcade experience. How far can you race into thehaze?
Catch Up 1.1
Roll fast, be attentive, avoid various obstacles, drive your balltovictory and beat your friend's records!
com.acidcousins.fdunk 1.7.4
Tap to jump into as many hoops as possible. Collect skinsandachieve crazy challenges.
Undersea 1.0.0
Race through the depths and experience the breathtakingatmosphereof the undersea.Let the pumping soundtrack, stylishvisuals andchallenging gameplay push to the top.Action Arcadegaming at itsbest!
Turretz 3.0.9
Fight the GALAXY WAR ! Collect over 23 BADASS turrets ! Unlockandupgrade unique turrets to plant on your planet ! Thesimple,addictive arcade / action / strategy game: Turretz ! ◆ SuperEPICboss battle ! ◆ Mix and match turrets to build your ownDEATHPLANET !!! ◆ Upgrade your turrets to the MAX !! ◆ Challengeyourfriends with GooglePlay support. ◆ Easy and simple controlsSimple,but Addictive Turretz by 111%
Dunk Hot 1.8.2
Tap to start and score as many dunk as possible before time out.Howmany airballs and buzzers can you shot? We offer many skinsofnation theme, and some other special skins. And different gamemodeare waiting for you. - Classic mode: endless time, shot as manyasyou can. - Season mode: fight with 30 basketnall teams inlimitedtime. - PVP: fight with real palyers!
Cookie Run: OvenBreak 4.83
Bake no prisoners! Help GingerBrave and his Cookie friends breakoutof the Witch's oven! Explore the wicked lands of the tastyCookieWorld in this endless runner! # Jump and Slide to eatJellies andavoid obstacles! # Collect over 120 Cookies & Pets!With a newCookie & Pet updated every month! # Upgrade Cookies,Pets, andTreasures to achieve a higher score! # New excitingevents withawesome rewards every month! # Enjoy a variety of gamemodes: -Breakout Mode: Run with up to 20 Cookies - Trophy Race:Compete withplayers from around the world - Champions League: Aleague only forthe toughest - Island of Memories: Unravel Cookies'behind storiesTerms of Service: PrivacyPolicy: ParentalGuide: Help andSupport: or contact usfromthe game by going to Settings > Help and SupportOfficialFacebook OfficialForum ▶ Required permission*WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Will only beusedto save and share in-game screenshots.
WAKFU, the Brotherhood 1.0.1
Join Yugo and his friends from the WAKFU® animated series inanadventure like no other!Embody the heroes of the Brotherhood oftheTofu and team up with your most trusted allies to defeat thewavesof metal critters sent by Nox, the evil time master intentonabsorbing Wakfu power from all living things. Beat Nox andhisrobotic army, and stop his ruthless and deadly pursuit oflifeforce and energy! In an original story set during the events ofthefirst season of the Netflix® show, bash, dash, smash, andperformultimate combos to defeat the evil time master!What's beendonecannot be undone!
Car vs Cops 1.2
Escape from cop cars, trucks, tanks and helicopters in thisendlesshigh speed chase game. Maneuver around by either using thejoystickor tap controls. Enable combo scoring by letting cops comeclose toyou.◉ Tons of vehicles◉ Unlimited challenges◉ DailyRewards◉Leaderboards◉ Amazing music and graphicsDownload and playnow!
TIME LOCKER - Shooter 1.7.2
sotaro otsuka
"If you stop, Time stops"TimeLocker! Ultra fun arcade game.Thespeed of time in the game is controlled by the speed ofyourfinger. Play with lots of different characters all withdifferentabilities, and see how long you can survive in a worldwith lots ofdifferent types of animals that all move differently!-5STAR in"Touch Arcade"- Grand prize in "Indie Stream Award 2016"
Snake on a String 1.4.2
Get ready for the ultimate snake game! More than 200challenginglevels! Plenty of snakes to unlock, all with uniquelooks andproperties! Which snake is your favorite - the fastest,thesmallest, or the luckiest? Try the Bunny snake, the Ninja snake,orwhy not the Zombie snake!Are you ready for a challenge? Canyoufinish the levels fast enough to collect the gold stars? Goodluck- you're gonna need it!
Piggy Pile 1.3.2
Last one’s a rotten pig! It’s a pig eat pig world out there,sosometimes you’ve got to leave a friend behind to get ahead inlife.Make a high pig pile to keep running on this endless path.Collectpowerups along the way to unlock 100 unique characters in20awesomely designed worlds. Pile up! ABOUT US Crazy Labs is acasualgames brand, under which TabTale develops and publishes funandaddictive games. Crazy Labs partners with independentdevelopmentstudios across the globe to create engaging mobilecontent foraudiences of all ages. Likeus: Watchus: Visit us: GooglePlus: CONTACT US Let us knowwhatyou think! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contactus24/7 at PRIVACY: This app mayincludeadvertising for TabTale and certain third parties whichwillredirect users to our sites, apps or third-party sites.TabTaleLtd. is committed to protect the privacy of its apps users.Thisapp may enable collection of data by TabTale or select thirdpartyproviders (e.g. advertising networks and web analytics) forlawfulpurposes (e.g. respond to support queries, maintain,analyze,provide and improve the app’s functionalities andperformance,personalize and enhance user experience includingtargetedadvertising). This app may contain links that permit userstoconnect to social networks for lawful purposes and as suchallowcommunication with others while playing, and the option toacceptpush notifications to inform of exciting news (e.g. appupdates).This app may include an age-gate to prevent access tocertainfeatures for protection of children (e.g. restrictbehavioraladvertising or information sharing by children). Bydownloading orusing this app you accept TabTale’s Privacy Policyat: and permit such uses forusersof your device. For more information please refer to ourPrivacyPolicy. We note that referred third parties are bound andsubjectto their own privacy policies.
Beat The Balls 1.42
Dignity Games
Beat The Balls takes the brick breaker game to a newlevel.Swipeyour finger to move your snake. Beat The Balls is simpleto playbut challenging to master. Grow your snake and smash yourwaythrough the balls to earn points. The more you smash the balls,themore balls you will need to eat. If your snake hits a blockitcan't break, you die. How long can you survive?Challengeyourfriends and family to beat your score.Don’t miss out on thelatestnews:Like Dignity Games: uson Twitter: you for playingBeat The Balls!